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Your cheek pressed further into the warm pillow as you woke up, eyes still glazed with sleep. Your recent over-exhaustion had allowed you the best sleep in recent memory, particularly with your ability to sleep in late that morning. You willed yourself to slowly open your eyes and took in the warm, grayish room around you. The pleasant pattering of rain on the window relaxed you further, and the only thing to perfectly round off your morning were the warm arms around your waist and the slow, even breathing caressing the back of your neck. You smiled and carefully rolled yourself over while still in Arthur’s embrace.

As you faced him, you studied his beautiful, albeit exhausted, face. Part of you wanted to let him sleep all day; the two of you had not had days off in a while, particularly not on the same day. This was the day for the two of you to spend together, and Arthur promised a lovely evening ahead. But for now, what you wanted the most was for him to rest. You could not help the guilt that overtook you when you thought about how much he worked, especially with the treatment that came along with it. It was not a foreign sight for Arthur to come home with new bruises and gashes littering his thin torso each day, nor was it uncommon for him to be berated by his awful boss. On those days, you swore you would give up anything in your life for his well being.

Things would get better soon though, you reminded yourself. The lease on your apartment had ended, and you had succumbed to Arthur’s want for you to move in with him. It made more sense like this anyways. Both your incomes could go into one apartment instead of two, you would each do half the cleaning and cooking, and the thought of him being there for you when you got home every day was irreplaceable. You couldn't remember ever being so elated. Now it was just about being patient, saving up a bit, and things would fall into place. You would leave Gotham in no time, taking Arthur with you and starting a happy life together. You couldn’t help the contented sigh and smile that tugged at your lips, and you gently brushed a piece of Arthur’s dark hair from his face.

You supposed you were not gentle enough, as you managed to wake up Arthur anyways. His eyes fluttered open softly and locked with yours, half-lidded but with the same green intensity they always had. Something about this sleepy, messy, bed-headed Arthur shot butterflies into your stomach, but you held yourself back from making any advances. You wanted him to sleep a bit more; you had nowhere to be yet after all, and everything was so comfortable.

“Sorry babe, go back to sleep,” You whispered, burrowing your face into the crook of his neck and closing your eyes yourself after placing a chaste kiss there. You were no longer sleepy, but you were fully content staying wrapped in your boyfriend’s arms for a while longer.

But you felt Arthur’s large hand run through the slightly tangled strands of hair that were splayed out behind you. You removed your face from his neck to meet his gaze again, and saw all the love in the world within his eyes. You had been dating for several months now, but you had yet to grow accustomed to the way Arthur looked at you-- like you were an actual angel on earth. Your heart began to speed up as he moved forward to connect your lips.

You allowed the kiss to deepen, opening your mouth further to accept him. You relaxed into him like you would relax into sleep. Your hands glided over his chest covered only by a thin pajama t-shirt. With your thumb, you brushed over his prominent collar bone while Arthur caressed your lower back, under the tank top you were wearing.

Finding some leverage with his arms around your sides, Arthur pushed himself up until he was hovering over you. You took another moment to look at each other’s faces, and your hand traveled up from his wrist and over his bicep. You were proud to see that, very slowly, Arthur was starting to put a bit more weight on. He was breathtaking, and you did not shy to tell him so. In an attempt to hide his embarrassment, he mumbled his thank you’s against your lips as the two of you reconnected.

You held on to the back of his shirt with your fists and breathed more deeply as Arthur’s mouth traveled from your mouth to your jaw, and then to the nape of your neck. He explored the soft skin there with his tongue before transitioning to his teeth, and you moaned lightly as he began to suck a mark there. Arthur’s breath deepened as well, and you felt his right hand move from its place on the bed to touch your side.

His fingers pawed at your thighs and traveled upwards before landing on your hips and squeezing lightly. As they moved up further, Arthur’s hand brushed against your waist and you let out a small, involuntary yelp.

As though burned with fire, Arthur lept back instantly. The concern was unmasked on his face as his brow furrowed and he stuttered out an apology. “Did I hurt you, kitten?” He pleaded, and your heart broke for a second.

“No no, don’t worry!” You reassured him as quickly as possible. The last thing you wanted was to Arthur to draw back into himself after you had done so much to draw him out. “I’m just… a little ticklish there.”

Arthur’s forehead smoothed and a smirk took over his mouth. Suddenly, his face grew dark as he eyed you like prey. “Oh, you’re ticklish Y/N?” Arthur snickered.

“...Just a little bit,” Your stomach dropped as you braced yourself for Arthur to jump on you. There was no way Arthur could hold himself back from such a sure way to hear your beautiful, song bird laugh.

His thin fingers were quickly at your waist, mercilessly digging into them as laughter burst from your mouth and his. You thrashed wildly, attempting to pick up your arms to push him away. In that moment he was too quick for you, however, and saw the opportunity to tickle your armpits as well. Your arms shot back down to your sides as you attempted to cover your weak spot, but it was no use. Arthur was unrelenting and your shrieking, happy gales filled the entire apartment.

After a few minutes of this torture, Arthur let you catch your heavy breath with your back against the sheets. He tried to swing his leg up and around you to free you from his straddle, but your arms quickly looped themselves around his neck as you brought him to meet your lips once more. The way his flushed cheeks highlighted his handsome features, and the way his hair framed and fell into his face made you need him all around you again.

Arthur looked back down at you, and took in your loveliness. It was his turn to tell you how he felt for you this time, and the two of you spent the rest of the morning in each other’s arms.