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"Did you hear? The Green Reaper attacked Best Jeanist yesterday!"

"What? No way!"

I grinned as I heard that small part of conversation as I walked past them. Word sure goes around fast, doesn't it? The Green Reaper, the most wanted criminal in the entire world right now. The head of a villainous organization with an unknown amount of members. He who never shows his face, who has never been caught in the act. He who killed All Might... Nobody knows who the Green Reaper is exactly, or if it's even just one person. No gender, no age, no nothing.

The only thing they know for sure is that whenever the Reaper strikes, a bright green flash engulfs the surroundings. Nobody has ever seen it up close or nobody has ever lived to tell the tale. It's how that stupid nickname came to be. The Green Reaper. I don't hate it but I don't love it either. I guess it'll do for now... Because, as you might've already guessed, that Green Reaper? That's me.

I, Midoriya Izuku, a plain looking quirkless boy. Well, quirkless... Not so much anymore. A smile came to my face just thinking about how I gained this power. How much fun it was to extract One For All from All Might as he squirmed and screamed. The thrill when I finally succeeded to combine his power with a suitable quirk and enhance it. Just perfect.

"Ticket and ID please"

I was snapped out of thought by the guard in front of me. Ah yes, they upped their security this year, I almost forgot... All because of that pathetic display of so called power by that pop up wannabe evil club of my father. What do they call themselves again? Oh, right, the League of Villains. What a crappy name, surely when you realise that in short it almost spells out love. Not so threatening if you ask me.

"Oi, kid, ticket and ID. You're holding up the line" the guard barked, making me flinch back a little. Gotta uphold those appearances...
"R-right! S-sorry s-sir!" I quickly apologized, swiftly taking out what he needed to see. He grunted in acknowledgement before letting me pass. Pff, what a security update. It almost made me laugh out loud but I was able to contain myself.

In small, hurried steps, I made my way to my seat in the vip lounge. Nobody else was there since I bought the whole box. My family may appear poor, but there is money where it matters. Besides, you can't actually expect the Green Reaper to sit with the common folk, can you? Okay, that may be a little harsh... It's not that I hate people, I just love my personal space more. Plus, if you have the money, why not use it? I smiled, seeing students fill in the stadium.

Normally I don't come to this kind of hero events, but this year surely is an exception.

An ash blond first year is called up to stage, his expression a combination of bored, stubborn and angry.

You know why?

He takes the mic from Midnight, the everlasting scowl never leaving his face.

Because this year my childhood friend is competing.

"I just wanna say that I'll win this thing"

Bakugou Katsuki

The crowd looks shocked, taken aback by the bold statement. I simply chuckle, leaning back into my chair as I grab my glass of water. You really haven't changed a bit, have you Kacchan? And as expected, he does well in the first trial, which happens to be an obstacle race. In the end, he and that Todoroki boy fight for first place.

Hmm, Todoroki... Endeavor. I know for a fact he is his son, the resemblance is unmistakable. Yet there is something about him I can't place my finger on. A certain pain lingering in his eyes. Hatred. Emotions you wouldn't expect from a hero in training. Certainly not such a promising student as him, right? I wonder... What are you doing to him, my hot-headed number one?

I frown as Bakugou places second in the race, losing to Todoroki Shoto. Even if it was by a mere second, I know the blond well enough to know it hurt his pride. It shows as well, seeing as he angrily isolates himself from anyone who tries to come near him. That all changes when the second round is announced. Cavalry Battle. Interesting...

I take a sip of my water before standing up to ge a better view. My seat was shielded from the outside world by dark glass, making it easy for me to see them but impossible the other way around. Oh how I love this vip lounge. I watch as Kacchan barks and snarls at the people who want to team up with him. He has them for the taking, so of course he's picky.

On the other hand, Todoroki seems a little isolated due to the big bounty on his head. He'll be the center of attention soon... Not for me though. My eyes stay laced on the ruby eyed teen during the whole battle. Always so angry and easily triggered. I shook my head, walking back to my seat. Oh Kacchan, what am I supposed to do with you? Your violent nature can never be tamed, can it? I sighed, sitting back down. But I don't want it to either... Please Kacchan, never change...

With his combat skills and aggression, he easily wins the second round. Not surprising since his only big rival, being Endeavor's son, had a crappy team to begin with. Soon it's time for lunch break, where food is brought for me into the lounge. Although I argue with myself for a while. Should I go downstairs? I would risk him seeing me. He'll have questions, which I won't have the time to answer. That way he'll be distracted during the final round. I can't have that, not when I'm rooting for him!

Yeah, no, better to stay out of sight for the time being... No matter how much I'd like to see him up close in person again, right now is not the time. Besides, I bet a lot of money on his win, so don't let me down Katsuki... But of course I have nothing to worry about. He crushes his opponents one by one. First Uraraka Ochako, next Kirishima Eijirou, third Tokoyami Fumikage.

I did my research on all people in this year's hero course and I must say there are some interesting quirks out there... But how he beat down that Uraraka girl was brutal. Even if he was acknowledging her strength, he should've finished it up sooner. It's not a hero's job to play around with their prey, that's mine.

He struggled a little against Kirishima at first, but quickly exploited his weakness. Smart, like always. I didn't expect anything else from the beast that is known as Bakugou Katsuki. Tokoyami on the other hand... Well, that was, just like with the girl, a bad match up. Kacchan crushed him. So it all came down to this last fight. The final. Against an opponent who didn't surprise me.

He's a Todoroki, son of the current number one hero. Of course he wasn't going down without a fight. But something about him was bothering me though... Like all the others, I've done my research on him. His quirk let's him produce ice with his right side and fire with his left. He basically wipes out his own weaknesses that way, although I'm not certain whether he could use them at the same time or how precise his attacks were. So why has he only used his ice?

I've noticed him shivering in an earlier match, trembling even. There is only so much cold a human body can endure, even if it's part of your quirk. Because at the end of the day, quirks are just physical abilities too. They all have limits, risks, weaknesses. I frowned, seeing the tense atmosphere between him and Kacchan.
"Something tells me this will be an interesting match" I grinned, sitting at the edge of my seat.

"Come on Kacchan... Win for me~"

The battle was...not boring. I've seen better fights but then again this is supposed to be a Sportsfestival. All fun and games, right? Not the real deal where people actually fight to the death. Humans can be quite scary when cornered, let me tell you that. I guess you could say this fight was...entertaining. I enjoyed it, actually. Especially the part where Bakugou blew Todoroki out of bounds. I think that's my favorite part.

I smiled, grabbing my yellow hip bag and throwing it over my shoulder.
"Time to meet the hero course up close!" I happily exclaimed, making sure my vip pass was visible as I strolled through the hallways on my way to the area where 1-A should be gathered right now. They'll be there until the award ceremony, which is in a few hours since the second years are going at it right now. Katsuki wouldn't be there, yet, but I know he'll come once his wounds are healed.

I timidly peaked my head inside, seeing all of them lounging around, chatting lightly about the festival or other trivial things. I squealed as I made eye contact with Uraraka and quickly hid behind the door.
"Uhm, is somebody there?" she called out, making all eyes turn towards the door as I slowly opened it.
"H-hi! I-I'm really sorry t-to intrude! I-I just wanted to say that you were all awesome at the Sportsfestival this year!" I exclaimed, making sure to 'accidentally' flash my vip pass around so they knew I was allowed to be here.

"Thank you, that's very kind" Yaoyorozu smiled, shaking my hand after she walked up to me.
"Hello! My name is Iida Tenya! I am the class rep!" Iida yelled, shaking my hand like there was no tomorrow.
"Y-yeah, I know. I'm a b-big fan of the Sportsfestival so I-I remember all of the names ahead of time. T-Then I know when a new hero will debut!"
"You're quite the fanboy, aren't you?" Kaminari chuckled, making my face flush red.
"Uhm, well, yeah... Kinda..." I mumbled, looking down.

"He's not saying that's a bad thing!" Uraraka smiled, now way to close in my face for my comfort.
"Hi! I'm Uraraka Ochako! So nice to meet you-uh?"
"Oh! M-Midoriya! Midoriya Izuku" I said quickly, shaking her hand as well.
"So you come to watch the festival each year?" someone asked.
"Oh, uhm, no. Mostly my mom and I watch it together on tv b-but this year someone I-I know is competing a-and I wanted to surprise him!" I smiled.

"Oh really? Who is it?" Ashido asked curiously, just as the door opened again. It was Todoroki, who seemed badly bruised but okay otherwise. Recovery Girl sure is a miracle worker.
"Ah! You're Todoroki Shoto, right? Son of the current number one hero Endeavor?!" I squealed. It was hard keeping up my excited fanboy act when someone gave me a dead neutral glare. He didn't even flinch! Damnit! My charms are supposed to be invincible!

"Who are you?" he simply asked, not confused or threatened by the unknown person in front of him.
"M-Midoriya Izuku" I stammered, shakily holding out my hand to him. He ignored it, walking straight past me to the fridge to get some water. Okay, I'll pretend that didn't hurt, ice queen.

"Oi Todoroki, where is Bakubro? Still with Recovery Girl? I thought his injuries weren't that bad?" Kirishima asked confused as the halfa grabbed a bottle of water.
"Aizawa sensei is having a talk with him" he answered.
"I would stay away from him once he arrives here"
"But he won, right? How can he still be so angry?" Jirou asked confused as Kaminari did his best Bakugou impression.

"DIE! DIE! DIE!" he shouted, scowling as he chased Kirishima across the room, the both of them bursting out into laughter as they came to a stop.
"Don't forget his trademark" I chuckled before pulling my thoughts straight, an angry scowl now covering my face.
"Oh my God! That was so perfect!" Sero exclaimed.

"But wait, hold up, how do you know-?" Yaoyorozu was in the middle of her question as the door swooshed open with a violent swing.
"Move it extra's!" a pissed off Katsuki hissed before slamming the door shut with a loud bang. 'Time to crush his whole image' I thought as I turned around, giving him a bright smile.



"...Kacchan?" someone whispered confused while others tried to hold their laughter. The beast of 1-A, the combat tank who got first in the entrance exams and crushed everyone at the Sportsfestival. The one who is always angry, ready to explode whatever annoys him, was just called Kacchan by a sweet, innocent green headed boy.

"You were so good out there Kacchan! I knew you'd win!" I smiled, hugging him, confusing his classmates even more.
"You never ever lose, do you?"
"Tch" he scowled, slowly but surely draping his arms around my back, hugging me too. Some people gasped at the sight, others quickly took photo's of this unique event.
"Oi! No pictures!" Bakugou hissed, pushing me aside and chasing a few guys throughout the room before blowing up their phones.

"That wasn't really nice Kacch-" I started but he quickly interrupted me.
"You can't lecture me on that, you shitty nerd" he hissed, glaring at me.
"You fucking left me without a damn warning! I had to hear it from the old hag!"
"I-I'm sorry... I-I know I should've said something b-but I just didn't know how-" I mumbled, looking down while my hands fidgeted with my shirt.

"Bullshit! What a load of crap!" Bakugou hissed in my face, making me flinch.
"The facts remain what they are, Deku. You fucking left!"
"It wasn't my choice to leave okay?!" I yelled, tears in my eyes.
"You think I wanted to move to the other side of the country?! I-I missed you Kacchan! I-I w-was hoping t-this w-would be a-a happy reunion b-bu-but-"

I was crying, ugly tears covering most of my face as I tried to wipe them away at the same time. It was true. Back then, I never wanted to move away from Kacchan. But I had to. Father was badly injured in his fight against All Might, who I had just murdered at the time. A wanted criminal at the age of 10, a permanent yet still invisible target on my back.

I only told my father about what I did, hoping he'd be proud of me. But instead he got angry, raging mad even. He never wanted me to enter the world of villainy. He'd hoped for a brighter future for his son. Since I have a photographic memory, I'm pretty smart. My capacity to remember things leaves a lot of ways open for me and yet I decided to walk to path of darkness.

He made me swear to never tell anyone of what I did, certainly not mom. He made me promise to stay out of that world, but that plan failed terribly, to say the least. At least I managed to keep my identity under wraps, which is a good thing. Not even my lackeys know who I am behind the mask!

"Ugh... Fine!" Kacchan hissed, grabbing my arm and pulling me onto him.
"I fucking missed you too okay? Is that what you wanted to hear, ya damn crybaby?"
I sobbed into his sportuniform while he held me close to him.
"And if any of you damn extra's make a comment or take a fucking picture, I'll personally kick you to hell!"

Ah yes, still as wild as always... I felt his palms heat up in utter frustration and decided it would be better to continue this another time. In private. So I turned down the waterworks a bit, pulling back from the hug with a sad smile.
"So what the hell are you doing here anyways?" he grunted as everyone settled down a bit. I could still feel their gazes on me, but Kacchan didn't seem to mind the attention. Of course not, he'd been in the spotlight his whole life.

"I-I uhm, I-I wanted to tell you personally, before you hear it from someone else" I whispered, tapping my index fingers together before looking up at him with a watery smile.
"I'm m-moving back t-to my old apartment"
He simply stared at me after that. Not a word came out. Did I break him? Was it really that big of a shock?

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"S-surprise?" I added on a questioning tone before he cracked a smile. The class stared in shock as Bakugou started laughing, a genuine and soft laugh, unlike the one he always used in battle. I smiled a little bit brighter as well as he ruffled my hair. It's been so long since we last spoke, yet it almost seems like not a single day has passed since we parted ways 5 years ago.

"I never knew Bakugou could be like this" Kirishima whispered.
"Yeah... It's scary in a way, isn't it?" Sero asked.
"Come on Bakugou! Don't leave us hanging! Introduce your friend!" Mina exclaimed, breaking the moment.
"Like this stuttering mess hasn't told you his name already" Katsuki scoffed.

"So how do you two know each other? You seem like polar opposites to me" Uraraka asked. She has no idea how right she is with that statement...
"Kacchan and I are childhood friends! We grew up in the same neighbourhood and went to the same school before I moved away" I explained happily.
"So what's your quirk? I bet it's pretty awesome if Bakugou here actually wants to be associated with you" Kaminari joked. Yet that question turned the mood a little...darker.

For the world I was still and will always be quirkless. Something I was bullied for, looked down upon, as is the general view of the quirkless in the eye of society nowerdays. Since the quirkless are a dying fraction of the human race, they're seen as weak and incapable. The bottom of the list... Only one of the reasons I wanted to gain power over the years...

"Back off, fucking dumbass" Katsuki hissed, pushing him away from me before leaning over to my ear.
"You don't have to tell them if you don't want to"
"I-I know" I said with a weak smile. He knew it too. How people treat the quirkless. He has always tried to protect me throughout our childhood, ever since it was known I wouldn't develop one.

"You're quirkless, aren't you?" Todoroki spoke up, shocking most of the class.
"None of your fucking business half-n-half!" Kacchan shouted, explosions leaving his hands.
"N-no, he's right" I said in a small voice, looking around the room.
"I-I don't have a quirk. I'm quirkless"

"I never thought Bakugou would want to be friends with someone like that..." Jirou muttered quietly, but I heard anyway.
"We've known each other since before our quirks manifested" Kacchan stated, as if to clarify that he would never be friends with someone like me otherwise. And why would he? He was standing at the top while I sulked away at the bottom. Life is unfair, I learned that harsh truth at the age of four.

Therefore I want to create a new world, a better world. One with equality. One where heroes aren't arrogant show offs and those with less powerful or no quirk aren't looked down upon. But right now, I just needed to survive this. There was a remarkable shift in mood in the room as their eyes didn't look at me the same way anymore. Being quirkless meant I was less than them...

"If any of you bastards even think of laying a finger on him, I'll fucking-" Katsuki growled, but I stopped him before he could finish his threat. I grabbed onto the sleeve of his shirt, looking down at the ground as I felt their piercing eyes on me.
"C-can we go somewhere else?" I asked quietly.
"Of course" Kacchan said with a small smile. He glared at his classmates, flipping them off as we left the room.

"I'm sorry about those jerks, they don't know what they're talking about"
"It's okay... I'm used to it by now" I shrugged, which was the sad truth. When I moved away, I lost the protection Kacchan provided me, meaning I was all on my own. The only quirkless kid in a big school in a huge city... Getting bullied was inevitable. And with my memory, there was no forgetting what happened.

But that doesn't matter anymore now. I already tortured all of the people who dared to hurt me before slowly taking their life. It was fun. I do love a good revenge.
"You shouldn't be" he grunted, putting his hands in his pockets.
"When I'm number one, that's the first thing I'll change"
"W-what?" I gasped.

What was he saying? Why would he want change? His life was more than perfect in the society we live in right now! He was at top, in the spotlight, carried high above everyone else! He has a powerful quirk, good looks... His parents have a steady job and a steady relationship. They live in a nice big house. He is born with everything! While I...I was born with nothing...

"You heard me" he grinned.
"When I'm number one, I'll change the way people view the quirkless, those who are less fortunate then themselves... I used to think quirks were everything and people should just get more powerful if they want to have a voice. But after you turned out to be quirkless... I understood that's not always possible. Therefore, I'll change people's view like you changed mine"

He gave me a quick but genuine smile.
"To create a better world...for you"
"Y-you'd... You'd really do that? G-go through all that controversy j-just for me?" I asked in shock. I knew Kacchan cared for me but this... I would've never imagined.
"Of course! You really are stupidly dense for someone so smart" he stated, ruffling my hair again.

"Say, is that a vip pass?"
"Oh, right! Dad bought it for me" I smiled.
"He's... He's back too?" Katsuki asked quietly. He never liked my father, but I couldn't blame him. There was this uneasy aura around him. I'm used to it but it can be quite intense for outsiders.
"No, he still has unfinished business so..." I shrugged, waving it off.

He'd return when the time is right. When his little villain club was ready. I'm doubting that time will ever come, but I'm not one to go against his word.
"So... Wanna go raid the vip lounge with me~?" I asked, seeing the same spark in his eye.
"Hell yeah! We've got my victory to celebrate, don't we?" he grinned.
"We can also comment on the other battles that are going on right now" I suggested as we made our way upstairs.
"Tch, once a fanboy, always a fanboy" he chuckled.

I rolled my eyes at that. Kacchan didn't need to know I was only a fanboy to discover heroes weaknesses and take them down. Perfect cover with all the good intel. We laughed as we ran through the halls, racing towards the vip area where we acted like spoiled brats and judged the second and third years as well as admire them.

"Damn, I'm stuffed!" Kacchan exclaimed, falling back on one of the couches. I laughed, sitting down in the one next to him.
"You should get yourself cleaned up, you've got an award ceremony coming up you know" I chuckled, making him groan.
"That was such a half ass win... Icyhot didn't even give it his all" Bakugou grunted, crawling back up.

"Oi! Bakubro! You in here?!" Kirishima shouted, storming in. I shrieked up, falling out of the couch in surprise.
"Oi! Don't storm in like that shitty hair!" Katsuki hissed, glaring at the red head, who was accompanied by Kaminari, Sero, Ashido and, surprisingly, Todoroki.
"Deku, get up, you look ridiculous" Kacchan muttered while walking past me.
"R-right!" I exclaimed, shooting up from the ground in an instant.

"It looks like a hurricane came through here" Todoroki commented.
"Shut your trap, half-n-half bastard" Bakugou hissed.
"Why the fuck are you guys here?"
"The award ceremony is starting soon! Aizawa sensei send the class to go look for you" Sero stated.
"Ugh, I know that you shithead! You really think I wouldn't be on time or some shit like that?" Kacchan hissed.

"Kacchan, they mean well" I said with a forced smile.
"You can come downstairs too, if you want to Midoriya" Ashido suggested.
"I-I can..?" I asked surprised.
"Yeah, normally it's only family but since Bakugou's parents aren't here-" Kaminari shrugged.
"Auntie Mitsuki isn't here?!" I gasped, staring wide eyed at Katsuki, who simply groaned.

"They had to work, Deku. You know how it is" he sighed, grabbing my arm.
"Come on, you're watching from up close how I fucking own that golden medal"
With that he dragged me along into the hallway, the others following in tow.
"So why were you in the vip lounge anyways?" Sero asked.
"I have a pass" I smiled, waving it in his face as I tried to keep up with Bakugou's quick pace.
"Besides, there was no one else so..."

"That's strange... Normally the vip lounge is sold out" Todoroki muttered.
"Tch. Been there before rich brat?" Kacchan asked.
"I once came to watch the Sportsfestival with my siblings when we were younger" he responded, not reacting to the hate in Kacchan's voice.
"It was a hero gathering my father was invited to"

"Huh, must've been back in the time of All Might, right?" Kirishima asked. A cold void filled our conversation. The death of All Might left scars. Good. I barely contained myself, supressing my urge to laugh.
"You found him! Oh, hi Midoriya-kun" Uraraka smiled as we arrived back in the gathering room. Aizawa sensei was there too now. His death glare was even worse than Todoroki's, geez... Alright, time to throw my fanboy charms in the mix!

"Oh my God! Y-you're Eraserhead!" I squealed.
"The underground hero who fights people in the shadows with his own physical strength. Erasing the quirk of his opponent to fight on equal ground-"
"Oi, you're mumbling nerd" Katsuki stated.
"I see you still haven't let go of that habit huh?"
"Oh, uhm, yeah, s-sorry" I chuckled, scratching the back of my head.

"And who are you, may I ask?" Aizawa asked, glaring me down. I faked a gulp, trying to act impressed and scared.
"M-Midoriya Izuku, s-sir" I stuttered out.
"So you're the vip..." he muttered.
"What do you mean by that, Aizawa sensei?" Yaoyorozu asked confused.

"This year, one person instantly bought all vip tickets for a single boy to enjoy" Aizawa explained, making me shrink as all eyes once again fell on me.
"Yet you don't seem like you have that kind of money"
"I-I don't" I choked out.
"I-it was a-a gift from m-my dad..."
"Who is..?" Aizawa asked, awaiting an answer.

"Midoriya Hisashi" I stated, making some people gasp. Katsuki rolled his eyes at that, knowing why they were so surprised. My dad's day job, which funded his villain escapades, was quite famous. He was the head of a well fairing company, well known all over the country.
"Hmm..." Aizawa hummed, looking beside me at Bakugou and Todoroki.
"Get ready to go up stage"

"Aizawa sensei, De-I mean Izuku is actually here to replace my parents' place during the award ceremony" Katsuki said, surprising the teacher.
"Oh... Well, in that case you can come with me, Midoriya"
I gulped, keeping my head down as I followed him through the halls.

"So, you live off your father's wealth huh? Is that it?" he asked, glaring at me.
"N-no! No, I can assure you it's not!" I exclaimed, waving my hands around.
"I-I actually live with m-my mom... My parents are divorced, you see. I-I don't see my dad that often"
"Oh? Seems like I judged you too quickly then. My apologies"

"It's r-really no b-big deal... People tend to judge me a lot so..." I whispered.
"What is your relationship with Bakugou Katsuki?" he asked. Is this some kind of interrogation? Why is he asking me so many questions?
"We're childhood friends. I came to cheer him on!" I smiled.
"Oh really?" he asked, his face not wavering. Yet I noticed the glance in his eyes. He was surprised.

"Yes! It was actually a surprise, so he didn't know I was here. Sorry if I caused trouble by taking him to the vip lounge with me... It's just that we didn't really want to stay with the rest of his class..."
"Something wrong with my class?"
Oh shit! I totally forgot he is their homeroom teacher! Maybe that's why he's so protective of Kacchan? Huh, he must really like his class... Well, guess I'll just rip the band aid right off...

"I'm quirkless"

That simple three word sentence cleared all of his questions at once.
"It's why I like you so much, Eraserhead" I continued, trying to score some good points. Scoring points with him now could prove useful in the future.
"You fight with your own strength, only using your quirk to even the playing field... I've always looked up to you for that, you know?"

"Really?" he asked, not hiding his slight shock.
"As a quirkless boy dreaming to be a hero, you tend to have unconventional role models" I shrugged, partially lying.

"Hya! Eraser! What took you so long?" Mic asked as we arrived. Next to Present Mic stood Endeavor, who was here for Todoroki's second place no question.
"Who is this kid?" he asked in a gruff voice.
"He's Bakugou's representative" Aizawa explained. I gave them a bright smile, trying to appear as innocent as possible. The hell flame hero simply huffed in annoyance, making my smile falter.

Why doesn't my charm seem to work on these Todoroki's? It's really frustrating! I sighed, looking down at the ground until they told me to follow them into the stadium. I stood next to the first year students, seemingly blending in if I wasn't standing right next to Endeavor. But with him next to me, his glare scaring the crap out of people, no one really noticed I was there. Which, to me, is a good thing.

I smiled widely as the stage came up from the ground, showing Tokoyami in third place, Todoroki in second and Bakugou in first. The ash blond didn't seem all to happy with the title, but suffered through the whole ceremony anyways. I frowned a little as I realised there should be two people in third place. Where is Iida Tenya? The class rep? I know for a fact he's the little brother of Ingenium, who is a very respected hero in Hosu city.

Wait... Hosu city. That's where Stain is at the moment, is it not? My eyes got a little bigger as they announced Iida left due to family reasons. Stain attacked his brother, no doubt about it. Hmm, I actually pity the boy a little. He seemed like an honest and good person, someone who will soon be tainted by the darkness of grief. It'll definitely leave a mark, that's for sure.

I soon shrugged it off though. It wasn't my problem, I don't even know the guy! After the award ceremony, the students apparently needed to help clean out the stadium. Something about learning respect and helping out when you don't need to? Pff, not my lesson to learn.
"So I'll see you around, I guess" I smiled, saying my goodbye's to Kacchan.

"We've got two days off to calm down from the Sportsfestival so got any time to hang out by any chance?" he asked.
"Really?" I gasped with a wide smile, hugging my old friend.
"I would love to! B-but it's getting kinda late... I should get home, mom is probably worried"
"Say hi to Auntie Inko from me" he chuckled as I ran off. I smiled. Reconnecting with Kacchan could've gone smoother but I'm glad I took the first step!

Besides, having him as an insider at UA does sound appealing to my organisation. My union, the D.E.K.U., the Dauntless Emerald Killer Union. Guess I still couldn't let go of that ridiculous nickname Katsuki gave me... But then again, I still call him Kacchan too.

Chapter Text

Pov Todoroki
I entered the vip lounge after being scolded and beaten by my father in the men's bathroom. Second place. Pathetic. How dare I call myself a Todoroki with such a defeat? How dare I deny my father's will, refusing to use my left side? The part of me that is part of him... How could I ever live up to his ideal of calling me a masterpiece? Of being the next number one hero? A hero that doesn't win by default but crushes everyone around him.

Yes, the death of All Might left a cold stinging sensation in his heart, if he even has one. He used to be stuck at second place, but soon advanced to first. Yet it wasn't how he wanted it to go. He wanted to beat All Might with his own strength, not by death. Something snapped in him that day.

His rage fits became more frequent, his training became harsher. He started beating my siblings and I for the tiniest mistakes... His anger couldn't be satisfied. Only one of the reasons my oldest brother, Toya, ran away from home. He just couldn't take it anymore... And with a quirk like his, a quirk that damages your own body when you use it, I fully understand. Natsu stayed for as long as he could before going off to college, wanting to protect my sister from father's hand. Without succes.

I sighed, trying to keep my eyes open. Every time I close them, I can see it. My mom pouring hot water over my face because she can't stand the sight of me. My siblings being beaten in front of me as father shouts at me not to cry. Bad children deserve to be punished. I mustn't shed tears for the pain of others, certainly not when they deserve it. Everything that happens, happens because we deserve it. Never show emotion, never get attached, you don't deserve to have happiness until you reach number one.

It's like a mantra, beaten into my mind over the years. Forever repeating in my head with everything I do. But I don't want to become a hero... I don't have the desire to be number one... I just want to live a happy life... But I don't deserve it. I don't deserve such freedom... I'm a bad son for disobeying my father, for not wanting to use my left side in battle. As long as I refuse him, I don't deserve happiness.

Yet, my desire to make him suffer is greater than my desire for happiness. If I have to be the one to sacrifice himself so that man pays for his deeds, so be it. My eyes dart around the room, seeing the messy state it is in. Oh Bakugou, I envy you so. Being a walking arrogant pride parade, yet having it all. Now look at me, being stuck to clean up your mess.

I take a deep breath before getting started. I finish up soon though, because cleaning the house after one of father's rampages is something I've been doing since I was ten. While cleaning up, I stumbled upon a bright yellow shoulder bag. It's not Bakugou's, that I'm quite sure of. So it must be from that green headed boy. Midoriya Izuku.

As I take it from the ground, a notebook falls out. It lands on its back, opening by the fall. As I bend down to pick it up again, I accidentally read what he has written. My eyes widen in shock as I slowly grab the book. And that's how I discovered that the seemingly innocent plain looking Midoriya Izuku, is actually the Green Reaper, head of D.E.K.U. ...

My hands trembled as I read the detailed description of what he did to All Might and how he gained a quirk by genetically altering One For All, the only quirk that could be passed on over generations. When I heard footsteps in the hall, I quickly closed the book and put it back inside the yellow bag, draping it over my shoulder. I need to keep a good hold of this information. It could change everything!

"Shoto! Aren't you done yet?! Don't tell me you're slacking off!" father's angry voice boomed through the room, making me flinch back a little, as if expecting a hit. But Aizawa sensei was with him, so that explains why my cheek is still unharmed.
"I just finished up father, sorry to make you wait" I answered submissively.

The adults didn't mind paying attention to the bag as I trailed behind them through the hallways. I mentally prepared myself for the beating I'll receive when we get home. With that I'll certainly need the two day recuperation period... But as the two pro heroes said their goodbye's, I saw him. Midoriya Izuku standing on the other side of the road, his emerald green eyes glaring at me like never before.

He's showing his true colours now, and it scares me even more so than my father. As soon as a car zooms between us, he's gone. Shivers run down my spine and I clench the strap of the shoulder bag at my side. I've just made a target of myself... I know too much and now the Green Reaper is after me!

Suddenly there is a stern hand on my shoulder, making me paralyse in fear.
"Time to go home, son" father whispered into my ear, but the way he said son doesn't predict anything good. I quietly followed him to the car, not looking back at Aizawa's slightly concerned face. Our driver starts the engine as soon as we are seated. Like always, there was a tense silence in the air. I didn't dare look up to my father, who sat next to me. But I had to say something. I had to warn him about this-

"Get down!"

I don't comprehend what happens next. The car crashed with a bright green flash, making my heart race faster. It's him... It's the Green Reaper! The ceiling of our car got ripped open and there he stood, in all his terrifying glory. The Green Reaper... His eyes and hair were both a mesmerizing bright emerald green, seemingly glowing by the use of his quirk. I instantly noticed they were lighter now than back when he was in his civilian form.

A black mask covers most of his face, hiding his trademark freckles. He wears a classic white button up shirt, covered by a sleeveless black blazer. His hands are covered in the same bright emerald green, but underneath the shine you could see gloves to hide his hands. A black skinny pants surrounds his legs, before ending in formal black shoes. A long dark cape, waving in the wind of his terrifying power, finishes it up.

If he weren't standing on top of our recently roofless car, looking down on us with an evil grin on his face, you'd say he was ready for a fancy masked ball. Father wasted no time coming into action, but the Reaper was able to sway him off by a simply gesture of his hand, sending the current number one flying across town.

"Now..." he spoke on a sinister tone, slowly stepping into the car and bowing down to me, our faces almost touching.
"I believe you have something of mine, young Todoroki~"

I was totally frozen in fear, my whole body trembling. My breaths were shallow and desperate, my eyes teary. My mouth had ran dry, like my voice was stolen from me. I wouldn't be surprised if I actually pissed my pants right there and then. His presence was just so overwhelming. Such power... Such conviction in his eyes... This is what fear is made off.

"Finally my charms are able to make your facial muscles move... About time" he grinned, his fingers tracing my left cheek.
"We both know why I'm here, don't we? You know who I am~ We can't have that now, can we?"
Click! My seatbelt was unbuckled in a swift movement as he carefully took back what was his.
"Tell me-" he started, seemingly liking the thrill of having me petrified underneath him.
"-What reason do you have for me to spare your life?"

What? I didn't understand what he was asking of me, making him chuckle a little. But it wasn't that light and friendly laugh I heard earlier today. No... This was something else...
"Come on. Give me a reason. Just one" he urged me, now having the shoulder bag around his torso.
"Beg for your life~ It makes the killing so much more fun~"

Is this guy insane?! He's definitely crazy! An absolute maniac! I can't give him what he wants. I can't beg for him to spare me... Not because I'm stupidly brave, but because deep down I actually want to die. I want the sweet relief of death to wash over me, to take all my pain and suffering with it. Free of the chains of this earthly plane, free of the chains that bind me.

He placed his hand on my chest, the glowing green aura very visible. I didn't flinch away, I didn't even blink. Instead I stared him in the eye, challenging him. Do it. This only made him smile even more as he leaned over to my ear.
"You hear that, young Todoroki? The sirens in the distance?" he asked in a whisper. Now that he mentioned it... Of course! Our car crashed! Someone must've reported it!

He leaned back, now face to face with me once more.
"I really don't feel like dealing with them right now, you know? No matter how much I love a good killing spree..." he sighed, levitating himself with the use of his quirk. Telekinesis. The strongest of its kind to ever exist in the world.
"So you're coming with me~"

What?! Before I knew it, a green glow surrounded my body, lifting me up in the air with him. A bright green flash blinded my sight and before I knew it, we were riding a griffin high up in the sky. So this is how he always manages to escape-WAIT A GRIFFIN?! What the hell?! He turned around, giving me a small smile, reminding me that he was the same stuttering mess I met earlier this day.

"Sweet dreams, Todoroki-kun" he smiled before injecting me with something, making me lose consciousness.

Pov Midoriya
'Ugh... This is such a hassle...' I thought as I stared at the sleeping halfa in front of me. It's my own fault for leaving my bag, really. But Kacchan and the others were there and everything happened so fast when we suddenly had to go down for that award ceremony! I realised I left it in the vip lounge after saying my goodbye's to Katsuki and decided it would be best to come by later to retrieve it, when there were less people.

I was planning on running towards the gates right before they closed, panting, stuttering, begging them to let me in. It would fit my persona perfectly and if I could get Eraser in on it, I would definitely get my bag back with just frantic apologies. But noooo... Todoroki Shoto decided otherwise!

Instead of fucking handing it over to lost and found or a teacher or something, he just snoops around in others people's stuff! Not really hero behaviour if you ask me... I sighed, petting Lord Snuffleton the Seventh as he laid on my lap. It was a bunny, in case you were wondering. He was the first to survive my experiments.

Cause, you see, I tested this whole quirk manipulation thingy on animals before applying it to myself. I mean, I'm not that crazy, you know? A little unfortunate for the animals though... But hey, now I have pets with quirks! How awesome is that? Lord Snuffleton over here is my mood bunny. His fur changes colour according to the emotions of the people around him. I also have Crowley, an owl that can shapeshift into a griffin. Pretty cool if I do say so myself.

Todoroki groaned, moving a little against the chains he was in. Fucking finally! He slowly opened his eyes, adjusting them to the lighting before they landed on me. I changed back into my casual clothing to appear less threatening. I actually want him to be able to speak to me this time around.

"Awake at last... Geez, you really take your time, don't you?" I asked, already annoyed. He tried to move his limps but soon realised what kind of situation he's in. I smirked, putting Snuffles down for the time being, and walking over to him.
"So? What will it be? What's your reason to stay alive?"
"I-I have no reason..." he whispered, shocking me. Everyone has a reason! They always do! Even if it are lame ones, like for my family or something shitty like that.

He looked up at me and what I saw in his eyes was utter despair.
"Please... Just finish me off... I'm only alive to do my father's bidding. To live the life he sets up for me... I was created with one sole purpose, to make the strong Todoroki name live on. I-I don't want to be a h-hero! I-I... I don't want any of this!"
He started crying, making me think twice about my next actions.

Damn that truth potion really does work like a miracle!

"M-my own mother despises me... My oldest brother ran away from home and my other siblings don't even dare come close to me... That man wrecked our lives before they even started... T-therefore I-I have no reason f-for you to spare me..."
Then I did something he wasn't expecting. I walked up to him and wiped away his tears, a small yet sad smile lingering on my lips.

"Come now... That's not true, now is it? Your reason to to take revenge on Endeavor" I whispered, making him stare at me in shock and realisation.
"I can help you with that, you know..." I continued.
"I can grant you power beyond your wildest dreams. I could give you what you need to destroy Endeavor once and for all. That is, if you want to of course"

"W-what do you want from me in return?" he asked, making me grin. Not a dumb one, I see.
"For you to join my union" I simply stated.
"Be my partner in crime! We can rid this world of sorrow and pain together! So no one has to suffer like you have suffered... A world of equality, where heroes aren't in it for fame, money or power. Where the quirkless aren't seen as less. A world where everyone is honest and those who wronged are punished for their crimes no matter their status! Are you with me, young Todoroki?"

It was silent for a while as we stared each other in the eye. He was considering it, I could tell. You would for less if Endeavor has really done what Shoto just told me. And I have to feeling I'm only just scratching the surface of things...
"Tell me what to do" he said after a while, making me smile.
"Quick question. Do you happen to know the code for your father's creditcard?" I grinned, flashing said card in his face. The upcoming smile on his lips was all the answer I needed...

Chapter Text

Pov Bakugou
Everyone was fussing over half-n-half the moment he walked in the room. It was fucking annoying. He got kidnapped by the Green Reaper, so what? It's not like he put up much of a fight! He only lived to tell the tale cause that reaper guy let him go! Tch, and only cause his daddy is some rich bitch. It's not like he actually survived a full scale attack or something like that...

"Why are you not in your seats?" Aizawa sensei hissed as he entered the classroom.
"Sorry sir! It won't happen again!" Iida exclaimed. I rolled my eyes, side eying the current class rep. Everyone knows what happened to his brother... Must be hard on him. Yet he doesn't show it, keeps those emotions locked up. Building them up until they explode... I only know because of experience, but it's not my job to talk to him. If he wants to shut himself off, then that's his fucking problem, not mine.

"I know a lot of you are curious about the recent attack on the Todoroki's-" Aizawa sighed.
"-but as you can see, your classmate is alive and well. The police has everything under control so I don't want to hear another word about it, alright?"
"Yes Aizawa sensei" the class said in union.
"Now, onto more important matters... Internships"

He started to explain everything about what we would be doing and soon showed us the number of requests we'd gotten. Of course, as the winner of the Sportsfestival, I got a lot. But what frustrated me the most was that somehow that icyhot bastard ended up with more requests than me. He didn't even fucking win! He lost! Why would anyone even want a piece of shit like him?! Only cause he's Endeavor's son, I bet.

"Even if you didn't receive any requests, all of you will be participating in these internships" Aizawa finished off.
"You have the rest of the class to decide where you want to go"
And with that he zipped up his yellow sleeping bag and fell to the ground. I rolled my eyes, typical. Of course I had to get this half ass teacher who prefers sleeping and threatening over actually teaching! Again, a lot of people swarm Todoroki, pissing me off.

"Whoo! You sure got a lot of requests Bakubro!" shitty hair smiled as he looked at my list over my shoulder.
"Do you know which one you wanna go to?"
"Tch, shouldn't you be concerned about your own fucking internship?" I hissed.
"I already know where I wanna go!" he exclaims, grabbing the papers from my hands.

"Oh my god! Even Best Jeanist asked you! And that after his agency got attacked by the Green Reaper..."
"Oi! Give that back shitty hair!" I yelled angrily, blasting him in the face. He easily countered with his own quirk, his smile never fading. Just as I wanted to blast him again, opening my mouth for another snappy comment, Todoroki exploded.

"Shut up!" he yelled, pulling at his hair, making everyone back off. He stood up, breathing heavily, before rushing out the classroom.
"I think we might've broken him..." raccoon eyes said quietly, in a sad voice.
"No shit" I muttered, making some people look at me.
"He got fucking kidnapped by the guy that killed All Might of all people and you guys really think he's just gonna be peachy after that shit?"

"Bakugou is right, we should give him the space he deserves" Yaoyorozu stated.
"What were you guys thinking? Interrogating him like that?"
"W-we were just curious..." Kaminari muttered, looking down at the ground for a bit. The Pikachu didn't dare admit it out loud, but he thought the Green Reaper was kinda cool.

He once went on a rant about how he doesn't care whether it are heroes or villains, if he thinks they look cool, they are cool. He just looked at their looks, not their motives. A lot of people judged him for that and he was bullied in middle school. He was hesitant to tell us, but he only admitted that later on.

Of course shitty hair thought it was super manly and raccoon eyes now freaked out about it with him. Tape dispenser never really formed his opinion on the matter but it's not like I care. I sighed, thinking back of the news reports and the pictures they showed of the incident. The media had no idea what the Reaper even looked like, if it was one person or actually just their whole organisation. They don't even know their gender!

I'm not surprised the dumbass likes him for his mysterious persona.

Pov Todoroki
I ran out of the classroom and into the nearest bathroom, only to instantly throw up in one of the toilets. I groaned, holding my stomach in discomfort, remembering my conversation with Midoriya...


"Remember, it takes time for your body to adjust to the changes" he said after he injected me with a special altered form of One For All.
"You'll probably feel like shit for at least a week, side effects"
"Any other side effects I should know of?" I asked as he threw the needle away, placing all his other stuff neatly back in order. It seemed as though that was one of his traits, having everything in order, nice and organized.
"Well... You should avoid stress or injury. It could trigger One For All to activate in its early stage and since your body isn't fully adjusted yet... Let's just say it's like getting a bad fever"

-End of flashback-

A bad fever... Right... I feel like complete crap. I can't focus on anything and my head is killing me! And just now, when half of the class crowded around me, asking a million questions at once... I don't know, it just makes me anxious. Normally I'm better at hiding my emotions but this stuff has got me pretty good...

Yet father insisted I'd go to school today, to show the world we were still standing strong after the Green Reaper attacked us. Maybe I should go to Recovery Girl..? I slowly crawled up, flushing the toilet and leaning against the stall until I found my balance again.

"Everything alright Todoroki?"

I turned my head to see Sero, a concerned gaze in his eyes. I slowly nodded, closing my eyes for a second. This is something I just have to fight through alone... But that didn't bother me since I know my suffering will end soon. Yes, soon I'll have the power to take my revenge...
"Are you sure?" he asked, a little uncertain.
"I-I heard you throw up..."

"It's...fine" I breathed, looking straight ahead while he was standing next to me. Everything will be fine... I promise, Sero.
"No, it's not... Come on, we're going to see Recovery Girl" he stated, grabbing my wrist. I flinched back, being reminded of the countless times father used to jank me with him, away from any kind of distraction. Toy stores, arcades, other kids, even my own siblings...

A wave of nausea hit me again, making me quickly hunch over the toilet once more. Sero rubbed my back as I puked, flushing it down when I finally stopped. Midoriya wasn't lying when he said stress wasn't good for me right now... But everything around me just makes me feel stressed! All the small things that remind me of father... The pressure of becoming number one... Why can't I hide it anymore?!

Normally I don't show any kind of emotion, I don't let them get to me. It makes me appear ice cold, but that's for the better. I don't think I'm showing emotion now though... Only feeling it is enough to trigger this god awful reaction inside of me.
"Leave me alone. I'm fine"
"Dude, please, even Kaminari can see you're not okay" Sero stated.
"Is this because of what happened? Are you sick or something?"

"I'm fine!" I hissed, pushing him away from me. I took a few deep breaths, holding onto the toilet stall for balance after the impact. I saw how he looked at me. Fear and worry in his eyes. Was he scared I would attack him? Huh, guess the class really doesn't know anything about me... I sighed, looking away from him.
"Just go back to class... I promise I'll swing by Recovery Girl later okay?"

"O-okay" he whispered, quietly leaving the bathroom, leaving me alone. Fucking finally... I took some time to collect myself before I made my way back to class. Conversations fell silent as I entered the room, but I tried not to appear affected by it. The rest of the time people leave me be, give me the space I need. I went to throw up between classes but I managed to contain myself during class.

It was lunch right now and honestly I don't know how much longer I can cope with this... I splashed some water in my face, after I puked my guts out, again. It's just stomach fluid by this point, really. Nothing that goes in stays down so... I glared at myself in the mirror, seeing I was even paler than usual, making my scar stand out even more.

"Not feeling well, Todoroki-kun?" an innocent voice asked from behind me. I froze, turning around in an instant. How the hell did he get in here?! Why is he wearing a UA uniform?! My breaths became shallow and I ran for the toilet. He chuckled a little as I gagged, slowly patting my back.
"And here I was, thinking I seemed like a cute little bean when in casual clothing~ Do I really make you feel so scared, young Todoroki?"

"W-what are you doing h-here?" I choked out, looking up to him from my position on the floor.
"I'm just a kid like you, you know? Mom would kill me if I quit school" he smiled.
"Anyways, I see you're handling One For All better than I expected, you might be able to use it sooner than I anticipated! Oh, and don't tell Kacchan you saw me here, I'm holding it a secret for now~"

This is me handling it better than expected?! In what state did he think I would be?! On the brink of death?!
"W-why?" I asked confused.
"To surprise him after he comes back from the internship dummy!" he giggled. And for a fraction of a moment, I only saw the cute innocent Midoriya Izuku in front of me. Not the monstrous Green Reaper that hides behind the mask. But unfortunately, I know better now... I've seen his true colours...

"So who are you interning with?" he asked, continuing the conversation like we were friends. Our relationship was far more complicated than that. Technically speaking he was my boss right now. I mean, I am working for him...
"Endeavor Hero Agency" I mumbled, getting up from the floor.
"Oh?" he asked, a little surprised.
"H-he wouldn't let me intern somewhere else..." I whispered, holding a hand in front of my mouth, gagging again.

"It's okay, don't worry about him right now" he said with a small smile, placing a hand on my shoulder.
"Listen up, the hero killer Stain is in Hosu right now so you know what that means right? Your father is gonna want to pull a big stunt to clear out any lingering gossip about him not being strong enough to protect you and all that. I don't want you anywhere near Stain, understood? Your power is way too unstable at this moment so I don't want you getting hurt"

"Oh... Yes, of course" I said, scratching the back of my neck, giving him a small smile. He actually cared for me huh? He wanted me to be save... His eyes widened a little before he laughed.
"You're smiling Todoroki-kun!"
"I-I guess I am" I chuckled. Unbelievable... I've only known this boy for a few days and I'm already the happiest I've been in years! Maybe joining D.E.K.U. was the best thing that could ever happen to me?

Chapter Text

Pov Midoriya
Soon everyone in the hero course left for their internships. I had people watching them, especially Todoroki and Bakugou. I chuckled a little at the thought of Kacchan's internship. Best Jeanist's hopeless attempts to tame him were amusing, to say the least. I absolutely loved watching the secret video tapes...

But what concerned me more, was the fact Iida chose to go to Hosu city for his internship. He could prove to be a pain in the ass when I'm going to talk to Stain... His devotion to avenging his brother was admirable yet annoying.
"Boss! It is time for you to take your leave"
I sighed, putting on my mask before turning around in my chair.

"Is Purrcy ready?"

"At your service, boss" the man reacted, putting down a cat in front of him. Purrcy meowed, running over to me and jumping on my lap.
"Alright, hold down the fort while I'm gone" I sighed, getting up with Purrcy in my arms.
"Feed the animals, make sure Dandelion gets his medicine or I'll kill the whole union. Oh, and have a 'best of' compilation of Kacchan's internship ready when I get back!"
"O-of course boss!" he responded, running out of the room.

"Alright Purrcy, time to pay Stain a visit" I smiled, putting him down on the ground. The cat shape-shifted into a giant Saver tooth tiger. I jumped on his back and together we rode towards Hosu, running over the rooftops. I always liked to go free running with my animals. They were my personal way of transportation and I loved them! I contained a happy yell as we hopped over the rooftops. But once a big explosion was set off in the distance, I stopped Purrcy.

"What the-"

But then I saw it... Ugh... Shigaraki... My father's favorite. Hmm, didn't know the League would be here too... Another bang could be heard in the distance, making me look its way. Nomu's huh? So he's using my father's pets to attack? Pathetic... I sighed, ushering Purrcy to continue his way. I don't have time to play around with daddy's little club right now.

Soon enough I found Stain, fighting in a dark back ally way. Seems like he got rough with Native and Iida got in his way... Wait. No. I scowled. What the fuck Shoto! I specifically told you not to face Stain! Argh! Doesn't he understand there are severe consequences for ignoring my orders?! Purrcy shifted back into his regular cat shape. He could shift into every feline, which came in handy from time to time.

I sighed, sitting down on the edge of the roof, looking down upon the battle. Seems like Todoroki is having a hard time facing Stain alone. Hmm, Iida is unable to move, so is Native. It's Stain's quirk. I noticed my new play thing was already damaged, panting, trying to hold his ground. He was suffering, One For All weighing him down more than helping him at this point.

"Well, guess I have to do something now, don't I?" I muttered, petting Purrcy.
"Can't let Sho die so soon, now can I? Ugh, he promises to be a handful... But what was I expecting of the rebelling son of Endeavor?"
"Yeah, you're right" I muttered, petting him on the head.
"Wait here for me, okay?"

I rolled my eyes, jumping down into the ally. All fighting stopped at once, making me grin.
"These two students giving you trouble hero killer~?" I asked, grinning at him.
"Ah, the Green Reaper~ To what do I owe this pleasure?" he asked, making the others in the ally freeze in fear.
"T-that... That's t-the...the G-Green Reaper..?" Iida managed to stutter out, while Todoroki simply stared at me. I couldn't read his expression, but his gag reflex told me everything I had to know.

"Why go through the trouble of killing them when you could kill a pro hero in front of their eyes?" I asked, slowly making my way over to Native.
"Traumatizing them at this age is so much more fun~"
"That's not how I work" Stain stated, his intense conviction radiating off of him. I simply smiling, my own conviction being at least equally as strong.

"Yes, I know... Such a shame... We could've been partners, you and I. Our believes of a better world are very similar... Yet our ways of how to achieve it are oh so different"
"You're still bugging me about joining your union? Ha, well, looks like you've got some competition on that matter-" he laughed, but I interrupted him.
"Oh what? Let me guess, the League of Villains?" I asked, laughing a little.

That name made fear waver through Iida, as he laid paralysed on the ground. Shoto didn't dare to move, even though he was able to. He wanted to see how this would end.
"They lack what it takes to become the real deal, we both know that"
I turned around, now facing the two UA students. I grinned and with a swift movement of my hand, Stain laid knock-out on the floor. After that I slowly walked over to Iida, grabbing his chin and lifting it up so he was forced to look at me.

"If it isn't Iida Tenya, little brother of Ingenium~ My, my... Chasing such selfish thoughts isn't very hero-like, now is it?" I grinned, trailing over his face with the tips of my fingers.
"You're lucky, you know? Unlike the hero killer, I do believe in second chances. So you get to live~"

I let him go, standing up to face Todoroki Shoto.
"But you-" I hissed, having him pressed up against the wall in mere seconds. His breaths were quick and shallow. I could clearly read fear on his face as he whimpered and closed his eyes. I chuckled, closing the gap between us so my mouth was right next to his ear.

"You're not gagging anymore~"

This made him freeze up underneath me as realisation washed over him. Before his body relaxed with the knowledge I wouldn't kill him right here and now.
"Seems like your body has got a handle on One For All now~ Congrats, young Todoroki, your training starts after your internship"

With that I stepped back, making his body slide to the ground as he came down from his adrenaline rush. I chuckled as I glanced around the ally. No one here was a threat to me.
"Don't tell anyone I was here, I know where you live. Oh, I'll let you have Stain as a little parting gift~" I grinned, letting a green aura surround me before I flew up onto the rooftops again. Purrcy was waiting for me, licking his butt. I rolled my eyes, snapping my fingers a few times before I got his attention. He shifted into a black panther with ease, letting me climb on his back with no problem at all.

"Let's see how those Nomu's are doing~" I grinned, making Purrcy hop over to the wild fire that was spreading across the city. Soon I saw the burned Nomu bodies laying around the square and sighed.
"Hmm... Seems like Endeavor took care of it... Today was such a waste of my time! Let's go home Purrcy"

In the next few days, the Hosu city attacks would be all over the news. People would've tied the hero killer and the League together, making the latter gain more power. A video of Stain will go viral, declaring his conviction to the world. It was right after more heroes arrived at the scene and he tried to fight them off. He pierced his own long while doing so, ending in his arrest. Nobody mentioned anything about the Green Reaper being there that night, for which I'm grateful. The last thing I want is to be associated with those rookies...

Shoto called me though, to tell me they had told the police everything, including that I was at the scene. Luckily they kept it under wraps, not wanting to start a commotion. They also covered up the fight with Stain, saying Endeavor came in and saved the day. I wonder how Shoto is holding up with that lie...

"Don't forget your lunch Izuku!" mom exclaimed as I walked through the house, lost in thought, reviewing the events of the past few days.
"I won't mom! I've gotta go now, love you"
"Love you too honey! And be careful!"
With that I ran out the door, making my way to the trainstation.

Today was the first day of school for the hero course students after their internships and I was ready to surprise Kacchan! I smiled at the thought alone. He would probably give me an angry rant about his internship, since he didn't do shit. Best Jeanist basically babied him for a whole week, trying to teach him manners of some sort. It was absolutely hilarious to read the rapports of my people spying on him.

"Good morning, Midoriya"
"Good morning Shinsou-kun!" I smiled as I got off the train. As always he waited for me in the trainstation so we could walk to school together. He was the only friend I had in my class right now since I was seen as quirkless...


"Alright class, today we have a new transfer student" the teacher announced as I entered the room.
"Please introduce yourself"
"U-uhm m-my name is Midoriya Izuku, nice to meet all of you" I said quickly, bowing a little in front of the class.

"Oi! Tell us about your quirk!" someone yelled from the back, instantly backed up by shouts of agreement. It was common for people to introduce themselves with their quirks at the start of the schoolyear since you'd know what to expect of them. I was a little hesitant on that matter though...

"I-I'm quirkless..." I whispered, not looking up to face their gazes. It was silent for a while before the teacher spoke up.
"Alright, you can take a seat on the third row by the window"
I quickly nodded, walking over to my assigned seat, only to get tripped on the way. The class laughed loudly, making me sigh as I sat up. Great... First day of school and I'm already getting bullied...

"Hey, are you okay? Need some help?"

I looked up with a surprised expression, staring straight into the eyes of none other than Shinsou Hitoshi. The reason I know who he is, is because he's the nephew of Eraserhead. He's a brainwasher...
"Y-yes, t-thank you" I stuttered, accepting his hand as he helped me up.
"Shinsou Hitoshi" he introduced himself.
"Don't let those jerks get to you, okay? They're just a bunch of losers who're pissed they didn't get into the hero course"

-End of flashback-

Shinsou and I have been friends ever since. He knew what it was like to get picked on or judged based on your quirk, or the lack thereof. We understood each other and he was a nice guy. He could certainly prove to be a valuable asset in the future...

"So, you're finally going to tell me who your friend in the hero course is?" he asked with a small smile as he elbowed me in the side.
"I told you, I want to surprise them! And if you know, you're gonna eye them all day and they'll get suspicious. I know you by now Shinsou-kun" I chuckled, pushing him back a little as we walked.

"Come on! I don't even know if it's a guy or a girl!" he stated, yet he was still laughing.
"I could force you to tell me, you know"
"You would never do that" I smiled, but my body was soon taken over by his quirk.
"Oh yeah? Try me" he grinned before letting me go again.
"Shinsou-kun!" I whined as he laughed.
"That's not funny!"

"I know, I know... But seriously, boy or girl?"
"Ugh... Boy" I sighed, looking away from him. I hate how he is winning against me like this! But I can't break my image of innocent little bean so I'll just have to put up with it... At least he's not as annoying as the rest of the class.
"1-A or 1-B?" was his next question.
"You're not gonna stop, are you?" I asked.
"Nope" he grinned, the school building coming into view. I sighed, closing my eyes for a moment.

"I-it's Bakugou Katsuki" I muttered, looking at the ground.
"What?!" he exclaimed.
"See! This is why I didn't tell you!" I shouted, covering my face with my hands.
"W-we're childhood friends... I've known him s-since forever, you know?"
"Why didn't you say something sooner?" Shinsou asked, grabbing me by the shoulders.
"Midoriya, do you realise what kind of power you hold?"

Oh Shinsou-kun, you have no idea about the kind of power I hold...

"W-what do you mean?" I asked confused, playing along with the persona I chose for myself.
"If the class would know about your relationship with Bakugou, nobody would ever dare bully you again!" he finished up, smiling at me. Does he really think I don't know that? I let them bully me for about a week so the guilt and fear of revenge by Kacchan would eat them alive! I plan on letting them get beaten up by the violent ash blond very soon.

"Y-you really think so?" I asked softly. Oh bitch, you know so!
"You're gonna make sure the whole school sees you're friends with him, understand?" Shinsou demanded.
"Why? Cause I want my quirkless friend protected, that's why! Bakugou has enough power to count for two, so you'll be safe with him"

I blushed at his answer. Oh Hitoshi, you really are too kind for this world... Being beaten down and written off as a villain, but still trying to do good and leave your mark on the world. I wish I had someone like him in the union... He'd be a good head of HR.
"Wait, hold up, isn't that Midoriya?" I heard from behind us, instantly recognizing the voice.
"Oh yeah, Bakubro's friend! Hi dude!" Kirishima yelled, waving at us from a distance as he arrived with Ashido.

"It's been a while! What are you doing here?"
"Going to school" Shinsou answered, slightly irritated by their sudden arrival.
"I didn't know you were going to UA!" Mina gasped.
"O-only recently, really" I chuckled, trying to get them out of my personal space.
"S-since I moved back into the area, I-I thought why not, you know? A-and I wanted t-to go to the same school a-as Kacchan... Even if we're not in the same class..."

Shinsou snorted at the nickname while the other two chuckled a little.
"I still can't believe he lets you call him that! He would definitely kill me if I tried anything like that" Kiri stated.
"Well, he is a little more gentle with me since I have no way to protect myself" I sighed.
"See it as a compliment when he blasts you in the face. It means he acknowledges your power!"
"Really?" Kirishima gasped, a spark igniting in his eyes as I said that.

"Of course! Normally he only sets off some small blasts in his palms to threaten but he doesn't actually use his explosions on you unless he knows you can take it" I shrugged.
"Apart from battle, naturally"
"I never looked at it that way before... Thanks Midoriya!" he smiled.
"Wait, does Bakugou know you go to school with us? He never said anything" Ashido asked.
"You'd think he'd rather have lunch with you than us so..."

"He doesn't know. I was actually going to surprise him today" I smiled, getting pulled along by Shinsou.
"We're gonna be late if you don't hurry up"
"Right!" I said, quickly adjusting my pace to his while waving the others goodbye. I glanced at the clock when they were out of sight, seeing we had time to spare. Shinsou just doesn't seem to like them for some reason...

"So does whole 1-A know? Or just the two of them?" he asked.
"Whole class, I met them at the Sportsfestival" I explained.
"You were really good during the battles too! It was too bad you lost to Todoroki"
"Yeah... Wait, hold up, you don't happen to be that one sole vip person, were you?"
"Busted" I chuckled, knowing his uncle probably ranted about me. Even Aizawa sensei needs to spill out his heart from time to time you know?

"Oh. My. God" he whispered, staring at me wide eyed.
"Uncle Shouta talked about you for two days straight! He was so happy, talking about this small quirkless kid that admires him even though he is an underground hero... He has never actually met a fan before so it was a whole new experience to him"
"R-really?" I gasped, tears coming to my eyes.

Good. I have Eraserhead wrapped around my finger already... Things went way smoother than I thought they would. We talked about the Sportsfestival a little while before our conversation diverted to the Hosu incident. I mostly let Shinsou ramble about his opinion since I don't really side with anyone. We were discussing Stain's background and the viral video as we walked into class, where lessons started soon enough.

Chapter Text

By the time lunch rolled around, Shinsou and I made our way to the canteen. He elbowed me in the side, eying the ruby eyed blonde in the distance.
"Come on, go, make your move" he said, pushing me towards their table. It was now I saw their whole class was eating together, some people questioning Iida and Todoroki. I'm glad his body is adjusted because this would've been hell otherwise. I took a deep breath before walking up to them, Shinsou following me closely.

"Are these seats taken?" I asked, smiling brightly as Kacchan turned around to snap at me. His scowl vanished quickly though as he saw who I was.
"Deku?!" he exclaimed, happy yet confused. This made the majority of the table turn their heads, even some outsiders looked confused at what was happening.
"Hi Kacchan!" I smiled.

"W-what are you doing here?" he asked confused as I sat down next to him, Shinsou taking a seat across from mine.
"I go to school here dummy! General studies" I explained happily.
"You know it has always been my dream of attending UA"
"Y-you're... You're not happy that I'm here?" I asked, making my bottom lip tremble a little.

"That's not it, you dumb nerd" he groaned, glaring at me.
"Why the hell don't you ever tell me something? I always have to discover this shit myself"
"I-I wanted to surprise you..." I pouted.
"Well, I fucking hate surprises. Just fucking tell me next time, shithead" he grunted, making me smile again.

"Hey, you're that guy from general studies that fought Todoroki, right?" Kaminari asked, who sat next to Shinsou.
"Oh, uhm, yes. Y-you remember that?" he asked, a little taken aback.
"Of course dude! Your quirk is awesome!" Denki stated, smiling widely at Shinsou, making him blush as he looked away. He wasn't used to being praised. It was cute.

"So how was your internship?" I asked, which made Kacchan start an angry rant, just as I expected. It was funny, hearing it from his point of view while I've already seen all the objective images. I got a few weird stares from people but shrugged it off. Although I noticed Todoroki eying me quite often... At the end of lunch, I decided to speak up about it.

"Todoroki-kun, is it true you actually saw the hero killer up close? That must've been really scary!" I stated as most people were leaving.
"It was" he sighed, seeing Iida look at us from the corner of his eye.
"Endeavor saved you, right? I bet it was really cool! With all that fire and-" I started, eying the bathroom as I spoke. I saw he got the hint and excused himself before leaving.

"Uhm, Midoriya-kun?"
"Ah, Uraraka-san" I smiled.
"I wouldn't pressure Todoroki too much into talking about it... He's a very private person"
"Oh, sorry, I didn't know" I said, quickly waving my hands around in surrender.
"Won't happen again, promise!"

"Ya coming or what nerd?" Kacchan hissed, waiting for me to walk to class. Or at least the part we could walk together.
"You can go on without me, I need to go to the bathroom first" I chuckled, scratching the back of my neck before making my way to the toilets. There he was waiting for me, young Todoroki.

"I noticed you couldn't keep your eyes off me, Sho~" I teased, seeing him tense up for a second since I'm speaking to him in my Green Reaper voice.
"Something you want to tell me, perhaps~?"
"I was just wondering when my training is going to start" he said without stuttering. Look at that, he's making progress! Or at least he's not so scared of me anymore.

"You know my father keeps me on a tight leash... Sneaking away won't be easy"
"I have my ways... Believe me, getting you to headquarters isn't our biggest concern" I said.
"What's a bigger issue is how to hide the pain and bruises you'll receive from using your newly obtained power. I told you before it goes hand in hand with a certain transformation of appearance. Holding onto that form while training will drain you"

"Why can't I train like I am now? You said it would be possible for me to enhance my power even if I don't transform" Shoto answered.
"It's possible, just not ideal" I explained.
"The transformation makes your body adjust to the full extend of your powers. It will make things easier on you on the long run, I promise. Therefore I absolutely forbid the use of your enhanced quirk when not transformed, am I clear?"

"Of course boss" he sighed.

"And no sneaking around my back like last time, understand? Fighting Stain when I ordered you to stay away from him... You're lucky I didn't torture you!"
"I-I know, sorry boss" he whispered, looking down at the ground. He seemed like he was ready to receive a big slap in the face and I winced knowing that was probably what his father would do right now.

So instead I walked up to him and carefully cupped his cheeks.
"Hey, you don't have to be scared of me, okay? You're part of my family now, and I protect my family"
"T-thank you" he choked out, hugging me. I was taken aback but soon hugged him back. He's crying, but I know it are happy tears.
"Just don't forget who's boss" I chuckled, patting him on the back.
"Never" he laughed through his tears.

"You saved me, Midoriya... Or should I say Green Reaper now?"
"Midoriya is fine, as long as we are at school" I laughed.
"But at HQ you call me boss, understand? Now come on or we're gonna be late for class Todoroki-kun!"

Pov Shinsou
I locked myself up in a stall and let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. Damnit! Why is my brain so messed up right now?! I don't need to look far for the answer to that question. Kaminari Denki. Why does he have to be so cute?! Complimenting me with that childish enthusiasm and happy spirit... I just couldn't take it anymore!

I don't think Midoriya even noticed me vanishing from the table. He's way to busy with his Kacchan right now... Ugh, why did I push him into his arms again? Because you're a good friend, Hitoshi... Sometimes I really do hate myself... I flinched as the door to the bathroom opened and closed, pulling my legs up so they wouldn't notice I was here. The person sighed, before quietly mumbling to himself.

"Alright, you can do this... Just ask him what you want to know... He won't hurt you, he's not like father..."

Okay, now that concerned me. And what freaked me out even more was the fact I know that voice. It was Todoroki Shoto, the one I fought in the Sportsfestival. Wait. Does his father hurt him?! I didn't have time to gather my thoughts as the door opened once more.

"I noticed you couldn't keep your eyes off me, Sho~ Something you want to tell me, perhaps~?"
That voice... It sounded so familiar yet so unknown. It made goose bumps cover my whole body and I shivered, hoping the two boys wouldn't notice.

"I was just wondering when my training is going to start. You know my father keeps me on a tight leash... Sneaking away won't be easy" Todoroki answered, a lot more confident than he was mere seconds ago. Training? Oh, the other guy is probably from the hero course too. Maybe a second or third year that's helping him out? But that still leaves me to question how Endeavor treats his son...

"I have my ways... Believe me, getting you to headquarters isn't our biggest concern. What's a bigger issue is how to hide the pain and bruises you'll receive from using your newly obtained power. I told you before it goes hand in hand with a certain transformation of appearance. Holding onto that form while training will drain you"

What. The. Hell. What am I hearing right now? I don't understand any of this! And then I saw it... His red signature sneakers... The person Todoroki is talking Midoriya?!
"Why can't I train like I am now? You said it would be possible for me to enhance my power even if I don't transform"
"It's possible, just not ideal" Midoriya explained. Now that I know it's him, I recognize his voice more easily.

But this isn't the boy I know. This isn't how he talks. The things he says make no sense!
"The transformation makes your body adjust to the full extend of your powers. It will make things easier on you on the long run, I promise. Therefore I absolutely forbid the use of your enhanced quirk when not transformed, am I clear?"
"Of course boss"
Did Todoroki just call him boss?! What the hell is going on here?!

I want to burst out of my stall and demand an explanation, but something inside of me tells me that's not a good idea.
"And no sneaking around my back like last time, understand? Fighting Stain when I ordered you to stay away from him... You're lucky I didn't torture you!"
"I-I know, sorry boss"
What the fuck?! Torture?! This conversation is officially freaking me out! Well, more than it already was at least...

"Hey, you don't have to be scared of me, okay? You're part of my family now, and I protect my family" Midoriya whispered a little after that. Oh my God that sounds so creepy!
"T-thank you" Todoroki choked out and I hear someone sobbing. Is Midoriya crying? I know he tends to do that when thanked or complimented.
"Just don't forget who's boss" Izuku chuckled.
"Never" Shoto answers. I think he's laughing, but it's muffled by his sobs. Why is he the one crying?

"You saved me, Midoriya... Or should I say Green Reaper now?"
My blood runs cold at that question.
"Midoriya is fine, as long as we are at school. But at HQ you call me boss, understand? Now come on or we're gonna be late for class Todoroki-kun!"
The last sentence is spoken in the innocent voice of the boy I call my friend... Yet I don't know whether he returns that title anymore...

Was it true? Is Midoriya Izuku the Green Reaper? No! That's impossible, right? He's just a timid quirkless boy! B-but what if that was all just an act? What if that's what he wants people to think..? I mean, I did just hear him talk to Todoroki. That was nothing like the innocent cinnamon roll I know... A-and Todoroki called him boss... He even admitted being scared of him a minute before Midoriya walked in here! And the latter said the halfa was now a part of his family...

D-does that mean Todoroki is working for the Green Reaper?

Suddenly everything seems to fall into place. The Green Reaper attack on Endeavor on the same day as the Sportsfestival, the day Izuku came to town. The fact Shoto walked away from being kidnapped by the Reaper practically unharmed! Yes... Everything makes so much more sense now... My thoughts are interrupted as the sound of the school bell fills the air. Fuck! I'm late!

Pov Midoriya
I instantly notice Shinsou isn't in class as I arrive. Weird, he's normally never later... The bell rings just as I sit down at my table, making me frown. Where the hell is that insomniac at? He's not the kind of person to just straight up leave me, is he? No! No, he's one of my best friends! I glanced at my phone, seeing he didn't even text me or anything.

Did something bad happen? No, impossible... UA's security is air tight, even I would have trouble breaking into this place. It's not impossible though... Just as I started to worry, Shinsou came rushing through the door, panting as he caught his breath.
"S-sorry I'm l-late, sir" he breathed, closing the door behind him.
"Hmm, since this is your first time, I'll leave it with a warning. Don't let it happen again"

"Yes sir" he answered, quickly walking to his place. I eyed him in confusion, as if asking what happened. He saw but chose to ignore it. What?! Nobody ignores me! I clenched my fists in frustration before taking a deep breath and letting it go for the time being. I have ways to make him talk... Otherwise I wouldn't be a good friend now would I?

So after school I ran up to him, blocking his exit.
"Say Shinsou-kun, why were you late after lunch? That's nothing like you" I asked, tilting my head a little. He didn't look at me as he continued to pack his bag in silence. I frowned. Alright, time to step up my game...
"A-are you mad at me? Because I-I talked more t-to Kacchan than to you?" I whispered in a small voice.

"I swear I didn't ignore you or anything! I-it's just been so long since Kacchan and I have been this close, you know? I'm really sorry if I accidentally shut you out..."
I saw this got him conflicted. I'm slowly cracking his shell. Soon he'll be spilling out what I want to know. This may be one of my more unconventional interrogation methods but self-pity or hatred get the job done with someone who holds a somewhat strong connection to you. And I know for a fact it's working on Shinsou right now.

He sighed, looking up at me with so much confusion and sadness, it made my eyes widen.
"E-everything okay, Shinsou-kun?" I asked worriedly, stepping closer, wanting to hug him. But he just took a step back, seemingly...scared? We were the only ones left in the classroom, surely he could tell me what was bothering him now, right?

"Tell me something Midoriya..." he whispered, looking down at his desk.
"Anything, you know that-"
I choked on my breath as he looked back up to me. What the hell?! Why is he using his quirk on me?!
"I'm sorry about this, but I just have to know" he said, taking a deep breath.

"Are you the Green Reaper?"

Chapter Text

Pov Midoriya
I stared at him in shock. How did he find out? I'm so careful with hiding my identity! In all of my years as the Reaper, only one person has discovered my identity and lived and that's Todoroki Shoto. And he did so on accident! So how the fuck could he even think something like that?! Instead of answering his question, my eyes and hair started glowing a bright emerald green, making him take a few steps back. I broke his trance with a snap of my fingers, glaring at him. He was shaking in place right now, too scared to move or look away.

You've brought this upon yourself, Shinsou-kun...

"Now, before I kill you-" I said in a low growl, grabbing his face in one hand.
"-How do you know? Better tell the truth Shinsou-kun~ Or things will get messy"
"I-I heard you t-talking to T-Todoroki in the bathroom earlier" he whimpered, closing his eyes in fear of what would follow next. I groaned. Great! It was my fault! Again! Argh! Since when do I slip up this much?!

Ever since I reconnected with Kacchan, my head has been all over the place! It's like I can't even think straight anymore! So frustrating! I took a deep breath, letting go of Shinsou, who fell to the ground. I let the glow die down and ran a hand through my hair.

"Listen up, I really don't want to kill you, you know? But I can't have you knowing about me either... Damnit! Just when I thought I finally had a friend! You know how hard it is to fit in when you're quirkless? Do you have any idea how difficult it is for me to go to school, knowing even the teachers look down upon me? You were my first real friend after Kacchan! I-I don't want to lose you, Hitoshi!"

Tears stang in my eyes and I clenched my fists.
"But I guess it just has to be done..."
"N-no... No, please, d-don't!" he squeaked, backing away until his back hit the wall.
"Don't beg for your life. It only makes this harder on the both of us" I hissed, kneeling down in front of him, my hand now on his chest.

"You know... Normally I like people to beg... But normally I enjoy the thrill of the kill as well. I guess being a villain comes with ups and downs, am I right?"
I activated my powers, letting a green glow engulf my hand. My eyes and hair started glowing as well, it's part of my transformation.
"If you were anyone else, I would ask you a very simple question right now. What reason do you have to stay alive?"

I looked up at his face, seeing he was crying, trembling in fear and terror.
"Come on, don't be shy~ You can tell me Shinsou-kun~"
"I-I... Y-you... You're still my friend, Midoriya!" he choked out, shocking me.
"I-I want you to know t-that even now, w-when you c-could kill me every second, I-I'm still your f-friend... B-because the truth is t-that I didn't have any friends either before you came to UA!"
I sat back, removing my hand from his chest, tears welling up in my eyes.

"Oh God... I must be crazy!" he breathed, pulling at his hair.
"A-am I going insane? I-is that what's happening? I-I can't be friends w-with...with..."
"A villain?" I finished for him, making him whimper. God, he's scared... But not only from me, also from his feelings. He doesn't know what to think anymore. What to do, what to say... It seems like his world just came crashing down...
"You know... I can take care of this for you" I whispered, making him look up to me.

"I'm not really super sane myself, in case you haven't noticed, but I promise my intentions are pure... I just want equality in the world. A place where the quirkless aren't treated like outcasts and heroes aren't praised with money and fame. I just want a place where nobody is treated differently because of their background or things they can't change... You understand, right? Don't you want that too?"

"T-that does sound nice..." he whispered as I wiped his tears away.
"So what do you say? Want to help me change the world? Leave your mark?" I asked.
"B-but I don't... I don't want to be a villain..." he choked out.
"I-I'm so sorry Midoriya... I-I... I just can't. I won't tell on you, I promise. B-but I can't become the monster everyone thinks I am"

"Who ever told you villains are monsters?" I asked, growling a bit.
"Look at me! Am I a monster?!"
"N-no..." he whispered.
"Is Todoroki a monster?" I asked.
"No..." he breathed.

"There are such bad stereotypes, really... Some villains actually have noble goals, you know? But they just can't act in modern world society. Not without breaking the law. Being a villain doesn't mean you're an evil monster, it just means you do things your own way"
"B-but you're a murderer..." Shinsou pointed out. I rolled my eyes at that. Oh yeah, now he's coming to his senses... Ugh.

"Doesn't mean you have to be" I said with a small smile.
"Come on Shinsou-kun! We could be partners, it could be so much fun"
"It could get us arrested" he stated, looking me in the eye.
"There really is no convincing you, is there?" I sighed.

"Alright, fine... Just promise me you won't tell anyone my secret, okay? If you do that, I promise to keep you out of all my criminal affairs. Plus you'll officially be protected by the Green Reaper, you're welcome"
He gave me a small smile and nodded.
"Okay, I promise"

"What's going on here?"

We turned around to see Eraserhead enter the room, making me stand up immediately.
"A-Aizawa sensei!" I quickly exclaimed, falling back into my innocent broccoli mode.
"Shinsou-kun wasn't feeling very well, so I told him to lay down for a bit. I just checked his temperature but I don't think he has a fever"

He didn't even question my presence and rushed over to his nephew like I knew he would.
"Everything alright, Hitoshi? Do I need to call your mother?"
Shinsou's mom, Eraser's younger sister... So cute how he wanted to protect his family. I smiled, walking away from the two to to give them some privacy. I grabbed my schoolbag and got ready to leave when Aizawa Shouta called out for me.

"Hold on there for a second, Midoriya"

I froze in my place, slowly turning around in fear of what Shinsou might've told him. But I know I shouldn't worry, I can trust Shinsou. So that's why I wasn't that surprised to see Aizawa sensei smiling at me.
"I didn't know you attended UA High?"
"I-I only recently transferred here" I said, scratching the back of my neck nervously.
"You know... Since I moved here from the other side of the country..."

"You know Midoriya, uncle Shouta?" Shinsou asked confused. My eyes got a tad bit bigger as I watched him say that. My God his acting is flawless! Argh, now I wished I had convinced him to join D.E.K.U.! He would fit in perfectly!
"Remember that special vip at the Sportsfestival I told you about? Well that's him" Aizawa explained.
"Is he in your class?"

"Izuku-kun and I are actually really good friends already! Isn't that true?" he said, looking at me with a small smile.
"Y-yeah! We just clicked from the start, you know? I-I didn't know he was your nephew. The two of you do look kinda similar..."
They shared a glance and we all laughed a little.
"Anyway, I should be going. Kacchan will probably kill me if I let him wait any longer!" I smiled, rushing out the door.

That last part was no joke though. Kacchan and I were supposed to walk home together today, we agreed to over lunch. Since we live in the same neighbourhood, we almost take the same route anyways. I ran through the halls, seeing the angry blond leaning against the walls of the schoolgate, looking as pissed as ever.
"Fucking finally! What the hell took you so damn long?!" he barked as I came to a stop, panting a little.

"W-well, Shinsou wasn't feeling well and I-"
"Stop. I don't even wanna know. Let's just go already, shitty nerd"
"Yes Kacchan!" I smiled, running after him. Ah, it really does feel like old times... Me running after Katsuki, the latter always cursing and mad. I see he still hasn't found a way to properly show his feelings or work out his emotions. It's kinda cute though...

Wait what. No. I did not just think that! I don't think Kacchan is cute! No way! I mean, he sure is smoking hot- You know what? I'm not even finishing that sentence... Bakugou and I started talking about school and whatnot on our way home. Stain came up for a brief period of time, but it seemed to make him visibly angry.

"Knowing that there are people like that out there just worries me... I don't want to see you get hurt" is what he had told me. He wasn't scared for himself, because he knew he could defend himself. He was scared for those who couldn't, for me... It only made me fall harder and deeper into the pit I'm currently digging for myself.

A pit called love.

It's one damn painful pit, let me tell you that. Especially when you land wrong and have to crawl back up, crippled for the rest of your life. Heartbreak. But once you land right, you don't ever want to leave the pit. You've forgotten the pain of the fall and every struggle you had to go through to get there. It's called love, something that numbs the senses. Yes, the bottom of the pit is a bliss for some, but you have to get there to find out. I'm not sure whether I want to got there with Kacchan... Yet here I am, digging.

I sighed and waved him goodbye as he dropped me at my apartment building. Fuck. I have a crush on my childhood friend... I quickly shook my head. Come on. Focus! Time to figure out a way to break out Todoroki and get him over to HQ!

Pov Bakugou
What is this sticky feeling? Like a longing for something or someone... It started coming up when I was walking home, after I dropped Deku off at his apartment. I was laying in my room, staring at the ceiling. Why can't I seem to shake this off?! It's so frustrating! I groaned, grabbing my phone, doing something I already know I was gonna regret later.

I called shitty hair...

"Bakubro?" he asked confused and surprised.
"Shut up" I snapped, clenching my fists. Why the hell was I doing this again? Right, because he's good at this 'feelings' crap...
"I have this aching feeling in my chest and I can't fucking get rid of it! What the hell do I do about it?"
"Are you injured?" he asked instantly.

"No! There is just this...this frustrating feeling! Like I just want to fucking explode! And no, before you ask, it's not anger. It's just so dominant and irritating and I want it to stop!"
"And do you have any idea what could cause it? Like, what happened before you started feeling this way?" Kirishima asked.
"It could help us figure out what this 'feeling' you're describing is exactly"

"Ugh... Nothing happened! I walked home with fucking Deku, dropped him off at his shitty apartment, got home and now I feel like crap!"
"Oh God... Nothing happened!"
"That's what I'm saying you shitty hair!"
"N-no, no! Don't you understand? Nothing happened and that's why you're feeling this way!"


"Dude, your heart is aching for Midoriya" he said.
"You're in L O V E-"
"I'm not! Stop thinking like that! It has to be something else!" I hissed, pulling at my hair. I can't... I can't be in love with that damn nerd... I can't! No way! I don't do love, it's not who I am.
"It makes a lot of sense, actually. Like how you behave differently around him, softer, more gentle..."
"What the fuck is that supposed the mean?"

"Well, you know, you can be around him without wanting to blow him up" Kiri stated.
"You really like him and care for him. You want to be with him, be by his side, protect him from all the harm in the world. Like... Like you wouldn't know what to do with yourself if something happened to him and all you could do was watch"
"I just described what loving someone means, Katsuki" he said, dead serious.

"Oh yeah, which brings me to my next point. He's the only one alive who gets away with calling you by a silly childhood nickname like Kacchan"
"F-fuck..." I cursed, going with a hand through my hair.
"So you finally realise that I'm speaking the truth huh?" he chuckled.
"I volunteer as wingman!"

"I don't need a fucking wingman! It's shitty Deku we're talking about!"
"Are you seriously telling me you're capable of voicing your feelings towards him without any struggle?" he deadpanned. There was a bit of silence before I groaned out loud, making hair for brains laugh.
"Don't fucking make me regret this, got that?" I hissed.

"But I...I need your, ugh, help..."
"Yes! Wingman Eijirou in the case!"

Chapter Text

Pov Todoroki
"Alright so I've send Crowley on his way, he should be there soon" Midoriya said over the phone.
"You gave Endeavor those sleeping pills I gave you?"
"Yes, mixed it in with his tea just like you instructed" I answered, hearing the snorring coming from my father's room.
"He's vast asleep. I don't think it's been this peaceful at home in years"

"You're welcome! Anyway, Crowley should be there by now, open up your window"
I did what he asked me to do and soon an owl flew into my room.
"He's here" I said, seeing there was a small wristband around his paw that stated 'Crowley, property of D.E.K.U.'.
"Great! See ya here in a bit" Midoriya smiled disconnecting afterwards.

I sighed, glancing aside at the owl. The last time I rode that thing was when the Green Reaper kidnapped me... Call me a little sceptical but I'm not looking forward to riding it again. The owl seemed to give me a similar look, making me frown.
"Alright, let's get this over with..." I sighed, crawling out of my window and signing him to transform. He obeyed perfectly, turning into a griffin in mere seconds.

Careful, I ascended his back, getting used to this uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. I wasn't ready for what happened next, Crowley taking off without a warning. I yelped, holding onto the beast for my dear life as we soared through the sky. I don't like animals. I only like cats, because they don't let people mess with them. I almost kissed the ground as we landed again, but I contained myself.

"Here, pull this on"

A dark hoodie was thrown my way. It spelled in big bold white letters D.E.K.U. on the back. I gave it a quick glance before seeing the Green Reaper in front of me. In all his glory, may I add.
"I take it you don't want my lackeys knowing you're working for me right? Better use a disguise as long as you don't have your own costume" he explained.
"R-right" I said, glad he didn't use his Reaper voice on me like last time.

I changed into the hoodie and pulled up the hood, covering my hair.
"Keep your head down, we don't want people seeing your scar" he said as he dragged me along. I simply nodded, following him through the hallways of his base. I need to say, it's quite something. Really modern looking and nice... His lab was impressive as well, but that shouldn't surprise me since he's a little genius.

"Welcome to my private quarters, young Todoroki. This is where I'll train you how to use your power" Midoriya smiled, showing me a giant training room. There was a staircase in the back, leading up to the second floor which was used as bedroom/living area. He had a whole damn library up here! Amazing... But what caught my eye instantly was the boy laying on one of the couches, reading one of Midoriya's notebooks. He wore the same dark hoodie as me, but his hood was down, making him easily recognizable.


"Oh, hi Todoroki" he said with a small smile before continuing to read. I looked aside at Izuku with a questioning gaze, expecting some kind of explanation.
"He heard us talk in the bathroom today-" he sighed, taking off his mask to look at me.
"-so now he knows. He doesn't want to join the union for some odd reason but he had some questions about everything so I brought him here"

He shrugged it off like it was no big deal, but to me it was. I thought we were alone in that bathroom!
"Don't worry dude, I won't tell on you" Shinsou said, seeing I was slightly freaking out.
"Yeah, besides, I already threatened to kill him and all that so trust me, he's good" Izuku smiled, handing me a small pile of clothes.
"Training clothes. There is a changing room downstairs next to the showers. I'll go set things ready"

"Yes, of course boss" I said, still a bit unsure. Shinsou chuckled at that.
"Boss" he snorted, turning a page in the notebook.
"Shinsou-kun!" Midoriya whined, hitting him on his arm.
"I demand respect when I'm the Green Reaper, understood?!"
"Yeah, yeah, whatever, just get training already" he said, waving it off. I growled. How could he be so utterly ignorant towards Midoriya!

It frustrated me to see the boy that helped me cope with my pathetic life being treated like that.
"Tch, don't expect me to invite you again" the green head muttered as he walked away.
"Shoto! Ignore him and get changed!"
"Yes boss" I replied, following him downstairs.

Pov Midoriya
"I know you can do better than that Sho~ Come at me with all you've got!" I exclaimed, kicking him down. He groaned, holding his abdomen in pain as his transformation faded away. His dark red hair faded back into his red and white coloured hair. His bright icy blue eyes shifted back into his dual coloured ones and his scar returned to his face.

"Oi! Come on! Show him who beat me at the Sportsfestival!" Shinsou shouted from the balcony.
"Who are you rooting for traitor?!" I yelled playfully as Shoto crawled back up.
"P-please... No more..." he begged, making me look at him with a sad smile.
"I told you it would be hard, didn't I? I won't push you, you know that. We can stop for today, you did well for a first time, young Todoroki" I smiled, helping him up.

"Try to practice on the duration of your transformation without using too much of your power. Shift frequently, get used to the feeling. It'll help you grow"
"Yes boss" he said with a weak smile.
"Please Todoroki-kun, you can drop that when nobody else is around"
"I feel slightly offended" Shinsou stated, making me roll my eyes.
"I don't count the people who know my secret" I chuckled.

"Which so happen to all be in this very room right now"
"Are you serious? The Green Reaper has been active for years... How can it be nobody has ever discovered you yet? Nobody's cover is that tight" Todoroki stated in shock.
"Well, you're the only ones who live to tell the tale~" I grinned, brushing the tips of my fingers against his bruised cheek, making him flinch.
"Apart from my dad, that is..."

"Which is that All For One fellow you write about, right?" Shinsou asked, waving a notebook around.
"Midoriya Hisashi, one of the most successful businessmen of Japan... An almost immortal super villain... Who would've thought?"
"Midoriya Izuku, an innocent quirkless hero fanboy, the killer of All Might" I countered, grinning at the insomniac.
"Touché" Shinsou muttered.

I turned back to Shoto, giving him a sad smile.
"Go take a shower and get dressed, I'm taking you back home"
"That house isn't my home, not really" he whispered.
"Soon, young Todoroki. Soon you'll have your revenge"


A cat ran inside the room, followed by a small barking dog.
"Dandelion!" I hissed, making the Pomeranian stop dead in his tracks. Purrcy ran straight to Todoroki, jumping in his arms.
"Hey there... It's okay" he whispered, smiling a little. I heard quick footsteps from the stairs and soon Shinsou was fussing all over Purrcy as well. Dandelion got angry at the lack of attention, making his fur explode multiple times.

"Dandelion! No explosions inside! Bad boy!" I stated, picking him up from the ground.
"What is it with you and that temper?"
"Why is it you're a dog person?" Shinsou groaned, giving me a judgy look.
"He reminds me of Bakugou" Todoroki said with a neutral gaze.
"I tested One For All on animals first, you know that" I started.

"And well I thought it would be a good idea to combine it with Kacchan's DNA..."
"That dog is literary Bakugou?" Shinsou asked, seemingly terrified.
"He can be nice if he wants to okay?" I defended myself.
"But he and Purrcy don't really get along..."
"Oh God... Purrcy? Seriously?" Todoroki asked while petting said cat.

"Don't judge me!" I frowned, crossing my arms.
"Oh and Shinsou-kun, you can't touch him"
"What? Why not?!" he gasped.
"Can't you read? It says property of D.E.K.U." Todoroki chuckled.
"Which means this cutie is all mine!"
"What?! No fair!" Shinsou exclaimed.

"I may be a villain, I still uphold a few basic rules. Which includes that outsiders can't touch my stuff" I smirked.
"Then I'm joining" he simply stated, shocking both me and Shoto.
"You what?" the halfa asked surprised.
"Sho, go shower, let me handle this" I ordered, not breaking eye contact with Shinsou.
"As you wish, Midoriya" he breathed, letting go of Purrcy, which lead to a cat and mouse game between him and Dandelion.

As soon as the door shut, indicating that Todoroki had left, my glare deepened and the Reaper surfaced.
"Are you absolutely certain, Shinsou-kun? You want to join my union just to pet my cat?"
"You don't want to know what I would do to pet a cute cat" he said, as serious as I've ever seen him.
"Give me a One For All injection if you must, make me one of your elite soldiers, I don't care. I. Want. To. Pet. Purrcy"

Hmm... An elite group of OFA users who trust me and the other way around does sound appealing... He and Todoroki could be the first members of that special squad. Yeah... I quite like it.
"Deal" I grinned, stretching out my hand.
"To making the world a better place for us outcasts"
"To petting cute cats" Shinsou grinned, taking my hand.
"Green Reaper, we have a deal"

And that's how Shinsou joined the union. Later on he admitted to me that his seemingly out of the blue change of mind, was actually the result of me slowly convincing him throughout his time at the hide-out. It helped that he and Todoroki could somewhat manage to agree with each other since they'll be working together frequently from now on.

I sighed, walking to school, alone... Since I gave Shinsou One For All, he's been super sick and stayed home from school. He knew the risks and accepted it anyway... But I shouldn't be worried, I know he'll feel better once his new quirk settles in.

"If it isn't Quirkless" a taunting voice said from behind me. Oh just great... I turned around, seeing a few guys from my class now standing in front of me. Without Shinsou I was an easy target, not that they didn't bully me when I'm with Shinsou but at least he can tell them off...
"What is it? Scared now that there's no one left to protect your sorry ass?" he chuckled, pushing me. I stumbled back a little, tripping over the uneven stones of our pathway, falling onto my butt.

They laughed, which was to be expected. Tears came to my eyes as the name calling continued. As they said Shinsou wasn't really sick but just sick of me... I know I let myself get bullied so I won't blow my cover, but that doesn't mean I like it. It's actually quite frustrating, knowing I could blow them to the moon in mere seconds but having to restrain myself in every way possible.

"P-please... J-just leave me a-alone" I choked out as I curled up in myself, knowing they were about to start hitting me.
"Why would we? You're just vermin, you need to be eradicated" one of them laughed.
"Yeah, we'd be doing the world a favour by getting rid of you!" another one agreed.


I peeked up, my eyes glinstering with tears but a smile creeping onto my face. My knight in shining armour has arrived! His ash blonde hair as spikey and wild as always, his ruby eyes glaring in anger at those who hurt me. My bullies froze up. Bakugou Katsuki defending a stupid little quirkless boy? Nobody saw that coming.

"K-Kacchan..." I said with a weak smile, seeing him return it for only a second before focussing back on the situation.
"Leave. Him. Alone" he breathed in anger, explosions leaving his palms as he glared them down, slowly stepping closer.
And with that he started chasing them. It didn't take long for him to beat the shit out of them though, since they had absolutely no chance against a combat unit like Katsuki.

"You okay nerd?" he asked, checking me over as he helped me up. I nodded, dusting off my clothes. Bitch please, I've lived through a bullet wound! This is nothing! But I can't tell him that though.
"I-I'm fine... This isn't the worst I've been through" I said with an emotionless dry chuckle, seeing it made Kacchan mad, yet sad.
"Normally Shinsou-kun is a-able to hold them a-at bey with his quirk b-but he's sick so..."

"So what? You shouldn't have to deal with his shit" he hissed.
"I'm quirkless Kacchan, it's only to be expected-" I started but he cut me off.
"No! I won't stand for it!" he hissed, grabbing my shoulders and forcing me to look at him. Were those tears forming in his eyes? Am I really that important to him?
"I'm walking with you to school from now on, understand? And I'm walking you home as well"

"Y-you don't have to g-go through all t-that trouble j-just for m-me Kacch-"
"Stop trying to convince me otherwise! It's pissing me off!" he shouted.
"You obviously can't fucking protect yourself so someone's gotta step the fuck up. End of discussion. Now walk before we're both late, shitty nerd"
"Yes Kacchan!" I smiled, trailing after him.

Oh God, could I fall in love even harder for this aggressive blonde boy? He's just so strong and handsome... I don't know how much longer I can take this! Luckily we arrived at school soon enough, where Katsuki's friends surrounded us in an instant.
"Morning Bakubro! Oh hi Midoriya, good to see you again!" Kirishima grinned, eying Kacchan with a slight smirk on his face.

"Fuck off shitty hair" he grunted, releasing an explosion in his face, which the red head easily countered with his quirk.
"Not. A. Word. Understand?"
"I sense sexual tension in the air~" Kaminari sang, sending Bakugou over the edge.
"What the hell did you just say Pikachu?!" he hissed before attacking the electric blonde. He tackled Denki to the ground, burning his clothing as he held him down.

"N-nothing! I-I'm sorry!" he stuttered quickly, flinching at the heat on his shoulder and chest, there where Katsuki was pinning him down.
"Kacchan! Stop it! You're hurting him!" I yelled, pulling him off of Kaminari, who laid panting on the ground for a little longer. Bakugou seemed to be snapped back into reality by my actions, scowling and clenching his fists. I know better than to push him into apologizing. It would only make things worse.

"Not cool dude" Eijirou said with a small glare as he helped brush off some of the ashes on Denki's uniform.
"Do I even want to know what is going on here?"
We all turned around to see Aizawa sensei and Present Mic. The 1-A homeroom teacher noticed the scorch marks on Kaminari's uniform and his gaze travelled over Kirishima towards Bakugou.

"Dude! Your clothes are like totally messed up man!" Mic shouted, pointing out what everyone else already knew.
"Alright, Bakugou, detention" Aizawa sighed, sounding disappointed.
"Who the fuck says I did that?!" the ruby eyes teen hissed.
"Well, did you do it?" Eraser asked, raising a brow. Katsuki groaned, glaring at his teacher.
"That's not the point-!"

"Make that a week of detention" he sighed before his eyes fell on me.
"Oh, hello Midoriya, good morning"
"Good morning to you too Aizawa sensei!" I smiled. Everyone else in the hallway gave the friendly exchange a confused look. It wasn't like Aizawa to break character like that...
"How is Shinsou-kun? I hope he is feeling better"
"Ah, yes, I had to thank you for bringing his favorite candy over. He really appreciates it"

The least I could do... I mean, it's my fault he's suffering in the first place... Besides, he is handling it much worse than Todoroki, which worries me a bit.
"Oh yeah, I was about to ask you for him Midoriya" Kaminari said with a weak smile, scratching the back of his neck.
"It's been a while since I saw him, he's normally with you right?"

"He's sick" Aizawa stated, glaring Denki down.
"What business do you have with my nephew?"
"Y-your n-nephew?!" Kaminari shrieked, holding his hands up defence while backing away behind Kirishima. I smiled. So Kaminari liked Shinsou too huh? Well this could be interesting~
"Dude, you're so screwed" Eijirou whispered as Aizawa grunted and walking past them into the classroom, Present Mic closely behind him.

"Don't tell me you actually have the hots for that insomniac?" Kacchan laughed.
"You're one to talk! With your crush on M-"
Before I knew it, Bakugou was strangling both of them, holding them pressed up against the wall, his palms releasing a dangerous amount of heat.
"Finish that sentence and I finish you" he hissed towards the blonde before glaring at the red.

"You fucking told him?!"
"H-he was w-with me w-when you c-c-called..." Kiri choked out, trying to pry Katsuki's hand off of him.
"Kacchan!" I gasped in shock, taking a step back, trembling a little. I knew he could be violent but this is crossing a line! And that's saying a lot coming from me, out of all people. You just don't hurt your friends! That's an unspoken rule!

He let go in shock, staring at his hands for a second before slowly turning around to face me. His eyes widened as he read fear in my eyes.
"Deku, I... I-I can explain-" he started but I didn't let him finish. I started crying, running away from him, bumping into someone on my way.
"Sorry!" I squeaked out, wanting to continue as fast as possible. Only I was stopped by this person grabbing my wrist, making me halt and look up.

"T-Todoroki-kun!" I said in surprise. How the hell did I not notice it was him?!
"Are you okay Midoriya?" he asked, worried.
"You seemed to be running away from something-"
"Oi! Let go of Deku you half-n-half!" Bakugou yelled as he turned around the corner. I flinched at his voice, making Shoto realise what was going on.

"No" the halfa replied simply, glared at Kacchan.
"Not until you tell me how you made him this upset"
I glanced up at him with big eyes of shock, not used to seeing this protective side of him...
"What the hell?! Why are people always assuming it was me when something is off?!" he hissed, annoyed by the fact Todoroki didn't just do as he told him to.
"Because it was you" he answered neutrally.

I saw anger flare up in Katsuki. Todoroki was only making things worse... But then Kacchan did something I didn't expect of him. He unclenched his hands, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, letting go of his anger as he breathed out.
"Look... I'm sorry, okay? Not only for you seeing that just now but also for doing it... I-I don't know what came over me... I've just been very frustrated lately and I guess it's starting to show"

Todoroki was shocked, not knowing Bakugou was capable of apologizing. Me, on the other hand, I was smiling. I'm so happy he's finally able to deal with his emotions! Well, to some extend... But it was still progress! I'm so proud!
"Just promise me it won't happen again, okay?" I asked, walking over to him.
"Tch, yeah, I promise or whatever..." he mumbled, not fighting the hug I gave him.

Todoroki wasn't fully convinced yet but he knows I can handle whatever Bakugou throws at me. He glared over my shoulder at Shoto, silently telling him to stay quiet about this. Todoroki simply raised his hands in surrender, continuing his way to class like normal.

"Argh, seems the old hag was right, those anger management classes are necessary..."
"You're taking classes?" I asked surprised.
"Well, yeah, since last summer" he muttered, obviously ashamed because of it.
"Apparently I was getting 'out of control' or some shit like that so my parents forced me to... If you tell anyone, you're dead, understand?!"
"I won't" I chuckled, pulling back from our hug.

"I'm glad you're getting yourself together Kacchan... It makes me sad to see you angry all the time, you know?"
"I'll try to keep that in mind" he said with a small smile, ruffling my hair, making my blush a little.
"Anyways, we should both get to class before we're late. I'll see you at lunch. You can sit with me and that bunch of losers since your shadow is ill"
"Really? Thank you Kacchan!" I smiled.

"Tch... Only a nerd like you would thank me for something so self-explanatory" he grunted, grinning as he left. I kept smiling though. Kacchan will never change and I don't want it any other way!

Chapter Text

Pov Todoroki
"So? How does it feel?" Midoriya asked, circling around me with a grin on his face, giving it one final inspection. He called me to the base, stating my costume was ready. Designed it himself, he said.

Just like him, I wore a suit, yet it was different. I had a white button up shirt, partially covered by a classic dark midnight blue vest. It was basically black, almost. The difference only visible because of Midoriya's black blazer. My pants were the same colour. There were dark red markings on my black shoes, matching my current hair colour. On my right side I wore a crystal blue ring, on my right a red bracelet. Both had the name of the organisation carved into them, as well as my chosen name.

"I personally think you look stunning, Ace"

I stared at myself in the mirror, still not used to seeing my face without that scar. A clean sheet, a new start, a new life... My icy blue eyes glared back at me as I travelled a hand through the now homogenous dark red hair. It was ruffled up so it wouldn't be laying flat against my face anymore. Transformation really is something else, isn't it?
"Yes... I like it" I smiled, turning around to see the boss holding a thin rectangular box.

"The finishing touch" he grinned, opening it to reveal a black mask, covered in the same dark red markings as my shoes.
"Come on, don't be shy~ Put it on! I wanna see~!"
I swear, sometimes he just acts like an excited little child... But that's one of the things I like about him. I carefully took the mask, placing it on my face, feeling it stick to my skin in an instant. Midoriya squealed, swinging his little fists around happily.

"Ohmigod! You look so great Sho!"
Just as I wanted to turn to look in the mirror, the main door to this wing opened. This was the boss' wing, so only he should be able to enter here. He and his newly founded elite, namely Shinsou and I.
"Oshi~ So glad you could make it!" Midoriya smiled as the figure took off his hood, revealing his face.

To say he has looked better would be an understatement... He looked absolutely horrible. His skin as pale as snow, the dark bags under his eyes bigger and more prominent than ever. The walking dead in the flesh.
"You look like you've been hit by a truck" I said truthfully, making him glare at me.
"Well how do you think I feel?" he grunted, holding his head. His voice sounded raspy, like he hadn't used it in a while, which wasn't true.

"Yeah, your body seemed to fight One For All for some reason... Did the candy help? I put special enzymes in them" the boss asked. I smiled, knowing Izuku truly cared for his members. He really rescued me from the darkness that used to be my life, gave me my own purpose... I will never be able to repay him for that...
"Yes, they worked like a charm, thank you for those" Shinsou said, walking over to us before whistling at me.

"My God Todoroki, you look hot in that suit" he commented, making me blush.
"I know right! Well, not as hot as Kacchan, but you know"
We both knew he was crushing on his childhood friend, which he admitted about a week ago.
"And not as lively or cute as Kaminari, but okay, I guess" Shinsou added. He also admitted his crush to one of my classmates a few days ago. I don't understand what they see in those two, but if they wanna go there then who am I to stop them?

"Geez, thanks" I deadpanned, giving them a playful glare.
"Just turn around and look at yourself, Ace" Midoriya smirked. That name rolled of his tongue like he has never called me anything else. I smiled, quite liking my new villain name. It was short, yet powerful. Easy to write and remember.
"As you wish, Green Reaper" I answered with a small smile before swinging my body around, now facing the full body mirror. Yes... The mask really does finish it off...

"Well? You feel ready for your first job?" Midoriya asked, crossing his arms.
"Bring it" I grinned, flipping over the collar of my shirt as I spoke.
"Ooh~! Bad boy Todoroki~" Shinsou laughed.
"Shut up" I muttered, making both boys in front of me laugh. I rolled my eyes, stepping off the small pedestal I'd been standing on.

"Anyways, we're gonna trash your place" Izuku said as he became serious again.
"Wait what?" I asked, staring at him with wide eyes. Shinsou had stopped laughing too, not knowing whether the boss had just gone insane or if there was actually logic behind it.
"You want revenge on Endeavor, right?" he asked with a wicked grin.
"Well, I did some research, you know. Put a few of my guys on the case and stuff... Guess what I found?"

"Amaze us" Shinsou said on a neutral voice, crossing his arms. I was curious too, not understanding where this was going.
"Your house is full of hidden security camera's!" Midoriya exclaimed happily, making me freeze. Oh God... What if...if father knew I was sneaking away late at night? This is a disaster!
"Don't worry, young Todoroki, Endeavor doesn't know you're with D.E.K.U., at least not yet"

"How are you so sure about that?" Shinsou asked as I was still unable to speak.
"Cause the tapes are barely even watched! My guess is that he only has them in case something bad happens, like an attack or something"
"So why are we going to push our luck by breaking in and ravaging the place?" I asked confused.
"To get our hands on that video of course! Come on Todoroki-kun, hasn't it clicked yet? I thought you were smarter than this" the boss stated.

"Oh my God..." Shinsou whispered, seemingly having discovered what Midoriya was pointing at.
"Todoroki, don't you understand? He has camera's all over the house with images of your whole family!"
"I don't-" I started, but just as I spoke up, everything seemed to fall into place. That footage was the evidence I've been searching for for years... Undeniable proof of his brutal behaviour towards me and my siblings! A case that has always been my word against his, now got a whole new perspective!

"You're crying, Todoroki-kun" Izuku pointed out, making realise water was running down over my face. I quickly wiped it away, giving him a bright smile.
"Don't worry boss, these are tears of happiness"
"I was under the impression you wanted to kill your old man?" Shinsou asked confused.
"Killing him doesn't give my family the recognition they deserve... It doesn't crush and humiliate him as much as exposure will. True revenge is seeing your enemy suffer for their own actions" I stated.

"Justice" Midoriya smiled, putting on his own mask.
"Shinsou-kun, I want you to practice on transformation while we're off. I'll let them have send Purrcy in to keep you company"
"Wait, you're doing this right now?" the insomniac asked surprised.
"I'm not much of a procrastinator, you should know that" the boss chuckled, looking back at me.

"So, you're ready Sho~?"
"Yes" I said with absolutely no hesitation. I've been waiting for this for a long time. This is what I've been working for, what Midoriya promised me from the start. If this works, he kept up with his end of the deal. And I'll happily follow him into the darkness if that's what it takes to get father punished.

Pov Midoriya
"Alright, so remember the rules-" I said as we flew above the Todoroki residence, riding Crowley.
"-You don't speak and only use your flames, yes? You should be able to use your dual quirk at the same time and at both sides in this form but if you use them both, it'll be suspicious"

"Yes, I understand" he answered, glaring down at his home.
"The recordings should be stored in the basement. There is a room there that we're not allowed to enter, it's heavily locked and reinforced. I've only seen it a few times when father drags me down there for a punishment"

I felt anger rise within me at those words. I never really liked Endeavor to begin with, I mean, he's no All Might, sure. But after meeting Shoto, my image of him turned a bit...sinister... I might've even killed him myself if young Todoroki didn't decide to take revenge. Yeah sure, I've met a lot of shady characters in the underworld before but at least they were open about it. Showing off like a hero in public only to beat your own children behind he scenes, now that was something I couldn't take.

"Alright, I'll get those, you have fun getting that anger out" I grinned, jumping off Crowley, Ace following right away. Endeavor is at his agency and Sho's sister is out of town for a school trip. Plus the brother that actually still technically lives here is at college. So the house was fully empty and ready for us to wreck it! We came in crashing through the ceiling, not caring whether silent alarms were triggered or not.

Ace got all fired up, both his arms now set aflame as he stormed to his father's bedroom. Luckily I made that suit out of heat resistent materials, as well as cold resistent. As I walked through the house, it seemed bare and shallow. You wouldn't say a family is living here just at the sight of things, that's certain. Soon I stumbled upon the door to the basement, a grin appearing on my face.

The muted sound of things crashing down and the smell of burned wood accompanied me down into the stale cold room. The first thing that caught my eye were the shackles and chains bound to the wall. Traces of dried blood sticking to the floor, never to be washed out again. A shiver ran down my spine as I imagined what terrors must've played out down here...

I quickly shook my head. Focus. My eyes darted around the room, landing on the door Ace described earlier. I wasted no time breaking it down with my telekineses, marching in without a second thought. Monitors, computers, saves... Looks like I hit the jackpot! I took out my drive, immediately going to work. Downloading all this data will take some time... But I'm sure Ace can buy us a few minutes when the cops and heroes arrive.

I also deleted any trace of Shoto sneaking out or having contact with me as the Green Reaper. It would be bad if that got out... I groaned, staring at the downloading line impatiently. Why does it take so damn long?! Ugh! A loud crash interrupted my thoughts and I saw Ace running towards me, panting.

"He's here" he choked out, holding his arm, seemingly in pain. I knew instantly what he meant. Endeavor was home... This made me glare at that stupid downloading screen even harder.
"Come on... Just a few more seconds..." I muttered, wobbling my legs in anticipation.
"Do you really think you can hide from me?!" Endeavor's voice boomed through the basement. I saw Ace flinch at that but I didn't waver.

"Finish up here, I'll keep him busy" I whisper hissed to Shoto, pushing him towards the computer while leaving the small monitor room. I instantly grinned, switching to my Green Reaper persona in an instant.
"Ah, long time no see Endeavor~"
"You" he growled, taking on a fighting stance.

"Is that how you greet me? I'm disappointed" I pouted right before he charged at me. With a flick of my hand, I send him flying backwards, my green aura engulfing him as I used my powers on him.
"It's so much fun messing with you~! Come at me again, come on then!"
"What are you doing here?" he scowled as he got back up, glaring daggers at me. I wasn't phased by it whatsoever, making him even more frustrated.

"I'm trying something new, you see" I grinned.
"Torturing All Might was satisfying, certainly the way he screamed at my touch~ I want to see if crushing you brings me that very same joy~"
"If you're here to kill me, why not come to my agency instead?!" he roared as he charged at me again, heat quickly rising in the room.
"Oh no, I'm not planning on killing you, big boy~" I chuckled as I dodged him.

"No... You don't deserve the mercy of death!"
With that I slammed him into the wall once more, making the whole room tremble.
"It's done boss" Ace said from behind me, using his voice alternating system to keep incognito in front of his father.
"Destroy everything, we're leaving" I ordered. He nodded setting fire to the monitor room, glancing at Endeavor when we made our departure.

I let the green aura surround us, protecting us from the debris and the flames as we shot up through the roof. I blinded everyone at the scene with a bright green flash, making it unable for them to see us flying high up above them. Crowley soon caught onto us and we were able to make our escape while the pro's and cops were left in a confused haze.

"Endeavor should feel honoured" I scoffed.
"I've brightened his life with my presence twice now! There aren't any heroes who I didn't kill the second time around, you know"
"I need to get back home soon though or people will start asking questions" Todoroki said.

"I know, don't worry, I've got it covered" I smiled, looking back at him.
"You'll just say you were with me! Study session at my place. Shinsou will confirm if they ask about it. Plus, your father can't be mad about you taking your education seriously, right?"
"Right" he repeated with a small smile.

Chapter Text

Pov Midoriya
Shinsou was pacing around the room in front of the tv as we got back. His head turned our way so fast I swear I heard it snap.
"It's all over the news! They think Shoto is taken again!" he hissed.
"Well, technically-" Todoroki started, taking off his mask.
"Oh hush you" Shinsou hissed before glaring at me.

"His phone is ringing like crazy! Who the hell is Hot Bastard?"
"Oh~ You've got a boyfriend Sho~" I teased.
"First of all, unlike the two of you, I'm straight" he stated.
"Secondly, that would be my father"
"Why the fuck would you name him hot?!" Shinsou exclaimed, pulling at his hair.

"Because of the flames..?" Todoroki asked confused.

"Oh sweet, sweet young Todoroki" I whispered, petting his head even though his was much taller than me.
"You're so innocent, it's adorable. Please don't let Shinsou-kun ruin your mind"
Suddenly Highway to hell started playing in the background, making me frown and Shinsou groan.
"You know, the ringtone makes much more sense now" the brainwasher stated, handing Todoroki his phone.

I burst out into laughter at that, pulling off my mask as tears came to my eyes. So Sho did have a sense of humor huh? The two others just rolled their eyes before Todoroki answered the phone.
"Yes father?"
"TODOROKI SHOTO WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!" it boomed through the phone, making the halfa flinch.
"I-I'm a-at a friend's-" he started quietly, holding the phone away from his ear as Endeavor yelled again.

"W-we were studying f-for-"
"Y-yes father..." Shoto whispered, looking down at the ground as he spoke.

"And never dare ignore my demands again, understood?! I told you to stay home and clean the house by the time I got home from work!"
"B-but I did clean the house... D-didn't you see?" Todoroki asked, now smirking a little, fully knowing their house was blown to pieces. I couldn't contain myself, bursting out into laughter once more, trying to muffle the sound with both my hands. Shinsou was having a hard time too, turning around while biting his fist.

"Just come home" was all Endeavor said after that, instantly disconnecting.
"Yup, he's pissed" Todoroki chuckled, looking back at us.
"So whose house I'm at right now?"
"Mine" I said, already texting my mom.
"Mom will cover for us too, in case they double check"

"Inko knows? About you being the Green Reaper?" Shinsou asked surprised.
"No, she doesn't. She thinks I'm doing underaged drinking and drugs" I shrugged with a grin.
"A little experimenting is fine for her, since she knows I have a hard time dealing with dad"
"Wait, are you-?" Shoto asked.
"What? No!" I gasped, placing a hand on top of my chest.
"Todoroki! You should be ashamed of yourself for even thinking I would do drugs! I have principles you know"

"Says the murderer" Shinsou muttered, making me glare at him.
"Anyway, I should get changed" Todoroki sighed, handing me the drive with all the footage on it.
"I'll make sure this finds his way to the police station" I smiled.
"And I'll have Purrcy ready to ride you at least two blocks away from your house"
"Thanks" he said, heading for the changing room.

"So what about you? Got that shifting under control?" I asked, looking at Shinsou.
"Watch for yourself" he stated, making his hair fall down as it grew longer and darker. His eyes on the other hand got lighter, brighter. I smiled, studying his new features. His skin seemed a little darker as well... And he got some muscle going on too... Yes, I'm very pleased with these results.

"What do you think?" he asked a little nervous, seeing my judging gaze go over him. I grinned, tracing the tips of my fingers over his cheek as I stepped up into his personal space.
"Well, I should be asking you that question~" I whispered, letting my fingers run through his long dark hair. It reached all the way to his waist. From the back you'd almost say he was a girl. That could be an advantage...

"Do you really have to get so close?" he asked, holding a strand of his hair as he looked away from me. Was he ashamed of what he looked like? I frowned, taking a few steps back.
"Sorry, can't help it sometimes" I shrugged, turning away from him.
"Say Shinsou-kun, have I told you that the transformation reflects who you are deep inside?"
I sensed him freezing up at that question, making me grin.
"N-no... You haven't..." he breathed.

"Your eyes are brighter, like mine and Todoroki. It means you still hold on to your hopes and dreams. Kinda beautiful isn't it?" I asked, turned back around to face him.
"Y-yeah, it is" he said with a small smile.
"As for the rest of your appearance-" I grinned.
"-It resembles who you want to be, deep inside. Only one of the reasons Todoroki-kun's scar isn't visible when he's Ace and you have more muscles, for example"

"You want to know about the hair, don't you?" he asked quietly.
"You know me really well Oshi~!" I exclaimed happily.
"I-I just like it, okay?! I used to have really long hair when I was little but when the bullying started..."

I sighed, knowing what probably happened. Some childish boys had teased him, telling him he looked like a girl. And believe me, that's the last thing a boy wants to hear. In most cases, that is. So he cut it short, or well, shorter. I thought his hair was pretty long to begin with, but he always gels it up so it doesn't appear that way. And Eraserhead had long hair too, that could also be a factor.

"I never really dared to let it grow out all the way again" he sighed, changing back into himself.
"Well, everyone is free to be whoever they want to be at D.E.K.U." I stated.
"So don't feel ashamed! I think it's kinda cool. Looks a bit like your uncle's"
"Y-you really think so?" he asked, smiling a bit.

Ah, I see how it is...
"Of course! You know what, I think I already have an idea for your villain costume" I said, a smile creeping onto my face. Oh this is gonna be so much fun! I wish I'd started this elite One For All squad sooner!

Pov Bakugou
"Ugh... This is so stupid" I groaned as I trailed behind a group of losers I unfortunately have to call my own.
"It's not!" Kirishima pouted, looking back at me.
"Besides, I thought this was your idea? To make it up to us, remember?"
"Doesn't mean I was planning on coming with" I muttered, putting my hands in my pockets.

"Oh come on dude! Chill out! Laser shooting will be fun!" Sero smiled.
"Yeah! And even more so because you're paying Bakugou! Right girl?" Ashido asked, elbowing Jirou. Earphone chick wasn't in my original plan but raccoon eyes wanted to invite another girl so I'll have to put up with it. I scowled, looking aside so I didn't have to look at their prying gazes.

"Yes, what's up with that? Why the sudden urge to hang out with us?" Kaminari asked confused, making me almost lash out at him. But instead I focused on my breathing, glaring at them. Remember the anger management classes...
"Look, I've been a fucking ass, I'm manly enough to admit it" I hissed, damaging my pride. But it's for the best on the long run. I need these shitheads...

"So I wanted to do something nice for a damn change. Apparently it's not fucking appreciated!"
"We never said that Bakubro! This will be so much fun!" Kirishima smiled.
"Also, I shotgun team Bakugou!"
"Shotgun!" Mina exclaimed, high fiving the red head. They've know each other since middle school so they're pretty close. Disgusting.

"What? Girl, you're just gonna leave me alone with those two?" Jirou asked.
"I'll try not to feel offended" Sero choked out as Kaminari simply died. I know dunce face has a crush on her. But he also has the hots for Deku's friend... Ugh, bisexual loverboy, make up your fucking mind!
"I don't have any say in this, do I?" I sighed, dragging a hand down over my face.
"Nope!" Eijirou chuckled.

"We're going to crush you!" Ashido exclaimed, pointing at the other three.
"Hey! No fair! You have a freaking one man army in your team!" Kaminari whined.
"Dude, they're all one man armies... Those three are crazy strong" Sero breathed, already tasting defeat.
"We're going to get slaughtered..." Jirou whispered in horror. And right she was. We finished off their team like it were a bunch of 6 year olds! Shitty hair was right, this is surprisingly much fun!

"DIE!" I shouted as I shot Denki down for the fifth time in a row.
"Aw come on dude!" he whined, throwing his arms in the air in frustration. I simply laughed at him before the light of my vest switched off, a sign I got hit.
"What the-WHO THE FUCK-!" I raged, Jirou running past us.
"Thanks for the distraction Charge Bolt!" she laughed, running away because she knew I would kill her otherwise. Kaminari blushed at that, but it wasn't very visible due to the dark lighting.


"And this is exactly why I am your wingman... You and your anger issues" I heard hair for brains sigh from behind me.
"What the hell did you just say?!" I hissed, pointing my gun at him.
"Whoo! Dude! Calm down, we're on the same team remember?!" he shouted, running away from my wrath. This continued for a while, our team winning by a mile.

"Man, I'm exhausted!" Mina panted as we put the equipement back where it belonged.
"Yeah, feels like a serious workout" Jirou agreed.
"We should do this more often!" Kiri smiled.
"Yeah but next time we're switching up the teams" Sero deadpanned.
"Tch" I scowled, putting my gun back in the rack. I would never admit it, but I did kinda like hanging out with these losers today...

"Oh my God! Guys, check this out!" dunce face exclaimed, shoving his phone in our faces.
"The Green Reaper attacked the Todoroki residence. It's in ruins!"
I forcefully grabbed his phone, reading over the news article and scanning the photo's. What is it with the Reaper lately? Being so active, attacking the Todoroki's twice in a row... What does he want with them? And why hasn't he harmed them yet? I mean, he took down All Might! The greatest hero to have ever existed! He could easily handle Endeavor with such power, right?

"Seems like no one got injured, the house was empty" Kirishima read out loud, looking over my shoulder.
"Oh God, that's a relief..." Mina whispered, wiping off a sweat.
"Two people at the scene, one of them identified by Endeavor as the Green Reaper" Jirou stated, now having the article open on her phone as well.
"The other one remains unknown, but he has some type of fire quirk. As for the Reaper, they think he has a mind focussed quirk"

"A what now?" Denki asked confused as I handed him his phone back.
"It means he uses his fucking head more than his body, idiot" I hissed.
"Yeah, like my quirk shows in physical appearance, just like Kirishima's. We have body based quirks" Sero explained.
"Oh yeah, we've seen something like this in class, right?" he asked, thinking back at what he could remember.

"You actually remember something from class? Consider me impressed" I stated.
"Hey!" he pouted, crossing his arms.
"Should we check if Todoroki is okay? I mean, this must be hard on him" Ashido said.
"Like, where is he going to stay? Where will he live now that his home got destroyed?!"

"He and his sister are temporary moving to their grandmother" Jirou said, facing her phone.
"It says here in an official interview with Endeavor, at least"
"So he'll be coming to school?" Sero asked.
"I think so" she shrugged.
"Tch, better that none of you shitheads start questioning him like last time" I grunted.
"Icyhot won't show it but he'll be fucking upset, so we're all leaving him the fuck alone, understand?"

"Since when are you so considerate Bakubro?" Eijirou asked surprised.
"Since I don't want anyone holding up class by being emotionally unstable" I stated, pointing out the fact half-n-half had ran out during class multiple times after his last encounter with the Reaper.

"You're right though, it's better to give him some space" Sero said.
"I tried talking to him the other time. He was puking his guts out in the bathroom but he still claimed to be fine... It wasn't pretty but I left him alone in the end"

"That halfa bastard doesn't do friends or emotions so we shouldn't either, at least not around him" I grunted, grabbing my stuff. Realising what I just said, I started walking away from them.
"Are you shitheads planning on staying the night or something? Let's get a fucking move on!"
"Aaaah! Are you saying you wanna do friends and emotions around us?!" Kirishima squealed, clinging onto me instantly.

"Get the fuck off me shitty hair!" I hissed, trying to pry him off. Without succes may I add...
"That is kinda what you were implying though" Sero pointed out.
"Ooh~! I knew you secretly cared Bakugou!" Mina exclaimed, throwing herself onto me as well. I clenched my fists, trying my damn hardest not to kill them.
"I want in on the group hug!" Denki shouted, jumping onto me too.

"Is... Is Bakugou...l-letting it happen..?" Jirou whispered in shock.
"Bakusquad!" shitty hair exclaimed happily. I closed my eyes, focussing on my breathing. This actually wasn't all that bad... But it wasn't the fact they were hugging me that bothered me most. It's the fact they did so without my permission and in public out of all places! It destroyed my image and hurt my pride... I absolutely hated it.

"Get. Off. Me" I growled, letting fear run through their bodies. Good. Within the second, the three of them were hiding behind tape dispenser and headphones.
"Do that again and I'll fucking kill you!"
"I think we pushed our luck..." Mina whispered.
"Still... Bakugou let you hug him for a solid 10 seconds" Sero said. Shit, did it really last that long?! Fuck...

"I'm only letting this slide once, got it?! And that's only cause I promised Deku I'd try to be less angry all the time..."
"Ooh~" hair for brains teased, making me send him a death glare.
"Not. A. Fucking. Word" I hissed, pissed off.
"Hold on... No!" Sero gasped, making me groan once more.
"You like Mido-"

"Finish that sentence and I'll finish you" I growled, explosions leaving my palms.
"He has a crush on the quirkless guy!" Kaminari 'whispered'.
"Hold me back!" I yelled, going at dunce face full force. Kirishima activated his quirk, trying to hold me back from the front while Sero tried to restrain me with his tape from behind.

"Run Kaminari! Save yourself!" Ashido yelled dramatically while Jirou simply stood there, not knowing how to handle this situation. She normally didn't hang with us since I'm a total buzzkill for everyone outside my specifically chosen small circle of people I can at least stand a little. She only went along because Mina begged her... But seeing this, the lively dynamic between us while I was trying to strangle Kaminari, it somehow brought joy to her.

She started laughing. Hard.
"Watcha looking at earphone chick?!" I hissed, trying to claw at her.
"My suffering isn't funny!" Denki whined.
"Yeah don't just stand there! Help us!" Ashido yelled. That only made her laugh harder, making us stare at her in confusion.

"S-sorry, I just can't help it" she laughed, wiping a tear away.
"You guys are so much fun!"
"Heh?" I deadpanned, having forgotten about Kaminari for the time being.
"The way you guys work together and understand each other even though you all seem to talk a different language... It's fascinating" Jirou smiled.

"I want her in the Bakusquad!" Mina squealed.
"Pretty please~! Show a girl your good heart Bakugou!"
"Don't we have a say in this?" Sero asked.
"I'm up for it!" dumbass said quickly.
"Me too!" shitty hair smiled.
"Guess we have a majority..." tape dispenser muttered, glancing at me.
"Yet your word holds all power, doesn't it?"

"Shut up" I stated, pulling off some tape off my arms while glaring at Jirou.
"What you're saying is that you want to be around me, out of your own volition, putting out fires that pop up every minute?"
"Glad you admit to being a hot head" Kiri chuckled but I ignored it.
"I'm not asking a second time" I stated.
"I know what I'm getting myself in to" she smiled, daring to look me in the eye.

I huffed. She did take me down during laser shooting... She's strong and has character, I'm not denying that. After our little stare down, I grabbed my phone, not breaking eye contact. I let my finger swipe across the screen, adding her to the group chat blindly.
"Don't make me regret it" I hissed as she got a notification on her phone. Mina, Eijirou and Denki all cheered as I left, leaving them behind.

Jirou was confused, not quite understanding what she just got herself into.
"Wait, you guys have a group chat?!" she exclaimed, making me roll my eyes. Although a small smile made its way to my face as I made my way home.

Welcome to the squad, Jirou Kyoka

Chapter Text

Pov Todoroki
After I got home, I was brought to the police station for some questions. Basic routine, standard questions. 'Do you know why the Green Reaper is targeting your family?' No. 'Where were you during the attack?' With a friend. Simple questions, simple answers. The human lie detector couldn't spot any anomalies because it was the truth. I was with a friend during the attack, even though we were the ones attacking. But that's not what he asked and half-truths are no lies.

None the less, father scolded me when I got out. Yelling in frustration, hitting me, using his quirk... It wasn't pretty, especially not since I already hurt my arm when destroying the house. Well, not the whole house. Miraculously, my sister's and my own room mostly survived the attack. All our stuff was fine.

I flinched as I bowed down to pick up my shoes, my back covered in wip lashes from the night before. Father really was angry... Even that was an understatement. Why wasn't he happy I wasn't home at the time? For all he knows they could've killed me! But no, ignoring his orders was worse.

"Everything alright dear?" grandma asked, handing me my school bag. The sweet old lady knew nothing about my father's dark side. She could only praise her son, see him as the hero he reflected himself to be. I don't want to be the one to break that perfect image for her... I forced a smile, nodding as I took my bag.
"Of course grandmother, I'm fine" I lied, hanging the bag over my shoulder, careful to not make it touch my back.

"Thank you again, for letting us stay here with everything that's going on"
"Oh you don't have to thank me for that sweetie! We're family! It's only normal"
Yeah, you'd think that huh? Family is supposed to care for each other... Unconditional love... I guess it's that so called love, that sense of duty, that's keeping me from killing my father.

Because something in me still believes there is something good inside that man... Because he's my father, the one who gave me my life. Because we share the same blood, the same power. Something I wish I never had...

"I'll see you after school" I said, opening the front door.
"Have fun! Bye dear!" she called after me as I left. Sometimes I wonder... How can a sweet lady as my grandma give birth to the monstrosity that is my father? I don't understand. But then again, there is so much to life I don't understand. I sighed, feeling some piercing gazes on my back as I walked to school.

Normally one of our drivers would bring me but since grandma lives much closer to UA, I insisted on walking. While passing the trainstation, I saw an unusual sight. Bakugou and Shinsou, talking to each other. I frowned, confused. But that was before Midoriya appeared between the two, seemingly apologizing for something. Probably for leaving them alone... I sighed, turning around to continue my way. It was none of my business anyway.


I stopped instantly as Izuku called out for me, slowly turning around to see the green headed boy running towards me with a bright smile. Bakugou seemed pissed by it while Shinsou looked rather surprised.
"Hello Midoriya" I spoke on a neutral tone. One wouldn't say we're partners in crime, let alone friends, by the way we were behaving right now.

"I didn't know you walked this way to school?" he asked.
"That's cause icyhot normally gets dropped off in one of daddy's fancy cars, ain't that right half-n-half?!" Katsuki hissed. I know he's not as dumb and aggressive as he looks. He's actually very calculated and observative. It's really no miracle he knows my usual routine by now.
"That is correct, Bakugou. But since I'm living with my grandmother for the time being, I am able to walk to school"


"Well wanna walk with us?" Midoriya asked, looking at me with the big begging eyes of a child.
"I'd love to" I answered, my face not indicating any sign of emotion.
"We're already late, come on" Shinsou groaned, pulling Izuku along with him. Bakugou scowled, walking behind them, as I soon caught up with the group.

"I wasn't aware you walk to school with them" I said, trying to start up a conversation in our awkward and tense silence.
"Someone has gotta look out for quirkless over there" he grunted, eying Midoriya, who was happily chatting with Shinsou.
"The nerd is getting fucking bullied and looked down upon so I decided to step the fuck up"
"How noble of you" I chuckled, only making him mad.

Silence fell again, making me sigh.
"Look, I know you want to ask about it so just ask"
He was taken aback for a second but quickly recomposed himself, grunting as he spoke.
"What the hell is there to ask? You weren't even fucking there when the Reaper and his buddy attacked your place"

Officially, no. Yet he didn't need to know that. And somewhere I was happy that he didn't ask any questions. He was never one to pry or invade someone's privacy because he value's those things himself. He'd be quite the hypocrite if he were to do so.

"See you at lunch Kacchan!" Midoriya smiled as he ran after Shinsou towards their classroom. I frowned, not knowing why they were suddenly running once we entered school domain.
"Fuck! We're late!" Bakugou hissed, the bell ringing only a few seconds later. My eyes widened as I ran behind him, trying to be as little too late as possible.

Soon Aizawa's unforgiving eyes rested upon us. We just stormed inside the classroom, panting just a little from running up the stairs.
"You're late" he stated, as if we didn't know that ourselves.
"That's completely my fault sir, I am very sorry" I said, bowing. Pain shot through my back but I didn't even flinch. I'm used to this kind of torture by now...

My apology shocked the whole class, because why would I stand up for Bakugou? Well, it's simple, really. I know he's gotten in trouble recently for burning Kaminari's uniform and he's close to getting serious punishment. Suspension. I can't let that happen because Midoriya would have no one left to protect his defenceless quirkless persona. So because I care for him, I must care for Katsuki.

"Hmm... I'll leave it at a warning, but only this time. Don't let it happen again"
"Yes sir" we both said in unison.
"Now take your seats, you're delaying my class"
I felt people looking at me with a certain pity and worry in their eyes. They were wondering if I was okay... It's kind, yet unwelcome. I don't want to be the middle of all attention. It's something I disgust most about becoming a hero. The attention. But here I am, doing my father's bidding, trying to become the next number one...

In the middle of Aizawa sensei's lesson about the law surrounding quirks, Present Mic stormed in.
"Yo! Eraser! Sorry to burst in like this but we need you in the teacher's lounge yo!"
"What?" was all Aizawa had to say as a reaction. He groaned as he saw Mic was serious and turned towards us.
"Alright students, I want you to go change in your sportuniform and find 1-B in gym gamma. They should be training there right now, ask their teacher if you can join them"

"Yes! Kicking butt instead of a boring lecture!" Kaminari exclaimed, Ashido and a few others sharing his enthusiasm. I dreaded this, however. I had to hide my scars in the locker room, so I was always the last one to get dressed. It was noisy in there, as always, people shouting things at each other from the other side of the room like it was no big deal.

But soon enough the guys started going out, leaving the changing room to go and beat up each other. I sighed, thinking I was finally alone, and started unbuttoning my shirt. Once it came off, I heard a voice behind me.

"Oi, icyhot, I just wanted to-"

He stopped talking and I assumed he saw my wip marks, but turned around none the less. I held my shirt up so it was covering most of my chest, looking at him with slight fear. What if word got out? What if he was going to tell the whole school how hideous I am..?
"What the hell?!" he yelled, his eyes wide as he stared at me in shock.
"Who the fuck did that to you huh? Was it the Green Reaper? Did he torture you when you were kidnapped or something?"

He sounded surprisingly...concerned... Did he actually care about my well being? I thought he hated me?
"It's nothing, forget you ever saw anything" I said, grabbing my dark blue UA sportuniform in the hopes to cover it up as quickly as possible.
"I don't fucking think so" he hissed, pulling the clothes from my hands, leaving me standing shirtless in front of him.

"Turn around" he demanded, his ruby eyes piercing into my own with a determination I only ever saw on the battlefield. Why is he so persistent? I really don't understand... We aren't friends or anything so why bother? It's my problem, not his. Yet I did as he told me to, turning around so my back was facing him. To be honest there weren't that many recent markings. Father grew tired of punishing me last night, wanting to focus more on bringing down the Green Reaper.

"These are fresh" he muttered, forcefully turning me around again, grabbing me by my shoulders in the process.
"Look, I don't like you and I'm not one to care for other people's business but...but this is serious Todoroki"
"I didn't think you knew my name" I muttered, looking away from him. He was losing his patience, I could tell. Maybe I can make him angry enough to leave me alone?

"Shut up! Tell me who did this!"
"That's quite the contradiction-"
"I said shut up!" he hissed, glaring at me.
"If you don't want my fucking help, fine! I don't feel like going through all the damn trouble of getting you to talk anyway. But you HAVE to talk to SOMEONE, understand icyhot? That you're weak doesn't mean you have to suffer"

With that he let go of me, taking a few steps back before scowling again.
"Tch. I just came to fucking thank you for saving my ass this morning, don't expect me to be this damn nice again"
I flinched back as he slammed the door, leaving me alone in the locker room. I took a deep breath, processing what just happened. I know for a fact he won't tell anyone about his, because that would mean admitting he has a heart and he actually cared. So that's one thing less to worry about.

Yet I can't shake the feeling he knows... I mean, I know people will be curious to see my scars when it leaks out father abuses his children...but I just wasn't ready for that right now. I didn't have time to prepare myself or see this confrontation coming. I had no idea how to react to this... So I just acted like it didn't happen at all.

I got dressed and made my way to gym gamma, blending in with the rest of the class. Bakugou side eyed me but I didn't pay any attention to it. We sparred against 1-B until lunch, making me wonder what was so important that Aizawa sensei hasn't returned yet...

"Oh here you are Kacchan, I was waiting for you!"

Midoriya ran up to us as we walked through the halls on our way back to the locker room. I noticed a lot of people look at him differently, mostly those of 1-B. It's because he's quirkless, or so they think. And the quirkless are always, and I mean always, treated as less. The weakest part of the human race. Yet that somehow seemed switched up in Bakugou's mind, seeing that he treats Midoriya much better than anyone else.

"Yeah, sorry to keep ya waiting nerd. Just lemme get changed and I'll be right there, kay?"
"Okay Kacchan" the green head smiled, giving me a subtle wink before returning to Shinsou who was waiting for him at the end of the hallway. Unfortunately, we couldn't get to the locker room as someone else interrupted our path, again. Eraserhead this time.
"Todoroki, come with me please" Aizawa said on a stern yet concerned voice.

That moment I instantly realised what was going on. The reason he was called away, why Midoriya winked at me. It was code. They know. Izuku did it, he delivered the drive to the police and now they were taking action. A first logical step is to inform the school and confirm the anonymus information they received.

I nodded, following Aizawa sensei without speaking or questioning why. He brought me to the principal's office, where a tape was playing at the time we walked in. It was from a few years ago. Father was beating up Fuyumi, my older brother Natsu trying to stop it while I was crying loudly. Fuyumi had tried to reason with our father, telling him he was pushing me to hard, that I was hurting. Therefore she denied his command and must be punished.

I cringed at the sound of her scream filling up the room as father used his quirk on her. And then all of the sudden the video paused, vanishing from the screen in front of me. I didn't notice but tears had escaped my eyes at the memory alone.
"This footage is real, isn't it?" Aizawa asked quietly as I cast my gaze down on the ground.
"We thought maybe someone tried to fool us, but judging from your reaction we can clearly see that's not the case" Nezu added.

It was now I noticed almost all of my teachers were here. They were probably asked if they ever noticed something...
"How long has this been going on, Todoroki?" Midnight asked on a motherly voice. Sweet and soft, a feeling of safety lingering deep within.
"H-he has a-always been rough with us..." I choked out, even more tears escaping my eyes.
"B-but it got w-worse a-after... A-after All Might d-died..."

I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself down. I started wiping away the tears, swallowing the lump in my throat.
"Sorry, t-that was uncalled for" I whispered, looking up at the teachers in front of me while keeping my hands behind my back. This action shocked most of the teachers but what did you expect? I've been beaten into discipline, taught to never cry or show weakness in front of others. I had to crush everyone around me, to become number one.

"I-I wasn't expecting...this... H-how did you get that footage exactly, if you don't mind me asking principal Nezu?"
"Oh, well not at all" the human like animal responded as he came down from his shock. He's smart, I'm sure he must've figured out I'm drilled to obey authority.
"The police send it to us, asking for us to confirm the validity of these security tapes"
"Oh..." was all I said after that, looking down again.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder, making me wip my head around. It was Aizawa sensei... But why? I could see the pain in his eyes, the worry.
"It's okay now, Shoto. You're safe here with us, he can't hurt you"
That's the moment I realised he's an underground hero. he fights from within the shadows, a place where a lot of bad things happen to a lot of good people... This wasn't his first time assuring a victim they're in a safe environment. He even used my first name, which is always more effective in these kind of cases.

"Please, we just want to talk" he continued, his hand now travelling down to rub my back. Wrong move. It's supposed to be comforting but it only rubbed my wounds open. I hissed in pain, pushing him off me in a reflex. I quickly took a few steps back, avoiding eye contact.
"Are you hurt Shoto? Do we need to get Recovery Girl in here?"
"I'm fine" I spat out, glaring at him.

"No, you're not" Aizawa said on a calm voice, carefully walking towards me. I saw him eying Midnight, who was now coming around from the back.
"I know you're trying to corner and restrain me, so don't bother" I stated, glaring at Midnight who was about to use her quirk. I closed my eyes, letting out a shaky breath.
"I-I... Father, he... Where is he now?"

"Being interrogated at the police station. He's denying everything" principal Nezu answered. Of course he is...
"But with your statement, as well as that of your siblings, plus this video, he won't be able to deny for much longer"
"He won't get away with this Shoto, I promise you that" Aizawa said, looking me straight in the eye. That one moment send me over the edge.

I know this has been coming. I worked so hard for this moment right here... Yet, it all sounded so surreal... Father was finally being outed, he was getting punished. This was really happening! All these years of pure torture... They're about to come to an end! Relief washed over me as I burst out into tears, flinging myself onto Mr Aizawa.
"T-thank you... T-thank y-you so m-much..." I sobbed into his chest.

I'm finally breaking down. All this stress that rested on my shoulders is finally gone. I can breath again, my life is just getting started! Aizawa didn't know how to respond to this. I guess he wanted to hug me back, but with no clear sight at my possible injuries, he wasn't risking it.
"Get Recovery Girl and call his siblings. I want them here as soon as possible" Nezu demanded.

Chapter Text

Pov Bakugou
"Something wrong Kacchan?" Deku asked as we were eating lunch.
"Yeah bro, you've been suspiciously quiet" shitty hair agreed. Fuck! Why do I keep thinking about that damn icyhot?! Oh yeah, because those fucking wip lashes across his back ain't fucking normal! I saw old and new scars when looking at him earlier, so I know it had been going on for some time now.

I mean, I don't exactly know his healing rate, since some quirk bound people tend to heal quicker than the quirkless. My first thoughts were the Reaper, but things just don't add up at all. It worries me... Not that I'll ever admit that. Additionally there was the fact Aizawa sensei suddenly came back just to steal Todoroki from the group, which was strange to.

"Tch" I scowled, acting like nothing was wrong.
"Maybe I just don't wanna talk to a bunch of shitheads like you, how bout that?"
"And here I was, getting my hopes up" Ashido sighed.
"Guess you're still the same old grumpy Pomeranian you always were"
"What the hell did you jut call me?!" I hissed as the table laughed. Everyone, including Deku.

Ugh, that damn laugh... The shitty nerd doesn't know what it does to me...
"I think his hair looks more like a dandelion" Deku commented, still chuckling.
"I knew I wasn't the only one!" dumbass gasped, looking at my nerd like he just found his soulmate or something. I glared at him as if saying 'Fuck off, he's mine', which made him look away instantly.
"Well, you hair looks like a fucking broccoli" I stated.

"Aw Kacchan, come on, it was just a joke" he smiled.
"Wait, so is Midoriya a part of the squad or-?" Jirou asked Sero confused.
"Oh no, Bakugou doesn't want to share him with us" tape dispenser reacted. Luckily Deku didn't hear, but his friend did.
"Is there something going on that I don't know about?" the insomniac asked, raising a brow, a playful smile resting on his lips.

Kaminari whispered something in his ear, I could already guess what... I swear I will kill that walking battery someday! But then I saw Shinsou whispering something back, making dunce face's eyes widen. He immediately looked at me with a wide smile and gave me a thumps up. I frowned. What the hell? Kirishima rolled his eyes, having figured it out instantly.

"He likes you too dude" the red head deadpanned, making sure only I could hear it. My face flushed red and Mina quickly snapped a picture of the moment, posting it in our group chat with the caption 'He's so in love~' and a bunch of hearts and kissing smileys.
"Am I missing something here?" Deku asked as everyone looked down on their phone, containing their smiles and laughter.

"Nah, it's nothing" Shinsou said, waving it off while looking at me with serious eyes. Hurt him and you die. Now that's a serious friendship right there. I can appreciate that, knowing someone is looking after my Deku when I'm not around.
"Just a meme, here look" Kaminari said, covering it up perfectly by showing Deku a random photo he had in his collection. It made Izuku laugh. Alright, so there actually are reasons I'm keeping them alive, good to know that. I smiled a little, slowly shaking my head. They really are something else.

"Hey, isn't that Todoroki's sister?" Jirou asked, pointing at a girl stalking Present Mic through the canteen. There were some red streaks in her hair but it was mostly white. She wore glasses and kept her head down for the most part.
"What would she be doing here?" Sero asked confused. I frowned. Something seriously fucked up is happening with the Todoroki's, that's for sure...

"Maybe she's here for Todoroki?" Kaminari suggested.
"Yeah, no shit dunce face" I stated.
"Why else would she be here?"
"Could be why Aizawa sensei pulled him away earlier" Mina muttered, seriously thinking about this.

I noticed Deku looking down at the table, somewhat conflicted with himself.
"You okay there nerd?" I asked.
"Yeah... Just worried, I guess" he said, fumbling with the ends of his sleeve, a sign he was nervous. Brainwasher noticed this as well, biting his lip a little. Was there something they weren't telling me?

"Don't worry dude, whatever it is, I'm sure Todoroki can handle it" Kaminari smiled.
"Yeah, it's probably about the Green Reaper or something. Routine questioning" Eijirou shrugged.
"I just can't help it! It's like something is very, very wrong" he explained.
"Don't you guys think it's weird he never shows any kind of emotion? What's up with that?"
As always, Deku was spot on.

Not knowing this was all an act and he actually knew about half-n-half's situation, my mind started to wander off to those scars again. Something was very, very wrong alright... I just had to figure out what exactly... Out of nowhere Jirou gasped, dropping her phone on the table.
"What is it? What's wrong?" Shinsou asked confused as Sero glanced at her phone.
"What the fuck?!" the tape dispenser shouted. Okay, consider my interest peaked.

"What the hell has gotten you two shocked this much?" I grunted, taking the phone and looking at the article. I knew Jirou read the news a lot during free periods, always staying up to date with the most recent hero news. But this... 'NUMBER ONE HERO ENDEAVOR ARRESTED FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND CHILD ABUSE'. I stared at the headline in shock, not knowing how to react to this.

"Fuck" I whispered, my mind flashing back to the moment I had with icyhot in the changing room. Those wip lashes... His scars... Those were Endeavor's doing..? No... No, that couldn't be possible!
"Come on, don't leave us hanging" Kirishima whined as he tried to read along. I pushed the phone towards him, feeling my breathing get a little louder. Don't explode, don't explode, don't explode...

Once everyone had read the news, silence fell at our table, only to be interrupted by the school bell. I stood up, grabbing my stuff while the others were still frozen.
"Oi! Snap out of it" I hissed, getting them back into reality.
"If we don't hurry the fuck up, we're gonna be late in class. Besides, half-n-half is fucking fine now so we shouldn't be worried or some dumb shit like that"

"Y-you're right Kacchan, as always" Deku said with a weak smile.
"Todoroki-kun is going to be just fine! I'll personally see to it!"
With that he shot up from his chair, pulling Shinsou along to their classroom.
"Oi shitheads! Did you fucking hear me?! Get the hell up!" I hissed towards the squad. Damnit! I feel like the mom friend right now!

"Dude, you are the mom friend" shitty hair stated as he packed his things. Fuck, did I say that out loud? Ugh!
"I am NOT the mom friend! Now get off your ass or Aizawa sensei is gonna fucking murder us"
"Mom friend~" raccoon eyes sang quietly as the group started moving. I groaned, clenching my fists. At least it's getting their thoughts off Todoroki...

There was a tense atmosphere when we entered the classroom. I guess everyone must've heard the news already...
"Alright! Everyone take your seats!" Iida exclaimed, mimicking a robot as he ordered us around. Tch, how typical of the class rep...
"Where is Aizawa sensei?" Asui asked confused.
"He is currently with the principal and asked me to distribute these work sheets while he's away!" Iidia responded, handing out assignments to everyone.

"He must be with Todoroki... Poor thing" Yaoyorozu whispered.
"How did we not see it?" Ojiro whispered, pulling at his hair.
"Nobody saw what was happening, you shouldn't beat yourself up about it" Tokoyami said, but I could see he felt guilty too.
"He must've been so scared..." Uraraka whispered, tears shimmering in her eyes.
"Argh, shut the hell up!" I exclaimed, standing up from my seat and glaring at everyone in the room.

"Yes, Endeavor is a giant fucking asshole and yes we didn't fucking do anything to fucking stop him BECAUSE WE DIDN'T FUCKING KNOW, OKAY?! But we do now, don't we?! So stop whining about what happened and focus on what the hell you're gonna do when icyhot gets back! If you really wanna help him so fucking bad, than help him recover from this shit! And now be damn quiet! I'm trying to fucking focus!"

I took a few deep breaths as everyone stared at me in pure shock. I scowled, sitting back down, muttering angrily as I continued to solve the work sheet. The class was dead silent, I swear you could hear a needle drop.
"You know-" Kirishima started, being the first one who dared to speak again.
"-if you weren't so violent and didn't cuss all the time, you'd be a great class rep"
"Tch" I scowled, not showing I actually liked the half-ass compliment.

Class rep Bakugou Katsuki, can you imagine? I mean, of course I'm a star example on anything but behaviour but still... Four eyes is doing a decent job for the time being so I won't steal his thunder. He doesn't deserve that after Hosu.
"Dude, you know he's working on that" I heard raccoon eyes whisper to shitty hair, as if accusing him of insulting me when that's the only thing I did to them.
"I told you to shut the hell up!" I hissed, glaring at them, making them freeze in place and nod violently.

"Unbelievable... Bakugou actually has authority over his classmates..."

My head shot up towards the door, just like many others. Midnight smiled at the attention, now fully entering the classroom.
"Hello kids! Miss Midnight is here to supervise you!" she exclaimed, sitting down in Aizawa sensei's chair.
"But it seems as though you've got everything under control! Shouta will be glad to hear it!"

"If you don't mind me asking Midnight, how is Todoroki doing?" Iida asked standing up from his seat.
"Oh, yes, it's only natural for you to worry about your classmate. But don't be, he's in good hands" Midnight smiled.
"Eraserhead and Present Mic are looking over him as we speak and police are on their way to get a statement from him and his sister. We'll get one from his brother later, once he arrives in town"

Right, halfie was the youngest of four... His oldest brother, Todoroki Toya, vanished from the radar some time ago. It was a huge deal back then. He was never found. Then there was Natsu, who was already in college, so he didn't live at home anymore. Third was his sister, Fuyumi, the only girl of the four. And lastly Shoto, Endeavor's last born son before his wife went insane and poured boiling water over his face.

Yes, I know the story behind his scar. They tried to hide it from the media as much as possible but my parents know people who know people. They work in the hero fashion industry, designing costumes specifically for your unique quirk. What I'm saying is that they've got a lot of friends in high places, if you know what I mean.

"And it's all thanks to that little sneaky villain... I wonder if there's a heart in there or if it was just purely to see Endeavor fall..."
"What do you mean?" Yaoyorozu asked confused.
"I'm saying that Todoroki has the Green Reaper to thank for this" Midnight smiled, finding our reactions quite amusing.

"It's why he broke into their house, or at least that's what we think. He stole security tapes and handed them over to the police station. Of course we first thought they weren't real, until your classmate burst out into tears at the sight of a mere 10 seconds of those clips"
Icyhot...crying? Bursting out into tears because of his own memories? I shivered at the thought, knowing this was serious. Things must've been horrible... I can't even start to imagine-

"Anyway, enough chit chat, get back to work" she ordered, swinging her feet on the desk while taking out a magazine. With that the class erupted into chaos, one that Midnight couldn't contain. I found it quite amusing, actually, so I let it continue even when Iida failed to control them. It was only about half an hour later, when Aizawa sensei showed up and used his quirk, things calmed down.

"I leave you alone for LESS then an hour... An hour! And what do I walk into?!" he shouted.
"Just to be clear, everything was fine before Midnight showed up" Kaminari stated, making the underground pro hero glare at his co-worker.
"It's not my fault your kids don't listen to me. Besides, Bakugou holds terrifyingly much power over them, I think you might want to be worried about that"

"Hey! What the hell?!" I hissed, glaring at her.
"Noted" he simply said, looking back at us.
"Now, finish your work. I expect it to be done by the end of the hour, understand?"
"Yes sir..." we answered and everyone got back to work.
"How did you do that?" Midnight gasped.

"Discipline" Aizawa stated, making me snort. Yeah right, he barely holds a handle on us most of the time.
"You forgot love~" Mina teased, making him glare at het with his glowing red eyes, his hair floating around in its own gravity. This made Midnight laugh, patting Aizawa harshly on the back.
"I knew you cared for your class! Anyways, if you're back then I should get going"

"Take care of the Todoroki children, they need a motherly touch at the moment"
"Of course" she smiled, leaving the classroom at once.

Chapter Text

Pov Midoriya
The whole Todoroki scandal was all over the news for the next couple of days. Quite the spectacle if you ask me. Unfortunately that also meant they were getting a lot of media attention. It was impossible to get him to the base this way! Super frustrating! And people didn't leave his side at school either... Ugh...

Luckily I could keep myself busy planning a heist. It's not like I don't run a profitable organisation here, it's just that I want some extra cash for an investment I'm going to make. The only problem was that their security was pretty tight... I had to find a way to make the power in the building fall out. Preferably for more than a few seconds. Those damn systems reboot quicker than I can even blink! Argh, this is gonna be such a hassle!

"Everything okay boss? Lord Snuffleton the Seventh seems quite red at the moment"

I glanced down upon the bunny in my lap. They were right, Snuffles fur is an angry ruby red. I sighed, turning around in my chair to be met with one of my elite holding Purrcy. I know Shinsou hates calling me boss or acting so formal around me, but since we weren't in my wing he just had to deal with it.

His villain costume was finished quickly, so that's what he's wearing. His long indigo hair braided together, only two strands on either side of his face hanging lose. His outfit was a dark purplish black colour, a white shirt underneath it like with me and Shoto. His mask covered the whole top half of his face, only making room for the tip of his nose, his mouth and his chin. Way too much if you ask me but he's paranoid about his identity getting exposed.

"Just a little angry, that's all" I sighed, looking back at my plans.
"Still stuck on that same problem?" he asked, walking up to me to see if he could help.
"Their power source is just too powerful! It's almost impossible to break through!" I groaned in frustrating, letting me head hit the desk.

"Don't be discouraged boss, I'm sure you'll figure something out" he smiled, putting Purrcy back on the ground.
"Yeah, you don't have to worry about a thing, huh? With your little date and all~" I teased him. He blushed but the mask covered it. Kaminari Denki, his crush, had asked him out. About damn time if you ask me...


"Dude, come on, you can do it!" a hushed whisper-shout came from around the corner before Denki was pushed in front of us. Shinsou and I were just making our way outside to go home after class when we ran into him.

"Oh hi Kaminari" Shinsou greeted him with a smile and light blush. It's like he's a different person around this boy, I tell you. I glanced aside a little, seeing Kirishima and Ashido cheering on their friend from around the corner. Am I missing something here?

"H-hi Shinsou-kun! I-I was a-actually looking for you!" the electric blonde exclaimed nervously. Oh... I see how it is... WAIT. OH MY GOD! I supressed a squeal as I awaited what was to come. You better take good fucking care of my friend, Kaminari Denki, or I will murder you. Literary. Don't underestimate me.
"Really? W-why?" Shinsou asked. Are you blind?! I rolled my eyes with a small smile, making eye contact with Kirishima in the meantime.

He gave me a questioning look, as if to ask if it was okay. I gave him a small thumps up and saw him and Mina squeal in delight.
"I-I wanted to ask you if...uhm i-if you have t-the time a-and you want to...uh w-woud you like t-to go out with me sometime? As in a-a d-date?"
He stuttered! So cute!

Shinsou was frozen in place. I think he might've died. So I did what every good friend would so and I elbowed him in the side, waking him up from his trance.
"Yeah, sure, I'd love to!" he answered, trying his best not to sound desperate but failing indefinitely. I don't think Kaminari noticed.

-End of flashback-

To say Shinsou was currently in seventh heaven would be an understatement. He just couldn't stop talking about it! Seriously! Yet I was happy for him. If only Kacchan asked me out like that...
"Speaking about your date, don't you have to get ready?"
"I wanted to come check in on you first" he stated.
"Are you sure you'll be alright? Most of D.E.K.U. is currently unavailable due to that job in the south and the union is already understaffed as it is right now"

"I'll be fine, don't worry" I smiled.
"I've been keeping this family together for a while now, we've always pulled through. Just you wait until we pull off this heist!"
He chuckled at what I said and how I acted so carefree. He was right though, the base was understaffed. Just the bare minimum that was required to keep everything running. I really hope that job in the south pays off...

"Okay, if you say so boss" he smiled.
"Then I'll see you Monday, okay?"
"You're not coming back to HQ this weekend?" I asked surprised.
"Dude, you know we have that monstrous Japanese test Monday. And unlike you, I don't have a photographic memory" he stated.

"I'm going to study, so no union business"
"Pff, you're no fun, nerd" I muttered, crossing my arms and turning away from him.
"Says the quirkless fanboy" Shinsou chuckled, leaving the room before I could attack him. I rolled my eyes, slowly shaking my head. I guess that's to be expected when you're a friend before a boss...

I sighed, focussing back on the problem at hand. At least until one of my people interrupted.
"Green Reaper! We have a security breach!" a woman shouted as she ran in.
"What?!" I hissed, glaring at her.
"How the hell is that possible?! Who's breaking in?!"
"We think it's the League of Villains, sir" she answered, checking her tablet.

"We've dispatched all animals to help keep off the enemy but they're stronger than expected"
"Ugh... Do I have to do everything myself?!" I groaned, straightening my sleeves.
"Take me there asap"

Pov Shinsou
"Yo Hitoshi, that electric good vibe guy is here!" uncle Mic shouted, running into my room without knocking, like always. It was annoying but it's not like I can do anything about it, he wasn't suddenly going to stop with something he's been doing ever since I can remember...

Why is he in my house, you might ask? Well, my grandparents value family above everything. They think family should always stick together, so we all live together in one big home. And since Mic is uncle Shouta's boyfriend, he has permission to live here as well.

"I would hurry yo, Sho opened the door and you know how he can be-"
"Fuck! Thanks uncle Mic, see ya later!" I called out, grabbing my jacket and running downstairs.
"Language!" I heard him faintly yell after me, yet I ignored it completely. I came to a stop in the middle of the stairs, seeing I was already too late... Kaminari held himself pressed against the wall, trembling in fear as uncle Shouta had one hand next to his head, glaring him down while using his quirk.

Great, now he's traumatized...

"Uncle Shouta, what are you doing?" I asked on a neutral tone, making the two look at me. Denki's eyes pleaded for help, fear lingering in his body.
"Just making sure he knows what he is getting himself into" the black haired man stated, dropping his quirk and taking a step back from Kaminari. I rolled my eyes while making my way down the last few stairs.

"You're threatening him, aren't you?"
"It's the same thing, Hitoshi" he said, forcing a smile as he walked out of the hall.
"You look nice... Have fun and don't make it too late. Your mother would murder us both"
"Thanks, I'll keep it in mind" I smiled, pulling on my jacket. I turned to face Denki but he was already hugging me, muttering countless of thank you's. I chuckled a little, carefully pushing him off.

"I know uncle Shouta can be scary-"
"Scary? Dude, he's terrifying!" he whisper hissed.
"But he's your homeroom teacher-" I started, putting my shoes on.
"He hates us! Aizawa sensei threatens to expel someone at least once a day!" Kaminari interrupted. I rolled my eyes, grabbing him by the shoulders so he'd look at me.

"Believe me when I tell you he has never loved a class more than yours. Normally uncle Shouta would've kicked out at least four people by now"
"Really?" he whispered, somewhat hopeful.
"Yup, so don't worry about him okay? Let's just enjoy our evening"
"Yes, of course, let's go" he smiled, linking our arms together as we walked out the door.

We went to see a comical action movie, which left Kaminari in tears, happily debating alternative endings and scenes. It wasn't really my style but seeing him this happy with that adorable laugh... I really couldn't complain. Right now we were walking hand in hand, discussing trivial things until he got a bit more serious.

"I'm so happy you agreed to this date... You have no idea" he chuckled.
"I think you should know that I've been stuck between two fires for a little while now and...and I don't know... I guess this just convinced me I've made the right choice"
"You...liked someone else too..." I whispered, thinking about what he just told me.

"Y-you're not mad now, are you?" he asked nervously. I shook my head, giving his hand a tight squeeze.
"Of course not. You chose me, right? So what is there to be mad about? It's not like I'm your second choice"
He let out a long breath of relief, stopping us in our tracks.
"Thank you... For putting up with me"

"Is this something my uncle said?" I asked, raising a brow. This made him laugh and shake his head.
"No, no, that's not it... I just never felt this kind of click before, you know? Most people would've complained about my movie choice for starters"
That made the both of us laugh, a moment that was interrupted by my phone ringing. I froze up as A dream is a wish your heart makes from Cinderella started playing.

That was Izuku's ringtone...

"Is that a Disney song?" Kaminari chuckled as I pulled out my phone. But this situation was all but funny... Midoriya never called unless it was urgent and I know for a fact he wouldn't call during my date if he had no other choice...
"I-I really have to take this, I-I'm so sorry" I said quickly before answering.

"Oh Shinsou thank God!" Midoriya's voice sounded through the phone.
"The base is under attack! League of Villains! I can't hold this up on my own! Please, you HAVE to come!"
I froze up, seeing Kaminari giving me a confused glance. In that moment, a loud explosion could be heard from in the distance, in the same direction of HQ.

"I'm on my way" I said without hesitation, disconnecting.
"I-I'm so sorry, it's an emergency"
"What is it? Can I help?" he asked, getting worried as I started running away. He was following me! Shit!
"Please stay out of this Kaminari! It's too dangerous!"
"I'm not leaving you like this!" he stated.

"Let me help you!"

Fuck! The boss is gonna kill me if I lead him to the base! I can't have him finding out! But I don't have time to detour either... Damnit! Maybe I could fix this later? With my increased abilities, I should be able to mess with his memories a bit... But did I really want to? I quickly shook my head. No time to think things through, D.E.K.U. is in danger! I've pledged my loyalty to the Green Reaper! I won't fail him when he needs me! Midoriya is my best friend for crying out loud! Soon we reached the scene, chaos everywhere.

"What the hell?!" Kaminari shouted as a giant snake crawled up to us. The animals must've escaped... Or Izuku set them free on purpose? I don't know, I don't have time for this! But then I saw the snake was hissing at Denki, he must think the yellow haired boy is a threat!
"Snek! It's okay, he's with me" I said, holding my arm over Kaminari's chest protectively, glaring at the giant animal in front of me.

'Midoriya, we seriously have to talk about your naming skills when this is all over...' I thought to myself as I pulled my date with me into the unstable building.

Chapter Text

Pov Shinsou
"What is going on here?! Shinsou, talk to me!" he yelled. I could sense he was scared, but I had no time to explain the situation to him. Without saying another word, I shifted forms, making my hair grow longer and my eyes shine brighter. I turned around to face a fear filled Kaminari Denki, his eyes staring at me in shock and confusion.
"I-I don't have time to explain but the League of Villains is attacking this place and I have to fight them off somehow. Are you with me?"

God, my voice sounded desperate... I absolutely hated it! It took a few seconds before the blonde reacted, cringing at a loud blast nearby as he was pulled out of trance.
"T-the League? You mean the same guys w-who attacked us at the USJ?!"
"You're in or what?" I asked, getting inpatient.
"O-of course! I said I'd help you, didn't I?" he said, forced a small smile.

"Good" I stated, looking around the corner.
"You see those three guys? They're standing in front of a metal vault door"
I pointed over at the guys trying to break into the boss' lab and looked back over at Denki.
"You know what metal attracts?"
"Lightning" Kaminari said with big eyes, grinning as he finished my sentence.

"I'm on it"

He aimed his hands at the door, making sure not to use all his power at once as his charge zoomed through the air, electrocuting the three hostile men.
"Great, thanks" I smiled, quickly pecking him on the cheek before running over to the control panel next to the door. Kaminari was dazed for a moment but quickly shrugged it off as he ran up to me.

"So uhm, care to tell me where we are exactly? And what does the League of Villains want in this place?" he asked, glancing at the bodies as I tapped away on the panel.
"See it as an uhm gang rivalry..." I said slowly, carefully thinking over my words.
"O-kay..." he said, equally as slow, even more confused than before.
"What's up with the sudden change in looks? Not that I'm complaining or anything-"

He quickly added the last part, as if fearing I might get mad and leave him here. Or he just wanted to let me know he actually liked the change..? I shook my head. Focus. The door opened and I quickly pushed Kaminari inside as I saw more enemies coming. I locked the door and let out a sigh, glad we hadn't really encountered any big threats so far...
"S-Shinsou-kun?" a small voice croaked out, making me wip my head around.

Oh my... There he was, the Green Reaper, in all his glory. Well, maybe not that last part... His shirt was ripped and he was currently wrapping a bandage around his upper arm with the use of his quirk, but blood was already seeping through. I'm glad he's wearing his mask, or Denki would've discovered who he really is. Speaking about him, the Pikachu was currently frozen in fear, staring wide eyed at the injured villain in front of us.

"What the hell happened?!" I hissed, marching up to him.
"Well, uhm, let's see... I got shot" he said, grabbing a syringe and stabbing himself in the neck with it, injecting himself with its contents.
"Ace is keeping them busy while I'm treating myself"
"You got WHAT?!" I exclaimed in shock an worry.

"And wait, hold up, ACE IS HERE?!"
"Why yes, Commander" he grinned, stretching my name. He looked behind me with an amused look.
"I see your date went well~ Decided to take him home huh~ Well, can't have the fun ending too soon, now can we?"

My face flared up as I looked back at Kaminari. He'd backed away up against the wall, taking in his surroundings in horror while listening to our conversations in fear. This wasn't how I wanted this night to go... Not at all...

I turned back to Midoriya and took over the bandaging from him. He was getting sloppy and was under the influence of medication. Probably why he thought it was funny I brought an outsider in instead of killing us both on the spot.
"Shut up, this isn't about me right now" I muttered.
"You're injured... How could this ever happen? You're the fucking Green Reaper for God sake!"


Oh great, now he's responding...
"Kaminari please! You're only making this worse!" I yelled with tears in my eyes. He probably wouldn't want to see me ever again... That is if he even left this place alive... I shuddered at the thought.

"Well... They had this gun-" Midoriya said, vaguely waving around with his good arm.
"And BAM! They just shot me from behind like it was nothing! Bunch of low life criminals if you ask me... They don't even have the balls to face me head on"
His words started to slur and I knew he was fighting to stay awake.

After I took care of him, I dropped the transformation and carefully walked over to Kaminari. I knew my original form would be most comforting to him right now, even if it made me more vulnerable.
"Hey, ssh, it's okay" I whispered, kneeling down in front of him. He whimpered, his eyes shut tight.
"S-stay away f-from me!"

My heart broke at those words, but I continued none the less.
"Nobody here is going to hurt you Kaminari... Look, the Green Reaper is basically passed out in his chair"
"W-what about you?" he asked, slowly opening his eyes. I'll never un-see that fear... How scared he must've been from the start, putting on a tough act just for me...

"Y-you're a-a villain, a-aren't you?"
I sighed, closing my eyes as I nodded.
"I'm a part of the Dauntless Emerald Killer Union, a villainous organisation lead by the Green Reaper" I whispered, seeing tears leave his eyes in fear and panic.
"I'm so sorry you had to find out this way... I really do like you, you know?"

Suddenly the door burst open and a de-shelfed looking Todoroki walked in. Or should I say Ace? He was transformed and had his mask on, unlike me. I had shifted on instinct, flight or fight activating at the loud bang. He was breathing loudly, slowly walking over to Izuku.
"They've been taken care of, boss"
"How many casualties?" Midoriya groaned, letting his head hang back in the chair.

"Half of our people present were killed during the attack and some of the animals escaped" Ace answered on a neutral tone.
"Get the injured over here to the lab, let the others search for the animals. We'll take care of the bodies later" Midoriya muttered, like this was something he did everyday. I've never seen him like this... Sure, he threatened to take my life when I found out but back then there was still a sting of remorse in his eyes. I could still see he was human. He was still my friend. But now...

He seemed so dull and emotionless... A truly terrifying calm evil presence lingering within him. A man who wouldn't hesitate to kill. Ace turned to me as I stood up from my position on the ground, shielding Denki from his prying eyes.
"I see the boss summoned you too" he said, taking off his mask and shifting back to himself. No! Damnit Todoroki what are you doing?! I heard Kaminari gasp and cover his mouth with his hand in shock, quietly trembling behind me.

The halfa still hadn't noticed his classmate as he stepped closer.
"I take it you wrapped up his wound?" he asked, combing his hair down again with one of his hands.
"Yeah" I choked out.
"You took out the League?"
"I managed to chase them off" he answered, coming to a stand still at a table, his back turned towards me.

He started typing some things on the tablet that laid there. I knew he was sending a message to the remaining members with the orders of the Green Reaper. He sighed, turning back to me with tired eyes.
"We suffered a big loss tonight... Sucks" he muttered, frowning a little.
"Guess we'll just have to counterattack, take revenge"

"Do we even know where their base is?" I asked, crossing my arms, momentarily forgetting about Kaminari.
"It won't be that hard to find out since Reaper's father is the head of the League" Todoroki shrugged.
"Say, weren't you going out with Kaminari tonight? I hope this didn't interrupt your date. I mean, Kaminari has been talking about it none stop-"

He cut himself short, now seeing the electric blonde sitting behind me with a terrified expression on his face.
"I didn't have time to shake him okay! He insisted on following!"
"Stubborn little ass-" Todoroki muttered angrily, coming dangerously close for comfort.
"I won't let you hurt him" I hissed, making him stop.

"What did the boss say about this?" he asked, suddenly glad he was still talking in code names instead of their real ones. He was doing that in case someone was still somehow listening in, seems like he was right.
"He thought it was rather amusing" I shrugged, making him roll his eyes.
"Ugh, of course... What was I expecting anyway? If he didn't want Kaminari here, your boyfriend would be long dead"

"H-he's not m-my boyfriend..." I mumbled with a bright blush, making him laugh a little. He slowly shook his head, walking over to us. Before I could protest, he yanked Kaminari up by his arm, pushing him against the wall.
"Listen up Kaminari, I just fought off half of the League of Villains basically on my own, learning my fucking brother is still alive and fighting for them, and all that after escaping the tight as hell security placed around me after my father's whole scandal came to light so I'm pissed"

He glared his classmate in the eye, putting more pressure on his chest. I didn't dare interrupt the process, afraid Shoto would take out his wrath on me next.
"I don't have anything against you personally, you seem like a good guy, you know? But now it seems like you know a little too much, doesn't it? We can't let you go freely with this information, I'm sure you understand"

"So what? You're gonna kill me?! Is that it?!" Denki hissed, fire in his eyes. Guess his fight or flight reflex made a switch or something...
"Fuck! To think I actually felt bad for you! Is it even true what Endeavor did to you? Or was that all an act as well?!"
Oh, he shouldn't have said that... Shoto growled, his eyes glowing a dangerous ice blue as he was on the verge of shifting.

"I can erase his memory!" I quickly snapped, before this situation could get even worse.
"I-I... My quirk is strong enough to alter certain parts of a person's mind... I-I could try to make him forget this ever happened, although I'm not sure how precise it'll be"


We both turned around to see Midoriya awake and standing up, his green eyes shining dangerously bright.
"But boss-" Todoroki started, only to be interrupted by the green head.
"Shush Ace. I know for a fact he won't tell on you"
"And what makes you say that?!" Kaminari hissed, still being held in place by the dual quirk user.

"One, you care about these two, don't you? Todoroki Shoto is one of your classmates and Shinsou Hitoshi is your crush~ You wouldn't want to put them in harms way, now would you?" he started with a grin.
"Secondly, I know you secretly think I'm cool. I mean, I don't blame you, I'm amazing. Oh, and what was that last one again? Oh yeah! Tell anyone about this and I'll kill everyone you love!"

With that he happily clapped his hands together, smiling innocently at the words he'd just spoken. It made my blood run cold. I swear Midoriya is a different person when he puts on that mask... It's creepy and absolutely horrifying. The embodiment of fear itself. I looked aside at Denki, who was staring at the green eyed maniac in shock and fear, his legs trembling, only able to stand due to the pressure Todoroki held on his chest. I bet his heart is racing fast right now, living on an adrenaline rush that's barely keeping him conscious.

"You're letting him go?" I choked out, finding a bit of hope to hold onto.
"Not so fast" he grinned, using his quirk to make himself float as he came towards us.
"You might just be the factor that I've been missing~ How about this, I'll make you a deal-"
Midoriya let his fingers caress Kaminari's cheek, stepping his boundaries like he always did. This action made the blonde whimper in fear, the effect it had on most people.

"-I'll let you walk out of here with your life, no injuries, no torture, nothing. All I ask in return is a little favour~"
"L-let me g-guess? S-stay quiet, r-right?" he choked out, flinching away from his touch.
"That would be nice, yes" Izuku chuckled.
"But I was actually thinking about something else~ What would you say if I offered you a way to get ahead of all your classmates? If I could give you more power you could ever gather just by training?"

My eyes widened and I shared a look with Todoroki. He wasn't seriously considering giving him One For All?! I mean, not that I'd be complaining if Kaminari were to become part of the union but...but I don't think he'll ever submit to the dark side, to be honest... It's one of the things I like about him.
"All I'm asking in return is your help with one little job! And when that's over we can all move on with our lives, no strings attached!"

Kaminari's eyes went from Midoriya to Todoroki and after that to me.
"Just take it" I whispered with a pleading gaze.
"Please, this is your best option Denki"
"He's right, you know" Shoto shimmed in, now also looking at his classmate in concern.
"I'm afraid that if you don't take this offer, you won't leave this place unless in a body bag..."
"Listen to your friends Kami~ They're absolutely right, you know?" Izuku purred into the blonde's ear.

"I even tried to make it beneficial for you~ But if you're going to an ungrateful brat-"
"I'll do it!" he squeaked out, instantly looking down in shame.
"I-I'll do it... I'll keep quiet a-and h-help you complete t-that job..."
I could see this broke him, but there wasn't anything else I could've done in that moment... I should've just knocked him out back when I got that fucking phone call! Then none of this would've happened! Damnit! This was all my fault!

"Todoroki-kun, you should return home before you're missed" the boss smiled, his eyes not leaving Kaminari.
"Crowley will take you"
"Yes, of course" Shoto whispered, sending one last pity glance at Denki before leaving.
"As for you, Shinsou-kun~" Midoriya sang, looking at me.
"Prepare a tube for him"

"B-but boss! The tubes are still in their experimental f-fase! If this goes wrong than-" I stammered.
"I know what the risks are" he interrupted, glaring at me.
"But we don't have the luxury of waiting until One For All settles in. Besides, we have to test the rapid generation process on someone, right?"
I was frozen in place, tearing up a little as I looked at Denki. He knew it couldn't be good if I was scared too...

"Are you ignoring my direct orders, Oshi~?" Midoriya teased.
"You know I have to punish you if that's the case~"
"N-no" I choked out, looking away at the ground.
"I'll prepare a tube, as you wish sir"
I glanced at Kaminari one last time, biting my lip and crossing my fingers in the hope he'll be alright...

Chapter Text

Pov Todoroki
I was tasked to watch over Kaminari as he made his recovery from One For All. Today was Monday, he'd had a whole weekend to get used to his newly awakened powers, but that didn't mean he had a handle on them. Besides, he was the first to take One For All through the tube system, an experiment Midoriya came up with after seeing Shinsou and I suffer for a week.

It was supposed to make the process quicker, but the pain was much more intense. So much so that it had the potential to kill. We're lucky Kaminari survived in the first place, so I'm not complaining about having to watch him. He was wary of me, which was only natural, but didn't say anything about it. Actually he'd been acting off all day.

He was quiet, kept his head down, tried blend in with the background. Not his usual potent and happy self. Meeting the Green Reaper would do that to you... Even Iida isn't fully recovered from seeing him during the Hosu attacks.

Right now we all sat together at lunch, something the class did to let me feel included. They wanted me to be a part of the group now that my father wasn't holding me back anymore. They just wanted what was best for me, to see me smile. And it was working...
"Hi guys! Mind if we sit with you?"
I looked aside to see Midoriya and Shinsou, the latter avoiding eye contact of any sort with everyone at the table. I noticed Kaminari glance at him, but he quickly looked back down.

"Tch, do you even have to ask shitty nerd?" Bakugou grunted in annoyance, pulling the green head down in between us. The blonde had left an empty seat, not wanting to sit next to me for some reason.
"What about Shinsou-kun?" he asked, making the blonde growl.
"You can sit over here if you want" Jirou smiled, patting the spot between her and Tokoyami. Kaminari, who was seated at the girl's other side, froze up.

"Dude, I know your date went bad but don't let it discourage you!" Kirishima whisper shouted. Yet I bet at least half the table heard it. It made the electric user blush, hiding his face even more.
"Come on man, I'm sure it couldn't have been that bad" Sero added, also worried about his friend. If you consider he's still alive after walking into D.E.K.U. headquarters and bumping into the Green Reaper, than yes, it could've been worse. Although I don't think Kaminari will see it that way.

He felt betrayed. I couldn't blame him for that. His classmate and crush were both villains! You'd freak out for less...
"Uhm, Jirou? W-would you mind switching places with me?" Shinsou asked timidly, making Midoriya squeal silently. Did he push him to make up? I frowned, looking at the awkward and stiff atmosphere between them. I saw Shinsou move his hands under the table and Kaminari flinched. It was barely visible if you weren't paying attention, but I had some kind of idea what was happening. Hitoshi had given Denki a message, no doubt.

"So the exams are almost around the corner-" Izuku spoke happily, acting as if nothing was wrong.
"-and I heard from Shinsou-kun that Aizawa sensei plans on holding a training camp in the summer for those who pass"
"Wait, you have to pass to go on camp?!" Mina exclaimed in distress.
"Noooo..! I'll never pull my grades back up on time..."

"Tch, just nail the exams, they're not that hard" Katsuki stated.
"He does have a point" I added.
"Says number two and three on the class ranking!" Ashido whined.
"Todoroki, how did you get such high scores?"
"Hard work" I answered on a neutral yet serious tone.

"Bet Endeavor forced him to study everyday or something" Bakugou snorted.
"Kacchan!" Izuku gasped, hitting the blonde on his arm.
"No, it's fine Midoriya" I said with a weak smile.
"My father actually did force me to do that, it used to be one of my more peaceful moments of the day"

I felt a wave of pity hit me as I said that, seeing all those sad eyes look at me, wishing they could've done something to help me.
"You guys don't have to worry about me anymore, don't give me those pitiful glances" I said with a small chuckle, to let them know it was alright. That I've come to terms with everything that happened now that that man was behind bars. Yet there was still one thing naging at me...


Or should I say Todoroki Toya?

My oldest brother, the one who ran away from home to escape father's wrath... He was now a criminal working for the League of Villains. I still can't wrap my head around it. Seeing him that night a few days ago... I recognized him instantly, believe it or not. Yes, he has changed a lot, but he's still the same Toya I've always known. His quirk was a real give away too. A quirk I've seen in action so many times as a child.

Those beautiful blue flames...accompanied by the smell of burned and rotten flesh... I wish there was a way for him to use it without hurting himself. I wish he was still with me, us, our family. I don't think he recognized me though... His little baby brother, as he liked to call me. The one he wanted to protect, the one he failed to protect.

Before I knew it, Midoriya elbowed me in the side. It was hard but went under the radar. He eyed Shinsou, making me look at the indigo eyed male across the table. He gave me a look as if asking for my approval before eying Denki. He was asking if we were okay with him talking to Kaminari... I simply nodded, wanting to see how this would turn out.

"U-uhm, c-could we talk? In private?"
"Of course you can!" Kirishima answered in Denki's place, pushing his friend with Shinsou a little too eager. I simply chuckled at the exchange, watching the two as they left the canteen.
"Tch, about damn time those two got a room" Bakugou snorted.
"Bakubro! Come on, it's not funny" Kirishima stated.

"Yeah, Kaminari has been down all day in case you haven't noticed" Mina added.
"Of course I fucking noticed, that's why it's damn good for them to fucking talk, isn't it?" the ash blonde hissed at his friends.
"Are you always this considerate?" I asked, making him glare at me.
"I can be nice if I fucking want to! Ain't that true Deku?"

"Yep! Kacchan is the nicest person ever" he smiled.
"Yes, I believe I've already scratched the surface of that" I said with a small grin.
"Wait what? When was Bakugou nice to you? I want details" Jirou demanded.
"Well, we were in the changing room and-"
"That's enough icyhot!" Katsuki exclaimed angrily, slamming his hand on the table with an explosion, making Midoriya flinch away.

"Okay, now I wanna know what happened between the two of you. In the changing room out of all places" Sero stated.
"Steamy~!" Mineta laughed, having heard the conversation.
"Shut up you filthy grape! We were alone in the fucking lockerroom and I saw his fucked up scars! Is that what you wanted to hear huh?!" Bakugou yelled. The table grew quiet, eyes darting between me and the ruby eyed teen.

"It's true" I said, breaking the trance.
"Bakugou saw the aftermath of what my father did to me a-and... And well, he was actually genuinely concerned for a moment"
And again, the pity looks. But this time it was mixed with something else, something directed to Bakugou.

"What the hell dude?! Why didn't you say anything?" Kirishima said, glaring at Katsuki. Were they actually mad about that?
"Geez, I was going to but it was the same day it got outed" Bakugou grunted, crossing his arms.
"Besides, it's not like we haven't all seen his scars by now since he doesn't wait to fucking change until we're all out"

Soon the conversation was steered back to training camp and the upcoming exams. Neither Shinsou nor Kaminari returned for the rest of the period.

Pov Kaminari
My date couldn't have ended in a more terrible way... The pain, the agony I felt when he turned on that horrible machine... I'll never be able to forget it... But there was something else. The way Shinsou looked at me right before the Reaper started the process... It was a sinful look of pity and regret. I know he didn't want this to happen to me.

He didn't want me to follow him in the first place, yet my stupid ass decided otherwise. He warned me, told me it was dangerous, but I didn't listen. And now I'm here, tied up in this fucked up deal, torn between two worlds. My friends have started to worry about me since I'm not my usual self anymore. I just can't bring myself to smile, knowing there are villains in our midst.

Feeling like there are eyes on me at all times, like everyone who looks at me judges me for what I've done and what I'm about to do. Like they know. But they don't. It's something my mind doesn't seem to understand... Is this guilt? Is that what this irritating feeling is? I think it is... I looked up to Todoroki, seeing him as calm as always, eating his lunch in peace. How does he do it? How does he aim to be a hero while working for the Green Reaper?

I don't understand it, yet everything seems to make so much more sense. Why the Reaper attacked the Todoroki's that often in a row, why he stole that security footage and gave it to the police. I bet Todoroki was the other person that was seen with him that night. It couldn't possibly have been someone else. Maybe that's why he was working with him in the first place? To get revenge on his old man? But if that was the case, than why in the world did Shinsou join their ranks? I don't get it... Isn't he happy?

"U-uhm, c-could we talk? In private?"

Said person's voice pulled me out of thought, making me stare at him with big eyes. He shoved a note my way earlier, telling he'll explain everything I wanted to know. I hadn't reacted to it, but here we are...
"Of course you can!" Kiri smiled, pushing me towards the indigo eyed boy. I didn't argue, knowing better than to make a scene here where everyone could see us. D.E.K.U. has eyes everywhere...

Shinsou guided me out of the canteen and towards the janitor's closet. He closed the door behind us after switching on the light and stared at me with teary eyes. Wait what? When did he start crying?
"I-I'm so sorry Kaminari!" he cried out, covering his face with his hands.
"I've tried to reason with him, y-you have to believe me! B-but once he has set his mind onto something..."

He took a shaky breath, looking at me again. I did my best not to be affected by the emotions in his eyes. I can't be in love with a villain, no way. That would never work.
"Look, I'm sorry that I got you dragged into this. I'll tell you everything you want to know, I promise. It's the least I can do"
"Why?" I asked.

"W-what? What do you mean why?" he asked in return.
"Why are you a villain?" I asked, making him bite his lip.
"Aren't you happy with the life you're living? What promises did the Green Reaper make you huh? Or were you tricked into a deal like me? Is he threatening you, Shinsou?"
"N-no, no... It's not like that" he sighed, looking down at the ground.

"Look... You might not like it but I know who he is. I discovered the Reaper's identity by accident, leaving me with few choices"
"So he threatened you" I concluded.
"At first, yes, but in the end I decided to join his union out of my own volition" he whispered, fidgeting with his hands.

"He gave me One For All, a quirk that strengthens the holder's abilities. A booster, you could say, that unlocks new uses for your quirk. He gave that very same power to you too"
"Yeah, he explained what it does and how it works" I muttered, remembering the talk I was given after waking up.
"Do you also know it was All Might's quirk?" Shinsou asked, making me stare at him with big eyes. A-All Might? As in THE All Might?! I-I have his quirk running through my veins right now?!

"Todoroki has One For All as well, so does the Green Reaper. We're the only four in existence with this power"
"Yes and we transform and shit, I know" I groaned, waving my hands around.
"So wait, you know the identity of the Green Reaper? Who he is behind the mask?"
"Does the whole union know?"
"No, only me and Todoroki"

"Hmm... So who is it?" I asked, crossing my arms.
"I-I can't tell you" he whispered.
"Why not? I thought you'd tell me everything?" I shot back.
"I can't tell you Denki! Do you want him to kill us both or something?!" he hissed.
"Look, I'm only doing this because I care about you and I think you deserve to be involved! I don't have to do this okay? The boss is angry enough as it is!"

What? He cares? He's going beyond to make me feel better about it? He's blaming himself... The worst thing about it is that I know what he's telling me is sincere. Damnit! No, stop it! He's a villain! I glanced at him one last time, seeing him on the verge of tears again. This was breaking him as much as it was breaking me...

"You know what? Fuck all this" I simply said, grabbing his face and kissing him. I could feel he was shocked at first, kissing back softly. He raised his hands, reaching for my hair where they got tangled up in the blonde mess. Our first kiss... And I absolutely loved it. He slowly pulled back, blinking in confusion for a moment.

"Y-you kissed me..?" he breathed, touching his lips.
"I-I did... D-did you uhm... Did you like it?" I asked nervously. Instead of an answer, he kissed me again. It didn't last as long this time, but the feeling wasn't any less.
"Are you really saying you want to give this a shot? Even though you aspire to be a hero?" he asked, a happy shimmer of hope in his eyes.

"If I can handle Aizawa sensei, I think I can handle you" I grinned, making him roll his eyes.
"So? You're gonna ask or what?" he grinned, poking me in my side.
"Shinsou Hitoshi, do you want to be my boyfriend?"
"Yes!" he smiled, hugging me.
"I promise I'll protect you from the shadows Kaminari. The Green Reaper doesn't hurt his own family, you'll be safe"

"Yeah... As long as I keep quiet, right?" I sighed.
"Neither me nor Todoroki are bad people Kaminari-kun. The union has noble goals, you know"
"Oh yeah? Come on, tell me all the propaganda" I said, pulling him down to the ground so we could sit.
"If it'll make you feel better about the situation" he smiled, starting to explain how the Green Reaper was originally quirkless and wanted to create equality in the word so no one would have to suffer like he did.

Equal rights for everyone, no matter your origin or background. A world where everyone is treated with respect and people look after each other. It did sound nice... I let myself get lost in his words, convinced that not everything is black and white but there are many different shades of grey. Not every villain is a bad person, I can see that now.

Chapter Text

Pov Bakugou
"Dude, is it just me or was Aizawa sensei focussing you?" Kirishima asked laughing, elbowing a very damaged Pikachu in the locker room. We just finished training so after this we could go home. Shitty hair was right though, the eraserjerk did target Kaminari basically the whole fucking time.
"It's not funny" dunce face whined as he pulled off his shirt.
"It really hurts!"

"Well, you hurt his nephew" Todoroki pointed out.
"And to me it seems like he is very overprotective about his family"
I noticed how the electric user ignored icyhot completely, not reacting to what he said.
"Yeah dude, you knew the risks" Sero joked.
"It's not funny okay?! Aizawa sensei is really mad at me for this!" he pouted.

"Tch. At least he's mad cause you fucked up, otherwise he'd be annoyed you're dating his damn nephew" I stated.
"I-I guess you're right..." he muttered, looking down at the ground while he tied the red tie around his neck.
"Come on bro, man up! I'm sure it'll pass before you know it" Kiri smiled, patting his friend on the back. I rolled my eyes, walking up the two shitheads.
"Wouldn't be so sure bout that" I grinned, tilting my head to the left and pointing at my neck.

"What's that dunce face? A fucking hickey right?"

"Bakugou!" he gasped, instantly trying to cover it up now that he realised it was exposed. His face immediately flushed red and all the guys were looking at him. I laughed, walking back to grab my stuff and close my locker as the others interrogated him.
"Oh my God! I thought it was just another bruise" tape dispenser stated as shitty hair held Pikachu still so they could see the hickey.

"Guys!" he whined, trying to break free but without succes.
"We've seen it, you can let him go now Kirishima" half-n-half sighed as he finished up getting dressed. The red head huffed, letting go of his friend, still frowning.
"Why didn't you tell us you guys made up?"
"W-well w-we tried to keep it between us for the time being-" Kaminari muttered, fidgeting with his hands. I rolled my eyes and grabbed my bag. What a puss.

"Wimp" I chuckled, walking towards the door. I was walking home with Deku and I don't want to let him wait just because I'm taking too long in here.
"You're one to talk Bakugou! So when are you going to admit your feelings to Midoriya huh?!" Kaminari yelled across the room, making me stop dead in my tracks. Oh he didn't...

"Wait, Bakugou likes that quirkless boy?" I heard someone ask in a whisper, only making my blood boil even more.
"Yeah, haven't you noticed? He's, like, totally soft around him-"
"SHUT UP!" I hissed, letting a few explosions leave my palms before throwing myself at Denki.
"Listen up you fucking dunce face! My fucking feelings or whatever for Deku ain't your damn business, got that?!"

I whipped my head around, glaring at all the other guys who were now staring at me.
"And if any of you shitheads call him quirkless ever again, I'll fucking kill you! Nobody insults Deku except for me, understood?!"
"I think it is very noble of you to stand up for the quirkless like that Bakugou-!" Iida started, making me growl and punch him in the stomach.

"I told you to stop calling him quirkless!"

"But why? Isn't he quirkless?" the bird guy asked.
"That's not the fucking point! You're saying that about him like it's a fucking insult! Like society doesn't beat them down enough already!" I hissed.
"Wow, didn't expect you to be so pro quirkless, Bakugou" the damn grape said.
"Since you're always looking down on everyone I thought you'd think even less about them-"

"Shut the fuck up!" I shouted, grabbing his arm and throwing him across the room. It left a dent in the wall, fucking fabulous. I panted a little, suddenly feeling a hand on my shoulder. It made my body tense up and I was quick to turn around and face whoever stood there. I was expecting it to be shitty hair, since he's mostly the one that needs to calm me down after I throw a fit. But it wasn't...

"It's alright Bakugou, we understand" icyhot told me in a collected and calm voice, trying to assure me they weren't thinking any less of my Izuku.
"Midoriya is our friend to, we would never want to insult him. Sorry if we made you feel that way"
"Tch" I scowled, pushing his hand off me. I pushed him aside and walked out of the changing room, hearing some of them praise Todoroki for taming the beast.

Tch, idiots, fucking half-n-half bastard, touching me like that... Who the hell does he think he is?! But all my anger seemed to fade away once I saw that mop of green hair waiting for me outside.
"Hi Kacchan!"
"Hey nerd" I smiled, ruffling his hair.
"Aw come on!" he chuckled, trying to put it back into place. Tch, like his wild hair can ever be tamed...

He noticed I didn't react with some kind of snappy remark and frowned.
"Something wrong Kacchan?"
"Just had a rough day at training" I muttered, partially lying. Training was easy, I nailed every exercise. It was just that damn conversation in the changing room that ruined my day. Fucking shitheads...
"You? A hard day at training? I find that hard to believe" Deku said.

"Tch, where the hell is your shitty friend anyways?" I asked, totally ignoring what he said. But I just realised we were walking alone, without the brainwasher. Not that I'm complaining about that.
"He already went home with Aizawa sensei" he smiled, walking a little closer to me.
"You don't mind that it's just us, right?"
"Tch, of course not. I don't like your stupid shadow anyways" I grunted.

"Also, are he and dunce face a thing cause it's getting really fucking annoying to understand"
"Yep! They made up during lunch" Midoriya smiled.
"I'm really happy for him! Shinsou-kun deserves happiness"
"You don't like them being together?"
"No, it's not that... Just something dunce face said to me" I muttered.

'So when are you going to admit your feelings to Midoriya huh?!' I frowned at the thought. Hair for brains has been trying to get me to make a move for some time now and I'm almost certain this nerd likes me back. It's just... I don't know... What's holding me back? I have absolutely no idea... Is it my pride? Is it the fact I'm scared of what people will think about me if I'm dating someone who doesn't have a quirk? No, that's not it. I don't care what other people think or say. I'm Lord Explosion Murder for fucks sake! So what is it? The fear of rejection? But Shinsou told us Izuku likes me...



"You were gone there for a second" he chuckled.
"Everything okay? I've never seen you so lost in thought before"
"I'm fine. Just tell me about your day or some shit" I muttered. He started a happy rant about how he nailed a math test and something about a teacher yelling at some people for something. I don't know, I wasn't really listening to what he was saying. But hearing his voice has always been so calming to me... His little rants and mutters were absolutely adorable, certainly when he didn't even realise he was talking out loud.

I sighed. Damnit. I've really fallen hard for this shitty nerd...

"Oh uhm, am I boring you? I-I mean I know it's probably not the most exciting thing-"
"Shush" I whispered, holding my hand over his mouth. He gave me a questioning gaze, wondering why I would suddenly do something like this. I took a deep breath, staring into those beautiful dark emerald green eyes.

"You'll never be boring to me, got that? You're fucking amazing. Who cares if you've got a quirk or not? I don't. You're just so damn beautiful and cute... Always my little Deku... I-I missed you so much" I choked out, hugging him. What the hell came over me to say that to him?! I'm so stupid! But then I felt him hugging back, nuzzling his head into the crook of my neck.
"I-I missed y-you to, Kacchan"

His voice was muted but audible. I smiled a little as I pulled away, still holding him in our embrace but far enough apart to face each other.
"Let's never get split up again" I whispered, slowly closing the gap. Izuku's face flushed red, but he was closing his eyes as I got closer, accepting what would happen next. My lips on his. It was everything I never knew I always wanted. Just...perfect. I slowly pulled away, seeing Deku giving me a dazed look, still recovering from what just happened.

"So, uhm, wanna be my fucking boyfriend or what?"

He started tearing up, making me panic. What the hell?! Did I do something wrong? Didn't he like it? I thought he liked me to! Why the hell is my nerd crying?! And than he smiled, laughing a little while wiping his tears away. It was no use since he kept on crying and crying, tears flowing down his face one after another.

"Y-yes! I want to be your fucking boyfriend!" he exclaimed, flinging himself onto me, still crying. Damn, I had never heard the nerd curse before... It was kinda hot. I let out a breath of relief, glad I didn't do anything wrong. He's just a cry baby, I should've guessed this kind of reaction.
"I'm so happy right now! Oh my God, I've got to tell Shinsou right away!" Deku gasped, grabbing his phone. I swiftly took from his hands, grabbing his wrist, making him look at me.

"Nah ah, you can do that when you're home. Right now you're coming with me. We've got something to fucking celebrate, don't we?"
"W-where are we going?" Izuku asked surprised as I took his hand.
"We're gonna get some ice cream, I'm paying" I grinned, making him squeal. Deku was many things, but one thing never changed. This damn guy is food motivated. I smiled as he swung our intertwined hands back and forth, hopping around like a child. It was cute.

Oh Izuku, please never change...

Pov Midoriya
I happily walked through my half destroyed villain base of operations, seeing how everyone was busy cleaning up the mess and trying to repair what could be repaired. Some would think the Green Reaper would be pissed that the League of Villains attacked, that they dared to try and overthrow him. I must admit I'm rather angry about that.

But nothing can bring my mood down anymore! Kacchan and I are dating! It's official! We're boyfriends! I still can't believe it! I smiled brightly as I entered my wing and floated up the stairs. Why use them when you have telekinesis? Seriously? My smile fell when I saw Shinsou and Kaminari making out on one of my couches in the sitting area. Both were wearing D.E.K.U. hoodies, eating each other's face off.

I rolled my eyes, seeing Todoroki lounging on another couch while playing a game on his switch. The halfa seemed bored and annoyed by the other two, but didn't speak up about it as their muffled moans filled the air.
"Oi, enough with the smut" I called out, making all three of them look up. Shoto closed off his game and placed the console aside, instantly on his feet. Hitoshi quickly crawled off Denki, blushing madly. The latter, however, stayed on the couch, totally frozen.

"I get that you're together but I don't want you face battling while I'm around, got that?" I asked, making Todoroki supress his laugh.
"Yes, sorry boss" Shinsou groaned, finding it annoying Kaminari didn't know who I am.
"Charge Bolt, on your feet" I muttered as I walked into the small living room area. Denki quickly stood up, nervously looking down at the ground.

"I've decided on your villain name and costume so the three of you can go get dressed before we go over the plan"
"Are we doing it tonight?" Todoroki asked surprised.
"The faster the better in this case, no?" I reacted, tilting my head.
"I mean, I take it Kaminari Denki would like to return to his normal life as soon as possible"
"Yes, thank you Green Reaper" the blonde whispered in submission. Ah, I see Shinsou taught him well... Good. I grinned, turning around and clapping my hands together.

"Come on, chop chop, get moving"

A few minutes later they were all gathered before me. Kaminari's costume was a little different from the others. He wore a plain white shirt with a black leather jacket on top. It spelled D.E.K.U. on its back and had traces of gold woven into it. He had a sunglasses-like mask and around his neck hung golden chains. On his hand were big golden rings spelling out his villain name. On his right B L A C K, on his left two lightning bolts at the end with in the middle O U T. He wore black skinny pants and black sneakers with golden accents.

Why all the gold, you ask? Well because that's the current colour of his hair and eyes! They turn a bright vibrant gold when he transformed into his enhanced self. And even though his hair had black streaks in it, it seemed almost as though he was glowing, just like mine. I liked it! Plus, in this form he could absorb all electricity and use it to make himself stronger. Yes, the name Black-Out was nicely chosen...

I told them the plan and assigned them all an animal. Ace had Crowley, Commander had Purrcy and Black-Out was given Chipper. Chipper, a squirrel with unmatched speed. In addition I'll hand them another one of my pets, but he won't be much use during the mission, only to get away. I wouldn't be there with them. It'll only draw unwanted attention... Yet I know this heist will be successful.


Well, Todoroki is very loyal to me and so is Shinsou. Kaminari may not be very true to the Green Reaper but he's definitely loyal to his boyfriend. Yes, this will work out nicely... Black-Out will make sure the power falls out and the back up generator as well. He'll absorb the electricity while Ace and Commander make their way in. Ace will take care of the guards and Commander will force the director to our hand.

He will hand them what I desire under the will of the commander while Ace stands guard and Black-Out takes care of any police or hero that might show up on the scene. In this form he can actually aim his attacks and taser them with whatever voltage he choses, as long as it knocks them out cold.

Once they have the cash, Microsoft will come into play. He's a small white mouse with the ability to teleport objects to a place that is familiar to him. He can't transport people, nor can he go to places he has never seen before. That's why they'll have to escape on their own, using the animals I send with them. Black-Out can go on Crowley's back with Ace while Commander runs off with Purrcy.

Everyone will be left in confusion when they see not a single lock was forced and the director doesn't remember a thing, yet all their money is missing. The thought alone makes me laugh out loud! Oh, how I wish I could see the look on their faces...

"Mission completed, boss"

I turned around in my chair, smiling upon me three elite soldiers. Todoroki was standing a bit to the front while Shinsou and Kaminari stood behind him. Ah, I see we have an unspoken mission leader~ Very good~
"I'm sure that was very draining on all of you, so go home and rest" I smiled, turning back around.

"Wait, really, that's it?" I heard Kaminari whisper.
"What did you expect?" Shinsou muttered, pulling his boyfriend along. I chuckled, petting Snuffles, who was laying on my desk.
"What do you think Lord Snuffleton? Shall I try and pull Kami-san into the darkness~? I think it'll be so much fun! But first, let's see how he handles the aftermath~"

Chapter Text

Pov Kaminari
I groaned as I woke up to my alarm clock the next morning. It was pretty early but I couldn't sleep anyway. I robbed a place last night... Oh my fucking God! I'm a criminal! I groaned, covering my face, feeling I still had my rings on. Damnit! I lifted my hands, looking at the golden accessoires on my fingers. Black-Out. I sighed, letting my hands fall beside my head. What is my life even?

I frowned when there was a knock on my door and something slid underneath. What the hell? It's six in the morning! Who is up at this hour?! Groggily I crawled out of bed, dragging myself to the door, only to see an enveloppe sticking underneath it. It had some writing on the back, but it was kinda hard to read in the dark and I was too lazy to turn on the lights. Something about payment? I frowned, ripping the damn thing open, only to see a bunch of cash inside. Well, that woke me up quickly. I turned on the light, reading the note again.

Tnx for the help B-O! Consider this your payment ;p ~GR

I stared at it with big eyes and started to count the money. This is 250.000 yen! Oh my God! Wait, what the hell?! How did this get in my house?! Did someone break in?! I grabbed my phone, instantly calling Shinsou to make sure this was really happening.
"Argh... Denki? What the hell, it's 6am" he groaned, sleepily.
"I think there's someone in my house" I whispered quickly.

"I-I got this enveloppe with a bunch of money in it and I think it's from the Green Reaper and-"
"Kaminari, calm down" he hissed, sighing.
"It's fine, okay? Like I said, the Reaper cares about his family and his people. Of course we get paid. You think we're risking our lives for free or something? Dude's gotta make a living ya know"
"We're teenagers" I hissed.
"See it as pocket money" Shinsou shrugged.

"Besides, you didn't get as much as me or Shoto cause you're not actually a part of the union. Consider yourself lucky the boss paid you. Probably shush money though"
"Wait, how much did you get out of this?" I asked seriously.
"I don't know, around 500K, why?" he asked lazily, like it was the most normal thing in the world.
"What?!" I whisper shouted with wide eyes. That was double of mine!

"Denki, please, stop freaking out about it and just accept it okay?" my boyfriend groaned.
"I'm going back to sleep, see you at school"
With that Shinsou hung up on me. I groaned, throwing my phone on my bed out of frustration. 250K yen... And that for a one time thing that didn't even took me a lot of effort... I mean, with this new power I'm basically unstoppable! Unfortunately I can't use it out in the open yet. I would have to transform since my regular body can't handle the charge it takes on me.

I sighed, falling back on my bed. I kinda like this side of the job... I quickly shook my head at that thought and started to get ready for school. When I arrived there, I noticed a group of four walking onto the grounds at well. It was a strange sight to see those people together... Well, I know Shinsou and Midoriya walk to school together, so that's nothing new.

What is new, is the fact that Bakugou is walking with them, holding hands with Midoriya! And if that wasn't shocking enough already, Todoroki was with them too! Yes, of course I knew they were friends through D.E.K.U. but they weren't friends at school, were they? And since when are Bakugou and Midoriya a thing?!

"Morning Kaminari-kun~" Shinsou smiled, kissing me on my cheek.
"Oh, uhm, yeah, good morning" I said, forcing a smile before staring back at that two polar opposites.
"What the hell you looking at dunce face?!" Katsuki hissed, making me cringe.
"There is no need for violence, Bakugou-" Todoroki tried to defuse the situation.

"Shut up icyhot! Come on Deku, let's go" the angry blond snarled, dragging the innocent green head along.
"Sorry!" Midoriya shouted with a happy smile, running behind his Kacchan.
"When did that happen?" I asked in shock, being left alone with my partners in crime.
"Apparently they got together yesterday" Shinsou shrugged.

"I think that whole commotion in the locker room gave him the final push he needed to confess" Todoroki shrugged, following us inside.
"Well, I'm glad he's happy. Maybe he'll be less grumpy now too?" I asked hopefully.
"Wouldn't count on it" the halfa muttered, looking dead ahead. I followed his gaze, seeing Katsuki was ready to blow up the Bakusquad at any moment while Midoriya tried to keep the situation under control. But let's be real here, what can a quirkless boy do in a situation like this?

"One word and you're dead, you got that shitty hair?!"
"I-I only said you two look cute together-"
BAM! Explosion to the face.
"Kacchan!" Izuku whined, trying to pull his boyfriend off his friends.
"I think you're needed over there" Shinsou chuckled, signing Midoriya to come over.
"See ya at lunch"

With that he and Deku left, leaving me and Todoroki to deal with this mess.
"Good luck" the halfa muttered, walking to other way. Oh come on! Such a loyal family, that stupid union... Ugh.
"What are you looking at fuck face?!"
"N-nothing! I swear" I said quickly, holding my hands up in surrender. He simply huffed, walking past me without another word.

"Geez, you'd think he'd be happy now that Midoriya is his boyfriend..." Sero muttered, glad to have avoided Bakugou's wrath.
"I think that was him being happy" Kirishima said slowly, a little unsure of himself.
"He's just showing off his dominance, making it clear the quirkless guy is his and no one should mess with them" Jirou shrugged.
"Not the first time I've seen stuff like that happen"

"You mean you know more quirkless people?" Ashido asked surprised. The quirkless were quite rare around these parts because they have the tendency to huddle up together in certain neighbourhoods or even countries. Most of the quirkless live in North-West Europe due to that fact. It's why we don't see them a lot around here. Midoriya was even the first person I ever met without a quirk. It's such a strange concept for most people since quirks are seen as normal nowadays.

"Oh yeah, I've been to Europe once when I was a kid and they're very protective over their quirkless. It's crazy" she laughed. I know why she thought it was funny. It's because around here, they're seen as less, treated unequal. But that's less in Europe, they have laws to prevent it. It's worse in America though, where the quirkless are almost treated like modern slaves.
"Well, I'm just glad he has finally confessed" I sighed.

"I mean, he really took his time. How long has he known Midoriya likes him too?"
"A few days now, I'd say" Kirishima agreed.
"But you know how he is. Bakubro isn't very good with emotions"
This made most of us snort or chuckle. Katsuki and emotions? Yeah right. It was a joke all on its own.
"Oh my God! We have to hurry or we're gonna be late for class!" Mina gasped, looking at her phone.

That woke us all up and we almost ran towards the classroom. I was the last to enter and was stopped by Aizawa sensei himself.
"Just on time, Kaminari Denki" he spoke on a stern tone. It made shivers run down my spine and I squeaked. Oh no, what did I do wrong now?! I wanted to escape to my seat but he held me back.
"I know your kind, boy. Mess with Hitoshi's feelings and I'll skin you alive" he whispered into my ear on a threatening tone.

"Yes sir!" I squeaked out in a high voice and basically ran to my place.
"Now, the exams are upon us, as you are all aware of" he continued like that didn't just happen. he explained how we all needed to pass if we wanted to go on camp and Yaoyorozu provided extra study sessions over at her place to help poor unfortunate souls like myself. What an angel.

Pov Midoriya
Kacchan and I studied for our exams together. Sometimes one of his friends, Kirishima Eijirou, would join us. I was top of my class and from what I heard Kacchan was top three as well. Didn't expect anything else from my amazing boyfriend! Of course we both nailed the written exams but for him it was the physical that was the hard part. Well, for the whole hero course, actually. They all thought they were gonna fight robots but boy were they wrong...

"Are you ready Midoriya?" Aizawa sensei asked as I came out of the changing room.
"How does it fit?"

I was wearing a green jumpsuit with white lines tracing my figure. It had a hood with bunny ears, so cute! I was wearing my red sneakers and around my waist hung a tight black belt full of small pockets in which I stored my ammo. On either side of me a hand gun and on my back a sniper. I also had knifes stored away on my suit.

Mom didn't trust me to go out alone on the streets when we just moved away so dad arranged self defence classes for me. He taught me how to fight, how to use a gun... Being quirkless is dangerous, I had to be able to protect myself! Even though father knew I had a quirk, it didn't make him any less concerned. That was before I founded D.E.K.U., that is...

"It fits perfectly! Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity Aizawa sensei!" I smiled.
"Please, call me Shouta" he said with a small smile as we started walking.
"I take it you kept your mouth, like I asked?"
"Yep! I told absolutely no one" I smiled. Cause the truth is... That practical hero exam? That's me. They had to defeat me, a quirkless 'villain'. It was rather funny, oh the irony.

None the less I immediately agreed to do it when Eraserhead asked. He had looked into my files, in which it was reported I was allowed to use fire arms since I'd gotten the proper training.
"Good" he stated.
"Now I know you're close with some of my students, but I ask you not to pick favourites"
"Of course not! I promise I'll evaluate them properly and treat them all equally!"
"I didn't expect otherwise... Now take your position, I'm going to announce the surprise" he grinned.

I nodded and turned on my earpiece, running onto the urban city called ground beta. This was going to be so much fun! I took my position and turned on the earpiece, now hearing Aizawa explain the exam to his students.
"You will enter the area one by one, carrying these targets on your body" he explained and I could visualise him showing off the targets.

"Your goal is to either save all hostages within the time limit or take out the villain. You fail if a hostage dies or if the villain takes you out by hitting all of your targets. You go in after I call your name. You can enter when the one before you is done or has failed"
I chuckled as he used the word hostages. It were literary flower bags with faces painted on them.

"Sir? Who are we fighting exactly?" I heard someone ask. I recognized the voice as Uraraka Ochako. She was a sweet girl and we were actually pretty close friends. I just hope she'll survive what I've got planned for her...
"That's a surprise" Shouta grinned, earning a lot of protest from his class.
"Listen, in real life situations you won't always know who you're up against. So be prepared for anything"

Even a quirkless boy with a gun...

My personal goal was for not a single one of them to see me and wonder who took them down so easily. I know that will be hard to accomplish but if I manage, I might be moved up into the hero course! Can you imagine? The Green Reaper in the hero course? Oh all the information I could gather, the quirks I could study and potentially use to enhance even more people or animals! It would be delightful!

The gates opened and the first victim-excuse me-hero walked inside. I instantly shot the target on his chest from where I was sitting. Being a sniper is an art, and I will make this my masterpiece. The class gasped since they all saw it happen. That's right. No mercy. I quickly shot a second target on his shoulder, daring him to make a move.

Come on captain sparkles, is standing still all you've got? I'll hit his five targets in no time if this keeps up! But then something unexpected happened. He spotted me. My eyes widened as his laser beam came straight for me and I rolled away just in time.

"I'm okay" I coughed into my microphone, something that Aizawa sensei gave me out of concern for my wellbeing. They couldn't always see what was going on in the field so I had to rapport every now and then. If they went full out on their quirks, there was no way I would be able to defend myself, or at least that's the reasoning behind it.

I shook my head, looking back into the scope of my sniper to see the twinkling sparkle had vanished. Damnit! I groaned, standing up and going to the roof where I would've a better overview point. I mean, I know where the hostages are and he needs to come through here if he wants to get them to safety... Right now the gates were closed again, leaving everyone to wonder who they were up against as I searched for my prey.

Aha, gotcha! And there goes your third target. I noticed how he let me shoot him to defend one of the hostages. Hmm, smart... Wait. Does that mean he knows where I am?! Fuck! Before I knew it, I was hit with another navel laser. It shot my sniper out of my hands and made me fall back.
"Everything okay? Did he hit you?" I heard Aizawa ask through the earpiece.
"I'm fine" I coughed.

"But my weapon is broken. He's got a sharp eye that one... I'm defeated, he wins"
"Roger that, I'll have Present Mic bring you a new one"

Chapter Text

Pov Midoriya
This was a lot harder then I expected it to be... I could only take out a few people. Kirishima was easy since he accidentally ripped a four bag and thus killing a hostage. Sato was so focussed on finding me that he got high on sugar rush and I could easily walk up to him and stab all his targets. Ashido dissolved her victims while trying to defend them from me and Kaminari was dead the moment he used his quirk and shut off his brain. It was nice target practice with my hand guns.

I got Sero while he was flying through the air, ripped his tape apart with my knives. Although he did see me and I was forced to fight him head on. He was surprised to see it was me who they were fighting and I used that shock against him. But then there were those I couldn't kill or sabotage. Iida was fast, he saved the hostages before I could shoot his third target. Yaoyorozu was smart and kept herself and hostages shielded while crossing open terrain.

Of course there were those who faced me in battle, like Ojiro for example. He apologized after kicking my ass but I assured him it was nothing personal. Tokoyami took me out too, shocked to see UA would really let them fight against a quirkless boy. I told him I'm not defenceless and he praised me on my skill. I don't really remember how I let Mineta escape. That damn little grape...

"Hello there Izuku-kun, having fun?" Todoroki asked as he casually walked up to me with a flour bag at hand. I must've been too lost in thought, I didn't even hear him coming!
"Yes actually" I smiled, taking out my handguns.
"I'm happy Eraser thought about me while setting up the exam! It's really not everyday you fight against an invisible and quirkless enemy, right?"

"It's definitely something else, I'll give you that" he chuckled, placing the hostage aside.
"I don't expect you to hold back, okay?"
"No worries, I will do anything in my power to stop you, except using my quirk of course" I smiled.
"I hope you'll do the same?"
"Whatever the Green Reaper desires" he said with a small smile.

Our battle was a short one. Shoto froze me almost instantly and forced me to surrender.
"I'm defeated, Todoroki passes" I spoke into my microphone while Shoto still melted some ice away.
"I heard next is Bakugou, just so you know" Todoroki stated.
"Oh really?" I gasped, getting all hyped up.
"I can't wait to see his face once he finds me!"

"Yeah, wish I could be there when he gets his ass kicked by his so called quirkless boyfriend" the halfa snorted.
"Hey! Don't be mean to my Kacchan" I pouted, crossing my arms.
"Whatever, see you later Midoriya"
"Bye Todoroki-kun!" I smiled, waving him off.

Alright, time to get into position! I don't want to hide from Katsuki. He's the type that faces his problems head on! Besides, it'll be harder for him if he knew who he was up against. I smiled to myself as I walked down the main street, the gate behind me. I came to a stop at a distance where I knew Kacchan would see me immediately but not instantly recognize me. He would charge himself at me with full speed, unable to stop as the shock of my face reveal washes over him. And that's when I'll strike.

I giggled, taking out my hand guns. Oh this will be so much fun!
"Are you ready for Bakugou, Midoriya?" I heard Aizawa sensei ask through the earpiece.
"Open the gates" I answered, no hesitation, my eyes fixed on the big metal doorway ahead of me. It slowly opened, revealing a figure walking towards me. I recognized the shape of his hair and grenade bracelets.

As expected, he saw me and blasted towards the enemy, facing me head on. The look on his face when he saw me, heavily armed in front of him, was absolutely priceless.
"Why hi Kacchan" I smiled, shooting two targets on his chest before rolling aside and letting him eat brick. I was able to shoot another one on his back before he recovered.

We circled around each other for a while, his expression puzzled and conflicted.
"You? It was you all this damn time?" he asked, a little surprised.
"Not as innocent as I seem, right?" I laughed, throwing a knife at him, which he dodged. And so the circling continues...
"How the hell do you know how to handle a gun?!" he hissed.

"Dad wants me to be able to protect myself" I shrugged, shooting at him. He dodged by blowing himself in the air, swiftly moving around my bullets. I groaned and tossed aside my guns when I ran out of ammo. He landed a bit further, out of range for my to strike him with a blade. Smart move.
"You know, I won't let you take the hostages and if you're not gonna fight back, I'll either defeat you or time runs out"

"I don't want to fight you" he stated, looking at me with a certain pain in his eyes. Oh Kacchan... If only you knew... If you knew about my villainous after school activities, my dark bloody past... We're fated to fight, don't you see? We both aim for number one, we can both be number one. Each on our side of the coin.
"If you don't fight me, you fail your exam oh great King Explosion Murder" I chuckled.
"So come on! I'm not weak you know! Use your quirk! Show me you can be a hero!"

He groaned, coming at me with a big right swing, as always. I smiled, taking his arm, shifting my weight and sending him flying over my shoulder onto the ground. He gasped at the impact, making me wince a little. None the less I continued, now sitting on top of him with a blade at his throat. With my other hand I stabbed his fourth target, only one more to go.

"H-how the fuck did you know what I was gonna do, nerd?" he hissed, his look having turned into a glare.
"I've been watching you fight ever since we were children Kacchan. I know how you think, what you'll do... You really gotta step up your game" I chuckled.
"Tch, don't tell me what to do Deku" he grinned, easily switching the roles around.

He took my knife, tossing it away along with the one that was still on my belt. he grabbed my arms and pinned them above my head, strapping them into the cuffs they were given. I'd been cuffed more than once today, yet this felt special.
"I've got you" he smirked, leaning down and kissing me. I smiled into the kiss, feeling his lips on mine as we melted into each other.

"No love on the battle field" Aizawa's voice rang through the arena, making me blush a bright red. I noticed Katsuki's cheeks were a bit pink as well as he leaned down and grabbed my microphone.
"I win" he spoke while looking me in the eye, only making me blush even more.
"Alright, Bakugou, Midoriya, go to the changing room, that was the last one. Good job" Shouta sighed through the coms.

"C-could you uncuff me please Kacchan?" I asked as he didn't make a move to get off me.
"Oh, uhm, right" he said quickly, shaking his head. Soon we walked into the boys locker room, where most of them were still discussing their own fights against me.
"There he is! What the frick dude!" Kirishima exclaimed. It didn't take long for them to surround me, asking a ton of questions and praising me for taking out 5 people all on my own. Well, most of them killed themselves off but yeah.

"Isn't it obvious?" Todoroki asked when a lot of them wondered why I could handle a gun that well.
"Midoriya doesn't have a quirk. It's only natural for him to seek out ways to defend himself, isn't it?"
"Bakugou, did you know he could do that?" Sero asked.
"No" the ash blonde grunted, shooting me a glare.
"If you can do martial arts than why the hell did you never stand up to your bullies huh?"

"I-I only use it w-when I'm in danger Kacchan" I whispered, fumbling with my shirt.
"Serious danger. Not just some s-stupid people w-who think they're b-better than me just because they do h-have quirks..."
I felt a wave of pity wash over me. They all knew I got bullied, I mean I'm quirkless after all. Being friends with the hero course students has its effects though.

That thought almost made me laugh. I used to disgust heroes, quirks in general. Good or evil, black or white, what does it even matter? The quirkless are always at the bottom of the foodchain. Always. Curse this world and curse quirks. I wish they never existed! I didn't notice I'd started crying and suddenly a pair of strong arms wrapped themselves around me.

"It's okay nerd, sorry I asked" Katsuki muttered into my ear. He glared over my shoulder at the others in the locker room and they instantly got the silent message. Tell anyone about this and you're dead. After that little breakdown everyone got dressed quickly to avoid the awkward tension in the air. Some were bumped out about not being able to go to camp as we walked to the 1-A classroom together. Others were getting really excited about it, only making it worse for the losers.
"Say, Midoriya, why are you still here?" Todoroki asked as we filled in the classroom.

"Because I asked him here"

Everyone shrieked up as Aizawa sensei was suddenly standing at his desk, covered in his yellow sleeping bag, glaring at his students.
"This year's exam was a test we've never ran before. Heroes in training against a quirkless with weapons. We did this kind of exercise because if you're getting too used to fighting quirks, you won't know how to react to an actual gun in your face. It could end up killing you or innocent civilians. You did well Midoriya, thank you for your cooperation"

"My pleasure!" I smiled.
"However-" Eraser continued, glaring at his students.
"-some of you failed this test and you know what that means for the summer training camp, don't you?"
By now Mina and Denki were practically crying. They really wanted to go to camp...
"Everyone is going!" he exclaimed, making the students gasp. I giggled, knowing that this was coming.

He started to explain it was all just a trick to get them pumped up and that those who failed needed the extra training and lessons they'd receive on camp.
"Also, because Midoriya was able to hold his own against most of you, he'll be joining us" Aizawa stated, making my eyes widen. I got to go to camp?! A whole week away from home with my Kacchan~?! Amazing!
"So you're considering transferring him to the hero course, right?" Bakugou asked, staring straight at his teacher.
"The board wants to see if it's possible, yes"

"Ha! Like a quirkless can ever become a hero!"

The class froze up at that and Kacchan totally lost it. I'm not really affected by that statement. It's true. In normal circumstances a quirkless boy like myself could never become a hero. I didn't want to either, I'm happy as the Green Reaper thank you. Yet half the class was now fighting Mineta, who'd shouted the statement, and the other half was cheering and throwing insults. Eraserhead did nothing to interfere as he simply zipped back into his sleeping bag and went to take a nap on the floor.

I stared at the scene in shock. Never had so many people stood up for me at once. Never had I felt so loved and defended, like nothing could ever harm me again. Is this what friendship feels like?
"Are you okay Midoriya?" Todoroki asked, pulling me out of thought. I wiped away some stray tears and nodded.
"Y-yeah, I'm fine. I'm used to being called out on my lack of a quirk... It's just been a while a-and I wasn't expecting it" I muttered, forcing a smile.

"He should know how powerful you truly are" Shoto chuckled quietly, making me laugh as well. That thought cheered me up a little. I mean, I could literary kill everyone in this room with a snap of my fingers, but where's the fun in that? After Mineta was beaten to a pulp, everyone gathered around to comfort me. Kacchan held me in his arms, his head on my shoulder, his eyes daring people to come closer. Yet I was able to happily chat with everyone until we packed up and went our separate ways home.

I'm so excited for training camp! Oh I just can't wait!

Chapter Text

Pov Bakugou
Deku had been ranting to me until he fell asleep against my shoulder. The bus ride was long but I didn't mind. I just stared outside the window, my arm wrapped around my cute little broccoli as he slept. Of course my so called friends had teased me multiple times by now, ending with me threatening them with death. Aizawa sensei had to use his quirk a few times when the class got out of control but beside that there hadn't been any problems. That is until-

"Alright class, get out"

I frowned. We were in the middle of nowhere at the side of the road. What the hell? I sighed, shaking Deku a bit so he woke up.
"Oi, sleepy head, we need to get out the bus"
"Are we there yet?" he asked confused, rubbing his eyes.
"I don't know, let's find out" I responded, pushing him up so he'd start walking. 

It didn't take long for the wild wild pussycats to make an appearance, explaining to us why we were here and what we were expected to do. Deku was totally fanboying all over the place, muttering at an inhuman pace, making it impossible for anyone to understand what he was actually saying. 

I was so focussed on my boyfriend that I didn't hear the signal and got surprised by the avalanche. In a reflex, I grabbed Deku and made sure we landed safely on the ground. The stupid grape ran into the forest blindly, coming back screaming only seconds afterwards. Beasts and monsters surrounded us, making a grin come to my face. I do love a good challenge. 

But that soon faded into worry as I glanced aside at Deku. He didn't have any weapons on him, making it impossible for him to defend himself. Fuck! I thought eraserjerk cared about him or some shit?!
"Alright, I have a strategy" he smiled, looking at me with determination.
"I think I found a way to get everyone to work together in a way we'll receive the quickest results"

Ah, there it is. My smart little nerd. He started explaining his plan, which everyone followed without question. We all wanted to make it to the campsite as fast as possible and if that meant taking orders from a quirkless than most were happy to do so. Besides, we could blame Deku if we would arrive too late. Not that I'd do that, but I know enough bastards who would. Including that pervy grape Mineta... 

Ever since claiming quirkless people couldn't become heroes, the class turned against him. I love how everyone is protecting my innocent green bean! Surely because they judged him so quickly when they first met after the Sportsfestival. And although it took us longer than expected and we were all drained when arriving at the campsite, satisfaction washed over us when the wild wild pussycats told us the time they'd set was their time and we were faster than they'd expect. 

I frowned when Izuku started wandering off, but soon noticed he was talking to a small boy. Kota, I believe his name was. Yet he didn't seem very friendly and kicked Deku in the balls. Oof. Four eyes instantly shot to his defence, only making things worse for my already embarrassed boyfriend. Ugh... After that we were told to settle in and bathe before dinner. Ah, it felt so great when the water of the hot spring hit my skin.

"Ugh, my muscles are so sore already! I don't even wanna know what else they've got planned for us" shitty hair whined as he sunk into the water, only the top half of his head visible now.
"Come on guys, I'm sure it's not that bad!" Deku smiled.
"Oh yeah, you have it easy talking, you didn't have to do anything at all in the forest" dunce face stated. I growled at that comment, wrapping a protective arm around Deku's shoulder and pulling him closer to me.

"Oh my God! Sorry, I-I didn't mean it like that!" he quickly added.
"I-I just meant to say that-"
"It's okay Kaminari, I know what you mean" Deku said, looking down a little.
"While all of you used your physical abilities to the fullest, I could only provide mental support and tactics... I didn't actually do anything, like you just said. So that's why I'll train double so hard starting from tomorrow!"

That's my broccoli. I chuckled, ruffling his hair before kissing him on his head. This made him blush and some guys groaned.
"Dude, take that stuff elsewhere" tape dispenser complained.
"Just let them be happy" shitty hair chuckled, now sitting back into a normal position while dunce face sank further into the water with a pout.
"I miss Hitoshi..."

"Don't let Aizawa sensei hear you say that or you're dead meat" icyhot sighed.
"Ugh, I'm already dead meat, that guy is never gonna like me dating his nephew"
"At least you're dating someone, unlike others..." tail-man said, breaking his sentence off as he watched grape stare at the wall with determination.
"Uhm, Mineta? What are you planning to do over there?"

"Just on the other side of this wall awaits heaven" he chuckled. Tch, disgusting little perv. Before four eyes could stop him, he was up and away.
"Walls are meant to be climbed!"
And then, out of nowhere, he was pushed down again.
"Thanks Kota!" I heard a girl yell from the other side. Huh? Kota? That's the brat that kicked my precious Izuku in the nuts, right? 

Seconds later, said boy fell down from the wall as well. Before anyone could react, he hit the ground, or so we thought. His fall was interrupted just before he hit the ground. A green aura surrounding him for a fraction of a second. I'm not sure of what I saw or if others saw the same thing. 

What I did notice in the moment right after the fall, was the fact half-n-half was staring wide eyed at Deku instead of at the kid like everybody else. Iida seemed like he just witnessed a murder for some reason and Kaminari seemed just as shocked. I mean, everyone was surprised and worried, but something about their reactions

"Oh my God! Is he hurt?!" Izuku shouted, instantly running over to the boy and bringing him away to the pussycats so they could take care of him. I saw four eyes and icyhot exchange a glance, like they knew something I didn't. And right after that dunce face pulled halfie aside, whisper shouting something along the lines of 'He is here?!'. I didn't get it. Who is here? Why does he sound so scared? 

Todoroki just shrugged in response and ignored him when stepping outside the bathing area.
"Oi dunce face, what the hell was that about?" I asked.
"Nothing!" he said quickly, a little too quickly... I scowled. I'm not the kind of guy that's usually left out, but for some reason here I am, feeling like I'm missing something. I soon shrugged it off though. Why would I ever be interested in some dumb secret between dunce face and the half-n-half bastard?

Pov Midoriya
I carefully stalked Kota up the hill towards a small cave with a big cliff in front of it. Training had been hard today but nothing I couldn't handle. The others however... Well, they were beat. Aizawa let me use the failures as target practice while they had to improve their own quirk at the same time. Like he said beforehand, extra harsh training measures. I saw Kota stop and sit down to gaze upon the stars, something that pained my heart. 

After hearing his tragic background story, I felt sympathy towards the boy. He rejects quirks, disgusts both heroes and villains... He'll have a harsh life, growing up with such believes. In my eyes it's just a child waiting to be claimed by either side. Right now he's trying to keep his balance on a thin string above the endless abyss, simply putting off the inevitable fall. 

But will he fall to the left or to the right? Influenced by heroes or influenced by villains? He's a blank sheet of paper, a clean canvas, ready to be manipulated. I can't let such a vulnerable boy fall into the wrong hands.

"H-hey" I whispered, taking him by surprise.
"What are you doing here?! How did you find my secret base?!" he shouted, instantly defensive. I chuckled a little as he called it a secret base. How cute.
"I-I followed you here" I continued, choosing my words carefully.

"I noticed you didn't eat, so I brought you some curry"
I tilted the plate a little, showing him I only meant well.
"Tch. I don't want it" he scowled, crossing his arms and looking away from me. Oh my God, he reminds me so much of Kacchan! Cute!
"I don't get you people... Breaking your bodies for your quirks, showing off by calling yourself so called heroes" he mumbled.

"Your parents were Waterhose, right?" I asked, shocking him.
"Your aunt told me about what happened... I'm really sorry they had to die that way"
"Not like your pathetic excuse will bring them back!" he hissed, getting angry at me for bringing up his parents. I could see he was gonna go on a mad rant and push me away. Couldn't let that happen so I pulled out my trump card.
"I'm quirkless" I said quickly, making him close his mouth before any words got out. 

I slowly put the pate down and sighed.
"Ever since I can remember, I've been treated differently than everyone around me just because I don't have a quirk. I know you despise quirks and the way the world is build around them. I understand that, believe me I do. But rejecting that will only make your life more difficult"
"Shut up! Just go away!" he shouted. I sighed, looking down at the ground. Well, I tried, I guess...

But I'm not giving up.

"I'll leave the food here, in case you get hungry" I said quietly, walking back to camp.
"Hey Midoriya! Where were you all of the sudden? Bakugou was looking for you" Ochako said as I came back. They were all sitting around a big campfire. Classes A en B bickering among themselves.
"Oh, uhm, just making sure Kota is okay" I said with a small smile, looking around to find the angry blonde.

"W-where is Kacchan?"
"He went to bed early" Kirishima laughed, which makes me check the time.
"Oh, yeah of course, it's already past nine" I chuckled.
"Kacchan has the tendency to go to bed early so he can wake up before everyone else and get things done in the morning. That's just the kind of person he is"

This made a lot of people laugh and I rolled my eyes before heading inside to look for my boyfriend. Instead I almost ran into Iida and Todoroki talking to Aizawa sensei.
"And are you two certain that's what you saw?" the underground hero asked.
"Yes sir, it was definitely the same green glow as the Green Reaper uses" Iida answered, making me freeze. Damnit! I thought I was being careful! I knew Shoto and Denki recognized it but I totally forgot Iida saw me in Hosu! Fuck!

"Do you have any idea what he might be after?"
"Well, if he's here, it can't mean anything good. But we don't know that for sure. Just keep your mind sharp, eyes and ears open, got it? And you, I want you to be extra careful" Aizawa answered, pointing at Todoroki.
"He has come after you and your family before, whether it'd be for better or for worse. If he's here, you are my best guess as to why"

"Shouldn't we cancel training camp? Or move to a different location?" Todoroki asked confused.
"Isn't it too dangerous to stay here? Waiting him out?"
"I understand your concern, but we don't know anything for certain. Until then, keep this quiet, okay?" Aizawa asked, followed by a synchronised 'Yes sir' before the small group split up. 

Shoto and I made eye contact and he instantly came to brief me.
"Iida saw you use your power to save Kota, he was the one who wanted to tell a teacher. I had to go along with it, as you must understand"
"Yes, of course... It was stupid of me to use my quirk. Anyone could've seen" I groaned.
"So why did you?" Shoto asked, tilting his head a little.

"Well, I'm not gonna let a child fall to his death, for starters" I hissed.
"Besides, it just came like a reflex to me. Kota is innocent, he doesn't deserve this"
I sighed, closing my eyes for a moment, looking straight at Shoto when I opened them again. Why did I save him? Why did I save this halfa from his abusive father? Why save Shinsou from a life without meaning? Why try to save the world when it's already doomed?

"You know why people follow me, Todoroki-kun?"
"Huh?" he asked, not understanding the question.
"It's not only because I hold power" I continued.

"If that was the case, nobody would've listened to me back in the forest. Kacchan and I wouldn't even be friends, nobody in 1-A would want to be friends with me. Because the truth is... Power is nothing without conviction. A strong opinion, a voice that doesn't waver. Heart, Shoto. It's all in the heart. It's how I convinced you to join my union... How I convinced Shinsou, how I'll convince Kaminari... Tapping into someone's feelings and using them to get what you want, that's what leadership is all about"

He just stared at me, not knowing where this was going. I shook my head with a small smile.
"It's because of that, because of my heart and principles, I can't simply watch when a child falls down. In essence, it is what it means to be a hero"
"Yet you are a manipulative villain" he countered, making me chuckle.

"Hero and villain, black and white... It's all so beautiful on paper, isn't it? I don't really believe in those terms, you know? The world is fifty shades of grey, maybe even more, the line between each of them as thin and soft as a hair, almost none existent"
I burst out into laughter, tiptoeing to ruffle his dual coloured hair.
"Just messing with ya Sho! See you in the morning!" I smiled as I ran off to the boy's bedroom. 

What I told him was true though, and he knew it. But what neither of us knew, was the fact a little dark haired boy had been listening in on our conversation... Yes, little Kota had heard everything. From how I saved him with my quirk, even though I told him I'm quirkless, and how I'm a villain who despises the modern world. He was confused, to say the least, but didn't dare to speak up, afraid of the consequences. He wasn't stupid. He knew what a green glow meant in the world of villains. The Green Reaper. He was the only villain known to do such a thing. 

Unaware of the fact my biggest secret got revealed to a 6 year old, I entered the boy's bedroom. Kacchan was sound asleep, just as I had expected. I giggled a little as I changed clothes and slipped into the bed next to him. We had bunk beds but some were pushed against each other so it almost looked like a double bed bunk bed. 

Suddenly a pair of arms wrapped themselves around my waist, pulling me back.
"Took you long enough" he muttered into my back, making me blush a little.
"Sorry, heard you were looking for me~?" I smiled, turning around in his hold. He slowly opened his eyes to look at me, a slight pink blush covering his cheeks. It was hard to see in the dark, but I managed.

"Damn Deku... Has anyone ever told you your eyes shine like bright emeralds in the dark?"
Oh fuck am I using my quirk?! I think I might've activated it to tease Todoroki earlier but I don't know to be honest... Just to be sure, I focussed on shutting my quirk down completely, making sure my eyes were not glowing.

"You're so pretty, my cute little shit" he whispered, closing his eyes again. Man, Kacchan was really tired... Maybe that's for the best though. Wouldn't want him to find out, certainly not like this. I sighed, smiling as my fingers trailed through his hair.
"You're really handsome, but I guess you already know that" I whispered, placing a kiss on his forehead, making him smile and blush.

"And your eyes are a beautiful dark ruby red, so mesmerising~"
"Mhmm... Just sleep, nerd" he muttered, pulling me onto his chest while keeping me in a protective embrace. I giggled as I snuggled closer to him.
"Sweet dreams Kacchan~"

Chapter Text

Pov Midoriya
The next morning, training continued. This evening we would compete in a test of courage. Well, everyone except the ones who were stuck with the extra lessons. We pulled straws to make the teams, but since we were uneven someone had to go alone. And you guessed it! Lucky me...
"Is it safe to send Midoriya in alone?" Ochako asked.
"I'm not defenceless you know" I pouted.
"Yeah, think he can't handle it round face?" Kacchan added.

"It's not like they'll actually attack us or something" Todoroki shrugged. Everyone agreed I should be able to go alone, yet it all went downhill from there... Of course the League of Villains had to attack! Of fucking course! It made me groan out loud. Like... Really dad? I knew everyone here was able to defend themselves, but we weren't allowed to use our quirks without permission which made it a little more tricky.

"Kota?! Has anyone seen Kota?!"

My eyes widened. Not everyone here can defend themselves... There is only one place I can think of. His secret base.
"I know where he is! I'll get him to safety!" I shouted and started running. God how I wish I could just use my telekinesis right about now! I could've just flown there in a blink of an eye! Ugh, this is such a hassle... When I finally reached the cliff, some huge muscular guy was about to punch Kota to his death. I couldn't let that happen. So I did what I shouldn't have done, I activated my quirk.

A green aura surrounded the man's hand and no matter how hard he tried, he wasn't able to move it. It did put a strain on me though... How fucking strong is this guy?!
"Y-you..." Kota whispered, backing off quickly now that he was out of danger for a seconds. I knew my hair and eyes were glowing and even though I knew he was scared, I gave him a bright smile.
"Don't worry Kota, everything is going to be okay. I'm here to protect you now"

"Ah, it's you" the man laughed, turning around to face me. He had one fake eye and a smug grin on his face.
"The big boss says I can't kill you, Green Reaper~"
"Oh? So my father spoke of me? How nice" I smiled, clenching my fist and thereby crushing his body. His muscles reformed fast though and I'm not sure which one of us would give out first.

"Kota, please, I know you're scared but you have to trust me, okay? Your aunt is very worried about you and I promised her I'd bring you back to her. So please come to me, now that I still have full control over his body"
Surprisingly enough, Kota didn't waste any time running over to me and hiding behind my back. Wasn't he afraid of me? Of what I could do? He knows I've been lying about having a quirk and yet he trusts me almost blindly...

"T-that's the g-guy that k-killed my parents" Kota whispered, shakily standing on his legs. I frowned, glaring at the man in front of me.
"You know, when I said I can't kill you, it doesn't mean I don't have the power to!" he laughed, freeing himself from my hold, the green glow fading away. I cursed under my breath, protecting Kota at all cost.
"The big boss doesn't want his precious little son to get hurt~!"

"Well if you think you can beat me, bring it on!" I yelled angrily.
"I'll show dad I don't need his protection anymore!"
I stretched my hands, throwing him into the rock wall with force, but his muscles just regenerated. Fuck!
"Okay Kota, I'm gonna need you to get on my back okay?" I asked, kneeling down so he could get on.

"Hold on tight!"

I jumped right before muscular over here punched us both to the afterlife, leaving a big crater in the ground. I used my quirk to make us fly, giving me a good overview on everything that was going on. A part of the forest was on fire, another part was clouded with gas. And then there was this big fight going on at the open area where we had trained.

"You can't escape from me!"

I nearly dodged another attack as he jumped up in the air to get to us. Maybe if I can get him to smash himself into the ground..? I quickly dove down while he was still in the air, making him aim at us with full force.
"Kota, cover your eyes" I ordered as I waited for the right moment to step aside. He did as I asked and right before muscular hit the ground, I dodged. I flew up above him, kicking him down with all my might, tearing his muscles apart.

A sickening crack of breaking bones could be heard and Kota whimpered, clinging onto me for his dear life. I teared off his limps with my quirk now that he was immobilized. After that I made a bright green flash appear, claiming this kill as the Green Reaper. I made sure everyone could see it, announcing my presence on the battle field. I hope it scares off the League at least a little... Now I only have one problem left to deal with...

"Hey, it's okay Kota, you're safe now" I whispered, putting him down on the ground. I made sure he wasn't able to see the mess I just made and took his hand with a small smile.
"See? Nothing to fear"
"Y-you... You're r-really him, aren't you?" he asked with big eyes.
"T-the G-Green Reaper..?"
"Are you scared?" I asked, kneeling down in front of him so we were the same height.

"I-I heard you t-talk to that weird haired guy y-yesterday b-but I didn't t-think it was r-real" he choked out, tears coming to his eyes. And before I could comprehend it, he was hugging me.
"T-thank you! F-for saving me!" he cried out, making me smile a little as I pat his back.
"Not all villains are evil, just like not all heroes are good. Remember that, okay?"
He nodded, wiping his tears away.

"Good, now, if you promise you won't tell anyone who I am, I think we can be friends! What do you think?"
"I-I'd like that" he said with a small smile.
"Great! Now let's get you to safety alright?" I said, standing back up. So he heard me talk to Todoroki-kun huh? That's why he wasn't so scared... He'd heard me preach my believes and how the world isn't black and white. I'd convinced Kota without even knowing it myself!

Yes, he was definitely leaning more to the dark side now... Especially my side. Who knows? Maybe in the future he could be a valuable asset to D.E.K.U.? I smiled at the thought, yet this fight wasn't over yet. In the forest, we ran into Aizawa sensei, who seemed visually distressed.
"Oh thank God you found him and you're both alive!" he breathed in relief. I guess that's only natural since we're the weakest people on site. Or so he thought.

"Get back to the main building asap, got it?"
"What's happening out there? Is everyone alright?" I asked quickly.
"The only thing we know is that both the League and the Green Reaper are here. We don't know whether or not they're working together or what they're after. My first priority is to get the students to safety so go to the main building! Now!"
I did as he told me to, taking Kota to the main building.

Soon it was announced students were allowed to use their quirks to fight, meaning things just got serious. But just as the building came into view, I was stopped by one of the villains. Dabi, I think he goes by. Shoto had told me all about him after the attack on our base. He said he thought Dabi might be his long lost brother Toya, a boy who ran away from home to escape their father. I'm not sure what to think about it, but then again it's not my complex family drama.

Dabi loomed over me, making me back up onto a tree, Kota at my side.
"If it isn't the son of All For One~" he chuckled, now leaning in so his mouth was at my ear.
"I know all about you, mister Green Reaper~ Please tell my dear little brother Shoto I said hello before you send him off to fight your battles again okay?"
I didn't had time to react. Dabi just turned into goo and suddenly there was a fist in my face.

"Everything okay? That was just a clone"
It was the homeroom teacher of class 1-B.
"We're fine, thanks to you" I smiled as he guided us towards the main building. Dabi's words spun in my head. My dear little brother Shoto... So he'd recognized Todoroki too huh? I should tell him to confirm his theory. Dabi was indeed Toya Todoroki.

"Oh God! Midoriya! We're so glad you're okay!" Mina exclaimed, hugging me as I entered.
"We heard nobody was able to find you anywhere! Where were you dude?!" Kirishima asked, checking me for any injuries.
"I-I was getting Kota from his secret base" I said, the small boy now hiding behind my back. He's not really a people person I guess...
"And uh, you know, we ran into some trouble... Saw the Green Reaper-"

"You saw the Reaper?!" Kaminari gasped, grabbing my shoulders.
"H-he was fighting s-some other guy from the League of Villains. W-we uh we d-didn't really stay long enough f-for them to notice us" I stuttered timidly. He let go of me, seemingly trying to calm himself, muttering something along the lines of 'He's really here' under his breath.

Was he really that affected by my presence? Did he think I had eyes on him all the time to make sure he wouldn't slip up or something? I guess what he did really haunts him... Although I heard from Shinsou that he's already spending his pocket money on games and useless gadgets.

It worried me Kacchan wasn't in the main building already, but it wasn't until after the battle I'd know he'd never reach it. Tetsutetsu and Kendo took out the smoke guy while Tokoyami smashed someone's teeth in while being wildly out of control. The pussycats would have everything under control by then but it didn't matter. Nothing mattered anymore... Because even though we won the most fights, they won the war.

They managed to kidnap Katsuki. MY Kacchan, taken away from my by that stupid puny little League of Villains! I screamed my longs out that day, tears flowing freely down my face. I could've taken out every single one of them! And yet I didn't... I didn't because I couldn't risk my identity getting exposed and now my precious explosive boyfriend got kidnapped!

It made me wonder if dad knew about Bakugou and I dating... But he wouldn't just take him because of that, would he? He's not that overprotective... Right?

Pov Kaminari
I wiped away my tears in anger. How could this happen?! How could Bakugou of all people be taken away from us?! So many were injured and wounded, none of us could do anything and it was so frustrating! And then there was the fact the Green Reaper was at the scene as well... I know he despises the League and apparently his father build it. He took out one of their guys and Midoriya even saw them fight!

Why was he there in the first place? To protect Todoroki from any harm? Hah, that guy can defend himself just fine! But then again, that's what I thought about Bakugou too... I sighed, walking through the somber hospital halls. I just came back from Yaoyorozu, which was the last person I visited. I stopped at a vending machine, staring emotionlessly at its contents. I could really use some energy right about now...

I slowly put the money in and pressed the right button, only for it to get stuck against the glass. Oh life is just fucking great, isn't it?! I groaned in frustration, slamming the machine and accidentally using my quirk. It totally flipped and almost all snacks fell down. Hmm, that's what you get you stupid vending machine!

"Now, that's not very hero like, is it?"

I froze up at that voice, recognizing it in an instant.
"But then again, you're not a true hero~"
I turned around, shocked to see no one there. What the hell?!
"Over here, Kaminari-kun"
I looked aside, seeing none other than Midoriya Izuku staring at me. His usual smile had faded and his eyes had turned dark. Of course, his boyfriend got kidnapped, what did I expect?

But that didn't explain why I just heard the Reaper talk...
"You seem confused, let me fix that for you" he said, making his eyes glow a bright emerald green. The shock that washed over me made me stop breathing for a moment. It made my heart skip a beat and my eyes turned into satellite disks. I took a step back, uncertain of how to react to this. Midoriya is the fucking Reaper?! No fucking way! T-this has to be some kind of weird dream, right? Some illusion my mind is making up due to all the stress?

"Listen up, I don't have time for your fucking bullshit right now, got it? So be damn flabbergasted another time!" he hissed, pulling me back into reality. He grabbed my shirt and pulled me down to his height, glaring me in the eye.
"Shoto and I are gonna break Katsuki out of there. Tonight. You're in or not?"
So this sweet little small bean really is the killer of All Might...

"Don't make me repeat myself, Black-Out" he hissed, making his eyes glow again. I whimpered in fear, quickly nodding.
"I-I'm in, I'm in!"
"Great!" he smiled, backing off. It was like turning off a switch and swoosh he was back the innocent Midoriya I knew.

"I already asked Shinsou-kun but his parents won't let him go with the whole camp incident, you know" he sighed.
"Anyways! I'll be expecting you at the base at seven. That works for you?"
"Oh, uhm, y-yeah, that's totally fine" I said quickly.
"Yey! Let's go save Katsuki together!" he smiled happily, childish. It made me smile as well.

"Let's go save Bakugou" I chuckled.

And this all happened unaware of one other person listening into our conversation... A person who'd turn the tables when the right time arrives...

Chapter Text

Pov Kaminari
Later that night I walked in on Todoroki changing into his villain outfit in our common changing room at HQ.
"Oh, I didn't know you'd be here as well" he said, a little surprised as he buttoned up his shirt.

"Bakugou is one of my best friends, I'm not leaving him if I can help it" I stated, unlocking my locker and taking out my costume. Why does this suddenly feel like a casual lockerroom conversation? Like we're just getting ready for training.

"Say, when is Midoriya gonna get here? I didn't see him when I came in"
"He should be here any minu-"
Todoroki cut himself short to look at me. That's right, I'm in on the secret too now! I mean, I did freak out to Shinsou about it... But everything made much more sense now! Midoriya is the Green Reaper and he cares for his friends. So that's why he helped Todoroki punish Endeavor and Shinsou follows him. They're his friends, not his lackeys, I think at least...

"He...told you?" Shoto asked in shock.
"Wait. Does that mean you're part of the group now? You joined the union?"
Wow, I really didn't think about that at all to be honest... I mean, Midoriya did think about me when setting up this rescue plan so...
"I-I don't know" I admitted, now confused myself.
"I mean... He just straight up asked me whether or not I wanted to help save Bakugou and I just said yes"

"Oh" he mouthed, continuing to get ready. It was silent for a while as we both changed into our villain outfit. It felt strange, but not in a wrong way. I'm not sure why though. I can't really describe it.
"So, are you still scared?" Todoroki asked out of nowhere.
"W-what do you mean?" I asked in confusion.

"You're talking to me fluently, so I guess you're over the fact I've been working for the Green Reaper" he continued and I got a feeling to where this was going.
"You even accepted the fact your own boyfriend is a villain while you're training to become a hero... So tell me, now that you know Midoriya Izuku is the Green Reaper, are you still scared?"
"I don't know" I whispered, not making eye contact at all cost.

"It still makes me uncomfortable to think about, you know? How my own boyfriend is actually my enemy... How you, my own classmate, someone that should strive to be a hero, could walk the path of darkness... And now I'm told that the small quirkless green headed boy called Izuku Midoriya is the leader of a villainous organisation, the killer of All Might and countless of others, the Green Reaper... I just don't know what to think anymore"

"It's an act, you know... Once you understand the trick, it's easy to see through" Todoroki sighed.
"Not everything he says and does is real, not as Midoriya nor as the Reaper. But some things are, like his feelings for Bakugou for example. Or his friendship with me and Shinsou... The thing is, he only lies when he has to, to complete his image and satisfy the people around him. He's still the same person, you know?"

"He threatened to kill me! H-he put me through so so much pain! I-I can't even begin to describe-!"

"He did the same to me" he interrupted, his voice neutral like always.
"I discovered his secret by accident after the Sportsfestival and he instantly came after me. He had his hand on my chest, ready to finish it off, yet he didn't. Instead he gave me One For All, letting me suffer for almost a week until the quirk finally settled in. And together we ruined my father, which was a lot of fun, actually"


I slapped a hand over my mouth. Damnit! That was such a stupid question! Why did I even say that out loud?!
"Because behind the mask, he's still Midoriya" Shoto answered -wait hold on for a minute- smiling?! He was smiling?!

"Izuku-kun saved me, believe it or not. A-and...and he makes me happy... Something I haven't felt in a long time. It's the same for Shinsou, Kaminari. He's an outcast with a villainous quirk. Bullied and shoved away because people are scared of what he can do. And then Midoriya passed by, giving him friendship and a way to leave his mark on the world"

He sighed, still smiling as he started walking towards the door.
"I hope you understand Midoriya is more than the Reaper alone. That this union isn't just another organisation but a family. He cares for everyone around him, even when he's looked down upon for being 'quirkless'..."

"But he isn't quirkless" I frowned.
"That's a story for another day. Get ready, Bakugou is waiting"
With that the halfa left the room, leaving me alone to get changed. Oh God I'm so confused right now...

Pov Bakugou
It was almost painful to watch Aizawa sensei get slaughtered by the media. He was so...polite... It was so out of character, so disgusting. Couldn't those idiots realise he did everything he could?! He wasn't even anywhere near me when it happened! Bunch of lazy ass shitheads who don't know how to do their damn research... The tv was shut off again and a sigh escaped my lips. Here we go again...

"Seems like your precious school is under a lot of fire hm?" Shigaraki chuckled. This guy honestly makes me sick. I almost gag every time I'm forced to look at him, seriously. It didn't help that I've been starving myself either... I don't trust them or their damn food! Yet it's always the same song stuck on repeat. Always trying to convince me to join their ranks... Why can't they just fucking take the hint already?! I don't want any fucking part in their shitty plans!

I glared ahead of me as they tried to manipulate me once again. I know there is someone else listening in on this conversation. His voice has sounded through the room a few times now. Somehow it sounds familiar and he talks about me like he actually knows me. It's pissing me off.

Suddenly the lights started to flicker and a spark of hope burned within me. I know I shouldn't, it's probably just a random power surge. I mean, this place looks pretty sloppy, it wouldn't surprise me if this happened more often. The electricity fell out, leaving us in the dark. But soon enough a bright green light emerged in the room and before I realised it, the Green Reaper was standing in the middle of everyone.

Both his eyes and hair a bright emerald green, his costume neat and straight, his cape nearly touching the ground.
"Why hello there, League of Villains~" he smirked.
"Thought I'd come and say hi since you trashed my place... Not very nice of you, now is it?"
"Get him!" Shigaraki screamed, but no one moved. That's when I noticed the ice covering the ground and a second male entering the scene.

"Please do not interrupt the boss while he's speaking" he said on a monotone voice while everyone was literary frozen in place. He reminded me of icyhot, a lot. I shook my head. What the hell am I even thinking? Half-n-half would never do this shit, he's too far gone for that. Brainwashed by his ass of a dad. I saw how he and Dabi made eye contact, an unspoken conversation lingering in the air. What the hell was their connection..?

"Ah, thank you Ace. Now where was I? Oh yes!" the Reaper continued, clapping his hands together.
"You attacked my base and killed my people! And that after that stunt you pulled in Hosu, disgusting... And now this? Kidnapping a first year UA student? Do you even have a goal?"
'Good question' I thought to myself.

"They just do as they're told, you of all people should know that" the voice sounded through the room. How can he still be here? I thought the power was out?
"Ah, there he is! The man I wanted to talk to!" Reaper happily exclaimed.
"How are things over there dad? Recovering nicely I presume?"
DAD?! Okay, wow, things just got a lot more fucked up! The big boss villain of the League is the father of the slayer of All Might?! What the hell!

But I didn't have time to let my thoughts calm down, a hand covering up my mouth. He signed me to be quiet as he unlocked my restrains. What the... Was he with the Reaper and his organisation? His hair and eyes were a bright electric blond and his costume reminded me of dunce face.

"We'll get you out of here if you comply" he whispered into my ear, grabbing my arm as he unlocked the last locks. I didn't have the energy to deny him, nor to fight off this entire room. Like I said, I've been starving myself. Plus, if he can really get me out of here, be my guest. I want to get the fuck away from these creeps as soon as possible.

The blonde pulled me out of the chair while the Green Reaper kept monologuing. I looked down to see heavy golden rings on his hands. It spelled Black-Out, probably his code name. Black-Out... So does that mean he caused the power surge?
"Don't try anything" he muttered as we got into the open air. I took a deep breath, feeling fresh air for the first time in days. Oh God, it felt so good... I felt his eyes on my as I took in my surroundings, seeing him smile a little to. Ugh, creep.

He looked up at the sky and whistled, making me frown. What the hell?
"Don't struggle, it'll only hurt more" he chuckled before I was swapped off the ground, now flying high in the air. I yelped in surprise, letting out a not-so-manly scream before calming down. The only thing I know was that some big bird looking creature was carrying me in its claws, bringing me to who knows where to do who knows what.

I looked down again and gulped. Yep, definitely don't wanna try and use my explosions right now... If I fall from this height, I'm most certainly dead. I looked back up, noticing a ring around the feet of this bird thing.

Crowley, property of D.E.K.U.

My eyes widened at that word and I had to re-read it to make sure it said what it said. Dauntless Emerald Killer Union, it went on after that. Deku for short... I've been calling my Izuku after some criminal organisation?! Why the hell did I not know that?! Wait. This must be the name of the organisation the Green Reaper leads... Nobody ever heard its name and lived to tell the tale so it's really no miracle I didn't know... But still, guilt washed over me.

I noticed we'd start descending and my eyes widened before I tightly shut them. We were diving down at high speed, the wind cutting in my face. What the hell is wrong with this thing?! I breathed heavily once I landed on solid ground, opening my eyes to find the bird beast gone. Imagine my surprise when instead I saw my own house in front of me. I-I... I'm back home? I shakily crawled up to my feet, basically running to the front door.

This has to be some kind of crazy dream, right? I must've passed out somewhere along the way... Maybe that birdy animal was part of my imagination as well? It all felt so real though... None the less I had to try. I started ringing the doorbell, slamming on the door as hard as I possibly could without breaking it down. And when it finally opened, that's the moment I broke down.

I'll never forget it.

The way my mom and I looked at each other... I was pulled into a bone crushing hug yet all I could do was cry and hold onto her. In the background something shattered to the floor and in a matter of seconds dad joined the hug. I'll never forget that moment. I felt so terribly weak yet so happy and relieved. Normally I wouldn't let them hug me, I wouldn't cry, we would yell at each other. But right now not a word was spoken. Our tears did all the talking for us, telling each other how much we missed them, silent 'I love you's filling the air.

Mom made me take a bath when they dragged me inside. They checked me on injuries before I changed into something comfortable and they stuffed me with food. The clothes I was wearing for days now were thrown into a bin and we burned them. Burn them like we burn the bad memories of the past away. It was nice, sitting in between my parents in silence, watching them burn to ashes.

"I'll call the police" dad whispered to my mom, standing up to take his phone.
"Yes, I'll contact the school right away" mom reacted, looking back at me. She made sure I was wrapped up in a blanket on the couch while they arranged everything on the phone. I watched them pace through the house, explaining what kind of miracle just happened. I was drinking a hot choco when the cops arrived. Eraserhead and Present Mic were with them as they questioned me.

You should've seen the looks on their faces when I told them I got rescued by the Green Reaper. Priceless. I told them about what happened and they wrote it off as gang rivalry. D.E.K.U. probably didn't want the League to have the fame of kidnapping a UA student so they let me escape to bring shame on them. I was used to get revenge and it despises me... Don't take me wrong though, I'm glad to be out of there, but once I'm a pro hero they're going down.

Chapter Text

Pov Midoriya
"He's safely on his way, boss"
The moment Kaminari said those words, a huge grin came to my face. Good, I didn't want Kacchan seeing this... My bloody revenge on the League of Villains. A statement to my father.
"Hear that dad? Let's see~ Oh I know! Let's all pick one member who gets to live!"
Todoroki and Kaminari exchanged glances but didn't question my authority. They wouldn't dare, knowing what I was capable of.

He stepped up to Dabi, just like I knew he would. Ah, the bond between brothers is truly special, isn't it?
"We still have to talk, Toya"
"Don't use that cursed name, Shoto" he hissed in response. I rolled my eyes, gesturing to Denki.
"Oh, uhm...." he mumbled, looking around for a bit before stopping in front of Toga.
"Well, guess I'll save the girl"

"Great choices, both of you!" I smiled, walking up to Shigaraki.
"And then there is you~ Daddy dearest little favorite~ I despise you, Tenko. Therefore you may live... I wanna see you squirm, feel my wrath"
I chuckled, looking in the direction of my father's voice.
"We might be family by blood, but remember my words. Cross me again and it will be your life" I hissed, letting the green aura take over my body.

The glow also surrounded those who were not chosen and they screamed in agony. Slowly, their bodies were teared apart, blood spilling everywhere. I think Kaminari ran out at some point to vomit outside. Todoroki wasn't a big fan either but he endured.
"Alrighty! Ace, you can unfreeze them now, our job here is done" I smiled, walking past Shoto on my way out. There I found Kaminari leaning against the building, looking up at the sky. He had some blood on his clothes but I knew it wasn't his.

"Everything okay?" I asked, shocking him out of thought.
"I know it can be quite rough to see me doing stuff like that... I won't blame you if you don't want anything to do with me anymore"
"N-no, no, i-it's fine" he choked out, but we both knew that was a lie. He didn't even look at me, scared all over again.
"You're a villain, the killer of All Might out of all people... I should've expected this" he whispered, rubbing his arms.

I frowned, now standing next to him. Neither of us looked at each other, we just stood there in silence until I spoke up.
"You know, I was still quirkless when I took down All Might" I whispered with a small smile.
"He'd almost killed my dad and I... I was just so angry because people kept praising him... He was my first kill, my ticket to power. It's because of that impulsive decision I had to move away, something I still regret up until today"

I glanced aside, seeing he was listening. Good.
"I only kill when I have to, you know? It's an action with irreversible effects and heavy consequences, a burden for me alone to bare. But you must understand, they killed my people, it's only natural for me to return the favour. Otherwise the survivors would be left with rage and an unsatisfied grudge. I can't have that"
"Yeah... No, I understand, that's not it-Wait. You really were quirkless? I thought that was just an act you put on?"

"Oh, no, it's the harsh truth unfortunately" I chuckled, looking back down upon the ground.
"I genetically altered my mother's quirk so it would be compatible with my body. Since we are close blood relatives, it was the easiest quirk to access. After that I enhanced it with One For All, gaining my current power level"

"Does your mom know? I mean, your dad obviously does" he muttered.
"No, she doesn't. She doesn't know anything, just as blind as the rest of the world" I sighed.
"It's for the best though... She doesn't need to know I'm a villain. My father being one already puts enough stress on her"

"What are we talking about?"

I looked aside, seeing Shoto walk towards us. His costume has blood on it, just like mine. Oh God I just hope this doesn't stain! Argh...
"You finished up in there?" I asked and he nodded.
"Good" I smiled, looking up to see Crowley had returned from his delivery mission. Denki and I took Crowley and Shoto claimed Purrcy.

When we arrived at HQ, we all took a shower and changed back into our regular clothes, each going our own individual ways. Kacchan's return wasn't made public yet and I hadn't received anything from him, which meant I couldn't fly up to his house and hug him. Oh and how much I longed to be in his arms again after our days of separation! Ugh... Life is just so unfair!

Pov Todoroki
Summer vacation was spend mostly at home, at least for me. Living with my grandmother has been a giant improvement, let me tell you that. Besides, since D.E.K.U. is still kind of rebuilding and some images leaked onto the internet, there really isn't anything to do at the base. Not to talk about the fact both Shinsou and Midoriya are too busy with their boyfriends to even look at me. I'm happy for them, don't get me wrong, and this actually gives me some time to work on myself.

"Shoto! Wanna join grandma, Natsu and I in a game of Yahtzee?"

I looked aside, seeing my sisters head pop up in my doorframe. Ah yes, our big brother Natsu came home from college during summer. After everything that happened with father he feels like he owes us I guess.
"Yeah sure, I'll be right there. Just let me finish my chapter, okay?" I smiled.
"Great! We'll set up the table" she said, closing the door behind her again. I looked back down at the book in my lap, a smile still lingering on my face.

I can't even remember the last summer I wasn't forced to train and overwork myself... Free time didn't exist and I never got to bond with my siblings the way I am now. It was nice... As soon as I finished my chapter, I placed the book back on my desk and started walking through the hall towards the living room. The house had only one floor, so every room was connected to the main hallway. But when I was almost at my destination, the doorbell rang.

Is grandma expecting visitors? Or maybe one of my siblings? But nobody said anything though...
"I'll get it!" I called out, walking up to the front door. I mean, I'm already here so I might as well open up the door, right? Big mistake, because there he stood. The long lost oldest Todoroki son. Dabi aka Toya. He gave me a forced smile, holding some kind of package in his hands. Where does he even get the guts to show up in this place?!

"Ah, hello Shoto, I'm glad it's you who answered the door" he chuckled. I frowned, not trusting this for one moment.
"What are you doing here?"
"You said it yourself, we need to talk" he stated, glancing around nervously. Was he being followed? Or was this all some kind of set-up?
"Shoto? Who's at the-" Natsu asked, coming up behind me. Oh just great... I can see things spiralling down as we speak...

I heard my big brother freeze up while Dabi tensed as well.
"I-it's been a while, hasn't it Natsu?" Dabi choked out with a smile, fidgeting with the box in his hands.
Yes, I'm not surprised he caught onto that as fast as he did. Dabi didn't change that much after all. Besides the obvious scarring, he basically just coloured his hair and got some earrings.

"Can I come in?" he asked, making me glare at him. What is he planning? He knows damn well that if he exposes me as a villain, I'll do the same to him. And I'm not sure whether he is capable of starting a fight here with me, he's not that kind of person. At least I don't think he is.
"Yes, of course, c-come in" Natsu said, forcing a smile and gently pushing me aside to make room for Toya.

"Where is Fuyumi? I'd like to talk to you all at once" Toya said, taking off his shoes as I closed the door. His prayers were answered right away as our sister entered the hallway.
"Seriously guys, what's taking so long-?"
She stopped talking and gasped when she saw Dabi, covering her mouth with her hands.

"Hey there lil sis" the dark haired male chuckled, being engulfed in a hug only seconds later. I had to bit back to urge to pull him away from her. Dabi isn't to be trusted. Even if he once was Toya, he's not that person anymore. I need to be on edge in case this goes wrong... What am I even thinking? This WILL go wrong! Before I knew it, we were all seated at the dining table while grandma made us tea.

"I guess I should start with why I'm here after all these years..." Dabi sighed, looking down at his hands, which rested upon the dark oak wood of the table.
"I'm not sure whether little Shoto told you, well, he's not so little anymore, I guess..."
"Tell us what?" Fuyumi asked, frowning at me.
"We met, a little while ago" Toya continued, making them gasp and me cringe. Oh I wasn't going to hear the end of this when he finally leaves...

"And we bumped into each other a few days back too. I guess you could call it fate"
Grandma walked in with the tea, handing each of us a cup. I cradled mine in my hands, staring down at the hot liquid in silence as Toya continued.
"Besides, with everything going on around our father... Everything is just one big mess and I don't blame you for thinking I abandoned you"

I felt his eyes on me as he said that and looked up in surprise.
"I'm sorry I couldn't protect you" he whispered with a small smile before looking down at his tea.
"And I know it's too late for apologies by now, believe me, I know we're way past that point. Yet I can't help but try... I fled this life, scared and alone, afraid father would kill me if I ever dared to set foot in this place again. I-I should've gone to the police but instead I ran into the shadows and hid like a fucking coward. I'm so so sorry..."

"It's okay" Fuyumi whispered, taking his hand.
"We all understand why you left Toya"
Natsu nodded, taking a sip of his drink.
"Father abused you for your power, a quirk that harms you when you use it. It must've been awful..."
"It was... Which is exactly why I'm here now" he said, looking at me and placing his hand on top of mine.

"Are you okay, Shoto? Father's training must've been hard on you to"
I stared at him in shock, not expecting him to care. I was his enemy for crying out loud!
"Why don't you ask my other classmates if they're okay? Since you fucking attacked us at training camp?!"
"Shoto!" Fuyumi gasped, but Dabi didn't seemed phased by it.
"Why do you think I didn't tell you I saw him?!" I hissed, pulling my hand away and looking at my other siblings.

"He's with the League of Villains! Toya is a fucking villain!"

"It's true" Dabi sighed, drinking from his tea while the table fell into silence.
"I joined the League because I thought they followed Stain's ideals of ripping the world of false heroes like our father. I wanted to take him down, but it looks like someone beat me to it"
He gave me a proud side glance, almost making me want to gag. Yet I'm happy he didn't expose me, not yet at least.

"So now that our father is imprisoned, I have no reason to be with them anymore. I-I thought of coming back here, to you, to my family, to start over anew. A better future without the old man beating us down, together"
"D-do you really mean that?" Natsu asked, getting swayed by him way too easily.
"All I've ever done, was to protect the three of you, you have to believe me" Dabi whispered.

"I-if you want, you can turn me in. I'll tell the police everything they want to know about the League. Not that there is much left of it since the Green Reaper payed a visit but anyways. I'll gladly receive my punishment and do my time if that means you would be willing to welcome me back home"

It was silent for a while before I stood up, glaring at Toya.
"Well? What are we waiting for, Dabi? Let's go to the police station right fucking now" I hissed. It took a while for the others to snap out of it and the car ride towards the police station was downright agonizingly tense. Toya was arrested and interrogated, just as expected. He gave them the location of the League headquarters and the people he'd been working with. The whole structure of their organisation and everything.

Yet he didn't let a word slip about the Green Reaper or D.E.K.U. in general. Could it be, that even after all these years, he's still protecting me? None the less, the information he shared was enough to get him a reduced sentence. He would be placed under house arrest for two years, wearing restrains around his left leg, indicating where he was at all times. He also needed to do a lot of hours of social work and stay out of trouble at all costs, otherwise a jailcell with his name on it was waiting.

Of course Natsu and Fuyumi welcomed him back into the family but I was still a little hesitant. He now lived with us again, which felt weird and totally strange. Guess I'll just have to get used to it? Maybe he really did change after all? The least I can do is give him a chance...

Chapter Text

Pov Bakugou
I glared at the school gate, my mom beside me. It was a week before school started but we were asked to move into the new dorms ahead of time. It was to prevent villains from getting to the students, to prevent what happened to me... Of course the gang had been over during summer and we hung out a few times. Izuku had been all over me to, but I didn't mind. He was worried and sweet and I loved how I got his full attention whenever I asked for it.

There were also new photos and images of the Green Reaper and his gang, the D.E.K.U. ... That's why I don't call Izuku Deku anymore. He thought it was a stupid reason since we both got attached to the dumb nickname, but he also understood why.

"So? You're ready to see your classmates again?" mom asked cheerfully as we walked on campus. She'd insisted, not letting me out of her sight ever since my kidnapping.
"Tch" I scowled, thinking about those extra's. They'd all welcomed me back in the group chat and we talked a little about what happened but nothing else. This would be the first time I see most of them after what happened at camp.

"Ah, don't be like that brat! I'm sure they missed ya and the other way around!" she grinned, slapping me on my back.
"Shut up old hag!" I hissed, getting red from embarrassment.
"And don't you even think about going in there, got it?!"
"Pfft, already back to normal I see" she chuckled, ruffling my hair.
"Alright, call me when you need anything okay? Love you Katsuki"

"Love you too..."

She kissed the top of my head, waving me goodbye as she left me to walk the rest of the way alone. Hopefully no one saw that... I entered the new dormitory, seeing some people exploring the common space while others chatted happily away in the living area. I closed the door behind me, making some heads turn.

"Bakubro! You're finally here!" shitty hair exclaimed happily, running towards me, holding back a hug. Back when we first saw each other after the whole kidnapping deal, I'd allowed him to hug me. The whole squad had hugged me and I might've shed some tears... BUT IF ANYONE ASKS ABOUT IT THEY BETTER KEEP THEIR MOUTH SHUT!

"Our rooms are next to each other! How great is that?" he cheered.
"Amazing" I said on a tone that shouted 'I'm dead inside'. He didn't let it get to him though, knowing I actually cared about our friendship. I noticed the others were a little awkward around me, not knowing how to act after what happened. So they just kinda avoided me. I don't mind though. As long as my bunch of morons act normal, I'm good.

We all unpacked and settled in and before I knew it, it was time for dinner. The girls had cooked for everyone for the night and four eyes instantly purposed a schedule with equally divided tasks around the dorm. But that wasn't what got to me. No. It was the fact icyhot sat next to me at the dinner table. Out of his own free volition. What the hell?
"How was your summer, Bakugou?" he asked casually, like we were friends or something.
"Tch. What is it to you, half-n-half?" I hissed.

"Just want to make sure you're okay" he said, forcing a small smile.
"I know first hand what a confrontation with the Green Reaper is like. I've been where you've been... A-and if you need someone to talk to about it, my door is open for you"
I simply stared at him in slight shock. Kiri had heard it as well, probably thinking it was super manly, but he didn't speak up. And if anyone else heard, they didn't interrupt.

"Could you pass me the water?" he asked like he just didn't drop a massive bomb on me. Inviting me over to talk, me of all people, is a very big deal in my eyes. I don't share my emotions with just anyone and him saying he understands triggers me in all the wrong places. I grunted, handing him the water anyways.

"Oh, did you hear? We have a new teacher!" Ashido beamed.
"I heard he's a total goth" Jirou added with a grin.
"A new teacher? Why wasn't I aware of that fact?" four eyes asked in shock.
"He's only a temporary assistant" halfie corrected the girls, pouring himself a glass of water.
"And yes, I think you could say he is a 'total goth' as you mentioned"

"Wait, you've seen him?! Details Todoroki!" raccoon face squealed, making me groan in irritation.
"Of course I've seen him, he's my brother" icyhot deadpanned, making silence fall before a thousand questions were fired off all at once.
"SHUT THE HELL UP YOU DAMN EXTRA'S!" I roared, silencing them once again. I glared at Todoroki, not believing him for one bit.

"And I thought your brother was in college? At least that's what the media shouted when the whole Endeavor deal happened"
"Oh, it's not Natsu, I mean my other brother, Toya" he explained with a small smile. Wait what? Toya? Isn't that the one who fucking disappeared years ago? How the hell could it be him?
"Wow, I didn't know you had two brothers! I'm an only child so I guess I don't really know how it feels" round face chuckled.

"I've got a sister as well, so things are always very lively at home now that father is gone" Todoroki said, smiling brightly. People couldn't help but stare. This is the happiest we've ever seen the halfa, like ever. I must admit it was a nice change from his usual indifferent character, not that I'd admit that out loud.

The next day Aizawa sensei asked us to gather with 1-B to meet the new temporary hero course assistant teacher. He was here to analyse and provide insight on both heroes and villains, giving us a wider image of how the world outside of our lives works. What makes them tik, to call it that. I noticed icyhot was nervous about the whole introduction thing. Did he already regret telling the class about his brother?

Which I still don't get, by the way. I swear his oldest brother ran away from home and there has been absolutely nothing in the media about him coming back. Maybe they're keeping it quiet? But why?

"Alright students" Aizawa sighed, now standing next to the homeroom teacher of class 1-B, Vlad King.
"As you all know, we've gathered here today to introduce you to your new temporary teacher. The reason we want to let you meet before school starts again is because he's a rather...unconventional choice... But principal Nezu agreed to it and made sure every safety regulation is in order. You have no reason to be afraid"

What? Why the hell would we be afraid?
"Come in" Vlad King ordered and the door opened. We all stared in shock at who walked in and now stood next to Aizawa sensei.
"Introduce yourself" the black ray of sunshine muttered, gesturing towards the two classes.
"Hello! My name is Todoroki Toya and I'll be temporarily assisting Eraserhead and Vlad King as they teach you how to become the best heroes you can be, a pleasure to meet you" he grinned.

What. The. Fuck. Before us stood none other than Dabi, a villain working for the League. His hair was dyed red though and he did his best to cover up most of his scars.

"Dude, calm down, it's okay" shitty hair whispered, taking my hands. By now I noticed a lot of people were staring at me and I was breathing quicker and louder than usual. I nodded, trying to get my body back under control. It wasn't easy though. That guy fucking kidnapped me! Or at least he helped kidnap me... We actually didn't really speak while I was their captive so I guess I don't really know him.

"We understand that it will take some getting used to, from both sides-" Aizawa continued.
"Todoroki Toya? As in Todoroki Shoto?" someone from 1-B gasped. Late reaction time, geez.
"Yes, that is correct" Dabi, or no, Toya smiled, folding his hands neatly behind his back.
"I am the oldest Todoroki son, Shoto's big brother"
This caused an uproar and a lot of people stared at half-n-half in shock, asking him a million questions.

"Enough!" Aizawa sensei hissed, using his quirk to calm us down.
"Mr Todoroki will be respected as a teacher and you will listen to him. He wears an ankle band at all times and we have camera's around campus. If he does anything at all, it will be reported and he'll end in prison like his father. Am I clear?"

"Yes sir..." 1-A sighed in sync, making 1-B stare in shock. They've never seen us so obedient before so I guess it's a normal reaction. The teachers continued about how his identity has been kept on the down low and will be revealed at the start of the second term so we should expect contraversy. After that we were dismissed and send back to our dormitories.

"What the hell icyhot?!" I hissed, pushing him against the wall once the teachers left.
"Why the fuck didn't you warn us your fucking brother is Dabi?!"
"I-I-" he breathed.
"Answer me!" I yelled when I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder.
"I'm sorry, but bullying is not allowed"

It was that damn pyromaniac! I threw his hand off me, glaring at him.
"I don't need to fucking listen to you" I scowled.
"Yet I think you do, Bakugou" he chuckled.
"Listen, sorry about what the League did, okay? It wasn't my plan and I never even touched you"
"Tch... It doesn't matter... You've got one fucked up family icyhot, I'll give you that"
"Gee, thanks" he sighed, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

I rolled my eyes, walking up to my squad, seeing the two Todoroki brothers talk after I left.
"Dude, I can't believe they actually let a villain teach at this school..." Sero whispered in shock.
"Maybe he has changed his ways?" Kaminari suggested.
"N-not all villains are truly evil, you know?"
"Tch, you just think the Green Reaper and his gang are cool, don't you?" I hissed.
"W-what's wrong with that..?" he pouted, looking down.

Oh great, I hit a sensitive string... Fuck. I made fun of the thing he used to get bullied for. How stupid am I?!
"Nothing! I for one think Ace is actually pretty hot" raccoon eyes said, patting his back.
"Yeah! A-and have you seen Black-Out? He's pretty cool" Jirou added, trying to cheer him up as well.
"Y-you really think so?" he asked, his eyes widening.
"Of course" she smiled.

"He's an electric type like you, right? Even his style matches yours"
"Yeah, I guess so... I mean, have you seen his jacket though?"
"Dude, do you want to be compared with a villain or something?" tape dispenser asked confused.
"As long as it's superficial, who cares?" shitty hair shrugged, yet something about his attitude seemed...stiff...

Hmm, and why is tape guy so tense about this too? I frowned. It's not like I'm taking a side but... Sero takes Kaminari's obsession way too serious... That Black-Out character did get me away from the League... He was probably just following orders though.

"You okay bro?"

I blinked a few times, looking at shitty hair.
"I mean, with Dabi as a teacher and everything" he added, trying to get me to talk.
"Oh, uhm, yeah I'll get over it" I muttered, seeing dunce face and headphones talk and joke together.
"Those two get along well huh?" Ashido grinned, elbowing Kirishima.
"Shut up! He's with Shinsou remember? Just burn your damn ship already!" the red head whisper hissed.

My eyes got bigger before I glared at Mina.
"What the hell? You're trying to break them up just for your damn fangirl urges?!" I hissed, making sure nor Jirou nor Kaminari heard.
"No! Not directly..." she whined.
"I just want my ship to sail!"

"Just accept he and Shinsou are cute together!" Kirishima stated. I couldn't help but hear something that sounded like fear in his voice. Was he scared? What for? That they'd break up and dunce face would blame him or something? Tch, for someone so 'manly' he's always been way to sensitive.
"They're like the next generation Eraserhead and Present Mic" I shrugged.

"And it is A D O R A B L E" Kiri spelled out, still looking at raccoon eyes. Why is he so desperate to get her to back off? He wouldn't defend my relationship with Izuku this way and we both knew it.

"I agree"

"WHEN THE FUCK DID YOU GET HERE?!" I yelled as icyhot was suddenly walking next to me. Kiri tensed up when half-n-half joined us, but nobody said anything about it.
"Since the whole burning Ashido's ship thing. I didn't know you had a boat, Ashido? Why would you burn it? And what is the connection with Kaminari's relationship?"
"You're so clueless dude..." Sero breathed.

"Don't you need to cuddle with your fucked up brother or something?" I hissed, glaring at him.
"Toya deserves a second chance-" he started, only to be interrupted by me again.
"Dabi deserves fucking nothing! And if anyone here thinks I'm gonna listen to that damn fucktard, you're gravely mistaken"

With that I sped up my pace, pushing everyone else aside and arriving first back at the dorms. But I froze in my tracks as I saw Izuku talking to the brainwasher in the common room. The latter saw me and grinned, turning his green headed friend around.

"Oh, look, there he is"
"Hi Kacchan!" he exclaimed, running up to me and hugging me tightly. I breathed in his scent and closed my eyes, hugging him back. Oh God... This nerd doesn't realise how much I needed this right now...
"You're not going to ask me what we're doing here?" Izuku asked, looking up at me with his dark emerald green eyes.

"Shut up and hold me" I muttered, not letting go of him. Nobody dared to say anything about it as the rest of the class filled in. Until the Bakusquad arrived...
"Babe?" dunce face dumb voice asked confused.
"I-I told you n-not to c-call me that i-in public" Shinsou whispered, embarrassed.
"What if uncle Shouta heard you say that?"

"Oh, I did, don't worry"

I let go of my boyfriend to see our homeroom teacher standing in the doorframe, now glaring down Pikachu. Poor thing... I almost feel sorry for him. But he brought this upon himself so I don't really care.
"What are you doing here?" the insomniac groaned.
"Better question is what are you doing here? This isn't your dormitory" Aizawa sensei stated.
"We wanted to surprise our boyfriends!" Midoriya exclaimed happily.

"Ah, hello Midoriya, nice to see you again" Aizawa sensei answered with a...a smile? Man, he must really like Izuku... MY Izuku, for that matter. I wrapped my arm around his waist, pulling him closer to me.
"You can't be mad at him forever you know" Shinsou muttered as he took Kaminari's hand, challenging his uncle with a smug grin.
"Watch me" Aizawa reacted, making dunce face pout.
"Please stop, you're only making it worse babe..." he whined, hiding behind the brainwasher.

"Anyways... What are you doing here Aizawa sensei?" creator chick asked.
"Oh, well-" he started, only to be interrupted by that fucking ass of an ex-villain Dabi.
"Q&A time!" the older Todoroki laughed, seemingly irritating Aizawa sensei already.
"Since some of you might be uncomfortable around him, Nezu suggested we'd do this" our homeroom teacher sighed.

"He'll swing by 1-B tomorrow with Vlad King so don't feel targeted. Like I said before, not all changes in UA protocols are due to your class. Only about 80% of them"
"Geez, thanks for the reminder" I muttered as Izuku stared at Dabi in shock.
"Midoriya, don't panic-" icyhot whispered as he saw him freaking out but it was already to late.
"WHY IS HE HERE?!" Izuku screamed, hiding behind me.

This made Toya laugh and walk up to us. I glared at him, almost growling.
"Relax, I'm not gonna do anything" he smiled.
"Besides, Eraser has neutralised my quirk at this very moment"
I glanced behind him and he was right, Aizawa sensei was using his quirk on him. Dabi carefully stepped next to me, looking at me as if asking for permission. I scowled, looking away as he slowly pulled Izuku away from me.

Chapter Text

Pov Midoriya
Fuck! Shit! Crap! Why the hell is he here out of all people?! He knows I'm the Reaper! He can expose me any fucking second! I shot a look at Todoroki, who avoided my gaze. Both Kaminari and Shinsou were tense as they watched our interaction. This could go so terribly wrong...
"Midoriya Izuku, right? I heard a lot about you from Shoto!" Dabi said with a smile, stretching out his hand.

"O-oh, uhm, r-really..?" I asked quietly, shakily taking his hand.
"Yeah, you're that quirkless boy!" he grinned.
"I think we ran into each other before, right? At training camp? Sho, I thought you told me he wasn't in your class?"

He looked aside to young Todoroki, who was still looking at the ground, not wanting all this attention.
"He isn't. Midoriya follows general studies"
"Hmm, a shame, seems like we won't be having any classes together then" Toya chuckled.
"But it was nice meeting you, for real this time"
He pulled me in a hug, making me freeze up.

"Nice acting kid... Shoto told me what you did for the family, I like your style Green Reaper~" he whispered into my ear, making sure no one else heard.
"G-great" I muttered, pushing him away and running back to Kacchan, who instantly hugged me from behind, glaring at Dabi.
"What did I say about physical contact?" Aizawa sensei groaned, seemingly irritated.
"Oh, right, ask permission first. Sorry" the older Todoroki chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck.

"So? Does anyone have any questions for me? I'll try to answer all of them"
"So... So you're really Todoroki's brother?" Kirishima asked. Yet it somehow didn't seem to surprise him. The question was more of a confirmation for the rest of the class.
"Yeah, I ran away from home a few years ago since... Well, I guess I can say it now that it's out in the open. Father abused me, forced me into hero training like he did with Shoto. But unlike his dual powered quirk, mine is a little more, uhm, self-destructive, you could say..." Toya explained.

"Most of my scars are due to my quirk backfiring, quite literary. Some are from fights I got into and others are from father's punishments and training. You've got those too, right Sho?"
"Don't pull me into this" he muttered, walking over to the kitchen.
"He's ashamed of his scars" Dabi whispered loudly.
"I heard that!" Shoto shouted.
"I don't care!" the older sibling shouted back.

"If you ran away, how long have you been back? I mean, you live at the Todoroki residence now or something?" someone asked.
"I came back somewhere this summer but the police has managed to keep it on the down low so the world is gonna be shocked when it gets announced in about a week" he grinned.
"And yes, I live with granny and my younger siblings right now. Well, Natsu is off to college soon so only granny, Fuyumi and Shoto"

"What's Todoroki like at home? He's always so serious at school" Ashido asked.
"Serious? Pff, that bitch is like the embodiment of sarcasm and pranks! Never a dull moment around my baby brother, that's for sure! You can ask our sister, she has scolded us enough over summer"
I rolled my eyes, telling Kacchan I was going to check on Todoroki. When I walked into the kitchen, I noticed he was making tea, angrily muttering to himself.

"Well, your brother sure is a delight" I stated, grabbing some cups.
"You don't say" he sighed, turning around to look at me.
"Look, sorry I didn't tell you about Toya's road to redemption, but in my defence you have been all over Bakugou all summer. Not to start about Shinsou and Kaminari"
He gagged, pouring the tea into the cups I got us.

"True... But Kacchan did get kidnapped" I stated, making him nod before he sipped his tea.
"You make a valid point" he shrugged, looking at the door to the living room.
"I bet he's telling embarrassing stories about me as we speak"
"He was telling everyone how you're a prankster before I came here" I chuckled.
"Oh just great..." he groaned, leaning against the counter next to me.
"I probably can't show my face in the common room for the rest of the week..."

"I'm sure it's not that bad... He seems to care about you Sho~ It's cute!" I smiled.
"Cute? He's an ex-criminal who knows your deepest darkest secret" Todoroki said.
"How can you stay so calm and collected? He could out all of us in a snap!"

"But he won't since I helped chase your father out of the scene" I smiled, sipping from my cup of tea.
"Oh God, Todoroki-kun this tea is amazing! You should bring some to the base some time"
"My mom's favorite" he answered with a sad smile.

"OH MY GOD! NO!" I heard someone scream from the living room.
"YES BABY!" Toya yelled back. Shoto cringed, groaning as he put his tea down.
"I hate him..."
"No you don't" I chuckled before the girls burst into the kitchen.
"You used your father's credit card to buy 5 designer cars?!" Mina screeched, making Todoroki roll his eyes.

"Firs of all, I was 8. Secondly, I thought they were toy cars, not real cars-" Shoto started to explain.
"Third, I was really pissed at father since he took away all my toys, saying they were only distractions. And fourth, yes, it was totally worth it"
"Oh my God... Who knew Todoroki could be this person..." Uraraka gasped.
"Yeah, who knew? Maybe you've got a little evil in you after all" I smirked, making him choke on his own breath as he laughed. Ah yes, inside jokes are the best!

"You guys don't even know the best part" Toya grinned, walking into the kitchen.
"We still have the cars"
"No way!" Mina gasped.
"Now that I wanna see" Jirou grinned.
"Nobody is seeing anything" Shoto said on a stern voice before glaring at his brother.
"Don't you need to go home before your alarm triggers or something?"

He kicked him on his leg as he said that, exposing his ankle restrains.
"You're such a kill joy baby bro" the older Todoroki sighed, ruffling the dual coloured hair.
"Toya! Stop it!" Shoto demanded, dodging but failing. It ended in a chase throughout the living room. Pillows were thrown and names were called, but nothing to serious.
"Stay back or I swear I'll freeze you to the ceiling!" Shoto yelled, holding a pillow in his hand, ready to throw.

His brother, on the other side of the room, behind one of the couches, holding a pillow in each hand.
"I can just burn my way out of it, you know?"
"And I'll record how you fall face first on the floor, that promises to be hilarious" Shoto stated, making Toya raise and eyebrow.
"Alright! Enough! This has been going on long enough... Todoroki Fuyumi is here to bring you home" Aizawa stated, on his final nerve, the edge of some kind of breakdown.

"Why don't you drive yourself?" Shoto asked, frowning.
"I don't have a legit licence in case you forgot" Toya shrugged.
"See ya kids in class! Take good care of my baby bro!"
"I think Shinsou-kun and I should be going as well, it's getting late" I sighed.
"We'll see each other tomorrow, right?" Kacchan asked, taking my hands.

"Of course!" I smiled, pecking him on the lips before looking around in search of my friend.
"Wait. Where are Shinsou and Kaminari..?"
"I saw them sneaking off during the Todoroki pillow fight" Sero shrugged.
"Think they might be in Denki's room, I'll go check"

Pov Shinsou
Once Toya and Shoto started chasing each other, yelling and throwing pillows, I knew it was my chance to escape. Uncle Shouta wasn't watching me so this was perfect! I took Denki's hand and pulled him with me towards the elevator, closing the doors almost immediately.
"Wanna show me your room?" I asked with a grin, trailing my hands over his sides. He blushed and pushed the button of the right floor without speaking.

We walked hand in hand through the empty hall until we came to a stop in front of his door.
"I'm gonna have to warn you though. My style is not really your style" he said with a nervous chuckle before unlocking the door to his room. My eyes widened and I whistled as I walked in. Yeah... This was certainly not my genre... But what did I actually expect from Denki?
"Y-you, uhm, you don't like it, right?" the electric blonde asked timidly.

It's not the first time I've noticed his lack of self confidence. He may look like a happy energetic Pikachu half of the time, but I knew it was just a façade. In reality, Kaminari Denki was very unsure and had a really low self-esteem. All he wanted was to be accepted and he felt like he had to push aside his own preferences for that to happen. Always trying to please those around him without looking at himself... I sighed, I really need to teach this boy how to believe in himself.

"I'm gonna be honest, this is the store I'd avoid while going to the mall" I stated, looking around the room to see print on print on print in the most ridiculous colour scheme. It angered me just to look at it.
"But if you like it than that's okay, it's your room after all"
He gave me a small smile and nodded, hugging me.
"I know, thanks Hitoshi"

I blushed a little and hugged back. That was before I saw a certain squirrel sitting in the open window. I frowned, pulling away and glancing over to my boyfriend.
"What is Chipper doing here? You know the boss hates it when we take his animals without permission. Remember what kind of trouble I got in when I took Purrcy home?"
"I know but he just keeps following me! I'm like a battery charge to him, I think. Some kind of weird food source to keep up that crazy speed he runs at" Kaminari explained.

"I've told GR about this, he says it's fine as long as nobody suspects something"
"Really?" I asked surprised.
"Well, guess he must be getting rather attached to you then~"
"Hmm, must be him trying to convince me to officially join D.E.K.U. huh?" he chuckled, walking up to his desk.
"Speaking about the union, I still have these"

He turned around, showing his shiny golden rings that spelled out his villain name.
"Why did you take them home?" I asked confused as he put on the golden chains as well.
"Because I look cool in them! I mean, look at me" he stated, transforming into his more powerful form. His flashy bright eyes shining with confidence, his wild yellow hairs covered in black streaks... He looked hot and he knew it.

"Shift for me babe~" he whispered while cupping my cheeks and leaning down to kiss me. I felt the cool metal of his rings against my skin as his hot lips touched mine. I did as he asked, shifting into my other form. My hair fell down, reaching beyond my waist, and my eyes became lighter indigo.
"I like you with long hair, you should let it grow out" Denki muttered while travelling through my silky hair.

"You think? Don't I look too feminine this way?" I asked, blushing in embarrassment.
"What's wrong with being feminine?" he chuckled, placing another quick kiss on my lips. We simply smiled at each other after that, until the door swung open-

"Oi, Kaminari, time for your boyfrie-"

Sero stopped in the middle of his sentence and stared at the scene in shock. We were both transformed and there was a picture of Black-Out roaming the internet. Plus he was wearing pieces of his villain costume! Oh God, this was a disaster! But before Sero could scream, I saw a small bolt of light bounce around the room, wrapping him up in his own tape, unable to move or make a sound.

"Oh thank God Chipper" I breathed, transforming back and quickly shutting the door so nobody else could see. Kaminari was frozen in shock, staring at his friend with big eyes.
"I-it's not what it looks like, I swear" he choked out, tears forming in his eyes.
"Denki, change back. We need to figure out what to do with him and fast, before someone comes looking for him" I said, grabbing his shoulders. He nodded, shifting back into his regular self and taking off his golden bling.

I sighed, looking at Sero with a glare, coming uncomfortably close to his face. It's what Midoriya always did to intimidate people so it must work, right?
"Listen up boy, one word and we'll kill you, am I clear?" I asked, making him nod before I ripped the tape off his mouth. He gasped and cursed in pain, making me grin.
"You think we should call back-up?" Kaminari asked while petting Chipper.
"Ace could-"

"No" I said quickly.
"If we contact Ace, we'll never hear the end of it... Nobody has to know about this"
"But how the hell are we supposed to fix this?! I don't want to hurt him dude! Sero is one of my best friends!"
"You rather get us arrested?" I asked, crossing my arms.
", but-"

"No buts, got it? I'm taking care of this mess" I interrupted before grabbing Sero's hair and pushing him against the wall.
"It's really you... Y-you're Black-Out..." he choked out, staring at his blonde friend.
"I'm so sorry..." Kaminari whispered, tears running over his cheeks. He quickly wiped them away though and looked back at me.
"You want to alter his memories, right? What kind of memory are you going to replace this with?"

"I think I have something in mind... Quick, pull off your shirt" I ordered, still holding Sero in place but now looking at Kaminari.
"A-altering my m-memories?" he whispered in terror.
"Don't worry, it won't hurt. I think" I chuckled.
"Kami, ruffle up your hair, mine to, come on"
He did as I asked, not really understanding where I was going with this.

"Alright, I'm gonna need Chipper to free him while I'm at it and I want you to rip off my shirt and give me a hickey"
"Y-you... What?" he asked, his face flushing red.
"Just do it already! I'm starting" I said, looking into Sero's eyes, my hand on top of his head. I shifted into my other form, breaking into his mind and stealing his memories. I felt cold air hit my chest and my head was carefully pushed to the side. I just let it happen, knowing Denki was doing exactly what I asked of him.

I finished up inside Sero's mind, replacing him walking on in us as villains with him walking in on us in a heated make out session. I blinked and quickly shifted back, pushing him towards the door and turning around in Kaminari's arms, kissing him fiercely.
"Gah! I'm so sorry!" Sero shouted, covering his eyes and turning around so he wouldn't have to look at us. I pulled back, glancing over Kaminari's shoulder to see Chipper dispose of the tape outside. Good.

"Act like we were making out" I whispered into my boyfriend's ear before hiding behind his back in so called 'embarrassment'.
"Dude!" Kaminari whined, his face a bright red. Luckily it's normal for us to be nervous in these kind of situations so I don't think he will know we're lying.
"I'm so sorry! M-Midoriya is looking for Shinsou so I came here to check. I should've knocked!"
With that he quickly left the room, closing the door behind him.

I let out a sigh of relief and hugged Kami tightly.
"We did it..." I whispered, nuzzling into his neck.
"Yeah... We did... That was amazing quick thinking of you babe" he smiled, pecking me on the lips.
"But uhm... What shirt are you gonna wear now..?"
"Think I can have one of yours..?" I asked with a potent blush on my cheeks.

He shot out of his daze and nodded, scanning through his closet and taking out a hoodie. A D.E.K.U. hoodie to be exact.
"Oh man, how did that get here? Need to send it back to base with the rest of the stuff-"
"Kami! My uncle could walk in here any minute, give me a shirt" I demanded.

"Right!" he exclaimed, handing me a soft yellow shirt. It had an image of Pikachu on top of a pokéball, winking. Underneath it was written 'I choose you!' in bold black letters. I chuckled a little, looking at my boyfriend with a look that said 'seriously?'.

"Oh shut up! Just pull it on already" he laughed, giving me a playful shove. I rolled my eyes, pulling it on while he grabbed something for himself as well.
"Can I come by and see your room tomorrow?"
"Sure thing! Just...wait outside, okay? You know my class doesn't like the hero course" I explained.
"Pff, I'm sure it's not that bad! Come on, let's go downstairs before Aizawa sensei loses his shit and kills me"

Chapter Text

Pov Kirishima
I fidgeted nervously with my hands as I tied my shoes. Today was the first day of the new term, the first day of Mr Todoroki being our assistant teacher. I couldn't help but feel nervous. Why is the school getting overrun by villains? Why is everyone so damn blind?! I can't possibly be the only one who knows, right?! But then again, maybe I am... The Commander can alter your memories I guess that explains why they've been hiding it so well.

I glanced aside towards Todoroki, who was talking to Yaoyorozu and Iida at the front door. Ace, second in command, right hand of the Green Reaper himself.
"Hey dude, what's up?"
A bright blonde headed guy sat down next to me, grabbing his own shoes and started putting them on. Iida made it a rule for everyone to put their shoes up front in the common room so we wouldn't dirty the dormitory building.

"Not much" I answered with a forced smile. Kaminari Denki, aka Black-Out. I used to think of him as one of my best friends, but ever since I found out it's been hard for me to be around him. Certainly when we were alone... I don't know what to think. He is working for the Green Reaper, or at least he did work for him. I'm not sure whether he is a part of D.E.K.U. or not but I know he knows who the Reaper is.

And then there is his boyfriend, Shinsou Hitoshi. The Commander. He's an underground villain, no pictures of him have leaked yet. He works from within the shadows, behind the scenes.
"You okay man? Something bothering you?" Kaminari asked, frowning as I still hadn't tied my shoes after he was done putting his on. I shook my head, waving it off with a smile.

How do I know my friend is a villain, you ask? Well, I heard him talk to the Green Reaper at the hospital weeks ago. When Bakugou was taken and I wanted to check up on him, I heard it.


I sulked through the white hospital halls, searching for Kaminari. Momo said I'd just missed him and I wanted to make sure he was okay. I mean, I can't be the only one who feels like he was completely useless during the attack, right? I couldn't do anything while my friends were fighting for their lives! I quickly wiped away a tear. Real men know when to cry and this was not a time to cry.

"Now, that's not very hero like, is it? But then again, you're not a true hero~"
I frowned, looking around the corner to see Denki standing in front of a vending machine, looking scared as hell.
"Over here, Kaminari-kun"
That voice made him look at someone I couldn't see. What did they mean? Not a true hero? Kaminari was one of the manliest people I knew!

"You seem confused, let me fix that for you"  the voice said, making him take a step back. I'm sure it's a guy but I'm not certain if I should intervene... He seems scared but I kinda want to know where this is going...
"Listen up, I don't have time for your fucking bullshit right now, got it? So be damn flabbergasted another time!"
Denki was pulled down a bit as the voice hissed at him.

My eyes widened and I quickly hid around the corner. Only intervene when things get out of hand. This is a hospital, I wouldn't want to make a scene...
"Shoto and I are gonna break Katsuki out of there. Tonight. You're in or not?"
Wait what?!
"Don't make me repeat myself, Black-Out " the voice hissed. Kaminari whimpered in fear, quickly nodding.

"I-I'm in, I'm in!"
My heart skipped a beat. Did he just..? Did he just call Kaminari Black-Out? As in one of those villains who robbed that high security office? They were linked to the Green Reaper, right? My eyes widened. The Green Reaper...

"I already asked Shinsou-kun but his parents won't let him go with the whole camp incident, you know... Anyways! I'll be expecting you at the base at seven. That works for you?"
"Oh, uhm, y-yeah, that's totally fine"
"Yey! Let's go save Katsuki together!"
"Let's go save Bakugou"

-End of flashback-

And after that D.E.K.U. saved Bakugou. Ace, Black-Out and the Green Reaper did, to be exact. It didn't take me long to figure out Todoroki was Ace since his name dropped during the conversation. Plus I knew for a fact he'd been talking to the Reaper in that hallway, thus knowing his identity.

When the dorm system was announced, I was one of the first ones to arrive, planting bugs inside Todoroki's and Kaminari's rooms. Shoto was dead silent most of the time but Denki was different. That's how I figured out Shinsou's involvement. He'd messed with Sero after he walked in on them. I didn't have any footage, only sound, so I don't know what gave them away exactly. But I did hear something in the lines of transformation or shifting, which made me realise that they probably don't wear wigs and colour lenses as I first thought.

"Oi, shitty hair! Quit the daydreaming and get a move on or we're gonna be late" Bakugou hissed, hitting me in the back of my head as he walked by.
"Yes, sorry Bakubro!" I chuckled, quickly finishing up and running after him. Why am I acting ignorant? Why did I place spying devices in their rooms? Why haven't I gone to a teacher yet? I don't know... I guess it's just because Kaminari was the one to get Bakugou away from the League and neither of them have done anything I can prove.

I don't believe Kami is evil, but I don't know how to act around him right now. I certainly don't want Mina meddling with his relationship though. If she was to break them up, disaster could follow, literary. I just can't risk it!


I blinked, looking at my ruby eyed friend.
"Tch, are you even fucking listening shitty hair?" he snapped.
"Y-yeah! Yes, of course I'm listening" I said way to quick, followed by a forced smile. He frowned, grabbing my arm and pulling me to the back of the pack.
"Alright, tell me what's going on" he demanded.
"W-what?" I asked confused.

"Tch. I'm not stupid, hair for brains. Something is up with you and I want to know what" he grunted.
"I-it's nothing" I muttered, looking at the ground as we walked. Why don't I just tell him? Oh yeah, because he'll go and try to kill them. He has absolutely no chance against them. None of us have...
"Don't fucking lie to me" he hissed.
"I can tell when you're down, Kirishima. Ever since training camp you've been acting differently, more on edge. Tell me why"

Did he... Did he just call me by my actual name..? I stared at him in shock, making him scowl.
"Damnit shithead, don't make me repeat myself! It's icyhot, right? You've been eying him permanently, even before his shit face brother decided to crash the fucking school"
As always, Bakugou is as observant as he could be. So why didn't he see my feelings for him? I sighed, avoiding his gaze and staring ahead. Shinsou and Midoriya had joined the group, happily chatting away.

I knew Midoriya was close to Shinsou and Todoroki. Dangerous friends for a quirkless boy to have... But he also has Bakugou, that thought calms me a bit. Hmm... Bakugou...
"Hi Kacchan! Hey Kirishima! Why are you so far behind?" Midoriya asked as he ran up to us. Bakugou scowled, bumping into my shoulder as he walked up to his boyfriend. Boyfriend...
"We'll continue this later, got it?"

I nodded before the green head hugged Katsuki, smiling like crazy.
"Shinsou-kun told me you have a team up exercise this afternoon! Please be nice to your classmates okay?"
"I'll try, I guess" he grumbled, taking his hand and looking at me as I smiled at them.
"Whatcha looking at shitty hair?!"
"Nothing! You two are cute together, that's all" I smiled, hiding the pain in my heart.

Pov Kaminari
Alright! I got partnered up with Kirishima and Bakugou for our team exercise today! It was supposed to be an all out battle royal between teams and I could see Bakugou was already pumped up.
"We're gonna win this shit, understand losers?" he grinned while setting off a blast against his own hand.
"Oh yeah! With our team it's impossible to lose! Right Kiri?"

I elbowed him in the side, snapping him back into reality. He vaguely nodded, looking at the ground. Katsuki shot me a look but I simply shrugged, not knowing what was going on with him either.
"You okay there buddy? You've been out of it all day" I said, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"Come to think of it, you've been a lot quieter this week..."
"It's nothing. Let's just get this over with okay?" he muttered, pushing my hand off and walking towards the exit. I frowned, looking at Bakugou in search of an answer but he just stood there, as confused as I am.

"Has he said anything to you?" I asked confused but he shook his head.
"No... This shit is starting to worry me, he isn't usually one to sulk around and certainly not for this long" Katsuki sighed.
"Oh~ I knew you secretly cared~!" I smiled, poking him in his side, which earned me a blast in the face. It wasn't that big so I managed.

"Shut up dunce face! Of course I fucking care! You may be a bunch of idiots but you're MY damn bunch of idiots" he hissed.
"I'll have raccoon eyes set up an intervention after school. We're getting to the bottom of this"
"What would the Bakusquad ever do without you" I smiled, making him scowl.
"Shut up and get ready. We have a game to win"

Things went smoothly after that, Bakugou killing off one group after another. Kirishima seemed to be putting up a façade, acting like everything was peachy around the others of our class. That was until we ran into team Todoroki, which contained him, Yaoyorozu and Iida. We were located on the fifth floor of one of the apartment buildings in the urban area battleground, a few meters between us.

But just as Bakugou wanted to attack, an alarm screeched through the air.
"That's the villain alarm! UA is under attack!" Momo gasped. I ran to the window, seeing heavily armed men march over the square. Iida was standing next to me in a second, also observing the situation.
"That doesn't look good..." I whispered, ducking as they looked into our direction.
"What the hell do we do now?!" Kirishima whisper yelled in a panic, making Katsuki grab his tunic and glare at him.

"Stay calm shitty hair, they don't know where we are yet. Let's figure out why they're here"
"I'm with Bakugou. We should pause this game and focus on our real enemy, gather as much information as we can" Todoroki said on a neutral voice before looking at me.
"Kaminari, can you reach any of the teachers?"

I tried to use my coms, having little to no success until a well known voice came through.
"Yes, hello, can't talk right now, we're kinda in the middle of something"
Shoto's eyes widened and he signed me to hand it over. I detached the communication device from my headset and gave it to him.
"I don't care Toya. We have eyes on the villains. Where the hell are you?" he snapped at his brother.

"Shoto? Oh thank God you're okay! Okay, so, uhm, Eraser got hurt trying to fight them off while I managed to trigger the alarm. Mic and Midnight are gathering the students and bringing them somewhere safe. Or safer... The grounds are in lock down though so no one is able to come in or out" Dabi rambled.
"And I'm stuck here babysitting Eraser cause nobody fucking trusts me to do shit on my own! So yeah, that sums it up pretty well... Where you at baby bro?"

"Grey building at the edge of the plaza. They're gathered here, we can't move or they'll see us"
"Ugh, sucks... Anybody with you? Eraser wants to know all his kids are accounted for as the overprotective parent he is. So cute~"
Bakugou got irritated and snatched the phone away from Todoroki.
"Listen up you shithead! We don't have the fucking time to joke around right now! Make your villain ass useful and tell Aizawa sensei Bakugou, Kirishima, Kaminari, Todoroki, Yaoyorozu and Iida are here"

"You actually know our names, I'm impressed" Todoroki stated, earning a death glare.
"A-alright! Let's not fight amongst ourselves, okay?" I said in a quick nervous tone, swiftly coming in between them. I took a deep breath, grabbing back my coms and looking at the ground as I spoke.
"M-Mister Todoroki sensei? Uhm... A-are we allowed to use our quirks?"

Everyone stared at me in shock. I'm not sure whether it was because I addressed him so formally or because of the question I'd asked. Seriously? Did no one bother even thinking about it? After all the shit we've been through with the League?!
"School domain kid, go wild" Toya laughed.
"Oh, uhm, just don't get yourself killed! I don't think the judge is gonna laugh with that"

"Okay!" I smiled, hanging up and connection the device back to my headpiece.
"Wait... Do you have a plan?" Momo asked carefully.
"I don't know, do I?" I asked, honestly confusing myself.
"Of course he doesn't! He's a moron! Shitty hair, icyhot, with me. We're taking them down" Bakugou stated with a grin.

"You can't just rush in there! You need a plan!" Iida exclaimed.
"Yeah, we can't fight them off on our own! Have you seen their numbers?" I stated, pointing at the window.
"Ugh, fine, whatever... What do you shitheads suggest we do?"
"Kaminari can stun them" Kirishima whispered, making all heads turn his way.
"Too many people, besides I'd hit you guys to and I'd be in my dumb-mode for-" I started, only to be interrupted.

"Not if you consume the buildings energy source first" Kirishima said, now looking me dead in the eye.
"I know you can aim your attacks, you won't hit us if you don't want to"
I stared at him in shock. He couldn't possibly know about my newly developed skills! I only practiced at D.E.K.U. and I thought I'd been super careful about it! The only way he could know was if... OH MY GOD NO! No, no, no, no, no-
"Kaminari!" he snapped, now standing in front of me.

"I-I know, okay?"
I glanced aside at Todoroki and he followed my gaze, quickly looking back at me.
"I know..." he repeated in a whispered, his eyes darting to the ground.

Chapter Text

Pov Kaminari
"What the hell is he talking about?" Bakugou asked, glaring at me.
"I-I..." I choked out, swallowing the lump in my throat. I sighed, closing my eyes for a moment before pulling up my sleeve. Todoroki stared wide eyed, knowing what I was about to do.
"Yaoyorozu, could you please make a knife for me?" I asked quietly.

"What are you going to do with it?" she asked, her quirk already working.
"Kaminari, explain yourself, what is happening here?" Todoroki asked, an angered but concerned tone lingering in his voice.
"I'm calling back up" I said with a forced smile while taking the knife from Momo. Before anyone could react, I'd cut my arm. I winced, prying out the small tracker device the Reaper implanted in me. A safety measure, everyone in the union had it.

I breathed heavily as it fell to the ground and everyone gasped or stared in shock. This wasn't the Kaminari they knew...but this is the Kaminari I've become...
"Destroy it" I muttered towards Kirishima. Meanwhile Yaoyorozu was making bandages and Iida was screaming in terror. Bakugou simply stared at me with a blank expression, one very much like the one he made when people wanted to protect him during the villain attack at camp. And Todoroki... Well, his face was unreadable, like always.

"Why did you do that?! What is that device?!" Iida yelled, mimicking a robot. Momo started wrapping the bandages around me arm and I silently thanked her.
"It's in pieces" Kirishima stated after stomping on it for a while.
"That means he'll come, right?"
I nodded and saw that send Katsuki over the edge somehow. He grabbed my shirt, lifting me up from the floor and started to yell.

"The Green Reaper" I said on a monotone voice, shocking the whole room, except for Shoto and Eijirou.
"W-what..." Bakugou whispered, slowly letting me go and taking a step back.
"My tracker is destroyed, it'll send a distress signal directly towards him" I continued and sighed.

"I-I'm so so sorry... I never wanted you guys to find out this way... I just..."
Tears started forming in my eyes and my field of vision got blurry.
"Kaminari is Black-Out" Kirishima breathed, crossing his arms. Momo gasped, the guys just stared.
"I don't have time for this" I groaned, wiping away my tears.

"Scold me all you want later, okay? Where is the building's power supply? I need to charge myself up if we wanna pull this off"
"The basement" Todoroki said neutrally. I nodded, giving one last glace at my friends before leaving the room.
"Oi! I'm not leaving you out of my fucking sight asshole!" Bakugou shouted, marching up after me.

"No Bakugou! We shouldn't split up! It's dangerous!" Iida yelled, also coming after me. In the end everyone followed me to the basement, where I grabbed to power lines and absorbed all of the electricity. I transformed in the process since my body can't handle the amount of energy otherwise.

"It really is you..." Katsuki whispered, clenching his fists.
"Y-you... You were the one who rescued me from the League..."
It was weird to hear his voice so vulnerable, so fragile. Trembling, scared...
"What kind of friend would I be if I left you hanging?" I asked with a small smile.

"Of course I had to get you home as soon as possible! I mean, the Reaper would've let you live, I think... But he did slaughter basically the whole League so I'm not that sure..."
"Kaminari! Shut up!" Kirishima hissed, making some heads turn. It was like the red head was a whole new person as well...
"Right... Just, uhm, just stay behind me, okay? A-and don't touch me. I don't want to hurt any of you on accident" I muttered while making my way back upstairs.

"You do realise we're telling the teachers about this, right?" Yaoyorozu asked as we made our way to the exit of the building.
"I'm well aware" I sighed, turning around to look at them. A small smile crept up my face and I scratched the back of my head.
"You know, I've never lied about anything other than this... I really do love all of you guys and if this is the way I gotta go so be it" I forced out, choking back the tears.

"At least I get to save you!"

"Shut up with the sentimental crap and just do it already!" Bakugou hissed. I rolled my eyes and kicked down the door, putting my hands on the ground and electrifying the whole square in one go. They all dropped to the ground, their tech frying through and some were set on fire as well. I panted a bit as I let go, shifting back to my regular form.
"Ugh, that took more than I expected" I groaned, getting back up.

"Wait. No throw back? No dumb short circuited Kaminari?" Iida asked surprised.
"Nah dude, I've got everything under control" I grinned.
"Although I'm a bit lightheaded... Doesn't matter, we have to go tie them up. Yaoyorozu, rope"
They listened to me and did what I asked, which felt foreign to me. And where the hell was that back up at anyway? Todoroki acted like he was clueless and Kirishima didn't out him either. Maybe he didn't know for sure?

I frowned, suddenly feeling a stinging sensation in my neck.
"Cause you saved my ass, I won't kill you. Consider us even" Katsuki's voice hissed in my ear as he pulled the dart out of my neck. My body tensed up before falling limply to the ground.
"He's still aware of everything that's happening and he can answer our questions, I made sure of it" I heard Yaoyorozu say as someone took my communication device.

"I'll contact the teachers, they need to hear this"
That was Todoroki. He's playing his role perfectly, like I'd expected him to. Innocent until proven guilty.

"That won't be necessary~!"

My eyes widened. About damn time! I was pulled up, looking straight into the eyes of the Green Reaper. I noticed he was still partially in his school uniform. He'd come here in a hurry...
"Hello there Kaminari-kun~! Got into some trouble I see?"
"Stop messing with him already"
Shinsou's voice... He was here too?!

My body was engulfed in green and my body sat up.
"I interrogated those scumbags over there. Apparently they were here to get their hands on Midoriya Izuku, son of Midoriya Hisashi. Misinformed goons, really. Didn't even know the kid doesn't follow the hero course!"
"Oh really Commander~? How interesting" Midoriya chuckled.

I darted my eyes over to my friends, seeing them all struggling to get free from the green glow that was surrounding them.
"Alright, Black-Out, I have a question for you"
I looked back at Izuku, who was smiling brightly at me.
"What would you rather? Option one, I leave you here and let UA and the police department decide over your fate. Or option two, I take you with me and you become a full fledged member of D.E.K.U."

He turned around to look at the others, Shinsou already chuckling at their miserable attempts to escape.
"Oh yes, try to fight it, he likes that~" the indigo eyed male whispered with a wide grin.
"What will it be? Better decide quickly! Eraser is on his way, you know~"
I looked aside at Kirishima and Bakugou with guilt and regret. Was there really a right choice to make here? I already sealed my fate when I decided to out myself...

There was no way back, better go all the way...
"Take me home" I breathed, staring into his bright green eyes while I felt mine start to glow as well.
"Good choice~" he grinned, snapping his fingers. The Commander whistled and Crowley dove down to get me. I don't know what happened after that but I was soon back at HQ, being treated with an antidote for whatever Momo whipped up and Bakugou injected me with. This is it... This is my life now...

No more Charge Bolt.

No more Mr hero...

From this point on, Kaminari Denki is a villain...

Pov Kirishima
As soon as they left, the glow left our bodies and we fell limply on the ground. I can't believe it... I actually pushed him even further into the darkness... This is all my fault! I started crying and soon felt a pair of arms around me.
"Hey, shh, calm down" Bakugou whispered, rubbing my back. We sat there for a while, me sobbing onto his shoulder while he whispered soothing things into my ear.

I know it must be hard on him too. Kaminari was a part of the Bakusquad after all and no matter how much Katsuki denied it, he cared about all of us.
"How long have you known?" he asked quietly, now looking at me.
"How long have you been keeping this for yourself Kiri? Letting it build up inside of you until it exploded... You can't do that to yourself, you could've told me"

"I-I..." I choked, out, trying to wipe my tears away. As I did, I caught the eyes of Todoroki, who was standing behind Bakugou. He had a murderous look in his eyes, glaring directly at me. Oh God. This is what I was so afraid of! I made myself a target by outing Kaminari! Now they're out for revenge! I burst out into tears again, my body shaking and trembling. Katsuki held me in his arms the entire time, trying to calm me down even when the pro's arrived.

Yaoyorozu and Iida explained what went down while Toya held a firm grip on a pissed Shoto. He really did care about his baby brother... But did he know Shoto was actually Ace? In the end, I had to let go of Bakugou since the teachers wanted to question everyone apart.
"There are more, don't trust anyone" I quickly whispered towards the ash blonde, knowing I could trust him with my life. He looked shocked for a moment but nodded, showing me he understood.

After that I told the teachers everything I knew and handed them the voice recordings I was keeping. Aizawa sensei was seemingly surprised I could be this cunning, but I guess that's normal since I have a happy parade going on all the time. Nobody would expect a public relief character to be sneaky or cunning, which gave me the element of surprise.

"Are you absolutely sure about this information?" Aizawa asked, glancing at Present Mic.
"Yes, Shinsou Hitoshi is the Commander" I breathed, looking down at the ground. He was his nephew so it must be hard to hear he was actually a villain. There was a knock on the door and Todoroki Toya walked in only seconds later.
"I was called? Something wrong? I thought you didn't trust me enough to be here?" he asked confused.

"I just want to make clear we're all ready to take you down and with all of us pro's surrounding you, you have no chance at escape" Aizawa started. What a nice way to open up a conversation...
"O-kay..." he said slowly, now plainly confused.
"We have reason to believe your brother Shoto is involved with the Green Reaper. Do you know anything about that?"

His eyes widened and darted around the room, just like they'd expected he was searching for a way out unconsciously.
"So you do know more, please enlighten us" Midnight grinned. He glanced at me with pity before he started laughing.
"Look, even if I did know something, I'd never expose my baby bro like that. Besides, shouldn't you be more concerned about your students? Knowing there are dangerous criminals walking amongst them?" he chuckled before looking back at me.

"You're the smartass who figured it all out eh? Good for you! He'll get to you before the sun sets, I promise you that. And he'll make you regret your very existence"
Aizawa sensei pressed him up against the wall, his eyes glowing a dangerous red.
"Are you threatening our students?" he hissed.
"Oh no, just stated the facts as they are" Toya grinned.

"Better arrest your suspects and place them in high security holding cells. Also, fortify the school and make sure the rest of the student body is protected, especially that one over there. Wouldn't want any death to strike upon your prestigious school, now would we?"
"And why would you care? You're just like your brother!" I hissed, tears stinging in my eyes. He sighed, rolling his eyes while casually pushing Eraserhead off him.

"Kid, I'm on a redemption tour here. The least I want right now is for somebody to drop dead while I'm around cause I just know people are gonna think I'm connected in some fucking weird way and that totally blows the new look I'm going for" he sighed in an exhausted manner, like he just had enough of all this bullshit.

"You've already outed one of the Green Reaper's favorite toys, and now you're on your way to destroy the other two he values most in his collection? I'm just being honest here kid, your future isn't looking all that bright. Also, those scumbags from earlier were after that quirkless kid so might wanna put him in extra protection as well"

"You sure are blunt" Midnight muttered.
"That's just who I am baby" Toya grinned.
"Anything else I can give you insight on? Assuming I'm not allowed to leave this room at the risk of me warning my brother somehow"
"You are somehow smarter than we gave you credit for..." Aizawa muttered.
"Thanks, been in this business for a while now so" he smiled, quite proud of the compliment.

Chapter Text

Pov Midoriya
I fell down on my bed, tired out, ripping off my mask. Shinsou dropped down next to me, groaning and pulling at his hair.
"I can't fucking believe he exposed himself like that! Ugh, what a moron!"
"I already hear you're going to have a fight with your boyfriend so I'll make sure you two can get some privacy" I sighed, waving with my hand while crawling up.

"Now get to your room and change into some proper clothes. Everyone is back in the dorms cause the villain alarm got triggered so we should get away with being in our rooms"
"You're surprisingly calm about this" he stated as I started taking off my shirt.
"I've been through worse" I shrugged, throwing my shirt in his face.
"Now get yourself cleaned up Commander~"

"Tch. You're lucky my acting game is on point and Shoto isn't one to show emotion or we'd be screwed" he muttered, walking back to the window to jump balconies to his room.
"Make sure you've got a valid excuse ready for when they ask where you've been!" I called after him, pulling down my pants. I got changed and quickly made my way downstairs.

"Midoriya? Where the hell were you dude! The teachers were going crazy!"
"I heard the alarm when I was in the bathroom and came straight here. It's the protocol, right?" I asked nervous and jittery, as is my normal reacted when accused.
"Of course the quirkless knows protocol... Pfft" someone scoffed. I pouted, quickly making my way to the kitchen as they started making fun of me.

I'm a fucking super villain! I shouldn't have to deal with this crap! I almost grunted and cursed out loud but managed to control myself. Suddenly the front door crashed open and I froze up. Oh what now... I shot out of the kitchen, seeing Vlad King and Midnight storm the dorm. What the hell?
"Where is the student named Shinsou Hitoshi?" Midnight asked, scanning the room. My eyes widened.

They weren't looking for a student, they were looking for a villain... But how?! Unless... Unless Kaminari didn't expose himself. Someone exposed him. Someone that also knows about Shinsou... What about Todoroki? WHAT ABOUT ME?! Oh God, oh God, oh God...
"Oi! Quirkless, quit mumbling! Where is that brainwasher at? He's normally your fucking shadow"
"I-I don't know" I whispered, looking down while fidgeting with my shirt.

"Uhm, what's going on here?"

Oh Shinsou-kun... You have the absolute worst timing... I grabbed my phone, sending a distress signal directly to base. It was directed to my wing specifically, so I knew the only one who could see the signal was Kaminari. He should be good to go by now and was also the only one who could enter UA since he had a student pass. Campus was heavily guarded so outsiders had no chance of breaking in. Besides, I doubt his pass is already invalidated.

"Ah, Shinsou, just the guy we were looking for!" Midnight smiled, walking up to him. He frowned in confusion, looking at me for answers. I stared at him with big eyes, gesturing at him with a slit throat motion. He got the hint when Vlad King tried to attack him and he barely dodged.
"What the-?!"
The guy who'd yelled that was now under Shinsou's control and he used him as a shield against the teachers.

"Why the fuck are you attacking me?! Do you know who my uncles are? They'll kill you!" he hissed, glaring at them. The look in their eyes told me everything I needed to know. Of course they wouldn't talk back, they're pro's! They know how to avoid a quirk like this...
"Your uncles were the ones who send them..." I gasped, quickly slapping a hand in front of my mouth. To keep the act up, Shinsou used his quirk on me as well. I could easily snap out of it if I wanted, but it's better to let things play out.

"I see..." he sighed, glaring at the heroes.
"Well, guess I shouldn't hold back against pro's now should I?"
"Everyone get out of the common room!" Midnight shouted while Shinsou shifted. Vlad King charged again but was soon electrocuted and laid limply on the ground.

In the now broken doorway of our dormitory stood a panting Kaminari, his hand outstretched. He was transformed but didn't bother masking himself anymore.
"Stay...the fuck...away from boyfriend" he breathed, glaring at everyone in the room.
"H-how..?" Shinsou asked surprised, quickly glancing at me.

"You think I'd let my babe get captured when I can help it?" he grinned.
"Also, Kirishima knows everything so I kinda knew this was coming"
Kirishima... Oh, he's going down.
"We better go get Shoto before he throws a fit"
"Yeah... Wait. I want to take him" Shinsou said, pointing at me.

"Midoriya?" he asked confused while tasering the rest of the class. I bet he's confused cause he knows I'm the Reaper. Or confused because they hadn't come after me. Confused they didn't know...
"Those low life thugs were after him, weren't they? He's the son of a well known businessman so we could pull in good money from this. Maybe it'll please the Reaper enough for him to be merciful"

They looked at each other before an explosion in the background disrupted the silence.
"Bakugou" Kaminari whispered in shock, knowing the sound all to well.
"Todoroki!" Shinsou exclaimed, making them both panic.
"I'm on it, you get out. I've got Purrcy, Crowley, Snek and Chipper with me so you have your pick"
"Good" he smiled, quickly pecking his boyfriend on the lips.

"Kick ass babe"

Kaminari blushed a deep red before nodding and running off. Shinsou smiled a little before getting serious and looking at me.
"Follow me"
I did as he asked without question, still mildly under the influence of his quirk, but it was fading. He was slowly releasing me as to not draw unwanted attention. They made the most of a bad situation. Good. It means I trained them well.

Pov Todoroki
Everyone was shocked by the sudden revelation. Kaminari being a villain wasn't something anyone saw coming. Black-Out none the less, working for the Green Reaper out of all people. Kirishima was taken into interrogation, which concerned me. Did he know about me? If so, things could end up catastrophic...

I glanced aside, seeing Mina crying loudly, Sero and Uraraka trying to comfort her. The other girls were all huddled up and most of the guys were too shocked to even talk about it. I sighed, looking back down at the tea I made. I poured in two cups and went over to the asocial ash blonde who was staring out the window into the courtyard. I offered him the cup without words.

He looked kinda sceptical but took it anyway.
"What do you want icyhot? Can't you see I'm fucking busy?" he snapped. I rolled my eyes and sipped from my tea, looking ahead at the garden in the courtyard.
"I'm sure you are..." I muttered, making him grunt in annoyance.
"So, how are you holding up? Kaminari was a good friend of yours, right?"

"What is it to you? Why do you suddenly want to be all buddy buddy with me half-n-half?" he hissed, glaring at me.
"Well, I consider Midoriya a good friend of mine" I said with a small smile.
"So I would like to get along with you as well"
"Tch" he scowled, sipping from the tea.

"Hmm, this isn't all that bad..."
"Thank you" I reacted, still staring ahead. We stood there in silence for a while before he let out a long sigh.
"Look, it's not that I hate you or anything... You're just not someone I see myself getting close with"
"Because I'm not an idiot?" I snorted.

"No offence or anything Bakugou, but you tend to surround yourself with people significantly dumber than you. Also more energetic and generally cheerful"
"Tch..." he grunted, drinking from the tea to avoid having to react to what I said.
"You've got a fucking problem with my bunch of idiots? Cause if that's the case we're gonna have a fight"

"One of your idiots is a villain, Bakugou" I stated, now looking at him.
"I'm sure it must be hard on you. And as I said before, if you want to talk, I'm always willing to listen"
"What do you know about friends anyway?" he hissed.
"You're always just mindlessly tagging along with the rest of the class"

Our conversation was cut short when the front door opened. Aizawa sensei and Present Mic entered, scanning the room. Kirishima was with them, tears in his eyes, threatening to fall.
"Bakugou, please step away from Todoroki this instant" Aizawa said on a calm voice while activating his quirk. The ruby eyed male glanced between me and Eraser with a confused look but I already had a feeling of what was happening.

I sighed, looking down into my tea cup before speaking up.
"Listen to our sensei, Bakugou. Please step away from me"
He looked at Kirishima, who was teary eyed and shaking, his body language pleading the ash blonde to walk away. And as Bakugou started walking, so did the red head, meeting each other half way in a tight embrace.

I drank the rest of my tea in one go before smashing the cup to pieces on the ground, making everyone flinch. I saw Kiri whisper something in Katsuki's ear but didn't bother to find out what since I already knew the answer. He rooted me out.
"Should've known Kirishima wouldn't keep his mouth shut" I sighed, cracking my fingers.

Something in Bakugou snapped. His palms started sparking, explosions getting bigger and bigger until Kirishima had to contain him, holding him back from attacking me.
"You fucking asshole! You son of a bitch! I'll kill you!" Bakugou yelled furiously, yet I wasn't really phased by it. Instead, I looked at the two pro's in the room. Everyone else had been smart enough to take their distance, not knowing what was going on but knowing it was really serious and dangerous.

"So what now? You've erased my quirk, I'm defenceless" I stated, waving my arms around.
"We're taking you in. Your accomplice is getting the very same treatment at this moment" Aizawa hissed, walking closer to me.
"My accomplice? Oh, you mean Shinsou, your nephew?" I chuckled, holding a finger at my mouth to act like I was thinking.
"Ah, it are always those you least expect, aren't they?"

"Shut up!" Mic yelled, using his quirk, shattering the windows. But it soon stopped as he dropped dead on the floor. I was kind of surprised to see Kaminari standing in the doorframe, electricity sparking off him.
"Sorry I'm late, had to help my boyfriend first you know" he chuckled nervously. I took this moment now that Aizawa was distracted to transform and freeze everyone in place.

"Seems like you didn't need my help after all... Well, let's go!" he said cheerfully, turning around again.
"Not. So. Fast" I hissed, walking over to Kirishima, who was frozen solid in my ice. He was whimpering and crying, scared to death. Bakugou was trying to break free with his explosions but it was no use. My ice was much more powerful now.

"W-what are you going to do with him?" Kaminari asked on a shaky voice, scared of my answer.
"He's the one that figured us out, that exposed us to the world. Therefore he shall pay" I hissed, putting my left hand on his chest and heating up the ice around him.
"We're taking him back to base, the Reaper will love to finish him off himself"
"Oh uhm yeah... Speaking about that..." Kaminari said on a nervous tone, rubbing the back of his neck.

"You remember those guys from earlier? Who were after Midoriya?"
"I'm not liking where this is going" I mumbled.
"My babe thought it'd be a good idea to kidnap him. You know, to please the Reaper, let him have mercy on our souls and all that. We could get good money for him"

The ice around him started to crack and my eyes widened a little. Better speed this up and get going before we're in real trouble.

"I'm sorry okay! But I rather not die!" Kaminari yelled back, tears in his eyes.
"You have no idea how much I've been struggling with this okay?! I had no choice but to join the union! I'm not like Shoto or Hitoshi who joined out of their own free volition! I just happened to walk in on them and was forced between aiding them or getting slaughtered!"
He started to cry, hard.

I rolled my eyes, making sure Kirishima was movable but still locked tightly in my ice.
"Be fucking happy he gave you a second chance and let you join the family" I hissed, slapping him across the cheek.
"Now man up. We've got a package to deliver"
He gasped, holding his cheek in pain before glaring at me and returning the favour.

"Okay, I deserved that" I sighed.
"Yes you did, jerk" he muttered, still holding his face.
"Damnit Ace! I come to help you and you slap me! Ugh, I really don't get you sometimes... Let's just go already"
Denki tasered Eijirou so he'd be out cold and not another word was spoken on our way to the base. A tense silence, really. I felt bad for what I did, it was an impuls of the moment. I should apologize to him later, but first we need to finish this up.

As we entered the base, I threw Kirishima in a holding cell and went to see Midoriya in his lab. He dramatically turned around in his chair, a serious expression on his face.
"Alright, listen up you bunch of fucking morons, this is what we're gonna do-"

Chapter Text

Pov Bakugou
It wasn't that surprising that my emotions were all over the place after that. Aizawa sensei had to erase my quirk so people could stop me from rampaging the school for crying out loud. But what did you expect was going to happen? Both my boyfriend and best friend are kidnapped, a person I considered an ally stabbed me in the back and a classmate betrayed my trust. All that in not even an hour!

Midnight pushed me back into the dormitory, quirk dempening bracelets around my wrists.
"We get that you're upset but try to stay calm, we're doing everything we can" she stated, making me scowl.

"I know how you feel okay? But I promise you we will get them back" Midnight said on a stern voice before looking over my shoulder at the rest of the class.
"Look after him please"
With that she left, leaving the rest of the class to deal with me. Nobody knew what to say or do.

Normally shitty hair would try to talk to me at moments like these... Or dunce face would try to cheer me up by acting dumb and joking around. Izuku would hug and kiss me, telling me things would turn out alright in the end. Those thoughts made me tear up and before I knew it, I was crying. I've never cried in front of the class before... Not that they could see my face right now...

Suddenly a pair of arms wrapped themselves around me from behind and my breath hitched.
"It's okay Katsuki, just let it all out..." Jirou whispered, her face pressing onto my back. I slowly pried her arms off me and turned around. She looked shocked, expecting to see a scowl or glare. But instead I was a walking mess, tears flowing freely over my face. I held back a sob, throwing myself in her arms, finally being able to cry out loud.

I don't care everyone is staring or judging, I don't fucking care about anything anymore!
"I... I just w-want my boys back..." I choked out in a soft broken tone, crying onto her shoulder. She patted my back in a comforting manner, humming a quiet melody to help me calm down.
"We all want them back" another voice whispered and someone joined the hug from behind me. I could feel Ashido's horns poking me, instantly letting me know it was pinky who decided to step up as well.

"Come on, let's get you to your room, okay?" she asked quietly, now rubbing my back and seemingly communicating with Jirou through stares only. I just sobbed, letting the girls guide me towards the elevator while I was still breaking down.
"Momo?" Jirou questioned and before I knew it, the creator girl stood with us in the elevator. Together we rode up to my floor as the dark haired girl started making tissues.

"Here" she offered with a small broken smile. I know she has the hots for half-n-half, or had, I guess... So it must be hard on her too. But look at me, breaking down like a fucking child! Why do people always have to take care of me? Why is it always me who has to be rescued?! Am I not strong enough?! Even after devoting my life to training, I'm just not strong enough...

"I'll never be strong enough to protect someone..." I whispered out loud without knowing it. After that I just started crying even harder, hiding my face in the pink mess that was Mina's hair. It was soft, but couldn't even start to compare to my little sweet broccoli... Oh God, I just hope he's alright...
"Hey, don't say that... You'll be an amazing hero one day" Momo whispered, rubbing my back.
"Yeah, number one if I'm not mistaking" Jirou added as the elevator door dinged open.

"How can I be number one when I can't even keep the people I care about save?!" I cried out, harshly grabbing some tissues from Momo and blowing my nose.
"I wasn't even fucking smart enough to see through icyhot's stupid tricks! He's been playing me the whole fucking time!"

Mina dragged me along through the hallway, all the way to the end, where my room was located. We passed the rooms of both Todoroki and Kirishima, making my heart shatter into pieces.
"Hey, ssh, it's okay... We know this is hard for you but we'll get through this together alright?" Jirou said on a soft voice, rubbing my arms up and down as Yaoyorozu made a key to unlock my door. They knew I was in no state to do it myself so they just let themselves in, knowing I wouldn't mind and I needed this right now.

I slowly nodded at headphones, letting them guide me inside my room. It was the first time any of them came here, since I didn't join their little room competition a few days prior. There wasn't anything special about it though. Plain red bed sheets, a neatly organised desk top, curtains matching the bed sheets... Oh, and a pin bord full of doodles and sketches, but that was just crap.

"Oh wow, these are really good... Did you draw this Bakugou?" Yaoyorozu asked, taking one of the papers off my board.
"Keep your fucking hands off my stuff!" I hissed, snatching the paper from her hands. I looked down upon the drawing she'd taken, sobbing. I'd drawn the Bakusquad from some stupid selfie raccoon eyes forced on me.

Shitty hair was leaning onto my shoulder while dunce face stood at my other side, throwing peace signs at the camera. Tape dispenser had his arm thrown around the electric blonde, smiling widely. In the bottom corner was pinky's messy hair with those horns sticking out, her eyes just caught on the screen. My hands started trembling as I let the picture fall to the ground, my tears as potent as ever. Great. My own memories are trying to fucking kill me from the inside out!

My breathing became louder and I covered my face with my hands as I cried.
"I can't fucking take this shit any longer! I-I just... I-I j-just w-want them b-back..." I cried. I don't know why but something inside of me told me to scream my longs out, so I did. It was really relieving, to be honest, but I still didn't feel great.

People took turns watching me after that, forcing me to eat and take care of myself... I absolutely hated it. Why can't they let me suffer alone in silence? Why try to reanimate the dead? It felt like years passed until there was some kind of new lead, when in reality it was two days. It was Ojiro who came to tell me the news, stating Aizawa sensei and the other teachers left to trace it down and there weren't any classes that day.

Hm, class... I haven't been going but nobody blamed me. Besides, it was still the start of the term, nothing I couldn't catch up to. But once the tail dude told me they were on the move, I've never ran out of my room faster. Basically the whole class had to hold me back from breaking out. Apparently I stink so the guys forced me to take a shower and calm the fuck down.

"You're almost done in there? It's been half an hour and normally you shower in like 5 minutes" Sero called out, knocking on my stall. Ugh, I hate the common bathrooms...
"I bet he was spacing out" I heard Tokoyami say.
"Tch" I scowled, opening up the stall in anger.
"I wasn't spacing out! I'll be out in 5 minutes! Geez, what's the fucking rush anyway?"

I groaned, slamming the door shut behind me.
"We just want to make sure you're okay Bakugou!" Sero stated.
"Shut up tape dispenser! I'm peachy! Don't need no fucking extra's looking after me!" I hissed, hearing them chuckle a little.
"Glad you're back!" Ojiro shouted from another stall.

A shiver ran down my spine at those words. Glad you're back... A tear slipped down my cheek but I was quick to wipe it away. What if they killed him? Killed Kirishima? The Green Reaper wanted revenge on him, right? O-or Izuku? That bastard could kill him in seconds, probably less. I started crying, punching the shower wall in self pity. Ugh, I'm so pathetic.

"Everything okay Bakugou?" Sero questioned again as their laughter died down. I hadn't realised I was crying so loudly until he spoke to me about it. I cursed silently, clenching my fists.
"I'm just fine" I choked out.
"I don't need your fucking concern! Just deal with your own shit for once!"
"Dude, we just want to help-"

"I don't need your help!" I hissed, wiping my tears away.
"Just leave me alone!"
"I'll go tell the girls..." Ojiro sighed and I heard the main door open and close. I rolled my eyes and leaned against the wall, letting the water flow freely over my body.

'Please come home safe...' I thought. 'Please... I can't live without either of you...'

I turned off the water and wiped my tears away. I quickly wiped myself dry and changed into some clean clothes before leaving.
"Oh hi Bakugou! We're making spiced chocolate! You want some?" Mina asked, instantly all up in my personal space as I left the bathroom. I groaned, putting my hands in my pockets.

"I'm going back to my room. Bring them up when you're done or something" I grunted.
"No, no, no, that's not how this works" Jirou stated, now standing in front of me.
"You're finally out of that cramped square, we're keeping you here for now"
I groaned, trying to get past her but Ashido was in the way too.
"I don't need babysitters" I hissed.

"Well you can't lock yourself up like some kid throwing a tantrum! How do you think we feel?!" raccoon eyes yelled, suddenly angry.
"How do you think we feel about all of this?! That both Kaminari and Todoroki betrayed us! That they took Kirishima from us! We're hurting just as much as you but at least we don't let it ruin us! Because that's not what he would've wanted!"

"Stop talking about him like he's dead!" I shouted back, startling some people in the room.
"Shitty hair isn't dead, got it pinky?! Both he and Izuku are alive! T-they're... T-they're a-alive..."
My voice broke down and I took a deep breath, closing my eyes for a moment.
"But since you're obviously not letting me go, I guess I'll help you with your stupid chocolate or some shit like that"

"They're not dead" she agreed, forcing a small smile.
"And we'll get them back! You'll see!"
I frowned, looking away and walking to the kitchen. I stopped, however, when a certain Todoroki strolled into the dorms.
"Dear students, please gather around!" he smiled.

"What are you so damn happy about flame brain?" I hissed, glaring at him.
"For the last time Bakugou, like it or not, I am one of your teachers so behave respectfully" he sighed, glaring back at me.
"Also, there are some important things to discus with you!"
"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" I grunted.

"Would you be more polite if I said it concerned a certain red head and green headed boy?" he asked out loud, earning the attention of the whole class.
"That's what I thought" he smiled.

Pov Midoriya
"I really am sorry about this" Kaminari whispered, pushing Kirishima in a cell with me.
"B-but it was the only way f-for him to keep you alive... I'm so sorry"
He choked back his tears and quickly left the building. An abandoned warehouse I frequently used to store certain goods and people.

I'd been here for a day, setting everything up after I made sure Kirishima got his punishment yesterday. I made sure to leave some traces so the heroes would find us. Cause you see, I'm not the Green Reaper right now. Right now, I'm Midoriya Izuku, a quirkless boy that got kidnapped for money. I was imprisoned by my own men, not that they know I'm actually their boss.

Besides, they're low life scum anyway, shark bait, to call it that. They're only here to make it more believable for when the pro heroes storm this place. They'll be arrested and taken away but I don't really care for them all that much.

I looked aside at the red head, who was just thrown into the cage with me. I knew he was still suffering from the treatment I gave him as the Reaper. Poor boy... I really liked him too... That's why I didn't kill him. Yet he had to be punished for what he did, a punishment he'd never forget, something to carry with him for the rest of his life just like my exposed compagnons would. Or rather, don't have the carry...

"M-Midoriya? Is that you?" he asked, his voice cracking and hoarse. He could barely hold his eyes open and coughed violently after talking to me.
"K-Kirishima?" I asked carefully, crawling over to him. Our hands and feet were bound together so it was kinda hard to move around.
"W-what... What a-are you doing h-here?" he choked out, coughing again.

"Did... D-did they t-take... take you t-to?"
I nodded, helping him sit up. He was in pain, I could tell. Well, too bad. SUFFER.
"They want me for my dad's money" I whispered, forcing myself to start crying.
"W-why do they want you?"

Midoriya Izuku wasn't supposed to know Kirishima Eijirou exposed some traitors. No, my quirkless ass just went from class to the bathroom to the dorms, where Shinsou and Kaminari made a scene and took me with them. I wasn't supposed to know what was going on or his link to the whole situation, so I had to act ignorant.

"I-I rubbed them t-the wrong way" he sighed, clearing his throat but no coughing this time. I saw how he struggled against his restrains, visibly trying to use his quirk to break free. But it didn't come. His quirk wouldn't activate...
"I think they injected me with something that's keeping me from using my quirk" he muttered, looking sideways at me.

"Looks like escaping is out of the question..."
"Even if we did get out, how would we get past all those guards?" I wondered out loud.
"If you were able to defeat one, I might've been able to snatch his weapon or something but it doesn't look like they carry any"
"Then their quirks must be very offensive" Kirishima concluded.

Yes, that's what I wanted him to think. But really those guys were just cheap take away. A one time use only. They don't have any potential to me, this is the only way they'll ever be useful. It shouldn't be long now... Didn't I leave enough hints for them to follow or something? But then pink smoke started filling up the room and I forced back a smile. Finally.

I glanced aside to Kirishima, who was panicking. I should probably do the same to keep the act up...
"W-what's happening?!" I shrieked, leaning closer towards the red head as yells and shouts were heard in the distance. Fighting started drawing closer and the men guarding us fainted from the mist. My guess is that it's Midnight's quirk. I squinted my eyes closed as a high pitched scream shattered basically everything around us. Ah, and Present Mic as well I see...

Soon the cage was opened and I stared at the familiar yellow goggles of Eraserhead.
"Found them" he spoke into his earpiece before untying us.
"How bad is it?" I heard through the coms as I held onto him tightly, tears streaming down my face.
"Both are alive, no visible injuries" he reported back, helping us to our feet.

We were both too shaken up to say anything or do anything more than to cling onto our saviour for our dear lives. Well, I was just mimicking Kirishima's movements really. Immediately after that, police sirens could be heard and we were escorted outside. The thugs were arrested and we were brought to a hospital to get fully checked up.

They called our parents and soon my mom showed up, over emotional as always. It was a cry fest, to say the least. And I don't know how long it lasted but it was at least a few hours.
"That's it! I don't want my little baby to be in danger anymore! None of this happened when we were living with your father!" mom stated.

"M-Mom, you can't seriously be saying what I think you are..." I breathed, fear consuming me. Here I am, the most powerful villain alive, afraid of the words my mother would speak next.
"UA is dangerous and I'm taking you out of there. We're moving back in with your father, no discussion"

Chapter Text

Pov Kirishima
My family was all over the place once they arrived. The doctors finished up doing their tests so they could come in. My parents were overly worried while my twin siblings were destroying the place with their recklessness. They were 10 years old, always showing off their quirks and fighting each other. But I could see they had missed me as well and had been worried for my safety just like our parents.

We'd mostly just cried and hugged until the doctor came back with the test results. His face didn't predict anything good...
"Ah, hello Mr and Mrs Kirishima, pleasure to meet you" he smiled, shaking their hands before focussing on me.
"Well Eijirou, your results are back. You seem to be in perfect health, so that's good. But there is one thing we think is strange-"

He flipped over some papers on his small pin up board and adjusted his glasses.
"You told us you have problems using your quirk, correct?"
"I-I think they might've jammed it some way... I can't seem to use it at all" I sighed, looking down at my hands, trying to harden them. Nothing happened. I clenched my fists and bit my lip.

My whole life I've thought my quirk wasn't good enough... That it wasn't flashy enough to become a hero. I didn't have the personality to boost that dream either... So I died my hair, turned into this new version of myself. I tried to act confident about my quirk but that façade failed quickly. Yet now that it's gone... I miss it. It's part of who I am, always has been. And even if it's not as cool as everyone else's, I'm still going to try and become a hero with it!

"Yes, I see... Well, we ran every test we could think of and uhm I-I don't know how to say this but the result was always the same"
"What are you trying to tell us doctor? Our son is okay, right?" mom asked worriedly.
"He won't die, I assure you, but his quirk... It isn't just blocked, it's completely erased. Like it was never even there to begin with. All our tests indicate your son is quirkless"


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no...

He must be joking, right? This isn't really happening, I'm not quirkless, I HAVE A QUIRK! I have a quirk! I-I... I have a quirk, right? I tried to harden myself again but my body didn't seem to react to it. My mom had gasped and dad was listening to the doctor who was now explaining everything into further detail. I wasn't listening, their voices fading to the background.

So that's why he didn't kill me... He didn't take my life, he took my quirk... And with it, he took my status and my future, leaving me to suffer for the rest of my life. Quirkless. How would people react to that? Are they going to look down on me now? Well, the class and our teachers are okay with Midoriya so I shouldn't have to worry about them. But I also know a lot of people in my environment look down on the quirkless, as is the norm.

People even talked to me about the fact I was friends with a quirkless and I shouldn't hang with people like him. Will they let me fall now that I lost my quirk too? Will I still be accepted? Tears pricked in my eyes and I started crying silently. How can I ever become a hero without a quirk? Even if it's not a flashy one, it's better than nothing! Maybe this was my punishment? Maybe fate decided that if I was going to keep bitching about my quirk, I should just have no quirk at all...

I lifelessly stood up from the bed and mumbled I was going to get something to drink. Mom wanted to stop me but dad let me go. I wandered through the halls in my dirty clothes, which I've been wearing for a while now. I'm sure my hair has started to grow out as well. It was already showing a little even before all of this.

I sighed, pushing the loose hairs back on my head, lost in thought. But that was interrupted by shouting from the room I was standing at. Curiosity took me over and I glanced inside. The door was open, not my fault.
"I'm not going back there! Mom, I love UA! All my friends are here! K-Kacchan is here! Please.. Please don't make me leave again!"

I was shocked to see Midoriya in tears, begging his mother to stay. Did she decide he would be better off on the other side of the country?
"You're not save here Izuku! Look at yourself! This never happened when we were still living with your father-"
"This happened because of my father mom!" he yelled back.
"T-they took me for his money, why can't you see that? W-why would putting me even closer to that man give me any more safety?!"

That was the moment his mom noticed me staring from the hallway. I had a blank expression on my face as she glared at me with a certain anger. She really is just a female version of Izuku! Midoriya followed her gaze and his eyes widened. He quickly wiped away his tears and held his mom back before she could snap at me about how this was private and I was unmannered for listening in like that.

"H-hi..." I muttered with a small wave, carefully stepping into the room.
"I-I didn't mean t-to interrupt-"
"No, it's fine. We're done here" his mother stated, giving her son a final look before grabbing her purse and leaving the room.
"Sorry you had to see that..." he whispered, looking down at his hands.

"She's very protective over me since I'm her only child and I'm quirkless and all that..."
I wonder if my parents are going to be more protective now that I lost my quirk...
"S-shouldn't you be with your family? Aren't they here yet?" he asked confused as I sat down by his feet on the bed.
"They're talking to the doctor right now. About uhm current condition..." I choked out.

"What about it?" he asked confused, tilting his head a little. I fumbled with my fingers, looking down at my hands. If someone understands, it's him, right?
"The Green Reaper took away my quirk..." I breathed, trying to hold back the waterworks.
"I-I... I'm quirkless now, j-just like you"
It was quiet for a while but I didn't dare to look up at his face.

Suddenly the blankets ruffled and a weight was placed down next to me, making the bed sink a little. A pair of arms wrapped themselves around me and green hair filled my vision.
"I'll help you through this, I promise" he whispered, holding me tightly. It send me over the edge and I started sobbing into his shoulder. That was until an explosion and an angry yell could be heard from somewhere in the hallway.


Izuku quickly pulled away and we stared at each other in acknowledgement for a second. That angry yell could only be from one person and one person only. We both turned to face the door, where only a moment later said ruby eyed male was standing. His eyes widened as he saw us, tears welling up in them. Before we had any time to react, he had tackled us down onto the bed, hugging the both of us while kissing Midoriya's face all over.

Third wheel much? Hm, not that I really care about that right now though. Bakubro is hugging me out of his own free volition! I'm so happy!
"You fucking idiots... I missed you two so fucking much" he cried, not letting us go anytime soon.
"I missed you too Kacchan!" Midoriya sobbed, grabbing his head and kissing him fiercely on the mouth. I rolled my eyes and wiggled myself out of the bone crushing death grip of Bakugou Katsuki.

"Oi, get back here, I'm not done with you" the blonde stated, now only hugging me.
"Dare get taken from me again like that and I'll fucking kill you"
"Hehe, okay, I'll try not to" I chuckled, trying to keep the mood light. I don't want to ruin what was going on here by being depressed all over the place and Izuku seemed to have the same idea since he didn't mention what his mom told him.

"By the way, I think your boyfriend is getting jealous"
"Ahw, come here Izu" he cooed, pulling Midoriya in a side hug.
"I think I finally figured out your type" the green head laughed.
"Weak and quirkless"
My eyes widened and before Bakugou could ask any more questions-

"Oh my God! Guys, they're here!" Mina screamed, jumping on top of us with a running start. I groaned but let it happen. Soon basically the whole class was in here, getting emotional all over the place.
"How did you guys even get here?" I asked confused as I wiped away some tears.
"Toya drove us here in the school bus!" Mina exclaimed happily.

"Yeah, he scolded us the entire time to" Sero chuckled.
"Something along the lines of 'if I get arrested for this you're going down with me' or something"
"He's really trying to better his life. It's terrifying" Mina added.
"So where is he now?" I chuckled.
"Canteen, drinking black coffee" Jirou shrugged.

"He's been living off that stuff for days now, like a second Aizawa sensei" Uraraka shuddered.
"It must be hard on him to lose his younger brother this way" Iida added. Right... Todoroki... I looked aside, seeing Bakugou basically making out with Midoriya on the bed. Ugh... The blonde pulled away and smiled down upon the freckled face.
"Now why don't you tell me what you mean by 'weak and quirkless' huh?" he challenged, making me flinch.

"I get that you're jealous, which is super cute, but calling someone weak and quirkless is the last thing I expect from-"
"He's right though" I interrupted him, looking down in shame. Better rip the band aid right off...
"What do you mean Ei?" Mina asked confused, tilting her head a little.
"I am weak" I muttered, clenching my fists as a tear ran down my face.
"A-and quirkless..."

The room was filled with a tense silence before Bakugou spoke up.
"What the hell did those bastards do to you huh? Brainwashing? What is this shit?! Don't tell me you're fucking quirkless when you're obviously not!"
I started crying. Can't he see he was only making things worse! And to add to things, he decided to set off an explosion in my face. Something I could usually mute with my quirk, but now felt the full impact off.

I cried out, crawling in on myself on instinct to protect my face and vital body parts. Everyone stared in shock, even Katsuki didn't know what to say, or so I thought.
"You idiot! Why didn't you use your hardening?! I could've-"
Midoriya stopped him, slowly shaking his head.
"The Green Reaper took away his quirk somehow Kacchan. He's like me now, quirkless"

I hugged my legs, crying to myself as Izuku said that. I bet he thinks I'm not worthy of being his friend anymore... I can't even take a single hit anymore! I'm so worthless... He'll never like me anymore...
"Well, guess I'll just have two quirkless to defend now" Bakugou shrugged like it was no big deal. I looked up at him in surprise, hope burning within me.
"Y-you're... You're okay with m-me this?" I asked quietly.

"My fucking boyfriend is like that, hair for brains" he stated, pointing out Midoriya before waving at the rest of the class.
"Everyone fucking loves you, you moron. Why the hell would we care if you've got a stupid quirk or not?"
I was quickly pulled into a group hug. Yet again everyone got over emotional.
"You guys are the best! I love you!" I cried out.

"Love you too!" Mina exclaimed.
"A-as a friend, of course!" she quickly added.
"Yeah man, you're the one who ties our class together!" Sero grinned.
"Oh, I know! I'll teach you the self defence moves I was taught when I was in middle school!" Midoriya smiled happily.

"Every quirkless is taught basic self defence in middle school you know. It's the law, we have to be able to defend ourselves against quirks"
"Oh, oh, oh! We can all do it together! That way no one feels left out" Mina smiled.
"Sounds like a plan" Jirou grinned.
"Watcha say Midoriya? Want to teach all of us?" Ojiro asked.
"Sure" he smiled, cuddling more with Bakugou.

I frowned though, knowing the one thing he wasn't telling everyone. Those were empty promises... His mom was going to take him away, they'd move to the other side of the country. Again. And he was planning to leave without saying a word, simply vanishing from our lives. Again. It's the same thing he did last time, if I need to believe Bakugou.

Before I could say anything, the nurses came in to shoo the visitors out. Katsuki took his time saying goodbye to Izuku. After that he hugged me a last time and ruffled my hair, stating it was a mess and I had to colour it again. I had to go back to my room again but stayed behind for a bit.
"Why didn't you tell them?" I asked, making him look down at his hands.
"I didn't want to ruin the moment..." he sighed.

"It's funny how fate always finds a way to torture me... It's just like last time. Kacchan will be devastated if I have to leave again"
"So what? You're just not telling him? Break his heart like last time?" I asked, frowning.
"You think I want this?" he hissed, tears in his eyes.

"I don't like my father, okay? You can ask Kacchan about him, he's a scary man. But I can't disobey him. I know he's the one that asked mom to move back, she wouldn't make that decision on her own..."
He took a deep breath, closing his eyes for a moment.

"I want to stay at UA, believe me. I don't want to leave Kacchan or this town. I have my life here... So much unfinished business... But I have no choice. Please don't tell anyone"
I sighed, walking over to the door.
"I won't... But you will. Katsuki deserves a proper chance at goodbye" I stated before leaving.

Chapter Text

Pov Kirishima
"Oi! We're leaving and we're taking you with us!" Sero grinned, taping my arm and pulling me all the way across the hall to the rest of the Bakusquad.
"Don't worry, we went over to your parents and asked permission first" Jirou said quickly.
"You're discharged so you're coming back with us to campus!" Ashido squealed.

"I-is that a good idea?" I asked, pulling my hair out of my face as they dragged me along by the tape.
"Tch. We should get your fucking shitty hair fixed. It's even shittier than normal" Bakugou snorted with a smirk.
"Hey!" I pouted, trying to cover up the mess on my head. It was laying flat and messily, black hair growing out at the roots.
"Say, why did you colour your hair in the first place?" Mina asked curiously.
"I liked your black hair"

Right, we went to the same middle school... We weren't really friends back then. I mean, we spoke a few words but...but that's cause she was always so easy going and popular. She talked to everyone. I was just the shy kid... I never knew she actually remembered...
"Wait. Did you say black?" Jirou asked, quirking a brow.
"Kirishima with black hair? Now that I wanna see!"

"You didn't answer my question though" Mina smiled as we got outside.
"Fucking finally! Get your asses on the bus, Eraser is going to lose his shit when you're not all at the dorm when he gets back!" Toya shouted, pointed at his wrist like he was wearing a watch.
"Calm your tits dude" Bakugou grunted, pushing past him onto the bus.

"Are you allowed to stand here-?" I questioned but he just shoved me in the bus after the others.
"We got him!" Sero shouted and everyone cheered.
"Alright, buckle up!" Toya yelled, driving away like crazy. I fell over, only to be caught by Tokoyami's dark shadow.
"Thanks man" I chuckled, holding onto the seats and quickly sitting down. I ended up sitting next to Mina. Behind us were Jirou and Sero and before us Bakugou on his own.

"So? Why did you change your hair colour?" she asked, inspecting the little black roots on top of my head.
"Hey! Stop that!" I whined, pushing her off.
"Oi, shittier hair. Answer raccoon eyes, you made me curious" Bakugou stated, now on his knees and looking over his seat. We made a sharp turn, making him almost lose his balance.

"Damnit flame brain! Keep this fucking bus straight!"
"You're not even straight" he snorted and kept on driving.
"What the hell did you just say?!" he snapped, wanting to go to the front to blast him. I quickly grabbed is sleeve, pulling him back down as we came to a harsh stop in front of a traffic light.

"Don't. He's the only one who can drive this thing. Kill him when we're on campus" I sighed.
"Tch. Fine" he grunted, sitting back down.
"So why did you colour your hair?"
I looked aside to see Uraraka and Asui, now also listening into the conversation.
"Ugh... Why is everyone suddenly so interested in my hair?" I groaned, pulling at it.

"Cause I liked your black hair!" Mina pouted.
"You always used to play with it when nervous, so cute!"
"Really?" Jirou laughed, making me want to sink into the ground.
"Kirishima? Nervous?" Sero asked, quirking a brow.
"Unmanly" I heard Bakugou snort. I frowned, kicking his chair.
"Shut up" I muttered.

"Yeah, Eijirou used to be this shy nerdy kid in class" Ashido continued, apparently not noticing my discomfort or ignoring it completely.
"He never really spoke up or stood out or anything... Always trying to cover up his face with those long black hairs of his"
"I call emo phase" Ochako said.

"I DIDN'T HAVE AN EMO PHASE!" I shouted, making all heads turn towards me.

I pulled up my legs and hid my face in my knees. Why did I just snap at them? Just because of my hair? No, that's not right... Because Ashido was pulling my past self to the surface with it. Yes, that's it. I dyed my hair and adopted a confident personality, all in order to become a hero. But now...

Now I'm quirkless and my natural hair colour shines through again. My old shy nerdy personality is coming back to me and I don't like it! I don't want to feel insecure anymore! B-but I just can't help it... Deep down it's who I am, no matter the circumstances...

"Hey, are you okay?" Mina asked carefully, placing a hand on my shoulder. I quickly jerked it off and shot to my feet. I fell back down next to Bakugou and curled up again. At least he wouldn't pester me...
"Oh come on, we're sorry! Don't be like this" Jirou whined, climbing over to sit next to Ashido.
"Just leave him the fuck alone shitheads!" Katsuki hissed, glaring at everyone behind us.

I smiled a little, knowing I could always rely on Bakugou to chase others away. I sighed, letting my head fall onto his shoulder. He tensed up but let it happen none the less. He has gone soft now that I'm quirkless... Midoriya was right. He treats the weak differently than the strong because he acknowledges their strengths and differences. But I don't mind all that much... I can get used to this soft Bakugou.

Pov Midoriya
I marched into the base, full on Green Reaper style. My plan had worked out perfectly. Maybe a little too perfect... I can't move back to the other side of the country! Fuck off dad, I swear I'll kill you some day! Seriously! Ugh, that man is always up in MY business! I don't go and tell him how to run the League now do I?!

I opened the doors to my wing and floated upstairs to the living area, where I saw my small team playing a game. Shoto was sitting on one of the couches, Denki and Hitoshi on the opposite one. The two lovers basically sat on each others lap but Todoroki didn't seem phased by it. He shook the black pot and threw out the dice, looking down at it with a bored expression.

"Yahtzee" he spoke on a neutral tone.

"What the hell?! How do you keep doing this shit?!" Kaminari exclaimed, pulling at his hair.
"You're cheating!"
"I'm not. I'm just that good" the halfa replied with a smug smile.
"I'm going to kill you if we ever play Twister, I swear" Shinsou hissed, glaring at Shoto as he wrote down his score.

"You're not a agile as me though" I stated, crossing my arms. They all froze up at my voice before shooting up from the couches and standing in front of me in a perfect line.
"W-we didn't know you were coming, s-sir" Denki forced out with a smile.
"What can we do for you?" Shoto asked. I frowned pulling off my mask and glaring at them.

"Kirishima is diagnosed as quirkless, our experiment was a succes" I said, making them breathe out in relief. If he somehow got his quirk back or this all failed, I had promised to kill him. They obviously didn't want that.
"I see you're all taking this whole deal well? Being exposed and all, not able to leave HQ..." I muttered, waving with one hand to signal an ongoing list.

"We're just happy you didn't take out your wrath on us..." Shinsou sighed.
"And glad we're still welcome here... You saved us"
"Again" Todoroki added quietly.
"Hm, good. Because you're all grounded for at least a month! Getting exposed like that... Tch. What are you? Some low life thugs? My name is being dragged through the mud as we speak!" I hissed.

"Green Reaper let's teenagers do his dirty work, that's what the media says and that's what people believe! Ugh, I can't even look at you right now!"
I angrily paced in front of them, pulling at my hair before groaning loudly.
"How did Kirishima Eijirou find out?! Tell me Sho!"
"He happened to overhear a conversation between you and Kaminari, boss" he answered on his monotone voice.

"When you were recruiting him in the hospital to go and save Bakugou. We're lucky he didn't link it back to you as well"
"So it was actually your fault" Denki said slowly, making me growl.
"Dude, don't talk that way to a man who can literary kill you with a snap of his fingers moron" Shinsou groaned, hitting the electric blonde arm.
"Man" Shoto snorted, making me glare at him.

"Well, Kiri is not a threat anymore so you're off the hook" I muttered.
"Continue your game or whatever... Not like I'm going to be around for much longer anyways..."
"What do you mean by that?" Shoto asked and I instantly got their attention.
"My douch of a dad convinced my mom it would be safer for me if we moved back in with him" I sighed.
"So she's dragging me with her to the other side of the country. Again"

"What? She can't do that!" Shinsou hissed.
"She's my mom" I stated.
"Screw parents" Todoroki said quickly.
"You only say that cause your mom burned your face with boiling water and your dad hit you for years" I flapped out, slapping a hand in front of my mouth.
"Oh God Sho, I'm so sorry, I didn't-"

"No, it's okay. You're right, like always" he said, pulling up the hood of his D.E.K.U. sweater, walking off with his hands in his pockets.
"Sho, please-"
"Don't Sho me, okay?" he hissed, glancing back for a moment before leaving the second floor and after that my quarters.
"Not cool dude" Kaminari frowned slowly shaking his head.
"Shut it Kami" I hissed, pulling at my hair.

"Everything is crumbling down! Everything I worked so hard to build! Damnit!"
"I'll go talk to Shoto" Shinsou said on a monotone voice. He kissed Denki on the cheek before running down the stairs and going after Todoroki. Tears stung in my eyes and I felt my bottom lip tremble.
"I-I just don't know what I'm doing wrong!" I cried.

"I-I did everything r-right! I e-eliminated the threat... G-got myself a f-free pass. Nobody suspects my identity! The union is r-running smoothly a-and we make s-so much profit! And yet here I am, insulting friends and being dragged away from everything I love and care about!"
This made Denki frown and cross his arms.
"Oh yeah? Cause to me it seems like the only person you actually care about is yourself"

"W-what?" I choked out, looking at him through my tears.
"As long as your little secret is safe, right? As long as YOU win in the end, everything else is fine! We're just means to an end to you, aren't we? You just call us friends to satisfy us, to keep us happy. Because you can't do shit with people who don't trust you, right? Jezus fucking Christ Midoriya... Do you even like someone other than yourself? Your parents? Friends? Bakugou?"

I stared at him in shock. Is that really how other people saw me? Once you see behind the mask, you can only see the monster huh?
"How would you be when the world has cast you out just because you were born differently?" I asked, wiping my tears away.
"Quirkless with a photographic memory. Bullied and beaten, cursed to never ever forget all those taunting words and actions. I hate everything in this world and its people. People who kicked me down just for existing... It makes you pull up walls, makes you go a little crazy in the head sometimes too... I just can't let go of the hatred"

I clenched my fists and slammed onto the table, making the game fly everywhere.
"Damnit! That's why I want to create a new world! A new era! So nobody has to become like me!  You think I don't care about people? That I don't have loved ones?! I keep them at a distance so they won't get hurt! The monster inside of me is untameable, Kaminari. Once set loose, it'll destroy everything on its path with no mercy! S-so that's why... That's why once my mission is complete a-and this world finally knows peace... I'll take my own life"

I let out a dry chuckle, tears running freely down my face again.
"The world can't know true peace as long as I live... But I swear to God I'll take all the evil down with me"
"Y-you... You really mean that?" Kami choked out, staring at me in shock, trembling a little.
"Why would I lie to one of my own?" I asked, tilting my head.
"You are one of my comrades, aren't you?"

"Y-yeah, yes, I uhm, I guess so" he stuttered, fiddling with this fingers.
"Do the others know about this? A-about your future plans?"
"They don't need to know" I sighed.
"They care too much for me to let me go... But you, we were never really friends. You've always seen me as the Reaper, as the monster behind the mask. I know you won't mind if I take my own life, so that's why I told you"

"You need us to stay loyal to you until the end" he concluded.
"And that can only happen by spreading information unequally..."
"You're smarter than I gave you credit for Kami~!" I smiled, poking him in the side.
"Now excuse me, I have to make things right with Todoroki-kun. See you later!"

Chapter Text

Pov Bakugou
"Oi, shitty hair, we're here" I grunted as I nudged him awake. I can't believe this idiot actually fell asleep with that maniac driving the bus. He blinked a few times, rubbing his eyes and yawning before walking with me towards the dorms.
"Sorry I pushed you about your hair, I didn't know it was a sensitive topic to you" raccoon eyes sighed as she walked with us.

"It's...complicated" Kirishima muttered, looking down at the ground.
"I just don't want to talk about it okay?"
How the fuck can dying your hair be complicated? Tch, I guess he had his reasons though. It's probably not just to look cool or be more like that Crimson Riot dude he looks up to. I mean, if even he doesn't want to talk about it, it's pretty fucking serious.

"Come on! We need to celebrate this!" Sero exclaimed happily as Kirishima entered the dorm.
"Oh! We'll make cake!" round face smiled, pulling frog girl with her into the kitchen.
"I can do decorations" Yaoyorozu offered, her quirk already in action. I rolled my eyes. These fucking extra's... But fine, since it was Eijirou's welcome back party, I'll let it happen.
"U-uhm, that's really sweet a-and all but I'd rather just go rest up in my room..." shitty hair stuttered nervously, a small smile lingering uneasy on his lips.


He was never one to turn down a party, certainly not one thrown especially for him! I frowned at him as people tried to convince him otherwise. It just made him more nervous and stressed and even I know that can't be good with his current condition...
"Back the fuck away extra's! Can't you fucking accept no for an answer?! He doesn't want a damn party! How the hell would you feel when you just got kidnapped and some lame as villain erased your quirk completely?!"

"T-thanks Bakugou..." he whispered, keeping his head down as he walked towards the elevator. Jirou hit me on my arm, glaring as she silently gestured to the metal doors closing in on a depressed Eijirou.
"You just HAD to say that, don't you?" she hissed.
"Look what you did! You made him feel even worse about himself!"

"At least I don't try and act like nothing happened!" I shouted in anger.
"All you fucking shitheads are trying to sugarcoat it! Like his whole fucking future isn't destroyed! Like he isn't suffering! We dragged him out of the hospital only hours after he was freed. I don't know about you, but I remember how I felt when that happened to me, okay?"
"Dude, we'll never forget how broken you were..." tape dispenser whispered.

"It was the first time I'd seen you cry..."
"I told you to shut up about that" I grunted.
"Oh please, like you didn't break down for days just now" raccoon face groaned, tired of this shit.
"Well just imagine what shitty hair is going through right now! That shit is worse than what they did to me!"
"And if it even made you cry..." Jirou trailed off.

The class stood in silence for a while after some shocked gasps had echoed through the room. I let out a frustrated sigh before going to the kitchen and grabbing the fat ass cookie jar that stood on the counter. Nobody spoke as I dragged it with me into the elevator and pressed the button for my floor. A floor I shared with Kiri and previously Todoroki.

Anger rose up in me as I thought of that damn halfa. Trying to get close to me just to stab me in the back... To think that, for just a moment, I actually sympathized with him! To think that, if his façade had held a little longer, I would've probably taken him up on his offer to open up. I would've fucking shared my feelings with him! And he would've listened and think of me as pathetic. I bet he would've laughed about it with the Green Reaper afterwards.

I shook my head. No. I need to focus on shitty hair right now. He needs me more than ever. I stopped in front of his dorm door and took a deep breath before knocking. I could hear muffled crying from the other side and some shuffling on his bed. Not much later, the door creaked open, revealing the red puffy face of my best friend.
"Can I come in?" I asked, seeing him hesitate.

"Got comfort food" I added, gesturing to the cookie jar.
"I would've brought ice cream but we don't have any at the moment"
Cause I ate all of it during my own mental breakdown... Not that I said that out loud. He sniffled a little and wiped a tear away while opening the door a bit further.
"A-are the others coming too?"

"No, just me" I said, not wanting to push my luck by barging in. I need to wait for his permission.
"Oh... Close the door behind you" he whispered, stepping back from the door, allowing me to enter. I pushed it open and closed it behind me like he asked. His room didn't change a bit... Wild waves on the walls, fitness equipment dominating any free space he might have. It was a mess but I didn't complain.

The red head dropped face first on his bed, crying again. I sighed, sitting down on the bed next to him and patting his back. I put the jar down, opening it up and taking out a chocolate cookie.
"Here" I muttered, offering him the food. He glanced up, taking it with shaking hands before munching it down. I handed him another one, making him sit up right on his bed.

"You must think I'm pathetic or something..." he mumbled while taking small bites from the food.
"Tch. You should've seen the mess I was just a day ago..." I sighed, making his eyes widen in surprise.
"The class had to take turns babysitting me because they were scared of what I would do if I was left alone"
"Y-you were that out o-of c-control?" he asked in a whisper.

"I had to wear quirk eraser bracelets" I said, taking a cookie from the jar but now for myself.
"Cried in front of all those fucking extra's too... Yeah, you really missed the pity party"
He let out a dry chuckle, I've never hear him laugh with so little emotion. It was terrifying.
"All for me? Or for your boyfriend?"
"For the both of you, knucklehead" I scoffed, pushing him a little.

"Yeah right... Like I'm worth worrying about..." Kirishima muttered.
"Oi! Don't talk like that!" I hissed, glaring at him.
"You are worth the fucking world, you hear me? You're my damn best friend and without you I would never survive in this class full of morons!"
He teared up, looking at me like he has never looked at me before.

"Y-you really m-mean that? I-I... I'm your best friend?"

He started to wail and I pulled him to my chest, slowly rubbing his back in a comforting manner. And so he cried in my arms, sobbing, wailing. We stayed like that for a while, the only sound being shitty hair's crying. Suddenly he pulled back, staring me in the eye. He slowly placed a hand on my cheek, inching closer to me. His eyes slowly closed, being half lidded as they landed on my lips.

I didn't have time to react. Well, that's not entirely true. He came in slowly, as if to make sure I wanted the same. But I was frozen in place, unable to react at all, and before I knew it his lips were on mine. That's the moment my brain connected to my muscles and I pushed him off.
"E-Eijirou, I'm flattered b-but..."
"Oh God I'm so sorry! Y-you have a boyfriend a-and here I am t-taking advantage of you in m-my fragile state..." he cried, covering his face in shame.

"It's... It's okay" I breathed, pulling him back on my chest.
"Just don't do it again"
"I-I'm so sorry..." he cried.
"I've been crushing on you ever since the start of the year... B-but I stayed quiet... A-and now you're with M-Midoriya... I'm too late and I'm sorry!"

I took a deep breath, trying to stay calm during his emotional love confession. My best friend has been in love with me since the beginning of the year... Fuck. I've been a total ass to him and everyone else and he still fell for me! How?! Do I need to tell Izuku about this..? No, he has enough on his plate as it is... He's still recovering from all this too.

Meanwhile shitty hair kept apologizing and sobbing into my chest, ruining my shirt. After he stopped crying we basically ate the whole cookie jar in dead silence. It was awkward for some time, until he spoke up again like nothing happened.
"You know what? I think I'm going to dye my hair black again"
I gave him a surprised look. He couldn't be the Red Riot if his hair was black you know.
"Maybe I'll get a haircut too? It's a little too long, don't you think?"

"What? Why? I thought you liked your shitty hair?" I frowned.
"Yeah, I did but... But it just reminds me of my own failure... I dyed my hair because I wanted to be confident, be a hero everyone looked up to, easy to get along with. I can't be that person anymore... Not now that I'm quirkless. I'll just fall back to being the shy and quiet kid in the back of the class..." he muttered, staring at the ground.

I didn't know what to say or how to respond to that... We sat in silence for a while before he pulled out the drawer of the small cabinet next to his bed. He pulled out a hair band and tied his hair together in a low pony tail. It's a hairstyle I've seen on Aizawa sensei once. It suits him.
"I'm dying my hair black again" he stated, now sure of himself. He glanced aside, shooting me a bright smile.

"You want to help me pack up? I'm going home for the weekend to stay with my family"
"Y-Yes... Yeah, of course I'll help you" I said and forced a grin. Act like nothing is wrong, act like nothing happened. It's obvious he doesn't want to talk about it, so I won't push him. That's not my style and he knows it.
"The others are gonna be pissed we ate all the cookies though" he chuckled, scratching the back of his neck.
"Tch. I'll kill anyone who dares say anything about it" I stated as he grabbed his suitcase. We started packing and I left when he said he was going to call his parents.

"How is he?" Ashido asked when I came back downstairs.
"He's holding up alright, I guess" I shrugged.
"Doesn't really want to talk about it... He thinks less of himself though... Being quirkless-"
I sighed, groaning as I threw my head back in frustration.
"It's really fucking annoying! He thinks he's weak and pathetic for losing his stupid fucking quirk and now he can't be a damn hero anymore!"

The room looked at me with frowns and pouts. They were all pretty sad and bumped out about this.
"Also, he's going home for the weekend, don't bother him about it"
"We should go do something with the squad to get his mind off of things!" Mina shouted, looking at me with begging eyes.

"I'm not paying for laser shooting again. Besides, we're uneven now so we can't team up against each other. And no, I'm not letting you bring another girl" I gritted through my teeth.
"Why don't you bring your boyfriend~?" headphones teased.
"Also, we don't need to go laser shooting. We can go bowling or something"
"Still not paying up for you poor fucks" I stated.

"I'll pay! I don't mind" raccoon eyes smiled.
"I just wanna see Kiri happy again! He looks so unhappy right now... It makes me sad"
"Alright, bowling on you if you can convince shitty hair to come out in public"
"You convince your boyfriend" Jirou smirked, backing up Ashido.
"We're gonna kick your ass! Shotgun Kirishima on our team!"

"Ugh, fine. I'll take the fucking tape dispenser" I groaned.
"Hey!" Sero pouted, getting patted on the back by Ojiro.
"It's okay dude... Just accept it"

Pov Midoriya
I was able to make things up with Shoto, which was great since he was one of my best friends. Also, he has nowhere else to run so... But I shrugged that off. It wasn't any of my concern right now either because I was going out with my amazing boyfriend! And his friends. But let's forget about those for a moment! We were going bowling to cheer up Kirishima, but I just saw it as quality time with Kacchan.

Why should I pity the red head? He's the one who snitched my personnel! He deserves his punishment. I smiled, happily swinging our intertwined hands back and forth as I looked at my ash blonde boyfriend. How long until I break his heart again by moving away? How much longer would I be able to look at his face up close like this? I'm not sure... It's why I must enjoy it while it lasts.

"Stop staring at me like that nerd, it's fucking creepy" he said with a small chuckle. I laughed a little as well, looking back ahead.
"Sorry, I just can't help myself sometimes... You're just so handsome!"
That comment made a pink blush appear on his cheeks before he gave me a confident grin.
"Of course I am! I'm the best looking fucker in this whole damn town!"

We both laughed at that and before I could stop myself, I stood up on my toes and kissed Kacchan. He kissed back, of course, and we melted together.
"Oi! Lovebirds! Keep it child friendly!" we heard Sero yell from a distance, making me chuckle as we pulled apart. Bakugou groaned, glaring at his black haired friend.
"You're just jealous cause you can't get a girlfriend!"

"Awch" Jirou laughed. Kirishima rolled his eyes with a playful smile, his hands in his pockets.
"Are we playing or what?!" Ashido shouted, throwing her arms around both Jirou and Kirishima while grinning widely.
"We're gonna crush you guys!"
"I'm not losing to a bunch of shitheads like you" Kacchan scoffed, his arm around my waist.

It made Kiri look away in an awkward manner. I frowned. Did something happen between the two of them? Did our relationship make him uncomfortable? Huh, it's strange since he never reacted like this before... Maybe... I pried myself out of Kacchan's grip and took his hand instead. He gave me a confused glance but shrugged it off as I smiled at him.

"Let's just have fun, okay?" I beamed, pulling my boyfriend with me as we entered.
"Yeah!" Sero and Ashido cheered, instantly running after us. And so our evening began. The conversations were light and happy, a positive atmosphere hung in the air as we bowled. There was some banter as we competed but nothing to serious. That was until Kirishima stood up abruptly and went to the bathroom.

Kacchan frowned, tracking him with his eyes until the red head left his sight.
"You think it's too forced? That he isn't having fun?" Mina asked with a pout.
"I'll go check up on him, just to be sure" Bakugou said, quickly pecking me on my cheek before walking off.
"Kill them for me Izu!"
"I'll try Kacchan!" I smiled, looking back at our lane.

We were only six points behind Mina's team, time to get my skills out in the open.
"Don't screw up again Midoriya" Sero sighed, leaning back while sipping from his coke. It's true that I've been playing badly, but that was just so Kacchan would help me. Now that he's out of the picture for a while I'll show them what I can really do!

I grabbed one of the balls, aiming at the white pins at the end of the lane. I smiled as I swung the ball back before letting it role over the wooden floor. Perfect strike, of course. I closed my eyes for a moment before letting out a squeal and happily jumping up and down while throwing my hands around in the air.

"I did it! Did you guys see that?!"
"Lucky shot" Jirou muttered, crossing her arms.
"I knew you could do it!" Mina squealed, hugging me as she ran up to me.
"Bakugou is going to kill you for touching his boyfriend like that" Sero snorted.

"I'm sure Mido-chan will protect me, right?" Ashido asked, smiling at me.
"Of course! I may not have a quirk but I am Kacchan's biggest weakness" I chuckled, scratching the back of my head. We continued to play after that. I frowned, staring at the bathroom door. They sure take long...
"I'm gonna check up on Kiri and Kacchan, be right back!" I smiled, hopping to the bathroom door.

But what I saw when I opened it, would crush my heart. My boyfriend, his hands pushed up against Kirishima's chest, whose arm was around Kacchan's frame. Another hand on his cheek, keeping them in place as their lips touched. In that moment, time seem to stop. My heart shattered into a thousand pieces. Kacchan...was cheating on me..?

Chapter Text

Pov Bakugou
As expected, shitty hair wasn't doing fine at all. He was sobbing in the bathroom as I arrived.
"P-please... J-just go away" he choked out, trying to wipe his tears away. It was futile attempt, really, since they kept flowing mercilessly.
"I'm not leaving you shitty hair" I grunted, pulling him into a forceful hug on the spot. He froze up at the touch, but soon relaxed in my hold, crying his eyes out.

"Why do you still want to be friends with me Bakugou?" he asked quietly.
"I'm just a quirkless nobody now... Even before I was pretty useless... And now you also know I have hopeless feelings for you a-and you still stick around... W-why?"
"What the fuck do you mean why? You're my damn best friend" I hissed, glaring at him.

"And you're fucking strong, got it? Your quirk was amazing, but you don't let yourself be defined by that. You survived being kidnapped by the Green Reaper, Eijirou. If that doesn't make you feel overpowered as fuck, I don't know what will"
I'm not good at this comforting bullshit but I hope to get the message across. I don't despise him just because he lost his quirk or because he developed feelings for me or some dumb shit like that.

I still want him as my friend, as a part of the bunch of shitheads that claim themselves to be the Bakusquad. I don't want to lose him over this...

"B-but it hurts..." he cried, hiding his face in my chest.
"I-it hurts seeing you be happy with someone else... I-I know it's selfish a-and I hate that I feel t-this way... But I find myself being jealous... Midoriya is just so damn perfect! He's cute and adorable and smart and he knows how to kick ass without having a quirk to rely on! A-and I... I just feel so pathetic compared to him... It's no wonder you love him and not me..."

"Ei, don't talk like that" I demanded, grabbing his face so he was forced to look at me.
"Izuku isn't perfect and I do love you. Just...not like that"
At that moment he leaned in, making me shift in our hold.
"Oi shitty hair, this isn't-" I quickly sputtered out, putting my hands on his chest in an attempt to push him away.

But he kept one arm tightly wrapped around me as another one travelled up to my face. Even without his quirk, he was strong. Who am I kidding? This dude is fucking ripped!
"Please?" he begged, placing a hand on my cheek.
"P-please..? J-just once more..?"
His voice was barely a whisper as he drew our faces closer.

I shut my eyes, preparing for the inevitable. Kirishima was going to kiss me. Again. And here I am, letting it happen... I'm so damn weak! I have a boyfriend! I should fight it! But I can't... I can't fight it, knowing it was no use to struggle at this point.

Knowing he is vulnerable and weak. Knowing that if I push him away now, I'll break him and lose him forever. Knowing that deep down, he realises this is wrong. Knowing he will apologize when this is all over and that he'll promise me it would never happened again. But right now, he needed this kind of affection and wasn't taking no for an answer.

How was I going to explain this to Izuku? That I let my best friend kiss me when we were in a relationship? That I basically cheated on him? Would he understand? I don't know... I just feel so lost at the moment, thrown between right and wrong. Between a choice that seems impossible.

My mind went blank the moment his lips touched mine and I instantly knew I was screwed. No way back, I'd reached the point of no return. I would have to live with whatever consequences this would bring. For our friendship, for my relationship with Izuku... I heard the door to the bathroom open, sending me back to reality. I pushed Kirishima off me, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand as I took a step back before looking at the person who'd entered.

Oh no...

There he stood, my beautiful green headed boyfriend, his eyes filled with tears. His bottom lip was trembling and he stared at the scene with a loss of words. Shitty hair glanced between us with a confused gaze before shock ran over him. He was still dazed and not fully himself when Midoriya slammed the door shut.

"I-I..." Kirishima choked out but I wasn't having it. No more Mr Nice Guy. Bakugou Katsuki is back bitches.
"No! I don't want to hear your fucking petty excuses!" I hissed pushing him onto the wall and hitting him in the face.
"I thought you were my fucking friend! You shitty haired bastard!"

"I-I'm so sorry..." he sobbed, now sitting on the ground with his legs pulled up and his hands covering his face. I huffed in annoyance before quickly leaving the bathroom, barely seeing Izuku grab the last of his stuff with tears in his eyes. The others had no idea what was going on, trying to talk to him and stop him.
"Izuku wait!" I called out as he ran out the door. Without thinking, I ran after him.

I kept shouting his name in the hope he would stop and listen to me. I yelled pathetic apologies and stupid love confessions as I kept chasing him. It was already dark out and I was worried for him. A quirkless shouldn't be running out in the dark late at night... Some scumbag could snatch him away and hurt him. Hurting him is the last thing I want right now...

"Izu! Please! I-I can explain!"

"No! Stop! I don't want to hear it!" he yelled back, his voice breaking because of the tears. He stopped in his tracks and turned around to glare at me. His face was tearstained and his shoulders were shaking due to the heavy crying. None the less, in that moment his eyes seemed to glow. The bright emerald green I so loved, was now looking at me with disgust and hatred.
"Go back to Kirishima! Tell him that he won!" he continued.
"O-or do you really think I don't know he likes you!"

I was at a loss of words. Did Midoriya really see it before I knew about it? Did it make him jealous? No matter that, it did make things a whole lot worse right now...
"I hate you! I don't want to see you ever again!" he cried before turning around and running again. This time I didn't follow him. I stood absolutely still, like frozen to the ground, unable to move. My mind and body didn't seem to be on the same page, since all I wanted was to go after him.

But my heart ached at those words. 'I hate you!' Did he really mean that..?
"I love you..." rolled breathlessly off my lips, as if that desperate attempt to bring him back by my side ever reached his ears. I love him. I love Midoriya Izuku. Why have I never told him that? Why didn't I say to him everyday since we first met or when we said our last goodbye's?

I love you, Izuku

But now he's gone... Slipped through my fingers... Tears welled up in my eyes as I fell down to my knees on the dirty road beneath me. And in that moment, I cried out. I yelled and shouted, just like I did when both Izuku and Eijirou were taken from me. Because I felt just as hopelessly lost as I did back then. I lost them... I lost both of them... I pulled at my hair as my body doubled over, crying out in pain and agony. I blew it... I fucked up...

Pov Todoroki
I was walking through HQ with a checklist at hand, going over all the repairs that happened the last few weeks. Midoriya ordered me to check on them, make sure the base was as strong as ever. Luckily being exposed to the world didn't mean I lost any authority in here. People still feared me and treated me with respect, maybe even more so than before. I also like the fact I could just walk around without having to bother about any kind of dresscode.

Transformed or not, villain costume or not, it didn't matter anymore. The mask was just an accessory at this point. So right now I was transformed and dressed like Ace, but I didn't wear the mask. It bothered me from time to time so if it wasn't necessary, I wouldn't wear it. I looked down upon the checklist, seeing the last stop was the animal wing of the base. Yeah, we don't want those to break out again... It would be a nightmare to chase them down again. Ugh, such a hassle...

When I opened the door to the animal wing, I was greeted with open cages. My eyes widened as I noticed they were empty. Where the hell did those monsters run off to?!
"Oh, hi Ace" the monotone voice of Shinsou called out from next to me. I turned to face him, seeing that he was preparing food for the animals. Shinsou was transformed but he wasn't wearing his work clothes. Instead he wore a D.E.K.U. hoodie with some dark skinny jeans. He pulled a strand of his hair back as he continued.

"Don't worry, they're all accounted for. We let them out of their cages for a bit, I'm sure the boss won't mind, right?"
He looked up at me with those bright purple eyes, a questioning gaze lingering on his face.
"Where are they now?" I asked.
"All the way in the back with Kami... They all love him for some reason" he shrugged.
"So what are you doing here?"

I waved with the checklist in my hand and he let out a soft 'Ah' of acknowledgement. I walked through the entire animal section, controlling all the things I had to check and crossed them off the list. That was until I saw Kaminari sitting in the middle of a large open cage, a huge snake laying around him, a squirrel on his head, a cat purring while rubbing against him and a bunny in his lap. There was also a dog laying against his leg, seemingly sleeping and a few birds sat peacefully on top of the snake.

What the hell?

"Uhm..?" I breathed out in a confused manner, earning his attention.
"Oh hi Todoroki!" he smiled while petting the little monsters.
"Did you know there is a bunny that changes colour? It's so cool! Oh and this dog explodes just like Bakugou, it's awesome!"
"Glad you're enjoying yourself but uhm that is the boss' personal comfort animal on your lap. Just saying"

"Pfft, personal comfort animal" Denki laughed.
"Besides, he's not here, is he? He has gone bowling with the Bakusquad in my place and knowing them, he won't be back for a long time"

It was then I noticed his laugh was strained and forced. Fake. I frowned. Of course he is affected by this, we all are. It was dumb of me to think Kaminari was still just his happy self without having changed through the course of this all. He was the first one to get exposed after all, and also the one who had the most to lose if you ask me.

"Feeding time. Get them all back to their cages" Shinsou said as he walked up to us, holding a small bowl. He put it down and Purrcy instantly ran up to us, eating obediently. With that we all guided the little monsters back to their cages gave them their food.
"It's kinda sad they're all locked up all the time..." Denki pouted as he watched Dandelion aggressively eat his meal.

"They're not locked up all the time. I heard Izuku-kun plays with them and the other employees care for them too" Shinsou stated, trying to cheer up his boyfriend.
"Employees" I snorted.
"Just call it what they are, criminals. The other criminals"
"Tss, whatever" the indigo haired male scoffed, crossing his arms. Kaminari sensed the growing tension and quickly got in between us.

"I call a revenge match at Yahtzee, who's in?"
I eyed him in surprise, a small smile lingering on my lips.
"Oh yeah? Who says you'll ever be able to beat me?"
"Oh it's on" Shinsou smirked, a devilish glimmer in his eyes.  With that we made our way to the Green Reaper quarters, which were basically our living quarters now, teasing each other the whole way.

That was until we walked up the stairs and saw Midoriya crying his eyes out on the big king sized bed we weren't allowed to touch. It stood in an apart section of the floor but since it was a very open floorplan, we were still able to see it.
"Izuku-kun?" Shinsou whispered, making his head rise just a little. His eyes were puffy and red, his face covered in ugly tears.

"W-what happened?" I asked as I ran over to him, instantly holding him close to my chest. Even though he's my boss and saviour, I somehow saw him as a little brother I had to protect. I would kill whoever dared to hurt him!
"K-Kacchan..." he choked out, crying even more now. We all froze up at that. Did something happen to Bakugou? Did he get kidnapped again? Or was he hurt from a fight?

By now Kaminari was hugging him from behind, trying to be comforting. It was weird since I had the idea they didn't exactly got along all that well.
"K-Kacchan ch-cheated on me!" he cried out, gripping my shirt and brawling his eyes out. I froze at those words. Bakugou...cheated? I didn't expect something like that from someone so prideful... But then again, I don't really know him all that well.

It seemed to shock Denki to his core as his grip on Midoriya grew stronger. I could see in his eyes he feared for his blond friend's life.
"I'll go get the comfort food, you keep doing what you're doing" Shinsou mumbled, quickly walking out of sight. Oh when I get my hands on you Bakugou...

Chapter Text

Pov Kirishima
I felt awful... Why did I do that?! Why didn't he stop me?! Sero dragged me up from the cold bathroom floor, pulling me out of my self hating thoughts for a moment.
"What the hell happened dude?" he asked confused, guiding me outside to the girls.
"Oh my God! Kiri!" Mina gasped, flinging herself onto me. I held onto her tightly, still crying my eyes out.

"You know what happened?" Jirou asked Sero, but he just shook his head and shrugged his shoulders.
"Midoriya seemed really upset a-and he left with tears in his eyes" Ashido started to explain to me, making me feel even worse about myself. But I deserve it... I don't deserve happiness, I only deserve pain... I don't deserve being held by her right now, but my body doesn't listen to my mind. I want to be held, but at the same time I don't. I'm not worthy... I'm disgusting... Who the fuck does that to a friend?!

"Bakugou ran after him" she continued.
"But it's been a while... He left his stuff here so he'll come back, right?"
Ha, if he comes back here it would be to yell at me and or beat me to a pulp. The worst part is that I would let him. He has every reason to hit me, to shout at me and call me out for the horrible person I am. I forced myself on him, twice now. I doubt he'd ever want to speak to me again... I just hope he and Midoriya can talk this out...

"That's it, I'm going out there to look for him" Jirou stated, pulling her phone away from her ear. Had she tried to call him? How many times already? How much time had passed since the whole thing happened? I don't know... My body feels numb and my mind is only focussed on one thing. Self hate. I noticed how Jirou pulled on her jacket while talking to Sero. Something about letting them know if she finds him or knows what happened. I didn't pay a lot of attention to it.

Eventually my waterworks died down a little and Mina set me down in a chair, giving me a worried stare.
"What happened in there Kiri? Please, tell me"
"I-I..." I choked out, holding back a sob.
"I-I broke down... I'm pathetic"
She grabbed my hands and kneeled down in front of me, looking up as I tried to avoid her gaze.

"You're not pathetic Ei... Did Katsuki hurt you? Is that it?" she asked. Hearing the name Katsuki come from her mouth felt so foreign and weird. She'd never called him that before, or at least not that I heard...
"N-no, he...h-he tried to comfort me" I whispered, guilt consuming me at this point. Guilt and self hatred, combined with a low self-esteem no less. Ugh, please someone kill me now. I just want to die and leave this world full of pain and suffering! I don't deserve to be alive!

"Oh... It didn't work?" she asked softly, tilting her head. I shook my head, tears coming back into my eyes.
"I-I did s-somet-thing s-st-upid" I stuttered, my voice cracking. Fuck! Could I even say it out loud? Could I tell Mina, a girl I've known longer than anyone here, that I'm a complete and utter asshole? A jerk, a shithead, a manipulative son of a bitch who took advantage of his friend?! Tears rolled down my face again. I was filled with regret and guilt, strong emotions that wouldn't go away easily.

"Hey, sssh, hey, it's okay" Ashido whispered rubbing up and down my arms. No. No, it's NOT okay!
"I kissed him!" I forced out, shocking both her and Sero, who'd been listening in on the conversation.
"I-I kissed K-Katsuki and M-Midoriya saw! I ruined their r-relationship!"
They fell silent as I cried my eyes out.

"I'm a horrible person!" I sobbed, covering my face with my hands.
"You... You kissed Bakugou?" Sero asked, as if to make sure he understood that correctly.
"I'm so sorry..." I breathed.
"I-I didn't m-mean to... I-I... I just couldn't control myself!"
"...And Midoriya walked in on that..." the black haired male gasped, holding a hand in front of his mouth.

"Oh this isn't good..."

"He'll be heartbroken..." Mina whispered with wide eyes.
"The both of them... Oh God I just hope they'll be able to talk this out!"
At that moment Sero's phone went off and he instantly took it.
"You found him Jirou? Is he okay?"
I couldn't hear what she answered, but by the look on Sero's face, it couldn't mean much good.

"Oh my... Yeah, we already thought it'd be bad b-but..." he whispered, going through his hair.
"Yeah, uhm, Kirishima just told us what happened, I-I'll fill you in"
With that he went outside, pacing in front of the bowling as he talked to Jirou on the phone.
"I'm a terrible friend... I'm a bad person..." I whispered through my tears, feeling Mina hug me again. Why? Why is she hugging me even after she knows what I've done? I don't deserve any kind of affection!

"You're not a bad person Ei... You just made a really big and really stupid mistake"
She tried to sound upbeat and cheerful but her tone was faltering.
"Katsuki will never forgive me for this..."
"What? No! I'm sure he will" Mina smiled.
"He and Midoriya are going to talk this out and after that they'll talk with you and everything will be just fine!"

"It can never be like it was before Mina! I ruined it!" I cried, now seeing the denial in her eyes. Of course... Not even for a single moment I've seen her break down during all of this. Not when Bakugou was kidnapped or afterwards, not when Kaminari, Todoroki and Shinsou all turned out to be evil, not when Midoriya and I were taken or after that...

She's been in denial. Trying to stay strong for everyone around her, feeding herself the same lie over and over again. Everything will be fine, it'll be alright. She tried acting like nothing happened at all, like everything was peachy. All rainbows and sunshine! But that was all a façade... She's crumbling, I can feel it. That's why she's hugging me. Not for me but for herself.

She needs this, she needs me.

Pov Midoriya
"Are you absolutely certain about this Midoriya?" Aizawa asked, quirking a brow. I nodded, smiling up at him.
"I feel honoured you thought about placing me in the hero course Aizawa sensei! But I've been thinking and I don't really think the path of a hero is meant for me"

And that's mostly because I'd rather kill everyone in this entire school than safe their asses from who knows what.

No, I haven't talked to Kacchan after what happened Saturday. I haven't even looked at him or any of his so called hero friends. Fuck. I just wished I'd killed that stupid red haired freak when I had him at my mercy! Oh the torture I could've put him through... But now he escaped my grasp and is safely protected by UA. Ugh... Speaking of the devil, he has moved his stuff from the 1-A dormitory to the 1-C dormitory over the weekend. That means he's in my fucking class now! Can things get any worse?!

"Hmm, I see... A shame, but your choice" Eraserhead sighed.
"Oh and also, I take it you already know Kirishima has switched courses?"
"Yeah, I uh noticed" I muttered, doing my best not to sound hateful.
"Good. I want you to guide him for the first couple of days. Help him adjust to his new lifestyle now that he is, uhm, you know"
"Quirkless?" I asked, crossing my arms.

"Yes, that" he sighed.
"Well, you're always welcome to come along and watch the licencing exam"
"Think I'll change my mind?" I asked with a small smile.
"It would be wasted talent to have you not in the hero course" he muttered.
"Just... Think about my offer for a little bit, okay? Let me know at the end of the week"
"I will" I smiled, waving him off as he walked back to the main campus.

I walked back inside the dorm and saw Kirishima in the common room. He'd died his hair black for some reason and tied it into a low pony tail. Right now he was getting picked on by the bullies of our class. They stopped going after me for a while since I was Bakugou Katsuki's boyfriend, yet it seems they've found a new victim...

"Ha! Another quirkless wannabe joins the class! What? Did your hero friends didn't need you anymore? Threw you out like the trash you are?" one of the boys said on a mocking voice. They hit him on the head but he didn't fight back.
"Oi! You're just some quirkless loser just like useless over there!"
Okay, I was going to ignore it and let Kirishima suffer for a while but now that he called me out as well it's personal. He's going down.

I marched up to the group, now standing between him and Eijirou.
"Say that to my face, asshole" I hissed, surprising most people in the room. Oh I'm pissed. I'm done playing the helpless victim! No, this isn't just because Kacchan cheated on me! Shut up!
"Useless" he spat out, glaring me down. I gritted my teeth, clenching my fists, but before I could do anything I was pushed aside by Kiri. He punched the bully straight in the face. Hard. Oh damn.

"Shut up you jerk! Pick on me all you want but leave him out of this!"
What? Why would he protect me? Did he feel a little guilty because he took Kacchan away from me? Ugh, I don't need his fucking pity!
"I can stand up for my own just fine!" I hissed at the previous rock head.
"Oh yeah? I'd like to see that" another guy grinned, tackling me to the ground. He pinned me down, laughing at my pathetic attempts to free myself.

Ugh! I can't believe this! I swear if my quirk wasn't supposed to be a secret, I would've killed at least 80% of this God damn class! Kirishima was fighting now too, but at least he had the muscle to back up his words. No wonder Katsuki likes him more than me... I quickly shook my head, kicking the guy that pinned me down in his guts and pushing him off me. I've had enough of this childish nonsense!

So in the heat of the moment, I ran out. I fled the scene, hiding away somewhere in a storage unit. I grabbed my phone, wanting to call Todoroki-kun, when I heard someone laugh. Confused, I turned around, seeing Monoma of class 1-B. Oh God, could this day get any worse? What the hell was he even doing here?

"Look who we have here~! The quirkless hero wannabe boyfriend of Blasty! Ahahahahaha!"
I swear this guy's envy towards 1-A is almost villainous... And his laugh... Ugh...
"He's not my boyfriend" I stated, glaring at him.

"Can you leave me alone now? What are you doing here anyway?"
"Detention work because I insulted your little hero friends a little too much! They all went crying for their teacher! Can't even take a simply snappy remark! Ahahahaha!"

I rolled my eyes, knowing that was not what actually happened. But the fact remained that I'd have to hide out somewhere else now... I sighed, wanting to walk past him without making a bigger fuss out of all this. But apparently Monoma had other plans... He grabbed my arm, holding me back, probably not done with his crazy rant.

He. Touched. Me.

I was absolutely furious! He instantly let go in shock, taking a few steps back while staring at his hands in complete and utter silence. What? That was unlike him... I haven't even said anythi-

Oh no...

It was in that moment I realised what his quirk was and what it could do. Copy. Copy the quirk of everyone he touches for 3-5 minutes. I sighed, closing my eyes for a moment before I locked all exits with a flick of my hand. A grin came to my face as I slowly turned around to face him. Something in me was happy I didn't have to fucking hide my quirk. Another part in me screamed to kill him. Kill all witnesses. Nobody can know.

He stared at me in shock, slowly backing away in fear.
"Surprise" I chuckled, doing jazz hands.
"What do you think? Pretty neat quirk huh?"
"B-but y-you're... Y-you're..." he choked out, unable to form a decent sentence.
"I'm what? Quirkless?" I asked innocently, tilting my head at the question.

"Or did you wanted to say something else? Like...the Green Reaper?"
He tripped and fell on his butt, scooting away from me until his back hit the wall. I was smiling wickedly as I stepped closer, enjoying the look of fear on the face of my prey~
"Tell me~" I whispered huskily, kneeling down in front of him, getting all up and personal with him.

"What is your reason to live~?"

Chapter Text

Pov Todoroki
I looked over to the arena, seeing the box-like room fall down, revealing the contestants. Sighing, I glanced aside to Midoriya, who had a look of determination on his face.
"Do you really think this is a good plan?" I asked, looking back down at the licence exam.
"Security is upped to the max after you pulled that stunt with Monoma"

"Not my fault that twerp was in my way" Izuku muttered angrily.
"Besides, it was kinda fun killing him... Great stress relief"
I bit my lip, shivers running down my spine as I remembered the sight of Monoma's corpse... It was all over the place. 'UA STUDENT KILLED ON CAMPUS'. We're pretty fucking lucky the boss took out all camera's and any other evidence pointing at him. Nobody knew who did it or why. It was all a great mystery with one simple answer. Wrong place, wrong time. That's all it was...

"Why did you send Shinsou and Kaminari off to one of the other exams? Aren't we stronger together?" I asked, mindlessly watching students fight each other.
"Oshi asked me for some quality time with his boyfriend~!" Midoriya sang, smiling a little.
"Besides, he needed a place to test his new voice box. You know, it can make his voice sound like other people and amplify it as well. Goes well with his quirk"

"Hmm, if you say so..." I sighed, my eyes diverting to the stands. I quickly spotted Aizawa, who tried to keep his distance from Joy. Soon a third figure joined them and my eyes widened. Toya... Of course, he was still doing that stupid volunteery teacher work... Ugh.
"Look! Look! Look! There he is!" Midoriya yelled, slapping me on my arm and pointing over at a certain ash blonde, exploding all over the place.

"You know... There are better ways to get revenge on your cheating boyfriend then to ruin his chance at getting a hero licence" I stated, knowing I won't get through to him either way. Once the boss has set his mind on something, nothing can keep him from his goal.
"Ex-boyfriend" he corrected me, for starters.
"Also, he fucking cheated on me Todoroki-kun! I can't let him simply get away with that! How would you feel if the love of your life cheated on you with their so called best friend huh?"

"I...don't know" I answered honestly. I've never been in love before, not that I know of, so I don't know how I would react in this specific situation. Well, I love Izuku, but more like a brother and a friend. I love my family too, both those bound by blood and those bound to me by the union. I care for them, I do. But to be in love with someone... That I have yet to experience.
"Well, then you can't have a say in the matter" Izuku stated matter-of-factly before looking back down into the arena.

"Let's give them a show they'll never forget~"

I rolled my eyes at that, staring back at the arena as a loud guy caught my eye. He used the sheer power of wind to defeat his enemies. So powerful... He's kinda handsome... I quickly shook my head, following Izuku. Maybe I'm not as straight as I originally thought...

Pov Bakugou
I sighed as yet another extra went down. My anger seemed endless and I was taking it all out on my opponents.
"Whoo Bakugou! Take it easy! Or there aren't any people left for us!" tape dispenser exclaimed. He knew damn well I wasn't marking any of them. I just came here to fight, to get my mind off things.

I don't care whether I pass or not, which is saying a lot about how miserable I feel. Izuku dumped me... I cheated on him with my best friend... Shitty hair took advantage of me in that moment. I'll never forgive him for breaking my relationship with Izu...

The green head refused to talk to me and avoided seeing me at all cost. I think he's been avoiding the whole lot of 1-A all together, knowing they would try shit to get us back together. I guess the class cares for me to some extend? They did watch over me when Ei and Izu were captured so...
"Let's mark them and finish early!" raccoon eyes smiled, ready to let one of her balls touch one of the enemy markers.

"But the fun has only just started~"

That voice... I recognized it instantly from the time he came to dunce face's rescue... I looked up with a glare, seeing him, the Green Reaper, floating in a green aura of his own creation. His cape waved in the wind and his eyes seemed to be focussed on me, a wide grin on his face.
"Isn't that true, Kacchan~? Heard your boyfriend broke up with you... What a shame~"
"Don't. Fucking. Call ME THAT YOU MONSTER!" I hissed, instantly aiming for his sorry ass.

He simply chuckled as the ground underneath us froze. Fuck! I was quick to jump away but most of the others got frozen solid.
"Nice reflexes" a familiar voice called out from behind me. Anger came over me at the words of that traitor.
"You" I hissed, slowly turning around to glare at Todoroki Shoto. He was in full costume, looking exactly like the time he 'saved' me from the League of Villains. Disgusting.

"Hi" he said with a small smile and wave. I released small explosions in my palms, ready to kick his ass.
"Oh, I wouldn't do that to Sho~" a voice whispered in my ear from behind me. Two hands slithered from my shoulders to my chest and a sinister smile appeared at my left side. I shivered at his touch, my body completely frozen, leaving me unable to move. My breathing staggered, my eyes as big as satellite disks. This truly terrifying...

"Oh~ Such a great body~" he whispered seductively, yet threatening. It had something familiar but I couldn't quite place my finger on it.
"Sho, I'll leave this in your capable hands~"
"Of course boss" Ace answered like a submissive little puppy. Pathetic. Yet here I am, being led away by the Green Reaper without trying to protest or struggle. This man could kill me in an instant... Maybe icyhot was scared of him? Maybe that's why he followed him?

No... No, that wasn't it. Dunce face had called him out on it, claiming he was the only one who was forced to join the D.E.K.U. out of fear for his life. Half-n-half joined because he wanted to... Might be to get to Endeavor, since he got nailed by the Reaper not long after that bastard first attacked the Todoroki's.

"Now~" the Reaper sang on a happy tone, pushing me against the wall of a building at the edge of the urban area. He pushed himself up against me, holding my hands pinned above my head as he leaned in next to my ear.
"What reason do you have to be alive Katsuki~"

Pov Todoroki
"You don't have to do this Todoroki!" Yaoyorozu yelled, secretly terrified of what I might do to her and my former classmates.
"You're right, I don't have to" I shrugged, walking up to my opponents.
"So if you'd all surrender, that'd be great"
"Funny, I was going to say the same thing to you!" Sero shouted, taping me up.

I sighed, freezing the tape in an instant, easily breaking free.
"You're going to have to do better than that to catch me" I smirked.
"What about this?!"
Mineta started throwing his balls at me. I dodged most of them but some still stuck to my suit. Ugh, annoying... I used my flames to burn them off, seeing them melt away like butter in a frying pan.

"That's enough Shoto!"

I turned around to see my big brother and some other heroes standing there. They led the students to safety and planned on surrounding me, I'm sure.
"Ah, hello Toya~ I was wondering when you'd decide to join the party" I chuckled.
"Yeah, you know I'm not one for watching on the side lines" he stated. He was distracting me so Aizawa could erase my quirk from behind and the other pro's could attack me... Smart.
"Why must we always be on wrong side, baby brother?"

"I guess you could say we're two sides of the same coin, you and I" I answered, swiftly turning around and shooting my flames at Eraserhead. He backed off and I froze the other heroes surrounding me in a thick layer of ice.
"It's also why you'll never be able to beat me in a game of chess, big brother... You're always on the losing side"

"A little unfair, don't you think?" Toya asked with a small smirk, blue flames dancing in his hands. He's really planning on fighting me huh? Well, this should be fun. It's been a while since we've gone full out on each other...
"You know you can't win against me" I stated, giving him a chance to walk away.
"We'll see about that, won't we?" he grinned, charging at me. I simply rolled my eyes, preparing for battle. Toya has never been one to take the hint...

Pov Midoriya
Kacchan flinched under my every touch, it was absolutely thrilling. He never looked me in the eye, which I'm grateful for somehow. He cheated on me... Now it's my time to get revenge~
"You didn't answer the question, Kacchan~ What reason do you have to live~?"
"Don't. Call. Me. Kacchan" he hissed, struggling against my hold. No use though, I was keeping him in place with my quirk as well as my body. No one can escape me...

"Oh? But a little birdy told me a certain green haired boy calls you that... I have green hair too, you see? And I think the nickname is rather...fitting~"
"Only he can call me that" the blonde grunted.
"Hmm~ Does he have a name~?" I asked, letting the top of my finger grace his cheek. He shuddered and clenched his eyes shut, trying to escape reality.

"Midoriya Izuku" I answered in his place, a darkness lingering in my eyes.
"Your childhood friend. A boy that left you years ago but came running back into your arms... You must've hated him, since you so carelessly kissed another guy~"
"Shut up!" he yelled, tears pricking in his eyes.

He looked down at the ground, trying to keep the tears from falling.
"You cheated on him~ Broke his trust~" I continued to whisper in his ear, enjoying watching him squirm and flinch away every time I came too close.

"Quite a...villainous act, if I do say so myself. Don't you think?"
"Shut up! You don't know anything about me!" he cried out, glaring at me for the first time during our conversation.
"You don't know how the hell I feel or why I fucking let that happen! Got it?! You have no idea how much I love him! So your shitty emotional torture has no fucking effect on me!"

I was shocked to hear that, letting my guard down for just a fraction of a second, but it was enough for him to notice. My quirk wavered for not even a second, yet he saw. Bakugou saw the subtle flicker of change in my eyes in that moment and his eyes widened. His breathing quickened and he quickly shook his head.
"No, no, no, no, no..." he muttered, closing his eyes as he cried.
"No... No, please... Tell me it's not true..."

I slowly backed off, letting him fall limply to the ground. He saw right through me... In a blink of an eye, he saw the real me. The boy hiding underneath the monster in the mask. He knows... I took a step back, watching him cry as he denied what he knew was the harsh truth. Kill all witnesses. No. No, I can't kill Kacchan! No matter how much I hate him, I can't...

"I think we're done here" I stated, my voice void of any emotion. I turned around, ready to call it a day and drag Shoto back to the base to eat comfort food and watch bad drama shows. But as I took my first step, he stopped me. A hand, tightly wrapped around my arm.
"I-Izuku..." he choked out, ugly tears covering his face.

My heart broke at the sight but I didn't let it show. I didn't react to the way he spoke my name or to the fact he was touching me without my permission. Its like I'm a spectator in my own body...
"I-I... I'm so sorry..." he breathed, pulling me to his chest while crying.

My body was still frozen, unable to move. Kacchan is hugging me... No. He's hugging the Green Reaper! I can't let anyone see, they'll ask too many unwanted questions. So I pushed him away, forced to see the pain in his eyes.
"Why?" was the only question to escape his lips.
"You know why, Kacchan" I said with a forced smile. With that I turned around again, letting the green aura of my quirk surround me.

Floating away from the one that hurt me, from the pain... I don't know if Katsuki will tell on me. It's a factor I have never brought into consideration, certainly not after recent events. I sighed, shaking my head. Time to find young Todoroki...

Oh, seems like he's fighting his older brother. Hmm...
"Oi! Ace! We're done here! Finish up and let's go" I grunted, crossing my arms impatiently, whistling for Crowley in the meantime.
"Looks like your master is calling for you Shoto" Toya chuckled.
"You should obey him like the obedient pet you are, don't you think? From one master to another! Do you call that freedom?!"

"He is nothing like father!" Shoto hissed, his eyes flaring up with hatred.
"Yeah, I know" he said with a small smile, motioning for his brother to get out of there.
"Just go baby bro, be safe kay?"
Shoto gave him a small smile and a nod before running over to me and jumping on Crowley's back.

"Next time I'll kill you!" Toya shouted in a somewhat playful manner.
"Not if I kill you first!" Shoto yelled back with a smile on his face.
"I'll never understand sibling relationships..." I muttered as we flew off.

Chapter Text

Pov Bakugou
I cried as I watched him walk away from me. Soon he flew off, probably to go find that damn half-n-half bastard... No... No, it can't be true! My Izuku... My Izuku would never sink so low as to become a villain! I refuse to believe it! But then again, he did just confirm my every thought... Was this him getting back at me for cheating? It must be...

But he was taken by the Green Reaper together with shitty hair! Unless... Unless brainwasher and dunce face both know his identity and they 'kidnapped' him so it wouldn't be suspicious? And the Reaper did attack for the first time in this city right after Izuku got back in town... But one thing doesn't add up. A crucial detail.

A quirk

How could quirkless Midoriya Izuku ever be a villain with one of the most powerful quirks in existence? He'd have to hide his quirk from the world his whole life... But why? If he was born with such an amazing quirk, he could've easily become a great hero!

Why chose to be quirkless? They're at the bottom of the foodchain, the lowest level of society! They're looked down upon and treated as less! So why in the world would he lie about having a quirk?! Couldn't he just make it appear weaker or something?! Why fully erase it from your life? I just... I don't understand... But then again, he is a super villain, something I would've never imagined in my whole life...

I slowly took a few steps ahead, seeing him and icyhot fly away on that bird creature that flew me home after the League had taken me. He saved me from the League... He made it seem like he was just there for gang rivalry but he was actually there to save me! As I wiped away my tears, I spotted a small black card on the ground. It had D.E.K.U. written on it in fancy letters.

Dauntless Emerald Killer Union

Why didn't I see it sooner? Fucking Deku! Of course it wasn't a damn coincidence! I picked it up and flipped it over, seeing a phone number. Did he lose his business card or something? No, he doesn't leave things lingering around... He left this here for me...

I quickly put it away in my suit as some extra's from my class ran up to me.
"Bakugou! Are you okay?! He didn't hurt you, did he?!"
"I'm fine" I grunted, putting my hands in my pockets. You could see I'd cried, no doubt about it, but I didn't fucking care in this moment.
"Dude, you're lucky to get away unharmed! This is the third time you've seen him up close, isn't it?" Sero asked.

Yeah, third... Not counting seeing him every fucking day for the past few weeks! Damnit Izuku! You're messing with my head!
"What did he want from you?" Iida asked, frowning at me.
"The hell should I know? He was just all up in my personal space, rambling on about how I cheated on fucking Izuku to get in my head... And then he just left... It was kinda weird" I muttered.

"You know what's kind of weird? The Reaper pulling you apart with him without actually hurting you" round face stated.
"You know who else miraculously survived the Green Reaper multiple times? Todoroki Shoto!"
"Are you fucking accusing me of being a villain?!" I hissed, ready to fight her.
"I don't know why he targets me okay?! But don't go shouting around I'm in any way involved in his dirty fucking business, you hear me!"

"Hey, hey, hey! It's okay! We don't need to fight amongst ourselves!" pony tail exclaimed, coming between the two of us.
"Besides, if Bakugou really was one of them, as you say, wouldn't Kirishima know about it? Would he have broken down the way he did when his closest friends were taken? Or when we discovered we had traitors among us? I don't think so"

She glared a bit at Ochako, making me grin. This Momo bitch ain't half that bad...
"What she said" I stated, crossing my arms. Jirou took this moment to walk over to her creator friend, glancing between the two of us.
"Say Momo... Have you ever considered joining the Bakusquad..?"
"Oi! I need to approve of the fucking squad" I hissed, looking at Yaoyorozu before looing back at Jirou and now also Ashido, who seemed excited to get yet another girl on the squad.

Ugh, why do I even try to satisfy these idiots...

"She's cleared"

Both headphones and raccoon eyes cheered while others stared in confusion.
"Dude, seriously? We're getting outnumbered at this rate" tape dispenser complained. I just let out a 'Tch' sound before my eyes fell upon a beat up Todoroki Toya who came limping up to us.
"You look like shit" I stated.
"Why thank you, I'm also happy you're still alive" he deadpanned.

"Anyway, threat has passed, all examinees to the waiting room, the exam has been cancelled"
"How are we going to get our licences?!"
"This isn't fair!"
"Stop your whining and follow me!" Toya hissed.
"Or do you think I like it when my little brother swoops in and kicks my ass?!"

"H-he did that to you..?" someone asked quietly.
"Yeah... Now get a move on! Chop chop!"

Pov Kaminari
"This was fun" I smiled, looking down at all the unconscious examinees in front of us.
"Yeah, it was kinda fun luring them in and seeing their shocked faces before you zapped them all to sleep" Shinsou chuckled, using my voice.
"Ew, babe, don't do that! It sounds weird hearing my voice from your mouth" I said, shivering.
"Alright, alright" he laughed, putting his voice box off.

"We should head back to base anyway"
Before he could call for Purrcy, I slithered my arms around him and pressed a quick kiss on his lips.
"Let's go on an actual date. One without any fighting involved"
"But babe~ All our dates have fighting in them" Shinsou mumbled, tracing a finger over my chest.

"Yeah, I know, but I just wanna do normal couple stuff for once" I pouted.
"I know we're villains now and all but...but I miss regular high school life, you know?"
Shinsou sighed, rolling his eyes before pecking me on the cheek.
"If you wanna go out on a date that bad, we'll go out on a date" he said with a weak smile.
"We'll just have to make sure not to be caught!"

"Yay! You're the best babe!" I exclaimed, kissing him again. He chuckled and called out for Purrcy, who brought us back to HQ. When walking into the base, we were greeting by lower personal, which I still feel a little weird about. They all know who we are and it's just... I'm really not used to the villain life yet.

"Huh... Seems like we're the first ones back" Shinsou muttered as we arrived in the changing room, seeing the other's regular clothes inside their open lockers.
"Hmm, not so strange seeing as Midoriya really wanted revenge on Bakugou" I shrugged.
"Yeah... That and their location was further away, I think" the insomniac added.
"Also, I can't believe he actually killed Monoma, can you?"

"Oh please, Monoma had it coming" I stated while putting my villain costume back in its place.
"You have no idea how annoying that dude can be! If the boss hadn't done it, someone else would've, I can assure you that much"
"Hm, guess you're right about that... Well, I'm gonna get Purrcy back to the animal wing and give him his food. See ya in a bit babe~"

He kissed me on my cheek before leaving the changing room, making me blush a little. Shinsou Hitoshi is the best thing that ever happened to me, no doubt about it! I smiled brightly as I hopped out of the changing room, past the training grounds on the main floor and jumping up the stairs towards the living area. Before I could fall down on the couch, the phone rang.

I groaned, walking over to the small desk. They better not need Black-Out to get their ass out of trouble again...
"Hello, D.E.K.U. HQ, you're speaking to Black-Out. How can I help you?"
It was silent on the other side of the line for a moment and I sighed, sitting down in the spinning chair of the desk.

"If you're calling for the Green Reaper, he isn't at the office at the moment. But I can give him a message if you'd like?"
"Just shut up dunce face! Let me fucking think"
I froze up at that voice and quickly looked around to make sure no one was here, even though my paranoid ass knew damn well nobody besides Shinsou, Todoroki and Midoriya had access to this place.

"Bakugou?! How the hell did you get this number?!" I whisper shouted in a panic.
"Well your buddy the Reaper visited me just now, but I take it you already know about that" Katsuki stated.
"He dropped his business card, thought I'd make a call"
"Is this conversation being recorded by the police?" I asked, frowning. Why the hell would he call otherwise?!

"What? No! Geez, stop being so fucking paranoid! I... I know it's him, Kaminari" he sighed. My heart skipped a beat, instantly knowing what he meant by those words. He knew Izuku is the Green Reaper... But how?! Did Midoriya tell him? No, he wouldn't... He doesn't make impulsive decisions like that. We'd know if he was planning on recruiting Bakugou or telling him about his identity.

"W-what do you mean..?"

Only option I have left: play dumb. My specialty, if I do say so myself.
"Okay" Bakugou said, obviously on his last bit of patience.
"Listen up Pikachu. I'm losing my fucking mind over here, got it? This is my last resort in my search for answers so you're not going to pull the dumb fried brain act with me here! I know it's Izuku and so do you!"

I froze up when the door closed with a loud thud.
"Kami?" Shinsou called out, followed by footsteps.
"Okay, I have to go, I'll text you a place and time, please don't kill me, bye" I quickly said, hanging up and jumping out of the chair to run up to the stairs to greet my boyfriend.
"Hey babe~"

"Who were you talking to?" he asked confused, looking over my shoulder to see empty space.
"I wasn't talking to anyone" I frowned. Ugh, God, I so hate lying! Certainly to my sweet purple haired boyfriend... But it has to be done. I can't just tell him Bakugou called, stating he knows Izuku's secret. Does Midoriya even know he knows? I should send him a time and location as soon as possible...

"What are you thinking about? You've got that face on" Shinsou pointed out.
"Do you think you can cover for me if I go outside tonight?" I asked, making his eyes widen.
"You do know we're under house arrest, right? No going outside without Izuku-kun's permission" he stated.
"Why? What is out there that can't wait?"

"There is just...something I need to get..." I lied.
"I left it in my room and-"
"Oh no, you're not breaking into UA. You won't get out of there unless in handcuffs" Shinsou stated on a stern voice.
"Our families have come to take our stuff away babe. What I'm looking for is at my place" I sighed.

"Please~? Cover for me?"
"Are you doing this because you're getting home sick?" Shinsou asked, taking my hands.
"You can talk to me babe... Is it because you miss your parents? Do you want to see them again?"
"...Yes..." I whispered, looking down at our intertwined hands.
"Please... I'll keep my distance. I won't talk to them, just watch"

"Promise me you'll be back before midnight" he said, trying to be the strict parent.
"I promise Cinderella!" I exclaimed happily, hugging him half to death.
"God, I don't deserve such an amazing boyfriend as you!"
"Yeah, yeah, I know" he chuckled, pushing me off him.
"Wanna make out?"
"Thought you'd never ask" I grinned.

Pov Bakugou
He just hung up on me! The bastard! I groaned, putting my phone away while muttering angrily. Since the exam was cancelled, we were bussed back to school. I was walking around campus aimlessly, looking for answers. Izuku... MY Izuku! The fucking Green Reaper... I stopped in front of the dormitory of class 1-C, glaring at the building. I don't want to run into shitty hair but I need to find answers.

I sighed and walked inside, not bothering with the general studies extra's until one of them spoke to me.
"Hey! What the hell are you doing here?!"
"I can go wherever the fuck I want, so move" I hissed, glaring at him. I recognized him as one of Izuku's bullies, yet another mystery. If he was really the Reaper, why would he act so innocent and let others beat him down like that!

"Your boyfriend isn't here so fuck off!"
"I know he's not here, shithead. I'm here to get something for him so get out of my damn way or I'll fucking make you!"
We both looked aside to see Kirishima, his now dark hair down in a messy pony tail. He was wearing a baggy sweater and some loose pants, walking bare foot through the dormitory.

"Midoriya isn't here, he's at home for some family issues" the former red head explained.
"I don't care. Where the hell is his room?" I hissed, glaring at him.
"Uhm, I-I'm not sure-" Kirishima started but was shoved aside by one of his new classmates.
"Move it Quirkless"
"Oi! What did you just call him?!" I hissed, grabbing his sorry ass by the collar of his shirt.

"Oh what? I thought he was cast out by the hero course?" he spat in my face.
"Ain't he a quirkless loser now? Just like that stupid boyfriend of yours?"
"Oh you didn't-" I hissed, explosions sparking in my hand.
"Bakugou! No, don't provoke them" Kirishima quickly said, eying the others in the room. He was right. I'm out numbered and on their home turf...

"Just bring me to Izuku's room already" I grunted, pulling hair for brains with me towards the elevator. Eijirou pressed the button for the third floor and looked awkwardly at the ground. We haven't really spoken since what happened...
"I... I'm sorry" he choked out without making eye contact.

"I r-really am... I didn't mean to take advantage of you like that. I know how difficult it is for you to handle feelings, certainly those of someone else. You freeze up, you don't know how to handle the situation and I took advantage of that for my own selfish needs a-and I'm so so sorry..."

He was crying at this point but I didn't try to comfort him. I know he means what he says and maybe over time we could become friends again but right now I'm mad and confused. All I can think about is Izuku being the Reaper. I need answers damnit! The elevator doors opened and I dragged shitty hair out with me.
"His room is the fourth door on the left" he muttered while wiping away his tears and following close behind me.

"So do you have a key-"
I interrupted his sentence by blasting the lock open.
"-...or that. Yes, that works too, I guess"
"What the hell?" I hissed, seeing the room was bare, some wrapped up boxes standing against the wall was the only thing left. That and the naked bed frame.

"Where the hell is his stuff?! Why is everything packed up?!"
"H-he didn't tell you..?" Kiri asked surprised, staring at me with big eyes.
"Midoriya i-is moving away B-Bakugou... He's switching schools since his mother thinks it's unsafe for him at UA... I actually don't really blame her"
"He WHAT?!" I exclaimed, harshly grabbing his shoulders and pushing him up against the wall.

"He's moving away?! Again?! Are you fucking serious right now?!"
"Y-yeah, back to his f-father I-I believe" he whispered, kinda scared of what I would do to him. I stared at him in disbelieve. Izuku is moving away... He was planning on leaving me without saying anything! Again!
"When was this decided?" I hissed.
"A-after we got kidnapped b-by the Reaper" he choked out.

So auntie Inko didn't know about the Reaper... And I wasn't the cause of their move either, what a relief.
"When does he leave?"
"This weekend, I think. I don't know for sure though!" he quickly added. I groaned in frustration, letting him go and travelling a hand through my hair. Dunce face better have some answers for me and quick or I swear I'll explode!

Chapter Text

Pov Midoriya
I was quiet on our way back to the base, not really wanting to talk about what happened. Kacchan knows... He knows! I should be panicking, I should be threatening him with death or torture him at HQ but...but I didn't... I was calm, at peace. He knows. He finally knows. The one and only secret I've been keeping from him throughout time. Why am I not bothered by it? He could easily tell on me. He could ruin everything! Yet a small voice inside of me said he would never do that.

Even if he despised who I am, who I've become, he'd never betray me like that. I wasn't sure whether or not to listen to that voice, since my heart was still aching, the afterimage of his betrayal with Kirishima burned into my eyes. I silently shook my head. No. I can't think like that. Besides, what's the worst that could happen if I'm discovered? Huh... I've never actually thought about that...

For sure people would try to use my weak points against me, but that's not really going to effect me. Why did I hide my identity again? Oh, right, for Kacchan... But he knows now, doesn't he?
"Todoroki-kun" I said suddenly, breaking the silence.
"How does it feel to have everyone know who you are behind the mask?"
"Oh uhm..." he breathed, taken aback by the sudden question.

"I-I don't know... Liberating, in a way, I guess? But also very restricting... I can't go out into the world like you anymore. I've always got a target on my back now that it's known I'm Ace"
"Yeah... I guess..." I muttered.
"Why the sudden question?" he asked, giving me a confused look.
"Are you planning on revealing yourself?"
"No, no that's not it... It's just..." I sighed. Should I tell him about Katsuki? Maybe not yet...

"It's nothing. Forget I asked"

We arrived at HQ not much later, silently walking to the changing room and switching clothes.
"Welcome back boss!" Kaminari smiled as we walked upstairs. I frowned. Why is he so happy to see me? Is there something going on I don't know about?
"How did it go?" Shinsou asked.
"We totally kicked ass!" Denki added.
"Good for you" I muttered.

"I don't want to talk about it. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go home early today"
"See you tomorrow, Izuku" Shoto said with a small smile.
"Yeah..." I sighed, walking off. I made sure not to be seen and quickly made my way back home. Oh God... I hated this kind of moments...
"I'm home" I called out, already seeing him sitting in the living area.

"Ah, hello Izuku. How was your day?" dad asked, giving me an innocent smile as mom returned with two cups of tea.
"Splendid" I growled out, glaring at him. My ex knows I'm a super villain! Couldn't be happier!
"Oh hi Izuku honey! Do you want some tea as well?" she asked.
"That would be great, thanks mom" I smiled, taking over the cups from her and placing them on the small table in between the couches.

"No need to be so hostile son" dad chuckled.
"Not my fault your play things can't look after themselves"
"I'd say the same about yours but you don't have any left, do you?" I smirked.
"Or isn't that why you want us to move in with you again? Petty revenge?"

"This silly little father-son rivalry has nothing to do with it" dad stated, sipping his tea.
"You're quirkless Izuku, at least in the eyes of the world. And it worries me as a parent, don't you understand that? What if it had been another organisation? What if you were taken by people who actually meant harm and you wouldn't be able to fight back?"

"I am capable of looking after myself" I growled, making my eyes glow a bright green for just a second before mom walked in.
"Here you go sweetie! Did you have a nice day at school? Did you have a chance to tell your friends about the move?"
"No" I muttered, looking down at the cup in my hands.
"I don't wanna move, mom... Why don't you get that? Everything I want is here!"

"We do get that, but this isn't up for discussion" dad stated on a serious tone.
"If it is my affairs that brings the two of you in danger, no matter legal or illegal business, I will take my responsibility to make sure you are protected"
"Well have you ever considered we don't need your protection?!"
"Izuku!" mom gasped.
"What?! It's true! If he just stayed out of our lives none of this would've happened!" I yelled in anger.

None of it would've happened! Kaminari wouldn't have outed himself, the others wouldn't be forced to out themselves! I could've taken care of Kirishima with no pressure at all, maybe convince him to join the union! But noooo! No. Some people just had to go after me because of my dad. Ugh...

"Izuku, please, I understand that you're upset but-"
"Upset?! You ruined everything!" I shouted at him, standing up from my spot on the couch.
"I hate you!"
"Izuku!" dad hissed, grabbing me by my shoulders and glaring into my eyes.
"Your mother and I have discussed this. Our decision has been made. You're moving back in with me"

"Fuck off! I don't want to go back there! Everyone treated me like garbage!" I cried out, tears welling up in my eyes. What can I say? I'm still only human after all...
"That's why we won't go back there!" mom cried out, hugging me from behind.
"W-we'll stay in this city Izuku... Y-you can k-keep going to UA i-if you want..."
"W-what..?" I gasped, staring wide eyed at dad, who was simply smiling at me.

"I'm moving into town and want you and your mother to move in with me, son" he started.
"It would be a lot saver than that dorm system at UA. You know we don't trust that place to protect you and I know very well that you like it here. That's why, yes, you're moving, but not to the other side of the country this time"
"A-are you serious?! Why didn't you just say so?!" I yelled, now in tears. Happy tears.

"Well, you never let me finish" he shrugged, joining the hug.
"Ah... This is nice, isn't it? Being a whole family again..."
"Don't get any ideas, mister" mom mumbled, making me chuckle. They divorced with a reason, namely me, but now I'm the one bringing them back together... How ironic.
"I-I need to tell my friends immediately!" I smiled, quickly grabbing my jacket and starting to pull on my shoes.

"What? Where are you going Izuku? Can't you tell them on the phone?" mom asked confused.
"I need to tell Kacchan in person! I-I owe him that much after last time" I lied. Tch. Bakugou Katsuki. He'll never even be aware I was moving. It's not like we live in the same dorms anyway and I'll still be attending the same school. He won't even realise something changed in my home situation.

Dad stopped me when I opened the door though, a knowing look in his eyes.
"Those play things of yours... You really care about them, don't you?"
"You care about Tenko to, right?" I shot back. I knew he didn't want to admit it, but dad had a weak spot for his favorite little toy. It's the only reason I let hand-job live when rescuing Katsuki.

"Be home at a reasonable hour, young man, or your mother will be worried sick"
"Yeah, yeah, whatever dad" I smiled, slamming the door shut behind me. 'Dad' rang through the villain's mind. 'So I haven't lost my son completely yet... There is still a chance'

Pov Bakugou
I leaned against the large oak tree in the back of the park, waiting. The sun was setting and the sky was turning dark. Stupid dunce face better show himself soon or I'll fucking kill him... Suddenly there was a ruffling sound from above me and some leaves fell down. Frowning, I looked up to see the electric blonde sitting in the tree with a nervous smile.

"Sorry I'm late" he whispered, scratching the back of his neck as I climbed up the tree without using my quirk. Setting off explosions would only draw attention towards us and that's the last thing any of us want.
"It was kinda tricky getting away from the main base... GR grounded me for revealing my identity so..." he mumbled as an excuse, not making eye contact as I sat down on a branch a little higher next to his.

I'm not even gonna ask how he suddenly appeared above me without me noticing, knowing the Green Reaper has some crazy things at his disposal in means of transportation.
"Alright, let's get this over with" I grunted, glaring at the fake Pikachu.
"I know Izuku is the Green Reaper. Hell, even the fucking name of your stupid club. Deku? I feel like a fucking idiot for not noticing the connection sooner"

"In your defence, he has a pretty solid cover going on" Kaminari muttered, looking down at his hands.
"He doesn't know you're here, does he?" I asked, squinting my eyes at him.
"No... Nobody knows you know his identity either, as far as I know. Does Midoriya himself even know you know or did you actually figure it all out on your own?" he asked, looking up at me for the first time in this conversation. I noticed the bags underneath his eyes, a sign of many sleepless nights.

"Oh, he knows... I'm not surprised he didn't tell you though" I sighed.
"He barely even confirmed it... It was an accident, a mistake on his part. He gave himself away"
"H-he did?" Denki gasped.
"That's... That's nothing like him... I-I mean, I only found out when he wanted me to know"
"Are you telling me you were following him around blindly? That you didn't even know who was behind the fucking mask at first?!"

"I was forced into this life, Bakugou!" he hissed, glaring at me.
"I literary walked into their base without knowing it and wasn't planning on leaving the place in a body bag!"
He took a deep breath, covering his face with his hands.
"God... I-I'm sorry, I shouldn't have lashed out like that..." he whispered, wiping away a stray tear.

"Anyway, I came here to give you some answers. I must warn you though, I don't know everything so..."
"That's alright... I just want to know... If Izuku had a quirk all this time... Why did he never show it? Use it? Why go through life as a quirkless when you're not?"
"Cover" Kaminari shrugged.

"Nobody will ever suspect a plain looking quirkless boy of being the Reaper, right? Also, he actually used to be quirkless from what I've been told. He actually manipulated and merged other quirks together, altering his own genes to gain power. He... He used All Might's quirk to power up... A-and he also gave that power to us..."

Denki looked at his hands for a moment before looking up at me with a smile.
"I have All Might's quirk running through my veins, isn't that awesome?"
"You... what?" I breathed, staring at him in shock.
"Izuku he... He has All Might's quirk?"
"Apparently combined with a quirk of a blood relative for maximal compatibility or something like that" dunce face shrugged. Auntie Inko... Of course! I already thought that damn quirk looked familiar!

"It doesn't combine with someone else's quirk easily though... I went through absolute hell just for my body to adjust to it. Same with Todoroki and Shinsou"
"So... Izuku used to be quirkless but he stole All Might's quirk after-"
I broke off my own sentence. Why hasn't this thought crossed my mind earlier..? Izuku is the Green Reaper. The Green Reaper killed All Might. He has killed people...

Oh God, my sweet little innocent Izuku... He... H-he's a murderer! Is his whole personality just made up? Cover? Did he even actually like me or was that all part of his image as well?
"Yeah... Took me a while to get over that too" Kaminari muttered, looking down again.
"He's a villain, Bakugou. A criminal. He's involved in a lot of shady things and has quite a lot of blood on his hands... C-can I ask you a question now?"

"Shoot" I grunted, still partially lost in thought.
"Why did you cheat on him?"
My head snapped in his directing and he looked at me with innocent curiosity. I shouldn't be surprised he knew about it. The whole fucking D.E.K.U. probably knew what kind of asshole I've been by now...

"He was devastated, you know? I didn't take you for the kind of guy to cheat, certainly not with Kiri. Man, I knew that dude had a crush on you but I never thought he would actually act on it..." he muttered.
"And to top all of it, you let him, didn't you? You let him use you and Midoriya walked in on it"

"He lost his quirk... He has lost his entire fucking future! I-I... I tried to be a good friend, I guess... I didn't want to deny him when he had already been denied so much at that point... I know damn well it was a stupid thing to do and it was wrong of me to let it happen. Izuku doesn't even want to fucking look at me anymore!" I hissed, tears stinging in my eyes. I hit the tree in anger before covering my face.

"Hey, calm down, someone will hear us" Kaminari quickly hissed, covering my mouth.
"You still love him, right? Well he still loves you too! We just need to figure out a way to get you guys back together"
He smiled, letting go of me. I frowned, looking away with a scowl. Yes, of course I still loved Izuku... And yes, I'd love to be his boyfriend! But...he's the Green Reaper... I'm a hero in training. It will never be like it was... And I still have so many unanswered questions, so many doubts...



"M-Midoriya! I-I can explain-" Kaminari stammered, backing away from the green head standing underneath us.
"No. You will not. Return to base. I'll take care of you later" Deku hissed, glaring at us with bright green eyes. Fear consumed me. This boy... He truly is the Reaper... Fuck!
"Of course boss" Denki whispered, whistled and jumped up.

That monster that took me back home after the whole League incident appeared and took Kaminari into the sky.
"Okay, that's seriously fucked up..." I whispered before Izuku jumped into the tree.
"Hey! Don't insult my pets like that!" Midoriya hissed, straddling me, holding me down in place, his eyes glowing a dangerous green.

"Now... We have to talk, don't we~?"

Chapter Text

Pov Midoriya
Of course my phone has a tracker that knows where all my animals are. So imagine my surprise when I got a notification that one was in the park when I was on my way to HQ... And then seeing Denki with Katsuki! Ugh!
"Now... We have to talk, don't we~?" I asked, using my Green Reaper voice and letting my eyes glow, seeing the fear on his face.

Huh, not so fearless now eh Kacchan? How can you claim you love me when you're afraid..? I frowned a little, leaning back a bit.
"I slipped up, I admit it. So now you know who I really am" I sighed.
"But the real question remains... Will I have to make you disappear after this little chat or not~?"
He whimpered a little at that, trying to steady his breathing before speaking up.

"Y-you would k-kill me..?"

It was barely a whisper but it held so much emotion... It broke me, shook me to my very core.
"No matter how angry I am with you right now, I would never kill you Katsuki" I said with a small smile, letting the light in my eyes vanish. Maybe being the Izuku he has always known will put him at ease a little? I don't want to have this conversation twice because he's too scared to comprehend what's going on.

"Now, what will I do with you~ Oh! I know! I'll tell you my story" I stated happily, intertwining our hands.
"When I was little, the doctor diagnosed me as quirkless and all my dreams got shattered. But of course, you already know that. You know how the teachers treated me, right? How I was bullied whenever you weren't around to protect me? I was powerless and therefore helpless. And with my photographic memory, I will never ever forget a single moment of it! Isn't that absolutely fabulous?"

I sighed, shaking my head with a small smile.
"But there was another thing, a thing you didn't know about~ My dad isn't just a scary businessman, he's also a scary villain boss! Me and my mom have always known about it, he didn't hide his shady business from us and you could say I was somewhat...affected by that. Intrigued is a better word, really. But then he and All Might had a fight..."

I frowned at the memory, remembering how I cried when father's body was moved away and covered up so I wouldn't see. But the smell was all consuming... Blood. Death. It's something I've grown used to by now, but in that moment it felt like my world would collaps. We may praise ourselves lucky my father survived such brutal slaughter by that so called hero...

"He was badly hurt" I summarized for Kacchan, not wanting to go into details.
"Dad almost died and All Might was praised into the skies... I couldn't take it. I couldn't watch people admire the man who almost killed my dad for the sake of so called peace! If you have to kill to gain peace, are you even allowed to call yourself a hero?"
I let my fingertips brush Kacchan's cheek, like I've done on the battle field. This time he didn't flinch away. He just sat there, staring at me, listening to my story.

"So in order to take my revenge, I started gathering information, made a plan... I worked everything out into the smallest detail! You could say I was very proud of myself when I finally managed to capture the number one hero in his weakened state. I mean, I was 10 and quirkless! Nobody would ever think I would be able to pull of something like that, right? Yet I did~ I killed All Might~"
I chuckled a little, remembering how he screamed when I took One For All away from him by force...

"His quirk, One For All, is a quirk that can be passed down from generation to generation. I took that power out of his hands before finishing him off. I experimented with it for a bit and managed to combine it with mom's quirk, resulting in the quirk I have now. A very powerful form of telekinesis, you could say. I very much like it~"

Staring down upon our intertwined fingers, I let a small tingle spread from me to him so he could feel my power. He gasped at the feeling, his eyes wide as he arched his back. I chuckled, pushing him back onto the tree trunk.
"I see you like it to~" I smirked, making him blush a little before I continued.

"Anyway, I told my old man about what I did. I thought he'd be happy but no! Apparently taking care of his number one enemy was going against everything he'd planned out for me. He wanted me to become successful in life without having to walk into the darkness. He'd hoped I'd achieve greatness by using my smarts... Well, in a way, I did... Our relationship was never the same after that. Certainly not when he found out about D.E.K.U."

I visibly flinched at the memory, still hearing him yell and shout, throwing things at my head which I could easily dodge using my newly obtained quirk. That's in the past now... I need to move on. I have moved on. I sighed, looking back into his ruby red eyes.

"I founded D.E.K.U. with one purpose. To bring equality to the world. A world where heroes aren't praised into the skies, where the quirkless aren't looked down upon. I want a world where everyone is treated the same regardless of power, gender, background, whatever form of discrimination there may be. Isn't that what justice is all about Kacchan? To help those who can't help themselves?"

Tilting my head a little, I could see his mind was working hard to process all this new information. It made him unresponsive to my question. Hm, guess I'll just continue then...
"Only one of the reasons I convinced Todoroki Shoto to join me... That and he discovered my identity right after the Sportsfestival so it was either that or die. I also helped him get rid of his father so I guess it's a win-win?" I shrugged.

"As for Shinsou Hitoshi, well, he took a little more convincing but once he saw it with his own eyes, he didn't even hesitate. Kaminari Denki... Well, he was a different case... He would've rather preferred death over becoming a villain if Shinsou hadn't influenced him. He wasn't even a member of my union before Kirishima outed him, leaving him with few options. Denki was supposed to be a one time thing... Yet here we are"

"So what you're saying is...that you killed the number one hero, fully quirkless, at the age of 10, to get revenge for your father? A-and you used his quirk t-to give yourself a quirk?" Bakugou summed up, trying to make sense of it all.
"So now you're a villain because you don't want people to suffer how you've suffered... Y-you still have morals... You're still a good person"

"Did you ever doubt my intentions?" I asked with a small frown.
"I'm just saying you're not the monster people make you out to be" Katsuki whispered, staring down upon our hands.
"Oh my sweet explosive hero... I am much, much worse~" I sang on a sinister voice, leaning in, letting our noses touch.

"But you're not innocent either, are you~? Cheating on me like that with that damned Kirishima after I punished him for outing my people... I should've killed him when I had the chance, but Kaminari would've never forgiven me for that. It would cause too much unnecessary drama if I killed him, or that's what I thought at least..."

"Okay, just so we're clear. He. Kissed. Me. Okay? I didn't want to. He forced himself on me" Bakugou stated, somehow having the nerve to speak up to me. Wasn't he scared? He should be terrified... Most people would be frozen in fear in this kind of situation, right? Am I doing something wrong here?
"Also, fucking shitty hair told me you're moving? What the hell nerd?! When were you supposed to tell me huh? Were you planning on just leaving me behind? Again?!"

Oh, he was angry now... I sat back a little but didn't let myself get intimidated by his scowl, nor his glare.
"That's actually why I was out here in the first place" I said with a happy smile, fully ignoring his anger.
"I was on my way to my villain HQ to tell the others that, yes, I'm moving, but I'm not being taken to the other side of the country again! Dad is moving here and mom and I are moving in with him so he can protect us! Mom doesn't think UA is a safe place but dad convinced her to let me stay enrolled there"

"S-so you''re staying? You're not leaving me?" Kacchan asked on a small and broken tone. This must come as a relief to him, I'm sure. He pulled me onto him, holding me tightly in his arms.
"I-I'm not sure i-if I'd survive being separated again... I love you, Izuku"
"I-I... You love me?" I asked shocked, not pulling back from the hug.
"Don't sound so fucking surprised nerd, say it back. Come on, don't leave me hanging"

"You love me even after everything I just told you? I'm the Green Reaper, Kacchan. I'm a super villain, I-I killed All Might for crying out loud! I manipulate and lie a-and yet you l-love me..? Why?" I asked confused.
"Because it's still you, shithead" he stated, pulling back a bit so we could look at each other.
"A-and if you're up for it I... I'm willing to give this a shot again"


"This. Us. For crying out loud, Deku! Be my fucking boyfriend again!"
I stared at him with wide eyes, not understanding what he was saying. He still wanted to be with me? After everything that happened?
"I killed Monoma a few days ago" I blurted out, showing him my hands.
"They're covered in blood Kacchan. You can't see it, but it's there. I have a target on my back, I'm a wanted criminal, I-"

"I don't care" he interrupted, now holding my face.
"...Well, I do care... Fuck. This is all so fucked up Deku! I-I... Y-you... I don't even know what to think anymore! But I love you. I know that much. So please... Please help me understand... I know that together we can figure this out. Right?"

He sounded scared and panicked, trying to find something to hold onto, to keep sane. It was adorable in a way... But I don't want to drag him into this...
"Kacchan... I don't think this is a good idea" I whispered, tears coming to my eyes.
"It hurts me to do this but...but please stay away from me... You aim to be a hero and I am already a villain. We're two sides of the same coin. I'm a bad influence to you"

I shifted, moving off his lap and letting my eyes glow a bright green as if to state my point.
"I trust you not to tell anyone and not to seek contact with Kaminari or any of the others again" I continued as I started to crawl down. Man, this is a lot harder than I thought it would be...
"In addition to that I won't be in contact with you or anyone else from the hero course"

"You'll be bullied and beaten again" he said quickly, following me down. Oh, I know... And you won't be there to save me, my knight in shining armour. My hero...
"I can take it" I said, staring at him with tears in my eyes, some of them already rolling down my face.
"Izuku, please-"
"No!" I yelled, crying.

Why doesn't he take the fucking hint already?! Doesn't he see it's breaking the both of us?! Does he really think I want this?! He needs to realise we can't be together, not unless someone changes their view of the world.
"No Kacchan... Go back home, make up with Kirishima, be number one... Sorry. I thought I could keep my two lives separate but I was wrong. This is what's best for everyone"

"For everyone else maybe" the blonde hissed, grabbing my arm, stopping me in my tracks.
"Look at me! Fucking look at me Izuku!"
I refused to answer him, staring at the ground while crying. I hate this feeling! I hate that I love him! A-and now I have to let him go... It's for the best. In the long run he'll understand that.

"Would you give up being a hero to be with me?" I asked quietly. I noticed he was taken aback by my question, I didn't wait for his answer either.
"Because that's the choice you'll be making if you want to continue with me. One way or another you'll have to chose. And I know you can't, so I will do it for you right now... Goodbye Katsuki"
I pulled my arm out of his grasp and walked off, wiping away the water in my eyes. Fuck. I wasn't prepared for this when leaving the house earlier...

I thought I would happily greet my people, announcing my stay and we'd have a small happy party. No... This isn't what I had in mind at all... I shouldn't have come here, I shouldn't have spoken to him. No, I shouldn't have been his boyfriend in the first place. I should've kept my distance from him at the very start.

I shouldn't have chosen UA as my high school, I shouldn't have visited him at the Sportsfestival. Our friendship shouldn't have been revived to begin with. In the end, everything is my fault. Everything always comes back to something I did. A wrinkle in time, a decision made, a path chosen. No way back...

Chapter Text

Pov Bakugou
Deku broke up with me while we weren't even together anymore. Fuck. I was angrily stabbing my food, getting concerned glanced from my classmates.
"Are you...okay?" Mina whispered, slowly placing a hand on my shoulder.
"Peachy" I gritted, glaring at Izuku, who was sitting all alone in a corner in the canteen. Green Reaper my ass...

I glanced aside, seeing a certain ex-rock boy. I stood up, stretched my arm out and snatched him, almost making him drop his plate.
"Sit" I hissed, pushing him down in the seat next to mine.
"B-Bakugou?" he squeaked, freezing up as all eyes fell on him.
"Kirishima..?" Sero asked surprised. His hair was all black now and laying down flat against his head.

"Hey! Middle school style!" Ashido smiled, punching him on the shoulder. He flinched a little at that, staring down at his food nervously.
"Uhm... H-hi..." he said with a small smile.
"So uhm... You seem to have killed your food"
"Shut the fuck up" I hissed at him, glaring him down.
"I still fucking hate you, just so we're clear"

"T-then why-?"
"Midoriya wants him to make up with you" Jirou shrugged.
"At least that's what I heard"
"Wait? Really?" Kirishima gasped, looking between me and the others.
"Dude, what happened to your hair?" Sero asked in a whisper, a tad bit confused.
"I almost didn't recognize you!"

"Ah, uhm, yeah... Red wasn't really my thing after all..." he muttered, looking down at his food.
"I think you look cute with black hair! Reminds me of the good old days, you know?" Mina smiled.
"Anyways, how are things between you and Midoriya? The two of you aren't even making eye contact"

"How the hell would you feel if you got cheated on?" I grunted, making Kirishima cringe in guilt.
"I-I'm really sorry about what happened, you know that" he whispered.
"Yeah, yeah, shut your trap. Izuku and I talked. It ended in shit and now he doesn't want anything to do with me anymore" I sighed.
"I lost him. It finally happened. I finally lost the first fucking friend I ever made... Fucking hell"

I threw my fork down and let out a frustrated sigh.
"So whatcha gonna do about it?" Mina asked, stealing a fry from Kiri.
"Hey!" the boy whined, pouting at the pink girl.
"What can I do about it?" I sighed, leaning back.
"I'd say, find his closest friend and get them on your good side. Always a good first step" raccoon eyes stated.

"Good luck with that" Kirishima muttered.
"His best friend was Shinsou, who turned out to be evil, and after that Todoroki and Bakugou, who're also both off the list by now-"
"I fucking get it shitty hair" I grunted, frowning. I caught sight of Toya laughing it up with Midnight. Hmm, they seem to get along quite well huh?


An idea shot into my head and my frown changed into a smug smile.
"That's what I like to see" Mina giggled as I stood up.
"Unbelievable I'm saying this but thank you raccoon face, I now have a plan of action"
"Good luck dude!" Sero called after me as I walked up to the teachers.

"Ah, Bakugou, something the matter?" Midnight asked a little taken aback.
"Yes, actually. Uhm, could I talk to you for a moment, Todoroki sensei?"
"Todoroki sensei huh?" Toya chuckled, elbowing Midnight, who also laughed.
"Sounds like my old man! You must really want something from me ey?"
"Just, ugh, can we talk in private?" I groaned.
"Sure thing! Be right back" Toya smiled.

"And when you return, I want to hear all about that so called summer fling!"
"You've got it!"
I rolled my eyes. It was unsettling how well he got along with her. They were like besties right now... Disgusting.
"So? Whatcha wanna talk about kid? I'm sure it isn't anything about the hero curriculum" Toya sighed, leaning against the wall in the empty hallway.

"In case of emergency, would you be able to contact your brother?" I asked, getting straight to the point. He furrowed his eyebrows for a moment, crossing his arms.
"Why are you seeking out my baby bro?"
"I'm not trying to get him arrested, if that's what you're worried about" I grunted.
"Then what is it? You've never been friends with Shoto, I know that much, and you're also not crossing to the other side all of the sudden" he pointed out.

"He knows who the Green Reaper is, right?" I asked, seeing him stare at me with a questioning gaze.
"You're after the Reaper?" he asked surprised.
"I'm not sure if that's such a good idea, to be honest-"
"I'm not, at least not the way you think I am..." I muttered, casting my gaze towards the ground.

Toya gasped, quickly looking around to make sure we were really alone before leaning closer to me, making me look up with a scowl.
"You know who he is, don't you?" he whispered in shock. My eyes widened and I took a step back in surprise.
"You know?!"
"I should be the one flabbergasted in this situation!" Toya hissed, pulling at his hair.

Huh, guess that makes sense since he used to be a villain working for Izu's dad and he is icyhot's brother too after all...
"Fuck... You do realise that if you root him out, we're looking at a full on massacre, right?"
"I am aware..." I whispered, a little taken aback by his fear of Izuku. I guess I never really saw the monster in action like he has...

No, I already almost pissed my pants just seeing him up close. I don't want to know what it is like to see him kill... I can't even imagine it.
"Listen, you might've heard Izuku and I broke up"
"You cheated on him, be happy you're still breathing" Toya stated, leaning back onto the wall.
"Anyway-" I sighed.
"I want to make up somehow and since half-n-half is pretty damn close to him, I thought he might have some advise or some shit like that"

His eyes widened for a moment and he coughed loudly, apparently choking on his own breath.
"Y-you want to make up w-with him? Are you out of your damn mind Bakugou?!" Toya hissed.
"What is it you want to achieve with this huh? Do you actually want to be the Reaper's boyfriend? Can you live with that? With what he does for a living?"

"He doesn't do it for a living-" I grumbled, crossing my arms and glancing aside.
"Oh no, cause killing people for fun is so much better!" the Todoroki in front of me yelled, grabbing my shoulders.
"Midoriya Izuku is a monster, Bakugou. He only complies if there's something in it for his own benefit, I hope you realise that"

"Are you done yammering about him? Just give me a fucking way to contact that damn halfie already and we don't have to speak of this again" I growled, glaring at him. He let out a long sigh, closing his eyes for a moment.
"There is no convincing you, is there? Well, I tried, not my fault if you get yourself killed" Toya muttered, grabbing my hand and clicking a pen open. He rolled up my sleeve and wrote down a phone number.

"Sho has a burner phone in case of emergencies. Make sure to call him when Midoriya isn't around to hear it, kay?"
"I'm not stupid" I grumbled, pulling my sleeve back down.
"Anyways, thanks, I guess..."
"You're welcome" he smiled.
"Now just don't die!"
With a pat on the shoulder he made his way to the canteen again, probably to laugh it up with Midnight like he was doing earlier.

I sighed, walking to the bathroom to copy the number into my phone and wash off my arm. If anyone saw this while changing in the locker room, I'd get too many unwanted questions.

Pov Todoroki
Both Shinsou and I glared down upon the bright yellow haired male in front of us. Kaminari was fiddling with his hands while staring at the ground in shame. Izuku dropped by the other night, telling us what the Pikachu did and who he was talking to. Now it was up to us to get him to talk before Midoriya comes back to punish him.

"You told me you were going to see your family" Shinsou hissed angrily.
"Why did you lie?!"
"I-I'm sorry..." he whimpered, not looking up to meet his piercing gaze. Denki was on the verge of crying, that much was certain. I sighed, crossing my arms.
"We know you're sorry Denki. Now tell us why you lied about it to Hitoshi" I demanded on an ice cold tone.

He bit his lip, still staring at his hands.
"Y-you would never l-let me go if I t-told you the truth..." he whispered.
"Well no shit! And we have every reason to!" Shinsou yelled. He was really mad at Kaminari for this.
"Bakugou! Fucking Bakugou out of all people! Ugh, sometimes I don't get you Denki! Why would you leak Izuku's identity like that?! Be glad he won't murder you!"

"H-he's my friend" Kaminari muttered.
"Bakugou called... He was searching for answers... He already knew Midoriya is the Green Reaper"
This new information shocked us. Izuku hadn't said anything about that...
"He was just so lost, you know? A-and I just wanted to help him... To give answers, make him keep his mouth shut, maybe try to recruit him into the union, I don't know..." Denki muttered, now looking up at us.

"I-I had questions too, you know? About how he knew and stuff... I wanted to get his side of the cheating story as well, since I know he's pretty damn loyal"
"What did he say about it?" I asked on a neutral tone.
"Kirishima forced himself on him, took advantage of Bakugou under certain circumstances... He caught him off guard and Midoriya happened to see. It was all a big mistake" Kaminari sighed.

"A-are you two still mad at me..? I-I'm really sorry f-for sneaking out a-and lying about it..."
"Hey, ssh, it's okay" Shinsou whispered, now hugging his boyfriend.
"He's one of your best friends and you just wanted to help him... We understand, right Shoto?"
"Yes, of course" I answered with a small smile before muttering.
"And hopefully the boss will too..."

In that moment a phone rang and Denki groaned.
"Can someone else get the damn thing?" he whined, holding onto Shinsou while wiping away his tears.
"It's not the main phone, it's mine" I whispered in a panic, instantly running to my room in this wing. I swung the door open and dived into my cabinet, instantly grabbing the small burner phone. I only gave this number to Izuku and Toya in case of emergency.


"Ugh, fucking finally! You take your fucking time icyhot" the irritated voice of Bakugou Katsuki came through from the other side. I frowned, slowly closing the door so the others wouldn't hear.
"Can I ask you how you got this number?"
"Your flame brain brother gave it to me" he shrugged, making me roll my eyes.

Of course he did...

I sighed and closed my eyes for a moment.
"What do you want Bakugou? This could get the both of us in unmeasurable trouble"
"I'm sure either dunce face or Izu has told you what happened" Katsuki stated.
"And Izuku put an end to our relationship completely, no friendship no nothing"

"You must be delighted, since he is the Green Reaper and all" I said on a dead tone of voice, really not wanting to have this conversation. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Bakugou or dislike him in a particular way, really. Yet I'm irritated Toya gave him my number...
"You'd think that huh?" Katsuki snorted.
"Well, uhm, this is gonna sound fucked up in many ways and know I wouldn't do this if I had literary any other option but uh I-I need your help getting Izuku back as my boyfriend"

"What?" I breathed, followed by silence. Bakugou still wants to be in a relationship with Midoriya? After what happened? After what he did? After finding out he's the Reaper?
"Have you recently suffered a blow to the head, Bakugou?"
"What the-?! No! Shut the fuck up icyhot! Are you gonna help me or not?"

I frowned, hearing the door open.
"It's Bakugou, isn't it?" Kaminari asked with a smug smile.
"That dude would do anything to get to the bottom of this"
The electric blonde took over the phone with a small smile.
"Oi, what's up Bakugo? Had a nice chat with Midoriya?"
I could hear screaming and shouting from the other side of the phone. Denki had to keep the phone at a reasonable distance from his ear not to get damaged.

Meanwhile Shinsou had walked in too, giving me a questioning look.
"Bakugou wants my help getting Izuku back as his boyfriend" I stated on a confused tone, making his eyes widen.
Hitoshi grabbed the phone from Kaminari, instantly yelling back.
"Listen here you explosive little asshole! You broke his fucking heart so no! No, we're not fucking helping you! Also, we're villains, ever thought about that huh?"

A second later the indigo haired male scoffed and handed the phone back to me. I raised a questioning brow yet slowly took the phones and put it to my ear.
"Yes Bakugou?"
"Ugh, listen here halfie, I don't fucking care what you or your buddies think about this whole relationship crap but I'm not backing down! Think about Deku's fucking happiness! Wasn't he happier when we were together?"

"Well, yes, but then you kissed Kirishima" I stated.
"HE KISSED ME! Geez, how many times am I gonna need to specify that?!" the angry blonde shouted.
I held the phone a little away from my ear, looking at the others to see what they had to say about it.
"I say we help him!" Kaminari smiled.
"Come on dudes! Think of how happy the boss will be when he's back together with his beloved Kacchan!"

"If it lasts... He's aiming to be a hero and Izuku is a super villain! That can never work out"
"Hey! We tried that at first!" Denki pouted.
"And you ended up crossing to the dark side" Shinsou deadpanned.
"Are you saying you don't want Bakugou as an ally?" Kami asked, quirking a brow.

"Hello? You there icyhot?"
"We'll take a day to consider. I'll call you back later" I stated, pressing the red phone before the enraged screaming could reach my side.
"Okay, this is what we're going to do"

Chapter Text

Pov Midoriya
"You'll do great at your new job honey" mom smiled, straightening dad's tie. I frowned at the scene, eating my cornflakes while tiredly scrolling through hero news. Dad got a new job in the city so he could provide for us here instead of the other side of the country. It made sense, I guess. Although this meant his villain escapades would probably interfere with my line of work...


Well, as long as he brings in money for mom to be able to live a happy life, I don't really care all that much. I don't even know what this new job is exactly, only that it's a legal one. Probably a cover up for his crime imperium.
"Have a great day at school son" dad smiled, ruffling his hair.
"Thanks, you too" I mumbled, before quickly correcting myself.
"I-I mean at work, obviously"

Dad laughed a little at that and nodded.
"Oh and I'll be picking you up after school" he added, already leaving to the hallway. Ugh, great... If he was bringing me home from school I wouldn't be able to go to base... Things were easier when I was still allowed to live in the dorms. Even if I was bullied and I should be glad mom even allows me to attend UA at this point.

I also heard from Aizawa that the hero federation has talked to principal Nezu about it and there are going to be some changes. Hopefully that wouldn't make things more troublesome on my part... After breakfast I made my bag and put on my uniform, kissing mom goodbye before leaving for school.

Since almost everyone was living in the dorms now, I was the only UA student to arrive through the front gates of the school. Not that I minded. I quickly made my way to my classroom, making sure not to bump into any hero course students. My break-up with Kacchan was spreading like wild fire through the school and I'd noticed Kirishima got disgusted glances as he walked through the hallways. Same with Bakugou though. And the bullies had left me alone for the time being... Probably out of pity or something. Well, better for me, honestly.

I soon arrived in the classroom of class 1-C, seeing most of the class was already there. Nobody reacted as I walked in, well, not until I arrived at my desk at least.
"Hey, uhm, Midoriya?"
I was actually not all that surprised that Kirishima aproached me. After all, I was the reason he sat at the hero table again. I guess Kacchan made amends with him in order to get on my good side. It didn't matter anyways, Bakugou and I would never be like we once were...


"T-thank you... F-for uh talking to Bakugou" he breathed, pulling a strand of black hair back behind his ear, out of his face.
"He made up to you then?" I asked, tilting my head. He nodded shyly, not looking directly in my eyes. He must still be ashamed of what he did...
"Yeah, kinda... Has he talked to you? At all?"

"No. Why should he? We're nothing to each other anymore" I muttered, taking my books and placing them neatly on top of my desk.
"Well, uh, he, no, we feel really bad about what happened... It was a big mistake on my part, Bakugou holds no blame in this" Kirishima stated.
"He's really sad, man... I've never seen him so depressed before..."
"What?" I asked confused, frowning at him.

Why would Kacchan be sad? Why would he mourn my loss? I'm the Green Reaper for crying out loud! He should be happy he got away from me when he did! But no... Something is pulling him back to me... Why?
"Yeah dude, he was like super down, murdering his food while not eating any of it" Kiri shrugged.
"He's really bumped out about it and I can see you're too. I... I really am sorry, Midoriya... I support the two of you, really! I-I just... I let my jealousy get the best of me... It won't happen again though! I promise"

He gave me a big sharp toothed smile, looking a lot more like the person he was before all that shit happened to him. I smiled back, needing to uphold my cheery appearance.
"Say, as the only quirkless ones in this whole shool, whatcha say you and I become friends?"
"R-really? You'd... You'd want to be friends with me after what I did?" Eijirou asked surprised.

Hmm, he rooted out my comrades and kissed my boyfriend but he also lost his quirk and his dream career so I guess we're kinda even now... Besides, he apologized! I don't have any reason to stay mad at him anymore. So I smiled widely and nodded.
"Of course silly! Forgive and forget, right? Gotta move on from all that negativity left by all the things that have been going on lately"
Kirishima just stared in shock before placing a hand on his chest, grabbing his shirt. Another hand covered is eyes as he choked out his infamous line.

"So manly..."

I chuckled a little at that, only to be silenced by the homeroom teacher.
"Everyone listen up! The principal will give a speech about the recent happenings in the big meeting hall" the teacher spoke up. I frowned. A speech huh? Well, only natural seeing the circumstances... He should inform us on what changes are going to be put in motion to assure our safety and be certain there aren't any more moles.

Well, they already scanned everyone for that, searching for the devices they knew were inside my people's arms since Denki cut it out in front of others. Unfortunately for them, I don't have a tracker.
"Alright, get in line, move to the hall in an orderly manner"
Kirishima and I walked next to each other as we made our way to the big hall. I've never actually been here but apparently the principal gives a welcome speech here at the start of the school year.

I glanced aside, seeing the hero course standing next to us. Of course we're standing in order... So that means we're in between 1-B and 1-D. I noticed other years were here as well. The whole school was here to attend. No wonder since this is so important for the future of the school. Kirishima glanced aside, waving and smiling at Tetsutetsu. They were something like friendly rivals ever since the Sportsfestival. Well, not anymore, I guess...

Tetsutetsu caught it and smiled back a little. Kendo saw and frowned, hitting the metal quirk user on the arm, making him look away again with a last apologetic gaze. That's right, people don't like Kiri anymore... Poor guy... Not my problem. I glanced aside, seeing class 1-A arrive with Aizawa sensei. Kacchan was with them, catching my eye as he walked by. I instantly looked away while Kirishima smiled at him. The blonde gave a small nod in return, facing the podium afterwards.

"May I have your attention!"

Nezu walked up stage as everyone arrived. All teachers standing in front of their homeroom classes and the remaining ones standing at the sides of the room. The animal like creature hopped on some stairs, appearing behind a wooden structure used for this kind of stuff. It held three mics, the audio coming out of several speakers shattered around the room.

"The hero federation has talked to me regarding the recent events! It isn't a secret the Green Reaper had moles within our hero course. An unfortunate thing indeed... Therefore, some big changes will occur on our school grounds! First up, I hereby resign as principal of UA high school"
Shocked gasping could be heared all over the room. Even the teachers seemed surprised... The hero federation fired him..? Could they really do something like that?! I couldn't believe it...

Yet maybe a new principal wouldn't exactly be in my disadvantage. Nezu was too close to all of this. A new person would need to figure things out first, something I can use in my favour. I watched Nezu's every move as he kept up his happy façade. But I could see that deep down he was suffering. He didn't want this...
"Man... Nezu is quitting? Things must really be bad" Kirishima muttered next to me. Not as stupid as I thought after all...

"Yeah" I sighed, frowning. Who will follow in his footsteps? A teacher maybe? No... If the federation was behind this, no teacher would get a promotion. Even worse, some might even be fired... This new principal was sure to be merciless and strict, viewing everything objectively. When the shock was over, a new figure took the stage. More gasps followed and a certain darkness fell over the room.


No! This has to be some kind of joke, right? Right?! People started trembling in his presence as he walked up stage, taking Nezu's place behind the wooden pilar.
"Hello students and educators! As some of you might know, my name is Midoriya Hisashi, and I will be your new principal!"
"D-dad..?" I choked out, earning a flabbergasted reaction from Kirishima.

"H-he's...your dad..?" the former red head whispered. I just nodded, staring at said man, seeing his lips move while no words reached my ears. All sound became mute as all I could see was my father... All For One is now the leader of Japan's most famous hero school. Un-fucking-believable... After his speech, we were all guided back to class. I didn't say anything as Kirishima rambled on and on about how weird and cool it was that my dad was our new principal.

"You think you'll get special treatment now? I mean, he did say he wanted to secure the weakest links, which are the quirkless"
"No, that's not what he means with weakest link" I sighed, looking him straight in the eye.
"As the father of a quirkless son, he has learned to see strength and value in things other than quirks... He means the personel. Those we were unable to see that there were villains in their midst. He's going to fire people"

Our classmates heard and turned towards me with big eyes. I stayed unfazed, keeping a steady pace as I continued my way to the classroom.
"H-he... Would he really do that?" Eijirou asked in shock.
"Of course he would. He rules without mercy" I stated, giving him a big smile in the end, confusing them.
"He sounds scary, man" Kiri muttered.

"He is" I answered, entering the classroom. Eijirou didn't really know what to think about it... He'd been loved by his family is whole life, not being able to imagine an abusive parent. Well, not like I had an abusive parent, just a distant one. He was around if I wanted him to but still... Our relationship never was the same after All Might. After I got my quirk and started walking the same path as him.

Oh but Hisashi won't hear the end of this one, rest assured.

Pov Bakugou
"That's Midoriya's dad?!" Mina exclaimed as we returned to class. I didn't say anything, let others do the talking.
"He seriously gives me the creeps dude" Sero shivered.
"Yeah, never thought a cutiepie such as Midoriya would have such a scary dad" Uraraka whispered.
"What did you just call him round face?!" I hissed, glaring at her.
"N-nothing!" she squeaked.

"Say, Bakugou, you have met this man before, right? What is he like?" Yaoyorozu asked, now walking next to me.
"Ruthless, merciless bastard, that's what he is... Met him as a kid, couldn't sleep for a month" I stated.
"You're damn right to be scared. If you anger him, you'll fucking feel it"
"Holy shit" Jirou muttered.
"How does Midoriya survive that?"

"I've always wondered the same thing" I sighed. At least I did... He's the fucking Green Reaper, he's maybe even scarier than his old man! Yet Hisashi is All For One, leader of the League of Villains. Huh, haven't heard from those guys in a while... Not after the Reaper absolutely obliterated them when I was kidnapped.

"Calm down children, there is nothing to be worried about" Aizawa sighed.
"There may be some drastic changes regarding the security of our school but I can assure you it is all for the best. After all, he wouldn't want harm to fall over his own son"
I scoffed. Yeah right... They've fought before, no doubt about it. They probably have the power to kill each other.

How high are the chances that he just took this job to make life harder on Izuku? Hmph, pretty high, actually...
"Sir, did you know about this sudden change of principal?" Iida asked, raising his hand while he spoke.
"No" Aizawa sensei sighed, closing his eyes for a moment.
"But there is a teachers meeting this afternoon, so all of you will be excused after lunch"

The class cheered at the news but I stayed quiet, looking out the window with a scowl on my face. Did Izu know about this? Why didn't he say so when we talked? I mean, yeah, he said his old man was moving here but he didn't say anything about that bastard's new job! Ugh, things are just getting better and better around here...

Chapter Text

Pov Kaminari
I bit the end of my pen while swinging back and forth in my rotating desk chair, staring at the chalk board in front of me.
"So... I take violent nature is a negative?" I wondered out loud.
"Not really, Izuku likes to be dominated" Shinsou muttered, sitting backwards in a chair next to me, also staring at the board.

I hummed in response, still swooshing back and worth while keeping my head in place. Todoroki stood next to the board, chalk at hand.
"So is that a plus or a min?" the halfa asked.
"I see that as an absolute win!" I laughed, seeing him write it on the plus side. We were making a list of all the pro's and con's of the boss dating Bakugou to see if we would help him or not.

"Ugh, this is so dumb... Let's take a vote already" Hitoshi groaned, leaning forward, his head resting on his arms wich laid foded on the back if the chair.
"I vote Yes" I smiled, earning a frown from my boyfriend.
"What? They're so cute together!"
"I vote No, Sho you've got the deciding vote"
"Hmm..." he mumbled, taking a step back and staring at the board.

"Well, the biggest con is that they're on different sides, that would definitely complicate things... But they would both be happier together and it would get Bakugou off our case"
"They won't be happy when all that complicated villain hero stuff gets in the way" Shinsou pointed out.
"What? No! That won't stand in their way! I'm sure they'll figure something out... We did too, didn't we Oshi?" I smiled, quickly stealing a kiss before giggling and running over to Todoroki.

"I say we try! What can possibly go wrong? If we fail, so be it, but if we succeed, the better for everyone! Watcha say Shoto?"
"Well... This is for Izuku-kun's happiness, right?" he muttered, making me smile. Yes! He's slowly being persuaded! A win for me! Whoohoo! Denki takes home the price! Shinsou, on the other hand, groaned loudly.

"Noooo... Shoto I had faith in you!" he whined.
"Come on babe~! Everything for love, right?" I pouted, strolling up to him and hugging him from behind, placing my head on his shoulder.
"What if I hadn't given you a second chance huh?"
"Our secret would still be safe, for starters" he grumbled, not reacting to my touch.

"Oh hush! I'm the one who asked you out in the first place, remember?" I grinned, kissing his cheek.
"Yeah and you were the same idiot that followed me straight into the base during an attack" he pointed out with a teasing look in his eyes.
"Can the two of you stop acting like a married couple for one second" Todoroki hissed, earning our attention.
"You're just sour cause you don't have a girlfriend!" I laughed.

"I-I'm not s-sure I'm into that anymore..." he mumbled, his words muted as he turned back around to the board. Hitoshi stared at him with big eyes as I gasped, squealing a bit.
"Oh my God Sho~! You like a boy~!"
"S-shut up" he muttered, starting to wipe the board off in case Izuku would arrive sooner than expected.

"Oh. My. God" Shinsou breathed, his mouth hanging agape.
"Mister I-am-straight-as-a-ruler has a crush on a guy!"
"We need a name Todoroki! Now!" I yelled, running up to him, grabbing his shoulders and shaking him a little.
"I-it's nothing, okay? Just s-someone I saw during the l-licening exam..."
"A hero in training from another school?" Hitoshi asked curiously.

"Wait, do you even know his name? Or is it just purely on looks?"
"Of course I know his name" the halfa grunted, frowning a bit.
"He... He got into UA on recommendations but decided last minute to go somewhere else"
"What? Why?!" I gasped.
"He got in on recommendations! In the best hero school of Japan!"

"His name is Inasa Yoarashi and he attends Shiketsu" Shoto sighed in defeat, knowing we wouldn't stop until we knew every detail. I instantly turned my chair around, typing onto the computer that stood on the desk behind me. Inasa Yoarashi huh... Let's see. I heard Hitoshi whistle once I pulled up a picture of the guy and I must say he doesn't look bad.
"So this is the guy that stole your heart huh?" Shinsou chuckled while Todoroki was still wiping off the board, a bright red blush on his face.

"We should totally kidnap him" my boyfriend deadpanned, looking straight at me.
"Oh so this is a love you can get behind but not my bro with the boss?" I asked, clicking on a video. We both stared wide eyed as the guy used his wind quirk to create a tornado. He controlled it perfectly too, making sure nothing hit each other and landed safely back on the ground. No wonder this dude got in on recommendations...

"That's because he's overprotective of Izuku-kun and hates Bakugou" Todoroki pointed out, also staring at the moving images of his crush.
"You know what? Let's do it. Let's get them back together"
"Really?!" I squealed happily, making Hitoshi groan and roll his eyes.
"Yes" the halfa stated with a smile.
"I'll call him right away"

Pov Bakugou
We were making our way back to the dorms after our morning classes were over. Nobody was complaining about only having half a day of school, yet everyone was pondering about our new principal. As I looked around, I noticed a part of 1-C walking in front of us, also on their way back after lunch.
"Is that Midoriya with Kirishima?" raccoon eyes asked confused.

"Now that you mention it... But didn't Midoriya leave the dorm system?" Jirou answered, just as lost as Mina. I frowned, now also seeing the familiar green head and my previous best friend walking together. They appeared to be chatting happily, probably about trivial stuff like homework or some crap like that. What was the nerd doing here? He isn't coming back to the dorms, I would know if he did.

No, he's living with his parents in some fancy house right now, provided by daddy dearest. Ugh, I hate that man. I can't stand his presence, and that was even before I knew he is a villain. That asshole was the leader of the jerks that kidnapped me during camp for Godsake! I fucking hate his guts! And now he's our fucking principal? Way to go hero federation! That's sure to keep the villains out!

But wait... Didn't that flame brain used to work for him? Didn't Dabi betray the League when returning to his life as Toya, rooting them all out to the police? Oh fuck...
"Uhm, dude, your phone is ringing" tape dispenser stated, pulling me out of thought. I frowned, hearing it was indeed ringing.

Incoming call from 'Half-N-Half Bastard'

My eyes widened a little and I cleared my throat when answered.
"What's your problem you fucking extra" I hissed, hoping he'd understand I can't talk to him like this. Why does he call when I'm obviously still at school?! Oh, right, because Izuku can't know about it...
"I was expecting a warmer greeting after you practically begged me to help you" his formal voice came through.

"Well what did you think was gonna fucking happen when you call me out of nowhere while I'm at school... You damn old hag!" I quickly added the last part, seeing people give me weird glances. But once the words old hag left my mouth, they all seemed to understand and turn away.
"Ah, I see... I shall keep it short then" Shoto answered.
"We are willing to offer you our help in order to conquer Izuku's heart once more"

"A-are you fucking serious? Are you for real?" I asked, now a lot happier than before. I supressed a grin as Jirou gave me a weird look, wondering what I was so happy about all of the sudden.
"Yes, I will text you the details later. And, uh, good luck, Bakugou"
"Thanks" I grinned, disconnecting and putting my phone away again.
"Good news?" Jirou asked, quirking a brow in curiosity.

"Nothing that fucking concerns you, headphones"
She rolled her eyes at my answer but didn't say anything else after that. People knew better than to ruin my good moods whenever they randomly occurred. A small smile was plastered on my face as I watched Izuku in the distance. Soon you'll be mine once more, sweet little demon~

Pov Aizawa
Toya was nervous, I could tell. Ever since the announcement of the new principal, he's been pacing back and forth, answering all jittery and stuttering, as if on edge. He has dropped more things than he has since he started here and even his quirk had acted up a few times.

What was he so afraid of?

There may be a new principal, but his attendance had been cleared by the hero federation. His redemption course was allowed to continue until his sentence had expired. I was eying him from the coffee maker in the teachers lounge, seeing him fidget with his fingers as he bounced his legs, like he had to pee.

"Hey Todoroki, everything alright?" Midnight asked, a little worried. So I'm not the only one who has noticed... Not so hard seeing as the boy made it quite obvious.
"I-I'm fine!" he answered a little too quick and a little too loud. It's the same way his younger brother reacted when we showed him the footage of Endeavor abusing his siblings... Must be a family mannerism.

"Toya... Why are you lying to us?" Midnight asked, sitting down next to him. The two of them became friends in a short time, which didn't surprise me at all. Those two have the same type of humor. For better or for worse, we yet have to discover.
"I-I..." he choked out, tears pricking in his eyes.
"It's Midoriya Hisashi, right?" I asked, making him look up at me with big eyes.

"You're scared of him. Why?"
"H-he's not w-who he s-seems... He wants me dead" Toya breathed out, pure fear in his eyes.
"P-please... Please! Y-you have to h-help me!"
He started crying, Midnight instantly trying to comfort him while little blue flames licked the surface of his skin. He was losing control over his quirk... This is serious.

Just as I wanted to use my quirk to make sure nothing caught on fire, Present Mic stormed into the lounge.
"Yooo! Time for the meeting my peeps!" he screamed as he entered, setting Toya off completely. He bounced up from the couch, crying in pain as blue flames consumed him. Right... His quirk hurt him if he uses too much. And right now he has absolutely no control whatsoever. I activated my quirk without hesitation, making the blue flames vanish in thin air.

"Toya, hey, sweetie, listen to me. It's alright, you're safe, no one is out to kill you" Midnight whispered, holding him in her arms again while rocking back and forth. She tore a part of her costume apart, visibly calming him down.
"You two better get going. I will be right there" I spoke, taking over Todoroki from Midnight.
"Are you sure? We could always-"

"I'm sure" I stated, giving her a stern look. Traumatized children and teens are my field of expertise after all... She nodded, forcing a smile.
"Come on Mic! Or we'll be late!"
"See you there Shouta!" the loud blonde shouted before the door was slammed shut. I rolled my eyes at his antics and gave my full attention to the sobbing Todoroki.

"Why are you afraid of Midoriya Hisashi? You can talk to me, I won't judge you" I whispered, rubbing his back.
"He's out to kill me, Eraser... He wants me dead..." the red head choked out while trying to wipe his tears away.
"And why would he want to do that? Does his presence remind you of your father perhaps? Is that what's happening?"

"N-no, no, I... I swore my loyalty t-to him a-and I... I betrayed him..." he breathed, shocking me. For what reason would he swear his loyalty to someone like Mr Midoriya? He was just a businessman. A little shady businessman, but still. He'd never commit any actual crimes other than tax fraude, right?
"I-I chose my family above t-the League and look where it g-got me" he spoke with a dry chuckle.

"My past has c-caught up to me at last"

My eyes widened slightly. Did Hisashi had anything to do with the League of Villains? Did he finance them or something? Let them do some dirty work for him?
"What connection does he have with the League, Toya?" I asked. I needed answers. He couldn't expect me to listen to him confessing such a big deal without giving me something to go on.
"Nothing you can prove" Todoroki chuckled.

"He's great at erasing his tracks... Believe me, I've tried to puzzle it together, to frame him. B-but... But there's just nothing there... He will kill me a-and nobody will ever know"
He took a deep, shaky breath, giving me a small smile.
"No, you will know. Please, don't believe them when they say I've went missing, okay? I-I don't want to be the coward who abandoned his family twice"

"I won't let him hurt you, I promise" I stated, helping him up from the ground.
"Just stay with me, alright? We have to go through this meeting together"
"I-I'll try to keep my t-trembling to a minimum" he nodded, taking my hand. He was scared, I could feel it, but he put on a brave face. He's a specialist in hiding behind a mask, so I guess this shouldn't come as a surprise.

Yet the closer we came to the meeting room, the harder it seemed for Todoroki to hide his fear. When we arrived at the door, all that was left of his brave façade was a scared little boy, not wanting to got in.
"It will be fine. He can't pull anything with all of us pro-heroes watching him" I assured him, pulling him along. Toya stayed silent, not looking up from the ground as he took a seat next to me.

"Everything alright with Todoroki?" Yamada asked in a whisper. He was sitting on my other side, as per usual.
"I'll explain later" I muttered, seeing this meeting was about to commence.
"Welcome everyone! It's a great honour for me to be working with such talented heroes!" Midoriya started, a smile on his face. It reminded me a lot of his son, which disgusted me. If this man was truly evil, he wasn't allowed to smile anything like his innocent son. Not in my opinion at least.

He started with what extra security measures he wanted to take to make the school a safer place and actually not all of them were horrible.
"Also, with the agreement of the hero federation, I'd like to let go of Todoroki Toya"
Said young man's breath hitched and he clenched his fists, not even looking up at the man in question.
"What? Why?" I asked, frowning a little.

"I understand he used to be a villain, but that's also one of the reasons he's been a valuable asset here at UA. Besides, the hero federation cleared him some time ago, he's not a threat"
"Huh... And does anyone else share this opinion?" Midoriya asked.
"What the hell are you doing?!" Toya whisper hissed, staring at me with eyes full of fear.
"Don't you see what's happening? He's trying to isolate you" I breathed, making sure no one heard.

Todoroki froze up and quickly looked down again, trying to steady his breathing.
"I think so too!" Midnight grinned.
"Whatever my Shouta says is the truth dude!" Yamada beamed with a big smile, making me blush a little. That idiot... But as expected, in the end everyone sided with me. They all knew I wasn't one to stand up for people unless I had a good reason to. It was more like a matter of trust between us pro-hero teachers.

"Oh, well, alright then" Midoriya said with a strained smile.
"In that case it seems as though I indeed judged too quickly... Todoroki, you can stay and keep up the good work, but I'll be watching you closely to make sure you don't get out of line, understand?"
Toya forced a nod and I noticed blue flames licking at his fingers. It was happening again... Before I could react, he shot up from his seat and ran out the room.

I glanced at Midnight, who nodded and went after him. Nobody else seemed to understand what was happening but I caught that small little glint in Midoriya's eyes. He was definitely up to no good...

Chapter Text

Pov Midoriya
"Why didn't you tell me?" I asked as I got into dad's car. Yes I'm pissed, can you blame me? My own father didn't even tell me he would be my new principal!
"Ahw, come on son~ I wanted it to be a surprise!" he smiled.
"Yeah right... Figured out who you're going to fire yet?" I asked, leaning back into my chair, staring out the window.

"Not before I break that Todoroki... I've got unfinished business with that guy"
"Oh, that's right, I almost forgot about that..." I muttered, thinking about Shoto. He needed to know about this. His whole family could be in danger.
"Say, as one villain boss to another, what would you do?" father asked, glancing at me. Are we seriously having this conversation?

"Kill him" I shrugged. It was honest advice. If I were him, I'd kill Toya Todoroki. But I'm not, I'm the Green Reaper, I have a Todoroki of my own. Therefore I needed to protect Toya at all cost.
"Hmm... That was what I intended to do, but it seems as though your teachers got rather fond of him. I can't get rid of him without making a mess right now"
"Ha, sucks to be you then" I snorted.

"Very funny Izuku... But no, I think I might have another plan... Something with a little more je ne sais quoi... Flair, perhaps?" he thought out loud. Pfft, he sounds like Ayoma when he tries to speak French. None the less I was afraid for what this so called plan of his contained. How bad would it affect me and the people I was close to? I needed to know where this was going before it was too later...

"So, how was your day at school son?" he asked happily, diverting the subject back to regular chit chat. It's not like I liked talking to him, but I had no choice in the matter. A silent ride home would be more tense than this forced conversation at the moment. When reaching our new house, the base called me. I frowned, glancing at dad with a sceptic look before answering the phone.

"Yes, what is it?"
"Are you coming to the base later this evening?" Shoto asked.
"We uh have a surprise for you... It was Denki's idea"
What? A surprise? And it came from Kaminari of all people? I thought he didn't like me..? Huh, I must've made him see me in another light or something like that...
"Oh, uhm, let me check" I said, holding a hand to my phone while turning towards father.

"I'm going out tonight"
With that I uncovered the phone again and smiled.
"Yeah, sure thing Sho!"
Father rolled his eyes at that, continuing to drive without trying to argue. He knew he couldn't stop me from being a villain but he never encouraged it ever. Sure we could talk about it, but it was always on neutral grounds about neutral themes. How to take care of a trader just happened to be one of those things.

"What are you going to tell your mother?"
"That I'm going out with friends, as per usual" I shrugged, frowning a little.
"Why do you care anyway?"
"You're my son, I care about your safety and well being. Is that really so hard to believe?" he asked.
"Well... Yes" I stated, making him laugh.
"Have fun with your friends boy"

A few hours later, I was walking through the hallways of my HQ as the Green Reaper. I wonder what this surprise is all about?
"Hey Sho~! This better be good! I had to ditch on my mom's meatloaf for this, just so you know!" I called out as I entered my wing. I stopped and frowned as I noticed the mood lighting. There were lit candles and a fancy dining table... Wait, did Oshi and Denki have a date? Did I interrupt something?


My eyes widened as a voice spoke from behind me. Not any voice either, his voice. I turned around seeing a person who should never be here.
"I'm glad you could make it" he said with a weak smile. Hmm, the blonde sure looked nice... All dressed up...
"What are you doing here Bakugou?" I asked on a neutral tone of voice.
"Oh come on! I went through a lot of trouble getting him in here!" Kaminari whined, walking in from behind Katsuki. He too was dressed in a fancy manner.

"What is the meaning of this?" I hissed as I saw Shinsou and Todoroki appear as well.
"You didn't tell him I was coming..." Bakugou sighed, closing his eyes.
"What the hell dunce face?! You said he wanted to see me!"
"Well, uh, I lied" Kaminari shrugged with a nervous smile.

I scowled, ripping my mask off my face, my eyes glowing a bright emerald green.
"How dare you betray me like this?! Ace, take Bakugou back outside this instant! And after that we're having a serious conversation" I hissed.
"No" Shoto said with a stern look, taking me by surprise. He has never spoken against my direct demand before...

"You two will spend this evening together, whether you want it or not. We will be here to make sure everything goes according to plan. Now please go change"
I huffed, crossing my arms as I turned around.
"Don't think you'll just get away with this. I have a whole evening to think of possible punishments you know"

Denki shuddered, making Katsuki shoot a worried glance.
"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all-"
"Oh no, you're not going anywhere mister" Shinsou hissed, making sure the blonde stayed put.
"We're getting punished no matter what so you better sit this out"
I chuckled a little at that as I walked into the changing room. They had a fancy outfit laying ready for me and I sighed.

Why did they put so much effort in this? So far as I know they still think Kacchan cheated on me with Kirishima. Well, unless Kaminari knows something and told the others... Hmm, tonight is not the time to be thinking about that. I changed and walked back out, seeing Bakugou stand by the table, holding two glasses of what looked like champagne.
"We're a little too young to be drinking, don't you think?" I smirked, taking the glass.

"It's sparkling raspberry juice, in case you were wondering" he chuckled, clinging our glasses together.
"I should've known mister number one hero wouldn't break the rules like that" I smiled, sipping from the glass.
"Tch, what's that supposed to mean, Green Reaper?"
My smile faded and I put the glass on the table. Kacchan visibly swallowed the lump in his throat, his grin vanishing as well.

He shove my chair from under the table, being a gentleman for once. Normally he would never do things like this but I guess this is a special occasion. Kaminari happily hopped to our table, grinning from ear to ear before coughing and getting serious again.
"Uh-hum, your first course" he smiled, pulling the lids from the plates currently standing on the table.

"It's a special kind of soup made by my amazing boyfriend! Family recipe! Enjoy!"
"What? The eraserjerk makes this stuff too or something?" Katsuki wondered out loud as I started eating.
"Hmm! This is so good!" I moaned, snapping my head back to the door.
"What the hell Oshi?! Why do you never make this for me huh?!"
Kacchan gave me a weird look as I turned back around, making me frown a little. What is it now?

"Wow... Uhm, I've never actually heard you curse before" he breathed in slight shock before grinning.
"It's kinda hot"
That statement made me blush and I mentally cursed myself that he still had this kind of effect on me.
"Well, I guess you never truly knew me before huh? And I understand if you've got questions... I will answer them as long as you keep this information between the two of us"

"It's a deal" he stated, eating from the soup as well.
"So... You knew your dad was gonna take over the school?"
"No, it came as a surprise for me too. Apparently it's a scheme to get rid of Dabi" I shrugged, making him cough violently.
"H-he is going to kill him?" the blonde choked out, seeming actually genuinly worried.

"Not yet, I don't know" I muttered.
"Why do you care anyway? Dabi is a villain, always will be. Besides, didn't he kidnap you?"
"Yeah... But he never actually touched me so..." Bakugou sighed, clenching his spoon.
"The flame brain is actually a decent teacher as well... I just... I guess I grew attached to him or some shit like that?"

"Hmm... Well, guess you'll be happy to know then that he's under my protection" I smiled, clapping my hands together as I tilted my head.
"He's Sho's older brother and I don't let anyone touch the family of my members"
"Right... A villain with the moral high ground" the blonde muttered with a small grin.
"Hey, what's that supposed to mean huh?" I asked, playfully kicking him in the legs underneath the table.

"Oi! Don't attack me for telling the truth!" he yelled, yet I could tell he wasn't serious. It's strange, really, how we're able to joke about such a serious matter like there isn't a single worry in the world.
"It's just... You still have morals. Strong morals even if I have to believe dunce face" Kacchan sighed, staring at his soup.
"It's not what you'd expect, you know?"
"What? Just because society thinks I'm a villain it has to mean I'm evil?" I asked, quirking a brow.

"There are so much harmful stereotypes nowadays... Don't compare me to petty thieves Kacchan. I have a goal, a purpose, and I will succeed. No matter what it takes. That's what makes me a so called villain, because I'm willing to do what the heroes won't"


We stared into each other's eyes for a few seconds in which tension build up between us. That was the biggest thing deviding us, the blood on my hands... He'd always seen me as this innocent broccoli, only to find out I'm an actual monster.
"Yes" I stated, taking a sip from my drink before turning away a little.
"But you must understand, there can be no change without drastic measures... I'm doing this for our future, Kacchan. A better world for everyone"

He didn't say anything and avoided looking at me as we sat in silence.
"You still think I have morals Kacchan?" I asked with a dry laugh.
"I-I'm sure you had your reasons... There are always reasons"
"True" I shrugged.
"But still... Can you live with the fact I'm a merciless killer while you strive to be the greatest hero you can be?"

"I love you Izuku, that will never change" Bakugou whispered, clenching his fists.
"And I really, really want to give us a second chance"
"But?" I asked.
"I-I don't know if things will work out like they are now..." he sighed, glancing at me.
"I mean, do you think this will work? That the two of us can be together while we're on the different sides of society?"

I bit the inside of my cheek, staring down at my food before an idea shot into my mind. Let's see if Kacchan is Reaper proof~ I grinned, standing up, earning a confused gaze from the blonde. I let my eyes glow a bright emerald green, my hair taking on the same glow.
"Uhm, Izuku? W-what are you doing..?" he asked, a little unsure of what to do as I slowly approached him.

"Uh boss..?!" Kaminari shouted, a little scared something was about to go wrong. I held up my hand, signing him not to interfere. Kacchan was frozen in place as I pushed him further into his chair. I smirked as I crawled in his lap, letting my fingers trace his perfect little face.
"I feel your heart racing Kacchan~" I whispered with a wide grin.
"Is it out of fear~? Or perhaps...lust~?"

I let my fingers linger on his lips for a while, my eyes trailing his face into the deepest detail. Before I leaned in and closed the gap between us. I dominated the entire kiss, not letting any space for Katsuki to take control or struggle. I slowly pulled back, not letting the glow in my eyes die out. He had to see this, see the real me. Kacchan was totally overthrown with feelings and sensations he had never felt before.

"This is what you're signing up for Kacchan. The full package" I breathed, my hands now trailing his clothed abs.
"Listen, I'm not complaining here, alright? I've already taken my revenge on Kirishima and forgiven you somewhat so... It's all up to you, really. Can you give up your dominant ego for mine to take over? Can you love me with and without my mask?"
There was a small pause before Kacchan put his hands on top of mine, holding them tightly.

"I'm at you mercy, Green Reaper~"

Pov Bakugou
I blinked as I woke up, rubbing my eyes as I groaned. I instantly knew where I was and who I was with. A small smile made its way to my face as my eyes fell upon Izuku, seeing the green sleeping beauty snorring lightly. Dinner went... Well, it had an unexpected ending, to say the least. I sighed, thinking back at yesterday, when we'd literary fed each other while talking about our relationship.

Afterwards he'd lead me to his personal bedroom to show me what I was in for. And dear lord, damn... I gladly become submissive to this little demon~
"Hmmhm..." Izuku hummed, slowly waking up.
"Morning" I whispered, letting a hand travel through his hair. He smiled, leaning into my touch.
"Morning Kacchan"

After that he yawned and stretched his arms, rubbing his eyes.
"What time is it?"
"Don't care, it's weekend" I muttered, cuddling up with my boyfriend. Yes, boyfriend. Oh God that makes me so happy! Midoriya turned around, reaching for something on the nightstand.
"Hitoshi, time" he demanded, making my eyes widen.

Did those guys hear everything that happened here last night..? Fuck.
"10:37, sir" the insomniac answered.
"I'll have Shoto bring you breakfast"
"Thanks" Izuku answered, rolling back into my hold.
"Do you always use them as your damn servants?" I snorted, making him chuckle.
"Basically" he shrugged.
"Anyways, you should get going soon or Mitsuki will miss you"

"Tch, the old hag can wait. Besides, it's weekend"
"Let me re-phrase that-" he stated.
"-I have work, and a lot of it. Gotta protect Toya, sabotage my father, stuff like that"
"Oh... Well, uh, I'll see you around then?" I asked, a little down.
"First breakfast, then goodbye's" Izuku grinned, pecking me on the lips.

Chapter Text

Pov Todoroki
The bell rang as I helped Fuyumi and grandma with breakfast. I frowned. Who the hell needs anything of us on a Saturday morning?
"I'll take it" Natsu muttered from behind his books.
"No, you study" Fuyumi hissed, pointing at our brother.
"I'll get the door, Toya you cut these"

She handed me a banana for her fruit salad and disappeared to the hallway. I rolled my eyes, swiftly cutting the yellow fruit into pieces. After that I started on the strawberries, thinking it was rather strange Fuyumi wasn't back yet.
"Hey sis, who's at the door?!" I called out, getting no response whatsoever. I locked eyes with Natsu, who gave me a similar look.

Something is off.

I slowly started walking in the direction of the front door, knife at hand, when Toga appeared in the doorframe, holding one of her blades to Fuyumi's throat. The grip around my knife tightened and a cold void ran over my heart in fear.
"Hello Dabi~! Long time no see!" she giggled. If she's here, that means-

"Yes, it has been a while indeed..."
"Tomura" I hissed as the hand covered freak walked into the room. Natsu got up as well, ready to fight if necessary.
"I wouldn't try anything if I were you" the League leader chuckled, pointing out the fact Himiko was still holding onto my sister.
"What the hell do you want?" I snapped, placing the knife back on the counter.

"Master is very angry at you Dabi, since you betrayed us and all that" Shigaraki explained, taking a few steps in my direction.
"Believe me, I am aware" I muttered, crossing my arms while glaring at him.
"You really wound those heroes around your finger, didn't you? Master wasn't able to pull you from their grip at all" Shiggy sighed.
"So that means we'll have to switch to plan B"

At that moment armed people stormed the house, overwhelming us in mere seconds. The League had been expending, re-building, and that all in silence... I think that people already forgot about them at this point but no, they're still here. I stared wide eyed as they tied up my family, throwing them together in a corner. I was bound as well. Quirk erasure handcuffs.

"If you hurt them, I swear to God Tomura-" I growled, glaring at the maniac, who was simply laughing at my pathetic show of intimidation.
"I won't lay a finger on them... That is, if you comply"
So that's how it is... They're gonna do some reckless shit and need me to catch all the blame in the end. Great... I glanced aside at my sister, brother and grandmother. They don't deserve to pay for all the mistakes I've made...

Cause that's what I am, right? A mistake. At least that's what father always used to yell... That I'm malfunctioned, born wrong... Weak. No. No, I'm not weak. I refuse to give in, to give these clowns the satisfaction of killing the ones I love right before my very eyes. And I know they won't hesitate to do just that if I refused to help them. Therefore I sighed, letting out a deep breath.

"Alright, what do you want me to do?"
"Toya, no!" Fuyumi yelled.
"We can take care of ourselves! Don't let them ruin all your progress!" Natsu added. I clenched my fists, glaring at them. Do they really not see they're in fucking danger?! Hell, even I'm not sure if I'll be dead within a week or not.
"Shut up!" I hissed.

"Don't you idiots have eyes?! They've got us surrounded, bound by quirk erasure cuffs, and have the power to kill any of us on the spot! Screw the way society sees me, I'll happily fucking sacrifice myself for you guys! It's... It's what I've always done, isn't it?"
"Oh, so heroic~" Shigaraki laughed.
"Oh shut your trap" I snapped.
"What are you up to now huh? I take it the danger level is about the same as the camp invasion? So what kind of crazy shit are we pulling off this time?"

"A heist" he smirked. What? A heist? That's so...normal? I guess, in the eyes of villains, it's one of the most regular crimes. They don't really think that's gonna put the League back on the map, right? There has to be something else...
"So what's so special about it?" I asked, squinting my eyes a little.
"Well, it's not the kind of heist you're thinking about... A little more, uhm, spectacular, if you will" Shigaraki grinned.

"Oh yes, it's going to be a shocking reveal~"

"Ugh, a giant pain in the ass you mean" I groaned, hearing my cuffs cackling as I tried to lift my hands to rub my temple. This is gonna be a long day...

Pov Midoriya
I anxiously walked towards school on Monday. You see, I have microphones within the Todoroki household. Well, in other places too but those aren't important now. Shoto was raging mad and I instantly put him on the localising and rescuing of his family, who were held at a secret location so Toya would do their bidding. I knew exactly what dad was planning and was kinda nervous to see it all play out... My eyes widened as I saw Kacchan waiting at the school gate.

"Hey" the blonde said with a small smile as he saw me.
"Hey Kacchan!" I smiled, walking up to him.
"What are you doing here? Classes are starting soon and I thought 1-A always walked together?"
"I was waiting for you, dumbass" he stated, taking my hand and pulling me with him inside.
"You're my fucking boyfriend again, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I guess so" I said happily, smiling as he kissed me on my cheek.
"So? How was your weekend? Not too many problems at work I hope?" Katsuki asked with forced enthusiasm. I frowned a little, pulling my hand away from him.
"You don't have to try and force yourself to accept it Kacchan... I understand this will take some time to get used to" I sighed, looking at the ground.

"Also, uhm, I don't know how to say this but something...well uh, big, I guess, is gonna go down soon and I-I just wanted to warn you-"
"Hey Bakugou! Finally dude! Where were you?" Sero shouted from the other side of the hallway, interrupting me.
"Shut your damn trap soy sauce face!" Katsuki yelled back, making me flinch a little.

"Uhm, Kacchan, I really need to talk to you-"
"Is that Midoriya?!" Ashido screamed, making all heads turn. Oh great... We were surrounded in mere seconds and I tried my best not to explode right in their faces. Kacchan noticed and quickly made them back off.
"Wait, the two of you are back together? Congrats guys!" Jirou smiled.
"Y-Yeah, thanks" I spoke with a weak smile.

"Uhm, I-I should get going or I'm gonna be late for class so-"
"Alright, see you at lunch Izu" Kacchan grinned, giving me a quick kiss on the lips before taking off with the rest of the hero course. He's really going for us, isn't he? But he's also acting like nothing happened at all... He's still in denial. I sighed, making my way to 1-C.

Lunch came around soon enough and I noticed Toya giving away cupcakes to the teachers. So called thank you gifts for vouching for him and making it possible for him to stay. Aizawa sensei was suspicious, I could tell. Good. Don't trust those cupcakes. They're stuffed with quirk erasing medication, sugar-coated by cake and sweetness. All part of the League's little plan...

"Sup Midoriya!"

Kirishima's happy voice pulled me out of thought.
"You seem a little down today... Everything alright?"
"Oh, uhm, yeah, everything is great!" I exclaimed with a forced smile.
"That reminds me! Kacchan and I are back together so if you want we could sit over at their table-"

"You what?!" Kiri gasped with big eyes.

"You and Bakubro are back together? Omg, omg, omg! That's amazing news Midoriya!"
I chuckled and rubbed the back of my head. Yeah, I should've known he'd react like this...
"Thanks! I think it's great too" I smiled, seeing the table of 1-A in the back of the canteen. I grabbed Ei's sleeve and pulled him with me, happily sitting down next to Bakugou.

"Hi Kacchan!"
"Hey Izu" he grinned, pulling me in for a kiss. It made me blush to say the least.
"W-what was that f-for?"
"Just to remind you I love you" the blonde muttered, ruffling my hair.
"Oh, hey shittier hair, you here too?"
"My hair isn't that bad!" Kirishima pouted, sitting down.
"Yeah! I think it's really cute" Mina stated, making the ex-red head blush.

"Guys, come on! Kirishima doesn't like people teasing him about his hair" I pointed out.
"I see the two of you made up as well? I'm a little surprised that's all" Sero shrugged.
"Midoriya forgave me! Isn't that awesome?" Eijirou grinned and started to eat.
"You did?" Kacchan asked.
"We wouldn't be together if I didn't" I smiled, elbowing him. That made him roll his eyes and chuckle, shaking his head a little.

Suddenly a cold aura surrounded us and the table. I instantly knew my father was standing behind me and my face straightened up while everyone else looked pretty terrified.
"Hi dad, to what do we owe the pleasure?" I asked, not even looking around to face him.
"Could I speak to you for a moment son? It will only take a while" he spoke. I bit my lip and glanced at Kacchan, who seemed worried and concerned for my well being.

"I'll be fine, be prepared to fight and defend" I quickly told him in a hushed whisper before kissing him and getting up.
"Yeah, love you too" Katsuki muttered, but I could see in his eyes that he understood. Something was about to go down. Something big, something bad.
"I see you and your boyfriend made up then?" father chuckled as we walked through the canteen.

"That's none of your business" I hissed, glaring at him as we left the area and were finally alone.
"So what the hell is this supposed to mean huh? Bringing me to safety before your so called League of Villains storms the place and kills every child in this damn place?!"
I was fuming, he could tell. Of course I was, he was about to slaughter everyone in this place after taking their quirks!

He would kill all students, no matter what they studied or which year they were in. The teachers would be a bonus, but he wasn't actually expecting all of them to die in this attack. Even without their powers, they'd be pretty hard to beat. They're pro's after all.
"Ah, so you know about it... That makes things a lot easier" he grinned, grabbing my arm and dragging me along.

"Hey! Let me go! What do you think you're doing?!" I shouted, trying to pull free with all my strength. Literary. This man is a fucking murder machine! He has a shit load of quirks that are capable of holding me! Ugh, this is so fucking unfair!
"Let the kid go, Midoriya" Aizawa sensei hissed, his eyes glowing a bright red. Where did he come from?! Well, never mind, thank God he's here!

Dad let me go with force, making me stumble back onto the ground, landing on my butt. Now I saw Toya was also with Eraserhead, seemingly struggling with himself. He was working for my father and if he asked, he'd have to fight Shouta. But I know he didn't want to, he actually liked the black ray of sunshine, believe it or not.
"Dabi" father hissed, snapping all attention towards the oldest Todoroki boy. Ah, there it is...

I crawled up, staring with wide eyes, curious as to how this scene will play out.
"I-I... I'm so sorry Shouta" Toya choked out, supressing his tears as he activated his quirk, firing at the teacher.
"What has he done to you? Is he manipulating you? Did he use a quirk to make do this?" Aizawa asked as he dodged the blows.
"Shut up and fight back!" Toya cried out, this time almost landing a hit on the black haired man.

"What is he using to make you do this Toya?" Aizawa asked calmly while activating his quirk, disabling Todoroki for the time being. I knew exactly why he was doing this... Because father held his family hostage somewhere. I didn't get to stick around to see this fight unfold though, because dad dragged me with him through the halls towards the teachers lounge.

"Let go of me!" I yelled before he threw me onto the ground, right before he cuffed me into quirk eraser handcuffs. Not just any handcuffs either, these things were expensive! He wants to be sure they can keep me contained... Hmph. I frowned as he left me, locking the door and all windows, blocking off all possible escape routes. I huffed in annoyance. This is just absolutely fan-fucking-tastic, isn't it? Ugh!

Chapter Text

Pov Bakugou
Deku didn't come back for the rest of lunch and I knew something was up. I bet his dad is going to try and get rid of flame brain or something and doesn't want Izuku anywhere near it. But why did he warn me? Be ready to fight and defend. What does that even mean? Why would I be the one to be attacked? And defend? Is someone else a target to? It must be...

"Uhm, Bakugou? You seem kinda distracted. Everything okay?" Jirou asked, quirking a brow.
"I don't trust the new principal, that's all" I grunted.
"What? But dude, he's Midoriya's father. I'm sure he won't harm his own son" Sero pointed out.
"No, he won't" I sighed, looking back down at the table.

"Not Izuku... But what about everyone else in here? He doesn't give a damn about us and you know it. Him being the new principal is all part of some bigger scheme that won't reveal itself until it's too late. I know him well enough to know he has something planned. Something I'm not gonna like"

"Oh come on Bakubro! Don't be such a pessimist all the time!" Kirishima smiled.
"It's not cause your boyfriend left you can start acting like a giant jerk again, you know?"
"Shut the fuck up shitty hair!" I hissed, almost releasing an explosion in his face. Luckily I remembered in time, letting my hand rest on his face for a second before pulling it away.


"Yeah, I miss my quirk too..." Eijirou pouted, looking away from me. Damnit! Ugh, now I made him sad or whatever! Suddenly the doors of the canteen burst open, Toya flying through the air and harshly landing on the ground. People gasped and shouted and by the time Aizawa walked in, it was complete chaos.
"Holy shit!" Kirishima exclaimed, pulling at his hair.

"Everyone, please leave this area immediately!" Eraser called out as Toya crawled back up, blue flames surrounding him.
"I don't want to do this Shouta... But you leave me no other choice" the Todoroki growled. Fuck.
"What the hell has gotten into the two of you?!" Midnight screamed, coming in between them.
"Move it Nemuri" Toya hissed.
"I don't want to hurt you"

"Then don't! What's wrong with you?!" Midnight hissed, now standing with Eraserhead.
"You don't understand! I have to do this!" Todoroki yelled, tears in his eyes. Something is wrong. Something is very very wrong... Is this what Deku warned me about? Is his father behind this? I frowned, pulling Kirishima behind me. He should stay clear of action now that his defence is reduced to zero.

"We need to get out of here" Yaoyorozu stated.
"Everybody move out in an orderly fashion!" Iida yelled, moving his arms around like a stiff robot. Of course nobody gave a damn about orderly fashion. Everyone just stormed out, running for their lives. I found it strange the alarms hadn't been triggered yet, but then again, the principal was behind this whole mess to start with.

I turned around to make sure Kiri was following and saw Midnight pull the fabric of her costume apart to release her quirk. Only...nothing happened..? What? I saw that Present Mic tried to scream but nothing came out. My eyes widened. Fuck! Of fucking course! They've been planning this shit so they must've given the teachers quirk erasure drugs without them knowing! Suddenly all windows and doors got blocked. Ultimate lockdown. Oh so the alarms were triggered after all.

"Not so fast, heroes~"

My body froze at that voice, remembering it quite clearly. I tried to control myself, tried to stop shaking in anger, disgust, and pure fear. Shigaraki Tomura... In a matter of minutes, everyone was handcuffed with quirk eraser handcuffs. It was hard to fight when everyone was standing so closely to each other, with barely enough room to move, so they got to us quickly.

After that they dragged us to the big hall in the back of the building and threw us on the ground. There was some shuffling of people who tried to get a little more comfortable and some hushed whispers of panic and fear.
"Psst! Bakugou!" a voice whisper yelled from behind me, making my eyes widen.
"No fucking way..." I breathed.

"Don't tell me D.E.K.U. is involved in this mess too?"
Kaminari grinned, now shuffling next to me.
"Relax dude! I sneaked in together with Shinsou under the orders to save you"
I glanced down at the bracelets around his wrists, the very same as my own, and looked back up with a sceptic look.

"It are fakes" he deadpanned with an uncharacteristic neutral face before zapping mine, causing them to short circuit.
"So is icyhot here as well or did the fucking gang split up?" I grunted, moving around to make sure no one was watching or hearing us.
"He'll be here later on, don't worry" Denki grinned.
"He just has some, uh, other business to attend to at the moment... Yeah, let's keep it at that"

I frowned but didn't have time to react to it as the rest of the Bakusquad started to notice his presence.
"Kaminari?!" raccoon eyes whisper hissed, her eyes wide. This instantly pulled the attention of all the others around us, making me roll my eyes.
"Shut your trap pinky! Or do you want the whole damn school to know he's here?" I hissed in a hushed manner, glaring at her.

"I'm here to help" Pikachu added with a small smile.
"All For One is planning on killing all students in the whole school and when the Reaper caught air of it he went totally ballistic. AFO used Toya to make the teachers weak and defenceless and now the League is slowly taking control of the school. Or at least, that's what they think"
Denki grinned as he started zapping everyone's cuffs, setting them free.

"Keep it on the down low though, we don't want an uproar" he muttered while unlocking Kirishima.
"Oh yeah, I've got something for you" the blonde smiled, pulling out a weird looking vile from his pocket.
"A little something to help everyone in the fight that's about to break loose. Here"
"What is this?" Eijirou asked, eying the bottle.

"I don't trust it" Sero muttered.
"It's your quirk" Kaminari answered Kirishima, making us all look at him with big eyes. Izuku is giving him his quirk back?!
"M-my... My quirk...?" he breathed in utter shock. This meant he could still be a hero! That his future wasn't as shattered as everyone thought it was!
"I've got orders to make sure you take it bro" Denki grinned.

"Reaper thinks you've learned your lesson and won't double cross us again. Oh yeah, if you do so, he'll take it away permanently, I had to mention that as well"
"You're not seriously thinking about taking that, are you?" Sero asked.
"Dude, for all we know it could be poison"
"Yeah, cause it would really help their case to kill a fucking quirkless" I grunted.

"So you think it's the real deal?" headphones asked in surprise.
"Oh, it is" Kaminari stated, suddenly freezing up and pressing up against his ear. It was now I noticed he was wearing a hidden earpiece. He must be communicating with the others.
"Alright, got it" he whispered, looking straight at me now.
"Ace is on his way, I need to meet back up with Commander. Be ready to fight like your life depends on it, because it does"

With that he crawled back into the mass, giving small shocks along the way to disable as many bracelets as he could. I turned back to Kiri, who was staring at the vile in hesitation.
"Take it" I said, making him look up at me.
"What makes you so sure you can trust him? He's part of the D.E.K.U. now" Sero pointed out.
"Because I know, okay? Believe it or not, I've seen the fucking dunce face around after the whole villain thing and, well, he helped me get back together with Izuku so..."

I muttered the last part, looking away from their prying gazes.
"Only thing I'm saying is that Pikachu is still one of my idiots, and therefore I trust him"
"If I didn't know better, I'd think you were part of the D.E.K.U. too" ponytail pointed out, having listened to the conversation as well.
"Believe me, I'm not. I'm just trying to let everyone survive this whole fucking ordeal" I grunted, looking back at Kirishima.

"This is your chance to be a hero again, fucking take it already"
"If you think this is it, than I believe it" Kiri nodded.
"I trust you with my life, after all"
With that he opened up the vile and drank it all up in an instant, everyone watching him closely.
"I don't feel any different-"

But the moment he said that, his body started convulsing and he fell shaking to the ground. Fuck! Of course it drew a lot of commotion and that stabby bitch came to check on what was happening. I was ready to defend Ei if she came any closer while Momo and Mina were fussing all over him. Yet the second everything was about to go down, Kiri let out a loud gasp, stopping all movement at once before starting to breath regularly again.

"Man... That was a serious trip, holy shit" he breathed, making Toga stand down and frown.
"Ooh~! No fun~! I wanted to stab you!" she whined.
"But Shiggy said no stabbing until master is ready so... So I guess we'll all just have to sit still and wait!"
She grinned and pulled both Sero and Jirou in a side hug, making them cringe and freeze up at the same time.

"We're like a big group of friends! You're all so nice! Oh! Oh! Oh! I know what would make this even better! Some blood-"
With that she jabbed her knife at Kirishima before anyone could react. My eyes widened and my heart stopped. No. No, no, no, no, no! Panic washed over all of us, except for the one that got stabbed himself. Blood freak pulled back, seeing she only made a cut in his clothing and not his skin. She pouted and started whining again.

"Hey! No fair! Don't use tricks on me! I stabbed you! I know I did!"
"Yeah, you did" he stated, smiling a little while standing up, breaking his cuffs while hardening his skin. I grinned, getting up as well, taking off my handcuffs, letting explosions spark in my palms.
"We're taking back our school, bitch"

At that moment Kirishima punched her in the face, sending her flying into the wall.
"Whoo! I'm back!" he cheered, slamming his hardened fists together. After that he kissed his own skin, smiling like a fangirl.
"I missed this so much!"
I rolled my eyes at that, seeing we were quickly surrounded. Fuck. Luckily most people were already free of their bounds, and those who weren't were being freed by others.

I must say the enemy quirks were pretty powerful, but we were able to manage. That was up until the doors burst open, sending a body flying inside and crashing into the wall. My whole body froze and my heart was filled with a cold void. I would recognize that green hair everywhere... My eyes widened and I dropped everything just to propel myself towards him.

His father was standing in the doorway, his hand smoking from the impact. All fighting stopped as Deku hit the wall and everyone stared as I dropped to my knees next to him, checking over his injuries. Miraculously, he was totally fine. But then again, he isn't really quirkless. I looked back, scowling at the man that called himself All For One, who dared call himself Izuku's father.

"I wanted for you to join me son... But if you won't, I'm afraid the Green Reaper must die"

His voice cut through the silence, almost making me flinch. Before I could react, however, a hand was placed on my arm, turning me back around. Deku was looking straight at me, a serious expression on his face.
"Get everyone out of here" was all he said when standing back up, his eyes now glowing a dangerous dark green. Gasps were heard and I mentally cursed up a storm.

His father just outed him as the Green Reaper in front of the whole student body... His cover was blown to smithereens... I slowly stood up, taking a few steps back while trying to keep my breathing even. Everyone stared wide eyed as Midoriya got engulfed in a green glow, his eyes and hair shining a bright emerald green.

"We should get back" I breathed as I got back to the others.
"You knew-" Jirou hissed, making slam a hand in front of her mouth.
"We need to get the fuck out of here" I repeated, not denying her statement.
"Come on"

Pov Todoroki
I sneaked my way into the storage building, making sure not to be seen. Midoriya send me in alone because he needed every member with him. I fully understood his decision and was flattered by his trust in my ability. I took a deep breath, cooling down the air around me as I breathed out. I saw my opponents noticed the small warning and smiled a little. Time to make my move.

With one swift movement, everything around me froze into place. I knew my siblings were cold resistant due to their quirks and my grandmother had a heat quirk so she should be fine too. Hopefully the enemy didn't have a lot of people who could counter my quirk and I could get them out of here quickly.

As expected I was able to quickly cover ground since no one was able to lift a finger towards me. Sometimes a gun was fired but I easily dodged since their reaction times were slowed.
"Fuyumi" I smiled and ran towards my sister, who was stuck in what seemed like a glass cage.
"It's thermo-proof" she explained as I tried to open it.
"No difference in temperature will open it, believe me, I've tried"

"Where are the others?" I asked, glancing around. Nobody else was here, just a few more frozen guards.
"I don't know, we were separated almost instantly" she told me as I grabbed a big metal pipe.
"Uhm, Shoto? W-what are you planning..?"
"Just stand back" I ordered before swinging the weapon onto the glass, making a huge asterisk appear in the window. Just a few more swings will do.

"And I thought Toya was the deranged one" she muttered as the glass shattered and I helped her out.
"Offence taken" I stated on a neutral tone while she dusted herself off. After that she punched me in the gut, making me double over and groan. What the hell was that for?!
"That's for turning into a villain" she said on a stern voice.

"Seriously Shoto, what is wrong with you?! Even after Toya returned home with so much regrets you still go out there with the Green Reaper of all people!"
"The Green Reaper saved me! He saved us all Fuyumi!" I hissed, glaring at her with tears in my eyes.
"H-he gave me a chance... He was so gentle a-and caring and so much more than father ever was! It's due to him father is in prison, remember that"

She stared at me in silence before I turned around and started walking.
"Come on, we have to find Natsu and grandma and get the fuck out of here. The Reaper is expecting me"
"Expecting you for what?" Fuyumi asked, a little sceptic now that she was shot out of her daze.
"All For One is planning on killing everyone in UA, we're gonna stop it" I stated, turning back to face her.

"Well, why didn't you say so? Let's go!" she smiled, pulling me along. I chuckled a little but started running after her as well.
"That's all it took to convince you eh?" I laughed.
"Toya teaches there, you know, and we Todoroki's always stick together, no matter what! Never forget it!" she yelled, turning a corner.

Ah yes, our old sibling pact we made when we were kids... I shook my head before rushing after her. I'm glad nothing seems to have changed in my absence.

Chapter Text

Pov Midoriya
I was able to free myself from my bounds by using my surroundings. Unfortunately it also triggered an alarm, causing my dad to be updated in an instant. We didn't talk when we faced each other. No, it was instantly a battle. He knew I refused his command, that I would never bow down to his will as long as I had my own.

One thing lead to another and before I realised it, I was slammed against the wall of the big hall. I heard footsteps coming closer and panicked breathing over me as someone checked for my pulse. Kacchan... I opened my eyes, seeing almost every student was gathered here. This must be where the League was planning on disposing of them... Everyone looked at father as he spoke.

"I wanted for you to join me son... But if you won't, I'm afraid the Green Reaper must die"

That fucking bastard! So that's how it is huh? I don't join him so he'll destroy me? If he can't have me, no one can? Tch. I grabbed Katsuki's arm, making his gaze focus on me again.
"Get everyone out of here"
Things are about to get messy... With that I stood up, glaring at the man who had the guts to call me his son. My eyes glowing a dangerous emerald green, the glow of my quirk surrounding my body.

People gasped and backed away in fear. All this time their greatest enemy has walked amongst them and they had no idea... How scared they must be... Kacchan slowly stood up, slowly walking backwards to his friends, no sudden movements. He'd never really seen me fight before so this would be a first. Not so sure how our relationship will evolve from here on out though...

"You really think you can kill me old man?" I asked with a small grin.
"I mean, you are hunderds of years old by now, aren't you All For One?"
"So this is how we're gonna play it, is it?" father asked, taking a few steps forward. I tilted my neck, cracking it.
"Oh, you have no idea how much I've been wanting to do this" I breathed, letting a glow engulf my hands before the ceiling came crashing down on him, wrapping him up in a mess of wires and brick, squizing him together.

With that distracting him, I blew a hole into the wall, leading to the outside. Kacchan took the hint and started leading everyone outside. Good.
"So it was you all along huh?"
I turned, seeing Aizawa sensei, his eyes glowing a bright red. Yet his gaze wasn't focussed on me, but on Dabi, who was standing on the other side of the room.

"He isn't doing this because he's on their side. Father took his family hostage" I stated as we now stood back to back.
"I have Shoto on it, he should be here any minute now"
"I can't believe I actually fell for your act..." he muttered.
"Ah, don't worry about it" I shrugged, my eyes focussed on father as he broke free of my trap. Damnit.

He charged at me full force, which I barely evaded since I had to pull Shouta with me.
"Temporary truce?" I asked with a chuckle. At that moment father attacked again, but this time I couldn't react in time. Instead, a giant ice wall was put between us, shattering in seconds.

I grinned, looking aside to see the Todoroki's standing in the opening I made. Shoto had his hands outstretched and was transformed into his more powerful form. Next to him stood both his brother and sister, also having their hands stretched out.
"Looks like we came just in time" Ace smirked. Toya smiled, sighing in relief, letting his flames die out before he sank down onto the floor.

"Oh thank God..." he whispered, closing his eyes, letting a tear escape.
"Thanks Ace! Perfect timing as always!" I smiled, waving at them.
"I saw Black-Out and Commander helping with the evacuation, they'll be here once everyone is safe. Others have put up a perimeter around the school and are helping the police and heroes evacuate the surrounding area" he reported as he walked up to me.

Aizawa already made his way towards Toya, so had the other Todoroki's.
"We brought grandmother to safety before coming here" Shoto pointed out, taking place at my side.
"Now, let me assist you, Green Reaper"
"But of course" I smirked, looking back at All For One.
"Two against one? Not really fair now is it?" he asked.

"Villains don't play nice" I grinned, the green glow intensifying as we attacked. Shoto got knocked back almost instantly, just as I expected. It was only me and him now... The sheer force of our impact blew away half of the school building. Luckily everyone is evacuated by now.

"We should try and find shelter, come on Sho" Toya said, quickly helping his brother up and following his other siblings away from the fighting. I felt the piercing eyes of Eraserhead on my back for a few more seconds before he too took off. He's a smart man, he knows when he can win and when he has to flee.

In my distraction, father was able to grab me and throw me all the way over to the dorms, my body crashing into one of the buildings. I groaned, feeling my arm bleed. Oh just great... I used my quirk to make the rubble float around me in a small tornado, protecting me from potential hits while also making a great offence since I can use the debris to attack him at high speed. While he tried to reach me and lay a direct hit, I tried to keep him at a distance where my attacks were the most effective.

It was an epic battle, like the ones I'd always watch when I was a child. Never would I have imagined that I would grow up to be in one. Never had I hoped of having the power I posses now. It was an absolute dream come true... To be in the same league as All Might... It was an honour.

Pov Bakugou
"Fuck" I muttered, seeing the green flashes of light near the dorms as we evacuated. Suddenly I was grabbed and pushed against the wall of a random building near the school, an angry Kirishima glaring at me.
"You knew! You knew damnit!" he hissed. Before I had the chance to resist or explain, Sero taped me onto the wall.
"You're with them, aren't you?" he growled.

"He's not" they turned around to see the insomniac in all his glory.
"You must be really stupid to think mister number one hero would ever want to be one of us" he continued, walking up to us with a small smirk.
"He discovered us together with all of you, but he did sniff out Izuku at the license exam"
"Y-you've known since the exam..? A-and still you wanted him back..?" Kirishima asked in shock.

"Y-you... You knew he was the Reaper... Yet still you went after him! What the hell is wrong with you?!"
"It's called love dummy!" Kaminari smiled as he jumped off a rooftop in the middle of the group.
"Sorry I'm late! Had to make sure everyone got out in one piece" he explained while freeing me from the tape.

"Oh and I saw Ace got here as well! His siblings are safe!"
"Good" Shinsou smiled, pecking his boyfriend on the cheek.
"Wait... All For One had his siblings? That explains why Toya went mental all of the sudden!" Mina gasped.
"Yeah, no shit Sherlock" I spat out, glancing back at the fight.
"Don't worry dude, the boss has got this" Denki grinned, slamming me on my back. I glared at him, making him yelp and hide behind his boyfriend.

"I-I'm gonna round up the animals!" he squeaked before running off. Shinsou rolled his eyes, crossing his arms.
"Listen, it's because of the D.E.K.U. that everyone got out safely. Even the heroes agreed to a temporary truce, so I don't want any of you bitches whining about it" he pointed out.
"Now if you'll excuse me, I have to help my boyfriend"

"So... Izuku really is the Reaper huh?" Jirou asked out loud.
"That's...a lot to take in..."
"Yeah, I know" I breathed, still watching the green flashes and distant destruction. Damnit Izuku... Just finish him off already... You're the killer of All Might for crying out loud!

"You're rooting for him, aren't you?" Momo asked, seeing my expression.
"You'd be a fucking idiot not to... At least he wasn't out to kill us" I muttered.
"True... And he is your boyfriend" she added with a small smile.
"And he is my boyfriend" I confirmed with a smug grin.
"I don't understand what you're so happy about... He's the Green Reaper!" Sero hissed, pulling at his hair.

"About that-"
We all turned around to see Aizawa sensei and the Todoroki's standing there.
"-I'm gonna need you to tell me everything you know. This guy is giving me nothing" the black ray of sunshine finished, pointing at Shoto.
"What did you expect?" the halfa asked, quirking a brow.
"Now if you'll excuse me-"

"Oi, not so fast baby bro" Toya spoke, grabbing him by the collar. With one movement, he pulled icyhot into a hug.
"Thanks... For saving our family"
"Of course, we Todoroki's stand by each other remember?" he chuckled.
"Ah, see you still remember our pact eh?" Toya laughed, ruffling his hair.
"Sure do! Anyways, I should get going. Things are about to get really messy out here" the halfa said with a wink before running off.

"Take care!"

"Huh... He really changed under the Reaper, didn't he?" I muttered.
"Same goes for you" Toya pointed out with a smile.
"Anyways, congrats. Heard you and Midoriya are back together"
"Why doesn't it surprise me you knew about all of this as well..?" Eraserhead groaned, slamming a hand in his face.
"That's nothing you can prove Shouta" Toya grinned, chuckling.

"Anyways, we should get going. Sho was right you know? Things are about to get ugly"
Flame brain pointed out into the sky, where Izuku was floating, a bright emerald light surrounding his body.
"He's going to end it... His finishing move" Toya whispered, getting all serious.

"He will self-destruct"

At that moment a strong pulse shot from Izuku, followed by another, and another. Each one stronger than the last. Cracks started to appear in his body, green light escaping from them. Is this really it..? Is he really going to kill himself to take down All For One..? Without meaning to, tears streamed over my face. No! No, he can't die! H-he can't! Kirishima held me back, knowing I wouldn't have any control of myself and run right in.

"We need to get moving" Aizawa instructed, starting to gather everyone up and push them away from the fighting.
"No! I'm not leaving! No fucking way!" I hissed, struggling in Kiri's hold.
"I'm not leaving him!"
"Bakugou" he hissed, glaring at me with his demonic red eyes.
"It's against being a hero to root for a villain, let alone have a romantic relationship with them. I'm giving you your final warning, stay and the hero federation won't lift its eyes off of you ever again"

Tears came to my eyes as I saw the cracks in Izuku's skin widen, All For One doing everything in his power to kill off his son before he detonated. But it was too late... A bright green flash covered the area, making everyone blind for about a minute. When my vision came back, all that was left over was ash... The school got completely destroyed, together with everything in it. Including my precious Izuku...





T H E   E N D . . . ? ?

Chapter Text

Slowly, feeling came back to my fingers. After that a tingling feeling spread trough my body. I wanted to speak, but my lips wouldn't move. I wanted to lift my hand, yet my body was not budging. Beeping filled my ears and hushed voices came out from the background.
"He's waking up, update the captain right away"
I faintly recognized the voice, before falling into unconsciousness again.

What seemed like a few minutes later, my senses came back to me.
"We need to tell him about this Hitoshi, he has the right to know!"
"We can't! Did you really forget the hero federation has their eyes on him permanently? No communication, captain's orders!"
Everything fell into silence again, before alarm bells were ringing. It was so damn loud... Ugh...

Suddenly there was a voice. A very familiar one at that.
"Deku! Deku, please... Please! I know you can hear me!"
A hand grabbed my own, holding onto it tightly. Such a hard grasp, it actually hurt quite a bit.
"Bakugou! Leave here at once!" another voice yelled.
"Men! Take him away! Make sure no one sees him!"
"Understand captain!"
All that yelling... All that shouting... I just wanted it to stop. Stop... Stop.


It was barely a whisper, but it was enough to be heard. The noise stopped, just as I requested, and I felt like a million eyes were burning holes into my skull.
"I-Izuku..? Izuku, please, talk to me"
Kacchan... That's Kacchan's voice...
"K-Ka...cchan..?" I breathed out on a hoarse tone, forcing my eyes to open. There he was, the ash blonde. He seemed older... His ruby eyes covered in tears.

"Midoriya..." another voice whispered in shock. I tilted my head a little, seeing Shoto standing in his Ace form. Also he seemed older somehow. Not much though, just a little. A little...different.
"It's alright, I'm here now" Kacchan spoke, pulling my gaze back to him. He kissed my hand, holding it gently.
"I-I'm here... Everything is fine"
That expression... It looked so familiar... Then I remembered. He held that very same expression back then...

Back when I-

"D-did I...w-win..?" I choked out, making him cry even harder, a smile breaking through.
"That's really the first thing on your mind after waking up huh? Did you win? Of fucking course you won ya damn nerd... Nobody can ever defeat the Green Reaper, now can they?"
I smiled a little at that, forcing out a weak chuckle. Shoto interrupted our moment, however.

"Katsuki, I'm going to have to ask you to leave" he stated.
"We need to run some tests to see if everything is alright and you need to get out before the hero federation-"
"I don't fucking care what the stupid dumb federation thinks of me okay?! I don't care if they take my hero licence away for this or even throw me in jail! I'm staying right here, you understand half-n-half?!"

"Very well..." he sighed, giving me one last smile before shooing everyone out of the room, giving us some privacy.
"W-wha... What h-happened..?" I asked confused. How long was I out? When did Kacchan get his licence..?
"A lot happened when you were out, Izu" he whispered, looking down a bit.
"You... You were asleep for a very long time..."
He broke off his own sentence, seemingly having a hard time putting this to words.

"I-it be without you... But somehow we managed. A-and now you're back... You're finally back"
He wiped his tears away, laughing at the thought alone.
"K-Kacchan... H-how l-lo-ong..?" I asked, making him freeze up. He bit his lip, glancing at me before looking away again.

"Five years"