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The crowd filled the room with the paparazzi's cameras flashing and reporters getting ready to critique and inform of the event at hand. The Japan Hero Billboard Chart was very lenient about what heroes they put in the top ten. It was very much a reach if you were aiming for it at the start of your career as a hero. But somehow, in some way, the candidates for the top ten took that reach. Izuku Midoriya stood tall as he looked in the mirror. His curly, emerald green hair was slicked back and he looked rather formal despite being in his hero costume. He knew his mother and All Might would be proud of him for making it to the top ten. Trial and error developed him into the man he was today, the future Number One Hero.

"Seven seconds, Deku! You have seven seconds!" Izuku whipped around and opened the door. He was prepared for the ceremony that his mentor once went through. As he walked down the hall, he was greeted by a familiar face. It was a man with a flaming beard and blue eyes. Izuku identified him as Endeavor, the Number One Hero after All Might, his predecessor. He had had an encounter with him during the U.A. Sports Festival of his high school years, but this time, Endeavor had a congratulatory air about him. The older man stuck out his hand, waiting for the green haired male to shake it.

"I want to congratulate you on your success on coming to the billboard. I understand that you went through trial and error to get here, and as former Number One Hero, I wish you luck with your role." Izuku felt compelled and awestruck by the Flame Hero's words. He sounded like he was genuine about what he said- He even had a smile on his face! He shook his hand and smiled back. Endeavor patted Izuku's back.

"I won't let you down." said Izuku.

"I know you won't." replied Endeavor. Izuku knew he definitely had an ally in Endeavor. He continued making his way to the stage with nothing holding him back. This is it, he breathed. The moment of truth. The moment where all your hard work paid off. He entered into the light and the flashing cameras of the press. Izuku prayed that he wouldn't go blind because of the bright lights shining down on him and the flashing cameras of reporters. A woman in a shimmering red dress came out with a microphone in hand. Izuku looked to see his mother, All Might, Sir Nighteye, and those who helped him get to where he is in the crowd. He smiled contently and awaited the speech the woman would give.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! We are here to announce the new top ten pro heroes on the Japan Hero Billboard Chart!" The crowd erupted into cheers. Proud parents of those who would be crowned the top ten awaited for the news as the reporters went silent. The woman cleared her throat. "Taking the tenth spot is Brainwashing Hero Mastermind." A man with messy purple hair waved as the crowd erupted into cheers and claps once more. Izuku was proud of his friend Hitoshi Shinso for making it. He looked so happy to finally prove himself as a hero while he accepted his award and smiled happily.

"The ninth spot goes to..... Material Hero Materio." Trey Cortez, or Materio, waved as his mother cried in the audience. His other mother was trying to comfort her, but eventually started crying herself. Trey's younger brother Andre handed them some tissues and clapped for his brother. Izuku clapped for him as well, he was in no rush for his title. He wanted to enjoy the accomplishments of his friends before his own.

"The eight spot goes to Queen Bee Hero Mitsubachi!" Mitsubachi Otome threw up a peace sign at the audience. She was the first hero from Shiketsu to make it to the top ten, but she surely wouldn't be the last. Izuku made sure to congratulate her at the after party, as he would do with the others as well.

After announcing the seventh and sixth spot heroes (Outer Space Hero Uravity, or Ochako Uraraka, got sixth place), it was finally time for the top five.

"Fifth spot goes to... Blazing Sun Hero Sol!" Jayden Akiyama smiled triumphantly as the audience roared with cheers and applause. His twin sister Jayda Akiyama, who was Number Seven Hero, looked at him with annoyed eyes. She grumbled something under her breath about him.

"Fourth goes to Half Hot Half Cold Hero Shoto!" Izuku found himself clapping rather loudly for the bicolored male. Shoto looked at him with smile which caused the green haired male to blush. He knew that he loved Shoto, and he wasn't afraid to show it, but it was embarrassing when Shoto made him blush during important moments such as this. It made him feel like a child.

"The third place goes to..... Lemillion!" Sir Nighteye stood up and gave a thunderous applause, followed by Bubble Girl and Centipeder. Izuku could tell he was extremely proud of Mirio for getting third place. He even saw Lemillion's classmates Tamaki Amajiki and Nejire Hado applaud for him. Once the clapping died down, the announcer got ready to announce the last two places. "Second place goes to Explosive Hero Ground Zero." Katsuki Bakugo laughed victoriously at the news.

"Eat a dick, extras!" Izuku chuckled. He knew his childhood friend was going to say this when he became a top hero. Bakugo was a hothead, and competitive. Izuku saw Bakugo's parents and friends clapping for him. He, too, clapped for him. It was the nice thing to do. Once it was over, his moment finally come. He inhaled and exhaled steadily as he felt the announcement of the top spot coming on.

"Last, but not least. The Number One Hero is..... Bright Future Hero Deku!" The crowd and other heroes roared into applause. The announcer came to Izuku put the medal on him. Izuku felt the entire world at his feet. He stood at the height of his hero career, and he went through hell and back to get here. He smiled and waved at the crowd. Friends, family, allies, they all helped him get to the Number One spot. A feeling of gratefulness filled his heart as tears filled his eyes.

"Don't cry, you nerd. You're Number One Hero." said Bakugo, folding his arms. Trey materialized some tissues for the crying male as he patted his back. Shoto came over and comforted him as well.

"I-I'm sorry guys. T-This is such a big moment for me." apologized Izuku. Uraraka shot him a look.

"What are you talking about 'big moment'?! We saw this coming from years away!" she protested. Izuku wiped his tears and regained his composure. He had to save himself for the after party. Besides, he would have plenty of tears to cry with his mother and All Might. He looked at the clock and noticed it was getting close to the time of the after party. Hopefully he could return his hair to normal- having it slicked back was annoying him.

The after party celebrating the new top ten heroes was lively and elegant. Jayden and Jayda were being congratulated by their parents and younger sister. They were content with their success. Izuku was congratulated by his former classmates, family, and everyone he knew and loved. He was relaxing as he stood on the balcony in the pale moonlight. The light reflected off of hair, causing it to appear glossy. Footsteps approached him as his emerald green eyes looked out into the city.

"What a wonderful night." praised Shoto, standing next to the new Number One Hero.


There was a silence between the two. The sound of cars and the smells of street vendors filled their ears and noses. A gentle wind blew by, causing Shoto's long hair to flow with it. "Do you remember our fight during the Sports Festival?" asked Shoto, breaking the silence. Izuku nodded as the memories of the bicolored male using the left side of himself for the first time. The embers blazing brightly and the somewhat maniac smile on his face. It made Izuku remember how he broke his arms trying to get Shoto to his full potential. "Ever since that day, you made me feel.... New. You made me feel confident in myself." Izuku smiled. He was glad to have brought the latter out of the darkness of his past. "We've taken on many challenges." said Izuku.

"But you have yet to take on the biggest challenge." Izuku looked at Shoto as the latter got down on one knee. He pulled out a small box with an All Might ring inside. "Midoriya Izuku, will you marry me?"

Izuku burst into tears and covered his mouth. He knew him and Shoto have had a healthy relationship for five years, but he never expected a marriage proposal after such a time. "YES!" Shoto was embraced by Izuku as he stood up. He was so happy that he was going to be spending the rest of his life with his wonderful Omega. He was going to do everything in his power to protect Izuku, no matter if it would cost him his life. The Omega who helped him get over his hatred of his left and opened him up would be his forever.

Shoto passed by him and said, "Congratulations, Midoriya."

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Two years later, Izuku is still going strong as the Symbol of Hope. He's taken on cases big and small, and was becoming a household name. Along with his marriage to the Number Four Hero, Izuku's life was seen as easy. However, it wasn't. He tried to balance out his hero and personal life. Trust and believe it wasn't easy. He wanted to keep people safe, but he also wanted to spend time with Shoto. There had to be some medium to be able to do both.

"So how are things between you and Mina?" Uraraka took a bite out of her burger before answering the question.

"Things are at an all-time high. We've been dating for a while and I plan on proposing to her." Izuku smiled at the reply. He knew she had been pining on Mina ever since the first few weeks of school and helped her gather the courage to ask her out. He knew they were going to be wonderful together. "What about you, Iida? How are you and Aoyama?"

"Relations between Aoyama and I have been pleasant. What about you and Todoroki?" Izuku chuckled. "Which Todoroki are you referring to? Me or Shoto?" Uraraka gave a small smile.

"Of course. You're no longer Izuku Midoriya- You're Izuku Todoroki." Izuku chuckled and ate a fry. He was enjoying lunch with his friends Iida and Uraraka. The three of them were like three peas in a pod ever since they met at U.A. and have been irreplaceable friends ever since. They were easy to talk to whenever Izuku needed to converse. It was him that organized this lunch after all.

"Heard anything about U.A.?" asked Izuku, taking a sip from his drink. He was curious about how his school was since he was an alumnus of the school. Izuku often wondered if Nezu was still there as principal.

"Yeah. Mr. Aizawa and Present Mic retired." replied Uraraka. "So did Vlad King and some of the other staff members."

"I have also heard that they are doing something about the entrance exams. They're making it for future students with non-combat Quirks." added Iida. "Most likely a request from Shinso."

"He did say he was going to U.A. yesterday. Maybe he met up with Nezu to discuss that." said Izuku. He knew Shinso had wanted to be a hero, not a general studies student. He could tell that from the moment he fought him during the Sports Festival. He was glad that people with Quirks not suited for combat were going to have a chance.

After his lunch with his dearest friends, Izuku began to make his way home. The city looked different from when he was a teenager. There weren't a lot of skyscrapers unlike now. Musutafu was beginning to look like a science fiction city with all the construction lately. Izuku didn't expect his walk home to be peaceful, especially since he was top dog. As he walked past an alleyway, a woman's scream was heard. Izuku activated One For All: Black Whip and used the tendrils to apprehend a robber.

"You really robbing old ladies?" The robber grunted as Izuku put the handcuffs on him and called the police. He knew this wasn't the only villain he would be fighting, but it was all in the name of justice. He had to be the beacon of inspiration to the people. He knew it would be hard to balance his lives, but he had to push through.

That's why he was Symbol of Hope. He had to give hope to those in need.

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Shinso no doubt felt proud of himself for achieving Number Ten Hero status. It was worth it for all the hard work he had put into proving himself as a hero. No longer did he feel ridiculed for his 'villainous' Quirk. No longer would he hear people say that he was better off being a villain. He had proven them all wrong.

Shinso was spending time with his adopted younger sister Eri Aizawa. The two were walking around Hokimi City and stopping at various stores and street vendors. Shinso enjoyed Eri's company and the stories from middle school she had to tell. He couldn't believe so many things could happen in the first year. It was always nice to take a look into Eri's life.

"Are planning to make your debut in any foreign countries, Hitoshi?" asked Eri. Shinso smiled and scratched the back of his head. He knew Deku was going to make his debut in America soon, and so was Uravity. He didn't really swing that way. He was more of an at home type of person.

"Nah, not really. Not the globetrotter type." he replied. Even at the reply, Eri's smile did not fade. She talked about what hero schools her and her friends planned to go to, and how she was grateful that her brother worked to give people with non-combat Quirks a chance at being heroes. Shinso smiled at his younger sister's brightness. He will never admit it, but part of the reason he wanted to modify the entrance exams was because of Eri. He wanted to give her a chance at being in the hero course. Before they could reach the height of their time together, Shinso got a message on his AR vizor.

"Criminal activity has been reported in downtown Hokimi City." said the voice. Shinso grunted and turned to Eri. "Eri, I have to go." Eri looked at him with sadness in her red eyes. They were having such a fun time together and he had to go. "O... Okay, Hitoshi." Shinso used his rope to propel himself onto a building and sling away, leaving Eri to her own devices. The girl sighed. Why was it whenever she and Shinso got to spend time together some villain had to interrupt it? She sighed and continued her walk around the city.

"Hey, it's Eri!" She turned around to see some of her friends from her school. Kouta Izumi, Satsuki Asui, and Donnell O'Hara. She walked over to them with a solemn and downcast look on her face. Satsuki was quick to take notice of this.

"What's wrong, Eri?" Eri shook off her saddened sentiment and tried to make herself look positive in front of her friends. She didn't want them to worry about how she was feeling, rather to focus on having a good time.

"It's nothing." Kouta, Satsuki, and Donnell exchanged looks. Eri panicked slightly and reassured them that she was fine, the heat of the summer was just bothering her. Once she did so, something caught her attention from the corner of her eye. It was an ita bag store. They had pro hero themed ita bags on sale.

"Anyone wanna buy some ita bags?" asked Eri. Satsuki's expression lightened and she waved her hand. "I do! I do!" Kouta and Donnell didn't say anything, but also raised their hands. Eri smiled. "Good! Let's go get ita bags of our favorite heroes!"

It was easy for Donnell to pick an ita bag. He admired Ryukyu and everything she did for society. The same was for Kouta. He picked out a Deku bag and waited for Satsuki and Eri to pick out theirs. Satsuki was helping Eri decide which ita bags she wanted. "Can't I get three?" whined Eri.

"If you want to, then sure." replied Satsuki. Donnell looked at the time on his phone and huffed. He knew his mom was going to kill him by the time he got back home. Once the group purchased their bags, they began to walk out the shopping center.

"Alright, y'all, I gotta fly home. See y'all tomorrow." The remaining three waved as Donnell flew into the orange sky. The trio walked around Hokimi. The city was bright and full of enjoyable activities. Still, the feeling of sadness was inside Eri. She knew Shinso was a hero, but she also knew he was her older brother. Why can't there be one time where a villain doesn't interrupt my time with Hitoshi? She asked herself.

After a day in Hokimi, the trio caught a bus back home. Satsuki fell asleep halfway through the trip while Kouta and Eri were still awake. The raven-haired male put his hand over Eri's, which caused the silver-haired girl to blush and jump.

"Sorry about that. It just.... You looked sad when we saw you." Eri's eyes widened and tried not to think about it. "I know Hitoshi is a hero, but can't he take some time off?"
"I think so, but you may never know when he might be needed."

Once Shinso got off work, he called Eri to.make sure she was okay. He was relieved to.know that she was back home with her parents when he called.

"I'm sorry we couldn't spend a full day together, Eri." Shinso felt guilty. Even with his status as a top ten hero, he still wanted to be with his loved ones.

"It's okay, Hitoshi." He could tell her voice that it wasn't. She felt the same way. She too wished they could just have one day where they can be together.
"That'a good. See you tomorrow." He hung up. Shinso wanted to be an efficient and effective older brother. He wanted to be there for his sister. He wanted to support her in and out of times of need. Shinso looked at the picture on his desk of his family. His fathers Shota Aizawa and Hizashi Yamada Aizawa with his sisters Shokyo and Kyoku Aizawa. Then there was Shinso and Eri. He wanted to be the brother Eri never had when she was in Overhaul's care. But how could he do that when he had hero duties?

He looked out of the window as the sun began to set. There was so much he had on his shoulders. He may have been a hero, but he was still human.

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"One For All: Black Whip!"

Black tendrils caught debris from crushing two civilians. They ran to safety as Izuku swung the debris to a figure floating above the ground. Before the debris could hit it, a burst of energy exploded it to dust. Bakugo used a large explosion to block some debris from hitting him.

"That bastard must think he's so slick!" he growled, his teeth barring and his blood red eyes glaring daggers at the figure. Uraraka and Tsuyu were evacuating civilians from the area with the help of Tokoyami, Dark Shadow, and Yui, who were acting as their defenses.

Bakugo scrunched his face at the figure. The opponent had light blue hair that looked like the sky slicked to the side and gray eyes. His appearance did not match who he was. He looked too handsome to be a villain. The figure had the looks and body of a model.

He snapped his fingers and released a powerful wave of energy. The wave sent Bakugo, Izuku, and other heroes around the area flying back. "How powerful is his Quirk?!" asked Izuku.
"That's for you to know, nerd!" yelled Bakugo.

Izuku used what remained of his AR vizor to indentify the villain. There had to be something about him.

"Villain identified. Name: Hado Oshi. Quirk: Wave Pressure."
"Wave Pressure? Could it be in the same family as Nejire's?"

Hado released another powerful wave, which Izuku countered using the flicking technique from the early days of his hero career. But when he did, the wave redirected itself towards a woman. He acted quickly and used Black Whip to gather some pieces of debris to guard them. It was all in vanity, as the wave was strong enough to break the shield.

"My," spoke Hado after having long been silent during the ensuing battle. "The current heroes are somehow weak. They can't even strategize a way to defeat me."

Izuku used the tendrils to swing the remains of his shield at Hado, only for him to destroy it. "You keep using the same method to try and defeat me over and over again, yet it doesn't work. You're supposed to be the Symbol of Hope- Not of repetition. How can you give hope to people by doing the same thing over and over again? After all, you are All Might's successor." Izuku was prepared to go one-hundred percent when Hado's words stopped him. How did he know he was All Might's successor?

"All you do is punch down villains and detain them with your tendrils. The public consumes it like it's nothing, but to me it is nothing. I don't want to believe that's how you actually came to have the title of 'Symbol of Hope', but it is. So let me ask you this: Are you a hero or a brat who admired All Might too much?" The words hit Izuku.

Hado continues, "If you were one, you would come into this with a plan. If you're the other, I suggest you go home. Right.... Izuku Midoriya?"

Izuku felt himself get weak. Which one was he? Was he really a hero fighting a powerful villain without a plan? Was he really just some Quirkless kid who admired All Might too much and wanted to be like him? The other heroes watched on in horror as the tendrils retracted and the green lightning that surrounded Izuku went away.

"Don't do it, Izuku! Don't let him win!" pleaded Uraraka.

"Don't believe him, Midoriya! You're the greatest hero to ever live!" encouraged Iida.

"Everything you've done isn't worthless, Midoriya!" yelled Mirio.

The other heroes shouted more encouraging things, but Izuku blocked it all out. Hado began to charge up for another wave. "For all of your accomplishments, you fail to do one thing: Be creative." He raised his hand up to snap. "And for your lack of creativity, your downfall shall come." He snapped his fingers and released a wave even more powerful than the ones from before. Izuku didn't even move. He watched it come towards him as though his life was flashing before his eyes.

Mom..... All Might.... Everyone.... I.... I'm sorry, he said to himself, ready to accept his demise.

Just then, a figure with bicolored red and white hair stood in front of him. He created a wall of ice, but the wave was powerful enough to shatter it to bits. A flash of crimson flew up into the air. Izuku's emerald green eyes widened as he saw the love of his life fall to the ground.


His heterochromatic eyes were dull and lifeless. A pool of crimson blood poured from his body. Tears filled the former's eyes as he held the body of his lover. Hado watched on with apathy in his eyes. "You, Izuku Midoriya, are not a true hero. You are a false ideology of hope." he said before a flash of light came and went. When the flash of gone, so was Hado.

"That damn bastard! I'll kill him the next time I see him!" cursed Bakugo.

Izuku cried over Shoto's body as the paramedics came. A feeling of guilt washed over him as they took him away. He really wasn't a true hero. He couldn't protect his husband and he couldn't protect people by using the same tactics every time. The other heroes, in spite of being injured, came over to him.

"He's wrong, Midoriya. You're a-"

"No I'm not! I'm not a true hero!"

The others watched in horror once more as Izuku began sobbing viciously. He held his head in his hands and his body trembled. Bakugo, however, was not going to take it. He grabbed his superior by the shirt and slapped him.

"Listen here, Deku! You're a fucking great hero! That wave shithead has no idea what he's talking about! You got that?!" Izuku's face darkened as tears ran down his cheeks. He wanted to say yes. He wanted to show Bakugo that he got everything he said. But with everything that was happening and Hado's words, he just.... Couldn't. He couldn't bring himself to say it.

"I.... I want to see Shoto...." was all he could manage to say. He left himself out of Bakugo's grasp and began to make his way to the hospital where Shoto was. The blonde was going to go after him, but an arm went out in front of him. Mirio had blocked Bakugo from going after Izuku.

"Leave him. Midoriya needs time to himself." he said. The others made expressions of sorrow, pity, and other downcast emotions. They wanted to reassure Izuku that he was a true hero, but he had too much to accept compliments.

Izuku looked at himself in the glass of the hospital. He couldn't bear to look at the person staring back at him. He was staring at a wannabe. He was staring at someone who admired All Might too much and thought he could be like him. He wasn't staring at the Number One Hero. He wasn't staring at the Symbol of Hope. He was staring at a false ideology. A false hero. A false hope. Tears came to his eyes as he reached out.

"Am I..... Am I not a true hero like I always wanted to be?....." he quietly asked himself.

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Tissues piled upon Shoto's hospital bed as Izuku laid his head on his right hand. He wanted to feel his husband's warmth. He wanted to feel it badly. The green haired male's face was puffy from how much he had been crying along and heavy bags that lie beneath his vibrant eyes from restless nights of worry, moral questioning, and sorrow. He was pretty sure that his eyes were going to be unnaturally clean by the time Shoto recovered. The beeps of his lover's monitor filled the deathly silent room. Izuku was hanging by a thread. He was still questioning if he really was a hero while having to be by his Alpha's side. Even after visiting hours were over, Izuku found ways to look after Shoto. A nurse came in with some accomodations for the top hero.

"Here is some food and a drink for you, Mr. Todoroki." Izuku eyed the food. It looked delicious. It reminded him of his mother's cooking. Usually he would've already eaten the meal the moment the nurse set it down, but Izuku wasn't in that mood.

".....I'm not hungry....." he said. The nurse set down the food anyway and left to do her work. When the nurse was alone, she took off her hair to reveal bright orange hair underneath and ripped her mask. She took off her silver contacts to reveal her true teal blue eyes. The nurse somewhat looked like Misty from the original Pokemon series.

"How is he doing, Kendo?" asked a voice.

Kendo sighed and replied, "He's not looking great. He looks like he hasn't slept in days, he isn't eating the food, and his face is puffy from a lot of crying. If I had to rate it on a scale of one to ten, I'd say he's a ninety."

The voice sighed. "Poor Izuku. He wants to be the best he can be, but at the cost of questioning who he really is." Kendo couldn't help but agree. She may not have spoken much with Izuku, but she learned a lot about him from the girls of class 1-A. "Never should anyone have to question who they are. That Hado guy is wrong. Izuku is a true hero."
"That's right. Izuku worked hard to get where he's at."
"I just hope he can catch some sleep soon, or else he'll get sleep paralysis from lack of sleep. We don't need him having another nightmare."
"We don't. I'll call you later."

Kendo sighed and left the hospital. She cared about the well-being of her friends and loved ones and wanted to help Izuku, but she feared that Izuku would never let anyone help him.

Izuku held Shoto's hand that had his wedding ring on it. He remembered the happy day where Izuku didn't question if he was good enough to be called Symbol of Hope, he was confident that he was. Shoto didn't sacrifice himself to save him because he never began questioning who he really was. The height of their love was that moment. Tears came to his emerald green eyes for God knows the amount that week.

"Shoto, please wake up my love." Shoto didn't move. Izuku knew he was alive because he still had a pulse. Izuku put his lover's hand on his face and nuzzled it. He needed his beloved to smile and tell him that everything was all right. He needed to be told that he was a great hero. There was a soft knock at the room door. Izuku turned as it slid open to reveal a face he had not seen in years.

"Good morning, Todoroki."

It was Yoarashi Inasa. Izuku remembered from the Provisional License Exams and that he didn't get along with Shoto. Izuku didn't have anything against him, they just didn't talk. "I understand that I am not the one experiencing your pain, but I hope this is the least I could do to help." He set down some gifts for the couple. "I wish for Todoroki's recovery. That was a very severe one he sustained." Izuku kept his focus on Shoto. Inasa did not try to break Izuku's focus, if he was in his shoes with his wife sustaining such an injury and having to question who he was, he would feel the same way without a doubt. Inasa quietly, yet respectfully, bid the couple goodbye and left.

Izuku felt his world fall apart when he saw Shoto that night. He could remember how lifeless his eyes were, the pool of blood that oozed from his body. He just wanted his beloved to wake up and reassure him. A nurse slid the door open.

"I'm afraid that visiting hours are over, Mr. Todoroki." Izuku got up and made his way to the doors of the hospital. He could always watch his husband on his computer from the comfort of his home. He never thought Lizzy's cameras would come in need, but they did. He could use her cameras that she installed to watch his husband. When Izuku got home, he plopped on the bed. A yawn escaped him as he rubbed his eyes. How long had it been since he slept again? He felt his eyes get heavy.

"That's right..... I haven't slept in a while......, he said to himself. Shoto would've told you to get some sleep.....

His eyes closed permanently as he drifted to sleep for the first time in weeks. It felt so.... Good. Izuku felt like he forgot everything, that it was all a nightmare he had yet to wake up from.

As he dozed, the door to Izuku's house opened and in stepped All Might. He heard news about what had happened to Izuku and Shoto through Bakugo and thought it would be appropriate to step in and help his former student. After all, Izuku was like another son to him.

"Young Midoriya? Young Midoriya, are you here?" No answer. All Might looked around for the man until he found him sound asleep. Izuku's face looked so peaceful and free of all worry that it felt relaxing in a sense. The older man smiled sweetly and put the covers over him. "Sleep well, Young Midoriya." Izuku looked so happy to finally get some rest, especially with the recent events. All Might walked out the house and called his wife Winona on his phone.
"Hello, Winona."
"Toshinori! Are you at Izuku's house? How is he doing?"
"I am. He's getting some much-needed rest."
Winona sighed. "That's a relief. Anthony threw a fit when he heard what happened. I had to convince him that's it not worth risking his engagement to Melissa to hunt down Hado and fight him."

All Might chuckled. He knew his youngest son Anthony Yagi saw Izuku as his "younger brother" despite them being the same age. He was, and still is, protective of Izuku. "I wish Young Todoroki a peaceful recovery, too, but Young Midoriya needs to reassure himself." Winona hummed in agreement.
"He needs something to boost his morale." An idea came into All Might's head. "I think I might have an idea on how to do that."

After a day of blissful sleep, Izuku woke up. He felt so refreshed, so relieved. His shoulders felt light, like the weight of his world had been lifted off. His curly green hair was the same as it had always been. A bright and gentle smile was on his face. The morning sun shined through the curtains of his home.

"The wonders of sleep." The doorbell rang. Izuku got up and walked towards it. When he opened it, no one was there. But there was a basket full of gifts on his doorstep. It had a green ribbon the same shade as his hero costume and it looked like the ears of his original one. Izuku looked around before picking up the basket. Inside was a card with a picture of him on it. He opened it and saw that it was from his sister-in-law Fuyumi. She had her students make a get well soon card for him and most likely for Shoto as well. There was another card from Eri, Kouta, and their friends. Izuku smiled. "These guys." He looked in the basket and gifts from friends and family alike. He felt tears of joy coming to his eyes. "They're the best."

Shoto woke up to find himself in a hospital room. His eyes looked around for any sign of Izuku, but the only evidence of him was the immense amount of tissues in the nearby trashcan. Shoto sighed. His eyes turned to a basket full of gifts for him once he recovered.

I should've woken up sooner, he said to himself.

Footsteps approached his hospital door and he watched as it slid open. In the doorway stood his father Enji Todoroki, or better known as Endeavor. He didn't expect his father to visit him.

"Hello... Father." Endeavor did something rather unexpected: He hugged Shoto. The former felt his tears on his skin. This felt unnatural. It didn't feel like Endeavor was the man he was years ago. These weren't false tears he was crying, these were genuine.

"I was so worried about you." Shoto wrapped his arms around his father. He saw his mother and siblings in the door. They all entered the room and joined in the hug.

"How are you doing?" asked his sister Fuyumi.
"Hado's attack missed my kidneys and lungs, but the wave was powerful enough to break at least a third of my ribs on my left side."

Rei held his hand. She was devasted when she heard the news of her son's injury. She wished she was there to comfort Izuku and be there for her son. Endeavor felt the same way. He wanted to be able to be there for Shoto. Had he been, none of this would've happened. Natsuo had a pained expression on his face.
"Will you be able to get back to work?"
"Most likely. I'll just need to be careful not to fight any villains with wave Quirks." Shoto was worried about how his husband and friends took this. "How are my friends and Izuku doing?"

Fuyumi explained to him that Izuku was the most devasted by the incident. Shoto was both saddened and happy by the news. He was glad that Izuku finally got some sleep and was feeling better, but also sad because it led to him morally questioning himself. "That Hado guy thought he was a wisecrack. He's wrong about Izuku. He is a true hero. He's worthy of Symbol of Hope." Shoto knew that to be true. Izuku's whole life was dedicated to being a hero.

"Hopefully when I'm released, I can reassure him."

After a few weeks, Izuku took some time off work to visit the hospital again. Uraraka suggested that he not visit the hospital until he starts feeling good about himself again. Since he needed it, he took her advice. As he walked into the lobby, Izuku saw his beloved Shoto walking again.

"Shoto!" He ran up to him and hugged his lover tightly. Shoto chuckled lightly and hugged back. He was delighted to see his Omega in good spirits. "I was so worried about you!"
"I know. Fuyumi told me everything."
Izuku kissed all over Shoto's face, which the latter accepted. "Izuku."
"Don't you ever let a villain make you question yourself ever again. You are very much worthy of the titles of Number One Hero and Symbol of Hope."
"I promise."
The two put their foreheads together. Everything was going to be alright. An incident that horrific would never cripple them again.

Chapter Text

While the most important duty of a hero was to protect and serve the public like any other law enforcement, but it was important to have a costume that could support you and your Quirk. Hence why everyone was at Hatsume's business.

Bakugo was not happy about having to get a new hero costume. He like his the way it was. If it weren't for the fact that his boyfriend was here, he would've already been out the door. "Who the fuck is making us new costumes anyway?" he asked.

"Good question! I have commissioned an old friend of mine to design you new outfits while I work on new babies!" explained Mei Hatsume. She was an eccentric inventor back in her high school days, and she still was, but her and her company were vital to the heroes. "Come on in, Mato!"

Everyone raised an eyebrow at the name. Their questions grew more as a woman with silver hair in a bob cut walked in. She wore black aviator sunglasses and a dress that looked to be made of velvet with lace over it. Momo was rather impressed with her choices of fashion choices. She stopped an inch away from Mei and turned to face the heroes. An air of class and professionalism surrounded her.

"Is this them?" she whispered into Mei's ear. The pink haired woman nodded and the latter faced the heroes once again. She took off her sunglasses to reveal her sea green eyes. "Let's get down to business. My name is Matomeageru Yojin and I'm the one who redesigned your hero costumes." Matomeageru snapped her fingers and several people came in with models of hero costumes. The heroes were impressed with them as they looked entirely suited for the work they faced.

"I redesigned your costumes with three things in mind: To match your Quirks, to make them durable for hero work, and because some of those costumes were ugly as fuck." explained Matomeageru. "This is also in collaboration with my long term friend Hatsume." Hatsume got excited as she looked at the redesigned costumes.

"Let's begin with you, Yaoyorozu." Momo's costume was presented. "As much as I love you, your first costume did you no type of justice other than having open areas for you to create, and for being a beautiful color." Momo understood where Matomeageru was coming from. When she looked back on her old hero costume, it made her question what was she thinking when she designed it. "To help with your Quirk, I made your new costume a catsuit with slots in the stomach and legs. This outfit is entirely backless, so whenever you create something from there, your costume won't rip. Knee protection is very essential to hero work, so I added knee pads. I also kept the original's color because it reflects your high-society life, and the boots, too."

Mei squealed when Matomeageru handed the rest to her. "I added some of my babies to your outfit! Since you need to know the material of the item you're creating, I added a little screen like from those science fiction movies. It was by Mato's request because she was on edge about your utility belt." Momo felt a bit insulted because her beloved aunt Hanabi Yaoyorozu made that belt for her. "The next baby I added was an AR vizor. Mato loved my AR vizors, so she recommended that there be one with your costume as well."

After Matomeageru and Mei explained everyone else's costumes and their new support items, the former was determined to see the heroes with the costumes and support on. "Head to the changing rooms. I want to see how they look on you lot." The heroes took their new costumes and headed to the changing rooms.

"How the fuck did that fashion bitch get our measurements?" asked Bakugo.
The others shrugged. All except two though. Lizzy snickered while her girlfriend Carla had an unfazed expression on her face. Naomi got a bad feeling from Lizzy, and turned, and hissed at her.

"You're partially behind this, aren't you?" Lizzy played innocent. It was clear that Carla wanted no part of what was about to ensue, so she continued making her way to the changing room.

"Maybe I am! Maybe I'm not!" was all Lizzy could say. A goofy, yet mischievous grin was on her face. Naomi's hissing became more apparent as her blue eyes began to turn red. "Lizzy."
"Why victimize me, though? I'm just a girl!"
Kirishima stepped in and stopped Naomi from doing anything.

"Lets just change. There's no need for violence here." The girls headed to one changing room while the boys headed for the other. As they waited for them to come back, Mei felt compelled to ask Matomeageru a question.
"Hey Mato."
"What, Hatsume?"
"How did you get everyone's measurements?"
"That other pink haired girl forwarded them to me. For some odd reason, she knew them."
"You mean Lizzy forwarded them to you?"

There was a silence between the two as some of the heroes entered the room. Matomeageru clapped happily as the costumes made them look the same way she imagined when designing them. "Wonderful! You all look beautiful!" Mei wiped away a tear of joy of how her babies looked on the heroes. Though, Hiro had a few questions.

"What if the costumes rip?"
"The costumes can reassemble themselves. They are semi-sentient. They aren't fully sentient like you, me, and Hatsume, but they can regenerate."

The heroes began to praise their new appearances and support items. Matomeageru patted Mei on the back. Mei smiled as she knew her babies were going to be successful.

"With threads and gear like those, they can't lose."

Chapter Text

"Ready for another day of work, Itsuka?"
"I sure am." Kendo had an excited grin on her face. Since graduation, her and her boyfriend Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu have found a great dynamic with one another. His Quirk allowed for great defense while her Quirk allowed to great offense. They agreed on this dynamic, and became the hero duo Iron Fist. They soon rose to popularity. Even with their newfound fame, they didn't let that distract them from hero work. The two set out for their day of patrol with confidence, and enthusiasm.

So far, there seemed to be no sign of any villains, but they could never be too sure. Villains were unpredictable unless you were Sir Nighteye, but that was for a different chapter. Kendo turned, and saw a mother and father with their child. The mother looked tomboyish like Kendo. She continued to watch on as the mother lifted her child on her shoulders, and the father was completely fine with it. She even heard a praise that she was getting stronger.

She's kinda like me in a sense, Kendo said to herself. Yet she was able to have a family without people telling her that she was too masculine to date guys.

In the past, she often had people tell her that she was too masculine to be dating men, or too masculine to even be in a relationship with them, even when she told them that she was an Omega. But Tetsutetsu believed in her; he believed that she could find love in spite of her appearance and interest, and that's what drew her to him. She wondered what it would be like if they had children of their own.

I wonder if my future child would be okay with having a mom with muscles, she continued. They would probably like it. It would be cool of them to have a-

"You okay, Itsuka?" Kendo snapped out and returned back to reality. She had been spaced out for who knows how long.
"Y-Yeah I'm fine."
Tetsutetsu and Kendo continued their patrol. Everything went as it had been until the pair saw a man running with a briefcase in his hand. Kendo signaled Tetsutetsu to follow him which he did. The man's feet slammed the pavement as Tetsutetsu gave chase. He looked like he worked in an office, but it was lunchtime at the moment, so he shouldn't have been running late to work. It was common for office workers to carry briefcases, but this guy held his to chest. Tetsutetsu could tell this guy was trouble. He continued to chase the man into an alleyway, where Kendo was waiting on the other side. The man stopped in the middle, surrounded by two heroes on opposite ends. "Hey buddy. We're not gonna hurt you. We just want to know what's in that briefcase." The man trembled, and held the object of desire close to his chest as Kendo, and Tetsutetsu neared him. "You have to have papers from the office in there, right? But right now everyone is already at their jobs, including you," said Kendo. "so why don't you tell us what's in there? It's much easier if you just admit to your crime." The man used his Quirk to try to escape, but he was smacked by both of Kendo's enlarged hands. The man dropped the briefcase in the process, which Tetsutetsu caught. Kendo pulled some handcuffs out of her belt while her partner opened the briefcase. Inside were vials of what appeared to be some sort of substance. "What is it, Tetsu?" "Some vials of something." Kendo used her vizor to identify what was inside the bottles. "These have a drug called Trigger. I don't know what it does, but it's dangerous." Within minutes, some officers arrived and took the handcuffed man away. Tetsutetsu handed them the briefcase and explained their discovery. "We make a pretty good team, don't we, Itsuka?" "Yeah." Kendo began to make her way back to patrol. Tetsutetsu blushed and called, "Itsuka!" The woman turned to face him. Her blue eyes shimmered in the sunlight like gems while her hair captured the light perfectly. It was like an ember burning brightly. The former's heart skipped a beat at the sight. "What is it, Tetsutetsu?" "N-Nothing. Let's just get back to the patrol." Kendo smiled softly which made Tetsutetsu regret not saying what he wanted to say. "I wanted to ask you to marry me, but no matter how many times I try, the words can't come out." he muttered to himself, his blush still retained. "But one day. One day you'll be Mrs. Tetsutetsu. One day I'll have the courage to make you mine."

Chapter Text

Everyone was red alert. There had been multiple incidents in the last three hours. Heroes and law enforcement including police and firefighters were working around the clock to get these events under control. All hands were on deck. Momo had just handcuffed five criminals in an upscale area of Musutafu. She had help from Trey.

"What's going on with all these incidents?" Momo shrugged. She was just patrolling the area when she saw a couple of villains fighting and just disturbing the peace in general. Trey saw something flash out the corner of his eye. He walked over and saw it was a phone. Momo followed him and looked over his shoulder.

"Is that your phone, Trey?"
"It's not. My phone is in my utility belt."
"Then who's-"
"That's my phone, damn brats!"

Trey and Momo looked around for the origin of the third voice. So far, it was none of the people around the area. Trey used his scouter to look for a heat signal around the area, but there were none.
"Up here."

Trey and Momo looked up to find more villains wrapped in something white. It couldn't have been Sero's tape, it looked too soft to be. It looked almost as though it was thread or something similar. "Who could've done this?"
Momo turned to see a female figure wearing a white spherical helmet and an elegant white dress that appeared to be made of silk hiding behind a tree. Her hair was long with angelic curls and the color of cherry blossoms. Her figure was rather curvaceous, but she looked adorable nonetheless. "Hello there."
"H-Hi...." Her voice sounded meek. Trey could tell from her act of being behind a tree to the sound of her voice that she was shy, so he decided to let her know that him and Momo were friendly.

"It's okay. We're not gonna hurt you." The woman walked out from behind the tree and made her way towards the two creation Quirk heroes. "Did you do this?" asked Trey, pointing up at the suspended villains. The female nodded.

"My name is Silky." added the woman. "I did handle those villains."

"That's good to know. And it's nice to meet you, Silky. My name is Materio and this is my friend Creati."

Momo bowed before Silky as the authorities arrived. One of the officers came up to the three.

"We'll take it from here." he said.

The three heroes nodded and took off to help with the situation of these mass incidents. Momo made a jetpack, Trey made some rocket boots, and Silky used some the threads of her dress to propel herself into the air.

In the midtown area of Musutafu, Naomi was flying high over the city. She was using her radar to track a truck that had caused a major traffic accident by reversing across the intersection and hitting five different cars. Naomi was continuing her search when she got a call from Iida.

"What is it, Tenya?"
"Have you found the truck yet?"
"Do I sound like I found that damn truck yet?"

Iida sighed. "I told you it was gray!"
"Tenya, be specific. What kind of truck was it? Did it have anything that made it stand out?"
"If I remember correctly, it had rods in the back, and-"
"Hold up."
"Did you say the truck had rods in the back of it?"
"Yes I did. Why do you ask?"
"The driver is not trustworthy."

Iida was confused by what Naomi said. Since when did having rods in the back of your truck make you an untrustworthy driver? "I beg your pardon."
"The driver of that truck is not trustworthy because they got rods in the back of their truck. That's the kind of truck you let five to six other folks sit in the back of and whoever thought that they were protected by them damn rods would've ended up in those cars."
Iida was still confused about what Naomi meant. "Is this..... Is this an American-?"
"Yes. If you were from America, you would know that people there, especially in Georgia, drive like jackasses." replied Naomi. "And I found that damn truck."

Naomi released a large amount of icy breath from her mouth as she used her wings to keep her afloat. Within minutes, the car's wheels froze. Naomi landed and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. "Come out with your hands up and I won't freeze your brain." The driver stepped out and began to use his Quirk against her. Just as Naomi began to flap her wings, crystals came from out of nowhere and incapacitated the villain.

"He's over here!" said a voice.

Officers came running over as a girl with pale pink hair and gray eyes directing them. Naomi saw crystals in her arms and wondered if that's where the crystals from earlier came from.

"Thank you for slowing him down, Dragonica." thanked the girl.

"Uhh okay, but who are you?" asked Naomi.
"My name is Crystallica, the Gem Hero. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Naomi simply gave her a thumbs up and flew away in the afternoon sky.

"New heroes just be coming out of nowhere." she muttered.

Chapter Text

Home was the best place a hero could be. It was where they could wind down from a day of fighting villains, vent their emotions in private, and many other things.

Jirou laid on her bed as her radio played. Her day was filled to the brim with fighting villains. Her speakers almost got destroyed and she had a near death experience. The woman got up and reached for her guitar. Perhaps some music would calm her down and take her mind away from all the stress of today. Her fingers strummed the strings as Jirou tapped her foot. There was no particular song being played, but she didn't care.

"Hey! That sounds pretty good!" Jirou looked to see her roommate, Kyoku Aizawa, listening to her. She smiled and continued playing. Kyoku snapped her fingers to the beat and began to dance a little. Within minutes, the two of them were singing and dancing to the song of the guitar. The former felt all the stress from earlier escape her mind as the heat and joy of the moment had occupied it. Laughter, song, and snaps filled the room until the two were out of breath and Jirou's fingers were tired.

"That was fun." Jirou managed to say once she caught enough breath.

"Yeah." agreed Kyoku. "What do ya want for dinner?"


Yuga Aoyama's perfect idea of relaxing after a long day of hero work: Sparkling water in a mug while watching the newest episode of your favorite drama. Ironically or unironically enough, that was what he was doing. After a long day of hero work, Aoyama winded down with some sparkling water and his favorite drama TV show. He even wore a robe and slippers with sequins on them to get comfortable.

"I thought you loved me!"

"I do."

"If you loved me, you would've never cheated on me! Especially when I was pregnant with your son!"

Aoyama hummed while shaking his head. He raised his Ingenium mug to his lips and took a sip.

"I have to thank madamoiselle Camie for introducing me to this show." he said. "She was right about it. Once I watch the first episode, I will become addicted."

The show went on as Aoyama felt bit cold. "Alexa," he called. "turn on the heat to seventy degrees." The Alexa did as told and turned up his heat. Aoyama smiled and snuggled in his sparkling chair with his stuffed Ingenium doll. He was content with his hero and personal life. And this was how it would be until he and Tenya got married- whenever that may be.

Mitsubachi was simple when wanted to relax; she played video games. She was playing on her Nintendo Switch after a day at work. One of her many maids came in and bowed.

"Mistress Otome, would you like dinner?"


The maid immediately went to the kitchen. Like how she was with her relaxation, Mitsubachi's way of talking was straightforward and she didn't sugarcoat anything, which is why she often came off as mean. She didn't really care about what other people thought of her, even if she apart of the top ten.

The maid came back with a tray of foods and drinks for Mitsubachi. "Shrimp and wine." requested Mitsubachi. The maid fulfilled her mistress's request and left the shrimp and wine on the nearby table. After doing so, she promptly left. Mitsubachi reached out and put a shrimp in her mouth while playing her game.

While everyone else was relaxing, Crystal tapped away at her computer as its light filled her office. The screen filled her eyes as countless amounts of information occupied her. Her door flew open with an urgent feeling. Crystal turned to see her sidekick Hoseki with a paper in her hand.

"Miss! We have a lead on the suspect!" she announced.

Crystal stood up and walked over to the younger girl. She took the paper from her.

"Excellent work. The suspect may not be much of a threat now, but sooner or later he will."

Down the hall, the janitor was listening. "I know. He could put all of hero society in danger if we don't stop him. Things could go worst if his manifesto is released to the public."

"Manifesto? Of who?" the janitor asked themselves.

"That is very true. We should talk about this inside the room. Come in." Hoseki followed Crystal in the room and shut the door. The janitor smiled to themself. "A new threat, you say?" They went to clock out for the night and began to walk down a dark alleyway. As they did, a goo came off them and revealed a woman with pale blonde hair and yellow eyes. Her phone rang and she answered it.

"What did you get, Toga?"

"It seems as though we have some competition."

"We'll crush him like he did Overhaul."

The woman wearing the clothes of the janitor disappeared into the darkness of the alleyway.

As Uraraka stood on the balcony of her house, she felt an uneasy feeling in the wind.

"Something is coming our way..... And it's not good."

Chapter Text

Toga and her boyfriend Kogo watched a hero fight from the unsuspecting safety of the mall. She was wearing a Deku shirt and Kogo was wearing a hoodie to make sure no one recognized him. It was simple but effective. He even more a wig and make up to make him appear different.

"This is a great fight, isn't it, Kogo?" asked Toga.

Kogo nodded and watched the fight progress. He remembered watching hero fights in his childhood. They brought him a great amount of joy and happiness, even a sense of comfort. It made him forget the horrors of his life. Much of his fighting style was inspired by the heroes he saw fight on TV.

"It's a shame we couldn't see Izuku fight." he commented.

Toga nodded. "Such a waste."

On the battlefield in Osaka, a villain was suspended in vines. The heroine who had captured him stood with her hands together as though she was praying.

"The tyranny of evil men such as yourselves shall not govern over the freed men of our father's world." The villain groaned in pain as two officers came over with handcuffs. Her vines released the villain once the authorities had apprehended him. A hero with wood for skin came over to the vine heroine.

"You did great, Ibara." Ibara, the heroine he was speaking to, turned and smiled.
"Thank you, Mr. Kamui Woods. It is an honor to be your sidekick."
Across the street, a man was looking on. He wore a black business suit and rectangular glasses. His hair was slicked back and had the look of a man going on a date with the woman he loved. His eyes watched the heroes keenly, as though he had been hunting them. A hand went on his shoulder.

"Is there a problem, sir?" The man turned to see a man with spiky red hair and noticeable scars on his chest. He had two gears on his shoulders and a mouth guard. The former easily identified him as the Hardening Hero Red Riot.

"Nothing is wrong, Mr. Riot. Just observing some heroes on the job." Red Riot gave him a smile.
"That's good. I was thinking you were about to cause some trouble."
"Why would I ever want to cause such great heroes trouble?" asked the man with a genuine and charming smile. His mannerism was like that of a gentleman and he seemed to have an air of class around him.

Red Riot thought to himself before replying, "You don't look suspicious, but the way you were staring at Kamui Woods and Maria seemed like you wanted to."
His smile not faltering, the man admitted, "I was staring a bit too hard at them. Please inform them that I sincerely apologize for the rude inconvenience. Have a good evening, Mr. Riot"
Red Riot nodded and let the man go. The former walked down the block and disappeared into the darkness of an alleyway.

"I know which heroes to avoid in my quest."

In Tokyo, Lemillion, his partner Suneater, and their seventeen year old intern Briar were taking care of a villain group. Lemillion charged into the fray and used his Phantom Menace attack to dispatch a couple of them while Thorn used her Briar Launch attack to clear the room for Suneater to apprehend the leader. Once the villains were incapacitated, the authorities got hold of them.

"Good work, Chichi! You're getting stronger!" Thorn, also known as Chichi, squealed happily and jumped up and down. Lemillion chuckled as he and Suneater went to go talk to the authorities. Once they were gone, Chichi stopped. Her smile turned to a harsh line and her aura returned vengeful.

"One day I will destroy all villains. Even if it costs my life."

Chapter Text

Kogo waited outside the building by his car. His feet tapped the pavement and he looked up at the night sky. It was a mysterious dark blue decorated with little sparkling dots that everyone called stars. Kogo remembered going stargazing with his mother as a child. She taught him and his younger sister about the constellations and their origins. The bright smile she had on her face made him forget how cruel his reality was.

"I'm here." Kogo turned to see a man with long silver hair in a ponytail wearing a suit standing there. Kogo opened the backseat passenger door to let the man in. The latter smiled and thanked him for his generousity. Once he buckled his seatbelt, Kogo left the area.

"What a lovely night." said the man, attempting to make small talk.

Kogo didn't say anything, which was unusual for him. He thrived for conversation. He was a social butterfly as Spinner would say. But this time, he didn't talk. The man took a small bit of offense to this. "Not the talkative type I see. No worries." Kogo made no response. The man in the suit looked out the window at the city. There was a glint of vengeance in his eyes.

After driving for what felt like hours, the car stopped in front of a warehouse. The suited man let out a whistle. "Quite the place for a meeting." Kogo could sense the sarcasm in his voice. He led him to the warehouse and opened the doors.

"Hey Toga, your boyfriend is back." A girl with blonde hair in two messy buns looked at Kogo and smiled. The suited man followed behind him. A male with a hand on his face looked at him.

"This is an interesting catch, Kogo." he said.

The suited man smiled and put his hands together. "Why, you must be Shigaraki Tomura. It's finally time I have the pleasure to meet you." A man with black hair eyed the latter. His eyes had a distrustful sentiment to them. Even though he felt like that, he said nothing. "Now that I'm here, I come with a suggest."

Shigaraki took the hand off his face and looked at the suited man. "What 'suggestion' have you come with? We already had a bad run-in with another villain group many years ago." The other people with Shigaraki looked at the man skeptically, remembering their encounter with Overhaul and Eight Precepts. Toga already had a knife drawn and a killing intent surrounded her. The suited man cleared his throat.

"My name is Hanesu Fukushu, but you may call me Crownpin. I am the leader of a group- No. Organization called The Failed."
Shigaraki had no interest in what Hanesu was talking about until he heard about The Failed. Curiosity consumed him in that moment. Toga, however, had absolutely no interest in what he had to say.

"You'll just try to absorb us into your group like that Overhaul guy did. But this time, it won-"

"Quiet, Toga." The blonde turned to see her leader. He seemed to be wondering about who Hanesu worked with. She did not object and closed her mouth, but still had to her knife and killing intent out. "Crownpin.... Keep talking."

Hanesu smiled charmingly which made another female member of the group gag. "Of course. The Failed are a group dedicated to getting rid of heroes and hero society. All members, including myself, have found a kindred spirit through the times heroes have failed us." Shigaraki tapped one of his fingers. "Which brings me to the reason I have come; I humbly suggest that you, the League of Villains, join us in our quest." Shigaraki grinned, but not in a way of agreement.
"What makes you think we'll join you? We have our own goals and motivations that bound us together. Besides, we're perfectly on our own."
"I see. What a wasted opportunity." Crownpin began to walk towards the car. Shigaraki put the hand back on his face and watched as the car that brought Crownpin had come in leave.

"What a waste of valuable blood." In his car, Crownpin smirked evilly.
"Shame if one of you...."

Back in the warehouse, a few of the members began to scream. Their skin was beginning to turn purple and blood came from their eyes in the place of tears. They even began to regurgitate blood. Mr. Compress and Spinner panicked and quickly rushed them to a doctor. The black haired stayed behind and Shigaraki stood at his side.

"He's just like Overhaul."

"If his declaration of war is poisoning our members then we will gladly return the favor."

Chapter Text

Just another day of patrol in Shibuya for the Marionetter agency. The owner Zan, his sidekick Sero, and his interns Harigane and Kusari had just left from getting lunch from a fast food restaurant. Kusari was eating away at her French fries while Sero took a sip of his drink.

"Thanks for letting us get something to get, Zan." thanked Sero.

Zan grumbled. "Harigane wouldn't stop whining unless he got some food."

As they continued walking, Zan heard his AR vizor beep. "You brats stay here. I'll take care of this shit." The others nodded and watched as Zan propelled himself into the sky using his strings and swung off. Harigane took a bite out of his burger.

"Is his always this vulgar, Mr. Cellophane?" he asked. Sero nodded. He worked at Zan's agency ever since his third year at U.A. and had gotten used to his boss's inappropriate language. He was just Bakugo but if his anger was actually justified after all. He himself even used such vulgarities.

"Come on. Lets continue the patrol." Harigane and Kusari nodded and followed Sero.

Feet slammed the pavement as two children ran. They were holding hands and one of the children had a fearful look in their eyes, as though whatever or whoever they were running terrified them. They heard footsteps behind them and started to run faster. One of the children looked up to see a large crowd and ran into it. Their pursuers stopped and looked around for the children in the sea of people. On the other side away from the people who were running after them, the children still kept running. They made a turn into an alleyway.

"I don't want them to take me back...."

"They won't."

The latter saw a light at the end of the alleyway and ran towards it. It was evident that they had ran too fast as they fell from crashing into Sero. The older male looked at the fallen child. The child looked to be about thirteen or fourteen, close to Eri's age. It was also very apparent that whoever bumped into him was a boy. But there was also a girl behind him.

"You okay, little guy?" Sero held out his hand as an offer to help the boy up. The latter took his hand and dusted himself off.
"I'm fine." The girl ran right past the two into another alleyway. The boy turned around to see their pursuers running towards them. In a moment of fear, the boy followed the girl that was with her. Acting quickly, Kusari used her chains to suspend the two people. Sero walked over to the children, who were hiding behind a dumpster. They were shaking with fear. Sero rubbed both of their backs in a nurturing manner.

"Hey, it's gonna be okay. Those two men will be arrested and we'll get you two back to your parents." The girl looked at him and she stopped shaking.

"Yeah. We'll get you back to your-"
"What are parents?" Sero was completely taken aback by her question. Surely she knew what parents were. "You have a mommy and a daddy, right? Or maybe you have two mommies or two daddies."
There was a silence before the girl asked, "What's a mommy and a daddy?"
In Sero's years of heroics, he never met a child that didn't know what parents were. The boy held her hand and had a pained expression on his face. Red and blue lights flashed off the walls as the authorities arrived and detained the childrens' persuers. "Can you two tell me your names?" asked Sero.
"Kibokari, but call me Kibo for short."
Sero waited for the girl's answer. She sat there silent until she said, "Number four thousand eight hundred twenty: Tsuyuri."
Sero was curious about the number she had said before her name, but before he could do that, he got a call.

"Sero, we have a fucking emergency." He recognized the voice as Zan's.
"Alright. Just let me get my interns and some kids to the police."
Sero informed Harigane and Kusari of the call and gave Kibo and Tsuyuri to the police. After doing that, he used his tape to launch himself into the air. The interns followed suit and him.

As they headed to the station, Tsuyuri held Kibo's hand. The latter looked at her. She had been given a name that meant chestnut and she certainly fit the mold. Her hair was unkempt and somewhat spiky. Her clothes were ragged from days of running away. She truly looked like the shell of a chestnut.

"I don't want to go back.... I don't want to go back..... I don't want to go back...." she repeated. She began shaking and curled up. Kibo hugged her tightly.

"You won't. I promise." The police car drove off to the station. Kibo looked out the window at the city.

So many people, he said to himself. So much devastation.

A knock went on Crownpin's office door. He looked up from his reading when it did.

"Come in." A woman in a black dress and lavender jacket came in with a briefcase. Crownpin smiled and watched attentively as the woman set it down in front of him. "This is the narcotic they have created."

Crownpin opened the case and his smile widened. He picked up a small object with a needle protruding from it. "This is perfect. Give this to our members who are powerless." The woman bowed and took the object away.

As her fingers tapped away at the computer, Crystal's mind was focused on stopping her target. She looked at the portfolio she had of him. The picture attatched to it was of Crownpin. Crystal picked up and eyed it. He had been on her radar ever since she graduated. Something about him felt off about her as she looked at more photos of him. She learned he had recently made contact with the League of Villains, but she felt as though he was planning something. Just before she could get back to her computer, her office door flew open.

"Boss, there was a lead from the police!" Crystal turned to see it was her sidekick Hoseki.

"A lead from the police, you say?" Hoseki nodded.
"According to them, Sero had given them two children that were running away from two men. One of the children named Tsuyuri had bandages and stitches all over her body. A number was found on her neck." Crystal stood up and walked towards Hoseki.
"Thank you for the information. Have you sent the request?"
Hoseki nodded. "We will need as much help as possible."


Chapter Text

Tsuyuri woke up. She looked around to find herself in a room with a table that she was laying on. Tsuyuri shook with fear. She knew where she was.

"Doctor, the girl is awake."

Footsteps came towards a window looking into the room. Tsuyuri tried to move but she couldn't. Fear had numbed her. Her eyes widened and trembled with terror at the sight of a man in a white lab coat. An eerie aura surrounded him. He stood next to a man in the same type of coat and signaled him. Tsuyuri looked up as a devices with needles and little saws and other things came down. She cowered in terror.

"N-No..... No!" One of the saws came down and began to cut open her pale flesh. Tsuyuri tried to move but was shocked so hard that she felt as though her brain fried. Several needles went into her legs as she powerlessly and helplessly laid there. Tears flooded her eyes as the pain felt too great for her body to bear. Then, two arms went around her. They felt warm and nurturing. The pain suddenly went away as the embrace took it away.

Tsuyuri's eyes opened to find herself in the arms of a person. The arms looked to be unnaturally long and the fingers did as well. Her focus shifted to an object hanging from the neck. She looked up to see a man with glasses and green hair with streaks of yellow holding her. Kibo was leaning on him and asleep as well.

"It's okay, Tsuyuri." said the man. "No one will hurt you." Tsuyuri curled up in his arms as though she were a small child. The man rubbed the back of her head. This experience was not new to her- Kibo had held her many times before. But this time...... This time had a paternal feel to it in lieu of a brotherly feel. Her eyes shifted up to see who was holding her one last time. In a soft and still tired voice, she asked, "Who are you?"
"My name is Mirai Sasaki, but you may call me Sir Nighteye."
"Okay, Sir Nighteye." Tsuyuri yawned and laid her head on Sir Nighteye's chest. Sir Nighteye kissed her head and rubbed her arm. Tsuyuri had never felt like this before with another person other than Kibo. He had been with her ever since and had been the one to always comfort her. "Sleep now." For the first time, Tsuyuri had fallen asleep without someone singing to her. A smile came to her face as she dreamt of a happy life with her brother Kibo and the man who held her.

Chapter Text

Acid and magma melted the walls of the metal building as the Alien Queen agency walked through the holes in the wall.

"God, it smells in here." said Kazan Yamasaki, Alien Queen's sidekick. He put up his mask to not smell the unpleasant scent.

Kazano "Kazan" Yamasaki: Quirk- Magma
He can produce a magma-like substance and freely manipulate it. The magma can melt anything it touches and Kazan has full control over its temperature.

"Definitely smells like paraphernalia." Mina began walking towards a certain room, allowing her AR vizor to guide her. Kazan followed behind, not wanting to leave her open for attack. He was accepted into her agency in his third year at U.A. and the two had a similar theme of having Quirks that melted things. It presented quite the shock to her upon learning that him and fellow pro hero and former classmate Kirishima Eijiro were related. They looked and acted so differently. Kazan seemed so.... Muted. So dull. So toned down than his lively and energetic cousin.

As they followed the GPS, the rancid smell of paraphernalia got stronger. It made the sidekick gag a bit. "I hate the smell of and paraphernalia in general." It took everything in his power to keep him from regurgitating. Mina turned to him and put a finger to her lips, signaling him to be quiet. Kazan did as instructed as their vizors began to pick up heat signals and a conversation.

"This drug is amazing!"
"Wow! I feel stronger than ever!"
The conversation was mostly praise of some sort until one thing managed to catch their attention.

"This Quirk awakening drug is the stuff!"

Mina raised an eyebrow. She had heard of the Quirk strengthening drug and the Quirk erasing drug, but never a drug thag awakened the Quirks of people. "I'm Quirkless no more! And it's all because of this little thing right here." Mina signaled Kazan to create a diversion and he acted so. He began to obnoxiously cough and curse about how foul the smell was, which caught the attention to the drug dealers inside. As Kazan distracted them, Mina snuck inside and looked at the drug they were taking. Her vizor began to identify the drug as Awaken, a narcotic that was designed to awaken the Quirks of Quirkless people even if they had the joint.

Once Kazan had incapacitated the dealers, Mina had come out of the room with the drugs they were praising earlier.

"Well?" asked Kazan.

"It's called Awaken. It can awaken the Quirk of any Quirkless person regardless of what type it is and if they have the joint."
"It's already bad enough that we have Trigger, but another Quirk related drug?"
"Imagine if these things were sold for huge prices in large quantities."
Kazan went silent before he said, "That could put a minority in serious danger."
Mina nodded and handed the drugs to the police who had come to arrest the drug dealers.

Tsuyuri had been learning to what things were for the past days under the guidance of Kibo and Sir Nighteye. Shs was a fast learner, so they never had to go through anything again. It was a quiet night and Kibo had fallen asleep, leaving her and Nighteye to their own devices.

"Sir Nighteye...."

The man turned to her with the light blocking her view of his eyes. "What is it, Tsuyuri?"
"I..... I have to tell you something. I know someone has been investigating The Failed and that they've made contact with the League of Villains."
Nighteye was lost until remembered Crystal talking about looking into a man codenamed Crownpin and his organization at the U.A. graduation. "I want to tell you about something that could put a population in danger. It's called Awaken. It's a drug that can awaken the Quirks of any Quirkless person, regardless of the type and the joint. It was made of my blood cells and the blood cells of other children." Sir Nighteye was familiar with drugs that effected Quirks. It brought him back to the days of his Shie Hassakai investigation. Tsuyuri gripped his hand tightly and trembled. He could tell that talking about this made her scared and uncomfortable.
"You don't have-"
"No! You have to know this!" protested Tsuyuri.

Nighteye went silent. "Children were kidnapped from their homes or "adopted" from orphanages only for us to be taken to the..... To the...... To the lab of..... Him..... The experimentation..... The torture..... The amount of blood..... He took the blood cells of children and turned them into bullets......" Nighteye rubbed her back. "I was his victim the most..... All these scars...... All these bandages..... They were all from the experimentation..... He.... He never used Kibokari..... He always comforted me when it was over....." Nighteye held her close as a father would to his distraught daughter. Tsuyuri gripped his shirt tightly. "They saw him as docile..... Weak..... He would use his Quirk to restore us to the way we were only for...... Only for him to use us again...."

"I beg of you..... Please...... Free the kids that are still trapped there..... That are still having their blood turned into bullets out of a selfish man's goal......" Tears stained Nighteye's shirt as he rubbed Tsuyuri's back.

"I promise, Tsuyuri. I'll save them. I'll save them all."

Later that night, the hero received an email. It was from Crystal. He clicked on it and read it. The message talked about her investigation into The Failed and a team up request with different agencies and heroes for a raid of their headquarters. He looked back at Kibo and Tsuyuri, who were peacefully sleeping. He thought of Tsuyuri's story, the scars on her arm, and the tears she cried. He began typing his reply and the information Tsuyuri had given him.

"I promise, Tsuyuri. I will be your hero."

Chapter Text

Black coffee was poured into a mug as Crystal looked out the window. She stood tall and had her arms crossed. Hoseki took a sip of her coffee and looked at her clipboard. There was silence in the room. That was, until Crystal spoke.

"Have they answered the request?" Hoseki looked up from her clipboard at the woman who employed her.

"They have. The meeting is scheduled for today at noon." Crystal turned and walked out of the break room, her sidekick promptly following her. She had remembered Sir Nighteye's reply to her email from yesterday. She thought that The Failed couldn't get any worst, but they did. The details of what they did to children made her sick. "How dare they turn children into bullets?" Hoseki did not mutter a word. She knew Crystal was not to be tested at the moment.

"Have you gotten in contact with the police department?"
"Yes. They too have accepted our request and are preparing the SWAT team."

A fire of determination burned in Crystal's eyes. She was determined to stop Crownpin and The Failed. She had been taught to uphold justice and the morale of heroes from a young age by her parents and has stuck with that ever since. "Crownpin, you will pay for your actions."

Chichi walked out of U.A.'s Height's Alliance dorms with her Lemillion backpack on. She was a second year student at the school and was on her way to her work study.

"Oi, Chichi!"

The girl turned to see her best friend Horuniku Niji with a huge grin on her face.

Horuniku Niji- Quirk: Body Art
Horuniku can manifest the tattoos on her body in their physical form and control them. Once she is done, the physical tattoo goes back to its original state.

"Oi, Chichi! You goin' to the work study?" She wrapped her tattooed arm around Chichi. The former enjoyed the latter's presence. They had been friends since they were in middle school.
"Yes I am. Are you?"
"You know it!" Chichi giggled. Horuniku noticed a pink collar on Chichi's neck. She knew her friend was an Omega, but she had never worn a collar during classes or in the common room.

"What's wrong?" asked Chichi. Horuniku pointed to the collar on her neck. "Oh, my heat is coming up and I refuse to be raped by any Alphas." Horuniku should've known that heats were coming up, which means she should have to mate.
"I wonder what Ground Zero's agency is like. I heard you-"
"Have to have a Masters Degree in arguing, cussing, and yelling?"
"I have my Masters in yelling and cussing. Don't got one in arguing yet. Just a few more arguments and I should have it." Chichi laughed, which made Horuniku smile. She was always taught that laughter is good for the soul by her mother, so she tried to make people laugh as much as she could. Especially people with dark pasts that were trying to find light.

As the two made their way off the school grounds and into the city, they encountered a familiar face. "Oi, Chichi. It's that fish boy!"
"You mean Koihiko?" corrected Chichi.

Koihiko, the "fish boy" Horuniku was talking about, turned to face them.

Koihiko Namihara- Quirk: Koi Fish
The user is born with the features of a koi fish and can breathe underwater. Koihiko, however, can control water from his body or an external force. He drinks more water than the average human.

"Good morning, ladies. Are you heading to your work studies?" greeted Koihiko. The air of a gentleman surrounded him.
"We're doing good, Koihiko. Thank you for asking us." Horuniku could tell Chichi had a crush on their upperclassmen. If she wasn't a lesbian, she would too. Koihiko was charming, respected women, and well-mannered. He was wealthy as well, but Chichi wouldn't care for that. She was simple: if she felt a connection with a guy, she fell in love with him.

The three continued walking until they encountered a group of Shiketsu High School students. One of them stood out because her skin was white as snow- Literally. Her hair reached her waist and was as black as coal. A book was in her hands and she looked to be reading it. Chichi squinted her eyes to get a look at the title and blushed madly.

"What's wrong?" asked Horuniku.

"N-Nothing!" replied Chichi.

"Chichi!" The girl turned to see her employer Mirio Togata with his partner Suneater. She let out a very girly squeal at the sight of them. "Hey, Chichi!" greeted Lemillion.
"H-Hi, Mr. Lemillion! Good morning, Mr. Suneater! I never expected you two to be out here, but then again, I should! Especially since I'm your intern!"
Lemillion chuckled. "Our agency got called to a meeting by Crystal."
Chichi's eyes filled with wonder. "Are you going to escort us?"
Lemillion nodded and chuckled again as Chichi squealed and cheered.

Sir Nighteye was in his car with his adopted children Kibokari "Kibo" Sasaki and Tsuyuri Sasaki. He had decided to become their guardian even if he was reaching old age. He would be the best father he could be. They slept peacefully as Tsuyuri's legs hung off the seat. The older man smiled. He pulled up to the building where Crystal was holding her meeting. Kibo woke up when the car stopped.

"Huh? Dad, where we?" he asked, rubbing his eyes.
"I have to attend a meeting. You two will be in the break room." Kibo got out the car and carried Tsuyuri on his back. This concerned Nighteye as he didn't want to burden any of his children.
"Are you sure you're okay doing that?"
"Yeah. I've carried her in the past."

Once everyone sat in their seats, Crystal began the meeting.

"I thank you all for coming to this meeting. As you know, I have been investigating the villain codenamed Crownpin and his group, The Failed, for many years. I had conducted hours upon hours of research and this very meeting will decide their fate." Chichi listened attentively. "The goal of The Failed is to destroy all of hero society and prove to the world that the world does not need heroes. From what my sidekick and I have gathered, we have learned that they recently came into contact with the League of Villains due to some blood found on the floor of an abandoned warehouse, a place where we suspected the league would be. The Failed is a very dangerous group and with new information, we have learned that they can be even deadly with a new creation." Crystal turned to Hoseki and nodded.

"We have located their base of operations to in Tokyo. The pro hero Cellophane had an encounter with two children in a ward of Tokyo. They had been running away from two suspicious men who have been identified as grunts of The Failed. One of the children said a number before her name, which we have assumed to be some sort of code. They were taken into police care and then into the care of pro hero Sir Nighteye."

Lemillion raised his hand. Hoseki acknowledged him and pointed to him. "Are you referring to Kibokari and Tsuyuri?"

"She is." replied Sir Nighteye, the two's adopted father.

Hoseki nodded and continued, "During a drug bust, pro heroine Alien Queen and her sidekick Vulcan discovered the drug called Awaken." Hoseki stopped so her boss could continue explaining.

"Awaken is a drug that can 'awaken' the dormant Quirk of someone regardless of the joint that signifies Quirklessness and the type of Quirk it may be. It mainly affects the minority of Quirkless people. And with information provided by Sir Nighteye via one of the children who is in his care, we have learned something awful; it was made..... Using the blood of children."

An ominous feeling fell upon the room. Memories of Eri and Shie Hassakai came back to Lemillion and Deku's minds. Tsuyuri had been a victim of human experimentation like Eri did, but it was worst. According to Sir Nighteye, she had suffered memory loss so she didn't even remember most of her early life except for Kibo.

Chichi felt herself getting mad at Crownpin; so mad that she felt her thorns coming out of her body. A hand went on hers and she turned to see Koihiko with a calm look on his face. A line of pink went across her face as she looked at him. He was so regal, so majestic. If she hadn't snapped back, she would've released her pheromones.

Sir Nighteye began to think of Tsuyuri the night she told him about Awaken. She had been through so much. He remember the doctor telling him that she suffered memory loss and now he knew why. All the experimentation done on her must've caused the loss.

"It has been my goal to arrest Crownpin and his associates before his manifesto becomes public. But my sidekick and I cannot commit such an act alone, hence why we have called upon all of you and the police force." Hoseki pulled up an image where the heroes present where separated into groups. "Crownpin is a very dangerous man. His Quirk is Harness. Anything that touches him with an impact, he can harness it and use it in devastating attacks. It would be much too dangerous for me and my colleague to face him on our own. Which is why I have constructed a raid team consisting of three groups."

The heroes and interns listened.

"The first team is the above ground team. It consists of Alphas and Betas with the exception of one Omega and her intern." The heroes looked at all known Omegas in the room until a heroine with dark skin and white hair raised her hand.

"I-It's me...." she shyly said.

"Mrs. Amarai!"

Sorami Amarai- Quirk: Weather Manipulation
She can manipulate the weather in the area she's fighting in and can create natural phenomena including rain, hail, fog, and wind. She can even control lightning!

Jayda had not heard from her shy homeroom teacher since graduation. She was glad that she focussing on her hero career and that she had an intern.

"Back to the subject of the matter, the above ground team will take care of Crownpin's allies that are stationed above the underground expansion of his hideout. The next team is the raid team. It consists of Alphas and Betas as well-"

"Why the hell is there one Omega on the first fucking team?!" asked an angry Bakugo. "There are other Omegas who are heroes too damn it!"

"I know that. But since Alphas have stronger wills, they take care of the combat. Which leads me to the next team- The removal team. It consists of Omegas and the objective is to remove the remaining children who have been used to create Awaken."

"I'm afraid the team will not consist of just Omegas." interrupted Sir Nighteye. "I ask if I may also be apart of the removal team."

Crystal raised an eyebrow. "Why is that, Sir?"

"I have made a promise to Tsuyuri that I need to keep."

Crystal looked at Hoseki and vice versa. After a long silence, Crystal looked at the older man. "Very well then. You shall go on the removal team. This meeting is dismissed. Be prepared when the time comes."

"That Crownpin guy is awful! Using children as vessels to make a drug! Who does that?!" growled Horuniku.

"Ever heard of Overhaul?" asked a voice. She turned to see a boy wearing a medical mask and a school uniform. But he wasn't any school Horuniku was familiar with. "He used his own daughter to make a drug that destroyed people's Quirks. Both of them are scumbags."

"....... What school are you from?"

"My name is Kozetsu Taigairidatsu and I am from Eraishiden Academy in Kanagawa."

Kozetsu Taigairidatsu- Quirk: Astral Projection
He can project himself into ghost-like entities that are separate from his body and can pass throught anything, even light, for 3 hours. They can act and feel separately from Kozetsu himself.

"Eraishiden, you say? That sounds like an-"


Kozetsu turned to see a girl with rather large breasts running towards him. He turned and sunk into the hug she gave. Kozetsu looked satisfied to be hugged by the girl. Horuniku turned away from them to see the Shiketsu girl from earlier.

"What is it you want with her?" Horuniku could smell alcohol in the breath of whoever was talking to her. She turned to see a boy who looked to be a year older than her with platinum blonde hair holding a flask.


"My name is Yuri Smirnov."

Yuri Smirnov- Quirk: Alcohol Manipulation
The user can manipulate the alcohol in their system and solidify it. The more alcohol the user drinks, the stronger they become.

"Yeah um...... Why do you.... Um.... Have the flask?" asked Horuniku.
"It's required for my Quirk." Horuniku just nodded and looked at the Shiketsu girl from earlier. She appeared to be reading and out of pure curiousity, Horuniku took a look at the title. When she did, her face turned red as she knew what kind of book she was reading.

"I know you're blushing at what I'm reading." said the girl. She put a bookmark in and closed the novel to look at Horuniku. "My name is Yukina Ivanova."

Yukina Ivanova- Quirk: Winter Manipulation
By using the water in her body, Yukina can create clouds that produce wintertime phenomena such as snow, hail, blizzards, etc.

"Uhh.... The name's Horuniku Niji." Horuniku got away from the two Shiketsu students as fast as she could. "Man, Shiketsu students are weird."

Izuku looked at his fist. This was his second time partaking in a raid. He remembered the Shie Hassakai raid like it was yesterday. This felt a lot like it, but they were facing a threat deadlier than Overhaul. He was worried. What if someone dies? What if the kids they were supposed to be removing are dead? What if Shoto or his friends were mortally wounded or severely injured? So many questions and worried filled his head that he didn't feel his husband wrap his arms around him.

"Little rabbit, are you okay?" Izuku snapped out of his thoughts and back into the real world. He looked up into his Alpha's eyes.
"No.... I'm worried, Shoto."
"It's going to be okay. You'll get those kids out there safe-"
"What if they're dead? What if we were too late to save them? What if someone dies? What if YOU die? I'm supposed to be Symbol of Hope. I'm supposed to give hope to everyone. How will I-" Shoto kissed him rather swiftly. Izuku's face turned red as Shoto broke off from him.
"You're starting to doubt yourself, Izu. You know you'll get those kids out of there safely. You can't give up."
Izuku smiled and felt his confidence coming back. "Thanks, Shoto."

Mirio was feeling the same way Izuku was. He was worried. He was scared. The memory of him failing to safely get Eri out of the yakuza haunted him. His fist balled up and he punched the wall, using his Permeation to not leave a hole in it. He put his head on the wall and began to sob. The thought of him failing to save children who had their blood turned into drugs haunted him like the previous memory did. As he stood up, arms went around him.

"It's okay, Mirio. You'll save those children like the hero you are." The blonde recognized the voice. It was his lover Tamaki's. He put his hand over Tamaki's.

"I'm scared. What if I lose the children? What if I lose the battle? What if I lose you and Chichi?" Tears came back to his eyes. "I'm scared, Tamaki. I'm so scared."
Tamaki stood in front of him and wiped the tears from his eyes. He knew his lover remembered Eri and the Shie Hassakai. The pain of him losing his Quirk and not fulfilling his mission hurt him. The two put their foreheads together.
"It's going to be okay, Mirio. You're going to save the day. You are always Lemillion and nothing you have done is useless." A smile went across Tamaki's face. Mirio sniffled and smiled back.

Sir Nighteye drove his children back home when he thought of Tsuyuri's plea.

"Please..... Set them free....."

He wanted Tsuyuri and Kibo to live normal and happy lives. He wanted them to go to school and makes friends. He wanted to see them smile and laugh.

"I promise, Tsuyuri. I will free them. I will free them all."

Chapter Text

To be failed is the worst feeling. To be failed by your heroes that you put so much faith and so much trust to protect you in is even worst. Especially when it happens multiple times. After a while, you wished to prove to people that they don't need heroes. That was the whole reason The Failed was created.

Crownpin walked down to the underground laboratory followed by his assistant Queen Nothing. He was eager to see the work that was being done to create Awaken. If he was ever going to get rid of heroes, he would need as much power as possible.

Villain: Kaori Tsubunkaimu "Queen Nothing"- Quirk: Acid Gas
She can create a toxic gas from her mouth or skin that can corrode the organs of anyone who inhales it except herself.

"I wonder if Chifukugen has received any new children. Not that he would need any." she said as they walked deeper into the base. Once they got to the laboratory, Crownpin knocked on the door. A woman in a black tailcoat, white dress shirt, and black slacks opened it and bowed. Crownpin smiled and went inside, Queen Nothing following behind him. Before them stood a man in a white lab coat.

"Good morning, Chifukugen."

Villain: Tenohara Chifukugen- Quirk: Blood Restoration
By touching his target, Tenohara can restore their blood back to its original state. He can even restore his own blood.

"Good morning, my lord." Chifukugen's long white hair fell as he bowed. The doorholder watched as one of the children was brought to him. Chifukugen's piercing green eyes looked at the child, who shook in fear. "Ah, I see number seven hundred Hoshimi needs to be restored." Hoshimi shook in fear as the man extended his arm and put his hand on her head. His grip tightened and within minutes, Hoshimi's blood was restored.

"Take her back to the lab." The person who brought her in nodded and did so. Chifukugen turned to his leader and his assistant.

"I see you have been busy." commented Crownpin.

"I have. The process of making Awaken was not easy in the beginning, but with the blood and blood cells of these children, making it has never been so easy. And with help from my wife, we produce more by the hour." Queen Nothing turned to the doorholder.

"It's been a while since I've seen you, Fukusu."

Villain: Fukusu Chifukugen- Quirk: Cell Revitalization
With her touch, she can imbue the cells of her target with new vitality regardless of the type.

"It's nice to you too." Queen Nothing looked away from her and at her husband.

"It's a shame your son couldn't continue the family business of working with us." Chifukugen's eyes narrowed. He hated mention of his estranged son. They never had a good relationship and the fact that he chose the path of heroes made it even worst.

"I never liked that brat. That was the whole reason I disowned and abandoned him." Fukusu's face didn't change. It was no secret she did not like her son either, especially since he chose the path of the heroes and discarded their ideals. Crownpin sighed.

"He reminded me much of my beloved brother. He always wanted to work with heroes in spite of being Quirkless."
"I know. I am still sorry for such a loss."
"It is not your fault. It's the heroes'."

Crownpin walked out of the laboratory. "The time has come to end all heroes."

Chapter Text

Days Prior

"98... 99... 100..."

Horuniku wiped sweat from her brow as she sat down from doing push-ups. The students who were participants in the The Failed raid were given special training. A towel was thrown towards her, and she swiftly caught it.

"You did great, Niji. You'll be a great hero like your mother." complimented Chichi. She gave her dehydrated best friend a bottle of crystal clear water. The way Horuniku snatched the bottled water surprised Chichi, but at the same time it didn't. She knew Horuniku wanted to live up to her mother, Irezumi Niji's legacy.

"I'm very proud of you girls." said Koihiko. He, too, had been training and working on improving his Quirk. It heartened him to see two underclassmen training vigorously to save those who were in need. "This raid will be a success."

Horuniku and Chichi nodded and went off to continue training. The pair wanted to train even more to make Koihiko's words a reality. After they had gone, Koihiko's expression darkened. Sorrow and anger surrounded him, replacing the calm aura he was known to have.

"After all these years, I will avenge them." he said to himself. A hint of bloodlust and vengeance filled his voice. The pure malice was enough to scare anyone who would be nosy enough to eavesdrop. "The person who spilled their blood will be destroyed."

On the side of the pro heroes, anxiety and worry clouded them all. The weight of the world was practically on their shoulders. Sir Nighteye had to keep his promise to Tsuyuri, Deku had to make sure to get hundred or thousands of innocent children out of a compound, Mirio had to make sure Tamaki and Chichi didn't get hurt, and Crystal had to make sure that the enemy was detained and behind bars. It was correct to say that they had a lot on their plates.

The team was at the police department for a meeting and waiting for papers that contained information about members of The Failed and their Quirks. Because many heroes, their sidekicks, and interns were partaking in such a mission, it would be necessary to know who they were dealing with.

"This is possibly the biggest raid in modern history." commented Momo. She held a paper with all prominent The Failed members and their abilities. "But such a team is needed if we're facing villains like these."

Footsteps approached the room as two officers opened the doors. Crystal walked past with Hoseki close behind her.

"Good morning, everyone." greeted the Englishwoman. She sat at the head of the table with her youthful sidekick standing off to the side. "Today, I have come with updates on The Failed."

The heroes and police listened attentively. No detail of the update should be missed. If they did, the mission would be in jeopardy.

Crystal reached from under the table and put a box on the table. It was decorated as though it was to appeal to younger girls, not a twenty four year old woman.

"Crystal, what the hell is that?" asked Kevin. His voice contained pure anger at the fact that Crystal brought a toy to a meeting about villains using children as tools to create a drug that could manifest a person's Quirk.

"This is essential to the investigation, Kevin." replied Crystal. Her voice was firm and assuring. Kevin backed down from his anger and leaned back in his chair. "This is a Lovely Guardian Sailor Galactica doll. My sidekick and I happened to run into a man who was buying this. We agreed that he looked suspicious and eavesdropped on his conversation."

Izuku put the toy and the investigation together and came to a conclusion. "Wait! Could that be-"

"Connected to the children? Yes." replied Crystal. "With the help of Time Hero Chronoa, we were able to see that he was affiliated with The Failed and was buying a toy for one of the captive children."

All eyes shifted to a woman with clocks that looked akin to tattoos on the backs of her hands. Her knees were close to her face as her expression was a mixture of tired, downcast, and irritated.

Time Hero Chronoa: Quirk- Instant Rewind & Chronovision
Instant Rewind: With her touch, Chronoa has the ability to rewind time to undo a mistake or amplify damage. Hence why she has clocks on the back of her hands.
Chronovision: She can look into the future or the past by a second, minute, or hour by focusing her eyesight.

"So The Failed are trying to win the childrens' trust with toys?" asked Shoto. "What a manipulative tactic."

"Not just toys." added Chronoa. "They've bought the children candy, put on child-friendly television shows, and did everything to appease a child just so they could trust them."

"That's awful." lamented Dragon Hero Ryukyu. "Trying to appease children who have been used and abused repeatedly by them."

"It's awful to think that's how this how they lure in children." added Uraraka. "Especially children who are young and impressionable. Aside from murdering their families or "adopting" them from orphanages, they could also be using basic kidnapping tactics or persuade them to leave their homes if they live in toxic situations like abusive homes, parents on the brink of divorce, and other things."

"They could also persuade children who were abandoned or even homeless." added Tamaki. "Just the thought of it makes me sad."

"The Failed has also been connected to several human trafficking rings, so that could also contribute to their supply of children." commented Hoseki.

"And being told they'll be taken to a safe place or to a family." said Deku. He gripped his chest in a state of sadness and pain. "But instead it turns out to be torture. Having their blood cells turned into drugs day after day. Instead of being treated as humans, they get used as nothing but experiments."

Several heroes and police officials made pained expressions or covered their mouths as to not cry aloud at such atrocity. Saving the children was already a top priority, but now it became their number one priority from the revelation.

Tobio Amajiki, one of Tamaki's elder siblings, clinched his fist at the thought of it. He was a father himself and to hear children being lured in like that angered him. He wasn't the best father, but he protected his daughter from harm no matter what.

"Those bastards...." he muttered darkly. "They'll pay."

Sir Nighteye now knew he must not fail Tsuyuri and the mission. Not succeeding would result in the continued usage of the children and the breaking of the promise he swore to keep.

"We must not fail this mission." said Crystal. "If we do, heads will roll."

Every hero and police officer nodded.

Deku knew now was his time to show why he was called Symbol of Hope. He would save these children. He would bring them hope. He would not fail.

Shigaraki sat in an informal posture as he waited.

"This plan was brilliant, Compress." he praised to a masked man wearing a top hat.

"Why thank you. I know they'll be willing to help us." said the man called Compress. Underneath the mask, his expression was confident in whatever they had planned.

The doors slid open to reveal a two people. Both were women and one was in a wheelchair holding a doll. The dress she wore was that of the lolita fashion. It was pink with frills and lace. The woman pushing her was dressed to the nine in normal clothing.

"Shigaraki?" called the standing woman.

"I am here, Rachie." replied Shigaraki.

Rachie smiled and pushed the wheelchair-bound woman towards him, stopping with a decent amount of space between the two. Other league members gathered around to witness as they were involved as well.

The wheelchair-bound woman took out a device and put it up to her neck.

"What is this about, Shigaraki Tomura?" she asked. In spite of her childish appearance, her voice sounded tired and stern like a teacher's.

"I need your assistance, Maya." replied Shigaraki. "And possibly your other siblings' assistance."

Maya exchanged glances with Rachie. "What's in it for us?"
"Bloodshed and money."
A small smile spread across Maya's face beneath the bangs that hid her eyes. "What is it you need?"

"A villain called Crownpin has caused some trouble for us. He had one of his lackeys poison our members when we refused to join him." explained Shigaraki.

Maya growled aggressively. "I remember that bastard. He nearly killed our dear Ami." she said. Rachie made a distasteful expression at the mention of Crownpin.

"I see we're on even ground." stated Shigaraki.

"Of course we are. If this is asking for help in destroying that rat, then we're in." replied Maya.

Shigaraki smiled under the hand that covered his face. He had the perfect forces to rid of the man who poisoned the people he considered family.

"Pleasure doing business with you."

Hoshimi laid in her bed shaking. The room which she resided in looked like the typical room of a three year old. Pink, unicorns, rainbows, toys. Everything a child at that age could desire. Yet, Hoshimi did not savor it.

The door to her room opened to reveal a dreaded presence in the doorway. It was none other than Doctor Chifukugen. He began to walk to Hoshimi's bed with slow steps.

"You haven't opened any of your toys, little Hoshimi." he stated. His eyes examined the unopened and untouched boxes of colorful, magical girl themed toys. "Such a waste of money to buy these for you."

Hoshimi shook with even more terror as she looked into the man's eyes. They were filled with malicious intent and the small child could do nothing about it. She put her clinched fist over her heart as she was dragged out of her bed and taken to her fate.

Day of the Raid

It was now or never for the heroes. With three teams taking on The Failed and the police at their back, failure was not an option.

Ibara and Naomi prayed for everyone's safety and the safety of the children. This mission was bound to be dangerous and with the lives of children at stake, nothing had to go wrong.

Chichi looked at the collar around her neck. It was one of her sources of protection. She knew she shouldn't have been doing hero work with her heat, but duty called, and Chichi could not ignore it. Hands went on each of her shoulders. She turned to her left to see the best friend who had been by her side for years. Horuniku gave the worried Omega a thumbs up to reassure that they would succeed.

Chichi then turned to her right to see the charming senior that had her heart. Koihiko's aura was calming and Chichi couldn't deny that she loved it. Both Horuniku and Koihiko didn't need to say anything for their actions had spoken louder than their words ever could. Chichi nodded and prepared herself for the raid.

This was monumental for Sir Nighteye. No longer would the children who were like Tsuyuri suffer at the hands of evil people. The promise would be kept and everything would be okay.

"I promised I would save the children." he said to himself. "And that's a promise I shall keep."

Deku put the cape on his shoulders. In the reflection stood the beacon of light, the Symbol of Hope. He had to be able to bring hope to those were hopeless. And he would surely do so in this mission.

"Are we ready?" asked Crystal. The heroes and police nodded in response. "This is where it ends."

Crownpin picked up a picture of him and another man. A melancholic expression was on his face as the other man looked similar to him.

"Dearest brother, soon there will be no more heroes." he said. "I should've thought of Awaken earlier. It could've given you the chance to be 'normal'."

Hoshimi laid curled up. Fear overtook her whole body. Bandages around her arms and legs hid the many stitches that adorned her body. Salty tears poured from her eyes. Hoshimi needed a hero. She needed someone to bring her comfort.

Please, she pleaded. Someone help me....

Crownpin tapped the microphone on the intercom and cleared his throat before speaking. "Friends," he said. "It's about to get noisy in here."

The gates to the compound were bashed open as heroes and police flooded the entrance. Several people who worked for The Failed came out to stop them from entering. Shoto made quick word of the fodder that had come to try and block the main raid team by using his ice.

"Excellent work, Todoroki." praised Mirio. "Now to get to the enemy."

On the other side, a portal opened up and through it came the removal team. Led by Hoseki, there were determined to be escort the children out safely.

"Thank you, Portia." thanked Izuku in a quiet tone.

Portia closed the portal by bringing her hands together in similar fashion to when Yui is performing her release of an object's size.

Portia Wang- Quirk: Portal
She can create portals by separating her hands and can close them by bringing her hands together.

Tooru signaled Shizuka Yamahara, her intern, to use her Quirk. Shizuka nodded and activated her Quirk, causing everything around her to become silent.

Kaleido Agency Shizuka Yamahara- Quirk: Silencer
Shizuka can cancel all noise within a radius of her. This includes footsteps, human noises, etc.

The removal team began to make their way to the children using their vizors to guide them.

"You may not be heard, but you are still seen." said a voice.

The team turned to see three The Failed members. One of them had knuckles on their hands. Everything about them was malicious.

"You guys go." said a voice.

The team turned to see Tsuyoi Nakamata, a student hero, putting on her helmet. "I'll take care of these hoodlums by myself."

Tsuyoi Nakamata- Quirk: Magnet
Tsuyoi is a human magnet. She can attract objects to make them come towards her and she repel objects to make them move away from her.

"No you aren't." said another person.

Denki stepped forth and got his pointer ready. "We're handling these bums by ourselves."

"Are you two sure?" asked Deku.

Tsuyoi and Denki nodded and turned back to their opponents as the team carried on. "Three on two match. Not too bad." commented Denki.

"Quite the managery we got here." said one of the trio.

"It'll be fun to crush them."

"In your dreams, jackass." cursed Tsuyoi.

Away from the removal team, the main raid team had split up. They would take on different members as groups. Shoto, Mirio, Kevin, Kirishima, Crystal, and Mina had formed a group and were intent on heading to Crownpin.

"Remember, Crownpin can harness anything that hits him with an impact and use it as a deadly attack." reminded Crystal.

"I honestly couldn't give a damn, but if that fucker lays a hand on Tsuyoi or the kids she's trying to save or both, then he's dead fucking meat!" cursed Kevin.

"That's what gonna get you killed, Nakamata." said Shoto. He stepped on a vine that wrapped around his leg and lauched him in the air. Other vines began to constrict tightly around places that were vital to him, including his neck.

"Todoroki!" yelled Mirio. He and remaining team turned to see a woman sitting on a vine. She had a smile on her face and sat in a sinisterly lighthearted manner.

"Welcome..." she greeted. "To your resting place, heroic scum."

The woman's Quirk seemed plant-based, but they didn't have Shoto at the moment. "I'm very familiar with the likes of you, Shoto Todoroki." A vine with a flower appeared before him. The Todoroki acted quickly used his left side to release himself. Once he got back with the rest of the team, he rubbed his neck and caught his breath. Turns out, the vines had a tighter grip on him than expected.

"I'm not at all familiar with you, Niwako Muranoyashiro. But it's my job to take you down." said Shoto once he caught a decent amount of breath to speak.

The rest of the team prepared for battle. Niwako smiled maliciously at their tenacity. A feeling inside her told her that she was going to have fun crushing their confidence.

"Let us battle."

To be continued.....