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Ghost: A Tododeku Story

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Todoroki looked down at the ground far below him, tears falling down his face, hidden by the rain. He tilted his face up towards the sky, closing his eyes and feeling the cool droplets hit his face, breathing in deeply.
‘It’ll all be over soon,’ He told himself. ‘Just one step, and I’ll be free from this living hell.’

Todoroki stood on top of a roof, on one of the many business buildings his father owned.

Throughout his entire childhood, he’d been abused, beaten and scolded, his father molding him into the perfect heir to his enormous business, and even larger fortune.
All of his older siblings had either run away, fleeing their father’s overbearing ego, or had been deemed ‘useless’, and unfit to receive their inheritance.
All that he knew, was how to be the best, the strongest, smartest, and most cunning of all the other business’ heirs.

Their company, Endeavor, had only one true rival: One For All, a business based off of kindness, and charity, yet despite what his father called the ‘unnecessary wasting of precious resources’, One For All remained the number one business in the world.
Since the day he was born, his father had tested him with the most difficult things, like forcing him to study two grades ahead of other children his age, and homeschooling him to keep him away from the public.
His father believed that, if Shouto was allowed to attend a normal school before he was old enough to attend the number one academy in Japan, UA high, that the two-toned boy would become obsessed with ‘common things that will waste his precious time’.

He hated it.

His entire life, he’d never had a single friend. He’d never been allowed to play with his older siblings, always kept away from them to preserve his perfection.
Even his mother, Rei, had been unable to handle her husband’s relentless abuse.
When he was 6, after she had become mentally unstable, she had poured boiling hot water on Shouto’s left eye, permanently scarring the side of his face that reminded him everyday of his father.

His father had been incredibly furious, blaming his mother for ‘ruining’ his perfect son, and had sent her away to a mental hospital.

Shouto hadn’t seen her since.

A sob left his throat for the first time in years as he remembered his mother’s face when she’d burned him, the look of terror she’d had in her eyes right before she’d grabbed the boiling kettle, and attacked him.
He hugged himself tightly, wondering if she’d done it because she hated him, or because of the blood red hair and bright blue eye that adorned his left.
‘She never really loved you. Nobody’s ever loved you. They just wanted to use you. There’s no other reason you’re alive, except to fulfill your father’s dreams.’
A small voice said in his head.

“You’re right…” He mumbled to himself, his voice steadied again as all emotion left his mind.
The pain, the guilt, the unbearable hatred and sorrow he felt constantly finally faded into a blur, his mind forgetting everything.
He opened his eyes, and looked down at the ground far below him. He’d chosen his father’s tallest building, both out of reasoning and spite.
‘Your ‘company’ won’t look so great, when it’s heir lies dead in front of it, will it father?’

He took a small note from his pocket, removing his shoes and placing them gently beside him.
The note was simple, an emotionless goodbye, a quote he’d found online that spoke to him.
“When I die, don’t you dare come to my grave, and tell me how much you love me, and miss me. Because those words were the only thing I needed to stay.”
He said aloud, reading the paper before setting it gently under one of his shoes to protect it from the rain.
He inhaled deeply, cherishing the air, knowing it would be his last.

With one step, he leapt forward, feeling for a split second like he was flying before he began to plummet.
His hands reached out for something by instinct, trying desperately to keep him alive.
As he fell, time slowed, his life replaying in his mind, and one final thought crossed his mind before he hit the hard pavement 17 stories below him.
‘Finally, I’m free.’




Shouto woke with a small gasp, air rushing into his lungs as he sat up abruptly.
He was incredibly dizzy, his vision twisting and curving around him as he stood up carefully, trying his best to not fall over.
He looked down at himself, and frowned in confusion.
His blue hoodie and jeans were spotlessly clean, only looking slightly wrinkled.
Not a single bit of blood was in sight, which confused him.

From that height, he should have been covered in it, in fact he shouldn't even be able to stand.
He blinked a bit of blurriness from his eyes, searching his surroundings.
It was still raining, and there were red and blue lights flashing repeatedly nearby.
Confused, Shouto made his way over to them, towards a large crowd that seemed to be surrounding something.
He weaved his way in between the standing figures, noting that they all had mixed looks of surprise, confusion, pity, and horror.
Once he’d made it through the crowd, he looked to what everyone was staring at, and fell down backwards in horror.

Lying on the pavement, covered in blood, was Shouto.
He began to shake, feeling incredibly nauseous at the sight of so much blood, stumbling away from the crowd, desperate to get away from the scene.
As he passed by a reporter standing in front of a camera, he picked out the words
“-oki’s son Shouto Todoroki has been found dead in front of Endeavor’s main office building. Local authorities suspect suicide, however the situation is unclear…”
Shouto didn’t need to hear any more.
He understood fully what had happened now, and as he collapsed in the street, shaking, he tried to grasp the situation.

He had managed to kill himself, as he’d originally intended, but something unexpected had happened.

He was still alive.

‘But… How?!’ He thought frantically, all logical thought leaving his mind as he tried to understand what was going on.
‘I… I’m supposed to be dead!!! Why am I still alive?? I don’t understand… Mom, I’m scared! What’s happening to me?!’
In his frantic searching, Shouto held up one of his hands, and froze at what he saw. His skin had turned slightly transparent, glowing faintly in the darkening light as the sun went down.
Shouto finally understood what had happened. The moment he’d hit the pavement, he had died, leaving his body.

However, something had occurred when he’d died that he hadn’t expected to happen.
He’d become a ghost.
Indeed, he’d gained an ethereal body, trapped in between life and death, permanently lost in the world he’d roamed only moments ago.

Shouto Todoroki had failed to pass on.

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   Shouto had been wandering the streets alone for ages, time passing by in days, weeks, maybe even months.

He wasn’t sure just how much time had passed, but it was long enough that the gossip he’d overheard on the streets of his tragic death had died down, forgotten in the past.


   Just like Shouto. 

He’d felt scared at first, running around the streets almost constantly, gasping for air as he desperately searched for something, anything, even though he wasn’t sure what it was that he was looking for.

A long time had passed, and after a while, he’d calmed down and the constant state of panic he’d been in had finally settled.

Shouto found it funny, that it took his death, and failure to pass on to cause his emotionless shell to crack, his emotions tumbling out constantly, with no filter of any kind.

He’d finally gained his mask again, luckily, though it was slightly different this time.

Instead of a constant mask of emotionlessness and anger, his face was in a constant state of sorrow, and a distant look, like he wasn’t really seeing what was in front of him.

It had surprised him at first, when he’d seen his ghostly reflection in a nearby polluted river, but he’d quickly gotten used to his mournful, lost look.


   A whispering noise came to his attention, distracting him from his thoughts, and when he looked around slowly for the source, he saw a woman standing across the street from him, staring up at the sky.

Curious, he drifted towards her to get a closer look. 

When he reached her, he saw that her eyes were seemingly blank, her arms dangling limply beside her as she gazed upwards.

Upon closer inspection, he realized that she had the same pale, faintly glowing transparent skin as him.


   His breath caught in his throat as he realized that he was looking at another ghost.

A small light glinted in his eyes for a mere second as hope filled him.

She might be able to explain why I haven’t passed on!

He waved his hand in front of her face gently, to try to gain her attention.

“Uhm… excuse me? Ma’am? Can you hear me?” He spoke gently, trying his best to be polite.

He didn’t want to possibly anger the fellow spirit, and lose a way of finding out what was going on.

His hopes rose when she slowly turned towards him, then fell again as she seemed to look not at him, but through him.

“M-ma’am? Uhm… My name is Todoroki Shouto. Can you tell me what’s going on? Why haven’t we passed onto the next world?”

The spirit stared at him for a moment longer, her blank eyes looking vacantly at him, then drifted slowly upwards again, staring at the sky once again.


   Confused, but determined, he decided to speak again.

“Why haven’t we passed on yet?”

No answer.

Frustrated, Shouto turned away from the expressionless spirit and began making his way down the street again, but stopped when he heard a strange noise.

It was like a subtly hissing whisper, much like the one he’d heard earlier, but deeper in tone and hinting at traces of malice.

The hairs on the back of his neck stood on end, though he wasn’t sure why, and he started looking in all directions, trying to locate the threatening noise.


   Finally, he looked back towards the faded woman, only to recoil in shock and horror at what he saw.

Standing above the woman, was a massive black shadow-like creature, with pale glowing eyes and long sharp fangs that seemed to leech the warmth from the air.

It reached down towards the woman, and before Shouto realized what was happening, a long clawed hand picked up the female spirit, and lifted her towards the creature’s face.

It seemed to stare at the spirit for a few moments, before it spoke in a bone-chilling voice.

“Hmm… Incredibly faded, been dead ten years at least. No consciousness at all. Bah, probably not worth a good meal. Oh well, another soul is another soul.”

The monster lifted the woman to its mouth, then opened its fanged maw horrifyingly wide, and swallowed the woman whole.

Shouto panicked, wondering for a split second if he should try and save her, before logic won out and told him she was most likely dead now.

Or rather, dead again.

Before the huge monster noticed him, he ducked into a nearby alleyway, and tucked himself in between two dumpsters.

‘Shit… Shit… What the fuck is going on??? Did it just eat her?? Why?!’

In his panicked thinking, he failed to notice a faint sniffing noise, and the sound of whispering again.

He broke out of his thoughts when a huge shadow fell over him, darkening the entire alleyway and sucking all the warmth from Shouto’s body.

He looked up, and froze in horror at what he saw.

Standing tall above him, fanged mouth twisting into a crooked grin, was the spirit-eating monster.

“Well well well… what do we have here?”


   Shouto had no idea how long he’d been running from the horrific beast.

It had stayed on his tail, chasing him down and only giving him the occasional moment to breathe when he lost it around a corner for a second or two.

He was breathless, his lungs searing in pain with every breath as he gasped for air.

He’d lost it again, taking a few turns quicker than the great lumbering beast could, taking refuge in an old building, and he figured he had about five minutes to breathe before he had to run again.

He had no idea how it knew where he was, but the constant sniffing and hissing noise coming from the creature hinted that maybe it was following his scent.

He didn’t understand, though, why he was in so much pain and why he was out of breath.

He was dead, a ghost, shouldn’t he be unable to feel anything besides constant numbness?

He sunk down against the wall of the abandoned building he’d hidden in, his breathing giving out on him.

He cursed under his breath, scolding himself for not training the entire time he’d been dead.

Any stamina or strength he’d had when he was alive had seemingly disappeared, after his death.

Either that, or the huge creature had incredible strength and stamina that went beyond any human’s capacity.

He shut his eyes for a second, exhaustion hitting him hard, and before he could stop himself he fell asleep.


   When he startled awake at a huge bang, he jolted up, cursing himself for being so careless.

He looked around wildly, searching for the source of the noise, but all he saw was dust and molding walls.

It had darkened considerably outside, showing that he’d slept for longer than he’d thought, but nothing indicated that there was anything headed for him with the intent to eat him.

He stood carefully, doing his best to not make a sound, and began looking around the building, peeking around corners carefully and jumping at every squeak of the boards underneath his feet.

After he’d searched the whole building, he relaxed, exhaling air that he’d been holding in the entire time.


   Just as he was about to return to where he’d slept, all hell broke loose when an entire wall was sent tumbling to the ground, opening the building wide and revealing the massive beast grinning directly at him.

“Heh heh heh….. Found you!”

Shouto stumbled back, forcing his body up against the nearest wall as he looked wildly around for an escape.

Unfortunately, the creature had moved its claws in such a way that it had blocked the only two exits, which were on the walls furthest from Shouto.

“Well… you ARE a pretty one, aren’t you? You’re barely faded at all, you almost look alive. You’re still fully conscious, as well. My my…. I HAVE found QUITE The catch, haven’t I? With your soul, I could become even stronger, maybe even strong enough to defeat those Seer pesks.”

Shouto felt himself shudder at its voice, becoming more and more terrified and confused with every word the creature spoke.

‘Seers? Full consciousness? Fading??’ His mind panicked, desperately trying to figure out how to escape.


   He was ashamed to admit it, but tears began falling down his face in incredible amounts, his body shuddering with horrified sobs.

Suddenly, the creature lunged forward, gripping Shout’s body in one of it’s huge claws, pulling him from the wreckage before he could dodge it.

It squeezed him tightly, and the two-toned boy let out a pained gasp as he felt his ribs crack under the immense pressure.

As the creature lifted him up to its face, he thought to himself, desperately.

‘Someone… Anyone… Please, help me!’

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   Suddenly, the creature lunged forward, gripping Shouto’s body in one of it’s huge claws, pulling him from the wreckage.

It squeezed him tightly, and the two-toned boy let out a pained gasp as he felt his ribs crack under the immense pressure.

As the creature lifted him up to its face, he thought to himself, desperately.

‘Someone… Anyone… Please, help me!’




   Right before he was dropped into the creature’s mouth, he heard a voice call out.

His consciousness fading due to lack of oxygen, he looked in the direction of the voice, and saw a green blur rush forwards and jump onto the black mass of the creature’s body.

A massive roar echoed through the air, hurting Shouto’s ears, as he was dropped, tumbling to the ground.

A hand caught his arm, lifting him back up before he fell three stories down towards the ground, and threw him back into the half-demolished building.

As he landed with a huff as his body crashed into the farthest wall, he gasped deeply, breathing in the sweet oxygen he’d been deprived of.

Gasping and wheezing, he looked up to where he’d been thrown from, and squinted in surprise when he saw a fluffy green haired boy around his age fighting the massive beast, leaping around in and throwing odd objects at the creature.


   The small objects seemed to burst on impact, sizzling and burning the great beast and causing the monster to shriek and roar in pain.

Shouto struggled into a sitting position, watching the scene unfold before him in awe, feeling almost like he was watching an anime, if it weren’t for the throbbing and stinging pain in his chest.

His eyes widened when he saw the seemingly scrawny boy yell “SMAAAASH!!!”, as his hand began glowing, and leapt into the air.

Using gravity, the boy plunged towards the creature, his fist glowing brighter and brighter, green electricity seeming to form around him as he punched the creature square in the face.

The creature crumpled beneath him, glowing lines spreading across its body, beginning to swell larger and larger.

Realizing what was about to happen, Shouto covered himself and ducked behind a large piece of debris, just before a large explosion went off, light blinding him as he hid.


   A few moments after the explosion, all was quiet.

No hissing, no shrieking, just the sound of crumbling walls and dust.

Shouto peeked out from behind the debris, and saw the boy he’d seen standing at the edge of the broken building, staring into the beginning sunrise.

Shouto’s breath caught as the boy turned around slowly, and they both froze when they made eye contact.

Turquoise and stormy gray eyes met bright green, time freezing as they stared into each other's eyes from a short distance.

“You…” The boy began, seemingly lost for words.

“You’re not faded… you can see.”

Shouto nodded slowly, keeping eye contact with the bright eyed boy, as thoughts raced through his head.

“You’re alive.” He finally managed.

The green haired boy nodded, still staring at him as well.


“You can see me…?”

The boy nodded, and took a step towards him.

Shouto jumped at this motion, and backed away a little.

The boy froze again, and held up his hands, showing he meant no harm.

Suddenly distrust filled Shouto’s mind.

He didn’t know this person.

For all he knew, the boy in front of him could be another monster in disguise, another creature that wanted to eat him.

He stood quickly, startling the freckled boy in front of him, and leapt over the debris he’d taken refuge behind, breaking into a run as he headed for the nearest exit.

As he scrambled through the cracked doorway, he heard a voice behind him yell

“Wait!!”, but he kept going.

No way he was going to let another monster get him, or another person hurt him.

As he rushed through the building, his feet skidding beneath him every time he took a sharp turn, he realized what a bad idea this was as his breath ran out, his lungs screaming in pain.


   He collapsed against a doorframe, choking on air as he tried to clear his blurred eyes and burning lungs.

He heard footsteps catch up to him, and tried to run again, only to fall down and clutch his chest in pain.

“Are you okay??” This shocked Shouto.

A monster wouldn’t ask if he was ok, right…?

He turned his head towards the boy, and was met with a concerned face as the boy looked him over.

The green haired boy crept slowly towards him, hands extended gently, like how you would approach a wounded animal, or a scared child.

Shouto let him come closer, seeing as he wasn’t fit to run, coughing roughly into his hand.

He flinched when a hand gently touched his shoulder, and began rubbing his back carefully to soothe his hacking cough.

Before Shouto realized what he was doing, he found himself leaning into the boy’s touch, his body leeching off of the warm gentleness it offered.

It was new to him, being treated so softly, but it was a welcome gesture.


   Once he had stopped coughing, and his vision cleared, he looked up at the boy in slight confusion, searching for ill intent in the boy’s bright eyes.

The boy simply smiled at him, and crouched down next to him slowly, like he was scared Shouto would make a run for it again if he moved too suddenly.

“Better now?” the boy asked, startling Shouto, who responded by nodding lightly.

“Th-thank you…” he managed, unsure of what else to say.

The boy smiled at him again, and Shouto found himself caught in awe at how bright the boy’s presence made the gloomy room seem.

“I’m Izuku Midoriya.” The boy- Midoriya, said, offering his hand for Shouto to shake.

The two-toned male looked at the extended hand for a second, before taking it in a firm grip.

“Sh-….” he paused.

Was it safe to give this boy his name?

Deciding to take the risk, he began again.

“Shouto. Shouto Todoroki…”


  He looked down at the ground, ashamed of his father’s cursed last name, and the memories it brought.

If he could, he’d drop that name forever, and just be Shouto.

When he looked up again, he saw Midoriya smiling even brighter than before, if that was possible.

“Are you alright? Does anything hurt?” Midoriya asked, his smile turning from bright to gentle again.

Shouto nodded, wincing a little at the reminder of his injuries.

“My… my chest. That… thing. Grabbed me pretty hard…” Shouto mumbled, shuddering as he remembered what the monster had been about to to before he’d been rescued.

“Here, I can help!” Midoriya spoke again, and gestured for Shouto to stand up.

Rising with some difficulty, but managing it all the same, Shouto looked to Midoriya, silently asking him to continue.

Midoriya smiled.

“I’ve got a place nearby, with some things that might be able to help you. If you can walk for a bit, my father- well, step father, will know how to help!”

Shouto tilted his head slightly, wondering what Midoriya meant by that.

“What do you mean?” he asked, his monotone voice returning as the fear of being chased disappeared.

“I’ll explain when we get there, it’s a long story! Plus, you look like you need rest and food-or whatever ghosts eat, before I tell you. It might be a bit much to take in all at once, so it’s best that you’re rested and healed first!”

For the first time since he’d died, and maybe since his mother had left, Shouto felt like he could trust someone.

Shouto hoped that he wasn’t wrong.