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Keeping Safe Is Family Business

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The rebuilding would still take years to come, but the mountain was habitable again and dwarfs from all directions came to live there. The company were heroes now, the heroes of Erebor, the bringer of homes. They were nobility, even that curious little hobbit that outwitted a dragon. There was nothing they couldn't buy now with all their gold, nothing they still had to wish for.
Well, if you looked at material things, at least. They lived in a big house near the palace, with rich tapestries and furniture and more comfort and luxury than either of them could have imagened. Two years ago was the Battle of Five Armies, as they called it now, and Erebor glowed again in beauty and gold and dwarfs that worked to make everything even more beautiful.

Ori worked in the great libraries, a big responsabilty for someone so young, but the little one was more than able to measure up to some of the older dwarfs working there. Nori on the other hand worked directly for the king, even if no one gave that job a name or a description or told his brothers anything about it, but the older was sure he wouldn't like it if he knew, so he let it slide for now. Dori, the oldest of the brothers, had opened a little teashop. He may like the new luxury they could afford now, but he still liked to work and this was what he always wanted to do - would have done in Ered Luin too, if he hadn't needed all the money he could make for Oris apprenticeship. It was relaxing and fulfilling and he loved every day in his little shop. And not only because of a hobbit that flitted around the little kitchen in the back, making pastries and cakes and cookies and humming songs under his breath.
It was good as it was, Dori told himself everyday, because he shouldn't ask for more, not after Mahal already granted him so much. He had two brothers - more or less well behaved, but equally lovable -, he wouldn't need to worry about money anymore - like, ever -, he could fulfill his dream in his little tea shop and he had a really close friend in a hobbit that lived together with them in their house. He shouldn't ask for more, because they were content and that was more than they had most of their lives, but his thoughts still often went to 'What ifs' and 'If onlys' he always tried to forbid himself.

There were moments when he thought there was something between Bilbo and himself, moments where he almost ducked down and kissed those plump lips, but there was always something ruining the moment, so he left it and lived on.
But how could he now, with the two of them the only ones still sitting in his little teashop, a cup camomille and a plate chocolate chip cookies in front of them and just being content in each others presence, like they always were, shoulder on shoulder and thigh against thigh and like always he just wanted to turn around and kiss the smaller being, take him into his arms and never let him go out of his reach again, but he didn't dare to destroy what they have, so he just gazed into sea green eyes and didn't even register that they came nearer, until the door banged open and they both jumped back a little.
"Yer still got some of those cookies?", Dwalin boomed, even though the room wasn't exactly big and they would still hear him if he whispered, but the guard wasn't exactly a quiet type, so they were used to it.


But getting interrupted for cookies? Again? It was the third time now in the last months and Bilbo really couldn't stand aside again, because it was exhausting to always gather his courage and try and then have some idiot barging in and ruining everything, so no, he wouldn't stand for it again. He took one of the cookies and threw it right against Dwalins forehead, before huffing annoyed and determined turning back to Dori, hoping with all his might that he wasn't just seeing things over the last two years, hoping that the dwarf felt the same and then he grabbed the others beard and kissed him smack directly on his lips.
Dori was kind of frozen and right as Bilbo wanted to pull away, disheartened, there were arms around his waist and a disgusted gagging sound in the background and alright, maybe you shouldn't ask Mahal for more when you already got so much, but in those cases, in the matters of the heart, there was always Yavannah.