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There was a rumour circulating around the hero course students, they had been told that they would be involved in a small case over the summer instead of the usual summer camp. Bakugou Katsuki couldn’t care less what they were to do over summer as long as it helped him become the best. The extras in his class on the other hand were questioning what they were going to do, he even overheard the perverted grape throw out a suggestion, it surprisingly, wasn’t as perverted as normal.

Glasses was trying to reign the class in, to no avail, and eventual was coerced into guessing by round face and the lighter purple haired extra that looked just as sleep deprived as their teacher. Speaking of their teacher, he was finally walking through the door, bright yellow sleeping bag dragging on the ground behind him.

Everyone was in their seats the moment they noticed him, eager to hear if the rumours were true. Aizawa sighed before surveying the classroom.

“As I’m sure you have heard, over summer you will be involved in a case, that much is true, however, it is an unclarified situation, so you will listen to what you are told, if you don’t a civilian could be hurt. It is highly likely that you will be called out to go with a hero on scouting missions, and anyone mucking around and slacking off will be expelled.” Eraserhead finished, and suddenly, this got serious. Their teacher motioned to the still open door and a man wearing a white button up top with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and a simple black tie, dress pants and shoes walked in.

“Hello, my name is Tsukauchi Naomasa, I’m the lead detective on the case, before I start debriefing you on what will happen…” The detective paused, and Katsuki guessed he was trying to work out how to phrase whatever he needed to say. Imperceptibly Katsuki sat just a little bit straighter, if this man had to stop to figure out to word it, it most likely wasn’t going to be good news. “A few days ago, another underground hero working on this case met up with an informant, they gave her photos they had obtained about the case, and while most are low quality or are taken at an angle that can’t show us much, they are still disturbing. And because of how disturbing they get, we will only be showing them to those who can handle it. Aizawa-san gave me a list of the people he thought would be the least effected. If I call your name, please step into the hall and wait until we are finished.”

By the time the detective was done listing of names only eight students were sitting in the class; Bakugou, Yaoyorozu, Shinsou, Iida, Todoroki, Asui, Shoji and Tokoyami. The rest were in the hall waiting to be let back in. When the photos were displayed by the projector set up, Katsuki wasn’t to sure he wanted to still be in the class, but when he became the best he would have to deal with stuff like this all the time, so he didn’t say anything as the photos were shown.

There were multiple photos of naked people being strapped to different tables with cuts running along their arms and legs, some stitched up while others were bleeding freely, people were missing whole limbs or eyes or just single fingers or toes. Some people were strapped to a chair with all of their nails missing as well as clumps of hair, one of the people in a chair had a needle still sticking out from the exposed skin that his right thumbnail was supposed to protect.

The next photo deviated slightly, instead of people being strapped down, a little girl, maybe only six, seven at the oldest, was hanging from the ceiling in a room, the girl’s shoulders appeared to be popped out of place, the only thing that indicated that she was even alive was the fact that she had her legs bent the best she could to avoid her feet being eaten by the by the worm like creatures squirming on the ground. Katsuki wanted to punch something when he noticed the blood running along the girl’s thighs, and if the way the temperature in the room dropped and the gasp that sounded from the desk furthest back in his row, he guessed that he wasn’t the only one who noticed.

The two adults in the room looked toward each other, the detective was clearly indecisive about something, and their teacher looked like he was only just managing to hold himself back from not showing whatever photo was next. After a warning, telling them that this photo was the worst, the next photo was displayed. Katsuki only faintly registered the gagging sound somewhere to his right.

Katsuki’s attention was solely on the photo, it was the clearest photo out of the lot, and showed a teen their age strapped to a table, his hands were palm up, showing the cuts that ran along the length of each finger, seven were stitched shut but the three that weren’t showed bone deep cuts. The skin of one of his calves was punctured by bone, the injury old enough that the skin had healed around the bone. A rusted iron collar was strapped around the boy’s neck, blood and pus running out from underneath. A cut that ran from the corner of the boy’s right eye to his temple was stitched shut, it was discoloured and inflamed with an infection. Someone Katsuki assumed was some sort of surgeon was holding a scalpel close to the boy’s left thigh.

If Katsuki was being honest with himself, he didn’t know what disturbed him more, what was happening in the photos, that fact that each person was awake to suffer through each thing as it happened to them, or that he recognised the green eyes, hair, and the freckles on the boy in the last photo.

“The only thing common we found in the victims taken in, is that they are-“ the detective started, only to be cut off.

“They’re quirkless,” The two adults looked at Katsuki with surprise, although Aizawa masked it better. Katsuki knew he was right; they wouldn’t have reacted that way otherwise.

“That’s correct Bakugou, but if you don’t mind me asking, how did you know?” The detective looked curious but also like he was dreading the answer.

“I know the kid in the last photo, our mothers were childhood friends, so we grew up together,” there was a finality in his voice that indicated he didn’t want to talk about it anymore, so no one pressed him for more answers.

When the projector was turned off, the other student came back inside to find the classmates looking sad, disgusted, impassive, or in the explosive blond's case, down right murderous.

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Izuku woke up on the metal table, he must have passed out from the pain at some point. He was numb but knew better than to think they gave him a general anaesthetic out of kindness. He wasn’t strapped anymore, and the door was open, they probably expected him to make his way back to the sleeping cell on his own.

Izuku groaned at the thought of having to hop all the way back, there was no way it wouldn’t hurt, after all, with how often they drugged him, he was starting to build an immunity. He bit back the scream that threatened to spill past his lips when his left foot touched the ground, the skin slightly tearing from the exposed bone. This was going to be hell, not to mention he has no idea what they did to his thigh.

The stitched wound next to his right eye burned, and his throat hurt from the lack of water and how much he was sure he screamed before fainting. He finally worked up the courage to stand on his right leg and cursed mentally when the stiches in his foot pulled tight. The collar around his neck was loose now that he had lost weight and scratched the already raw and bleeding skin.

Izuku leaned against the hallway wall as he slowly hopped along the hall, it would take about fifteen minutes to get back to the sleeping cell where he could put on the medical gown they were each given to sleep in, provided he isn’t stopped. He hopped past the cafeteria, his stomach growling at the smell of warm food. The guard sitting in the seat closest to the door noticed, mockingly he held up a piece of bread and waved it around slightly, then shoved it into his mouth all the while smiling condescendingly at him.

Dick, Izuku thought as he continued on his way to the cell. Along the way he met up with Marlin, the man had been on work leave and decided to visit japan, unfortunate timing found him kidnaped along with the rest of them here. Marlin was a few inches taller than Izuku and was only twenty-six, his blond hair had grown just long enough to tie back, and even with how little they were given to eat, you could still feel slight muscle definition.

Marlin had pulled Izuku’s arm around his shoulders to help Izuku walk. A few months ago, he would have been embarrassed at the fact that the both of them were naked, but now that embarrassment was set aside in favour of getting to the cell faster with less chance of being stopped.
Marlin and Izuku got along well, considering Marlin knew only basic Japanese, and Izuku knew enough English to help translate for him as well as teach him, and in turn, Marlin also taught Izuku. What Marlin taught him wasn’t limited to English, he also taught him basic medical knowledge. Even though he said he did it to pass time, Izuku suspected that Marlin was teaching him and the others in case something happened to him and he could no longer do his best to heal them.

Seven minutes passed in silence as they walked and hopped back to the cell uninterrupted. They opened the metal door and were welcomed with the sight of what every occupant in the room had come to call home, while it was far from the nicest place any of them had lived in, it was still relatively safe.

The room was fairly big, it had to be, it had built in beds in the concrete wall furthest the door, fifteen beds long and four beds high, however they had moved the mattresses from the top row and placed them on the ground for those too injured to climb, and didn’t already have a bottom row bed. The top row beds in turn were lined with the blankets that no one was using.

Having sixty people in one room during summer was enough body heat to keep them all warm, the only ones covered in a blanket were those who were sick. Marlin walked Izuku over to the ladder that would lead him up to his bed and climbed it to pull Izuku’s gown down, and then proceeded to help him slip it on, then climbed up to his bed above Izuku’s to grab his own gown. After they were both dressed, they climbed up into Izuku’s bed on the second row and sat with their legs dangling over the edge.

The lady in the bed below Izuku had tried to offer him her bed because of his leg, but Izuku insisted that she keep it as she was pregnant. He and Marlin just sat and watched as the youngest played tag around the room, Izuku couldn’t fight the smile as he watched them, watching them reminded Izuku that Amashi’s punishment finished today. She was only seven, but one the most feistiest people Izuku had ever met, something she proudly claimed that people always told her she got from her mother, as well as her brown hair and green eyes, her little brother took more after their father apparently, but got an almost exact replica of their mother’s quirk.

She had tried to steal some extra food for the seventy-three-year-old man that slept on the bottom bed in her row, she was caught in the end and dragged off to the worm chamber. Izuku still remembered the terror of hanging just above those worms, his arms ached for days after, he wasn’t given any food or water and with the constant sound of the worm’s teeth clacking together and the screeching sound they made, Izuku hadn’t slept either.
He was the one that was probably punished the most out of everyone, but it wasn’t for no reason. The whole reason his leg had the bone stick out of it was because he had kicked a guard in the dick when he tried to drag one of the kids off to do who knows what. He had also bitten a scientist on the nose when she tried to look inside his mouth, it was why he was collared, so he couldn’t bend his neck.

His reason he had received a punishment that he regrated the least though, had to be the day they were taken in; they had been taken to a large room with a stage. The man that stood on top of it was dressed in a three-piece suit with a lab coat draped over his shoulders, Izuku had no way to tell the man’s age, as a shadow conveniently blocked his face and he was quite blatantly using a voice changer. The man had gone off on a rant about how they should thank him for saving them, how he was being merciful and had taken them away from a cruel world where they wouldn’t have survived because they were quirkless.

Everyone had looked around at each other, none of them had seen that many quirkless people in one spot, and some like Izuku had never even met another quirkless person at all. But one thing was decided among those that were old enough to understand what was happening then and there, they would try their damned hardest to be free again, they had been looked down upon most of their lives and that had built a general distrust of people, as well as cunningness that most of the population over looked in favour of pitying them.

The man had singled Izuku out of the crowd to be brought up on stage, wordlessly Izuku had done as he was told. The man had placed a hand on his cheek, and when Izuku had tried to pull away the man had gripped his chin. That was when Izuku spotted the cattle prod in the man’s other hand, as he had brought it up Izuku yanked it out of the mans loose hold, he obviously hadn’t expected any form of retaliation. Izuku had slammed the stick against the ground, that was when it became apparent that the stick had probably been more built to increase an electric type quirk more so than for being sturdy, and Izuku shuddered at the thought of how much it probably would have hurt.

The man had become enraged, Izuku could tell the prod was expensive, any type of support gear was expensive, more so black market sold ones because of the risk of jail time. The man had probably intended to shock them all into submission, he just made the mistake of choosing Izuku to be first.

Izuku wasn’t fast enough to evade the guards that came up behind him, he did manage to catch one in the stomach with his elbow though. When Izuku was firmly held in place and forced to kneel in front of the man, that was when the beating started. In a sick kind of way, Izuku was thankful that Kacchan had subjected him to so many beatings, Izuku probably would have been crying from the pain a couple years ago.

As Izuku focused on the kids running around again, he couldn’t be more glad that he broke the prod, sure what they dealt with still wasn’t pleasant, but no one was broken mentally, Izuku couldn’t be sure that would still be the case if they were to be subjected to electrocution as well. Everyone stopped moving when the door was forcefully pushed open, and Amashi was thrown in, the guards as usual didn’t step inside, but that could have been because Izuku was staring the down.

When the guards left and the door was closed again, Izuku and Marlin climbed down the ladder as fast as they could and rushed towards the seven-year-old. Everyone let the two get to her without standing in the way, Marlin because he was the medic and Izuku because she trusted him most and he was the only one before her that was hung above the worms.

Someone threw Amashi’s gown at Izuku, so he could help put it on her once the damage was accessed. They had learnt that whatever reason they were bought here for, they were needed alive, and as such never had to worry about blood loss or starving to death. It was a matter of how bad they were injured. Izuku growled as loud as his sore throat would allow when he spotted the crimson liquid running down Amashi’s thighs. He heard Marlin curse in English before he started started saying instructions in broken Japanese. Someone went over to the shower heads and filled a bucket with water and grabbed a cloth from the small wire line, then tried to hand them to Marlin.

Marlin just shook his head then nodded towards Izuku, after Marlin had placed Amashi on the ground in one of the shower stalls, left and closed the curtain leaving Izuku with the green-eyed girl, Amashi woke up. She fliched when she saw him then relaxed, before leaping at Izuku and wrapping her arms around his neck and cried into his shoulder. Izuku just sat there rubbing her bare back gently, humming lightly to help her calm down as much as possible. He promised that when they got out of here, he would punch whoever decided that they would touch her or any of these people that were now his family, screw it he would punch the bastard the moment he found out who it was, how they punished be damned.

“Let’s get you cleaned up then dressed yeah. You can sleep with me tonight, sound good?” Amashi nodded then mumbled something into Izuku’s gown, when she spoke louder after being prompted, Izuku almost laughed out loud.

“I’m punching the guy in the fuckin’ dick when I see him next.”

“Language young lady, and besides your gonna have to wait your turn, I wanna punch him first,” Izuku smiled as Amashi laughed at him. When they calmed down Izuku got to work on helping her clean herself, she would wince every now and then but that was it, and Izuku was saddened each time, this little girl had just experienced the most traumatic thing for her so far, and all because he wasn’t there to save her, what kind of hero was he.

“The best one,” Amashi smiled as she spoke, no hint of her usual feistiness, just pure adoration, and Izuku couldn’t be bothered to be embarrassed that he spoke out loud. When she was relatively clean and dressed the pair made their way to Izuku’s bed. Izuku held back another scream as he hopped up the ladder, his leg with the exposed bone jostling, the bars digging into the stiches on the bottom of his foot and all ten fingers.

After a bit of shuffling, Izuku and Amashi got comfortable in a way where she wouldn’t injure him further, but they could both go to sleep. As Izuku laid in the now dark and silent room with Amashi sleeping against his side, he couldn’t help but think of his life before this, before he was diagnosed as quirkless. When him and Kacchan would still play together.

Thoughts of kacchan made him wonder how the explosive boy was doing, did he get into U.A.? Did he have friends? Did he even know Izuku was missing? And wasn’t that a sad thought because there was no way his mother (no not mother, a mother cares for her children not sells them off, therefor Inko wasn’t his mother, however much that thought hurt, she was not his mother) would have let him know he was missing. Izuku fell asleep crying that night, and if in the morning anyone noticed well….


Crying in the safety of night was normal for those born quirkless.

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When class 1-a entered the room they would be debriefed in to already see 1-b there, they had expected Monoma’s usual taunting. What they got however was a simple nod and then him turning away to look where the pro’s that were involved in the case were standing. The 1-a students that stepped out into the hall thought that maybe Kendou had already threatened him, those that saw the picture just took their seats waiting.

When Aizawa entered the room with Nedzu on his shoulder, he immediately noticed the sombre expression on the students that had seen the pictures, however, Bakugou’s expression worried him the most. He had never seen the kid that quiet and wondered what his relationship had been with the kid from the last photo. What was more worrying was when they had taken Bakugou aside to see if they could work out who the kid was and why whoever took him did.

From what the police gathered from surveillance cameras and witness reports, the green haired kid was taken from a completely different prefecture to the other quirkless people, there had been speculation, the most probable they had theorised was that they needed an exact number of people, and hadn’t found anymore quirkless in that prefecture. It got even weirder when they had looked up Midoriya Izuku in official files and didn’t find a damn thing on him, like he didn’t exist.

When they had gone to question Midoriya Inko, the boy’s supposed mother, she had simply told them she didn’t have a son. Tsukauchi had almost screamed when his quirk registered it as true. The only thing that they knew about Midoriya was his appearance (after Bakugou confirmed they hadn’t messed with his appearance at all, except for the anaemia and wounds), and that he seemingly didn’t exist. And when one of the pro’s claimed one of the people taken, a doctor from Australia, had treated her when she worked on a case there and was quite renowned for his work, they had hoped that maybe they could get information on him.

But the same thing had happened that had happened to Midoriya, he didn’t exist in official records even though people remembered him. The same thing happened with a few others they were able to identify, whoever they where dealing with knew what they were doing, or at least had connections to someone ho did.

And that terrified a lot of pro’s, they had become complacent with small time criminals, that now that they were faced with someone who knew what they were doing. They were forced to involve kids, and Aizawa was far from pleased that his students, however capable the two classes were, were forced to deal with this with hardly any training, he wanted to punch someone.

Tsukauchi walked to the front of the room, gaining everyone’s attention. “As I have stated to all of you, we do not know much about the people behind this, or even why they are doing this. That being said we do know they have only targeted quirkless people, all from the same prefecture, except one. So far, the only thing we know about him is his name, Midoriya Izuku.
Does anyone in this room, student or pro, have any theories on why they could have taken him?”

Aizawa watched as everyone remained quiet, that was until Mineta shakily raised his hand. Aizawa would admit that while Mineta wasn’t his favourite, the kid was smart, he had to be to place forth academically in U.A., so while the kid didn’t have the right reason for being a hero, the kid still had a small amount of potential, and would be a great hero if they could drill manners and respect into him.

“Maybe it had to do with his blood, not much is known about what really makes quirkless different from us DNA wise except that they don’t have a quirk and have an extra toe joint. Maybe the people that took the quirkless are seeing if they can get a better understanding on quirks by studying what makes us different from past generations when quirks didn’t exist? And maybe Midoriya has a certain blood type that they couldn’t find in any other quirkless?”

Aizawa had to give Mineta credit, but all that had already been theorised by the pro’s and police. He looked over to Bakugou when he saw the kid tense in a way that meant he was about to start talking, everyone went quiet again, and Aizawa wasn’t to surprised, while his classmates didn’t like his attitude, they still respected him, and it showed.

“Deku was obsessed with becoming a hero and learning about quirks, he had these creepy ass notebooks that he would write in, thirteen if I remember correctly, all really detailed. While I don’t like him, I will admit he is smart, whoever the fuck took him could have taken him because of that. Or that the nerd couldn’t fight to save his life, so he might have just been an easy target.” It was all said calmly, and Aizawa noted that some of his students scooted away from the blond a little.


The next one to add anything was Monoma, while the teen was still sure as he talked, it wasn’t the overbearing confidence he usually displayed. “In the last photo we were showed, the one of Midoriya, it appeared as if the cut were planned, each one was done with a steady hand, someone who knew what they were doing, where as with the others, cut were appeared to be made at random. What if Midoriya is being used to test some theory and being experimented on.

The places the incisions were made are a common places on the human body for visible quirks to appear. Or it could just be punishment, As the incisions were made in sensitive places such as the bottom of his foot and the inside of his fingers.”

Todoroki looked up, and Aizawa would have been sure that if he wasn’t as perceptive as he is, he would have never noticed his student’s eyes widen minutely. He only had to wait for Todoroki to figure out how he wanted to say whatever he wanted to say, but Aizawa had a feeling it wouldn’t be anything anyone else in the room had though of. It had been obvious to Aizawa that the kid had been think of something since they were shown the photos and was only now ready to share his thoughts.

“A couple of years, my father was involved in a case, the Ghost Murder case, he had talked about how each of the victims seemingly didn’t exist. Furthermore, I believe they were all quirkless as well.”

The way Tsukauchi rushed to grab his phone alerted Aizawa to the fact he was right, his student was the first to think of the link between the two cases, and frankly, this changed a lot. it means that if they could confirm that these are the same people behind the Ghost Killings then they could reopen up the old case, and the victims of the last massacre might not have been abandoned. When the Ghost Murder case was first opened, Aizawa was still in school, therefore couldn’t do any thing when the case was closed because the police and heroes couldn’t find any evidence.

If it was the same people behind the Ghost killings, then something didn’t add up this time. From what Aizawa gathered, the victims were killed within three days of being taken, then strung up somewhere with a message written from goats’ blood. Despite the messages, no motive behind the Killings was ever discovered, and if it was to ever get out that there may be a second Ghost killing, panic and distrust would surely emerge from the woodwork like a colony of ants crawling its way into society.


For the first time in a long time, Aizawa found himself fearing for the society for a reason outside of self-corruption. If whoever they were dealing with was as smart as Aizawa feared, then they could know the iron grip they held each Hero down with currently. And if Aizawa saw this, then Nedzu must also know, and it was the first time anyone in that room had seen Nedzu afraid.

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He listened as his head doctor gave a report on Midoriya’s health, and it appeared that if they didn’t heal him again, he would soon die. He would need to schedule that soon, possibly later that day. It was troublesome really, how much Midoriya defied him, how much he inspired the others to defy him.

It’s almost a shame, if Midoriya wasn’t here then the other pets surely wouldn’t fight back. A chuckle ran through out the room, filling the silence left from the departure of his doctor. Oh, but how fun this is. Midoriya will surely be the best fit. He stood up and walked over to the one-way mirror that showed the street below and gleefully watched as the police office across the street ran around like ants.

As fun as it was to watch people who thought they held any power run themselves ragged he had another matter to attend to, he had sent someone to fetch the only doctor that actually had a healing based quirk, and a remarkable one it is, while her quirk only worked if someone was almost dead, it is exactly what they needed, granted he hadn’t banked on having to use her so soon, but Midoriya was proving more and more defiant.

He had to thank the boy’s mother though, if she wasn’t the least disgusted with having a quirkless son they may have had to kill her, and he really wanted this whole thing to go as smooth as possible. The less crimes that could be traced to them the better, he really didn’t do well when things fell apart, which was why he made sure they wouldn’t.

He got to work on scheduling Midoriya’s healing, the doctor needed time to prepare a sterile room and then the guards would most likely argue over who would be forced to transport the boy, it greatly amused him that trained professionals where terrified of one boy, although he would be lying if he didn’t admit that Midoriya didn’t scare him. He didn’t know how to explain it, but there was something about the boy that promised pain if you hurt whomever he cared about.

Maybe it comes from growing up with that brute of a boy and being isolated from everyone. A sense of kinship probably, the boy wants to be a hero and from what I’ve gathered it appeared nobody would except that, and now he has people that will let him. Thank you Midoriya, but I think I now know how to keep you in line, I believe we will be seeing each other when you are better.

He sighed as he remembered that his tech designer was coming in to speak with him about a sturdier lighting rod design. That would be a hassle, especially since he couldn’t wait to meet up with the boy who broke his last one. His father always told him impatience was unbecoming, but he couldn’t help it.


He sighed as his designer left, his new rod would be much more expensive, but that was expected. His head doctor told him that Midoriya was healed and awake but still tied down on the bed. He got up and started to make his way down the hall to where Midoriya was, it would be the first time he would talk to him since the first day when he was simply one of his sixty pets, not something to remember.

As the door came into view he couldn’t deny the giddiness building up within him. He had to collect himself before pushing the door open, but that didn’t stop the smile from forming on his face. He knew he was intimidating, while he wasn’t the tallest he was still taller than a lot of people, not a single strand od black hair was ever out of place and he has been told that his eyes, a vibrant yellow, reminded people of the lighting he wielded.

He knew he was terrifying, which is why when he walked into the room, he was shocked and pleasantly thrilled when Midoriya met his eyes with an even stare. They both stayed silent, not because neither wanted the other to speak first, but because they were both aware that one wrong sentence could be their downfall, so they needed to consider their wisely.

“So, what need would you have to see me, you seemed perfectly content to let your pawns do all the communicating for you before?” Midoriya was the fist to speak and he could tell by the minute tremble of the boy’s lips that he wasn’t entirely unafraid.

“what make you think my doctors and scientists are pawns?” Granted they were, everyone was a pawn because everyone was capable of being manipulated to move how he wanted them to.

“The fact that we haven’t been found yet suggests that you’re an underground organisation considering they tend to last longer due to the lack of fame that heroes would get from taking you down. That fact alone would suggest your smarter than a common criminal, people like you that think things like this through tend to have the type of mentality where you believe everyone except yourself is someone who can be used.”

“Clever, that you got that from the fact we are an underground organisation, and I do believe that everyone can be played, it is within human nature to fulfil our own desires, all you have to do is exploit that and you have yourself a pawn.”

“You mentioned that its within human nature to fulfil our own desires, so what’s your desire. You don’t seem like the type of person to o something like this without reason, even if it is for your own enjoyment,” Midoriya was sounding like the right choice more and more.

“That is not important at the moment, what is important is the fact that you will stop defying me, I have been lenient with you so far, tolerated your misbehaviour, but it ends now.”

“Why would I ever listen and comply with what you have to say.” Oh, he was going to enjoy the boy’s reaction to his next few words, he knew it.

“Put it this way, you wouldn’t want any of the people your trying so hard to protect to die now would you?” He was right, he was right, he was right, the look of fear and hatred on Midoriya’s face was amazing.

“No,” he whispered. “no, you wouldn’t, you wouldn’t have kept us alive this long if you didn’t need us alive.”

“Admittedly that was true at first,” he walked closer and grabbed Midoriya’s face with one hand. “But plans have changed, and now, you’re the only one I need alive.” The look in the boy’s viridian eyes was beyond beautiful, how he loved the fire being replaced with hysteria as the boy spiralled into a panic attack. He left the hyperventilating boy alone in the room and walked back to his office.

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Ok so something about the way I wrote this bugs me and I can’t figure out what it is, so I will be rewriting the whole thing. It may take a few months before I post the rewritten version because I think I’ll write a few chapters before posting and a friend and I have been really invested in another story idea where Izuku is born with a quirk.

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