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Halloween Surprises

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Izuku checked outside of the window to make sure that the sun had gone below the horizon before he and Shouto went outside. It was the one day a year Shouto could freely go outside without worrying too much about his real identity being found out. After all, neither of them were human… at least not anymore.

Shouto grabbed his cape to drape it over his shoulders. The cold no longer bothered him but it helped to better mask his identity as a vampire. About 75 years ago an incident had occurred in the town he had lived in and the entire Todoroki family had been mysteriously murdered or ended up missing, well, all except Shouto who had somehow come back as vampire. Now Shouto had to do his best to hide his existence from the living lest he be found out and put in danger.

“Are you ready to go?” Izuku softly asked.

“Yes, I’m ready to go now dear.” Shouto replied.

Izuku was a ghost who had died around the same time that Shouto had become a vampire. After he had died he had been wandering around unable to find something to stick around when he had wandered into Shouto one Halloween night a few years after he had died and had decided to stay with Shouto as he was the only one who could really see and interact with him due to both of them being between the line of life and death which had resulted in the two eventually falling in love.

The couple went outside, Shouto could tell that it was starting to get cold outside but it didn’t bother him. It felt nice to finally get out of the dilapidated home. As much as he wanted to fix the home he would only be able to do it at night which would raise suspicion. Izuku seemed to be scanning the area for any possible spirits like himself to determine if they were hostile or not.

“I don’t notice anything out of the ordinary with the local spirits tonight, ready to go have fun tonight?” Izuku asked.

“Of course, I would like to maybe raid the local hospital for blood bags, I don’t particularly care for sucking the population dry when I’m hungry.” Shouto responded.

They kept walking along a dirt road that lead to the start of a neighborhood. As long as Izuku made sure he wasn’t visible to humans and Shouto didn’t mention anything about his supernatural tendencies he could easily pass as a trick or treater as he hadn’t physically aged from looking fifteen since he died.

“The night is beautiful, isn’t it? The sky is clear and the stars sparkle brightly every night without fail.” Shouto said.

“It is beautiful tonight, but do you think they ever get tired of having twinkle and keep on as time progresses?” Izuku replied.

“I don’t know, perhaps they do get tired of it.” Shouto said softly.

Though neither of them really talked about it much directly, it was true that like the stars they would continue to exist throughout the ages until something eventually happened and it sometimes was hard to take. There was irony in lives taken so young yet somehow they had managed to end up existing longer then everything they had once known.

They had arrived at the neighborhood and Izuku made sure he wasn’t visible to humans. There was children here and there running around with candy buckets which was quite different then when he and Izuku had been children but made it easy to hide in plain sight. It was clear that people took care of the houses and that everything was lived in, a stark contrast to the place that the two of them called home. A couple parents walked by and thankfully thought nothing of Shouto who was walking by.

Slowly they got closer to the hospital. The crowds had died down because they were all on the other side of the neighborhood. Despite thinking everyone was gone there was a child about the age of ten standing by a stop sign wearing a costume dress and looking lost to them.

“Are you lost?” Shouto asked.

“No, I ran away- is that a ghost next to you?!” the child asked confused and scared.

“Oh, you can see me. I forget that sometimes children can see me due to more easily believing in the supernatural.” Izuku replied not shocked at the response.

“So you aren’t going to hurt me?”

“Of course not.” Both of them replied.

“Well, I’m Himari. I ran away from the group because my parents keep insisting that I’m joking about being a girl and wanting to dress as a princess for Halloween. My friend gave me the name and the dress to wear tonight but my dad told me that I’d regret wearing the dress.” Himari replied.

“Actually, you’re not alone and there’s nothing wrong with you. When I was still human and your age I struggled with the same thing, those around me struggled to accept that I am in fact a boy and always was one.” Izuku told Himari.

Shouto watched as Izuku talked to the young girl trying to ease her anxiety. He remembered when Izuku had first opened up about it to him, he seemed scared that perhaps that Shouto would find it strange and not want to be around him anymore. Naturally he didn’t quite expect that, especially from a ghost but he had made it clear to Izuku that regardless of how others insisted he was that he accepted him as he was.

“Well Himari, I understand why you would be hesitant but I do think it would be safest for you to go back to your friends and family. Perhaps my boyfriend, Shouto, can try to help explain things to your parents, hearing it from someone else might help them be more accepting.” Izuku said.

Himari looked at Shouto. “You’d do that for me?” She asked.

“Of course, you deserve to have your family properly accept you.” Shouto replied. “However Izuku will have to hide himself when we get to the others as to not cause commotion.” Shouto told her.

“You aren’t human as well?”

“Well, neither of us are.” Shouto said.

“Oh… that makes sense why you seem to have known each other so long.” Himari said.

“Now let’s get going, shall we?” Izuku replied.

“Alright.” Himari said.

The three of them walked back to the other part of the neighborhood where the Halloween party was being held. Himari had said that was probably where her friends and family were. They walked past houses and trees as well as the occasional trick or treater trying to get candy.

They finally got to the party and Izuku stayed in the trees nearby to reduce the risk of being seen. Himari looked around as Shouto walked by her side asking what her parents looked like. Eventually they found her parents standing a table of food.

“Is this your daughter Himari?” Shouto asked.

“Daughter? Oh.” Himari’s mom replied confused.

“I thought that was a joke.” Himari’s dad responded.

“It’s not a joke, I am a girl.” Himari said firmly.

“She told me about how she wanted to wear the dress and her friend had picked her name out for her.” Shouto told her parents.
“I see, so it wasn’t a joke.” Her mom replied.

“Well Himari, I’m sorry I doubted you. Your father and I will do our rest to refer to you properly from now on.” Himari’s mom apologized.

“Yay! Thank you Shouto sir! Wait, where did he go?” Himari questioned.

Shouto had silently slipped away once he had realized everything had gone well to reduce the chances of anyone realizing that he wasn’t human. He decided to go find Izuku now that he had returned Himari to her parents.

“So, did it go well?” Izuku asked hopefully.

“It did actually, but look at the moon. It is close to midnight now. I think we should maybe go home for the night. If I interact with humans much longer they might notice something is afoot.” Shouto replied.

“That’s great! But you do make a good point, are you sure the blood can wait?” Izuku asked.
“Its fine, I’ll find a night when the humans are particularly quiet and get the blood then.” Shouto said.

“If you’re ok with going home I’m ok with it.” Izuku replied.

They started heading towards their run down home enjoying each other’s company in the midnight moonlight. It was peaceful and calming watching as they got deeper into the woods along the dirt road that their home lived next to. Perhaps their night had not gone exactly as expected but they felt satisfied being able to help someone while not being found out by the general public.

“Well, we’re finally home. I think I have enough energy tonight to briefly take a somewhat psychical form tonight if you want to cuddle me.” Izuku said to Shouto.

“Sounds good to me.” Shouto replied.

The two headed inside deciding to spend the rest of their Halloween night enjoying each other’s company.