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Midoriya Has A Best Friend Squad

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-Flashback to two months ago-

Izuki felt her heart shatter as she sat in the bathroom cabinet, tears falling down her face as she stayed as quiet and still as possible. Her fath- Hisashi- stomping around the apartment breathing out small flames. The five year old girl was terrified, the charred body of her mother still fresh in her mind. Ever since they discovered her quirkless status last year, the abuse and neglect had gotten worse. Her “father” finally snapped today, when she realized that she was actually a he. Hisashi has not liked that. Now here he was, praying for the heroes to arrive before he was burnt to a crisp. There was a large crash coming from the direction of the dining room, and three voices shouting at each other.

“Hisashi Midoriya, you are officially under arrest for child abuse and the murder of your wife. Anything said against you can and will be used against you in court.” A tired sounding voice spoke up. “Mind telling me where your daughter is?” He let out a small whimper. He could tell that someone was coming, loud footsteps echoing through the hall and outside the bathroom door. Someone stepped inside, and Izuki felt his breath catch in his throat.

The cupboard door opened to reveal a man wearing a giant speaker and a banana for hair. Behind his glasses there was sympathy in his eyes. Izuki knew not to trust strangers, but right now he would rather be anywhere but home. He felt a sob escape his mouth, and he let the man pick her up. “Hey little listener, Im Present Mic. Me and Eraserhead are gonna get you out. Your safe.” He soothed. He felt his eyelids drooping, until it all eventually faded to black.


Izuki had grown to like the heroes who saved him, even understanding his gender change! Mama would love Present Mic and Eraserhead, they were nice people! Izuki, however, did not like the officer with him. Officer Diego kept calling him a girl and kept glaring at Izuki. No, he decided, I don’t like that officer.

Thankfully, the officer who had interrogated Izuki was much nicer. His name was Tsukauchi and he was nice. He even asked Izuki if he wanted a lollipop!

Of course, all good things come to an end at some point. It was time for Izuki to go to an orphanage nearby called the “New Hopes Orphanage.” Izuki was moved into a room with five others. He was scared, but at least he wasn’t the only boy. Izuki didn’t interact with any of them until after curfew, though. A bouncy young girl with pale brown and bright pink hair with a streak of bright blue in the middle game bouncing up to him. She was wearing an extremely oversized maroon jacket with a white shirt and blue shorts.

“Hello! I’m Olivia, but you can call me Via! What’s your name?”

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“Hello! I’m Olivia, but you can call me Via! What’s your name?”

Izuki fidgeted slightly, unsure what to say. He thought his name was too girly(sorry if I offend anyone with that name it’s for the plot progression) and wanted to change it, but he didn’t know what.

“I- um... I don’t like my name....”

Olivia blinked in surprise.

“You... don’t like your name?” Understanding then flashed in her eyes.”Ohhhhh you wanna be a boy! One of the caretakers here did too and now they are!! Just choose a new name for us to use!”

It was Izuki’s turn to be surprised.

“Oh.. uh... Well, mom always said that if she had a boy she would name it Izuku...”

“Izuku it is then!” Via exclaimed.”So Izuku, how long are you staying or should we set up a permanent spot? I have to warn you though, usually nobody adopts the villain kid-“ Via pointed to a girl with jet black wings,”the ones with useless quirks-“ she then pointed to a boy with bat wings and a girl seemingly surrounded by mist,”or the Quirkless kids.” she finally pointed to herself and a girl with pale gold eyes. “But if they stuck you with us you must fit into one of those groups, and by your nervous muttering I’m guessing your Quirkless like me!” Via then struck a dramatic victory pose.

“W-well, guess it’s g-going to be a l-long term s-stay..”

Via winced slightly, then perked up immediately after. “Guess I need to introduce everyone to you! I’ll start with me, I’m Via, I’m from America and am bilingual, and I’m Quirkless! Our teachers like to say that we all have a high IQ and that we’re all super duper smart so you can ask me to slow down if you need to! Over there is Mio, he’s blind and Latino, and his quirk is Bat! He uses echolocation to see.” A boy with pale brown hair, darker skin with a couple freckles, elf like ears, and stunningly white eyes with a barely visible pale ring in the center raised his hand before lowering it as Via barreled on. “Anyways, the one with the mist cape thingy is Millie! Her parents were American like mine! Her quirk is called Fog, and if you breathe in the mist she creates from her pores she can make you hallucinate when you stand in it!”The girl with orange and pink hair, two slightly different shaded gray eyes, and black glasses waved at him.” The one with the jet black wings, blonde hair with a Pink highlight, pale brown eyes, and some freckles is Akiko! Her quirk is called “Total Control, and she can control the quirk if anyone she sees! If it’s a mutant quirk she can control their movements, though it is harder. It also gives her headaches if she controls a quirk for a while.” Akiko playfully punches Via’s shoulder. “And the last one is Toni! She actually looks a lot like you and is also Quirkless!”

Izuku was slightly struggling to process the information just given to him before he slowly nodded. “O-okay then... Guess I-I’m Izuku.. Izuku Midoriya.”

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It had been 4 years since that fateful meeting and now the friends- basically siblings since they refused to be adopted separately- has grown closer and closer through each month. The kids were taking online high school courses and were estimated to graduate at age 9 1/2, an impressive feat. In the meantime, the six children trained to be heroes and dreamed of being adopted. Their hopes were almost gone until they saw the news the next day. According to an interview with the pro hero of 3 years now Midnight stating that she had adopted a 16 year old child who was going to a hero school called “Westpark Hero High” with a 0.5% acceptance rate! The children dreamed of following in her footsteps, and set their sights on the new hero school. Not many people seem to like it due to its low acceptance rate, but the children wanted to make it in to ensure their future as heroes wouldn’t be compromised. They still had eyes on UA, of course, if things went wrong. Or possibly even a different hero school.


The children were running around the backyard- or flying (AKIKO AND MIO IM LOOKING AT YOU)- when their caretaker knocked on the doorframe. The children immediately looked over as a tall woman with black hair and surprisingly blue eyes was standing there next to Mrs. Bee (I’m gonna throw myself in random areas of the story to see if anyone notices, try and spot me and maybe comment and I’ll... give you.... a virtual hug.... yah) smiling. “Kids, say hello to Ms. Kayama, she’s heard about you and would like to adopt you. ALL of you.”

As soon as those words came out of Mrs. Bee’s mouth the children were in tears. Of course they knew that Nemuri Kayama was Midnight, but they couldn’t believe that they were finally being adopted. No more bullies, no more chores until their fingers hurt, no more being yelled at for playing an instrument too loud, and no more being ignored.

They all were soon packed up and, giving Mrs. Bee a giant hug each on their way out, were on their way to their new home.

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Rei was scared.

Scared was an understatement. Rei was petrified. She had just found out she was having not twins, but triplets, and was absolutely terrified of her husband’s reaction. He didn’t scream, or hit her, or even show anger. Instead he showed pure glee.

Enji Akatani was a selfish man at heart, even though he was the number 2 hero Endeavor. Enji had always wanted to surpass the number 1 hero All Might, and would go to any lengths to do so. His entire life revolves around his goals and desires, and he would go to any lengths to achieve them. 

Rei was initially sold to Enji as a slave by her parents, perfect eye candy for any man. Akatani has respected her, helped her with any perverts around the house and even giving her a salary. It was perfect, and Rei felt herself beginning to love him.

It all changed after he discovered her quirk. Akatani became harsher, more aggressive, as time went by. It all became a living nightmare when he purchased her for a quirk marriage. He wanted a child who could surpass All Might so he used her as a breeding tool and housewife, her only purpose to create and care for his “perfect” child. 

Rei became pregnant a week after their marriage, and she couldn’t be happier. She had always wanted a family to call her own. It was difficult to call her family “hers,” though, because Enji was looming over her, standing in every corner, waiting for his child to arrive. Her first born son, Touya, was the light of her life. Through Enji’s constant beatings, through the pain as she felt flames lick at her arms and singe her hair, through the painfully loud whistle of the kettle signaling her to pour Akatani his favorite tea, Touya was always there to help her through it all.

Fuyumi was the next child, born one year after Touya. Endeavor was getting impatient, wanting the perfect quirk combination of fire and ice to show in his son, so he decided to create a “back up child” in case his first one “failed.” She was a beautiful baby, and Rei loved her with as much of her heart as she loved Touya with.


When Touya’s quirk came in as blue flames hotter than Endeavor’s, but too hot for him to handle at the level he was at, Enji was furious. His beatings got more and more frequent, and he had “bred” her again with her third child, Natsou(?). He was born a year and a half after Fuyumi.

Natsou  was just one when Fuyumi’s quirk came in. Her quirk turned out to be pink flames that could heal whatever they touched, and it saved Rei and Touya the trouble of applying cream to any of their burns. Endeavour deemed it useless, yet waited until Natsou was 6 and showed no signs of a quirk until he impregnated her with her beautiful triplets, Mikumo, Shouto, and Rylee.

-time jump-

The triplets were now 3, and were absolutely adorable. Mikumo looked like Touya, red hair, tan skin, but had her stormy gray eyes instead of Enji’s crystal blue ones. Shouto has half red half white hair and amazing heterochromatic eyes. Then there was Rylee. Rylee was named after Rei’s grandmother from America, and resembled her too. Rylee had beautiful emerald eyes, freckles, pale skin, and blue-green hair. Mikumo’s quirk came in early, and he could breathe fire and create ice from his hands. Rylee’s quirk has also come early, and it was Rei’s grandfather’s quirk. Rylee could create paint from her pores and could decide its density, toxicity, or could even make it acidic(like Mina’s quirk). 

Rei heard a scream and went to see what was happening. She burst into the room to see Shouto crying while being healed by Fuyumi, and Rylee without her hair and a scar covering her head and the left side of her face as well as part of her neck, shoulder, and nose. Enji stood there with a boiling pot of water in his hands scoffing something about “disappointments.” 

The doctor revealed that they had to cut out a chunk of Rylee’s ear, her left eye would be useless, and that the left side of her hair would grow back, but not her eyebrow or the right side of her hair for reasons unknown. Both of the children would scar.


After that incident Rei was quick to file a divorce. She won custody over all of her children except Mikumo, but vowed to save him someday. She was paid 100,000 US dollars(I have no idea how Japanese currency works I’m just using the American measurements for all of my payments don’t judge me) at first and was told that Enji would pay child support to her every month.

Rei changed her family name to something new- Todoroki. She felt free. After years and years of abuse her and her children were finally free.

Rei got an apartment that would fit all of her family and asked the children if any of them wanted to change their looks. Touya, who was now eleven and a half, wanted his hair changed to white to match hers. Rei smiled as Fuyumi agreed and requested her hair be fully white. Shouto requested to change the red side of his hair to the same color as Rylee’s surprisingly fast growing hair as it was already to her ear, beautiful turquoise blue tips with a light green center. 

She enrolled her children in school and was overjoyed at her oldest son as he safely trained his quirk for the UA entrance exam while Fuyumi took a liking to medicine. Natsuo seemed to enjoy cooking and the twins(hopefully not for long but probably for a while) were interested in making the hero industry a better place(GO FIND MY OTHER CHILDREN ALREADY SCREE). 

Rei smiles as she watched her children play at the park.




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Shouto decided he loved the park.

His siblings were playing hide and go seek with him and he was having a great time! He turned four recently and he had gotten his quirk. It’s a good thing he got out of that house earlier...

Shouto was hiding behind a tree when he heard a sniffle, followed by a small pop. He was confused until he looked up to see a small blonde boy with tiny explosions in his hand. Shouto was concerned and climbed up to see what was happening.



The blonde boy quickly wiped away his tears. “What do you want, ****** extra.”

Shouto ignored the cursing. He had heard much worse from Touya.

”I’m Shouto Todoroki. I heard you crying and climbed up to help.”

The blonde boy thought for a moment. 

“I would blast you away, but Zuzu would want me to make friends, so I’m Katsuki Bakugo.”

Todoroki wondered for a minute who “Zuzu” was, but it might be a sore subject so he let it be.

”Wanna join me and my siblings’s game of hide and seek?”

Bakugo seemed to think for a moment before saying, “Sure, I guess I’ll join you ****** extras in your stupid ******* game.”

Shouto smiled. “Let’s go!”

-time skip-

After that day the two became fast friends. When Bakugo was angry, Todoroki was there to calm him down. And whenever Shouto was sad, Katsuki put on his own miniature firework show. They were best friends. Shouto even confided to his friend about his other triplet, while Bakugo told him about Midoriya Izuku.

The boys were having their first sleepover at the Bakugo’s, and were in the backyard. Bakugo has an idea and turned to his friend.

”If you combined your **** quirks together, you’d be a squirt gun, Shouchan.”

Shouto thought for a moment. “I never considered that! Thank you ‘Sukichan!”

The boys went inside for some chocolate cake after testing out their theory, which worked, and ended up getting chocolate all over their faces. Neither boy minded and were absolutely delighted when they got to play video games after cleaning up.

Todoroki used his newfound power to prank his friends and family often, or just put out fires someone accidentally caused. All in all he was living a great life and couldn’t wait until his next adventure!

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Miss Kayama’s house was nice.

It wasn’t really a house, just a five-bedroom apartment(I’m hoping those exist), but after living in an orphanage most of your life one does not care what is and is not a house(I’m not basing this off of experience but rather an estimation). It was close to both UA and Westpark, so that was a bonus. The neighborhood was highly populated by heroes and probably one of the safest neighborhoods, though nobody would know because of the ones who hide their identities. The six children were given the option of choosing which room they wanted to be split into, but the children asked to take down the wall between their rooms. Kayama agreed to make the kids more comfortable in her home.

Once the small renovation was done(it can’t have taken THAT long, they have quirks and this already makes zero sense), the kids set up their beds and put away their little possessions. Time to meet the sister.

All of their group stayed together for support as they trudged Down the stairs(ITS A NICE APARTMENT OK) to meet their sister.

-character POV: Missy-

Missy was exited to meet her new siblings. I mean, who wouldn’t want to meet their 6 new basically roommates?

Missy heard footsteps lightly on the stairs, so light she barely heard it. Her hearing aids were struggling to pick it up. She saw their small feet touch the living room floor before she saw their actual faces.

As soon as they entered the room Missy took a moment to study their faces. Her new siblings were 6 years younger than her, and looked very.... confident. Way more confident than she expected, anyways. She gazed upon her four new sisters and two new brothers and immediately felt a strong urge to protect them at all costs.

”Hello! I’m Missy, your new big sister, and you can call me whatever you like whenever you’re ready! I’m not here to push you or anything.” She knew she said the right thing when her siblings turned to each other, nodded, and called her by a different nickname each after thinking for a bit.

”I’ll call you.... onēsan(thanks internet)! I’m Millie by the way, and I return your offer.”

”I’m Via, and I’m calling you Mi-san!”

”My name is Mio, and I’ll address you as Missy. A first name basis is enough for me.” The boy looked at her with unseeing eyes. She was glad she texted Mom about them earlier.

”I’m calling you Mimi! I’m Toni, by the way.”

”I think I’ll call you Mimi as well. I’m Akiko, and Izuku calls me Kiki. You can call me anything but that because that’s his special name for me.” Missy internally ‘awwwed’ at that.

”And last but not least, I’ll call you ‘Sichan! I’m Izuku!” Missy immediately felt an overwhelming urge to stab whoever hurt her precious little brother. Any of her family, really. She didn’t play favorites.

”Oh! It’s my turn! I’ll call Akiko ‘Ko, Via I’ll call ‘Vi, Millie I’ll call Mil’, Toni I’ll call Tochan because it sounds better than the theme I’ve been using, Mio I’ll call O-san, and Izuku I’ll call ‘lil Zu! Tell me if you don’t like your nick and I’ll change it!” The kids in front of her all brightened considerably at their nicknames. Midnight chose this as the perfect time to introduce herself again.

”Hello again dears, I’m your new mother. My name is Nemuri Kayama and you can call me whatever. I understand you may need time. I am also the pro hero Midnight and teach at UA, so I will not be here while you all are hopefully at school and part of the weekends will be spent on my hero career. I will make as much time for you as needed. Dinner?”

After dinner the new family had a movie night. Halfway through the first movie when Nemuri brought popcorn, all of the children thanked her with a “thanks mom!” She started crying happy tears. The children saw this and explained to her that only one of them had a good mother but he needed to move on so they decided to accept Kayama’s new role.

Soon after the family fell asleep, Nemuri’s phone buzzed with a notification. The children had asked to change their last names and keep it a surprise for their mom.

Nemuri Kayama was now the mother of Toni Kayama, Millie Kayama, Akiko Kayama, Olivia Kayama, Mio Kayama, Missy Kayama, and Izuku Midoriya-Kayama.

(Izuku wanted to have a “small bit of his mother’s spirit” with him wherever he went or whatever choices he made so he combined the last names.)



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