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Breeding Season

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Breeding season had arrived before hibernation had ended, so Majima Goro, snake-cocksleeve of the monster world, slept on in his grove. He laid near a tree senseless from the long winters of the world, holding himself in a loose curl, his belly exposed for the world to see. More exposed than he would ever let it be, if he was awake; but he was not. What is a snake but a long-loose cocksleeve? Maybe you can answer this question, but then you're not a god.

The gods and the beasts and the monsters come; lately even the animals have learned to come. Last week alone when Saejima lumbered out of the forest he'd found a bear fucking his brother, holding Majima's limp form against his own with its blood-red cock jutting out of its fur. It held Majima close and rutted against him so hard it'd left long claw marks on Majima's scales, the tree, the ground, panting heavily, eyes-mist red with fuck-crazed lust, and when Saejima dragged the bear away from Majima's pliant form — or was about to — he saw Majima's cloaca pulsing around that cock, wet and slimy with more than the bear's juices: even asleep Majima was horny for any cock.

"Ya such a fuckin' slut," Saejima grumbled. He sent away the disgruntled, heaving bear, and took his turn instead. Oh he did, many turns — hunched over Majima's pliant form (for what is he, if he isn't a cocksleeve) and used Majima over and over again, thrusting his own long cock into Majima's cloaca, and found it wet and soft and hungry as a womb always. The folds opened up and let him in, enveloped his cock so wholly it was like, oh, oh a spa for his cock, wrapped around it hungrily, sucking his skin tightly, pulsing greedily on Saejima's cock. What is this if not a cock-sleeve? This fucking snake.

Saejima moved against him. The stripes on his back and on his arms flexed around his sleeping brother, the fur on his hands bristle and stand up from the pleasure. His cock… It was utterly wrapped up and hot. There was no pressure to be had inside Majima, it felt like all he was, was soft, pulsing flesh, pulsing around his cock… Saejima moaned.

To give himself some pressure he began to squeeze Majima, massaging him, and sure enough when he massaged Majima's sleeping form the snake began to tighten inside; Saejima pulled his cock back mid-rut just to check and sure enough, the multi-fold interiors of the snake was pulsing to its own lethargic heartbeat, but its cloaca gaped red and juice and raw, and Saejima laved it with his tongue; it was impossible not to, it was like nectar. Saejima put his cock back in and move the snake onto him, curling the snake around him, tightening its curl around his body.

Majima tightened in response all over: curled harder, tighter, in a bonebreaking grip, and his cloaca too, clamped down and squeezed Saejima's cock until it pulled out from Saejima an involuntary moan. Saejima's claws dug into Majima and broke flesh; Majima bit him reflexively, and venom oozed, and Saejima eyes turned glassy and milk-white. He laid back on the ground, feeling suddenly quite relaxed, and why shouldn't he be? There was a heavy pressure on his chest, a wet womb around his cock, tightening, loosening, tightening, loosening, clamping down and moving slowly against him, vibrating with pleasure. What is this if not cocksleeve heaven? He lazed...

When Saejima awoke the snake was rutting against him. He was no longer fucking the snake; the snake was fucking him. Majima's body moved against him angrily, violently, and there was a fleshy thud every time he came nearer — his cloaca gripped Saejima's cock so hard it was really — a deathgrip, almost bleeding, a painful constriction — and in response Saejima cried out and the barbs on his cock shot out, emerged, and the hundreds of sharp needles on his cock unsheathed and dug into Majima's cavernous interior. Saejima cock grew: harder and larger, bigger than it's ever been, more than two feet long now; its girth was immense, and he could see his cock protruding inside his brother's form: in Majima's snaky interior was a spine, and that spine was Saejima's cock: he could see even the barbs and bumps on his own cock when Majima whined and moved, hissin' "Oww— what's goin' on?" when the snake contorted itself to pull itself off Saejima's cock — only to find himself completely stuck. The barbs were biting into his cloaca, pressing against his womb.

In a moment it will pound his womb. Saejima moved his hips, angling his cock so that he could see the entirety of it moving in Majima, and Majima hissed and grunted and cried out with pain: Saejima's cock was so big that it made up most of him from cloaca upwards, and he became, he became essentially, really just a snakeskined cocksleeve for Saejima's pleasure, whose cock dug further and further in, ramming against his womb, while Saejima's two clawed hands came up and seized him and wrangled him roughly against Saejima's hard body, contorting the snake just so — so he could get the pressure he wanted and the angle he liked. And he liked it: hard — with Majima's body seizing and spasm from a strange hard angle, or else wracked in pain while the rough barbs of Saejima's needled cock thrust against the head of his womb, or else ripped out Majima's flesh when he pulled it back out a little, only to thrust it back in even harder slamming into Majima with full force, knocking about his interior, reshaping his wet cloaca, which by now was slimy with lust and drippings and Saejima's fuckjuice, until for the pressure he needed Saejima took out one great claw and swipe at the snake's neck ripping flesh, and the whole of Majima's body seized in pleasure and pain and constricted on Saejima's cock so tightly the man screamed — and he came, his cock engorged and distended then blowing a ton of fuckslop into Majima's inside, and while he came Saejima jerked himself off, reaching towards Majima's body and pressed in with his claw until he could feel his own cock, and rubbed Majima against him, like Majima was a sleeve, a hand, an object for his pleasure, and the pleasure was so intense it made him cry out, and filled his brother more with cum until all of Majima's cloaca was filled with his seed, until Majima's body and belly grew distended and distorted with Saejima's seed, and still he came more, he had a lot to give. By the time he dragged his cock back out, the barbs retracted but still, it made Majima cry out when he left, it dug into the snake's sensitive interior, there was a long trail of slimy cum following him.

Majima gave a snaky burp, and splooge squeezed a little out of him. As if instinctively, he curled himself into a tight ball so it won't fall out. He opened a golden eye to look at Saejima, unseeing with glazed pleasure, and closed it again to sleep. He was being bred; he had a lot more breeding to do. He had to conserve energy. Majima turned around, exposing his swollen body. He was gurgling mindlessly with pleasure, occasionally shivering. His cloaca opened and closed, winking like an eye. A thin strip of cum trickled out of it.

Saejima touched his scaly head, gave him a kiss, and straightened himself. His cock was still sore, wet and raw from the fucking he'd given Majima. He turned around when he heard footsteps in the trees. A dragon was weaving its way towards them. It'd arrived. It stood in front of Saejima.

Saejima considered Kiryu: the shuddering breaths it exhaled, the red tip of the head of his cock already protruding from his grey-scaled sheathe. Kiryu's cock was almost the length of Majima's whole body.

"Be gentle with him," Saejima warned. "He just got bred."

He knew his words were likely going unheeded. The dragon looked crazy with lust, it was already gyrating, moving its hips in a loose approximation of the mating dance. It was going to fuck Majima, sheathe his whole cock with Majima, and breed him good. It was a good thing Majima couldn't die, because Kiryu looked like he was about to give it his best try; he looked like he was about to fuck the snake until it died, or swell with Kiryu's child, whichever come first. Ah, ah, but it was likely what his kyoudai would want anyway. His kyoudai loved being bred anyway. Why stop them?

Saejima had a lot of time to kill, so he sat back, and watched the dragon come, and then the rest: a whole long line of animals and monsters and gods, here to use his brother in turn, all of them leaving their seed in return for the pleasure, and Majima slept on; it was a good breeding season.