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What happens when the King is pissed?

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Bakugou shatters a little for the first time today. 


Another one of his people buried within fires embrace. Another member of his kingdom is dead. 

His people grieve and not for the first time he grieves with them. Standing with them in the rain. He holds the man's mother has she wails, cursing the gods themselves for taking him.


If you only fucking found a better way. 


Tears fill his eyes. Why. Why do they hate his people? His fucking people are hurting just because some asshats can't fucking stop being dicks. 


She lost her son because they are fucking horrible. 


That day Bakugou vows something. 


He's going to rip them to shreds if they ever take another person from him. 

Looking back on that vow, blond hair plastered to his head. It's raining again. Sword in hand he stares at the army. 


Fuck you. He hisses, blood red eyes pissed. The soldiers don't move, not when his blood red cape sways behind with anger. 


A group of idiots stand before him. Crowned Prince Todoroki Shoto, General Midoriya Izuku,  Top Knight Iida Tenya, Magician Uraraka Ochako, Knight Yaoyorozu Momo. 


Bakugou just grins. 


" Halt. " The Little Prince orders has if he has range over the King. The blond laughs, every second of anger, grief and rage. Every person he's lost. 


Every Time he's watched their loved ones collapse in grief. Slowly he settles into a fighting position. 

Once in position something in him says to name them. The ones he lost due to them. And so he does. 


Watching has the Prince looks sick with every name.


" You hurt my people, " Katsuki meets them all head on, " I promised them that they wouldn't have to bury another friend! " He charges them, swords clashing with the Knight Ilda. 


" What fucking king would I be if I didn't keep that promise. " He slams the pommel of his sword into Ildas head, ignoring the cries of his name.


In the end he has the Prince at sword point. The metal shines under the man's chin. Wide dual colored eyes are above his sword. 


" Last chance. " Bakugou doesn't want to kill the stupid prince with eyes that remind him too much of his own. Eyes that have seen horrors most children don't. 


The ignorant Prince grits his teeth. " I told you I can't! You'll slaughter them too! " Bakugou doesn't even flinch. 


" Because I'm a ' barbarian ' right? " The horrid word taste wrong on his tongue. The flinch the Prince gives isn't satisfying. Bakugou's much too tired for that. 


" I'm going to ask once. Where the absolute fuck is he? " 


The anger in his tone makes it no room for argument. The Prince trembles and tells him. 

Bakugou moves his sword away from him. 


When he's turned away about to leave the Prince says something. " Why did you-? Why did you spare me? " His tone is angry, upset. Bakugou doesn't have time for any of this.


He looks back at the idiot. Fully in his true form. Golden scales catching light just has the Prince loses the ability to breathe. " Eijirou would've done the same thing. Even if you took him. " With that Katsuki is in the air. 

Within three days Katsuki arrives at the town. Wings aching from constant flying. Katsuki doesn't care. He needs his Eijirou to be okay. 


' Katsuki! ' Eijirou cries, broken wing and shattered leg. Katsuki roars, wings flaring. ' GIVE HIM BACK. ' The dragon lost it that night. 


He cried and roared for days, barely ate and breathed. His Eijirou. Gone. They fucking took him. 


Katsuki doesn't bother to go around the back. Slamming into the tower housing only archers. The Prince's family wasn't here right now. Off on some stupid trip. 


He tears the place apart. Crushing the forces there. Nothing can stop him from getting to Eijirou. 


' Katsuki? No that can't be him- he shouldn't be here! ' 


His mates thoughts brush his mind and in that moment he dives downward. ' Katsuki! ' Eijirou. Eijirou. 

' Katsuki! I'm here! ' His mate cries out. Katsuki finds his dragon. Red scales covered in grime, the shine to them non-existent. 


Katsuki can see the strong spells that hold the other grounded. It's a good thing no spell will ever between him and Eijirou. The gold dragon touches down, tail swinging and obliterating nearby buildings. 


He nuzzles his mate. ' Katsuki. ' The red dragon clings to him, the spells long since having no luck stopping them. ' Eijirou. ' The other purrs at him. 


" Stop! " Stupid guards. Katsuki doesn't move. He hears the guard whisper to the captain. ' Is that the mate? T-the Dragon King? ' his tail swings dangerously. 


One growl makes the group jump. That's right. Fucking remember who the hell you are dealing with.


Slowly he turns his head, glancing at them as if they are nothing more than a piece of shit. They are. " D-dragon King, K-king Enji meant no o-offense. " The guard is trembling. 


Katsuki smirks internally. ' I bet they are remembering my promise. ' 

' Dragon King! What are your terms? ' the council had asked, a neutral third party. Katsuki had grinned, Eijirou was by his side and internally scolding him already. 


Katsuki leaned forward. ' Touch my people and you are dead. Touch my mate and I'll make sure you, your family and your entire Kingdom is wiped off the map. ' 

' Oh god I remember that day. ' His mate hisses at him. ' I still can't believe you did that! ' He can already picture his mate turning red. Katsuki snorts a little. ' Say that later and not when I have to kill a group of idiots. ' 


Katsuki pounces on them. He eats the guard with a harsh snap of his teeth. Once Katsuki has his mate secured against himself he takes off. 


For the next day and a half the kingdom is respectful and holds off the celebration. The eve of the second day they walk with their hands intertwined. 


" King! King! King! King! King! King! " The people chant loudly, happy grins and fists in the air. The drums stop and everything goes quiet. Katsuki grins up at his people. 


" As I'm sure you all know, " Katsuki says, " I brought Eijirou home! " The crowd hits their fists on their chests. Katsuki raises an arm and cocks his hand to the side fully, thanking them. 


They mimic him. 


" And, I brought back a few more of us! " That's something the people barely knew about. Katsuki smiles, happy tears gathering in his eyes. 


" The families Sero, Kaminari, Ashido, Shouji and Tokoyami please come down. " The crowd goes still. The group had gone missing a year before. All at different times. 


The entire Kingdom had searched constantly for them. Everyday. Morning and night. 


When Katsuki calls them out they immediately bolt to their families. A lot of tears, hugs and smiles are shared that night. 


Katsuki clings to Kirishima's hand, the only thing reminding him. 


' Katsuki. ' 


' Yes love? ' 


' I Love You. ' 


Katsuki grins and looks at Eijirou. 


' I love you too. '