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The Proposition

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"Damn, Froppy looked real hot last night. You see how her ass looked when she took down those Yakuza members?" The young sidekick, Fire Dance boasted while discussing the news story that broke last night

"Did I ever!" another young, perverted sidekick answered with glee "Dude, she looked so good in that costume!"

"That's the spirit Metal Coat!" Fire Dance applauded his friend "You can tell that the camera guy knew what we were all thinking and made sure to get as many zoom-ins as possible! If I ever meet the guy who captured that footage, I'm gonna buy him a beer for making sure that we all got to see that!"

A derisive snort put a stop to the conversation Metal Coat and Fire Dance were having regarding Froppy's assets and it came from Jammer, another member of their little squad of sidekicks. It was apparent that she wasn't too keen on her colleague's comments on Froppy.

"You two are both huge, disgusting pigs; do you know that?" Jammer admonished as she crossed her arms in disgust.

"Come on, don't be like that!" Fire Dance groaned in annoyance

"Of course, I'll be "like that" Fire Dance!" Jammer growled, "You two are talking about one of the top ten heroes in Japan and you're talking about her butt?"

"To be fair, Froppy's ass is pretty great" said a voice across the room. It was another heroine, Psycho Boost, who was leafing through the pages of a hero magazine.

Jammer gawked at Psycho Boost before reprimanding her "Not you two! How can you say that about Froppy?! She took down an entire sect of Trigger booster Yakuza by herself, effectively crippling a huge distribution of the drug!"

"Fire Dance and Metal Coat ain't denying that, they're just talking about her hot Froppy is. Relax, dude…" Psycho Boost said matter of factly.

"Thanks Psycho Boost for not freaking out" Fire Dance affirmed as Metal Coat nodded in agreement

"...Besides" Psycho Boost continued her statement "It's not like either of those two have a chance with Froppy. I mean, the difference is pretty clear if you look at it."

Jammer chuckled at her friend's scathing put down while Fire Dance and Metal Coat were outraged at the unfavorable comparison.

"What makes you think that neither of us have a chance with Froppy?" Metal Coat protested

Jammer opted to answer the question for them, something Psycho Boost allowed since it meant that she could go back to her magazine.

"Froppy is a hero in the top ten charts and has multiple fan clubs and tons of merch. Every time she does a photoshoot, whatever magazine she poses for the month gets sold out the day it goes on sale. All four of us are rookie sidekicks to Deku's sidekicks so there's no way that we'll get a chance of being in the same league as a Pro like Froppy.

"Besides, it's pretty clear that Froppy and our boss are a thing." Psycho Boost said offhandedly to support her friend's argument.

Jammer, Metal Coat, and Fire Dance continued their argument for a minute before the gravity of what Psycho Boost just said registered in their minds. The three sidekicks stopped and turned to Psycho Boost while simultaneously shouting "WHAT?!"

"It's all over the magazines. Here, check it out" Psycho Boost showed them the two-page spread which consisted of the article about Deku and Froppy alongside some grainy paparazzi photos of what looked to be the two pro heroes.

Fire Dance narrowed his eyes as he scrutinized the pictures. Deep down, in his heart of hearts, he was hoping that the rumors were false. He appreciated how benevolent his boss was after hearing stories in high school about how much of a hardass some pro heroes could be, especially ones that were this high up the hero charts. He honestly expected the worst from Deku but the guy was unlike any pro hero that he ever met. It was as if the biggest hero fanboy grew up and continued to be the same fanboy even as became a well-known hero himself. Fire Dance was more than a bit shocked when Deku walked up to him with a pencil and notepad and asked him about his quirk. Fire Dance thought that it was an interview or something to that effect but Deku just really wanted to know about every hero he could.

Fire Dance had to admit that Deku's sheer interest and the fact that a well-known pro was so confident in his chances to become a well-known hero in his own right made Fire Dance try as hard as he could to be the best hero he could be since Deku believed in him.

But that didn't stop the fact that he sure as hell didn't like the idea of Deku and Froppy being an item. It's not that he hated Deku, he thought that the guy was the best boss ever but it had more to do with the fact that he couldn't picture Deku as anything more than an oversized child. Yeah, it was true that Deku was an effective hero but he couldn't picture him kissing a girl let alone dating. It kind of reminded Fire Dance of how All Might used to be before he retired but not exactly. While All Might seemed like he couldn't find romance during his heroing days because of his devotion to justice was too unwavering; it seemed like Deku was just too immature to understand the concept of love.

Maybe it was just his feelings for Froppy clouding his objective reasoning. Still, Fire Dance could just imagine Deku talking nonstop about hero business on a date while completely ignoring Froppy's obvious unhappiness. Such a thought made him incensed with anger!

"I think the rumors are true." Psycho Boost's voice cut through his thoughts

"Nah, Froppy's too good for the boss. I hate to admit it cause Deku's a cool guy but it's just facts" Fire Dance coolly pointed out, which caused both Jammer and Psycho Boost to look at him with pointed glares

"What did I say?" Fire Dance wondered aloud to his lady friends

"Do you seriously think that Deku isn't good enough for Froppy?" Jammer scoffed

"I'm just saying! Have you seen Froppy?!" Fire Dance continued to defend himself

"It's clear you don't know what women like since Deku is fine as hell!" Psycho Boost addressed "It's probably cause you're a dumb horny guy and have no idea what women want in a man…"

"And how do you know that?" Fire Dance asked in an offended tone

"Cause you think women are attracted to you!" Psycho Boost joked, causing the rest of the sidekicks to guffaw. Even Fire Dance, the subject of the joke found it funny.

"Okay, I'll give you that but what's so good about Deku wise, I mean." Fire Dance asked seriously, genuinely wanting to learn what the big deal was about.

"Deku is caring, friendly, charming, and is genuinely a great guy. Those things are harder to find in a guy than you'd think" Jammer explained

"And his bod is killer!" Psycho Boost added with a perverted grin prompting Jammer to sigh "...Yes, that's also a thing."

Fire Dance shook his head "Sorry, still don't get it and I still don't think Deku is dating Froppy. I'm calling bullshit on this rumor."

"Are you guys talking about rumors here?" a voice interrupted their conversation as the door to the breakroom of the Deku Hero HQ opened. It was none other than the man the HQ was named after, the Symbol of Hope, Deku. The sudden presence of their boss, who usually was too busy to even be in the office.

The three rookie sidekicks scrambled together in a panic; the magazine Psycho Boost was showing off fell on the floor as a result. The pro's curiosity was piqued when he spotted the magazine on the floor and he picked it up to inspect the cover.

"Hero Life Monthly?" Deku parroted the title before chuckling softly "These things are more for regular people and not heroes like us, don't you think?"

"It's for research!" Psycho Boost hastily came up with an excuse "We gotta know about our fellow heroes!"

"I don't think you reading about who's dating who will help you with your hero career…" Deku said with an amused tone "Besides most of this stuff is fake…"

Psycho Boost shrugged her shoulders "Hey, some good stories broke from these things. So, you never know what's good and what's not."

"Well I do know that it's late and that the night shift started. That means that all of us could go home. There's no point in staying here…" Deku softly admonished them "Come on, I have a life outside of hero work too, believe it or not…"

Fire Dance stood up "Before we leave though, I gotta ask you a question."

"What is it?"

"Are you dating anyone?" the rest of the sidekick squad gawked at Fire Dance's brazen behavior. Jammer was close to slapping him on the back of the head for the disrespectful remark.

Deku simply threw his head back and chuckled heartily at the sudden question, to the confusion of the four sidekicks stood in front of him.

"I guess this is karma for asking every hero I meet a ton of questions..." The hero mused to himself. "As for the dating question...I am seeing someone right now but that's all I'm willing to tell you. And please keep it a secret from the press, I don't want to hear the press freak out over it!" Deku pleased

The four sidekicks saluted at their boss and simultaneously promised to keep it between them, prompting Deku to breathe a sigh of relief "Thanks...I really didn't want to make you all do a pinky promise with me." he joked "But seriously, we all should go home and relax. Hero work is stressful enough as it is and I don't like making people go overtime."

Izuku Midoriya loved being a hero, he really was a childhood dream of his to become a pro hero that would give people hope and he accomplished that dream, something that he was extremely proud of. He also realized that despite the fact that he loved his job, at the end of the day, it was still a job and he wouldn't be able to be on the job all the time.

Izuku wondered what how his child self would react to the fact that he has to take days off and that he wasn't on hero duty 24/7 the days that he does work as a pro? His younger self would probably reprimand him for not being there for the people who needed him. But he didn't need to worry about being the only person who could help.

"You can't bear the burden all by yourself, young Izuku!" All Might's words to him when he first became a pro hero echoed through his mind. All Might was right when he told him that. The former number one hero in all of Japan had a lot of regrets that he had to deal with after he retired. One of the biggest regrets All Might had was the fact that he felt like he had to hold up the world on his shoulders. All Might couldn't trust anyone else to deal with the threats that he dealt with and not only did it take a toll on his life, but it also eroded what it meant to be a hero. People began caring more about beating him to become the number one hero and less about saving the lives of people.

Izuku didn't have to deal with those burdens. He knew that his colleagues were just as heroic as he was and that he could rely on them for help. It was obvious from when they first met in UA high that his classmates would all become great heroes in their own right. The classmates that stood by him in the top ten rankings were among the greatest heroes he met...Shouto, Kacchan, Tenya, Ochako, and Tsuyu.

His mouth crept into a wide smile when Tsuyu entered his mind. Izuku knew that he harbored feelings for her ever since the time they worked together along with Mineta during the attack on the USJ facility. It was odd that he was falling for a girl so quickly but it didn't really happen during the USJ happened a bit afterwards.

He was lying on a bed in Recovery Girl's infirmary and was just fresh off a visit from Tenya and Ochako when Recovery Girl told him that he had another visitor. It was a surprise for him back then when Tsuyu warmly greeted him since he didn't talk to her outside of teaming up to fight those villains and that was more out of necessity. The first thing she did was reprimand him for hurting himself so much as a result of their plan before thanking him for coming up for the plan.

Izuku carried that crush in his heart without acting up on it throughout high school until graduation where he finally confessed after Ochako and Mina spurred him on. He managed to get over his nerves and tell Tsuyu how he felt about her during the after party.

In response, Tsuyu revealed that she felt the same way...and it showed it by pulling him into a soft kiss. Something that his mother and All Might took a picture of.

After the famed "graduation kiss" that Mina and Ochako still bring up to tease him, he and Tsuyu began dating and the rest was history.

Izuku smiled as he pulled his phone out to text his girlfriend

Me: I think my sidekicks read about us on a gossip magazine. Word is gonna spread out sooner or later so should we make it public?

Tsu: Hmmmm, maybe...let's think about it tonight, okay

Me: I still think it would give us unwanted attention though.

Tsu: I think I could change your mind. You're coming soon, right?"

Me: Yeah, I'm like five minutes away from home

Tsu: 😉

"I'm home, Tsu!" Izuku called out as soon as he entered their home. He wasn't surprised to see that the lights were dimmed. While Tsuyu didn't mind bright lights, she had no problems with any dim lighting due to her amphibian traits. Whenever Izuku came home to see the lights on and not at full brightness, he knew that Tsuyu was the only occupant of their house.

"Honey, are you home?" He called out once more but again, he received no answer. A singular vertical beam of light streamed out from the bathroom. Izuku could hear the shower running. He smiled since Tsuyu leaving the door open as she showered was a silent invitation to join her. He barged in the bathroom and pushed the door open slowly, then carefully and quietly closed it behind him. Even though he knew this was an open invitation, Izuku still wanted to surprise her with his presence. Izuku could see his silhouette through the shower curtain and it was a sight to behold.

Tsuyu's body was silhouetted against the translucent shower door with her hands applying shampoo to her hair. His girlfriend had one knee bent a little to maintain her balance but that pose unintentionally highlighted her perfect body. The tempting curves of her breasts and backside were in Izuku's sights and he knew that he couldn't resist the urge to step in the shower and join her. he took a deep breath, trying to calm her heart, which had begun to beat a little faster at the sight of him, and pulled the curtain aside.

As soon as the curtain was pulled, his girlfriend shot him a seductive glance "I'm glad you managed to catch my hints, Izuku." The way she said his name almost made his heart stop. He was used to her concerned tones whenever he did something reckless but ever since they started becoming intimate, she made a habit out whispering hellos in her whenever she snuck up behind him. Unfortunately for him, he never developed a habit of getting used to his girlfriend's teasing. He was just so used to her being straight laced and calm to picture her as a seductress despite her downright amazing body.

And what a vision it was...Izuku was no stranger to a certain subset of his fanbase trying to blur the lines between fandom and something closer. As a kid he never would have thought that literal models would be interested in him but his time as a pro revealed a lot about the public's fascination with pro heroes. In hindsight, unwanted attention from fans was probably the prime reason why Kacchan and Ochako made their relationship public; it did stop a lot of creeps from trying to snap weird selfies with Ochako and saved Kacchan a lot of time and effort loudly rejecting fans who wanted to date him.

Unfortunately, that energy transferred over to him and just like Kacchan, Izuku didn't really care for fangirls invading his personal space. But unfortunately, he didn't have much of Kacchan's bite when it came to rejecting people without good reason so he mostly just awkwardly exited from situations that involved fans coming on to him. The illusion of being single lead to many "big name" fans trying to get into his pants.

Runway models, actresses, and more tried their hand at the romance game and he turned them all down, much to their chagrin. Some of them wanted to add "one of Japan's top rising heroes" into their notch of "conquests" others just wanted to sleep with their idol. It didn't matter to Izuku since he turned them all down. He remembered getting various lectures from the executives who ran the hero organizations on how infidelity could ruin even the most well-loved hero's reputation; even All Might told him the fact that something like that could potentially happen was one of the reasons why he opted to not pursue any romance during his time as a hero.

But every time he was with Tsuyu, all those lectures and seminars about the "dangers of being in a committed relationship" sounded more and more stupid. How could he be with anyone else when Tsuyu was always on his mind? There wasn't anyone as caring, kind, or as beautiful as her. That was apparent from the day he met her and every day since they started dating only proved that fact more and more.

And Tsuyu was just she was standing there, her hands at her hips, beckoning him. Her dark verdant green hair was loose and falling past her shoulders, a far cry from the usual bows she tied it up in, crinkling up and puffing out because of the water and steam, and there was a smoky look in her eyes. He wanted to grab her and push her on her back and take her right there on the bathroom floor, but he was paralyzed in fear.

Tsuyu stepped forward, but he looked away. She revealed in it. She was right there, right in front of him. She knew he wanted her; she could see it through his fingers. She could see it in the way he had looked at her, with his wet hair falling in his eyes, and his gaze drifting from her plump lips, to her breasts, and dipping down a little lower, and that creeping blush that spread on his cheeks. But Izuku was still too nervous to make the move. She thought it was adorable; the fact that he could still be so shy after being with her for so long. It was a reminder that no matter what happened in their loves, he was still the sweet person she fell in love with.

Tsuyu sauntered closer to him and Izuku wished he could disappear into the wall, and at the same time wanted to lean in closer to her to touch her skin and feel her mouth against his. She reached out and touched his broad shoulders. He stayed perfectly still and held his breath in anticipation. She ran her hands down his pectoral muscles, letting her fingers skim lightly over his nipples and then lower. His muscles on his stomach were prominent, and the skin there was covered in goosebumps and marred with scars as the skin on the rest of his body. His muscles contracted wherever she touched him, and each time he could feel sparks racing straight down to his cock. It was as if her mere presence set his quirk off.

Tsuyu gently rested her forehead against his and gently twined her large fingers into his, pulling his hands away from himself. She looked down and smiled softly upon seeing Izuku's reaction to their closeness and pulled one hand away hand away from his and touched him. He pulled in a sharp breath. She ran the tip of her fingers up and down the length of his cock, and he let out a strained his. She ran a finger over one of his veins that popped out. A bit of pre-cum was leaking, and she touched it and spread it across the head. She wrapped her slick palm around it tight and felt it jerk in her hand. Izuku found it hard to get used to no matter how many times they've the deed. Every time he was with her, he started off just as nervous as when they had their first time. Eventually, he managed to let go of his anxieties and pleasure her the way she wanted but he always felt awkward that he was so nervous.

"I don't mind it, really…" Tsuyu whispered, as if she read his mind

"D-Don't mind w-what?" he whimpered back

"The fact that you're always so nervous. I think it's really cute, actually." Tsuyu said matter of factly


"It's're cute" she croaked softly

"Oh...thanks Tsuyu-ARGH!" his words turned into moans as he felt his girlfriend squeeze his cock as Tsuyu's free hand silenced his lips as she shushed him.

"I told you; when we're alone, you can call me Tsu" she exalted, smirking softly when Izuku weakly nodded in agreement.

It was fun teasing him like this...Tsuyu wanted to make him see how much she wanted him. But he was so shy, and it sometimes looked like he was completely unaware of how lovely she knew he was. She moved her hand away, pressed herself up against him, and before he could do anything, kissed him. His lips were soft and warm and she kissed him gently, at first. He responded tentatively, as he always did, resting his hands on her hips and opening his mouth to let her long tongue in to explore.

Izuku was slowly being driven crazy by lust as his hands squeezed her impeccable hips as her supple breasts squeezed against his chest. He wondered how he lucked out with her. There times when Mineta and Kaminari roped in the other boys back in high school to try and determine if they'd prefer a woman with a nice chest or a firm butt and it was clear that he hit the jackpot considering that Tsuyu's ass was superb and her breasts were naturally immaculate.

His growing excitement washed away his anxieties and he pushed her against the opposite wall of the small shower and grabbed the bottom of her thighs, hiking them up onto his hips and spreading her legs wide. She was pinned up between him and the wall, so that she could feel the cold tile against her back and his warm chest against her front. Tsuyu hated the cold, her quirk ensured that fact and so she sought to make sure he was pressed against her so she could revel in the warmth of his body heat. He pushed his tongue into her mouth, pouring all his pent up desire, all the stress of his hero work and the fact that he had to see her run around in that skin tight costume just daring him to make a move, knowing that he didn't want to fuel the fire for any rumor mill that would start up. the way her wrapped around a straw whenever she was drinking, tantalizingly moving it up and down the tube while she shot him a flirtatious wink. He skimmed his tongue over her bottom lip and sucked it into his mouth, nipped at it lightly. He moved his lips down to her throat, pressing them up against the slight hollow between her collar bones and leaving faint bitemarks alongside her impossibly smooth skin

Izuku trailed southward, kissing his way down between her breasts. Tsuyu's breath hitched when he felt his rough tongue make contact with her smooth and slick skin. Izuku pulled away briefly to marvel at the sigh before him. The shallow breaths she was taking mixed in with the ambient noise of the shower made his heart skip a beat. He then gently pressed his face closer to her chest once more and kissed her pert nipple before taking the hard nub into his mouth. He strained whimper was all the confidence boost Izuku needed to keep going as brushed his tongue against it roughly, sending shivers down her spine; he twirled his tongue around it and moved a hand to her other breast, mimicking the motions of his tongue. He nipped at one nipple while pinching the other, sucked on one while rolling the other between his fingers and plucking at it teasingly, making her arch against him and push his head closer to her still. He moved his lips to the side of her breast and sucked hard, biting down and leaving a mark. She wiggled her hips against the sharp pain, enjoying the intermingling of it and pleasure.

He snaked his arm down between their bodies until his hand reached her landing strip that was the same color as the hair on her head. She gasped when he ran a finger over her slick pouting lips and dug her fingers into his back when he slowly, pushed a finger into her. He pressed in another, and then a third, and then they were thrusting in and out of her, and his thumb was slipping around, looking for her clit and then he found it (mentally making a note to remember the location for future endeavors) and Tsuyu moaned loudly at the sensation of her boyfriend pleasuring her so deeply. Izuku silenced her by kissed her once more, afraid that her moans will make him lose control as well and ruin his strategy for their moment of passion.

And that included getting out of the shower. The time here was amazing, that he had to admit but shower sex was always a hell of a lot more uncomfortable then every movie made it look. It turns out that having sex in a most, slick room with barely any room was a near impossible task.

"We need to move out of here before things get too good, Tsu." Izuku suggested "I don't want to slip and fall in the heat of the moment.

Tsuyu nodded immediately, she didn't have any argument against his logic nor did she care to argue if she did. She just wanted this to continue.

"I'm gonna move this to the bed now" Izuku instructed before turning the shower off and carrying her in a bridal style carry. He kicked the door to the shower open before running back to their room. Izuku felt Tsuyu shiver in his arms, the rapid change of temperature from the shower to the hallway of their home was a bit much for her and he sprinted towards their room, which was always kept heated for his lover's comfort.

Izuku stumbled into his room, having to put his hand out to steady himself against a wall when he almost tripped over some of their hero gear strewn about the floor. Thankfully for the both of them, Izuku only lost his balance when they were close to their bed, their fall sending both of them tumbling down onto the soft mattress. Izuku quickly grabbed a condom from their nightstand and slid it over his cock to make sure they wouldn't regret the night. Knowing that they were in the clear, they resumed their love making

Tsuyu revealed at the sense of debauchery she felt whenever the two of them were together It just all felt completely natural to her... the feel of his weight over her, the way his muscular body pinned down her lithe form, how the rough lines on his pelvis grinded against her smooth ones as they writhed against each other. Tsuyu loved how much power she had over him despite the fact that she was the one pinned down under his weight, such as the fact that she could make him lose it just by running her hands over his chest and make him buck his hips by kissing him a little harder.

Tsuyu felt like Izuku had enough fun and wanted to indulge her own sense of control and so she flipped him over, making sure that she was now on top. His normally curly hair was rumpled and slicked back by his own hand in an effort to keep it from falling in front of his eyes so he could keep said eyes on her. His rich, green eyes always held an air of innocence even when Izuku was fighting villains but Tsuyu always knew that when they were like this, that innocence always disappeared and was replaced by longing as he was waiting for her to touch him. She reached down, placing her hands on either side of his face, remembering how she'd studied it from afar, back when they were merely acquaintances and classmates She ran a finger down his nose and over his lips, scrutinizing his face up close now, admiring the small scar above one of his brows. He opened his mouth and nipped at her finger and then pulled it in and sucked on it. Her hands were traveling down his thick chest again, reaching down to his hard, beautiful cock, wrapping themselves tightly around it and pumping him, drawing a groan from him. She felt how heavy it was, felt the distinction between the softness of the skin and the steeliness of the flesh. It wasn't until she bit down on his neck that he actually growled and tightened his grip on her hips, bucking his hips up against hers in a desperate plea.

And then finally she was lowering herself onto him, luxuriating in how wonderfully he was stretching her, how gloriously he was filling her up. And then their hips were connected and the breath was knocked out of her and she had to sit without moving for a few seconds to adjust to his size. The feeling of being with him never lost its luster no matter how many times they had sex. She engulfed him in a tight, wet heat that made his head swim in the most delicious bliss. And then she was riding him and he watched as she rose up and then slid back down the length of him, sometimes in leisurely, steady strokes that had them marveling at the contours of one another, and sometimes in quick, sharp strokes that had her puffing and then grinding against him to catch her breath.

He was enthralled by the sight of his cock disappearing in the depths of her smooth, pale body. She was palming her bouncing breasts and yanking at her nipples and delightful curses and moans that erupted from her mouth

Hearing Tsuyu curse so liberally, lost in pleasure only spurred Izuku on more as he strained to match her movements and catch up to the grueling pace she set for him. And then he lifted her over him and slammed her down onto his cock, driving it into her. She was coming again, harder this time, her walls clenching around him. The feeling of her tightening around his shaft drove Izuku over the edge as well.

After they both reached their limits, Izuku rolled away from her, giving Tsuyu some space to recover. It only took a few quick moments for her recovery before she sidled up to him once more, running her fingers up and down his chest

"Oh yeah, I forgot to convince you to make us public…" Tsuyu mused offhandedly

"What plan did you have? Izuku questioned

"How about, if we don't reveal that we're dating then I won't have sex with you ever again?"

"Tsu!" Izuku shouted in surprise "Y-You don't mean that, do you?"

Tsuyu shrugged "Maybe I do...but I honestly don't want to hide how much I love you any longer than I have too. Especially with the way Ochako publicly talks about how much her and Bakugou are in love...I want that for us too."

"I think you have a point…" Izuku admitted "I want everyone to know that I'm the luckiest man in Japan."