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Call me Katsuki

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Kirishima POV

“You and your useless quirk is a waste of space!”

“You shouldn’t even be in the hero course!”

“Gay trash!”

The words hit me hard. They shouldn’t, it happens often. But it does. If people really hate me that much, maybe I really don’t belong here. I’ve thought about opting out of the hero course, maybe going into general studies. My only regret is that I might upset Midoriya. He always has a smile that could light up anything. A bloody boot comes into view as it comes into contact with my nose. I paid no mind to the pool of blood expanding around me.

“Go die in a hole”

Then they left, with me lying on the hard concrete behind the school. Now don’t feel bad for me, this happens a lot. And yes I’m gay, but people aren’t very accepting here. I mean class 1a. Now your probably thinking, how did they know your gay? I've developed a crush on a boy and everyone knows. I could crush on anyone else, like Iida, but I had to crush on the loud kid with anger control issues. But Blasty is probaby straight and homophobic. The only people I could open up to are Midoriya and Ochako, since they are both really accepting. People like them because Midoriya is a ball of sunshine and Ochako has been through some shit in her life. They don’t deserve to be bothered by my problems. I considered not getting up, just laying there, to see if anyone noticed my absence. Probably not. I slowly get up off the ground, looking around to see if anyone saw.

Bakugo’s POV

What. The. Fuck. Was that Kirishima? Oh fucking god. It was. Why was I just standing there, I could have stopped this! But NO I just stood there. I see a movement out of the corner of my eye that pulled me from my self-guilt. Kirishima was getting up, and failing. He just couldn’t stand. ‘Well don't just stand there you fucking idiot, help!’ I mentaly cursed myself. I took a step forward.

“Kirishima?” I asked cautiously, as not to startle him. God why was I acting like this? I’m supposed to not give a shit. But I do. Why? It’s not like I have a crush on him. Yeah. No I like girls. I like girls. I like girls. Oh what the FUCK. I take another step and Kirishima snaps his head to look at me, startled. A little too startled. He collapsed, and my legs moved on their own. My arms wrapped around his little body. Huh, slim but really muscular. My hand ran over the inside of his forearm. I looked down at the change of texture. Scars? Wait a sec. Was Kirishima…, probably from fighting. But these scars….I ran my hand over the thin white lines. They looked like they were intentional, one right below the other, same size and length.. but Kirishima wasn’t that kind of person. Was he? Oh geez I don’t know him that well.

“Bak..u..go? Kirishima croaked. What are you doi-*cough*-ing?”

“Stop talking Kiri,” I say, noticing the blood on his chest. What the FUCK am I doing? This is so gay.

“Oh God! AAhhK!” Kirishima tried to get away, but I held him fast. His expression told it all. He was downright scared.

“Kirishima! Look at me!” I shouted.

“Please don’t hurt me please! Please ...let go of me!” Kirishima shouted

“Kiri calm down! Calm down! Shhhh” Bakugou said, as the red haired boy finally calmed down.

“Why are you here?” Asked Kirishima

“I..well...was taking a detour.” I replied.Yeah, that's a good reason.

Kirishima lost consciousness after that. I should take him back to the dorms. But I couldn’t the image of the scars on his arm.

Kirishima POV

I woke to an alarm. Man, how long have I been sleeping? 3:58 in the morning. I look over to see Bakugo slumped over in a chair, with something in his hand.

“Bakugo? What are you doing here?” I asked.

“WHAT THE FUCK KIRISHIMA!!” screamed Bakugou. Tears started to stream down his face.

“What the...Bakugou stop yelling! And why are you in my room?” I said back.

“WHAT IS THIS?!!?” screamed Bakugou. Small explosions burned from his hand.

“What are you talking-” my face fell as I saw what was in his hand. Why does he have that. Why does he have my medical evaluation? What would he want with it?

“Why do you have my medical evaluation?” I asked nervously, praying he didn’t read the paper I was so ashamed of. He can’t know I cut to make the feelings go away.

“Why do you have t-that?” I stammered nervously.

Bakugou fumbled with the folder and pulled out a paper. My physical evaluation, which showed all of the scars and injuries I have sustained since I started at UA. With my luck he probably already saw the scan.

“WHY ARE THERE SCARS-” he grabbed my arm and turned it over. Thin white lines dotted my arm, starting at my wrist all the way to the middle of my upper arm.

“Because there's no other way!” I argued back.

“WHAT IS THAT SUPPOST TO FUCKING MEAN?!?” Bakugou screamed back.

I didn’t realize I crying until another tear fell down. I ran out the door and down the steps into the common room.

“Kirishima! Are you ok? Kachaan brought you in last night, and he was crying. I've never seen him cry like that before!” said a very enthusiastic Midoriya, with Ochako right on his heels. I just kept on running. I could hear Bakugou’s explosions as he got closer. I couldn’t run fast enough, and the blast boy caught me in an embrace from behind. I tried to get away, I couldn’t let them see me like this. I’m the one that smiles all the time, not the depressed kid that cuts himself to make the feelings go away.

“KIRI, CALM THE FUCK DOWN!!” Bakugou shouted at me. I only cried harder. He turned me so I was facing me. The stars were bright tonight….

“KIRI! Talk to me damn shitty hair!” I was startled by the softness of his voice. I met his gaze. I tried to look away, but he grabbed the side of my face. His hands were hot from his previous temper tantrum. I tried once more to get out of his grasp, but once more he held me in place. I cried and pounded my fist against his chest. He wasn’t supposed to find out like this. He wasn’t supposed to find out period. Then he did something I didn’t expect. He lifted my face and looked into my eyes, then pressed his lips against mine. They were charitably soft, despite his normal behaviour. I began to stop crying. Warmth spread throughout my body. Then I came back into reality. I was kissing Bakugou. My crush. Bakugou Katsuki.

Bakugou’s POV

What did I do? Was it too much? What am I thinking, I totally DON'T care. But…..I do. At least for shitty hair here. I surprise myself and kiss him again.

“Baku-” Kirishima starts to say something but I cut him off.

“Call me Katsuki,” I finish. He just stands there, looking at me.

“K-Katsuki...why’d you kiss me?” he asks.

“Because I-” then I was cut off by none other than that stupid Deku.

“Kiri! What happened?!” asked a very enthusiastic (and scared) Izuku.

“FUCK OFF YOU DAMNED NERD!!” (we all know who said this)

“Kacchan what’s wro-” started Izuku


“But Kacchan-”

“JUST GO THE FUCK AWAY!” (not even gonna label it anymore.)

“Baku-Katsuki, its ok,” said Kirishima.

“NO its NOT. You need to talk to someone about this.” I demanded.

“But I can’t. It’s too hard.” said Kirishima

“You… can talk to me if you want. I won't judge.” I decided that saying this would calm him. I don’t know why I think this. Maybe i’m in love.

“Ok. Um...I’ll try that. But I have to tell you something before we start.” said Kiri.

“What is it?” I asked. Could he be saying what i think he’s gonna say?

“I think I’m in love with you.”