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Midoriya Has A Best Friend Squad

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“Hello! I’m Olivia, but you can call me Via! What’s your name?”

Izuki fidgeted slightly, unsure what to say. He thought his name was too girly(sorry if I offend anyone with that name it’s for the plot progression) and wanted to change it, but he didn’t know what.

“I- um... I don’t like my name....”

Olivia blinked in surprise.

“You... don’t like your name?” Understanding then flashed in her eyes.”Ohhhhh you wanna be a boy! One of the caretakers here did too and now they are!! Just choose a new name for us to use!”

It was Izuki’s turn to be surprised.

“Oh.. uh... Well, mom always said that if she had a boy she would name it Izuku...”

“Izuku it is then!” Via exclaimed.”So Izuku, how long are you staying or should we set up a permanent spot? I have to warn you though, usually nobody adopts the villain kid-“ Via pointed to a girl with jet black wings,”the ones with useless quirks-“ she then pointed to a boy with bat wings and a girl seemingly surrounded by mist,”or the Quirkless kids.” she finally pointed to herself and a girl with pale gold eyes. “But if they stuck you with us you must fit into one of those groups, and by your nervous muttering I’m guessing your Quirkless like me!” Via then struck a dramatic victory pose.

“W-well, guess it’s g-going to be a l-long term s-stay..”

Via winced slightly, then perked up immediately after. “Guess I need to introduce everyone to you! I’ll start with me, I’m Via, I’m from America and am bilingual, and I’m Quirkless! Our teachers like to say that we all have a high IQ and that we’re all super duper smart so you can ask me to slow down if you need to! Over there is Mio, he’s blind and Latino, and his quirk is Bat! He uses echolocation to see.” A boy with pale brown hair, darker skin with a couple freckles, elf like ears, and stunningly white eyes with a barely visible pale ring in the center raised his hand before lowering it as Via barreled on. “Anyways, the one with the mist cape thingy is Millie! Her parents were American like mine! Her quirk is called Fog, and if you breathe in the mist she creates from her pores she can make you hallucinate when you stand in it!”The girl with orange and pink hair, two slightly different shaded gray eyes, and black glasses waved at him.” The one with the jet black wings, blonde hair with a Pink highlight, pale brown eyes, and some freckles is Akiko! Her quirk is called “Total Control, and she can control the quirk if anyone she sees! If it’s a mutant quirk she can control their movements, though it is harder. It also gives her headaches if she controls a quirk for a while.” Akiko playfully punches Via’s shoulder. “And the last one is Toni! She actually looks a lot like you and is also Quirkless!”

Izuku was slightly struggling to process the information just given to him before he slowly nodded. “O-okay then... Guess I-I’m Izuku.. Izuku Midoriya.”