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A Monster

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The wind whistled as a pair of young children clutched their jack-o-lantern buckets of candies close to their bodies. Their eyes were wide and paranoid, bodies huddled close as they listened to the noises of the unknown neighborhood.

"K-Kacchan," One kid muttered, his voice shaking as vigorously as his small body. "I-I do-don't like it h-here…" He whined, a small noise escaping from the back of his throat.

The other boy clicked his tongue, trying to straighten himself to look a little less afraid. "Tch, don't worry Deku." He said, swallowing his fear and masking it with false, but strong, confidence. "I can protect you. When you're with me, there's nothing to be afraid of." The boy boldly claimed.

With a small sniffle, the boy ran to the middle of the street, throwing his arms up with a cheeky grin as he exclaimed proudly, "I laugh in the face of danger!"

The other boy, Deku, just watched him with sparkling eyes. A smile slowly spread across his young cheeks, lighting up with color. He was quick to follow the boy onto the street, throwing his own arms up into the air as well.

"Yeah! You're no match for Kacchan!" Deku yelled out, his fear slowly seeping away.

The other boy, Kacchan, eyed the kid next to him with a grin. "Yeah! You're right, Deku! I can fight off all the monsters!" He said, reaching up to point his faux wolf ears down. He hunched over, spreading his fingers and baring his glued on fangs.

And proceeded to growl.

Deku giggled at his best friends antics, his white cloak blowing behind him. "Kacchan, you're not a real werewolf!"

Kacchan's poor growling faltered, his face twisting into annoyance. "Shut up, Deku, I can be a werewolf if I want to!" He exclaimed, pouting as he turned to glare at his young friend.

Deku looked sheepish as he fidgeted with his fingers. Emerald irises watched the ground, a shaky smile replacing the once fearless and happy grin. "S-sorry, Kacchan. I didn't mean to sound, um, mean." He explained, flitting his eyes back to the blonde werewolf. "I think you're the coolest, most awesome, most powerful werewolf in the whole world!"

Kacchan's youthful smile returned, as did his growling. "See, you monsters? You can't touch me!" Deku's bubbly laugh filled the silent air once again.

"And I'm his spooky ghost friend!" The greenette said, deciding to join in with his friend's antics. He appeared at Kacchan's side, throwing his arms in front of him like a zombie and letting out an eerie, but childish, 'ooo' sound.

Kacchan laughed, continued to act like a rabid werewolf on a full moon, hungry for blood, while Deku playfully pretended to be a scary ghost who was ready to haunt his next victim.

They continued on like that, going to different houses, protecting each other with spooky sounds. A werewolf and a ghost, unlikely friends.

The parents in the neighborhood laughed at their silly behaviour, teenagers cooing at how adorable they looked together, and other kids gaining confidence, wanting to join in and be friends.

Deku and Kacchan giggled together, buckets filled to the rim with candies and lollipops and chocolates of all kinds. Tooth rotting sweetness and cavities in a pale, they approached the final house.

Kacchan, of course, was the one to ring the doorbell, his body discreetly shielding Deku's smaller, frailer body from whatever may be behind the door.

The door creaked open slowly, an eerie squeak from the hinges putting both boys on edge.

"Um, t-trick or treat!" Deku stuttered out, his body starting to shake with nerves. Kacchan glanced back at him, a glare forming between his brows. He looked back to the slightly opened door, eyes narrowed suspiciously.

"Trick or treat!" Kacchan yelled out, experimentally.

No one answered.

Deku reached for Kacchan's jacket, his small fingers clutching onto the fabric tightly. He eyed the door with wide, terrified eyes. "We should get out of here, Kacchan… I-I don't think anybody is home." He said, voice shaking with fear.

Kacchan huffed out, frustration evident. "No way!" He snapped, crossing his arms and stomping his foot on the wooden porch. "I want my candy! We came all the way here to get a treat, so I'm going to get a treat." With that said and done, Kacchan yanked his jacket from Deku's hands and walked into the dark house. Fearlessly.

Deku watched him go, torn between following the blonde kid or leaving to go somewhere safe.

The sound of a wooden plank falling to the ground had Deku running into the house.

"Kacchan!" He yelled, almost tripping over his curtain of a costume as he ran inside like a mad man, looking for his werewolf clad friend.

The interior of the house was dark, wood settling underneath his feet and branches scratching against windows, creating soft and eerie sounds that terrified the child.

Deku held onto his bucket of candies tightly, his fearful eyes skimming the dark house, looking for any trace of his best friend.

"K-Kacchan?" He repeated, quieter this time. He shivered as the wind howled outside, making the house's temperature steadily decrease.

The boy walked from the entrance to the living room, glancing throughout the interior before stepping back. He gulped, his breaths becoming shallower as the seconds pass.

"K-Kacchan, this-this isn't funny!" He said, tears wetting his eyes. "I-I don't like it here! I'm… I'll leave you here if-if you don't come out!"

Deku began to back up, his back facing the front door as he stepped towards it slowly, cautiously. A stray tear fell from his left eye, hands shaking wildly and dropping a bit of candy in the process.


He began to count down, not seeing the red eyes appear behind him.


Wind howled, the branches scratching violently at the glass windows.


A scratching sound and a thud came from behind the green-haired boy. His eyes widened, shivering body freezing, mind shutting down.

What was that sound?

"K-K-Kacchan..?" Deku asked, head turning stiffly. A gasp escaped his lips, the red eyes giving the young boy the fright of his life. "Wh-where are you K-Kacchan?! K-Kacchan, please-please protect me!" He pleaded, stepping backwards as the eyes seemed to come closer, and closer.

"Deku!" A shout. From Kacchan.

"Kacchan!" Deku shouted back, head whipping in the direction of the shout.

A small body came running, bucket falling to the ground, candies spreading across the ground. "Deku! Run!" Kacchan shouted, scrambling to get to the front entrance. "It-it's a monster!"

Deku tensed at the sight of Kacchan, afraid. Kacchan was never afraid. Kacchan laughed in the face of danger. So what could have possibly frightened him this much?

With a shrill scream, Deku threw his bucket to the ground, lifted his ghost costume, and ran straight out the door. Kacchan followed right behind him, panting as he hurried to shut the door.

They ran all the way back home.



Shouto Todoroki stepped out of the shadows as two kids ran out of his house. He blinked, confused at the frightened boys.

The vampire perked up, turning as his mother came out with a bowl of wrapped goodies.

"Mom?" He asked, blinking at his mother, whose face was green save for her eyes, nose, and mouth. She looked towards her son, a sheepish smile plastering her face.

"I guess they didn't like my beauty mask."

Mother and son laughed.