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My heart is on your doorstep...

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"You should get a christmas tree."


"Why not?"

"Because those things are messy."

"Then get a fake one."

"I'd rather not."

"Mike!" El whined as her boyfriend got off the bed and pulled on a pair of boxers. "Please."

Mike shook his head. "The last time I had a tree Paladin was only a couple of months old and he tried to climb it and pulled down everything."

El glared at the cat who was licking his paw on the carpet. "You're always ruining things for me."

Paladin continued to wash his paw unbothered about if he was ruining things for El or not.

"Why do you want a tree so bad anyway?" Mike asked as he appreciatively surveyed El's uncovered nude body.

El's eyes drifted downwards to the sheets. "Because," she started. "It's been a long time since I have had one. The foster homes were never interested in the whole christmas thing so never got one, last one was when Dad was alive."


Her golden eyes shined as she looked up at Mike. She knew that she had won from the sound of Mike's voice. "So maybe we can pick out one after breakfast?"

Mike sighed "Sure." He could never deny El anything. He had plenty of great christmases as a kid with a huge tree and lots of presents and family and knowing that El didn't get to experience much of that, hurt him a bit.

El sprung up to him and pressed her whole naked form against Mike as she kissed him. "You're the best."

"I spoil you too much." Mike muttered.

El shrugged. "Hey all I did was ask." She picked up a star wars t shirt of Mike's and pulled it on. "Come on. Time for breakfast."

"We should've gotten the black one."

"I was not buying a black christmas tree El."

"But it would've looked so cool." El opinioned as she hung a red ball on a branch.

Mike ignored her and looked for the package of opened tinsel, to his dismay he saw that Paladin had gotten to it and had pulled half of it out and had it scattered all across the floor while he rolled over in it.


The cat jumped up startled at its owner's voice.

"What are you doing? Get out of the tinsel."

The cat seemed to have understood that he had done something wrong and strolled over to Mike meowing.

"No Paladin. Naughty kitty." Mike stood with his hands on his hips and frowned at the cat.

"Aww, don't yell at him Mike. He's just in the christmas spirit." El knelt down next to the befuddled kitty and careful picked the tinsel off him.

Paladin meowed and nuzzled El's hand much to both El's and Mike's surprise. He was fixing Mike with a look that said that he was quite hurt that he'd yelled at him.

"Did you see that Mike? Paladin touched me!" El sounded quite delighted. She scratched behind the cat's ears and he purred. El's face nearly split in two from how wide her smile was.

Of course he would be the bad guy for not wanting tinsel in every nook and cranny of his house. Of course Paladin would use that opportunity to lure El over to his side.

Mike took up a couple of gold strands and threw them on the tree. "Well you're going to clean the mess that your new buddy created El."

El was still on his knees petting the cat. "Your owner is such a grinch isn't he?" Paladin softly butted his head into El's chest and El looked even more delighted. Mike said nothing. Paladin already had El wrapped around his furry little paw.

Later that night the tree was finished and glowing in its corner of the living room and El had swept up all of the lose tinsel. Mike was in the kitchen with El listening with amusement as El rattled off what she wanted for christmas dinner. He had a feeling that El wasn't even going to eat half of the things that she asked for.

"Hmm." Mike lazily embraced her in his arms and hushed her with a soft kiss. "El are you sure that you can make Christmas?"

She looked puzzled. "Yeah. We can invite over Max and some of your friends and everything. Why?"

One of Mike's fingers glided over the soft skin on the back of El's neck. "Well you did have to bail on Thanksgiving."

Instantly El's face went somber. "Hey, even us criminals don't work on Christmas." There was a few tense seconds between them. "However, on Christmas Eve, I'll be out pretty late."

Mike pulled her in as close as humanly possibly and reaquainted their lips once more. He gently sucked El's bottom lip between his own lips. "Just be careful out there, okay?"

El nodded and kissed Mike back. As Mike continued to plant kisses along her jawline and down her neck, she couldn't remember the last time that someone cared so much about her.

It was early Christmas day, around two in the morning and Mike was still up. He was in bed and his tablet was on. He couldn't sleep. He didn't want to sleep. Not until he knew that El was home safely. The words on the screen didn't mean anything to him. He couldn't help but fear that when El kissed his lips goodbye that evening that it would be the last time that he saw her. He pulled back the curtain next to his bed looking out into dark night. When was he going to see El again?

He didn't know how long he stared out into the blackness. The screen on the tablet had gone black as well. He heard the doorknob on his bedroom door turning and he waited with baited breath for the figure to appear. El came in softly illuminated by the sole bedside lamp that was on. She pulled off her gloves and took off her coat.

"Hi." She said as she removed her clothes.

"Hi." Mike watched as El got undressed.

She stripped down to her bra and panties and then climbed on the bed. "You didn't have to wait up for me."

Mike pulled back the thick blanket and El slid underneath right alongside him. He placed a secure arm around El's shoulders. "I think you know me better than that by now."

El's hand eased up Mike's bare chest as she pressed her lips against her dark haired lover's. The kiss was slow and sweet. Lips lazily unlocking and locking. Tongues effortlessly stroking against each other. El slipped one leg between Mike's so that she was partially on top of him.

Mike could feel the chemistry rippling between them as El kissed his chest and then laid her head there. He wouldn't mind being intimate with El now but she had the right idea. Morning was a couple hours away and he needed rest in order to function later when he had to cook the christmas meal. He tucked the blanket in around them, keeping El in his arms as he finally drifted off to sleep.

After Mike had prepared a glorious christmas breakfast of omelets and eggos with fresh fruit and whipped cream, they were sitting on the couch admiring the Christmas tree drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows. El drained her cup and placed it on the coffee table instead of on the coaster that was available of course.

She stood up smiling. "I'll be right back."

Before Mike could ask her where she was going El had bounded out of the front door. That was all good he supposed, he had a little surprise of his own. By the time El made it back, Mike had already positioned his surprise.

El walked in carrying two christmas gift bags. One was wide and deep and the other was tall and skinny. He handed the wide and deep one to Mike. "Merry Christmas." El's eyes twinkled as Mike took the bag.

"Thank you." He really didn't expect El to get him anything.

El watched as Mike pulled a gift wrapped box out of the bag. " I bought it with my own money too."

Mike laughed. It was nice to know that El wasn't giving him stolen property. He eagerly tore the gift wrapper off. Paladin came to watch and pawed at the torn gift paper. Soon it revealed a beautiful carved wooden box containing limited edition Dungeon and Dragon core rule books.

"Wow. " Mike was genuinely surprised as he took in the expensive looking books and run his hand over the detailing on the wooden box.

"Yeah. I mean I had seen the figures lying around and obviously Paladin..." El mumbled playing with her fingers. "And if you look on the bottom of the box it's numbered and everything." El looked worried. "You don't like it? I'm sorry I should have got.."

"El" Mike said cupping her face gently "This is beyond cool. Thank you."

Mike stood up and went behind the tree. "I got something for you as well."

He handed El the Santa Claus gift bag that had red tissue paper sticking out. El eagerly pulled the tissue paper out casting it on the floor much to Paladin's delight. She pulled out a black box containing a beautiful black and rose gold watch.

"Oh wow, Mike ." El picked it up holding it delicately then turning it round slowly in wonderment. "It's beautiful."

"Put it on. Let me see it on you."

El quickly wrapped the strapped around her delicate wrist.

"That looks great on you." He rested his hands on El's hips.

"Thank you." El's eyes shone with gratitude. She gently kissed Mike's lips. "Best Christmas gift ever."

"It's so you always know when its time to come home to me" Mike said brushing his lips lightly back against hers

They kissed for a couple more minutes before El pulled away eyes glassy. "Before I forget." She picked up the other gift bag and placed it on the floor. "That's for you Paladin."

The cat eyed him curiously.

"Um El, you're going to have to unwrap it because you know Paladin can't." Mike laughed.

"Oh right." El blushed furiously at her gaffe. She pulled a slender box out of the bag and pried it open. "I got you a scratching post Paladin." She attached the flat bottom to the cylindrical post and placed it on the floor. Paladin sniffed it and ran his paws up and down it.

"He likes it!" El beamed.

"It seems that way." Mike agreed.

As Paladin played with his new toy Mike led El towards kitchen. "Come on. You have to help me with the Christmas lunch before the others get here."

"Maybe we should've gotten some of those ugly christmas sweaters. You know the ones with reindeer and Santa Claus all over them." El said as she zipped up her dark blue dress.

Mike shot her a look. "No."

"Oh come on Mike," El whined as she followed Mike out into the kitchen. She watched as Mike picked up the bowl of potato salad and carried to the rarely used dining room table. "It would've been fun and Christmassy."

"No." Mike placed the bowl down next to the other dishes and then smacked El's hand as she was about to pluck a piece of potato from the top. "Those are for the guests El."

El pouted. "No fair. It's just one piece."

Mike laced his fingers through El's and pulled her back to the kitchen. " Come on, you have to help me finish setting the table before everyone gets here."

Max was handing Paladin his Christmas gift while Lucas was admiring El's and Mike's handiwork with the tree. Lunch was over and Dustin was at the table mixing a drink with many different parts of alcohol.

Max pulled out a tiny cat sized red sweater out of a bag that was adorned with snowmen. "Do you like it Pal?" The cat sniffed the coat and then meowed at her.

Mike laughed as he and El were standing with Lucas next to the tree. "I would like to see you get it on him."

"Oh let me help." El volunteered stepping forward. "Paladin likes me now."

"Oh really?" Max looked at her skeptically.

"Yup." El knelt down to hold the cat but Paladin hissed at her and backed away. "Hey! What gives Paladin?"

Max laughed as the cat came back up to her and head butted her knee. El stretched her hand out towards him again and again Paladin hissed at her.

"Mike!" El genuinely looked upset. " What did you do to him?"

Mike chuckled. "I didn't do anything." He opened his arms towards El. "Come here."

El accepted Mike's offer. Mike locked his arms around her waist and kissed her temple as she watched how Paladin easily allowed Max to slip the coat onto him.

"It's not fair," El muttered under her breath.

"Maybe he'll come around by New Year's." Mike kissed El's cheek who was still pouting. He gently swayed them to the soft Christmas music playing in the background. He had his hips flush against El's ass that fit perfectly against his crotch. El was moving with him even if she still had an attitude with Paladin.

"Aww, aren't you two the cutest couple?"

Both of them look around at the gleeful voice and Mike saw that Dustin had picked up his cellphone and was aiming it at them.

"Say mistletoe." Dustin said as he took a picture. He looked at the screen and frowned. "El can you at least attempt to smile next time."

"I don't want to."

"Take the pic Dustin," Mike told him. "I got this."

El glanced up at her boyfriend wondering what Mike had up his sleeve.

"Ready?" Dustin asked.

"Yup." Mike called back.

Suddenly El was doubled over in laughter. Mike was tickling her ribs. Dustin snapped the picture. "No fair Mike. That's cheating."

"Well it worked." Mike said as he relented and El stood back up right and faced him.

El locked her arms around Mike's neck. "I can't stand you."

Mike smiled. "Really?"

El pecked his lips. "Absolutely. You're a horrible person."

Mike gave her a full kiss. "Good."

Neither of them saw the knowing smiles that their friends exchanged behind their backs as they kissed.

Their friends had left a couple of hours ago and Paladin was curled up on the carpet in his new sweater. They had cleaned up the dishes and had put the house back in order. Now they were in Mike's bedroom trying to undress for the night. Trying because the process would have been going by a lot faster if they would stop kissing each other.

El's fingers trailed down Mike's chest. Her touch feather light as damp lips followed the trail. "There's something else that I want for Christmas." She confessed.

Mike unfastened El's dress and pushed it down her slender frame as El stepped out of it. "What?"

El's tongue slowly curled around his nipple. "You."

Mike sighed blissfully as El sucked the nipple into her mouth. "You already have me."

El kissed across his chest to the other nipple. "No I want you." She teased the nipple between her lips. "I want to fuck you."

She felt Mike's hands still on her hips and he looked up at her.

"It's not that," he shook his head. "I just wasn't expecting that."

El's lips glided against Mike's throat and her tongue darted out and licked the sensitive flesh before she kissed it. "I want you Mike, do you trust me." Her voice low and raspy.

Mike felt himself surrendering to El as she finished undressing him. When he was naked, El made him lie down on his back, slowly she straddled herself across Mike's legs. She took Mike's mouth in a deep lip lock as she lowered herself on top of him. Her clothed core settling on top of Mike's naked cock.

Delicately El tied Mike's hands to the posts of his bed lightly restraining him. El then took her time kissing all over Mike's body, enjoying the gasps that she elicted, the whimperings and the moans. By the time that she made it to Mike's inner thighs she could see the clear liquid leaking out of Mike's manhood. She peppered kisses along the delicate flesh up to Mike's crotch before starting on the other side. Mike's hands began to pull at the restraints desperate to run them through her hair, he was calling out her name in a desperate moan that let El know that he wanted more of what she was giving him.

El's tongue flicked over the tight skin of Mike's balls before sucking one into her mouth. Hearing Mike whine above her was an even greater motivator. She tongued and sucked it properly before moving on to the other one and giving it the same treatment.

When he was pressing kisses around the base of Mike's cock he whined even more. "Fuck... El... I just need... baby... fuck!"

El had sucked the tip of Mike's cock into her warm mouth. The warmth permeating rapidly through Mike as he desperately pulled at the ties that bound him. El deep throated his length, her hands gripping Mike's strong thighs as all of her focus was on pleasing him.

"El..." Mike whimpered as he thrashed his head about against the pillow. His whole body was tingling from El's ministrations. It just felt so damn good. He felt worshipped and pleasured from his head down to his feet.

When his cock started to throb, El's nimble tongue slipped into his mouth as she pulled off her panties. Mike whimpered a bit when El's warm core sunk down on to him.

"It's okay baby," El whispered softly. She continued to distract him with her kisses whilst remaining still on his hips . Mike whimpered more and bucked his hips.

"El..." his voice was pleading with him this time.

"What do you want Mike?" El whispered into his ear before she sucked on the earlobe.

"I want you, God I want you." The words came out in breathless pants. "untie me please"

El reclaimed Mike's lips as she slowly loosened the ties. "You have me." She slowly lifted her hips and sunk them back down. "For as long as you want."

Mike exhaled sharply as El's lifted herself of his entire length and then dropped straight back down. El had never felt anything better. Her and Mike together, him deep inside her. It felt as if she belonged there. " Mike's eyes were squeezed shut and a delicious groan left him as his hands moved towards El's hips. Such a beautiful song.

El took her time riding him. She could tell that Mike wasn't used to the pace or lack of control but she wanted to make it as good as possible for both of them. Her face was buried in Mike's neck, licking and kissing the same spot. Leaving a deep red mark on his pale skin.

Mike locked his arms around El's back and with that El's movements got deeper and slower. Her lips eventually found Mike's once more. Kisses were uncoordinated and a bit sloppy but it didn't matter. Mike's name was a soft coo on El's lips while her partner was nearly delirious with the pleasure that he was receiving.

She could feel Mike's thighs trembling against her hips. The tip of her tongue darted out and licked underneath Mike's top lip. "Come with me Mike."

Mike dug his fingers deeper into her thighs as a response.

El could feel her release pooling low in her belly as the pleasure began to wash over her. She closed her eyes and threw her head back as she came, somewhere in the back of her mind she heard Mike cursing as he came as well. She couldn't remember the last time that she came so hard that she nearly blacked out.

She collapsed hapazardly against Mike's chest breathing heavily, knowing they were both messy but neither of them cared.

"Fuck El," Mike spoke first trying to catch his breath.

El could barely nuzzle the hand that was closest to her face as a response.

She knew that she should go clean up. But she wanted to remain a little longer with Mike still inside her and with him holding her in his arms.