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Three is the charm!

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It was an auspicious autumn day. The days grew shorter and the wind that previously carried the scent of honey and flowers now picked up fallen leaves and hurdled them across the ground.

Shen Yuan pulled the sleeves lower on his hands, feeling the tiniest of shivers ranking through his spine. Even wedged between his two personal portable furnace husbands, it indeed was chilly outside. Colder than what Shen Yuan was anticipating anyways.

“Is Shizun cold?” the ever-attentive Luo Binghe took his omega husband’s hands into his warm ones. Shen Yuan didn’t even have time to answer his sticky disciple’s question when he felt a warm coat being draped across his shoulders from the other side.  

On his left, Luo Bingge sent him an “I told you so” look with his eyes, yet still wordlessly gave Shen Yuan his sleeveless topcoat. 

“It’s fine, Bingge, Binghe. I’m fine,” Shen Yuan tried to oppose, a lost effort to keep his face. Even as he said so, he still eagerly accepted the cloth and the warmth that came with it. 

“Shizun is a renowned cultivator. Of course, he would be fine.” Luo Binghe agreed readily, but only let Shen Yuan’s hands go until Luo Bingge secured the coat over Shen Yuan’s shoulders then re-took them again. The omega forgot the retort on his tongue as his second husband’s familiar scent enveloped him. 

Luo Bingge’s scent was almost identical to Luo Binghe’s, with the only difference being that it was somewhat spicier. As if Luo Bingge hadn’t taken that extra step to conceal his virile alpha phenomenons as his white-lotus Binghe did from the very beginning - it felt as if Bingge wasn’t bothered by attracting hordes of omegas (and even betas) whenever he stepped a foot outside the peak. 

Though Bingge and Binghe were the same in one aspect: both of them loved to stick to Shen Yuan like super glue, whenever possible. 

Contrary to popular belief, Shen Yuan didn’t start out with two sticky husbands in the beginning. He always thought that having the Luo Binghe as a mate was more than enough to fulfill whatever needs he could possibly have as a millennial transmigrated into a cultivation novel as an omega male. But then Bingge came crashing into their lives from the original universe, and everything got turned on its head. 

His Luo Binghe fought ferociously against the man wearing his own face, but spouting a wide range of variety of shit that Binghe would never. This impostor eyed Shen Yuan with such a shameless, wanting look that fueled Luo Binghe’s righteous anger to send him back where he came from. However, in their clash, Bingge’s Xin Mo blade broke into pieces and with it disappeared the only way to send the original protagonist back home. 

Shen Yuan could still distinctly recall Luo Bingge’s shocked expression and his own Binghe’s questioning face as he sought him out in panic. Shen Yuan thought it was going to be a giant headache dealing with the situation, which in a way it was. However, long story short; that day marked the start of their journey which led to Shen Yuan taking two dicks up his ass during his last heat and receiving another mating mark on the other side of his neck. 

Never in his wildest dreams would Shen Yuan have thought he would actually marry his favorite character, let alone voluntarily marry two versions of him! He peeked at his husbands who were silently bickering over something he couldn’t be bothered to care for, and the omega in him purred in delight seeing two of the world’s strongest and most virile alphas flanking him in protection.   

If asked now, Shen Yuan wouldn’t change anything that had led up to this point. 

The trio continued their walk around the bamboo grove, slowly coming back around to their little home. Shen Yuan was lost in thoughts. Lately, he had been prone to mood swings, found himself annoyed with the strangest things that previously proved no problem. What was wrong with him? Was he entering his cycle again? But he just had his heat last month! Or maybe it was the change of seasons?

He glanced at the two alphas walking at his sides, back straight with pride and both radiating contentment even as they were “arguing” with each other. Binghe didn’t comment on his recent behavior, nor did Bingge seem to notice his increasing yips and yaps at this and that. But that didn’t mean Shen Yuan wanted to continue on like this. He refused to be one of those typical omegas that got overtaken by some stupid hormones and all they could do was whine. 

That night, while preparing to go to bed Luo Bingge came up behind Shen Yuan and possessively hugged him against his chest while rubbing his face into the omega’s neck to scent him. Shen Yuan huffed in exasperation but nevertheless allowed the act. The scent of his husbands’ has long been permanently etched into his skin, even if they didn’t scent him for a whole month everyone would still be able to tell he was taken.  

Shen Yuan raised a hand to pat at the soft curls of his husband and nodded to Luo Binghe who entered the room with a tray of tea. Then abruptly Luo Bingge had gone stiff and twirled Shen Yuan around in haste. He looked surprised, and even disbelieving, leaving the peak lord confused.  

“Um, wha -?” 

“You’re pregnant.” It wasn’t a question. 

There was the sound of utensils clattering on the floor as Binghe dropped the tray. Shen Yuan blinked at his second husband, uncomprehending.

“Shizun is what? ” Binghe rushed over, resting his arms at Shen Yuan’s waist. Shen Yuan shared his first husband’s hysteria because he too wanted to know if he heard it right. 

Bingge, instead of answering, motioned to Binghe. “Smell him. A-Yuan’s scent has changed.” 

Shen Yuan patiently tilted his head to the side as his first husband burrowed his nose into the juncture of his neck to find this change Bingge was talking about. He soon straightened up and said,  “Shizun’s scent indeed changed. It became sweeter, but not like when he is in heat. It’s more... calming?”

The thin-faced peak lord blushed at the careless comment on his heat and looked down mortified. Memories of him crying deliriously while desperately canting his hips back against the double pillars buried in his hole - Shen Yuan bit his inner cheek feeling the weak rush of horniness travel down his spine.

Oh no, not now! He needed to distract himself urgently. Think of kicked puppies! Grandmas naked! Cockroaches in food! Anything -!

In the meanwhile, he almost missed the exchange between his husbands. Bingge was looking incredibly smug. “That’s because he’s with a child. My child.”

Our child,” Luo Binghe growled in soft warning. “Shizun has been with us both, what makes you think it’s solely your achievement?”

“You’ve had Shizun for years before I came here and still hasn’t fucked a babe into him. Your lacking technique surely wasn’t the key to this miracle, don’t you think dì-di?” 

“Shizun has been on medication due to him suppressing his heats during his entire youth, you absolute moron!” Binghe flashed his canines at the other alpha. “Even Mu-shishou couldn’t say if it will have a lasting effect on Shizun or not!” 

“Well, it's pretty obvious that the incapable one here wasn’t him -”

“Are you trying to imply something gē-ge ?” Binghe narrowed his eyes in anger, body tense and ready to snap.

Luo Bingge as if sensing the mood, only became more of a brat. Grinning in schadenfreude he taunted, “I don’t imply anything. I’m outright saying it to your face.”

“You- !” 

Shen Yuan slapped both Binghe and Bingge with his fan across their heads. Sporting slightly red cheeks he stepped away from both of them. “Aren’t you both ashamed of yourselves?! If this is really how you want to behave, you are welcome to sleep in the guest room.” and with that, the omega pointedly turned to walk towards the main bedroom. 

From outside, he looked calm, as if the news of him being pregnant didn’t shock him to the bones. On the inside, however, Shen Yuan was screaming bloody murder and was freaking out. Because suddenly everything made sense! His mood swings, his fatigue in the mornings, everything. 

Shen Yuan didn’t know what to think of the situation. Him as a parent? He already had two alphas to handle, how will he deal with a screaming baby on top of that?! Shen Yuan didn’t know anything about baby care! He barely even know anything about self-care, why did the universe think it was a good idea to put a baby inside his belly!

Oh God, what if he trips and falls and miscarry the baby? Or if he eats something weird and killed the baby in his stomach? Shen Yuan was hyperventilating silently. Was that even possible??  

In this stupid world, created by Airplane, it might as well be possible. 

His husbands, however, didn’t know of the omega’s stormy thoughts. They only saw their dignified omega husband pointedly walking towards the bedroom with every intention of leaving the two behind.

Bingge paled, while Binghe immediately latched onto Shen Yuan’s sleeve, tear works already in action. “Shizun! Forgive this lowly disciple! This one knows his wrongs! Please, Shizun scold us but don’t push us away!”

Shen Yuan hummed, not looking too convinced. Binghe looked at Bingge incredulously and motioned towards Shen Yuan with his eyes. That seemed to break the older alpha out of his stupor and threw himself at Shen Yuan’s feet with surprising ease for a Demon Lord. 

“A-Yuan, this one is sorry as well! Please don’t separate us!” Luo Bingge pleaded loudly, blinking up at Shen Yuan with twinkling eyes. “Let this Lord make it up to you!”

Shen Yuan really wanted to turn a blind eye to his husbands’ teary eyes and pitiful act but double Binghe’s meant double the protagonist’s charm. But tonight, not even his husbands’ charm could sway the Peak Lord who had too many and too loud thoughts to deal with his alpha mates right now. 

“Binghe and Bingge are forgiven. But to make sure you truly remember to not talk to one another in such a way, you two are both uninvited into this master’s bed tonight.” Then Shen Yuan closed the bedroom door shut.

Binghe stared forlornly at the closed door while Bingge frowned not unlike a child whose favorite toy was taken away. The pin-drop silence stretched uncomfortably long between the two alphas who suddenly refused to look at one another. 

“Exile fucking sucks.” Bingge stood finally, after forever.

Binghe didn’t reply but turned and walked out of the living room. Infuriated at being ignored, Bingge strode after the younger alpha. “What? Is dì-di off to find a corner to cry in?”

Binghe rolled his sharp eyes and scoffed. “As if this disciple would cry for anyone aside from Shizun.”

“Oh? Then what are you up to?” Bingge jutted his chin towards Binghe, with a suspicious narrow of the eyes.

“I’m going to cook.” 

“” Bingge raised his eyebrows. 

Growling softly, Binghe stopped and spun around to pin Bingge with an angry stare. “In case you didn’t notice our omega, who happened to be pregnant, is upset at us. I refuse to extend this exile into another abhorrent night. So, from the moment Shizun wakes tomorrow until the second he goes to bed, we will spoil him with everything we have.”  He took a deep controlled breath, “Unless gē-ge has a better idea?”   

Bingge blinked slowly. At long last, he replied, “Fair enough. You cook, I do the laundry.” 


They shared a comically serious nod and went on their separate ways. 





Mu Qingfang attested to Bingge’s deduction, Shen Yuan was indeed pregnant. Having it officially confirmed by a healer wasn’t as big of a bomb as it was previously, but it sank deeper. 

Shen Yuan was pregnant. He was carrying Binghe’s and Bingge’s child. In. His. Belly. 

The Peak Lord truly wanted to panic, but seeing how utterly happy his husbands were in the face of this news, Shen Yuan found himself calming down too. It wasn’t like he was in need of anything. His alphas took care of him and everything around the house better than anyone ever could. Shen Yuan was the most secure omega in the whole universe.  

What use was panicking?

Binghe and Bingge would take care of him and the baby. Plus Shen Yuan couldn’t quite find it in himself to be unhappy. It wasn’t like he was completely unwilling if a little anxious about the details. He loved his husbands dearly, after all, and he would love the baby they gave him just as much.

This might not have been planned, but upon imagining a tiny, adorable bun looking like a mixture of Binghes’ and him, Shen Yuan’s heart twisted in his chest. What was there not to anticipate? 

In the upcoming weeks, many things have changed in the lives of the trio. Not oblivious changes in everyday life, but subtle ones of behavior and preparations upon receiving the news. If Binghe and Bingge were sticky before, now they were downright unshakeable. Neither of the alphas left the vicinity of Shen Yuan for even a minute. And if they absolutely HAD to then one of them would stay behind to guard their omega.

Shen Yuan found it hilarious. He wasn’t even showing, and even when he will, it’s not like he was going to suddenly turn into an incapable mortal! But never mind all that. If his husbands felt more at ease this way then who was Shen Yuan to ask of them otherwise? 

The only thing that seemed to truly change in their schedule, was the sex. Mu Qingfang suggested a continuous practice of dual cultivation throughout the pregnancy. The practice was proven to ease male omega’s labor pains significantly, for it kept the omega’s groin flexible and strong. At least that’s what the healer said, and Shen Yuan knew Mu Qingfang was a credible source. 

The two alphas took the healer’s words like law and were over diligent in their duties.

That’s how Shen Yuan ended up on the bed, every night, stuffed full of cock and loved intimately. Thankfully Binghe and Bingge didn’t attempt double penetration outside his heat, for Shen Yuan wasn’t sure he could take that without it, but the alphas seemed to have made a deal between each other and rotated positions daily so no one was left out.

It kept on and on until Shen Yuan couldn’t quite discern days from each other. Every night he writhed in pleasure, fucked ‘till he came and then some more until his husband’s knot swelled. A heavenly demon’s knot, that stayed full for hours if so the alpha wished for it. Oftentimes Shen Yuan already dozed off by the time the knot deflated, and therefore unable to argue his case against being used as a cockwarmer throughout all night. 

His hole was in a permanent swell, not lose per se but softer than usual and more sensitive. Shen Yuan often found himself clenching around nothing during the day, feeling the fantom shape of his husbands’ dick. It mortified him to no end that he sort of wished he could plug himself up.

The other discovery he made, was that his chest was becoming more responsive to touches. Shen Yuan was aware of the matters of lactation in expecting mothers, but he figured it would only come in the later stages of his pregnancy. So he wrote it off as chafe or some weird side effect of the ridiculous amount of sex he was having. 

Therefore during one afternoon, when the omega was sitting in the bathtub leisurely cleaning himself he got shocked when his nipple started leaking under the press of the washcloth. The liquid was dense and creamy, white in color and tasted slightly sweet. 

A delicious shudder ran down his spine at the discovery. Shen Yuan started lactating as early as the end of his third month! He sort of dreaded this day, never before having had anything to do with nursing. Even his mother in his previous life fed him goat milk and other supplements instead of breastfeeding him. 

So to say that his knowledge on the topic was zero was an understatement. But on the other hand, he wasn’t feeling too freaked out. His chest wasn’t hurting, and when he tried pinching his nipples, besides the weird sensation of milk trickling out, it was alright. Besides, Shen Yuan trusted Binghe and Bingge, and the three of them will definitely figure things out.

Their usual bedtime activities started slower than usual that night. Shen Yuan kept kissing Bingge unhurriedly, while Binghe was tracing licks and faint bites along his neck. Whenever the younger alpha found a spot where Shen Yuan was particularly sensitive he shivered against the warmth of his alphas.

“You smell so good, Shizun,” Binghe groaned into his ear, crowding closer to the naked omega. “Smells like ours. Like warmth and home.”   

Bingge stopped kissing him just to add, “A-Yuan smells like comfort.” 

“Makes me want to hold you and never let you go,” Binghe nodded and locked his arms around Shen Yuan’s waist to pull him off Bingge’s lap. 

The omega was gently made to get on all fours, his hips raised up. Binghe wasted no time to burrow his face between the omega’s cheeks, kissing the well-loved hole intently. The sudden wetness of Binghe’s tongue made Shen Yuan gasp aloud and jerk forwards as if trying to escape the sensation.

Bingge stabilized him with hands on his shoulders, nuzzling his nose into Shen Yuan’s temple. “Hold steady, sweetheart. Part your thighs a little - yes. Just like that.” 

With his legs further apart, Binghe got even better access to his most intimate part. That insistent tongue actually breached his opening, now licking around the rim and Shen Yuan bodily trembled from how good it felt. The intrusion was welcomed and encouraged as the omega couldn’t quite keep his hips still, yet it was nowhere near the desired depth and width.

It was sweet torture to be teased like that, on edge but never enough to send him over the top. Shen Yuan soon smothered his face into a pillow to hide his embarrassing moans. It was the wrong move, however, when his chest came in contact with the sheets and newfound surge of desire rushed through his body. 

Oh gods, what was that! His chest never felt like this before. As if all nerve endings there were stimulated at the same time, making his nipples stand and an unfamiliar wetness gathering at the tips. 

Shen Yuan wanted to cry. It was so intense, too much yet not enough. He needed it now! Binghe put it in already! Someone, please pay attention to his aching chest!

He felt so ashamed to beg for it, but he felt like he will die if he isn’t given what he wants. On both fronts. “B-Binghe… please … I need-  this position is not -” 

The omega couldn’t even finish the sentence as Binghe immediately stopped and Bingge helped him roll over onto his back with firm but attentive hands. Binghe sounded winded as he voiced his concern, “Shizun, are you alright? Did this disciple hurt you?”

Bingge immediately leaned over the omega, cupping the side of his cheek. There was a spark of worry in his pinched eyebrows. “Are you in pain, A-Yuan?” 

“No but -” Shen Yuan wished he could form a coherent sentence but the needy omega in him took over. A gush of warm slick trickled out of his hole, body shaking with the need to be full, while his chest was tingling and ticklish. 

Whining, he cradled Bingge’s face in his hands and pulled the alpha towards his pulsing nipples. “Here, alpha, please -” 

Understanding flashed through Bingge’s dark eyes in an instant. He stopped mere inches away from the pink bud, not letting Shen Yuan pull him down onto it. With a croon, he said, bringing a hand to massage around but careful not to touch the nipples. “Here? Does it feel itchy?” 

Shen Yuan nodded, straining to hold in his whines. He tried to arch his back to push his chest into his husband’s mouth but Bingge tacitly moved his head away.

Then older alpha blew warm air onto a stiffening nipple and smiled. “It feels heavy doesn’t it?” 

The omega nodded again, on the verge of crying.

“What feels heavy?” Binghe asked confused, leaning over their husband too to check. Bingge smiled at the younger alpha and beckoned him closer.   

“Come dì-di. Our sweet husband needs our help,” Bingge’s lips twisted upwards before ducking down and taking a nipple into his mouth. Shen Yuan choked at the abrupt sensation but when the gentle sucking began he couldn’t hold in his moans. 

It felt heavenly. That itch ceased, and increased at the same time but in a different form. Shen Yuan was having a hard time describing what he was feeling, for he has never experienced this before. He had his chest played with, sure, but he has never nursed anyone. 

He could literally feel the area under his breast tissue tingle as milk was sucked up from the milk ducts and through his nipple. It was both weird and addictive, making him feel powerful in a way. Shen Yuan wished to keep Bingge on his chest all night, servicing him and getting serviced back.

And then Bingge groaned throatily around his breast, the sound appreciative and it went straight to Shen Yuan’s head. His inner omega was purring in delight that he could satisfy his husband. Making his alpha happy was such a rewarding feeling, plus there was something in the way how a beautiful man like Bingge drank his fill on Shen Yuan’s tiny chest. A jolt of desire traveled down the omega’s spine. 

But soon he regained some of his senses, as his other nipple was left unattended. 

Where was his other husband? Did he leave his Binghe dissatisfied? That needs to be immediately solved!! In a slight haze, Shen Yuan opened his eyes, searching for Binghe in confusion and slight panic.

And there was Binghe, hovering over him, frozen in place. The younger alpha looked flabbergasted, not quite understanding what he was seeing just yet. But Shen Yuan wanted Binghe’s lips on him too! Right about now!  

“Binghe,” he called out, his hand coming up and making grabby motions towards his husband. “Come here, husband.” 

Shizun!” As if struck by lightning, Binghe descended on him with a feral look on his face and the inexperience of a virgin. His technique was somewhat lacking compared to Bingge, but Shen Yuan was too content having both of his husbands suckling on his tits to care. 

Binghe didn’t stay long however and tore his lips away with a gasp of a dying man. “M-milk?” 

He sounded lost and amazed at the same time. 

A chuckle tore past Shen Yuan’s throat, his laughter shaking Bingge off his chest too. The elder alpha licked his lips, crooning into the omega’s neck with a contented rumble. Shen Yuan hugged Bingge with one hand while placing the other on Binghe’s forearm. 

“Yes, Binghe,” Shen Yuan breathed with mirth, shifting his hips in the meanwhile. “Milk for the baby.”

“Shizun…” Binghe was at a loss for words, and then his thoughts scattered when Shen Yuan pulled him forward. Binghe allowed himself to be led, until he was all but draped over the beautifully flushing omega. 

“It’s your turn tonight, is it not?” Shen Yuan asked, rubbing his cheek against his husband’s while parting his legs further to accommodate his waist. Binghe’s scent betrayed the alpha’s excitement but also blanketed Shen Yuan with a layer of gratification. 

Bingge hummed a yes, then lazily latched back onto a rosy nipple. Shen Yuan sighed at the feeling, melting into the bed. But when Binghe didn’t put his dick inside, the omega blinked his eyes open at his first husband. 

“What’s wrong, Binghe?” 

“That- this disciple would be happy with only that … of course, unless Shizun wants me to-?” Binghe wasn’t subtle in his meaning as he kept eyeing with hardly veiled jealousy the way Bingge was drinking Shen Yuan’s sweet milk.

Shen Yuan glanced down at Binghe’s groin, seeing the painfully erect pillar and the abundant precome. It must have been uncomfortable to deny himself like this, yet his sweet, selfless Binghe would rather nurse from him than satisfy his own needs. 

Heart bursting with love, Shen Yuan reached down to grab a hold of Binghe’s erection. The half-demon growled at the feeling, having to catch himself from falling onto his husband. Shen Yuan worked the cock a few times, marveling at the sight of Binghe’s straining hard muscles and the way his red eyes flashed. 

“Come in me,” Shen Yuan breathed his plea and guided the massive pillar to his leaking hole. Binghe slid in fairly easy; the last weeks’ activities kept the omega’s body more open and his mood more permissive. 

“Shizun,” Binghe whined and burrowed his face into Shen Yuan’s neck as he bottomed out. “Shizun, Shizun…” 

The omega cradled both of his husband’s heads pulling them close. He felt so full, so good like this as if he had just come home after a long day of work. His hole fluttered around the stretch, relishing in the feeling. Even though Shen Yuan was stuffed full of his husband’s dick and his slick was slowly wetting the sheets, he didn’t feel an overwhelming need for an orgasm.    

And as it appeared neither did Binghe, as he didn’t start trusting immediately and even when he did, it was a lazy sort of rhythm without any sense of urgency. 

This type of sex was Shen Yuan’s favorite. Not saying that he didn’t enjoy the wild nights or the more kinky positions but this type of soft, warm intimacy of their bodies coming together for the sake of being close and not to satisfy a craving - this was his absolute favorite.

Their scents mixed together, with the addition of the flower-scented candles and the sweetness of the milk. It was such a homey, calming combination that Shen Yuan would have dozed off if it weren’t for Binghe’s cock unhurriedly thrusting in and out of him. 

The bedroom was filled with soft moans, groans and squelching sounds from where they were connected - the slick gushing out at every thrust. 

Bingge stopped sucking their omega’s chest half-way and began to lazily jerk himself off to the sight of Shen Yuan being taken by his first husband. “A-Yuan looks so good like this.” 

Shen Yuan answered with a moan, turning to look at Bingge, eyes quickly dropping to where the alpha was palming his own erection. The omega reached out a clammy hand towards Bingge’s cock and Bingge happily let him help by closing his own hand around Shen Yuan’s before resuming. 

Binghe, on the other hand, started thrusting more erratically, his own breathing turning uneven. “Shizun feels so good around this disciple. This one never wants to separate from you.” 

“Silly… when are we ever apart?” Shen Yuan chided breathlessly, his jaw open unable to hold the yelps inside. His orgasm build-up started slow and it still felt like the heat that pooled in his groin was but a slow-stirring pot that will never quite boil. 

“This disciple wants to keep us physically connected all times,” Binghe admitted, his voice dropping with a growl. “Keep you full until you birth our child and then stuff you full again until you don’t know what it feels like to be empty anymore.” 

“Ahn… Binghe…” Shen Yuan’s omega was purring at the indication. His hole throbbed, more slick gushing out while his very average-sized cock started leaking precum onto his soft stomach.

Bingge growled at the side, whether in appreciation or opposition, Shen Yuan couldn’t decide. But if the increased speed by which he was made to jerk Bingge off was any indication, the older alpha found the fantasy much desirable. 

The omega wasn’t sure who grabbed his cock to help him finish off, but soon he was jerking with a loud cry and spluttering colorless cum across his belly. Binghe wasn’t far off. With a few more powerful thrust the base of his dick started to grow in size, catching onto the omega’s rim. 

“Love you Shizun, love you so much -” Binghe rushed to say. 

He managed to shove his knot into Shen Yuan’s hole, burrowing it as deep as it went, punching another delicious moan out of the omega. Heavenly demons were the most virile out of all, and Shen Yuan always looked forward to Binghe or Bingge coming because the abundance of warm cum in his belly felt like he ate a full meal. 

Speaking of meals… Binghe did so well, his husband gave him dick and plugged him up so well. He deserved a reward, didn’t he? 

When Binghe moaned loudly the omega realized he had said that out loud. With a newfound blush on his cheeks, he decided to go with it. Nudging his upper body, Shen Yuan presented his left nipple to Binghe - the opposite one that Bingge drank his fill from.

“Drink husband… this one still feels heavy,” 

Shen Yuan was kissed first, getting a face-full of a teary-eyed Binghe who rained his face with kisses and thank you’s before dropping down to latch onto the nipple. Contrary to Bingge, Binghe drank like an enthusiastic child, fast and greedy, pawning at Shen Yuan’s small breast with his big hands. 

Ahhn! S-slow down Binghe- please…” Shen Yuan begged. Not because it hurt, but because this almost rough treatment against his nipple was sending weak twitches to his limp dick - and he really can’t go another round. 

“Shizun is so magnanimous, giving this one so much milk,” Binghe breathed against the nub, saying before diving back down for more,  “Please forgive his transgressions!”   

Shen Yuan whined at the feeling, tears leaving his eyes. He was being filled up from below while emptied at the front. It was too much, too overwhelming. He sought out Bingge’s eyes as if to wordlessly beg for help. 

Bingge groaned when their eyes met, and harshly fucked into Shen Yuan’s palm finally coming too. Everything was so wet, the cum on Shen Yuan’s hands and belly, on the sheets, his chest glistening with spilled milk. 

Bingge wasted no time in leaning close again, crooning into Shen Yuan’s ear. “Look at you, feeding dì-di like it’s nothing. Look how good a mother you will be… you’ll nurse the babe so well.”

“Bingge s-stop talking…” Shen Yuan’s thin face couldn’t bear it! Have mercy! It also didn’t help that the more Binghe drunk and the more Bingge talked the hotter he felt all over. 

“A-Yuan never has to worry about aching breasts. Me and dì-di will suck you dry of whatever the babe left... “ Bingge trailed down with his mouth, pressing kisses to Shen Yuan’s neck, collarbone until finally, finally, arriving at the free nipple. “Milk you for what you’re worth.” 

Shen Yuan cried out when Bingge started sucking too, back arching. Having both of his husbands on his tits, coaxing milk out of his puffy nipples sent a shock down his inexperienced body. The picture of his equally handsome alphas pawning at his tiny breasts, liking the taste of his milk, wanting to keep drinking… was really too stimulating!

The omega came again, his poor cock twitching around the weak drops of cum, hole trying and failing to squeeze down around the bigger than a fist-sized knot etched in it.

His trembling didn’t stop the alphas from devouring his sensitive chest, truly milking him of everything he had. 

Oh, what had he gotten himself into??