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Bakugo is on the streets

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The Bakugo runs up to his room and grabs his backpack. He grabs his coat, gets on his trainers and slams the door. He storms off with no idea where to go.

He got to a park and sat on the bench. He knew one day this would happen, ever since he was a kid he knew he'd get kicked out. It's always been a risk. But although he's prepared, he's still scared shitless.


He looks through his bag. A few days worth of clothes, a charger, food, water bottles, aftershave and money. He looked in the wallet. He had maybe £100? He sighs. The dorms are shut until 2 days time.

Then every weekend from then on. He's fucked. What is he supposed to do? He decides to say fuck it and sleep on the bench that night.



The next morning he wakes up just as the sun rises. He pulls out his phone, 6am. He needs to find something to do.

He spends a good 2 hours just walking around. He found a library close to U.A but it isn't open until 8. So he walked around again for a while and went back to it.


What people didn't know is that Bakugo loves to read. He could get so immersed that he forgets to do anything else. So when he walks and find the library open he sighs in relief. Not only does it have distractions, it has plugs he can put his charger in, and a bathroom to freshen up. As well as cheap vending machines and computers.

He steps in and smiles at the old lady at the desk. He goes straight to the bathroom and freshens up.

He takes a look in the mirror after, he looks a mess. He washes a little and changes his shirt. He sighs, it's the best he can do. He runs his hands through his hair a little and tidies it up. He grabs his backpack and walks back to the main part of the library.


He goes to action sections and looks for a book. He finds a series and takes them to a table. He plugs his phone in to charge and spends all day reading, forgetting to eat. Eventually the lady taps him on the shoulder.

"It's nearly 6 dear." She smiles. "We're closing soon. But I can always set you up a card so you can take them out for 2 weeks at a time?"

"I-uh Yea." He smiles back. She leads them to a desk.

"I just need your name and home address." Reluctantly he gives her them. "The address is only for fees if you hand a book in late. I doubt we'll need to use it." He nods and she passes him a green card. She scans the books and then the card before handing them back to him. "I'll see you when I see you." She smiles. He just waves and walks back to the park.


He finds a little building nearby, it's got toilets and electricity. It's just like a community hall. It's always open as there is nothing to steal. He sighs in relief and walks in to find it empty. He dumps his bag and sits in a corner. He plugs his phone in and sees his group chat going wild.


Kaminari: I'm so glad we got a week off

Kirishima: Bro were going back in 2 days

Kirishima: Youre a little late with that

Kaminari: S H U S H

Kaminari: but like I feel so calm

Kaminari: I've caught up on sleep and I feel great

Kirishima: I know that feeling

Kirishima: It's so calming to just have a week to chill.

Bakugo scoffs as he reads that. He's having one of the worst weeks of his life... The worst week of his life. First he's beaten until he can't walk and 2 days later he's homeless.

Kirishima: @sero @mina @bakugo Hows your week going

Mina: It's great! I feel well rested for once and I didn't realise how much I missed my family

Sero: I mean it's been a bit iffy, cuz I haven't been home in ages We're fighting a little but it's mostly good

Bakugo wants to laugh, that's his definition of iffy? His iffy is only getting a few small bruises from his mother. He's not saying he's not valid it whatever the fuck. He just finds it funny.

Mina: Awww I Hope it works itself out

Bakugo: It's fucking chill, not like a lot has fucking happened

Kirishima: That's fair I mean it's been 5 days. What's going to happen?

Mina: You gonna get kicked out in 5 days?

Kaminari: That would fucking s u c k lmaoooo

Bakugo: No shit it would

He signs off and decides to read for a little. He spends another hour reading and realises that he forgot to eat. He looks in his bag and pulls out a protein bar and some water. He eats it before trying to sleep.


He wakes up and realises that he's going to school the next day so he's got to plan it carefully.

It's about a half hour walk, if he finds a way to wash his hair and almost take a shower he will be fine. He brushes it off for now and decides to continue reading. Because what else has he to do?


After an hour he realises he needs to eat something. He walks to a corner shop and buys a few more protein bars and some fruit. He puts them in his bag for later and walks back.

Bakugo starts to get hungry and looks in his bag, he finds a bit of fruit, some veg and another protein bar. He'll eat the bar now, have the veg before he sleeps and the fruit in the morning. He can eat more when he gets to the dorms. He pulls out the notes app on his phone.

Checklist for when the dorm is shut:

•Clothes ~Waterproof

•Food ~2 Fucking days worth at least ~~Breakfast and dinner at least

•Stuff to freshen up


•Blanket so I don't fucking freeze


He needs to find a job he remembers. He pushes it to the back of his mind. He doesn't need to buy anything. He'll be fine, he can use the generic soap and shampoo at school and if needs be, he can refill his bottles with some of the shit from there, it's not like he has a choice.


He rests his head on the wall and sighs, he's been kicked out overnight before but now? Now he can't ever go home. He gets a message from his mum.

Hag: We're getting rid of your shit. You have today to get what you need. Everything left will be trashed. You know where the spare key is and what to do.

Hag: Take anything from the kitchen and your room. Touch anything else and you're fucking dead. Your father and I are out until 10pm


Bakugo sighs in relief. He can stock up. He packs his stuff away and basically runs to his house. He unlocks it and smiles. It's quiet. He runs up to his room. He looks around and sees a suitcase that he brought with him, everyone else took one so it would be weird if he came back without it.


He pulls it out and empties it fully. He doesn't need many clothes, most are at the dorms anyway. He shoves in money, aftershave, painkillers, he adds a knife (because he's going to be on the fucking streets, he may have a quirk but it's still dangerous), he gives in and adds some keepsakes.

He has a trophy from a boxing match when he was younger, a few ornaments from various dead family members who cared for him, lastly he adds a sketchbook with a small pencil case. It has pencils, fine liners, a few coloured pencils, a sharpener, a few coloured pens and a small watercolour set. He'd never admit it but he loves to draw.


He closes the suitcase and walks to the kitchen. He pulls out a few plastic bags and wraps the ornaments in them so they don't break. He then adds in some tubs to put food in, simple utensils, some of his mugs (also wrapped in bags) and a thermos. They said he could take whatever so he fully intends to follow through on that.

He checks the time, 6pm. He starts to walk back the community hall and smiles when he sees that it's empty. He sleeps and sets his alarm for 6 am.


It goes off and he grunts. He freshens up, washes his hair in the sink in the toilets and changes his clothes. He tames his hair a little, but he has a brush at U.A so he didn't bother taking one. He eats the fruit and sits down. He checks the time. 7am. They open at 7:15am so he decides to start walking.


Thank fuck for stamina training. He managed to walk there but carting the suitcase around was annoying as hell. He gets there before most people, he just sees Todoroki and Tsu there.

He wouldn't normally interact so he doesn't bother trying, he gets to his room and starts to unpack everything. Instead of the room looking bare, it looks somewhat like a room now, because it's the only one he has now. On his desk he's got all of the ornaments arranged. He got a few photos and put them up on his wall. None of his parents, just his cousins and aunties and uncles. The ones who were nice to him.

Unfortunately his grandparents died but they were the nicest so he has many photos with them. His other family moved away so they don't speak much anymore. The photos all go inside his wardrobe. They stick to the doors, he's not embarrassed but he'd prefer them not to be on show...Okay maybe he's a little embarrassed. They don't have frames so they're easy enough to stick down.


Once he's done that he puts his sketchbook and pencil case in a drawer and shuts it, he puts the library book in there as well. He decides on making a drawer just for stuff he needs to take on the weekends, he puts the tubs, the thermos and the untiensils in there. Before adding in the soap, aftershave and shampoo. He shuts it and decides to ignore it until the weekend.

He unpacks the rest of his clothes and sighs and he lays on his bed. He's got a bed, for the first time in a few days. When he finishes it's almost 11. Most people have gotten back by now, he starts to drift off when a knock on his door pulls him back to reality. He sighs and walks over, opening it to find Kirishima.


"Of course it's you." He sighs.

"What does that mean?"

"Fucking Nothing." He mutters, he steps aside to let him in. He smiles brightly and does just that.

Bakugo! Your room, you've got stuff in it now!" He jumps and looks at the ornaments on his desk and the one photo he kept out, it was at a family reunion. It's the last photo he has will all his cousins and his grandma.

"No shit."

"I love these." Kirishima doesn't touch them but looks at the ornaments. There are a few gold people, a few bear ornaments and even a few Christmas tree ornaments that he's stood up.

"They're some of the only things I've got from the rest of my fucking family, so I thought since I'm here the most the time it would be better to have them here." He lies.

"That makes sense." He stands back up and nudges him. "Didn't know you were so sentimental."

"There's a lot of shit you don't know hair for brains." Kirishima simply crosses his arms.

"I guess. But hey! We're having a move night tonight. Everyone in my room. We thought it would be nice to talk about our weeks and just chill watching movies."

"Do I have to fucking come?"

"Yes." Kirishima says with a straight face.

"Fuck Okay." He rubs his temples, he just wants to fucking sleep.


He arrives to the movie night fucking exhausted. He didn't bother with a shirt and just put on sweats. They've all seen each other topless anyway, and most of them naked so they really don't care.

"Bro you look exhausted." Kaminari laughs.

"That's because I am shithead."

"Fair fair." He puts his hands up in surrender.

"So you might fall asleep on one of us then?" Mina raises her eyebrows.

"It's fucking likely." He sighs and sits down. Kirishima and Mina sit next to him.

"Hey that's not fair! I wanted to be next to Blasty!" Kaminari pouts.

"Fucking hell." He puts his hand to his face, he sees that Kaminari is still pouting. "Just fucking lay across me if you're gonna be that pissy." He jokes.

"Aw Hell yea," he does just that.

"No-I didn't- for fucks sake." He leans his head back. They end up watching a horror movie to try and keep Bakugo awake. Turns out he can even fucking sleep through that.


"How is Blasty still asleep?" Mina laughs. "His week must have been busy." Sero laughs.

“Nah, he said he was with his parents the whole time."

"Well. Parents are pretty exhausting aren't they?" Kirishima adds in.

“True true." Bakugo opens his eyes but closes them quickly. He doesn't want to be awake so he's just going to pretend he's still asleep. He shuffles closer to Kirishima and rests his head on his shoulder. He feels the tension rise as he moves but it falls when they see he's still 'asleep'.

"Awwww." Mina coos. "He's so cute." Bakugo is too tired to react so just listens to the conversation.

"Anyway. How did it go with your parents?" Kaminari asks Sero.

"Shit. It was so bad. I told them I was gay and they were like fuck no. They straight up denied it and said it was a phase." Bakugo would scoff if he had the energy. His parents beat him until he was in hospital when they found out and then when he brought it up again recently he was beaten and kicked out. Shit, his ass. He'd rather his parents had just denied it.

"Aw shit bro." Kirishima says. "At least you're not kicked out." He smiles.

"I fucking might be." Sero puts his head in his hands. Bakugo decides to say something, it's bullshit when they say that because he knows all of their parents.


"I doubt it." He mumbles.


"I've met your parents tapeface. They may deny you being gay but the way you talk about them and I see how they act, they won't fucking kick you out. They love you too much for that. Give them fucking time to accept the news. Then if they're still assholes then fuck them, you don't need ‘em." Bakugo still has his eyes closed, although he won't admit it, he's fucking jealous. He would love to have parents like any of these fuckers.

"Awww Bakubabe." Mina ruffles his hair. He tiredly seats it away and shuffles closer to Kirishima again.

"I guess you're right." Sero smiles. "Thanks bro." He just gets a grunt in response.


For a few months his plan works. He spends his week at the dorms and spends his weekends at the community hall. He checks out books from library and the lady knows him pretty well by now, he spends a lot of time talking to her.

He makes a lot of food on the Friday, the excuse that it's for his family and nobody questions it anymore. He's got a nice rhythm going.

Of course he'd rather be in a house but he can't do anything about it, so he gets on. Of course there are a few fights but the streets aren't safe, so he expected it.


People around him have noticed a change, he’s tired a lot more of the time, he’s getting in fights too often, he’s more irritable. Worst of all he starts eating less and some people swear they’ve heard him crying during the night (mainly Kirishima). They bring it up probably too often, but can you blame them? They’re best friend looks on the verge of death and won’t tell them anything. Just a quick ‘fuck off’ and walks off.


This week they have a week off, the break is nearly over and he does everything as usual and goes to sleep in the hall. He chucks his bag down and goes to sit. He feels arms wrap around his as he gets pulled back.

"So, you're new around here huh?" One guy steps out of the shadows. Bakugo tries to explode but nothing.

"Nice try, he can neutralise quirks just by touching the person." Fuck.

"You've been a real pain." Another steps out. "We've been selling shit around here for months. But recently every weekend, you've been here. And that's not okay."

"I wonder what everyone would say if they found out that one of U.A's precious students is actually homeless huh? Weeks in the dorms and then homeless every break and weekend."

"Shut the fuck up." Bakugo growls.

"That's not very nice." One of them grabs his face. Bakugo spits in his face. The guy lets go and punches him. He wipes the spit off. Bakugo spits out blood and looks at him.

"Go to hell." The guy just shrugs.

"We weren't going to hurt you too bad. Guess we just need to teach you a lesson." They punch him and kick him until he falls to the floor.

"If we find you back here again after tomorrow.” The guy holds up a knife. “Well. You won't be getting off so easy."



Bakugo lays there for a few minutes and finally regains enough strength to move. He grabs his stuff and walks to the bathroom. He looks in the mirror. His face is bruised and bleeding. He tackles that first. He stops the bleeding and cleans up the dry blood. It's not much better but it's better.

He then looks at the rest of his body. He's not bleeding, but it's achy and he knows it's going to bruise if it hasn't already. He's had worse so he just decides what to do next.

He pulls out his phone and sighs. He only has one option. He doesn't know what's worse. Admitting to Aizawa he needs help, or admitting that he's been homeless for months. He decides not to mention the last bit for a while. He looks at Aizawa's number and grimaces.

Fuck it." He calls the number and waits for an answer.

Aizawa sits at home with his husband when his phone rings. He sighs and reaches it, it's a number he's never seen before. He just shrugs at Mic before answering.

Hello?" He asks. Nothing. "Who's there?" He grows annoyed. "I'll just hang up-"

"Wait!" A voice finally speaks. He recognises it.

"Bakugo?" He asks shocked. Hizashi turns to look at him, he shrugs.

"You-Fuck. You gave us this number in case we were in trouble right?"

"Yes I did." Aizawa grows more anxious by the second. The fact that Bakugo is calling means something bad must of happened.

“Well. I uh-I'm kinda in a fucking sticky situation."

"What's happened?" He stands. “Never mind. Where are you? Do you need picking up?"

"Fuck. Yea." Aizawa hears how hard it is for the boy to ask for help.  

"Okay where are you?" He explains and Aizawa hangs up getting his coat on.

"What's happened?" Hizashi voices his concern. 

"I'm not sure. But he needs picking up and he asked for help. So something has happened."

"Update me when you come back. Make sure he's safe."

"Will do." Mic kisses him on the forehead and Aizawa gets in his car.


He drives until he gets to the park. He walks out cautiously and sees a familiar ash blonde on a bench with a bag. "Bakugo?" He asks.

"Yea." He stands up and grabs his bag, still looking down.

"Can you look at me?" Aizawa asks. The boy sighs and looks him dead in the eyes. "What the fuck happened?"

"The streets aren't a safe place." He shrugs.

"I'm taking you home. Where do you live?"

"I thought U.A was Shut on the weekends." Bakugo laughs bitterly. Aizawa looks at him confused.

"Bakugo, your parents house. What's the address?"

"I'm not allowed back there." He sighs.


"I got kicked out. Which is why I'm on the streets." He explains.

"Okay get in the fucking car. You're coming to mine and when we get there you're explaining everything."

"Fucking fine. I just need to get somewhere that isn't here." Bakugo rubs his temples. Aizawa looks at the boy, he looks so different. Usually he's so strong, so commanding, but right now? He looks exhausted, he's beaten and Aizawa wants to protect him.


The car ride is silent and Aizawa sees Bakugo nearly falling asleep. When the car stops Bakugo opens his eyes and follows Aizawa in. Mic is there quickly and Bakugo smiles.

"Fuck yeah. Most of the class owe me 10 bucks."

"What was that?" Aizawa looks at him.

"Most of the class owe me 10 bucks. They bet you were single but you two weren't sneaky. The rings you wear as a necklace? And you basically eye fuck each other whenever you're not speaking. But somehow only me and Shitty hair caught on so we're gonna be rich when you two wanna tell them."

“When we wanna tell them?" Mic looks at him.

"No shit. I might make the bets but I'm not about to say shit you don't want me too, I'm not a complete asshole." He shrugs.

"I take it back. Your whole class is annoying apart from this one." Mic laughs.

"Fuck Yea." Bakugo smirks.

"You think you're sneaky? I know you're changing the subject." Aizawa glares.

"It fucking worked."


"For fucks- Yamada, can you make something for him?"

"Sure thing. Pasta good?" He asks.

"I don't need anything." Bakugo mumbles.

"When did you last eat?"

"I had an apple this morning and I still have some stuff left for this evening and tomorrow." Bakugo looks down and he doesn't see the worried looks between the two heroes.


“Sit the fuck down. You're eating and then you can explain." Aizawa says strictly.

“For fucks sake, fine." Bakugo takes his shoes off and his jacket. Mic takes a proper look at the boy. He sees that is face is obviously messed up but he sees a few bruises on his arms and he notices the pain as he walks. He frowns but gets to work on cooking for the boy.He doesn't know what's wrong but knows it's something big.


When Bakugo gets the food he almost fucking cries. He hasn't had a proper meal in a week, and he hasn't had someone make him a meal for months, maybe years if he thinks about it. He doesn't move for a minute.

“Thank you." He says quietly and tries to eat politely as possible even though he's fucking hungry as shit.


When he's finished Mic smiles at him and takes the plate away. He walks back and sits next to Aizawa.

"Bakugo what's going on?"



"I'm not a Bakugo anymore."

"What do you mean?" Mic looks at him.

"6 months ago I got kicked out during the week the dorms were being fixed. I got my stuff and I was on the streets until the dorms reopened. And since then I've been living in a community hall every weekend and holiday."

"Oh my god." Mic gasps.

"6 months?" Aizawa growls. "Bak- Katsuki we could have helped you. You're friends would have been happy to help you."

"I didn't need help. It was my own shitty fault anyway."

"How?" Mic challenges.

"I did shit on a test, I forgot to study, I didn't listen to her and to top it off I was fucking gay." He explains, head in his hands. "I was a fucking bully and she had enough, so when hitting me wasn't enough of a punishment, she fucking disowned me."

"What the fuck?" Aizawa speaks both of their thoughts. "First things, you are not living on the streets anymore."

"I can't stay there anyway. These dudes got pissed that I was scaring away customers so they did this and said they would kill me if I came back. Which is the only reason I'm telling you this shit."

"Funky idea." Mic starts. "What if we take you in?"

"What?" Aizawa and Katsuki look at him.

"Think about it. This way you don't have to go on the streets and it would be easier. You'd only be here weekends and during breaks."

"Fuck it." Aizawa shrugs. "Why not?"

"I don't have anywhere else to go." He agrees.

"Good. We have guest bedroom we can use as yours."



6 months later


As much as Katsuki and Aizawa would hate to admit it, they've grown close. They can't imagine not living with each other. They've grown closer in class as well, nobody has mentioned it but they've all noticed it. The joking between the two and Mic.

People have noticed a change in Katsuki as well, he’s smiling more and is calmer. Whatever happened they know it's over. And whilst it hurts he didn’t say anything they’re glad he’s okay now.


It's Friday and the Aizawa and Katsuki are talking after training has ended. "Don't forget you're cooking tomorrow." Aizawa teases him.

"I fucking know."

"Just checking."

"Shut it." Katsuki laughs and pushes him a little.

"Hey!" Aizawa laughs as well. They don't see the class walk up to them, they decide to just stop and listen, finally getting some answers they hope.

"At least I can fucking cook!"

"Hey! I haven't had the time to learn."

"There's always time. I would have guessed that Hizashi tried to teach you."

"He has." They walk back to the classroom for English. The class follow a little way behind.


"And he gave up after 2 days." Mic puts his arm around both of them.

"He cant have been that bad." Katsuki laughs.

"Kat." Mic looks him dead in the eyes, "he set the fire off multiple times in one night. And then proceeded to break the toaster the next morning." Aizawa covers his face. Katsuki bursts out laughing.

"Don't tell him that!" Aizawa groans.

"So that's why you don't cook."

"Not that he doesn't. He's not allowed to." Mic laughs. The family laugh and Aizawa kisses Mic quickly.

"Good luck."

"Why?" Mic eyes him suspiciously.

"We've just had hero training and it fucking sucked." Katsuki explains.

"Ah." Mic sighs. "Babe, please go easier on them when you have them before I do."

"Never. That's why I push them harder babe."



"Listen you're both little whore ass bitches. Can we move on?" Katsuki sighs. The couple just laugh.

"Yea Yea." Aizawa kisses Mic's forehead and ruffles Katsuki‘s hair. "See you tomorrow morning."

"Good bye." Katsuki says bored, telling him to leave. Aizawa flips him off and Katsuki does the same. Aizawa turns the corner and finds the class and freezes.



"Uhhh. We didn't hear anything?" Mina tries.

"Just fucking come with me." He sighs and they follow him back into the class room. He knocks.

"Babe?" Mic looks at him and sees the class behind him. Katsuki doesn't even look up.

"Dad you were literally here 2 minutes ago." Katsuki is still reading his book.

"Not Exactly." He looks up, Mic and Katsuki freeze.

“Shit." Katsuki swears.

"What the fuck is going on?" Kaminari speaks up.

"Uhhh huh uh." Mic laughs awkwardly. "Nothing?"

"Papa, that's not gonna fucking work." Katsuki slams him head on the desk.

"Worth a try." He shrugs.

"No it wasn't." Both Katsuki and Aizawa say.


"Well Kat. You can explain." Aizawa takes a seat.

"You little fucking bitch."

"Hey! This is just so I don't say something you don't want me to." Aizawa says innocently, it’s definitely not because he doesn’t want to explain.

"Fuck. That's.... fair." He crosses his arms and stand at the front of the class. "You just gonna stand there or?" He gestures to the room. They laugh and walk on.


"Okay. Well simply. My parents were shitty and kicked me out uhhh, 11 months ago now?" He looks at Hizashi and Aizawa to confirm.

"Yea. It's nearly 12." Aizawa confirms. The class just widen their eyes when they hear them talk so casually about it.

"Cool. Anyway. This was when the dorms were being rebuilt, a few days before they reopened."

"So the fact you had more of your stuff..." Kirishima thinks.

"Yea that's because it was the only room I had so I had to move most of my stuff." The class look in shock.

"Wait hold on." Iida speaks up. "How long were you kicked out for?"

"6 months before I had to call da-Aizawa."

"Bakugo." Iida walks closer. "Where did you spend the weekends and holidays?" The class look at him, hoping it's not what they think. He sighs.

"I was on the streets." They all gasp. "I found a community hall to sleep, the library occupied most of my days, I could freshen up in the bathroom and I managed to get by with the food I brought with me from the dorms. It wasn't always easy, the streets aren't safe so there were times I got into fights."

"The days you came back with bruises."

"Yep. So it was tough. But I was luckier then most, I met so many others who didn't have anywhere like the dorms. So I knew that as long as I got back to the dorms I was safe. Until." He sighs. Kirishima steps closer.

"Until?" He prompts.


"Until it wasn't safe. One break 6 months ago I got into a bit of trouble. Some druggies recognised me from the sports festival so they kept their eye on me, and eventually they said I was getting in the way of their sales.

”One of their quirks could remove others by touch and there was around 4 or 5 of them. So they beat me and said that if I didn't leave they would basically kill me. So I had to call these two. And I started to live with them and I-fuck. They're basically my parents. Hence the dad shit."

"Holy fuck." Kirishima runs over and hugs him. "Dude you should have told us. I would have let you stay round mine as long as you needed."

"Same here." His friends agree.


"Told you." Mic chimes in.

"You're cooking you're own dinner tomorrow."

"No wait kattttt." Mic whines. They all laugh and Katsuki feels lighter.


"Also. Please don't call me Bakugo anymore. Katsuki, Kat. Whatever the fuck you want just not that. I don't want to remember my parents anymore then I need to." They all nod and continue with the English lesson.


“Another thing." Katsuki speaks up. "I believe most of you owe me money." He smirks.

"Wait why- THE BET!" Kaminari realises.

"SHIT!" Jiro shouts.

"To be fair I bet this before I started living with them so hand over your money cowards." Reluctantly 3/4 of the class gave Bakugo a tenner.


Everything continued as usual. The only difference being the change in name and Katsuki being a little more clingy to his friends, which nobody points out, only his dads, but only to tease him.

They always somehow manage to pair him up with Kirishima. Funny coincidence that.

Chapter Text

Their second year in U.A has just began, everyone is so excited and for once, Katsuki had a good summer. He’s only gotten closer to Eraser and Mic. He treats them like they’ve always been his parents and they treat him like he’s always been their kid. Everyone can see how much they love each other.

Over that time Katsuki also got himself in a good relationship... quite a big one. The entire Bakusquad (now KatsuSquad) started dating near the end of their first year and they’re so happy that they did. 


Before the first week ends U.A likes teachers to talk to the parents. Katsuki laughs at everyone else having to go through it. He’s only going to make fun of them.

“Bro this is so unfair.” Kaminari sighs.

“Just don’t be a dumbass.” Katsuki smacks him on the head.

“But Katsuuuu. You know that’s impossible.”

“Unfortunately I am fucking aware, yes.” Kirishima and Mina laugh as Sero pats his dejected boyfriend on the back. Midoriya and Uraraka walk into the common room.


“Well I’m just excited for my mum to make a fuss over Kacchan.” Midoriya says as he walks in.

“Auntie is going to WHAT?!” He shouts. Auntie? They all look at him, they knew him and Midoriya was close but not that close. 

“You heard. She’s annoyed you didn’t go to her when you were kicked out, so she’s gonna make a fuss.” He says the last bit in a sing-song voice, purely to annoy his childhood friend.

“You’re shitting me.”

“You’ve known my mum all your life Kacchan, what do you think?”

“For fucks sake.” He whines and lays on top of Kirishima’s lap.

“It can’t be that bad.” Kirishima kisses his forehead. 

“No. It is that bad.” Katsuki sighs.

“You’ll be fine.” Midoriya laughs and walks out.


“If I keel over and die you fuckers know why.”

“BABE! She’s not gonna kill you!” Mina laughs. 

“Uh huh.” He sits up and crosses his arms, nodding.

“Nuh uh.” Kaminari shakes his head.

“She is. She’s gonna fucking hug me too tight or some shit.”

Good! You deserve all the hugs!” Mina shouts. Katsuki hardly has time to move when they all jump on him and do a massive ‘cuddle pile’ as they call him. Katsuki just calls it suffocation. 



The day has finally arrived and Katsuki smiles so smugly. “I’m going to melt that smug smile off your beautiful face in a minute.” Mina sighs.

“No you’re not.” He says confidently.

“Okay so I’m not.” She pushes him lightly. “But Aizawa fucking called me out! The little bitch!

Watch it. That’s my dad.” Katsuki says.

“Thats literally his job.” Sero deadpans. 

“He called. Me. Out!” She growls.

“He called you out,” Kaminari smiles. “How exactly?

”By telling my mum that I don’t work hard enough in English. Apparently being fucking stupid isn’t a good reason not to do the work.” She sighs. “Apparently it’s more reason to work hard!”

“Well no shit.” Katsuki laughs a little.

Shut up!” Kirishima walks back out with his mums with a smile on his face. 


“So, how’d it go?” Kaminari asks.

“Really good!” One of his mums smiles.

“Apparently because of all the study dates you guys have had, he’s actually improving. We’re so proud of him.” The other ruffles his hair.

“Mum!” Kirishima whines and pushes her hand anyway.

”We’ve got to get back to work darling. We’ll see you soon okay?”

”Okay. Love you!” Kirishima kisses them both on the cheek, they both hug him back.

”Love you too.” 


Midoriya is last and so far Katsuki has avoided Inko. Until she catches him on his way to meet his dads, the class is done so they all decide to walk over with him.

Katsuki.” He freezes.

“Oh no.” He sighs and turns around. The class decide to watch. “Hey Auntie.” Nobody thinks they can get used to him called Midoriya’s mum auntie. Inko just hugs him tight.

“Why didn’t you let me help you, you silly boy.”

“I didn’t want to bother you. I knew that you knew my mum for years so I didn’t want you to think badly of her or lose a friend because of me.” He sighs. Inko pulls away and glares. 

“Katsuki that woman has not been my friend since she first hit you. I have only been talking to her because I wanted to watch over you.”

“Wait what?”

“I knew what she was doing and I was waiting for enough evidence to go to the police and get you out. But apparently you found another way.”

“I did.” He smiles.

“That’s good. So... tell me. How’s everything?” She smiles wide.

“Its, it’s good. I’m finally getting the hang of this family thing but it’s weird.” He sighs.

“I’m not surprised, what’s been bothering you?”

“Fucking, I don’t know. I mean they’re good to me but why? Like I get you are, but why them? Surely they’re not getting anything out of it. But whenever I bring it up they tell me it’s fine. And I fucking broke shit the other day, there wasn’t even any shouting, just making sure I was okay. Like. That’s got to be wrong. Like I get hitting a child is wrong but surely you’d shout when they fuck up.” The class listen as they talk, surprised Katsuki trusts her that much. Inko just smiles sadly.

“When have I raised my voice at Izuku?”

“When he’s purposely done something bad? But it’s still not as much as my mum did.”

Exactly. You’re not supposed to shout at your child. When they mess up you find out why, you tell them off and make them understand why it was wrong. Which is what I’m guessing Mic and Eraser have been doing.” Katsuki nods, “see. They care about you.”

Huh.” Katsuki laughs and accepts another hug.



Inko. Let go of the brat.” Everyone freezes at the voice. 

“Mitsuki lets just go.” Another voice speaks up, a male this time. 

“No. Katsuki get here now.” Katsuki lets go and looks at the pair. There stands his father and his mo- and Mitsuki. His father runs forward and pulls him into a hug.


“Thank god, I was so worried about you. You didn’t have anywhere to stay. I wanted to come and find you I really did. I’m so sorry. I’m happy you are living with them. They better be taking good care of you. Are you eating well? You better not be injured? Is your quirk causing problems?” He looks him over. The class are in shock. They’d never met his parents but they expected both of them to be bad not... this. Surprisingly Katsuki just laughs and hugs his dad back.

“I’m okay dad. I think it’s you I need to be more worried about.” He says and looks at his pale face, faint bruises are only just visible. He quickly coughs.

“I’m okay. Just small-“

Masaru.” Mitsuki growls. They see katsuki’s father tense up. He kisses Katsuki’s forehead and stands next to his wife. 

“I’m sorry Katsuki.” He says as he goes. The class want to be mad at him but can’t be. Katsuki just smiles sadly at him. 


Katsuki. Get your ass here this instant.” Katsuki doesn’t want to. He knows he shouldn’t but the way she says it makes him obey her. He doesn’t have a choice. So he walks. As soon as he gets there he feels the slap. He knew it was coming. He just looks down. “Couldn’t even stay out of trouble on the fucking streets huh?” She grabs his shirt. Iida immediately runs to get Aizawa and Yamada.

“It’s your fault I was on the streets!”

“My fault? Who is the one that turned out to be a pathetic little faggot? Who is the one that failed each test he got given?! So? Answer me brat!”

“Me.” He says quietly.

“I couldn’t fucking hear you!”

“Me! Okay, fuck! I’m the one that failed the tests. That was a fucking worthless faggot.”

Exactly!” She throws him onto the ground. “So how dare you try and blame me for this.” She kicks his side and picks him back up. The class want to get involved but they don’t know how. 

“I’m sorry.” He mumbles.

“What was that?”

“I’m sorry!”

“There we go!” She let’s go of his hair and rubs his cheek. “I’m just doing this to help you improve honey. You know that I love you. I need you to understand. I don’t want you to fail, or for people to hate you for being gay. I love you baby.” She kisses his forehead and he leans into it, smiling a little. She loves him. Kirishima pulls him away. Inko has been telling him to stay back, it would result in more bloodshed. They could gather evidence against her and put her away safely. Fuck that. Kirishima just wants to defend his fucking boyfriend and get him away from her


Stay the fuck away from him.” Kirishima steps in front of him. Soon most of the class is going too.

“Why would you protect him? I’m his mother-“

“No you are not.” Mina glares. Inko rushes to Katsuki and hugs him. He just stands there. 

“She loves me?” He speaks quietly. “Obviously. She was trying to protect me. She’s my mum. I was just overreacting. God I’m stupid.” Katsuki mutters. The class glares harder at Mitsuki. She just smirks.

“Exactly son. I love you so much. I just needed to harden you up. And it worked. Nobody made fun of you in middle school did they. Even Izuku can vouch for that. So it worked.”

“I’m sorry what?!” Midoriya spins around. 

“You can vouch for me. Nobody made fun of him.”

“Are you trying to get me on your side?” 

“So what if I am?” She crosses her arms.

“I’m not scared of you Mitsuki.” He crosses his arms back.

“Why are you protecting the brat? You know what he did to you. He told you to kill yourself. He bullied you relentlessly. So why?” 

“Because he learnt it from you. Everything he said to me you said to him. About how you need to defend yourself or you’re weak and useless. And the day he told me to kill myself? Don’t pretend you didn’t tell him to do so the day before. I saw the bruises. I saw the look in his eyes. You failed to raise him and to teach him about emotions. You taught him two. Anger and fear. That is not the correct way to raise a child.”

“And what do you know? You’re 16.” She scoffs. 


“And we’re not.” Aizawa walks up to her. “And we can tell you that you raised him wrong. In every fucking way.” 

“Oh so you two are the ones looking after him now? How’s he doing? You hit him yet?” She laughs. “Honestly I wouldn’t blame you. The little shit can’t keep his mouth shut for two minutes. The only way we could get silence was by kicking him out. Best few hours of the week.” She laughs like it’s the funniest thing ever. 

“No we haven’t hit him or kicked him out yet.” Mic growls. 

“Why not? He’s a ungrateful violent little faggot. Deserves it really.” She shrugs. 

“Leave.” Aizawa glares. “He isn’t a Bakugo. He is an Aizawa-Yamada. Get off this property now. I do not want to have to call the police on you.”

“We can and we will.” Mic glares. If looks could kill she’d be dead at least 20 times over. 


“Come on. Inko you can’t just let them do this. You know the brat. He’s been a little villain since he got his quirk. Hell you saw first hand what he did to Izuku.” Inko freezes. She kissed Katsuki’s forehead and passes him to his partners. They’re all so pissed off. Now she’s calling him a villain? Oh they will rain hell upon her. 

“Did you just try to get me on your fucking side by calling him a villain? By bringing up stuff in the past? By bringing up shit he did because of you?”

“He is a villain Inko. I’m surprised he didn’t take the chance offered to him when he was kidnapped.” Inko’s fists tighten. 

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me. He would probably be the best villain out there-“

“Shut the fuck up!” Inko shouts. 

“What?” Mitsuki has never heard inko raise her voice like that.

“Katsuki is one of the best boys I’ve ever met. He didn’t get taught how to be a good person, he didn’t have a good role model and the one decent adult in your household you beat on the weekly if not daily. Yet he still became an amazing hero in training. He still apologised for everything he put Izuku through and he still became a good person.

“He didn’t hit you back once, which is a miracle because I am only just holding back right now. So take your flat ass away from me and my fucking family. Take your abusive self far away from this school and especially away from Katsuki. Because I guarantee, if I don’t hit you next time, there are plenty of students behind me ready to take my place.” Her voice softens. “And Masaru. You’re my best friend. If you ever need to you can stay at mine. You can leave with me now if you want to.” His eyes widen and he nods subtly.

“Masaru don’t you fucking dare-“

Shut the fuck up!” Inko shouts. “I said take your ass away from everyone here. I will not hesitate to file a restraining order.”

“Fucking hell.” She sighs. “Good going brat. You’ve got them all fooled. How you convinced them you’re a good person I’ll never fucking know. But I know you best, and I can’t wait to see the villain you become-“

“I believe she told you to leave.” Eijiro walks up to her.

“Excuse me.”

“She said, and I quote, for you to get your flat ass away from her family. Which includes Katsuki. So walk yourself out of those gates before I do it for you.”

“You’re done Mitsuki.” Izuku steps forward. The three of them creating a strong border between her and Katsuki. 

“Fine. But I’ll be the first to say I told you so.”

“Just fuck off already!” Mina shouts, she’s had enough of this bitch. 

“Turn your skinny ass around and get out!” Uraraka shouts. Soon enough she just huffs and does just that. 

“Thank you for the offer Inko. But I can’t.” Masaru says calmly and sadly, following his wife. 


Katsuki stood there in shock. His whole class had defended him. He watched in all from his classmates arms. He was stunned into silence. But then everything she said hit him and he fell to his knees, sobs wracking his body.  


He doesn’t know what’s going on. He registers the warm hugs from inko and his dads. Izuku And his partners too. But he can’t hear the words, nothing goes into his head. He doesn’t even realise he’s still crying until he reaches and wipes his eyes. Nothing feels real. But it has to be. Maybe this is just a dream? Maybe he’ll wake up back in his mother’s house and nobody really cares about him like this. They care. He’s safe. Maybe he’s not actually okay.


Inko and Aizawa recognise what’s happening quickly. Katsuki doesn’t respond to anyone and looks surprised when he feels water on his hand. Inko looks at Aizawa who just nods.

“Okay, everyone let’s give him some space. He’s not completely here right now.” Aizawa kneels next to Katsuki. Suddenly the class catch on. 

“Katsuki.” Inko kneels next to him as well. “Kastuki just listen to me okay?” He nods weakly. “You’re safe, you’re okay. We’re going to take you to the common room and watch movies all night. You can snuggle close to your partners and sleep if you want to.”

“Come on Kat.” Aizawa smiles. “Let’s go Okay?” Aizawa holds his hand out and stands up. Katsuki takes it and leans on him as he walks into the dorms.

“Movie night!” Kirishima shouts.

“Smother Kat with all the hugs!” Mina shouts after. All her partners agree and they run after. The rest of the class smile and walk behind them. Izuku with his mum.

“Hopefully Kacchan can see how much they all care for him.” Midoriya sighs.

“God I hope so.” Inko looks at the boy in front of them. He really deserves to rest.


And rest he does. Within 10 minutes he fell asleep. His head resting on Kirishima’s shoulder and holding onto his arm. He sat on the floor between Kaminari’s legs. Mina was laying over him and Sero, and Sero was laying his head on Katsuki’s shoulder.


Inko, Aizawa and Mic look at the boy at smile. He deserves this and so much fucking more.