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Do I Wanna Bury A Friend?

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“Excuse me?”

It was the politest thing he could muster at this point. Part of him wanted to throw his drumsticks to the ground and beat some sense into the other boy. Hope that he’d understand that what he had offered was the most ridiculous thing he could think of.

Still Katsuki couldn’t quite hold his tongue, and added to it “are you fucking stupid or something?”

Denki was insulted. Pouted at Katsuki’s insinuation, crossing his arms to put up a front. “I’m not stupid,” he muttered, yellow eyes casted down to the floor.

Rubbing at his temples Katsuki heaved a sigh. He should’ve known that he had to be careful around the other boy. Denki always pretended that the insults slipped right off him, in one ear, and out the other. But in reality, Denki was a sensitive little thing. Couldn’t handle all the mean words people threw at him. Especially the girls in their class had a knack for it, and even if Denki was not as straight as he pretended to be, it still hurt the guy. And then Katsuki had to deal with the mess afterwards. In secret, because Denki still fretted about if it was even cool for two guys to date. Like Katsuki cared.

But now Katsuki was the one who had insulted the boy. The guy that sometimes sneaked into his room to spend the night. The one that insisted on calling Katsuki his boyfriend when they were in the privacy of their dorm rooms.

“Geez, fuck. I just want to play something fun, idiot.”

“Well, what’s wrong with Billie Eilish?” His lip jutted out even further, eyebrows turned downwards to make his sad expression even worse.

And even if Katsuki said he was not affected by the kicked puppy look, he really could not handle it when Denki was not his usual upbeat self. “Nothing, can’t we just like… fuck.”

“Is there a problem?”

Kyoka was glancing at the two as they bickered, disinterested look on her face. She had never really cared for either of them. Loved that they were in the band, but other than that it didn’t matter to her much. What did bother her was the delay in actual practice, hence why she got involved in her own way.

“No, there is no fucking problem. We’re just trying to pick a song to play,” Katsuki gritted out, trying to focus on Kyoka, but getting distracted by that sweet face still turned down in a sad frown.

“Just pick something,” she ordered, not too bothered by what they played, as long as they played something. Kyoka could appreciate any type of music, as long as it was performed right.

Nibbling on his lip Denki seemed to contemplate something. Trying to choose his words right. Which was a lot of effort. Katsuki knew how hard it was for Denki to think his ideas through, and not just spew them out and hope for the best. It’s why he often didn’t come of as intelligent, but the guy was not that stupid. Just a bit too focused on image and social status.

How the idiot had ever chosen to date Katsuki, was beyond him.

“It’s just that Billie Eilish is really popular right now, and I think it would be good for the band to play her songs. It’d get us more traction, you know?”

Katsuki had to admit, Denki had indeed thought this through and came with the argument why he wanted to play those types of songs. It was a stupid argument, nonetheless.

Eyebrows lowering into an angry scowl Katsuki looked over at the boy he was supposedly calling his boyfriend. Saw a new determination flitter through his squinty yellow eyes. His stance became more confident too, chin lifted higher up, ready to fight off any word Katsuki may throw at him.

“The fuck,” was Katsuki’s initial reply, too dumfounded to understand Denki’s reasoning. “So what you’re telling me is that you want to play popular songs, so we can satisfy our audience, while we’re just fucking practising?”

Denki looked a little confused at that, not fully understanding what Katsuki meant.

“We’re here to get used to the instruments, and each other. Get comfortable enough, so we can actually play some fucking songs, and you’re worried about if the songs will do well with an audience we don’t have? Bullshit, I just want to play some fucking Arctic Monkeys.”

Opening his mouth a few times, Denki tried to come up with a way to retaliate. Katsuki’s reasoning was flawed too. Of course one had to play the songs now that they would want to play later too, when they did have people coming to see them perform. But in truth Katsuki just rather played songs he knew and enjoyed, not something he hadn’t heard much of, just to appease the audience. He rather had fun instead.

Turning away from Katsuki, Denki finally admitted defeat, hands going up to the electric guitar strapped around his torso. “Fine, we can play ‘Do I Wanna Know’.”

Seeing those shoulder slump down as Denki tested the first chords of the song, made Katsuki reconsider. Of course he did. He actually liked Denki, a lot. Otherwise he wouldn’t tolerate the other in his presence for so long, especially not in private. But he liked it when Denki flung himself onto his bed, and cuddled up into his neck while they watched a movie or some shit.

So instead of following Denki’s lead, Katsuki started up the beat to ‘Bury A Friend’, and watch his boyfriend perk up again. Jerk his head back towards Katsuki with a gleeful smile, and with a skip in his pace made his way back to Katsuki, wrapping his arms around Katsuki’s neck, and plant a soft kiss to his lips.

“Well, that’s new,” Kyoka commented as she watched the pair.

Denki threw himself off Katsuki, throwing excuse after excuse at Kyoka to make her believe a different story than the truth. That this in fact meant nothing. That this was just what friends did.

But Katsuki would not make such excuses, not at all. He just smirked at the girl, tilting his head to the side to let her know that hell yeah, that just happened, and hell no, he did not regret it one bit.