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Too Little, Too Late

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It was all over.

After everything, after all that hurt and destruction, Spinel just… Couldn’t. She couldn’t keep fighting after all this. After Steven had tried so hard.

So… now what? She had no idea what to do with herself. She had stayed in the garden for centuries after she had found out Pink Diamond had been killed.

Or, had supposedly been killed.

Spinel growled. Pink Diamond.

Just thinking about her put Spinel in a bad mood. She felt hurt and betrayed and… confused. Too many things, all at once. She decided to ignore it.


She turned back to Steven and his family. They were all hugging each other, gushing about how happy they were that it was all over. A pit of guilt formed in her stomach. This was all her fault.She felt nauseous.

She turned away. She couldn’t look at them right now. She couldn’t…

What could she do?

Spinel was still lost. She still hadn’t been found. She didn’t think she ever would be.

A sudden rumble shook throughout the Earth, and Spinel turned to see the Diamonds’ ship landing. She panicked. She ran behind the nearest cover she could. They couldn’t let them see her like this, she was…

Steven called out to her, cutting through her thoughts. “Spinel? Are you ok?”

Spinel jumped, falling onto the floor. She flipped around to face Steven. “I, um, I’m ok, I just… don’t want them to see me like this.” Spinel squeaked.

Steven looked at Spinel. Spinel knew that look. It was his understanding look, what he did when he was trying to feel what someone else did. To help them.

“It’s okay. I’m sure it’ll be okay. They’ve messed up before too, you know.” Steven held his hand out to Spinel.

Spinel accepted it.

She stood up with Steven. Steven released her hand after she was back on her feet.

Of course, he did. It’s not like he wanted her around, anyway.

The Diamonds’ ship opened up, and they stepped out.

“Why hello Steven! It’s great to seeOOOOOOH MY LORD!” White Diamond exclaimed. White Diamond recoiled at the damage that had been done to Beach City. “Um, has your planet always been this… Destroyed?”

“No, that’s uh, my fault.” Spinel answered. She gave a half-hearted chuckle.

“Oh, really?” Yellow Diamond scowled, but changed to a look of confusion, and she suddenly gasped. “Aren’t you… Pink’s old Spinel?”

The other two Diamonds gasped. “Oh my… it really is you, isn’t it?” Blue cooed.

Spinel smiled in the form of a grimace. “Yeah, that’s me. Pink’s old spinel.”

“Oh, my word! Spinel, its been ages! Where have you been? I’ve been so worried about you. We all have!” White Diamond purred.

Spinel thought she saw Steven rolling his eyes in her peripheral vision. She chuckled. He wasn’t quite as naïve as he seemed, she guessed.

“So, what are you guys doing here, anyway? Do you need something?” Steven asked. It seemed her wanted to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

“Oh, we were just so worried about you, Steven. We couldn’t help but come and see you again.” Blue answered.

Steven grimaced this time. “Wow, I uh, really appreciate it. But as you can see, we’re all fine here, so you can just go on back to Homeworld now…”

Jeez, he was really pushing them out the door, huh?

“Oh but Steven, Homeworld is drab without you, and we’ve only just now reunited with our lost friend here, our dear Spinel. Surely we could stay here a little longer.”

Steven started sweating a little. “No, really, it’s fine. Besides, I think Spinel here might want to go to Homeworld with you!”

Spinel nearly fell over. No no no no no no no nO NO NO! “What? What do you mean? I couldn’t stay around them. They’re the Diamonds, I, I…” Spinel stammered.

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about that, dearie. On Homeworld, certain gems are no longer held above others. We are all equal in the eyes of the universe!” White Diamond exclaimed.

Steven put his hand on Spinel’s shoulder. “Look, remember what you said about not feeling like you had a place to belong here on Earth? Homeworld is changing. It’s nothing like it used to be, just like you. You’ll be free to start over there.” Steven gave Spinel a smile. “I won’t force you to go anywhere or do anything. I just think this will be good for you.”

Spinel looked at Steven. His smile was reassuring. She hoped he was right about this.

“I think, I’ll go back with you guys.” Spinel turned back to the Diamonds, an uneasy smile on her face.

“That’s great Spinel. We can’t wait to show you around the New Homeworld!” White Diamond cheered. Yellow extended her hand out towards Spinel. Spinel stepped onto her palm cautiously. Yellow slowly lifted her up onto the spaceship.

Spinel looked back at Beach City, and at the residents she had spent the last day with. She wondered if she would see them again. In that moment, she decided that she wanted to go back, and that she’d be different when she did.

She turned to the Diamonds, who were all smiling back at her. She smiled up at them. This would definitely work out. She could feel it.

“This isn’t going to be good.” Garnet said. She watched the Diamonds’ ship fly away, back on there way to Homeworld.

“What?” Steven turned around to look back at Garnet. “They seem like a really good fit for each other, and a change of scenery should be good for Spinel, right?”

Garnet nodded. “Well, you’re not wrong. But I’ve looked into the future, and…” Garnet trailed off. “Things can go a lot of different ways from here.”

“What do you mean by that?” Steven said.

Garnet thought to herself for a bit. “Spinel’s in a… sensitive place right now. She’s a bit tumultuous, and I can’t predict how she’ll react to everything. She needs to feel accepted but can’t let anyone get to close. She rejects any act of kindness towards her but refuses to be left alone. The Diamonds will give her attention. I just hope it’s the attention she needs right now.”

Steven looked down at the palms of his hands, lost in thought. “The Diamonds are getting a lot better, but…” Steven trailed off.

What did Spinel need right now?

Could they even give it to her?

Was it too late?