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Life at Avengers HQ

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It felt like 1000 years ago, the little kid and his potato gun. Tony can’t explain why he waited so long : the kid was in dire need of some upgrades. And now, the lowest point in his life, only now does he go back to the thing that rescued him. The name stuck with him, Harley, Harley Keener, his kid. He was lucky to have the papers all signed, then again, his family knew he was too good for Rose Hill, he had been too good for it since he was born.



”Harley, it’s your first day at Midtown, you better be fucking kidding me if you plan on being late!” Tony called.

”Okay dad.” Harley responded with as much sarcasm as he could

”Well, I am now, papers are signed, so watch it kiddo.”


“FRIDAY, make me some toast.”

”Yes Mr Potato Head, of course.”

”Tony has some explaining to do when I get home.”


And with that, Harley left for Midtown, buttery toast in hand.

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Harley made it to Midtown safely, not that he was surprised by that, he had the best security ever looking after him. However, what did surprise him was when a rich boy was standing over a weaker boy. The rich boy put his hands down the weaker boy’s pants (grossing Harley out majorly, boundaries people) and pulling out a packer.

”Penis Parker!” The rich kid yelled triumphantly, “The tranny freak Penis Parker.”

That word, that slur, set Harley off. The entire school was laughing at the poor kid, he was defenceless. Harley had to do something.

”Hey! Listen to me you spoiled brat! I don’t know who you think you are but what you just did makes you perverted and transphobic, both of those a tiny bit illegal here. I don’t know if you know this, but Starks adopted child is coming to the school, and he’s me, and if you touch this kid again, I’ll set Mr Stark’s best lawyers upon you and give you a sentence you deserve. I don’t care if you’re a minor.” Harley was fuming, he thought Rose Hill was bad but this took the cake.

”Oh wow, it’s another person faking relations with Tony Stark, you and him will make good friends Penis.”

”Bitch, fuck off! I ain’t faking anything, I can show you the papers, and besides, I have recording of this entire incident, get on your knees and beg that I don’t send it to the police.” Harley took the contact lenses out of this eyes and began to play back the footage of the incident through them.

”Flask, you’re cornered, how do you like?” A females voice questioned.

”Get on your knees and leave Peter alone.” A man said.

The male and female stood on Harley’s flanks as Flash begged for the first time in his life.

”Peter, I’m guessing that’s your name, I’m sorry that happened.”

”M’kay, don’t be.” The little boy lay on the floor. 


It was lunch and Harley wondered why the name ‘Peter’ was so familiar, then he realised, that was the name of Tony’s personal intern, the one who worked on the Spider-Man tech, probably because he was Spider-Man.

When Harley stood in front of the hall of people at lunch, Peter gestured to him.

”Are you the one that Mr Stark adopted?”

”Are you Tony’s personal intern?”

”Yes” both replying to each other’s question in unison.

”Aw cute.” The girl from the incident said.

”Shut up MJ, don’t give Ned any ideas.”

”You’re a disaster bi Peter, I shipped it before MJ.”

”Moving on,” Peter said, “what is you’re name?” He looked at Harley.

”Harley, my friends call me the chaotic gay one, or at least they would, if I has any.”

”You get to call me MJ, so I’m your friend.”

”You kinda saved my trans ass and everyone here is grateful for that.” Peter said, smiling.

”You’re Spider-Man tho, you protect your own and everyone else’s ass every night.”

”I knew it.” MJ and Harley whispered in unison.

”So much for secret identity, Ned! You know why I can’t fight back. Harley, can I walk with you after school? We both need to be in the same place I think.”


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“Peter, you okay?” Harley questioned as they walked out of school.

”Yeah, it’s just that you didn’t have to do that.”

”I did Pete, LGBT people have to look out for each other.”

”Yeah, I guess they do.” Peter responded shyly.




When Peter and Harley got back to HQ, they were, above all else, shocked to find Tony shaking and curled into a ball, crying. Harley knew that he was at a low point after Steve happened, but this was worse than the panic attacks from New York. Tony never told his kid how badly the Civil War affected him, and now it showed.

”Fri,” Harley whispered, “run whatever protocol you have for Tony’s panic attacks.”

”Yes, Harley. I’m also going to get in contact with Miss Potts, Boss needs someone to look after him.”

”We can.” Peter and Harley responded in unison.

”You can’t always be at the tower though, Boss needs someone here 24/7.”

”Rhodes, Vis?” Harley questioned

”Vision is away on assigned missions and Rhodes is a reminder, he tries, but he unfortunately reminds Tony of everything.”

There was a silence, then Friday started counting from 1000. Peter and Harley left him alone.




“Hey kids!” Tony shouted.

”Mr Stark, are you okay?” Peter questioned.

”I’m always okay.” 

Harley rolled his eyes.

“So you were rehearsed theatrics when we found you having a panic attack.” Harley said sarcastically.

”I didn’t want you guys to know. I need to protect you, I can’t have you guys protecting me.” Tony was on the verge of tears.

“They don’t have to, I’ll do it.” A familiar voice said to Tony. It couldn’t be though. She left him. He wasn’t good enough.

Tony turned his head. “Pep, I thought you left.”

”Taking a break.” Pepper responded “I’ve had a break and now you need me. But you have to get out of your workshop every now and then.”

”Thanks pep.” Tony said as he burst into tears.

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”Yes Mr Potato Head.”

”Yeah, can you uh... can you...”

”Mr Keener, I can do anything if you ask.”

”About that, can you just call me Harley?”

”Yes. Has my formality or humour offended you Harley?”

”No Fri, it um... it hasn’t. It’s just something else.”

”Is there something you need to say?”

”No thanks.”

”Ok Harley.”


“Harley, are you awake?” Said Peter with worry.



”M’not fine.”

”Harls, what is it? You can tell me anything. I care for you, okay.”

”I’m sorry Petey Pie, I can’t tell you just yet. I can’t even tell dad.” Harley broke out, much like Tony had those many months ago.

”Hey kids.” Tony called as he and his long time friend Rhodey/Platypus/Honey Bear/Rhodes (Pick a nickname and stick with it please) walked into the room. Vision soon phased through the wall.

”Hi Mr Stark, Mr Rhodes and Mx Vis.”

Harley couldn’t help but crack a smile through the tears at the adorable formal names and how cute it was that he didn’t gender the robot, Vision, yet was very grateful  he was on a first name basis with Peter.

”Why is Potato son upset?” Tony questioned, visibly worried.

”I don’t know, I’m sorry.”


”Harley did make one request today. I don’t think he wants it to be public knowledge though.”

”Can you all leave the room please? I think we need a father to son moment.”

They all obliged but Peter said one last thing. “Harley, if your up to it, can we go for a walk when you feel a bit better?” Harley nodded in response and Peter made haste out.


Harley and Peter had been walking for an hour. Peter was curious as to what caused Harley to break down like that, but daren't ask as he let the air and a few small words be therapy to Harley. Peter was very much caught off guard when Harley then said it. 

“Peter, can I tell you something?”





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“Peter? I can trust you, right?”

”Yes, yes Harls, of course you can.”

”Peter, you can’t tell this to anyone, okay?”

”Harley, why would I?

”Fine. Then here it goes.” Harley whimpered. “Actually, can we get to somewhere less public?”

”Pick a rooftop.” Peter chuckled, clearly trying to lighten the load he felt upon both of them.


“Get some air Harls.” Peter said gently to the nervous boy beside him.

”Ah, that’s nice. Well, I guess I’ve committed now.”

”Don’t force yourself. I’m not going to make you and shouldn’t either.”

”Someone has to guide me.”

”I’m listening.”

”Ok... so... erm... Pete, I know like so much about myself, I know I’m gay, I know I’m the child of Stark now, I know that I was born in Tennessee. But, it’s hard to explain it, it’s essentially like there is a crucial thing that just isn’t there. It’s like there’s one part I don’t know and it’s so large that I feel empty without it.”

”That reminds me of something in my past. It was like a force that lead me to find that part of myself.”

”What did you find?”

”I will tell you once you’ve found that part yourself.” 

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“Boys, you’re back! I missed you.” Shouted Tony.

”We we’re out for like 1 hour and you miss us?” Harley responded.

”It may surprise you, but as your (legal) parent I am obligated to love you, and that means I miss you as soon as you leave.”

”That still doesn’t explain Peter.”

”You won’t get one over on me next time, Potato Gun.”

“You sound like a supervillain Dad.”

”If I make a red lightsaber, I’ll look the part.”

“Can we?” Peter and Harley begged in unison.”

”No!” Pepper yelled at them. “Tony, you remember what happened last time.”

”That’s why I need to perfect it.”

”You never learn.”

”You still love me.”

”Yes. Unfortunately.”


“Ok, so first component is a crystal, I managed to make these before...” Tony said with uncertainty.

”What happened?” Peter asked.

”The lab blew up.”

There was look of shock and horror from both children, who suddenly felt in immediate danger.

”It’s fine, it’s fine.”

”Mr Stark, maybe we shouldn’t do this.”

”Peter it’s fine. If you want lightsabers, I will be willing to risk it to give you them.”

”We don’t want you to. We can just get them online.”

”But that’s not the perfect experience.”

”We don’t need perfect.”

”It’s just that you two deserve it.”

”Thanks.” Both boys said together Before the room shed tears. 


The next morning Harley was greeted by an unfamiliar female voice.

”Are you Stark’s child?”

”Yes, I’m Harley and you are?”

”Shuri, princess of Wakanda.”

”Why are you here?”

”What is it with you broken white boys and always questioning things? Anyway, Tony is with his team doing some meeting, my brother is there, the black panther. I was dragged along to inspect some tech, I was hoping to have someone to make this experience bearable.”

”So I take it that you’ve met my dad already?”

”No, actually I haven’t, I was just told that he wants ‘sister super genius to inspect new tech to make sure that it won’t kill anyone.’”

”That sounds just like him. I’ll help you, I’ll also bring my friend down.” 

“Your friend?”

”His name is Peter, he’s been staying here a little while. He normally lives with his aunt in some shabby apartment though.”


The boys entered the lab to be greeted by Shuri.

”So boys, what do you think? For one of you Americans, it is quite impressive, actually a concept that I used before.”

In front of them were two stands with little control panels resembling the arc reactors, but these were for a different purpose clearly.

”Tony wants these to form a suit. These are his first prototypes, I need to test whether they can be controlled, until now, they’ve had a mind of their own.”

“Typical dad.”

”I heard that.” Tony said as he walked in. “The meeting is over, I know I didn’t give you time to run tests but I have a treat for everyone.”

With that Tony and Shuri left. Peter and Harley looked at each other.

”A treat? What could it be Petey pie?”

”I don’t know, I just hope that he hasn’t cooked anything.”


Everyone was treated to a “Stark Style Party” (exactly what Tony called it). Noise, food and music were all mandatory, however this time there was no press. It was just an extended family. The family that Tony loved and the ones who made him feel at home. He had loosened around his team from the ‘Civil War’ and while it lay dormant, he was grateful for his team and could be around them. Shuri was introduced to him just before the party but, Tony was sure that she fitted in.


In the centre of the room was a dance floor. No one really used it because no one could dance. It was just there and was good to have the sound be on it so that it came from the centre. For parties with press it would be full but a casual evening warranted no need for it. For hours it stayed empty of people or AI until the party was coming to a close. Harley crept up on Peter and asked one simple question, “may I have this dance?”