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The Watcher

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‘….. The questions I’ll leave with you are simple; Who are Libra and who are they really fighting?’

-The Watcher

Yet another article produced by ‘The Watcher’, a journalist that popped up in Hellsalem’s Lot nearly six months ago. The mysterious journalist’s pieces had started off very light, just fluff pieces about how life is in Hellsalem’s Lot, however as of late their pieces have delved into the seedy underground of this city. This one journalist has managed to enthrall the citizens in and out of the city, while simultaneously pissing off every criminal with their shockingly in detailed reports on the crime going on in this city. These weren’t petty crimes The Watcher was reporting on either, cannibals with vacuum packed victims and near undetectable illusionary skills, a person having their blood replaced with the blended bits of a beyonder to create the ‘perfect’ lover, and many more disturbing crimes like those. With every story came pictures of the criminals, their crimes, sometimes even victims — the pictures were as disturbing as the stories suggested they would be.
Of course, The Watcher’s latest piece was just a juicy as his other, and possibly the most dangerous. The Watcher did a piece looking into the mysterious organization known as Libra and their dealings with the less desirables of the city. Like his other stories, there were a myriad of pictures to go along with this piece. However, these pictures were different than his others, blurry action shots of people fighting strange monsters with even stranger weapons.
It was unusual for The Watcher to not have clear shots of his subjects’ faces, it was even stranger considering The Watcher also left out the names of the suspected Libra agents he showed off in his piece. It was very unlike the mysterious journalist to purposely leave out information, one could only assume they were being discreet because Libra was technically helping to keep this troubled city safe. Of course, that didn’t mean Libra appreciated the exposé on their organizations.

“WHO THE HELL IS THIS BASTARD AND HOW DO THEY KNOW SO MUCH ABOUT US?!?!” Screeched Zapp, after reading The Watcher’s latest piece. Zapp’s screeching was grating, but his coworkers understood and shared his frustrations.
They all had cause to worry, sure the piece written wasn’t as detailed as the others, but whose to say this Watcher person didn’t have more information on them.
Chain suddenly appeared on top of her screeching coworkers head, phone in hand, and looked over at her two superiors, a silent question being asked of them. She, like her other coworkers, wanted to know if they were going to be going after this Watcher fellow. “Well, Klaus? Steven? What are our plans?” She inquired calmly, almost emotionlessly.
Said men were quietly discussing Libra’s current predicament with each other, looking up only when they were questioned by Chain. Klaus and Steven shared a look with one another before the later of the two flashed Chain, and by proxy Zapp, a chilling smile. “We find this Watcher and we find out what all he knows about us” Steven’s tone sounded kind, but Zapp and Chain both shuddered in response. The knew Steven was as cold as ice, no pun intended.

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Leonardo Watch sat idly by at the counter of his favorite diner, staring pensively into his fifth cup of coffee. He was leaning his arm on the counter, his hand buried in his wild brown hair, and that coupled with his closed eyes, Leo looked asleep. He wasn’t though, the occasional twitch of his hands or shoulders gave him away — that is, only if you were really paying attention to the young man. Leo was sure that there was one person in the diner, aside from his friend Vivian, that was paying that close of attention to him and it was most definitely putting him on edge.
Leonardo had noticed the woman following him three days ago, but he was almost certain she’d been following him for longer. She wasn’t the only one following him, but she was the most intriguing out of the three he’s noticed. It had taken Leo using his eyes to find her, after several days of an itching feeling that he was being followed. She was transparent, so much so that Leo almost missed her even with his powers — it was like her very existence was fading out of sight.
He’d been freaked when he initially noticed her, but he forced himself to stay calm and hopped she, whoever she is, didn’t notice. Now, Leo was just trying his best to figure out who she was and why she was following him, as well as the others — all without tipping them off to the fact that he noticed their presence in his life. It was a difficult task, but Leo did have some experience due to his journalistic ventures. He had a feeling those ventures were the reason for his stalkers.
“So, you gonna eat something or are you just gonna drink yourself into a heart attack with the coffee” asked Vivian, his friend and waitress, suddenly, causing Leo to jump and spill coffee all over the counter.
“Crap! Viv, I’m so sorry! I was lost in my own head just now!” Leo apologized quickly, scrambling to help her clean the counter.
Vivian was laughing as she cleaned up the counter, waving away Leo’s apology. “Yeah, I kinda noticed you space cadet” She said between chuckles, looking at Leo with a smile — though, in her eyes there was worry. “What’s been up with you lately? You’ve been kinda spastic and jumpy… Did something happen?” Vivian asked softly, leaning against the counter to get a better look at her friend.
Leonardo looked at Vivian and gave her a weak smile, “I’m fine Viv, just a little…” he trailed off and made a face.
Vivian huffed in amusement at the face Leo made and nodded in understanding. “Off?” She pushed off the counter and gave Leo a smile, catching his shrug. “Well, maybe you should lay off the coffee. I’ll get you something to eat” She said and ran towards the kitchen before Leo could protest.
Leonardo sighed softly as Vivian ran off into the kitchen, smiling a bit to himself. Talking with Vivian, or really any of the friends he’s made here, always seemed to calm him down. He glanced down at his now half-empty coffee and shook his head, turning half-way in his seat to look out the diner windows. However, when Leo turned he was meet the invisible woman staring at him. She was balanced on the back of one of the booths, she looked like a business woman in the nice pants suit she was wearing. If she wasn’t out to possibly kill him or stalking him, Leo would’ve been flattered having such a pretty woman staring at him.
Leo noticed something, the petty woman’s features had shifted from the neutral — almost bored — expression she’d been wearing to that of shock. CRAP! Leo thought, panic pulling at all of his nerves once he realized he’d been staring back at the woman this entire time — She noticed I noticed her!








“LEO!” Yelled Vivian as she watched Leonardo jumped off his stool and bolted out of the diner.

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Leo ran hard, his feet practically beating the pavement with each step he took. He rushed past people, pushing and shoving to get ahead of them — shouting apologies as he did. He didn’t have to look behind him to know she was following it and that cause Leonardo to run faster. Leo ran as fast as he could, only to be cut off and forced down an alleyway by a white haired guy driving his moped onto the sidewalk.
“SHIT!” Leo yelled as he skidded into a turn, then bolted down the alley. He only got a brief glance of the guy, but he did recognize the face. That guy had been following him as well, were they all working together? Leo shook away those thoughts and focused on running; He had to shake them, for Michelle.
“GET BACK HERE PUBE HEAD!” The white haired male screamed, driving his moped down the narrow alley after Leonardo.
“What are you! Fifteen!” Leo taunted back after hearing the insult thrown his way, the adrenaline and fear causing him to be much bolder than normal.

Leo saw a gate coming up, closing off this section of the alleyway, and ran even faster. He ignored the cocky threats being yelled his way and jumped as soon as he got close enough to the gate, clinging to the chainlink near the top of the fence. He scrambled his way up and over the fence, stumbling back into a run when he hit the ground. He sprinted to the other end of the alley, looking back behind him to see the white haired male making his way up the fence after him. Leonardo cursed under his breath and pushed even further as he ran, escaping the alley and being face with two directions. Go down a tunnel or run down the street in the opposite direction towards traffic.
Leo swore under his breath and ran down the tunnel, sadly this wasn’t the best idea. Waiting for him at the end of the tunnel was a fish-like otherworlder and when he turned to run back he was faced with the white haired male slowing to a stop behind him.
“Please come with us, there is no where else for you to go” Said the otherworlder.
“And don’t even think about putting up a fight pube head — or do, doesn’t matter one way or another” the white haired male threatened, a cocky grin pulling at his lips.
Leonardo gritted his teeth, panic taking hold making him freeze in place. His hands and knees began to shake and he cursed his own fear, flinching slightly when the white haired guy started laughing after noticing his trembling.
“Look! He’s shaking! Bet he’s ‘bout to piss himself he’s so scared!” Laughed the white haired man, who pointed at Leo like a school bully.
It made Leo’s blood boil, why shouldn’t he be scared? It was only natural to fear strangers that have chased you down and that have been stalking you! Leo gripped his trembling hands into fists and gritted his teeth, forcing himself to calm down and think. This was no different when he got caught when researching a story, what did he do in those situations?
Leo gasped when the solution hit him like a brick to the face, catching the attention of his two pursuers. He pushed his shoulders back and stood up straight. Leonardo looked over to the otherworlder and gave him a serious look, “I’m sorry for this, but you’ve left me no other option.” He gave this apology just before opening his eyes, reveling the ethereal blue orbs — the All see eyes of the Gods — and scrambled the two mens vision. He cringed when both the otherworlder and the man screamed out of pain and confusion, Leo truthfully hated using his eyes but they really did leave him no other choice.

“I’m sorry!” Leo shouted as he ran past the otherworlder, who was stumbling around while clutching his head. Leonardo continued to hold their vision hostage as he ran, wanting to put distance between them and himself before releasing them.
He was panting by the time he reached a busy enough area to close his eyes again, affectively releasing the two men’s vision. Leo groaned as he brought his hands up to cover his eyes, they felt warm and were throbbing due to so much use. “Crazy people…” He grumbled under his breath.
Leonardo shook his head and forced himself to stand up straight, even though his body was telling him to rest. “I can rest when I get home” He muttered to himself as he started walking, looking towards the street in hopes of seeing a cab. He felt a spark of happiness when he spotted a cab and practically dislocated his arm when he threw it up to hail the cab down. Leo jogged up to the cab once it stopped and climbed into the back seat, not realizing he was still being tracked from afar.

Leonard trudged up his buildings stairs up to his floor, groaning out of exhaustion. He was looking forward to collapsing as soon as he got into his apartment, after this day he was ready to take a coma and not wake up for the next few days. Leo unlocked his one room apartment and shuffled inside, shutting the door behind him. He didn’t notice the figure leaning against the wall near the window until he flicked on the lights, which lead to him screaming and jumping in shock.
“Hello Mr. Watch — Or do you prefer The Watch?” Asked the stranger in a cheeky ton, pulling a hand from his suit pocket to snap his fingers.
Leo’s brows knitted together in confusion when the sharp dressed snapped his fingers, only to find himself with a bag being forced over his head by some behind him. He flailed his arms out behind him, trying to hit who ever just bagged him, but his hands just hit the door — only adding to his confusion. Leo stumbled away from the door and went to pull the bag off his head, only for his arms to be yanked behind his back. He yelped in pain and tried to struggle as his hands were handcuffed. “WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE!” Leo shouted angrily, but was meet with silence.
There was a beat before he was being picked up and thrown over somebodies shoulder, squeaking in surprise. Leo would’ve tried kicking the person holding him, but they were holding him by the back of his knees — that and he didn’t want to fall. Luckily, for Leo, he could see through the sack over his head and was able to look around him. He gritted his teeth as his attacker left his apartment and made his way outside, assuming it was the well dressed man from his apartment carrying him. He grunted softly as he was dropped onto a seat, he scrambled to sit up and ended up pressing up against another person in his attempts.
“Allow me to help you” said another man in a polite manner, causing Leo’s head to snap over in the direction of the voice. He was shocked to find a massive redheaded guy with an underbite, two fangs poking out from his bottom lip. Leo bit back the surprised noise in his throat and allowed the man to adjust him in the seat between him and the well dressed man with a scar. He couldn’t let them find out he could see through the bag, his eyes were still his biggest advantage here after all. Leonardo bit the inside of his cheek as the car started up and they began to drive who knows where, trying to keep himself as calm as he possible could.

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Dear Readers,

Hi, first things first I’m really sorry for how long it’s taking to write this fourth chapter. My brain has decided to check out of this story and it’s been hard to force myself to write the next chapter, so I’ve decided to put this on hold for the time being. I’m not dropping this story, I fully plan on continuing it, but right now things have been really hectic for me and my brain has been bouncing around like a bounce ball. I am really sorry about doing this, I just need focus on something else for a little bit and hopefully that puts me back on track.

Sincerely, The Author

P.S. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays