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The Only One I Need

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Growing up in the Todoroki household is an experience none would want or ask for if they knew what it entailed. Touya had been adopted after Rei’s first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage and her second ended in a girl being born. Touya was two years old then. He had no clue what he was being roped into or how awful his life would become.

He had always known he was adopted, with his black hair sticking out amongst a sea of redheads and fair-haired people on both sides of the family. His eyes were a brighter, livelier cyan in comparison to Enji’s azure. His quirk, though a flame, burned hotter than Enji’s and was colored the same blue as his eyes. (All of these things aside, Enji always went out of his way to remind him he was adopted whenever he berated Fuyumi for not having a useful quirk to surpass All Might despite being his blood whereas Touya’s quirk was perfect despite the fact he was adopted.)

However, Touya’s quirk came with a downside: his skin burned if he used it at too high of a heat. Since Enji is one who always demands excellence and perfection through brutal measures, Touya is left to suffer and burn from his strikes, his kicks, his hits, and his flame.

Natsuo was born sometime after Fuyumi, but his quirk didn’t live up to Enji’s strict standards. It was pretty depressing to know his torment would not end. Though Enji knew of his limitations, he kept pushing and pushing him, beating their mother in front of his eyes whenever she dared try to stand to up him. He always hated Enji, but this only made the hatred grow and fester like a forest fire in his chest over the years.

When Natsuo was three, Shouto was born and everything seemed to be moving along in a business as usual type of way. Touya had been eight then, wondering if Shouto would be the one to make his suffering end or if he would not be able to do a thing to stop it.

He knows it’s a cruel and bitter way to think about Shouto, but after so many years of dealing with Enji…he’s desperate to get out.

He’s sick of the burns, the bruises, the sight of their mother being beaten down and degraded while the bastard gets to live as a king. A selfish, narcissistic king who cannot be satisfied until his goals are reached! What a pathetic scumbag, a waste of space, air, and flesh! The world would be better off if he were dead!

If he were dead, then their family could be happy. He wouldn’t be wishing for Shouto to go take his place so his own suffering can end. He wouldn’t be thinking about murder at only eight years old. He would be normal, happy, free to be a kid like everyone else.

At least, this is where Touya’s thought process always went concerning Enji.

Is he bad for wanting a villain to kill him? Is he bad for wishing nothing but torment and death for the worst person alive? A man who is supposed to be a hero yet acts worse than any villain he's ever captured! Who wouldn’t want such a cretin dead? No, Touya is not wrong for this and he will make it a reality.

He will kill Enji. It’s the only way to end the cycle. He has to kill Enji, there’s no other choice at this point.

It’s logical, isn’t it? Because when he thinks of it, he could never be happy with little Shouto taking his place. He doesn’t want him or any of his siblings to endure what he has. It’s already bad enough to know Natsuo has seen him being attacked by their father. It’s already bad enough to know they all hear Rei's cries and his screams. He doesn’t want this for them, he wants to protect them and to protect them, he has to kill Enji.

Enji must die if his family is to survive.


Everyone gets their soul mate mark when they encounter their soul mates for the first time in person. A week after his mother returned from the hospital with him, Touya had made the mistake of holding him.

Right then and there, he obtains the mark he shouldn’t have. The mark of Shouto’s name on his wrist, with Shouto’s mark showing Touya’s name sometime after. It terrified him to know little Shouto is his soul mate, little Shouto could stand a chance to be used by Enji. Little Shouto—his soul mate—could be going through the same torment he is if his quirk is up to Enji’s standards.

He pushes himself to be the best, even if it burns him up because Shouto doesn’t deserve to go through what he did. No, he needs to be the best so he can kill Enji and end this cycle once and for all.

He didn’t get the chance to do so for much longer. Shouto’s quirk manifested when he was on his second day of preschool. After this, everything changed for the poor boy.

Touya had been allowed to go to school, play, socialize with kids his age and his siblings. He was allowed to watch TV and use the internet with unabashed freedom. Shouto was denied all of these things and as such, Touya didn’t get to see his soul mate as much after his quirks manifested. (Of course, much like how Enji used to use his adopted status to deride Fuyumi and Natsuo for not living up to his standards, he used his adopted status to demean and belittle Touya around Shouto when he quit being of use to him.)

The small boy was put through hell right from the beginning and he had to do everything he could to be there for him whenever he was alone. Shouto needed him, he knows he did because he went through it before himself.

Touya was always convinced he’d be happy if Shouto had a quirk Enji approved of because then his suffering would end. When the reality hit and he discovered the boy is his soul mate, he couldn’t be happy his torment had ended anymore. He wants to save Shouto, but the only way he could is if he kills Enji.

However, killing Enji was put on the back burner as Shouto went through the training he did for all of these years. The poor boy was sheltered and isolated right from the beginning. He doesn’t get the basic figures of speech he hears All Might using on TV during the few times he gets to watch TV in general. He doesn’t understand how to approach people properly, how to strike up conversations in a way which is not awkward, or how relationships between people form. Thanks to Enji, he’s becoming nothing but a tool to be used in combat, not a person with his own thoughts and feelings.

He’s being deprived of so much whereas Touya wasn’t and the boy can admit it’s fucked up beyond belief. What’s worse is, Natsuo and Fuyumi know all too well how terrible he is to Shouto and their mother. The screams from their mother as she defends Shouto from him, the cries they hear Shouto making whenever Enji strikes at him… It’s too much. Touya feels helpless because he wants this to end but it’s like it never will.

He needs to make this end. He needs to kill Enji. Enji needs to die if they are to live happy and free. Enji cannot exist; if he does, then they will always be oppressed by him and his abuse.


Touya had a plan to kill Enji.

He had been hanging around what one would have called ‘the wrong crowd’. The kids who went to juvie for selling drugs, making drugs, and gang violence who were let out on parole were his new crowd just not for the reasons many thought they were.

You see, Touya needs to kill Enji and hanging out with these people is a great way to conjure up plans to kill his old man. They all hate Endeavor for various reasons—most of them associated with hero hate—and they are more than willing to help him out in his goals of wanting to kill his old man, especially since they learned the truth about the monster from him.

He wouldn’t have been pushed into this if Enji didn’t tell him, “You’re out of the house.” one day at random, “Adopting you was a mistake. You’re not strong enough to surpass All Might and your being Shouto’s soul mate will only distract him from his destiny. If you’re not out by tonight, then I will burn all of your things and leave you on a random street corner. Got it?”

“Shouto is my soul mate, you can’t keep me from him.” Touya points out with a bit of outrage in his voice.

“I can and I will. I will get Shouto a new soul mate. I’m sure I can find a drug to erase the marking of your name and replace it with someone I deem to be worthy of him.”

He didn’t know what to do other than storm out of the room. After this conversation, he would see his friends at school, who were all discussing the various ways they wanted to kill Enji. It was in this mish mash of plans and plots where Touya would string together something which would debase Enji and leave him with nothing.

After school, he would come home and tell his mother in a calm voice, “Mom, can you take Shouto, Natsuo, and Fuyumi out of here? I need to speak to dad alone and I can’t do it with them here.”

Rei knows of Touya’s hatred of Enji. She knows he wants to kill him and he most likely will try to once she leaves yet… She cannot bring it in herself to stop him.

If he doesn’t kill Enji, then she may snap and hurt someone else instead. Years of abuse and rape have left her a hollow shell of her former self. She may be terrible for this, but she wishes Touya nothing but success in his endeavor. She wishes Enji would die. There were so many nights where she would hold a knife over his heart, ready to strike, wanting to strike, but holding off on it in the end. She could never work up the courage to do it.

Touya is brave and strong. He’ll be able to do what she couldn’t. He’ll be able to end this monster and she’ll do everything in her power to protect him.

“Okay. I’ll take them out for ice cream.” she tells him, but she grips his hand tightly, meeting his eyes in pure desperation, “Touya, if you don’t succeed…”

She doesn’t need to say it. He already knows and is prepared for whatever will come next, “I know. Don’t worry, I know what I am doing and how I will handle this.”

Fuyumi and Natsuo came rushing over to the room, more than happy to get out of the house at any chance they can get, “Oh, are we going to Baskin Robbins for ice cream or somewhere else?”

Natsuo had been more enthusiastic than Fuyumi because simply put, he hates his father and will do anything to get out of the house. Fuyumi had been a bit more wary since this usually meant something bad was about to go down. However, if this means she gets to avoid hearing their father screaming and attacking her brother and mother, then she will take it.

Rei frowns then, asking her kids, “Where is Shouto?”

Touya thinks of where he could be and snaps his fingers suddenly, “I have an idea of where he could be at. I’ll be right back.”

He rushes over to Shouto’s bedroom, finding the boy asleep, with burns and bruises decorating his little arms. Being thirteen years old and having friends who ran around with girls, he knows a hickey when he sees one and when he spots it out on his collarbone, his vision goes red.

He contains his outrage just enough to shake Shouto awake and say, “Hey, Shoucchan, get up. Come on, Shoucchan, get up. Mom wants to take you out for ice cream.”

Shouto faces Touya, his eyes puffy from crying and Touya’s resolve hardens as he faces his soul mate like this, “I want to stay in bed, Touya. I’m really sore after what dad did.”

“I know you do, but…you have to get up and go. The bastard and I will be talking when he gets home and I’d rather not have you here for that.”

Even Shouto knows what this means. He knows without a doubt there will be a fight and it will get bad.

“Okay, Touya. I feel full though… I don’t want ice cream.”

“I know, but you have to go with mom, Natsuo, and Fuyumi, okay?”

Shouto nods and allows Touya to pick him up, feeling safer with him than with anyone else in his family. He goes back to the room where the rest of his family is and hands Shouto over to their mom, her eyes filled with worry and horror at the state of her youngest, “What happened to him?”

Touya didn’t have the heart to tell her. He could only say, “Take him to a doctor. He needs to see one right away but take Fuyumi and Natsuo with you. It won’t be safe for them to be here.”

She nods, taking Shouto into her arms, and leading the other two outside to the car. Once they were gone, his plan could begin.


One of his ‘wrong crowd’ friends is quirkless, but a complete genius when it comes down to chemistry. He hates heroes because they took his dad away when he was caught by the authorities making meth with him. He would later on go to juvie for making drugs but was let out on parole due to perfect behavior and his ability to lie and manipulate his way out of a paper bag. He made Touya a powder with no scent or flavor when added to foods or drinks with the lovely benefit being it could paralyze a person for three hours before wearing off.

Enji is a creature of habit. Every day when he gets home, he takes a drink of whiskey and goes to his office where he will drink a bit more as he does paperwork. Knowing this, Touya mixed the powder in with all of the alcoholic drinks in the house (his friend had made a large batch for him) and hides in his room to wait for the bastard to come back home.

Enji is used to coming back to a cold, silent house (one of his own creation) and like the creature of habit he is, he takes a drink of the poisoned whiskey. He was about to head over to his office when he suddenly felt a weakness overcoming himself. His muscles weren’t doing what his brain was telling them to do, and much to his horror, when he tried to use his quirk to force himself to move, it wouldn’t work.

He fell to the floor, unable to move, quirkless, and speechless as well. Touya heard this and made his move, “Hey there old bastard, I couldn’t help but to notice there were some hickeys on the collar bone of my soul mate. So, while you are out there, playing hero, you’re nothing more than a wife-beating, child-abusing, pedophile who touched my soul mate. You have no room to be arresting villains—you are one.”

Enji’s tongue felt heavy and flat in his mouth, he couldn’t speak even if he tried in this moment as Touya loomed over him with a long bladed knife in his hand.

“The only way to end this family’s suffering is to erase you from their lives.”

With these words spoken, Touya then goes over to his spine and stabs the knife right through it, being sure to hit as deeply as possibly so the man wouldn’t be able to walk again. After he was done with this, he reveled in the pain the man cannot fight or scream for help from. He did make a promise to him though, “Don’t worry, it will get much worse from here.”

He rolls Enji onto his back and taking the same knife he attacked his spinal cord with, he begins to mutilate Enji’s manhood with repeated stabbing. Enji’s eyes were filled with pain, torment, and sorrow for himself yet it did nothing to ease the need for bloodshed in Touya’s heart. No, this monster has the nerve to cry now for himself, and ask for mercy with his eyes, when he couldn’t ever afford the same to himself, Shouto, or their mother for all of these years?

Fuck. Him.

Somehow, seeing this sight only pissed him off more. He looks at Enji’s hands, his adrenaline still running high as he stabbed each one of his hands repeatedly. He wishes his movement and quirk would return so he could feel the same burn he made him feel whenever he pushed him too far with his quirk! He wants to watch Enji burn, to suffer, to die in complete fear as a whimpering, crying, begging pathetic mess with his damned voice—

His voice…he always did hate his voice as much as he hated his face…

He lifted up his hand and used his quirk at a strong enough force to leave him beheaded on the floor, his throat reduced to a shriveled-up twig he stomped on until there was nothing left but ash.

Seeing the sight of the man’s body on the floor—his face and eyes ruined by the flames he had used to sever his throat from his head—makes him feel…happy, joyous, free, and jittery with excitement.

He strips off his clothes and goes to shower off any blood on himself, scrubbing himself clean where needed. Afterwards, he’d get dressed in new clothes—his favorite outfit, to be exact, and walks down the hallway, lighting it on fire with his quirk.

He approached Enji’s body, his eyes glued onto his disgusting corpse, the waste of space, flesh, and air all the more so in death as he was in life. He sets his corpse on fire and gets out of the house by jumping out of the window in his office.

He’s lucky Enji lives far away from town and has no neighbors nearby. This will make it so much easier for him to get away with what he’s done.


Rei returns home after learning the devastating news concerning Shouto. Enji’s disgusting touch had not stopped at her, no, it extended to him as well. The poor boy had to stay the night in the hospital because of how brutal Enji had been to him! It broke Rei’s heart to see it happen, but ultimately, it was what was best for Shouto.

It was disgusting as much as it was devastating. She had been planning to kill Enji in his sleep this time for real, but when she came back home with the kids, nothing remained of their home. No, all that remained was ash. If Enji was somewhere in this mess, there’d be no way to tell. She wandered through the ruins of their home, trying to find a fragment of anything, only to be met with ash upon ash.

She feels tears going down her face, but a smile is on her lips as she calls up the authorities, “Hello? Yes, I think my husband died in a housefire. Can you please come over?”

She sounded distressed, but she wasn’t. No, Enji’s death means freedom for them all.

The police arrive and take note of the scene, finding nothing ash. The once pristine, traditional Japanese mansion was gone. In fact, there was no rubble left, no way to discern human remains from those of the building around them. The only evidence they had of Enji Todoroki being dead was his cell phone being found melted in the ash.

They couldn’t discern who or what had caused the fire. The only conclusion they could reach was it had been a villain. Touya was gone with his friends (or so he told Rei in a text) and Rei was gone to the doctor’s office with the kids.

Ultimately, Enji’s case went cold and all the family had for him was a small memorial service. Though, none of them seemed sad. Well, okay everyone understood why they weren’t sad when news of Enji’s sexual abuse towards one of his kids was ‘leaked’ out online only days after his demise and Rei confirmed it to be true.

(It had to be leaked out! Otherwise, it would have brought suspicion onto Touya! Rei will not allow the savior of their family to go under any form of suspicion no matter what.)

In the years following Enji’s death, Rei managed to take the money from his estate and move into a high rise with the kids. When money was getting a bit tight, she wrote a tell all book about what being married to Enji Todoroki was really like, further running his name in the dirt with her children and family there to support her claims along the way.

Natsuo would become happier as a person after his father died in the way he did. Fuyumi always wondered what could have been if they had the chance to be a normal family, but she keeps these thoughts to herself, knowing any support of Enji will trigger her entire family in the worst way possible, especially Shouto.

Enji had been so brutal to Shouto before he died that any talks or questions of him can make him have a panic attack if it’s taken too far. Going to traditional school had never been an option because of this, much like how having social media, going on comment sections, and message boards on various websites were out of the picture for him. To this day, he still remembers in vivid detail how horrific Enji had been to him and it’s not something he can easily forget or move on from.

Because of this, he never wanted to be a hero. He instead chose to be a real hero like a nurse because at least he can still help people without having to be by people he views to be predominately bad. In his eyes, All Might is the only real hero out there. The rest are all fakes and enablers of his father who downplay his abuse towards them—himself specifically at times—to speak highly of him.

What hurt the most is losing Touya. Though his soul mate’s name is still on his wrist, which means Touya is still alive somewhere, it doesn’t change the fact he is lonely and friendless because he doesn’t want anyone other than Touya in his life.

Touya made him feel safe, happy, and loved in the midst of the misery his father put him through. He would read him stories at nights, tuck him in, and play with him whenever their father was gone. It made him feel happy to have Touya in his life. When he was five, he would learn about the mark on his wrist from Touya himself after he had asked him about it, "Soul mates are the one true love in a person's life, connected to them through the red string of fate. This manifests itself in a name on your wrist, see? Your name is on my wrist which means you are my soul mate and my name is on your wrist because I’m your soul mate. Soul mate marks are made when someone first meets their soul mate. After that, they are permanent and the only way to get rid of one is through death. As long as our marks are on our skin, we will know we are alive and destined to be with each other again no matter what happens, Shoucchan.”

Going without a soul mate for so long has left Shouto in a constant state where nothing interests him, nothing appeals to him, and he feels empty all the time. He doesn’t really have any friends because of the way everyone brings up his father to him, so he’s stuck here alone to figure out everything for himself.

Touya is all he thinks about. Touya is all he wonders of whenever he’s alone at nights, wishing for his raven-haired soul mate to be by his side.


Touya, after Enji’s death, went to see his ‘wrong crowd’ friends only to find out they had been waiting for him to arrive so they could mug him. He had to fight them all off, which lead into him killing them and Touya himself winding up with severe burns all over.

This attack had happened in an abandoned part of town where sketchy underground doctors worked. One of those doctors wound up saving his life, though at the cost of him looking like a rag doll now.

Over the years, Shouto was all he could think of, all he could dream of, but he didn’t know how to approach his family now that he looked like this. Because of this, he lived on the streets, hoping to find someone who could make him look normal again.

Shouto is the only thought on his mind now, the only one who had stolen his nights and made them mainly full of nightmares of others touching his skin, kissing his lips, violating him in the same way that damned monster had!

He will get back to Shouto. He will get him back and he will keep him by his side forever.


Shouto was fifteen at the time when he was riding a train and got approached by a UA student with dark wavy green hair and emerald green eyes with freckles dotted about his cheeks. He was warm in nature and though he seemed kind, Shouto kept his guard up. After what happened with his father, he didn’t trust anyone other than his immediate family and Touya to be by his side.

“Hey, are you Todoroki Shouto?”

The boy nods and keeps his distance from the shorter teen, “I am. Why do you ask?”

“Oh, no I was just curious!” he begins before introducing himself, “I am Midoriya Izuku. It’s nice to meet you.”

“…Sure, it’s nice to meet you too.”

Things go quiet for a moment there before the boy asks him, “I hope you don’t mind me asking…but is what they said about your dad really true?”

Shouto tenses up to the question immediately, not liking the way people are looking at them with their judgmental eyes, waiting for him to slip up on any single detail about this subject, “It is. All of it is true.”

“…Really? That’s too bad. I bet losing him must have hurt, though.”

This is why he didn’t want to go to regular school: hero worshippers like Midoriya Izuku. They are the ones who believe heroes like his father can do no wrong even after they’ve been caught or called out for it. Truthfully, Shouto doesn’t like heroes or villains. He believes they are all bad and cut from the same cloth. The only good hero in his mind is All Might, but the rest…well, they’re all villains in his eyes.

“How would it have hurt?”

“He may have done bad stuff, but he was still your dad. You had to have had some love for him, right?”

Shouto’s hand clenches into a fist as memories of his last days with his father came trudging through his mind: the kisses, the hickeys, the raping…he didn’t need to remember it and yet here this stupid fucker is, bringing it all up again!

“I didn’t. How could anyone love someone who treated them the way he treated me? Personally, I’m happy he’s dead. If I could meet his killer, I’d thank them for doing it.”

Midoriya apparently found this abhorrent going off of his reply, “That’s terrible to say! Bad things or not, he’s still your dad and you should love him because I’m sure if he saw the error of his ways, he would have changed for you! All people are capable of change, no matter how bad you think they may be and he was deprived of his chance to do better. How can that not make you upset?”

“Change? It’s obvious you were privileged enough to never deal with abusers of any sorts, Midoriya! I wish I had the privilege of a happy family, where the dad doesn’t rape you because he’s getting bored of your mom in the bedroom, where the dad doesn’t beat you, burn you with his quirk, and isolate you from your siblings, even your adopted one, all because he sees them as ‘distractions’ to your ‘training’. Change doesn’t happen for people like my father. He got what he deserved and before you go off on me with some self-righteous hero worshipper crap, remember this: you were never abused. You were never a victim. You have no room to tell me how to feel, handle, or react to anything regarding that monster who had his end coming.”

Before Midoriya could further argue with him, Shouto told him, “I’d prefer it if you left me alone. I’m not here to speak to trash like you who defend trash like him. Heroes and villains are the same, the only real hero out there is All Might. The faster you realize this, the better off you’ll be when they inevitably disappoint you.”

Midoriya goes silent to this, knowing he will not be able to reach Shouto no matter how hard he tries.

The train ride is awkward after this conversation and when the ride is over, both boys get off at the same stop in relief.

Then, it happens: a man with a patchwork face is watching him from the shadows, the name on his wrist throbbing at the sight of Shouto as he exits the train station, only to be cat called and groped by gross strangers cornering him.

Who gives a fuck what he looks like? No one gets to touch his Shouto but him!

“Hey, back off of him, ugly fucks.”

The three strangers turn around to face him, already cocky when saying it, “Oh yeah? What, do you wanna join in? I bet he’s virgin with how careless he is to be here at this time of night.”

Shouto had only gone to this part of town to pick up his laptop after it had gotten repaired! He didn’t know this was common or could happen to him.

Touya doesn’t hold back when he tells them, “No, but I’ll fight you for him.”

The three men get away from Shouto and corner him. Then he used quirk to shoot fireballs at the men, keeping the flame limited to them only so Shouto wouldn’t get hurt.

It was only because of the mark on his wrist throbbing that he stayed there, standing in awe as he eyes up the man who saved him.

Cyan eyes, wild black hair…no, could it be?

His mark is throbbing. That only happens when a person is by their soul mate after a long period of separation.

Shouto didn’t even think before his feet carried him over there, a small smile on his lips when saying the name that’s been on his mind for so many years, “Touya?”

The man in front of him pauses for a moment, exhaling a small breath when saying it, “Yeah, it’s me, Shoucchan. I go by Dabi now, but I’m still the same Touya you know.”

Shouto hugs his soul mate, feeling so happy and free to do so…then Touya kisses him. He melts into Touya’s touch, more than happy to have him back in his life.

That is, until he hears a voice speak up, an annoying one of a hero worshipper he doesn’t particularly like or care for, “How can you kiss him? He’s the man who probably killed your father and yet you kissed him? You’re no better than Endeavor, you’re worse!”

“What makes you think he did that?” Shouto shoots back, ready to fight for his soul mate no matter what.

“To kill Endeavor and leave nothing but ash…look at what remains of those men who died! It’s ash, just like what remained of Endeavor!”

Dabi confirms the theory with a small shrug, “Yeah, I did it. So what? He had it coming.”

Shouto looks at him, a gaze of gratitude in his blue and grey eyes when saying it, “Really? You did that?”

“I’ve always wanted to kill him, but when he started hurting you…I couldn’t stop myself from going all out on him.”

“Who did you do it for?”

“Originally, I was going to do it for everyone, but in the end, I made him suffer for you.”

“I love you, Dabi.”

If this isn’t the most romantic conversation Shouto’s ever had—then there’s the damn hero worshipper who has to ruin this beautiful moment of reunion for them, “You’re sick and twisted for saying that... Endeavor didn’t deserve to die; you’re worse than him for siding with this murderer! You don’t need this Dabi person, you need to get away from him and get psychological help to get you to see how wrong you are!”

This is where Midoriya made his mistake: he tried to separate soul mates from each other by attempting to rip Shouto out of Dabi’s arms. This led to Dabi killing him on the spot.

In a society of soul mate marks, certain things are acceptable under the law: murder can be acceptable if someone is trying to separate soul mates from each other, if someone is attacking or trying to attack another person’s soul mate, and if someone rapes, molests, sexually assaults, or sexually harasses another person’s soul mate. This is due to the fact that any violation or attempted attack on a soul mate or their bond will elicit a violent response out of anyone due to the instinctual need to protect them.

Had Shouto not been his soul mate, he would have been horrified by what happened in front of his eyes. Instead, he wasn’t. No, he felt as though it were romantic. Dabi loves him so much he would do anything to protect him. What's more romantic than that?

“Do you want to be a hero still, Shoucchan?”

“How could I? After everything he did, I don’t like heroes or villains. They’re all the same. They’re all bad in the end.”

This is something Dabi can work with because, “While I agree with you, at the same time, I want to create a world where another Endeavor will never rise up again. Shoucchan, I want to continue the will of the hero killer. Are you okay with this?”

The smile he receives has him feeling nothing but relief, “Of course I am, but only if you come back home with me after I get my laptop from the repair place.”

“I will, Shouto. You won’t have to go without me anymore.”

No matter what he does or how he acts, Shouto will always love Touya…Dabi, whichever one he wants to be called from now on. He saved him from his father, he saved him from his gropers, and he saved him from a boy who almost pushed him into a panic attack in public. Dabi loves him. He loves him unlike anyone else does in his life. He will always defend him, always stand by his side no matter what…somehow, Shouto knows Dabi knows this too and he feels the same.