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Hunting and Baiting

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Hunting and Baiting

The first time Izuku sees him is during a presentation in class. At the time, he barely remembered what he should have been presenting as he felt those burning red eyes on him. It was like a predator who had just found his next meal — a little bit thrilling, but a whole lot terrifying. 

Never before had Izuku been the focus of an alpha’s attention like that. And he certainly never had an alpha like that looking his way. Bakugou Katsuki, as Izuku eventually found out, is the type of alpha magazines describe as an omega’s dream: strong, tall, blond, square jaw, piercing eyes. From his spot at the front of the class, Izuku couldn’t tell his scent from this distance in class but he was sure it’d be something thick and encompassing; the kind of smell that clings to your skin and gets you dizzy.

During the presentation, Izuku kicked himself mentally for being affected by the alpha’s attention. The other student was probably just being considerate and focusing on Izuku’s work. However, that certainty didn’t last long — because as Izuku sat back down and someone else got up to present, he could still feel the alpha’s gaze on him.

After that day, those red eyes began following him everywhere. It was unnerving and intimidating. Izuku could feel Bakugou looking at him during lunch hours as he ate with his friends; in the library when Izuku was studying; even just walking around campus sometimes he felt the hairs on his nape stand up and if he looked back he’d see the spiky blond hair in the distance looking straight at him.

As the weeks roll by and that doesn’t stop, Izuku gets straight-up terrified. The alpha’s posture is extremely intimidating, he never smiles and he always has an intense look in his eyes. Izuku has no idea what the alpha is angry about, he must have done something to the man and not even realized it. Strong and commanding alphas like Bakugou must have all these expectations about how people should act around them; such as never pass in front of them, don’t get in their territory unannounced, don’t fraternize with their pack without permission.

However, Izuku has no idea what he has done and why Bakugou is so furious with him. He has never really paid attention to alphas’ quirks and idiosyncrasies. All that he knows is what he remembers from middle school classes in secondary genders and what he heard on TV. This kind of thing has never affected him before since Izuku is a beta, and alphas never really pick fights with betas over domination stuff.

But Bakugou did; for unknown reasons and with unforeseeable consequences, but he did. Izuku has no idea what the alpha is expecting of all of this, if Bakugou just wants to make sure Izuku knows his place or if he’s actually going to do something with the beta. And he’s too freaked out to talk to the man and ask for forgiveness. Bakugou is over a head taller than him and has arms that scream ‘I can break your back like a glow stick’ so Izuku decides to just keep his head down and stay as far away as he can from the alpha — but still dig around for information on the man.

Simply put, Bakugou is amazing. He’s a top student in the Chemical Engineering department, known for acing every single one of his tests. Bakugou also is famous in the big gym close to the campus for being the strongest alpha around and working hard to keep that spot. And, in contradiction to Izuku’s experience, he sounds like a really nice guy. He has a group of close friends that he knows since high school (maybe even before), and his group is incredibly inclusive — he hangs around alpha females, several betas and even a male omega! That’s so unusual for a prime alpha like himself, he must be a great person. 

Izuku doesn’t understand why Bakugou seems to be such an awesome guy and, at the same time, so terrifying. He must have done something truly horrendous to the alpha and it breaks Izuku’s heart to not know why. The beta would really like to be friends with Bakugou, but the way the blond glares at him tells Izuku there’s no way that would ever be possible.

In any case, Izuku does his best to keep his distance from the man but, throughout the following weeks, every time he looks around he finds red eyes watching him. His friends tell him to talk to the campus security or even with the police, but Izuku doesn't want things to escalate. Up to that point, Bakugou had just been watching from afar but no one could say how bad things could get when a prime alpha feels challenged.

Then, as if being targeted by a crazy territorial alpha wasn't weird enough, another strange thing began happening — Izuku started finding candy among his things.

The first time was in the library. He came back from a bathroom break to find a small chocolate bar on top of his books. He looked around confused to see if anyone of his friends were nearby, but he didn't see any known face. After careful analysis, he established that the chocolate's wrapping hadn't been disrupted so he just shrugged and enjoyed the free candy.

After that, it became a common occurrence. Every time he left his stuff in the library, there would be a candy waiting for him upon his return. A few times he even found candy waiting for him on top of his desk in a couple of his classes. There never was anyone he knew around and none of his friends had anything to say about it.

It was weird but nice. It helped to balance out the anxiety Izuku felt about Bakugou still stalking him menacingly, and the candy was quite good. So Izuku decided to brush it off as freaky October stuff (Halloween season really brings out the spooky in the world) and the Universe trying to compensate Izuku for being threatened by an enraged alpha.

Still, with so many weird things going on, the beta has been on edge for the whole month. So, when his friends invite him to the big Halloween party one of the pubs near campus is organizing, he can't say no. That night Izuku dresses in his favorite ghost costume (that, yeah, is a little too cutesy for a grown beta man to wear. But give him a break, all right? It’s Halloween and he’s allowed to have fun) and gets ready to have a good time drinking and dancing.

Sporting some black skinny jeans and the ghost costume that only comes down to his mid-thigh after all these years (he bought it when he was in high school), Izuku fixes the green bow under his neck and pulls the hoodie on top of his green curls. Not the scariest costume in town, but Izuku liked what he saw in the mirror before he left home.

The club is packed when Izuku and his friends arrive. He’s with his usual group — Ochako, Tsuyu and Iida. They’re all betas and have been friends since they met as freshmen at Yuuei University. Izuku and Iida are roommates, just as Ochako and Tsuyu. Izuku is glad to call them his friends, and he’s happy to be able to enjoy a night together without thinking about exams, papers or scary alphas.

They’re not big alcohol drinkers, but each of them gets a special Halloween-themed cocktail to get the night started. Izuku orders a Black Magic Margarita that has a nice deep green color. It’s fun to drink and helps him relax a little after the difficult weeks he’s been having.

“Now that we’re warmed up, let’s dance!” Ochako calls excitedly already pulling Izuku by the hand.

His friend is wearing a sexy witch outfit and drags looks as they walk to the dance floor. Tsuyu and Iida are right behind them, the girl also in a witch costume and Iida is dressed like a very polite zombie. In no time the four of time are dancing away under the strobe lights of the club to a random pop hit among other college students.

Izuku is happy, relaxed and having fun — until he isn’t. He spins on the dancefloor, catches a quick glance around and sees the one person he doesn't want to see tonight. Bakugou Katsuki is leaning against a far wall looking straight at Izuku with his terrifying glare.

A group of young people chat and play around the alpha, but he ignores them completely for all his attention is on Izuku. He’s dressed as a werewolf, fluffy ears, collar and bushy tail. Izuku thinks it’s terribly fitting for him because every time he sees the alpha, he thinks he’s a second away from being mauled to death.

It’s like a block of ice falls in Izuku’s stomach. He’s instantly put off dancing and partying; the beta gets severely self-conscious of every move his body makes because the alpha is watching him. Izuku can only pray the alpha doesn’t drink too much to do something crazy. The glaring and staring is already bed enough, if the alpha confronts him Izuku doesn’t know what he’ll do.

He tries ignoring Bakugou and paying attention to his friends, but it’s like a magnet pulls Izuku’s eyes towards the blond every few seconds. Then Izuku looks at Bakugou’s spot and doesn’t see the alpha. Relief floods his body — maybe he went home, maybe he found someone else to pay attention to, it doesn’t matter as long as he forgets about-

The relief is cut short by the realization that Bakugou got closer. The alpha is braving the sea of moving bodies on the dance floor towards Izuku and the beta gets absolutely terrified.

Will Bakugou do something tonight? Will he get aggressive? Why is he coming towards Izuku?

The alpha is clearly struggling to pass by the drunk dancers. One flirty omega hugs him by the neck clearly trying to entice the man and Izuku sees in this his chance to make a run for it.

“Iida,” Izuku yells in his friend’s ear trying to make himself heard over the deafening volume of the music. “The cocktail didn’t agree with me. I’m feeling nauseous and I’m going home!”

“Are you sober enough? Do you want me to escort you?” Iida asks worriedly.

“I’m not drunk! It’s just a belly ache! It’s better if you take care of the girls!” Izuku answers and Iida nods in agreement.

Izuku doesn’t look back to where Bakugou should be, he just pushes through the crowd towards the exit of the place. Good thing he’s on the smaller side and can slip through cracks easier than the bulky apha he’s running away from. 

As the cold night air hits Izuku’s face, he takes a deep breath relieved. He got out without any issues, now all he needs to do is to go home and be safe. He begins walking towards his building thanking heavens for the fact that he lives so close to campus. He and Iida share an apartment in a cheap building marketed for Yuuei students, the space is tiny and the neighbors are annoying — but he’s just a couple of blocks away from class. Since the club is also in the university’s vicinities, Izuku will be home in just a few-

His line of thought is interrupted by someone grabbing him by the wrist and pushing him against the wall of some random building. Izuku’s breath catches in his throat as he recognizes the fiery red eyes that are burning into him that moment. Bakugou found him.

“Caught ya.”


Katsuki is thrilled right now. He can’t fit inside himself from how much excitement he’s feeling. He’ll finally catch his prey. 

He’s been preparing everything; it’s been an eternity and he thought he still had a long way to go. But turns out his target is also tired of waiting and decided to give Bakugou an opening. The alpha is so tired of waiting and taking things slow — but he knows it’ll all be worth it when he finally has Deku at his mercy. 

All right, maybe one month isn’t such a long time for courting someone. But Katsuki doesn’t like to pussyfoot about what he wants. The moment he laid eyes on Deku, he decided this would be the man he’s going to marry, this will be his mate; and every second they’re not together is just a second of his life wasted alone when he could be nuzzling into those cute fluffy curls.

Besides, it was just pure torture to watch his pretty future-mate during a whole damn month and not do anything about it. Every time the boy blushed under Katsuki’s loving gaze the alpha had to use every ounce of his self-control to not just go there and kiss his silly Deku. The nerd’s face turned the prettiest shade of red every time their eyes met. His mate is so shy and innocent, it’s cute and that’s why Bakugou did everything by the book.

He began by making his presence known to the boy, showing Katsuki was interested and would pursue him. Izuku was timid and didn’t express his desire to be courted openly, but since he always met Katsuki’s eyes and never rejected the alpha’s advance, he decided to go to the next phase. 

In the second phase, Katsuki began escorting Deku through campus every time he could. He didn’t want to let any other alpha think they had a shot with the young man, so he used his scent and presence to scare the competition away. That was very time-consuming and Bakugou had to work extra hard to keep on top of his other responsibilities while still following Deku around campus throughout most of the day. But Katsuki had to show his future mate he’s the best option and that he’ll be a thoughtful and hardworking alpha for him.

Deku looked pleased with Bakugou’s advances in his own nerdy and timid way. The boy still let his eyes meet Katsuki’s every time he could and, as he walked around campus, he always checked to be sure Katsuki was with him. It was incredibly endearing to see how eager his sweet boy was.

The third stage of the courting was the gifts. Katsuki chose to give Deku chocolates and candy. He wanted to follow the theme of the month and, at the same time, help put some more meat on his mate’s bones. Deku looked very healthy and strong but he was a little on the skinny side. Not that Bakugou minds, he loves Deku just as he is, but once they start really mating the boy will need more energy reserves on his body (because Katsuki will knot that juicy ass seven days a week).

His pretty mate loved the gifts Bakugou gave him. He ate the cholates voraciously without a second thought every time. And Deku did the most adorable faces and noises as he savored the sweet treats. Really, it was pure torture and Katsuki ended up with a boner every time. But still, Deku didn’t invite him closer and didn’t come to Bakugou.

Katsuki was so frustrated. He knew his future-mate is shy but, really, to not be allowed to talk to each other after a whole month of courting?! That was killing the alpha. He saw Deku laughing and chatting with his useless friends so often, why didn’t his boy want to talk to Bakugou?

The alpha’s moods had been so awful that his friends bugged him to go to a shitty Halloween party to unwind. Katsuki didn’t want to go, but he ended up deciding to do something bold — he left a flyer of the party together with a Halloween candy as a gift for Deku. He honestly didn’t think the boy would accept such a daring invitation since his sweet mate is so shy, but Bakugou was desperate. He just hoped Deku would see this as proof of how much Katsuki adores him; and not as a way to undervalue their courting.

Still, he was sure Deku wouldn’t show up so, when he saw his Deku dancing, Katsuki almost didn’t believe because it was too good to be true. Not only that, those beautiful emeralds were looking for him and when their eyes met Bakugou could see his mate losing his breath in excitement. And then Deku danced for him, clearly wanting to entice the alpha. That was too much for Bakugou’s poor heart and he couldn’t stop himself from getting a little bit closer.

However, as he made his way towards Deku, a random shitty omega clung to him like a leech. Bakugou wanted to throw her away for daring to touch him when his mate was watching, but he didn’t think Deku would appreciate it if Katsuki got into a fight on the night they’d finally talk. When he untangled himself from the damn woman, Deku had run away.

Bakugou was confused for a second, but when he saw his boy going to the exit everything made sense — Deku didn’t want  them to have their moment around so many extras. Of course his pretty mate would like for them to have privacy when talking for the first time, so Katsuki follows him with his heart banging on his chest in excitement.

That’s why he’s so thrilled right now —  Deku wants to be chased by the alpha and Bakugou will catch on to this delectable challenge. The boy doesn’t even look back as he walks quickly through the cold, empty streets. He must be so sure that Katsuki is following him, it warms Bakugou’s heart.

The alpha follows his mate with bated breath and heart soaring. Deku is leading them through even darker and emptier streets towards his apartment building. Katsuki smiles wickedly; maybe his pretty mate isn’t so shy. Deku must want to seize the fact his roommate stayed behind at the party to have some good alone time with his alpha.

Katsuki almost giggles to himself when he realizes that. He can’t wait for even one more second to smell and taste his pretty mate. So he does something even more daring and closes the gap between them.

“Caught ya,” the alpha says smirking at the stunned look on Deku’s face. 

Damn, his boy is even more beautiful up close. His beautiful eyes shine wet with emotion, his pretty little mouth is slightly open in surprise, his freckles look like constellations.

“I’ve waited for so long,” Katsuki says lovingly and he feels Deku’s arms trembling under his fingers. 

Shit, his reactions are so pretty, Bakugou might pop a knot just from watching Deku. And from his scent, Katsuki already knew Izuku smells like the woods (fresh leaves and pine) but it’s so much better to breathe it in so close from the source.

“Do you know what you do to me?” The alpha asks, his voice rough with desire.

“I’m sorry! Please don’t kill me!” Deku cries loudly taking Katsuki out of his daze. 

The alpha shakes his head startled and finally really looks at the other boy — Deku has big fat tears running down his face and he’s trembling, but it’s in fear and not desire. The delicious scent gets sour from how scared his mate is and Katsuki takes a step back confused.

“Kill you?” Bakugou asks in disbelief. How is it possible the mate he adores so much — maybe even loves, though it is too soon to tell — could think that?

“I-I do-don’t know wh-what I did wr-wrong, b-bu-but I’m sorry!” Izuku says desperately. “Pl-please, do-don’t hurt me! I-I’ll ne-never bo-bother you again!”

“Bother? You never bother me, baby,” Katsuki coos raising his hand to caress Deku’s cheek. His mate flinches and that breaks the alpha’s heart. “No, no… I could never hurt you! It’s because that damn woman grabbed me, right? I swear I just didn’t want to make a fucking scene, but I hate that our first time talking is tainted with that bitch’s smell. But I swear, Deku, I just want you, I don’t even know her!”

“Wh-what?” Deku furrows his brows in confusion and Katsuki takes a deep breath in relief. It’s just a misunderstanding, they’ll fix this soon enough.

“Of course, baby,” he says smiling and petting Deku’s soft cheeks. “I was so damn happy that you accepted my invite that I didn’t even see that shitty woman before she was too close. But I promise that’ll never happen again. I’m in this for real, baby, there’s no need to be jealous.”

“Jealous?” Deku pushes Katsuki’s hand away from his face. “Why would I be jealous?”

Bakugou smiles kindly at him. “No need to pretend, Freckles. I love that you’re the possessive type. But don’t worry, you’re the only one for me. I wouldn’t have spent the whole fucking month courting you to just go home with a stupid bimbo at a party.”

“Courting?  What are you talking about? I never talked to you!” Deku says, agitated.

“Well, of course. I know you’re shy so I-”

“Is that what the creepy stalking was?” The man asks in complete disbelief and it’s like a bucket of ice-cold water is dropped on Bakugou’s head.

“Creepy-? It wasn’t fucking creepy! I was being romantic, asshole!” Katsuki yells frustrated before giving a step back and pulling on his own hair.

Deku didn’t know! How could the idiot not know?! Katsuki gave all the clear signs! God fucking dammit! Why did he have to fall in love with the stupidest person on earth?! The nerd even accepted his courting gifts!

“You ate the fucking candy!” Katsuki barks. “How could you not know?!”

“It was you?” Deku asks confused. “But… why?”

“Why what?” The alpha huffs. “It’s a fucking common courting gift and you seemed to like it.”

“No. Why were you courting me?”

Katsuki shrugs noncommittally and looks away to take the weight out of his next words. “Because I like you. Why else?”

“But I’m a man!” Deku protests.

“I noticed that,” the alpha smirks as memories of Izuku’s strong forearms and thick thighs flood his brain.

“And a beta!”

The alpha rolls his eyes. “Yeah. Noticed that too, it was hard as fuck to make you notice me with your lousy sense of smell.”

“This doesn’t make any sense! Why would an alpha like you want to court me!?”

“Like me?” Katsuki asks, clinging to the last bit of hope he could to save this night. He takes a step closer and looks into Deku’s eyes. “Like me how?”

“Yo-you know,” the boy stutters. “All b-big, a-and strong, a-nd smelling li-like…”

Deku swallows dry and starts trembling again — but this time Bakugou is sure it’s the good kind of trembling.

“Do I smell nice, Deku?” He whispers, softly entering his future mate’s (Katsuki hasn’t given up yet) personal space.


“I think you smell good too.” Bakugou nuzzles into the boy’s curls. “And I think you look good. And your nerdy interjections in class are cute. And I like your dorky superhero hoodies. That’s why I want you to be my mate.”

“Ma-mate? We-we don’t even know each other!” Deku protests but he has the cutest blush on his cheeks. Maybe this night won’t be a failure after all.

“I just told you all the shit I like about you,” Katsuki says playing with a curl near Deku’s face. “I’ve been watching you for a whole month and I’m dying to get to know you even better, Deku.”



“Izuku, my name is Izuku. I’m not Deku.”

Katsuki smirks, “I know, it’s a pet name. You’re my cute little Deku. And I know my Deku has been watching me just as much as I’ve been watching him.”

“It’s not-! I just-!” Deku scrambles to explain himself. “I thought I had done something wrong to you and-and I was curious!”

“The only wrong thing is how much time we missed,” Bakugou says leaning in to let his nose touch the perfect unmarked skin of his future mate. “Take me home and then we can get to know each other even better.”

“An-and y-yo-you w-won’t kill m-me?” Deku asks trembling in fear again.

Katsuki takes a couple of steps back again huffing, “what the fuck is with you and killing? How do I even look like I’ll kill you when I’m here just trying not to have a fucking boner?!” He barks at the beta.

“Well, it’s pretty hard not to think about it when you’re screaming at me!” Izuku retorts crossing his arms.

Shit. He looks cute angry. And Bakugou just made Deku angry. Deku, who didn’t even know they were courting and, apparently, is terrified of him. This night is officially the biggest failure of Katsuki’s life. He sighs deeply and decides to accept his defeat.

“Fuck. Whatever. I’m just gonna go,” he says looking down and turning away.

“Wa-wait!” Izuku says grabbing his hand. Katsuki looks at him confused and the beta let’s go of his hand quickly and begins fidgeting with the hem of his costume. “I- I thought w-we’d ge-get to know ea-each other better…”

It doesn’t take more than that for Katsuki’s decision to leave to dissolve instantly. He grabs Izuku by the waist and pulls him closer roughly making their chests bump.

“You gonna invite me up, Freckles?” He asks, voice no louder than a whisper.

Their eyes meet, Deku is blushing a deep red and a soft whimper comes out of his lips. That breaks any last shred of self-control Bakugou has, so he kisses the beta deeply, consumingly. Katsuki has been dreaming about it since the second he laid eyes on this man and the reality is even better than anything he could hope for.

Izuku’s taste is addictive, his scent is bright and fresh, his body is small but tight and strong. He’s everything Katsuki has ever wanted in a mate and, if he isn’t as shy as Bakugou thought he was, it means that Katsuki doesn’t need to hold back. He lets his hands wander down until he’s cupping Deku’s ass. It’s as round and biteable as he thought and Katsuki moans at this thought.

“Bakugou, we-”

“Katsuki,” the alpha whispers as he kisses Deku’s jaw.


“Katsuki, call me Katsuki,” he says because he can’t have his future mate calling him something so impersonal as his last name. His kisses trail lower to Deku’s neck.

“Kat- ah!” Whatever Izuku planned to say is rudely interrupted by Bakugou finding his scent gland and sucking hard on it.

His teeth ache with the need to claim Deku as his mate, but he knows it’s too soon. Bakugou doesn’t want to screw up more than he already did in this relationship. That won’t stop him from sucking and lapping on the delicious treat that is his boy. Deku is the most delectable treat he could hope for this Halloween.

And the beta is very sensitive too. Katsuki can feel him going hard from having his scent glad sucked. That’s so fucking hot, the alpha can’t help rolling his hips against Deku’s erection.


Bakugou chuckles, “what was that, Freckles?”

“Katch-ahn!” Izuku moans as Katsuki ruts their dicks together wantonly.

“Kacchan?” He teases. “I like that, then the two of us can have special pet names.”

“You’re -ah!- an ass!” Izuku protests as if he isn’t humping Bakugou’s thigh.

“And you have the sexiest ass,” the alpha says grabbing on it.

“Yeep!” Izuku exclaims jumping in place. “Let’s- let’s go home, we can’t do this on the street!”

It takes all of Bakugou's self-control, but he pulls back. Deku is right, he doesn’t want his first time with his future mate to be a quick handjob in a dark alley.

“Alright, lead the way, baby,” he says grabbing the beta’s hand in his own. Deku isn’t going to run away from him anymore.


Izuku is so confused. In the last thirty minutes, everything he thought he knew about Bakugou and what was happening this last month proved to be wrong. The alpha doesn’t want to kill him, he wants to mate him!

Not in a million years, Midoriya would ever have guessed that. It makes absolutely no sense why a prime alpha that could have any omega he wanted in the world would want to court Izuku. He’s a plain-looking, dull-smelling beta man! And Katsuki is the most sought-after bachelor on campus!

It’s hard not to expect this to be a big prank, but the alpha holds his hand like a school-boy in love! And he ‘courted’ Izuku in the most old-school way Midoriya has ever heard.

Only as they walked the few minutes to his home is that Izuku remembers he had heard about this before in old romance novels he had to read in high school. This style of courting hasn’t been used in, at least, a hundred years because no alpha has the time or patience to follow an omega around until the omega decides to talk to them. In the old days, this kind of courting could take months — the omegas had to determine if someone was a worthy mate just by how long they stuck around.

Honestly, even though this whole thing is stupid, makes no sense, very stalkerish and that Izuku isn’t even an omega — he is very impressed by Katsuki’s dedication. That doesn’t bode well for his mental health.

As soon as the door of his apartment closes and they take off their shoes, Bakugou is on top of him hugging Izuku’s mid-section by his back and nuzzling against his neck.

“Wa-wait! Do-don’t you want some water or-?” Izuku tries untangling himself from the alpha’s hold but Katsuki is strong.

“Want you,” the alpha grumbles.

“I want water!” Izuku exclaims making a quick run for the kitchen.

Izuku busies himself for a few precious minutes getting water from the fridge and trying to think about why the hell he invited the alpha to his place. Everything happened too fast and it was too confusing. All that Izuku knows is that when Bakugou looked like he was about to give up, a (not that) small part of Izuku’s brain yelled at him to not let that happen.

Now that he knows Katsuki doesn’t want to kill him, all the other great qualities he discovered about the man came to the forefront of his mind aggressively. Bakugou is dedicated, hard-working, intelligent, and has a great group of friends that attest to his character; he’s also tall, strong, handsome, hot as hell and smells like sin even to Izuku’s dull senses. And somehow he’s interested in Izuku. So, really, why is the beta overthinking it?

As Izuku just established, Katsuki may yell a lot but he’s a good guy. And it would be pretty nice to get to know each other better. All Izuku has to do is brave into his living room and talk to him. Easy as pie.

Though pie isn’t easy at all. You have to make sure the dough is in the right temperature for working, don’t over bake it and think very carefully about the filling or else you’ll-

“What’s taking you so long?” The alpha enters the kitchen looking annoyed.

“I’m just- ahn…” ‘Being too much of a coward to talk to you.’

“The Glasses guy is your roommate, hm? At least that explains why you guys seemed to show up to school together sometimes.” Bakugou grumbles checking out the kitchen.

“Yeah, Iida and I have lived together since we left the dorm after freshmen year.” Izuku explains awkwardly. “It makes financial sense and since we’re friends we though-”

“Why the fuck isn’t there food in here?” The alpha says indicating the barren pantry. A lone bottle of soy and half the bag of rice are the only things there.

“Oh, Iida and I don’t cook. We usually eat at school, all we have around are things for breakfast.” Bakugou doesn’t stop his scavenge of the kitchen.

“Fucking where? There’s nothing nowhere!”

“Ahn-... Here?” Izuku points the two open boxes of cereal on top of the kitchen table — a raisins and cinnamon one for Tenya and Lucky Charms for Izuku.

“Please don’t tell me yours is the green imp one,” the alpha says seriously.

“It’s not an imp! It’s a leprechaun!” Izuku protests.

“Fuck!” Katuski yells frustrated and pulls on his hair pacing around the kitchen. “I can’t believe it! I thought you were eating in the cafeteria to let me be around you! But no, you actually eat that crap! And even worse! I fed into your sugar addiction!”

“I don’t have a sugar-” Izuku tries defending himself but is interrupted.

“Stay here. We passed by a convenience store on the way here, it must still be open. It’ll just take a few minutes and-” Katsuki says already walking towards the front door.

“What?!” Izuku follows him agitated. “Why do you need to go to a convenience store?”

“You don’t have food!” Bakugou yells as if it’s obvious.

“And are you hungry?” The beta asks even more confused. Five minutes ago the alpha was ready to jump his bones, and now he’s freaking out for the lack of groceries.

“No! You idiot! It’s for tomorrow morning and you’re ruining everything tonight!” Katsuki barks at him clearly frustrated. “You already fucked up with my courting, fucked up with our first date, I won’t let you fuck up me cooking you breakfast too!”

Izuku doesn’t know if he feels appalled by how stalkerish the alpha sounds, or charmed by how much thought Bakugou put into all of this. So he decides to go with ‘slightly off-put’.

“You plan on staying for breakfast?!” He asks raising an eyebrow.

“I-!” Katsuki starts talking but bites back his words. The alpha sighs and runs his hand through his hair before trying to speak again. “Listen, I know how pathetic I sound. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact I imagined this whole shit between us for over a month. But I like you and I’m not giving up yet.”

The alpha looks so lost and beat down that Izuku feels the urgent need to try reassuring him.

“You didn’t though… I mean, not all of it,” the beta says fidgeting with his costume. “You’re right that I was looking back at you. I couldn’t understand why such an awesome person would hate me so much.”

“You think I’m awesome?” A small sliver of hope takes hold of the alpha’s voice.

“Well, duh- I mean, everybody knows how smart you are. You’re always the best in every class you take. And it’s cool to see a prime alpha who is friends with a female alpha, betas and even a male omega.” Izuku explains awkwardly. “Though everyone thinks you’re courting him.”

“What? Dunce Face?” Katsuki blows raspberry. “I’d never court an idiot like him. Besides, he’s dating Troll Hair.”

“Well, that makes it even more awesome,” Izuku says shrugging.

“I don’t choose my friends based on their gender,” the alpha says seriously. “Actually, I didn’t choose them at all. The fuckers just kind of stuck to me and I can’t seem to shake them off.”

The annoyed tone the alpha used to mask his fondness of his friends makes Izuku chuckle.

“And you’re always around betas. At first, I thought that’d be the reason for you to shut me down, but then I thought you accepted me- well, fuck. I guess now that theory is a bust.”

“Ye-yeah, but it’s not because of any particular reason,” Izuku says holding his wrist with his hand, unconsciously trying to make himself as small as he can. “It’s just that alphas and omegas are so rare and they usually stick with their own... And we just kinda became friends on our first year here. Honestly, I never had an alpha friend before. That’s probably why I never imagined that you were courting me.”

“So this shit doesn’t bother you?” Bakugou asks indicating himself and Izuku chuckles.

“I wouldn't have invited you here if it did.”

“If you keep being a cute little shit I won’t be able to go to the convenience store,” Katsuki says as a warning.

“I’m not cute, and you don’t have to go buy food at this hour,” he protests.

“You’re fucking adorable, it’s disgusting actually,” the alpha says getting closer.

“Disgusting? That’s not how you were acting there on the streets,” Izuku teases him looking deep into his red eyes.

“Oh, wasn’t it? And how was I acting, Freckles?” 

Bakugou looms over the beta. The fiery ruby eyes burn deep into Izuku’s emerald ones as he looks up to keep staring at the alpha.

“Like you were the most delicious thing I ever tasted and smelled? Like I had to hold back to not pop my knot in my damn pants like a shitty teenager? Like I found all that I have ever wanted and now I can’t let you go?” Katsuki whispers sinfully.

“Ye-yeah, so-something like it,” Izuku stutters blushing again.

“Then you got the right message this time,” Bakugou murmurs before leaning down to kiss Izuku.

This time, however, the kiss is soft and sweet. It makes Izuku’s heart triple in size to be kissed so lovingly by the fiery alpha. Katsuki cradles the beta’s face in his huge hand and caresses Izuku’s lips with his own.

“Next time,” Katsuki murmurs after he separates. “I’ll cook you dinner, and then I’ll cook you breakfast the next morning. I’ll feed you properly and I won’t let you eat so much fucking candy anymore. I’ll make up for this whole damn month and for this damn shitty date. But tonight, I really really need you to take me to your nest.”

“I’m- I’m a beta, I don’t have a nest,” Izuku stutters overwhelmed.

“Then I’ll build you one,” Bakugou says definitively before kissing the beta deeply.

Izuku’s head spins at the power of the kiss. It burns out every little doubt left in him and makes him parched for more. As if reading his thoughts, Katsuki grabs Izuku by the back of his thighs and hoists him up as if the beta doesn’t weigh more than feathers.

“Oh!” Midoriya exclaims surprised.

“Which way?” Katsuki asks nuzzling into his neck.

“First door to the right,” he whispers back, holding tight to the alpha’s neck.

In less than a minute Izuku’s back is bouncing on the cheap mattress of his twin-sized bed. Usually, he’d feel embarrassed by the idea of having a lover over his broke-college-student-who-plans-to-move-in-two-years bedroom but the way Bakugou kisses and sucks on his neck is doing things to his head and he can’t find it in him to care. The alpha’s warm hands grab onto his waist and Izuku’s legs are already open to accommodate the big man between them.

“This shit is tiny,” Bakugou says as he peels his lips off Izuku’s neck, “and lumpy. I’m gonna build you a way better nest.”

“Don’t-  ah- don’t mock my bed!” Midoriya tries protesting but the way the alpha rolls their hips together and pulls on his costume to take it off makes it hard to remember he should be feeling insulted.

“It’s an awful bed,” Katsuki says looking down on him after taking his t-shirt off. “My mate deserves so much better.”

“M-mate?” It’s not the first time the alpha has said it, but it never fails to make Izuku’s heart feel like it’ll jump out of his chest.

“I’m gonna buy a beautiful and giant bed for my mate,” Bakugou continues kissing a path down Izuku’s chest towards his abs. Each word is punctuated with a kiss that makes Izuku’s skin tingle and his dick harden. “And cover it with the softest blankets and the fluffiest pillows.”

When Bakugou reaches the hem of Izuku’s pants, where he’s already sporting a clear tent, the alpha looks up to him and says seriously (which contrasts so much with the fluffy fake ears he’s wearing that Izuku would have laughed had he not been so preoccupied):

“I’ll make you a nest fit for a king. For you’re my king, my mate. I’ll fuck you in it until you’re crying and screaming, and then I’m gonna nestle with you in it. Kiss you and groom you until it finally enters in this thick head of yours that I’m your alpha and no one else’s.”

“Ka-Katsuki, please,” Izuku whines though he isn’t sure what he's pleading for.

“That’s not what we agreed you’d call me, Freckles,” the alpha says shaking his head in fake disappointment.

“I- I just-”

“If you want something from me, you gotta call me the right name,” Bakugou says before kissing Izuku’s belly button and making the beta’s breath hitch. “Come on, baby. I know you remember.”

With a little extra nibble on his abs, Bakugou gets Izuku to spit a strangled “Ka-Kacchan!”

“See? It wasn’t that hard. Now I can take care of you, Deku,” the alpha says with a predatory smile finally opening his pants.

Bakugou just short of rips the jeans off Midoriya and his underwear follows after in no time. The heated and hungry gaze of the alpha caresses Izuku’s whole body. The beta unconsciously tries to close his legs, but Katsuki’s solid form between them prevents him from that.

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” the alpha whispers in adoration.

“Kacchan, you too,” Izuku whines reaching for the ragged t-shirt of the alpha’s costume. 

Again the beta can’t help but think Katsuki’s costume is perfect — he’s truly going to be devoured by the alpha this night. When Bakugou finishes pulling his shirt off, Izuku breath hitches. He’s so perfect that it’s hard for Midoriya to even comprehend.

“Should I take it all off, Freckles?” The alpha asks with a raised eyebrow and his thumb hooked on the hem of his pants. 

Izuku nods enthusiastically making Bakugou chuckle. However, his enthusiasm turns into jitters quickly as he finds out how big Katsuki’s cock is. Sure, he knew the man is an alpha and he felt the big bulge rutting against him just a minute ago; but it was a whole new thing to see it in all its glory.

The beta doesn’t have time to second-guess his decisions, though. In a heartbeat, Katsuki is kissing him again and their bodies rub without barriers against one another. It’s a delicious feeling that stokes the fire inside Izuku and gets him moaning into the alpha’s mouth. Midoriya’s body seems to move on its own, reaching out for pleasure in Bakugou’s body.

“I thought you were shy,” the alpha teases as he nibbles on Izuku’s neck. “But you actually go for what you want.”

Midoirya grabs the ash-blond locks and pulls Katsuki’s face until they’re staring straight into one another.

“I’m not an omega, and I’m not a virgin,” Izuku says with fiery determination. “If you have a problem with that, you can leave.”

Katsuki smirks at him. “No problem at all, Freckles. I think it’s fucking hot.”

“Good,” Izuku says smirking back and he pushes the alpha off the bed just to see and laugh at the confused expression on Katsuki’s face.

Before Bakugou can complain, though, the beta already reached for the lube on his nightstand and is flipping over, his ass up in the air in a traditional presenting position.

“Get to work, Kacchan,” he says throwing a hooded look over his shoulder.

Never before Izuku has felt so powerful as he feels when he sees the alpha shivering at his words. Which is a funny thing, because here he is about to be fucked by a huge alpha wearing doggy ears and a collar. But the way Katsuki is so open about his feelings and what he wants in this relationship has left Izuku high on power and instantly addicted to the man.

Bakugou is very careful and delicate while prepping Izuku. He kisses every inch of exposed skin on the beta’s neck, back and ass, and showers him with praises. It’s extremely intimate and the alpha’s dedication gets Midoriya trembling ever more than his fingers (and those were some wicked good fingers).

“You’re doing so well, baby,” the alpha whispers next to his ear. “Look at you, taking my fingers so deep in this gorgeous ass of yours.”

The combination of Katsuki’s words and the fact the alpha was just barely brushing against his prostate makes Izuku needy. He’s tired of waiting and decides he’s ready to take on the alpha’s cock.

“Kacchan, I’m- I’m ready,” the beta whines.

“You sure, Freckles?” Bakugou asks kissing the top of Izuku’s ass. “We can take our time, we have the whole night.”

“I’m sure, Kacchan,” Izuku says and then uses his special weapon. “Please,” he pleads looking to the alpha with wet eyes over his shoulder.

“Shit, baby,” Katsuki’s breath hitches. “Alright, I got you.”


The mantra of ‘don’t fuck this up, don’t fuck this up ’ plays on repeat in Katsuki’s head as he slicks up his dick with lube and presses it against the beautiful pink hole of his mate. The impossibly tight heat envelops him slowly. Katsuki’s eyes roll to the back of his head with the intensity of the pleasure. It takes a few seconds for him to get a hold of himself, but he tries his best because he doesn’t want to keep his eyes closed.

Bakugou wants to commit to memory every second of this glorious night, the night he and his mate finally get together.

“Ka-aah-cchan!” Izuku cries arching his back even more when the alpha bottoms out.

“Fuck- baby, so- so good. You're doing perfect-” Katsuki tries to coo at his love but his words come out ragged and broken. 

Being inside his Deku after the rollercoaster of emotions that was this night is too overwhelming. Bakugou gives a moment for the beta to relax again before he starts thrusting in and out shallowly and slowly. He can’t let his inner alpha take control and pound Deku into the mattress, it would be painful for his love and this would be over way too soon.

Izuku cries and moans for him. It’s the most beautiful sounds the alpha has ever heard. Katsuki loves knowing he’s the one making Izuku tremble in pleasure. It doesn’t take long until he has a good rhythm going and the beta’s thighs are shaking.

“How are you feeling, love?” Katsuki asks with his wrecked voice. “Does it feel good?”

“Ka-ahn-cchan! So good! Please!” Izuku answers even more wrecked.

“Please what, baby? I’ll do anything you want, anything for my beautiful mate.” Bakugou lets his hands roam up and down Izuku’s thighs caressing him.

“M-more! Kacchan! More!” By how wet Izuku’s voice sounds, he must be tearing up. 

The alpha suddenly hates that he can’t see Deku’s expression in this position. Watching Deku’s cute expressions was the highlight of his day while courting the beta, he won’t give up on this now that they’re together.

Decided to get a better position, Katsuki lets his body fall on top of Izuku’s squishing the beta against the shitty bed.

“Uff!” Izuku whines, but soon enough Bakugou has rolled them to their sides.

With his chest pressed flushed against Izuku’s back, in this position Katsuki can reach for his lover’s beautiful cock and perky little nipples. He can also suck on the beta’s neck gland freely and damn if he won’t indulge on it.

“Kaahn-! Too much! Too much!” Izuku cries loudly as Katsuki plays with one of his nipples, sucks on his neck and fucks his ass.

“Nah,” the alpha whispers on his ear. “I’m sure my mate can take much more. My sexy little spitfire, I’m gonna make you cum so hard.”

Bakugou is completely mad with pleasure and Deku’s scent. He wants to taste Izuku as much as he can and make the beta cry in pleasure even harder. 


“You’re so- ahn- perfect, Deku. Always knew you- hum- were perfect, but you’re even better.” The praises spill from the alpha’s lips without him realizing it. “You're taking me so good, so fucking- ahn- deep. I’m gonna knot you, baby. Gonna bury my dick in you and never- ahn- let you get away. I’m fucking tired of you running.”

“Won’t- ah- run!” Izuku cries turning his head to look at the alpha as his arm reaches blindly to grab and hold Katsuki’s biceps. “I’m- Kacchan!”

“Fuck yeah!” The alpha’s hips work faster as he hears Izuku’s confession. “You’re fucking mine! My mate!”

“Kah-! Close!”

“Gonna cum, baby? My baby, my love,” Katsuki murmurs feverish as his hand reaches down to jerk on Izuku’s cock. His knot is tugging on the beta’s rim and Bakugou knows it’s just a matter of moments before he’s cumming too.

“Yes! Please!” 

The beta’s body arches against him and Bakugou needs to hold him down with strength in order to keep fucking into his Deku. His muscles bulge with the exertion but he manages to ride out until Izuku’s orgasm and force his knot in the impossibly tight ring.

Izuku cums shaking violently and his asshole clamps down on Katsuki’s knot. He can barely move his dick and in a couple more shallow thrusts, his knot finishes inflating and he fills Deku with his seed. When his knot locks them both together, the alpha feels Izuku’s body seizing in a last wave of pleasure.

It’s beautiful and perfect, way better than he could have dreamed of. As he comes back to full conscience, Katsuki sees the print of his teeth on Deku’s shoulder — an unconscious attempt of claiming the man as his. A part of him is glad he didn’t go for the neck because he doesn’t think Izuku would have appreciated; but another is mournful to not see his mark permanently on his mate.

For now, he settles on making his mark in a different way. The alpha keeps kissing Izuku’s shoulder, neck and hair lovingly as the beta catches his breath.

“Wow… that was… ahn… wow,” Deku says awkwardly.

“Of course it was, I’m the fucking best,” Katsuki tells him trying to convince the beta Bakugou is the best for him.

“Ye-yeah, I-I could see that… and feel…” Izuku answers chuckling. “You can let go now. We need to get cleaned.”

“No can do,” Bakugou answers matter of factly still trying to kiss and snuggle his mate.

“Katsu-” A snarl makes Izuku stop and rethink. “Kacchan, we’re dirty. We can’t sleep like that.”

“And we’re also knotted, stupid Deku,” Bakugou answers, annoyed. “We can’t walk around this way.”

“Oh… Oh!” Izuku wiggles his butt just to feel the knot tugging. “And… what do we do?”

“We fucking snuggle, that’s what we fucking do,” the alpha bites back making the beta chuckle softly. But Izuku settles back into his hold and relaxes; he even lolls back his head to look at the alpha with a small smile on his face. That’s enough to get Katsuki embarrassed. “We can also talk about shit, if you want… You said you wanted to get to know each other.”

“That’d be nice,” Izuku says softly. “I know that you’re an Engineer Major and that you have the same group of friends since high school.”

“And I know you’re a big nerd,” Katsuki teases looking at the All Might posters on the walls.

“You said you liked my superhero merch,” the beta pouts.

“And I do,” he whispers before giving a soft kiss on Deku’s cheek. “You look cute in those hoodies, and All Might is cool, I guess.”

“You like All Might comics?!” Izuku eyes go huge with excitement and he opens the brightest smile.

“I’m not a nerd like you, but I’ve read a bit,” Katsuki says noncommittally as if he hasn’t read absolutely everything ever published with All Might’s name on it.

Izuku giggles and runs his hand up and down the alpha’s forearm lovingly.

“That’s nice… We could see the new movie together when it comes out.”

“The movie won’t come out until next year,” Bakugou says pointedly trying not to let his happiness about Izuku already making longterm plans with him overwhelm the beta.

“I thought you said you’d be my alpha forever now,” Deku says with a small smirk.

Bakugou hides his face in the crook of Izuku’s neck embarrassed. This is everything he wanted and he’s so giddy he can’t deal with his own feelings.

“Hey...are you purring?” Izuku asks in disbelief and Katsuki blushes even harder. “You are!”

“No!” The alpha protests.

“That’s so cute, Kacchan! I’ve never heard an alpha purr before!”

“Shut up! Shitty Deku!”

Izuku giggles and keeps petting the alpha. The courting seems to have worked well enough in the end.