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Bakugou Katsuki is a Dork

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In the dark room, even the ticking of the clock had a restless feeling to it- almost as though the ticking was trying to catch up to the beat of his heart. Katsuki felt the cool air from the air conditioning move against his skin, giving him goosebumps. He felt a little bit uneasy just laid down on his bed and thinking. It’s not like Katsuki was usually one to be awake at two in the morning. In fact, he’s usually in bed before 9:30 every night. Unfortunately for his sleep schedule, he had come to a few realizations the same day.

Katuski was never someone who actually cared for romance, in fact, he has never even been in a romantic relationship with anyone, even though there had been so many opportunities to do just that. He wasn’t an idiot. He knew he was attractive compared to most of the people in his college — Katsuki had fluffy, messy ash blonde hair that was styled in an undercut – slanted, dark brown eyes, that were usually always narrowed, giving the impression that he was dangerous; at least he’d like to think so – and to top it all off, he visited the gym quite a bit, he stood at about five foot seven; with a slender, but muscular build to his body. All of his features put together made him a lot more attractive than most people from his college. He had to constantly turn down girls that attempted to flirt with him. Come to think of it, he had never actually experienced any type of attraction towards another person before – until now that is. Which is why he’s still awake at two in the morning.

It was a normal, fairly cool afternoon when he and his best friend, Eijirou, were carrying on with their regular study session together. Katsuki had finished reading his notes, while Eijirou was working on some math problems that Katsuki had taken his time to write down for the idiot. While Eijirou was attempting to do the problems, Katsuki took the opportunity to look at the idiot to make sure he was actually doing the problems. When he saw that the boy was still concentrating on his work, he subconsciously began studying the boy’s features.

Katsuki knew that his friend was handsome — he knew it, he really did. It would take an idiot not to see that. But something had switched in Katsuki’s brain a couple days prior. Eijirou had crimson dyed hair that reached just above his shoulders. This only highlighted his jawline; that Katsuki was sure that could cut diamonds – He had beautiful tanned skin, that if you looked closely enough, you could see the light freckles that dusted just about most parts of his skin – Eijirou towered over Katsuki standing at a little more than six feet; his height only accented his extremely muscular build. Unlike Katsuki, Eijirou was a ‘gym rat’, as some might say. He visited the gym frequently, and because of this, he was like a mountain of powerful muscle; just enough to make him look like an MMA fighter. Even though Eijirou never thought of himself as anything special, Katsuki thought the man before him was beautiful – he thought that he was the only one worthy of Katsuki’s affection. There was no other way to put it - Katsuki was smitten by the man sitting in front of him.

“Hey, bro. Are you doing okay over there?” Eijirou questioned.

“What’s it to you, idiot?” Katsuki huffed.

“Well, uh, how do put this…” Eijirou started rubbing his neck nervously.

“Just spit it out Ei.”, Katsuki rolled his eyes.

“Well, you were – staring at me. Like with this really intense gaze. And I just wanna know why?” Eijirou nervously stated.

Oh no. Katsuki had been caught staring at his best friend. He had been caught, red handed, staring like a love struck idiot.

“Tch, it’s none of your business.”, Katsuki huffed and averted his gaze, trying not to seem nervous.

“Dude, I think it is my business. Especially considering you’ve been doing it for like, two weeks now. Just - just spit it out Suki, I won’t judge you. I promise.”, Eijirou attempted to reason with him.

What was he supposed to do now. Katsuki doesn’t know the first thing about romance. So he was definitely not going to tell him that he may or may not have liked him in that way. So he did the next best thing – averted his gaze and stayed silent. A few minutes passed until Eijirou broke the silence again.

“Bro, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think you actually have a crush on me or something.”, he attempted at lightening the mood in the room. His laugh, however, sounded a bit nervous and somewhat forced.

Katsuki widened his eyes in surprise. An action that didn’t go unnoticed by Eijirou. In return, Eijirou’s eyes widened as well.

“Dude! No way! Y-you – you like me!”, the now red faced boy exclaimed, looking far too happy for someone who found out that their best friend likes them.

Katsuki did not know what else to do. So he ran. He ran back to his dorm and locked the door. He spent the rest of the day doing nothing. When night hit, he could not sleep a wink. Which is why he was still awake at two in the morning when he heard Eijirou’s door for his dorm next door creaked opened – why he was still awake when he heard a light knock on his room door.

“Suki? Are you still awake?”, he heard Eijirou quietly ask.

“Yeah.”, was the last thing Katsuki said before his door began to slowly open.

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Eijirou took slow steps into the blonde’s room, almost as though he was unsure of himself. In the darkness of his room, all Katsuki saw was a dejected looked on the red haired boy’s face, an all too familiar frown present. Over their years of friendship together, Katsuki had learned to read Eijirou like a book — at that moment, all he saw was guilt plastered all over the redhead’s sinfully handsome face. It pissed Katsuki off. The redhead took it upon himself to break the uncomfortable silence between the two.

“Suki- no, Katsuki. I j-just wanted to s-say that I’m s-sorry…” the usually happy boy that was in front of him – was now crying.

To top it all off, Katsuki had no idea what the boy was crying about, or what to actually do in this situation. So he went with the best option in his opinion.

“Shut the hell up.”, the blonde mumbled.


This made Eijirou look up from where he was crying to look at Katsuki. Seeing his best friend like this made his stomach upset. Someone as amazing as Eijirou deserved to feel nothing but happiness.

“W-what did y-you say?”, the redhead managed to stutter out.

“I said,”, Katsuki was now looking up at the boy, and staring into his beautiful eyes.

“Shut the hell up!”, Katsuki charged at him and tackled him into a painfully tight hug.

Katsuki felt the movement of muscles underneath his palms when Eijirou moved to hug him back. Damn — he never realized how much he craved to have these muscles wrapped around him all the time. But not matter how good this felt, this wasn’t the issue at hand. Focus. Eijirou was now nuzzling into his hair. Now that was distracting. FOCUS.

“What the hell are you apologizing for Ei?”, the blonde sadly questioned.

“I-it’s just that. I’m really s-sorry for assuming that y-you liked me w-when you don’t.” the boy was now struggling to let out his words. But Katsuki would wait. He gave the boy time to gather his thoughts, until the silence was broken again.

“I’m j-just really sorry for assuming. I g-guess I k-kinda…” the boy was now sobbing.

Katsuki took it upon himself to comfort the boy that was still latched on to him. He rubbed his hands slowly up and down the redhead’s and nuzzled into the crook of his neck.

“It’s okay Ei. It’s okay. You don’t have say more if you don’t wanna.”, he whispered into his friend’s ear.

“N-no S-suki – I w-wanna.”, the boy stepped and wiped his tears, giving Katsuki a small smile that was barely visible in the darkness of the room. It made Katsuki’s heart swell with happiness. God, what was wrong with him. Oh right – he likes this idiot.

“As I was saying before,” the boy nervously rubbed the name of his neck, “I guess I kinda wanted you to like me? Like in a romantic way…”, the boy averted his gaze and settled for looking at the floor.

No way. No fucking way. He – Eijirou liked - hold on, this was way too good to be true.

“What do you mean by that?”, the blonde questioned. He stood there an waited a few seconds before Eijirou broke the silence again.

“Isn’t it? Isn’t it obvious man?”, the boy in front of him asked, dumbfounded.

“Why do you think I asked idiot?” Katsuki pouted, now blushing furiously.

Eijirou grabbed the blonde’s shoulders, forcing him to look into his eyes.

“Katsuki, you’re the manliest person I’ve ever met, not to mention the prettiest. I don’t care that you’re angry most of the time. I don’t care that sometimes you can be a little too harsh on others. What I care about is you. I care about your happiness, your health, I even came about to care about those dumb All Might movies that you obsess over.”, the redhead stated matter of factly.

“They’re not dumb, they’re great. And I’m not obsessed.” Katsuki said, red filling his cheeks.

“Fine, they’re not.”, Eijirou rolled his eyes. “Anyways, the point I’m trying to make is that I like you, Suki. Like - a lot. I have for a while now. And I guess earlier, I got a little hopeful when I saw that there was chance that you liked me too…” he turned his gaze to the floor.

At this point, Katuski was surprised that his face hadn’t exploded. Before he even attempted to say anything, he pulled Eijirou’s stupidly handsome face down to his and kissed him roughly. It was uncoordinated — their noses ended up bumping together, and teeth were clashing. Eijirou pulled back.

Oh no. The blonde had messed up, hadn’t he? Oh no – oh god. What was he gonna do now. What was-

His thoughts were cut off when Eijirou pulled him forward and gently kissed his lips - lingering for more than a few seconds. It was heavenly and perfect. Katsuki would have melted on the spot if It wasn’t for Eijirou holding him up. When the redhead finally pulled back, he had given Katsuki one of the softest looks that he had ever seen.

“You know, that first kiss was pretty bad, Suki. It’s almost as if you’ve never kissed anyone before.”, Eijirou- that bastard, smirked at him.

“That one that you gave me was pretty shit too.”, Katsuki retorted. They both knew it was a lie though. This fact only made the idiot in front of him smirk more. Bastard. It’s no fair that Eijirou was so perfect.

“Okay Suki, I’m sure that’s why you’re blushing so hard right now.”, he winked, the bastard winked – and it was adorable. Katsuki’s heart couldn’t take it anymore – he was gong to die because of this adorable idiot in front of him. He pulled him in for another, much better kiss than the first one.

“Y’know, if you continue to be this annoying, I might have to break up with you.”, the blonde teased against Eijirou’s lips. It was now Eijirou’s turn to blush. Wide eyes staring into his. The adorable bastard was now sputtering.

“We’re- we’re, boyfriends?”, the idiot finally settled to ask.

“Of course we are idiot. Wasn’t it obvious when you were kissing me just now?”, the blonde boy finally smirked.

The giant redhead tackled him onto the bed and nuzzled into his chest. He was like a giant puppy – far too adorable for Katsuki’s poor heart.

That night, they both went to sleep peacefully – Eijirou and Katsuki somehow finding themselves in a position where Eijirou’s arm was slung over Katsuki’s waist and the blonde, curled up against Eijirou’s body. It felt right – it felt perfect – it felt like Katsuki was finally at peace. Almost as if he had found a piece of something that he didn’t know he was missing. Yeah, this was good – they were good.