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Not a Kinktober 2019

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He threw his head back in ecstasy, clenching the sheet of his bed tightly behind him.

Then he rubbed the pad of his finger over the swollen purple head, smearing precum all over it. He grabbed his cock and trailed his fingers up and down the shaft. He took a stronger grip and started to roll the hood back over his head.

He teased himself, dragging the velvet skin just over the ridge and rocking it back and forth, getting higher and higher. The precum gathered there made the draw of his hood feel sticky and over-sensitive. His balls drew up tight and he pinched the head, turning his face away from his veined and throbbing cock.

He bit his lip and tried to hold back his climax. After a few seconds, he started to back away from that edge. He slowly opened his and saw his figure in the mirror on the back of his bedroom door.

Wait … He swallowed, letting go of his dick with a shudder and rising to somewhat unsteady feet. He walked slowly to the mirror, never taking his eyes off of the boy—man—within the frame.

He raised a hand slowly as he came to a stop inches away from the glass. He ran over his head which knocked his beanie to the floor behind him. His reflection only ran a hand through a curly brown brown hair.

He let his eyes wander, thinking about how insane he must be, but unable to look from the image. The arms were bare of his signature wristbands, the man was also older, taller and more muscular, but even with all of those changes, he still seemed so familiar.

He touched his own face, watching the reflection trace his cheekbones and jawline. Unfamiliar freckles let to soft pink lips that he did recognize. Throwing an arm behind his head, he observed the man’s biceps tighten, exposing his side and armpit. His other hand trailed from his lips and down his jaw. He felt the matching trace of shaved hair on his face and neck before his fingers caught onto his Puka chip necklace.

He traced their curve for a moment, seeing the man’s fingers trailing air, and moved down his chest. His own was perfectly smooth, but the image showed fingers brushing through a light dusting between well defined pecs. 

He raised his elbow higher, feeling and watching the muscles in his body shift and bulge. He winced from a shot of pain in his side. His eyes widened and raked his fingers through his underarm until he came to a sore patch.

‘Hayley’ . That’s what his tattoo used to say. Now you could barely see it after all of the laser treatments. His mirror image didn’t seem to have any blemishes on his ribs. He relaxed his arm, turning to show the side of his leg. At the top of his thigh, in dark orange, there was a single Greek letter: λ, lamda.

He traced the letter with his fingertip. This mark, he knew. He’d gotten it after he’d joined the wrestling team. The boys didn’t know what it meant, but they were satisfied that he was “tough enough” to get inked. They thought getting was bad, let them try getting one removed. Shiiiit

He’d chosen that place specifically, it was higher than the leg of his wrestling singlet and swim trunks, so with luck, the only time anyone would see it was in the locker room or bed, conveniently disqualifying his moms and sister. Not as dumb as I might look.

That was all the proof he needed to be certain. Maybe he was hallucinating or under a magic spell, but the man in the reflection WAS him. A few years older, but… no less sexy, he thought as he gives himself a smirk.

His lingering hormones and sex drive began to take control of him again. He ran both hands down his body and felt every ridge of his packed muscles. One hand returned north to start twisting a sensitive, pink bud. The other circled his navel. It was fascinating to feel only the softest hair, but see a dark path trail down between his v-line.

His hand dove lower, fingers digging into the mass of hair around his cock. He tugged lightly, before cupping his balls which were still desperately needing emptied. Both hands wrapped around his turgid dick, which had resisted going soft valiantly. He massaged the base and used his other fingers to pinch the skin at the top and use the extra friction to revive red and angry rod from before.

It didn’t take long, in fact, his body was so eager to resume that it made him dizzy. He cast his hands around, looking for something, but still unwilling to look away from the mirror.

One of his hands caught the cool, faux-leather of Jude’s desk chair. He dragged it towards him immediately, moving it to sit directly in front of the mirror. He scooted to the edge of the chair and leaned back. With his legs stretched out comfortably, his toes just barely touched the glass. Whatever he might have expected, it felt just a cold, flat and solid as any mirror should.

Without needing to prop himself up or focus on staying on his feet, he was able to put more effort into working himself up. Now he had the added benefit of being able to watch from outside. He’d never liked to watch porn while he had his Jesus-time, but…

He bit his lip seductively and smirked at his reflection, and his cock twitched hard enough to lift off of his abs a few inches. He grabbed it before it fell again, taking it in his fist and pulling one long stroke from base to tip. He almost threw his head back, but he couldn’t look away.

He put one hand behind his head again, turning just enough to start mouthing the flexed bicep beside his face. His eyes honed in on the pink tongue and pouty lips peppering kisses to his reflections arm and his body shuddered. He continued to drag his fist up and down the length of his cock, occasionally rising just enough to let his hood work to spread the copious amounts of precum streaming from his slit.

He lowered his arm, stopping to suck on a few fingers. When he grabbed his nipple, the damp pads increased the slide and let his work his nipple so much harder. Pinching and twisting lightly, he moved to the other and repeated. The spit started to cool immediately, making the red-flushed buds feel 3 times more sensitive.

His fist tightened and squeezed another bead of precum out of little-Jesus. The other hand left his nipples and drug a finger directly across the eye. He lifted his hand and watch a long string connect his cock to the wetness on his finger. He looked directly into his reflection’s eyes and brought his finger to his mouth, smearing the salty fluid from inside his lip to down his chin.

His tongue slipped out, cleaning the shiny trail from anywhere it could reach. The long strand that had stretched from his cock snapped and fell, which left a glimmering line from his chin to the middle of his abs. He went back for more, but his spit-slick finger caught the already overwhelmed glans in just the right spot that his whole body jerked. He had to bite his hand and grab his dick hard to keep from cumming.

His eyes stayed locked to the mirror and he wished he could look away, the desperation and strain that he could see in it made it harder and harder for him to not explode.

His reflections face started to turn red with the effort and he could feel his chest heaving from the need to draw air, but his body still sat at the very edge of a long fall. He tried to hold on longer, but… his fist loosened and stroked up on short fast time.

His lungs exploded with a whimper and his hips bucked. Cum shot almost shot straight into the air. He quickly drew back his hood and pulled his cock back towards his abs, giving short fast strokes.

He painted his neck, chest and abs in more cum than he’d ever shot. The thicker jets hit with audible force, the thinner streams quickly dripping down his body. His eyes almost rolled back in his head, but he still had enough self-control to resist looking away from the clenching abs across from him.

He sagged, trying to catch his breath. His cock tilted over one hip, softening and still leaking cum. The ring of his thumb and index finger carried a sample, which he brought to his lips. His tongue scooped up the goo, and his hand trailed down his throat, fingers spreading cum like a finger-painting. The other hand joined, pinching his nipples and covering them in his load.

He watched as the older boy in the mirror spread his seed over nearly every dry inch of his chest. He took a deep breath, finally his sex drive satisfied. He eyes trailed his reflection, dedicated to remember every moment of the session.

He heard a series of thunks, and his head whipped towards the window. Chatter from Jude and his mom rose to the second floor. He jumped to his feet, and looked back at his reflection. He saw only a naked, latin boy with a puka chip necklace who’s smooth chest was covered in cum.

He wasted only a moment frozen, there would be time to reflect… on what had happened later. He turned and shoved Jude’s chair back towards his desk, walking to his own bed. He grabbed the gym shorts from the foot of his bed, but couldn’t find the shirt or underwear he had thrown off when figuring out that he was the only member of the Adams-Foster family home.

The front door opened with a jingle of keys and he slid the shorts on, rushing to the bedroom door. He took another moment to look at his face in the mirror before pulling the door open and throwing himself across the hall to the bathroom before Jude’s footsteps reached the turn of the stairwell.

He didn’t turn the light on immediately as he slipped through the hall and started to close the bathroom door.

“Hey, Jesus,” Jude’s voice called down the hall, reaching the top of the stairs just after Jesus turned out of view. Jesus stuck just his head past the doorway, “‘Sup, Jude, I was about to take a shower before helping mom with dinner. Do you, uh, need the bathroom or anything?”

Jude shook his head, turning towards their room, “No, I’m good. Thanks for asking, though.”

“Yep… yep,” Jesus replied, relieved. Closing the door behind him and turning on the hot water. He put his thumbs in his shorts, ready to pull them off, but remembered that he didn’t grab a towel in his hurry to hide.

He quietly pulled the bathroom door back open, leaning out to open the closet and reach for a fresh towel. He grabbed his favorite, a feather-soft, blue and gold bath towel that he always tries to use after a long session. As he pulled the door back closed, he got a clear view of his and Jude’s bedroom.

He could see Jude’s back as the younger boy stood next to his desk, one hand on the back of his chair, looking down. The boy reached in front of him and ran his hand across the seat, bringing his shiny index finger up to inspect.

Jesus’ heart stuttered as he realized what the boy was probably handling. If he told their moms… the embarrassment alone. They’d sit him down and– FUCK!

His cock jerked in his gym shorts as he watched Jude suck his finger clean. He closed the bathroom door and pressed his head against the cool, wooden frame while his roommate’s tongue licked the rest of Jesus’ cum from their hand.


Day One: Final Message

Thank you, dear Readers. I loved the idea of using Jesus for this first chapter, but, for those of you familiar with the show, Jake T. Austin left after season 2 and the role was recast with Noah Centineo. As you can imagine, that made it difficult to decide which Jesus I would use for what’s supposed to be a solo scene. My solution, both?

For more of this “magic” mirror kink-cluster, or to see what the result of the last few paragraphs are, make sure to say “Day One!!!” in your comment/request.

Thank you, luvs!

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Eggsy watched as Charlie threw his sparring partner across the training mat. The supervisor on site didn’t say anything, but while everyone was impressed with the display of strength, Eggsy could see that their instructors were even more displeased that the man ignored the exercises purpose and started grappling under his own rules.

The training continued for another 20 minutes before pausing to let them hydrate. Eggsy pulled the stopper on his water bottle with his teeth and watch Charlie goof off with the other elite snobs. Digby, Higgins and Rufus paraded around him, congratulating him on the display.

After a moment, Rufus must have said something rowdy because Digby shoved him, somewhat playfully and somewhat threatening. Higgins immediately joined in the jostling.

Eggsy tilted back, squeezing the bottle into his mouth. Water flowed over as he swallowed, dripping down his chin. He just barely avoided choking on the volume, like an idiot, which would only have drawn attention to himself.

He grabbed the hem of his shirt to use as a towel for his face and neck. He started to bring it back down, but realized the there were eyes on him. Standing away from his friends, Charlie rotated his shoulders, taking surreptitious glances at Eggy’s exposed abdomen.

The younger trainee smirked, taking a deep breath and rubbing the ridges that grew taut and even more pronounced in his exhale. He watched as Charlie’s eyes followed every stroke of his fingers across the soft skin. He let the hem of his shirt drop and waited until Charlie refocused and met his eyes.

Eggsy stared directly at him with an invitation and a challenge in his eyes. Charlie immediately turned away.

X  * X  * X *  X * X *  X * X * X  * X * X * X  * X * X * X

Eggsy sat up and glanced around the dark room, prepared for another life-threatening training simulation. Maybe this time they would move the dorm to the edge of a mountain and make them scale a cliff or make parachutes from the bed sheets. Or maybe not.

His scan of the room found no immediate threat. In the poor lighting, he tried to focus on any sounds other than light snoring coming from Rufus’ bunk. Someone rolled over in Roxy’s bed and the muffled tinkle of her charm bracelet confirmed her identity. He waited for the long sigh that would come from diagonal of him in the early hours of the morning, but it didn’t come.

Pulling his legs over the side of the bed, Eggsy climbed to his feet. Taking a better glance, he could see that the Hesketh bunk was empty. He grabbed his shirt from the bottom level of his nightstand and padded across the cool metal floor to the door.

Down the hall to the right of the barracks was a training room, much smaller than the room they’d been using earlier. A strip of light escaped through the door and Eggsy followed it. Peeking through the crack didn’t offer a clear view, so he pushed the door open another few inches.

To one side of the room, a collection of standing punching bags ( stand-up, knock-down , he thought) stood, waiting for their turn. A few feet away, one of their number was pulled to the side and under a vicious assault from a certain posh arsehole.

Eggsy slipped inside the room and pulled the door shut behind him. He side-stepped and leaned against the wall, watching Charlie continue to circle the bag. He would step into range, fire of a couple of shots and step back out of range.

The London boy spent a few minutes observing the Hesketh man’s form. As he watched, it became clear that Charlie was starting to pull back faster, favoring his dominant arm. After a few more minutes, Charlie stepped in and jabbed twice with his left arm, but when he was supposed to fire his cross, he hesitated. With a furious shout, he forward-kicked the bag, tipping over the weighted base and knocking the target to the floor.

Eggsy reached over and rapped his knuckles on the door, moving slowly when Charlie’s eyes finally catch him. He was expecting Charlie to immediately put in a face, but he seemed distracted. Eggsy realized after a moment that his shirt was slung over his shoulder.

He smirked to himself, before pushing off of the wall and walking towards the other man.

Charlie shook himself and turned up the aggression, “What do you want, Eggy ?”

Stopping a few feet away, Eggsy chuckled, “Honestly, I prefer not to think about it. I like the surprise.” Eggsy focused his attention on Charlie’s torso, eyes flicking over his shoulders and down to the wrist pressed into his side.

“I know this is a competition and all, yeah? And, maybe our lives depend on making it to the end, but…” He gestured towards Charlie’s limb, “That’s not helping, mate.”

“I’ve no interest in being lectured by a fucking tearaway, Unwin. If I was–.” Eggsy interrupted him testily, “And if I thought you were going to slag off like the other posh twats, I would’ve stayed in bed.”

Charlie’s mouth closed momentarily, a vein in his eyebrow starting to beat, “By all means, share your pikey wisdom.”

Every muscle in Eggsy’s body tightened and he lunged for the other man. Charlie might have tried to raise an arm to defend himself, but his body reacted to sluggishly. Eggsy smacked one hand on his collar and swept the posh twat’s leg out from under him. As Charlie fell to the classic move, Eggsy also dropped to one knee, reaching past to brace the other man’s neck as he fell and keep him from cracking his head across the floor.

He then shifted his weight from a knee on the floor to a knee pressed into Charlie’s stomach. Air exploded from the man and he tried to use his good arm to push Eggsy’s knee away.

“Look, bruv ! You can’t fight back! What good does that do you?” He paused for a moment, considering, “Are you trying to lose?”

The pressure on his knee increased for a moment, Charlie seeming to get angry, but lacking the air and freedom to speak.

“No, I mean it. If you want out, then quit like a man. Otherwise, stretch and bunk for the night,” Eggsy shared that ultimatum before releasing him. He waited until the fury and indignation on Hesketh’s face dissipated before rising and rolling the punching bag back to it’s family. On a bench at the side of the room, Charlie seemed to have brought a bottle of water and a towel. Eggsy retrieved those items and brought them back to Charlie.

The rich bloke was sat up and following the other with his eyes, face blank. Eggsy offered the water bottle first, waiting until Charlie took a proper hold before letting go and then the small towel which tucked in between the seated man’s spare fingers.

“Do you… need help?” Eggsy asked, indicating the protected arm. Charlie didn’t respond immediately. He continued to stare at Eggsy and slowly his gaze rolled to his own arm. After about 25 seconds, he nodded slowly.

The London lad nodded back and knelt behind him. He placed one hand on Charlie’s bicep, looping the other around the same shoulder girdle. He could feel the shirt was slightly damp from the work out. He held the man’s body stationary while pulling his arm away from his body and slowly stretching the rotator cuff.

He continued for a few minutes, not returning any of the glances aimed at the side of his face. After a little longer, he lowered Charlie’s arm and let his hands come to rest on the man’s shoulders.

The man was still looking at him, a muscle in his neck bulged from the angle. Eggsy’s hand started to move on its own and he didn’t fight it. The backs of his fingers trailed up that column of muscle, stroking up and down.

Charlie’s eyes fluttered shut for a few seconds. When he opened them again, they glanced first at Eggy’s still shirtless body before making eye contact again. Eggy’s hands slid down Charlie’s back and grabbed the hem of his tee. He looked for any uncertainty as he raised the shirt over the man’s head.

Charlie’s were raised over his head when Eggys threw his shirt to the side. The younger man scooted closer, starting to massage the other’s neck and shoulders. He focused on Charlie’s overused joint and worked his fingers deep into the muscle.

Sliding his hands underneath the man’s arms, he kneaded the dense strips of Charlie’s serratus muscles. Charlie’s eyes fluttered shut as he pressed closer, coming into an intimate skin-to-skin embrace. Eggsy’s fingers raked down from the other’s collar-bone. His fingernails just slightly caught on the man’s nipples, hard as pink granite.

The man’s eyes flicked open again and blue found blue. They were both held frozen for a few moments with something inexplicable passing between them. When the moment ended, Charlie’s head lolled to the side and Eggsy attacked, trailing tongue and teeth from the edge of his wounded shoulder to the lobe of his ear.

Eggsy tugged aggressively on the posh man’s ear, fighting for his attention and almost desperate to see his eyes again. Charlie hissed in return, almost head-butting the shorter boy as he twisted around. Eggsy braced Charlie’s neck with one hand and pulled him even closer by placing the other on his abs.

They looked at each other, almost nose-to-nose, and found themselves sailing on an ocean of lust and need. Eggsy rose slightly, grinding his erection into Charlie’s hip as he claimed the man’s lips.

In an almost furious battle of tongue and teeth, they explored each other’s mouths as Eggsy continued to explore Charlie’s body. He slid a hand down Charlie’s abs, tugging lightly on the hair at his navel and palming his straining bulge through the man’s sweat pants.

There was a jerk from the high-class man who broke the kiss and grabbed Eggsy’s wrist, holding him at a distance. Eggsy’s hesitated, relaxing the arm no longer under his control and giving the other man some space. The other hand, cupping the back of Charlie’s neck stayed, rubbing calming circles into his neck and jaw.

“Hey, easy, mate. It’s alright, innit? You’re alright.” He spoke soothingly, “What’s gone on, mate? You can tell me if you don’t want this.”

Hesketh sat, partially turned, chest rising and falling quickly and eyes blown wide. He stuttered, “I… I-I don’t… I’ve never…” He paused, gathering his breath and his words, “I’ve never done that–this–before. Not… with a-with a bloke.”

Eggsy put on a gentle smile, twisting his captured hand to get the slightest grip on Charlie’s own. He let himself fall to the side a bit, sitting across from Charlie and pulling his legs around to be more comfortable. He also let his hand trail down from the gentle-class man’s jaw to rest near his heart.

The moment was intimate, but neither man appeared bothered by the delicate emotion. Eggsy opened his mouth to speak. “Alright,” he said, without judgement, “Have you ever thought about it before?”

Charlie closed his eyes again, seeming to chant or mouth a prayer to himself before nodding slowly. Eggsy nodded as well, using his hand to tap Charlie on the chin and returning it to the man’s pec. It had the effect of exposing Charlie’s eyes again.

“Are you interested in hooking up with a bloke?” Charlie bit his lip hard, looking at the exercise mats. He shrugged, “I don’t know.” Eggsy withdrew his hand, tapping Charlie’s to get his other arm released. When the other man let go, the London boy rested his palms on his own knees.

“Okay,” he said neutrally. “Better get some sleep. Make sure to stretch your arm when you wake up. We have swim training tomorrow and then skydiving on Saturday. You’ll need to be in top form.”

He started to rise to his feet, but Charlie reached out a hand and asked, “Why are you here?” Eggsy sat again, “Well, I woke up and it felt like something was missing,” he continued without even pretending to rethink his phrasing, “So, I got out of bed, saw a light on and here we are.”

Charlie huffed, “No, why are you here ? Doing all of this? We’ve… never spoken about it–or anything really.” Eggsy considered him for a moment, but eventually explained.

“When I was a kid, my dad was a military man, a hero. Eventually, he ended up here as well. They won’t tell me everything, not yet, but he died doing this job. Harry–Galahad–said that he and some other agents and recruits owe him their lives. Whatever debt they thought they owed, they took care of the funeral and he gave me a way to reach him if I was ever in trouble.”

‘“And you did?” Charlie asked. “Yeah, don’t know what he saw, but he thought that maybe I could find a place here. Or maybe that just knowing what happened might be enough to turn my life-around,” Eggsy shrugged. “Doesn’t really matter which, I’m here… What about you? Why are you here?”

Charlie shook his head, “Doesn’t really matter…”

Eggsy nodded slowly, hesitating for a moment and then slapping his palms against his knees as if to say, ‘alright, if that’s all…’. He prepared to leave again, but Charlie rested a hand on his leg.

“–” the London boy interrupted, “Gary.” He held out a hand, “Gary Unwin”. The taller man didn’t seem to see his hand, staring at his face.

“It’s never good enough,” he started, “I made it all the way to this place and I’m still second-best.” Eggsy didn’t say anything, not entirely certain of what was happening. Hesketh continued, “What’s the point of trying so hard? It only hurts. It hurts to try and it hurts to lose, so what’s the point? I want to do something for me, for once. I want to…”

Charlie trailed off, looking at Eggsy. “Yes.”

“Yes, what…?” Eggsy struggled to catch on to the situation. “Yes, I do want to hook up with another bloke.” Eggsy’s libido spiked, bringing the earlier energy back into the room. He leaned toward the posh boy, “Good. Do you trust me?”

Charlie leaned in as well, brushing their noses together, “Yeah, I do.” They came together again, lust, aggression, frustration and desperation driving them. Like their first interaction of the night, Eggsy placed a hand on Charlie and pushed him back. He climbed on top of the other man, straddling one of his thighs.

Leading their tongues in a battle of wills, Eggsy began rolling his hips, rutting his hard cock against the equally hard bulge in Charlie’s sweats. Breaking the kiss, Eggsy led his hand down Charlie’s body. It squeezed his cock, thumbing the head and stroking the shaft. Eggsy tucked his fingers into the waistband of Charlie’s sweats and pulled his pants down with them, shuffling back to leave Charlie entirely bare.

He took a moment to break free of his own, eyeing the Hesketh boy who propped up on his elbows to watch. He returned to the space between Charlie’s legs, this time getting Charlie to rest his slightly bent legs around Eggsy’s hips. It was a position familiar to them from their training, but an entirely new experience.

The position afforded Charlie a lot of control, letting him control the brakes on this rail car. For Eggsy, it lined him up to have easy access to every inch of Charlie’s body, which he demonstrated by caressing Charlie’s skin from his ankles to the bend in his knees, over the inside of his trembling thighs to the unexplored flesh of the man’s ass, up the sculpted sides, and down his arms.

The London boy pressed forward, his cock lining up with Charlie’s own perfect length. The drag of skin was hot, damp and so very smooth, twenty-thousand times better than through 4 layers of clothing. He continued grinding down, letting his lips trail from Charlie’s, where they smothered his moans, to his pink buds, where they coaxed out even more.

He pushed the posh man’s arms up again, one of his own weaving under a bicep to before twining their fingers together. He used his full forearm to support his weight, while his other hand laced with Charlie’s and stayed outstretched.

He paused his rocking for a moment to catch Charlie’s eyes again and share a few more short and sweet exchanges, before assaulting his jugular and resuming thrusting his hips. The slide was aided by their leaking cocks, Eggsy’s hood rolling back a little on the forward thrusts to paint precum across it’s path.

Eggsy’s mouth moved across the chest, tanned likely by summers at a mansion in Italy. Decorating it in hickies and love-bites. He peppered kisses along the taut biceps at the side before burying his nose in Charlie’s scent. He left it to work Charlie’s sensitive nipples again, tasting sweat on his tongue, before repeating his attention on the other arm. He leaned forward a bit more to trail his tongue over the cords of Charlie’s muscle, when the man left out another loud moan, trying to hold back expletives.

He drew back, rolling his hips in circular motions that made Charlie lose his breath as his abs clenched up in restraint. Then Eggsy dived down again to give the other boy that perfect angle, face pressed into a damp forest of dark brown hair.

Charlie groaned explosively, letting out a couple of words, “Fuck, fuck, fuck! Gar– Fuck!!” Beneath him, Eggsy felt Charlie’s hips buck back with incredible force, hot shots of cum painting their abs. Eggsy pressed closer, using Charlie’s pleasure like AstroGlide and squeezing his cock between their bodies and Charlie’s spasming rod. With short, fast jerks, his hips eventually shot forward to spray his seed across Charlie’s chest. He pushed himself up a little and put some space between them, letting the last few shots land on Charlie’s cock.

“Oops,” Eggsy murmured breathlessly, cheeky smile on his face, “I should clean that up.” He pressed a kiss to Charlie’s lips, pausing when the other man grabbed his neck and licked his masculine taste out of his mouth. He eventually made his way to Charlie’s turgid cock, pulling back the hood and circling his tongue around the head. His first taste was solely Charlie and he savored it, squeezing to see if any more drops would come from the head.

When the well came up empty, he cleaned his own cum from the shaft before moving to the artwork of Charlie’s torso. He ran his tongue directly up the middle, dipping slightly into the man’s navel as it went. He let that volume sit on his tongue, running his thumb across one of the trails that threatened to slide down Charlie’s side. Eggsy raised it to his face, but paused when he made eye contact with the man who’s seed flavored his tongue.

Charlie’s eyes held a mix of lust and amazement and Eggsy cocked his head to the side, swallowing. “No one’s ever…” Charlie trailed off. Eggsy rolled his eyes, not wanting to think about the snobbish tramps the man might’ve been with in the past, apparently too good to swallow 5 calories. He leaned forward and held his thumb out to the man.

Charlie’s eyes widened, but he leaned forward and took Eggsy’s thumb into his mouth, tongue circling it like he’d just felt from his cock moments ago. Eggsy withdrew his finger, spit-shiny, but missing its creamy load. He waited until Charlie looked him in the eye again, before ducking down and licking up another mouthful of the cooling white mess.

He brought his lips to Charlie’s and gave the man a moment to prepare himself. When Charlie licked at his bottom lip, he sealed their mouths together and let them pass the salty load between their tongues. Eggsy tipped sideways, lying down beside Charlie and propping his head on his hand. The other arm possessively held onto the posh boys waist.

X  * X  * X *  X * X *  X * X * X  * X * X * X  * X * X * X

Several weeks later…

Charlie turned his head from side to side, trying to shake loose the fog, but without disturbing the splitting migraine. He felt unbelievably uncomfortable, although the cold metal at his neck did soothe some of the headache. He opened his eyes, immediately seeing a scrawny man in a high-collared windbreaker. Trying to move, he tugged uselessly at the thick bindings on all four limbs.

The man flicked a knife, holding it up in the dingy yellow lighting of this underground tunnel. “This knife could save your life, but first, tell me… Who are the Kingsmen?”

Charlie froze as he realized what the metal behind him was. Nearly at the same moment, a train could be heard blasting its horn and thundering along the tracks. “Hey, you prick, this isn’t funny. Cut me loose right now!”

“You’re right. It’s not funny and it’s not a game. Who are Arthur and the Kingsmen!?” Charlie looked to the side, able to see the light on the approaching engine. “I don’t know what the fuck you’re goin’ on about? I’m gonna DIE! Cut me LOOSE!”

“I’ve already killed your friends for giving me the same ‘I don’t know’ bullshit. Tell me what I want to know and you’ll get to live.” The man wore a dark smile, laughing as Charlie started to struggle more.

“BULLSHIT! You fucking touched ‘im?! I’m gonna fucking kill you!” Charlie had to shout to be heard over the rushing train now. The man’s response was lost behind the banging and screeching being carried across the metal tracks, but his lips read clear enough, ‘Who are the Kingsmen?’

He felt like his insides were going to burst, fiery rage and the icy steel of pain threatening to tear him at the seams. His last words were a promise on the blackest part of his soul, spoken like a curse, “I’ll see you in Hell.”

With a lurch, his head smacked against the tracks. His vision blurred and wind whipped across his face with the deafening scream of the engine above him. Dirt and gravel cast down on him for a few moments, before the sound started to pass and he felt himself raised on a hydraulic lift.

He reopened his eyes and saw Arthur above him. Neither of them spoke for a few moments. “Sir…” he started. “I accept,” the grayed man replied without pause.

Charlie nodded in relief, “Thank you, sir.” The much older man knelt carefully, cutting loose one of Charlie’s hands before turning the knife over to him. He inspected the handle of his cane carefully before speaking a final time.

“Perhaps you should speak to Merlin in the morning. It might do well that you stick around the agency a bit longer. Besides, should Galahad make it through, it may bring him comfort to know that he won’t have to walk this road alone like us old men.


Day Two: Final Message

Greetings, all. I hope you all enjoyed this (almost) 4-thousand word chapter.

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Chapter Text

Non-existent God, I am weak. So weak. My behavior is a shame to my race and if they knew… if any of my kind knew…

I went out (which I’m allowed to do) to a bar (where being broke or getting drunk are never concerns of mine). It’s difficult to find a place in 2010’s Washington that reminds me of Tennessee during the Roosevelt years.

I’ve tried some THC-infused, gluten-free vegan hops from every hipster microbrewery in the northwest. Yeah, anything that isn’t crimson and full of iron has a rotten taste, especially solids. But liquor… it still has that burn that I remember from being human.

No matter how inventive or how strong, it seems that nothing can affect my kind except blood… and sex. I mean, how else do immortals pass the time? When sexy becomes part of your DNA, you’re hard pressed to find someone who’ll turn you down. That leaves a lot of options.

I’m just a little different than most. Topping, bottoming; dom, sub; none of that really matters to me. My favorite part is to watch other people.

I know that sounds creepy, but I don’t get off on being a peeping tom. I want them to know. I want them to do it for me, think about me. I want them to put on a show of intimacy or lust, just for me.

Normally, that’s enough. Normally. But that’s why I’m so ashamed of myself. Well… I’m not. I’ve never been more turned on in my life. But I know I should be ashamed.

I saw them in the bar. The dark skin and black hair were familiar markers of the Quileute tribe. Their supernatural face was a pack of members of the younger generation whose wolf spirit was awakened by the proximity of my kind. They became shifters, able to transform between man and what barely qualifies as a wolf (we can agree that a 6 ft at the shoulder is fucking ridiculous).

There are a lot of legends about how they came to be. A good number of them start with vampires coming and killing their tribesmen, so you can imagine how close our communities try to stay. Like family.

What matters is that we developed into machines to hunt humans and they evolved into beasts that could hunt us. They have a pack mentality while we tend to stick to small groups or head out alone. They can pass as humans at will while we have to constantly look out for things that could expose us.

Despite their humanity, once they shift for the first time, they become an awful food source. Their skin is like a flame and their scent is unlike any human or any animal my family hunts. It’s so bad that we don’t know for certain if their blood does to us what our venom does to them.

I caught that scent immediately when they came in. I figured they’d found my own and followed me here, thinking that I might be looking for a meal. They stayed on their guard as they took seats, but I know they recognized me as a Cullen and stayed more as a reminder not to break my vegetarian streak.

I wasn’t concerned. Similar to my sire, I was graced with a bit more self-control than most other vamps. Fortunate on nights like these.

Still, my interest in beating local drinking records was lacking, so I thought it might be more interesting to pull up a chair at their booth and harass them. I started by immediately commenting on the fact that the younger boy was definitely not old enough to drink. In response, the little alpha replied I technically wasn’t as well.

The look on my face amused him and I debated what Edward’s reaction would be if I cut his girlfriend’s brake lines. She was the only person who could have blabbed to him that I died at 20. 80 years ago, yes, but those years can’t affect my stone face.

I must have been reacting to his insight longer than I thought because his confidence seemed to grow. I didn’t care enough to tell him that his words had little to do with my irritation, partly because of the smirk on his face. It made my dick twitch, and, according to the stutter in Seth’s heart, not just mine, apparently.

I turned to face the younger boy directly, getting his undivided attention, and took a deep, unnecessary breath. It wasn’t the most enticing smell, the wet dog is fucking awful, but there was a pretty strong whiff of attraction, which did something for me. The action was a triple bonus: I got turned on, the teen realized what I could smell and shat a brick, and his alpha’s ego burst from not know what was going on.

They would be perfect for me. Their dynamic... their ability to handle a rough approach, but there restraint to stay gentle... More than anything, the taboo of it all. Perfect.

I don't know why I'm bothering to explain this. I should just jump to the good stuff.

"Fuck, fuck! I'm gonna– FUCK!" His hips jerked as he unloaded his– WAIT! Maybe that's too far?

Let's start with how I got them to leave the bar with me. It started with me being a letch, surprised? After 15 more minutes of vampire vs shifter teasing, I made a comment about how I was probably going to get a room at the hotel across the street.

My expectation was that the alpha would still be suspicious and his beta curious. I was right on both accounts, but it was Seth who spoke up first. "I thought vampires couldn't get drunk, so why are you here?"

Who needs Alice and Edward when you've got me? "From alcohol, no. I'm mostly here for a night out. I've also got something I want to take care of and I'd rather not be within earshot of my family."

Seth immediately turned bright red again and Jacob, who had been passing a napkin between his hands, flicked it across the table. His eyebrows flew up for a moment before he let out a chuckle. "Huh, a house full of people with super hearing,” he glanced to Seth, “ and insomnia. Sucks for you!"

I laugh as well, watching Jacob relax again, although Seth seemed to stay on edge from the topic. "It's not the worst thing. Gives me the chance to go out and meet people."

Jacob tilted his head, teasing again, "Aren't you married?" I nod, "To Rosalie, yeah. 22 times over the last... 50 years. And we will be for, what, a few years short of eternity? She and I are literally forever." I shrug, "When you look this good, it's easy to get people to go home with you. Why let that go to waste?"

Jacob scoffs and shows his age, "Please... That sounds like a lot of ego."

"Ohh!" I cock my head and add an affect for effect, "You callin' me a liar?" He sat back with his arms spread as if to say, 'I just call it as I see it'. "A demonstration then, to prove your skill?"

Suck it, Alice! Wait, don't! Jasper- Bleh!! "To clarify the terms, Denier, I just have to get someone to come back to my hotel room?" He sat up again, thinking he caught me being tricky. "Uh-uh, whoever it is HAS to think they're going there to fuck."

I cast my eyes around the bar, seeing a small collection of people. A few of them might offer a good time, but I didn't have my sights set there anymore. "No, I think that's too easy... Not someone, sometwo ." Jacob's eyes widened again, but he laughed it off moments later. "Your pride on the line, not mine." I nodded and got up, pushing my chair in at its original table and walking to the bar. I pulled out a money clip and dropped a hundred next to the bartender before walking to the door and stepping outside.

I was inside the hotels check-in desk passing over my ID and $300 dollars before either shifter stepped outside of the bar. While I waited for my keys to be magnetized, they stood by my car, unsure of where I'd gone and not willing to wolf out where passing cars could see. After a few minutes, I stepped out of the office, nearly at the same moment Seth gave up on waiting for me to come back.

My stomach lurched at the thought of him leaving in the middle of my plan. I whistled sharply, somewhat like an owner summoning it's dogs (but that's a description we won't share with the boys). Getting both of their attention, I waved them over to cross the street as if I didn't want to have to shout something that far.

"Did you want to get the room ready first?" Jacob asked, seeming to reign in some irritation. "Yeah," I replied, "It's 105, if you want to join me?"

Neither of them caught on immediately. But Seth seemed to figure it out faster, I suspect because it had already been on his mind. "Wait, what! That's cheating," Jacob started. "Nope, we were in the bar," I gestured to the door a few feet down from us, "I got you to come to my hotel room. Now, I just need to know if you were hoping to fuck."

Jacob's chest started to rumble, underlining his words, "Not a fucking chance, leech! I wouldn't touch you with a 10 ft pole." I interrupted him, keeping my voice light and passive, "I wouldn't say it's 10 ft... But that doesn't matter because I didn't ask if you wanted to fuck ME."

Seth had been frozen with a beet-red face and slack jaw. Now he spluttered, "It's not what you think!" Jacob and I both looked at him. The alpha was probably confused, but I realized that Seth had been referring to the erection he got earlier looking at the older shifter.

"I'll tell you what I think. You're both hot, here and not against the idea of hooking up with another guy." I kept talking to avoid either of them from interrupting to back out, "You're pack, you see each other naked all the time. You've never thought about it? You don't think that you'll enjoy it?"

Jacob countered, "What do you get out of it?"

I chuckled, "I still have to beat your challenge, and I paid for the room. I hope you wouldn't want to kick me out, even if I'm not participating."

"That's a big investment and you want to... watch?" Seth questioned me this time. I shrugged again, "I’ve been thinking about it since you followed me into the bar.. If I can make sure not to breathe through my nose, it might be the hottest thing I've ever watched.." Reaching into my breast pocket, I pulled out the hotel envelope containing the 2nd room key.

I kept eye contact with Jacob, challenging his animal, while I tucked the key into the pouch on Seth’s pullover. I glanced around before using my inhuman speed to get back to my car. When I looked in the rear-view mirror, they were still standing where I left them, talking to each other. Though, by the time I was able to use the intersection to cross from one parking lot to the other, they had disappeared.

I pulled into a space in front of Room 105. Either they were in there or they weren’t. Jacob may have gone in just to make a point, but I gave the key to Seth for a reason. They’d have to talk to each other, face what I was… asking them–No, offering them the chance–to do. It was all or nothing.

I hesitated with a hand on the door knob, reconsidering. Our two kinds aren’t supposed to mix like this. Our coven and their tribe may have a treaty, we may even be allies, but this is crossing a line.

Well… it’s not like I’m going to touch them or anything.

X  * X  * X *  X * X *  X * X * X  * X * X * X  * X * X * X

I’ve never… fuck. I sat on an extra blanket that I draped over the recliner in my single room. My clothes started coming off as soon as I walked in the door, so bits and pieces trailed from the entrance to my seat. Another path of garments led to the bed.

Seth lay sprawled out on his back, legs draped over the side of the bed. One of his hands was between his teeth, while the other clawed at the curve of his ribs as if he was hoping to ground himself.

Between his knees, Jacob knelt. Whatever they discussed before they came in had progressed quickly. I don’t think they had done this before, but I knew that they’d both thought about each other in the past. I doubt Seth was as good at hiding his interest as he may have thought in the bar and Jacob had probably known for some time, though I don’t think it bothered him in the slightest.

How could it? The boy is fucking beautiful, just as sculpted as the other wolves, but taller and more trim. Lithe and fast, he was the kind of wolf who could shepherd fleeing prey back towards the main pack.

One of Jacob’s hands caressed Seth’s hip in loops. The other pulled gently on the boy's sack, with his nose buried into the boy's fur. Every few moments, he would flick his tongue out to lick them and Seth’s body would jerk, abs convulsing. Eventually, Seth let out a whine and Jacob smirked, flattening his tongue and dragging it up from the twins to the tip.

Seth squeezed his eyes shut and his jaw dropped to let out a silent scream. He let his elbows drop, shoulders bouncing of the mattress. On instinct, I hissed through my teeth, feeling anger bubble up as if he’d insulted me… What?

I didn’t reflect on that because Jacob acted for me. He pulled off of Seth and gave him an order, “Look at me.” He waited until the boy had propped himself back up before he resumed trying to swallow Seth’s length.

I felt some relief now that part of the experience wasn’t being hidden from me. I gave my eyes a chance to wander across Jacob’s body as well. Just as unnatural in height and build, Jacob’s figure showed every inch of the Alpha was designed for strength. Hammer or shield, he would be whatever his pack needed.

Now, his pack-mate needed a warm, soft mouth and he did not let them down. I wonder if he’ll ever let anyone use that gorgeously tanned, tight ass?

Seth threw his head back again as his breath started to quicken. I increased my own stroking, confident that I would pull myself back from the edge. When his face swung back around, Seth looked directly at me and held my gaze.

Jacob slid a hand underneath Seth’s ass, pressing his cheeks apart and running a rough finger over the beta’s hole. “Ahh! Jake… Em-mett! Fuck!” The boy’s abs clenched again, his legs raising a few inches off the ground and his toes curling.

Fuck, yeah. This boy was everything! His full-body orgasm nearly made me lose all control. I was barely able to lock my marble fingers around Count Spankula before my own body started to spasm, barely catching the edge of that cliff my fingertips. I stretched out my own legs and used my free arm to grip the back of my chair tightly.

Jacob turned his head to the side, rubbing his tongue and lips against Seth’s frenum as his cockhead started to fire off shots onto Jacob’s face, with a few later shots landing on his own chest and his alpha’s tongue.

Jacob closed his lips around Seth’s head, drawing out more moans and any remaining seed left. I watched as the older boy’s Adam's apple bobbed with a swallow. My cock started to throb again, my balls trying to draw tight against my grip.

The beta was breathing hard, and I even felt my own lungs expand from the releasing tension… And immediately found myself crouched like a predator above the boy, one hand pinning his chest down, my open mouth an inch from his rolling, painted abs.

 We all stayed frozen for a moment before Jacob growled and tackled me off of his pack-mate. I was still too overcome with lust and confusion to fight back, even as he pressed a forearm into my neck. With as much speed as his human body could gather, Seth leaped from the bed and grabbed his shorts. He nearly fell into the door as he ran out, turning to duck between the two halves of the motel. I could hear the popping bones and shredding noise that accompany their shift.

I listened to him stampede into the woods. Jacob shoved his arm into my throat harder, making my senses refocus. “What the hell?! Just like a leech to fuck things up!” I could barely comprehend his words and they’d have no meaning to me anyway. My mind was focused on one thing.

I used my superior strength to flip us both, one of the legs of the bed frame snapping. I straddled one of his legs, pushing his arm out of my face and striking down to lick a stripe off of his cheek. He froze again, while I planted my hands on his chest arched my back and let out an inhuman noise.

I pressed my hips forward, a hiss escaping through clenched teeth again as his blistering skin brought heat to the icy stone I was made of. It was like coming into the house after hours of caring for the cattle who took shelter from the winter in the barn. Like being wrapped in a blanket, handed a bowl of broth and put in front of a fire that was far too hot to my chilled skin, but so needed.

Jacob let out a noise himself, a growl and groan, before he flipped us back over with him on top. He braced with one hand to hover over me and took himself in a tight fist, stroking himself quickly. “What the hell are you doing to me?” he asked himself, not looking for an answer.

I raised the leg he straddled, as he rocked his hips down and ground his sack into carved granite. His eyes closed and I reached up to wipe the cooling reminder of Seth off of his cheek, using it to add more lube to my stroking.

His eyes shot open under my direct touch. We continued to look at each other, eyes rarely straying far, though we continued to work ourselves up to something bigger than us. His hips continued to rock back and forth onto my thigh, and the bunching muscles in his arms and chest occasionally drew my attention from his dark brown orbs and slightly swollen lips.

Both our hands started to move faster at the same times, knuckles sometimes brushing. The arm he held himself up with slowly bent as himself down. He stopped with his forehead inches from mine, our bodies still only touching below the waist. This new angle allowed his thigh to drag between my legs as he gyrated, letting me soak up that penetrating heat from the most sensitive place on my body.

“Fuck, Jac- Ugh! Jaco- Jake!” That tingly heat pooled in my belly, washing through me with my orgasm. My balls drew up tight and my cock fought my grip like a fire hose as I went over the edge.

"Fuck, fuck! I'm gonna– FUCK!" His hips jerked as he unloaded creamy jets from my chin to my belly button. The last few drops trailed down the back of his knuckles and he licked them up immediately. I did the same to a string that was hanging off of my chin, immediately feeling heat burn through my neck and chest.

My mouth opened to mirror him drawing in a shuddering breath, but I caught myself from taking in anymore compromised air.

What the fuck have I done? If anyone ever found out what I just did… The Volturi would have me killed. Not to mention that Rosalie won’t touch me for 40 years if she catches a whiff of mutt on me.

A rough thumb drags through the seed pooled at my belly, and Jake held it beneath his nose, before sliding it across his tongue. His head jerked to the side, cheeks burning red as he caught my eyes.

“You taste like... lemon-lime jello shots,” he explained, embarrassed. I shook my head and ran a hand through my hair. Then I looked down at my chest and saw… a lot of cum. I taste like… what?!

“What did you just say?” I asked him, getting the feeling of blood rushing through my ears. His face turned red, “You… your cum. It tastes sweet with citrus and vodka, kinda like a lemon-lime jello shot.”

My… cum? I trailed a finger alongside the track he left and held it up. Mine! I shoved him off of me, and rushed to my jeans, digging through my pockets to find something. I felt the chapstick tube that I carry for the human element. Long since empty, it would work well enough. I scraped the tube through my cum gutter, trying to think clinically about what I was doing when I popped the cap back on.

“What the hell are you doing? You can’t clone me, can you?” I turned to face the shifter alpha, confused, “What?”

He rolled his eyes and stood from 3-legged hotel bed, “Why are you being extra weird today? That we can chalk up to hormones and kinky fantasies, but you literally just put my cum in a jar. What the fuck is up?”

“It’s not yours… It’s mine, mostly. I’m… I’m a vampire,” I gestured to my body, rock-hard and flawless. “We can’t have children. I can’t even…” I gestured again, focusing on my messy abs.

“So, how come you–oh… So, you’re going to ask you dad for help?” I nodded, grabbing my undershirt before pausing, I’m going to need to take a million showers before I can go home. I dropped the shirt and took the chapstick to the mini-fridge. “Does that mean you’re going to tell him… everything that happened?”

I closed the fridge on the evidence before turning to Jacob, who was sitting on the edge of the bed in his underwear. The bulge in the front made a tingle run up my spine, and my dick might have twitched had whatever happened over the last 10 minutes not put it solely out of commission.

“I won’t volunteer that information, but I will have to give him some details in order to understand what happened. Look,” I walked back over to my wallet and pulled out a hundred before remembering who and what I was technically wearing and retrieving another. “I need to shower for a while before I can go home. Seth is also probably scared and confused. Tell him that I’m sorry, I just got a little carried away in the moment and I didn’t mean to scare him.”

I held out the money, “Take him to dinner or something, on me. I’m sorry about getting all weird on you two.” He looked at my hand, lip curling up in a scowl. Jacob’s eyes burned when he looked up at me, “Are you trying to pay me like some whore? I don’t need your money, I can take care of myself and my pack.”

I rolled my eyes and my shoulders, letting my muscles pop to remind him that I wasn’t going to take his shit, even if I was in a weird place in my head. “Dude, I made you and Seth do things together before you even admitted that you liked each other. And I made him think that I was going to hurt him.”

I pushed forward, pressing the money into his chest, “Let me make up for that, in case I don’t get to apologize in person.” His eyes narrowed, holding to mine for several seconds. Then his hand came up beneath mine to catch the money and I pulled away towards the bathroom.

I stopped when the door was a few inches from closing, “Besides, $200 isn’t even enough to pay for a reenactment by paper-bag puppets. That was fucking hot.”

I was too distracted by reflecting on everything that happened, slowly lowering myself into a pit of shame, to realize that Jacob had opened and closed the bathroom door. After at least 50 minutes under the hot spray, I stepped out and wrapped myself in a towel.

On the bathroom counter, my phone sat with a piece of paper folded underneath. I opened the hotel stationary, finding 2 10-digit numbers and a note enclosed with my two Benjamins.

The note read ‘Make it up to us Thursday night, text us when and where’.


Day Three: Final Message

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