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And Here You Are. But You Better Choose Carefully

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The pendant was simple. 

A dark ruby crystal, capped in silver and put on an leather necklace. The stone itself was uncut, the only work that had been done was to smooth away its sharpest edges.


It didn't look like much. Simple jewelry, no precious metals or diamonds, no particular talent in its craftsmanship noticable just by sight.


But it's real ability wasn't in how it looked. It was in how it worked.


The simple leather cord was enchanted to burn anyone who tried to take it by force from it's current holder.


The pendant was enchanted too. It was tied to the life of an Oni.


It was tied to Eijirou's life.




Nearly a decade ago, Eijirou had made the best worst decision of his life.


He had come to a fork in the road and had decided to go in an unfamiliar direction.


Eijirou had been travelling for over a year, looking for a mate.


He hadn't found anyone suitable.


They were all either too weak or too afraid of him.


Eijirou was fully grown and that meant he stood at a whole eight feet tall. He was thick and strong, and his teeth were sharp and intimidating.


Eijirou was aware that he looked scary to many.


But it wasn't like he could change any of that. 


He'd just have to look harder, maybe look somewhere he'd never gone before...


So he went left at the fork and starting pushing through the thick foliage and large trees.




It didn't take Eijirou long to meet the Keeper of this territory.


The young witch seemed so small to Eijirou, and he hadn't been able to stop himself from pointing that fact out to the hissing blond.


He had been cute, and despite being so small, the Oni had wondered. 


Eijirou had liked his pretty face, and the fire in the boy's eyes. 


Overall, he'd been considering if the witch was too small to mate.


Bakugou Katsuki, had been the witch's name. And although he was young and not well known, he had showed Eijirou exactly what he was capable of.


In the blink of an eye, Eijirou had been on his knees, gasping as the witch pressed a hot, glowing pendant into his chest.


It hadn't hurt, really, it had just left him feeling dazed and unsteady.


In his disoriented state, Eijirou had barely registered the witch's derisive laugh.




Eijirou later learned that Katsuki had bound his life to the pendant that he now wore around his neck at all times.


Eijirou was compelled to do as the witch demanded of him.


No matter what.


It wasn't always an easy relationship between them.


Actually, it usually wasn't.


Eijirou had learned that the pretty blond witch, despite living entirely alone, had been an adolescent, and that he had a nasty streak a mile wide.


It manifested in the way he treated Eijirou. He had ordered the Oni around relentlessly, and Eijirou hadn't really minded it. 


Katsuki hadn't liked how Eijirou had taken everything in stride, and he'd eventually found something that the Oni didn't appreciate. 




Eijirou would have loved to see Katsuki wear some. Just the thought of black lace over his smooth skin was enough to make Eijirou hard.


But that hadn't been the way that Katsuki had wanted it.


He had made Eijirou wear the lingerie.


The underwear had been red silk, impossibly soft and smooth to the touch, he thought it looked awkward across his large hips. The top had also been the same red silk, a babydoll top, Katsuki had called it. It hugged his pecs in a way that made them look soft and feminine, even if they were anything but.


Eijirou didn't mind it altogether, but the knowledge that the little witch made him do it because he wanted to humiliate the Oni? That pissed him off.


His little witch really didn't know what he was getting into.


Afterall, Eijirou was nearing a century of living, and Katsuki was only sixteen when they'd met.


Katsuki didn't know just how patient Eijirou could be.




Over the years, Katsuki had matured both mentally and physically.


At twenty six, he hadn't lost his mean streak, and he still made Eijirou dress up for him, but the Oni thought his motivations were a little different these days.


Eijirou wasn't blind. And when you spent a decade with just one person, you learned things about them.


Katsuki liked that Eijirou was big and strong.


It always pleased Eijirou to see the way his little witch's pupils dilated, to hear how his breathing picked up when Eijirou displayed his strength.


Katsuki wasn't as subtle as he thought he was when he watched Eijirou.


He didn't even seem to realize that Eijirou was watching him back.


And Eijirou had been watching him for a long time.


He'd watched how Katsuki had gotten taller, though he had never gotten close to six feet. He'd watched Katsuki's body fill in, watched his shoulders bulk up (though not as much as Katsuki had wanted), watched his limbs even out.


He'd never seen Katsuki fully naked. His little witch was oddly shy about that.


But Eijirou had seen him shirtless and in shorts.


He'd seen the smooth tummy and the soft swell of his hips. His nipples were a delicate pink and his thighs were toned. Eijirou wanted to bite them every time he saw them.


But he couldn't.


Katsuki kept him an arms length away. Never letting him too close, physically or emotionally. He kept his distance, and kept up his arrogant attitude most of the time.


But Eijirou was okay with that.


He knew his waiting would pay off.




His little witch was normally so observant, but in the last couple years he'd gotten complacent with the Oni.


He used to jealously guard his space and authority, but now...


He didn't seem to notice when Eijirou came a little too close, didn't notice when Eijirou did things he had previously been told not to.


Eijirou started with little things.


Doing Katsuki's laundry despite not being asked to. Choosing dinner and preparing it himself.


When he reorganized Katsuki's magical and medicinal herbs, something Katsuki had told him to never touch, and the witch hadn't even batted an eyelash, Eijirou knew.


It was nearly time.


He just needed the right opportunity.




The opportunity came one misty evening.


Katsuki had been in a pissy mood all day.


It had reminded Eijirou of his teenage self, but he hadn't said anything.


He knew his little witch was more scatterbrained when he was like this. 


Snappish and impatient, this mood of Katsuki's left him prone to skipping steps and rushing things.


The witch was aware of it to an extent, and he usually avoided casting any magic on his moodier days.


A smart decision on Katsuki's part.


If Eijirou didn't piss Katsuki off more, he'd get it out of his system and he'd be exhausted and docile later.


That was how it usually went.


But today...


Well, Eijirou was sure Katsuki would end the night exhausted and docile.


But looking at the pendant, sitting innocently beside the bathtub Katsuki had just gotten out of, Eijirou knew.


It was time.




The pendant was warmer than he expected.


It was an intense, but comforting heat in his hand, despite it having been sitting on cold porcelain for a good forty minutes before.


He walked into Katsuki's room, ignoring the startled noise of alarm he received in response. 


"What the fuck are you doing, Oni?" Katsuki snarled out from where he was lounging on his bed. "Get the fuck out."


His voice had been pitched up, and his cheeks were stained red. He was clutching his blankets against his body closely.


Eijirou sniffed the air.




His little witch had been touching himself.


That was perfect.


Eijirou grinned, baring all his teeth.


"I don't think I will, little witch." Eijirou hummed out as he took another step into the room. Another step closer.


"You have some fucking balls, Eijirou." Katsuki spat before reaching towards his beside table.


Eijirou watched in amusement as Katsuki, still clutching his blanket tightly, opened the drawer and fumbled around in it before freezing.


"Looking for this, Katsuki?" Eijirou asked, holding his hand out and letting the pendant dangle by the leather cord.


The witch was very still, his eyes still on the open drawer where the pendant most certainly was not.


Slowly, Katsuki's head turned until he was looking at Eijirou.


And the pendant in Eijirou's hand.


Eijirou watched Katsuki swallow, saw the way he tensed up, as though preparing to flee.


"Where would you run, little witch?" Eijirou questioned as he put the necklace on.


It was tighter on him than Katsuki, and it fell at the hollow of his throat, instead of lower on his chest, as it did on the blond.


"Eijirou..." Katsuki sounded scared now, and Eijirou knew why.


Katsuki knew the Oni's strength, had seen it so many times. He also knew that he hadn't been exactly gracious with his power over Eijirou.


Eijirou took another step forward. He would be lying if he said he wasn't enjoying the way Katsuki was trying to subtly scoot back.


"What do you want?" Katsuki asked, voice low and strained.


At least he realized how much trouble he was in.


"You." Eijirou breathed, and slowly crawled onto the bed.


Katsuki scrambled back, trying to drag his blankets with him, but Eijirou was kneeling on them now and they pulled down until they were barely covering more than the witch's stomach.


"M-me? What the fuck is that supposed to mean?!" Katsuki's voice was shrill, and it should have grated on Eijirou's ears, but it didn't.


Nothing could ruin this.


Katsuki was finally going to be his.


"Means I've waited a decade for this opportunity, Katsu." Eijirou said quietly as he advanced on the blond.


Before the witch would answer, Eijirou was crawling over him.


Katsuki laid down on his back quietly, eyes still wide and his fists white knuckled with his grip on the blanket.


This type of power imbalance Katsuki wasn't used to.


It was rare that the witch received visitors, and when they came, he was the one who set the rules and terms.


Someone having power over him was something that Katsuki had never learned how to deal with.


He was very cute, Eijirou found himself thinking for the millionth time.


"I'm going to mate you, little witch." Eijirou breathed against Katsuki's jaw, excited by the sweet scent of his little mate's arousal. "I'm going to tie you to me the way you tied me to this pendant."


Seems he was scared, but it didn't mean he wasn't aroused.




Eijirou was only wearing the soft, red silk panties, and only because he knew that Katsuki liked them.


They did nothing to hide his erection, or the sheer size of it.


Eijirou took one of Katsuki's hands, prying his grip on the blanket off, and pressed it to his silk covered cock.


"You're gonna crave this for the rest of our lives, Katsuki." Eijirou whispered hotly into the witch's ear.


"Wh-what?" Katsuki asked, an odd sort of breathlessness in his tone.


Somewhere between terrified and aroused.


Eijirou rut down against the blonde's hand with a low growl that was meant to inspire submission rather than fear.


"I'm going to fuck you so thoroughly that you won't be thinking about anything but my cock for days." Eijirou grinned, his sharp teeth on display as he spoke.


Katsuki didn't say anything, and Eijirou felt triumph fill him.


It was rare for anyone or anything to render his witch speechless. 


In the blink of an eye, Eijirou sat up and flipped Katsuki over onto his stomach. 


"W-wait!" Katsuki cried, voice panicked.


Eijirou ignored him, lifting his hips up into a presentation position. He knew that if his little witch truly wasn't willing, he could have used his magic to at least flee.


But he didn't.


He was letting the Oni manhandle him with minimal struggle.


Eijirou growled lowly, beyond pleased to see the way Katsuki's hole glistened wetly.


He'd been fingering himself before Eijirou had come in, and it was perfect.


Katsuki was a witch, so he was more durable than an ordinary human. But Eijirou's cock was nine inches long and thicker than any human male's.


Eijirou slid two of his large fingers into the blond, happily drinking in Katsuki's cut off swear.


As Eijirou pumped his fingers in and out, Katsuki moaned and panted, his pale skin flushing pink.


His ass was round and it jiggled when Eijirou gave it a soft slap. His little cock was pretty; slim and cute and it fit entirely in Eijirou's fist.


Katsuki was beautiful.


Eijirou pushed a third finger in, and relished the low, drawn out moan Katsuki gave in response.


"Ei-Eijirou...." Katsuki whined, voice pitched high and needy.


Eijirou wanted to hear that forever.


"Yes, little witch?" Eijirou rumbled, voice low with arousal.


"C'mon." Katsuki whined. "If you're gonna do it, do it already!"


Eijirou felt his cock twitch in the soft confines of his panties, more than eager to stuff his little mate full of his cock and cum.


But he had to make a statement here.


Katsuki had ruled over Eijirou for nearly a whole decade.


He had to learn that from now on, things would be different.


"Do what already?" Eijirou's voice was sly, giving his intent away.


Katsuki snarled, trying to twist around to face the Oni, but Eijirou easily pinned him down.


He held the witch down as he used his fingers to fuck him deeply.


Katsuki broke easily.


"Fuck! Just fuck me, Eijirou!" Katsuki hissed out.


He was getting closer to what Eijirou wanted to hear.


It was close enough for Eijirou to reach around and pull the forgotten jar of lube from where it previously had been hidden by the blankets.


He pulled his fingers out of Katsuki's loosened hole and pushed the panties down enough to pull out his cock and stroke lube over it.


Lining it up against the witch's hole, the Oni could hear the way Katsuki's voice hitched in anticipation.


Too bad he'd have to wait a little longer. 


"I think you can ask for what you want more nicely than that." Eijirou said evenly, holding the blond still even when he tried to push himself back onto the Oni's cock.


Katsuki was snarling wordlessly, trying to use all his strength to force himself onto Eijirou's cock.


But it was useless.


The Oni had over two feet and two hundred pounds on the witch and it was easy to keep him in place.


"Please! Fuck! Please, Eijirou!" Katsuki finally cried, sounding close to frustrated tears. "Please give me your cock!"


Eijirou groaned and started pushing in.


He had to reward his little mate for good behavior, afterall.


Katsuki's high, desperate keen was beyond worth the years of humiliating service Eijirou had paid.


By the time Eijirou had bottomed out, Katsuki had gone quiet.


His body was hot and wet and perfect around the Oni's cock. 


When Eijirou leaned over his small body, Katsuki let out a small, high pitched whine.


"Say one more thing for me, Katsuki." Eijirou growled, barely holding back from how he craved to pound his cock into the witch until he was stuffed full of his seed. "Tell me you want to be mine."


Katsuki was everything Eijirou had hoped he'd be, and the Oni hoped Katsuki would do as he asked.


He could fuck the witch against his will, but he couldn't claim him the way he wanted without Katsuki's consent.


Not that Katsuki needed to know those details.


"Agree to be mine and I'll fuck you."  Eijirou whispered, rocking his hips just the slightest bit.


Katsuki moaned lowly.


"Fucking fine. I'll be yours, you dumb Oni. Now fuck me!" The witch's voice was likely less authoritative than he would have liked.


He sounded whiny, and somehow Eijirou found that also cute.


Well, he'd be spending the equivalent of several human lifetimes with his witch, so it was good that he found him cute.


"Of course, my little mate." Eijirou said, starting to pull his hips back.


He snaked one hand under the blond to pull his back right up against the Oni's larger chest as he started to fuck into Katsuki in short, deep thrusts.


The witch's moans were music to Eijirou's ears and he leaned down to lap at the pale column of Katsuki's exposed neck.


Just one bite.


One bite with Katsuki's consent and he'd be tied to Eijirou for the rest of their lives.


Just one bite.


Katsuki was moaning and gasping as Eijirou fucked into his wet hole deeply.


Just one bite, Eijirou thought, trailing his sharp teeth along his witch's unmarked neck.


Eijirou pushed his cock in as deep as he could and bit.