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The Haunting of Button House

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The ‘ghost hunters’ went to a few more rooms before returning to the front of the house. The ghosts had eagerly followed them around, trying to get their attention through Julian almost pushing a cup off a window sill and encouraging the plague girl to sing to them. No matter what they tried, Shane, Ryan and the cameraman didn’t notice them. They came to the top of the stairs that led to the basement and stopped. 

“Ok so, the owner of this house said there is a potential plague pit site in the basement.” Ryan explained to the camera, “So this is where we will split off for your individual investigations.” 

“You sure about that, scaredy pants?” Shane taunted, “After what happened with the spirit box upstairs?”  

“Shut up.” Ryan half laughed, strapping the gopro to his chest. 

Shane and the cameraman bid farewell to Ryan at the top of the stairs and made their way into the living room. Left on his own, Ryan wavered at the top of the stairs, shining his torch into the darkness below before venturing down. 

“I want to go with him.” Kitty implored, but the staircase was being blocked by the Captain and his swagger stick. 

“Best just to leave him to it.” The Captain explained, “There’s already a great deal of people down there already, we don’t want to crowd the place. Do you want him to walk through you?” 

“I suppose not.” Kitty bowed her head. 

At the bottom of the stairs, Ryan was shining his torch around the seemingly empty basement looking terrified. The go pro was shining up into his face and he held the spitit box in one hand with his torch in the other. 

“Oh he looks nice.” One of the plague victims murmured, with a positive collective mumbling response from the others. 

“Ok, uhh,” Ryan stammered as he looked around the dingy basement, “My name is Ryan and I’d, well actually no I’d find it quite terrifying, but I’d like to speak to whoever might be down here with me.” 

“Is he talking to us?” Another plague victim said, taking a closer look at the timid man that they all stood around. 

Ryan stood in silence for a while, prompting another ghost to speak, “Yeah, I think he means us.”

“It’s not like he’s going to hear us, so why is he asking?” another one at the back pointed out, which earned a general noise of agreement. 

“It’s a nice, uh, basement you’ve got here.” Ryan tried to make some sort of conversation, albeit one-sided. 

“Well, we try our best.” a couple of them responded. 

“I’m not gonna lie, I’m slightly terrified right now.” Ryan swung his torch to scan the old boiler. 

“Ohh there’s nothing to be scared of, apart from Jim.” one of the women said. 

“What did I do?” retaliated Jim, the ghost with the unsettling jaw of teeth. 

After a few minutes, Ryan didn’t even attempt to use the spirit box out of pure terror and jumped out of his skin when Shane called his time from the top of the stairs. He immediately exited the basement and turned off his torch as he came into the lit hallway. 

“How was it?” Shane put a hand on the shaking shoulder of his friend. 

“It’s so quiet down there it’s awful, but I have a feeling you’re going to have a whale of a time in there.” Ryan replied, taking off the gopro and handing it to Shane. 

“Oh I intend to.” Shane smiled unsettlingly, pointing the night vision camera in his counterpart’s face. 

The time then came for Shane’s turn in the basement, and once again the Captain stopped Robin from following him in. 

“I don’t see why not.” Robin argued. 

“Just no, Robin.” The Captain pressed his stick up against the caveman’s chest, earning a defeated grunt. 

Shane descended into the dark in a way more cheerier manner that Ryan had, “Hey ghouls, I’m Shane and I’m here to have a blast.” He grinned into what he thought was thin air. 

“Now this guy I can get behind.” One of the victims grinned back at him. 

“I don’t know, he seems kind of a prick.” another one muttered. 

“You think everyone is a prick, Jeff.” 

“You want some? I'll give it you.” 

“If anyone wants to speak to me, I’m going to give you some silence to say whatever you want.” Shane waved his arms around and went straight through a couple of people’s heads. 

“Oh god, sorry mate.”

“Yeah I hate it when that happens.” 

Shane stood there silently while the ghosts had a conversation around him. After a few minutes Shane broke the silence. 

“I heard you guys died of the plague, nasty way to go, I feel for you.” 

One of the women smiled at him, “Oh, that’s nice, at least he cares.” 

“Yeah that’s sweet.” Someone else agreed with her. 

“Guess the rats just made themselves at home, huh?” Shane added. 

“Oh, well that’s just rude.” 

“He had to go and ruin it, eh?” someone at the back commented. 

There was another awkward silence before Ryan shouted something incoherent from the top of the stairs and Shane left the basement. 

“Good riddance.” 

Once up in the light of the hallway, Shane and Ryan did a little conclusion to the camera and they filmed a fake exit. 

“Are they leaving already?” Kitty sounded disappointed. 

“Quite rude of them to leave without saying goodbye to Alison and Michael.” Fanny pulled a sour face. 

“Wait, they’re coming back?” Pat squinted into the dark and saw the Americans coming back towards the house. 

All of a sudden Alison and Mike came up behind the ghosts as the Americans came back in the front door. 

“Thanks again for letting us come and film here.” Ryan shook Mike’s hand, “Although your basement is very scary.” 

“I didn’t find it scary, had to go down there and fix the old boiler by myself when we moved in here.” Mike tried to boast. 

“Yourself? You mean you and the Youtube tutorials.” Alison embarrassed him. 

“Hey, I don’t blame you.” Shane laughed, backing him up. 

“These Americans here have been the height of disrespect with no regret for their actions.” Fanny bellowed into Alison’s ear, but she just had to smile and nod as Ryan said something about their investigation, “They insulted my title, they mocked my unfortunate demise and they played a God awful sound that damn well near made us all deaf!” 

“Could you excuse me for a minute.” Alison politely smiled and backed out into the living room, followed by Fanny and the other ghosts. 

“I demand you remove these… colonizers from my house at once!” Fanny stamped her foot. 

“They called me Victorian!” Thomas dramatically exclaimed. 

“And Lady Fanny… and me… I think.” Kitty added. 

“The tall one wents through me.” Mary smouldered. 

“They called me a headless body!” Humphrey called from the back, who had been picked up by Julian at some point. 

“They didn’t even mention me at all!” Julian’s brow furrowed, rallying behind the complaints of the others. 

“Alright, alright!” Alison tried to calm everyone down, “I know they might not have been the most respectful, but you’ve got to remember that they can’t see or hear you.” 

“They heard the Captain.” Thomas pointed a finger at him. 

“What? Really?” Alison turned to the Captain. 

“They had this device that, somewhat unreliably, could translate what we were saying. It made a hellish sound, but at one point it did manage to relay something I said.” The Captain explained, puffing out his chest a little. 

“The spirit box.” Alison remembered from watching other episodes of the show, “So that thing really does work then.” 

“I assure you it doesn’t, the blasted thing cherry-picked what we were saying.” The Captain argued, “Unreliable piece of machinery, I say.”

“I thought it was quite snazzy, despite the noise.” Pat muttered, aware of the contempt the Captain had towards the little box. 

“Look guys, they’re going to leave soon anyway.” Alison explained. 

“And rightly so!” Fanny raised her already angry eyebrows, “They have no right to treat us with such impertinence!” 

“Anyways, conversings with the dead be witchcraft.” Mary timidly pointed out. 

Alison rolled her eyes at the familiar phrase, “Mary, you say that to me all the time.” 

“Then you be an expert witch.” Mary smiled innocently, smouldering a little as she spoke. 

Alison pinched the bridge of her nose and tried to diffuse the situation, all the while being quiet so the guests in the next room wouldn’t think she was crazy and was talking to herself. Afterwards, Shane had offered to take them all down to the local pub and Alison immediately took him up on the offer, eager to escape the gaggle of disgruntled ghosts. God knows what they’ll say when the actual episode comes out.