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Love We desire

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Jimin had followed the same routine everyday since he got married last year. He woke up at 5:30 am, pressed the work clothes of his alphas , cooked breakfast and then got ready himself to go to the university. He is majoring in education and wants to become a teacher someday but he is still not sure if his alphas would allow him to work. He has yet to ask them about it. Omegas in their society could do nothing without the permission of their alphas. And jimin's alphas were not kind enough either. They had each other and did not require anyone else. Jimin was in the picture only because being an omega he could give them pups. That's the only reason why this marriage was suggested in the first place. After getting ready himself he woke up his alphas. They all had different rooms well because both his alphas were damn rich and also because they didn't really wish to be associated with him. Taehyung and Jungkook were the CEO's of the biggest hotel chains in Korea.
He wakes up Junkook first "Alpha ,it's 7:00 . you should wake up . I know you have an early meeting." Jungkook grunts but wakes up . "Good morning ,alpha". jimin smiles brightly. "Morning Jimin , i"ll wake up Tae, if everythings is done you can go." Jungkook's tone is flat. It is not rude but it has no warmth either.
"Yes alpha everything is done , i"ll leave " Jimin says a bit sadly. "Oh and today we have dinner with our parents, make sure everything is prepared" Junkook says getting out of bed.
'I remember, don't worry everything would be done " jimin says and leaves . He takes the bus to go to the university because Junkook and Tae don't really want to spend any money on him. To them he was just like a servant. They made it very clear that they would only pay for his bear minimum needs. After a year Jimin didn't even think about that. Also he never complained.
He comes back from the university, and cooks a lavish dinner. it takes him almost six hours to prepare everything but finally he does it and at exactly 8:00 Pm the door bell rings. He opens the door and sees his alpha's parents. Namjoon and Seokjin were Tae's parents and Yoongi and Hoseok were junkook's.
"You are not ready. Still in those house clothes. I honestly sometimes wonder what a big mistake we made choosing you for our sons ." Jin says making a face.
Jimin is taken aback. "Ummmm...sorry about that, I was just about to change. Alphas will be here shortly. Why don't you guys come on in.I made snacks." Jimin tried to sound happy but he was affected by Jin's statements.
"Sure you did sweety. Are they good though" it was Hoseok this time "I sometimes think how do our kids even survive " he snorts.
Jimin is about to say something but just then his alphas come in and the parents get up and go to greet them and everyone hugs each other happily. Jimin just goes inside to change.

When he comes back everyone is seated in the drawing room talking about some deal that jimin doesn't understand. Jin and Hobi are engrossed in their own conversation about some new store that has the best male omega clothes. He straightaway goes into the kitchen and starts preparing the starters. Just then Taehyung enters the kitchen and says " I heard you were not ready when our parents came. Why can't you just do anything right for once. This is exactly the reason why we don't take you to company dinners. Other omegas know how to carry themselves but you Jimin, you don't even know how to behave in front of your own in laws. "

Jimin holds back the tears that are there in his eyes. He tried so hard. He prepared everything from scratch and tried to make it perfect but that was just not enough. It was never enough. He always did something wrong. His alphas were never happy with him. Taehyung looks at the omega that is just about to cry. " Can't even take a simple criticism. Now hurry up, set up the table and start the dinner", he growls.
"yes, alpha" Jimin replies as his voice starts to crack. Jimin was sad. He just wanted some acceptance. But he couldn't find it anywhere.

Jimin sets the table and tells everyone that the dinner is ready. Everyone comes to the dining table. Jin, joon and Tae sit at one side and Yoongi, Hobi and Jungkook at the other side. Jimin starts serving. The omega is very nervous as he wants the food to be good so that he could impress his inlaws. After serving the first batch jimin asks excitedly "How is the food? I tried this new recipe from your book Omega Kim...."
"This is my recipe? Couldn't have guessed. Looks extremely basic to me. None of my recipes are this basic. They require technique and precision. This on the other hand... Well... Did you make any changes?" Jin raises an eyebrow and asks curiously. Afterall he was a bestselling author of cookbooks and was quite popular.

Jimin was so confused. He didn't know what to say. He had followed the cook book. He did exactly what the book said. So why was this not upto the standards that Jin expected. "I didn't make any changes" jimin says.

"Ah!Then I guess not everyone is meant to be a cook" Hoseok says smirking and Jin gives smiles.
Jimin feels dejected. They continue eating in silence. Jimin looks over at his alphas and they both look furious. Tae mouths 'I told you' and jungkook just blinks at him in rage. Jimin knows that this anger is directed towards him but he just doesn't understand what more he could have done. He had spent 6 hours trying to perfect the dish. He was not the best cook. He knew that but why couldn't anyone see the effort. Why couldn't anyone see how hard he was trying.

"So jimin how's the university going? Namjoon suddenly asks after some time. Jimin perks up at the question. He always loved talking about that one aspect of his life that he still found joy in. He says" It's going good Alpha Kim. The course is a bit tough but I love it so much that I enjoy it a lot.The Teachers are so amazing and helpful. I really hope one day I could teach the same way as they do. They are..... "
He doesn't get to finish his sentence as he is interrupted by Yoongi" what do you mean by teach one day? We agreed for the studying part , not the job part. " He then looks towards Tae and Kookie and says angrily" Are you putting these ideas about a job in his head? Don't you two want pups. If your omega is away how do you think you would have children and who do you think would care about them? "
" we had no conversation about a job or anything "Jungkook says defensively .
" Yeah. We had no idea that's what jimin was planning. He did not talk to us at all. "Tae says getting up
" So you don't even know how to control your omega. Your omega can make plans on his own and you both can just sit and watch. Is this how you run your house? " Namjoon growls angrily.
Jimin is shocked. He never expected this. He thought that everyone would be supportive but looks like everyone just wants to make him an omega who sits at home and looks after the children. That's it. He had no other identity. But he says "But omega kim works too. "
"Jin started working after Taehyung had gone to college. That is after he had completed all his responsibilities as an omega. And also after he had consulted with his alpha. You can do that too once your home life is settled which seems to me right now, is not really going very well." Namjoon says.

"I don't know what to say. We'll talk to both of you tomorrow." Yoongi says looking at Tae and Jungkook. He then continues" I can't stay here anymore." yoongi gets up and walks towards the door. Hoseok follows him after giving a soft kiss to Kookie and saying a light bye to everyone present but jimin.

Namjoon and Jin get up too." Keep your house intact Jimin. That should be your first priority. Good night Tae and Kookie" Jin says while walking towards the door.

When everyone is gone and just the three of them are left. Jimin finally notices how enraged his alphas actually are. They both just look at him with so much anger that it fills Jimin's heart with sadness and fear. "We need to talk" Tae says in a voice that deprived of any warmth.It makes jimin shudder. He grabs Jimin by the arm and drags him to his room, jungkook following behind with an expression of equal rage.

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Taehyung loved both his parents. But obviously he loved his omega dad a bit more. His Alpha dad was always out on business trips. But when he used come back, they had the most fun in the world. He used to get him all the best toys in the world to make up for the lost time. But what he remembers the most was that no matter what, Jin always was there. When he used to come back form school, he was always greeted with a kiss on the cheek and a light healthy snack. His hugs were also the best and used to calm him down when he was stressed about a test or anything in general. Jin was always there. Even for Namjoon. If Namjoon wanted tea at 3 in the morning, Jin would wake up and make it for him. If he wanted someone to listen to him, Jin always listened . He stayed beside both of them through thick and thin. This little world that consisted of his Alpha and child was Jin's everything. Therefore Taehyung couldn't understand why this stupid omega couldn't make his alphas his entire world. Why did he want to go out and work. Wasn't this enough for him?

"Bring all your books and notebooks. You are no longer going to the university. We will call the authorities tomorrow to let them know that ." Taehyung says.
Jimin by this time is crying hysterically. "Please don't do this alpha. Let me atleast complete the course. Please. I won't apply for a job. But please." he begs.
"Hurry up Jimin. We don't have time for your crying." jungkook says angrily.
Jimin gathers all his books and notebooks slowly and hands them to Taehyung. He and jungkook take the study material and leave the room. As the door closes Jimin falls on the bed and buries his face in the pillow. He keeps on crying for God knows how long. Finally tiredness takes over and he cries himself to sleep.

He wakes up at his usual time but he has no motivation to get up. He still forces his body to get out of the bed. He goes to the kitchen and prepares a simple breakfast. He then walks to Jungkook's room but finds him already awake. Taehyung is also in the room and they are having a conversation.
"Dad wants to meet us" Tae says
"Yeah I know. I just received the message too. I really don't want to face them honestly. What would we even say. He..." Jungkook stops as soon as he spots Jimin at the door and growls "Now what do you want? "
Tae looks up to see Jimin standing at the door.
"I wanted to tell you guys that breakfast is ready. " Jimin says tiredly. His eyes were puffy from all the crying and his voice was hoarse. But both Jungkook and Tae didn't seem to care.
"Okay we'll be out in some time."
Jimin is about to leave when Tae speaks again "Our omega dad's want to meet you today for lunch. So be ready at 2:00 for lunch. They will send someone to pick you up."

Jimin just nods and leaves the room. He didn't know what more could Jin and Hoseok say to him. What was left that they could take away. They had already taken the one thing that gave him joy. What else did he have that he could give now?

" He looked miserable." Jungkook says once jimin leaves the room.
"I know but what can we do. You know our parents expect certain standards. We have to do this Kookie. We have to keep up appearances. We can't look weak and you know that." Tae says. Sadness is evident in his voice but they both know that if they want to succeed then someone has to go down and unfortunately that someone is their omega.

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Jimin's parents omega Park Sooyon and Alpha Park Hyun loved their child dearly. He was everything to them. They owned the largest casino in town and were quite rich themselves. But ko matter what they were always there for Jimin. They attended all his school functions, made sure they had atleast one meal a day together and also gave him a lot of freedom.
Sooyon was not the kind of omega anyone messed with. She owned fifty percent shares in their business and was an equal partner. No decision could be taken without her approval. Hyun loved that part of her mate's personality. Sooyon was strong and caring at the same time. Just like Jin she was also there with her mate and kid at every step of their way. But some role that she was expected to play did not stop her from having her own identity. Jimin looked up to his parents. He wanted to be like his mother's. Particularly his omega mom. She was his Idol. She aced both her personal and professional life and Jimin was determined to be just like her when he grew up. Life had other plans for him though.

When he turned twenty two. One of his parent's rivals called the 'Min Kim' sent their proposal about a possible marriage between their two alpha children and Jimin. Obviously Jimin's parents wanted their child to be settled and have a happy married life with his mates. Therefore they met Namjoon, Jin, Yoongi and Hoseok to discuss the marriage proposal . Their families were rich so they were sure that Jimin would live comfortably. Also as Jin was already a well known cookbook author they believed that the families were liberal and open to omegas working outside the house. They discussed about Jimin continuing his studies and the others agreed to it. The two Alpha boys also had a clean reputation. Everything was fine and it was a good match therefore they decided to go further with the marriage.

Jimin loved his parents as much as his parents loved him. But he also saw how his parents tried their level best to balance their lives. They wanted to do well financially and also wanted to give as much time as they could to their son. He saw the effort and that's why he never complained about anything. He never told them if he was sick or if he was being bullied because he did not wish to burden them with his problems. He believed that he could solve them on his own. His parents already had a lot on their plates. This was exactly the reason why whenever his parents called him after the marriage he always said "I'm very happy. You don't need to worry."

Tae and Jungkook are seated in Namjoon's office when Yoongi enters.
"Ah! Everyone's here! Good. I don't have a lot of time for this. Did you guys take care of Jimin's problem?" he says
Jungkook replies "yes we did. He would no longer be going to the university. But dad listen. Didn't we all agree to let him continue his studies. He is not happy at all. He said he won't work afterwards so we could atleast let him complete the course."
Yoongi raises an eyebrow and anger is evident in his voice when he speaks " Are you listening to yourself? We met with his parents yesterday, they are still not ready to give us the shares of their company. You both know how hard and how long we've been trying to overpass them in business. We married you both to him because of this! So we need to show that Hyun and that omega of hers that if they want a happy child, they should exactly do what we say. Otherwise bad things could and would happen to their dear son. Not every home is a happy one. "

Tae sighs. He doesn't know what to say. It feels wrong to involve a harmless omega in this business war. Also he doesn't even tell his problems to his parents. Atleast he had never heard him say anything to them. But nonetheless everyone is caught in it and he has to play his part. If he wants to rise, he needs to do this. He knows that their dads are doing this so that they could be at the top of the ladder in this unforgiving business world.

" Have you guys been spending his heats together? " Namjoon asks
"Yes" Tae says
"Any luck so far? You need an Alpha heir, you do realize that too. An heir is important to keep you at the top. That way they know that you've settled and no one would even dare to dethrone you from your position of power because someone would be always ready to take the business forward ."

"Jimin hasn't really talked to us about any possible symptoms." jungkook says
"Keep on trying. We want alpha grandkids soon. You both know that we are doing all this for both of you. We want our sons to have all the success in the world, so just keep trying". Namjoon's voice is soft.

"Yes Dad" Tae begins to get up when his phone rings. "Hello" He answers and his face changes colour.
He looks at Jungkook and says "Jimin is in the hospital. "

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A car came to pick up Jimin at exactly 2:00 PM. He was then taken to a restaurant called 'The Omega delight'. The restaurant was exclusively for high class omegas. It was the place where one could gather the most gossip. Whose alpha was sleeping with whose Omega, what were the clothes in fashion these days, who had an alpha heir and who was disappointed with an omega child. Common useless stuff according to Jimin. Jimin hated it. His mother was also always way too busy to indulge in these useless shenanigans and thus he never developed a taste for these things either . These other high class omegas thrived on the miseries of other omegas. They had nothing better to do. Their little worlds revolved around their alphas, children, grandchildren and showing off their achievements. Jimin always wondered but what about their own achievements.

Jin and Hoseok were seated in the corner of the restaurant. They both had a menu in their hands and were giggling and chatting merrily. Jimin goes to them and bows saying "Good afternoon, omega Kim, omega Min "
They both stop talking and look at him. "Afternoon Jimin. Did you come from the university?
Oh no, wait sorry. You are not allowed to go there anymore, right?" Jin says with a smirk on his face.
He then turns to Hoseok and says "Tae told me today when I asked him if he could spare his omega for the afternoon".
Hoseok just hums while Jimin sits on the other side of the table. He is on the verge of crying. Why did they have to bring up that topic.
Hoseok's attention then finally shifts towards Jimin and he says "we won't beat around the bush Jimin. That's useless. We want to tell you that this, not going to the university thing is actually a good thing. Your family should come first no matter what. Let me tell you something today. After marrying Alpha Min I started working as an editor. I worked there for one year and then I had Kookie. So I went on a break for about a year. When I went back to the job, it just didn't feel the same. Your father in law asked me to quit but I was determined. I told him that I was doing this for myself. I could stay away from my child for a few hours. No big deal. But then one day I got late at work. When I came home I saw that Kookie was sick. The babysitters told me that he had been calling for his omega dad for the last three hours. I asked her why she didn't call me and she told me that she did. But I was too busy to receive her phone calls. My little child was in pain. He was sick and he was calling for his dad but I was not there. That too for what? For a stupid job. What if something had happened to my child. Who would have been responsible. Obviously me. That day I realized that no matter what family comes first. My child and mate come first. What would I do with all the fame or money if I don't have my family to share it with. "

Next it's Jin and he continues with" You know what, cookbook writing is fun. I started because some omegas asked me for the recipes and they liked them so much that they asked me to put all my recipes in a book. It was nothing ambitious. If you ask me what gives me more joy, I would always say that cooking and looking after my mate and pup make me way more happy than any success or appreciation I get for those books. That's why we are telling you Jimin, from experience, take care of your family. "

Jimin was listening to them dumbfounded. What would their explanation make his mom. She worked too and also loved her family. She ran a company because that gave her a sense of worth and that didn't make her selfish. She was also always there for her mate and kid too. She had fulfilled her omega responsibilities too in a way. But that did not mean that she had to give up anything else. Her mate was supportive of her ambitions . And then it dawned on him. That's it, your mate must be supportive. Sharing responsibilities, that was what was important. But his alphas would never do that and therefore it was futile to think about any good outcome.

Hoseok then suddenly says "Also we wanna make one thing very clear. We want alpha grandkids and fast."
"But you know that the subgender of the child is in nobody's hand" Jimin replies with a sense of urgency in his voice.
"We really don't care sweetheart. We just want an alpha grandkid. An omega child would not be accepted. Remember this. " Jin's voice was harsh.

Jimin was horrified. Why did the subgender of the child matter. Wouldn't the child be their blood no matter what. He couldn't breathe. He just wanted to get up and run away from this mess. What if his first born is an omega. What would they do to the child then? Will he have the same fate as him? Will the child be denied everything it wanted just like him? Jimin wanted to cry. He couldn't take this anymore.
He then takes a sip of his water and excuses himself to go to the washroom. Just as he gets up the room starts spinning and his vision is blurred. The last thing he remembers before falling on the ground is that there is a desire in his heart to protect his possible future child no matter what.

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Taehyung, Yoongi, Namjoon and Jungkook run inside the hospital. They still don't know what happened. The only thing that Jin said on the phone was "Jimin fainted. We are taking him to the hospital. Come as soon as you can". When they reach the room Jimin is taken to , they see Jin, Hobi and Jimin's parents there. "When did you both get here? " Yoongi asks, the question is clearly directed towards Jimin's parents.

"I was calling Jimin and imagine my surprise when Jin picks up the phone to tell me that Jimin fainted." Sooyon answers angrily.
She knew something was wrong with her baby. His voice always sounded sad on the phone . And now all her fears were being confirmed. She had no idea how grave the situation actually was but Jimin fainting today was the last straw for her.
"What happened? How is he?" Jungkook asks. His voice sounds concerned.
"We don't know yet. The Doctors are still examining him." Jin replies .
Just then the door of the room opens and a female alpha doctor comes out.
"Family of Park Jimin? " she asks.
"Yes, we are his mates and these are our parents" Tae replies hastily .
"Okay! So I would I like to tell you guys that there is nothing to worry about. In fact we have a really good news. Your mate is expecting pups." she smiles brightly.
"Pups?" Jungkook tries to confirm. He feels so happy. He is going to ba a father. Beside him even Tae looks like he is about to cry with happiness. The parents all also have a shocked smile on their faces.
"Yes! Two actually! Since two mates. Congratulations!" she says happily.

She turns around to leave when Namjoon asks "Doctor, is there any way to find out the subgender of the kids?"
"No..... the subgender is only revealed after the birth" the doctor is not amazed by the question. A lot of families wanted to know the subgender of the unborn kids.

"Why do you wanna know the subgender of the kids. They are both your kids pups . Why does it even matter to you?" Hyun is shouting angrily.
"That is none of your business. We want to know. We want an alpha heir. So you keep your nose out of it." this time it's Yoongi.
"Why is the subgender of the child even important . Both those kids will be our grandkids. You should love them equally?" Hyun countered
Namjoon replies "Now you listen to me. Only an alpha child will be preferred in this family. Anyone else has no place with us. And Jimin is now part of our family and he would just have to accept whatever decision we take about the kids. You have no right to speak in our family matter. So shut up. "
Sooyon was shocked and on the verge of crying after hearing all this. So this is what Jimin had been going through the entire year and he never said a thing. This is how they treated their omegas? She buries her head in Hyun's neck and starts crying saying " I wish we had waited. My baby doesn't deserve this. We made a mistake Hyun. We married him in the wrong family ". Hyun just hugs her tightly. Even she is ready to cry seeing the condition of her son and also she is now afraid for her future grandsons. She feels guilty for ever agreeing to such a union.
Just then the doctor again comes out from the room Jimin's in and tells them that they can meet him now .
Sooyon is the first one to enter. Jimin is lying on the bed but he gets up and smiles widely seeing his mother.
She runs and hugs him tightly saying "oh Baby! How are you feeling?"
He sees his mother crying and immediately wipes her tears asking "Why are you crying? I heard it's good news. Are these happy tears? These better be happy tears. You are going to be grandparent. You are finally old Mom". And then he starts laughing after cracking the lame joke . He had not felt this happy in a long time. He was going to be a father. Sooyon and Hyun look at their child. He looked so happy.

But just then Hoseok says "Hope you give us two alpha kids honey! Otherwise there might be a slight problem."
Oh how Jimin's parents wish to punch him in the jaw but they don't want to create a scene. They just want to protect Jimin and their grandkids at any cost.
Jimin is horrified after listening to Hoseok . What would happen if he had omega kids?


Jimin is pampered the entire duration of his pregnancy. His parents regularly come to visit him. His mom keeps on asking him if everything is okay and his reply is always the same "I'm good mom. Everything would be better after the kids. Just don't worry. Everyone takes good care of me." Sooyon is never satisfied with this answer but there is nothing else she could do. Any fights between the in laws only makes Jimin anxious and that in turn affects his health.

Jin and Hoseok also keep on bringing food for Jimin and little clothes, shoes and toys for the grandkids. They design the nursery and fill it with so much stuff. "we will spoil our grandkids rotten, just see. " This line always makes Jimin smile. His kids would be so much loved. But then a thought pops up to his mind. Would they still do all this if the children are Omegas?

Tae and Jungkook start coming home early. The three of them also start staying in one room as scent of the alphas calms Jimin and the Pups down . They all still speak bear minimum but there is a sense of closeness. Both of them are very excited to become dads. They keep on telling each other what they would do once the pups arrive.
"I would never miss a single football game or whatever sports they like and get into. " Taehyung says proudly .
"I would give them so many toys and games and whatever they ask for. I mean it. 'Whatever'. If the kids want a zoo. I ll buy them a damn zoo. " Jungkook says brightly.
Hearing this zoo thing makes both Taehyung and Jimin laugh.

Jimin goes into Labour on a cold night in December. Everyone is gathered in the hospital with concerned looks on their faces. Jimin started bleeding in between the process and the doctors had to take him for surgery. At this point everyone was just waiting for any news about the well being of Jimin and the pups. They were all worried and anxious.

Just then the doctor comes out. She has an unreadable expression on her face. She says "Okay. So first of all Congratulations, Jimin successfully gave birth to two beautiful pups."
Relived sighs are heard all over the room and everyone is ready to cry of happiness at this point.
"But" the doctor continues and everyone pales a bit "the labour was difficult, because of which Jimin's body won't be able to have anymore children. Sorry about that. But you have two beautiful pups now, so concentrate on that part. In a way your family is complete."

"That's okay. When can we see the kids and Jimin" Sooyon says wiping a happy tear . She just wanted to go and hug her baby and play with his little babies. She wanted to tell Jimin that she was so proud of him.

But before the doctor could reply, Jin addresses the elephant in the room "What about the subgender of the pups?"
The doctor then smiles widely and says "Oh yeah! About that! Well congratulations! One of them is an alpha and other one is an omega."

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"We want to know who the alpha kid belongs to." Namjoon is frustrated at this moment. Why couldn't both the kids be alphas? Omegas always came in between. He was afraid too because only the kid with the alpha pup would get to inherit the company. The investors and shareholders would not accept someone with an omega heir. He was afraid for Taehyung. He desperately wanted to see his son rise. He had seen Taehyung working hard for the position. Everyone always questioned Taehyung's ability to lead after his mastermind father but he always proved them to be worthy. When once they were having some trouble with the mafia, he was the one who came up with the plan to stop them. It would be a shame if a stupid omega child came in between the dreams of his son.

Just like Namjoon, Yoongi was also anxious. Jungkook had also spent many sleepless nights for the betterment of the company. He was responsible for bringing in foreign clients to the business.
Yoongi also clearly remembered what his little baby once said to him when he was ten years old "Dad, one day I will be the head of the company and you won't have to work so hard anymore. I will make sure that we stay at the top dad." He had said these words with so much enthusiasm that Yoongi had been about to cry. He desperately wanted to carry forward his dad's legacy no matter what .

Jin and Hoseok were afraid too. As omega parents and caregivers they both had spent their entire lives grooming their kids to become the best at everything they did. The late night staying up when they had an exam or making sure that they ate well when they engrossed and overworked themselves. Hell! Even their marriage was for that position. And now everything came down to an omega child!

"Yeah... Sure. The results would come out in a week though. I would like the mates to follow me. We need to do a few tests for that ." the doctor says, and Tae and Jungkook follow her to a room.
They both are silent during the entire procedure. After all it is a competition and they both are fighting for a position.

" You guys are sick! Why do these stupid things matter to you? " Sooyon shouts .
Jin is annoyed at this point and he says "Is anyone even talking to you? No! But you have to speak! "
Sooyon walks over to him and growls "Of course I have to speak to put some sense into your tiny brains! That baby was just born five minutes ago. And ten minutes ago you all loved him but suddenly you don't want to have any association with him just because he is an omega. That's the most stupid thing ever. He is your own blood! Your grandson. No. Matter. What. "
" He is not my grandson. " Jin is about you cry at this point. All his life efforts. His desire to see his child rise depends upon this one thing. And even if he wanted to love the child, he just can't, knowing that the pup would be responsible for the downfall of either the Kims or the Mins.

Just then a nurse enters and says" Please keep it down. If you want, you can meet the pups! "
Sooyon and Hyun enter the room first. The others are still not over the shock to go inside.
Jimin is sitting on the bed with both the pups in his arms. They are wrapped in fluffy blankets and are so tiny. His eyes are puffy which indicates that he has been crying.
Sooyon goes and hugs him.
"Mom! What would they do with the omega pup? Look he is so small. He is harmless. How can I protect him?" He offers her the pup and starts crying again. She takes the little baby from his arms and smiles a warm smile at the little sleeping baby.
Hyun comes over and says "They won't do anything love, we would make sure of that. You just smile and let us look at our grand babies." she tries to sound cheerful and wipes a happy tear from her face.
Jimin smiles a bit and hands her the alpha pup. His parents caress their cheeks and coo at the babies. Jimin smiles at the gesture.

Just then the others enter the room. Jungkook and Taehyung are also come . Hoseok asks brightly " Where is my strong little alpha?"
Jimin's smile vanishes at the statement. Hyun had the alpha child and they all gather around him. Sooyon goes and sits beside Jimin handing him the omega pup. Jimin takes the pup and presses it closer to his chest as if he wants to give him all the love in the world that he won't get from his Alpha father's or their parents.

Hyun hands the pup to Hoseok and comes sits with her mate and kid. All others now gather around Hoseok. They look so happy. They all have bright smiles on their faces. "We will spoil you so much." Namjoon coos . Jungkook and Taehyung also start playing with the pup's small fingers. They make weird noises to try to make him laugh.
But they never come to see their other child and Jimin's heart breaks into a thousand pieces for his baby .

Jimin finds out about the DNA tests that were done. He doesn't really has any say in it so he just keeps quiet.
Jimin names the omega child Sojin and Jungkook and Taehyung name the alpha child Nayoon. The entire week the parents come with gifts and food but they are only for Nayoon. Sojin is not even acknowledged. In fact Jimin doesn't even get to hold Nayoon the entire day because someone or the other always has him showering him with love. On the other hand Sojin never leaves Jimin's side. Even Jungkook and Taehyung always look at the child with a face of disappointment and then just walk by. They never hold him, change him or feed him. They just say "He is your responsibility Jimin. " But they do all those things for Nayoon. They even get up at two in the morning to pacify him if he is crying but never wake up for Sojin.

His parents don't discriminate though. They get gifts for both their grandkids and that makes Jimin really happy, atleast his parents love his omega child. Jimin smiles looking at his little baby. His mom gives the baby a little pink teddy bear . Sojin tries to wraps his little fingers around the hand of the bear and smiles widely when he is able to do so. That little smile melts Jimin's heart.

After a week, his Alpha's parents come home with the DNA results. The atmosphere is tense. Jimin still doesn't understand what the fuss is all about. Taehyung and Jungkook stand side by side while Namjoon opens the envelope.
"What is it?" Taehyung asks anxiously.
Jin can sense the nervousness and he goes and starts rubbing his son's back.
Namjoon starts, raising an eyebrow "umm........... The alpha belongs to Jungkook and the omega child is of Taehyung."

Hearing this Taehyung immediately turns around to see Jimin at the kitchen counter with Sojin peacefully sleeping in his arms and
his eyes turn red.

Chapter Text

Taehyung storms towards Jimin and Sojin. Jimin presses his baby closer to his chest and turns around to try to block Taehyung from reaching Sojin. But before he could do anything Taehyung is stopped by Jungkook and Yoongi. Jungkook grabs him by the arm and growls "What do you think you are doing? You should calm down! Don't do anything now that you might regret later."
Taehyung replies angrily "Easy for you to say! You've lost nothing! You just got everything in fact! Congratulations Kookie! You just won. "
"It's not a competition. You...." Jungkook tries to say but is interrupted by Taehyung who now speaks through tears "Really? It's not? How would you have reacted if you would have been in my place. It's easy to stand at the top and preach. You haven't even held that child in your arms once yourself. So you don't get to tell me that it's okay... That you would have taken the high road... That you would have been happy. "
" I.... " Jungkook is not able to answer because no matter what, it is the truth that everything worked out for him and he probably would have reacted the same way as Taehyung if he was the one with the omega child.

Taehyung just scoffs, grabs his coat and leaves the house. Namjoon and Jin both follow their son out as well.
Yoongi comes to Jungkook and smiles saying "Well done son. Congratulations! Just like you made us proud, Nayoon would do the same for you one day." His attention then turns to Hoseok and he wraps him in a hug and says "Thank you for giving me this amazing family." Hoseok smiles brightly and hugs him back tightly.

Jimin has tears in his eyes. He is afraid. Where was the love for his Sojin . He takes sojin to his room and puts him in the crib. Sojin wakes up just then and smiles at his daddy. Jimin smiles back through tears. That smile makes him somehow believe that one day this little child would be able to receive the love of his fathers.


Taehyung wakes up with a little body lying on his stomach and poking him in his cheek saying "Dad, dad, dad, daaaaaaad..... Wakey Wakey."
Sojin does that to him every morning despite Taehyung telling him a million times not to bother him. Even Jimin asks him to stop but the little child is just too determined.
Actually he had been seeing Nayoon sleeping and waking up with Jungkook. He always asked d Jimin why couldn't he sleep with his dad too but Jimin could never answer this innocent question. How could he tell him that his dad wanted nothing to do with him. So he just smiles and says "Because you sleep with me sweetheart !"
So from that day that's how Sojin started waking up Taehyung.

Taehyung opens his eyes and simply says " Get off me Soojin. Where is Jimin? Why aren't you with him?"
" oh, oh, oh... Daddy's making fooooooood... So I came to you daaaaaaad!!" he says brightly.
"Sojin, where are you? How many times have I told you not to disturb your father?" Just then Jimin enters the room.
"But I was just waking up daddy" he whines and pouts .
"Come on breakfast is ready." Jimin says taking his small hand and leading him out or the room. Taehyung looks at the scene with a dad expression .

After the breakfast both Nayoon and Soojin start coloring. It is their holiday from school today so they just have to go to their football and dance classes respectively in the afternoon.
They both were using their own paint sets. The brand, packing, basically everything was similar but one was a gift from Yoongi and Nayoon never even let anyone touch it. So Hyun got Sojin a similar one. Sojin ran around the entire house that day squeaking like a mouse.

While coloring Nayoon breaks one of his colors. He starts crying and saying "Daddyyyy". Jimin comes running to him and checks for any injuries but when he finds none he asks "What's wrong baby?"
Nayoon points to the broken color while sniffling and buries his head in his dad's chest.
Jimin starts rubbing soothing circles on his back and says "It's okay baby... It's okay"
But Nayoon just cries harder. He was extremely attached to the toy set because when Yoongi gave it to him he said something along the lines "This is a present for my big strong alpha. Use it nicely, okay! Protect it like an alpha does."
Jimin wanted to laugh at the ridiculous statement then. But looks like Nayoon really took it seriously.

Sojin is watching the entire scene and he says " Here! Take mine! It's similar. Now your set is complete again! "He smiles his bright smile.
Nayoon looks at him through tears and exchanges his broken color with the intact one. He then hugs his brother and they both start jumping around the house. Jimin smiles seeing his happy little babies.

Four years ago Taehyung had been relegated to a subordinate position. He now worked under Jungkook. None of the investors and board of directors wanted to accept him as the next head. He found everything to be wrong from that moment. He also started drinking excessively . He felt bitter all the time and this was the main reason why he never let Sojin in, why he never hugged the boy or even looked at him with affection.

He goes to give a file to Jungkook in his office.
Just when he is about to leave Jungkook says "You should atleast try. Sojin is a nice kid. He just wants his dad. Atleast spend some time with him. "
"You know I can't. He reminds me of my failure. " Taehyung says dejectedly.
Jungkook sighs.
"Just once. It would be nice. You know what.. Pick him up from his dance practice today. He gets off at 5." Jungkook continues.
"He goes for dance?" Why didn't Tae know this stuff?
"Yeah, he does, at the institute behind his school" Jungkook raises an eyebrow and says. Seriously, did Taehyung know anything about his son at all?

"Okay... I'll try" Taehyung says.
"I'll let Jimin know that you are picking Sojin up" Jungkook says happily. He just wanted to see Tae happy and he believed that being with and knowing his kid better might bring some peace in his life.


It starts raining and thundering at four in the afternoon. Jungkook had called Jimin to tell him that Taehyung would pick Sojin up that day. Jimin was confused at first but then he felt happy at the fact that Taehyung was atleast trying to connect with their amazing son.

Taehyung and Sojin don't come home till six though. Jimin was now getting anxious. He calls Jungkook who tells him that. Jungkook then tells him that eve he and Nayoon were stuck in traffic because of the rain and maybe it was the same case with Tae and Sojin. But Jimin was still way too nervous. He calls Taehyung who doesn't pick up. So he calls Sojin's instructor.
"Oh Jimin, everyone left at around 3:30 since there was a warning about the rain. Sojin was standing outside. He was very happy after you called telling that Mr Kim would come pick him up today. He kept on saying 'I ll go with my dad today, he will come to take me'. So we called Mr. Kim and informed him that class had been dismissed. I had to leave because you know how far away my house is. There were some janitors in the building before I left though . "

Jimin was hyperventilating at this point. Janitors don't really look after little kids waiting for their parents . They just do their job and leave. His child was standing on the pavement waiting for his dad to come and pick him up. But why was Taehyung not picking the phone.

Just then Jungkook comes home and Jimin narrates the entire conversation to him.
Jungkook calls Taehyung who finally picks up on the last ring. Jungkook puts the phone on speaker.
Tae says "He ooooooo. "
Jungkook then asks in a firm voice " Tae? Are you drunk? Where are you? Where is Sojin? Is he with you?"
Taehyung chuckles on the other side and says "I've been drinking since lunch! It's so much fun Jungkookie... You should tryyy toooooo..... And who is Sojin???.... Oh wait I remember... My kid.... Yeah.... Someone I guess called me to tell something.... I don't really remember what though.... But you......."
Hearing this Jungkook immediately cuts the phone and looks at Jimin who looks horrified himself . They both run towards Jungkook's car and try to reach Sojin's dance institute as fast as conditions allow them to.

It was cold and was also raining heavily. Jimin was praying to the moon for his kid's well being. Sojin was excited. He was waiting for his dad on the pavement . What if he never went inside thinking that his dad won't find him if he was inside. Children always loved to be front of their parents. They believed that if they were hidden somehow, their parents won't be able to find them.

When they reach their destination, Jimin immediately runs towards the entrance, despite the rain or the cold. He just runs. But stops in his tracks when he sees the sight in front of him.
A little figure with a pink backpack on his shoulders is lying on the pavement completely still while the cold rain continues to fall on the little body.

Chapter Text

Jimin was amazed to see how tiny caskets could actually be. Sojin was lying in a small casket. He had a peaceful expression on his face. His picture that was beside the casket was taken by his mother when he once went on a night out with his parents. He was smiling a bright smile in the picture. Everyone said he had Taehyung's smile. But he had Jimin's eyes. Also his eyes in the picture looked like little crescent moons, just like Jimin's did when he smiled this widely. Jimin didn't even remember the last time he had been this happy and now he just felt that he would never be happy ever again. Sojin took that happiness with him.

No one slept beside him now with arms around his neck . No one woke up Taehyung by sitting on him in the morning. No one ran around the house happily the entire day. No one called him "Daddyyyyyyy " and made a pout anymore.

Nayoon continuously asked about his brother. He said he missed him. Therefore Jungkook had to tell him that he won't be coming back and Nayoon cried and cried and cried that day. The little child was unable to understand why his brother couldn't come back. He then said something that broke everyone's heart that day "Tell him to come back dad... I' ll share all my toys with him. We would paint together. I miss him dad. "

That day the doctors couldn't save Sojin . The cold and the rain got him before Jimin could. His little baby froze on that pavement, waiting and hoping for his alpha father to come and pick him up.

Taehyung had shut himself completely since that day. Jin came to the house to talk to Taehyung but Jimin didn't really care how that conversation went.

Today was the day of the funeral and everyone was there. Namjoon still had that blank expression on his face, like he just didn't care. Yoongi and Hoseok were trying to calm down Nayoon. They were basically there for Nayoon. Jungkook was looking after the arrangements. Taehyung looked drunk to Jimin. He still didn't know if he was drinking his guilt away or what. His parents had red eyes. He knew they had been crying. They loved Sojin just like he did . And then there was Jin. He was also crying. Why was he crying? Who was he pretending for? He never once looked at his grandson with affection, never cared about him so WHY WAS HE SUDDENLY CRYING TODAY ?


Everyone is dumbfounded to even say anything.
Sooyon walks over to Jimin and starts consoling him.
He continues" It's all my fault. I should have left the day you all started treating me like a worthless thing or the day you all started hating a tiny baby just because he was an omega . If i had left then, then atleast I would have been able to save my kid. Then I would have been able to keep him away from all of you .But you know what, I'm glad he won't grow up in a world where omegas are treated like dirt. So you know what I'm gonna do... I'm gonna make a world for him where omegas are respected. I will honor him by giving him a world where omegas are loved... Where my baby would have been loved. "

He then starts walking towards the exit but stops when he sees Nayoon. He goes to him and says in a soft voice " I'm sorry baby but daddy has to go. Daddy needs to do something for your brother. I need you to be strong and always remember one thing, okay.... We are all equal here and I want you to love everyone without any conditions, no matter what their subgender or status in society is..... Just like your brother did. Can you do that?"
Nayoon nods and Jimin kisses his forhead tenderly.
He turns around one last time to look at everyone and says "I WILL TAKE EVERYTHING FROM ALL OF YOU, MY DEAR MATES AND IN LAWS! This ambition that motivates all your actions.This company that you hold so dear. Protect it, because when I' ll come back the only thing left with all of you would be the ruin of your former glory ."

Saying this he walks out of the door to start a new story of his life. A story to honor his little omega son.

Chapter Text


Jungkook is sitting in a board meeting when his phone rings. He just lets it vibrate in his pocket. He really needs to concentrate on this dumb meeting. After some time the ringing stops. A few seconds later the phone starts vibrating again and this time he pulls it out of his pocket and glances at the caller ID. He is shocked to see that Nayoon's school was calling him. He hastily gets up from his chair and rushes out of the room to receive the call.
"Hello, is this the father of Min Nayoon? This is his principal speaking. " The person on the other line says.
"Yes, yes. This is Min Jungkook. Is everything okay?" Jungkook was now really worried. Schools never called parents unless there was an emergency.
The principal says "I'm afraid not, sir. Your son was involved in a fight and we would like you to come and pick him up."
Jungkook is confused now. Nayoon never fought. Of course he was bratty but he was not violent. Did someone hit him?
"I am on my way, Sir, is he okay though? He isn't hurt, right?" He quickly grabs his car keys and rushes towards his car. He stops in the middle to tell his secretary that there was an emergency and he would have to go.
The principal replies "He is not hurt. But he hurt the other kid pretty badly. We would have to take a strict action against him. Please come as soon as you can. "
"Yes, I am on my way." Jungkook replies angrily. Nayoon had been acting out. Jungkook needed to put an end to this behavior of his.

When Jungkook reaches the school he is straightaway lead to the principal's office where an alpha boy is sitting with his parents. Nayoon is standing beside the principal's table. Jungkook enters the room and glares at Nayoon, indicating him that he was disappointed.
The principal says " Welcome Mr Min. These are the Chois."
Jungkook shakes hands with the alpha mate.
The principal continues "I wish that this union could have been under better circumstances but apparently not. Your son Nayoon hit their son and broke his nose Mr Min, during recess time as you can see."
Just then alpha Choi speaks "That's what happens with kids without an omega parent, Mr Min. They don't know how to behave."
At this statement Jungkook pales.

But suddenly Nayoon speaks "Your son is a prick, sir"
Jungkook looks at Nayoon horrified and says in a growling voice " We don't use such words Nayoon."
But Nayoon continues " Minji wanted to play ball with us but he told her that she cannot do that because she was an omega and that the only jobs omegas have is to sit at home and use their alpha's money. He also said that she should not even be in this school because what would she do with an education if in the end she would just sit at home and take care of her alpha and kids. "

Omega Choi looks down after hearing this. The principal is amazed too. Where were these kids learning all this stuff. Jungkook on the other hand looks at his son with amazement . His son just wants to protect each and every omega in need. Maybe Jimin's last words to him were too engrained in his mind.

"Did you say that?" The principal asks the other kid.
"Yes! But daddy always says something like this to dad too." the kid replies.
The Choi now look ashamed. The principal sighs and says " We don't tolerate both bullying and violence in this school and thus both of you will be suspended for two days."

All the parents nod and Jungkook takes Nayoon's hand to take him to the car. After they are both seated and Jungkook starts driving he says "You should not have hit him Yoonie. Next time tell your teacher about all it. Okay. Also what kind of language were you using. I will not tolerate all this."
Nayoon scoffs and says bitterly " Don't call me Yoonie dad. Only Sojin and daddy have the right to do that. I just did what daddy must have been doing. He would be proud of me. I stood up for my omega friend. In a way I feel I stood up for Sojin. "


Taehyung had left everything five years ago. He now lived in a shabby house and currently was sitting in the basement of his house with all his art equipment.

He stares at the painting in front of him. It's still not perfect. He is just not able to get that smile right. Just then a sweet female omega called Giana enters the room and says" Are you done? He would be up soon. You should eat before that. "
She then comes and hugs him from behind.
" I know. I was just finishing up for the day. " he turns around and smiles at her.
Just then the door opens and small soft steps are heard." Here he comes " Giana says smiling a mischievous smile .
" Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaad" a little three year old omega child comes running towards Taehyung. Taehyung lifts the child up and kisses him on his cheek.
"How's my angel doing? You woke up! Wanna have dinner with dad" Taehyung says bouncing the little boy in his arms lightly .
The little male omega child Dayun nods brighty and wraps his arms tightly around Taehyung.
"Let's go then." Taehyung says in a warm singsong voice and leaves the room with the little baby in his arms.

Hyun and Sooyon are sitting in their office rooms when their secretary tells them that there is someone outside who would like to meet them.
Hyun asks" Did they have an appointment? "
The secretary replies" No, but you would like to meet him. Trust me. "
Sooyon raises an eyebrow and says" Okay, bring him in but not more than five minutes."
The Secretary bows and leaves. After a minute the door of their room opens again and an omega man in a fancy suit stands before them.
They both look up from their desks and freeze. Sooyon then says in a shocked voice" Jimin!"
Jimin smiles and says" Hi moms! I have a business proposition for you. "

Chapter Text

Sooyon rushes to hug Jimin. Jimin hugs her back. Hyun comes from the other side and rubs her hand on Jimin back. Jimin warps his arm around her. Sooyon has tears in her eyes.
She says in a reprimanding voice "You don't get to just show up one day baby. Calling once a month and saying I'm okay and then not telling anything is not how things are done. Do you know how worried we had been."

Jimin rubs soothing circles on her back and says in a low voice "I'm sorry mom, you know I had to do this."
Both Hyun and Sooyon nod in understanding . They all then go and sit on the couch in their office room.

Sooyon smiles and asks "What do you wanna eat Minnie? You've become so thin. Have you even been eating?"
Jimin chuckles saying "I've been eating. Thank you very much."
Hyun smiles looking at her family and says "You are staying here Minnie. We are not letting you leave."
"Oh! I am here to stay. In fact that's why I'm here in the first place." Jimin replies.
He pulls out a file and opens it. There are documents of two companies, "Astra" which everyone knew was an extremely popular restaurant. And the other was something called as " Believe".

Both Sooyon and Hyun stiffen and reach forward to look at the documents. Now Jimin could see the business side of his parents. This side was their professional e life. This side strictly meant business.
Jimin continues "I want you to invest in these two businesses. And then sell this part of your investment to the 'Kim /Min and Co.'. I hope they are still pestering you for buying a part of the business."
Hyun says in a low voice "Yes, they still want a part of our business. But Jimin.... You know who runs Astra, right? "
"Of course I do! Oh! And when you pitch this proposal to them. Tell them that a representative from your company, Astra and Believe would be working in close contact with them. "
"Okay so! We know that Astra is a restaurant. What is this 'Believe' ? And why do you think they would buy these businesses from us?" Sooyon asks questioningly.

Jimin continues " Believe is an organization that employs single omegas or omegas in need. It basically is a medium for omegas to get jobs according to their qualifications. It connects omegas to employers. 'Believe' can supply workers, cleaners, keepers or any other help or staff that their hotels might require. And 'Astra' is a blooming business. They would be profited by investing in its shares. Also it can supply them food whenever there are any functions. This is what you are going to tell them! And because it would be coming from you and also because you would have also invested in them, they won't really suspect anything. Rest everything I will do! "
Hyun then sighs and says" You are playing a dangerous game here Jimin but we will support you no matter what. We 'll go to them tomorrow. "
Jimin smiles and says" Thanks mom and.... sound convincing please. Tell them you want their company to expand and do well for Nayoon. I'm sure they would buy that. Anything for Nayoon, right?" Both the parents can sense the bitterness of the statement. There is no hate but sadness. Anything for the alpha heir.

" We'll do our best! " Sooyon says. Though she hesitates a bit before continuing." Minnie, Jungkook, Nayoon and Taehyung..... "
" I don't wanna know, Mom. Just.... Just tell me Nayoon is okay. Is he doing well? I don't care about anyone else." Jimin cuts her in between.
Sooyon says in a warm voice " He is doing well, baby."
Jimin smiles. "Okay then ! I have to go. My roommates won't eat dinner without me. I ll see you guys soon."
"You live with other people?" Hyun asks.
And Jimin says "Yes! Two actually. We've been living together for a year now. It's good. Don't worry".
He chuckles and leaves.

Jimin enters his apartment and hears voices coming from the kitchen where two people are clearly fighting over food.
"This is how it's done! I'm telling you! Why don't you ever listen to me?" Voice one says.
"But it tastes better the other way!" Voice two whines.
"Who is the chef and proud owner of 'Astra' here? Huh" voice one chuckles.
"You are... But not every dish is a winner.. You know that. And 'Believe' provides you with your other chefs and waiters. So it's a collective effort. And who works with 'Believe' ?? Huh, huh... Me! " voice two says.
Jimin laughs and enters the kitchen. He asks "What's for dinner, Jin, Hobi?"
"Whatever this 'I'm the head chef and owner of Astra' cooks because he keeps on interrupting " Hobi says mockingly.
"You shut up! You wanna starve? I'm gonna only feed my Minnie baby then. " Jin replies with a smirk .

Hobi laughs and takes out the champagne glasses from the kitchen cabinet . He then hands one to both of them after keeping one for himself. He pours the champaign that is kept on the dining table .
"How did the meeting go?" Jin asks stirring the pan .
"Great! We'll be inside the workings of the company soon." Jimin replies with a smile .
Hoseok then raises his glass and says "Let's bring down these Alphas."
Both Jin and Jimin raise their glasses as well!

Chapter Text

Jungkook drags Nayoon to the supermarket. They need groceries and Jungkook cannot carry everything alone. Nayoon grunts but agrees to tag along.

They both split in the supermarket. Jungkook goes to gets the fruits and vegetables and Nayoon us assigned to get other necessities like toothpaste and soaps. Just as he is about to pass the toys section, he sees a small boy trying to reach for a huge teddy bear kept on the top shelf. It is rather amusing to see a small child jumping up and down to grab a teddy bear that is probably double his size. Nayoon chuckles and walks over to the little child. The child was pouting but he lights up when he sees someone taller approaching him.

"Can you pick that up, pretty pleaseeeee?" he says in a cute voice and points to the teddy bear.
Nayoon tries to reach up but the teddy bear is so high that he is not able to do it. He then pouts too.
Just then Jungkook comes there calling for him. Jungkook asks looking confused " Do you want that teddy bear Nayoon ? We can get it? "
" It's not for me. That tiny omega kid wants it. I was just trying to help. " Nayoon points at the small kid and the kid waves his hand while smiling a bright smile. He is happy to see two tall people.
Jungkook then tries to get the toy but even he is not able to reach it.

Jungkook sighs and asks the child" So what is your name? Where are your parents? "
The little child lights up at the prospect of probably having two new friends. He says" I am Dayun and my dad is working at the cash counter today. Dad is super nice. Dad is the best dad. He lets me get so many toys. He also takes me to the playground. Dad also paints. Dad paints the best! I love dad! "
Nayoon laughs out loud. When did the question become an essay on 'My dad is the best'!

Jungkook also smiles at the cuteness. He says" Okay! Let's take you to your dad and ask one of the employees at the counter to get the teddy. "
Dayun nods and Nayoon takes his little hand to lead him out of the isle. The entire time Dayun keeps on jumping up and down, pointing at random useless things and chats non stop.

" How many sweets can you eat when you grow up? How old are you? Dad doesn't let me eat more than two. He says I need to protect my teeth. But he always gives me a gift when I do well in school. I got a star yesterday because I made the best drawing! Did I tell you my daddy paints. Oh, oh! I love that chocolate. But dad only gets it for my birthday. He calls it birthday chocolate. Mommy says I should not ask much because we need to save money. What is this money? Is it hurt? Why do we need to save it."

Nayoon wonders how can someone so small talk so much. He surely has an interesting dad. Jungkook also has the same expression of wonder on his face. This child talks and talks and talks. He is a happy little ball of sunshine. Somewhere in the back of his mind Nayoon is reminded of Sojin.

At that moment they reach the counter and both Jungkook and Nayoon stop in their tracks when they see the person managing it.
Dayun leaves Nayoon's hand and runs shouting "Daaaaaaaad"
Taehyung, looks up and is shocked to see Jungkook and Nayoon. It's been years since they last saw each other. Taehyung steadies himself mentally and lifts up Dayun in his arms.

Both Jungkook and Nayoon now look at the father and son duo. But just then Dayun starts again" Dad, I saw a big teddy and i wanted to get it but I couldn't, then those people there, tried to help me. But it's so upppppp. Can you ask someone to get it?? " he says with a bright smile and shining eyes.

Taehyung's expression softens after looking at his son. But he cannot buy him anything from this store. Everything is damn expensive and he doesn't have the money right now. But he won't tell that to his baby who just wants to get a teddy. He wants a big teddy and Taehyung will make sure that he gets a big teddy. He would have to gather some money but he will do it in time.

He says in a warm voice " hawwwww! You saw the birthday teddy I wanted to give you? Now what will dad do?"
Dayun squeaks and says "it's birthday teddy!!! Yayyy!!!"
He then starts running around in circles around Taehyung.
"Yes baby it's birthday Teddy, so you will get it on your birthday. You' ll be a big boy then. Big boys get big teddy." Tae continues. While Dayun keeps on running in excitement.

Nayoon has a disgust on his face. How dare Taehyung take away everything from him and make a world for himself. He then looks at Dayun and there is a sense of jealousy in in heart. Only if this would have been Sojin. Then their family would have been complete but no this was some other omega child. The one who was living the life that Sojin was supposed to live.

He says to Jungkook angrily "Let's go dad."
Taehyung now looks at him with a confused expression. He goes to him and asks with a smile " How are you Nayoon?" he keeps his hand in his shoulder.
Nayoon throws his hand off his shoulder with a jerk and addresses Jungkook again "I'm going to the car."

He turns around to leave. Jungkook starts walking too when Dayun runs to Nayoon and hugs his legs saying "Thank you for today ! Can we play together some day? I like you! " He looks at him with hopeful eyes but Nayoon pushes him aside and continues walking!

Chapter Text

Hoseok was born in a wealthy family . He was also the only omega child of the family. He got everything that his siblings got but there was one thing that he never received, acceptance. He was never loved like his siblings were loved by his parents. So when one day when an alpha came asking for his hand in marriage Hoseok saw a slight hope of finally being loved.

Min Yoongi was an omega dream. He had recently started a business with his best friend. He knew that the Jungs were looking for a mate for their son, so he offered himself. He got a lot of money out of the marriage though .
They both mated but their relationship always remained casual. Hoseok did everything to gain Yoongi's affection but work always came first for him. He had heard that a child bridged the gap between mates, so he hoped that one day his child could do that for him.

Hoseok had working before marriage and he continued the job to fill the void that his mate couldn't. Then he had Jungkook, an alpha. He again hoped that maybe now his Alpha would pay attention to him but nothing happened. There were still no' I love yous' or 'did you eat the food' or any cuddles and kisses. But he was now given the responsibility of taking care of a small child. He did that diligently too wishing that atleast his son would love him and after seeing how well he was raising the baby, maybe, just maybe, Yoongi would notice him too.

But one mistake costed him everything. He was scolded by Yoongi and all his hopes were shattered again. He was forced to leave the job after Jungkook's sickness. Now his world only consisted of his child and mate.

When the DNA results were finally revealed Nayoon to be Jungkook's, was the first time when Yoongi looked and hugs him affectionately. That day he believed that he finally found love. That was the happiest day of his life!

A year after Jimin left, Hobi got extremely sick. The doctors told Yoongi that a surgery would be required because there had been some internal bleeding. The next day after the surgery Yoongi came to his hospital room with a smile on his face. Hoseok expected a 'get well soon present' or ' I was so scared for you' but Yoongi just said "We are having a party tonight. All the important people would be there. I hope all arrangements could be made till then."
Hoseok looked confused. He just had a surgery. He was in so much pain. How could he host an entire event. Why was Yoongi not thinking about his mate. Where was the love? Why was he not caring? Why was love and care so difficult to achieve? Who were those omegas whose alphas doted upon them? Why wasn't he one of them?

Hoseok said pleadingly " But I just had surgery, alpha. I cannot even get up. "
" This is important, omega! Keep your pain aside. I didn't ask you to get sick. If you can't even do the thing that is required of you then what is your use? "Yoongi growls.
Hoseok now wanted to cry. He did everything he could to make his Alpha love him. Guess, it was never enough! Tears started rolling down his face but he just said " I ll do it. Don't worry "

He prepared for the entire party despite the doctors protests that he should rest. The party went successfully. Though in the end Hoseok collapsed of exhaustion.

When he opened his eyes he saw Jungkook, Yoongi and Nayoon. Yoongi looked at him and said" oh good you are up. We have to go for a business meeting. Nayoon would be staying here. Take care of him. "
No.... how are you doing? Or Are you well? Just more responsibilities. He had spent his entire life taking care of him and Yoongi couldn't spend one day taking care of him.
Jungkook said" Good bye dad " and left the room behind Yoongi.

Now just Nayoon and Hobi were left. Hoseok asked him with a soft smile" Do you need anything. Let me get something for you. " He started to get up but Nayoon came over to wrap him in a warm hug.

" You rest Granddaddy ! I 'll take care of you. " He ran out of the room and got his bag. He emptied it's content on the bed. There were notebooks and some cards made by little children. He finally found what he had been looking for, a packet of cookies and offered it to Hoseok.

Hoseok laughed and took the cookies and started eating them slowly. He then started looking at the greeting cards. They were little cards with wishes written on then. Nayoon pointed to a card and said "Sojin made this for you. I never had time to give it to you. "

Hobi picked up the card and read it. In a sloppy handwriting it was written that
'Granddaddy Hobi. I think you are very nice and cool. Nayoon also tells me that you are super nice. But you never play with me. It's okay! You get tired after playing with Yoonie. I wanna play with you someday. Maybe we will!! I also think you are very pretty. I love you a lot because you are my Granddaddy. Daddy says you are family and I love family so I love you! '

That little child loved him. Hoseok was crying at this point. That little child that he always ignored loved him more than the man he gave his life to. He had been looking at love in the wrong place. Now that he thought about it, he did the same thing to that child that was done to him as a child. That too for what? For a man who still didn't care about him. For a man who left him when he was sick. All his life he was made to believe that omegas were less, but here was a little omega who was ready to give him what he desired the most. Love. And he lost that chance.

Hoseok's heart was now filled with venom. It's said that it doesn't take much time for love to become hate and the more the love, more is the hate.

He packed a bag and took Nayoon to Sooyon and Hyun's house. He asked them to inform Jungkook that Nayoon was there with them.

Now he wanted to do something for himself. He did not want to live the rest of his life wishing for love. He then reached an omega center to find shelter. He never let go of the card though . The omega lady at the center said to him "Omegas in need come here all the time so we don't really have much space but one room is empty. Someone is already there though , he works as a teacher here. I hope you don't mind sharing." she then chuckled and lead him to the room. There he saw a familiar face and he instantly felt regret and remorse.

Jimin stood at the door and looked at Hoseok with a questioning look.

Chapter Text

Unlike Hobi and Jimin, Jin was not born rich. He was born in a middle class family. But like Jimin he was loved. His parents raised him as the star of the family. And as a star won everything, so did Jin. He became extremely ambitious. He wanted to make a name for himself. He dreamed of becoming someone famous some day. He had always been told that he was good cook and that one day he could become a great chef. He worked very hard to perfect various cuisines. He went to the top culinary school and was scouted by one of the top restaurants to come join their team.

But just then his parents thinking that he was now of age arranged his marriage to an alpha Kim Namjoon. Namjoon was never really against Jin doing a job but his omega mother was. She wanted Jin to devote his life to his Alpha but Jin was too stubborn. Namjoon never really spoke between the mother in law and son in law. He was too busy to do that anyway.

His mother in law used to give him a task list in the morning that included washing, cleaning, cooking and other things. If he failed to do even a single task, he was punished severely. Once he was left in a room for two days without any food. One other time when he forgot to bring tea from the store he was asked to walk back to the store in scorching heat which was a twenty five minutes drive from their house. Another time he was left outside to freeze in the cold when he mixed the white and the colored clothes while washing. The tasks never really left any time for him to go to the restaurant and also the punishments made him very afraid of angering anyone. So he finally accepted Taehyung and Namjoon as his world.

When Taehyung went to college and some omegas asked him for his recipes, he complied a book for them which they suggested to him that he should publish.
Namjoon came home one day and told him that his colleagues were talking about the book that he made. Their omega mates were impressed by Jin. Namjoon asked him to get it published because it would have raised their social standing. The book became successful and he brought out another one. This process continued and he soon became a known author.

But everything came crashing down after Sojin. Jin had always been afraid for the little boy. Jin wanted to accept him as his grandson but Namjoon never let him and that fear of angering his Alpha was still within him that stopped him from going against his him.

But then Taehyung happened. He started drinking away his guilt. He came home drunk, cried a lot and was just miserable in general. He even stopped going to the company.

At the same time Jin also got a job offer from that same restaurant. He believed that now Namjoon would have no problem with him working but how wrong he had been!

Jin told him about the Job offer and Namjoon said "No! I don't want you working anywhere. I want you to concentrate on your useless son."
Jin countered "what can I do? I can ask him to get help but he feels bad and honestly he should. Let him grieve a bit, please ."
Namjoon was angry by this time "You bring him in line Jin. Tell him it's not too late. Ask him to take another mate. Have an alpha son."
Jin signed and said "But he isn't divorced. He can't take another mate."
Namjoon growled "I don't care. You do something right or I will cut him off. Then he can starve on the streets."
Jin was furious too now. They were talking about his son whom he loved and so he argued back "you can cut him off! I can support him very well. I get my money too from the books, remember !"

Namjoon pushed him towards the wall and locked him in between his arms and angrily said "you are showing me the power ifmoney? You do one thing and you think you can support someone. You are nothing! Your money goes to our joint account and you cannot access it without my permission. So you are nothing without me Jin. How dare you even question my authority? "
He pulled him towards their room and pushed him on the bed. Jin fell on the bed and before he could get up and regain himself, Namjoon was already out locking the door behind him. He shouted " I'm going out. You can sit here until then and reflect on your actions. "

Jin sat in the room crying. He remembered everything. Yes, he had asked Jimin for an alpha child but that was because both Yoongi and Joon had made it very clear that they would give up an omega grandson. It was Jin who had convinced them to let them keep Sojin because atleast the other child was an alpha. He wished to connect with his grandson but couldn't because his alpha did not want him to. He had bought so many toys for him but he never got a chance to give it to the little child because he was not allowed to . So on the day of the funeral he was crying because he had now lost the chance. He could no longer give love his grandson!

He was crying hysterically by now. He did have his phone with him but he dared not to call anyone. But just then his phone rang. It was Taehyung. He picked up the phone and heard Taehyung crying" I'm.... I'm in the car daddy . I can't do it anymore.... I just can't. He....he died.... I should have been there! He was my child daddy... I miss him so much. I want him to wake me up. I want him to run to me and say dad. The way he used to run around the house, remember that . I want to see that dad. I don't want any company. I... I don't want anything else... Just, just Sojin. I want to meet him again. Please, please, please! " and he sobbed on the phone.

Jin was now afraid. He feared that Taehyung would take some drastic step. He said desperately " Baby, where are you? Listen to me, don't do anything, okay...I'm coming. " saying this he tried to open the door but it was locked. He hit it with his fist a few times bit nothing happened. He was so sacred by this time. Tae had also disconnected the phone after saying" too late daddy."

Jin tried calling Namjoon but he did not pick up. He tried calling Yoongi but even he didn't pick up. Finally he called Jungkook and thankfully he did pick up. He told him his conversation with Taehyung. Jungkook asked him to relax while he went and looked around for him.

Jin though was unable to keep calm. Namjoon came home and opened the door after two hours. He had a solemn expression on his face and he said "Taehyung was in an accident. He is fine now though."

Jin rushed to the hospital and saw Taehyung in a state that could have been prevented only if he had not been locked. He cried beside Taehyung. He was also angry at Namjoon because he had refused to pay for 'his useless son's' medical bill. The bill was finally paid by Jungkook.

When Taehyung finally gained consciousness after two weeks the first thing he said to Jin was "I'm leaving daddy. You should too."

Jin was angry and sad at everything. He had enough. He had been proud of himself once and they all made him a shell of his previous self.

He could have lost his child. He had already lost his identity. He had lost his grandson. He wondered what more was there to lose. He knew that Hoseok was in an Omega shelter and he decided to go there too. But when he reached there he was shocked to see a boy accompanying Hoseok who he very well knew as Park Jimin.

Chapter Text

Jimin came to the omega center straight after he left his so called family. The omega center was specially build for omegas who had no one else and nowhere to go. It was funded and run by the government. He stayed there for a long time thinking what he should do. Everyday was a struggle as he wanted to hold his small child in his arms but he knew that he couldn't. He cried himself to sleep. But sleep was good. In his dreams he met Sojin. But whenever he woke up, there was no one beside him giggling . The bed on his side was always cold. And reality hit him hard everyday.

He applied to a nearby school to complete his education. But one day he saw some omegas who were preparing for university entrance exams, struggling to figure out some concepts. He went to them said " I can help you with that. It's actually easy if you do it like this..." and he explained them a new trick to answer the question. They were happy and so everyday they started coming to him for help.

Gradually he started teaching them and preparing them for university exams. He was now referred to as 'teacher Park'.
Jimin finally found a purpose. Teaching made him happy. This was what he actually wanted to do before he had kids, before he got married and even after marriage until that day. These were definitely not the circumstances under which he wanted to work but that's just how life played out.

When Hoseok came to the center, Jimin became furious. He did not even ask him why he was there. He did not talk to him for months and neither did Hoseok do anything . Hoseok had been applying for editor jobs and that kept him busy. He was also too ashamed to even initiate a conversation with Jimin . On the other hand Jimin spent most of his time with the young Omegas and only came in their shared room to sleep.

One night when Jimin had been feeling particularly lonely and was missing his children . He started crying. Hoseok heard the sniffling and asked in a comforting voice" Are you okay? "
Jimin replied" I'm fine! "
It was clear that Jimin did not want to continue the conversation but Hoseok did and he continued " I'm sorry.... Just hear me out before you say anything. I know that no apologies will be able to get me any forgiveness. But still I wanna say sorry to you and Sojin. I was so blinded by badly wanted Yoongi to accept me. And... And look at me now. You told Sojin that we were family. When I finally meet him someday in the afterlife .. I would hug him so tightly and tell him that I love him. I now realize that he was family. And no matter what from now on, he is my family Jimin . He loved me....... Also I want to help you bring those people down Jimin. "
Jimin sighed looking at the roof. He just said in a low voice filled with sadness " I can't forgive you. I will never forgive you. But Sojin... Sojin really loved everyone. He will definitely forgive you. Try earning it for him. "

No other conversation was ever exchanged in between them but now there existed a comfortable silence. People talked in the center and therefore Jimin knew why Hoseok was there. He knew he wanted Yoongi to suffer but Jimin was just not ready to accept him yet and include him in his plans.

One day though Jimin's students came to Hoseok to ask his help for their university essays. Hoseok very gladly edited their essays and also gave them insightful inputs on how to write. Slowly Jimin and Hoseok started working in close proximity with each other to help the omegas.

That's how they started understanding each other and also that's how they both started 'Believe'. Hoseok found out that Jimin was a sweetheart. He was kind and helpful. He wondered if Sojin would have grown up to be like that. Jimin also found out that Hoseok was a sunshine. He was just love starved. As soon as he got love and acceptance, he opened up like a flower. Hoseok found that acceptance in the omega center.

They both trained Omegas in education, cookery or whatever their skill was and then talked to small businesses in need of employees to hire them. That was the basic concept of 'Believe'.

During that time Jin came there too. Jimin had not forgiven Hoseok. Yes, he now had a good relationship with him but he had definitely not forgiven him. He doubted if he ever could.

Hobi and Jin started spending time together. Hoseok helped him settle. Jin also started working at the restaurant and started saving money in his name. He was saving up to open up his own restaurant. Finally after one year he had enough to open 'Astra'. He asked Hoseok to help him with the waiters and other staff and through 'Believe' he found the required employees.

During his stay Jin only talked to Jimin once when he tried to explain his position to him. He said "Taehyung tried to kill himself Jimin. He feels so guilty. I'm not asking you to forgive him or.... me but I atleast want you to consider it. I would do anything to rectify the mistakes I made. I...... I was so afraid then. "
Jimin had been too angry to answer and he just said "It's too late for everything. Don't you think? Why do you people think that apologies can right the wrong? Hmm? It cannot. You lost your chance Jin ."
" I lost my chance. "Jin replied in a contemplative voice. He then continued" But then how can I make it right, tell me. I'll do anything. "
Jimin replied shaking his head " You can't "and just left him there.

Hoseok though continuously asked him to give Jin another chance. He was actually the one who initiated a conversation between the two. Jimin never accepted Jin but Jin also never gave up and somehow, with time, became the omega parent presence in his life. He brought him food when he used to work late nights. He used to drape blanket over him if he ever slept on the couch. Jimin saw that he was trying to change. Jimin saw the hurt in his eyes too. He understood from the stories he had heard about him at the center that whatever he did, he did for his son. Jimin used to think if he would have done the same thing for his kids. So finally Jimin decided to give him a chance. But no way in hell did he forget anything. The wound was still fresh and he was doubtful that it would ever get old.

So one day during evening time all the omegas were seated around the couch for tea. One of the younger omega's suggested that they play a game 'I wish.' Everyone had to tell something that they wished for.

Hoseok started " I wish...... Wait what do I wish? ... Yeah! I wish that everyone at 'Believe' becomes successful. And then you all come to me and say 'you are the best' and stuff like that. " he chuckled.
There were shouts and laughs all around the room. Everyone was saying "tell us something more interesting " and "you are already the best".

Just then Jin said in his sassy voice"I want 'Astra' to be damn famous so that I could sleep on a bed of money ". That made everyone laugh. Finally another young omega asked Jimin "what about you teacher Park?"

Jimin smiled a faint smile and said in a solemn voice "I wish that I get married to two alphas who love me a lot. We have a big room and a big bed for the three of us and they cuddle and squish me in between them. I become a teacher and start teaching at a university. Then I have two kids. One alpha and one omega. My mates love the kids and spoil them rotten. Their grandparents get both of them so many toys and clothes. Both the kids are loved. We all go to the park together, have family dinners together. When my kids grow up and graduate, I wish to be seated in the very first row clapping as hard as I can.My mates sit beside me doing the same. Both my kids then run to me shouting 'daddy' and hug me. I hug them back wrapping one arm around each son . Eventually my alpha son becomes a football star and my omega son becomes an amazing dancer. I go to all their tournaments and practices. After achieving all their dreams they both finally get married and have their own children. My mates cry when their omega child gets married because their little bean was now going to someone else's house. They also cry when he tells them that he's going to have pups and they stress over his health and pamper him so, so much. Also like good grandparents we spoil our grandkids rotten too!....... In the end when everything is settled and everyone is happy.... I finally wish to live with my mates in a beach house until the end of time . " Jimin's face still has a smile but his eyes were lost in some thought. Maybe he was thinking about this perfect alternate reality where everything was okay. Where he was happy, Sojin was also alive and well, and everything was just perfect.

Everyone was dumbfounded and that young omega girl said " Wow! Teacher Park that was amazing. I'm sure one day you' ll have all this. Do call us when you get married and have kids, okay !"
Cheers were heard all around the hall. A tear escaped Jimin's eyes and he got up to leave the room.

Hoseok and Jin looked sad and guilty. They both now understood that their actions took Jimin's dream away from him and that was no doubt unforgivable.

Chapter Text

Giana is cooking in the kitchen when Taehyung comes to her and sees the three course meal she is trying to make. Dayun is sitting on the kitchen counter munching on some fruits. He caresses Dayun's cheek and says "whoa! What's the special occasion?"
Giana replies in a cheery voice "Oh! Remember I told you about teacher Park. The one who helped us in the omega center. Well! some other omegas were talking about him and so I asked them if they had his number. You know how long I've been trying to contact him, right? And they said that they did, so I called him and long story short, he is coming for dinner. "

Taehyung nods in acknowledgement . He had heard a lot about this teacher Park. Apparently the omega helped many other omegas settle in life. He eagerly wanted to meet such a great person. Also Giana would not stop talking about how kind and amazing her Teacher is!

Just then the door bell rings and Giana lights up and says" I ll get it! "Dayun looks up at his dad and makes grabby hands towards him. Taehyung chuckles and picks him up.

Giana comes in with a nice looking man. Taehyung's smile disappears as soon as he sees Jimin standing in front of him. Jimin also has a questioning frown on his face. Giana sensing the awkwardness says "Teacher Park, this is Taehyung! And that's Dayun. Dayun baby say 'hi' "

Dayun looks up at his mother and then at Jimin. Jimin gives a soft smile to the little boy. The little baby also smiles back. He's decided that he likes this new stranger. He says brightly " Hi... I'm Dayun and I'm three years old. I live with Dad and mommy. Are you Teacher Park? Mommy really likes you. She made a lot of food. She doesn't cook well though."

"Dayun! " Giana tries to scold him and then starts laughing. She says "It's true. But just bear with me. "
Jimin smiles at the conversation .

He was still confused though . So Taehyung made a family for himself. What about all that feeling guilty that Jin told him about? But at least it looked like he loved his omega kid. Was this his repentance?

The dinner goes silently with Dayun chatting non stop about his school. Taehyung keeps on feeding him and also reprimanding him at the same time for not speaking while eating. When dinner is over Taehyung goes to put Dayun down for his sleep.

Giana and Jimin sit on the couch. Jimin then finally asks "So... Taehyung?"
Giana cuts him in between and says with a sad expression "First things first, we are neither mated nor married, Teacher Park. As far as I know Taehyung lived on the streets for some time, then he got a job at a cafe. He eventually bought painting material and started painting. He finally rented this house by selling those paintings. So that's about Taehyung. Now about me. After I got the job and left the center , I found this alpha who promised me to keep me happy. I was blinded by notions of love and also I was young. I just accepted his proposal . He changed completely after I said yes to him. He started beating me. When I found out that I was carrying a pup, I ran, but he sent his men to kill me. I broke into a random house to find shelter and it tuned out to be Taehyung's. He saved me from those men. He even reported everything to the police and they were able to charge the alpha with abuse. I did not want to be alone so he gave me a place to stay. He took care of me the entire time . When Dayun was born, he was there. He cried that day. He also kept on saying 'I missed it the first time '. I got sick after the delivery and Taehyung took care of Dayun for three months. He bathed him, fed him, changed him. He got so close to him and even Dayun would not let him leave his side. They both love each other a lot. And so we finally decided we would stay together, as friends though , so that Dayun grows up loved. "

Giana smiles but Jimin was lost in thought. So this really was Taehyung's repentance. The child was not his but he loved him regardless. Still Jimin wanted to know why couldn't he love his own child in the first place . But there was no malice in his heart for Dayun. In fact he was happy that an omega child was getting so much love. But only if it would have been Sojin.

Jimin smiles and nods. He then gets up to leave. But then Taehyung comes and says "let me accompany teacher park to his car." Giana and Jimin embrace. Jimin starts to leave with Taehyung behind him.

Once outside Taehyung finally gathers the courage to say "Jimin I..... I don't even know what to say. I... I left everything..... I could never forgive myself for what I did. The company did not matter anymore. And then Dayun came to my life and it felt like Sojin was giving me another chance. I know it sounds stupid but I... I finally understand what it means to be a father, Jimin . I.... also want to apologize to you too... I never was a good husband. I wanted to impress dad so bad. I realized that none of that matters. You know when you are in a car that is about to crash into a wall and you see your last moments in front you... The only thing that matters is your family and the love they gave you and you gave them and also the mistakes you made, the chances you did not take, the 'I love yous' you did not say.....this is all you remember.... No how much money I have or how powerful I am.... You only remember moments not achievements ........ You don't know how much Dayun reminds me of Sojin every day .... I take care of him thinking that I'm taking care of Sojin." He is crying at this point but Jimin doesn't know how to react so he just remains silent .

" Do you love the child? " Jimin finally asks.
" I do "Taehyung replies.

Jimin hums and gets in his car to leave. While sitting in the car he thinks about Taehyung and Dayun. Taehyung was taking care of a child that was not his. He loved him dearly. He was also taking care of a single omega mother. He wanted to believe that Taehyung had changed.

Jimin did believe that people changed . But he always had certain unanswered questions. How long should punishments last? Forever? Do second chances exist? Because it was clear that Taehyung got his and he definitely did not mess it up.

Maybe Taehyung was right, seeing his father's guilt and will to repent Sojin did give him another chance from heaven through Dayun.

Chapter Text

Yoongi, Namjoon and Jungkook agree to invest in the companys suggested by Hyun and Sooyon. Apparently Jimin was right, everything works when you say "We are doing this for Nayoon". The three representatives were supposed to meet the CEO's today and Namjoon, Yoongi and Jungkook were waiting for them in the conference room.

The door opens and three confident Omegas enter. But the three Alpha's stiffen in their seats as soon as they see their mates.
"Hello boys! " Jin says with a smile.
The alphas were still looking at the omegas as if they'd seen a ghost.
"Jimin? " Jungkook says in a confused voice. He then looks at Hoseok and says a quiet "Daddy?"That poor boy was the most confused out of the three.

Jimin starts in a voice that purely means business "Well, as I am the heir of my parent's company so I'm here on behalf of Parks. Jin is the owner of 'Astra' and Hoseok runs 'Believe'. I hope you understand the arrangement that was proposed ."

Namjoon looks furiously at Jin and says" What are you even doing here? Can't run a restaurant without an alphas help? "
Jin says with a pout and a mocking voice " I guess not, alpha! But at the same time you see, you'll be benefited way more by investing in my business. So in a way you are earning from an omega's business. Now, I really did not want to do this. But you see, Nayoon is my heir too and I would like to give him... How should I put it.... A comprehensive business.... And not three to four scattered businesses.... We need to make things easy for him. Don't we? "
Namjoon is just too angry to counter anything and therefore Yoongi takes over" 'Astra' would be working as a side business under the company's name. If we ever require your services. We will call you Jin. Jimin will look into the merger between Parks and Kim/Min. And as for 'Believe'. We require staff. Hoseok can look into fulfilling that part, I hope. Train them and employ workers according to the requirements here. But give us a name list before they are assigned. It would take atleast a week for us to make the necessary security requirements and draft contracts and work agreements . " saying this he gets up and leaves. Not even once does he look at Hoseok. But Hoseok doesn't care anymore either. When all this would end, Hoseok would be the only thing he would remember.

Namjoon gets up and leaves too. Jungkook goes to Jimin. He says with a smile "You are back! Nayoon misses you so much. Why don't you come meet him some day?"
Jimin looks at him and replies "It's not the right time." And he gets up and leaves too.

Everything starts going smoothly. Everyone does their assigned works and nobody gets in between anybody else's work. Also no one suspects anything. 'Astra' is asked to cater for a few parties when the guests find out that the two businesses work together. The employees sent by 'Believe' also prove to be very efficient and hardworking.


A large delegation of certain world leaders is supposed to host an event in the hotel. It really was a big thing and everyone was stressing about making it perfect.

A day before the event Jimin, Hoseok and Jin discuss their plan.
Jimin starts " What about the food?"
"They are getting three times extra raw materials, fruits, vegetables and other stuff for tomorrow. We need to stop that. Can we cancel the order? Or somehow make sure that it doesn't reach here . Can we just tell them that there is no need to get extra stuff because they would be getting food from somewhere else too?" Hobi asks.
Jimin replies with a sigh "We can't do that. The food is made in the hotel restaurant itself during such events, unless requested otherwise. And the order to cancel any delivery comes from either Namjoon or Yoongi. Even Jungkook doesn't have that power yet."
Jin lights up and says "Then the order 'that we don't require the extra things tomorrow' will come from Namjoon."
Jimin frowns and asks "How? Why would that person do that?"
Jin says with a smirk "Because his smart omega knows how to get things done!" he winks and goes to get a coffee.

He straight away goes to Namjoon's office and knocks. He has a coffee cup in his hand. Jin opens the door when he hears a faint 'come in '. Namjoon looks up from the files he is working on and asks in an annoyed voice " Jin? Do you need anything because I don't have time for your useless chit chat. "
Jin replies" I actually got coffee for you. Since I know how stressed you are for tomorrow. " he keeps the coffee on the table but Namjoon doesn't even touch it.
"Fine. Thank you. You can go now." he says and starts working on the files again.
Jin Walks over to him and continues in a soft voice " You know I'm still in contact with Taehyung, right. You should atleast meet him once. He is your son and now he has another son and.... "
This gets Namjoon's attention and he asks "A son? How?.. What is he?"
Jin scoffs and says "Is that thing still important to you. Well then sorry to disappoint you, but the child is an omega."
Namjoon leans back in his chair and shakes his head saying "Can that useless thing do any better than that."
Jin furiously grabs the coffee cup and pours it's content on Namjoon's head saying "You. Have. Issues. You. Idiot."
Namjoon gets up and shouts "JIN! WHAT DID YOU DO?" He was completely drenched in coffee. He quickly hurries to the bathroom to clean himself. Jin sees him leave and makes a call from Namjoon's office phone that is left on his desk. His passwords have always been way too simple, his mothers name with their anniversary and an exclamation mark in the end. Obviously Jin knew how Namjoon's brain functioned . He had spent almost thirty years of his life with that man.

He finds the number and calls the delivery service saying "Hello! This is the office of Kim Namjoon. He is extremely busy at the moment but we would like to confirm the extra stuff for day after tomorrow, the twenty-fifth . "
Seeing the caller ID, the incharge understood that the call was authentic. Namjoon was a busy man and sometimes he asked his secretary to call in his behalf and tell about the decisions made.
The person on the other side replies in a confused voice" Twenty-fifth? But we were told the twenty fourth. "
Jin says in a desperate voice " Oh no, no, no! Thank God, we could sort this out. It's for the twenty-fifth. Please don't make such mistakes. This event is very important for us. "
"Yes. We understand . Thank you very much for clearing this up. We would deliver the normal delivery tomorrow and triple the amount day after tomorrow."
Jin smiles and says "Thank you very much. "

He keeps the phone down as he sees Namjoon re entering the room. Jin starts to leave when suddenly Namjoon says" Don't come here, ever again! "
Jin replies in a confident voice" I won't have to. "

Jin meets Hobi and Jimin. He tells them that " it's done!! "
They all smile and cheer a bit.
" Now time for step two. "Jimin smiles. He turns to Hoseok and asks" Your people are ready? "
" Oh yes! " Hoseok replies.

The next day Yoongi gets a call from their hotel restaurant" Sir, we have a problem. We were delivered the normal amount of stuff today and not the three times that was required. The delivery company says that the three times order id for day after tomorrow. What should we do now? " the man says.
Yoongi growls. This was messed up. Only two hours before the start of the event and they were not prepared. Getting the stuff and then making it would require at least four hours and they did not have that much time left. They could not just serve half the things . He says angrily" How can that even happen? How can they mess up the dates? Wait, Let me do something. "

Yoongi calls Namjoon and Jungkook. He explains them the problem and just then Jimin enters the conference room and says" I heard what happened. We can actually ask 'Astra' to supply the food. No one would really know. Jin can close the restaurant for the day and prepare the food exclusively for this event. That way you would have ample to serve. "

In this crises situation that seemed like the best option. Yoongi is about to say something when another employee enters the room and says" Sir, we have another issue. We are understaffed. "
Now the three alphas lost it. Namjoon says angrily" How can we be understaffed? Who would take care of the guests? Now what happened?
The incharge replies timidly "Some workers from 'Believe' called and said that they couldn't come because their heats just started. One said that her grandmother fell and she needs to be with her. Another said that..."
Yoongi runs his hand through his hair and a frustrating sigh escapes his mouth. He just says" Call Hoseok. "

As soon as Hoseok enters the room Yoongi says furiously "Your workers ditched us on such an important event."
Hoseok replies "People are human Yoongi. If their heats started or someone got hurt that's not their fault. Do you think heats say 'oh, if you are not free today, we can just come later'. NO! That's not how it works and you know it."
Yoongi growls again "That is why employing Omegas creates problems! I don't know why we were so stupid to do that."
Hobi says in a mocking but sweet voice "Honey, relax. I can get you ten other people to work today at the event."
Namjoon counters this proposition "But the security checking and drafting replacement contracts would take a lot of time."
Hoseok continues "Then don't do it. Don't draft anything. They can just come work for a day and get paid for the day accordingly . That's it. Don't complicate it with contracts and staff permits. No one would really know that they've come from the outside to help."

All the alphas were desperate. Finally Jungkook says" I think this is the only option we have now. 'Astra' can supply the extra food we require and 'Believe' can get the staff. Let's just get this over with. "
Namjoon nods and says" Okay get the omegas and explain them the work. Jimin, call Jin and tell him about the food situation . We'll go see if everything else is okay". Jimin nods and Hoseak smiles and says "Don't worry"

The alphas leave and when only Jimin and Hoseak are left in the room Jimin says in a serious voice "Time for part two of the plan!"

Chapter Text

It is said that forgiveness is the best revenge. Wrong! Revenge is the best Revenge. That's what Jimin started believing over the years. He often wondered if there is morality in revenge. But then morality is a dubious concept. It is moral for a starving man to steal bread but at the same time immoral for the man who sits at his home eating a meal three times a day!

So Jimin makes his own guide: Ways to bring down a company 101: involve it in scandals and voila, mission successful!


The event had been going quite well. The restaurant was responsible for the food being served in the event and 'Astra' was taking care of the other guests in the hotel. 'Believe' had also sent five of its workers and helped tackle the problem of lack of staff.

But just then a team of police officers enter the hall. The senior
inspector called Mr. Song asks " We are looking for Mr. Min Yoongi and Mr. Kim Namjoon."
All the delegates now divert their attention towards the police officers . Yoongi and Namjoon come forward along with Jungkook .
"What is going on officer? This is a private event."Yoongi says in a calm voice.
Inspector Song says" We received a phone call today from this hotel and two complaints were reported to us, Sir. One, that you are mixing drugs in the food that you are serving to your customers. " This gets everyone's attention and they leave the plates that they are holding .
Inspector Song continues" And the second that you have some unauthorized omega staff working here, that you plan on selling later on. You understand that's human trafficking. Is there any staff here that is not accounted for? "

Yoongi and Namjoon both have a confused look on their faces. What was going on?Just then two officers enter and say" Sir, we tested the food that is being served in the restaurant, it tests positive for drugs. "
Yoongi growls angrily" But why would we drug our customers? "
The officer continues" the drug was found in extremely small amounts. Usually that is done to get people addicted to it, so that it could be, later on, sold to them. Or sometimes it is done so that they keep coming to the place that satisfies their addiction. In this case, the restaurant. "

Namjoon counters urgently" But the food that is being supplied to the restaurant, is not made in the hotel. 'Astra' is supplying it!"
Jin comes forward and says" Excuse me! Inspector, ask them if they have any proof, any contract, that says that 'Astra' is supplying them food today. In fact you can ask the guests. It was specifically announced that everything that is being served today in the hotel, here or outside, is prepared by the hotel itself. "

The guests nod in affirmation. But Namjoon says furiously" This is all a trap! " he tries to grab Jin but is stopped by the officer.

The second officer then says" There are five staff members here that are unaccounted for. They don't even have any contracts or anything . "
Now Yoongi tries to reason" They work with an organization called 'Believe ' , Hoseok got them here. Hoseok tell them. " Hoseok looks at Yoongi and then at the inspectors and finally says in a distressed voice" Yes, I got them here because they told me that they were understaffed. I did not know that they were going to sell the poor omegas. Oh my God! What did I do? Is that why you didn't want them to have a contract? Is that why you said that it would take time so let's just leave it ?"

Yoongi shouts "You said that there was no need for a contact! "
Hoseok puts a hand on his heart and says dramatically "Why would I say that?"
"You did say that daddy" Jungkook says.
"And what proof do you have of a verbal conversation. Why would I put my people in danger? This boy us just trying to save his dad, inspector." Hoseok replies.

The inspector says calmly " We would need both of you to come with us."
Both Yoongi and Namjoon nod and prepare to leave . They realize that they have lost the battle. Yoongi before leaving says to Jungkook " Call the lawyers ".
Jimin had been looking at the entire exchange from a distance. He smiles and takes a sip from his champaign. His plan finally bore fruitful results.

The investigation goes on for a few days but nothing is proved. The drugs were in small amount therefore they are just fined for it heavily. Human trafficking charge could not be proved because of lack of evidence. Just having five unauthorized omegas there was not sufficient to charge them for anything.

But these two scandals damage the reputation of the company greatly. It becomes the talk of the town because it happened on the day of a very important event. Due to this bad reputation that they had now gained, the investors start widrawing their investments, one by one . The sales go down. They also have to pay a lot for the fines. Basically within days the company becomes bankrupt and debt starts accumulating as they try to keep the company running. Also no one is ready to help them.
It is a really big scandal and two really big accusations.

Namjoon, Yoongi and even Jungkook have to pay the debt by selling their houses, cars and other belongings. They also have to eventually give up the company. Now they had nothing left but resentment. Resentment for three omegas who brought them down.

After everything being taken away from them Namjoon and Yoongi both go to their ancestral homes. They didn't know what else was now left in their lives. They had given their entire lives to the company but now it was gone and they were ruined.
Jungkook on the other hand starts living with Hoseok who rents an apartment basically so that Nayoon does not suffer.
Jimin comes to him one day and says " I'm here to take Nayoon, Jungkook. "

Jungkook had been miserable since the day he had to fall back on his omega father. Maybe it hurt his pride that he could no longer provide for his son and was now dependent on his own father. He understood the schemes and the planning that was done. But now it didn't matter. Everything had been taken away from him too. He had also worked his entire life to take over the company. Hell! He even married for the company, wished desperately for an alpha child, ignored the omega child and even let him die in a way.

Jungkook says in a pleading voice "Please don't take him away from me. He is the only one I have left."
Jimin says "You know Jungkook, you were always better than the others. But there was one thing you never did and that was ' stand up for me'. You never stood up as a husband or even as a father! Sojin was your son too. And Jungkook staying silent when you should shout against something is the biggest sin."
Jungkook looks at him with teary eyes and Jimin continues" You can no longer take care of him, Jungkook . You cannot even provide for him. You don't have the money. What do you have left ? Nothing!"

Just then Nayoon enters with Hoseok and seeing his daddy he runs to him and hugs him tightly. Jimin hugs him back and they both start crying. Jimin says" You are coming with me baby. I'm never leaving you again. Ever again! " saying this Jimin kisses his forhead.

He turns to leave but before that he says a loud " Bye Jungkook "while Jungkook cries and cries and cries.

Chapter Text

Jimin takes Nayoon to the Park house where they are welcomed by Hyun and Sooyon. They hug them both and then make them eat a big dinner. Jimin is sure that he won't be able to eat for two days straight after this.

At night Nayoon and Jimin lie in his childhood bed. Nayoon is using Jimin's arm as a pillow. He says "I missed you so much daddy. I waited for you to come back everyday! Whenever the doorbell rang, I always prayed for it to be you."
Jimin turns to face him and caresses his cheek. He says in a warm voice "I'm sorry I had to go, baby . I had to do this for Sojin. But I'm back and I'm not going anywhere. We'll do everything I missed in the last five years, okay ."
Nayoon hugs him saying "I understand everything. You know daddy, I once protected this omega who was being bullied."
Jimin smiles proudly and says "Awww my baby is growing up so well. You remembered my advice?"
Nayoon nods and says "I did.... Daddy?"
Jimin hums.
"What are you going to do about Taehyung?" Nayoon asks.
"He is your father Nayoon. No matter what, address him properly. And we are not going to do anything about him. He is trying to change and we will give him that chance." Jimin replies.
Nayoon gets up and says in an angry voice "You can't do that! You know he has a son... He is giving Sojin's place to someone else. How can you let that slide?"
Jimin gets up too. He is unable to understand where this anger was coming from. He tries to reason in a calm voice "Nayoon, his son Dayun didn't do anything and if Taehyung is able to accept an omega child, we should be happy about that. Sojin brought that change in him. So that's important, don't you think? "

Nayoon was still not having it. But he couldn't let his father know that, so he decided to take the matters in his own hand. If his daddy won't do anything then he would. He says with a smile" I'm sorry daddy. You are right. You know I was rude to him once. Do you think we can meet him so that I can apologize?"
Jimin smiles, kisses his forhead and says" We'll go tomorrow. Now sleep... I miss my cuddles. " saying this he hugs Nayoon tightly and they both fall on the bed laughing.

The next day Jimin takes Nayoon to Taehyung's house. He is obviously surprised see them. Jimin says with a smile" We are here to see Dayun. "
Just then Dayun comes running and squeals on top of his lungs. He goes and hugs Nayoon" You are here! Are you here to play. Dad can we play?Dad can we do to the park? "
Taehyung laughs and says" Yes you can play. "
Dayun starts running around in circles. Taehyung puts a small jacket on him as it is extremely cold. He specially puts an extra layer to protect his little child. He invites Jimin for tea while Nayoon and Dayun go to the park. Nayoon holds Dayun's small hand in his.

When they are gone Taehyung says "He still hasn't forgiven me, has he?"
Jimin shakes his head lightly. Taehyung nods in understanding.

Dayun jumps up and down the entire way to the park. It highly annoys Nayoon. Though when they reach the park he says with a smile "let's play a game Dayun. You need to stand here and not move, okay! If you stay here, you'll ll win. I'll come back and get you in some time. "
"Okay!" Dayun says brightly and just stands in the park with a smile on his face. He was learning a new game!
When Nayoon reaches the entrance of the park, he once again looks at the small figure in the park and Dayun waves at him happily. He waves back and leaves him there.

After some time it starts raining. Jimin and Taehyung are both worried. The children should have come back by now. Just then Nayoon enters the house. Taehyung asks in a desperate voice "Where is Dayun?"
Nayoon says with a smirk "Where he should be! I left him in the park. Nobody deserves to take Sojin's place! "

Jimin and Taehyung are both horrified. They both run outside with Nayoon following behind . Jimin feels like it's a deja vu. When they reach the park, they see a small boy lying in the middle of the park and Jimin says in a shaky voice " What have you done Nayoon? "

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Taehyung hurriedly carries Dayun to his house with Jimin following behind. Jimin increases the temperature of the room. Taehyung changes Dayun's wet clothes into dry ones and Jimin starts rubbing Dayun's small hands to provide him some warmth. Nayoon just stares. He was afraid . The gravity of his actions finally dawned upon him. The little child could have died. He was not really thinking what he was doing before. He was so blinded by rage.
Sojin would not be happy with him. He committed a big mistake. He finally saw reason when the anger subsided. Guilt overtakes him and he starts crying. Jimin looks at him and says in a comforting voice "It's okay Nayoon. Dayun would be fine! You take big breath for me, okay."

Just then Giana enters the house after coming back from her job. Seeing the sight in front of her she asks in a concerned voice "What happened?" but nobody really answers her. They just continue trying to keep Dayun warm.
She shouts again "WHAT HAPPENED?"
Taehyung replies this time "He was playing in the park when the rain started. So right now he is cold and wet and we are trying to warm him up. "
Gina comes over and starts rubbing his little feet. She asks Taehyung "And where were you?"
Taehyung answers after a pause "Me, Jimin and Nayoon were also there, that is why we are wet too. But looks like the cold and the rain got him to first somehow. He fainted. But his breathing and pulse are fine so we just need to keep him warm."

Jimin and Nayoon look at Taehyung. He just saved Nayoon! Nayoon also starts hysterically crying by now. But just then Dayun opens his eyes and says in a low voice " Can we go to the park again, I didn't get to play! "
Hearing this everyone sighs a relieved sigh and also laugh a bit as the little child was still thinking about playing. Taehyung says" You sacred us baby. No more playing today. Only rest, okay! Come let me give you some medicine and put you down to sleep. "
Dayun says a quiet 'Okay' and yawns after burying his head in his dad's neck who picks him up and takes him to his room.

After Tae leaves, Jimin says to Giana " We must leave now. Sorry for the inconvenience. "
" It's okay Teacher park. Children keep on getting hurt and as parents we keep on worrying. They are resilient though. They always come back!" she replies with a soft smile .

Jimin wanted to tell her that no, they don't always come back. But he just nods with a small smile and leaves with Nayoon. Once they reach their house Nayoon turns to Jimin and Says" I'm so sorry daddy. I.... I just wanted Sojin to have whatever he had. I.... I didn't even know what I was doing. " he keeps on crying. After all, Nayoon was a nine year old child who did get jealous. He saw the discrimination his brother faced. And that's why he was jealous and angry at Dayun. The one who received it all. He did not really mean any harm though.

Jimin hugs him and says in a warm and comforting voice" You made a mistake. But you understand it now. That's more important. Dayun is fine, okay! You know what, Dayun is like little Sojin. Consider him your brother too . Think that Sojin came back to you through him. That's what Taehyung told me, he feels. So You see, finally Taehyung did end up loving Sojin. He got his love. Not the way we would have wanted him to, but his father loves him now. " Jimin sighs and continues" We 'll go Nayoon. We'll leave this place and start new. But no matter what, the void that Sojin left would never be filled. We will remember him whenever his favorite show would come on the television or whenever I would wake up alone or when you won't have anyone to play with. We would remember him, but that just means that he would always be a part of us. He would always be alive in our memories and in our hearts! And for me he would always be the one who gave me the courage to stand up and fight. I will always have two kids Nayoon, you and Sojin, and remember that I love you both to the moon and back. " Jimin smiles and hugs Nayoon tightly and from his heart he also sends his love to heaven, for his dear Sojin.

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Hello! This is now part of a series! So you can read the sequel "Memories of Love" !