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Love me after the beauty fades

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His legs ached, his body felt warm and he cringed as the overpowering scent of sex and heat was still clinging in the air.

Christian hadn’t listened to him again, every time Hoseok refused to have sex or refused to let Christian help during his heat he’d find himself in this situation the next morning, how pathetic.

His heat just passed and now he feels disgusting, the sweat on his skin drying up and the sheets under him felt stiff. He gasped, slightly turning his upper body back to inspect himself. He sighed in relief, Christian used a condom.

It wasn’t as if Hoseok didn’t want children, of course he did, he just, didn’t want one with Christian, and since the alpha won’t let him use birth control he always has a mini panic attack after sex thinking Christian didn’t use any type of protection.

He pushed himself up into a sitting position and whimpered feeling his sore muscles pull against him, sadly he looked down at the new bruises on his thighs and the harsh bite marks he’d have to disinfect later, he looked around the bedroom and flinched seeing Christian fixing his appearance while he sat in front of the large mirror decorating the side of their bedroom.

”You’re awake,” Christian stood up, smoothing down his suit as he walked towards Hoseok on the bed, the omega flinched seeing his hand lifting up reaching toward him, though Christian ignored his fear. “My pretty omega,” he caressed the side of his cheek while Hoseok kept his gaze down.

The alpha pulled his chin upwards making the smaller look at him while Hoseoks hand gripped the white blankets covering his lower body. "I'll be out for a couple of hours," he leaned lower like a kiss but stopped midway, whispering in the otherwise quiet room. "Dean's keeping watch so don't even think about going to those pathetic markets today."

At this Hoseok looked at him sadly, his brows furrowed in and his eyes watering. Pouting as he sees Christian frowning at him.

"I'm not a fucking idiot Hoseok,” he crawled onto the bed while Hoseok moved backwards, dragging the blankets with him to gain some sense of control over his own body. “I have eyes everywhere sweetheart and those eyes tell me everything,” as he pressed Hoseok against the wooden bed frame he moved Hoseoks head with the palm of his hand, the omega relented bearing his neck, whimpering as he felt Christians lips grazing his sensitive skin. “Don’t leave this place unless I allow it.” he bit his neck with a growl causing the smaller to gasp quietly, it wasn’t hard enough to break the skin but it fucking hurt.

As Christian left the apartment, hearing the front door slam shut and the click of the double locks Hoseok sighed out, wiping his unshed tears on the back of his hand. He slowly got up from the bed, hissing in pain when he accidentally grazed a particularly large bruise on his hip.

Hoseok was grateful he was only given a warning, usually when he gets caught doing something Christian doesn’t allow he gets punished severely, the last time was when Hoseok decided to befriend one of the last guards that kept watch over him, apparently Christian didn’t like seeing his omega get friendly with another male and he hadn’t seen the guard since, the guilt consumed him, hoping his friend was just fired and nothing more.

That time Hoseok was punished with a heat inducing cream and was left in the bedroom to endure the pain of a forced heat alone, with no food or water. He shuddered remembering the pain and fear he felt during one of the most vulnerable times for an omega, the worst part was the fact he was actually grateful Christian wasn’t there to “help” him, he would rather feel pain than have that man touch him ever again.

In the bathroom he looked at himself in the mirror, with a frown he analyzed his skin, the new bruises on his hips and thighs, his neck littered with hickeys and the bite mark he was just given, the other bite marks that had just started to scab over on his legs and upper arms. No wonder he was rougher than usual, the alpha was angry with him.

His eyes widened as he quickly touched the back of his neck before sighing in pure relief and slumping forward against the sink. Christian hasn’t marked him, thank god, the alpha would whisper in his ear while they were having sex, telling him that he’ll mark him, and get him pregnant and Hoseok would just cry not being able to do much else other than take what he’d been forced upon.

Walking out of the bathroom he went back in to the room, they lived in a one bedroom apartment, it was cheap, with wooden floors that were scratched and the light blue painted walls continue to peel off over time but the area was good for Christians “business” what with, drug addicts tending to be on the poorer side.

Walking towards the old dresser he pulled the drawer open, taking out a washed out yellow towel; he needed to shower, the feeling of his own body felt wrong and he found that showering had always made him feel somewhat clean, both on the outside and inside.

After the shower he got dressed in a pink slip dress, Chris only allowed him to wear flimsy dresses or shorts with no underwear, even during the winter leaving him cold most days. He dried his hair in the mirror that Christian had used, his dark hair was getting long, slightly falling over his eyes.

As he stared at himself he touched his arms and smoothed a hand down his leg, though his skin was soft with barely any hair and his face was pretty he never hated himself more than these moments when he’s left alone with his reflection. Being an omega meant he was pretty, something to show off and that was what Christian did, whenever he had “customers” over he had him dress in revealing clothing, with light makeup. It gave the alpha a sense of entitlement and made his ego grow whenever they stared at his omega with want but will never have.

A tear slipped down his cheek before he wiped it away with the back of his hand, he decided to distract himself and make breakfast, Christian won’t be back until dinner time and he’s thankful he gets to have a couple of hours to himself every morning. Before he met Chris he was an outgoing omega, with lots of friends, always the one people relied on when they needed to be happy, now he was lonely and no one was there to make him feel happy.

It’s been four years since he moved in with Christian, five years of dating and two years since he felt the same love for the alpha before it faded away into nothing but pain and fear. Five years ago, a twenty year old Hoseok went to the convenience store that was just five minutes from his family’s house to buy some sweets and as he stepped inside the brightly lit store he saw Christian frowning at a pack of muffins and scaring everyone away who needed to pass him, his first thought about the alpha was “how cute” so with a smile he tapped his shoulder and didn’t flinch even when the alpha turned to him with a death glare.

Hoseok commented that he didn’t really like those muffins either and preferred cookies instead, Christian looked at him with a confused expression before he smiled, his eyes turning dark after he looked at the omega up and down, asking Hoseok to lead the way to those cookies, he obliged and Christian asked for his number, he should’ve never went to the store, or he should’ve at least ignored the frowning alpha.

Their first date was pretty normal, Christian picked him up in an old grey Chevy Malibu, had gotten him flowers and the cookies Hoseok had mentioned he liked, they got to know each other over dinner at a fancy restaurant that Hoseok was sure the alpha took him to to woo him even more. Hoseok thought his boyfriend was a normal alpha, aggressive every now and then and he was extremely possessive over him, growling at other alphas and betas if they came too close but otherwise he was normal. After a year of dating Christian took him to the same restaurant and asked Hoseok to move in with him along with a ring and a promise, Hoseok had teared up then and agreed wholeheartedly, saying good bye to his family he packed his things and moved to Daegu.

His dream of having a sweet mate and warm hugs only lasted two weeks until Christian had gotten home late one night and was drunk to the point that even standing up was difficult, after that Hoseok realized Christian had never told him what he does for a living and since he didn’t let Hoseok work he was curious, the alpha had always avoided the question by kissing him or changing the subject, so with a new found sense of determination he asked him the next morning while Hoseok was helping him nurse his hangover in the kitchen.

Christian had sighed irritatingly as he rubbed his head but Hoseok kept pestering him until he confessed of being an extremely successful drug dealer, Hoseok stood still waiting for the other to start chuckling and tell him it was just a joke but when it didn’t come Hoseok gasped and tried to back out of the room, Christian grabbed him with a growl and told Hoseok that he belonged to him and he always will be. After that Christian had begun to act even more aggressive, violent even, if Hoseok wasn’t completely saturated with his scent he’d get angry and kiss Hoseok roughly until they’d just end up having sex. Hoseok had loved him for three years thinking he’d convince his alpha to change for the better before he finally gave up, putting the ring in an old jewelry box in the back of the closet collecting dust.

Now stuck in this apartment, with no phone, no contact from the outside world he felt lonely. Christian would always say sweet words to him, telling him he was always by his side, calling him pretty names with soft caresses but Hoseok wasn’t an idiot, those sweet words had always just been a pretty layer to cover up how vile those words actually where.

A family, Hoseok wants a family and some days he would convince himself that if Christian was all he had then having a child with him wouldn’t be so bad but he would always snap out of it when he would see the alpha in person again, he wanted his baby to come out of love not fear and possession.

As he sat down and looked at the plate of eggs and toast with jam he felt his appetite had disappeared, it was a common thing but he knew better than to starve himself, death wasn’t an option for him, yet. He forced himself to eat and washed the dishes after, his legs getting colder as winter came he decided to put the dirtied bed linens in the wash before grabbing a blanket and dragging it into the living room, wrapping himself in the blanket to keep warm as he read “Educated” as he lived here books had begun to give him a way out of his bleak world, even if the books where sad in themselves he loved it because it was fiction and sad stories where just that, stories.

After a couple of hours of Hoseok watching tv, eating a sandwich for lunch, preparing for dinner, reading and daydreaming he heard the front door and turned to look at it with a confused expression, he looked at the clock and it was only three twelve, Christian usually came home at around five in the afternoon. When the door opened Hoseok curled into the blanket even more, setting his book down on to coffee table, seeing Christian walk through the door, it was too early for him to be back, something must’ve went wrong.

Standing up, he made his way towards Christian, his arms wrapped around himself as the warmth from the blanket had dissipated.

“You’re back early, did something happen?” His heart was thumping hard as he grabbed the alphas jacket and bag, setting it down onto the kitchen table.

”Those fuckers hustled me like I was a dumbass,” he walked towards the couch, Hoseok following closely behind. “How the fuck am I going to get that money back now!” He screamed flipping the small coffee table along with everything on it , breaking the glass and having the pieces shattering everywhere, Hoseok flinched looking at him with wide, scared eyes.

He gulped before nervously raising a hand and placing his palm on Christians shoulder. “I-It’s alright honey, you’ll get the money back, you’ve always been smart, you can manage this little set back.”

Christian turned to him, his eyes burning red with pure anger. “I’m going to kill them first.”

Hoseok looked down, avoiding his eyes as he tried to find a way to appease him and not add fuel to the fire. He held back tears when Christian suddenly grabbed him, pulling him flush against his chest, burying his face in Hoseoks bruise covered neck and inhaling his pheromones, Hoseok held his breath before sighing out a quiet “No, Christian m-my heat just ended this morning, my body aches, I-I can’t.”

As if he hadn’t heard a word from Hoseok he started to kiss his neck, slipping a hand to the back of his soft thigh, smoothing his hand up and pulling the dress higher. “Come on baby, I need your help to relax.” His warm breath against his neck made Hoseok shiver, still shaking his head no Hoseok placed his hands on his chest, pushing lightly.

”Chris, I-I don’t want to.”

And as if the world decided to give Hoseok a little mercy there was a knock at the door. Hearing Christian growl so close to his ear made him tense, his own omega senses telling him to just submit. Hearing the knock again Christian clicked his tongue, kissing Hoseok roughly on the lips. “Go to the room and make yourself all pretty, we’ll continue after I deal with whoever that son of a bitch is at the door.”

Hoseok only nodded, these types of nights where always the ones Hoseok hated the most, Christian would make him put on a little bit of makeup, usually lip gloss and mascara, have him change to his favorite dress, the red one with black bows at the straps and they’d have sex. The difference was that these nights where the nights that the alpha would be sweet with him, giving him rewards for being such a good omega during the day, whispering about a future family, of his nape getting scarred with a mating bite, even if Hoseok didn’t want them.

As he just finished applying his mascara, having a little napkin at the table to dry his tears before it smudged the makeup around his eyes, he heard Christian speaking with the stranger, then hearing an added pair of footsteps walking into the living room. Hoseok furrowed his brows, that was strange, Christian would never invite anyone in their home unless it was his minions or a new customer and even then he’d always tell Hoseok before hand so that he’d be prepared to serve them drinks.

Slowly, on his bare feet he walked down the narrow hall and stopped at the corner leading to the living room, leaning his weight against the wall and looking at the guest Christian had brought in.

The stranger looked wide eyed and innocent, scanning around the room as if there would be a cop hiding behind the baron walls, glancing at the broken table in front of them with a slight look of disbelief, he had dark circles under his eyes, his blond hair making him stand out in the dark room, he also had a strong build, muscles tightening under his short sleeved shirt, he was good looking and yet Hoseok felt frightened seeing him because he had never been attracted to another alpha after he stopped loving Christian.

Christian must have noticed his presence because not a second later he smiled and called to him. “Baby,” Hoseok flinched before coming into full view. “come in here and get us some drinks, help make Taehyung comfortable and then,” he paused and smiled at the stranger. “I’ll get you your stuff.”

Taehyung gave him a half smile before he turned to look at Hoseok, he did a double take and his mouth was a little open. Hoseok kept his eyes down trying to just follow his routine whenever a new customer arrived and went to the kitchen. Christian, however, clearly enjoyed the other alphas reaction to what belonged to him as he grinned, turning to the stranger.

“Pretty isn’t he?” He turned towards the direction Taehyung was glancing at and was pleased to find Hoseok at the end of his gaze, it wasn’t until he noticed Hoseoks lightly flushed ears and cheeks did he get irritated. He turned towards the other alpha again but with a frown. “Well, that pretty thing only opens his legs for me.”

Looking down at the counter, feeling as if the little bit of self respect he had been ripped away at hearing Christian speak about him to a complete stranger like that.

Hoseok filled two glasses with Soju, waiting to hear Taehyung speak about him with the same disgusting words the other customers have but was surprised, having to steady the cups in his hands when Taehyung responded.

“He’s beautiful, you’re lucky.” It was quiet, as if he were whispering to not have him hear but Hoseok heard and it made his stomach feel sick, why did this strange man say that?

Ignoring the comment Hoseok walked in and handed the glass cup to Taehyung, never once looking at his face directly, before walking towards Christian, he tried to avoid the broken glass on the floor but was cut on the sole of his foot anyway when he was grabbed and manhandled onto Christians lap.

Hoseok nearly dropped the Soju and almost had the nerve to scold Christian for it but shut his mouth when he glanced at Taehyung, the alpha looked skittish, take glances at Hoseok and he wondered what the world did to him for him to turn to drugs for comfort.

“Alright, you’re not here to flirt with my omega,” he picked Hoseok up again before tossing him down onto the single couch, Hoseok flinched at the pain in his foot. “I’ll go get your stuff druggie, and then you’ll leave, and you,” he looked at Hoseok with a stare that made Hoseok want to shrivel up into himself. “After Taehyung leaves get ready for me.”

Hoseok only nodded, the shame of those words clawing down his back and leaving scars for this total stranger to gawk at.

Alone with Taehyung Hoseok decided that this wasn’t a bad guy, judging by the innocence of his behavior and the lack of words, and if he could get a little human interaction with him, regardless of his drug addiction then he’d feel somewhat normal for at least a second. He glanced at Taehyung and was taken aback a little when he was already being stared at.

“S-so, Taehyung, how old are you?”

Taehyung looked at him as if he was in awe of him and it made Hoseok feel uncomfortable, then realizing that the young man probably doesn’t have anyone in his life to talk to and suddenly Hoseok felt as if they were the same person, vulnerable and lonely. “I’m twenty-three, what about you?”

“You’re young, I’m twenty-five,” Hoseok pauses and moved a little closer to Taehyung causing the other to look at him slightly wide eyed before also moving closer. “Can I ask you something?”

Taehyung looked at him as if he were trying to figure out what the question was before letting Hoseok say it. “Yeah, it isn’t like I hide anything anyway, I’m an open book.”

Hoseok smiled at him a little before continuing. “Why are you doing this? Why drugs?”

Taehyungs gaze fell to the floor at the question before looking up with a cold expression. “I’ll answer if you tell me why you’re covered in bruises.”

Hoseok looked at him with wide eyes but sighed. “Alright that’s fair,” he heard Christian rummaging through his hidden stash of the array of drugs in the room and knew that he’d take awhile as he is the most disorganized person Hoseok had ever met. “I can’t leave this place and Christian gets violent,” he glanced at Taehyung, whose expression was still cold and continued. “He doesn’t hit me but during sex he’s rough and my skin bruises easily.”

There was silence for a second when Taehyungs cold expression became one of empathy. “Do you love him?”

Hoseok hadn’t realized that his eyes started watering until he felt the warm liquid run down his cheeks, he wiped them away with the palm of his hand, great he’d have to clean himself up again. “That isn’t the man I fell in love with.”

Taehyung looked at him and Hoseok was surprised not finding any repulsion from the other, when Taehyung opened his mouth to speak Christian walked in with a small baggie containing small pills. “Here,” Taehyung looked at the bag and reached out for it before Christian pulled it away. “take the money out first.”

Quickly, he stuffed his hand in his pocket and pulled out a twenty, Hoseok wondered where he had gotten the money. Christian grabbed the twenty and tossed him the bag. “Great doing business with you, now get out.”

Taehyung stood up, glancing at Hoseok for a second before making his way towards the door.

When the door clicked shut, Hoseok gulped, and Christian turned to him. “On the bed.”

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It was colder this morning than it was yesterday, Hoseok can remember only a few things from last night, he knows there had been a customer and that he was cute but the name had been forgotten. He can hear someone rummaging in the kitchen but he’s too tired to do anything other than open his mouth and whimper from the pain in his hips.

There could be an intruder Hoseok knows the possibility is likely due to the neighborhood but he also knows Dean or some other of Christians men are somewhere close to the apartment babysitting him, so, he resolves the notion for something more plausible, like Christian trying to get something to eat before he leaves for the day. And speaking of food, Hoseok can feel the consequences from skipping dinner last night through his stomach growling loudly.

He needs to get up, take a shower, clean the broken table in the living room, eat and maybe finish up the laundry, but he takes bliss in not having to do anything just yet and continues to lay there in the warmth of the blankets until he hears foot steps heading into the bedroom with him.

Hoseok turns to the intruder, still in bed with mascara around his eyes and messy hair. “I’m heading out, I won’t be back till tomorrow morning, I’ll get you a little present for being a good boy last night.” He spoke without even sparing a glance towards Hoseok, a stern expression on his face as he grabbed a duffel bag and filled it with items Hoseok didn’t bother to look at, the omega can only nod hearing the front door open a few minutes after Christian left him in the bedroom and then the familiar sounds of the locks clicking in place, and he’s alone again.

Taking a breath he pushed himself upwards, ignoring the dull ache of an incoming headache, mentally hoping there would be Advils or ibuprofen in the kitchen. Stepping off the bed he yelped when the cut in his foot was pressed onto the hard wooden floors, he sat back down on the bed and raised his foot for inspection, the glass wasn’t imbedded in his skin which was due to luck more than anything else but the cut itself was angry and red, blood trickling out but it wasn’t too deep and for that he’s grateful.

Not knowing what else to do he used his undamaged foot and stood up from the bed, putting all his weight on the one leg, the pain from the new bruises had almost made him fall over but he endured it, for now he had to get to the bathroom disinfect it, put a water proof bandage on it and then hit the shower.

He hopped towards the bathroom and once there steadied himself on the sink, he cringed at feeling his own slick slip from his ass and down his thigh, please god let that only be slick. He opened the mirror cabinet and grabbed the box of bandaids and the disinfecting kit, he has to buy more of these, it was almost empty, making a mental note of it he hopped towards the toilet and sat down after using toilet paper to cover the seat lest he get his own slick dirtying the cover of the toilet, disinfecting the wound with a hiss and then smoothing the bandaid over it. He stepped on the ground and of course it was still painful but at least it wasn’t going to get infected, he limped into the shower and only then did he inspect himself, Christian used a condom again. He wondered why the man would always frighten him with these horrible promises and then do this, was it for his own amusement? Seeing Hoseok mentally collapse each time and thinking he’d repair him and then do it all over again? He doesn’t want to think of it for too long instead he focused on cleaning himself.

After he was clean, his hair dried and the last bits of remaining makeup cleaned off his face and moisturized he slipped on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt belonging to Christian. Limping as he went into the kitchen and opened the cabinet fishing put a small white bottle with red markings on it, he took out two small red pills and then grabbed a glass of water judging it down the ibuprofen. He sat the empty glass onto the counter and turned with a frown looking at the complete mess that was the living room, his stomach growled then and he went to the pantry and took out a box of strawberry milkshake pop tarts and popped two into the toaster.

He ate as he did the laundry, folding them and putting them away before he grabbed the newly dirtied linens and put them into the wash, after, he grabbed two garbage bags, putting one inside the other and slipped on an old pair of vans, wearing them as sandals, to clean up the living room. As he went on his knees to pick up the bigger pieces of glass he grabbed his book first and set it onto the couch before continuing. As he picked up the pieces he could hear an argument picking up steam just outside of the window, they lived three floors high so he ignored it at first before the screaming was getting too loud and he was getting fed up with the noise, he stood up and walked to the small double windows in the living room. He looked at the locks Christian had set on them and it brought back memories of Hoseok trying to sneak out through them before realizing his fear of heights was stronger than he thought.

He breathed out and started unlocking the window and pushed the curtains away with a frustrated look on his face when he shoved the window open, he looked out and down to the street, the cold prickling his skin as the air hit his face, he looked with nervous eyes hoping he wasn’t about to witness a crime, though he knows Christian wouldn’t let him come to harm by another, only he was allowed to hurt him.

Hoseok flinched when a familiar mop of curly blond hair looked up at him, Hoseok then turned to look at the guy Taehyung was arguing with, he had brown hair, a particularly angry snark on his face and ragged clothing, he quickly turned away when the guy looked at Hoseok with a death glare, instead Hoseok turned back towards the alpha he was familiar with.

Hoseok stood there trying to think of something to say before the scary guy started to yell at his direction. “The fuck are you staring at?! Mind your own business doll before it involves you!”

Hoseok winced, he knows he wouldn’t get hurt, he was three floors high, but he became more fearful over the last couple of years and for once he hoped Dean, wherever he is, would just tell them to go away so that he could clean, eat lunch and finish reading his book all in peace.

Taehyung shoved the guy with a snarl. “Leave him outta this, you know you fucking owe me for last week, what you did was fucked up so just give me what I deserve and then stay the fuck away from me.”

Hoseok looked at him with wide eyes when the other shoved him back, was he about to witness a fight? Where the fuck was Dean? Did that guy just decide to disappear when Christian wasn’t home?

His heart went into over drive when the shoves became punches and the yelling became louder. Hoseok tried to voice his opposition to the fighting but it only came out in a small voice that couldn’t be heard. When there was a particularly hard punch against Taehyungs cheek Hoseok gasped and turned towards the bag full of the broken table, he ran towards it and grabbed a piece of broken wood from it and ran back towards the window swearing under his breath as he saw the guy punching Taehyung on the ground, he threw the piece and it hit him directly on top of him.

The guy grabbed his head in pain giving Taehyung a little leverage to push the brunette away from himself, punching him until he was unconscious, Hoseok had his hands over his mouth as he witnessed the scene, after, Taehyung wobbled a bit, resting against the buildings side his eyes widened after seeing Taehyung groan while holding his side. He was bleeding and Hoseok hadn’t realized he was stabbed during the brawl.

“A-are you alright?” It was a stupid question Hoseok knows but it wasn’t as if he saw this often so give him a break.

Taehyung looked up at him with a frown, struggling from the pain as he took a breath in. “Peachy.” he threw his head back and pulled out the pocket knife from his side, holding in his scream while Hoseok gasped, how stupid is this Alpha? He’s supposed to leave it in and then go to the fucking emergency room not take it out and risk bleeding to death!

He was about to yell at him to go to the hospital when Taehyung passed out seconds after pulling out the blade, Hoseok swore, he paced back and forth in front of the window before leaning out, trying to see if Dean was anywhere to be seen. “Dean!” nothing, only silence and as Hoseok looked at Taehyungs unconscious form bleeding out and the fear in his mind thinking the other guy would wake up any second and finish the job he ran towards the door whispering under his breath as he started unlocking the door. “Christian is going to kill me.”

Instead of taking the elevator he ran down the three floors, looking around as if Christian would appear out of nowhere and drag him back to the apartment.

In the lobby he kept his gaze lowered as he walked towards the exit, the staff looking at the omega with surprise and pity, he hated it. Outside, the cold was harsher than the cold in the apartment but the adrenalin racing through his veins had him concerned about the bleeding alpha on the side of the building instead of his freezing legs.

His breathing became erratic seeing his body up close and personal, he needed to wrap his wound quickly and then drag him in the apartment without Mr. crazy waking up, but how? Not thinking he kneeled down next to him and pushed Taehyung on his back, the alpha groaned but that only meant he was still alive so Hoseok felt a little relief. He raised his dirty hoodie and took it off, he started mumbling to himself as he wrapped the clothing around his wound tightly. “Ok ok, I-I got this, just gotta get you to my place and I-I’ll fix you up.”

He stood up and grabbed Taehyungs arms, trying to pull him up, Taehyung growled under his breath more from pain than it was threatening but Hoseok continued to pull until Taehyung was barely standing up and was almost completely leaning on Hoseok.

Hoseok huffed out from keeping Taehyungs bigger form up still looking around as if he was about to be attacked, he glanced at the scary guy and flinched when he groaned. Quickly he pulled Taehyung towards his apartments entrance and went inside. The staff glanced at him but ignored them, Hoseok thought it was fitting seeing as the apartment was known for its violence. He dragged Taehyung towards the elevator, he knew he would be able to carry the alpha up three floors. As he reached his door he pushed it and pulled Taehyung onto the leather couch and dropped him with a loud sigh.

He took a break for a second, regaining his breath and looking at the unconscious alpha, his dark circles looked the same, though his innocence grew more in his sleeping state, his hair was messy and he looked pale, he ran towards the bathroom and grabbed the same kit he used this morning for his foot.

He untied the hoodie and immediately started to disinfect the wound, it was deep, but not deep enough to hit an organ just enough to leave a nasty scar.

Taehyung growled, the pain barely making him wake up. Hoseok bit his lip as he prepared to stitch him, he was nervous, why did he bring him here? Why is he trying to help this stranger? He kept those thoughts dormant and decided to put all his focus onto helping this man.


His side was sore, and he groaned before he remembered what happened sitting up quickly thinking he was in Jackson’s warehouse about to be tortured instead he found himself inside a familiar apartment, he swore when his side jolted from the pain.

“D-don’t!” The small omega that smelled like sweet vanilla came at the foot of the couch with a cup filled with what smelled like peach tea. “Don’t sit up too abruptly, I-it’ll reopen.”

It was the omega from last night, the one with bruises and Bambi eyes. He looked at Hoseok for a second before slowly sitting up from the couch, wincing from the shocks of pain. Hoseok sat next to him after, it wasn’t close but close enough to reach out and touch. He was handing the cup towards him along with pain pills. “Here,” Taehyung took them and swallowed them down with the tea. “Why did you pullout the knife, it could’ve killed you you know that.” Taehyung looked at him with a raised brow, was he getting scolded?

“Well forgive me, I didn’t think I had to keep it in me.”

Hoseok scoffed, “I’m not joking, y-you should’ve gone to the hospital right after that scary guy passed out not create an open wound.”

Taehyung took another sip. “I wasn’t joking, and I haven’t been to a hospital since I was six and I don’t plan on going any time soon since,” he pointed towards himself. “I’m a druggie and I will not go to prison willingly, question is, why did you help me?”

Hoseok, looked away and towards the floor. “I-I didn’t want to let someone die.” Taehyung set the cup down onto the ground before looking at Hoseok closely. “Regardless if you’re a “druggie” or not.”

Hoseok cleared his throat. “Now, answer my question.”

Taehyung only nodded, adjusting his back against the couch and making himself comfortable for his new side wound.

“Why where you here? I mean next to this building? Did you want to buy more drugs? If so Chris isn’t home, not until tomorrow.”

Taehyung sighed. “No I wasn’t here to get more ecstasy from your alpha boy, I just happen to run into that jackass on my way to, none of your business.” He booped Hoseoks nose on the last remark and grinned when Hoseok looked at him with his sad Bambi eyes.

“I think I should know seeing as I just saved your life.” Hoseok crossed his arms.

Taehyung looked at him with furrowed brows before sighing. “Fine, I was just gonna go to that bar around the block from here.”

Hoseok eyed him with frown, he looked down again. “You said you where twenty-three right?”

Taehyung grunted a bit from the pain but nodded.

“How long have you been taking ecstasy?”

“About a year, why?”

Hoseok then looked at him with a stern expression. “Y-You should quit them.”

Taehyung huffed out a breathy laugh.

Hoseok leaned in closer catching Taehyung off guard, the omega was pretty. “I’m serious, you’re young, too young to live this way.”

Taehyung went closer into his space with a frown, ignoring Hoseoks small flinch. “I get it, you’re the angel who wants to help everyone they can but can’t even help themselves,” he paused as he winced from a particular harsh sting on his side. “If you really wanted to help me, you should’ve let me die.”

The omega looked away and down at his lap, he felt his self hatred grow as he looked at his bruise covered thighs.

Taehyung looked down at his lap as well, his conscience taking a turn to the worst as he looked at the blue and purple marks on soft caramel skin. He cleared his throat. “You’re pretty but that heart of yours is pure gold, and because of that I might make it a habit of visiting you,” he looked at Hoseoks confused expression before continuing. “You’ve saved my pathetic life, so I’ll help you, and I can tell that your loneliness hurts you more than anything else, so I’ll keep you company until you’re free, from everything here.”

Hoseok looked at him with a growing pout and watery eyes before he slowly went closer and hugged him gently, not wanting to reopen the stitches. “I-I’ll be waiting then, you better keep your promise.”

Taehyung took a second before corresponding the hug, “I promise.” He whispered before letting go. “I have to leave.” Hoseok helped him up and walked him towards the front door. He fidgeted, scared that someone was currently telling Christian of Hoseoks wrongdoings and then Taehyung was gone.

Chapter Text

The bruises on his cheek had flourished since leaving Hoseoks apartment and he could feel the pain anytime he decided to open his mouth. Not only that but the stitches are starting to throb as the pain killers are losing their effectiveness, hurting more and more the longer he sits on the rough bar stool. If Jimin wasn’t so talkative he wouldn’t have this problem and instead he could’ve been asleep in the back right now but his alpha friend has always been known to open his mouth whenever he had the chance, regardless of who he was speaking with, and so Taehyung had to deal with the sharp sting from speaking just to answer his friends never ending questions.


“How the hell did you manage to come back with stitches and a fucked up face from a ten minute walk?!” Jimin rambled trying to scold Taehyung for all he’s worth.

“Jimin, relax.”

“Who stitched you? Please dear god tell me you don’t owe some mafia guy for saving your life!”

“No I don’t owe-”

“And what kind of idiot gets into a fight with a lunatic?! You know better than anyone else that Jackson’s men are just a bunch of fucking convicts with a murder happy streak!”


Taehyung growled from the pain, holding his side. “Jesus man, calm down for a second, I need to lay down for at least ten minutes before you decide to bombard me with questions.” He huffed out roughly, the pain taking a turn for the worse the moment he yelled.

Jimin clicked his tongue but went around the bar to help Taehyung walk towards the back entrance. “Can you really blame me? What would you do if I came to you with a busted lip and a side wound, exactly the same thing I did.”

Taehyung held his breath as he laid down onto the old, ripped up couch, sighing when he found a comfortable spot for his injuries. “Can you just call Dani and have him look at this, I don’t want it to get infected.”

“Fine, just take your ten minute nap already, and after you’re answering all my questions.”

Taehyung waved him off, closing his eyes and letting sleep take over the moment silence settled around him.

Half an hour had passed and it seems Jimin had given him a little mercy letting him get an extra twenty minutes of sleep. He groaned when someone had slammed the back door open and a loud voice came barreling towards him.

“Ugh, shut up will you? I feel like I’m dying.”

“You’ll end up dead if you don’t let uncle Dani here check your wounds.”

Dani is a twenty-nine year old beta, half Korean and the other half white, though he grew up in Korea, he was tall and lanky, about three centimeters taller than Taehyung, with dark brown hair and green eyes hiding behind glasses. He’s a doctor but he works in a clinic meant for low income families.

He kneeled down on the side of the couch and lifted his shirt ignoring Taehyungs pleads for pain killers.

He looked at the stitches closely and raised a hand to rest under his own chin.

Jimin looked between the wound and Dani with crossed arms. “Well, what do you think?”

“The stitches are clean,” he turned to look at Taehyung with a questioning expression. “Who stitched you up?” When Taehyung only groaned in response Dani pulled out a small bottle and popped out two pulls. “I’ll give you pain killers if you answer the question buddy.”

Taehyung opened his eye at that and nodded, lifting his upper body up slowly. “Gimme the pills, I feel an incoming migraine.”

Dani smiled and handed him the pills, “I assume you’re still taking the no-no drugs and that’s the reason why you were stabbed in the first place.”

Taehyung laughed quietly, putting the pills in his mouth and jugging them down with a bottle of water Jimin handed to him. “They’re called my happy pills and no, this time they weren’t involved in this nasty attack.”

Jimin slapped the back of his head, ignoring Taehyungs swearing. “I thought you said you where quitting.”

Dani laughed loudly, before pulling off Taehyungs dirty hoodie and shirt off, “Jimin, after all these years you still believe in what he tells you? Even Youngjae can see through his lies, and he’s almost as gullible as Namjoon, even if he is my apprentice.”

“Of course I believe this idiot, he’s my best friend. The problem isn’t me believing in him it’s his constant lying that needs work.”

Taehyung raised his arm to better show his wound while Jimin gave him death glares, “Enough with insulting me just finish doing what you need to do.”

“I don’t recall insulting you Taehyung, just merely conversing,” He grabbed his bag and took out appliances. “Now, who stitched you? It’s a clean stitch, which means they’re experienced.”

“It doesn’t matter who helped me, what matters is that I get better.” He paused when Dani started to rub an antiseptic over his busted lip. “I made a promise that I don’t plan to break.”

Jimin scoffed, “Taehyung no more bullshit, just tell us what happened and who stitched you up.”

“Now now Jimin, no need to get upset, Joon should be here in a few minutes,” he paused and smiled towards Taehyung. “I’m sure he’ll tell Namjoon everything, that boy has a way with words that even I am amazed sometimes.”

Taehyung only rolled his eyes. He knew he would choke if Namjoon made him talk, it was always like that and Jimin had always used that as an advantage.

“What did Taehyung do this time?”

Namjoon came in through the door with a bag of chicken, he looked at Jimin expecting him to answer.

Taehyung hissed when Dani applied a protective cream over his stitches.

“The fool got himself stabbed that’s what happened, and by one of Jackson’s men too.

“What?! How?” He turned towards Taehyung before walking by Dani’s side to inspect his wounds up close. “You work quick Doc, as expected of my mentor, is it going to heal well?”

Dani chuckled ignoring Taehyungs frown. “I didn’t stitch him up, but I’d love to know who did, maybe they’d like to work with us, amp up the clinic with more future doctors, they have the skill, I mean Taehyungs not dead.”

“Huh I’d also like to know who helped, I could get Youngjae to bake cookies to thank them for saving your life.” He turned to Taehyung, who kept his mouth shut because he really didn’t want anyone to know too much of his business and every time Namjoon asked he’d end up telling them everything, maybe it was because he respected the omega like a parent, even if they were close in age.

Taehyung looked at Namjoon before sighing loudly. “Do I really have to tell you guys?”

Namjoon set the bag of food down onto the table while nodding, Jimin stood at the end of the couch with crossed arms, waiting as well.

“Fine, but none of you are allowed to hit me because what you’re about to hear isn’t exactly what you’ll like to hear.”

Jimin frowned but nodded anyways. “Alright, I was on my way here but I ran into Shin and you remember when that jackass took my money and left me behind when the cops came and arrested my old dealer, which almost lead to me in fucking jail. Well, he was in that alley by the bungalow apartments and I confronted him,” Namjoon shook his head at that but let Taehyung continue. “And we ended up fighting, I didn’t know he had a knife until after he was knocked out.”

“Ok now we know Shin was the asshole but who do I owe a thank you for helping your sorry ass.” Jimin sighed sitting down next to Taehyung on the couch, Dani was still on the floor eating a chicken strip and Namjoon also sat down next to Dani on the ground.

Taehyung hesitated but decided to just answer it wasn’t as if they would hurt Hoseok, he trusted them and that was more than enough for a druggie like himself.

“So, after my old dealer got arrested another buddy of mine recommended me another dealer named Christian, gave me his address,”

“Wait, I thought you where quitting?” Namjoon interrupted looking at Taehyung with a frown.

“It isn’t that easy, I’m sorry for lying but I, I just can’t, I need it.”

It was quiet for a moment before Dani cleared his throat, “We’ll deal with that later, just continue.”

Taehyung nodded slowly, the pain killers taking affect. “So that same night I went to the address, the dude was the typical dealer, a big shot with tattoos and a pathetic need for control,” he paused for a second, leaning back on the couch. “He has an omega there, he’s pretty, beautiful even. The little thing was covered in bruises, bite marks, rug burn, cuts, though you could still tell he’s smart, analyzing things around him but never speaks a word. Anyway he lives in those Bungalow apartments and happened to see the fight, he dragged me up in his place after seeing me pass out and helped me.”

Namjoon had a hard look on his face, he had always been an advocate for omegas being one himself but above all domestic abuse was always a touchy subject for him as he grew up in a family who always saw omegas as lesser before finally escaping. “What was his name?”

“It’s Hoseok, he’s never allowed to leave the apartment unless his alpha allows it, at least that’s what he told me.”

“Christian as in Christian Yu?” Jimin looked at Taehyung with a thinking expression. “It sounds familiar, didn’t Yoongi used to work as a body guard or something?”

“Yes, I remember he said something like that, maybe he used to work for this Christian, though we shouldn’t get too involved in this, let’s just be grateful that Taehyung is alive and well and move on from this.” He turned and looked at Taehyung. “We’ll find someone to help you get through your addiction.”

Taehyung was about to respond his dislike to his “plans” but Namjoon had interrupted.

“Move on from this? There’s an omega getting hurt and I’m supposed to pretend nothings going on?” Namjoon looked upset, staring at the ground.

Dani sighed. “Namjoon, I know that it’s awful and I don’t particularly like it either but if we get involved with this Christian, the drug dealers omega, we’d all get hurt, it isn’t as easy as just getting in there and taking the omega away, they’ll be looking for us and for who knows how long, and what if he catches us? This part of Daegu has a high crime rate for a reason.”

Namjoon stayed quiet. A silent protest as he thought of every possible way to try and help until he inevitably sighed, giving up and getting up from his spot on the floor. “I’ll be in the clinic, Youngjae and I still need to finish up the skeletal model.”

Taehyung looked at him sadly, he knows he shouldn’t get his friends involved and he won’t, he’ll continue to “get involved” as Dani put it, because he made a promise to a teary eyed omega. This time he didn’t lie, he just didn’t tell the whole story. He’ll visit Hoseok again and continue taking ecstasy and the only thing he wishes for is his friends safety.

Christians Pov:

He cracked his neck, his body felt heavy and getting the front door open was more difficult than he remembered. It was early morning, he knew Hoseok would still be in bed or at least in the shower.

He stepped in, pausing at that moment, he growled. There was a foul scent here, mixing with his omegas sweet pheromones of french vanilla and peaches.

He kept his snarl as he quickly locked the front door, dropping his things there and walked towards the bed room. “Hoseok.”

The omega just stepped out of the shower, a towel wrapped around his soft body, his hair was dripping water as he looked at him with those sad eyes. “Welcome home.”

Immediately he walked quickly towards Hoseok, startling him, he grabbed his face and snarled out. “Have you been cheating on me? It’s that fucker Taehyung, isn’t it?”

Hoseok whined with fear, barely being able to shake his head no. “N-no I haven’t been ch-cheating on you.” He bared his throat when Christian let him go but still had him against the wall.

“Then how come I smell that fucker in the living room,” he paused as his eyes started to bleed red. “Or did he rape you?”

Hoseok looked at him panicked, he raised his arms up and around Christians neck, nuzzling his throat with his face. “N-no, he just came here last night to buy more drugs, I-I swear. I just gave him tea and told him you’d be here tomorrow.”

Christian bristled, the red in his eyes fading, though he was still frowning. “Why didn’t Dean handle it?”

Hoseok closed his eyes trying to appease the alpha. “I-I’m not sure, Taehyung was just at the door alone.”

Christian growled again lowly, stepping back and heading towards the shower. “I’m showering, make breakfast, I’m starving, and expect company tonight.”

Hoseok nodded, gripping the towel in his hand to keep himself covered, he wonders who the guest is tonight.

Chapter Text

Taehyung looked up at the ceiling, the chipped off paint from the wall making the place look even more wore down that it should’ve been. He was lucky to still have Jimin to call a friend as he lets him live in this pathetic, studio apartment above the bar. He wonders how life would’ve been if he stayed clear off the streets and instead in Seoul, studying to become an actor, Jimin tells him every now and then about using the money that he saves from the bar to one day apply for school in Seoul but it was all really a blur at the moment as colors swirled into one another and he had a dopey smile on his face, the opened bag of pills on the table in front of him while the tv played in the background, ecstasy was always different for each person and for him it just created a wonderland of colors and an increase of dopamine in the brain.

His mind wonders from what-ifs to a sweet omega with dark hair and caramel skin, to a vanilla scent and Bambi eyes. He laughs as he thought of his promise, how long would he live to fulfill his promise he wonders? He had said he’d visit until the smaller male was free from his physical and mental prison but how long would that be? He could only guess, he hadn’t been this invested in someone since his last girlfriend, though she had cheated on him and left him with almost nothing after he agreed to buy her anything she wanted back when he lived in Gwangju for the summer but hey, he was young, well, younger and in love.

He wonders how long Christian had kept his claws in the small omegas back, keeping him by his side. He questions why Hoseok had tried to help him at all, it wasn’t as if he’d get anything out of getting him to quit, strange but the strangeness of it all didn’t help the pang of guilt he felt remembering how he spoke to Hoseok, as if the small omega had been the one who attacked him with cruel words. Taehyung sighs, closing his eyes as his stomach starts to hurt and his heart rate increases.

He stands up quickly, running towards the bathroom and slamming the door open, he vomits in the toilet as he held onto his stomach, Taehyung groaned as the nausea began to lessen, ripping toilet paper to wipe his mouth from the stomach acid as he hasn’t eaten in awhile. Standing up slowly he walks towards his bed before slumping on top of it, grabbing the blankets and wrapping himself up as he starts to feel the common chills from his high being close to running it’s course.

It was a calm twenty minutes, dozing in and out of sleep before he jumps at hearing someone knock at his door.

He checks the time on his cracked iPhone and frowns, it was already one p.m. which means Dani’s here to check up on him, it had been five days since his stab wound and he really needed to go back to that plain apartment with the pretty little Bambi and fill his supply once again, he stopped taking pain killers as he didn’t want them to affect his high if he took his ecstasy.

“Taehyung?” Dani spoke loudly through the door. “Don’t tell me you’re dead in there, Namjoon would really be upset with me if you are!”

Taehyung huffs before slowly slumping out of his bed and onto the floor, standing up on shaky knees. He opened the door with the same frown. “Is this really necessary?”

Dani smiles at him before walking in the room as if it where his own. “What? Keeping you alive? I don’t think it is but Jimin would tell me otherwise.”

“Ha ha, very funny,” Taehyung shut the door before following Dani on the couch. “You know what I meant, you guys don’t have to babysit me, I’m twenty-three not a newborn.”

Taehyung took off his shirt, letting Dani see if the stitches where healing well. “Yes, a twenty-three year old who gets stabbed, almost thrown in jail and manages to meet a new drug dealer in the span of a week and a half, I think a new born would be easier to “baby sit”, but that just happens to be my humble opinion.”

Taehyung opens his mouth to protest until a shiver runs across his body feeling Dani’s cold fingers on his scarring tissue.

“Well, I’ll be happy to tell you that your stitches can be removed now, and after, your body will have it healed, leaving a scar, within another five to ten days if not sooner.”

“Lucky me.”

Dani stands up and directs the alpha to lay on the couch, taking out his medical bag as Taehyung gets comfortable.

“This will pinch a little,” Taehyung keeps his gaze up on the ceiling, trying to think of comforting things like Youngjaes cookies, Namjoons huge comfy sweaters, ecstasy. “Or maybe a lot.”

“Wait wha- FUCK!” Taehyung swears, closing his eyes tightly as his ab muscles tighten from the pain.

“Taehyung don’t move, you’ll make the stitch rip.”

“Oh my bad let me help you,” Taehyung spoke roughly, almost a growl, moving his hands to rip out the stitch before Dani slaps his hands away.

“Taehyung don’t be an idiot, just sit still and let me work.”

The alpha glared at him before looking back up and putting his hands to his sides. “Can’t you give me something to numb the pain? It fucking stings.”

“I’d love to, however I don’t have the IQ as low as a chair and can tell you’ve taken your “happy pills” judging by your rugged appearance, the fact you haven’t cleaned the apartment in what seems like weeks, and the almost empty bag of pills you’ve left on the table, and because of that your heart may stop if I gave you any type of numbing agent, so deal with the pain.”

Taehyung swore under his breath, “Fuck,” he took a breath in and out. “Alright fine, go for it, I’m ready.”

It felt as if it had taken half an hour but in realty it was over within five to seven minutes, Dani rubbed on a protective cream over his closed wound and then wrapped a piece of gauze on it.

“See how easy it was? No need to whine about everything, you do know having a positive attitude makes life less dreary. Oh and I hope you’ve showered, you aren’t allowed to take that off until tomorrow.”

Taehyung rolls his eyes as he put on his shirt. “I showered this morning, now kindly leave and let me take a nap, I have somewhere to be tonight.”

“I see,” he smiled towards Taehyung making the alpha nervous as he only smiles when he has something annoying to say. “You’ll have to cut that nap short.”

Taehyung studied him, crossing his arms together. “How short?”

“Well, I was going to say five seconds but you’ve already wasted them with this conversation, get ready Youngjae invited all of us to his place for lunch and we’re already late by two minutes and thirty-four seconds. And uncle Dani here is kind enough to give you a ride.”

Taehyung groans but doesn’t argue and instead puts on his shoes and a red hoodie before walking out of his apartment with the beta.

Youngjae’s house was small and on the lower income side of the city, it was close to Dani’s clinic so he didn’t need a car to get to work and back, it was convenient nonetheless. Taehyung had always seen Youngjae as a brother, sort of like Jimin, though they don’t really speak, it was just comfortable being with the omega, like having a small family reunion.

Stepping inside the house, he had said his greetings to everyone, Jimin, Namjoon, Yoongi, Youngjae and his mate Jaebum. Jaebum was more or less a stranger to Taehyung, merely saying hello to one another but otherwise nothing else is spoken between them, he figures Youngjae doesn’t want Jaebum to find out about his drug use but it wasn’t Taehyung’s problem so he lets them be.

He sits down next to Yoongi on the couch, sighing back as he lets his eyes close momentarily. He had only known Yoongi for about a year but they both came from the same area in Daegu and hit it off instantly, the shorter alpha appeared to be menacing at first and Taehyung was surprised that he was very easy going, he had lost his job and was hired by Jimin to be a barista in the bar soon after, he also knew about his addiction and wasn’t shy about saying his dislikes with it. The man also never speaks about his previous job, every time someone brought it up he looks lost in thought, with worried eyes as if he’s thinking about a depressing past, he never brings it up.

“Hey guys, so I brought you all here because you’re all very dear to me in one way or another and I have some very exciting news.”

Youngjae spoke with a smile and as Jaebum stood up to hold his hand Taehyungs eyes widened realizing what was about to be said, setting his half eaten sandwhich onto his plate on the table and turning to see if anyone else had the same thoughts, only Dani looked as surprised as he was.

Dani sighed, “How often would you like me to restock the fridge at work?”

Youngjae laughed while everyone else looked between them with confused expressions, Taehyung only stared at Youngjae with disbelief.

“Guess who has a bun in the oven.”

Jimin smiled, standing up from the kitchen chair, “No way.”

Namjoon stood up as well and rushed to give Youngjae a hug. “I’m so happy for you guys, I’m going to visit every day.”

Yoongi looked at the couple also wide eyed for a second before setting his drink down to hug Youngjae shortly. “Wow, how far along are you?”

“Only two months,” Youngjae turned to smile at Dani. “That’s way I’ve been getting sick every morning at work, thank god it wasn’t the stomach flew.”

“Oh yes, thank the heavens that you’re pregnant and not merely sick. That was sarcasm, always one to under react aren’t we Youngjae.“

Taehyung is left on the couch, flabbergasted for a minute longer than the rest before he sees Youngjae walking towards him while Jaebum converses with Dani in the background.

“Hey, so what’d you think?”

Taehyung stood up with a chuckle, smiling down at the omega. “What does it matter what I think, I’m just happy that you’re happy.”

They hugged and while pulling back Youngjae lightly slapped his head. “I invited you guys here because I care about what you think, but thank you.”

“Do you know what it’s going to be?”

“No, it’s too early to tell yet, we’ll be able to check once I hit sixteen to twenty weeks.”

“Great, and I’ll just pretend I understand what that means.” Taehyung stretched, yawning as Youngjae crosses his arms.

“You’ll know everything about pregnancy once you’re expecting a child, Jaebum has studied baby books religiously once we found out.”

Taehyung froze before nervously laughing. “Me? Having a kid? As in fatherhood? That’s ridiculous, you of all people should know how far fetched that is.”

Youngjae frowns, opening his mouth to argue with him but gets interrupted by an arm around his shoulder.

“For once, I happen to agree with Taehyung.”

“Don’t say that Dani, it isn’t funny.” Youngjae rolls his eyes as Taehyung glares towards the beta.

“What? I can’t happen to agree with him? He needs to learn a lot more about himself before he thinks about guiding a young pup through their own life, let alone find someone who can make him see the world through different eyes.”

As Youngjae and Dani argues, Taehyung frowns at the carpet, with slumped shoulders he chugs his drink, he knows Dani was right and he hates that. “I think I’ll be leaving, congrats Youngjae, I’ll see you guys later.” Taehyung leaves in the middle of it all without thinking of how he’d get home, he’ll probably just walk, it was only a twenty-five minute walk from here. Oh and the bungalow apartments are on the way, he’ll stop by and restock, he pulls out the crumpled twenty that he’d gotten from doing odd jobs, though finding any work nowadays was becoming scarce, he was just lucky he didn’t have to pay rent.

The walk wasn’t as silent as he hoped it would be, his mind was too loud, with unpleasant thoughts and one endearing one, Youngjae is pregnant, and the baby would grow up poor but loved, so very loved. His thoughts wonder to his younger years, his loving grandparents and overworking father while his alpha mother had left. He wipes a tear away from the corner of his eye as thoughts of his deceased grandparents and his omega father, alone somewhere, drinking his sorrows away until the day his liver couldn’t take it anymore. Taehyung had left for Gwangju to earn money before coming back to Daegu and was caught up with the street life, of the pain from his loss and stayed in the dark life of drugs and violence.

He wanted to be a father one day, always dreamed of giving his pup a life he couldn’t have, and now he can’t, he knows he’s too irresponsible, an addict with nothing to live for but hope that someone will save him from himself when in reality he was the only one capable of helping himself.

He wipes his face as he nears the apartment building, maybe Hoseok will comfort him in a way, his scent was nice, it brought back memories of baking peach pies with his grandmother on hot summer days.

Hoseoks POV:

“Chris-Ah!” He was pushed higher on the bed, his pink slip dress ripped in half and thrown across the floor. He shook his head as the alpha above him pressed his larger frame over his own smaller body.

“I don’t-Mmh!” The alpha kissed him as if he was simply a piece of meat, all teeth and no structure, as if he was just putting his mark on soft lips.

He didn’t listen to the small whispered pleas from Hoseok, instead he lifted himself up and grabbed the omegas soft thighs, spreading them open before grabbing his own dick and lining the tip against his entrance, Hoseok hasn’t produced slick in almost a year, he doesn’t remember how long it’s been since he was actually aroused enough to produce any as Christian stopped caring about his pleasure and only focused on himself.

He pushed in with a growl as Hoseok whined in his distress, it hurt, and the alpha only pushed harder, thrusting in and out without giving any time for Hoseok to adjust.

Hoseok cried, putting his hands against his chest to try and push him away but failed, he whimpered when Christian went near his throat, scared of sharp teeth and red eyes as the alpha latched on, sucking and biting marks against his skin.

It was half an hour later and Hoseok found himself crying in the bathroom, it was his routine now. Christian hated hearing his cries back then and would get angry with him, telling him he was just overreacting and that omegas are prone to being too emotional. He cries quietly now.

He flinched hearing the hard knocks at the door. His heart beating out of his chest as he quickly wrapped a towel around himself and left the bathroom to get changed, he can hear Christian talking, he’s using his business voice, full of kindness and easy going words to make someone comfortable. He quickly grabs a large t-shirt and a pair of shorts before looking in the mirror to judge wether his eyes and nose where too red, it was, but in the end the customers never bothered to care as they just stared at his body so he shrugs it off and walks into the living room.

It took him everything he had to not whisper his name out upon seeing the familiar blond sitting on the couch. Instead he looks to the ground, the feeling of Christians observing eyes on him felt as if he’d done something incriminating, as if he’d find something if they made eye contact for longer than a second.

“Hoseok, go and take out the best soju from the cabinet, Taehyung here wants to restock.”

Hoseok nods as he walked towards the kitchen, mentally preparing for anything Christian might do/ask once he was back in the room with them.

Alone with Christian Taehyung looked around the room, avoiding eye contact until the other cleared his throat.

“Did you like the ecstasy? It’s good shit right?”

Taehyung smiled, “Yea, it works fast too.”

It was silent again as Christian stared at him with unnerving eyes, Taehyung continued to analyze the room, though there was barely anything to look at with the walls baron and the tv off.

Hoseok walks in not a second later, handing the drink to Taehyung, the alpha stares for a moment too long and Hoseok figures it’s because he looks like he just cried. He walks towards Christian next, as per routine and sits on his lap, shame coloring his cheeks the same color as his nose, pink.

Christian settles a hand on Hoseoks thigh before taking a sip of his drink and setting it on the newly bought table. “So, did you buy from someone else?”

Taehyung looks at him with a puzzled expression, he also noticed Hoseok looks stiff, like a frightened deer being cornered.

“About that, I’d like to apologize I wasn’t home that day, Hoseok was very,” he paused for a moment, squeezing Hoseoks thigh. “Kind, wasn’t he? Giving you tea and all due to my absence, don’t worry, I don’t give a damn whether you buy your shit from someone else but if you realize I’m not home, leave, I don’t take kindly with strangers invading what belongs to me.”

Taehyung frowns, letting the room fill with silence again until Christian pulls Hoseok out of his lap and stands up. “Now that that’s covered, I’ll go get your shit.”

When he leaves Hoseok sighs out, closing his eyes in the short moment of relief having the man gone.

“Taehyung, how’ve you been?” his smile was warm and the alphas heart skipped a beat.

He says the first thing on his mind. “I found out my friend is pregnant.”

Hoseok smiled wider at that and Taehyung couldn’t help but smile back at him.

“Really? That’s adorable, I wanted to have kids too but I don’t think that’s a possibility anymore, at least I hope it isn’t.

Taehyung realizes the implication of what he meant and decides not continue the topic before he ends up hurting the small omega with his words again.

“Does he leave you alone often?”

Hoseok nods, pleased at the thought of not being near him. “Every morning expect on Friday’s he leaves and doesn’t come back until lunch or dinner time.”

Taehyung smiled again. “In that case-”

He shuts his mouth as Christian walked back in holding the bag of his beloved small pills, though he couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed as Hoseok directed his eyes back towards the ground.

“Money first.”

As Taehyung reaches for his pocket he sees Hoseok glance at him with sad eyes for a second and he feels a pang of shame consume him, he didn’t like seeing Hoseok witness him destroy himself. He pulls out the twenty and grabs the bag right as it’s handed to him. He needed to leave and be alone in the comfort of his messy apartment and think of every thing that’s happened today.

Leaving the apartment made him feel sick, he thought of Hoseoks words after he mentioned Youngjae and the thought of Hoseok getting knocked up by force had him almost seeing red, and the confusion he feels about getting involved with Hoseok in the first place, he should just listen to Dani and stay away from an omega that belonged to a dangerous alpha but he can’t and he doesn’t know why.

Finding himself on his bed he gets deja vu to earlier that day and thinks about Dani’s words at Youngjaes house, he gets high for the second time that day and falls asleep on an empty stomach.

Chapter Text

Hoseok awoke calmly, slowly sitting up in bed he looked around and heard nothing but the few birds left behind during the winter and the loud wind hitting the building. It took him a minute to realize that he was alone, which was strange seeing as it was Friday and that was technically Christians “day off”, the alpha had left to do who knows what and Hoseoks body didn’t feel like it had been run over, he actually felt well rested. After Taehyung left last night Christian looked uneasy, as if he was on high alert the entire evening and did nothing other than sit, watch tv and drink, he had left Hoseok alone and it made the omega feel as if a storm would erupt any minute, though it never came and he awoke to birds chirping instead of slamming doors and a man on top of him.

He took a deep breath in before letting it out. “He has to be testing me.” He spoke quietly, scanning the room again to see if anything looked out of place or if there was something new. He found nothing.

He got off the bed, grabbing a new towel on the way to the shower. He looked around the bathroom he’s seen millions of times as if something might pop out at him but found nothing out of the ordinary.

His shower was filled with nervous thoughts and anxiety making his chest feel tight. He felt like running away or maybe jumping out of that window but decided against it, it’s fine, he thought, he did nothing wrong and therefore he won’t get “caught” doing anything.

After finishing his shower routine he walked to the kitchen his eyes wondered to the same blank walls and the clean kitchen counters. There was nothing that seemed out of place and yet the omega still felt as if something was wrong, like the unsettling feeling of being followed.

He opened the pantry and pulled out a box of Frosted Flakes, setting it on the counter next to an empty bowl.

He had never felt safe in this apartment let alone thought this was his “home” , yes, he lives here and yes he’s lived here for awhile now but since Christian had changed and became this terrifying human being this place had felt like a cage and at the moment, as he’s eating his cereal in relative silence, aside from the passerby’s on the street and the loud cars going through this run down part of Daegu he feels as if he’s being watched, as if this cage had become a zoo and he was the main attraction, it made his stomach sick. He stopped eating and set the bowl aside.

There was no note, no message of some kind anywhere in the room. When did the alpha leave? When will he be back? Keeping track of Christians schedule, remembering the exact times of his returns and exits has been essential for him but today he feels out of place, unsure of everything around him.

Washing his dish and putting it away Hoseok has decided to ignore the constant dull ache of anxiety in his chest in favor of finally finishing his book. He went into the living room and looked around for the familiar white covered biography yet found nothing. He remembered putting it on the couch while he cleaned that day, but after bringing Taehyung and tossing him on that same couch the whereabouts of his beloved book are unknown.

He went on all fours, looking under the couch yet found nothing aside from a couple of crumbs, he’ll broom it up later. Standing up he walks back into the bedroom with no luck, it seems as if it had vanished, or been stolen. He decides to ask Christian about it later seeing as he was the only one that could’ve taken it, surely Taehyung didnt, the fool was knocked out more than he was awake that evening, but now he has nothing to do but watch tv or be alone with his thoughts, he sits on the couch minutes later and turns on the tv, momentarily distracting himself with the movie “Mulan” though he had barely paid attention, turning his head to look behind himself every few minutes expecting someone to be standing there.

Four hours had passed and Hoseok had had enough of the tv, standing up and tossing the blankets on the couch, with a frown he looks around and decides he wasn’t done checking the room, this time he’ll look in every nook and cranny he can. He starts with the tv, looking at the edges and the wooden stand it’s sitting on, nothing. Next he looks in the couch, around it, under it, nothing. It wasn’t until he sighs in frustration, tilting his head slightly upwards, he stops at the old broken clock that’s been hanging there since forever. Except it looks as if it had been recently removed, what with the clock now tilted more towards the left, there were few perks of having most of his time spent in this apartment and one was knowing every single detail within it.

He pretends to stretch, yawn and casually walks back towards the bedroom. He now knows the clock has been tampered with but that also means he has to act as if he hadn’t noticed. Once in the bedroom again he takes a glance around, first at the bed, the window and the dresser, he approaches the dresser and looks at it closely, it seems only the clock in the living room was the only thing that was messed with. Now he’ll have to subtly take the clock off the wall and inspect it.

The omega walks into the kitchen next, grabbing the broom, and starts cleaning, when he reaches the living room he brooms under the couch, around the table and goes for the edges on the wall next, he pretends to knock the clock over by accident and flinches at the loud crack the clock makes as it hits the wooden floors.

Continuing to pretend it was an accident he mutters under his breath. “Dammit.”

He sits on the floor quietly, first he inspects the back, it was torn open and the screws where ripped out of their sockets, wires where spilling out and in the clock was a small camera, there was also a small hole drilled through the front. Hoseok was right, Christian has started to feel threatened, of what? He’s not sure but if the alpha felt the need to add another security measure then he was also going to start acting worse towards him. He wished he had stayed in bed this morning.

As Hoseok was about to grab the small camera and inspect it the door locks began to click and in a blink of an eye Christian was home and before Hoseok had the time to clean up anything the alpha came in with red eyes and an angry scowl on his face.

"What the fuck are you doing?” If Hoseok wasn’t looking at his face he wouldn’t have guessed he was angry, his voice sounded too calm for his red eyes to be glowing that shade of red.

"I-I accidentally knocked the clock off the wall, I was just cleaning it up.” He quickly let go of the broken clock as if it were on fire, looking at the floors rather than his face, he had to feign ignorance, act like a docile omega so that he wouldn’t get too hurt.

Though, today feigning ignorance wasn’t as effective as Christian walked towards him and grabbed his arm tightly, pulling him upwards and dragging him towards the bed room, oh god it’s happening again, Hoseok, in a state of panic began to pull back. Shaking his head no as he was being dragged closer and closer to his own personal hell.

"Ch-Christian, I don’t-“ he was thrown on the bed, immediately he crawled towards the corner of the bed to get away.

Christian looked at him with a glare clicking his tongue in frustration. “What? Are you tired of me?” Hoseok flinched as the alpha gently placed a hand on his ankle, Hoseok only shook his head, closing his eyes tightly before he felt the all too familiar weight of the man pulling him downwards and settling on top of him.

"Tell me, do you want someone else? Or me?” he went close to his ear, his eyes still a blood red. “Or is there someone in particular you want?” Hoseok looked at his face with tear filled eyes, confused as to what was going on. “Is it Dean? Do you want that bastard to be the one sticking it in you?”

Dean? What the hell was he going on about? “Tell me.” He growled this time, and Hoseok tensed under him.

Calmly, the omega raised his arm upwards and placed a gentle hand to rest on his cheek. “What’s wrong?”

At this Christian faltered a bit, his eyes clearing and he whimpered slightly, dropping his weight completely and resting his face pressed against Hoseoks throat.

Hoseok didn’t move, not only because he couldn’t but because he was shocked, for a moment he had seen the man he had fallen for come back to him. And yet he knows that that was not who he actually was, he was a man known to instill fear in others and only sometimes did he show his vulnerable side.

"I can’t let anyone take you from me.” Hoseok closed his eyes at those words.

The omega swallowed, closing his eyes tightly again. “But,” he spoke with the same gentleness of his hand which was currently resting on the back of the alphas head. “You don’t love me.”

It was silent for a second, no one did anything and Hoseok just held his breath, just waiting.

"What, did you just say.” Christian raised himself from laying on Hoseok, looking down at the omega with a frown.

“Christian, why was there a camera in the clock?” Instead of answering Hoseok asked him about the most apparent thing in his mind, if the man starts placing cameras then he’d be alone for the rest of his life, enduring his loneliness with Christian and only speaking to Taehyung when he gets his drugs, he can’t live that way.

“Who the fuck put that idea in your head.” Ignoring Hoseoks question he grabs his thin wrists in one hand and pulls them up over the small omegas head.

“Who told you that I don’t love you,” he spoke with a rough, angry voice, ignoring Hoseoks flinch. “Since when did you stop trusting me, you stopped wearing your ring, and” Christian looked at him strangely for a mere moment, but that moment continued to prolong in Hoseoks head, replaying the look of a sad puppy in a man who he had been afraid of for so long. “And you’ve stopped smiling at me.”

Hoseok started to pull at his wrists, the tight hold getting tighter the more he spoke. “Chris, why was there a camera in the clock? Y-You can’t expect me to trust you when you do things like that!” He yelled, for the first time in years he yelled at him, and when he realized Hoseok froze, waiting for the others reaction.

The grip on his wrists had lessened and he looked at the alphas face, a look of surprise and confusion was staring back at him and then Hoseok was free, the smaller pushed himself upwards quickly and grabbed the blankets to unconsciously use as a shield.

“I just didn’t want anyone to hurt you.” Christian spoke quietly, and yet Hoseok still felt threatened, his wolf knew there was a predator in the room and it made Hoseok feel as if he needed to cower still. “When I thought about someone breaking in and hurting what belongs to me, I,” his eyes turned red, glaring at the wooden floors. “I snapped.”

Frowning at him, Hoseok pulled the blankets closer to himself. “Y-you can’t do things like that without t-telling me first.”

“I’ll do what I need to keep you here with me!” He yelled, grabbing Hoseoks arm again and pulling him close enough for their noses to touch. “You agreed to be with me, you took the ring, you can’t just leave me, you’re mine.”

It was tense and Hoseok didn’t move in fear he’ll do something he’ll regret, like slap him or push him away, it was the sound of a phone vibrating that saved him.

Christian clicked his tongue, letting Hoseok go and pulling out his phone. The man walked out of the room and after a few minutes of him angrily speaking to someone the front door opened and closed, he was alone again. He started to cry in the silence.

𝐓𝐚𝐞𝐡𝐲𝐮𝐧𝐠𝐬 𝐏𝐨𝐯:

“Jimin, I keep telling you, I don’t need to start dating, I’m fine like this.”

Jimin glared at him from across the bar table. “No, you’re not.” Taehyung sighed gearing up for another lesson. “You can’t just sit in the apartment all day getting fucking stoned, you barely eat, you only talk to me, Dani, Namjoon and Yoongi, I would say Youngjae too but you never see each other anyway so it doesn’t count.” Jimin grabbed a glass from behind, filled it with alcohol and slid it towards a scruffy looking man before turning back towards Taehyung.

“You have to stop expecting help to come to you Taehyung.”

“And how would dating help me Jimin? Do you even know the high probability of them just calling the cops on me if I told them? It’s pretty fucking high.”

“I don’t know, I-I just thought that if I can’t help you,” he sighed, placing the glass he was wiping down. “Then maybe you could meet someone who could make you figure your own shit out.”

Taehyung frowned, looking at Jimin before sighing and raising his arm up to rub at the back of his own head. “Ok I get it, but I’m still not going to date, it’s just not likely that I’ll even find someone, so let’s just leave it at that.”

“Let’s leave what at that?” Namjoon came in, carrying a stack of beers.

“Thanks for bringing my beers inside, I’ll just take them in the back and I’ll finish up inventory.” Jimin went around the bar and grabbed the beers from the omega, taking them towards the back.

“What happened? Did you two argue again?” Namjoon sighed as he sat down next to Taehyung.

Taehyung rubbed at his temples, he was starting to get a head ache. “Just to make it clear, I didn’t start it.”

Namjoon looked at him with a frown before grabbing his arm and dragging the alpha towards the back, sitting him down on the couch. “It doesn’t matter who started it, what matters is that you both fix the problem.” Taehyung leaned back, staring at the ceiling.

“What did you two argue about this time?”

Taehyung sat forwards, wiping a hand over his face before replying. “Oh, just the same old things, him wanting me to get help, me telling him it’s impossible, him telling me to try dating, me refusing. Just a bunch of annoying back and forth talk that over time all starts to sound the same.”

Namjoon sighed again, “And why do you think it’s impossible to get help? Life isn’t black and white Taehyung, you have the resources, you have friends that love you more than you think they do and you also have our support, the real problem here is that you don’t care about yourself, we’re just trying to understand why.”

It was quiet for a moment before Taehyung spoke. “Joon, why am I here?”

Taehyung sighed, turning his head to look at the floor. “I don’t have anything to live for, my family is gone, my dreams are dying, and the only thing that’s giving me any feeling left are those damn drugs.”

“Taehyung, you still have a family, you have me, Jimin, Dani, and Yoongi, we’re you’re family. And, we’ll keep your dreams alive the only thing we ask in return is that you are alive and well, both on the outside and inside.”

Taehyung looked at him with teary eyes, before frantically wiping at them when the back door opened again and the all too familiar annoying voice spoke loudly.

“Taehyung! How’s that stab wound?”

Taehyung rolled his eyes while Namjoon just smiled at his direction. “Hi Dani, nice to see you too.”

“I know it’s nice to see me, but seriously, how’s the wound looking?”

Taehyung lifted his shirt and the scar had healed completely, though it will always be there as a reminder to the promise he owed to the pretty omega.

“There’s the nasty scar,” he smiled sitting down next to namjoon on the second couch. “Ugh Youngjae is starting to become unbearable, his mood is all over the place at work, this morning he cried because I accidentally moved his lunch to the back of the fridge and he thought I was bullying him.”

Namjoon chuckled, as Taehyung rolled his eyes. “He’s pregnant, what did you expect?”

“Oh don’t remind me, soon we’ll have an infant running around the clinic and every child I’ve ever met, for some reason, tend to cling to me no matter what I say or do, my charming personality is a blessing and a curse.”

“Charming my ass.” Taehyung threw a couch pillow at him, making sure Namjoon moved in time.

“Why the hell are you guys being so loud for?” The door opened again in the middle of Taehyung and Dani throwing pillows at one another.

“Yoongi, where’s the chicken you promised me?” Dani smiled at him, setting the pillow onto his own lap.

Yoongi rolled his eyes, sitting down next to Taehyung. “It’s in your imagination.”

Dani pretended to be shocked for a moment before conversing with Namjoon, as they spoke Yoongi turned to Taehyung with furrowed brows.

“So, I heard you where stitched by an omega named Hoseok?”

Taehyung sighed for what felt like the millionth time. “Yeah, did Dani tell you? God that guy can’t keep his mouth shut even if you gave him a million dollars.”

“Yeah, he told me, where was this at?” He spoke without even a grin at Taehyungs joke, which was strange.

“Those Bungalow apartments around a block from here, why?”

At this Yoongi’s eyes widened for a second before he gripped Taehyungs shirt and pulled him in close with a frown, effectively gaining Dani and Namjoon’s attention. “Was that the only time you’ve met with that omega?”

“Yoongi? Do you mind letting me the fuck go?”Taehyung frowned back, grabbing the others hand currently pulling on his shirt.

“Just answer the question first.”

Taehyung glanced at Dani and Namjoon, Yoongi noticing his glance lets the grip of his shirt loosen. “Why does that matter to you?”

Yoongi looks at him a moment longer before letting him go. “Let’s go, we need to talk.”

As Taehyung gets up to follow him out of the building Dani stands up. “Oh no, no, no, you can’t just have this conversation in private, not when we’ve witnessed what just happened. Besides, we’re all technically responsible for Taehyung, so Yoongi, dear friend, you have to let us know as well.”

Yoongi frowns at him but resigns and sits back down, and at the same time Jimin comes in stretching. “Ugh, I hate when it’s close to closing time, some of those assholes take forever to leave.” When he notices the tension he looks at everyone one by one before settling on Taehyung. “What did you do this time?”

Taehyung scoffed, “I didn’t do anything, Yoongi’s the one acting like a maniac.”

Ignoring his insult, Yoongi cleared his throat. “Taehyung, did you meet with Hoseok at all after that?”

“Hoseok? You mean that omega that stitched him?” Jimin asked confused as to what was being said.

It was as if Yoongi was only paying attention to Taehyung, only nodding to Jimins question. “So Taehyung? Have you talked to him?”

Taehyung gulped, glancing at each of his friends. “Yeah, but what does that matter? It’s not like I’ve stolen from the drug dealer, I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Yoongi frowned, closing his eyes for a second. “You’re talking about the small brunet, pretty face and nice eyes? Please tell me it’s not the same person.”

Taehyung looked at with furrowed brows, “Have you met him before? Did...did you used to use drugs or something? How do you know what he looks like?

“Why, of all people did it have to be you Taehyung.” Yoongi groaned in annoyance.

“Tell me how you know him. And why the fuck is he stuck there all by himself? How long have you known about him?” Taehyung spoke frantically, while the rest of their friends where quietly observing, Namjoon with a frown directing towards Yoongi.

Yoongi held his hand up, silently telling Taehyung to be quiet. “How is he?” His eyes where getting teary surprising Taehyung and the others.

“Please just tell me he’s safe.”

“He’s fine, I-I,” he glanced at Dani and already found a disapproving look. “I promised to visit every now and then when Christian isn’t there.”

Yoongi wiped his face. “You can’t do that Taehyung, you’re just putting him in danger, you don’t know how fucking crazy Christian is, if he finds out he’ll lock Hoseok in an even tighter place and hurt him in more ways than he does now and he’ll kill you or beat you till you’re nearly dead, you can’t see him anymore.”

Standing up, Taehyung glared at Yoongi, ignoring everyone else. “What the fuck, you’re not my fucking dad, you can’t just tell me what to do, I made a promise Yoongi, I can’t just abandon him, he’s already hurting and if I just decide to forget he even exists he’ll get worse and can you please tell me how the hell you even know him?”

“Now, Taehyung I agree with Yoongi here, I’ve said before we shouldn’t get involved-“

“Dani, not the time.” Taehyung spoke without sparing a glance towards the beta.

Yoongi stood up and clicked his tongue in frustration. “Taehyung just listen to me, he’ll be safer if you don’t get involved, don’t hurt him just because you want to pass time.”

Taehyung scoffed, now glaring at the other alpha. “You’ve got to be fucking with me, I am not using him to “pass time” all I’m trying to do right now is help him, I can’t do anything right to you people, everything I do is the wrong thing, for once can’t you guys just agree with me.”

“I used to work for Christian,” at that Taehyung froze, as did the others. “He hired me to “look after his omega” while he was away, and he was away a lot, Hoseok and I became close and one day we decided to go to those markets over the streets.” He paused as if he were remembering the exact details. “When Christian found out that Hoseok and I where close and that I often took him out of the apartment, he snapped, beat me until I could barely see and I never knew what he did to Hoseok, the guilt of not knowing haunted me until now, now that I know he’s well and safe.” He looked at Taehyung again with a stern expression. “You’re done seeing him, that’s final.”

As Taehyung was about to argue Namjoon spoke with an upset voice and frown. “Why can’t we just help him get out, who cares if we have to run, he’ll get tired eventually and give up. I can’t just live knowing someone is hurting like that.”

“Namjoon,” Yoongi sighed, tired of arguing as he usually doesn’t say much to begin with. ”You don’t understand, he’s practically obsessed with him, for him, Hoseok is the only sane thing in his life, he’d die first before letting Hoseok get taken away.”

In the midst of Yoongi speaking to Namjoon and as everyone started to argue with each other Taehyung left, angry with everything, Yoongi was wrong, he’ll prove it. Tomorrow morning he’d get to see Hoseok and with that thought in mind he went home, took two pills, letting him feel light and warm again.

Though today was different, instead of swirling colors and vivid imagination, he sees Hoseok, smiling at him with those sweet eyes and dimples.

Morning came, and as the sun shined through his windows Taehyung groaned, covering his eyes with his arm before stretching and grabbing his phone. It was 8:45am, he sent a message to Dani that he wouldn’t be home, he knows he’ll think he’s lying but he wasn’t, today he’s going to attempt to be good company for Hoseok. Which, is quite embarrassing as he was a hopeless dreamer with an addiction and the other was basically an abused angel, he just hopes he wasn’t going to say anything stupid.