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Cats Are Especially Cuddly On A Rainy Afternoon

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Jungkook wasn’t sure why exactly he had slept through his stop. Usually he always woke up before he had to get off the subway but of course that didn’t happen today. He woke up right as the door closed, jumping to his feet in a panic but it was too late. The subway started moving again after the monotone voice announced where the subway was headed. Jungkook flopped back into his seat. The woman next to him glanced at him with a disapproving stare. She seemed like the kind of person who’d think ‘this is all because of mobile phones and games’.

Jungkook looked up at the map although he was familiar with this line. The next stop was just past his area. He knew it but had never been there to explore. His phone didn’t have a connection in the subway so he’d have to look at the boards to see how he could get back. Hopefully it wouldn't take long. The day hadn't been the best in the first place.

Noticeably less people got off at the next stop and Jungkook’s hair whipped around his head as the subway took off. He needed a second to figure out the station before finding the right board. 

A train has been cancelled - we are sorry for the inconvenience - please wait for the next train.

A groan escaped Jungkook and he threw his head back. Of course, just his luck. Waiting for twenty minutes or just walk home? He wasn’t sure how far it was but he didn’t want to wait around in the stuffy station. He climbed the stairs, passed some small shops, took the escalator up, swiped his card and stepped out onto the sidewalk.  

He didn’t know the area he was in very well. He might have passed through it every now and then but he had never gotten off at this stop. There were smaller shops along the street which didn’t seem to have much traffic. Not too many people were walking around but there was one big dog that was on a walk with its owner. Jungkook took a quick look at the signposts and recognized an area close to his home so he turned to the left and started walking. It was a game to avoid the puddles on the wet, uneven pavement. The rain had stopped just an hour earlier but the skies were grey and looming. Jungkook wasn’t sure if he’d make it home dry. He didn’t have an umbrella and the hood of his jacket was only sweatshirt fabric. Not very water resistant. His feet would be soaked as well. The day couldn't get any better.

An annoyed sigh escaped Jungkook has he noticed small raindrops falling from the sky. He hadn’t even been walking for a few minutes. He still had more than half of the way left to go. But it was just his luck. Today the universe was against him, there was no other explanation. There was some higher being there, laughing at his misery and eating popcorn while they watched.

The pitter patter from above got stronger. People hurried their steps or took out their umbrellas. Smart people, those who carried umbrellas with them in early October. Jungkook should adapt as well and do the same. He might even have an umbrella at home if he remembered correctly. Somewhere in his closet probably, in a place that wouldn’t help him at all right now. One guy raised his hand up in a nonchalant swirling motion and the water pearled off of an invisible force over his head, keeping him out of the rain and dry. ‘What a convenient quirk’ Jungkook thought dryly. His own wouldn't help him here at all.

It was starting to pour and he looked for a shop where he might be able to get an umbrella - as much as he didn't like the idea - and at least try to get home somewhat dry but there was only an old kiosk, a hairdresser, a restaurant that sold veggie burgers and a coffee shop. Jungkook stood there like an idiot in the rain for a moment, contemplating. The coffee shop looked nice. It had a roofed, wooden patio with two small tables outside. All around were plants climbing up the walls and hanging in baskets from the ceiling. The small storefront was mostly glass and showed the inside. Symphony was written on the glass in white calligraphy letters with a few paws and a coffee cup as decoration. It looked inviting, the lighting homey and the promise of warmth and a hot drink sounded really good to Jungkook. Especially as water started dripping from his hair. Before he was completely soaked he opened the door to the shop and slipped inside. 

Greeted by warmth and the pleasant lull of instrumental music he took a deep breath. The smell of coffee was present but not overwhelming. Jungkook allowed himself a moment to look around and figure out the situation. The tables were small, for one to three people at most if you didn’t push them together. They were riled up along the left wall, a padded bench stretching all the way. There were eight tables at most with maybe a few more behind the corner of the counter. It was on the right close to the entrance. Some potted plants and a bookshelf were between them. The counter curved with a small area displaying pastries and other treats. The rest was reserved for the register, the coffee machine and other appliances. Jungkook could stop an inconspicuous door from his spot and assumed it lead to the back.

“Excuse me,” someone mumbled and Jungkook was pulled back into the present. A girl was trying to get past him. It took him a second to realize he was blocking the door and moved aside. “Thanks.” She stepped out and opened her umbrella, a thermos held in her arm protectively. 

Jungkook watched her walking down the street before he turned back and approached the counter carefully. There were chalkboards with neat handwriting listing the menu items and their price. Thankfully it was all on the cheaper side and not the hipster-coffee-shop-we-are-so-modern prices which were shooting through the roof and completely out of question for the average college student trying to pay rent on time. How some still managed to afford Starbucks every day was a mystery to Jungkook. He couldn't justify their prices no matter what.

A young man with light brown hair was standing with his back to Jungkook and cleaning some cups in the sink. He was wearing a white fuzzy sweater and light- colored jeans with a brown apron thrown over the outfit. 

Jungkook took a moment to scan the rest of the counter and saw a small sign close to him in the same neat handwriting. We have a cat who likes to hang out in the shop. Please excuse the occasional cat hair and respect his space. Be cautious with allergies. Jungkook immediately looked around the shop but he couldn’t spot a cat. He pouted in disappointment. Of course this shitty day wouldn't even grant him the small joy of seeing a cat.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t see you come in.”

Jungkook looked up at the man behind the counter who was wiping his hands off and stepped up to him. His smile was charming and Jungkook took notice of his apparently natural good looks. There were people who looked good because they tried and those who didn’t have to do anything but still looked good. This man fell into the latter category and Jungkook was a bit worried about looking like a wet rat in comparison. He resisted the urge to run a hand through his hair in attempt to save his dignity.

“Did you decide what you’d like yet?” the man asked with a kind smile. 

Jungkook’s eyes switched back to the chalkboards above. “Uhh…” The man waited patiently but Jungkook, being the nervous guy he was, chose the first best thing he could find in his panic. He hated making people wait for him to decide. “Hot chocolate?” It was more of a question but the man took it in stride, not commenting on his choice and only nodding his head in acceptance. “Would you like it with whipped cream?”

Jungkook was a grown man who went to the gym three to four times a week and had his life sorted out. “Yes.” Of course he wanted whipped cream with his hot chocolate. Duh.

The man chuckled softly. “A treat as well?” he asked as he typed his order into the register. “From two to five we have one dollar off of all our treats in combination with a drink.”

Jungkook raised his brows. Treat? Like all of the pastries and things he saw in the display? His slight confusion must have been very visible.

“You can go take a look,” the man said with a smile, pointing towards the display. “We still have quite a bit left.”

Who was Jungkook to say no to that? He walked over to the display and took a closer look at the offers. There were brownies, donuts, sandwiches and blueberry muffins. It was only a small selection but everything looked good. Jungkook considered his options before making a decision. “Could I have one blueberry muffin?” he asked and the man came over to slide the display open and take one out. “Good choice,” he said with a wink. “I haven’t made them in a while but they are really good, I promise.”

Oh? Jungkook blinked a few times, following the man back to the register. He noticed that his apron had the name Seokjin stitched onto it with light thread. “You make them yourself?” he asked in surprise. Most café’s would get their things from somewhere else because it was a lot more work than just preparing coffee. Outsourcing the pastries was one quick way to save a lot of time.

Seokjin laughed softly. “Yeah, I do. Every evening I make the things for the next day. That’s why it’s different every day and we don’t have the biggest selection. Do you want everything to go or for here?”

It took Jungkook a moment to process the question. He turned his head and looked at the downpour outside. If possible then it had gotten even worse. “For here please,” he decided pretty quickly. 

“Good choice,” Seokjin said with a chuckle. He told Jungkook his total which he handed him over the counter. “You can go sit down. I’ll bring you everything in a moment.”

Jungkook thanked Seokjin and picked out a spot. He sat down on the bench so he’d have an overview of the shop. There were only a few other people which he guessed was due to the weather. Two girls were sitting at the last table, a guy with a book was sitting close to the entrance and someone with the uniform of a 7-11 was eating a sandwich. Jungkook peeled off his jacket and draped it over the chair opposite of him so it could dry a little. He also checked his bag but the inside was thankfully void of any dampness. At least his things hadn’t gotten wet. A small mercy on this shitty day. He pushed his hair away from his forehead and took out his notes from his class today. Might as well be productive while he was here. 

“Here you go.”

He looked up to see Seokjin with a tray, placing a cup of steaming hot chocolate with whipped cream on top and a plate with blueberry muffin down in front of him. Seokjin saw his notes and smiled sympathetically. “College?” he asked and Jungkook sighed heavily. “Yeah.”

“Hang in there, the world isn’t as difficult as college makes it out to be.”

Jungkook huffed out a humorless laugh. “I sure hope you’re right.”

“Based on my own experience,” Seokjin said, never losing his smile and adapting a teasing but still friendly tone. “Just come up to the counter if you need anything else.” With that he went back to take the order or a couple that had just come in, the guy carrying a big umbrella that was dripping all over the floor. He apparently hadn’t seen the umbrella bin next to the door. Seokjin didn’t comment in the small puddles and greeted them with a smile.

Jungkook sighed again and picked up the spoon to start drowning his whipped cream in hot chocolate before taking a sip. It was still too hot so he decided to wait a while and started nibbling on his blueberry muffin while he skipped through his notes. The music in the shop was pleasant. Not too loud but still a good background noise. The songs were melodic without distracting vocals and transitioned seamlessly into one another without being repetitive.  

Time went by, Jungkook inhaled his blueberry muffin and emptied his lama-printed cup of hot chocolate. He sorted out his messy notes, transferred them onto another piece of paper neatly and continued reading his assignment for next week. It was easy to work while no one disturbed him and while he didn’t have his usual distractions from home. Usually he’d get up to drink or eat something, to walk around, play on his phone, work out or even clean up when he was really desperate. It was when he reached peak procrastination that he wiped off the dust from the shelf in his bathroom. Here he didn’t have those distraction and could concentrate fully. The occasional noise from the coffee machine or the dull mumbles from other visitors was only in the background.

He got done a lot more than he usually did and was quite proud of himself. The hot chocolate and the blueberry muffin had also lifted his spirits. The shitty day had turned out not to be as shitty as expected. Though he still had to walk home. Jungkook took out his phone, checked the messages from two group chats before opening his map. His phone asked him if he wanted to connect to the wifi and he frowned, opening the small window that showed him the available connections. All of them were locked except for one. SymphonyForEveryone was the name right above KittyKat at which Jungkook snorted. ChickenNoodleSoup , Somebody_once_told_me , Fish666, Connect64 and WIFI were some of the other wifi names. His phone connect to the free wifi without issues and suddenly the coffee shop was even better. If he could bring his tablet and connect to the internet he could work on other projects as well and download materials. 

Jungkook checked the route back home and was pleased to find it would only take about twelve minutes if he went through some smaller streets. He turned his head to look outside and found it dark already. It was shortly after six so he had been here for a bit over two hours now. 

It was time to go home so Jungkook put on his jacket, packed his bag and gathered his cup and plate to bring them to the counter. He wasn’t sure whether to leave them but he didn’t want to be rude so he’d rather take the extra step. Seokjin noticed him fairly quick and took the items. “Thank you. You can just leave them as well, I’ll pick them up,” he said with a smile.

“Didn’t want to make more work for you,” Jungkook admitted sheepishly and it kind of looked like Seokjin thought that was cute. He placed the items into the sink and noticed Jungkook lingering. Jungkook himself wasn’t sure why he wasn’t just leaving, almost like he didn’t want his time at the coffee shop to end..

“Do you want something else to go?” Seokjin asked. He was so polite and nice, it kind of threw Jungkook off. He also didn’t seem stressed which was quite uncommon in baristas. Most of them wore a forced smile and weren’t exactly patient which was a common source of stress to Jungkook whenever he wanted to order something. He’d have to practise five minutes in advance in ordner not to waste anyone’s time.

“Oh I… no, I…” Jungkook wasn’t sure what he was trying to say. Seokjin crooked his head and waited patiently. “Are you open every day?” he then settled on asking. He had to ask something so he could at least ask something which wasn’t completely stupid. He was sure the opening times where displayed somewhere but he’d feel stupid for that later. 

“Ah, everyday from twelve to eight except Wednesday. Got to have one day to rest.” Seokjin nodded his head. 

“You run all this alone?” Jungkook asked, gesturing towards the entirety of the shop. It sounded like a lot of work to his ears, especially since Seokjin also made all of the treats by himself every day. 

“Mostly,” Seokjin said. “I sometimes have a bit of help but majority of it is on my shoulders for now. It’s my business so I could adjust the opening times but those times worked out the best and I don’t want to let anyone else handle the treats. I like making new creations and making sure everything is done properly.”

It made sense, even to Jungkook who had only thought about the amount of work at first. He’d also want to make sure everything was going smoothly with his own business. “That’s really cool.” It was out before he could stop himself but Seokjin seemed to appreciate it. “Thank you. I’m quite proud of it myself.” And he could be. Jungkook had rarely felt this comfortable in an establishment he wasn’t already very familiar with. 

“Was the muffin good?” Seokjin asked and Jungkook nodded his head without thinking. “Yes! Really good. I gotta try more of your things next time.”

Seokjin seemed very happy to hear this. “I’m glad. Then get home safely. I think it has thankfully stopped raining.”

“Oh good,” Jungkook sighed in relief. “Have a good evening then,” he bowed his head a little.

“Until next time,” Seokjin called and waved as Jungkook stepped outside. The air was cold and crisp but it had actually stopped raining. Jungkook’s steps were light as he walked along the streets to get to his apartment, a small smile gracing his face and his mind at ease with the knowledge of finished work and only a very reasonable amount of money spent.





Jungkook didn’t go back to the coffee shop for a little over a week for no apparent reason. It was only when he was on the subway and about to get off at his stop that he froze and decided to sit down again. Deliberately this time. The doors closed and the subway took off. 

When he stepped out onto the sidewalk a few minutes later he felt almost giddy to visit the coffee shop again. It wasn’t raining this time and not as cold, the sun was out instead. He had no excuse to seek shelter in the shop on a sunny Thursday but he didn’t even need one. He had his tablet with him because of one of his classes so he could do some work. It wasn’t like he needed an excuse to visit the shop anyway. They would surely be happy about any paying customer and wouldn’t have a problem with Jungkook in particular.

He entered the store and didn’t wait at the door this time. Instead he walked over to the display for the treats and took a look. It was a little past four so he could still get a drink and treat combo. With one dollar off he really couldn’t complain. The shop wasn’t expensive in the first place and the muffin from last time had been great. Today the collection offered brownies, sandwiches, pie and cinnamon buns with a glazing. Jungkook really wanted to try the brownies but those cinnamon buns looked beyond delicious. He’d just have to come again and hope Seokjin had made brownies again. Even if something else from what he had wanted to try initially, Jungkook was sure it would be exceptionally tasty as well. 

“Have you found something?” Seokjin asked with a chuckle. Jungkook looked up and found him leaning onto the counter and grinning. Today he wore a white blouse and black pants, an outfit that immediately make him look a lot more fancy. Obviously he was still as handsome as last time, with an air of effortlessness and naturalness that made him seem anything but snobby or smug about it. 

“I kinda wanted to go for a brownie,” Jungkook said, looking down at the display again. “But I’m weak for the cinnamon buns.”

Seokjin laughed. “Yeah, I’ve sold a lot already. People seem to like them. And the brownies are standard for now so if you come in again you’ll most like be able to get one. Or you can try both today.”

“Ah.” Jungkook scratched just below his ear and chuckled. “I think allowing myself one treat is okay for today. I’ll come another day for a brownie.”

Seokjin nodded his head. “Alright, one cinnamon bun. Do you know which drink yet?”

Jungkook hummed and allowed himself a long look at the board this time. There was no one behind him and Seokjin wasn’t one to rush his customers as he had learned last time. The selection wasn’t the biggest but there was a decent amount and one board displayed monthly specials. This month it was some kind of pumpkin spice drink and coffee with some kinds of nuts. Jungkook wasn’t really interested in those so he chose what he was familiar with. “One hot chocolate please… with whipped cream.”

Seokjin grinned. “Alright, coming right up.” 

Jungkook paid and went to sit down at the table he had occupied last time as well. About four other tables were occupied and one still had the used cups and plates on it. A group of three girls came in and waited at the counter while discussing their options. Seokjin finished up Jungkook’s order and brought it over before picking up the dishes and tending to the new customers. 

Content with his situation Jungkook grabbed his iPad, set everything up, connected to the wifi and started drawing. He wanted to finish up his storyboard for an upcoming project. He had volunteered to do this part because he could do it in his own time and could practise his drawing skills simultaneously. A rough sketch had already been made about two weeks prior and now he just needed to finish up the panels, correct the shots and angles and add some small instructions. Jungkook had tried to do this at home several times but it wasn’t his favorite past time so he had gotten distracted and never finished. Before he knew it his hot chocolate had been emptied and his cinnamon bun had been devoured. He was kind of tempted to get another one simply because it had been that good but he was sure those things, as delicious as they were, had too many calories to justify two within one day. So he stood up and settled for just a drink. 

There was someone in front of him so he took his time to look at the cold drinks. Since it was autumn there weren’t too many options but the lemon and mint lemonade looked good so he tried that one. Jungkook watched while Seokjin prepared the drink in a tall glass, scooping a bit of ice out of the freezer. If he had paid better attention he might not have been as startled when something black moved in the corner of his vision. He whipped his head around in surprise and came face to face with a black cat that was staring at him curiously. Jungkook’s eyes switched to the small sign warning customers of the cat. He looked back at the fluffy animal, big green eyes focused on him. It… must be this cat, right? It… - another glance at the sign told him the cat was male - he looked very cute. All fluffy with a long tail, his fur completely black and shiny. He looked very well taken care of and Jungkook assumed it was Seokjin’s cat. 

“Hi,” he said because that’s what you did when you met animals. You greet them because that’s polite. Seokjin looked up and spotted the cat as well. He huffed. “Yoongi, don’t stare, that’s rude. And your tail is on the register.” It sounded like this was a common occurrence. The cat looked at Seokjin who raised his brows challengingly. Seokjin then proceeded to pick up the tail and push it over the counter when there was no other reaction. The cat - Yoongi - didn’t seem very impressed and stood up to stalk along the narrow counter and then hop onto the top of the bookshelf where he settled in a cat bed gracefully. It looked like a king throning above everyone else and looking down at his servants. 

“He’s cute,” Jungkook blurted out and Seokjin snickered, adding a lemon slice to the glass. “Yeah but don’t tell him. It feeds his ego.” The cat did look a little smug as he observed the shop from high above.

“Does he just hang out here?” Jungkook asked as he took his drink. “Sometimes.” Seokjin shrugged. “When his lazy ass doesn’t have anything else to do. He likes to harass our customers for pets and cuddles. He likes the attention.”

“He does?” From this display just now Jungkook would have thought Yoongi might not like being touched. He knew some cats didn’t enjoy physical contact, especially not from strangers. 

“Yeah, sometimes he gets all snuggly and generally he likes to be petted. Sometimes he has a bit of an attitude though.” Seokjin stared at the black cat atop the bookshelf with both fondness and exasperation in his eyes. “Cats… they don’t give you the time of day but lo and behold if you don't worship them.”

Jungkook snickered and took a sip from his lemonade. He couldn’t argue with that. Dogs were easier to understand for him but he couldn’t deny cats being cute as well. “The cinnamon bun was really good by the way.”

“Better than the muffin?” Seokjin asked as he turned to look at him and Jungkook almost choked on his drink. He hadn’t expected Seokjin to remember his order from last time. He had to consider for a moment before he nodded. “Yeah, I’d have to say yes but I’m just weak for cinnamon buns.” He smiled shyly.

“Mhm…” Seokjin looked at the few still left in the display thoughtfully. “Guess you’re not alone. When I tried them a week ago I got only two because my husband ate the rest of them. Six buns. Just gone. Didn’t even take him an hour.”

Jungkook almost choked again, on air this time. This was a casual fact he hadn’t expected to hear. Several thoughts went through his head at once. The first - and he was slightly embarrassed about this one - was ‘lucky fucker’. Because not only was Seokjin incredibly handsome and kind but he was a good baker and tried new things at home his husband could eat without qualms. The second was also kinda embarrassing in the sense that Jungkook was actually a little sad for one short second. It wasn’t like he had a crush on Seokjin, maybe just a small flame of affection. Who wouldn’t be smitten with Seokjin? Jungkook could appreciate an amazing guy when he saw one and Seokjin had checked all the boxes. Rationally Jungkook obviously knew nothing would have come out of it and he hadn’t even been thinking about it consciously. Still there had been this tiny flicker of sadness that was washed away afterwards. He then imagined Seokjin coming home to another man after a long day of work and… yeah okay, this was also a little embarrassing. He should really stop imagining things. 

“Your husband must have good taste,” he tired to say as naturally as possible. He hoped his silence hadn’t been awkwardly long. He didn’t want Seokjin to think he had a problem with this piece of information. There was nothing to have a problem with, it was only his stupid brain that had decided to conk out on him for a moment. Always at the most convenient times.

“When he isn’t drowning himself in coffee I guess he does. At least I know he’ll tell me honestly when something doesn’t taste good in his opinion. I’ve had some strange ideas he kept me from selling so that’s good,” Seokjin said all this with a sweet fondness in his voice. He had an expression on his face one would expect when they were talking about their partner they had just gotten together with and it was really cute.

Jungkook couldn’t help but smile, all previous stupid thoughts forgotten. “He’s your test person?”

“Yep, he has to try everything. He’s really good with coffee and the cold drinks and I got him addicted to pastries as well.”

Jungkook snorted. “I think there are worse things than having a husband who feeds you delicious pastries.”

Seokjin smiled softly. 

“Does he help around the shop?”

Seokjin chuckled. “In his own way.” He glanced at his cat for a moment but Yoongi was apparently fast asleep in his basket. “But he has his own job as well. He makes music. He’s the one who made some of the songs that are playing and arranged the playlist.”

“Oh.” Jungkook was fairly impressed and he was sure it was showing on his face. “That sounds really cool.” Music had always been something he enjoyed as well. Not enough to seek a career in the field but he had helped out occasionally with vocals and had sung a few songs for students in the music department so he knew a thing or two. Surely not much in comparison with someone who had actually studied the subject.

“It was his childhood dream,” Seokjin said fondly. His eyes switched to the entrance for a second as a new customer entered. Jungkook raised his glass in acknowledgment and went back to his seat, leaving Seokjin to do his job once more. His storyboard was still waiting to be finished and he still had a bit more than an hour and a half until the shop would close. He cracked his knuckles and picked his pencil back up.

It was some time later, after another six panels had been finished completely, that Jungkook saw something moving. He peeled his eyes away from the screen and spotted the cat - Yoongi - weaving through the unoccupied chairs before hopping onto the bench a table before Jungkook’s. Yoongi then proceeded to stare at Jungkook, tail swishing back and forth slowly like he was trying to solve a puzzle. 

Jungkook couldn’t help but smile. He was weak for animals. “Hi Yoongi.” He waited a moment, trying to judge if he was in the way of the cat or if there was something else. “You wanna join me?” he then asked and Yoongi crooked his head in a cute manner like he didn’t understand. Jungkook patted the spot next to him for clarification. “You can join me if you want.”

Yoongi looked like he was contemplating before slowly moving closer and sniffing Jungkook’s side and hand. He then proceeded to sit down next to him and looked at the tablet. Jungkook tilted it a little to show him. He had the habit of treating animals like people which some people thought was funny but he just shrugged every time. “I’m working on a storyboard,” he explained quietly. “It’s for a project and I’m almost done. Here, look.” He showed the first page. “It’s this short film about mobile phones. Pretty standard but the professor wanted a critical subject and this was pretty easy to do so we went with it.” He swiped through the pages. “I just gotta finish two more pages. Wanna keep me company?” Yoongi didn’t show any reaction but didn’t move away either so Jungkook accepted that and continued working. 

It took another ten to fifteen minutes before Yoongi stood up again. Instead of walking away and seeking out another cat bed like Jungkook had though he ducked under Jungkook’s arm and stepped onto his lap. Jungkook froze completely and looked down slowly as if not to startle the cat. He held his breath as Yoongi circled a few times and the finally settled in a comfortable position, tail curling around him. Jungkook’s heart skipped a beat and it felt like he had just won the lottery. There was nothing more fulfilling than having a cat deem your lap worth enough to be laying down on it. He allowed himself to pet Yoongi’s back a few times and the cat didn’t move away. His small body was relaxed and his eyes remained closed. Jungkook was so incredibly happy, he had to force himself to finish his project quickly so he could pet Yoongi properly. 

Once he was done he just sat there and calmly stroked the soft black fur. Yoongi was purring contently, the sound barely audible but when the songs faded out Jungkook could catch it. Not to mention the soft vibration he could feel under his hand. This was how he spent the last thirty minutes of his visit before there were only ten minutes remaining until closing time. He didn’t want to be asshole who made Seokjin stay longer so he gently stroked Yoongi’s cheek to get his attention. “I’m sorry but I have to go now,” he said guiltily. Yoongi peeled his eyes open and meowed in protest. He curled more into Jungkook’s lap who almost awed out loud. His uwus were dropping out of his pockets at an alarming speed. “I’m sorry,” he said again. “When I can come by again I can pet you some more.” Yoongi didn’t like this either so Jungkook carefully reached around him and lifted him out of his lap, doing his best to disturb him as little as possible. 

Yoongi meowed sulkily, tail flicking and eyes staring at Jungkook disapprovingly. So much character in such a little cat. Jungkook patted his head a few more times before putting his things away and standing up to put on his jacket. Yoongi remained sprawled out across the couch like a wounded soldier. Jungkook wondered if Seokjin would have to pick him up when he closed for the day so the cat wouldn't be stuck in the shop.

“We can cuddle more next time,” Jungkook promised, running his hand through the warm fur one last time before finally approaching the door. He bid goodbye to Seokjin who was sweeping the floor behind the counter. He got a sweet smile in return and was told to come back soon. 

Yeah, this time Jungkook had all the more reasons for coming back again. Such as brownies and petting cats. Maybe he’d even learn more about Seokjin and his husband because he couldn’t deny being intrigued about the two. His steps were once again light as he walked home with an eased mind.





There was a loud meow as soon as Jungkook entered, the rain finally not seeping into his clothes anymore. He burst out into laughter as he saw Yoongi sitting on the counter and looking at him accusingly. "It's only been three days," he said. "Did you miss me?"

This time Yoongi didn't grace him with an answer. Instead Seokjin did. "Oh yeah, he did. Was meowing like a baby for you after you left."

"Aww." Jungkook stepped closer and let Yoongi sniff his hand before petting him. "I'm sorry."

Seokjin snorted softly when his cat smushed his head into Jungkook's hand without hesitation. "Do you want to try a brownie this time?" He gestured towards the display. There was some more pastries displayed but most of them were running rather low on supply. "Cause there is only one left."

"Oh!" Jungkook bent down to take a look. Yoongi's tail was kind of in his vision but he could make out only one brownie anyway. "Yeah, I'll take that then." It wasn’t like he had come back only to get a brownie and would be disappointed when he couldn’t eat one but he really did want to try one. He’d settle for something else too but he had been looking forward to this brownie all day actually. His Customer Insights lecture had confused him a lot and at the end he had been thinking about brownies exclusively. Not about whatever their professor had been trying to teach them desüerately. At the end the poor guy had admitted he himself hadn’t understood the concept immediately either but he was convinced his students would do better than him. Jungkook wasn’t sure where he took that confidence from.

"For here? Hot chocolate with whipped cream?" Seokjin asked as he slid the display open and Jungkook smiled. He almost felt like a regular already with the barista behind the counter knowing his order by heart. "Yeah." He wasn't sure if Seokjin was this quick with all the other customers as well. Maybe he simply had a really good memory and could recall people's orders. Maybe he put in extra effort to remember and make customers feel more appreciated. Whichever case, it was definitely working for Jungkook. He felt like this small shop had somehow become his café which was ridiculous but he felt incredible comfortable in the small space. It was never too crowded because they had a lot of walk-ins. It wasn't too loud to get work done but there was enough pleasant background noise to help you focus. Jungkook wasn't sure if this was Seokjin's husband's doing. Maybe he simply was this good with selecting and making suitable music. Jungkook kind of believed if the guy was married to Seokjin he must be amazing as well. Didn't similar people stick together? Was he maybe just like Seokjin with gentle smiles and sweet kindness?

“You working on college stuff again?” Seokjin asked as he made the drink and Jungkook hummed, back to petting Yoongi who looked very pleased. “I can concentrate better when I’m here. Not as many distractions.”

Seokjin hummed in understanding before sending his cat a glance. “If he is bothering you,” he pointed at the cat with a spoon, “just ignore him or shoo him away. He can be pretty annoying.” Yoongi made a very weird and loud sound at that like he wanted to protest. Seokjin waved his hand dismissively. “Don’t let him bother you.”

“Oh, no, no,” Jungkook was quick to deny. “It’s fine. It’s kinda relaxing… and he’s really cute.” He looked at the cat fondly and Seokjin only watched in an amused manner before finishing up the order. “Yeah, I guess he is. There you go.” 

Jungkook picked up his things with a cheerful thanks and headed towards his table. “You coming, Yoongi?” he called, turning his head a little to see the cat jumping down from the counter with another meow and following him hurriedly. He jumped onto the bench and was in Jungkook’s lap before he had even sorted himself out. Jungkook couldn’t help but laugh at the eagerness, using one hand to pet Yoongi as he got situated. The cat was purring and dozing off within minutes while Jungkook worked on his projects.

When he got to the end of his Customer Insights notes he pulled up his right sleeve where he had scribbled down some additional notes. His professor had added these things after Jungkook had closed his notebook and he had been too lazy to find the page again. He had to shift a little and stopped petting Yoongi which the cat commented with a grumpy meow. 

“Sorry.” Jungkook chuckled. “Just gotta transfer this really quick, yeah?”

Yoongi got curious about what his hand was doing so he sat up and took a loot. Jungkook’s arm was covered in small scribbles and doodles. Yoongi seemed to think it was incredibly interesting and reached out to press one paw onto a small flower.

Jungkook could cry about the cuteness.

He allowed himself to be a little playful and made the flower move out from underneath Yoongi’s paw to another spot. That was his quirk. He usually just called it Moving Ink after Taehyung had told him Sentient Ink sounded like he was hosting a tentacle monster detached from his own brain and could move independently. It had been a very disturbing image and Jungkook’s ink wasn’t really sentinet so he had come up with something new. It didn’t sound as cool, admittedly.

Yoongi’s eyes grew wide and his ears perked up. He watched for a moment before pressing his paw onto the new spot. The flower stayed there for a second before Jungkook made it travel down to his wrist slowly. Yoongi was amazed and tried his best to put his paw on the flower to stop its pursuit but it was futile. Jungkook had heard you shouldn’t make animals chase something if they had no chance of actually getting it so he stopped the flower at some point to let Yoongi have it. His uwus were all over the floor though.

“It’s cool, huh?” he asked the cat that looked at him curiously. It was something he really liked about Yoongi. It seemed as if he actually listened to you. “When I draw on my skin I can make it move. I can even do this here.” He focused on his lower arm where some notes were written and slowly pulled them onto the paper in front of him by just thinking about it. It took a bit more concentrating and he didn’t do it often. The words would get blurry and tilted because his control over the ink faded very quickly once it wasn’t on his skin anymore. If it was too much it might not even get transferred completely. 

Yoongi watched with interest as the words settled on the page before turning back to Jungkook’s arm now void of notes. There was only the flower and some small wiggly lines remaining. Jungkook formed them into small circles and moved everything somewhat into place before pulling down his sleeve again. Yoongi still stared at it in wonder. Jungkook just chuckled and patted his head almost reassuringly. “You can go back to sleep now, I still have some notes to review.” It seemed this was enough to make Yoongi forget about the wiggly ink and curl up into a ball again. 




“It’s so loud,” Jimin whined, sprawling out across the table and whining. “I can’t get anything done here. I hate this.”

Taehyung patted his head sympathetically. “This place has wifi,” he said like that would nullify all complains. Jimin just groaned in a drawn out manner and Jungkook actually felt bad for him. They were in one of the few study room because the library was packed and didn’t allow talking. There were too many people in this room and two groups were loudly discussing their different opinions on whether to market their hypothetical organic and vegan sneakers towards women or men. Or both? That caused more arguments about shipping and whatnot.

‘Women are more ecoconscious that men.’

‘Yeah but men wear more sneakers.’

They had been going back and forth for twenty minutes. Jungkook’s patience was about done as well and he thought back to the peaceful atmosphere of a certain place he’d rather be in right now. They had been trying to brainstorm ideas and plan their project but it really wasn’t working and none of them could get anything done. They weren’t getting anywhere but just giving up and leaving to do it another day didn’t sound great either. 

Jungkook contemplated for a while whether or not to suggest what was floating through his mind. He had known Jimin and Taehyung for three semesters now and they were both really nice and funny. He… would consider them his friends… Who was he kidding, of course they were friends. They hung out regularly, went out to eat, played games together, worked on projects together and hadn’t tried to behead one another during all of this so they must be friends. Jungkook would argue Jimin and Taehyung were more than just friends if you could pick up what he was putting down there. They had never outright stated they were dating but Jungkook kind of had the feeling they had long transitioned that state or they just… were dating without saying it. They relationship certainly didn’t leave much to the imagination in the utmost PG way possible. Anyway, they were friends and Jungkook was sure he could trust them with this small place that made him happy.

“Let’s go somewhere else,” said and started putting his materials into his bag. Jimin lifted his head from the table miserably. “Where? Hell?” he asked and Jungkook snorted. “No, some other place with wifi where it’s quite.”

Both of his friends seemed intrigued and followed his example. They left the group - that was discussing whether two or three models or their minimalistic sneaker would be too much - to themselves. 

“Have you found a secret place on campus?” Taehyung asked curiously, his self-decorated messenger bag not wanting to stay on his shoulder today. It slipped off every few steps but instead of getting annoyed Taehyung just kept on adjusting it repeatedly.

“It’s not on campus,” Jungkook said. “It’s somewhat close to my apartment. You’ll see. They have food.”

That was enough to convince them to continue following him as they went down to the subway. Jimin and Taehyung lived in the same direction as him anyway so it wasn’t like Jungkook was dragging them further from their home. They usually got off two stops before Jungkook’s when they could actually go home together. 

Twenty minutes later they walked along the street Jungkook had come to like lately. He hadn’t visited any of the other shops yet but it was a nice area. Taehyung looked at the shops curiously, maybe getting some new inspiration for some drawings. He was the type to get inspired by things such as storefronts, logos and scenery in general. He wasn’t much into characters like Jungkook was. 

It was shortly after two, the earliest Jungkook had ever been at the coffee shop, but it was as calm as always. He held the door open for the other two who entered while looking around curiously. Similar to how Jungkook had been on his first visit. Something brushed against his leg and he looked down to see Yoongi weaving around his calf. “Hi Yoongi,” he said with a bright smile and the cat looked up at him before walking over to the counter and jumping up onto it as if he wanted to be on eye level. Jungkook chuckled as went over to pet him. 

“Oh there is a cat,” Jimin said with hearts in his eyes, leaning around Jungkook and holding a hand out for Yoongi to sniff. Yoongi just took a short glance at it, stood up to walk away from Jimin and sat down again out of reach so only Jungkook could pet him. Jimin pouted in disappointment and Jungkook tried hard not to snort. He felt oddly honored.

“Is he being rude again?” Seokjin asked with a sigh as he walked over, drying off some spoons and putting them away. He put his hands on his hips and looked at his cat. “Don’t be rude to people, Yoongi.”

Yoongi made a small grumbling sound before jumping down from the counter to go and butt his head into Seokjin’s stomach. “Yeah, yeah, you are a poor, poor cat,” Seokjin cooed mockingly as he scratched behind his ears and Yoongi meowed in agreement. Seokjin looked up at his new customers and smiled. “I see you brought friends today.”

“Ah,” Jungkook rubbed his neck. “Yeah, it was too loud in the study rooms so I thought we could work better here.”

Seokjin nodded his head, Yoongi still rubbing his head against him. “Push some tables together if that works better for you. And I made bee sting cake for the first time if you want to try that. I need some more feedback.”

“What did you husband say?” Jungkook asked before he could stop himself but Seokjin wasn’t bothered. He just sighed. “He said: It’s great but the almond chips are distracting me.”

Jungkook snorted. “Okay, you can give me one slice of that bee cake.”

“Bee sting cake,” Seokjin corrected teasingly. “Hot chocolate with whipped cream?” Jungkook just grinned in confirmation. “Alright and what can I get your two friends?”

Taehyung and Jimin were discussing their options for a while, settling for a brownie and another slice of bee sting cake together with another hot chocolate with whipped cream and a latte macchiato. They left to push two tables together and started taking out their materials. It was already a lot more peaceful and comfortable here than on campus. The study rooms were a good idea but Jungkook simply didn’t like them. He’d rather go to the library but it was usually crowded and you weren’t allowed to work on group projects because it was too loud. Obviously they weren’t about to have a loud discussing here either but a conversation at a reasonable volume was no problem. 

Seokjin came over only a few minutes later and put their orders onto the table. Yoongi was hot on his heels and didn’t hesitate to jump onto the bench so he could get comfortable in Jungkook’s lap. There was no one at the counter so Seokjin took a look at their materials. “What are you working on?” he asked. 

“We have to write an article about any chosen subject,” Jimin explained. Seokjin glanced at what they already had. “And you chose the influence of the internet and streaming services onto the music industry?” There was no judgment in his voice, it was merely curiosity. 

“It’s something we know at least a bit about and we thought it was easy to research but it’s kind of difficult to find official sources,” Jungkook explained with a sigh. “Our professor wants researches and statistics and all that.”

“Ah,” Seokjin nodded in understanding. “College, where you have to prove and justify everything.” He looked like those were distant memories he could remember fondly. He surely wasn’t much older than the three friends but he had this aura of maturity only a real adult could possess. Or at least someone who knew what they were doing. Jungkook was still far, far away from this stage. “My husband would have a field day with this. He is able to do the job he wants to do mostly because the internet enables him to work for all kinds of people. He doesn’t need a label doing all the contacting and managing aspects for him. He can do it himself.”

“He works in the music industry?” Taehyung asked, completely intrigued. Jungkook smiled because he had asked the exact same questions.

Seokjin smiled proudly. “Yeah, he’s a producer and works mostly from home. He has his own studio and everything there.”

“Wait…” Jimin said up and turned to Jungkook with an excited expression. Jungkook wasn’t sure why there was a sudden shift in the air. “We could ask him! Like, he’d be an official source, right? If he works in the field we can treat what he says like actual research papers and stuff from the internet but it would be way easier. We could write this article like an interview!”

This was… an amazing idea!

Jungkook’s mouth dropped open and he was about to nod enthusiastically when he remembered that this wasn’t something he could decide. Yoongi moved in his lap, maybe startled by Jimin’s sudden exclamation or perhaps Jungkook’s shifting but he stood up and jumped down onto the floor where he was quick to leave. Jungkook almost pouted and forgot about the actual conversation. He turned to Seokjin who was watching his cat disappearing behind the counter. “That’s just an idea,” Jungkook said quickly and Jimin also seemed to realize he had been a little hasty. “Right,” he agreed and looked sheepish. “Of course only if he would want and had the time.”

Seokjin hummed thoughtfully. “The idea is good because I’m sure it would help a lot with your article. I know how frustrating research can be. It’s just that my husband is… pretty shy.” He said this with a small chuckle. “Somewhat to a fault. But he likes his work and I’m sure he’d like to help you kids with it. I’ll talk to him about it,” he said with a wink. “No promises but I’ll do my best.”

Jungkook felt relieved. “Thanks Seokjin.”

Seokjin just smiled and waved his hand dismissively. “No problem. He should get out a bit more anyway.”





When Jungkook went to the coffee shop again about a week later, alone this time, he was greeted by a loud meow from above. He looked up to see Yoongi lounging in his cat bed on the book shelf but he stood up as soon as Jungkook came closer. 

“Hi Yoongi,” Jungkook said cheerfully, happy to see the cat again after just a very short cuddle session last time. “I missed you.”

Yoongi seemed to think the same because as soon as Jungkook was close enough he jumped down from the bookshelf onto his shoulders. Jungkook escape a small, surprised squeak but he adjusted quickly to the additional weight and balanced it out. He stood there frozen for a moment, fluffy fur tickling the side of his face. “You comfortable up there?” he asked with a laugh and Yoongi rubbed his head against his in response. “Okay, okay but I still gotta order.”

He approached the counter where Seokjin was just finishing up four coffees to go for a young man. He turned to Jungkook afterwards and his eyes grew wide. “Yoongi!” he yelped and rushed over. “People aren’t trees. You can climb on my shoulders but not our customer’s!”

Yoongi meowed pitifully and Jungkook escaped another laugh, reaching up to pet the cat reassuringly. “It’s fine. He isn’t heavy and as long as he doesn’t bite my ear he can stay up there.” Yoongi was happy to hear this and swiped his tail into Jungkook’s face as a thank you.

Seokjin eyed his cat critically but Jungkook’s words must have convinced him so he let him be. “He has such a thing for you,” he then sighed and Jungkook’s chest felt oddly warm. There was nothing better than being a cat’s favorite. “I’d almost be jealous,” Seokjin teased with a grin.

“My apartment doesn’t allow cats so I can’t catnap him,” Jungkook said offhandedly and Seokjin laughed loudly. It was a squeaky sound that didn’t exactly fit his broad shoulders but was endearing nevertheless. “Oh, that’s good to know. I don’t have to worry then.” He shook his head fondly. “Are you a Halloween gal?” He gestured towards the string lights in the shape of pumpkins that had been strung up behind him. “Because I’ve made some Halloween themed things.”

“Can’t say I’m the biggest spooky season enthusiast but I liked themed stuff so hit me up.”

And Seokjin did not disappoint. He grabbed a pastry from the display and showed it to Jungkook who was thoroughly impressed. It was an apple pie in the shape of a jack-o-lantern which was amazing in itself. Knowing it would taste amazing as well was just the cherry on top that made everything better tenfold. He briefly wondered if Seokjin had a Pinterest account because not just his creations but the whole café was very much Pinterest worthy. It had this aesthetic people went wild over these day. Jungkook couldn’t say he wasn’t one of them.

“They look awesome!” he said without hiding his amazement. “Did you do them all by yourself? That must have been so much work.”

“I had a bit of help from my husband,” Seokjin admitted as he set the slice onto a plate. “He made the designs while I put everything together. When he is instructed step by step he can actually be of help.”

Jungkook snickered at the gentle and kind of sweet jab at Seokjin’s husband. He really wanted to meet the guy. The more he heard about him the more curious he got. Obviously he couldn’t help but create a mental image of him. In his head the guy was tall and broad, just like Seokjin. Probably someone who was put together with stylish glasses and a well-educated aura all around him. The kind of guy who’d help Seokjin wash the dishes and get him some tea. He kind of imagined him as someone similar to one of his younger professors. Knowing exactly what they were doing and living the best adult life.

Thinking about him made Jungkook remember something. “Oh, by the way. Not to rush or anything but did you have a chance to ask him about the article.” Yoongi stopped smushing his head against his cheek but he didn’t really notice. Seokjin seemed thoughtful for a moment before giving him a gentle look. “He’s thinking about it. I’m working on it.” He sent Jungkook a thumbs up. 

Jungkook relaxed upon hearing it wasn’t a clear ‘no’ already. “Alright, that’s great. Just so we know how we need to structure our article. Thanks again.”

“Oh, no problem, Jungkookie,” Seokjin cooed. “He just needs a little push sometimes. Give me a bit more time and I’ll get you an exclusive interview with him.”

Jungkook was so happy and content with something to eat, a hot drink, the prospect or an interview and a purring cat next to him that he didn’t even realize he had never told Seokjin his name. 




“No Yoongi this time,” Jungkook asked sadly two days later.

“Hm, he has some more interesting things to do today I guess,” Seokjin said with an apologetic smile. He glanced down, taking notice of the letters on Jungkook’s knuckles as he handed the bag of pastries over the counter. It was the first time Jungkook picked something up to go but his parents were visiting him and if he couldn’t impress them with his non-existent cooking skills he could at least bribe them with some pastries. “Aw, too bad,” he hummed. “Maybe next time though.”

Seokjin nodded. “Next week will probably be busy so he might be around.” He was silent for a moment, maybe contemplating something before he spoke up again. “Did you get a tattoo?”

“Huh?” Jungkook didn’t know what he was talking about or why he’d ask such a question but then he realized it was because of his knuckles. “Ah.” He raised his hand and looked at the letters spelling out ‘Euphoria’. “No, no. I just draw on my skin sometimes and make my own tattoos,” he admitted shyly. “I could never decide on a design to be permanent so I just…” He looked at the word, the lines stirring to life and morphing into ‘Symphony’. “Change it up sometimes.”

Seokjin hummed in both understanding and surprise. “That’s interesting.”

Jungkook smiled shyly, tucking his hair behind his ear. It was getting long enough so he could do that. “Yeah, I have to wear long sleeves and gloves for exams though.”

Seokjin snorted and tried to stifle his laugh. “Oh no, that must suck a lot,” he said between laughter and Jungkook sighed. “Yeah… but I guess it’s cool that I can make my own tattoos and everything.”

Seokjin nodded in agreement. “A small price to pay for creative freedom.”

Jungkook grinned. “Exactly.”




When Jungkook returned the following week on Friday that café was not noticeably more busy that on other days but it was only a momentary impression. What threw him off instead was the unfamiliar person behind the counter. Seokjin was nowhere to be seen. Instead there was someone noticeably shorter than Jungkook. He had pitch black hair and was busy drying off some cups with nimble fingers. His figure was a lot more petite, in comparison to Seokjin, with delicate wrists, accented by some silver wrist bands. His dangly earrings were similar to those Jungkook had been lusting over ever since the summer and the desire to buy them grew as he saw how good they looked on this new man. He didn’t wear an apron, just a black shirt and black pants but he must be working here if he was behind the counter. Still Jungkook approached carefully, unfamiliar with this new situation.

The man noticed him and a strange expression flitted over his face. Jungkook didn’t know what to do with that so instead he took notice of how sharp and soft features made the man very interesting to look at. 

“Oh.” He said this in a tone Jungkook couldn’t interpret at all. Would be… shy the correct word? He didn’t look like the kind of guy that would be shy though. “Jinnie,” he then called towards the inconspicuous door. “Customer.”

Jinnie? Jungkook was very confused. But this was the same shop as always. He hadn’t missed some event or stepped into a parallel universe, right? No one had played a prank on him, right? 

It made more sense as he heard the voice of said ‘Jinnie’. “Babe, you’re not that clueless about the menu that you’d need help with…” Seokjin halted in his sentence as his eyes fell onto Jungkook who couldn’t interpret the situation at all. He was kind of lost to be honest and was starting to get increasingly nervous. Thankfully he received a reassuring smile from Seokjin which calmed him somewhat. So this wasn’t another reality or a parallel universe after all. Small victories.

“Mhm,” Seokjin hummed in an amused manner as he went past the other man. Wait, had Seokjin just called this man ‘babe’? Jungkook squinted in confusion. “Hi Jungkookie,” Seokjin called sweetly and Jungkook momentarily forgot about everything else. “Hi,” he stammered back, still confused. “Uh…”

Seokjin was either oblivious to his dilemma or didn’t mind. “Do you want a cinnamon bun? I made them again.”

“Oh…” This conversation was moving too fast for Jungkook. He just nodded his head dumbly. Someone could have asked him if he wanted cucumber slices in his hot chocolate and he would have said yes. “Yeah, sure.”

“Hot chocolate with whipped cream?”

“... uhu…”

“Babe, can you-” Seokjin turned to the new man behind him but then frowned in disapproval. “Where is your apron?”

The other made an expression that could be described as a pout. “Dunno.”

Seokjin’s gaze turned stern. “Babe.”

The other turned his head away. “Don’t wanna,” he mumbled bashfully if Jungkook’s fried brain interpreted his body language correctly. 

Babe ?

Seokjin sighed heavily and bent down out of sight. He rummaged for a moment before he came up with a folded piece of fabric in the same color as his own apron. Without big fanfare he put it on the other man, tied a knot and then pulled it into place. “There.” He looked satisfied. “Now go make one hot chocolate with whipped cream for me please.” He turned back to Jungkook, revealing the other very disgruntled looking man who now wore his own apron with a name on it. 


Jungkook frowned. 


Blame his non existent filter for what happened next.

“You have the same name as the cat.”

Time seemed to freeze. Jungkook realized what he had just said and wished he had stepped into a parallel universe. He could never set foot into this shop ever again. Holy fuck. Seokjin was the first to recover and started laughing almost hysterically. The other guy looked something between offended and embarrassed and Jungkook wanted a higher power to strike him down. “I… shit, I’m sorry.” He’d have to leave the country and take on a new name. Wasn’t there some witness protection program? He had witnessed his own stupidity. That had to count. 

Seokjin was still laughing and pulled the man into his side. “Jungkook,” he said while trying to keep his laughter at bay. “May I introduce you to my husband?” He gestured to the man next to him. “His name is Yoongi and he’s a cat shifter.”



Lightning struck Jungkook and he could feel his entire face heating up. 

Fucking shit.

Oh my god.

Jungkook’s brain wasn’t done yet. 

“You…” he pointed a shaky finger at the new man. “You are the cat?” he asked in a squeaky whisper and the man crooked his head. “Well… yeah.”

Jungkook slapped his hands over his face. Could the earth just swallow him please?! “Fuck, I’m so sorry. That never even crossed my mind!”

It wasn’t that shifters were incredibly rare, they simply weren’t common and there weren’t many shifters who’d spend a lot of time as an animal. Some couldn’t even shift properly or maintain the shift for longer than a few minutes. Yoongi had behaved just like a cat so Jungkook hasn’t had the slightest clue and it wasn’t like Seokjin had told him or had given him any hints. He hadn’t made the connection of Yoongi the cat and Seokjin’s husband being one and the same person. Or maybe Seokjin had given him subtle hints and he had just not picked up on them.

Jungkook was utterly embarrassed and Seokjin was still snickering in delight. His husband - Yoongi - also looked a bit embarrassed and rubbed his neck while looking away. “It’s not like other people make the connection,” he mumbled. 

“Oh he likes hanging out as a cat,” Seokjin said with an evil grin. “I told you he likes the attention.”

“Shut up,” Yoongi hissed and slapped his shoulder. “Don’t make this weird.”

“Oh, babe, there is nothing weird about craving cuddles. It’s healthy to seek human contact, even as a cat.”

Yoongi slapped his husband a few more times for good measure while Seokjin just continued laughing and wiped his eyes. “Ah, this was nice.”

Watching them interact Jungkook realized he has had a very wrong mental image of Seokjin’s husband. Yoongi was not what he had imagined at all. He wasn’t like a professor and he also wasn’t tall and he didn’t wear glasses. Jungkook was amazed how much his behavior resembled that of a cat even while he was human. This was the first time he ever see or even interacted with a shifter, he didn’t know how much they’d resemble their animal side but he could find some resemblance in Yoongi for sure. Starting from his sharp but yet gentle features, to the way he swatted Seokjin without any real intent of hurting him. His hair also had the exact same color as his fur. He didn’t straight up look like a cat but there were similarities for sure.

Jungkook was a little embarrassed when he thought back to how he had petted Yoongi but then again, Yoongi had sought him out. It wasn’t like Jungkook had picked him up against his will to cuddle. And he had treated the cat mostly like you would treat a human, maybe with a bit more cooing and some more baby talk than what was considered normal for the average human adult. So he’d say he hadn’t done anything terribly wrong and Yoongi had come back several times. Seokjin had even said he liked Jungkook so that was something he could go off of, right?

“Honestly, don’t sweat it,” Yoongi said softly after realizing Jungkook still looked a little horrified. Jungkook, still focusing on the wrong things, just thought about how gentle his voice sounded. Deep and slightly gravely, maybe even a bit slurry like he couldn’t be bothered to pronounce every letter properly. It was the kind of voice that would suit people doing a podcast late at night, spilling their thoughts and opinions out for the world to hear. The kind of broadcast you’d stumble upon and just continue listening to because of the nice voice that was just perfect to fall asleep to. “It’s not weird if you don’t make it weird.”

Seokjin hummed and patted his husband’s head. This must happen often because Yoongi didn’t even bat an eye. Not to mention that Seokjin was the perfect height to just look over his husband’s head. He was probably the kind of guy who’d use Yoongi’s shoulder as an casual armrest and Yoongi would just go with it.

Jungkook was still a bit overwhelmed with the situation but he nodded his head meekly. “Yeah, no… sure… I mean… yeah. It’s cool.”

The corner of Yoongi’s mouth twitched up into a small smile.

“So…” Jungkook gestured somewhat vaguely towards Yoongi. “Instead of helping out you just… go about your business as a cat? Don’t you have a job too?”

Seokjin burst out into another round of laughter and Yoongi’s expression morphed into something severely unimpressed. 

Oh Jungkook, your mouth really works faster than your brain, huh?

He opened his mouth but Yoongi stopped his apology by holding up a hand. “First; rude, second; I have my own job that I do in my own time when I’m inspired and third; I do help. I’m helping right now!” He looked kinda offended - but in a cute way - and turned to his husband for confirmation but the other just snorted and nodded his head. “Yeah, you help by harassing customers into petting you but I guess you have some regulars so that’s fine. Can’t expect my cat husband to do all the work.”

Yoongi scoffed. “Unbelievable. I do so much work here.”

“Aww,” Seokjin cooed mockingly. “If you’re not completely overworked yet would you mind making Jungkookie here his hot chocolate, hm?” Yoongi grunted but got to work. It was kinda adorable. Seokjin turned back to Jungkook with a smile. “Sorry, he can be a bit grumpy.” Yoongi grunted again as he grabbed a cup. ‘Lama tell you a secret’ was written on it together with a small lama.

“I… it’s… how do you even know my name?” Jungkook then finally asked. 

Seokjin seemed to realize Jungkook had never properly introduced himself. “Oh, sorry, Yoongi told me.” He pointed over his shoulder at his husband. “He was talking about Jungkook but I didn’t know who that was so he said ‘the cute college kid that comes by to draw, always gets hot chocolate and smells nice’ so I figured that was you.”

Jungkook was left to gape in embarrassment. This seemed to just take no end. He had never expected to be described as the college kid that smelled nice . Then again, for a cat that might be a very deciding factor and he himself was sensitive to smell so… he should probably take that as a compliment? “Thank… you?”

“You’re making this weird, you’re weirding him out,” Yoongi hissed as he turned around with a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream on top. It was still weird to see someone else behind the counter. Jungkook had gotten so used to seeing only Seokjin handling everything. “And I never said that he smelled nice .”

“You said he smelled like fresh laundry and that you want to roll around in his clothes. I’m sorry that my human brain interpreted this as you saying he smelled nice,” Seokjin deadpanned. Jungkook wasn’t sure he had actually made some sort of strange sound or if that was just his brain yelling in the distance.

Yoongi grunted in defeat, looking a little flustered because there wasn’t really anything he could say again his husband’s logic. Not to mention the perfect recital of how he had described the ‘college kid’s’ scent. Jungkook was simply glad he wasn’t the only one affected by this situation since Seokjin looked like this was a completely normal conversation. Jungkook felt more and more like he just loved teasing people.

“Anyway,” Seokjin clapped his hands. “Isn’t there something you wanted to tell our dear customer here?”

Yoongi looked like he had just, unknowingly, taken a giant bite out of a lemon. His face scrunched up in distaste but relaxed again a moment later. He stared at the cup of hot chocolate for a while before signing heavily. It looked like he was about to announce something he’d rather keep silent about. “We can do that interview thing you asked about,” he mumbled without looking at Jungkook. “If you want to. It’s fine… I guess.”

“Which means he’d like to help out if he can,” Seokjin translated because he felt like not everyone would be able to understand his husband’s way of speaking like he did. He knew Yoongi loved helping people and how incredibly fond he was of Jungkook. Just the prospect of an actual interview made him shy away like a startled cat.

Jungkook lit up like a christmas tree, forgetting about any previous embarrassment. “Really? That would be awesome! Thanks so much, that would be such a big help. Can we come by at some point? Should we do this here or somewhere else? Did you have a certain date in mind?”

Yoongi took a moment to process all those questions while Seokjin sauntered away to tend to a new customer with a pleased smile on his face. “We could do it here?” Yoongi suggested. “After closing if that works for you? And for Taehyung and Jimin.”

Jungkook blinked but then remembered Yoongi had been present when he had talked about his friends, albeit as a cat but present nevertheless. This still felt kind of strange. “Oh yeah, sure. We can come by whenever it’s good for you.”

Yoongi nodded, putting the hot chocolate and cinnamon bun on top of the counter for Jungkook to take. “I’ll sort out a date with Jinnie and run it by you before you leave, yeah?” as he gave Jungkook his change. The way he said this pet name for his husband so casually was really cute. Jungkook had the feeling these two were the kind of sappy couple you’d read about in books but didn’t think they’d actually exist.

“Yeah, that’s perfect. Thanks again,” he said as he grabbed his order, unable to hide his bright smile that then morphed into something more teasing. “No cuddles this time?” He allowed himself this small comment. Jungkook didn’t feel like Yoongi would actually be angry about this. He seemed more like the kind of guy who had trouble processing his emotions and reacting accordingly so he’d just get shy or ‘lash out’. Something which made teasing him a lot more fun and must be one of the reasons why Seokjin did it.

It took a second until Yoongi understood but when he did several expressions flickered across his face before settling on a mixture between amused, shy and stern. “No, no cuddles today, brat,” he said without any heat behind his words. “Finish that essay you were working on. School’s important.”

Jungkook snickered but saluted. “Alright.” He grabbed his things and got situated at his table. Occasionally he’d watch Seokjin and Yoongi, how they could work in silence and then suddenly ‘argue’ about something completely unimportant. They looked good together and seemed to have adapted a certain ease and effortless flow to their relationship. Even with Yoongi being rather quiet and Seokjin being very chatty it just fit nicely. Jungkook smiled softly and focused back onto his essay.  




They did the interview exactly two weeks later. It had been a bit difficult to find a date that worked for all of them because Jimin had regular dance practise in the evenings and Taehyung was attending spontaneous art classes. Yoongi also wasn’t free every day but they had finally worked something out. 

It was dark outside when they stepped into the café shortly before eight. Most customers had already left, there were just two remaining who were picking up their things. Seokjin was sweeping behind the counter and smiled as he saw the three. “Oh you kids are here. You can just sit down wherever. It’ll only take a moment.”

“Okay, thanks Seokjin,” Jungkook said and steered his friend towards a table. They pushed two together so they’d have more space and started preparing for the interview. Seokjin came by a minute later with a big plate of pastries that he placed into a free spot. Jungkook’s mouth watered immediately. 

“On the house,” Seokjin said with a wink to which Jimin and Taehyung cheered. They agreed that the shop’s pastries were one of the best they have ever had.

“You didn’t have to,” Jungkook had the mind to say even when he was cheering as well. There was no way anyone could not cheer about Seokjin’s pastries. They were delicious and amazing. No matter what he had thrown together, it always turned into something delicious. For a second Jungkook wondered if that was his quirk. Being able to bake delicious pastries no matter what. There were worse things to have as a quirk for sure. 

“Oh, nonsense. These are leftovers anyway. I feel better when someone eats them,” Seokjin said. Jungkook was about to say more but there was a loud meow and a second later a fluffy black cat jumped onto Seokjin’s shoulders, peering down at the pastries hungrily. “Oh so now you’re coming out of hiding? When there are free treats for the kids?” Seokjin asked with a scoff. Despite his words he reached up to scratch behind Yoongi’s ears lovingly. “You already had your share of this, mister.”

Yoongi meowed once more, obviously protesting.

“He’s so cute. I wanna pet him,” Jimin almost whined without even trying to hide it. Jungkook tried hard not to snort. 

Seokjin just smiled. “He’s a little coward, that’s what he is.” Yoongi actually nibbled on Seokjin’s ear for that but the latter didn’t even flinch. Instead he reached up to pull the cat off his shoulders which Yoongi commented with a frightened meow. “Oh, stop complaining you big baby,” Seokjin huffed as he peeled the cat away from where he was clinging to his clothes. “You said yes.” He put Yoongi down onto the table without big fanfare. It looked like he was preparing to run away and hide under a chair but he was held in place. “Now be a good boy and help the kids.”

This shut Yoongi up and he stopped trying to escape. Seokjin patted his head in praise. “You kids wants hot chocolate?” he asked and got three excited nods and one meow. He chuckled. “Alright, I’ll be back in a few. And you stay put.” He pointed at a defeated looking Yoongi before turning around to walk back to the counter. 

Jungkook almost felt bad for Yoongi so he reached up to stroke his back. He sure seemed shy and reluctant about interacting with other people properly. The cat turned to him, piercing green eyes looking at him intently before Yoongi stood up to stretch. His tail swished back and forth several times and he licked his snout. Maybe at the thought of eating pastries and getting hot chocolate. Jungkook was about to say they couldn’t do the interview with him being a cat but Yoongi was faster. He jumped down from the table onto the bench and in one fluid motion his figure morphed into a human appearance.

Jungkook had never seen a shifter actually shifting and it was nothing like those gruesome werewolf transformations he had seen on TV. In reality it was more of a seamless transition that took no more than two seconds. There was no bone shifting or creaking or fur receding into skin. It was too fast to actually see anything and before he could grasp what exactly had just happened a human Yoongi was in front of them. To say he was in casual clothes might be an understatement. His hair was a bit messy and he looked kind of sleepy. He wore a tri-colored plaid shirt with a black shirt underneath and black sweatpants. The plaid shirt was a bit big on him so Jungkook wondered if he had stolen it from Seokjin. Instead of wearing shoes Yoongi had opted for a pair of bright red fluffy socks. Honestly, it looked like he had just woken up from a nap which was kind of adorable. 

“Okay, let’s get this over with,” Yoongi said in this gruff manner that couldn’t be perceived as rude in any way.

“The fuck,” Taehyung said like any intelligent college guy would when they saw something unusual. “You are a cat?”

“Shifter,” Yoongi added. 

Taehyung looked amazed, eyes wide and sparkling. “That’s so cool!”

Jimin looked like Jungkook had when he had found out; amazed but also a little mortified. He had been very vocal about his desire to pet the black cat and had proclaimed his cuteness several times. Usually people wouldn’t say this to a stranger’s face. “Wait, you are…” he gestured towards Seokjin. “Seokjin’s husband? You are the cat?”

Yoongi cracked a small smile. “Yes and yes. One since birth and one for…”

“Two years,” came the immediate answer from the counter and Yoongi’s expression turned even more fond. “Yeah, two years.” He nodded his head. 

This was so cute, oh my god. Jungkook was swooning. He didn’t know the two had been married for two years already. They didn’t have rings which he assumed was because for Seokjin it would get in the way during work and Yoongi might lose it when he shifted. He wasn’t sure about that part but he guessed that’s why Yoongi’s fingers were bare.

“Is that part of the interview?” Yoongi asked with a somewhat sleepy but teasing grin. Jimin floundered but then quickly shook his head. “No, no! I just… I was curious.”

Yoongi’s amused smile stayed in place as he leaned over to grab a brownie from the plate. His eyes switched over to where Seokjin was still working on their drinks and then devoured the entire thing in three bites. “So… how does this work?” he asked nonchalantly as he liked his fingers clean to get rid of any evidence. 

It took the friends a moment to understand what he was talking about. Jungkook was the first to fully recover. “Uh, it’s honestly just some questions and we’ll record your answers and then add them to the article. It shouldn’t take too long.”

Yoongi stopped licking his fingers and looked at Jungkook. “Not on video, right?” he asked as his eyes flickered down to his attire. 

“I told you to wear something nicer but no, you had to go into hibernation and then only woke up a minute ago. You slob,” Seokjin called.

“Shut up,” Yoongi hissed back with a pout. “I was working late.” If his hackles could rise while he was human then it would be happening right now. Instead it came out as a whine.

“Not on video,” Jimin reassured hurriedly. “I’ll take notes.” He pointed at his notepad and pen he had taken out. Yoongi was about to say something but then the pen stirred to life and started jotting down words quicker than anyone would be able to do by hand. He’d even go as far as say it would be as quick as spoken words. Immediate, live transcribing.

He cracked a smile with a small huff. “Convenient.”

Jimin grinned proudly. If there was any word to describe his quirk it would be convenient. Though it wasn’t as leisurely as some people thought it was. He had to concentrate and repeat the words either out loud or in his head to write them down. This meant he usually couldn’t pay attention to the complete meaning of the sentence and it would become tiresome after some time. For lectures he couldn’t doze off while taking notes this way and he also couldn’t do anything else. It wasn’t like he could simply transcribe everything that was said and never have to worry about it again. Who wanted to have an entire book to study? Besides, he couldn’t copy graphics this way and if he got words wrong they would be written down incorrectly as well. But yes, generally it was a pretty convenient quirk, he’d have to agree. 

Seokjin came back with four hot chocolates and stroked his husband’s back in a calming motion before excusing himself again to tidy up the rest of the shop.

The other four got to work on the interview with Jungkook and Taehyung asking the questions, Yoongi answering them and Jimin writing everything down diligently. Jungkook was somewhat glad that he could just listen to Yoongi’s answers properly. He had this way of talking that made you want to listen to his words. He said some pretty amazing things and used his hands a lot to explain. His answers weren’t too long and sometimes he just said one sentence that wrapped up everything he needed to say. This experience just confirmed Jungkook’s belief that Yoongi would be an amazing postcast host or audio book narrator. Maybe not for action filled books but those more light hearted novels or psychology books. Honestly, Yoongi could read a gardening book out loud and Jungkook would be glad to listen.

They were at it for about half an hour, digging deeper for some things and asking spontaneous questions that didn’t have much to do with the original topic at hand. Yoongi answered all of it in stride, never getting annoyed or restless. Jungkook couldn’t imagine any better source for their article.

“I think that wraps it up then,” Taehyung said and looked at his friends for confirmation. “Well, I think we can do something with this,” Jimin said and shuffled through the pages he had filled out with questions and answers. “I’m not sure if we can use all of this but most of it is perfect.”

Yoongi smiled softly, a little bashfully even, and seemed happy to hear he hadn’t wasted the students’ time. The plate of pastries and the cups of hot chocolate were all empty. Seokjin had tidied up around them and had prepared the shop for the next day. Everything he had done had been a practised routine since he did this every evening. It was strange to see the shop like this, empty and closed off. Jungkook preferred its usual look a lot more. 

“Oh, you’re done?” Seokjin asked as he went past them with a few empty trays. “All questions answered?”

“Yep.” Jungkook grinned. “I think we can do some good work with this.”

“Aw, see? Good job, babe. That wasn’t so hard, hm?” Seokjin petted his husband’s head who swatted at his hands. “I’m gonna scratch up your good cutting board,” he growled.

Seokjin looked affronted. “Then I’m throwing out your nice cat bed.”

They glowered at one another until Yoongi looked away with a grunt and Seokjin smiled. “He gets shy,” he stage whispered and Yoongi scrunched up his face. He decided he was done for the day with human to human interactions and shifted back into a cat without another word. This was something he did without really thinking about and Seokjin didn’t seem surprised either. Not even when Yoongi jumped up onto his shoulders and got comfortable there. He simply reached up and tickled the cat’s chin. 

“You kids can get home alright?” he asked as he picked up the empty plate from the table.

“It’s barely nine,” Taehyung said with a laugh, all of them moving to help bring the used cup back to the counter and clean up their tables. “I think we’ll be fine.”

Seokjin hummed. “Alright.” He put everything into the sink and made quick work of getting everything clean again. “I do want a copy of your article though if you can spare one.”

“Of course!” Jimin called. That was the least they could do. Seokjin and Yoongi had really helped them out a lot. “Once it gets approved by the professor we can get you one.”

“I can frame it and show off to my mom that my husband is a successful man who is being interviewed,” Seokjin said with a fake sniff and wiped his eye. Yoongi made a strangled yowl sound that could only be described as pure agony. Jungkook couldn’t keep himself from laughing. The cat was such a drama queen.

A few minutes later Seokjin unlocked the door so they could leave. All three students reached up to pet Yoongi’s head when they went past him. If cats could blush then Yoongi would be blushing hard, ducking his head under his husband’s chin as if to hide. 

“Thanks again,” Jungkook said with a big smile. He had a really good feeling about the article and couldn’t wait to finish it up.

“No problem,” Seokjin said and Yoongi meowed softly in agreement. “Get home alright you three,” he called as they turned to leave, waving a few times before going back inside to close down the shop for the night properly. 

“See, it wasn’t that bad, hm?” he said softly and Yoongi meowed quietly before starting to purr and rubbing his head against his husband’s cheek. Seokjin laughed softly and kissed his face. “You wanna help me make brownies for tomorrow?” he asked. “I’ll even let you have one.”

Yoongi meowed again and waited patiently, slung around Seokjin shoulders like a fashionable scarf while the other turned off the lights and stepped outside. He locked up and then went around the building to the back entrance. Their apartment was above the shop so he just needed to climb up the stairs and switched the lights on. Yoongi hopped down from his shoulders and shifted once he was on the ground, immediately walking over to the kitchen that was bursting with baking supplies to get everything started. 

This was a practised routine to him and while Yoongi didn’t always help - because some of those things were beyond him - he made sure to cook before Seokjin came home and would keep him company for his baking spree. He had tried to get his husband to outsource some of the things but he could understand why he didn’t want to and was actually very proud to have such a hardworking partner. He helped where he could, even if it was just hanging out at the shop as a cat. Yoongi knew Seokjin appreciated him just being there whenever he could. 

“Alright,” Seokjin said as he pulled the first mixing bowl closer. “Time to get this party started.”






“What’s that supposed to mean?” Jungkook teased as he toed off his shoes at the entrance of the apartment. 

“I smell Jungkook,” Yoongi echoed back from the kitchen. “So one more for dinner.”

Seokjin chuckled, putting his own shoes away before joining his husband in the kitchen. He hugged him from behind and hooked his chin over his shoulder to see what he was cooking. “You made steak,” he observed and Yoongi hummed. “Because you wanted some.” It was spoken softly, almost like no one was supposed to hear it. 

Jungkook couldn’t help but smile. It has been one year since he had stumbled into Seokjin’s coffee shop and he had quickly gotten closer to the owner and his cat husband. At some point he had been invited to their apartment for dinner, snacks, a movie or whatnot. His friends as well but it was Jungkook who was there most often. He wouldn’t go as far and say the couple felt like parents, maybe more like really cool older brothers. The kind of brothers who had their own place and had their lives figured out. For this Jungkook completely disregarded him being an adult and a college student which would mean he was too old to be fascinated with his potential-not-actually older brothers.

Seokjin and Yoongi were cool though. They were young but were committed to one another. They had their own well-earning jobs and did what they wanted to do independently but with each other’s support. They had the kind of relationship you’d read about in books but never saw in real life. The one older people would describe as a child’s dream and dismiss as nothing real. They were just jealous of those who had a loving relationship without any pressure or power imbalance. Just because most people settled for the first best option and were unhappy with their partner didn’t meant it was the only way to have a relationship. It was just so heartwarming to watch them. Like when Seokjin presented some of his new creations to Yoongi who took time to try them all and give his honest opinion. Sometimes it was just gibberish, sometimes he didn’t know how to describe the taste but Seokjin always got something out of it. Other times Yoongi would just come home with some nice chocolate or get his husband something he could use for baking. Some special kind of sugar, extra colorful sprinkles, a heart shaped baking pan, pumpkin themed cupcake wrappers, you name it. 

Sometimes they stood in the kitchen together, Seokjin with his sky blue apron and Yoongi in his oversized sweater, attempting to master some new creation while keeping their kitchen somewhat intact. They were rarely successful and would end up snorting between laughters and leaving flour handprints everywhere, each other’s ass included. Jungkook had been subjected to their baking sprees a few times and he had to say it had been wild. Yoongi didn’t know the first thing about baking, his department was cooking, so Seokjin had to explain exactly what he was supposed to do. Still he tried to help wherever he could and they often listened to some beats Yoongi had strung together throughout the day or to one of the bigger projects he was working on. They would exchange opinions and ask for advice ever though the other wasn’t an expert.

It was the kind of relationship Jungkook wanted to have one day. Just someone he could tell everything, someone who would be there for him no matter what and someone who put in as much effort as he did. Seokjin and Yoongi were very different people but they put in equal amounts of effort and contributed whatever they could, constantly. It was like they had never really left their honeymoon phase. They surprised one another with small things, took care of one another and had their date nights. They made sure to make room, no matter how exhausting work was, to spend some time with their other half. They even held hands in public. Jungkook had been quite surprised to learn Yoongi was the one who was really into hand holding. He was very cuddly in general, a trait Seokjin adored a lot because he loved swaddling his husband in hug, blankets and kisses. 

Jungkook wished he could have been there to witness their wedding. As a small compensation the two had shown him a picture album. Old fashioned, on Seokjin’s insistence, complete with candid polaroids and everything. Both of them had looked very, very handsome in their black suits, each with a shiny ring on their finger. Their best friends, Namjoon and Hoseok, had been their best men and there were many pictures with their shocked and excited expressions in the background. 

Hoseok was working as a dance instructor for modern dances and Namjoon was a producer similar to Yoongi. They sometimes worked together on songs or gave each other feedback whenever they needed it. They had all known each other for a long time, even well before Seokjin and Yoongi had gotten together which had been, by now, over six years ago. Jungkook had met them a few times and they were both really awesome people. Once all seven of them had gone bowling together and it had been an amazing evening.

Jungkook stole a glimpse at the contents of the frying pans as well and was thrilled to find three pieces of steak. “Aw, you made one for me too?”

“That’s for the cat,” Yoongi said without hesitation. “Aka me, get in line.”

Seokjin laughed and pinched his husband’s side. “Don’t bully the kid. He needs some steak to grow.”

Yoongi scoffed in disbelief and turned to Seokjin who went to get some drinks from the fridge. “The kid is growing taller than you. I think he can stop growing now. And his shoulders are getting close to yours.”

This Jungkook was very proud of. He was still a growing boy - no, man! - and he was working very hard to build up a muscular body and he was getting there slowly. It wasn’t his fault that Seokjin had naturally wide shoulders. 

“Is that a Yoongi-observation or a cat-observation?” Seokjin asked as he closed the door to the fridge with his hips. “Cola?” he asked Jungkook who just hummed in confirmation.

“Where is the difference?” Yoongi asked in confusion, stirring the pasta in another pan as the sauce started to blubber. 

“A cat-observation would be 'oh, I can sleep on his shoulders comfortably’ and a Yoongi-observation would be ‘wow, the kid has shoulders as wide as my husband's' which kinda means you’ve been checking out me and Jungkook.”

Yoongi looked very confused and repeated both options carefully before coming to a conclusion. “We’re married, I can look at my own husband… and I’m not looking at the kid with anything but cat-admiration.”

Jungkook snorted at that. “Yeah, okay.”

Yoongi pointed the tongs in his hand at him threateningly. “Shut it or I’m eating your steak.”

Seokjin brushed past him with a teasing smile on his face. “Of course, darling.” This particular pet name did not suit Yoongi in the least. He could do with babe or baby or even kitten if Seokjin was feeling extra fancy but darling was pushing it. His nose scrunched up in distaste. “I don’t feel like you’re taking me seriously.”

“You’re imagining it,” Seokjin said lightly and kissed his husband’s cheek. He took the tongs from Yoongi and started putting each piece of steak onto a plate before piling pasta onto them as well. 

Yoongi admitted defeat and flopped down with a huff, lazily pouring himself a glass of water. There was a ‘no coffee after eight except deadlines are near’ rule in their house and it was mainly there to keep Yoongi from running in circles at three in the morning. It had happened before and Seokjin had not been amused. Yoongi had a tendency to be nocturnal anyway, he didn’t need coffee to support or enhance his husband’s ability of staying awake for 48 hours.

Jungkook took a seat as well and received his plate from Seokjin only a moment later. One would think he was the one who would do the cooking and while he wasn’t bad at it, according to Yoongi, he was so busy with the café and baking that cooking every day wasn’t really on his agenda. Yoongi’s brother was very adapt in the cooking department so as the younger brother he had picked up a thing or two as well. Besides, according to him he liked cooking and it served as a nice distraction from his producing. Treating his husband to a nice dinner on most days was also one of the reasons why he liked it.

“How’s the animation thing coming along?” Yoongi asked with a yawn as he picked up his fork to stab his steak.

“Slow,” Jungkook sighed. At least he tried to cut his steak instead of stabbing it. “I think I’ll just have to do it all in one or two days because splitting up the work really isn’t working for me.”

Yoongi hummed. He was no stranger to the way inspiration and motivation worked. You’d just have to make do with whatever you go. “Just don’t stress yourself out and wait until the last day.”

Like when Jungkook had to write eight pages within two days last semester. The energy drinks he had consumed in those two days had still been in his system even a week later.

“I could turn off the wifi in the shop if that would help,” Seokjin teased. 

“No, I have to look at memes to keep myself motivated,” Jungkook objected. “Wifi is my life.”

Seokjin laughed. “Okay, fine, I’ll keep the wifi on.” He then launched into a long rant about how it was probably too early to start with the spring pastries but he wanted to test out some new creations he had seen online. Yoongi nodded along and hummed every now and then as he listened to his husband going off about different color combinations and flavors he could try. Jungkook just smiled and followed the exchange between them.  

Who would have thought a rainy day over a year ago would be the reason he had stumbled into a small coffee shop to seek shelter would be the reason for finding such a warm place he never ever wanted to let go again. 

Not to mention the people he had locked into his heart.