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Sunflowers and Coffee stains.

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The dust corridors echoed Alec's light steps, piercing the deafening silence of the old apartment building. His keys clicked gently in the lock as he took the time to take in the musty scent of the aged wood. He didn't stay long in his Birmingham Apartment, only long enough to place the old leather camera bag over his shoulder and lock the door He mentally debated bringing his bow and quiver on the London train but fought against the idea. As he wondered the bustling streets his fathers words echoed loudly in his head as if every time they spoke the became more threatening until he felt like he was to collapse if he didn't let his knees weaken to a nearby apartment stoop. "Find yourself a wife or you're dead to me Alexander."

He coughed Harshly as his lungs filled with the frosted winter air. He wrapped the Crimson knitted scarf around his rune printed neck, it had been a present from Izzy. His legs stopped shaking as the voices faded. Robert wanted everything from Alec. They had moved to London after he had caught hushed whispers of the city needing a new Shadowhunters training center and unfortunately for Alec those whispers were true. Now Robert wanted Alec to succeed him as head of the institute. Alec hated the idea with passion that burned as strong as his heart. Alec dreamed of distant cities and forgotten secrets, he begged for a life where he was allowed to choose who he loved and not be confined to his fathers standards.

He smiled as he passed the small coffee shop he devoted his weekends to serving in; waving to the exhausted looking server. He longed for a life outside of his dust covered apartment into large Cities with a new life away from his father and the pressure placed on him. He scanned his train ticket at the station and boarded the next train to London. He shook his lightly snow dusted, ebony hair allowing the water droplets to soak into the carpeted train floor.

The platform seemed almost deserted to the Lightwood boy. The Blood red converse almost tacked the surprisingly quiet streets of London Alec paused in his tracks. The bright yellow Sunflowers in the shop window reminded him of the dusted Polaroids that littered the walls of his apartment. Alec, however was more interested in the hazel eyes of the man behind the flowers.

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You know how in adverts they show the people royally fucking up the most mundane of tasks? Well Alec was doing a brilliant imitation. After backing out of meeting the man behind the eyes that drew him to the west London flower shop he was positively miserable. However the whispers of fate were not to let him off that easily.

He had scowled as he over poured his orange juice all over the counter that morning, and groaned as he discovered his camera battery needed replacing.

The shrill coffee shop bell pierced the air as Alec arrived for his Saturday morning shift. His eyes threatened to close as he took orders of those who seemed all too enthusiastic about nine am on a Saturday morning.

When Izzy walked in that morning he felt as if he would cry with shear joy. She held his new fully charged camera after he had practically begged her to get it changed for him so he could explore London that afternoon. She had questioned him but he made up an excuse about wanting some more still life city photos.
Izzy saw through his lies like a glass teapot but she bowed to his throne of lies.

His foot tapped lightly as he boarded the next available train to London. His brown doe eyes glimmered with excitement as he willed himself he the courage to finally enter the small, corner-side flower shop. The countryside whisked and twirled around him as he faced the hour train journey; nerves swallowing in on him as his hands shook.
His confidence began to waver as he walked the all familiar path to the eyes that held his heart.
He peered through the window. It was all But empty minus the hazel eyes that stood behind the counter.
‘Come on Alec you can do this he’s just a guy.’

His shaking hand hovered over the golden door handle for what seemed like an hour to Alec, though only mere moments had passed.

“You can come in I don’t bite.”
Alec’s heart stopped.

Magnus’ morning had been rough. You could almost call it a down right disaster scene. The beauty that was Chairman Meow had found his way into the fridge and all of Edom had broken loose.
Magnus Bane had once been the high warlock of Brooklyn, but for the next hundred years his life begged for normality. So he’d started a small flower shop in London. However on this very morning not only had the Chairman reeked havoc in his fridge he’d done the same in the small Flower shop. This was done approximately ten minutes before opening time causing poor Magnus to close the blinds and use what little effort in magic he had that morning to fix the shop to something somewhat presentable.
However his bad luck had not ceased at fucking him over to Edom and back as his customers seemed to be cosplaying as greater demons in their actions. The warlock felt as if he could just cry, give up and try again tomorrow.

The store was finally empty as he rearranged the Sunflowers by the window before releasing the Chairman from his Cone of shame.
It wasn’t till he let his eyes gaze to the door he saw the tall dark figure seemingly willing himself to open the jade green door.

Magnus’ hazel eyes studied the boy intently from the faded jeans to the Runes that were carefully carved into his neck from his jaw sneaking down under the collar of his jacket.
‘Shadowhunter but we can work with this.’ He thought to himself.
He watched for the next few minutes as the ebony haired boy failed to turn the brass handle.
He decided to take matters into his own hands.
“You can come in I don’t bite.”

Alec stumbled as he finally entered the store to look into the eyes that held his heart captured in their gaze. He took in the mans sharp features, his golden rings and meticulously painted nails.
‘I can’t not buy something.’ He thought ducking away for some black roses.
‘Izzy will like these.’
“J-just these please.” He stumbled as he placed them delicately on the counter.
“Going anywhere far?” The warlock asked silently hoping for some form of conversation.
“Just Birmingham.” The poor Shadowhunter replied slightly too quickly.
Magnus hummed lightly as he made a rash decision it his head.
The warlock examined the streets in front of the window. They were empty. He let his hand wave over the roses as they glimmered.

Alec’s eyes widened.
“You’re a warlock.”
“You’re a Shadowhunter.”
Alec self consciously rubbed the rune that was inked into his neck.
“You noticed. That obvious?” He stuttered.
Magnus have him a gentle look.
“If you know what you’re looking for.”
He held his hand out gently.
“Magnus Bane, warlock.”
Alec placed his slightly shaking hand in the painted nails of the other.
“Alec Lightwood, Shadowhunter.”
Magnus bought the unsuspecting mans hand to his lips and kissed it lightly his hazel eyes fixated on the soft brown ones before him.

Alec turned a fabulous shade of pink. Their fixating encounter was however rudely nterrupted by a loud meow from the Chairman, who had found his way to the counter. Alec used his hand that was once holding Magnus to scratch the cat under his chin. Magnus however glared accusingly at the Chairman swearing to get revenge for stealing His Alec.

“Alec meet Chairman meow.”
The Chairman purred as it received all of Alec’s attention.
“Sorry how much do I owe.” His mind finally snapped back to the matter in hand though his heart was about ready to up and leave.
“Oh yes five please.”
Alec reaches into his pocket and places the note on the counter.
Magnus can’t fully contain himself as he hops over the counter down round to Alec.
The warlock silently mutters a spell as a bright sunflower places itself in his hand he pulls it from behind his back tucking into Alec Button hole.
“T-Thank you.” Alec stutters his heart racing.
“Your collar is askew.” Magnus ran his hand up the length of the coat flipping the collar as he lays it to rest on the pocket covering the boys heart.
His surging heartbeat beats through Magnus’ hand. It’s fast in fact it might as well be through the roof and on its way to heaven.

The older man bought his head to Alec neck. Alec could feel the light stubble on his cheek as he froze like a deer in the headlights.
“I’ll see you around Alexander.” He whispered planting a small kiss on his jaw and dropping a slip of paper into his coat pocket. He leaned back against the counter as the younger man made his way wordlessly out the door nearly tripping on the welcome mat.
Magnus chuckled at the boys antics.
“Falling for me already I see.” He smirked as Alec’s cheeks turned redder than his heart.
The Chairman attempted to follow the Lightwood out the door. Magnus was half inclined to let the cat continue, however reached to put his foot in the way instead deciding it was probably the best option. He mumbled something in French. The small mutters flew to Alec’s ears as his knees went weak and threatened to collapse. The boy was smitten.

“I got these for you.” He tried to seem as collected as possible when handing the roses to Izzy.
“Who is he?”
“There’s no one I just thought you’d like some flowers.”
The only way I can describe the look Izzy gave his lies is in two words. ‘Bitch.Please’
“Fine his name is Magnus he runs the flower shop.”
The girl felt his cheek. He was boiling.
“He’s really got your heart.”
Alec bowed his head and let out a nervous laugh.
“Yeah he really does.” She smiled and shoved him lightly.
“Thank you anyway these are lovely.” The two parted their separate ways.
“But Alec..” she called.
He rose his head to look her in the eye.
“Don’t ever fucking lie to my face again.”

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Alec paced the wooden apartment floors lightly tapping the slip of paper that held a small phone number. It had been a week. "You can do it Alec just call him." He pep talk was ignored by his nerves, though he wasn't sure what he was nervous about. Magnus liked him didn't he? He knew that.
“Just call him Alec or I will.”
Alec looked up in surprise. He assumed he was alone. I mean I was his apartment.
“Izzy how did you get in?”
“Through the window.”
Alec opened his mouth to speak but closed it again he’d learnt just not to question Izzy by now.

Izzy sighed in annoyance as she snatched the phone and the number copying it into the key pad and pressing the call button. She handed the ringing phone back.

“Magnus Bane. Who is this?”
Alec took a deep breath.
“Um Hi it’s um Alec from the other day.”
“Alexander. How nice I was wondering when I’d hear from you.”
“Sorry it’s been a while.”
“No issues.”
Alec was starting to sweat now.
“Um I was wondering... um well um..” he stumbled on his words raking his hand through his hair.
“I was wondering if you’d like to get coffee later.” He exhaled a breath he didn’t know he was holding.
“Yes. Yes I would like that very much.”
“Ok. Um I’ll pick you up at three. Is that ok?”
“Three is perfect. See you then Alexander.”
The phone line went dead.

“Wasn’t so hard was it?” Izzy smiled. Alec was grinning ear to ear like a Cheshire Cat.
“Now since it’s winter and you’re going for coffee you can wear this.” She pulled a black shirt and jacket out for him with a knitted red scarf.
“You’ve had that already planned?” He raised an eyebrow at her but secretly knew the answer.
“Of course I have.”

Magnus smiles as he hung up the phone. He scratched the chin of the Chairman who was sat on the arm of the plush crimson sofa.
“Well will you look at that Chairman. I have a date.”

Alec impatiently tapped his foot on the carpeted train floor. The train ride to London was normally not a problem to the Shadowhunter, but today was not a normal day and the hour and a half journey seemed to last century’s.

The walk to the small flower shop was normally a pleasant slow one. But one could say Alec practically ran it. Arriving slightly tired out at Magnus’ door. The brass door handle was no stranger this time.
“Magnus.” He breathed gently embracing the smaller man.
“Are you ready?”
Magnus nodded taking Alec’s hand in his as he lead him down the back ally’s and cobbled streets of London. The places maps avoided but were so familiar to the warlock.

The small cafe stood on the corner of a quiet street. The potted sunflowers in the windows gave new life to the old building. Magnus led Alec inside as the smell of fresh bakes and exotic coffees hit him. The two found a corner with large armchairs built away from the rest of the tables as if it was the perfect place for two lovers. The leather armchairs were old and snuck when sat in. The wooden table held coffee stains and stories.

“It took you a while to call. I feared I may have scared you off.” Magnus lightly teased.
Alec bowed his head and laughed slightly.
“Yeah it was Izzy, my sister, that actually pressed call. I think she got frustrated with me pacing to build up the courage to do it.”
Magnus smiles as he took Alec’s hand.
“Remind me to thank her.”
But unbeknownst to the two this wouldn’t be the first time he’d thank her for calling that day, though that would not be for such a pleasant reason.

“So Alexander who are you?” Magnus leaned back in the chair his jewelled fingers and painted nails wrapped round the painted coffee cup.
“Um well. I’m Alexander Gideon Lightwood, erm I was born in America and moved to Birmingham about a year ago with my family. It’s just my parents and my siblings. Max is the youngest then there’s Izzy, then me and Jace but Jace is adopted.”
Magnus was half paying attention to what he was saying but his eyes were more focused on the smile before him. Alec made his heart beat faster. He was different to those before him. He made him feel whole.

The two reluctantly left the coffee shop walking hand in hand back to the small flower shop.
“Thank you Alexander. That was lovely.”
“Thank you for agreeing to come.”
Alec smiled. His eyes met the warlock’s before him. He took the scarf from around his neck and placed it over Magnus’ head.
“I hope to do it again some time.” His voice was barley over a whisper.
“I would like that.”
He took the scarf in his hands as he gently pulled the warlock towards him. He felt hands grip his coat lapels as his eyes fluttered shut and his lips met the ones before him. It was short and sweet but to Alec it felt like every bit of him was burning with heavenly fire.
He walked away looking back to wave. Magnus held the scarf around his neck and the grin on his face as he waved the younger man off. As he waved his Alec off.

Alec’s dopey smile was wiped of his face the moment he stepped into the institute. Robert Lightwood stood there. His rune adorned arms crossed in front of him. He was serious about something Alec would regret knowing.
“Alec please step into my office we have something to discuss.”
Alec warily stepped into the office and took a seat across from his father. He looked around Izzy was there and she looked angry. Seriously angry.
“Robert this is ridiculous I won’t allow it.” His mother tried to reason.
“Shut up Maryse.” He snapped.
“Alec as you know we are tight on money with this company. And I think you can help us.” He had a wicked smile.
“How?” His words were slow , questioning.
“We need to borrow some money from another family and in exchange for letting us borrow some money the Bramwell’s have agreed that You will marry their daughter Lydia.”
Alec felt if he was going to faint.
He stood up sharply slamming his hands on the desk.
“I won’t. I won’t do that for your stupid company.”
“Oh yes you will you have no choice In the matter.”
Alec knew there was no point arguing. He turned and ran slamming the door behind him.
He found his way to the top of the building. The roof. He sat on the edge and looked over the city sobs wracking his body. Izzy and Jace weren’t far behind him Maryse behind them.

He breathed in the cold night air and willed his legs to stand. ‘I could jump.’ He thought as he breathed rapidly.
“Alec get away from there.”
Izzy called.
Jace took a step forward.
“Don’t come closer. Please Jace please. If you’ve ever been my friend. Let me do this.”
“ALEC!” Maryse screamed as Izzy held her. To see her son on that ledge ripped her apart.
As his foot fell off the edge Jace pulled the sobbing boy onto the floor as the both fell back.
Maryse ran to her son cradling him in her arms.
“Alec oh Alec.” She cried softly into his hair
He’d sobbed himself to sleep up on the roof. Jace had carried him to his apartment and laid him carefully in his bed. Izzy sat on the side stroking his hair gently.

Alec eyes were red and screwed up tightly. His cheeks were damp and he was curled up so tightly.
Izzy took his phone off the nightstand and unlocked it clicking on Magnus’ contact.
She breathed heavily.
“Magnus it’s Izzy.”
“Oh Izzy is something wrong?” His tone was concerned.
“It’s Alec. He um.. well he tried to jump off the roof Jace pulled him back and he’s asleep now but um I thought you should know..”
She heard him sniff over the phone.
“Thank you for calling me Izzy.”
The phone line went dead as Magnus fell down the wall to the floor leaning his head back. His heart silently breaking.

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Alec sat numbly on his bed. His rune adorned arms wrapped around his knees his head wresting on them. The earlier words of his father pounding in his head like a constant pain.
“Don’t think last nights stunt is going to stop from this happening.” The word ring in his ears and he rocked back and forth.
He lifted his head at the gentle knock at the door.
“Hey.” It was Jace. His voice was soft sympathetic. Alec retuned his head to his knees.
“I know you don’t want to talk but you have to come out some time.” He gently rubbed the boys back. Scared he might break the fragile being.

Alec didn’t want to speak to Jace it to Izzy really he wanted Magnus. His Magnus bane to hold him. To tell him everything would be alright, that he wouldn’t have to do this.
He willed himself to stand though every muscle in his body fought back. He coughed and gasped in the cold air but proceeded to throw on the cleanest outfit he could find.

His head still rung with the thoughts of last night as he stepped on the train. The idea that he would choose to die over marrying someone he didn’t love. He’d rather be six feet under than have his life controlled. The walk to Magnus’ shop felt impossible to Alec. The rain was beating down on him. Everything in him willed him to stop to just give up. But his heart was drawn to the sunflowers in the window.
The shop door showed the closed sign. So he knocked. And he waited.

Magnus pulled himself off the floor at the knock of the door. He hadn’t found the energy to open shop that morning. But what stood in front of him as he cracked open the jade green doors for his heart ache. Alec’s hair was soaked and sticking to his face. He was drenched head to toe and his eyes were red and blotchy.
“Alexander. Please come in please.” He pulled him into a tight hug afraid to let him go.
“Let’s get you warm and dry.” He rested his hand on the small of his back and guided him up the staircase.

Alec peeled the soaking coat of his body hanging it up. He sat disheartened on the sofa his hair dripping wet. Magnus reentered holding warm towels and some clean clothes.
“Hey I’m gonna help you get this shirt off ok.” He knelt down to Alec’s height. His tone was light. Gentle. He pulled the soaking shirt off him leaving it on the floor and taking the first magically warmed towel and draping it over his shoulders.
Magnus held back his tears. He hated that Alec felt so numb. He didn’t speak at all. But Alec needed Magnus to be strong. So he was. For Alec.

He gave a light flick with his hand in the direction of the Bathroom.
“Alexander there’s a hot bath in there and some towels and fresh clothes take as long as you need.” He kissed the boys forehead lightly. Alec mumbled an thanks and left for the bathroom.

Alec lay in the hot water. It swirled and consumed his body heating him through. The dark flat felt safe to Alec. It felt somewhere he could voice his feelings without being kicked or Damned it was his hideaway. Magnus was his hideaway.

Magnus’ head rose as Alec padded out of the bathroom his plaid pyjama trousers and black shirt fit the younger man nicely. He handed him the steaming hot chocolate and sank down next to him.
“I understand if you don’t want to talk about it but I need to ask. It’s about last night.” Magnus failed to hold his voice from cracking.

Alec sighed and looked painfully at him.
“Izzy called you?”
Magnus nodded.
“Erm well my fathers company is running out of money. he arranged for me to marry to keep up the money. I don’t get a say.” He harshly wiped the tears from his eyes.
The warlock knelt in front of him and cupped his face.
Alec breathed heavily as he continued.
“And I decided that I’d rather be dead than have to marry someone against my will... and um he told me this morning that ‘my little stunt won’t change anything’” he gasped for breath as Magnus wipes his tears away gently with his thumb. He had a good mind to hunt down Robert and end him on the spot. But not now not whilst Alec needed him.

The warlock held the Shadowhunter in his arms rubbing gentle circles on his back while the boy sobbed.
“We’ll find a way Alexander. I promise.” Though Magnus wasn’t sure that was a promise he could keep.

Alec had been quite for most of the day. They’d watched movies and held one another because Alec needed the time. Magnus hadn’t seen Alec in half and hour and his heart began to race.

The soft sound of piano music filled the warlocks ears as he made his way to the hall where the grand piano stood.

((Alec’s song

‘What would I do without your smart mouth? Drawing me in then kicking me out.’

Alec sang his fingers gliding across the keys. His eyes were shut, at peace.

‘Got my head spinning no kidding I can’t pin you down.’

Magnus stood in the doorway listening. To him Alec was an angel and his voice matched that of one. It was soft smooth and so heart felt.

‘What’s going on in that beautiful mind I’m on your magical mystery ride.’

Alec felt his fingers dance and sink into every key on the piano. He felt grounded.

‘And I’m so dizzy, don’t know what hit me but I’ll be alright.’

“I’m gonna be alright.” Alec thought. Yes he’s going to be alright.

Alec felt his chest tighten as the words came out.

‘My heads underwater but I’m breathing fine. You’re crazy and I’m out of my mind.’
Alec’s eyes opened to take in Magnus’. The warlocks glamour had dropped and his cat eyes glimmered in the low light.

‘Cause all of me, loves all of you.’
‘Loves your curves and all your edges loves your perfect imperfections.’

When Alec sang he sang to Magnus and Magnus alone. He held the key to Alec’s heart and he trusted the warlock to keep it safe.

‘Give your all to me, I’ll give my all to you.’

Magnus waved his hand and Alec no longer needed to play. The piano took control as Magnus offered his hand to Alec to dance with him.

Alec continued to sing as he swayed gently in Magnus’ arms.
‘The world is beating you down, I’m around through every move.’ Magnus sang as he moved The curls from Alec’s face.
He leaned in gently capturing Alec’s soft lips in his own.
The felt like the final piece of a jigsaw setting into place to paint a perfect picture.
Magnus released his lips to sing.
‘How many times do I have to tell you. Even when you’re crying you’re beautiful too.’
Alec rested his head on Magnus’ shoulder and let his eyes drift closed as he felt at ease.
Magnus hummed the rest of the song as Alec fell almost to sleep on his shoulder. He lifted the boy into his arms carrying him effortlessly to the spare room. There would be a time where to two would share a bed. But now was not this time. Alec needed space, room to heal and Magnus knew every inch of that In his heart. He placed a light kiss on his forehead and switched out the light.
He took out his phone and texted Izzy.
‘He’s just gone to sleep.’
He switched off his phone running his hand over the piano before collapsing into his own silk sheets.

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Raphael’s cold hands flicked through the next page of his book. The old pages were yellowing and creased from years of wear and tear.
“la inmortalidad es un destino para rivalizar con la muerte” He mumbled quietly. A line he’d burned into the very aching of his soul after The countless times he’d read the book.

He leaned back gently between his boyfriends legs to rest his head on the younger mans chest. Simon as per usual was playing video games and by some of the more colourful language Raphael was hearing, he appeared to be losing.

“Fucking bastard Fucking shelled me, foul play!” Simon shouted gesturing accusingly at the television screen. He rested his arms on Raphael’s shoulders letting his console rest above he vampire’s nose.

Raphael rolled his eyes.
“cariño por favor idioma.” He sighed at his boyfriend.
Simon rolled his eyes, that phrase was a rather common one to be heard in their house. Simon had learned by now it translated roughly to ‘Watch your language.’
Raphael lent back to place a light kiss on his jaw before going back to his book.
Simon smiled. He loved the light feathered feeling of Raphael’s lips on his skin.
“Sorry I should respect my elders.” His tone was dripping with comic sarcasm.
“Damn right you should.”

The two were often found in this position, sat on the floor of their shared bedroom, Raphael between Simons legs reading while the younger vampire screamed profanity’s at Mario Kart. Raphael felt comfortable there, his head normally resting on a graphic of the Death Star, although he never told Simon he knew. Raphael held many secrets however there was one he was almost certain he would never speak of until he was on his deathbed for the second time. Raphael Santiago was a Star Wars fan. He’d been one of the first to see them at the midnight screenings when they had first come out. Of course he’d never let Simon know this, after all he did want to sleep at some point.

“When are we meeting Magnus?” Simon broke the comfortable silence as he got up to return his console and turn off the game he’d so sourly lost.
Raphael whined slightly at the sudden lack of being behind him as he bookmarked his page.
“Eight, it’s like seven right now so sun will be up soon.”
He rubbed his eyes gently.

“Ok.” Simon carefully reached behind his boyfriend the remove the floral print jacket.
“Sometimes I think you like that book more than me.”
“I do. The book can’t talk.”
Simon pushed his boyfriend gently as an act of protest to the statement as he hung up the jacket.

Raphael stretched his back as he yawned. It was getting late, already the sun was rising.
“Getting old?” Simon joked
Raphael smiled reaching for his partially empty wine glass of infused blood.
“I’m afraid I’ve been damned to a fifteen year old body for eternity.”
Simon has known Raphael had been young when he was turned but not that young.
“Woah, woah, woah, you’re underaged then.” He snatched the glass away from the tired vampires lips.
Raphael was too tired to argue when Simon finished his glass. He simply mumbled under his breath as he changed into his pyjamas.
“santa maría por favor.”
He felt his legs becoming almost weightless as Simon scooped him up and laid him gently on their bed.
Simon buried his head in his boyfriend’s neck.
“You smell like red wine.” He mumbled half asleep.
Raphael laughed as he let his head rest in the younger mans black hair.
“y hueles a caramelo.”
“I don’t know what that means but I’m hoping it’s good.”
Raphael felt Simons soft hands on his bare back and the cold metallic zipper of his deadpool hoodie on the centre of his chest.
“Goodnight Ralph.” Simon mumbled into his chest.
“Buenas noches cariño.”

It had been a few days since Alec had arrived at Magnus’ and he was finally making his way back to the Birmingham apartment. On account of the fact Magnus has plans that night, although the warlock had insisted he could cancel them. The early morning train fell ominous and it seemed, to Alec, like it was no longer part of this world. Like it was a small blip in space time and reality. The carriage was empty yes felt so enclosed.

The old steps up to his apartment door creaked and wobbled like the beams of the old building itself. Alec made his way around the dusty apartment grimacing at the three day old coffee left on the side table, but what was hung up in his room made him feel violently sick.
A suit and an invitation.
An invitation to his own wedding. The card ripped between his shaking hands and fell discarded to the floor. He stepped away from the suit as if it had been cursed.
| ‘institute NOW!’| it was from Izzy. Alec groaned, the last place he wanted to be was within ten feet of his father.

The brass door Han made an ungodly sound as it screeched against the walls Birmingham institute.
Alec was almost swept of his feet by the younger Lightwood sibling.
“I’m so glad you’re safe.”
Alec’s brows knitted in confusion as he was dragged deeper into the institute.
“Why wouldn’t I be?”
Izzy pulled him into the main hall. The whole place seemed to be on edge.
“Haven’t you heard about the attacks?”
He stood alongside Jace and Clary as Izzy pulled up photos that burned into his mind.
Shadowhunters, six of them. Each dead with their runes carved from their skin.
“Six of them in the last three days all in London. They’ve all got bite marks, claw marks and-” she paused to look sympathetically at Alec.
“-Traces of dark magic being used.”

“We don’t know who is behind these but we’ll find them. Until they are found however. None of you will leave Birmingham.”
Alec knee the voice only too well. He scowled as he turned to face his father.

“Alexander a word. Now.”
Alec rolled his eyes as he stepped into the office.
“I’m going to make this very clear.” Alec felt a hand on his collar as he was shoved against the wall.
“You are getting married next week whether you like it or not.”
“Over my dead body.” He spat at his fathers face.
“That can be arranged.” He felt the cold metallic rings against his cheek as his head hit the wall with a harsh strength.

Jace found Alec ten minuets later on the floor of his fathers office.

Magnus straighten his blazer before answering the door to Raphael and Simon.
“My Boys! Come in take a seat.”
“How have you been?”
“Same old. Running London’s clams and keeping Simon out of trouble.” Rapheal smiled at Simons protests, sipping on his infused blood.
Magnus laughed to the couple, but his heart twinged slightly at the absence of its lover.

Chapter Text

Three days. That’s all Alec had left before he was tied to someone he’d never met for the rest of his life. He scowled at the suit that hung on his wardrobe, the atrocious orange lining mocked his situation. He stared absentmindedly at his ceiling, wishing that maybe if he stayed there forever he wouldn’t have to get married or live his life in a web designed by Robert Lightwood.

He knew he had to do it, the unspeakable. It was only fair. He could not be a groom with a secret lover. He may have hated his situation but he respected Lydia, the woman he was to marry. At first he had despised the woman, though he’d never met her, and although he still had yet to meet her, he saw that she, perhaps was in the same bubble he was trapped in.

He toyed with the idea of taking his glamoured bow to London with him, the attacks were becoming more frequent, but this was something he had to face.

The train ride felt like years, but as he stepped onto the platform the inevitable edged nearer. Alec wanted to turn around, get back on the train and forget about it, but he had a debt he owed Magnus, a debt of truth. A debt is a debt and Must. Be. Paid.
He stopped outside the flower shop. His hand shook as he reached for the handle. His mind flashed to those two months previously where he’d held his shaking hand in the same place, willing himself to enter. But this time it was for a lot less pleasant reason.

“Magnus.” He put on his best fake smile as he entered the flower shop.
The warlock smiled dusting his soil coated hands on his apron.
“Alexander.” He placed a light kiss on the boys cheek.
Alec smiled. He would miss Magnus’ gentle lips on his skin.

“You don’t normally bring weapons when coming to see me.” Magnus’ face had dropped when he’d seen the poorly glamoured now slung Over Alec’s shoulder.
Alec scratched the back of his neck.
“I assumed you’d heard about the attacks.” He mumbled quietly.
Magnus looked confused.
“Shadowhunters killed and stripped of their runes. Twenty five in the last week.”
Magnus swallowed.
“And you came here alone?”
He was worried for Alec’s safety. Though there was a aura to Alec that made him feel like that wasn’t the only thing he should be worried about.
“They all had vampire bites and wolf marks on, but I’m just being carful.”
“Oh.” Magnus knew there was something about Alec that said there was more to this visit than just seeing him.
Alec coughed.
“But anyway,”
“You know how downworlders and people like that can get.”

Magnus was taken aback. He knew what people Alec was referring to. The downworlders that hid away in the streets of London. Downworlders like him.
“Oh so people like me?”
Alec covered his mouth realises what he’d said.
“I didn’t mean..”
But Magnus knew exactly what Alec meant, maybe he hadn’t meant to say it but he certainly believed it.

“You know I took you as many things Alec but prejudice wasn’t one.”


“I’m sorry this shop is closed.”

With a flick of his wrist the door swung harshly open. Alec turned to leave the Chairman hot on his heels as usual. Magnus picked up the smug cat halting him from following the shadowhunter.
“Magnus before I go I have something to say..”
“Say it now and say it quickly..” The warlock rolled his eyes.

Tears welled in Alec’s eyes as he tried to push the inevitable words to his lips.
“Magnus..” He paused tears choking his words.
“I’m getting married in three days...” he ran his hands through his snow shaken hair.
“And I-I... um.”
“Well this thing between us..”
“It can’t go on...”
“But I don’t want to lose you either.....”
“So....” A few forcefully held back tears dropped down his cheeks.

Magnus’ dark eyes met Alec’s tearful hazel ones.
“I don’t think you want to be friends with, as you said, my kind of people.”
The door was shut.
The curtain drawn.

Alec wipes the tears harshly off his cheeks as he made the silent commute back to his Birmingham apartment.

His suit flared at him from across the room. The hideous orange lining burning his retinas. Reluctantly he pulled it on. The fabric felt cursed again his rune laced skin as he tried to convince himself it looked good.

“You’re going through with it.”
He turned in surprise to see Jace stood at his bedroom door.
“Yeah I don’t have much of a choice.” He mumbled, tying the atrocious tie around his neck.
“I broke it off with Magnus.” He choked on his own words trying to bat back the tears. He seemed to be talking to himself more than Jace.

“Oh Alec.” The blond wrapped his arms round Alec letting him sob into his shoulder.

Tears welded Alec’s eyes shut that night. They were the only thing that allowed him to drift away from the pain into a painless sleep.

Magnus sat alone in his apartment. Numb to the countless episodes of mindless shows that drifted in and out his ears. Even the chairman wasn’t speaking to him. He reached over to inspect the mysterious black jumper on his sofa. It was Alec’s. He must had left it the last time he was round. Magnus hesitantly bought the hoodie to his face, taking in the scent of Alec’s cologne. He threw it to the floor in a rage scaring the Chairman.
He dragged his ring covered fingers through his hair and over his face.
He lay on his silk bed sheets but they had begun to smell like Alec.
Magnus slept on the sofa that night.