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Midoriya Has A Best Friend Squad

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-Flashback to two months ago-

Izuki felt her heart shatter as she sat in the bathroom cabinet, tears falling down her face as she stayed as quiet and still as possible. Her fath- Hisashi- stomping around the apartment breathing out small flames. The five year old girl was terrified, the charred body of her mother still fresh in her mind. Ever since they discovered her quirkless status last year, the abuse and neglect had gotten worse. Her “father” finally snapped today, when she realized that she was actually a he. Hisashi has not liked that. Now here he was, praying for the heroes to arrive before he was burnt to a crisp. There was a large crash coming from the direction of the dining room, and three voices shouting at each other.

“Hisashi Midoriya, you are officially under arrest for child abuse and the murder of your wife. Anything said against you can and will be used against you in court.” A tired sounding voice spoke up. “Mind telling me where your daughter is?” He let out a small whimper. He could tell that someone was coming, loud footsteps echoing through the hall and outside the bathroom door. Someone stepped inside, and Izuki felt his breath catch in his throat.

The cupboard door opened to reveal a man wearing a giant speaker and a banana for hair. Behind his glasses there was sympathy in his eyes. Izuki knew not to trust strangers, but right now he would rather be anywhere but home. He felt a sob escape his mouth, and he let the man pick her up. “Hey little listener, Im Present Mic. Me and Eraserhead are gonna get you out. Your safe.” He soothed. He felt his eyelids drooping, until it all eventually faded to black.


Izuki had grown to like the heroes who saved him, even understanding his gender change! Mama would love Present Mic and Eraserhead, they were nice people! Izuki, however, did not like the officer with him. Officer Diego kept calling him a girl and kept glaring at Izuki. No, he decided, I don’t like that officer.

Thankfully, the officer who had interrogated Izuki was much nicer. His name was Tsukauchi and he was nice. He even asked Izuki if he wanted a lollipop!

Of course, all good things come to an end at some point. It was time for Izuki to go to an orphanage nearby called the “New Hopes Orphanage.” Izuki was moved into a room with five others. He was scared, but at least he wasn’t the only boy. Izuki didn’t interact with any of them until after curfew, though. A bouncy young girl with pale brown and bright pink hair with a streak of bright blue in the middle game bouncing up to him. She was wearing an extremely oversized maroon jacket with a white shirt and blue shorts.

“Hello! I’m Olivia, but you can call me Via! What’s your name?”