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It had to be you?

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She couldn’t help but to wonder what else would go wrong that day, everything else had after all. Half of the staff was sick; the new artefacts had arrived one day early, and they all had to be counted for directly. Which had led to Julia, alone in back rooms of the first floor; making sure all the artefacts were there and none of them had ended up damaged during the transportation, all alone. The alone part wasn’t that bad really, she liked the silence around her; the only problem was the memories that would return during these times. She could deal with them, really; she just had to push them back and concentrate on her work.

But working at a museum just brought the memories back in full force every 10 minutes, this was however the only thing she could do. This is what she’s good at, history has always been Julia’s strongest power and with the advance reading she had been doing during her time at that school had led her to get a job very fast after she had left. The memories of her walking away from the school that day was the worst memory of them all, she had told David and Irene that she would meet them at class; she had told them that she had to speak with another teacher before their class had started.

It had all been a lie, she had made sure that they had not seen her room, a room that had been packed up. She had left the school during the first class; she had taken the easy way out; running away. She knew very well that running away from once problem never solved them, but she couldn’t stay in a house where she would end up as an object to hurt her friends. Carmen and her friends might have forgiven her for what had happened that faithful day when Zari and Aron had interrupted their meet up; it didn’t mean that Julia had forgiven herself for that. She should have known better; she should have realised that Chief had sent someone after her to make sure she was following her orders.

She had been in those thoughts when one of her co-workers had found her, the same co-worker that had made it his mission in trying to get her to agree on a date. Fletcher had been asking her to go out and eat with him since day one, he always made sure that she was getting home safely and hanged around where she was working when he didn’t have to work himself. Julia had lost time how many times she had denied him dinner or lunch since she had started working there six months ago. It had not dawn on her until then, she had been in the same museum for six month and her path had not crossed with anyone from her former life.

Sure, Irene and David had been trying to get hold of her; they had even gone to the length to contact her parents in a try to find her. Julia was quite glad in that moment that she had not told her parents where she lived or work, she had needed a new fresh start, and this had been the only way to do just that. So, when Irene and David had asked for her, they had ended up with nothing. Julia was quite sure that even Carmen had been around her parent’s house in a try to get a hold of her.

But all her luck would run out sooner or later and today had been just that day, Julia had managed to once more push Fletcher to leave her alone; in the end she had used the training she had gotten from A.C.M.E. She wasn’t all too happy to use the agent persona again; but he was more persuasive than ever to get her to agree on a dinner out. The former A.C.M.E agent Julia Argent had scared him off at least, she wasn’t sure for how long that fair would last.

The silence she had wanted didn’t last; however, she could hear more feet’s coming towards her. This time around Julia had frozen up, she knew all her co-worker’s steps, and these were a pair that she didn’t know. Or did she? She knew them but they didn’t fit in on anyone she was working with now, it had dawn on her who it was the moment she heard one of the people speak her last name. Out of all the people she had run away from, it had to be Zari and Aron that found her first. The two A.C.M.E agents had entered to room, only to come to a complete halt when their eyes had landed on her.

The chock had not lasted long however, Zari being the one that pulled herself together first and she was quick with questioning Julia as to why she was in the building. Julia couldn’t help but to think it was quite funny, it seems as if A.C.M.E still hadn’t learned what gathering information first and then dealing with the mission was. They had learned quite fast that they would get anything they wanted by waving that little A.C.M.E card around. That trick wouldn’t work on Julia at least who had just told them of that they were in fact the once interrupting her work.

The fourth problem of that evening had shown not far after the reunion with Zari and Aron, Julia knew deep down she shouldn’t have been surprised over the third person entering the room. V.I.L.E needed something to be taken away in a swift and quiet way, so Tigress was their operative; and the last person Julia ever wanted to see from that time. She had known what in the new collection that would interest V.I.L.E and she had made sure to hide in a good place, it had after all been the first thing she had done when she had seen the list of artefacts.

Before an upcoming attack were to happen, she had been taken down with a single shoot. Blue markings had been covering her face and Julia knew very well that A.C.M.E didn’t have any weapons like that. The answer to who had rescued here had been shown just mere seconds after Tigress had fallen to the ground as David embrace her in one tight hug, a hug Julia was quite sure would end her if he didn’t ease up a bit.


Julia only knew one person that had such a power and when David finally let go of her, Julia’s eyes, still quite foggy from the lack of air, finds who had spoken the command. Irene was standing in the door opening, there was however something very different with her friend and as she looks back at David in a try to find out what she saw it. They both are wearing similar suits as the once they had been forced to wear at school. The difference from the A.C.M.E suits and the once they were using now was the purple elements and the symbol over their right breast. With her vision finally back, Julia turns her attention back towards Irene once more since she had seen a large change in the man standing in front of her. Irene was holding herself the same way as she had done during their A.C.M.E time, there was however a completely new aura around her, a much more deadly one and the happy carefree David was completely gone to as he returned back to his partner.

“It is good to see you again Argent, the moment could perhaps have been different.”

Irene finally spoke and Julia could see how the former A.C.M.E agent is eyeing their former classmates with narrowed eyes. Zari and Aron was showing the same level of joy as Irene is that they had shown up and Julia could see that she had missed something after she had left, she wasn’t very surprised over it, however. She knew very well where David and Irene had been standing in it all, their loyalty had ended up being to her and not to Chief in the last months.

“What are you two doing here? This is an official A.C.M.E sight, you have nothing here to do.”

“Oh, don’t pull that card agent Zari. You should know that A.C.M.E isn’t the only secret organisation out there dealing with this type of work. That plastic card has very little authority here.”

“Is that a threat I’m detecting Seno?”

“You are not worth threatening, you are the once out in deep water around here after all.”

With a heavy sigh, Julia turns her attention back to her own work once more. Something told her that they would keep arguing well into the night and Julia wasn’t going to be staying in the museum for much longer than she really needed. She knew very well what was about to come next and she wasn’t completely sure if she was ready for it. She could deal with leaving Irene and David, they seemed to have moved on perfectly well after all, the fact that she had just left Carmen without telling her way and actually just walk away had been the hardest thing of them all. Julia knew she wouldn’t be able to walk away a second time, and she couldn’t handle seeing another hurt expression or fell another cold act from the lady in red. So, the faster she could finish up her own work, the faster she could leave Zari, Aron, Irene and David to deal with Tigress, V.I.L.E and team Red once they finally stop arguing.

Julia couldn’t help but to smile slightly, it was a good plan and as she looked at how many artefacts, she had left to count she was very sure she would be able to pull it all off. But there she had done it once more; she had managed to jinx herself once more and this time her life would really hang on the line.

She had seen the attack coming from the corner of her eye, she had seen the blond tiger move slowly on the floor. It had just taken Julia a few seconds to long to realise what was about to happen and she sees the claws coming towards her in high speed, at the same time as her voice echoed through the room; finally putting a stop to the argument.


Julia’s reaction had been to close her eyes as the claws got closer to her, but she had also felt something else. The claws never reached her, instead there was the ringing sound of steal meeting steal. Opening her eyes, they lands on the sword blade that had ended up in front of her and Tigress had pulled her own hand back in pain. A hand on Julia’s shoulder told her directly who it was, and she swiftly moves to the side, letting the tall man step out from the shadows he had been hiding within. Looking at him, Julia finally realised something; something she should have known from the beginning.

She had been acting calmer than she normally do, her confidence had been a lot higher. The simple fact that she had used the A.C.M.E act was just prof, she had known he was there, she had felt a calming presence watching over her. She had felt when he had shown up, she had after all grown was so used to have Shadowsan watching over her since she and Carmen had started to get closer, so when he suddenly shows up out of nowhere once more to do it; Julia had not even put energy on it.

“Wow! Nice moves ninja!”

Zack and Ivy had entered the room from somewhere and they were now standing in front of Julia, acting as a last line of protection. Shadowsan was pointing his sword towards Tigress whose eyes were traveling from him and towards Carmen that was now walking towards her. With a deep breath, Julia takes the risk to look at the lady in red. There was anger in her eyes, anger she had not seen before and she couldn’t help but to feel scared. She told herself that the anger is only towards Tigress, but deep down she wasn’t completely sure that is true.

“Black Sheep!”

“This ends here Tigress, there is nowhere to run, and we have already taken care of Mime Bomb.”

Julia couldn’t help but to roll her eyes, out of all V.I.L.E operative to pair Tigress up with they just had to pic the mime. There was a flash of fair showing in Tigress eyes, it was however gone just as fast as it had been there. Seeing how she takes her signature stand; Julia finds herself looking towards Irene and David. Meeting both of their eyes, she nods her head. A smile finally spreads on Irene’s lips and both pulls their guns in perfect harmony. The two shoots echoes in the room and Tigress falls to the floor once more, the blue markings showing once more and as Julia looks closer, she could see that they looked like vines.

“Night night little kitty.”

David speaks up as the two of them finally steps forwards. Looking at them, Julia was sure of her thing and with another eye lock with Irene she knew her friend was on the same line. She was about to open her mouth the speak when she was interrupted once more.

“Le Feme Rouge!”

A deep sigh was going through almost everyone in the room and Julia could feel how the last of her patient left her body. Chase, she should have known he had shown up with Zari and Aron, she should also have known that he would only show up after Carmen had. It seems as if his obsession with haunting down Carmen had not died down during the six months she had been gone. With a shake of her head, Julia tried to collect herself for what she had to do, and she turned her attention back to Irene once more.

“Well, agent Seno, Thibi. Since you guys are the once, I did call for, and you being the once that actually can take down a V.I.L.E operative properly, you can take care of the rest I hope?”

The look from Zari and Aron didn’t pass Julia, she could feel the anger from the two of them, but she didn’t care. She knew that giving Irene and David the lead in this case, they would see Carmen and her friends as help and not a threat.

“Of course, Argent.”

Irene answered before she turns her attention towards Carmen and Shadowsan, she nods her head towards them both. Julia could see how both Carmen and Shadowsan looks at one another, there was a slight surprise in their eyes and Julia realises that they didn’t know where Irene and David is standing these days.

“Thank you for your help today, we couldn’t have done this without your help. I do hope that we can keep helping one another out in the future, I know for a fact that our boss would really like the way you work.”

Irene tells them, completely throwing them off. Carmen looks at her with large eyes before she nods her head as a respond. Her eyes then travels towards Julia and she had to fight hard not to look away, she wasn’t completely sure what to do or say and, in that moment, she wished she knew how Shadowsan could hide in the shadows. That or how one can sink through the floor. But she also knew that there would never be a chance where she would come eye to eye with Carmen and her knowing what to do or say.

“Shouldn’t we arrest her?”

Julia was sure that Chase believes he was speaking in a low voice, that or she was standing close enough to hear what he was saying to Zari. With a look towards the side, she could see how the A.C.M.E agent didn’t really know what to do or say in that moment; it was however clear that they did want to do something. They had just been beaten on their own game and the one person they had been trying to bring down since the day Julia had joined them had just been treated like an allay instead of a thief that they thought her to be. And there it was, the anger that had made Julia leave the school to begin with.

She had tried to deny it for so long, but she couldn’t do that anymore. She had accepted the spot to join the school in belief that she would get better education than the one she was receiving in that moment. She wasn’t denying the fact that she had gotten better education, she was quite sure she wouldn’t have learned the things she had during the time she had in her old school. She had not expected the fact that she would be pushed into a life of a secret agent. A life where she would have to fight the first person who seemed to take an interest in her, the one person who she couldn’t help but to fall in love with.

Turning her attention towards Carmen once more, she realises that the lady in red and not moved her own eyes from her. There was something in her eyes and Julia wasn’t completely sure she was reading the feeling right. There was a hint of worry in them and that wasn’t sitting right with Julia. Throughout their times, Carmen has been the one to have everything under control; there has never been any worry when it had come to her action. Julia had been the one that had worried about it all, as she thought back on it all now; she knew she shouldn’t have worried. They had after all agreed to walk into the unknown together and she had just left her.

Feeling how someone pushed her slightly, Julia turns her attention towards David. She knew very well that both he and Irene would have a lot of questions for her; but in that moment she could see that he had something else in mind. Looking around herself, Julia realises that things had started to move during the time she and Carmen had been looking at one another. Irene and Shadowsan were talking to one another in a low voice as they supervised Zack and Ivy as they lifts the sleeping Tigress from the floor. David gives Julia one last smile before he turns serious once more, turning and starting to push Zari, Aron and Chase out from the room.

She could hear how Zari and Aron started to argue with him, but Julia knew that they would not be able to win over him. She knew what the real David was able to do and there was no backing down once he had put his mind to something. Before she knew it however, it was only she and Carmen left. With a deep breath, Julia tried to pull herself together properly and to give her a few extra seconds in a try to collect her thoughts. It didn’t help and she still didn’t know what to tell Carmen.

Looking at her once more, Julia realises that Carmen had taken a few steps closer to her and they were finally standing face to face. The worry was still there and Julia the urge of doing whatever she could to get rid of that worry overwhelmed her, she just wished she knew how.

“I’m sorry for leaving like that.”

She figured it would just be easier to start off with an apology and hope that Carmen would forgive her, there wasn’t much else she could do after all. When Carmen suddenly shakes her head, Julia gets worried, she had not expected this reaction.

“Just tell me one thing, are you alright Jules?”

She asks and Julia nods her head, seeing how the worry slowly disappears makes her even more worry. She had always had a hard time trying to read the woman in red; this time around it was harder than ever.

“Shadowsan saw that you left the school of your own free will. According to the dean your hade some family problems that made you leave the school.”

Carmen answered her questions, blinking a few times, Julia couldn’t help but to laugh. She should have known; she knew who was in Carmen’s team. Of course, Shadowsan had seen her leave and she should have known that Player had been looking into why she had left. It was true, she had blamed her leaving the school on family problems, it was more believable than leaving because she didn’t want to put the woman she loved in more danger, since the real war between A.C.M.E and V.I.L.E wasn’t known to the rest of the school. She could see how Carmen was smiling, she had started to relax; the relaxation didn’t last long when they both could hear someone running towards them.

“Argent! Are you alright? I heard some mysterious people had entered….”

The moment Julia heard that it was Fletcher coming towards them, she finds herself grabbing hold of Carmen’s red jacket and pulls her towards her. Their lips meet the moment her co-worker rushes into the room, her action had surprised both herself and Carmen and she wasn’t completely sure what to do next. Carmen, being the first one to pull herself out of the chock; pulls Julia towards herself and deepens the kiss. When they finally broke apart, Julia looks into the thief’s eyes and she could see the spark she loved so much once more, alongside with the grin made her feel weak. Carmen had once more managed to take over the lead.

“I have been waiting for that kiss since your birthday.”

Carmen whispers before turning her attention towards the Fletcher. Turning her head slightly to the side so she could see her co-worker, Julia couldn’t help but to feel a bit sorry for the poor man. He looked completely heart broken, but this was the best way for him to find out that she didn’t have a chance, especially since he didn’t want to listen to her about not wanting to out to dinner with him. The moment she thought about food, she could hear the faint sound of her stomach growling and she blushes lightly as Carmen starts to laugh.

“How about we head over to Anatole’s, he has been missing you my dear Jules.”

“And I have really missed his food too. And you of course, thank you for showing up tonight.”

Carmen had now put an arm around Julia’s waist, and she leans over to kiss her quickly before they started to walk. As they reached Fletcher, Julia gives him a friendly smile.

“Everything is under control Fletcher; I did tell you I can take care of myself and that someone was coming to pick me up once I was done. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

She tells him and Julia could feel how Carmen pushed her a bit closer to herself, this just made Julia smile a bit more and she looks towards the lady in red. Maybe this day wasn’t as bad after all. Glancing towards Carmen one last chance, Julia couldn’t help but to let out a low chuckle. At the sound, the lady in red looks at her with one lift eyebrow.

“It had to be you?”

At the question, Carmen starts to smile. She didn’t have to answer the question, Julia already knew the answer to it. Of course, it had to be her, who else could it be.