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Spectre: The Harbinger

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Katsuki remembers everything like it just happened yesterday. The grey damp cloudy sky makes the air around them gloomier, yet no matter how many people prepared their umbrella, it never rains that day.

The sight of crowds gathering over the grieving mother. Inko’s tears dripped down her face as she held the picture of her beloved son smiling picture complete with black ribbon on its frame.

His parents walked toward her and say their condolences. Inko’s shoulder trembled as she cries on Mitsuki’s shoulder. Her grips tighten around her son’s picture.

Katsuki could only watch from the side. The tight collar of his shirt feels so suffocating. The black rigid mourning blazer that he rarely ever wear is constricting his movement more than he likes it. He could see a familiar face among the guests. Naomasa Tsukauchi, he’s the detective in charge with Izuku’s death

Izuku Midoriya is dead. His body was found in the alley, broken and covered in blood after falling from such height. The door to the building’s roof next to the alley was wide open and the police suspected a murder.

Katsuki walked into the house. Izuku’s casket lay open in front of the flower altar. The scent of incense pricking his nose. But at least this is better than looking at Aunty Inko’s teary eyes.

He walked toward the casket. Izuku’s pale face sleep peacefully, buried among white flowers. In Katsuki’s hand, a single white lily that he has to put on Izuku’s hand. He examined the flower, twisting it slightly before he lay it on Izuku’s hand.

And then out of the blue

Izuku’s hand reached out toward him. His rigid cold finger trapped Katsuki’s wrist completely. Katsuki tried to get away yet no matter how much strength he uses, he couldn’t unclasp Izuku’s finger from his wrist. The more he resisted, the more powerful Izuku become.

Katsuki could feel coldness of death seeping into his hand. Izuku’s dull dark eyes staring straight at him. Fresh red blood dripped from his head. His pale lips quivered with hatred as he spoke

“This is your fault Kacchan”

And Katsuki jumped out of his bed.

Mitsuki took a step back. Her hand gripping Katsuki’s wrist, “Whoa. The hell are you groaning about in your sleep?”

Katsuki's eyes darted all over the familiar room. This is his room, he look at the clock blaring red on the alarm beside he bed. And toward the neatly ironed U.A. uniform hanging on the cupboard. The fear in Katsuki’s eyes slowly turned into irritation as he yanked his hand from his mother, “Not your fucking business”

“It’s my fucking business if you got late to your entrance ceremony” She headed to the door, “breakfast is ready. Be quick”

Katsuki took a deep breath when the door slammed closed. He examined his wrist, stretching out his finger. Trying to find anything unusual on it. He could feel Izuku's cold hand clasping around his wrist.

But it was nothing, after all, it was just a dream.

It’s been two weeks since Izuku’s death and he has been haunted by nightmares from it. His eyes shifted toward the white card with the detective’s contact on it.

The police were still investigating his death. Meaningless act Katsuki thought, it’s because Izuku’s death wasn’t murder at all. It was a suicide

 “You should go dive the roof”- Were his last words towards Izuku before his death

It all started with a simple thing. Izuku had received a recommendation into the U.A. instead of Katsuki. Katsuki felt anger rising in his heart, shame for not getting the recommendation, hurt for betrayal because the one who took the recommendation away from him is no other than Deku-useless-, yet the deepest filthy thing that urged him to grab Izuku to the back of the gym after school and the one who made him said that horrible thing is none other than jealousy.

Why it has to be you?

After that, he took the U.A’s regular entrance exams and passed. It was a stupid thing to get jealous at Izuku. He got into U.A. nevertheless, he didn’t need the recommendation, and Katsuki was completely able to get into U.A. without it.

And yet… Izuku dies right before their first day at school.

No matter how much he regretted it, he can never take back those words. Especially after Izuku literally jumped off the roof. He already told the detective about it, but the man just assured him that it wasn’t his fault. That Izuku’s death is a murder and they will catch the killer soon. He didn’t understand. There was no killer, there was no murder. It was a suicide, and Katsuki was the one pushing Izuku into it. Why can’t he see that?

Katsuki gets off the bed. He gets ready, combing his hair and wore his new uniform. The U.A. Blazer has been neatly ironed.

He took a single bag with him. He glanced toward his desk, making sure that he didn’t leave anything behind. His desk has been cleaned, his things have been sent to U.A dormitory where he will stay for the next three years.

His parents were already waiting by the table, a warm and nice breakfast served beautifully.

“Are you sure you’ve packed everything Katsuki?” Masaru gently asked

“Yeah I’m sure”

“Good. Just give us a call if you need anything”

Mitsuki cut them off with a loud voice, “You don’t have to worry about anything honey, I’m just glad I finally get rid of you” She flicked Katsuki’s forehead teasingly

Katsuki growled as he finished his food.

“I’ll go get the car ready” The older man got off the table and disappear.

Mitsuki smiled as she watches her son eat, “We’re gonna miss you”

Katsuki let out a scoff, “Thanks for the food”

A soft rumble of the car machine could be heard from the front of the house along with Masaru calling for Katsuki.

“Don’t be late!” Mitsuki said as she cleaned up the plate

Katsuki kneeled by the entrance, tying up his shoelaces when his eyes saw a familiar red sneaker, broken and tattered in front of him. Blood dripping and pooling in front of him.

Katsuki’s fingers froze. All the sound disappear from his hearing, replaced by the fast thumping of his heart. He didn’t dare to look up.

Because Deku is there right in front of him.

Please go away. Just go away. Fuck, why do you have to show yourself? Just leave, please.

Tsukauchi's words resound in his head, “It wasn’t your fault” the detective assured

There’s one more reason why Katsuki was one hundred percent sure that Izuku committed suicide. It’s because Izuku’s ghost has been haunting him ever since his death.

Every time he appeared he always came with the same broken and bloodied figure as he dies. The first time Izuku appeared before him it almost gives Katsuki a heart attack. But he always has gone as fast as he appeared.

‘Wasn’t my fault’ my ass. What other reason does he have to haunt me if not grudge?


“Katsuki!” A hard slap in his head make him turned around on reflex.

“That hurts you fucking bitch!”

A heavy punch landed on his spiky head, “That’s what you get for spacing out in the doorway blockhead. Are you trying to get late on purpose?”

Deku was at the entrance

Katsuki whipped his head around, hoping to see a bloodied figure on his doorway.

But Izuku was already gone

He let out a huge breath he didn’t even know he was holding. His shoulder sagged in relief.

“Come on, get your ass movin’” Mitsuki ushered him practically shoving him out of the house.

Masaru waved from the car and Katsuki quickly get into the car. He glanced toward the entrance there’s no sign of Izuku there. It seems like he was the only one who could see Izuku.

He sighed as he leaned back on his seat.

He hoped Izuku wouldn’t follow him to U.A


Katsuki was almost late, emphasis on the almost. The crowded traffic and Masaru’s gentle driving don’t work together especially when you’re already on a tight schedule. Katsuki flop down on his seat, leaning on his seat and putting his feet on the table.

“Today’s sucks”

First, he woken up to a nightmare (he blame Mitsuki’s monstrous strength for it), and then Deku’s terrifying appearance so close to him in the morning, and then he almost got late on his first time on the school.

“You! Hey you!”

Katsuki opened his eyes slightly, baring his teeth slightly to shows off his irritation. “Huh?”

The blue-haired boy before him isn’t wavering. His glasses glints as he watched Katsuki, “It’s rude to put your feet on the table like that. You could damage the school properties and it also shows disrespect toward this school and the teacher” He made a weird chopping motion with his hand.

Katsuki could feel a vein popping in his head somewhere

Add this annoying prick to the bad list this morning.

“The fuck is your problem? I’m gonna do what I wanna do”

“As I said. It is dis-“

The classroom door slides open and a man with long black hair and tired eyes walked into the classroom.

The glasses boy clear his throat before going back to his seat, which appear on the other side of the classroom.

Katsuki also took off his feet from the table.

“Welcome to U.A. My name is Aizawa Shota and I will be your classroom teacher. I’m sure you’re all excited but please keep it within a reasonable level” He took out the class list, “Well now that you’re all here. I’m going to call your name one by one”

“Sensei, one of the seat is empty.” Said the glasses boy, “it is unacceptable to be late on the first day at school”

“Oh yeah... hmm.” Aizawa scratched his head, putting down the papers on the desk and completely bewildered at the question, “Your friend dropped out of U.A. It seems like they haven’t took out his seat yet. Well, let’s just leave it at that. There are only nineteen of you guys’ right here”

Katsuki twisted his head, glancing at the empty seat behind him. According to the names, the one behind him should be…

“Sensei!” The ponytail girl raised her hands, “Does that mean we should move or should we stay in our seat?”

“Just stay there. You’ll move your seat as soon as they clean up his desk”

“A rocker girl’s skirt. A hidden leather garter belt under her skirt.” he could hear the purple grape head boy muttered something behind him. Now that he thinks about it, if that short grape head moves behind him, he’ll have full view of the rocker’s girl seat. Katsuki groaned if the grape's head keeps leering and muttering about a girl like that he could lose his mind.

As if leering at a girl isn’t bad enough, to actually mutter it out loud for everyone can hear….

Just like a certain someone, a certain greenhead who keeps muttering everything he thinks

“Anyway. Let’s call your name first.” The teacher held up the paper and started to call their name one by one, “Aoyama Yuuga”

The sparkly blond raised his hand, “Here”

Bakugou glanced behind him. If Izuku was alive, He would’ve sat right behind them. It’s funny how they’d sit so close to each other.

“Bakugou Katsuki”

“Here,” he said

The teacher paused for a few seconds, his eyes skipped over a name on the list, “Mineta Minoru”

“Here” the grape head behind him replied

So the empty chair should belong to someone with Ba, Bi, Bu, Be, Bo, Ma, or Mi as their first name.

A flicker of green tainted with red escapes from the edge of his eyes as he turned back toward his seat. Katsuki’s could feel his blood drained from his body, the bone-chilling sensation creeping from his back.

Was that… Deku?

Katsuki quickly turned around, his heart hammering rapidly in his chest

But there was no one there. The grape head behind him looked at him with a startled look, “W-what? Why do you have a scary look in your face?”

Katsuki’s tense shoulder relaxed and he noticed the teacher was watching him with a questioning looks.

Great, now the teacher thinks I’m a freak

Add that to the list

Aizawa returned to his papers, “Well now that you’re here. I believe it’s already time for the opening ceremony. Please go to the gym in orderly manners”

Katsuki sighed as he rose from his seat.

There’s no mistaking it

“Today’s sucks”


If Bakugou has to say what one thing that did not sucks today that would be this

“And now we’ll introduce you to the new teacher in U.A. Mr. Toshinori Yagi”

The tall bulky man step into the podium. His towering height easily shadowed over Nezu’s small posture, “Thank you, principal. Greetings new students of U.A. My name is Toshinori Yagi and I used to work in the force. I’ve retired now and I hope I can guide you youngster into your dream.” The man chuckled, “I never had a child before and I’m kind of overwhelmed to teach so many bright youngsters in this school. But I promised to treat all of you as my own children” He ended his speech and the students clap his hands

Toshinori Yagi was an exceptional detective. Many of his cases were adapted into a thriller or mystery movie. Deku and he used to watch the movies and that’s how they came to know the living legend. However, Toshinori was wounded on a case one year ago and it forced him to retire. He spent the last year recuperating and then suddenly there’s a rumor that says he’s going to teach in U.A. after his retirement. That’s one of the few reasons why Katsuki was so hell-bent to go into the U.A.

The man bowed and step down from the podium. Then the principal continues and introduced the rest of the staff.


The class ended early.

“You are… Kirishima right?” The pink-haired girl talked to the redhead

“Ashido-san…” The redhead does know her

The pink-haired girl beamed up instantly, “Wanna grab some food before we return to the dorms? Let’s talk about that” her eyes motioned at his hair

The redhead seems flustered at that, “Su…sure”

“Great!” Mina took her bag, “let’s go”

Katsuki decided to go back straight to the dorm.

The dorm was nice. A three-floor building with a common room on the ground floor. A few boxes were piling up in front of the doors. It must be the student’s things. Seems like Katsuki was the first one in the dorm that day. He quickly went to his room, two boxes of his things were placed in front of his room.

He looked at his neighbors, an empty room on one side and for the other side


He’s that redhead that goes with the pink-haired girl right?

He stared at the boxes in front of Kirishima’s room.

Seems like he’s going to be back later

Katsuki took his things inside and close the door. When he unpacked his things he realized that he left some things in his home. Sure he could call his parents or went back home to fetch it. But they’ll surely preach him about it later. Katsuki could imagine his mother’s smug smile if he comes home on his first day at school.

It’ll be faster to buy it.

Katsuki put on his earphone, slinging his bag as he started to walk to the nearest convenience store. He kept his head down, occasionally humming along with the music. He tried to not glance at the glasses reflection of the store windows. Because he was afraid to see Izuku’s reflection there.

The first time he saw Izuku’s ghost was through a mirror reflection like this one. He was walking back to his home when he saw the reflection on the store’s glasses. Deku was there, he could see him on the edge of his peripheral sight. A glimpse of green that walked right behind him with a hint of red. He screamed and fall on his bottom. But by then Izuku had already disappeared. That day he realized that the greenette had started haunting him for revenge. Since then he tried not to look to the mirror unnecessarily

Once he passed through the rows of stores he finally dared to look up. Then he finally noticed a familiar figure walking in front of him. Seems like they had just returned from their trip.

The late sunset light seems to accentuate his red hair even more. The cute crinkle at the side of his eyes as he laughed revealing a charming sharp jagged white teeth and Katsuki couldn’t help but stop and took out his earphone. He couldn't help but coughed and took his eyes off the redhead when he felt it became too dangerous to continue.

“I never expect to meet you here Kiri!” the girl with pink hair beside him patted his back roughly.

“Well I saw you during the entrance exam, but I didn’t get a chance to talk to you” He smiled again and God, Katsuki swore if it isn’t the brightest smile he ever see.

The girl, -Mina, now that Katsuki remembered- nudged Kirishima with her elbow. The redhead let out a fake groan and bow down. Mina used that moment to rummage her hand through Kirishima’s hair

“Wait! Mina stop you’re ruining it”

Mina finally let him go, “And what’s with the hair. Someone is finally getting his high school debut”

Kirishima blushed and fuck if that isn’t the cutest thing Katsuki ever sees. “Mina...ummm” he fidgeted, looking uncomfortable for some reason.

But Mina just smiled and nodded, “I know, I won’t tell anyone about it. Fresh start right!”

Katsuki could see the exact moment where Kirishima’s eyes sparkled. The redhead grinned even wider, “Yeah it’s a fresh start. But we’re still friends, right? It’s a head start for you”

Mina snickered before laughing all out. “I like you now better Kiri. You’re funnier now. Sure we’re friends”

Katsuki couldn’t take his eyes off them, especially at the redhead. Unconsciously, he has been slowing down his step, keeping his distance from the pair so he could always keep them in his sight.

They were reaching a crossroads. The road wasn’t crowded. The lamp went red and they stopped on the side road, continuing their conversation

Then a shiver suddenly hits him hard. A chilling cold that cold enough to freeze his whole bone. Katsuki’s breathing fastened, the heavy chills constricting his lungs. And there he saw him, among the fading shadow of sunset. A hint of green smeared with red.

Izuku is standing on the other side of the road. His dead dull eyes looking straight at Katsuki. His green curls matted with blood as it sticks to his face.

The dread sized tenfold and Katsuki quickly cast his eyes down. Cold sweat trickling down his temple. It took everything that Katsuki has not to buckle at the sight of him. Forcing himself to breathe, Katsuki braced himself to peek at the ghost.

Izuku was still there but he wasn’t looking at him. Instead, he was looking uphill. His broken bloody arm raised and point at the road.

What was he pointing?

Katsuki looks at the road. It was just a normal road leading uphill. The road disappeared when the curve reached the top. He could see the horizon line where the road split with the sunset sky. There’s nothing special there. Why would Deku points there?

And when Katsuki turned his head back. Izuku’s eyes are looking at him again with those dead eyes, red with blood with his finger still pointing at the same place.

And when Katsuki blinks he disappeared. Katsuki swallowed hard. Izuku has gone but he still couldn’t chase away the dread feeling in his heart.

Before he knew it the light is turning green. Mina and Kirishima continue to walk, taking a step forward. And before he even realizes it himself, Bakugou ran after them. He quickly grabbed Kirishima and Mina’s shoulder and hold them back.

Mina yelped

Kirishima shouted, "Wait! You are-"

In the next moment, deafening screech coming downhill like a thunder. A moving truck skidding down the road with murderous speed. The cold metal passing by a hairbreadth from where they were standing. That chilling moment when the wind force almost pulled Kirishima to the road. The truck swerved at the cross-section and ran into the traffic light, jumping into the air and crashed into the stores by the corner. The traffic light bends, having crashed by such power and speed it bends and when the gravity was too much to bear, it snapped into two. The thick iron pole fell to the street. Electricity sparked from the broken lamps.

What the fuck just happened?

He remembered Deku pointing uphill and then seconds later the truck came skidding down. Katsuki knows that some ghosts could do poltergeist, which means moving things with their supernatural magic.

Did Deku do that? What the fuck? Did he seriously just tried to kill them?

His chest heaving heavily. Cold sweat trickle from his temple. He could hear someone shouting for police and ambulance from down the street. The quiet road is now started to fill with curious onlookers, terrified by the horrendous crash sounds.

Bakugou’s hands trembling on their shoulders. They could’ve been dead. If... if he hadn’t pulled them out, they would’ve been run over by the truck. Just a red blood smear on the pavement.

Bakugou tried to set aside his fear aside and focused on Deku’s victim, “Hey, are you ok-“

Kirishima and Mina feel on their knees. Their faces were pale as a sheet. Pure horror written on their faces as the realization that they just barely escaped death finally hit them.

Few passersby asked them if they’re alright. Bakugou could hear the sirens closing in. Police and ambulance finally come into the scene. A few people in the store were hurt but luckily no one dies from the incidents. The paramedics gave them the shock blanket and leave them alone to tend on the others

The police questioned them separately. It was Katsuki’s turn first. He sat inside the police cruiser with Tsukauchi beside him.

“So you heard an ominous sound and you decide to pull them both?”

Katsuki nodded. Sure it’s not completely a lie, but who would believe that it’s because you saw your dead friend hanging around your classmates.

“Thank you for the information Bakugou-Kun. Can you call Ashido for me?”

“Tsukauchi-san” Katsuki called him before he exited the car. The detective answered. “What happened? Why is that truck…?” Is it Deku? He decided to swallow the last question.

“The truck was parked uphill. For some reason, the brake was undone and that’s why it came barreling downhill like a deadly boulder.”

“So it’s really is an accident?”

“We’re still investigating that, we hope we can reach the root of the problem as soon as possible.”

Katsuki thanked him and walked back toward the ambulance. Kirishima and Mina was sitting there in silence, their shoulder slumped as they sat on the ambulance. Bakugou walked toward him and the redhead flinched when Bakugou knock on the ambulance.

“Ashido you’re up”

The girl pulled the blanket that the paramedic gave her tighter and she walked toward the police cruiser, leaving the two boys alone

Katsuki silently leaned on the ambulance door

“Hey… I just wanna say… Thanks, man. You were so cool there. If you hadn’t been there w-we would’ve-“Kirishima swallowed his words. Tears pricked his eyes “shit... I’m so lame”

Bakugou pulled his blanket tighter, “you’re handling this better than anyone I ever knew.”

Kirishima looked up at him with questioning eyes, the dimming sunset made his glassy eyes seems bigger and glittering than before.

Bakugou swallowed and took out his hand, “look at this shit, it haven’t stopped trembling since then” he paused, “no one expects you to have a near-death experience and be fucking fine and dandy with it.

Kirishima let out a small laugh, letting out all the muddled feeling inside him. All the anxiety slowly dissipating into thin air. By the time he’s done he let out a small pure smile at Bakugou, “You are cool man”

When the police returned they questioned Kirishima next. Bakugou sat in the ambulance, right at the spot where Kirishima was. The police have blocked the scene with the police line. The broken traffic light has been moved and the truck has been evacuated.

Katsuki was finally coming into terms that Deku might have haunted him for revenge. To payback for his heartless words that drove him to suicide. Katsuki has accepted that. He was prepared to live with Deku haunting him. But this… This is a different matter. He didn’t just try to hurt Katsuki, he tried to kill his classmates.

Does exacting revenge on Katsuki isn’t what he wants? Then Katsuki should be the one he’s focused on, not Kirishima nor Ashido…. Not his classmates…

Unless that’s what he’s after.

Deku is going to hurt his classmates one by one to hurt Katsuki psychologically. Haunting him with regret that his classmates were hurt because of him. Just as Katsuki’s words hurt him psychologically, push him far enough to jump off the roof. Deku is going to use Katsuki’s guilt to exact the same pain.

Katsuki cursed under his breath

It was my words that hurt you. Keep this between us, you coward! You don’t have to drag anyone else. Hurt me not them!

But Izuku wouldn’t know that of course. He would continue with his revenge plot as long as possible.

Katsuki gritted his teeth, clenching his palm so tight that his nails begun to sink into his palm.

If that’s what you want then I’ll give it to you.

Katsuki could see Deku when no one else can. All this time Katsuki tries to evade him as much as possible. But the fact that he could see him was the one that saved Kirishima and Ashido from being run over by the truck that Deku had controlled. By seeing Izuku means that he could stop him before he hurt anyone else. He would stop him no matter how many times it takes.

“I swore I won’t let you hurt any of my classmates” he swore

“I will protect everyone from you”


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Toshinori sat on his seat on the teacher's lounge. After retiring from the force, Toshinori felt really useless when he spends the first few weeks doing nothing in the hospital during his recovery. That’s why he decided to spend his retirement doing something completely new for him.

Luckily his old friend Nezu offered him a job as a teacher in his school

Toshinori has trained some new police recruits before, most of them said that he was an exceptional teacher. Add that with Nezu’s offer and his unlimited free times, Toshinori quickly accepted the offers.

The faculty door slides open and Hizashi came in with a huge yawn,surprised to see the new teacher already sitting on the longue “Hey Toshi. You’re an early one”

Toshinori greets him, “It seems like I was too excited to teach today”

Hizashi chuckle, “Yeah I remember that feeling. Lets see if you can keep  The hype up in a few months” He put his bag on his desk, “Where’s Aizawa?”

Toshinori looked around the empty room, “I believe I’m the first one here”

And Hizashi laughed at that, “you can never come earlier than Aizawa.” He walked passed Toshinori and shout “Shota! It’s morning already”

From the corner of the room, Toshinori could see something shifted, a long black almost silky thing. It wiggled and with a sound of a zipper, Aizawa’s head popped out of the sleeping bag.

“How long have you been there?” Toshinori asked with disbelief

“Long enough to know you’re early” Aizawa yawned, Hizashi gave him a bottle filled with dark liquid and once Aizawa opened it Toshinori could smell a very strong smell of coffee.

“You can never come earlier than Aizawa. That’s because he never goes home at all” Hizashi joked but Toshinori find it hard to believe.

The door slides open again and this time Nezu’s come inside the room. “Ah Aizawa, I’ve seen you woken up”

Aizawa waved his hand as he made way toward the bathroom beside the faculty office.

“And you’re early Toshinori”

“It seems I was too excited”

“That’s a good spirit. I hope you can keep that excitement for at least a year. Especially considering the speech you made on the entrance ceremony”

“Oh yeah” Hizashi sat on his seat backward, sliding his chair to Toshinori’s side. “What makes you think of adopting the whole students as your children? I mean it’s a good speech but no one thought about that before”

“Yeah.” Aizawa agrees as he went inside the room again. The black mark under his eyes looks painfully clear

Toshinori let out a hearty laugh. “Well I always wanted to have children, half of it was that” then suddenly his smile falter, “As for another half…You can call it an atonement. I guess”

“That’s interesting. Atonement for what?” Nezu asked

“I have this mentor while I’m in the force. I respected him so much that I called him sensei.”

Hizashi leaned closer, “He sounds like a wonderful man”

“He was… or maybe that’s just another mask he put in front of me.”Toshinori face turned into a forlorn amile

Aizawa drop on his seat, “What do you mean?”

Toshinori took a deep breath, “Sensei was a corrupt police. He was involved in child trafficking.”

“That’s horrible”

“Yeah… I have put him down myself. Not after he’s left me this gift though” he rub his abdomen. It seems like the one who inflicts the wound who force Toshinori to retire is none other than this Sensei of his.

“After he dies the police investigate his illegal trafficking. It was a small orphanage, apparently, Sensei was quite loved by the kids there. They never suspected that the man who helped them is going to kill them. They were devastated by Sensei’s death. Despite being saved by the police they thought we were the one who took Sensei away from them.”

“Poor children”

“That’s when I realized that even an evil person like Sensei can become a parent to someone. No matter how evil Sensei was, to those children Sensei was their parents. That’s why I wondered if I could so the same, by teaching the children I could become something like a second parents for them”

“So that’s the reason” Nezu nodded his head

“Well ain’t that a noble one” Hizashi added, a satisfied smile on his face

Suddenly the lights flickered and with a loud snap the circuit breakers popped and the school was shrouded in darkness.

“What happened?”

A fast almost running footsteps approach them and then a knock on the faculty office. Momo slides the door open, “Aizawa Sensei, Kaminari just stick his fork on the outlet”

Toshinori could hear a loud heavy sigh from his side, so that must be where Aizawa was.

“Good luck with adopting the whole students Toshinori, I’ve already had my hand full with only a handful of them”


Katsuki smashed his knuckles on Kaminari’s head as the blond struggled his way out of Katsuki’s lock.

It has been a week since the school started and Deku hasn’t made any strange moves. Instead of avoiding him like he used to, now Katsuki becomes more aware of Deku’s presence. He’s always vigilant, ready to act in case Deku’s planning something.

Yet nothing happened and Katsuki started to get irritated because nothing happened

That’s why when the blackout suddenly occurred his first thought was Deku. Then the girls shrieked and the boys yelped in surprised followed with Mina saying something about Kaminari’s fault with accusing tone. Iida turn on the flash on his phone and everyone follows suits.

Kaminari smiled sheepishly as he sat beside the outlet. His hair was shocked straight as if he just got hit by a lightning. Katsuki felt a vein popped in his head and he went ahead to give Kaminari his piece of mind. The blond tried to escape as Katsuki caught him. Sero and Mineta laughed at him followed with small giggles from the girls.

“Bakugou looks good together with Kaminari” Tsuyu commented

Without them knowing, a certain redhead has taken an interest in this and listened to their conversation.

“Eh really?” Ochako’s eyes glimmered despite of the lack of lights

Tsuyu nodded her head, “Bakugou has been kind of tense these days. I’m glad Kaminari can help him unwind”

Kirishima looked at Katsuki.

True, though his sharp red eyes were pulled into a tight scowl as he smothered Kaminari, his tense shoulder relaxed and Kirishima noticed the small smile as he vents his frustration toward the blond

Kirishima’s knuckles tighten finding his nail digging slightly into his palm. There’s this small painful squeeze in his heart and he didn’t like it. Kaminari looked tortured in Katsuki’s lock yet the redhead couldn’t help but think that he’d gladly switch place any time with him.

That’s ridiculous Kirishima. Snap out of it

For some reason, his gaze would always follow Katsuki since then. He still remembers how Katsuki saved him from that deadly boulder. His firm arm pulling him away from death. Kirishima never see someone more manly than Katsuki.

Before Kirishima could do anything, Momo already stood up from her seat and said that she’ll call the teacher.

A few seconds later the lights came back on and Aizawa returns with his usual tired expression.

Needless to say, it had nothing to do with Deku. Which ticks him more because that means all that vigilance ends up pointless. Katsuki jabbed his pen into his note as he wrote the English sentence on the board.

In contrast with Katsuki’s scowl, Hizashi’s smile wouldn’t leave his face as he teach English that day. Just as he was about to explain the meaning of an idiom to the class Aizawa opened the door with a frowning face. “Hizashi, a minute please”

The man happily went outside. Aizawa however, his face wasn’t too cheery. The curious students quickly get out of their seats to listen to their student’s conversation. What was so important that Aizawa had to pull Hizashi out of the class?

“You can’t send your package using the school address”

“But I’m buying it for school”

“Did you use the school fund for it?”


“Then it is your things. You should go and send it to your house instead”

“But it won’t fit in Shota, you know that it won’t fit”

“Then why would you buy it?”

“Because it’s worth it”

“I can’t believe you”

“It’s fine. I’m just going to put him on the music room where he belongs with the rest of the legend”

“You are going to put a life-size statue of Michael Jackson in the music room?”


“How much did it cost?”

“Hmmm.” The sounds quieten but it seems like Hizashi was showing something to the raven because the next thing they heard was Aizawa’s gasp, “Hizashi… I can’t believe you”

“Shush Shota, We’ll talk about it later, I still have a class to teach.” With that, the long-haired blond get back to the class with brimming face


Kirishima quickly clean up his desk as soon as the bell rang.

Tsuyu’s words repeating on and on inside his head. Does Katsuki and Kaminari look good together? Sure Kirishima thought both of them are attractive but are they like... attracted to each other?

A sense of uneasiness overcome him, furling wildly like a violent wave. He saw Kaminari approach Katsuki and smiled nonchalantly as he apologized for this morning. An ugly feeling sprout in his heart as Katsuki replied with a short huff. Kaminari waved at him and leave him and the few-seconds interaction felt so like years.

“Katsuki”, Kirishima approached him with those thousand-watt smile. Bright enough to outshine the dark emotion in his heart. “Wanna grab lunch together?”

“Sure” Katsuki got out of his seat. Kirishima walked in front of him, talking about his days as they made way to the cafeteria.

They order their food and sat near the window. For some reason, Kirishima didn’t want to leave Katsuki alone for the rest of the day

Kirishima sat across him. “Hey Katsuki, do you wanna check out the new statue in the music room?”

“The Michael Jackson statue?” Katsuki felt it’s silly, why would anyone buy a Michael Jackson statue and put it among Mozart and Beethoven? But this is Yamada sensei they’re talking about, of course, he had to buy a Michael Jackson statue and put it among Mozart and Beethoven. “Sure”

His eyes trailed from his lunch toward the window. He watched as Kaminari and Sero walked in the garden. His eyes widen when he saw the familiar sight following them from behind.

Deku was following them.

Katsuki stood up so fast that he shook the whole table.

He was stuck between ‘finally’ a relief of finally getting what he has been anticipating and ‘what the hell are you up to now?’ a new cautious sensation, vigil and ready for something to happen.

“Katsuki? What’s wrong?” Kirishima quickly grabbed a tissue and wipe the spilled drink on their table

The blond, however, didn’t even take his eyes off from the window, “Sorry Kirishima” and so he ran outside, leaving Kirishima alone in the cafeteria.

Kirishima brows raised in confusion and as he looks outside, searching for the reason why Bakugou left him, his eyes caught the sight of Kaminari and Sero walking together

Ah, so that’s it? Did I just get dumped? He choose Kaminari over me

Kirishima flopped down to his seat. His mind blank. Too shocked to even think. All the appetites disappear to god knows where. He buried his face in his palm as he took a deep breath.

Suddenly a loud crash echoed from the garden that sends him jumping out of his seat.

The cafeteria started to get restless, the crash was so loud that it alerted everyone. Some students ran out of the cafeteria to check on the situation. Before Kirishima could decide on what to do next the cafeteria door slammed open

“There’s an accident in the garden!”


Katsuki ran out of the cafeteria, chasing after Kaminari and Sero. His breath ragged as sweat trails down his temple. Wiping the sweat with the back of his arm, his red eyes searched the garden frantically

His heart skipped out a beat out of fear as he saw Deku standing behind Kaminari, his broken bloodied fingers reaching out to him.

Kaminari shivered as those ghastly fingertips touched his neck. His hand instinctively rubbed the back of his neck, surprised to found Goosebumps all over it.

“What’s wrong?” Sero asked when Kaminari slowed down his steps

Kaminari continues to rub his neck, trying to smooth the “I dunno man. I just got chill”

“Hey, you fuckers!” Katsuki ran full speed at them. Trying to separate them from Deku as fast as possible. Yet Deku quickly dispersed into thin air like a mist and Katsuki swore he saw his bloodied lips stretched wide open, broken teeth gritting at the sight of his victim as he disappeared

Kaminari flinched from the shouts. He and Sero turned around, searching for the source of the commotion and found


With uneven breath, Bakugou approached them. His red eyes stared at them so menacingly that made Kaminari gulped, “Bro, I already said I’m sorry” the shorter blond started to run away from the angry blond

“Shit! Don’t you fucking dare!”

But the more Katsuki cursed the faster Kaminari ran. Kaminari even left Sero behind, too afraid to stay near the aggravated blond.

Katsuki cursed when they turned around the corner. Deku is standing at the end of the road. A few meters away from him. Katsuki swallowed hard. Blood dripping from all over his body. Green curls tainted with blood. He spread his arms wide on the middle of the street-

“Fried brain Wait!”

-and dissipates as soon as Kaminari passed through him.

The next thing he knew a large shadow suddenly covered the sun. Katsuki immediately crooked his head up, his line of sight caught the sight of the giant monstrous thing falling off the window from the third floor.

That giant thing is falling

Right toward the place Kaminari heading

“Watch out!”

Katsuki put all of his strength on his legs and leaped toward Kaminari. Grabbing his collar and pulling him to the side.

The smaller blond choked as Katsuki pulled him to the side. A loud crash landed right where he used was a mere fractions ago. He winced in pain as the thing broke and its shards flew and graze his face.

The force sends them tumbling over each other. Right on the spot where they were standing just a few seconds ago, a loud crash erupted followed by a million friction of marble shooting out at them, pricking their skin with their sharp jagged edge. The impact was enough to leave a big dent on the garden’s road. Thin white smoke burst from the fraction obscuring their vision from the deadly thing that almost crack their skull open.

When Katsuki turned around he was greeted by a broken face of Michael Jackson. The bust was messed up beyond repair. Broken into thousand pieces with only a few large pieces of its face which Bakugou recognize as Michael Jackson.

The thin white smoke finally dissipates. Katsuki coughed, forcing the dust out of his throat. He looked up, they were standing right below the music room. The window was wide open. The beige curtain blows out of the room, showing a space between the lines of busts. And besides the line of busts, he stood there.

Deku stood by the window, his green dull eyes stared straight at Katsuki from the third floor. His bloody lips pulled into a thin line as he turned his face toward the door

The wind blows and the curtain fluttered, covering the greenette’s figure. Leaving only the familiar silhouette of his curls. Soon the winds die out, taking the thin white smoke with it and the curtain deflate, leaving nothing behind it

Deku has disappeared into thin air…

Katsuki gritted his teeth. That damn nerd really is trying to hurt him! As if it wasn’t clear enough to see. Deku had used his poltergeist to push the bust of the window. He purposely aimed it on Kaminari’s head! He tried to kill him.

A small cough beside him caught his attention. Kaminari sat up and push the blond off him. “What the heck was that?”

The two blonds entangle from each other. Dusting off the dust and marble fragments from their clothes. Their face paling at the sight of the destroyed bust.

“Did that thing just….”

Katsuki felt something snapped inside him and he grabbed the boy’s collar, “Why the fuck would you ran away from me?”

Kaminari yelped. “Because you’ve been chasing me with that scary looks on your face!” tears glistening in the edge of his eyes

“Ha?” Katsuki scowled, “That’s stupid!”

“No, it’s not!! I know you were pissed at me because I cause the blackout this morning”

Katsuki loosened his grip.

Oh yeah that shit happened

Kaminari coughed, shuffling backward, putting some distance between them before rubbing his neck

Katsuki tried to calm his breath. “It’s not about that. Fuck! You people just ran around everywhere like a goddamn cat and knocking everything down and… I just wanna help you asshole”

“Yeah…” Kaminari lay still, “Thanks for that man… really save my ass”

Bakugou flop down on the ground, chest heaving heavily from the rush of adrenaline pumping high on his system, “You were lucky” he said curtly

People started to overcrowd the garden, alerted by the big crash coming from the garden. The rest of the spectators also came to join pique by pure curiosity. News travels fast, and the mere mention of ‘accident’ is enough to get people to come to the garden. Five minutes hasn’t even passed since then yet the crowds had already started to gather around them, shadows of people crowding over them and asking if they’re alright.

Sero had already caught up and pulled Kaminari back to his feet. The blond’s feet were shaking and Sero had to pull him up to support him.

A hand reached out toward Katsuki and he slapped them away. “Leave me the fuck alone”

“Bakugou!” The hand grabbed at his shoulder instead and force Katsuki to look up. Kirishima was looking at him with a worried face. His breath uneven and sweat trickling down his temple as if he just ran from the cafeteria.

“I was worried when you ran out of the cafeteria but then I heard about the accident and I remember about…”

The truck accident. It was clear that he still can’t forget it even now

“I’m just glad that the two of you are okay”

Without themselves realizing, Kirishima had offered his hand again and now Katsuki accepted it. The redhead smiled and pulled him back on his feet.

“Make way!” The crowds were quickly swiped open by none other than the head class of 1-A.

“What happened here?” Aizawa’s eyes quickly switch between the two blond and then to the destroyed bust nearby and quickly arrived at the conclusion

Honestly, he was expecting a fight or a brawl, he certainly never expected it to be an accident, a deadly one to add.

“Kirishima, Sero, Bring those two to the infirmary”

“No!!” A familiar shout surprised everyone. Standing beside Aizawa, Hizashi dropped to his knees.



The teacher quickly evacuated the scene. Aizawa was busy chasing away the students while Hizashi cries his eyes out at the sight of the broken bust. Kaminari and Katsuki was sent to the infirmary and have their wounds checked. Fortunately, they escape with only a few small scratches on them.

The teacher said that the wind blew the bust out of the window. But was that the truth? How could a heavy marble bust be blown away by a wind? A typhoon maybe but a slight breeze?

Most of the students dismiss this as a freak accident and Kaminari -the single victim of this accident- is more than happy to not talk about it. It didn’t take long until the accident disappeared from the school, reduced to mere whispers on afternoon classes.

Yet Katsuki couldn’t forget a single thing about that accident, similar to Kirishima’s accident Deku is involved in this one.

If Deku is the culprit behind the two accidents that would explain a lot. Katsuki read that ghosts can move things with their supernatural power- poltergeist- If it was true, then it would explain a lot. Deku used his power to sabotage the truck’s brake on the first accident and then he used his power to push the bust of the window this time.

Katsuki gritted his teeth.

It's all so obvious right now, Deku is targeting his classmates for some reason. If Deku holds some grudge towards him then why would he target his classmates? Why go such a roundabout way to exact his revenge? If Deku really can use poltergeist then it’ll be easy for him to kill Katsuki right here, right now. So why hasn’t he?

Then Katsuki’s eyes widen as he remembers an old sayings

Revenge is the only dish best served cold.

Did he do it to make Katsuki suffer? Enhancing Katsuki’s guilt and fear by hurting those around him. Knowing how strategically that nerd is that option is quite possible.

Katsuki already saved Kirishima and Kaminari from Deku. He will be prepared for the next time.


The next week. Kirishima was cleaning up his desk after school ended when Katsuki approached him. In his hand is a two ticket to a famous action movie that was showing. It was starring by Kirishima’s favorite star the Crimson Riot

Kirishima stared at the tickets with awe. Sure he might have slipped that Crimson Riot is his favorite star but this ticket is already sold out in the first three hours since its sale.

“It’s for the next Sunday,” Katsuki said

Kirishima stared dumbly at the tickets, switching between the two sheets of tickets and Katsuki’s constipated look.

“It’s an apology” The blond added, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.


Katsuki hesitated for a second, “I messed up our lunch when I ran out to save that fried brain yesterday.”

“Bakugou…that isn’t-“

“Still” The blond cut off his words, “I mess it up. Now I’m trying to make it up for you?”

“By asking me out to a movie?”

Bakugou shrugged, “I already bought the damn tickets. But if you don’t want it then-“

“No!” Kirishima snatched the tickets from the blond’s hand, “I’ll go” His heart thumping in his chest, he could feel his cheeks heating up and he couldn’t hold the smile that tugging on his lips, “Let’s go to the movie”

And Katsuki breathed in relief. His shoulder sagged down as he let out a small chuckle, “Don’t get so worked up on this” He fisted Kirishima’s arms lightly.

The redhead grinned widely. “I mean… it’s a movie and it’s just the two of us. It’s technically a date”

And Katsuki’s smile dropped. His heart skipping a beat from the smile. His cheeks reddening in an instant and his red eyes wide from realization.

Two tickets, weekend, movie. Together. Only the two of us.

“It’s technically a date”


Chapter Text

Three months have passed since Katsuki entered U.A. Without realizing it, Katsuki was already surrounded by friends. Kirishima and Mina befriend them since the truck accidents, and now Kaminari and Sero also hanging around him since he saved him. Most people were put off by his harsh words but his classmates have learned to tolerate him.

Deku hasn’t made any move since then. Sure he still terrorizes him by showing himself sometimes whenever Katsuki was alone. But now that he has the four hanging around him around the clock, the very few moments when he could see Deku lessened considerably.

Now that three months have passed, it’ll be the mid-term test soon. People were busy burying their noses inside the book and copying other people’s notes, mainly Iida's and Momo's 

Katsuki himself doesn’t get exempted from the busyness of the mid-term test. Since he gets a high score on the last quiz, Kirishima and Kaminari has been bothering him to teach him for the test. Sero and Mina has pretty average scores at the test. But that didn’t stop them from not having a study session which almost ends up with them staying over in either one of their rooms every times.

 I mean it's not their fault that Kaminari brought a Jenga on their study session or that Kirishima insisted on defeating the last boss on his console. No one can stop Mina once the girl connects her phone to the speaker and play her music out loud and they should be really thankful when Sero brought a pizza to accompany them.

Katsuki, being the only one serious about this study session can only sighed when the squad throw their study motivation out of the window

Finally one week before the test, they decided to break off the study group. They’ve learned (play) enough and it’s time to take a rest (crammed studies overnight) before the Test started tomorrow.

Katsuki cursed under his breath as he returned from Sero’s room, grumbling slightly when he saw the abandoned notes on his desk. He needs to study or else the hag will flip when she saw his report card. She might even go to the dorm and drag him back home.

Pushing out a yawn, Katsuki sat in his desk and took out his notes. Shuffling through it to determine how much he should read to catch up to the lesson.

This is going to be a long night

  • ~***~

Katsuki woke up on his desk. Blinking his eyes from sleepiness he rose from the desk. Noticing that he had fallen asleep on top of his notes. He woke up and his eyes furrowed when he saw the black ink stains on his fingers. Did any of his pen leak?

Then when he got up from his desk, he choked on air as he stared at the mess on his desk. His mind stopped as alarm blared loudly inside his head. His eyes shrunk from the sheer fear that soon overwhelmed his whole body

DEKU. Deku. Deku. deKU. Deku. DEKU. Deku. DeKu. DEKU. Deku. Deku. deKU. Deku. DEKU. Deku. DeKu. DEKU. Deku. Deku. deKU. Deku. DEKU. Deku. DeKu. DEKU. Deku. Deku. deKU. Deku. DEKU. Deku. DeKu. DEKU. Deku. Deku. deKU. Deku. DEKU. Deku. DeKu. DEKU. Deku. Deku. deKU. Deku. DEKU. Deku. DeKu. DEKU. Deku. Deku. deKU. Deku. DEKU. Deku. DeKu. DEKU. Deku. Deku. deKU. Deku. DEKU. Deku. DeKu. DEKU. Deku. Deku. deKU. Deku. DEKU. Deku. DeKu. DEKU. Deku. Deku.

His notes were sprawled open but what frightened him most is the fact that Deku’s name was written over and over again on the notes. Written in various sizes and the words ‘Deku’ were written overlapping against each other.

Deku was here, in his room. He’s close.

Katsuki stood up so fast that he toppled over the chair.

Where is he? Is he still inside the room?

His eyes quickly darted to the door and before he scanned the whole room, fear has already overwhelmed him and  Katsuki ran out of his room, slamming the door behind him. He leaned on the wall opposite of the door. Cold sweat trailed down his temple as his breath ragged against the cold night. He slowly slid down to the floor. Pulling his knee to his chest he stared at his trembling hand.

Shit. Shit. Shit. how the fuck did that happened? Did that happen while he’s sleeping?

A soft click from next door made Katsuki flinched.

“Bakugou?” Kirishima peeked out of the door, “What are you doing out of your room?”

Katsuki’s terrified eyes relaxed as he saw the sleepy redhead looking rubbing his eyes, “Nothing” he curled deeper hoping Kirishima wouldn't see his trembling hand

“Is everything okay?” Kirishima’s eyes were dripping with concern, “You seem… freaked out”

Katsuki gritted his teeth. He just seems so fucking pathetic right now. He has to stand up, it’s just a freaking ghost. No, it's just Deku. He’s not afraid of Deku! “I’m fucking fine Kirishima. Get back to sleep.”

“O-Okay…” Kirishima whispered and return to his room.

Kirishima was woken up by the sound of Katsuki’s door slamming. After finding the blond in a freaked-out state he figured it’ll be best for him to leave the proud blond alone. He sat by his bed, looking at the clock in his room as he twiddled his thumb. However after he waited for twenty minutes, waiting for the sounds of Bakugou’s door opening -which would mean that the blond has returned to his room-, there was no sound of the door opening. Meaning that Bakugou hasn’t returned to his room.

Kirishima decided to peek into the hall again. Maybe he missed the sound somehow and Katsuki had already returned to his room.

However, Katsuki was still in the same position as the last time he saw him

“Hey” He whispered and Katsuki’s tired eyes looked at him

Kirishima opened his door wider, “Do you wanna…" he paused trying to find the perfect word, " sleepover? It’ll be bad if you caught a cold sleeping in the hall”

Katsuki looks thoughtful and then he stood up and walked toward Kirishima’s door without as much as a word.

Kirishima put on a gentle smile, opening the door wider, “The mattress is large enough for both of us”

“I’ll sleep on the floor”

“No” Kirishima grabbed Katsuki’s wrist, “then it won’t be any different than you sleeping on the hall.” Kirishima shoved him the blanket, “I insisted”

He could see the tiredness on the blond eyes. Truthfully, Kirishima was also tired, he was seconds away from passing out himself as he stay up late trying to catch up with History notes, but he had to stay awake and make sure that Katsuki sleeps on the bed.

Finally, the blond caved in and climb to the bed. Kirishima smiled as he followed him. They face each other on the bed, their hands an inch away from touching. It took Kirishima everything to not hold Katsuki’s hand and whisper a small goodnight. However, looking from the fright that still lingers in the blond’s eyes Kirishima judged that it would be best to just stay silent.

So he touched Katsuki’s hand lightly, slipping his index finger inside Katsuki’s palm and close his eyes.

He could feel the blond tensed for a second but he smiled when he felt a gentle grip on his finger. He could feel the bed creaked softly as Katsuki shifted himself closer.


The two boys lay peacefully on the bed, and it didn’t take them full five minutes to drift off to sleep again.


Finally, the exam week arrived and Katsuki used ‘group study’ as a reason to continue to sleepover in Kirishima’s room.

Katsuki’s jacket now hangs beside Kirishima’s behind the door. His book scattered on the floor mixed along with the redhead. A pair of toothbrush sitting by Kirishima’s sink. Kirishima even bought an extra pillow for Katsuki.

Kirishima didn’t mind having the blond sleeping over for almost a week, in fact, he was delighted to see another side of Katsuki he never saw in the classroom. The way his bed hair rose when he woke up from his sleep. The way Katsuki’s eyes flutter drowsily as he fights off the sleepiness when they study overnight makes his heart swell.

They even started to take turns on who to buy dinner that day. Deep inside Kirishima wish these days will never ends


It was one unfortunate day where Aizawa-sensei hold Kirishima up after class because of some mistakes in his papers.

Kirishima didn’t forget to text Katsuki about it. The way that they almost tell each other’s about their situation was akin to those of a married couple. Kirishima knew about it but he decided to keep silent about it.

What if he ruined the relationship that they had already built?

He’s already comfortable with the way things are. He didn’t want to make him feel awkward by mentioning their confusing relationship. With that in mind, he took out his phone and type the message

‘Gonna be super late. You can go to bed first.’

He knew that Katsuki always sleep early. It puzzled Kirishima for a few days on how early Katsuki sleep. After days of sleeping over Kirishima finally understands, It’s not like he can’t stay up late, Katsuki just likes to sleep early. But he knew that the blond wouldn’t sleep if he hasn’t back yet, Hence why he sent the message

Katsuki replied with a short Ok.

A short curt reply yet Kirishima couldn’t help but smile at the reply. He tucked his phone back and went to the faculty office.

It already passed midnight when he was finally done and Aizawa sensei released him back to the dorm. He struggled to get his notes back into his backpack as he went inside the elevator. When the elevator opened up he could see someone standing in the hallway and he immediately looked up. He could see the blond turning over the doorknob and return to his own room. The door clicked as it locked close. Then the silent of the night return to the dorm.

Kirishima raised his eyebrows

Was that Katsuki?


But there was no answer from the blond's room. Kirishima tried again but still no answer.

It seems like the blond didn’t hear him.

Kirishima fished out the keys from his pocket and frown quizzically when he found his room was unlocked. He opened the door to his room and found it empty.

Did Katsuki grow tired of sleeping over?

He throws his bag to his desk and gets out of his room. He knocked on Katsuki’s room, “Katsuki?”

There was no answer. Kirishima tried to turn the knob but the door was locked shut.

Was he mad that Kirishima come back late today? But it isn’t like the first time Kirishima ever come back late to the dorm, though he never comes back at midnight either. And Kirishima already texted Katsuki about it which the blond replied. Meaning he read the message and knew that Kirishima is gonna be late.

Then why?

He tried to knock on Katsuki’s door again. There’s no answer. Maybe Katsuki is already asleep? He knew Katsuki could be cranky when somebody force him awake. Kirishima sighed

Guess Katsuki was staying in his room for tonight

He gave up and returned to his room. He didn’t know what goes wrong or whose fault it is, but Kirishima made a mental note to apologize to Katsuki first thing in the morning.


Kirishima was startled awake by a shout in the middle of the night. He could hear a frantic scrambling footsteps from the next room and a loud sounds of door slamming.

Kirishima hastily turn on his lights and opened his door.

Katsuki was trembling in the hall. Sitting against the opposite wall of his door. His red eyes wide with fear as cold sweat trickled down his temple. His hand covering his mouth painfully. It was so tight that Kirishima could see the veins on his hands. His breath uneven and he could hear the painful breath Katsuki make within every breath he took.

“Katsuki?” Kirishima whispered, careful to not spook the already terrified boy

Katsuki’s eyes were dripping with confusion and fear as he saw the redhead. It took him a moment to let go of his hand and speak. “How the fuck did I get in there?” He pointed at his door.

“You return to your room? I saw you entered the room”

“That’s fucking bullshit. I was sleeping in your room” Katsuki half shouted half whispering. Denial coating every word.

“But I saw you went back to your room by the time I return to the dorm”

“I… went back…?” Katsuki’s face paled at that

Kirishima nodded, careful not to say anything that might spook Katsuki more than he already was.

Katsuki’s hand trembling against him. For the second time, he woke up surrounded by countless Deku’s names in his notebook. For some reason, he already went back to his room. Yet somehow he didn’t remember ever going back to his room.

His last memories were sleeping on Kirishima’s bed. He was sleeping that one thing he was sure of. Then how in the world did he get out of the bed, walked out of Kirishima's room, return to his room and locked his door?

And Kirishima said that he went back to his room.

Is it Deku? Did he move him back to his room? How? Katsuki was too heavy to be moved by his poltergeist.

No, of course, it's not poltergeist, there’s another supernatural skill that ghost has


Kirishima said that he went back to his room. Kirishima saw him walked back to his room. Which Katsuki didn't remember and as long as he know he never had any history of sleepwalking

Then it’s true. Deku had possessed him while he was asleep and took him back to his room. Deku has grown stronger somehow. If he can possess his body, who knows what he will do with it. Luckily Katsuki never encountered something like that while he was awake. Does that mean Deku can only possessed him while he’s sleeping? No, sleeping is too specific, unconscious maybe.

So whenever Katsuki’s unconscious Deku will be ready to snatch away his body.

Does it mean he can’t get knocked out now? Forget about being unconscious, He can’t even go to sleep now! Proven Deku snatch his body while he’s asleep.

Deku has never touched him, and he took it for granted. He was just waiting for the perfect moment to snatch his body away.

“Katsuki?” Kirishima looked at him with a worried face, “Are you okay?”

Katsuki staggered as he stood up, leaning on the wall for support, “I’m gonna get some water” The blond dragged himself toward the elevator and disappeared.

 Kirishima was honestly surprised by that. Yet before he could say anything Katsuki has already escaped downstairs

What was that?

Looking at Katsuki’s prideful back slouched as he entered the elevator, Kirishima was sure that it wouldn't be a good idea to chase after him.

With a heavy feeling in his chest, Kirishima returned to his room. He didn't forget to unlock his door in case Katsuki decided to return to his room later.

Then morning arrived and Kirishima wakes up alone in his bed. Maybe Katsuki decided to return to his own room after all?

Kirishima decided to get ready. Slinging his bag he knocks on Katsuki’s door. However, there was no answer. With a furrowed brows Kirishima decided to come downstairs first.

“Yo!” Katsuki greeted him as he sat on the couch in the common room. The blond was already wearing his uniform and ready to go to class

“You’re early.” Kirishima said, “I was worried last night. I left the door open for you”

“Sorry. I went back to my room”

“That’s okay” The redhead smiled and then they went to school together.


Days passed and Kirishima started to notice the dark bag under Katsuki’s eyes. Added with the amount of coffee the blond has consumed lately he could pull one conclusion from that. Katsuki hasn't been sleeping properly.

Kirishima’s investigation didn't stop there, he also noticed that the blond was always still awake when he goes to sleep and by the time he woke up, Katsuki had already awake before him.

Finally, it was one day when they walked back home together after school ended. As soon as they exited the elevator Kirishima quickly pinned him to the wall. The redhead picked the most perfect place to confront Katsuki, no one goes there except them and shoji.

Katsuki pulled his lips into a thin line. His back completely pressed against the wall. The past Katsuki wouldn't let anyone pushed him against the wall like this. But the one who has to push him is none other than Kirishima, he didn't want to push him off, no matter how uncomfortable the position they are in right now.

In the first place, he can't understand why Kirishima would do this to him. But by the way, those red eyes looking at him sternly, and the way his brows furrowed Katsuki figured it couldn't be good.

“Katsuki” Kirishima leaned in, and Katsuki closed his eyes, hoping the wall would swallow him whole.

Kirishima stopped a few inches from his face, his fingers tracing the dark circle under his eyes, “When did the last time you sleep?”


Katsuki hated to admit but he hasn't been sleeping since he found out that Deku could possess him if sleep. Hence the easiest solution would be to not sleep. He thought he could fool everyone somehow but a human can only go without sleep for a limited time. His body started to feel sluggish and heavier within each day and he wasn't sure he could keep up the facade any longer.

Turns out Kirishima was the first who found out about him.

Kirishima took Katsuki’s silence as a yes, “When was the last time you sleep?”

“I don't know… three days maybe? The last time I slept was when during that freak accident where I woke up in my room”

“Katsuki it’s almost a week ago!’

“Is it?”

The redhead sighed and pull his hand back, giving Katsuki room to breathe, “Katsuki you can't just stop sleeping”

Katsuki raised his eyebrows, “Oh yeah? Watch me”

“Katsuki I’m serious”

“And so I am”

Kirishima sighed “Katsuki what made you so afraid of sleeping”

Katsuki's finger twitched, “Afraid? I’m not fucking afraid”

“You are. You stopped sleeping since you sleepwalked back to your room”

"Sleepwalk?" Did Kirishima think he doesn't want to sleep because he's afraid he'll sleepwalk? "No! Fuck… it's more complicated than fucking sleepwalking"

Kirishima looked at him with confusion hinted with a glimpse of disbelief.

If he denied he'll have to explain everything to Kirishima. Of course, he can't tell him that his dead childhood friends will possess him if he sleeps.

"Fine. I'll sleep. On one condition"

The blond push Kirishima away and return to his room and re-emerge a few seconds later with something in his hand

"A rope?" Kirishima tilted his head

"I want you to fucking tie me up"

The redhead was flabbergasted, "Katsuki, I didn’t know you like this kind of thing… I’m not judging you bro we’re still friends but 'you needing to sleep' and 'you telling me what you're into' is a completely different matter"

Katsuki blushed instantly. "This isn’t what it looks like" He took a deep breath. "I’ll go to sleep, but you have to fucking time me up to the bed... so I won’t end up…" he trailed off, "sleepwalking somewhere"

"Ohh. Got it, bro. I’ll happily tie you up"

Katsuki clicked his tongue, "Don’t say something so easily misunderstood like that."

With that Kirishima happily snatched the rope from Katsuki’s hand and return to his room. Katsuki happily follow behind him

"There you go" he pointed at the bed

"Wait you mean like... now?"

"You haven’t slept for almost a week Katsuki. So yeah, I said right now"


"I’ll tie you to the bed, Isn't that our deal?"

Katsuki begrudgingly sat on the bed, he took out both of his hand and Kirishima tied them up to one of the bedposts. Katsuki was tired, but he was still unsure if this is the best idea.

"Don’t worry, nothings gonna happen" the redhead assured

Honestly, by Katsuki's position Kirishima doubt the blond can fell asleep in such an uncomfortable way. But, indeed, Katsuki hasn't been sleeping properly, no matter how uncomfortable he was, he fell asleep as soon as his head reach the pillow

Kirishima watched as the blond sleep on his bed. It has been a long time since he saw Katsuki’s sleeping face.

Katsuki groaned and tugged on the rope. It seems like it is uncomfortable after all. The rope is preventing him from moving on his sleep

Kirishima's eyes trailed from the rope on Katsuki's wrist then onto the sleeping blond. Slowly he untied the blond’s bind and tuck his hand under the blanket, careful not to wake him up. The blond happily retrieved his unbind limbs and turned around in his sleep, curling slightly on his side.

The redhead smiled as he returns to his books


When Katsuki woke up he noticed the free state of his arms. He shot out of the bed, making the redhead next to him flinch.

“Katsuki what’s wrong?” Kirishima put his pen down and close his math notes

“The rope”

“Sorry, I untied them, you look so uncomfortable sleeping like that and I’m afraid it'll leave a mark later”

katsuki grunted as he turned to his side , “Shitty hair you fucking promise”

“I did! But nothing happened Katsuki. I was here the whole time, you didn’t even stir in your sleep.”

“How long was I out?”

“Uhmm… four hours? You should get back to sleep.”

Katsuki hesitated, the tiredness in his eyes are now even more visible that he only get a half-sleep. Kirishima could see that Katsuki’s eyelids could close in any seconds but the blond stubbornly rubbed them to force himself awake. 

Kirishima sighed at the prideful blond. Surely he love that part of Katsuki, but if he dont stop being so stubborn then he'll ends up sick sooner than later. “Look, I’m going to stay up to catch up with math class. I’ll be awake and I won't leave you alone for the rest of the night. I swear if you sleepwalk I’ll snap you out of it, even if that means punching you in the face”

Katsuki chuckled lightly, “you better keep that fucking promise”


Katsuki was awoken by the sounds of the alarm. It’s already morning. Kirishima was nowhere near the desk and Katsuki shot up from the bed

He stopped when he felt something tangled between his fingers. When he turned around he was greeted by Kirishima’s sleeping face. Kirishima was sleeping beside him all along

Letting out the breath he didn't realize holding Katsuki leaned on the bed and poke Kirishima's cheek with his finger

The redhead groaned brows pulled into a small frown "Katsuki…." he muttered

Katsuki’s heart skipped a bit, he reached out his hand and poke at the redhead’s forehead, “Oy Shitty hair. What about math?”

“Fuck it, x can go and find y by itself” Kirishima muttered under his breath.

“You said you’re gonna be awake for the whole night. What will you do if I sleepwalk out of the room?”

Kirishima's fingers tighten between Katsuki's “But I didn’t leave you right?”

Katsuki blushed and pulled his hand back from Kirishima. "What the fuck...” he muttered under his breath trying to hide the faint blush on his cheek.

He grabbed his pillow and smother Kirishima’s face with it, “Wake up shitty hair!”

Kirishima shot up from the bed and with half of his head still in dreamland he stared at Katsuki with his sleepy eyes. His eyes trailed from Katsuki toward his desk and suddenly he shouted

“MATH! I was going to sleep for five minutes!”

“More like five hours” Katsuki scoffed, “Get ready we can still review it on our way”

Kirishima gave a thankful smile at Katsuki as they rushed to class

Chapter Text

Todoroki Shouto, son of the famous politician Todoroki Enji. It's hard not to forget about him especially when he has that big ass burn mark covering half of his face.

It's also hard to not notice him when Deku started to appear more often by his side.

At that moment Katsuki knew, Todoroki will be the next one.

The lunch bell rang and Katsuki followed Kirishima to the cafeteria as usual. They were a bit late because they have to collect their reports from Aizawa before lunch. Hence when they arrived most of the seats has been taken.

They went toward the balcony. Not a lot of people eat at the balcony, that’s why the tables were not as full as it was indoor. Honestly, Katsuki didn't like the outdoor area because it was too windy for lunch but since the tables were full. He had no other choices.

“No, I am not going back home this weekend.”

The conversation surprised them and they found out that their classmate, Todoroki Shouto was on the phone. His knitted brows showed that it wasn't a pleasant conversation

“Where? I promised to visit mom in the hospital this weekend”

Then his face turns sour instantly, “I don't care about your interview. You are not interviewing me at home nor at school”

His feet tapping impatiently at the floor, “No! That doesn't mean you can interview me at the hospital either. Don't ever come near mom again” he threatened

However, it seems like the threat fell on deaf ears. “No. It is not decided! There’s a class this afternoon. I can’t skip it. Listen to me-”

By the surprised look on his face, it seems like whoever on the other side of the phone decided to hang-up on him.

Shouto ruffled his hair in frustration and stormed out of the room, stomping his feet out of the cafeteria

“There’s only one person in the world who could make Todoroki goes berserk like that” Kirishima said, “It must be his father”

“He got daddy issues?”

Kirishima shrugged, trying to avoid the issues, “You should leave him alone for the time being. One time Iida tried to talk to him and he got roasted badly” Kirishima added, “He apologized to him later though”

Katsuki never paid too much attention to the dual-toned boy. Heck, he didn't care about the boy, for some reason they were born with a completely different nature and for some reason, Katsuki felt like the boy resembled Deku a bit with how hard-headed they were.

Just as he was about to sit down on the chair his eyes caught sight of a flutter of green that followed behind Shouto.

The chair squeaked against the floor as Katsuki rose up so quick, “I’m chasing after him”

“Eh?” Kirishima froze

Before the redhead could say anything Katsuki had already shoved his lunch into the redhead's hand and run off to chase after the dual-colored boy.

Shouto, despite his rather slim figure, walks pretty fast. Katsuki has lost him when he exited the cafeteria. He could see some students resting and chatting on the hall, since its break time all students are free to go wherever they wish. That means that half-face could be anywhere around the school ground by now.

Where the fuck is that half-face?

He’s not in the classroom, not in the toilets, not in the hall. Katsuki’s legs feel like they could give up anytime soon. He has been running through the school searching for Shouto. Yet he has reached the highest floor and he hasn't seen Shouto anywhere. Pray tell he doesn’t return to the dorm. Katsuki would kill him before Deku does  if he returns to the dorm.

His chest heaved heavily as he leaned on the stairs that lead to the roof. That the only place left inside the school building that he hasn't check. If he wasn't there, Katsuki must go to the dorm and search for him there. With a ragged breath, Katsuki steps into the stairs toward the roof.

He slammed the door opened, too tired to even knock.

 Shouto was leaning on the railing. His slumped shoulder flinched when he heard the door opened roughly. “Bakugou?”

The sight of someone standing so close to the railings set some warnings in his mind, especially after Deku’s death. But what concern him the most is the sight of Deku standing behind Shouto looking straight at Katsuki

“You should get away from there”

Shouto scoffed and looked at him with a too tired for this bullshit face. “I’m in no mood to entertain you Bakugou”

“I don’t fucking care. I want you to get the fuck out of here right now.” as far away from Deku

Shouto's cold face started to shift into anger. His brows furrowed as he gritted his teeth. His palm tighten into a fist, “I said I don't have time nor the patience to fucking stroke your ego”

“Ha?!” Katsuki could feel his head boiling. “I was asking you nicely to get the fuck away from here so listen here you asshole” Katsuki walked toward Shouto, flashing off his sharp teeth. He jabbed his finger on Shouto’s chest intimidatingly “Fuck off!

The effect was not what he expected

Fire rage on Shouto’s eyes, “You're just the same. Each one of you forcing your words to me. Do you think I’m a good puppy who will obey every one of your whims?” He stepped forward with a threatening aura.

That was one moment where Katsuki realized that he might have fucked up. Shouto’s taller shadow looming over him, forcing him to tilt his head a bit to meet with those heterochromatic eyes.

“Do you think that just because you want something, everyone has to drop everything and run to your aide?” He jabbed his finger back toward Katsuki’s chest, “I don’t fucking care about what you want and I don’t give a single fuck about you”

Then suddenly Shouto’s phone rang and as soon as he saw the name displayed on the screen, his rage had times tenfold.

Gritting his teeth, Shouto quickly turned around toward the sky. He grabbed the railing with his hand, accumulating his strength, his other hand gripping tight at his phone. He raised his hand and took his stances and throws his phone from the top of the roof.

He gave a twisted smile as he watched the phone drop to the ground and destroyed.

Then suddenly there’s an ominous creaking sound of iron creaking against each other and suddenly the railings snapped with a deafening terrifying sound. A few parts of the railings were corroded and when Shouto grabbed it with his angry state it was enough to push some part of it falling to the ground.

Shouto lost his balance as he was hanging to the rails when he throws his phone. By the time he let go of the railing his body had already halfway in the air.


He’s falling.


The railings fell to the ground. Mashed up twisted iron that sends a slamming to the ground, frightening everyone to death.

A high pitched shriek and people shout.

Shouto closed his eyes, preparing for the impending death as his body plummets down and punctured by the mashed-up iron pole.

But he didn't.

Shouto opened his eyes and found himself hanging on air. He could watch as people gathered below him, fingers pointing at him as the crowds go restless.

He looked up and saw Katsuki holding onto his hand with a painful face. Holding all the pain Katsuki’s lips pulled into a smug smirk.

“I told you to get the fuck away didn't I?”


Katsuki’s heart fell out of his chest as he saw Shouto fell from the roof. He rushed toward him, his right hand reaching out desperately.

He felt relieved as he felt his fingers wrapped around Todoroki’s wrist. However that relief was short-lifted, gravity pulled them both and Katsuki planted his feet on the ground. Then suddenly he could feel something slipping out of his joint from the sheer force followed with an immense pain as Todoroki’s weight finally pulled him in. His knees buckled and he fell, still holding on to the boy’s wrist. Katsuki tried to hold himself using his weight. His left hand digging into the ledge, holding on so the force won’t pull both of them to their death.

Somebody screamed from downstairs, possibly seeing them. People started to crowds beneath them. Fuckers should’ve called the teacher instead of pissing their pants

Todoroki’s wrist slid down against his grip. Shit, he’s slipping down! “Oy half-and-half bastard grab my hand!”

Todoroki was too frozen shock to even heard Katsuki’s words.

Katsuki clicked his tongue, “Half face! Do you wanna die?” He shouted, his arm feels numb and it took him everything to keep holding on, Shouto has to grab him back or else he’ll fall, “Todoroki!”

And Todoroki snapped out of it. The dual-haired boy looked up at Katsuki. “Bakugou?”

“I can’t hold you up much longer. You have to grab my hand!” He gritted his teeth.

Shouto's poker face broke down. This is the first time Katsuki ever saw his cold classmate to look so scared. “Todoroki!”

Shouto grabbed Katsuki’s hand back. They glance at each other and nodded. Pushing past all the pain Katsuki gritted his teeth, wincing when Shouto started to pull himself up. Sweat trickle down his temple from the pain. Once Shouto’s hand secured on the ledge Bakugou finally let out the breath he didn’t realize he’s been holding.

 The door slammed opened and Kirishima rushed in. Katsuki’s face relaxed at the sight of the redhead.

Now that Kirishima is here, he could pull them back up easily.

And then suddenly the world shifted as his left hand slipped on the ledge. He lost his footing and he lurched forward into the air. His hand grasping desperately as air slipped through his fingers.

His eyes met with Kirishima’s terrified eyes as the redhead screamed his name.

As he fell he could see Deku standing beside Kirishima and Shouto. His green eyes wide open as blood dripped down his cheeks.

Katsuki scoffed, you targeted my classmates to hurt me, bet you never think that I would take the fall for them.

Izuku was stuck in this world to exact revenge to him

If I die, you’ll be stuck in this world with your objectless revenge . His lips quirked up into a twisted victorious smile.

Bet you didn’t expect that Deku! Serves you right!

Chapter Text

Katsuki closed his eyes as he fell.

“Ready! Everyone. Now!” A familiar shouts of Aizawa cut through the winds followed by a sound of clothes being unfolded.

Katsuki didn’t even have time to open his eyes when he landed and darkness overcame him. It feels like a few seconds when his consciousness returned and he opened his eyes. He’s alive, he could hear his heart thumping in his chest. He’s alive.

Apparently, when Katsuki was busy saving Shouto's life, They have bought enough time for Aizawa to collect some rescue crew and a giant tarp. They’ve been waiting on the ground with an open tarp, ready to catch Todoroki in case Bakugou can’t hold him anymore. What surprised them was that instead of Shouto, Katsuki was the one who fell. Luckily they were already prepared and used the tarp to save Katsuki instead.

“Bakugou, are you okay?” Aizawa asked him, the blond answered with a strained nod. His hand clutching at his shoulder tightly. “Call an ambulance”

As the raven helped Bakugou sat up, the blond glanced at the roof. Deku has disappeared, leaving only Kirishima and Shouto, peering at the ledge with relief written on their faces.

He might’ve survived Deku’s curse for now. But Deku saw him survived, he wouldn’t stop now that Katsuki is still alive.


The class was halted during the incidents. When Katsuki and Shouto were rushed to the hospital the class was quickly resumed. As for Kirishima, the redhead insisted on going with them but Aizawa insisted that he stays and continue with the class

They made such a big fuss and even went to carry him to the emergency room, which the blond loathe from his deepest heart. Burying his face in shame under his arm while trying to hold the pain in his shoulder. Katsuki’s shoulder was partially dislocated, the doctor quickly fix it up and told him to refrain from doing strenuous activity using his right hand for two weeks. Shouto, on the other hand, escaped without as much as a scratch on him. However, the doctor insisted that they should stay for one night for monitoring.

Once the doctor finished fixing up the cast on his hand Katsuki returned to the room that he share with Shouto.

“Bakugou” Shouto called him as he entered their room.

Katsuki didn’t answer him, but he does give him an acknowledging look.

The taller man sighed,“Thank you for your help”

Katsuki scoffed, “you better be, bastard”

Shouto decided to ignore his curses, his mismatched eyes trailed toward Katsuki’s right arm.“How’s your arm?”

The blond shifted, turning slightly to hide his wounded shoulder, “It’s not your fucking business”

Shouto sighed, “I can’t understand you Bakugou.” He shook his head exasperatedly, “You just saved me yet you just have this…. Attitude with me”

Katsuki groaned, “You piss me off”

“Well, who doesn’t?” Shouto rolled his eyes, “you’re pissed at everyone except Kirishima." Shouto took a deep breath before once again facing Katsuki “I’m sorry I got angry with you. You remind me of someone”

“The feelings mutual” the blond said, “You remind me of someone”

“That's new. Someone able to aggravate you more than usual?” Shouto asked sarcastically.

Katsuki sighed as he sat on his bed, “The way you never listen to my words. It piss me off, you remind of of that nerd"


"His name was Midoriya Izuku. But I used to call him Deku”

“Wait” Shouto grabbed his fine hand, Katsuki tensed up at the sudden approach, he snapped toward the dual-colored boy and about to bruat another curse when he saw deep concern reflected inside those mismatched eyes.

Shouto tensed up, “Izuku? You mean Midoriya Izuku right? Is he the one who got a recommendation to U.A.? He asked in one breath, his eyes desperate, "I know him”

Katsuki’s eyes widen. He never expected for someone to know Izuku. It took him a moment until he regained his composure and yanked his hand off Shouto, “Bullshit. How do you know him?”

Shouto slowly retracted his hand back, “We met during the recommendation exam. We became friends rather quickly” Shouto’s face loosened up. “We promised to meet again once the exam results got out, but he disappeared right after and I can’t contact him since them. I guess he’s not coming to U.A after all”

“That should be fucking obvious”

“You know him right?. Did he move away? Do you have any number i could contact him? I've tried his numbers many times but it always go straight to the voicemail ” He attacked Katsuki with a barrage of questions and though it seems refreshing to see he cold classmate suddenly become interested in someone else, somehow it irritated Katsuki more.

“Of fucking course not" Katsuki shouted, shutting the other boy in one sentence, "there's only one reason why you can't contact him, why he won't answer your call, why he didn't get into the fucking U.A despite his recommendation." Katsuki could feel himself seething with rage, years of pent up frustration slipping underneath every words that he utters, " It’s because he's fucking dead!”

Shouto's eyes widen, mouth gaping open to say his response, but he couldn't think, he couldn't say anything. Wordless sounds escaped his lips and only after a moment has passed he managed to croaked out a small  “... what...? How...?”

Katsuki looked away, staring deep into the floor“He committed suicide.” his voice cold, indifferent yet filled with remorse

“Suicide...? No, it can't be…" Shouto shook his head, "He was so happy about the recommendation... he was a nice kid”

“And what do you know about him anyway?” Katsuki chided him 

“I uh...” he stuttered, Shouto never stuttered before. He ruffled his hair in frustration before snapping up from the bed, “I have to tell Inasa.”


“Uh yeah, we met him during the recommendation exam. He went to Shiketsu high” Shouto patted his pocket, searching for his phone.Clearly confused to find his phone disappeared before he actually remember what happened to his phone.

"Right…" he took a deep breath, clearly still disoriented from the news, "there should be a phone in the front desk"

Ignoring Katsuki's calls, the boy rushed out of the hospital room, He ran off before Katsuki could stop him and despite the accident, Katsuki decided to follow him outside

Deku could still after him somehow. he shouldn't keep Shouto out of his sight yet..

Just as Katsuki was about to take a turn toward the front desk, he could hear a choked sobs coming from the corner. Out of instinct, Katsuki stopped walking, carefully he peeked from the corner, finding the heterochromatic boy slamming his head against a phone near the front desk.

He took a step back and hides at the corner pressing his back into the wall so the heterochromatic boy won't be able to see him.

"Inasa…?" He could hear the boy asked, "its me Shouto. Y-yeah sorry I didn't call you, there's… there's a problem with my phone" the boy tried to keep his tone light but even Katsuki could tell that he's doing a suck job at it.

"No, no, it's fine… it's nothing special." Shouto continues before the line quieten again.

In a moment, Shouto sobs into the phone, "i'm's not okay...Inasa" he rest his head against the wall, feeling so small and feeling like he could crumble within any second, "no, it's not my dad. Shouto hesitated for a second, you remember Izuju? Yeah the nice kid from recommendation exam? He…. I-someone told me something."

Katsuki closed his eyes, already predicting the words that will come out of the boy's mouth.

"Izuku's dead"

He listened as the boy tell the grave news to his friend. Shouto's words dripping with disbelief and sorrow. His voice shaking as he delivered the news. Having to tell the unexpected news to his friend when he hasn't come to terms with it himself.

Katsuki felt a tug on his heart as he listened to their conversation. He felt like he was intruding on them and decided to leave him alone for now. He returns to his room and pretend like he hadn't just chase after the boy. 

A few minutes later Shouto returned to the room. His eyes were slightly red and it looks painfully obvious that he’s trying to hide the fact that he just cried. “He said he’s coming here”

“Now?” Katsuki looked at the time, “But visiting hour is almost over”

Shouto shrugged, "He made up his mind, come on, lets go to the lobby. He might arrive anytime soon"

Katsuki frowned but followed him nonetheless, in case Deku decided to appear again. They went tp the lobby, it was late and almost void of people, "Who's in their right mind would visit a hospital in this hour?" Katsuki throws his arms wide, emphasizing the ridiculousness of the situation

And as if on cue, a loud shout startled them from the gate, “SHOUTO!”

A large sturdy man was standing outside the hospital gate. By the black gakuran he wore, he must be a Shiketsu high students. Putting all the clues Katsuki recognize him immediately, this must be Inasa

“Inasa!” Shouto half running toward him leaving the blond behind him. Katsuki couldn’t hear what’s happening between them. That man Inasa, he’s half shouting with an unbelieving look on his face. Shouto looked like he’s trying to explain everything as calm as he could. Yet it is apparent that the boy himself was still in shock by the news.

Inasa's face contorted in pain and suddenly grabbed Shouto in a tighter hug. His shoulder shaking terribly as he cries loudly.

Shouto was frozen stiff when Inasa suddenly lunged at him. His feet tiptoeing as Inasa pulled him a bit high. But when he felt the shaking of his shoulder Shouto’s felt like he should do something. His hand hovering awkwardly on Inasa’s back and it took him a few moments before returning the hug.

Inasa hugged him tighter in return, his shoulder sagging a bit and Shouto’s feet returned to the ground.

Different from Shouto, whose been trained to reign in his emotion since he was small. Inasa is a big ball of emotion. Shouto could feel the emotion waved from Inasa

This is how emotion felt. This is sadness

And everything crashed down on him. Shouto’s finger clawing at Inasa’s back as he buried his head on Inasa’s shoulder. Small soft sobs escaped him as he let the emotion overwhelmed him.

Katsuki let them alone for a few minutes. After both of them calmed down he decided to join in, “You guys should’ve picked a better place to cry.”

Inasa with his red teary eyes sniffled, “I know a café around here”

Shouto nodded, “I already got us permission". He let the larger man lead the way

Katsuki doesn't even want to know how Shouto managed to get them permission to leave the hospital ground this late, but he bet that those people at the front desk pitied him when they listened to his call. Before Katsuki could complain the pair were already walking, and the blond standing behind them could only grumble as he followed after them

Soon they’re sitting on the abandoned corner of the café. the place was covered by an oriental wall panels and since the café was empty, no one can hear their conversation.

“This is a nice place” shouto commented, looking around the tranquil air around them

“Really?” Inasa a brighten up, “Then maybe we should meet up here someday”

Shouto looked around, “Sure I won’t mind”

Katsuki clears his throat, “You haven’t explained shits about how both of you knew him”

"Ah yes, forgive me" Shouto clears his throat, "Katsuki, this is Inasa my boyfriend. Inasa, this is Katsuki, he's my classmates and also he's the one who told ne about Izuku" 

After introducing them both Shouto continued, “Yoarashi, Midoriya, and I. We met during the recommendation exams. Yoarashi and I, we have different backgrounds and different personalities and we clashed often during the test. Thanks to Midoriya, we’re getting along now. We became friends in just one day.”

"Long story short, Me and Shouto had a fight during the exam. Izulu was the one who make us made up" Inasa cut in

"Well thanks to that, we become close since the exam and we keep in contact with each other while we wait for the exam results. However, Midoriya disappeared just before U. A announced the results. We didn’t know if he passed the test or not and we assumed that he didn’t pass and he was too ashamed to contact us”

“Of course we tried to contact him, but we never got an answer,” Inasa added

“And then the exam results came out. All of us passed. I went to U.A. while Inasa went to Shiketsu. I never saw Midoriya in U.A. so I assumed he went to another high school like Inasa does”

Katsuki’s brows furrowed, “Wait. Deku passed the exam?”

“Of course he does. He got a higher score than both of us”

“Then… why….”

Deku does pass the exam…

 Katsuki thought the pressure of the exam and his threat was the one who push Deku to death. Amd when Deku didn’t pass the exam, the stress was enough to sends him down spiral.

“Wait, when was the result announcement?” Katsuki bite his lower lips trying to find a speck of light amidst the new information

“It’s about two weeks before our entrance ceremony. They sent a private email to our address so we didn’t exactly know about other’s results. One week before the first day of school, the recommendation exam results were shown along with the rest of the entrance exam result”

“That’s why we know that Midoriya does pass the exam”

But if Deku passed the exam, with a high grade to add… Then he didn't have anything to worry about. He got accepted to U.A.

Then why would he jump? Is it purely because of Katsuki’s words? Is Katsuki's words alone enough to make him jump off the roof?

Something doesn't add up

Katsuki's mind was burning up as he tried to match this new piece of puzzle behind Izuku's death. He pursed his lips as his eyes wanders around. The two boy in front of him watched with a confused look on their face

"You said you lost contact with him?"

Shouto nodded

"Why did you assume he went to another high school?"

Shouto sucks in a sharp breath, "it's because… We thought maybe he has the same case with Inasa. That’s why… I….” Shouto trailed off

“What do you mean Inasa’s case?”

Shouto took a deep breath and glance over to Inasa. The larger boy lowered his head. His shoulder tensed before nodding to Shouto, sending an ‘It’s okay’ signal to him. He looked straight at him, “I… was threatened”


“Someone stalked me for a few days, sending threatening letters and throwing garbage to my house. It all stopped when I give up my recommendation on U.A.”

“Someone… threatened you?” Half confirming and half again disbelief

Inasa nodded, “It was terrifying. That’s why we thought someone also threatened Izuku and he decided to give up on U.A. too”

As far as Katsuki knew, no one has threatened Izuku before, aunt Inko was still loving her life just usual during that time.

“Why would someone threaten you?

Inasa shrugged. “I don’t know, I didn’t bother to search for the reason. It was so terrifying that I’m just glad that it stopped”

Katsuki frowned.

That's weird. That can't be Deku, the one who threatens Inasa must be someone else because at that time Deku was still alive.

So does that mean Inasa's case doesn't have any connection to Deku's death after all?

That means there's someone beside Deku who is targeting U.A.'s students. Great, now he has two people to watch out

"How about you half face?"

Shouto shook his head, "My dad is a high-rank politician. My house has some high-grade security, and it’ll be suicide if someone tries to threaten me"

The gloomy air started to become strained and Inasa tried to change the topic, "It's such a shame about Izuku. I hope I could visit him someday"

Katsuki grabbed a napkin from the table and wrote down an address, "It’s his address. His mother lives alone there now. She'd appreciate some company."

"Thank you," Inasa bowed his head


Inasa walked them back to the hospital. Once they return the nurses gave them their medicine and the boy drink it down. A moment later Katsuki could feel drowsiness invading his eyes, his limbs become heavy and the sterile scented bed never looks so damn inviting. 

Shit, the med must contain some sleeping medication inside it

He glance toward the other boy, Shouro had already fast asleep in his bed. Damn how lucky he is ro sleep without a care like that. I miss the time when I don't have ghost waiting to possess me the instant i close my eyes.

Fighting a futile fight with the medicine, soon Katsuki found himself slowly drifting off to sleep

The clock ticks in and Katsuki was just having the best rest he ever had in the last few days when he was woken by a sharp painful thump in his hand. He winced and open his eyes. When he woke up he was already standing in front of their door his wounded arm stretched out toward the door

Eh? What happened?

"Bakugou…?" the dual-toned boy stirred awake probably from the voice that Katsuki made when he bumped against the door, "what are you doing?"

“Nothing.” He crouched down as he pulled back his arm

He has been sleeping with Kirishima so often that he forgot about the reason why he can't sleep alone again. Deku must've tried to possess him again. But this time he was woken by the pain from his wounded hand before the greenette could do anything to him

Fuck you Deku!

Katsuki climbed back to his bed and pretend to sleep until morning came


The next morning, both of them discharged from the hospital. The third lesson has started when they returned to U.A.

Shouto returned to his room while Katsuki used this moment to visit the empty cafeteria before the students flooded it during lunch. He brought two melon bread and retreat to the roof.

Soon the bell rang and the students flood out of their classroom. But that is not Katsuki's concern as the blond already sat comfortably on the roof.

"Katsuki?" The rooftop door creaked open. Kirishima peeked from the door

"The fuck are you doing here shitty hair?"

"I went to the dorm to find you and Shouto told you might be here" the redhead sat beside Katsuki

Katsuki let out a hum "did you have lunch yet?"

Kirishima shook his head, "I went to the dorm as soon as the bell rang"

Katsuki throws the bread toward Kirishima, "I can’t open it with this arm. No strenuous activity, doctor’s order"

“I don't think opening some plastic count as strenuous”

“Shut up and open it already. I'm starving”

Kirishima smiled as he opened one of the melon bread. “You bought two for yourself?”

“Nah,” the blond said “one's for you”

The redhead cheek dusted with soft pink as he muttered a thanks and eat the bread

Once Katsuki finish his food he took the pills that the doctor prescribed and leaned against Kirishima, resting his head on the redhead's broader shoulder

Kirishima stiffen for a moment, “Katsuki?”

“Shut up. The meds are kicking in”

Kirishima tilted his head, accommodating Katsuki's head on his shoulder, “You haven't been sleeping again don't you?”

Katsuki snuggled inside, hiding his face from the redhead, “Half face snore a lot”

“No, he didn't”

“And what do you know about it anyway” Katsuki sulked, peeking slightly from his shoulder

“I've seen him sleeping in the common room before. He didn't snore”

Katsuki huffed, “Aren't you Mr. Know-it-all"

“You know Katsuki…” Kirishima trailed off, his eyes fell on the blond locks resting on his shoulder, and “you remind me of this little Pomerania in the pet store near my house”

“What?” Katsuki frowned yet he didn't take his head off Kirishima's shoulder

“He's a little ball of rage but he can't sleep without his special blanket”. Kirishima chuckled and how his shoulder shook as he laugh felt heavenly on Katsuki's head.

“Maybe you can only sleep in U.A.? Maybe U.A. is your special blanket”

As if, Katsuki scoffed.

   If there's a special blanket for me then it’s not U.A.

Then it must be you Kirishima


Chapter Text

Inasa’s words swimming inside his head throughout the morning. So, besides Deku, there should be a human culprit who also targeted the U.A.’s students. He could deal with Deku somehow, he has foiled the greenette’s plans a few times so he was ready if that nerd planned something again. But if the culprit is a real person then Katsuki doubted he could be prepared anything against it. It’s kinda ironic that he was more prepared to go against a ghost instead of humans.

He slides the classroom door open and step in.

“That’s great news, Iida.” Katsuki whipped his head to the side. Shouto and Momo was talking with Iida

“Yes!” The boy smiled ever so brightly, “It’s been a while since he went home and when my parents told him about my acceptance he contacted me”

“What happened?” Ochako joined the conversation.

“Iida’s brother is going to visit him this weekend” Shouto fill her in

“That’s great news”

Katsuki stirs off the crowds, heading toward his own seat. Once he sat in his seat Mina quickly approached him, sitting on the edge of his table. Kirishima smiled as he approached the table

Kaminari tapped on his shoulder, “Bakugou~”

“What?” Katsuki crooked his head up

Sero leaned on his shoulder, “We’re talking about nicknames. The girls started to call Yaoyorozu by Yao-Momo so now Mina is trying to set nicknames for everyone.”

"For me, it's obviously Mina-tan," Mina said proudly

"I don't understand why girls love to give nicknames to people" Sero shrugged

"Because it shows how close we are!" Mina intercept quickly," let's see"

She pointed at Kirishima, "For Kirishima, there are Ei chan, Ei-tan, Kiri chan, or Kirichi"

"I'm cringing right now," Kirishima said

"That's better than my name, Hanta-chi sounds like a handkerchief (Han-ka-chi)" Sero crossed his arms as he complained

“Ehh… But Sero-rin sounds cute for you, “ Mina huffed her cheek. 

The girl moves into Kaminari, "Kaminari huh… Kami pyon or Denkichi sounds good or we can call you Kamichama"

 (Kami means God, so by cutting Kaminari's name into Kami they're calling him God. And suffix -chama is a slang of chan+sama so Kami-chama, would sound like Kamisama which literally means God)

Sero and Kirishima laughed, "Kamichama she said!"

"Bow before me peasant before I curse you" Kaminari play along with their joke.

Mina rolled her eyes when the boys doesn't appreciate her names, "For Bakugou…. Baku-tan?"

The boys laughed at that (Bakutan and Bakudan are similar the latter means explosions)

"We should totally call him Baku-tan, judging by how explosive he is"

"Am fucking not!" Katsuki retorted

The boys laughed, "See?"

"Okay, maybe we should go with the first name...Katsuki… Katsuki…" Mina chanted his name, hoping to reach some inspiration, "oh how about Kacchan?"

"No!" Katsuki said immediately, "That name is off-limit"

"Ohh so someone has claimed that name? Who is it?" Mina nudged him teasingly

"Not your fucking business pinky"

Mina huffed, "fine. Then if that name is off limit, then what do you want us to call you?"

Katsuki paused for a while...thinking deep in thought, "Katsuki...Just call me by my name"

Mina grinned wide, "Katsuki it is then"


Later that night, they were going to do homework together in Kaminari’s room when it suddenly turns into a game of truth and dare

Opened plastic bag littered around the table, a half filled glasses with various flavor neatly gathered in the middle of the table. The television featuring a paused mario kart with pop music blared from the speaker as Mina connected her phone via bluetooth.

Katsuki sat with his legs crossed, wearing his black top and leaned slightly to the back, beside him Kirishima was busy putting the uno cards back to the box.

“Truth” Mina pointed at Katsuki, “Tell us who gave you the name Kacchan”

“Rejected!” Katsuki crosses his arm. 

Luckily in this game, they can reject an order but in return, they have to do the other option.

“Dare it is then” Mina clicked her tongue. She really wants to know the secret behind Katsuki’s nickname, “Well then Katsuki” She raised her eyebrows, teasing him with the name, “Your first dare would be to buy us drinks” She smirked, “all of us”

“What?!” Now that he has rejected truth he has to accept whatever dare she gave him.

“That’s good! Lemon soda for me” Kaminari added

“A hot latte or apple juice if they ran out of latte” Sero added.

“I’m fine with just water,” Kirishima said.

With a grunt, Katsuki had no other choice but to walk out of the dorm to the nearest vending machine. He zipped his jacket and run out to the vending machine. However, his luck ran out when he founds out the vending machine has been out of order.

“Are you shitting me?”

The only option left was to walk toward the minimarket outside the U.A grounds. It was a short walk but it’s already late and walking there in the night would be a drag since the road will be dark and desolate. That’s why it’s a dare he guess. He turned around and walked toward the minimarket.

The desolate street makes every step he took echoed loudly around him.

Step. Step. Step

The flickers of street lamps were his only company that night. 

Then he could feel someone’s presence behind him. His mind quickly tells him about the additional person around him.

Oh there someone here

Katsuki slowed down his steps, letting whoever it was to pass him and walked first. But there's nothing. He glanced behind and found no one there.

Was it just his imagination?

Shiver ran down his spine.

What if that was Deku?

He imagined Deku’s bloodied figure standing on the empty dark street. He street light flicker above his figure. The moment the light goes out Deku disappear, only to reappear right in front of his eyes.

The mere thought sends goosebumps all over his body. With a shudder, He fastened his steps.

He breathed in relief when the familiar neon light shone the street and he quickly walked into the mini-market. The doorbell chimed as he got in. The market was empty save for the employee and a girl reading an opened magazine near the window.

He grabbed what he needs and pay for them. As he turned around from the cashier, the blond girl that was reading magazine has already stood so close to him. He instinctively step back, putting some space between them,

"Hey, you're from U.A right?" She smiled as she leaned closer toward Katsuki. The two buns in her hair jiggled from the motion.

Katsuki raised his eyebrows in a questioning manner. "Yeah what about it?"

"What class are you in?" Her golden eyes staring straight at him.

"That ain’t your business missy,"

The girl pouted, "Aww come on. Let me guess. 1-A?"

Katsuki's eyes twitched and the girl took it as a yes

The girl's eyes narrowed," so not only you’re a student of U.A you’re also a member of class 1-A hey how does it feel to have an ex-officer as your teacher?" She tugs on Katsuki’s sleeves.

"I said it’s not your fucking business." Katsuki yanked his sleeves of her and get out of the minimarket. The bells chimed behind him and he was glad that it only chimes once, stating that the girl does not chase him out of the minimarket.

“What's with that crazy ass bitch?” Katsuki walked as far away as possible from the minimarket

Soon the neon light from the minimarket slowly fades away and Katsuki find himself back to the dark street. Night wind blows and he shudders, pulling his jacket tighter around him, Katsuki walked back with haste.

As he reaches the crossroad he could sense someone walking behind him. He stopped and looked behind. But there was no one there. It couldn’t be that girl right?

Katsuki took a sudden turn on the corner, hoping to catch glimpse of the stalker. But he can't find anyone there. The flickers of street lamps lit the empty street. His heart started to fasten and he continues to walk back to the dorm. Speeding up his steps as he passed through the rows of houses

Katsuki could feel someone following behind him. The extra footsteps that overlap with his is getting clearer by any seconds.

Step. Step . Step. Step . Step. Step

Katsuki fasten his step, endless small curse escapes from his lips. the bottles of cans clinking on the plastic bags. Cold sweat dripped from his temple as he tried to hold himself from running and alerting his stalker.

The footsteps also getting faster, keeping up with his speed.

Shit what the fuck is happening?

Suddenly Inasa's words spinning in his head

I… was threatened

“Damn it.” He has been so focused on Deku that he has completely forgotten about the human culprit. Could it be the guy who threatened Inasa? Inasa with his jock body feel threatened by the threat, imagine what Katsuki felt, being a much smaller guy than Inasa.

Suddenly, as Katsuki snapped out of his inner monologue, he realised that the footsteps has disappeared.


A single tap on his shoulder and Katsuki's heart leaped out of his chest. He fisted his hand and quickly turned around, ready to land a punch when

“Whoa! Dude!" Kirishima put his hands up defensively, blocking the blond's attack, "I know you hate losing but chill!"

Suddenly all the tensions in his body dissipates into the night air, his body felt weak when he saw Kirishima with his concernful red eyes staring at him.

The blond took a step back  head hung low as his fisted hand fell limply to his side, "Kirishima what the fuck?!" He hissed between gritted teeth.

"You were taking too long so I came to pick you up." Kirishima defended himself. The redhead tilted his head low, trying to catch Katsuki's expression that's hidden beneath his bangs, "sorry, are you mad?"

Katsuki let out the breath he didn’t realize he has been holding.

Kirishima looked worried at him, “I was going to help you bring the drinks. But when I went outside I noticed the vending machine was broken so I figured you’d be coming to the minimarket instead”

Yeah sure. But you miss the part where i feel stalked and there's this crazy bitch i met in minimarket

Suddenly Katsuki’s mind reeled back.

Oh yeah, he was being followed .

His eyes  snapped open and he quickly turned around, examining his surroundings. But there’s no one else besides Kirishima there.

“Katsuki?” Kirishima tilted his head, concern lacing those red eyes of his

Katsuki knew he's being paranoid and he didn't want to make  Kirishima worried about him. So he took a deep breath as he let down his guard and shoved the plastic bag at him, “You’re holding it till we reach the dorm”

Kirishima grinned widely as he took the bag over from Katsuki and they walked back to the dorm together

Unbeknownst to them, a person gritted their teeth as they hide behind the corner. A single knife glinted from the reflected moonlight in their hand.


Since then Katsuki would feel a few occasions where he felt someone has been looking at him. Everything happened every time he goes out of the U.A. grounds. Times passed on and before he realized it, it has been a week since the minimarket incident. It was the weekend and they were allowed to spend their time off outside the U.A ground

“Oy Katsuki, wanna go to the city today?”

Katsuki looked up from the couch. He has to admit that it has been a while since he left the school grounds. But he still remembers the dread that run through his spine the last time he exited the U.A ground.

Sero nudged him, “Come on. Aren't you complaining that you need a new note for math?”

It's not like he couldn't buy it at the school store but Kaminari insisted, “come on Katsuki we could grab a food and go to the bookshop afterward.” He pleaded as he clung into Katsuki's back.

"Beside Kirishima also want to go to the music store!" Mina added

With a grunt Katsuki looked over to Kirishima, the redhead just smiled sheepishly as he put on his jacket, ready to go out.

And so Katsuki rolled his eyes and went to his room to grab his jacket.

Mina and Kaminari grinned as they watched Katsuki got off the couch. Seems like they really have found the perfect button to push


They went to the city together. After buying their necessities they have lunch together and spend an hour in the karaoke. They had a nice day so Katsuki was hesitant to tell anyone this but…

Someone has been tailing them since they exited the U.A.’s ground. 

Whoever it was they’ve been following them ever since they exited the school gate. No matter which store they visited that guy would follow them. It can’t be coincidence, of course you might get into the same store with someone but it’s almost impossible to get into five different store ranging from the music store to the book store in a row.

Katsuki slowed down his pace, their trip has finished and now they're returning to the dorm with train. And the stalker hasn't given up. The rest of the group were chatting about the recent movies, oblivious to the turmoil inside Katsuki.

I can't let them follow us back to U.A. 

And thus when Katsuki felt the stalker's footsteps coming near toward the train he took a step out of the train and bump into them. The train chimed and the door closed as the train started to move.

Kirishima was the first one to realise, "Katsuki? Oy! Katsuki!"

Katsuki regained his composure after he bump into them and waved toward the train, "you guys go first, I forgot to buy something" 

Without waiting for his friends reply Katsuki ran out of the station. He could hear someone click their tongue in frustration behind him.

He's glad he could stop the stalker from following his friends…

But now what?

Katsuki get out of the station, hoping to lose the stalker between the crowds. He started to retraced his way back to the mall when he heard those familiar footsteps again.

The stalker is following him!

Katsuki turned in the corner and started to sprint, trying to lose his stalker

“Watch out!” A few passersby was startled by him but he doesn’t really have time to say sorry and explain either.

“Is that a knife?” Another passerby screamed

Wait? What? At that moment Katsuki knows he was fucked. He really couldn’t afford to stop now.

“Call the police!”

Great, he just has to run and hide until the police arrive. I mean how long can it be? How long can Katsuki keep this up? Katsuki wasted no time and took a turn in the corner.

What he didn’t expect was.

Iida was walking and talking with his brother down the street. 

“Iida! Watch out!”For a few second their eyes met, blue confused eyes met.with his red frightened one. Katsuki warned as he slowed down his speed, too late to stop.

If he keeps this up then he’ll risk bringing the assailant toward them. But if he stopped now then he’ll get stabbed for sure!

Both Iidas turned around, Tenya was too surprised to react but Tensei was quick on his feet. “Tenya! Watch out!” Tensei gripped Tenya’s shoulder and shoved his little brother out of the way. 

Tenya crashed onto Katsuki and they both fell out of the way leaving only…

“I got you!” Her grin widens as she let out a manic laugh. The knife glints as she thrust it forward.

Tensei's loud painful shout echoed throughout the street as the knife stab him instead

Tenya's face paled instantly, "NII-SAN!" 

Katsuki's eyes widen when he recognise the stalker. It was her. The creepy, crazy blond chick that Katsuki met in the minimarket.

Tensei let out a painful grunt when he felt the piercing pain on his back. In a flash, he could feel something tearing his skin apart and then the next all he could feel was pain as blood gushing out of his wound. He choked out blood as he fell on his side. His bloodied hand clutching at his wound desperately.

Then there was screaming everywhere. The crowds start to panic as they run to save themselves, away from the crime scene.

“Why are you getting in my way?! You’re not the one!” The girl pulled out her knife, leaving the writhing Tensei on the floor. Her eyes trailed onto Tenya who was watching everything that happened before his very eyes.

Katsuki could feel Tenya shaking terribly beside him. 

What’s with this girl? She’s crazy, in one moment she stab a person and in the next moment, she’s upset about it.

Then Katsuki's mind reeled toward one possibility he never even wanted to considers.

She looks so crazy as if she was possessed.

She pointed the bloody knife toward them. She grinned from ear to ear, manic laugh escaped her lips, "I'll kill you one by one! Carving your flesh out and you'll scream"

“Iida!” Katsuki quickly shoved Tenya off him and stood up, “Call the police”

 Katsuki spare no time and tackled the crazy blond to the ground. He twisted Toga’s arm behind her back and pinned her to the ground. The knife fell out of her hand and Katsuki kicked it away, 

“Let me go!" The girl struggled under him.

It took Katsui every ounce of strength he has to restrain the girl. He knew that he couldn't hold her for long. He can only hope he manage to hold her down until the police come . Has iida called the police yet?

But Iida wasn’t listening. His eyes were glued to the sight of his brother lying in a pool of blood.

Katsuki clenched his teeth, “Iida!” he tried again.

The crazy chick chuckled, "I’ll kill you one by one. Then maybe you can understand how I feel"

The crowds started to gather and a police siren chimes from down the street.

"One by one you'll disappear and then…" Her golden eyes stared at Katsuki as he crooked her head upward, "You will be the last one"


Katsuki froze at the nickname. The only one who knows about it his childhood name is none other than…


He stared at the crazy blond with horror. She grinned from ear to ear, showing off her rows of teeth. In her eyes, there's this indescribable madness and a hint of vengeance pouring from inside her that sends Katsuki's body trembling

 “I’ll let you feel the same pain you’ve done for me”

And suddenly everything connected. Deku’s constant possession every night. The constant feeling of being followed these past few days.

There has never been a human culprit. Deku has possessed this girl. And he’s using her for his revenge.

Katsuki’s eyes trailed toward Tensei’s bloodied figure

This ... is his fault

 Her lips parted open and Katsuki recorded every word that escaped from her lips.

"I'll save you for the last!"

Chapter Text

Nezu sat on his seat. The rest of the teachers followed and took their respective seat. In front of them, Tsukauchi holds onto the crime report that he was about to present.

When everybody is seated Tsukauchi started to read his report, “Her name is Himiko Toga, and she’s one of the children that Sensei raised. She escaped from her foster family when she heard about Sensei’s death.” he described the assailant that has been plaguing the city

“So the assailant was her” Aizawa sighes, taking in the girl's  smile that looking back at him from the report

Tsukauchi nodded, “She was one of the children that live under Sensei’s guidance. She’s responsible for injuring ten people including Iida Tensei." The police glance at Toshinori, “I heard his brother Iida Tenya is your student, how he is doing?”

Toshinori’s face darkened, “He was shocked of course. The rest of the classmates tries to be there for him. Especially young Bakugou. It seems he blames himself for what happened to older Iida”

“We have to tell him that it’s not his fault” Nezu noted,

“If it’s not for his quick action the U.A’s students could be her victim instead, of course I regretted what happened to Tensei but thanks to his quick thinking we can captured her quickly” Tsukauchi added

“Enough about that. What about her?” Toshinori tried to put the meeting back on track

“She is still a minor so her name wouldn’t be publicized. However, she will undergo trial as an adult. Her crime couldn’t be forgotten so easily”

"She also said about killing them one by one. Can we charge him with premeditated attack?" Kayama sensei added

Tsukauchi nodded, "it seems like this isn't the first time she has done this. There's also something that I would like to add" the police shuffled through the assault report and gave them the report of the previous incidents, "The truck accident, the bust accident, the railings accident. We found some evidence that someone has been manipulating the scene"

"This is my first time hearing it" Ishiyama cut in, "what evidence are you talking about?"

"The malfunctioning brake during the bust accident, the bust position during the bust accident and the corrosive acid during the railing accident. We believe that these all weren't just a coincidence. We believe that someone is pulling the strings behind all of this"

Hizashi gasped, "Are you saying that she could be the one behind everything"

"It could be. With these charges even if she's a minor. I doubt she'll be back to society when she reached twenty." Aizawa tossed the report to the desk. Too tired of the unfortunate events that targeted his class

"Luckily now she has been caught. Now the students’ lives are no longer in danger. I believe we could proceed with that event with ease" Nezu said

Aizawa sighed, “I thought we wouldn't do that event this year"

"That's because strange things have been happening around class A. but now that the culprit has been caught. I believe there's no reason to cancel it"

Toshinori clears his throat. "And by that event what are we talking about?"


"We're going on a summer camping trip" Aizawa dropped the bomb one day during class.

"Ehhhh?" The class respond in unison

"Summer camp? Why?"

"Strange things have been happening lately and I have to make sure that you didn't neglect any of your study for the last semester. Now that the culprit has been caught, the headmaster has given us a green light for the camp."

Momo raised his hand, "What kind of summer camp?"

The teacher took out a pile of paper and give them to her, "these letters contain all the information you might need for the camp. I need you to fill this with your guardian signs and prepare your things for the camp. You are allowed a maximum of three days to go home."

Just before the teacher exited the classroom he stopped in the doorway, "those who skip the camping will be subject for instant expulsion"



Aizawa approaches the silent blond before he could get out of the class. Iida hasn't come into school and The blond has been concerningly silent ever since Toga's attack, clearly as their homeroom teacher he had to do something about this. So Aizawa took out the summer camp letter and give Bakugou two of it, "I need you to give the another one to Iida, he should be om the hospital at this hours"

The blond looks like he was about to object when Aizawa cut his sentence, "tell him about the expulsion, the headmaster really want everyone in Class 1a to go yo the summer camp, that means he should choose leaving his brothers side for a few days or leaving class 1a forever" he said harshly, of course Aizawa doesn't want to expulse anyone, but a little threat will work.

Closing his mouth shut, Katsuki took the letter and grumbles as he exited the classroom. Aizawa's eyes following the teenage blonde as he exited the class, the slouched shoulder of the prideful boy shows that he really blame himself about what happened. Aizawa let out a deep sigh, he hope he made the right choices for sending Laysuki to meet Iida.

Katsuki arrived at the hospital and the receptionist gladly tell him Iida Tensei's room number. Long ago, after Katsuki realised that Deku has haunted him, he was afraid to go to the hospital, he thinks that he would see other ghosts there, ghosts who were more awful than Deku. But it turns out that he couldn't see other ghost other than Deku, for some reason. Now, he feel stupid for being afraid of hospital, but it didn't make him feel better when he visited Tensei now. It wasn't Deku, it was his own guilt that haunted him bow, dragging his footsteps down. However it didn't stop him from reaching Tensei's room. 

He took a deep breath as he stood in front of the door. He didn't forgot to buy a basket fruits as a get-well-soon gift/consolidation gift for Tensei. He curled his fingers, his hand an inch away from the door, hesitating to knock.

Then the door slides open and a certain blue-haired boy flinched at the unexpected visitor standing right in front of the door, “Katsuki?” Iida’s voice raised a bit from his surprise.

Katsuki quickly pulled his hand down, “What the fuck Iida?” He quickly bit his lips, realising the curse words that already left his lips

Before Katsuki could recover from the surprise, a voice he hadn't expected called from inside, “Who is it Tenya?”

it was Tensei, the man who save their lives. A man who bravely protect Katsuki even after Katsuki led the assailant toward them.

Tenya step aside and let his brother see the visitor, “Its Bakugou, nii-san”

“Ah!” Tensei exclaimed, “you’re that boy”

Katsuki bowed politely at the entrance, “thank you for saving my lives, I’m sorry for your injury.” Katsuki had expected for the man to lash out at him, but instead, Tensei laughed at how rigid he was.

“No need to be so formal” The man smiled and motioned for Katsuki to enter the room, “I heard you apprehend her when I’m out. Were you hurt?”

Katsuki shook his head

“Then I’m glad that both of you are safe and sound” he pointed at the fruits basket in Katsuki’s hands, “Is that for me?”

Katsuki nodded and gave the basket to Tenya, who quickly put it on the table nearby

“I don't mean to be rude but I never expected you to come here Bakugou, it’s a nice visit”

“Actually, I’m here because Aizawa told me to give you this” he took out the letter and give it to the glasses, “U.A. is going to have a summer camp, everyone has to attend” He thinks twice before telling the expulsion news

Tenya’s smile turns upside down as he opened and read the letter, “Bakugou, I know as the class representative I have to be responsible of my class, but right now is a bit...” he trailed off

Katsuki sighed, he wonders if he really should tell Tenya about the expulsion when suddenly

“You should go Tenya” Tensei said from the bed, cutting Katsuki’s words

“But, nii-san” Tenya was about to complain, but Tensei hold his hands up, stopping the younger Iida from talking, “I’m sorry Tenya, but your presence here won’t help me recover faster”  

The younger Iida face fell and he quickly lower his head.

“It would make me feel better if you’re studying and trying hard to achieve your dream in the summer camp instead” Tensei added. He reach out his hand toward his younger brother and give it an assuring grip, “Doo it for my sake okay?” Tensei smiled.

Tenya stilled for a second before slowly nodding, when he looks up Katsuki could see his eye rims were red as if he was holding his tears. “okay nii-san, I’ll join the summer camp, but you have to work with your recovery while I’m gone okay?”

Tensei smiled, “Of course! You don’t have to tell me that, I’ll be walking again in no time”

Tenya turned toward Katsuki, “Thank you for delivering this letter for me Bakugou”

“No problem” Katsuki slipped his hand onto his pockets, I guess see you on the camp?”

“Yeah” the glasses boy smiled, “See you at the camp”


Katsuki quickly head home after giving Iida the letter. he kept his head down all the way during the way back home. For a moment Katsuki was afraid that Deku would follow him home, but a few brave glances at the windows and he couldn't find that bloody greenette everywhere. halfway home he finally gathered the courage to walk with his heads up. 

Deku was nowhere to be seen and for once Katsuki felt normal again.

he went home and his parents quickly greeted him. Katsuki told them about the summer camp and before they quickly signed the paper before Katsuki could even explain what it was about.

The students were given three days off to prepare themselves for the camp. For the whole three days, Deku never visited his house and Katsuki started to wonder if the grenette finally rest in peace or worse, was planning for something. 

Finally, on their third day, a message comes from Aizawa. The bus is leaving at ten in the morning and the students is expected to be on standby in U.A. by then.

As Katsuki packed for his things in his bedroom the day before, he noticed that he missed the most important thing.

“Shit I miss my notes. I think I left them at the dorm. “

Mitsuki leaned on the door frame as she watched her son packing, “Well what are you gonna do about it?”

“I'll go back to the dorm right now” Katsuki zipped his bag and sling it over his back

“But it’s already late Katsuki” Masaru peeked inside his room, leaning beside his wife

“I’ll just spend the night at the dorm.”

Letting out a resigned sigh, Masaru pick up the key from his pocket, "come on, I’ll drive you to school."

Masaru was surprised to see Katsuki's neat room. But he can't hide those suspicious glance as he noticed some of Katsuki’s things disappearing

Katsuki  rolled his eyes, trying to ignore his father’s suspiciousness. Of Course, his room is clean when he practically lives in Kirishima's room next door. That also explains Katsuki's missing things which currently is at Kirishima's room.

After assuring his father that everything's fine. Masaru finally returned home, leaving Katsuki alone in the dorm.

After packing the notes into his bag, Katsuki would love to sleep in Kirishima's room. But of course, the redhead's room would be locked. Kirishima must be still back in his home after all.

Katsuki hated that he has to spend the night alone in his room. His bed feels foreign as he lay on it and it was cold without the redhead's warmth beside him. There's also Deku's threat but that's not important right now.

Pulling the blanket tighter around him Katsuki forced himself to sleep


When he woke up it was already eight in the morning. The dorm was quiet, it seems like everyone decides to go to school and wait for the bus there instead of the dorm.

Katsuki get ready and wore his jacket, slinging his bag on his shoulder, he turned the knob only to find it locked shut


He tried again, this time giving a little more force to it toward the knob. But it was futile, the door was locked, someone locked him inside.

"What the fuck" Katsuki cursed 

He tried to turn the key but somehow it seems like it was stuck in place.

"Are you kidding me?!"

Then he realized cold white steam escapes from his lips. The room temperature has dropped rapidly and now his body start to shiver from the cold. Warning signs blaring inside his mind as one dreadful premonition come to his mind

"Oh shit no! Fuck!"

He was fine last night. Can he ask for a single day where he doesn't have to deal with this shit?

Katsuki let go of the knob and as white steams obscuring his sight, he turned around slowly. His heart almost dropped to the ground when he saw Deku's bloodied figure behind him. This time he appears clearer than ever

Katsuki swallowed hard, turning back toward the door as fast as a lightning and cursing rapidly as he rattled the doorknob.

"Open up Damn it!" He bang on the door hard. The loud noise wouldve caught someone’s attention by now. Someone must’ve heard him by how hard he’s pounding on the door. A flash of memories passed him and Katsuki gritted his teeth, eyes shrunk in fear as he realised that the dorm IS empty, everyone mustve been waiting in the school already.. 

Cursing under his teeth he glanced behind and see Deku’s figure flickers and reappearing one step closer to him

"Fuck! not now!" Katsuki grabbed his bag and thrown it at the apparition. The bag flew passed through him and it only stopped Deku for a few seconds.

Deku's hand reached out toward him and Katsuki could feel the invisible cold fingers coils around him.

Deku has never attacked him upfront like this!

Katsumi let out a choke as he felt the coldness almost froze his lungs. Suddenly there's an invisible force that kicks him behind his knees and he fell to the floor. Before he could recover Deku had already waiting on top of him

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Deku slowly reached out his hand, blood dripping out from the jutted out bones that break out of his skin and slip into Katsuki's body. Deku's finger firmly pressed against his neck

And Katsuki could felt Deku's finger sunk into his skin and a painful tug as the greenette dragged something out of him

It hurts! It hurts! It hurts!

Katsuki trashed around the invisible force. Mouth gaping painfully as he tried to inhale some air into his frozen lungs. But it was futile. The pain was too much for him. His heart is thumping out of control and the deafening beating of his irregular heart echoing throughout his head. Izuku’s dead bloody eyes staring deep at him and he could see something dark shining behind those cold eyes.

and Katsuki's eyes rolled to the back of his skull as his body goes limp. He slammed heavily on the floor as coldness overtake him

Chapter Text

“Katsu-” A familiar words reverberated in his mind, “-Tsuki… “ The words sound muffled, but Katsuki knows the words, it was there, on the edge of his cloudy mind. He furrowed his brows, trying to recall the familiar voice behind those words.


A firm hand shook his shoulder and Katsuki woke up with a loud gasp. The world was tilted sideways and he quickly scrambled from the floor. Painful thump flashes in his head and he winced, shutting his eyes tight and clenching his teeth. He could feel cold sweat trailing his temple, cursing inside as he tried to calm his trembling hand

He could feel something touch his back and the blond flinches, eyes snapping open in wary and he was about to punch the supernatural out of that fucking Deku when he was greeted by a pair of concerned gentle red eyes instead.

He could feel warmth coursing through his touch. “What happened?” Kneeling right beside him, Kirishima watched with concern. “You’re pale as a ghost. Are you okay?"

Katsuki’s eyes quickly darted around the room. The front door was wide open now for some reason. Kirishima must’ve entered from there. The door sways slightly with no force. It was as if the hard bolted door that Katsuki used all of his force to open was never there, to begin with.

However, the one most important creature that he wanted to hit most was nowhere to be found. The room was empty except the two of them, Deku is gone. He’s nowhere to be seen

All the adrenaline was instantly washed out of his body, leaving only tiredness and agitation behind. Katsuki took a deep breath to calm himself, he still could feel the lingering dread around his neck

What the fuck was that? Did Deku just tried to kill him?

"You passed out here. We were looking for you" The redhead’s brows were furrowed in worry, “Katsuki, are you feeling okay? Maybe you shouldn’t go to the summer camp"

Oh, that's right! The summer camp!

Katsuki looked out the window and clicked his tongue in frustration as he saw the sun started to set

He missed the bus

Katsuki cursed softly, running his hand through his hair roughly. Frustration filled his heart. What a fucking day, not only Deku has finally attacked him, he also made him missed his bus! Aizawa’s warning about expulsion whirring in his head. He could see that annoying hag chewing his ear off for missing the bus.

Everyone must be on their way to the villa already

Everyone except him...

Katsuki’s eyes trailed toward the redhead beside him, "Wait, Kirishima what are you doing here? You missed the bus"

"That's my words. We've been looking for you since lunch. I promise Aizawa sensei that I’ll find you no matter what"

"But we just missed the summer camp."

Kirishima smiled and stood up, tsk-in his tongue playfully, "We just missed the bus. We didn't miss the summer camp."

With a wink he fished out his phone from his pocket,, "Guys, I found him. He was in the dorm. Uh-uh… yeah… he's probably sick or something, I found him passed out in his room." Kirishima glanced at Katsuki, "yeah he's fine now. Uh-uh okay. Will be waiting."

Katsuki eyed him suspiciously, "Who was that?"

The redhead just smiled and pulled Katsuki up on his feet, "Anyway let’s wait in the common room. You'll understand once they arrived" Kirishima cleverly avoided his question.

“Is that your thing?” He pointed at the bag that lay haphazardly on the floor.

“Yeah” Katsuki picked it up and cringe when he saw the messy inside of his bag.

So much for expelling a ghost with a bag. Clever thinking Katsuki, kudos for you

Kirishima snatched the bag from his hand and sling it over his back, “Let’s head downstairs”

Katsuki just nodded and follow behind him. His eyes looking all over the familiar common room as he descended the stairs. it was so quiet and it's kind of weird to see the dorm so abandoned like this. He heads to the couch and flop down, letting out a deep breath as he throws his head back to the back of the sofa.

Kirishima went to the kitchen and take a glass of water. Then he sat beside Katsuki and gave him the water. He let the blond drank down the water before starting to ask his question, “What just happened to you Katsuki?”

“nothing” the blond answered curtly, almost slamming the glass down to the coffee table.

Kirishima gulped and took it as a cue to stay quiet. Finally, ten minutes passed and Katsuki could hear the sounds of engine revving getting closer to them.

It must be them, Kirishima stood up from his seat and opened the entrance.

Katsuki followed behind him and raised his eyebrows at the sight.

A black car was parked right in front of the entrance. Kaminari exited the car with a concern in his face. Without even leaving Katsuki the time to question the owner of the car, the car’s window rolled down, revealing three mischievous people he called friends inside.

"Katsuki dude we've been looking all over for you" Kaminari exited from the driver's seat and lunged in to hug Katsuki but the explosive boy hold his hand out, blocking the stupid blond.

"Whose car is that?" Katsuki asked.

Kaminari grinned widely, "It’s my dad's car. Figured we could catch the bus with this."

Katsuki’s mouth dropped open, he looked at Kaminari and he knew that he’s serious. There’s no way this is true, does he really think that they could drive to the camping ground by themselves? He looked at the redhead. but the redhead was grinning along with Kaminari and at that moment Katsuki knew.

These guys were serious

"Are you guys serious? Does any of you even have a license?"

"It's cool as long as we don’t crash to anyone" Mina shouted from the passenger seat

"Don't worry, I’ll drive as safely as possible." Kaminari gave him a thumb up along with that stupid wide smile of his.

Sero slide out of the passenger’s seat window,, "You gotta check out Kami's driving skill man. We just made a drift around the corner."

Katsuki scoffed and rolled his eyes,. "Fuck this shit, I’ll drive" He shoved Kaminari out of his way and sat in the driver’s seat. Ignoring Kaminari’s complains behind him.

Sero grinned and ask the question back at Katsuki, "You can drive Katsuki? Do you even have your license?"

"I don't.” Katsuki admit, skillfully adjusting himself with the car, “That's why I expected one of you to at least have a fucking driver's license. I was waiting till I’m 18 to make one"

With Masaru's gentle heart and Mitsuki's devilish drive, Katsuki has taught himself how to be a good driver. He learned how to drive by himself because he almost gave his dad a heart attack when he speed up above 60 mph

Kirishima put Katsuki’s bag on the back seat and rest his hand at the driver’s seat window, his eyes looking at Katsuki with concern, " It’s not like I’m doubting you Katsuki, but are you okay with driving? You just passed out in your room."

Katsuki felt himself crumble under those eyes, releasing his hand from the steer Katsuki caved in, "Fine, then we'll take turns.” He took off his hand off the steer and get out of the driver seat. Kaminari happily sat in the vacated driver seat

However Katsuki hold the door before Kaminari could close it, “But I'll drive as soon as we entered the mountain range, I don't want this fried brain here drifting ourselves to death"

Kaminari rolled his eyes, "Geez, thanks, bro!" he said sarcastically


Out of five of them, turns out only Mina is the one who couldn't drive. That's why they take turns on driving, switching when the driver felt tired.

They took a break here and there during the journey, stopping by to stretch their feet or just simply because curiosity got the better of them. They stopped in three different new restaurants on the road because Mina was curious.

Katsuki bit on his hotdog as he leaned on the car. This time they stopped by a fast-food restaurant to fill their belly. It was already dark and the sun starts to set. The plan was to get there before dark but of course, their unexpected culinary tour threw their schedule off the road. it’ll be dark by the time they enter the mountain range.

Kirishima walked toward Katsuki and give him a cola which the blond happily accept.

“What’re you thinking?”

Katsuki just shrugs, “I was wondering about what are they doing in the camp right now.”

“Studying I guess.” Kirishima emptied his drink and throw the trash to the nearby bin.

Katsuki’s eyes trailed toward the blond sleeping soundly in the back seat. Kaminari’s head was resting on Mina’s shoulder and the girl’s head was resting above his. they both were deep asleep. Kaminari was dead tired after driving for three hours straight, while Mina was just bored out of her mind Katsuki thinks.

“he drives better than I think” Kirishima chuckles, his eyes gently locked on the soft rise and fall of Kaminari’s shoulder

Katsuki scoffed and emptied his drink, “not bad, but my driving skill is better”

Finally, Sero returned from the restaurant and walked toward the car. “You guys ready to hit the road?” The raven open the driver seat and rummage through the dashboard, “did anyone see the coffee I bought at the last stop? He rubs his eyes. The raven sounds very tired after taking over driving after Kaminari.

Katsuki opened the driver seat and shooed Sero away, “you look like shit, I’ll drive next”

“You sure Katsuki?”

“I’m fine, we’ll reach the mountains soon. Might as well switch driver here”

Sero nodded and exited the driver seat. Katsuki took his place and put on his seat belt when Kirishima entered the passenger seat next to him. Katsuki raised his brows questioningly but the redhead just grins, “figure I’ll keep you company here”

Katsuki looked at the backseat and Sero has comfortably sleep along with the two sleeping beauties on the back seat.

“Better let them rest you know” Kirishima put on his seatbelt.

Katsuki just dismissed him and start to turn on the engine, “do as you wish” he said as they exited the rest area.


It took him extra energy when he entered the mountain range, the winding road required him extra concentration as he drove through the swirling road. he has to be careful because right beside them -separated with only a guard rail- is a cliff so deep that they couldn't even see the end of it. Katsuki was sure that the view would be beautiful if they had arrived earlier when the sun still rose above their head, but now that it’s dark, they could barely see anything outside. Their sight was limited as far as the car headlamp lights and the flickering street lamp could reach.

A few hours after they enter the mountain roads, Kaminari woke up. Not wanting to wake up the two people that sandwiching him, Kaminari just watch blankly at the window, an earphone plugging his ears. Kirishima sat on the passenger seat, talking about his days to keep Katsuki company while he drives.

Deku might've found a way to prevent him to go to the camp. But luckily he has such dependable friends to lean on.

The road was dark and quiet, safe from the soft radio from the car. With Sero's and Mina's soft snore on the backseat, Kaminari's humming and Kirishima's chatter, Katsuki felt peace. A long drive at night with only your close friend.

Katsuki felt like he could relax right now, sagging his tense shoulder as he drives. Letting off the weight that has been burdening his shoulder. He felt like he could forget about everything and basked in his friends' presence

But of course, we know such a thing is impossible.

A silhouette of half-transparent greenette is staring at him from the far end of the road. Deku is standing in the middle of the road. His green dull eyes staring at him sternly as blood drips from his eyes. The flicker of street lights only accentuated how deathly pale the apparition was.

Katsuki's heart thumped painfully in his chest. He felt all the air in his lung has been sucked dry. The blond let out a choked hiss as he saw him. The car is heading right toward him.

Will, they passed through him? Or will they crash

But before Katsuki could get an answer. Deku stretched out his hand toward their car

Katsuki tighten his grips, “Fuck!” 

Suddenly the front wheel shook and Katsuki lost control of the car. He step on the brake, yet instead of stopping the car started to swerve wildly to the side.

Their bodies slammed to the side as the scenery changed quickly like a fast forward movie in their eyes. The line between the road and the cliff blurred as they spun. Katsuki’s hand gripping the steering wheel tightly as he tried his hardest to reign the car.

He could hear Kirishima screaming beside him “Katsuki! The cliff”

Chapter Text

“Katsuki! The cliff” Kirishima screamed beside him.

The car swerved towards the cliff and Kirishima quickly grabbed the wheel and slammed it on the opposite side. The impact shook everyone awake and they screamed as the car skidded to the side, the tail of the car slammed heavily at the rail guard, evoking more high-pitched screams from the passenger. The force slammed them to one side of the car, Sero who was sitting on the side was squeezed by the weight of two people and he could see sparks flew from the frictions between the car and the rails on the window. His eyes widen in fear and he cussed in fright from how bright the fire sparks were.

The car continues to skid along the guard rails and finally…. finally the car stopped.

It took them a few moments to finally catch their breath. Pulling their souls back to their bodies. The last few deadly second seems to has passed for a lifetime. shaving ten years of each of their lifespan.

What the hell happened?

Kirishima was the first one to recover from his shock.

He looks to his side. One of the headlamps flickers for a moment before giving out completely. he could see the cliff staring back at him from the endless chasm. The bend guard rail was the only thing that hold them from their death.

Then he finally registers the extra weight around his lap. Kirishima’s body stretched sideways into Katsuki’s seat, his hand still holding the steer tight. Katsuki taps his shoulder lightly and Kirishima’s eyes snapped open at him. The fear and shook is painfully visible on the redhead’s eyes. The redhead’s fingers slowly uncurling from the steer as he leaned back on his seat, head thrown back as he took a deep breath.

Katsuki turned toward the backseat, “Is everyone okay?”

Mina could only nodded soundlessly.

Sero rubbed the side of his head, “I think I have a bump on my head”

Kaminari quickly unlocked the door and opened it, “Everyone get out of the car”

He exited the car and everyone follow suit. Their breathing ragged as they just escaped another death trap. Their feet feel lifeless and Mina quickly slips down to the road as soon as she got out of the car. Sero flopping down beside her, Katsuki himself have to hold on to his shaking knees as he tried hard to stand still while Kirishima stood behind the car, holding onto the guard rail.

“Sero can you call the police?” Mina asked and the raven quickly fished out his phone from his pocket and called the police “Police on their way. I also called Aizawa sensei. We have to wait here until they arrived”

 “The hell?!” Kaminari shouted from the front of the car, grabbing everyone’s attention “What happened to the wheels?”

Katsuki and Sero slowly made way to the front wheel. The car’s front was destroyed but they can see that the front wheels are flat, it’s just like something punctured all the air out of it

“We’re lucky Bakugou kept the speed down” Mina rub over her arm, feeling goosebumps all over her arms.

Katsuki inspect the rear of the car, a big dent messing up a huge part of the trunk, “Doesn’t change the fact that I lost control of the car” he knocked on the railway. The railway was slightly bent but luckily it was strong enough to hold them from falling off the cliff.

“With tire like that who wouldn’t?” Sero turn on the flashlight on his phone and lit up the tire, giving Kaminari who was inspecting the tire a better vision.

“It’s Kiri who grabbed the wheel though” Katsuki added. By the time the car went out of control he remembers Kirishima throwing himself to grab the wheel from his hand

Mina looked at them one by one, “Anyway… where’s Kirishima?”

The redhead was leaning on the car, shoulders slouched as he held a hand over his mouth

Kaminari’s brows furrowed in concern, “Are you okay there, man?”

Kirishima nodded, flashing out his usual smile, yet Bakugou could feel something amiss with those smiles. The way his brows constrict and the lack of crinkles around his eyes.

Something’s wrong

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” Katsuki said

And at that moment Kirishima’s face paled.

Bakugou’s eyes narrowed, “Why are you covering your mouth?”

Kirishima took a step back which only prompt Bakugou to step fiercely forward. He grabbed Kirishima’s hand and yanked it out.

And at that moment everyone stopped breathing.

Blood drips from the corner of Kirishima’s lips

“You’re hurt?!” Katsuki’s voice raised in rage and disbelief.

Kirishima yanked his hand back from Bakugou, “Ish noshing”

“It’s not nothing Kiri!” Kaminari rushed in and grabbed Kirishima’s face with his hand, “Open your mouth”

Kirishima looks reluctant. He was a second away from pushing Kaminari off him but he can feel everyone’s eyes on him. Especially Katsuki’s red eyes, who seems to bore deep into him

Finally, he gave in and open his mouth, pointing a cut inside his mouth

“See, it’s just a small cut. You know, sharp teeth and all”

“Damnit Kirishima” Katsuki cursed, “I’m fucking sorry. I fucked up”

“Ish okay. ‘M fine” Kirishima sat down on the ground leaning back to the car

“You are not fucking fine” Mina grabbed a drink from her bag. “Spit out the blood.”

Kirishima spat out the blood and he could see Katsuki’s frustrated look on his face. The wound stings when he rinses his mouth with water but it feels better than keeping those coppery taste inside his mouth.

The police soon arrived, a man named Tsukauchi came with Toshi sensei. Needless to say, all of them are getting chewed out for underage driving. Luckily Toshi sensei stepped in and apologized in their stead. After ensuring that they will be punished accordingly by the school the police finally let them go. While waiting for the police to treat Kirishima’s cut, Tsukauchi inspected the area

After Kirishima finished getting treated, Toshinori drove them to the camping area. Katsuki, Kaminari, Sero and Mina, The four of them are sandwiched in the backseat of the car. Kirishima –the sick person- was luckily spared from the human sandwich and had the right to sit beside Toshinori.

Aizawa was already waiting in front of the villa once they arrived. His face looks distraught and he let out a deep sigh as he crosses his arms, “Your punishment can wait until the summer camp finishes. It’s already night and you miss one whole day. Go to your room and straight to bed. I don’t want to hear another trouble from you guys.”

“you hear him,” Toshinori said as he gave their luggage back to each one of them, “It’s late, so why don't you get some sleep”

Without further ado they entered the villa, “second floor,  first door lead to the girls’ room while the second door is the boys’” they hear Toshi sensei shouted at them.

Katsuki looked back and he could see Toshinori’s face turn dark as he told Aizawa what happened, the raven let out another sigh and rub his tired eyes as his shoulder slumped down. He knows they must be talking about their incident, but Katsuki knows that it wasn't enough to make Aizawa sensei react like that.

But before Katsuki could listen to their conversation, Sero already ushered him to get into the villa, “Come on Katsuki”

They head straight to the stairs. there are two rooms on the second floor, the first door lead to the girl’s room while the second door was the boy;s. “Well, see you guys tomorrow” Mina opened the first door and quickly frowned, “What the-” The girl’s room was empty, “Where are the girls?”

Before they got an answer, the door that leads to the boys room clicked open, Ojiro’s eyes met with them and his jaw dropped open, “You’re here!” he pushed the door wider and they could see the girls were waiting inside the boys room, “Everyone, they’ve arrived!”

It quickly caught everyone attention and they were bombarded with questions

“What happened?” Tsuyu asked

Tokoyami added, “I never see Toshinori sensei looked so panic”

“We thought you guys skipping the summer camp,” Kyouka said

Shouto watched from the sideline, “So no one gets expelled?”

“Fuck off!” Katsuki blew up

Kaminari quickly step in front of him and gently told the crowds, “We miss the bus so we’re driving here”

Iida went pale at the news, mouth gaping open as if he wants to comment but before the class rep could say something he was cut off by the rest of the boys, "That's so cool!!"

Later that night, the boys didn't sleep a wink. They were too busy talking about the accident when they noticed the sun has risen. Finally, at Iida's insistence, they get some short nap before the teacher wakes them up.

Chapter Text

Now that morning has arrived, last night's accident felt like a nightmare. Now that the sun has risen Katsuki could see the villa better.

The villa was a two-story building made of wood. It should be called a wood cabin but the grand structure just scream how it’s better than a mere cabin. On the lower floor, there’s a kitchen and living room along with the teacher’s room. There’s also a small infirmary on the end of the hall and toilets. On the upper floor, there are two big rooms next to each other, the right room is the boys and the left room is the girl’s room.

It was already dark when they arrived last night but when morning came Katsuki finally notices his surroundings better. In front of the villa, there’s a big garden for barbecue complete with park bench and the barbecue set. A soft trail leads to a small stream behind the villa. The villa was surrounded by thick forest. No wild animal lives nearby obviously, so it’s a nice way to take a walk around there.

After Aizawa woke them up they got ready. The first thing they did in the morning is to have a short exercise and cook breakfast before they continue their studies at noon. Finally, Aizawa let them rest in the afternoon.

Some of them decided to explore the mountain while the rest of them decide to rest in the villa. Katsuki was dragged outside by the squad. They explore the forest together, trailing the hiking path and playing on the small river.

Night arrived faster in the mountains, by the time they returned to the villa it was almost dark. Aizawa told them to make their own dinner so they quickly began to disperse into small groups. They had dinner and Aizawa told them to go to sleep immediately. However, it's futile to tell those teenagers to sleep early.

When Katsuki was about to slip into his futon, Sero grabbed his hand. A playful smile in his smile, “come on Katsuki, we have some announcement to make.”

Iida clears his throat, "to strengthen our solidarity as class 1-A, we have decided to come with a game tonight. It is-"

"A test of courage!" Kaminari cuts him in

Iida clears his throat and give them a map of the forest, "Well there are four ghosts all along the track and you have to go alone and went to all four posts and get a stamp there and return when you’re done"

Seriously? What kind of sick joke is this?

As if Katsuki hasn't been haunted enough by Deku. They expect him to go for a test of courage?

"This is bullshit. Count me out" Katsuki got into his futon and pull it all the way up

"Katsuki~" Kaminari nudged at his futon and Katsuki slip out his hand to give them his middle finger. He had enough ghosting for a lifetime.

“Katsuki~” Kaminari plead again. One thing that Kaminari knows about Katsuki is that nothing is bigger than his pride. Katsuki never want to lose to anything so the blond’s lips pulled into a smirk as he decided a new approach “I never expected you to be a scaredy-cat Katsuki”

But Katsuki decided to slip out another hand and give him another middle finger

Kaminari sighed as he gave in. "Well Katsuki's out" He throws his arms up

The rest of the group watched as Katsuki bundled into his futon and went to sleep early

“So what now?” Ochako’s eyes switched between Katsuki and the class rep 

“I guess we move on with the plans?” Momo said, "Let’s do it first, maybe Katsuki will join us later in the middle of the game"

The group exited the room and left Katsuki by himself


Aizawa watched as the night sky getting darker and heavier, the stars started to get covered by dark clouds signaling the oncoming rain. He pulled his shawl tighter around his neck and look at the steam that rises from his coffee by the table. he put the last paper that he had to grade from today's test to the paper pile and rub his eyes.

Toshinori's eyes drift into the distance, his hand has stopped grading the paper as he lost in his own thought.

Honestly, he was against this whole camping trip, but Nezu was right, his class's grade has been dropping and he need to crank them up again somehow. Of course, having a summer camp is an ideal way to use the students' time effectively, if they were a normal school of course.

The incident that has been happening around them is by no means 'normal'. Having a serial assailant targeting his students is by no means 'normal'. He thought he could finally take a breather when he found out that the assailant has been captured, of course, he argued with Nezu about this camping trip. he thinks it was too early for them especially for Iida- whose brother is one of Toga's victim-

"I'm gonna check on the kids," He said and Toshinori twitched as he snaps back from his trance., "yeah of course,"

He went toward the students' room. He frowned when he felt something's wrong.

It's too quiet

Quiet is good of course, Aizawa loves quiet.

But if you're stuck with 19 hormone-filled teenagers who acted like they just visit the mountains for the first time, quiet is never good.

Bracing himself, Aizawa let out a sighing as he found them empty except one futon. He pulled down the blanket and Katsuki groaned when the cold air attacked him. Thank god, at least the only futon who's not empty is not filled with a dud.

"Where are the rest of them?"

Katsuki rubs his eyes and stare at his teacher emptily, taking a few moments to register the face before him, "Playing a test of courage by the forest" he murmured

Aizawa groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Call them back now. It’ll rain soon. And they’re better be here when I return”

“Why don’t you go get them yourself?”

“Unless you want to be the only one left in class A because I expelled the rest of them for breaking the rules, I suggest you go get them quickly.”

Katsuki begrudgingly gets out of his futon and pick up the map that the group left for him. He put on his jacket and went to pick them up. He turns on his flashlight and head to the forest.

There’s a lot of people by the plain, Kyouka and Mina were happily telling each other of their experience during their turn. Tsuyu rubbing Ochako’s back as the frightened girl hug her tight.

“Ah Bakugou, did you decide to join us?” Kaminari half-running toward him. Showing off his enthusiasm for the event.

“As if." he scoffed, "Aizawa sensei found out. You guys are going to get expelled if you're not back”

“I know that this is a bad idea,” Iida said

Momo nodded and clapped her hand, gathering everyone’s attention. “Everyone. The test of courage is canceled” she announced, “Tell every ghost in their post to round everyone back”

Shoji the fourth ghost rounded Aoyama, Shouto, and Sero

Fumikage the second ghost rounded Ojiro Koda and Sato

Hagakure the third ghost came back alone, letting out a fake sob as he hugs Momo. Her ghost costume is the scariest of all. “Everyone avoids me. Ojiro freaked out when I call him”

Ojiro let out an apologetic look, “It’s a nice costume, really scare the shit out of me. I thought you were a real ghost”

Hagakure pouted and Ojiro smiled as he open his arms, asking the girl for a permission before giving her an apologetic hug.

Mineta the first ghost also came back alone, “everyone hates me. The girls kicked me and the boys didn’t even look at me”

“Well you appeared from below the bushes yelling ‘show me your panties’ is freaky,” Mina said in a snarky voice, totally not regretting when she kicked the boy hard in the shin

“And pervert” Kyouka added, peeking behind mina

Behind them, Momo took notes in her small notebooks, “do not put Mineta as a ghost for test of courage”

“Everyone here?” Iida stated, “Then let’s go back before Aizawa sensei returns to our rooms” 

“Wait!” Kaminari shouted, “Kirishima isn’t here”

Panic ensues

“Everyone calm down!” Iida tried to calm them down, counting them one by one. Kaminari was right, Kirishima was gone

 “He went after Sero and before Ojiro right?” panic raise in Ochako's voice

“Who is the last one to see him?” Iida tried to keep everyone calm

Hagakure raised her hand, “I saw him. He went passed the third post”

However, Shoji, the fourth ghost shook his head, “I didn’t meet him in the fourth post”

"Fuck. He must be still on the track then." Katsuki tapped his feet on the ground in frustration. He knew this is a bad idea. He knew Deku was targeting his classmates why didn't he come with them,

Momo took out the game’s route map out of her pocket. Pointing at the road between the third post and the fourth post. “Then he must’ve gotten lost here”

Katsuki snatched the paper from her, “You guys go back first I’ll run through the track and bring him back”


“Aizawa sensei might be already waiting for you guys. He might be more lenient of me because I’m not joining the game”

Iida looked conflicted, his eyes switching between the groups and Katsuki. It's very clear that he felt responsible and therefore feeling obliged to come with Katsuki.

“Just go!”

“Come on Iida” Momo grabbed his hand and lead him back along with everyone. 

Katsuki watched as the crowds  disappear from his sight.He gave a determined nod when the class rep looks back, the glasses boy nodded back and lead everyone back to the villa.  Katsuki grab at his jacket and shone his flashlight on the map. He looked at the forest entrance and so he step into the track.

The forest was dark and quiet, a perfect place for a test of courage Katsuki must admit. Now that the sky has darken Katsuki has to relied on his flashlight to look at the road. He could see a few footsteps on the road and a rumpled bushes next to him, he look at the map and see that he’s now on the first post. He’s on the right track. He shone the lights on the woods, hoping to see Kirishima nearby but it was null. Tucking the map inside his pocket he continue his journey

Finally he passed the third post, the place where Hagakure saw Kirishima last. The clouds  are making it harder to see his classmates footsteps. and he didn't know if he’s still on the track or not. 

Katsuki shine his light on the road ahead of him. the road was split in two in front of him. He took out the map and yes, there are a fork located between the third post and the fourth post. So he’s still on the right track and according to the map, he should take the right turn to the fourth post.

He looked at the wooden sign pointing to the right and start to head toward the right side when suddenly….

Deku suddenly appeared before him. Standing vividly with his back on him. Blocking the right road. 

“Shit!” Katsuki slammed his feet hard to the ground and roughly turned his way toward the left road. He missed!

Fuck! I hope he didn't see me

But it was too late, when he turned around, Deku was already waiting for him at the end of the road blocking his way back to the fork. Blood drips from the greenette's body as he steps closer at him

Shit. He’s chasing me!

Fuck the map, as long as he remembers the way he came from Katsuki was sure he can go back to the villa. The most important thing nw is to escape from the ghost!

Bakugou ran along the left path with Deku on his trails

The cloud started to thicken, blocking the moonlight from lighting the road. Katsuki’s heart thumping in his heart. The road is getting darker and Deku’s figure is getting clearer. It was stupid, he knows it. He didn’t know what urged him to run around the forest looking for Kirishima alone at night. But he  certainly forgot about Deku for a second there. 

Now he’s stuck in the forest with Deku chasing after him. 

His breath ragged and white smoke escapes his mouth within every breath he takes. He pushes all of the muscle in his body to move! to run! He doesn't know how fast can a ghost is but the faster he ran the more distance he can put between them. 

Katsuki knows he’s being an idiot. he was an idiot for looking for Kirishima in the middle of forest at night. He was an idiot for looking at him alone. He was an idiot for forgetting Deku’s haunting. He was an idiot when he decided to run instead of hiding. And he was an idiot when he decides to looked back.

Izuku was right behind him. Green bloody eyes staring straight at him. Broken faces, and cracked skulls. Bones and tendon jutting out of his broken body, All vivid and real in front of him. 

Katsuki felt his heart stopped and ice cold air filled his lungs. He reflectively evade, trying to put distance between them. He didn't even realised that he was running toward a slope. The blond took a step back and gasp as the dirt under his soles gave up

Suddenly he felt his body flew on air before gravity pulled him hard to the ground. Katsuki cursed as he slides down the slope. Bracing his arms in front of him, he could feel some twigs scratching his face as he started to tumble down. Gritting his teeth he tried to minimise the damage he taken as he roll and rolled down to the deepest part of the mountain.

With a final thump he landed heavily on the ground, his whole body ached, screaming with dull pains as he lay on his back. It took him a few moments to tune out the pain and remember about Deku. He winced and with a ragged breath, he sat up and examine his surrounding, Deku was gone. he didn't know where he is, but he’s glad that he’s gone for now. Letting out a huge sigh he looked up to see how far he has fallen. That was quite a fall and if it hadn't been for the rain that softens the ground he probably would’ve landed far more badly.

Just as he was about to stand up he flinched when he felt his hand touching something. He looked to the side and he swore he could feel the chilling rain seeps into his bones.

Kirishima’s body was sprawled unconscious on the ground

Chapter Text

“Kirishima!” Katsuki fell on his knees and quickly shook Kirishima’s shoulder, “Kirishima!” He tried harder. However, the redhead did not budge.

“Shit. Shit. Shit!” Katsuki scrambled toward the redhead side and kneeled beside him. CHill crept up into his spine as dread slowly but surely sinking into his heart. With a trembling hand he put his hand in front of Kirishima’s face. Seconds feels like eternity as Katsuki felt his dread slowly turning into desperation, desperate to find any sign of life on the body on his hand, denial ringing on the back of his head.

This can’t be. Kirishima can’t be dead

A small exhale from the redhead blow upon Katsuki’s cold fingers and the blond sucks in a relieved breath when he felt the redhead breathing. All the worry inside his heart slowly simmering down within every breath the redhead took.

Now that he’s sure Kirishima was still alive he has regained some of his composure. He crooked his head up toward the slope. He tried to climb his way up but the soil was too slippery for his foothold. He could see small roots jutting out of the slopes, maybe if he could grab the roots and climb it could work. But he can't do it with Kirishima unconscious on his back. Judging by the location, Kirishima must’ve slipped on the same place as him, knocked his head on something and pass out. The sky started to become thunderous and Katsuki could feel the small trickle of rain on his face. 

Great now with this rain it’ll take even longer for help to come

“Fuck. Kirishima, wake up! Open your eyes”

Did he fall down the same way Deku provoked him? Did Deku led him off the rail and bring him to the slope?

The rain worsened and Katsuki took off his jacket, he took off Kirishima’s stained jacket and hang it on the tree, hoping it will serve as a mark. Then he covered Kirishima with his jacket and put him on his back. Slinging Kirishima’s hand over his shoulder, he picked Kirishima up and lead him someplace safe.

Katsuki glance upward. There’s no sign of Deku or anyone else up there. With this heavy rain, he should look for someplace to hide or they’ll freeze to death. 

Following the small animal trail soon they came upon an abandoned little wooden hut. It seems like it used to hold a few gardening supplies on it. He broke the door and went inside.  The hut was dark with a few holes in the roof, it might be a little damp with the rain raging outside, but at least they’re protected from the mountain wind there. He put Kirishima down on the corner resting him against the wall, far from the leaking roof.

Kirishima was still out of it. His spiky red hair was ruined during the rain, reverting to its long smooth straight hair that frames his face. He patted Kirishima’s cheek lightly a few times in an attempt to wake him up. But to no avail, the redhead was out cold, though luckily it doesn’t seem like he was hurt anywhere.

Seriously Katsuki started to feel bad after everything that had happened, it seems like Deku had targeted the redhead specifically. Seeing how Deku lead him there it’s most likely that he also scare Kirishima here. Kirishima maybe can’t see him but that doesn’t mean that Deku can’t mess with him. After all isn’t that how Deku targeted the classmates?


When Kirishima woke up. The first thing he sees is how dark the night has fallen and also the coldness that shrouds his whole body. Then he noticed the moonlight that floods from the broken roof and then the blond sitting beside it. He started to panic when he realised that he doesn't know where he is. Has he been kidnapped? His last memories was the moment he lost his footing on the mountain.

He quickly shifted from his position, trying to take in his surrounding more when his eyes caught sight of the blond staring into one of the broken window. The moonlight shining from one of the holes in the roof, accentuated by the light drizzle that escaped through the hole, Kirishima has to admit that the scene was so beautiful that it's almost otherworldly.Kirishima loves how the moonlight reflected in his red eyes. How the light cast shadows on Katsuki’s face, lighting up every contour of his face.

And then there’s this intolerable itching that spreads in his nose that threatened to burst out and he can’t hold it in and just-


The blond’s head raised, his red eyes looking at him with a little bit of surprise which soon replaced by relief, “Good, You’re awake?” The blond walked toward him, leaving the light and stepping into the shadow, “We fall down a slope, it must be because of the rain. The rain has stopped but it was already dark by then. The slope must  be slippery after the rain but if we both try it maybe we can climb back to the road”

Kirishima wipe his nose as he nodded. When he fixed his position, he noticed an unfamiliar jacket draped over him. It can’t be his cause it’s just one number smaller than his size. So it must be… His eyes trailed over to a jacket-less Katsuki.

“You have to make do with my jacket, I left yours at the spot where we fell. Now that the rain has stopped maybe we can go there and try to climb the slope”

“Thanks, bro” Kirishima took Katsuki’s jacket off him and he was about to return it when he felt pain shooting up from his legs. “Shit!” he cursed as he fell to his knees. Hands leaning on the wall as support

Katsuki quickly stood up from his seat, eyes watching him in concern, “Are you okay?”

Kirishima winced, trying to twist his ankle when he felt the pain shoots up again, “Twisted my ankle” he said, “must be from the time when I fall”

A hint of pain and guilt flashed by Katsuki’s eyes and Kirishima quickly took his words back, “But I’m fine. It’ll heal see?” He stupidly moved his ankle and wince from the pain.

“You shouldn’t move yet” Katsuki sighed, “There goes my plan… guess we should just stay here and wait till someone finds us”

Kirishima’s heart tighten at those words. “You don’t have to do that. I can stay here and wait while you go and get some help”

“And leave you here alone? Are you fucking idiot?”

The mood becomes sour instantly. Kirishima has never felt so powerless before, first he fell down the slope and now he has to drag Katsuki down with him. He thought high school was supposed to be a new chance, time for a new change. I mean, isn’t that what he vow when he got accepted into U.A? When he decided to discard his old looks and dyed his hair? To change? Kirishima cast his gaze downcast toward his twisted ankle, "I’m sorry Katsuki"

Katsuki's gaze trailed down to the ground and the boy pursed his lips. He never meant to make Kirishima feel bad about it. This isn’t his fault, it’s that fucking Deku’s fault. It’s all that Deku’s fault. So why should Kirishima feeling bad about it? This is Deku’s fault for targeting him. This is Katsuki’s fault for killing Deku. Katsuki was the reason Kirishima fell down the slope, if he didnt bully Deku then he wouldn’t dies and haunt him., Deku wouldn’t go off trying to kill everyone. Everything, is katsuki’s fault. Katsuki grabbed his arm, rubbing it guiltily, “Kirishima… I think you should keep your distance with me”

Kirishima’s heart ached at that. Was he too pushy? Did he make him uncomfortable? If Kirishima was a puppy his ear would wither.

“It’s just... a lot of things happened to you since I know you” Katsuki added

A lot of things? Kirishima furrowed his brows, “Wait... what is this all about?”

“First the truck accident and then the crash… and now this”

“Wait. Katsuki” he cut him off. Why did Katsuki brings up the truck accident again? “What are you talking about?”

Katsuki’s face turn into a painful expression, “I said a lot of fucking terrible things happens to those around me and I don’t want you to get hurt”

“i don’t understand Katsuki… You don’t want me to get hurt? But you save me from that accident Katsuki”

“But those things wouldn’t happen if I’m not friends with you in the first place”

Kirishima grabbed his hand. He doesn't understand. what’s is Katsuki’s talking about? Why being friend with Katsuki would cause the accident? “Why would you blame yourself for those things?”

“The truck-“

“Was an accident”

“And then the crash”

“Was also an accident. A stupid one”

“And now this…”

“Is my fault.” Kirishima tighten his grips. This is getting ridiculous, how can Katsuki blame himself for his own clumsiness? “I slipped down the slope Katsuki. I can’t see how that can be your fault”

Katsuki paused for a moment. Kirishima hoped he get his message across. However Katsuki whispered in a small voice, “Are you sure?”

Okay that’s it. Kirishima can’t stand seeing Katsuki blaming himself like this, “Katsuki you’re not making any sense. How can I slipping down the slope be your fault?”

“Are you sure you slipped? Not pushed? Or lured? Or I don’t fucking know.”

“There’s no one else there Katsuki, no one pushed me” Kirishima stated boldly

“What if you can’t see him?”

Kirishima choked on his breast. Are you serious Katsuki? What do you mean I can’t see him? ,“Now you’re getting ridiculous Katsuki.”

However Katsuki’s reaction was certainly not what he expected. The blond bit on his lower lips. His strong red eyes were now wavering in uncertainties. His hand clenched tightly into a knuckles, trembling from frustration. 

Kirishima would brush off those kinds of things easily but seeing how upset Katsuki was, he couldn’t brush it off as a joke. “Is there something you’re not telling me?”

Katsuki’s red eyes darted all around the room. He looked at Kirishima, his eyes hurting as if pleading for help. His mouth gapes open before closing again, doubtful. Yet before the redhead could say anything, his eyes already leaves him, looking at his own intertwining fingers instead.

“Katsuki…” he urged, “I can’t help you if you don’t say anything” he urged

Katsuki swallowed hard and Kirishima could see how the blond debating over himself. To tell or not to tell.

Finally, Katsuki’s mind made up. He looked at Kirishima with a hurt yet strong eyes. His mouth opened.


 The door suddenly opened, surprising the two boys inside the hut.

Bright light shone at them so bright that they have to close their eyes. Katsuki hissed from the sudden intrusion.

“They’re here!” He could hear a familiar shout. Sero put down his flashlight and get into the hut. “We’ve been looking all over for you”

Kirishima wa s glad that help finally come but he was also a tad bit irritated that Sero interrupted them. Now Kirishima you cant think like that, you should be grateful that help has found you

“Sero! Where are you?” Another voice echoed from the forest

The raven turned toward the door and shouted, “I’m here”

A footsteps approached them and once again Bakugou and Kirishima was showered with the bright light from the flashlight

“I swear one more flashlight and I’ll shove it down your throat”

Kaminari quickly put off his flashlight. “Dude you scared the hell out of us. We just found your jacket. We thought you were gone for good!”

“Sorry” Kirishima chuckled, “The rain made the slope more slippery, we both fell”

“Hey, guys! Are you here?” Mina approached them and once again shone the flashlight at them.

That’s it.

Katsuki growled and before he really could shove it down their throat, Sero had already snatched Mina’s flashlight and turned it off.

Kaminari announced their rendezvous on his phone. “We should meet with the rest of them in the villa.

“Shitty hair here twisted his ankle”

“Really?” The three looked at Kirishima and the redhead smiled sheepishly.

“Sero and I will help Kirishima. Bakugou, you can hold on to Mina”

“I don’t need a girl’s help”

“Hello.” Mina rolled her eyes, “This girl could kick your ass here now”

“Wanna try that?”

“Guys no fight until we reach the villa please,” Kirishima said as Sero help him stand on his feet.

Katsuki scoffed as Mina sling his arm around her shoulders. Needless to say, the blond accepted the help though he insisted that he could do it himself.

They arrived safely at the villa. Aizawa sensei was about to scold them harshly however when he saw Kirishima’s twisted ankle he told them to bring him to the infirmary first.

“Aizawa sensei is going to bring some ice for you” Kaminari helped him sat down on the bed.

Katsuki sat beside him. Even though he was still covered in dirt and his clothes were a dirty mess he didn’t leave the redhead alone.

Kirishima slowly put his hand above Katsuki's, he leaned closer as he says his name. "Katsuki" his red eyes looking straight into Katsuki's soul

Katsuki quickly retracted his hand, “I’m gonna go clean myself” Katsuki rose up and Kirishima quickly grabbed his hand

“You can’t keep hiding things away from me Katsuki” This is the moment, Kirishima has to make him talk or else he’s going to hold those burdens alone again , “I know you were about to tell me something when Sero interrupt us. Don’t think I’ve forgotten about that”

Katsuki took a deep breath as he sat back on the bed, “I don’t think this is a good idea”

“Just take it slow. One thing at a time”

Katsuki took a deep breath, “So I knew this guy… he’s my childhood friend. His name is Midoriya Izuku.”

“Midoriya Izuku?” Why did that name seem familiar to him somehow, like he had heard or read it somewhere before?

Katsuki nodded, “We fought. It’s more like I... I was jealous of him… and I snapped. And I told him things… Things I should never say and then he’s gone before I could apologize”

“By 'gone' you mean…?”

“He’s dead”

“Bakugou... I’m so sorry about your friends”

“And then everything went to hell ever since. The truck accident, the bust accident, Todoroki’s accident, Iida’s accident. The fucking car accident. Hell even this must be his fault”

Kirishima furrowed his brows, “Dude, why are you so hell-bent on making these things connected to Midoriya?”

“Because I just fucking knew it!”

“You can’t blame all those misfortune with him. He’s already dead!”

“It’s exactly because he’s dead. That’s why.”

“I don’t understand Bakugou”

“Fuck! I saw him okay? He’s always there whenever those things happens. It must be him!”

Confusion was written all over Kirishima’s face, “But he’s dead… so when you said you saw him did you mean…?”

“He’s a fucking ghost Kirishima!”

Kirishima’s tilted his head in confusion. However, instead of blatantly rejecting Bakugou’s idea he carefully processed it, “So you can see a ghost?”

“Just him for some reason” Bakugou waved off the fact, “I’ve been able to see him ever since he dies. He sometimes appears before me”

“So… your friend dies and now you can see his ghost? Do you know why he’s ha-” –haunting- he almost said “hanging around you?”

Bakugou’s mouth opened yet no answer came out of him. He winced at the answer, pursing his lips in a thin strained line. His hand gripped at his chest as he throws his gaze away from the redhead.

Bakugou looked so guilt-ridden. So… lost… Kirishima never saw Bakugou make a face like that. That alone is enough to tell that whatever it is, it’s hurting Bakugou badly.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to answer that”

Bakugou looked surprised for a second. He gritted his teeth as he steeled himself, “its okay... I… I can’t keep it a secret anymore… I must confess it all.” He paused, “No time like now I guess….”

Bakugou took a deep breath, “Deku’s haunting me because he wants to take revenge.” He looked at Kirishima straight in the eyes, “I bullied him when I found out he got a recommendation to U.A. I went too far and one day… I told him to jump off the roof… and then he did”

“He… committed suicide?”

Bakugou nodded, “It’s my fault. He must be fucking pissed at me. He wanted to have revenge. That’s why all these shits happening. It’s him and his fucking weird ghost power”

“You’re jumping to conclusions Bakugou, you don’t have any evidence"

"What evidence do you want? All these things happened after his death. He’s targeting everyone to hurt me. The reason why you always got hurt besides me is because he knew that you’re fucking special”

Kirishima blushed, What? Special? did Katsuki just...?

But before he could say anything the infirmary door slammed opened without as much as a knock sending them jumping out of their seat. Standing in front of the door Aizawa's eyes glared at the blond with a cold look, “Is everything I heard true?”

Aizawa step inside the infirmary, on the one hand, a block of ice for Kirishima's ankle, in other hand, a spare clothes for Katsuki. He was about to give them to the two boys resting in the infirmary when he accidentally overheard their conversation.

Katsuki’s face pale as a sheet. His head downcast like a kid caught red-handed at something. Or maybe he was. He was caught confessing encouraging someone’s suicide. He could be jailed and prosecuted. It is, after all, a crime.

The raven put their things on the table before pulling a chair in front of the blond. “Is everything you just said true?” he asked again

Even Kirishima didn’t dare to speak a word. This is Katsuki’s business, no matter how much he wanted to help him, he couldn’t.

Katsuki nodded, “I told him to go take a dive from the roof”

Kirishima’s breath stopped. Of course he knew that Katsuki has always have a fool mouth on him. Things like, ‘go die’ slipped out of Katsuki's lips easily but he never thought that those words could actually drive people to death. No… he was wrong, some people can be driven to death with just mere words. If Katsuki had said those exact words to his junior high self even Kirishima didn't know what would happen. It is really Katsuki's fault for indiscriminately sprouting those words. 

Kirishima took Katsuki’s hand and hold it tight, “Are you regretting it?”

“Every single fucking day” Katsuki admit.

Aizawa’s face relaxed, “It’s a good thing that you regret it. Now you know that you can never say such horrible words to anyone” He took Katsuki’s hand and hold it tight, “I’m glad you’re regretting your action but Bakugou, you’re not responsible for Midoriya’s death”

“You also said that?! You adults never listen. How much should I confess until you understand that it’s my fucking fault that he jumped off the fucking roof? I push him to his death. It’s my fucking fault.”

“Bakugou I think you have a misunderstanding.” Aizawa pulled his hand back, urging him to go back to sit, “Midoriya didn’t kill himself, he was murdered.”

“That’s bullshit”

“It’s the truth Bakugou.”

Aizawa knew that Katsuki won’t accept anything else besides his reasoning. He was hell-bent on deciding that he’s the one at blame. Sometimes to handle someone like this it’s better to slap them with the hard truth/logic that they can’t get out of. With this in mind, he decides to spill it out. “The police found proof of resistance on the scene. Somebody shove Midoriya off the roof and he fought back.”


Chapter Text

Midoriya Izuku is a ray of sunshine. But you can’t deny that there will be a time when the light dimmed, such as now. He leaned on the rail on the rooftop, watching the night sky and the flickers of the city’s light. It always made him calm like this.

He turns on the radio on his phone and listened to it, closing his eyes as he tilted his head upward to the stars.

It was such a beautiful night.

He flinched when he heard the door closed behind him. He turned around, looking at the man older than him. When the night winds blow, Izuku could see the red orbs hidden underneath those grey messy hair. The man looked at him with disinterest, hand tucked in his pocket as he leaned on one leg.

“Hello? I’m sorry to bother you, were you looking for someplace quiet? I know it’s pretty quiet here, and the view is great from here we can stay here together, oh wait, I’m sorry, you were probably looking for someplace to be alone right? I’m sorry for assuming, it was such a beautiful night and I won’t mind having someone else here. Oh god, I’m ramblings, didn’t I?” He covered his mouth with his hand, stopping his mutterings. He smiled sheepishly as his cold face tainted with faint pink blush, either from the little embarrassment or the cold night air.

The man ignored him, taking a few steps towards him, “You are… Midoriya Izuku right?” he asked

“Yes, it’s me. Have we met somewhere?”

The man stood beside him, slouching his back he leaned on the iron rails, “Heard you got accepted to U.A. Congrats”

Izuku smiled even harder, flush painting his cheeks as he let out a soft chuckle, “thanks, it was my dream to get into U.A. I was lucky to get a recommendation to U.A. But Kacchan wasn't happy that I took the recommendation from him. But he’ll pass the regular exam for sure, He’s Kacchan after all... Ah Kacchan is my friend”

“I heard Toshinori-san is going to teach there this year.”

“Yes, he is!” Izuku paused, he still smiled at the man though now his eyes were filled with curiosity, “But how did you know about that? I thought the results weren’t supposed to be out yet….”

The man straightens himself. His red eyes staring at him so coldly that it sends shivers down Izuku’s spine. At that moment Izuku knows that something’s not right with this man that this man is dangerous and he should get away from him.

“Hmm… mister?”

The man grabbed Izuku’s neck and choked it. The greenette gasped as he held onto the railings behind him, eyes popping open in his socket. Green orbs filled with fear and panic as he felt his weight shifting and the gravity pulled him toward the ground.

“I hate Toshinori.” His voice filled with venom within every word, “He took someone precious to me. Let’s see how he will react when his precious students die because of him” The man’s clutch tighten as he pushed him off the roof

Izuku can’t even scream before his body hit the sturdy concrete underneath. Limbs broken and twisted unnaturally, blood seeping out of his body.

The last thing he saw was the silhouette of his killer peering at him from the edge of the roof.

Hovering between consciousnesses Izuku could feel the numbing pain pulling him to sleep.

NO Izuku. You can’t sleep here. You have to go to the police and report this man. He said that he’s going to kill every student in U.A? This is bad. Kacchan is taking U.A.’s exam. If he got in then… that man will kill him too.

But he can’t help it as his eyelids becoming heavier by every single moment. The green orbs slowly losing its light, darkening, slowly becoming hollow as he slips away, and thus Izuku’s eyes slid close

No! Wake up! You have to warn him! Please! You can’t stay here. You have to do something! Open your eyes! Move your legs! Wake up!

And then Izuku wake up

With a heaving chest, he woke up in the alley.

“What the…”

He winced when the sunlight shone into his eyes. He shot right up and quickly check his whole body. No injuries, no blood or whatsoever. The alley was clean and there’s no sign that he just dies there.

“What in the world just happened?”

He ran out of the alley, still feeling disoriented by the recent events, he finds his feet tangling against each other and he fell rolling down to the street. Izuku’s chest heaving heavily as he crawls to the nearby wall. The road was bustling with people and they all look at him with this pitiful look on their eyes. Izuku examined the city, it was the same road, yet it’s not the same. The city looks more… old… than he remembered. The parking lot was replaced by the ice cream shop he used to visit. And there’s less skyscraper reaching out to the sky.

Izuku couldn’t hide the confusion in his head, “Where am I?”

“Hey there, you okay?” a soft hand gently patted his shoulder and thanks for the outrageous situation he’s in, even that small stimulation was enough to make him jump off his skin.

He turned around and see a young woman with black hair. She pulled back her hand and apologize, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. I’m Shimura Nana, and you are?”

“I-Izuku… Midoriya Izuku….” He could see the passerby whispering against each other as they look at him with pitiful eyes

The woman kneeled beside him, “Izuku, what’s the last thing you remember?”

“I-I remember pain crashing upon my body as I fell in that alley…’ Izuku pointed at the alley with his shaky hand

The nice woman- Nana- took his hand gently, “I know this is probably hard for you to accept,” she gives a firm grip, “But you have died. Izuku… you’re in the world of the dead”

Izuku’s mind goes blank. Somehow deep in his mind, that is the logical answer to his question. But somewhere inside his heart completely refused to believe it



“You’ve died and now you’re in the world of the dead.”

Izuku frantically looked around him, trying to search for any evidence that shows that her words are not true, “But… but I woke up there” he pointed at the alley

“And I assume that’s the place where you die?”

Izuku’s mouth gapes open as he tried to refute her.

“Look it’ll be easier to show you. I assume you die recently” she took his hand, “Just follow my lead okay? It’ll be easier if you close your eyes”

Izuku nodded and closed his eyes. And as if on cue suddenly it feels like the air was shaking, tightening, constricting around his body, wrapping tight like an invisible blanket. It doesn’t hurt but it feels a bit uncomfortable. Like climbing a mountain, you can feel your breath getting harder but you can still breath. He gripped the woman’s hand tighter.

“Endure it,” she said, giving his hand a firm assuring grip. 

He could the layer tightening, squeezing every inch of his body and then… it disappeared. 

“We’re here,” she said and Izuku opened his eyes.

It was still the same road but this one feels more familiar for him. That’s right, this road feels more like his world than the previous one. The ice cream shop was gone, replaced by a parking lot. People passing by the road, not bothering to look toward them.

“Is that the place where you die?” Nana pointed at the alley. The alley was sealed by the police line. He could see a blood pool staining the street along with a white chalk mark on it.

He can’t believe it. He doesn’t want to believe it.

“That must be one hell of a fall huh?” Nana walks toward the alley and no words could explain how shocked he was when the woman walked past through the police line. Her body just... went past it

Izuku just stared at her with wide eyes and an open jaw.

The woman turned around and looked at the shocked boy like nothing strange had just happened, “Come on boy, what are you waiting for?”

It can’t be, right? People don’t just go past things.

 Izuku tried to touch the police line with his fingers, but it ends up similar to her. His fingers completely slipped through the object.

It can’t be

Izuku tried to grab the yellow police ribbon. He doesn’t care if he ends up ripping the ribbon, doesn't care if he ends up bothering the police investigation, doesn't care if it he's ruining the whatever crime scene that happened inside there


“You’re a ghost now, you can’t interact with objects from the living world” Nana walked to the street, passing through the police line again and reached out her hand toward the bustling street. From the incoming crowds, a person was walking down the street and heading right straight toward Nana’s arm

Izuku shouted, “Look out!”

and they completely passed through Nana’s hand. “See?” she asked as she made her point.

Izuku’s mouth dropped open in disbelief. It can’t be right. What happened to him and how did he get into this situation? He gritted his teeth. he could feel tears pricking his eyes. All of this information was too much. Logically, he should start believing in Nana’s words because she has shown him proof. He’s dead. But on the other hand, he still can’t believe that he really dies He could feel his knees getting weak, he slowly slid down to the ground and pulled his knees to his chest.

He wants to go home. He wants to hug his mother. He wants to sleep and pretend this is all just a bad dream. 

But he can’t

“I know that it’s a lot to take it. It’s hard I admit” Nana kneeled beside him, rubbing her hand on his back. She can touch him. He can touch her. is it because they belong to the same world now?

Izuku wiped his tears away. He looked at the drying blood stains in the ground. he traced the white chalk on the ground, graving every splotch of blood to his mind. 

Here, he woke up here just a few moments ago. There were no bloodstains when he woke up there before, “This bloodstain, it wasn't there when I woke up”

“Because you wake up in the other world”


“You see, our world and the living world weren’t that different. in fact, you can think of it as the same space but different dimension. “she pointed at the bloodstain, “The alley that you wake up in is the same alley where you die. The reason why I can pass through the police line is because there are is no police line in our world. However, the moment you die you’ll cross over the veil and get into our dimension instead.

“A Veil?

“You see, there’s a thin veil that separated our world and the living world. It’s the one that keeps the two worlds apart. You might belong in the same space but you live in a different dimension now. That’s why you can stand in the street and no one will notice you because they can’t see past the veil. Well, it is a bit flexible for us” She snickered, “We are ghost, after all, we can cross the veil easily, that’s why we have ghost sighting in the living world, it was people from this dimension crossing over the veil.” She explained.

“So it was that easy to go back to the living world”

“Well, there are reasons why people don't like to go back to the living world.”

“Why is that?”

“The dead can’t go back to the living world. No matter how long to stay in the living world, you belong in the dead world, after all, you can’t go back. When you try to cross the veil, your body was forced to remember its last form in the living world.”

“Last form? What do you mean?” Izuku looked at Nana, she looks like just a normal healthy woman. 

“You see” The woman crosses her hand, “For example, if someone dies from old age. They might look young in the world of the dead but the more they cross the veil the older their appearances become”

Izuku shots her a confused look

“Hmmm,” the woman thinks for a while “You ‘fell’ right?”

 “I didn’t jump. I was pushed” Izuku confirmed, sulking, he doesn't want her to think he committed suicide or something

“Then it’s safe to assume that your body ‘broke’ when you fell right?” She quoted on the word broke, “The moment you try to cross the veil the bloodier your body will become.”

“What? But I’m fine here.” Izuku patted on his body, at his legs and arms, no broken bones, no blood. Heck, he even feel healthier

“It’ll change if you return to the living world. If by chance someone gets here and saw us, they’ll see two bloodied ghosts” Nana looked at the dried blood amidst the pavement, “You said you were pushed. By who?”

“I... I don’t know…” He tried to remember but all he could remember was the white ashen hair and the crooked smile, “I never met him before, but somehow he knew that I got accepted in U.A”

Nana’s brows raised questioningly, “That’s kinda weird”

“Right? He asked if I got accepted into U.A. Even though they haven’t announced it yet” Izuku remembered how that man declared his resentment toward Toshinori. “That’s right! I have to warn Kacchan!”


"He’s my friend.” he explained, and suddenly the slow dread creeped upon him as he remembered, “If that man killed me because I’m a U.A. student,  then he will be after Kacchan too” he could see that man shoving Katsuki off the roof the same ways as he killed him, “I have to warn him!” Izuku ran out of the alley ignoring the woman shouting after his name.He runs toward the main street. Straight ahead toward Katsuki’s home.

He bumped into someone on the road and he turned around quickly and shouted sorry but the man walked past him as if he just bumped with air

Ah, that’s right. He’s dead

He heard a familiar voice as he passed the store areas. Kacchan was there, grumbling along with his junior high friends.


They were passing through a store with huge glass pane. Izuku approached him from behind. Izuku reached out his hand. Just in the moment when Katsuki turned his head sideways toward the glass and

Katsuki’s eyes widen in horror and he screamed

Izuku flinched as Katsuki’s eyes met him and the blond fell on his butt. Their eyes locked for eternity and at that moment Izuku could see his image reflected in Katsuki’s frightened eyes. 

Broken. Bloodied. Bruised

“There you are!” Nana’s hand grabbed him and then he was pulled into those weird sensations of something twisting again and suddenly he was back to the world of the dead.

The woman wiped the sweat from her temple, “I let you go for a few minutes and you’re already making a mess.” She said jokingly yet Izuku’s mind was too overwhelmed by the fact that Katsuki was scared shitless at him.

Nana understood his look and took his hand gently, “let’s try that again but this time let’s stay away from something that could reflect lights okay? It makes us easier to be seen”

Izuku nodded and once again they’re back at the main street. Not even a minute has passed in the living world. Katsuki was still scared shitless on the street, people started to crowd over him, curious by his scream

"You scared us Katsuki what the hell happened?" his friend asked

Katsuki’s eyes tear up from the fright. Hand covering his mouth to prevent himself from screaming. He loosened his fingers. “Blood... there’s so much blood… Deku… he was there” he pointed at the glass

And then Izuku understands what Nana means.

But how is he supposed to warn him if he’s too scared to face him? Does he even able to contact him in the first place?


Uncertain about his next steps, Izuku spent his dead days wandering around Katsuki. Sometimes he visits his mother, standing beside her and following her, however for some reason she couldn't see him as Katsuki do. Sometimes he just drift between the two world, comparing the dead and living world.

Time passed and soon the U.A. entrance ceremony is right in front of their eyes. Izuku followed Katsuki into the school.  Izuku knows that he’s dead but he can't’ help but be amazed by U.A. He quickly explores the whole school, commenting on every single thing, even though he knew that no one can hear him. Not even Katsuki, he was sure, Katsuki can see him but he couldn't hear him. And ever since that incident, Katsuki has tried hard to ignore his existence. Izuku knew he should be grateful that at least Katsuki CAN see him, but he couldn't help but feel rejected by him.

Izuku follow Katsuki around for the whole first day. He went into the classroom and peek through Aizawa’s shoulder, noticing that his name is indeed on the class list. He was glad that they haven't taken out his seat yet, so he sat on his seat during the lesson.

As he followed Katsuki on his first day at school he caught sight of that grey-haired man who murders him.

He’s here. He’s here to kill Katsuki!

He followed him and saw that he's tinkering with a truck's brake uphill. Izuku tried to stop him but everything he touched passed through him like air. 

He can’t do anything. He have to do something! Anything! But what? He can’t interact with things from the living world.

Izuku started to mumbles his thought away, “I have to do something, but I can’t! SoI have to find someone else. Someone who can stop him in my stead. Someone who can understand me.”

That’s right!


Katsuki is far from understanding him. But he can see him. Izuku can warned him!

Izuku tries to cross the veil and show himself in front of Katsuki. and then on that road, their eyes met. Kacchan sees him! Izuku wasted no time, he knew that Katsuki can’t hear him and action speaks louder than words anyway. 

He clenched his hand and point toward to hill. Hoping Katsuki understand.

Please don’t run Kacchan. I need your help. I need you to save everyone

And luckily, Katsuki understood.

(or misunderstood cause he ends up blaming Deku for it but at least he’s safe)

The killer was still targeting the U.A. student and that includes Katsuki. He has to stop him! He can't let that man murders everyone. He has to protect them.

Luckily Katsuki could see him. But that won't be enough to stop that man.


The next one was the bust accident. Same as before Izuku lure Katsuki to the soon-would-be-murder-scene and help him prevent Sero and Kaminari from being crushed by the bust.

Kacchan saved them again but Izuku knows that Katsuki is also risking himself by trying to save everyone by himself. He can’t let Katsuki fight alone, not when he didn't even know who’s he fighting against. 

Fortunately Nana told him that it wasn't completely impossible to mess around with the living world. She already told him that ghost sightings happens when people in the living world sees people that cross over the veil from the dead world. But she also told him that supernatural things such as poltergeist or possession isn't completely untrue. Though it carries a certain risk, the dead can mess around in the living world with their spiritual power. 

That's why Izuku learned to use his power. He learned that he could poltergeist something with his body. He can only move small things though, not bigger than half of his body. A few practices and he's able to do things like switching off the lights or knocking things off the table with ease.

Izuku also learned that he could possess someone. But possessing is a whole lot different thing that moving things. He needs a lot of practice. He can only possess someone if they’re unconscious. The problem is, it’s hard to find a body to practice. 

Katsuki was studying for exam on his desk as Izuku mumbled as he sat on Katsuki’s bed, wondering where he could find a body to possess. At that moment he watched as Katsuki’s head bob up and down as drowsiness seeps in. Izuku knews how hard Katsuki studies by the sleepless night he spent up studying. The Izuu watched as Katsuki’s  shoulder slouched and slowly he fell asleep on the table.

Izuku was wondering where to find an unconscious body to practice his new skills. Katsuki fell asleep in his desk.

With a pursed lips, Izuku clap his hand and lowered his head, “Kacchan! Gomen!”

He possessed a portion of Katsuki's hand and use it to write his name in Katsuki's book. It took him several tries to get it right.

Then Katsuki woke up in the morning, found out about Izuku’s little practice and was freaked out by it that he started to stay in Kirishima’s room.

Izuku was clearly feeling guilty about it, he wanted to drop off the possession thing but he has no more time. The killer might be planning something to kill them in one swopt. Izuku has to be ready when that time come. That’s why one day he pushed the limit and took Kacchan back to his own room after he fell asleep on Kirishima’s room

And it freaked Katsuki more than ever

The next day Katsuki sleep with rope binding his hand

“What the fuck Kacchan…,” he muttered as he saw Katsuki sleeping in Kirishima’s room. 

“There’s no need to go this far, right?” He pouted, crossing his arm he sat with a cross leg on Kirishima’s bed right beside Katsuki. But he glanced at the blond and do a little introspection. Sure, he might have crossed the line somewhere. His furrowed brows loosened and he looks at the bag under Katsuki’s eyes. It must be hard on Katsuki, he knew how hard-headed the blond was and Katsuki wouldn't sleep if it means giving him a chance to possess his body. 

“I’m sorry Kacchan” he whispered

and so, he decided to drop possession off and continue to haunt Kacchan as usual.


One day, he watched as his killer snuck into U.A. in the dead of night and poured acid on the roof railings, making it easier to break and could be falsified as an accident. Sure there are a few students who go out to the roof, but that doesn’t mean no one can go there. He started to take notice of the students who always go to the roof.

One of them is Todoroki Shouto. One of the boys Izuku befriends during his test. Izuku’s death was so sudden and mysterious that Shouto doesn’t know about it. Even as Izuku hovered on the air in front of him, Shouto still believe that Izuku was still alive.

“Sorry, Shouto…. I’m sorry” a small whisper from the dead, unheard by the living.

Izuku knows that Shouto always visits the roof to clear his head especially if he has a fight with his father. that’s why on that day, he knew when Shouto had a particularly bad fight with his father that he’s going to go to the roof. Izuku chased after the heterochromatic boy. Frantically telling the boy to calm down.

He was delighted when Katsuki came to the rescue. however, it seems like Katsuki had a wrong impression or it’s just Katsuki’s special innate skill to tick everyone off. Instead of calming Shouto down, the two ended up in a fight.

Izuku screamed as Shouto grabbed on the railings. He knew that he’s dead and his heart has stopped beating but he can't help but feel his heart stopped as he watched the railings broke down and Shouto fell down. he whipped his feet toward him, reaching out his hand in desperation, he knew he couldn't catch him anyway but he can't help but just try, to hope that he hasn't failed yet. His hand reached out toward Shouto

and passed through him dreadfully.

Izuku’s mouth gaped open in desperation.  

Is this it? Will he lose another friend here? Is he hopeless against fate? Can’t he change anything? is there any hope to save everyone at all?

And Katsuki’s hand reached him. He reaches him. Katsuki’s hand saved Shouto. At that moment Izuku broke into tears. He was glad, Shouto is alive, Katsuki save everyone again. 

The victim this time was Shouto, he was about to fell when Katsuki saved him. However, Izuku's heart plummet as he watched Kacchan fell instead. He reached out his hand desperately, hoping that it'll connect. But Katsuki's hand passed through him completely and he fell

Fortunately, Katsuki was saved by the teachers


The next thing is Iida’s assault case. Izuku knows nothing about the assailant Toga Himiko. he was powerless as Toga stabbed the older Iida on the street. 

he watched from the side as Katsuki went pale at the assailant words.

Amidst the crowds and the brimming sounds of police and ambulance sirens. his eyes got caught of the familiar figure. That man, his killer, he was there. The man watched from the alley with a murderous gaze. Cold icy gaze that enough to sends chill all over Izuku’s spine. 

“fucking bitch has to ruin it all for us” The man whispered as he bit on his nail, hard enough to draw blood from his thumb.

They’re accomplices. The killer and that blond woman was an accomplice. 

another man with a scorch mark covering half of his face pulled his hand away from his mouth, “She’s gone. Let’s scram before the police scour the area”

It was bold for Izuku to assume that his killer has been working alone. Why didn't he think of accomplice beforehand? he spent so much time keeping watch against his killer that he let another killer got close. he was careless, and Tensei had to pay for it


Izuku learned from his lesson and instead of dividing his attention between Katsuki and his killer, he started to spy on both of the villains. 

U.A. was planning for a summer camp and the villains knew about it. they were planning to use that moment to kill everyone there including Toshinori sensei. 

He might have been able to prevent the previous incident with Katsuki’s help. But, stopping the whole camping trip is impossible. he knew it. That's why Izuku tries to prevent Katsuki from going at all costs. if he failed… then at least…. at least Katsuki will be saved.

Nana had warned him that trying to possess someone while they are conscious might pose some risk to them. But Izuku had no other choice, Katsuki will be going to the summer camp if he didn’t do anything.

That's why he uses all his strength to try to possess Katsuki in his room. He tried to possess Katsuki and send him back home and lock him in his room long enough to miss the bus.

Katsuki started to writhe painfully as he force-possess him. He looked in pain and Izuku could feel the blond resisting under his arms. The possession took a lot of power than the usual possession because Katsuki is awake and resisting, Izuku can’t falter here he can’t let Katsuki go into the camp.

There's no victor in that fight. Katsuki managed to resist long enough until Izuku's power was too depleted to take over his body once he passed out.

Izuku let out a relieved breath. Even though he can't possess Katsuki this means that Katsuki won't be going to summer camp. Now all he had to do is stop those villains from killing the rest of the students. 

He was there as the bus arrived and every student gathered except for Katsuki. Kirishima was desperate to convince Aizawa that Katsuki wouldn't just skip the summer camp. Mina, Sero, and Kaminari back him up, trying to convince Aizawa to hold the bus until Katsuki arrived. But Izuku knew that Katsuki wouldn't come.

He watched as the bus went without Katsuki, leaving three students behind as their insistence. He got into the bus and followed them to the villa. The villa was safe, and the killers were nowhere in sight. For now, they are safe, but Izuku couldn't afford to be careless again. he started to widened his search and he found the two villains in the road as they spread nails all over the road.

“This way, the police will be too late to help them if they managed to call for help.” The scorch mark guy said

Izuku took a deep breath as he braces himself. As soon as they disappeared Izuku tries to move the nails one by one using his poltergeist. But his power hasn't recovered enough from the time he tried to possess Katsuki. With all the power he has he could’ve swiped them all in one movement, but with his depleted power, it took him everything he has just to move one of the nails of the road. 

Sweat trailed over his temple as he throws one nail to the cliff. He glances toward the scattered nails. He’s tired, honestly, he wanted to give up, but he knows he can’t. So, he slaps himself hard in the cheeks, “Ganbatte Izuku!”

Then night came without he realized it. The nails haven't been cleared off when a car suddenly appears. 

“What the?” Izuku stood up and look at the incoming car, the road wasn't cleared yet. If they [assed here, they’ll crash for sure! He looked at the driver and he swore his heart plummet down to the cliff as he recognizes the driver

It was Katsuki and his friend, they come to the summer camp in a car instead.

“No! Kacchan you can't come here!” Izuku stood in the middle of the road

Their eyes met and Izuku could see Katsuki cursed. The car passed through him and hit the nails.

"Kacchan!" Izuku screamed as the car swerved out of control, spinning wildly before it slammed into the guardrail, grinding hard against the metal before it comes to a stop. White thin smoke comes out from the machine. He quickly moved toward them, "Kacchan! Kacchan!" He looked at them with tears dripping from his eyes. When Katsuki stirred awake he can explain how terribly relief he was.

A moment later the police arrived along with Toshinori. They went back to the villa and Izuku watched with wary and full of anticipation.


A day passed uneventfully. He stayed by Katsuki's side during the whole day but it didn't like the blond noticed him. Then night came and they decided to do a test of courage. After assuring that Katsuki would stay in the villa, Izuku went to the forest and joined the games.

As he went through the forest his eyes trailed toward a certain redhead. Kirishima was his name. Of course, Izuku noticed the extra attention the blond gives to him. As he followed Kirishima through his route he saw those two villains nearby.

"Wouldn't it be faster if we caught them all one by one right now?" the man in scorch mark said

"Stick to the plan Dabi. Let them have their last fun before we kill them."

"Fine. Then I'm going to look for my fun." With that, the scorched mark man jumped into the track and switch the arrow marker in the path.

The ash haired man glared at him

The scorch mark guy shrugs, "At least let me do this much"

"Fine. Don’t do anything stupid. Toga got caught because she can’t help but being stupid"

“Ain’t that your fault though? You asked her which one does she think Kacchan is? You prompted her to attack him”

“that greenette won’t stop yammering his name on the roof so I got curious. Still her fault for letting her curiosity over her head”

They disappeared into the forest right before Kirishima arrived in the fork. He scratched his head as his eyes jumped between the map and the switched arrow. He chooses the switched arrow’s path.

“No, Kirishima that's not the way.” Izuku quickly turned the sign back with his poltergeist before chasing after Kirishima. The road was dark and slippery and as he was afraid of, Kirishima slipped and fell down the slope.

Izuku quickly ran back to find Katsuki. Katsuki is the only one who can see him, if he wants to save Kirishima then Katsuki is his best bet. When Izuku returns to the group, Katsuki was already there. He was yelling something about Aizawa and they were about to return to the villa when

"Kirishima's not here guys."

The group started to panic and Katsuki volunteer to look for the redhead.

Izuku knows Katsuki is afraid of him. that much is obvious. but he can't be picky right now, Kirishima needs help and if scaring Katsuki is the only way to lead him to Kirishima’s place, then so be it.

Izuku decided to show himself to Katsuki and chased him around the mountain. Luckily Izuku had one full day to recover his energy and since the police came, they clean the nails off the road and Izuku was able to recover some of his strength. So, he was able to chase after Katsuki with no problem. He successfully led Katsuki to the path Kirishima took. After following them into the hut he goes back to the villa and was greeted with a crowd of concerned kids as they surround the two teachers and beg them to let them search for the missing classmate.

“Aizawa sensei! Please you have to let us go”

“Don’t you know how dangerous it is to go around the mountain at night? And what made you so sure that Bakugou will find Kirishima? In the worst case, they could be missing in a completely different place”

“No” Kaminari quickly refuted him, “Katsuki will find Kirishima. I’m sure of that”

Izuku can’t help but feel grateful for every one. 

Kacchan, you have great friends by your side.

And as if respecting the class wishes, the rain slowly reduced into a small drizzle, black cloud dispersing and displaying the bright light of the moon. The moonlight shone the mountains, making it easier to see. 

Whispering thank you to no one Izuku used his poltergeist to slam the villa front door open.

“What the-” Aizawa was speechless but before he could say anything, he was cut off by Sero

“Sensei! The rain has stopped, we can search for them now”

The crowd quickly agrees and starts to push the teachers. It didn't take long until Aizawa cave in and start the search. Izuku smiled as the student put on their raincoats and equip themselves. They might not be able to see him, but he could work with that. Using his power Izuku breaks a branch.

Mina shone her lights over the broken branch, “Guys I hear something, it came from here!”

Yes, that’s it! They might not be able to see him, but they can hear the sounds that he makes.

Slowly but surely. Like leaving a breadcrumb for them to follow, Izuku uses his poltergeist to lead them to Katsuki’s place. The search was over in a mere hour. They found Katsuki and Kirishima and bring them back to the villa.

As he follows them to the villa, he found the two villains standing near the villa.

“The plan will start soon,” said the gray-haired man

the scorch mark guy smirked, “Tonight, everything will burn”

Izuku swallowed hard as he looked at the two villains. They are going to attack them tonight and Izuku is the only one who can stop them


This is a story of (Shigaraki)’s revenge and (Izuku)’s attempt to save everyone

Chapter Text

“Bakugou I think you have a misunderstanding.” Aizawa pulled his hand back, urging him to go back to sit, “Midoriya didn’t kill himself, he was murdered.”

"That’s bullshit" How many times has he heard this shit?

"It’s the truth Bakugou. The police found proof of resistance on the scene. Somebody shove him down the roof and he fought back."

Katsuki froze in place. This is the first time he’s hearing this.

Really? So it wasn’t a suicide? Deku didn’t kill himself? If so... then why…?

“Why ...?” his voice quivered

Why is he haunting me?

All of the things that happened… all disasters, Izuku was always there.

“But all of those disasters…”

Aizawa knitted his brows, “You mean your bad luck? You think you’re cursed or something?”

“Shut it. I knew everything is connected.” Katsuki snapped. He could feel frustration building up inside him from the dissonance. Like a off-tune violin in the middle of the orchestra. Everything that he knew, everything that he believes - That Deku stay to exact revenge on him- it was all a lie?

“Bakugou… I know that you’re pretty sure that Midoriya is haunting you out of harm, but I didn’t think so” Kirishima voice trailed gently like a stream. A single steady rhythm that he could hold onto. 

Katsuki stay silent as the redhead said his explanations

“You’ve saved a lot of people since the start of the semester, and the only thing that made you aware of all those disasters is Midoriya. If we look at it from a different perspective. We would’ve been dead if you hadn’t seen Midoriya”

“What are you trying to say?” Katsuki growled, showing off his annoyance. Deep inside he knew what this meant, the gears inside his head has started to construct things from other perspectives and if everything Aizawa say was right and his assumption was wrong then ... the only explanation for Deku’s appearance every time an incident happened was because….

“That maybe he’s trying to protect you!” Kirishima easily said the one thing Katsuki wouldn’t want to hear

Katsuki’s scowled as if he just heard something very strange with his ears.

“I don’t know about this haunting thing you are talking about but those accidents were just accidents Bakugou." Aizawa sighed, putting his hands between the two boys.

"I believe we already have too many events going on for one day" The teacher stood up from his seat, "I’ll leave you to your rest here Kirishima and you better get back to your room Bakugou"


After treating Kirishima's wounds, Aizawa returns to the teacher’s room. Toshinori was sitting on the bed, head downcast as if contemplating something.

"Something on your mind?" Aizawa startled him

The blond glance at him, "you also looks like you have something on your mind"

Aizawa sighed as he put the emergency kit on the desk. "I just found out that Bakugou used to bully Midoriya."

"Midoriya…” Toshinori replied, for some reason the name seems familiar in his lips, “he's the boy who dies before the school started right?"

Aizawa nodded, "it seems like he blamed himself for his death. He thinks it was suicide so I have to tell him some things so the boy stops blaming himself."

"That's quite a misunderstanding he has" Toshinori turn even gloomier.

Aizawa grabbed a chair and sat across the ex-officer, “I told you my problem. Now, what's yours?"

Toshinori hesitates for a moment before giving in, “the police who handle the kids’ crash is my junior, Tsukauchi. There's something strange going on there”


The police kneeled as he picks something from the road

“Is there some wrong officer?” Toshinori approached him, feeling somewhat proud at his junior's work

“We found nails all over the road. This couldn’t be a coincidence. Someone throws out these nails on purpose.” Tsukauchi hold the nails up for Toshinori to see

“Someone is deliberately causing accidents here?”

Tsukauchi put the nail into the evidence bag and pointed at the curving road in front of them, “The handrail a hundred meter from here was rusted. If by any chance they lost control and crashed there, the handrail would’ve broke and they’ll fall to the cliff."

Toshinori crossed his arms, thinking hard, “So not only they throw out the nails on purpose, they also calculate the handrail weakness and aimed for it?”

Tsukauchi nodded

“This sounds like a murder plan if I have to say officer” Toshinori crossed his arms

Tsukauchi swallowed hard, “I know I shouldn’t say this but I’m glad these kids crashed here tonight. If someone else drove through this road, I don’t know if they’ll make it out.” He stood up, “I’ve heard a lot of accidents happen around U.A’s students lately. Be careful Toshinori”

“I will”


“So someone deliberately put those nails to cause accidents?” Aizawa’s knuckles turn white 

“It could be.” Toshinori nodded his head as if deep in thought

“But Toga has been caught”

“That doesn't mean there's only one culprit. Toga could have been working with someone”

“So you're saying she might have some partners out there?” Aizawa sighed, “I know this camp is a bad idea.”

Toshinori patted Aizawa's shoulder, “Don't worry too much Aizawa, the camp will end tomorrow. We just have to stay vigilant for one more day”

“I hope so”, Aizawa’s shoulders slumped against his back, "I hope nothing happened until we return to U.A”


Aizawa’s words haunted him as he returns to his room. Everyone had already asleep, sprawled on their bizarre sleeping position when Katsuki returns. 

Suddenly a shrill chilling high-pitched woman laughter that strips Katsuki’s soul off his body echoes from the corner of the room. Warning alarms blaring red in his mind and a muffled shriek escapes from his lips. 

He snapped his eyes to the source of the voice at the corner of the room and saw a blanket shuffle. Katsuki hold his breath when a head popped out of the blanket

“Bakugou? Sorry i didn’t mean to scare you” Tokoyami turned toward him, in his hand a paused video showing a scary woman face on his phone.

“Tokoyami… what the fuck!” Katsuki hissed under his breath. Truthfully Katsuki wasn't one that easily spooked, but because of the recent events he was forced to be super sensitive to that kind of things.

“I’m sorry,” the goth boy shows Katsuki his phone, it was showing a late night horror tv series. “It's the newest season, i don't want to miss it because of the camp and I kinda left my earphone on the dorm.”

Katsuki cursed as he walked toward his bag and fish out his earphone and gave it toward the boy. Its best giving him the earphone than having another heart attack like that

“Thanks Bakugou,” Tokoyami reach out his hand

But Katsuki’s hand halted a few inch from the raven. The earphone cable hanging out of his grasp

“Bakugou?” Tokoyami tilted his head

“Do you know a lot about that kind of things?”

“What things?”

“Ghost and stuff”

Tokoyami hummed a bit and cross his hand, “Not really, but i know better than you i guess”

Katsuki hesitated, but he really need to know the truth no matter what. Swallowing his pride he asked the raven, “Then do you know a way to communicate with ghost?”

“communicate? like two ways conversation?”

Katsuki nodded

“hmm, well there’s always a seance, where the body possess a medium’s body and use it to talk to people. “

Katsuki wince, no way he’s letting Deku possess him. He shook his head, “rejected, next”

Tokoyami raised his brows, feeling a bit insulted but wondering why Katsuki reject his information all of a sudden. He decided to drop it off and think for another answers, “Well there's always the ouija board”

“o-what board?”

“It's better to show you.” Tokoyami grabbed a paper and a pen from the table and started drawing the letters on the paper. “You use a coin or a pen and the spirit will move it toward the letters”

“Good enough for me” Katsuki snatched the paper and give him the earphone instead, “now fuck off” he shooed him and went straight toward his own futon

Tokoyami just raised his eyebrows and watched as Katsuki slept on his own futon before returning to his tv show  


Late at night, Katsuki can't bring himself to sleep. Tokoyami has long finished the shows and fallen asleep. After making sure that everyone has asleep, the blond took out the paper that he snatched from Tokoyami before.. With that, he gets out of his futon tiptoeing to the corner of the room.

The revelation of Deku’s death plague his mind. Now that he has found a way to communicate with Deku the best course of action would be to contact him. But his fear and guilt keeping him from actually contacting him.

What if he was holding a grudge against him? What if Deku found a way to communicate with him he’ll curse him and Katsuki couldn’t stop it?

But Aizawa’s words echoing inside his head

What if Deku was murdered and he was innocent all this time?

“This is stupid” He muttered, a small part of him still thinks it’s a stupid idea.

He knew that Deku could move things, proven by that time where he locked him inside his room, moving a single pen would be easy compared to that. He laid down the paper and put a pen on top of it.

“Come on, show if you're here”

Bakugou took a deep breath



Izuku stared at the piece of paper in disbelief. Did Katsuki finally forgive himself and try to communicate with him?


He knew how Katsuki always blame himself for his death. He knows that Katsuki never meant to say those cruel words that he said that day. That’s see Katsuki like this is shocking even for Izuku who has spent his whole life growing up with him.

Izuku slowly sat across from him. He waved his hand in front of Katsuki’s eyes. The blond didn’t see him, "I guess this is the only way"

He put his hand beside the pen and concentrate, guiding it toward the ‘yes’


Katsuki gasped as the pen shifted toward yes

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! This is real.

He knows Deku can move things, but he never actually sees him do things.

“Is it you?”

The pen didn’t move

Katsuki took a deep shaky breath. “Izuku… do you hate me?”

The pen stilled for a moment and Katsuki thought the answer was yes until it started to shift toward no.

"Then why are you haunting me?"

The pen moves from and start to point at the words. Katsuki read the letter one by one


Katsuki’s heart thumped painfully in his chest. Killer, Izuku said killer. His throat suddenly goes dry. He clenches the hem of his shirt as he asked with a cracking voice, “You mean me?”

The wind howls, pushing some tree branches to knock on the window and Katsuki looked at how ominous it sounds like. When he returned to the paper the pen has pointed at ‘no’.

No. He’s not a killer

“So you didn’t kill yourself? You were murdered?"

The pen shifted at yes

And tears welled up on Katsuki's eyes. He cursed as he wiped it furiously with the back of his hand.

"So all this time, it was a misunderstanding? You were trying to warn me? You fucking scare me with your shitty hauntings. And...And the possession stuff...And with that scary stunt you pull in my room, all this time I thought you were holding a grudge against me. I thought you were going to get back at me, trying to kill me"

Katsuki tried to hold his sniffled as to not wake any of his classmate. All this time… It was just a misunderstanding, all the blame he put on himself, all the guilt he shoulder ever since Izuku’s death. 

The pen shifted and he paused his sniffle. His swollen red eyes trailed the words as the pen moved.


"Why are you apologizing? You shitty ghost. You're the one who dies. I'm the one who should apologize to you."

It took a few minutes for Katsuki to calm down. He looked at the Ouija board in front of him. The pen hasn't shifted and he wonders if Deku is still there

"Hey" he spoke to the air, "When you said you killer... do you know who killed you?"

It shifts to no.

"Was it toga?"

The pen didn't move

"So your killer is not Toga?" Katsuki paused for a while "then… do you know where your killer is right now?"

The pen shifted and Katsuki hold his breath


Chapter Text

Toshinori was going on his hourly patrol. He and Aizawa decided on a shift and now it's his turn to go for a round. He checked the second floor, it seems the kids have already fallen asleep judging by how quiet it was. Then he moved to the first floor, the light under the teacher room's door shows that Aizawa was still awake at these hours despite Toshinori's offer to patrol first. Then he went toward the infirmary to check up on young Kirishima. The redhead shifted in his sleep when the door creaked open, pulling his blanket tighter in the cold mountain air.

Just as he was about to return to the teacher's room he heard something as he passes through the front door. All the wariness in his body heightened. His police instinct told him to check on it. His fingers run over the keys in his pocket. The awareness forces him to heighten his sense, to sharpen his senses. See the smallest movement, and hear the smallest sounds. With his heightened sense, he silently exited the building.

The police instinct leads him to the back of the villa. He flattened himself close to the wall. As he was about to turn around the corner, there he found a young man in his early twenties with a scorch mark covering half of his face. He watched as the man drenched the exterior of the wall with something from a container in his hand. Toshinori's nose quickly caught up on the pungent smell of gasoline. His fighting instinct flares up. Toshinori might’ve quit the forces , but that doesn’t mean he stopped saving people lives or capturing villains.

 "Don’t move" He came out of his hiding place and approach the man. Toshinori doesn’t have his gun., but he still have his martial skill and can subdue this man if he proven to be dangerous. 

 The man turned around, cursing silently. He throws the container at him and ran toward the woods.

"Wait!" Toshinori chase after him.

The man was fast and quite agile for his age. Years spent chasing and being chased on the street has trained his legs. His skillful fingers able to pickpocket every purse he saw on the street. His legs are trained to run and jump as high as a fence. That’s why, running away from a single man in the forest wasn’t problematic for him at all. 

 Toshinori chased him deeper into the forest. The dark forest does not help him with his chase. The thick leaves blocking the moonlight from shining his path.

It didn't take long until he lost him

Toshinori stopped running. His chest heaving up and down heavily as he rested his hand on his knees. Shoulder slumped against him, racking painfully. he could feel his old wound thumping. Now that he’s wounded, Toshinori wasn't as strong as he used to be when he work in the force. He clenched his eyes, trying to tune out the pain

At that moment Toshinori didn't see the figure watching at him from one of the branches. Those blue eyes shone as the folded knife in his hand reflected the moonlight.

Without any warning, the figure jumped at him from the branch. A sharp knife glints ominously in his hands 

And the next thing Toshinori knew is pain



Then Katsuki's heart jumped as he heard a faint scream coming out of the forest. Katsuki snap his head toward the window.

Someone got hurt and it seems quite badly. But judging by the voice it seems like someone got hurt and by how small the scream echoed in the forest it seems like whoever they were, it was quite far away from their villa. The sound was loud enough for them to hear but not loud enough to wake the student from their sleep.

Then Katsuki could hear the front door unlocking. From his room window, he could see Aizawa-sensei coming out of the villa. It seems like he’s not the only one who heard the scream. He ducked when Aizawa went looked at the window hoping the raven won’t notice him. When the raven passed he continues to watch as the teacher walked toward the garden.

He took a deep gulp. Don’t worry, they have Aizawa with them here right now. Aizawa will catch him for sure.

Aizawa frantically looked around him, shining the forest with his flashlight. Faintly Katsuki could hear him calling for Toshinori's name.

Wait, where is Toshi sensei?

Katsuki continued to watch from the window. Just as Aizawa was about to reach the garden, a dark shadow approached from behind him and hit his head with a block of wood

Katsuki gasped. His hand gripping tight at the windowsill. He can’t do anything but watch as they wrestled against each other for a while. Aizawa was overwhelmed, it was dark but Katsuki swore he could see blood dripping from the teacher’s head. 

The villain was vicious, sure Aizawa can fight and considered adequate in term of self-defense. But the other man has caught him completely off guard. Not giving him even one second to recover. The gray haired man continue to attack and punch and kick and Aizawa can’t do anything, pinned beneath him and  hold his hand up for defense. It was a one sided fight and it didn't take long until Aizawa’s defense falter.

The teacher has students to protect and he can’t let this man do anything to them. So the raven took the villa key from his pocket. 

The villain’s eyes shone as it sees its target. If he can steal the key from the teacher...

and Katsuki could see Aizawa throwing something to the forest with all his might. The assailant was agitated, he grabbed the block of wood and swing it again at Aizawa’s face again harder than before. 

Katsuki’s eyes shrunk in fear as the ominous sounds of thumps echoes loudly and Aizawa fell to the ground. The teacher didn't move after that. Katsuki watched in horror as the man stood beside his teacher's body and throw the wood away. The  he dragged his teacher into the forest and disappear.


Katsuki quickly scrambled away from the door and  shook Iida awake. “Hey, Class-rep! Wake the fuck up!” he shouted in a hushed voice.

“Bakugou… what?” Iida's eyes opened blearily

Katsuki quickly kicked the one sleeping next to him. Sero groaned awake, “Bakugou what the…”

“Shut up!" Katsuki knew he can't be panicking but he can't help it as he felt dread slowly seeping inside him, " Wake everyone up!”

Sensing the silent panic from the blond. Iida knew that Katsuki wasn’t one easily shocked, so whatever shock him is possibly serious enough. So the class-rep took his glasses and put it on. With Sero’s help the three of them started to wake everyone up and in a mere minute, everyone has woken up from the ruckus.

"What's wrong Bakugou? It's one in the morning" Kaminari said, rubbing his eyes and opened his phone to look at the time

“Someone is trying to break into the villa" Katsuki explained, he could tell that not everyone here is conscious yet, some of them though awake, still have their head deep in dreamland. how can he tell them to dire situation? And why does they have to be so noisy? 

"Are you sure?” Sato yawned, “Isn't that just Aizawa sensei?"

"Shut up and listen!” He raised his voice a bit. Trying to let his distress known. That works somehow, some people starts to shut their mouth and pay attention to him. “I just saw someone attacked Aizawa-sensei”

the boys started to break into panic, Attacked? What? Are you kidding? Are you sure it's not a dream? Where is Aizawa-sensei?

“Everyone listen!” he tried to move away from the window, “There was some scream coming from the forest and Aizawa sensei was checking on it when I saw someone hit him from behind and dragged him to the forest." He explained

"Aizawa sensei isn’t here?" Koda asked silently

Tokoyami scratched his head, "Are you serious? What about Toshi sensei?"

The boys started to become noisy again. Panic and denial swirling around the room like a heavy mist and it’s slowly getting out of control.

Iida, though a little bit confused, tried to calm everyone down. 

Then a silhouette of green stood out inside the dark room. Deku was there, standing in front of the door.

Katsuki suck in a sharp breath and took a step back. However, Katsuki’s fear was drowned by the boys’ panic and no one notices the change in the blond behaviour. He glance at the ouija paper lay forgotten in the corner of the room. 

Deku won’t hurt them. Deku is innocent.

So Katsuki steeled his heart and looked at the  bloody sight of the ghost. Izuku’s broken tattered finger slowly raised into his lips. Blood seeping off from his socket as his broken lips moves.

That gesture. Katsuki understand in an instant, "Everyone shut the fuck up and listen. No one breathes!"

The room fell silent in an instant. Katsuki walked toward the window and peek outside

“Bakugou…?” someone calls him name, “Is it true that-”

“Shut up!” Katsuki’s heart stopped when he saw that gray haired man exited the forest all by himself, there’s no Aizawa-sensei in sight. “He’s here! That guy is here. Everyone stay quiet”

Everyone obeys and hold their breath, seconds passed as fear slowly building up inside them. Then suddenly, they could hear the front door key rattled heavily. the sound of something slamming into the door and trying to break into the house. The sound was muffled, as if the person trying to make as little noise as possible. 

Katsuki looked at his classmates’ eyes, hoping that it was just a hallucination that only he heard. But one look at his classmates eyes. He knew that they heard it too. 

not long the thumping sound stopped.

“are they gone?”

Then suddenly a muffled sound of glass breaking cut through the silent night, followed with a soft click of key unlocking. Then the entrance creaked open. Katsuki covered his mouth finding the rest of the boys holding their breath in similar ways.

The man got inside the villa!

“Everyone go back to your bed!” Iida said in a hushed voice and the boys quickly silently slipped back into their futon with their blanket pulled up to their hair.

They could hear the stairs creaks softly, showing the silent steps of the intruder. The horror cranked up their senses and the soft padded footsteps that now tread silently toward their room sounds louder within each steps. It was so quiet that they’ll miss it completely if they’ve been asleep.

If they’ve been asleep.

The boys hold their breath together, trying their hardest not to flinch when their door slides open. Some part of them wishes it was just Aizawa or Toshinori checking up on them

But instead of their teacher, an unknown man with unkempt gray hair and an evil smile slide the door open

Katsuki peeked behind his blanket and he was sure that his classmates also done the same.

A chilly sensation drained their blood as they saw an unfamiliar red eyes peeking through their door.

Chapter Text

Katsuki’s heart thumping in his chest. He tried to make his body relaxed as possible, just like a sleeping people does. But he can’t help it when all the cells in his body is tense from the incoming threat. He could hear the doorknob twisted and with a soft click, the door creaked open.

Curiosity might kill the cat but, they will die sooner or later anyway. So he peeked through his blankets, careful not to get caught. He caught glimpse on the blanket shifting next to him and he was sure that his classmate also done the same. 

He shifted his head toward the door and a he could feel his blood drained out of his body as he saw an unfamiliar red eyes peeking through their door.

he unconsciously covered his mouth, holding his breath

The man let out a sinister laugh as he checked in on his prey. Seconds passed like hours  before the man quietly closed the door. Soft footsteps tread toward the next room and the boys waited. A minute passed and they heard the  girl's room clicked close and the footsteps tread downstairs. All the boys were too shocked to even speak. A dreadful moment passed by and with a shaky breath they started to uncovered their mouth

"Who the fuck was that?" Kaminari whispered from beneath his blanket. His voice was trembling

Ojiro looked pale, "We have to find Aizawa sensei"

"We have to run!" Sato said

 "How?” Koda's eyes started to swell with tears, “We can't escape. This is the second floor”

“It’s too risky to jump from the window,”Shouji added

“We can’t exactly go out from the front door either” Koda said in a hushed voice

Shouto’s eyes trailed over to the forgotten blankets as the boys argue in a hushed voice, "Let’s make a rope! We can tied our blanket together" He suggested, "I've watched it in a movie before."

The boys nodded "yeah we can do that"

"How about the girls. It seems like they’re still sleeping in their room" Shoji reminded them

Iida swallowed hard, "We have to warn the girls"

"How? We can't go outside, that man is still inside the villa." Aoyama panicked, “He could be waiting for us on the stairs”

"How about the balcony?" Sero said, "We can jump over to their room through our balcony"

They looked at the windows, "But it’s so high up."

"Who can climb over to the girls’ balcony?" Katsuki asked

The boys' eyes slowly trailed toward a certain purple head.

"Mineta, it's time we put your climbing skill to use." Sero patted his shoulder. The boys remembers how he climbed the partition between girls bath and the boys' bath to sneak a peek on them

"What? Are you crazy? The balcony is high and far apart"

"That's right Sero, trespassing into a girls room is unbefitting for a U.A. students" Iida blushed. completely missing out the point

"But we have to warn them. If we call the girls with their phone the rings might alert the killer too." Shouto made his point.

"Seems like there's no other way" Shoji nodded his head, "it's better than go out to the hall and knocked on their door"

"It's decided then. The girls will freak out if they only sees Mineta in their balcony so we need someone to go with him. Who wants to volunteer?"

The boys fell silent, no one wants to sneak into the girls' room.

"I think Iida should do it. He's the class rep after all" Ojiro suggested

"What?!" Iida spluttered

Tokoyami agreed, "That's right, all you have to do is woke Momo up. Leave the rest to her"

"Woke her up? That's incredibly rude!" iida rejected with his block chopping motion

Shouto groaned and grab Iida’s shoulder, "Iida we have to wake the girls up"

The glasses boy shut his mouth and cast his gaze away from the group.

"We should let someone go with him though. At least to keep him from doing anything …." Tokoyami trailed, his eyes staring at Mineta

"I swear I'm not going to do anything." The grapehead denied vehemently

"It's just for precaution."

"I'll do it" Shouto volunteered

 "Then Iida and Todoroki will cross the balcony and warn the girls. Iida because he’s the class rep and Todoroki to watch for Mineta." The three boys nodded and head to the balcony

The grapehead start his preparation and stretch out his hand

"Mineta, I swear if we die here because you can't keep your dick in your pants-" Katsuki threatened

"I know sheesh!" The boy swiftly jumped to the railing and in a blink of an eye, he was already across in the girls’ balcony. Iida throw him a sheet and he tied it to the railing. he make an OK sign with his hand and Iida and Shouto carefully crossed over. 

Within a minute the three boys were already on the girls’ balcony.  "It’s locked” Iida clicked his tongue as he tug on the window

"Here, let me." Shouto kneeled and took out a pair of bob pin from his pocket. Skillfully the boy pick the lock with it and it didn't take long until the lock clicked opened

Iida watched in amazement as the boy does his magic, "How did you do that?"

"It takes skills to escape from my house, especially when my father is home." Shouto answered nonchalantly, 

Iida was stuck between awe and concern. But before he could say anything Shouto already urged him to get inside, “It’s open, lets do it quick”

Iida swallowed hard as he passed through the window and step into the girls' room


Momo gasped as the sudden shook on her shoulder startled her. Iida was standing close beside her and he holds his finger in front of her lips in a shushing motion.

Honestly, Momo had never thought that Iida of all people would break into the girl's room.

Momo looked at him with a hint of confusion, but Iida's eyes were screaming apologies as he stared into her silently

Finally, Momo nodded and the boy breathe in relief. The boy leaned away and gave her some space, only then Momo could see Shouto and Mineta waiting outside their window. The rest of the girls were still sleeping.

"I'm sorry for breaking into the girls' room but there's an emergency and I need you to wake everyone up as quietly as possible."

Momo looked into his eyes and knew that he's serious. Iida wouldn't joke around like this, "What happened?"

"I'll explain it as soon as everyone wakes up. He insisted, “I’ll wait outside." With that the boy walked back toward the balcony. As gentlemanly as ever the boys keep their back on the room as Momo wakes everyone up

The girls were surprised when they woke up and found out that three boys have sneaked into their balcony.

"Don't worry they didn't do anything weird" Momo assured Kyouka as the girl squinted her eyes at the intruders

"Please keep your voice down and don't turn on the light," Iida whispered from the balcony

Momo walked toward the balcony and opened the door, “everyone's awake now.”

Iida glance at Shouto and he nodded. The glasses boy took a deep breath as he went inside and explained everything.


When Iida return to the balcony he saw Shoji with their makeshift rope in his hands.

"How's the girls?" He asked

"They're a bit panicking right now but Momo managed to get them all under control. Now they're trying to tie their sheets"

Tokoyami get out onto the balcony, "How about you?"

"Me, Shouto and Mineta will escape from here."

"And then where will we go?"

Iida's eyes trailed toward the forest before him. He remembered that the closest city would be the small village down the mountains. He remembered how their bus passed the city when they arrived before.

That's right! The bus

Their bus was still parked at the parking lot nearby. The path to the villa was too small for the bus so they have to get off the bus in the parking lot and spend the rest of the way walking to the villa.

"Let's go back to the bus. Maybe if we're lucky we can find someone on the road nearby."

"Okay then."

"Iida. We're done here" Momo came out with a heap of tied sheets in her hand.

"Are you guys ready?" Iida asked the boys. They nodded and at the same time Shoji and Momo throw their makeshift rope down.


The boys gather in the balcony and watched as Shoji descended to the ground first. Because he's the tallest and the strongest guy in the room he will go down first and help others.

One by one the kids descents their makeshift rope.

Finally all the girl has escaped, Iida and Shouto followed behind them. Mineta stay behind to untied the rope and climb back to the boys' room

The boys continues to escapes one by one until there's only Kaminari, Sero, Mineta and Katsuki on the room.

"Oy grape head you go first." Katsuki shoo him off.

Sero descended next and Kaminari hold Katsuki's hand tight.

Katsuki watched as Kaminari descended the rope. Shoji caught him mid-way and put him on the ground. Kaminari glanced at him when he landed on the ground

"Bakugou come on. You're the last one" Iida whispered.

But Katsuki just smiled as he untied the sheets.

"What are you doing?!" Shouto step forward, "Katsuki get down here."

But the blond just waved at them as he went back into the room

"What is he doing?! We have to go after him." Iida rushed toward the villa

"No!" Kaminari grabbed Iida's hand, "Katsuki… he…"


As Mineta descended the rope, Katsuki pulled Kaminari and Sero's hand. "You guys have to go first, I'll untie the rope from here."

Sero's eyes widen, "What?! You're crazy? How will you escape?"

Katsuki shook his head, "I can't. Kirishima is stuck in the infirmary downstairs. I have to save him."

"But that man is downstairs" Kaminari hissed

They could hear Iida calling their name in a hushed voice from below.

"Katsuki…" Kaminari's eyes plead for Katsuki to think twice about his mission impossible

But Katsuki's eyes burned with determination as he looked to the door, "I'll be okay."

The blonde sighed. There's no changing Katsuki's mind this time, "Be careful Katsuki." Kaminari said worriedly

"I will."


Katsuki took a few deep breath as he leaned on the wall. The makeshift rope lay forgotten beside his legs. He’s scared, that much is obvious. But he knows that he can’t give up here. Not when it means leaving Kirishima alone in the infirmary. 

Silently he could hear Kaminari and Iida bickering outside, he can’t heard what they’re talking about but he does wish they could be a little quieter. If he could hear them that means that man could hear them too. Finally the argument settle down and Katsuki felt the phone vibrate in his phone, signaling an incoming message. He scoffed as he read the message, reading them over and over again before holding his phone close to his head and close his eyes. 

He’s going to return safe and sound along with Kirishima. He has saved everyone from many dangers since the start of the years. All the guilt in his heart has been lifted. Katsuki doesn’t know why this killer is targeting them but at least now he knew that Deku-his childhood friend- isn’t a killer. 

Maybe Deku was warning him of all the dangers all this time? Katsuki didn’t know. But now that he learnt a speck of truth behind Deku’s death, the theory seems more plausible. Deku wasn’t behind all the accidents that happens to them. Maybe it’s this man’s fault? Deku said that his killers are here, could this man be the one? Does this man kills Deku? If so, then why would this man targeted U.A students?

He had more questions than he ever knew, and possibly, no time to answers them. Iff he manages to escape from this predicaments, he’s totally gonna confront Deku with that board thingy and ask for answers. 

But first, he had already let the rest of the group escape from the villa. All that’s left is saving Kirishima who was left all alone in the infirmary. Katsuki hope he could save the teachers but maybe it’s too hard for him to do that right now. The man dragged Aizawa out to the woods but he doesn’t know where exactly that dark-haired teacher is, or whether he still alive or not. 

Chill traveled up from his spine as he imagined Aizawa’s death.

‘No Katsuki. Don’t think about it.’  He shook his head, trying to push the image away from his mind. ‘Now let’s just focus on saving Kirishima’

He clenched his grip against his phone tighter, “We’re going back together”

He knows that the man is still inside the villa, but he doesn’t know where exactly he is. He hoped he could descend the stairs and hide in the nearby room and waited until the man went upstairs. When the man has gone upstairs he would go to the infirmary and save Kirishima. 

With that Katsuki flattened himself against the wall, carefully opening the door hoping that it won't make a sound. From the crack of the door he could only see the stairs. It was clear, the stairs was clear. He could made it. He can go to the stairs now and hide downstairs!

With that Katsuki opened the door and exited the room

However it was the wrong choice

The dark hall made it hard to look at the tall and threatening shadow that stood in front of the girls’ room. Katsuki’s breath stopped as the man turned around and their eyes quickly met each other. Red meets red and time seems to have come into a complete still. 

the prey and the hunter has been decided at that moment.

A fraction of moment passed as the man lunged at the blond like a fierce beast. A few precious seconds as Katsuki tried to defend himself. A deafening sounds of Katsuki’s phone clattering down to the floor. Displayed on its bright screen are his most recent text


From: IIda Tenya

Both you and Kirishima have to return safely. We’ll meet at the parking lot where we park the bus. Just follow the trail and you’ll get there.

I repeat. Return Safely


Chapter Text

Shigaraki smiled as he break into the villa. Sure there are a few miss in his plans tonight. Dabi wasn't supposed to be caught by Toshinori, but everything is well within his calculation. The dark-haired teacher proven to be more troublesome than he expected, but even that, he had taken care of. 

He reach over the small boxes in his pocket. This is Dabi’s masterpiece. Dabi was the one who supposed to put these things on the villa’s interior but it doesn't matter. If Dabi can take out Toshinori then Shigaraki would gladly do his work for him. 

The first thing he do when he step into the villa was to check on his dearest victims. He couldn't hold his bloodlust as he saw them sleeping peacefully under their futon. They would never expect that this camp would be the end of their short lives. Shigaraki has been planning all the incidents. But those traps that he set for them has never succeed. Sometimes it's easier to step in directly just like that greenette, or maybe in Toga’s case, just stab them in broad daylight. That’s why he decided to finish them off all tonight. He doesnt care of they leave a trace. All he wanted was to saw Toshinori’s despair as he lost all of his children. 

He went downstair and start to put those little boxes on each corner of the house. Just as Dabi has instructed. It was easy since most of the door inside the villa wasn't locked. 

Then he went upstair and put one of those little boxes on the end of the hall.

And suddenly.

One of the door opened. 

A blonde head, peeking out of the door before exiting the room.

A prey! His prey has woken up and going to escape from him. No!NO! no! He can’t have that. he’s going to kill every last one of Toshinori’s student.  And that means this blond too.

The blonds breath hitched as he felt the bloodlust that permeated the room. Like a deer caught in a headlamp, the boy turned around and looked at him.

And so Shigaraki lunged at him.


Katsuki quickly holds his hands up in a defensive stance as the man lunged toward him. Warning alarm blared through his mind. But before he can run or do anything, the man quickly slammed him hard to the wall.Katsuki gasped as the air escaped from his lungs. 

He has to fight! He has ro run! All kinds of warnings blearing inside his mind. But before he could escape his confusion, he could feel death’s cold hands wrapping itself around his throat. And in one swift moment the hold tightened and cut off his airways

The man is choking him! 

Katsuki tried to resist, trashing his limbs around. His eyes squinted painfully as the world started to darken. Gritting his teeth and tensing all the muscles in his neck. His nails digging into Shigaraki's hand, scratching him.

Shigaraki growled, tightening his grip, pushing his fingertips even deeper against the boy’s throat. He’s not letting him go. Shigaraki was so hell-bent on finishing everyone off here. Who cares if this one boy dies earlier than the rest of the groups?

With a choked sounds Katsuki closed his eyes. His feet swinging against the wall weakly. He can’t breath. It feels like all the energy got drained out of him. Slowly his grips on Shigaraki’s hand started to loosened.

Shigaraki let out a victorious grin as he felt the boy in his hand has ceased his futile resistance.

And using that few precious second where Shigaraki let his guard down Katsuki’s red eyes snapped open. ‘Not yet!’ Pushing with all the strength he has left, he kicked Shigaraki in his stomach.

The man was caught off guard. He let out a pained winces in pain and let go of his hold, dropping Katsuki down to the ground.

The blond fell with a heavy thump. He turned on his side, coughing as the sudden rush of air filled his lungs again. 

Yet before he could completely recover, Shigaraki was already back on his feet, “You little squirt!”

He has to get away from there. That man just tried to kill him.

Black spots dancing in his vision from the lack of oxygen, yet in spite of that Katsuki tried to see through it and look for an escape, Katsuki tried to get away as far as possible from that man. He crawled towards the exit because standing up seems a lot more difficult than usual.

He has to grab that shitty hair in the infirmary and get out of the villa. Run toward the bus and call the police.

Just as he arrived at the stairs. He felt shivers down his spine. He have knew this sensations all too well. All the recent accidents have taught him that this sensation only happens around danger

Katsuki turned toward the danger, but before he could dodge, Shigaraki’s boots were already digging into his torso. Stomach acid spluttered from his mouth and the world started to spin out of control as he fell down the stairs. His body slammed on the step, rolling and rolling all the way down. Pain shrouded his whole body as he landed downstairs. He could feel something warm dripping from his head and slid into his eyes. He wanted to wipe it off but he can’t move his limbs.

A creaking sound of the steps shows that someone is descending the stairs

That’s right, that man is still upstairs.

Shigaraki stood by the boy’s unmoving body. It seems like he hit his head badly during his fall, his red eyes stared out into space dazedly. ‘That hurts so much’, Shigaraki rubbed the spot where the blond had kicked him before

Out of spite , Shigaraki kicked the boy. His body twitched painfully as the blows connected. The older man crouched beside him. He watched as the boy’s chest heaved up and down weakly, savoring the moment where he got his prey around his finger. His lips pulled into a taunting smile, a sense of victory overwhelms him and he took a handful of those blonde locks, pulling he roughly and pride fills him as he show off his captured prized.

The boy groaned as pain blooms in his scalp. He grabbed the captor’s hand out of reflex but he was in no condition to fight. His grip is considerably weaker than the one he used to when he resists Shigaraki’s choke.

That’s good, the boy is still alive. It’ll be less entertaining if he dies before the main event

He tightened his grip and started to drag Katsuki by it. The boy’s legs trashed around weakly as Shigaraki pulled and dragged him away from the entrance. Weak gasps slipping through painful whines as it escaped from the boy’s lips 

The last thing Katsuki saw is Deku’s blurry silhouette as he stood behind Shigaraki and the villain terrifying smile as he locked him in.


Izuku knows that he’s dead and all sensation has been cut off for him but he can’t deny the chilling sensation he felt when he watches Shigaraki choke Katsuki.

He tried to help but his hands passed through Shigaraki’s hold completely.

Why? Why can’t he do anything?

“Kacchan! You have to run! You have to stand up!”

But Katsuki was too weak to outrun him. Shigaraki recovered fast and Izuku’s heart thumped painfully when the man kicked Katsuki down the stairs. He screamed as Katsuki’s body rolled down, slamming heavily on every step. When Katsuki landed like a heap on the floor, unmoving, Izuku thought for the worst.

However, it didn’t end there. Shigaraki yanked the blond’s head and Izuku felt a little bit of relief washed over him as he saw Katsuki struggled a bit

He’s alive

The greenette continued to call the name of his childhood friend, desperately trying to help. But none of the two men in the room can hear him, his plea fell on deaf ears. He can’t do anything as Shigaraki dragged the boy on the floor and locked him into one of the rooms.

Tears escaped from his eyes as he loomed over Katsuki’s unmoving body. He could see blood seeping from the Katsuki’s head, tainting those beautiful blond locks with ugly red. He can only cry and pray that the small rise and down of Katsuki’s chest didn't stop.

As he cried his eyes out he could hear the man continue to pour gasoline into the villa

That’s right. As long as that man is here Katsuki is still in danger. He has to bring Katsuki out of here!

Izuku quickly moved toward the door and tried to unlock the door. The strength that he lost for trying to force-possess Katsuki still hasn't returned but he should be able to open a simple lock. White steam escapes his mouth as he heard the familiar click of key unlocking.

Tired but satisfied smile etched on Izuku’s face, “I did it! Kacchan you have to escape! The door is unlocked!”

But Katsuki didn't move. Izuku kneeled beside the blond. Hand reaching out to shake his back. However, instead of passing through like he used to, Izuku could feel the familiar sensation of opening as his hand went through Katsuki’s body.

Katsuki has fallen unconscious.

With that he steeled himself and reach out his hand toward the unconscious boy. “I'm going to save you Kacchan”

“I’m afraid I’d have to stop you there boy” a familiar voice cut through the icy atmosphere.

Izuku turned around, surprised to see her figure now of all time. “Nana-san, what are you doing here?” It has been a while since he last saw her, what is she doing here now of all time. 

“I’m trying to stop you from making a grave mistake”

“I have to save him” izuku gestured his hand toward the unconscious blond. He could see blood slowly pooling beneath Katsuki’s head. 

But the woman just shook her head slowly. “You’ve interfered far enough with the living world. Don’t you remember? I’ve warned you about it. Everytime you’re interfering with the living world you’re risking yourself more!” 

Izuku stay silent. He knew about the risk. He just decides to ignore it.

“Do you remember what I told you about interfering with the living world too much?”

Izuku clenches his hand,lowering his head as he recalled Nana’s words, “You say, if I interfered with the living world too much…” His words trailed. he knew the risk for interfering too much with the living world. He knew it himself, he could feel it in his body. The little weight he feel in his limb. The pain he started to feel whenever he cross between the world. He knew the risk, but he just couldn’t help but to risk it.

“Well?” The woman taunted, “Do you remember it? My words?”

Izuku sucks in a deep breath as he clenches his hand harder. It was a difficult choice, a small warning that seems so far-fetched that Izuku decided to ignore it. But now that he has fallen too deep, there’s no denying it. 

“I would be chained to the living world for eternity as a wandering ghost”

“A wandering ghost will never find peace, you’ll stuck in the living world for eternity” The woman reach out her hand, “Come on Izuku, don’t make a mistake that you’ll regret.”

And slowly she pulled him away from the blond


Shigaraki dragged the boy into one of the empty rooms. As he passed the kitchen his eyes swiftly caught at the moving things on the peripheral of his vision. 

Someone is outside the villa!

He quickly throw Katsuki into a nearby room and locked him in. He turned on his heels and slammed the front door opened

His eyes widened as he caught the students frozen still in the front yard. Clumping together like a frightened sheep. Wearing only their pyjamas and barefooted.  He could hear their breath hitches, eyes widened like a deer caught in a headlamps. But all Shigaraki could feel was rage, as his long-planned execution crumbles before his eyes.

How did they escape? How could they be here. He just checked them before and they were sleeping soundly. He gritted his teeth. His prey is running away from him, scattering away right before his traps. His blood boils inside him, travelling throughout his veins. Bloodlust drippings like a thick fog around him. He bared his teeth. How dare they run away from him!

And so he lunged at the students. 

"Everyone run!" Iida shouted and the students quickly dispersed into the forest.

"You brats!" Shigaraki gritted his teeth and chase after the children. 

The students scatters and run as fast as they could from him. They were too fast, just like fireflies. their lights scrambled away indiscriminately when Shigaraki closes in. Everything happens too fast, blurs colors and desperates shouts. The students calling each other’s name as they run and run and run away to the forest with their little feet.

Then he- Shigaraki- saw it a single light flutters down as it tripped on the ground. It’s a girl with a short straight purple hair. He reach out his hand. The image of the blind’s frightened face overlaps with the girl’s pale face. He can do this, just like that blond boy, he can capture them one by one and proceed with the plan. 

The girl screams as Shigaraki’s hand hovered dangerously close to her.

"Kyouka! Watch out!" Kaminari turned around on his heels and charge into the villain.

The girl’s eye drowned in horror as the boy leapt in front of her, "Kaminari!" 

Shigaraki’s fingers grabbed the boy’s face, his nail digging painfully into the untainted young skin. Shigaraki could feel something snapped inside him and he slammed the boy hard to the ground.

The boy let out a choked gasp as his chest constricts painfully from the impact. Somewhere in the background the desperate plea of the girls echoed within the dark night forest. Yet despite of the pain the boy managed to grab hold of his hand and shouted with a broken voice.



Suddenly a dark shadow leapt from the nearby bushes. In a blink of an eye Kaminari watched as  a giant shadow swiftly jumped and tackled the man above him. 

“RUN!” The shadow screamed and it took Kaminari a few second to see the dark figure in the night

Aizawa struggled as he pinned the criminal down to the ground, twisting one of the man’s arm behind his back. Blood dripping from his head, covering almost half of his face. His whole body is in tatters yet the man, just like a wounded beast has grown fiercer when push into the corner. Aizawa’s eyes glared at him as they met, "RUN!"

Kyouka scrambled up and grabbed Kaminari's hand, “Let’s go!” Without waiting for the blond to get back on his feet he dragged the boy into the forest. 

Aizawa’s breath uneven as he tried his hardest to keep his hold tight. Honestly he was in pain and it's so damn hard to see. When he woke up the first thing he do is try to find his way back to the villa, calls the police and save the children. As he tread toward the villa he felt glad as he saw the students were safe and sound outside the villa. But that relief was cut short as the door slammed open and the villain marched toward tem with a very visible murder intent. 

The man caught Kaminari when he jumped in to save Kyouka.

That man might have caught him off guard before, but he wont give him a second chance! 

And so Aizawa jumped at him.

The man let out a strained laugh as Aizawa hold him in the ground. 

“What's funny?”

"You think you’ve won? It doesn't matter if the kids escapes. I still got that hot-blooded blond half-dead inside the building"

Aizawa’s heart thumped painfully as he connected the dots. 

hot-blooded blond. Was he talking about Katsuki?

In a few seconds Aizawa let his guard down, Shigaraki pulled his other hand free and reach out toward his pocket

“Shit! no you don't!” Aizawa tried to stop him

But it was too late.  By that time Shigaraki’s hand had already reach for the key inside his pockets. He pushed the button and in a matter of seconds…

A loud deafening explosion echoed from inside the villa.

And in a matter of seconds, the villa is on fire