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don't you realize?

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I grab him by the wrist just before he can storm out of the room. “Todoroki Shouto, look at me right now.” I say firmly, my voice quivering slightly.

He turns on his heel and looked me in the eye. His face is flushed, and his eyes are brimming with crystal clear tears. “Look, Izuku, I get it. I knew I would never be enough, and I can’t believe instead of just facing the rumor head on like the man I know you are, you lied to clear your slate. If that’s how you react to the media, this’ll never work out.” He begins to turn away again, but I grab his other hand.

“Shouto… honey…” I reach up and swipe away the now flowing tears off his cheek. I notice he flinches slightly, and then leans into my touch. “Shouto, I know you don’t want to hear this stupid, overused, cliche line, but… I can explain.”

He closes his eyes and opens them again with an icy glare. “Can you, Izuku? If I remember correctly, on the news report earlier, a reporter asked if we were an item. And you said,” He stop and lets out a few sobs. “.... You said, and I quote, ‘Ha, no. It’s not like that with him and I. We could never be like... that. What gave you that idea?’ To be honest Izuku, I don’t even feel like I know you right now. I’m not mad about you not telling the media. I was willing to wait until you were ready. I’m mad that you for lying, embarrassing me, and just how you reacted to the question in general. You ran away. You never run away.”

His words are bitter, and he pulls away and rubs his arms in self-reassurance, now producing body wracking sobs. I listen to him cry for a minute, knowing if I comfort him right now, he’ll leave, and it’ll be over. After a few minutes, his crying fades away, and now he’s just whimpering quietly.

“Shouto…” He stiffens, and turns around, face red and covered in tear tracks. “Shouto, come here and listen to me…”

He bunches up his face, looking as though he had eaten a lime, and yells, “Listen to what, Izuku? You beg for forgiveness because you ‘didn’t think’ or ‘weren’t ready’? We’ve been dating since freshman year, Izuku. We graduated two years ago. You realize that right?” He stops talking there, but the uncomfortable silence speaks for him when it says, “And, after everything we’ve been through together, we’re about to break up over this.”

I don’t know how I held it together this whole conversation, but I finally began to cry. It isn’t my usual, but instead quiet and slow. I bite my lip as tears snake down the side of my face, and I close my eyes, feeling the cool liquid drip off my chin and hit my chest.

I can’t believe I said it. It sounded fine in my head, at the time, but I wasn’t thinking. I regretted it, as soon as it left my mouth. But I put on All Might’s signature grin and felt my heart sink, weighed down with guilt and terror of what’s to come, knowing that Shoto would watch this report when it aired. He had a day off to celebrate ranking number four hero. We were supposed to go out to eat, and just celebrate how amazing he is. When I reached number one, he supported me all the way through, then spoiled me rotten with gifts and dinner. And look what I’ve done for him. I’ve hurt the only person I care about more than anyone else.

As I begin to weep, I look down, feeling Shouto’s eyes burn a hole in my head as looked down at me from across the room.

Then I hear him speak out, voice hoarse from sobbing a minute ago:

“I love you Izuku, don’t you realize that?”

And at that, unaware of what I’m doing, I run across the room to him. I wrap my arms around his body and break down into his arms. “Shouto, I’m so sorry. I’m so so sorry.” He hugs me back, tight, his hand clenching on to the fabric of my shirt. He cries too, softly.

“Izuku…” Shouto whispers, his breathe icy on my ear, “Did you mean it? What you said earlier?”

“Oh, Shouto… No, no. I didn’t mean it. I shouldn’t have said it. I don’t know why you even give me chances-” He cuts me off with a kiss, long and slow.

“Izuku, it’s gonna take a hell of a lot for me to stop loving you. But can we never fight like this again?”

“Hmmm… Never again.” I agree. “But, you have suddenly forgiven me. What’s the catch, sweetheart?”

“Are you mad about my forgiveness?” Shouto says,and when he sees my unimpressed look he tries again with, “I love you more than anything.” When the only reaction he gets is a short, ‘Aw, cute. .. try again.’ he laughs wholeheartedly and mumbles in defeat, “Well maybe I wanted you to buy me dinner…I also move on really fast when I love someone as much as I love you.”

I laugh at that and, grinning, I say, “How sweet, Shouto. And I was going to buy you dinner anyway.”

“Okay. Love you, ‘Zuku.” He voices quietly.

“Love you more, Shouto-kun.”