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It promised to be a hot day. Sergio looked up from the breakfast table to see Raquel coming down the stairs wearing a light summer dress instead of her usual pants and shirt, and his breath caught in his throat. She looked so lovely. He couldn’t stop looking at her legs as she walked towards the table, and when she sat down, he noticed how her hair fell over her bare shoulders, making him remember that he’d been kissing those shoulders only an hour ago. He could still feel her soft skin against his lips, her gentle curves under his hands. She caught his eye across the table and winked, which made him feel rather hot around the collar. Oh, he wanted to take her straight back upstairs, take off that dress and… the thought of it made him stir, and he quickly returned his attention to the food on his plate, feeling himself go red. Why did she have such an effect on him?

After breakfast, they all trailed up into the classroom, which was already getting rather warm, and settled behind their desks, Raquel taking her regular seat behind the others at the back of the class. Sergio took up position at the front of the room and, as always, he took his phone out of his pocket and placed it on the desk in front of him. Then he turned to the blackboard and started mapping out the key points of the next part of the plan, feeling himself slip back into that calm, focused state of absolute confidence that he always experienced when teaching. It was a relief after the insecurities he’d felt for the past few days, constantly wondering if he was doing things wrong, if he was going to mess up somehow, uncomfortable and unexperienced as he was with relationships. He felt none of that now – only the cool certainty that he knew perfectly well what he was doing. In this room, for a few hours every day, he could leave Sergio at the door and just be the Professor.

He turned around to face the team and started explaining the next stage of the plan to them. They listened to him attentively – all except Raquel, who had taken out her phone and was typing something. His eyes were suddenly drawn downwards as the phone on his desk lit up and a text message appeared on the screen:

<<You’re very sexy when you teach ;)>>

He momentarily lost track of what he was saying, stumbling over his words as his eyes automatically sought her out and she winked. Then he cleared his throat and pointedly looked away from her, picking up his sentence again where he’d trailed off. From the corner of his eye, however, he noticed her take up her phone again, and when his screen lit up a second time, he couldn’t resist the temptation to flash a quick look at it.

<<I think I might need some private tutoring later>>

He glanced up at her again and she raised a suggestive eyebrow. He really couldn’t allow this.

“Lisbon”, he said sternly. “Put your phone away and pay attention.”

Everyone turned to look at Raquel, who quickly put her phone down.

“I’m sorry”, she said.

He nodded and pointed at the blackboard.

“Point three…”

To his consternation, his phone lit up again.

<<Ooh, very firm, I like it!>>

He had great trouble suppressing a grin. When he looked up, she blew him a kiss, and he stumbled over his words again. He decided that teaching wasn’t going to work this way.

“Alright”, he said. “Enough new information for this morning. You spent all of yesterday studying part four of the plan, and I’d like to see how much you’ve learned.”

He started handing out blank pieces of paper.

“Reproduce the twelve points of part four. Anyone who misses a point will spend tonight studying again.”

They all groaned and sighed, but bent over their papers and started writing. When he handed Raquel her paper, he shook his head at her, but she merely grinned.

He returned to the front of the room, only to see his phone light up again.

<<You’re a very good teacher>>

This time, he texted back.

<<You’re a terrible student.>>

She responded immediately.

<<I can’t help it. You distract me too much.>>

He snorted.

<<That’s no excuse. Now write down part four.>>

<<I can’t focus>>

<<You’re going to fail the test.>>

<<It’s okay, I’m sleeping with the teacher ;)>>

He suppressed a smile.

<<Do you think that will get you special treatment?>>

<<I’m sure we can make some sort of arrangement for a passing grade>>

He swallowed.

<<What kind of arrangement?>>

<<Feel free to be creative ;)>>

<<I cannot be bribed. All twelve points of part four, now.>>

<<Or what?>>

<<Or I’ll put you to studying tonight.>>

<<Are you sure you want to do that?>>

He steeled himself.


<<I can think of more enjoyable things we could be doing tonight…>>

<<The evening is long. You can study first.>>

<<Alright. But I think I’d be too tired to do anything afterwards>>

<<You’re resorting to blackmail?>>

<<I sure am. Is it working?>>


He hesitated, then followed up with:


He looked up to see her flash him a delighted grin, then she readjusted a strap of her dress which had fallen off her shoulder. He bit his lip.

<<You look amazing in that dress.>>

<<Thank you>>

<<But I’m sure you’ll look even more amazing out of it.>>

<<Oh! Am I reading this right? Are you actually flirting with me??>>

<<I would never flirt during a class.>>

<<Then what was that last message?>>

<<A statement of fact.>>

She smiled, then considered him for a moment before returning to her phone.

<<You must be hot in that suit. Take off your jacket>>

He raised his eyebrows at her, and she gave him a challenging look. He slowly put down his phone and shrugged out of his jacket, draping it over the back of his desk chair.

<<Much better. Now roll up your sleeves>>

He did as she asked, and got another text.

<<Very nice. Now take off your tie>>

That’s where he drew the line, however.




<<It’s 30 degrees, nobody will think it weird if you take off your tie or even… dare I suggest it… open a button of your collar>>

<<My tie stays on.>>

<<Why do you even wear a tie in the first place?>>

<<I don’t feel properly dressed without it.>>

<<I’d like to see you improperly dressed, though :)>>

<<Not going to happen.>>

<<What’s stopping you?>>

<<My dignity. What do you have against my tie anyway?>>

<<It’s one more thing I have to take off>>

He suppressed a smile.

<<Taking it off takes about ten seconds.>>

<<That’s ten more seconds I’ll have to wait tonight>>

<<Patience is a virtue.>>

<<I’m more into sin these days ;)>>

This time he couldn’t suppress a grin.

<<You’re a bad influence.>>

<<Not bad enough, apparently, since I can’t even make you take off your tie>>

<<How about we compromise?>>

<<I’m listening!>>

He looked straight at her, then loosened his tie a little and opened the top button of his shirt. Her eyes were shining as she bent back over her phone.

<<Very, very sexy>>

<<Now you do something for me.>>

She looked up at him in surprise.



She stifled a laugh behind her hand, then picked up her pen and started writing.

She sat down next to him at lunch, outside in the shadow of a tree.

“That was an interesting class.”

“You’re a nuisance”, he grumbled under his breath.

She gave him an amused look. “I’m sorry.”

“No you’re not.”

“No, I’m not.”

“What happened to you? You used to be such a dedicated student.”

“I found more interesting things to focus on.”

Moscow and Oslo now sat down on either side of them, so they fell silent. Under the table, however, she bumped her knee against his, immediately attuning his body to hers again. He couldn’t help glancing down at her bare legs under the table, and when she brushed her hair back, exposing the soft skin of her neck, suddenly all he could think about was kissing it. The sunlight through the leaves was throwing dappled shadows over her bare shoulders, and her dress revealed rather more cleavage than she usually showed, which made him imagine running his tongue…

“What are we doing this afternoon?” she asked, snapping him back to reality.

“More class. Why?”

“Oh, it’s just that it’s been weeks since we last practiced negotiations.”

She leaned past him to grab the salt, and he was caught off guard by her sudden nearness, by the warm smell of her skin. He needed a moment to refocus.

“Well, we really do need…”

He trailed off as, under the table, she ran her hand up his thigh, sending a wave of longing through him and making his mind go fuzzy.

“You were saying?” she prompted him innocently.

He shook his head to clear it. “We really do need to get through the next part of the plan.”

“Too bad”, she said lightly, turning to her food. “I was in the mood for a thorough session of hard negotiations.”

He stared at her for a moment, then cleared his throat and turned to the team. “It’s too hot for classes today. You all get the afternoon off.”

They all cheered, and immediately started making plans for going into the village for ice cream. He did notice, however, that Nairobi shot him a rather knowing look, so he quickly bent over his plate and started eating.

After lunch, the rest of the group stayed outside, while he and Raquel headed back in and up the stairs to the classroom. The moment he closed and locked the door, she grabbed his shirt and pushed him up against it, kissing him fiercely. As he kissed her back, however, he became aware that something was shifting inside of him. The room was having its usual effect on him, making Sergio disappear, causing the Professor to emerge. In this room, he was in charge. In this room, he knew what to do and what he wanted. And he knew exactly what he wanted.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and turned her around to push her hard against the door, pressing his body against hers. She let out an ‘oh!’ of surprise, but then wrapped her arms around his neck in delight, responding enthusiastically to his kisses. His hands were all over her – he wanted to touch her everywhere at once, one hand disappearing under her dress to run up her thigh, the other cupping a breast. When he felt her nipple harden, he squeezed it, hard, and she moaned against his lips. He put his hand over her mouth for a moment to remind her to be quiet, and she bit the inside of his palm, which sent such a stab of arousal through him that he almost took her right up against the door.

Instead he wrapped his arms around her and lifted her off the ground, making her gasp and clutch at him, but then she relaxed and kissed him as he carried her to the desk. He sat her down on it, still kissing her, then pushed her knees apart so he could stand between her legs. He twined his fingers into her hair and tugged sharply to tilt her head back so he could kiss her neck. She sighed, her own fingers churning in his hair as she surrendered to him, leaning back as he trailed kisses down her chest, then nipped at her nipples with his teeth through the fabric of her dress. When she moaned softly, he suddenly couldn’t wait any longer. He pushed her down onto the desk with a firm hand, then let his hands disappear under the skirt of her dress to find her underwear.

“Lift your hips”, he ordered her, and when she obeyed him, he pulled off her panties and threw them aside.

He grabbed her hips and roughly pulled her closer to the edge of the desk, then he pushed up her skirt and dipped a hand between her legs to check if she was ready, groaning at how wet she was. He had to have her, now. It was a relief when he could unbutton his pants and draw himself out, and he pushed inside her with one, deep thrust, which made her gasp loudly and clutch at the edges of the desk. He took hold of her hips and started taking her hard. She looked so sexy sprawled below him on the desk, her hair fanning out around her head, her chest flushed, her lips parted, and he kept his eyes on her face as he pushed into her again and again. She felt so good around him – too good – he couldn’t stand it – he didn’t want it to be over yet. Just in time, he drew back and stood for a moment, leaning on the desk, panting, waiting for the feeling to recede. She opened her eyes and started to sit up, but he stopped her with a look.

“Stay down”, he said. “I want to look at you.”

Her eyes were shining as she lay back down. “Alright. Whatever you say, Professor.”

When he felt that he’d re-established his grip on himself, he entered her again, setting a slower pace this time, but taking her deeply with every thrust. She closed her eyes, moaned, and lifted her knees to take him in even deeper. He reveled in the feeling as he disappeared inside her again and again, gradually picking up the pace again as the tension inside him built until it was almost unbearable. Then she started moaning his name and he lost all restraint. He pressed into her a few more times, hard, as wave after wave of pleasure swept through him, making him gasp and shake. Finally, he stopped, leaning heavily on the desk, completely out of breath.

“Oh”, he heard her sigh. “Oh, that was so good.”

She sat up and kissed him, running her fingers through his hair. “I like this side of you.”

He suddenly felt a little alarmed at his own behavior. “Not… not too rough?”

“Not at all”, she smiled. “I loved it.”

He buttoned up his pants again and she patted the wood of the desk, still smiling.

“You know, the last time I was on this desk was in very different circumstances. Do you remember that anatomy lesson?”

“Vividly. Do you still know where the different arteries are?”

“You know”, she said, her eyes sparkling. “I’m not sure I do. Maybe you should remind me.”

He immediately felt his confidence return. “Get up.”

She hopped off the desk and he came to stand behind her, brushing his lips over her bare shoulder as he slowly unzipped her dress, then slipped the straps off her shoulders so it pooled at her feet. He quickly unhooked her bra and took that off, too.

“Now lie back down.”

She did as he asked, her eyes shining, and he bit his lip as he looked down at her. Having her completely naked in this room, on his desk, felt thrilling and just wrong enough to make it incredibly hot. He wished he could take her all over again, but it was much too soon, so he merely let his eyes roam over her until she was trembling with anticipation. Then he placed his fingers on the side of her neck and slowly traced a line downwards, making her shiver.

“External jugular”, he murmured, then delicately ran his fingers down her throat. “Internal jugular.”

He traced her collarbones. “Subclavian.”

Then he let his fingers drift down her chest, to draw a line between her breasts, making her nipples harden again. “Pulmonary artery.”

He remembered how uncomfortable this had made him the last time he did it, and marveled at how at ease he now felt with her body. Last time, he had used a marker and had wondered the entire time how her skin would feel under his hands, so now he derived extra enjoyment from being able to touch her. She was softer than he could ever have imagined back then.

By the time his fingers reached her stomach, she was covered in goosebumps, even though the room was very warm.

“Gastric artery. Renal arteries, left and right.”

His fingers were now at the bottom of her stomach. “Iliac artery.”

He moved down to stand between her legs. “You know, there’s one artery I didn’t show you last time.”

“Which one is that?” she smiled.

He got down on his knees and pressed a kiss to the inside of her thigh.

“The femoral artery. It runs from the knee all the way up…” he moved his lips along the sensitive skin of her thigh, and she sighed and opened her legs a little wider to allow him better access. He pressed his mouth against her, focusing immediately on her most sensitive spot, and she gasped as his tongue found it. He wasn’t playing around – he wanted to hear her moan. By now, he had a sense of what she liked and where, so he struck up a steady rhythm, knowing he was on the right track when she tilted her hips to increase the pressure. To his delight, a soft ‘oh!’ was escaping from her lips with every breath, so he kept going. It didn’t take long at all before her breathing quickened, and he picked up the pace a little until she suddenly tensed and arched her back, gasping, then she moaned as the delicious sensation rushed through her, making her tremble and shake. He kept going until she pushed against his head, then he eased off gradually and stopped.

He got up, wincing a little at the pain in his knees, but it was totally worth it to see her like this: her eyes closed, her hair tousled, her face flushed, breathing fast. He sat down next to her on the edge of the desk and stroked her stomach while she recovered. Finally she opened her eyes and sat up to kiss him with a satisfied expression.

“That was an interesting learning experience”, she smiled.

“Will you remember the arteries now?”

“I don’t know”, she whispered. “I’m afraid I’m a slow learner. You may have to show me a few more times.”

He grinned. “With pleasure.”

She got dressed again and they decided they might as well negotiate for a while, since it was still early in the afternoon. She twisted her hair up and stuck a pencil through it, and  they started running through every different ‘what if’ scenario they could envision for the heist, going through each of the scenarios multiple times with slightly different wording. It went well until they reached a scenario in which one of their team got wounded and he had to bargain for a doctor. He frowned.

“You’re not giving the answers you should be giving.”

“Yes I am.”

“No”, he said, pulling out the standard police negotiator script that he’d memorized back to front. “Look, section 17.8 says…”

“What version are you using?” she interrupted him.

He checked. “Version 6a.”

“They updated section 17.8 only a few months ago”, she informed him. “Right before I was fired.”

He cursed. “I thought I had the most recent version. Was anything else changed?”

“No, just that section. I remember most of it, I’ll write down the changes for you.”

“Thank you”, he said, and they moved on to a different scenario.

Before they knew it, two hours had passed and they decided to take a break, so she pulled the pencil out of her hair and it cascaded back down over her shoulders. As she went down to get them some water, he let his mind drift back to the morning’s class, and the texts she’d sent him. When she came back, he had a question for her.

“So you think I’m sexy when I teach?”

“Yes”, she smiled. “Very.”


“You’re confident, you’re knowledgeable, you’re in control of the situation. Don’t you think teachers are sexy?”

“I’m not sure”, he frowned.

“Didn’t you ever have a crush on a teacher when you were young?”

“I never really had the chance”, he said. “I was in hospital so often, I missed a lot of school.”

“Well, take it from me, then”, she said. “Teachers can be very hot.”

He considered this for a moment, then smiled. “Show me.”


“Show me. Teach me something.”

She grinned. “Like what?”

“How about section 17.8?”

“Okay”, she said, getting up.

He got up too, and she pushed him down behind one of the desks. He smiled broadly as she twisted her hair back up and stuck the pencil through it again. Then she turned to him with a business-like expression on her face.

“Now”, she said firmly. “Section 17.8.”

He nodded, watching her intently. As she started talking, he had to admit that it had an appeal. She was an engaging speaker, and she laid out the different points clearly and succinctly, which he appreciated. Then she started pointing out flaws in the structure, ways to exploit the system, impressing him once again with her perception and keen insights, sparking a warm glow of admiration in his chest. She was so amazing. He liked her so much. He lost track of what she was saying as he lost himself in appreciation of the intelligence in her dark eyes, the graceful movements of her hands as she talked, her quiet strength. She was incredible, and he couldn’t believe his own luck that he’d found her. She had everything he could possibly want – she was smart, strong, kind and spirited, and on top of that she was beautiful – so beautiful.

He cast an admiring gaze over her, taking in the graceful lines of her back as she wrote on the blackboard, and the way she held herself, radiating competence and self-possession. She was right: this was almost unbearably sexy. He could watch her all day and never get tired of her. His eyes drifted to her cleavage, the curves of her hips, her bare legs… and he noticed that his body had recovered enough to start responding to her again.

She suddenly turned to him.

“So those are the first points. Do you see?”

“Yes”, he said thoughtfully. “I think I see it now.”

She narrowed her eyes at him. “You weren’t paying attention, were you?”

“On the contrary, I was paying very close attention.”

She laughed as she came closer to him. “Not to the right things, though.”

“Oh”, he said, stretching out a hand to slide it over her hip, “to all the right things.”

She pushed his hand away, amused. “I’m not done yet.”

“Take pity on me”, he murmured, taking her wrist and pulling her into his lap. “I can’t focus anymore.”

“I see”, she said, her eyes sparkling. “Perhaps you would prefer a more… hands-on approach?”

“That does sound intriguing”, he said, one hand sliding down her back, the other up her thigh. “How would that work?”

“I talk, but I will try harder to keep you engaged.”


She got up and took off her panties. He raised his eyebrows.

“You have my full attention.”

“Good”, she smiled.

She sat astride his lap and ran her hands through his hair.

“Change four to the script”, she said, then proceeded to explain it as she trailed her fingers down his neck and over his shoulders, making him sigh. “Are you following me?”

“Yes”, he assured her. “Completely. Go on.”

As she continued talking, she ran her hands down his chest and stomach, then unbuttoned his pants. He groaned softly as she drew him out.

“Now the next point is very important”, she said as she lifted her hips. “It may require some deep thought.”

“I will give it my full consideration”, he whispered, then gasped as she sank down on him. He closed his eyes at how good it felt, but he opened them again as she tapped his cheek.

“Are you still with me?” she teased him.

“Utterly”, he said, his voice a little hoarse. “Please don’t stop.”

She kept talking as she started moving her hips, and for a moment he was fully consumed by the sensations, unable to absorb even a single word she was saying, but then the first intensity of it passed and he was able to breathe again. He established a tight rein on himself, placed his hand on her back and pressed her closer to him so he could kiss her neck.

“What are you doing?” she asked sharply.

“Don’t worry”, he murmured against her skin, “I’m still listening. Do go on. Unless… I’m distracting you?”

“Not at all”, she said with dignity, but as she continued her voice hitched a little as he kept kissing her neck.

Then he leaned back a little to create some space, and slipped a hand between them, searching among the fabric of her pulled-up skirt until he found the sensitive spot between her legs. She gasped as he started drawing circles around it with his thumb.

“Problem?” he asked her quietly.

“No”, she said, breathing rather fast, her voice strained, but unwilling to admit defeat. “What you need to realize about point five is that… oh… no matter what you say… you… you’re still… oh god…”

He smiled in satisfaction as she closed her eyes and moaned. “Anything else you want to teach me?”

“I think you’ve got it”, she whispered, then her fingers gripped his shirt and she gasped as he bucked his hips to take her deeper. He was moving his thumb up and down now, and she was rendered speechless, her breathing fast and uneven, and the pencil dropped out of her hair so it fell to frame her face in the most lovely way. A minute later, she arched her back and threw her head back with a soft cry, shuddering through her release. After several long moments, she relaxed against him, panting, leaning her forehead against his shoulder as he gently stroked her back. Then she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him as she started moving again, and he finally allowed himself to get lost in the feeling. Her lips on his, his hand in her hair, her fingers stroking the back of his neck while she moved up and down on him, taking him in fully with every stroke, so warm and wonderful and oh. The sheer, bright joy of holding her close. Suddenly she stopped kissing him and bit his earlobe, and that sent him straight over the edge with a gasp. His arm tightened around her waist as the feeling shook him, and he whispered her name over and over and over again.

They held each other tight for several breathless minutes, then he took her face between his hands and kissed her.

“Well”, he said, “You’ve certainly proven your point: teachers are very sexy.”

“How did I do?” she smiled.

“Best class of my life”, he said. “Hands down. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.”

“So I’m a good teacher?”

“You’re an excellent teacher”, he said, then he smiled and added: “Profesora.”

She gave him a delighted grin. “Oh! I like the sound of that.”

He was in such a good mood over dinner that he didn’t even feel embarrassed when Nairobi winked at him knowingly. He just smiled at her and kept eating, his knee touching Raquel’s under the table. Later, in bed, when she had fallen asleep with her head in the hollow of his shoulder and his arm around her, he lay looking up at the ceiling and processed the events of the day. He’d failed spectacularly at keeping to his morning resolution to keep his hands off her during the day, but he really couldn’t care. The iron self-discipline that he’d cultivated so carefully throughout the years simply crumbled when she was near him – one after the other, she broke through all of his restraints, all of his self-imposed rules and restrictions. If he’d known beforehand that she would have that effect on him, it would have scared him so much that he’d never have recruited her. Yet now that it was happening, he couldn’t regret it at all.

He kept waiting to feel guilty about canceling class that afternoon, but the feeling wasn’t manifesting – not even a little bit. The truth was that he wasn’t sorry at all. He would never be sorry about time he spent with her. He tightened his arm around her and pressed a soft kiss to her forehead, thinking back on what he’d said to her, that she was an amazing teacher. It was true. She probably didn’t realize it, but she was teaching him so much. She was opening his eyes to things he’d been blind to for so long, showing him new vistas, new points of view. Every day with her was a revelation. It might take him a long time to learn everything he needed to know, but he knew he would get it right in the end. Slowly but surely, he was learning what it meant to be close to another person instead of pushing them away, what it meant to truly connect. To care. To commit. To love. And like all the best teachers, she made it seem so easy.