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Izuku Is Pretty Much A Drunk When He's Cold

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"Hey! Midoriya!", Izuku turned to see who was calling his name and was a bit surprised when it turned out to be Kaminari.

"Hi!", He said as he stopped walking allowing the other boy to catch up to him, "Do you need something?"

"Yeah. I was wondering if you would, uh, if you'd like to go out with me?", Kaminari asked, looking nervous.

"Sure. When?", Izuku was trying very hard to play it cool.

"How about tomorrow night? About five?", He asked.

"Sounds good!", Izuku smiled at him.

"Cool. Dress casually", Kaminari's confidence had returned now that Izuku had said yes.

"Okay. I'll see you then", Izuku told him.

"I can't wait. Bye!", Kaminari waved as he ran back to whatever he was doing.

Denki stood there fidgeting with the sleeve of his jacket as he convinced himself to knock. He already asked him out, this part should be easy!

Eventually he knocked, and Izuku opened the door smiling.

"Hi Kaminari, are you ready to go?", Izuku asked, slipping on his jacket and stepping out the door.

"Yep! I asked Mr.Aizawa and as long as we're back before ten we can go wherever we want", he told him as they made their way downstairs and out of the dorms.

"Cool. So what do you have planned?", Izuku grabbed Denki's hand as he asked this. He tried not to act surprised when it happened.

"First dinner, then Midnight told me about a new exhibit at the museum so I figured we could check that out, and then I don't really have anything planned after that because I wasn't sure what time you'd want to be back by, but we could always figure something out, if that's okay?", Kaminari was super nervous but those nerves died down when he saw the giant smile Izuku was giving him.

"That sounds amazing, Kaminari!", His smile just seemed to keep getting bigger if that was even possible.

Dinner went well, and the museum was even more fun than Denki had figured it would be. Okay it was only fun because of how Izuku's face lit up at the exhibits, but still.

It was about eight thirty when they left the museum. "We still have a little bit time before we have to head back, is there anything you want to do?", Denki asked Izuku.

"Not in particular, no. I'm just really enjoying your company", he said.

"Do you just want to go for a walk then?", Denki asked, internally screaming at himself for bring so awkward.

"Sure!", Izuku smiled at him.

They began to walk along the more secluded streets, they were never completely alone, but it was quieter. They kept up a steady stream of conversation. Talking about this and that.

The later it got the colder it became and Denki thought he might combust when Izuku hugged his arm, cuddling into his side to get warm. That's when he decided they should start heading back before it got too cold. Izuku agreed but didn't let go of Denki's arm.

Back at the dorms, they made their way up to Izuku's since it only seemed proper to drop him off at his door. Once there the only problem was that Izuku wouldn't let go of Denki.

"Midoriya, it's about to be curfew you have to go to bed", Denki told him softly.

Izuku just hummed, he didn't want let go if Kaminari, he was warm.

Sighing, Denki opened Izuku's door and they walked in, he shut the door behind them.

"C'mon, you have to go to bed", He said leading him over there.

"You're warmer than the bed though", Izuku whined. It was crazy what temperature could do to one's personality.

"I know, and I'm sorry, but you have to go to bed", Denki really was sorry, but he detached Izuku from his side and helped lay down, and covering him up. He was on his way out when he heard Izuku say something.

"I had fun tonight. We should do it again", it was a bit mumbled, as he was curled up in a blanket, face in his pillow but Denki heard him.

"I had fun too. But we should do something not as cold next time", Denki said, "Goodnight Midoriya"

"Goodnight Kaminari. See you tomorrow", Kaminari smiled and switched the lights off on his way out of the room.