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You ruined everything

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“What is that supposed to mean?” Shen Jiu picked up Luo Binghe and pressed his baby's head to rest against the crook of his neck so he wouldn’t see his mother sneering at Liu Qingge before kicking harshly into Liu Qingge side, no doubt leaving a bruise.

Frustratingly, despite the blow he received, Liu Qingge did not budge and stayed firmly seated near Shen Jiu’s feet. “I wasn’t good enough in your eyes when you thought I was an alpha. A detestable cheat you said. Weak, and unworthy. But now? Now I’m suddenly strong and worthy of your praise?” Shen Jiu tried to kick Liu Qingge again only to have his ankle caught in a firm and annoyingly gentle grip.

The hand trapping him squeezed tighter before carefully setting Shen Jiu’s foot back down on the chair and holding it there as Liu Qingge had the gall to give Shen Jiu a wounded look. “That’s not…I’m trying to apologize!”

“You can take your lame excuse of an apology and shove it.” Shen Jiu tugged on his trapped leg, struggling to release himself from Liu Qingge’s grip. The struggling jostled Luo Binghe, and combined with the loud and upset voice of his mother, caused him to first whimper and then wail loudly in distress.

Shen Jiu stopped trying to break free and focused entirely on his baby, “Shh, shh, it’s alright.” Patting his Luo Binghe’s back in a soft and slow rhythm, hushing with each pat, Shen Jiu shot a glare at Liu Qingge from over his baby's head once he stopped crying before placing a quick peck on top of Luo Binghe’s soft curly tufts of hair.

A pressure spread out and surrounded Shen Jiu and his baby as it pricked oddly at his skin, and alighted his nerves with a strange sensation. At the same time the scent of fresh cut foliage, a grassy wood like smell, along with something else that left a tang on the back of Shen Jiu’s tongue as he breathed in, filled the air and grew in intensity until it was all he could perceive. “Don’t you dare,” Shen Jiu hissed weakly as his body grew warm and heavy.

Liu Qingge finally released Shen Jiu’s captured foot before he pulled his legs up to kneel on the chair, moving to push Shen Jiu's shoulders and forcing him to lay back against the incline of the chair. Shen Jiu watched with wide eyed horror as Liu Qingge placed himself over him, pinning Shen Jiu to the chair bellow as he lowered his weight onto him, making sure not to jeopardize his hold on Luo Binghe as he did so.

That horrible rumbling whine alphas made in an attempt to comfort came from Liu Qingge as he leaned closer and cupped the side of Shen Jiu’s head where his skull met his neck, and his other went to help support Luo Binghe. Shen Jiu choked when Liu Qingge rubbed his cheek to his, placing his scent on Shen Jiu for the second time in their lifetimes as the alphas nose and breath tickled his neck. “I’m sorry,’ Liu Qingge said in a pained mumble as he rubbed his thumb behind Shen Jiu’s ear.

Dazed as he was, Shen Jiu still managed to spit out, “screw you,” before his mind clouded over. Liu Qingge’s weight pressed more firmly against him as Liu Qingge continued to rub his scent onto him and picked up some of Shen Jiu’s own, marking them both as the siblings they were supposed to be but had only been acknowledged this way once before all those years ago when they ascended together as peak lords.

Purring? Shen Jiu noted as a very odd purr met his ears as something deep in his chest came to life. The sound was different than any purr he had heard in a long time, it sounded like someone was hurt and trying to self soothe. The last time he heard such a sound was when he witnessed an older omega, one from those infamous illegal brothels, curled up in a corner of a room when the Qiu’s had dragged Shen Jiu there to witness what could become of him if he did not behave to their liking before using their illegal purchase to slake their desires.