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Midoriya Has A Best Friend Squad

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It had been 4 years since that fateful meeting and now the friends- basically siblings since they refused to be adopted separately- has grown closer and closer through each month. The kids were taking online high school courses and were estimated to graduate at age 9 1/2, an impressive feat. In the meantime, the six children trained to be heroes and dreamed of being adopted. Their hopes were almost gone until they saw the news the next day. According to an interview with the pro hero of 3 years now Midnight stating that she had adopted a 16 year old child who was going to a hero school called “Westpark Hero High” with a 0.5% acceptance rate! The children dreamed of following in her footsteps, and set their sights on the new hero school. Not many people seem to like it due to its low acceptance rate, but the children wanted to make it in to ensure their future as heroes wouldn’t be compromised. They still had eyes on UA, of course, if things went wrong. Or possibly even a different hero school.


The children were running around the backyard- or flying (AKIKO AND MIO IM LOOKING AT YOU)- when their caretaker knocked on the doorframe. The children immediately looked over as a tall woman with black hair and surprisingly blue eyes was standing there next to Mrs. Bee (I’m gonna throw myself in random areas of the story to see if anyone notices, try and spot me and maybe comment and I’ll... give you.... a virtual hug.... yah) smiling. “Kids, say hello to Ms. Kayama, she’s heard about you and would like to adopt you. ALL of you.”

As soon as those words came out of Mrs. Bee’s mouth the children were in tears. Of course they knew that Nemuri Kayama was Midnight, but they couldn’t believe that they were finally being adopted. No more bullies, no more chores until their fingers hurt, no more being yelled at for playing an instrument too loud, and no more being ignored.

They all were soon packed up and, giving Mrs. Bee a giant hug each on their way out, were on their way to their new home.