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NaNoWriMo 2019

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This is the first year I’m participating in National Novel Writing Month. Here’s the thing, though: I’m not really doing NaNoWriMo because I’m not planning on writing a novel. I just want to use this month to try to pump out a lot of the ideas I’ve been having for fics, and also to hopefully improve on my writing.

Anyway, I’m super excited to try this, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it, but I’m going to try!

Here’s my goal: Post at least 1,000 words every day. I’ll try my best to write something every day, but for days that I know I’ll be super busy like Thanksgiving, I may have to pre-write and just post it on Thanksgiving if that makes any sense.

By the way, these will mostly be one-shots, but I might have some re-occurring AU’s or something, if I’m really enjoying them or have more ideas for that universe. I’ll add tags as I go, but I’m probably going to be writing a lot of BNHA, maybe some YYH, and maybe some Betelgeuse, but who knows! And, yes, there will be smut. Probably a lot tbh.

So, yeah! I hope you enjoy what I do manage to write, and happy November everyone!

Edit: HA I thought I'd be writing something other than BNHA? I'm hilarious.

Chapter Text

It had been a long day at work, and you wanted nothing more than to just go home and spend the night with your beautiful soon-to-be wife.

When you got home, however, Momo was not there. You checked your texts and read that she was going to be home later than usual, since her side kick had gotten hit by a particularly nasty quirk and they had to take care of him before they could call it a day.

After carefully slipping out of your hero costume, you turned on a heated stream of water and stepped under it. You had overworked your quirk that day, and you were paying for it. Your entire body throbbed from over-sensitization, the warm beads of water not really helping to calm the sensation. Contrary to what people usually assumed of your side-effects, skin that could produce liquid nitrogen sweat was, in fact, sensitive – and overly so, when you abused your quirk.

The warmth of the water helped to sooth your raging muscles, but every pit-pat of water against your skin was something akin to torture. After quickly washing away the stench of hero work, you got out of the shower, dried off as painstaking as it was, and pulled on one of the incredibly light silk nightgowns that Momo had bought for you when you moved in together.

After fixing dinner for yourself and your fiancé, you ate, watched TV, and waited. At first everything was uncomfortable, but soon the sensitivity started to fade. By the time Momo got home, the gentle brushes from the silk fabric against your skin was finally bearable, but everything still tingled.

“I’m home!” Momo called from the entry way. You got up and went into the living area to greet her. She kicked her shoes off and smiled over at you, looking tired.

“Hi baby,” you said, resisting your strong urge to hug the breath out of her tall frame. She looked you over, her eyes grazing over your silk nighty and coming back up to stare into yours.

“You overworked yourself again?” she sounded a little disappointed. You nodded, feeling a bit embarrassed. Luckily, she seemed to get distracted by something before she could lecture you about it. “Something smells great, did you cook?”

“Mhm, there’s plenty left in the pot for you,” Momo smiled at that and stepped toward you, placing a gentle kiss on your cheek that had you almost wincing.

Momo scarfed down the rest of the meal that you had made, obviously hungry from having created so many things throughout the day. After that, she took a shower. When you heard the water turn off, things almost felt normal – only a little tingling left.

Momo stepped out of the bathroom with her hair down and just a towel wrapped around her gorgeous curves. You couldn’t keep your eyes shut and cursed yourself for overworking yourself. You were never able to do anything with your skin so sensitive.

“Darling,” Momo called, immediately getting your attention. She didn’t often use sweet nothings – only when she was feeling hot and bothered. You slowly sat up on the bed, staring at her and waiting for her to continue. “Come here,” she said, sweetly. Your heart began to race.

Momo was the sweetest person in the world, but the look on her face right then told you whatever she wanted was far from innocent. You hesitated. She took a step toward the bed, letting the towel fall from her body, revealing her luscious breasts, hips, and her adorable little bump of a tummy. Not to mention the heavenly thing between her toned thighs. You bit your lip, feeling more excited and yet also more anxious than you had in a long time.

“What did I say?” Momo asked patiently. It didn’t take much longer for you to finally realize what kind of mood your fiancé was in, and if you didn’t respond soon it would make things much worse – or better, depending. Regardless, you scrambled off the bed and walked up to Momo, stopping a few inches in front of her.

“Yes?” you asked, tentatively.

“I get worried when you overwork yourself,” she said, sounding incredibly genuine despite the atmosphere that had developed. You felt blood rush to your face and to your core as you blushed.

“I know, I’m sorry, I-“

“Shh, shh, it’s okay. I know you just want to help people. However, I think that you might need some… motivation to not do it again,” You looked up at her, confused, but before you could ask her anything, you felt an intense pleasure rip through your chest. You couldn’t stop the gasping moan that came out of your mouth as you realized that Momo had barely grazed your nipple through the thin silk of your pajamas. “Color?”

“Green,” you spat out, trying to reign yourself in despite the fire now burning in your core. Momo gave a small smile.

“Good. You know you can stop me any time,” she stated before starting to circle you. You could hear some things being created behind you, but you knew better than to turn around without being directed to right now. Momo wasn’t often in the mood for this kind of dominance play, but when she was, she took it seriously – and you were never one to complain.

Momo didn’t make you wait long, though. You felt body heat behind you and intense tingling up your sides as your fiancé pulled your nightgown off of you, leaving you completely naked. Then, you heard more rustling behind you as you patiently waited.

“Turn around,” you did as you were told and when you did, you bit your lip involuntarily.

Momo was sitting patiently on the side of the bed with a pair of fuzzy handcuffs in her hands. On the bed beside her was something that looked like chains or clips or something, as well as a relatively large clear pink dildo. Momo eyed you, expectantly and you took that as a sign. You walked over to where she was. She stood up and leaned down, placing a warm and gentle, yet still invigorating kiss on your lips. You moaned into the touch, body trembling a little when you felt a wet tongue slide over your bottom lip.

Momo pulled away, a satisfied smirk settling over her perfect mouth. “Lay down on your back, darling,” you did as she instructed, crawling into bed and laying on your back, trying to ignore the tingling the soft sheets sent up your skin.

Momo reached above you, her breasts dangerously close to your face as she brought your arms up against the bedframe to handcuff them to it. Electric shocks shot up and down your arms from the furry fabric on the handcuffs and you adjusted, finding the most comfortable angle.

Her hands gently stroked down your arms, along your jaw, down your throat, and to your hardened nipples. Sitting on the side of the bed, Momo gently rubbed circled around your nipples, causing your back to arch into the overwhelming touch. It was agony and heaven at the same time, and you were a squirming mess within seconds.

Thankfully, she pulled away before grabbing the chain-looking item off the other side of the bed. She held them up so you could see them: nipple clamps. Your body shuddered involuntarily.

“Color?” her voice was low and silky as she looked over your body.


“Good,” she smiled, looking a bit more excited than a second ago. Crawling back onto the bed, Momo hovered over you, letting her long damp hair fall in strands around your face. The tickling tingling sensation almost – almost caused you to miss the small hum of approval coming from your angel of a fiancé. Leaning down, she planted a ghost of a kiss on your lips that send shivers all through your body. You tried to lean into it, to engulf yourself in the overwhelming feeling, but Momo pulled away – leaving you teetering on the brink. You pouted, desperately wanting more.

Without warning, a shooting mix of pain and pleasure enveloped you as cold rubber clamped down on both of your nipples. A gasp escaped you before a long moan.

“Does that feel good?” Momo asked, throwing a leg over your torso to straddle you, but opting not to sit down on you yet. All you could do was nod, hyper-focused on the incredible feeling of pressure mercilessly engulfing both of your nipples. You shut your eyes, finding it difficult to cope with the lack of attention where you wanted it the most.

A burning hand fell onto the crown of your head before a tight pain there caused you to swoon a bit.

“Look at me, love,” Momo’s sweet voice coaxed you out of your stupor and you looked up to see her gripping tightly onto your hair, her core merely inches away from your face. “You’re so pretty when you’re beneath me like this,” she moaned, the sound almost causing you to lose it.

Before you could think, hot and soft flesh connected with your lips and your tongue immediately shot out, intent on distracting yourself away from your desperate need. You found the little bud almost immediately, eliciting another soft moan above you which urged you to go on.

Your tongue swirled and flicked at the bud as the goddess above you rolled her hips into your mouth. When she found a consistent rhythm as she always did, you managed to find a matching rhythm of sucking on the hot bud for a few seconds before flicking your tongue over it. The feeling of her skin on your face did a decent job of distracting from the intense pressure still hanging on your nipples, but it did nothing to douse the fire burning brightly in your core.

You knew she was close when her hips started to stutter, and her moans became breathier and more plentiful. You could hardly breathe at that point, but that in itself just urged you to please her more.

After a few more moments of sucking and teasing her clit, with the tiniest implementation of teeth, she was shuddering and writhing above you the way you knew all too well. You kept lapping at her, always eager to please.

She soon moved off of you, taking a deep breath and removing the nipple clamps in one swift motion. You couldn’t help but moan from the movement. Momo moved down, positioning herself between your legs, gently coaxing them further apart by tugging on your ankles. You heard a gentle giggle and looked up, finally able to focus without so much contact between you two.

“You’re so wet! To be honest I was nervous this would be a bit too much… well, I suppose I shouldn’t make any assumptions,” the playfulness in her words confused you until you felt an all-encompassing burst of pleasure cut through the tingles all over your body – almost giving you the release you so desperately needed. It didn’t though, and the moment it came, it went. You heard the whining coming from your throat more than you felt it.

You felt Momo grab the inside of your thighs, pushing your legs further apart. Then, the heat of her body grew closer to your core momentarily before a cool breeze wafted over your heat. You squirmed under it, the sensation sending shivers all up your body.

Then, it felt like an eternity of anticipation. You kept your eyes closed tightly and you could feel yourself trembling in her hands, waiting for the pleasure to come; but it never did.

You weakly opened your eyes to see Momo starting up at you, a smile soft on her lips.

“Color?” she whispered. You took a deep breath.

“Green,” at that, you watched Momo lean down before closing your eyes again.

Within seconds if the hot pressure on your clit, you were coming. You sucked in deep breaths as the pleasure overcame you. Your body squirmed away from the source of the pleasure, but she showed no sign of relenting. Each flick and suck from her perfect mouth was torturous in the best possible way.

You felt the tightness in your core winding back up not even a minute after coming down from your first high, and the intensity of the attention elicited whines and groans from your throat without you even thinking. It was impossible to think, being so enveloped in the pleasure.

With another particularly enthusiastic flick of her tongue, you came undone again. Thus time, Momo thankfully pulled away after. You laid there, panting and tingling with Momo still between your legs.

You couldn’t think or breathe. You were simultaneously exhausted and entirely on edge from the abuse. You laid there, not even processing why Momo hadn’t moved.

Without any warning at all, you felt a cold, dull sensation against your core and your eyes shot open. Momo was still between your legs, but now she was holding the dildo she had created before and starting intently down at you. She gently placed a hand on your lower stomach just above your slit as she slowly began pushing the tip into your soaking heat.

It felt like you were being split open. The two of you had explored the use of toys before, but not very often so it was something of a foreign feeling. While it was new, it wasn’t bad – just incredibly large and intense.

A squeaking sound emerged from your throat as you held your breath, the thing sliding into your entrance slowly, with control. Your muscles tensed when it got to the widest part of the dildo, feeling like it would barely fit.

“Relax, beautiful,” Momo coaxed with her soothing voice. After taking a deep breath, you tried your best to do as she instructed, wanting yet again to please her. After a second, she was able to slide it in further, finally reaching the widest part of it.

You whined as she pushed it in, eventually finding that it wouldn’t go in any further. You let out a soft moan when the motion stopped.

“Look at you, taking it so well,” Momo cooed before you felt her thumb roll over your clit and another climax hit you. Your body shook as the pleasure washed over you in waves once again. You were quickly becoming exhausted.

Momo then began slowly pumping the dildo in and out of you, causing your orgasm to build once again.

You struggled against the restraints, the pleasure becoming unbearable. You moaned and whined and squirmed, trying to get away or get another release or something, but Momo was consistent in her torment.

“Please!” you whined out as she continued to pump it in and out of you. She said nothing, just watched over you. “Please, Momo!”

“Yes, love?” She eventually asked. It was almost impossible to think at all. A long moan fell from your lips.

“Please! More,” you whined out, pulling on the restraints. You heard her giggle again.

“You’re so perfect,” was all she said before she started pumping it in and out of you faster, giving up on the gruelingly slow pace and opting for a faster, more aggressive one. After fiddling around with the angles, she managed to hit the perfect spot which caused you to arch your back and almost scream from the pleasure – something you never did.

Momo kept that up, hitting the same spot over and over. You wriggled and moaned, your body exhausted and your throat growing soar from all the noise. After only a few more thrusts, you came for a fourth time, your body convulsing before you fell against the bed. Momo, however, did not stop.

You panted and whined, completely out of it. You shook your head lazily, trying to do anything that would catch her attention.

Momo leaned forward, slowing the pace of the pumping momentarily as she planted a soft kiss on your lips before whispering, “Color?” And even through the sensory overload, you could tell how much she wanted to keep going. You couldn’t let her down.

“Green,” you mumbled.

Momo leaned back, smiling down at you before quickening the pace into a ruthless speed. With her free hand, she held you down by your thigh, trying to still your squirming. She leaned down again and the pleasure of the thick dildo inside of you was met with a hot pressure against your clit, pulling your breath out of your body.

When you finally did intake air again, you shook in your restraints, whining loudly through your moans, barely coherent. Momo pulled away from your clit for a second, ramming the dildo into you harder now.

“What a perfect pussy, letting me do whatever I want,” she moaned out before replacing her lips on your clit. You practically squealed at the combination.

Your breathing was labored and ragged, you were becoming too tired to even writhe, and all you could feel was the thick dildo pounding into you and the perfect pressure of Momo’s mouth covering your clit. It was far too much and not enough at the same time.

She pulled away once again, “You’re doing so great, just one more for me baby girl,” she moaned before going back down to suck again. Her words sprouted a heat all over your body, and within a few seconds you were coming once again.

Momo continued her ravaging of your body until your orgasm was completely finished. Then, she pulled away from your core and gently pulled the dildo out before leaning back and pushing it inside of her.

Regardless of how exhausted you were, you couldn’t keep your eyes off of her. She pushed and pulled the thing in and out of her so amazingly and knowing that it had just been inside you before her was tantalizing. In a blur of moans and thrusting, Momo came on the dildo and pulled it out again, shaking a little.

After unlocking the handcuffs and gently massaging your shoulders, Momo pulled you close to her and kissed your head.

“You did so well, I’m so proud of you, darling. But now you know what happens when you overwork yourself,” She whispered, gently stroking your back. You gave a small “hm” in response, too tired to say much else.

You would most certainly come home overly-sensitive again many times after that.

Chapter Text

Izuku knew how much Ochaco liked it when he got rough. Izuku tended toward soft, loving touches most of the time, as was his nature – and Ochaco loved those, too, but Izuku was no stranger to how wet she got when he’d spank her ass or place his hand at the junction between her collar bone and her throat.

Today was Ochaco’s 24th birthday, and they’d taken the week off to celebrate. All week, Ochaco had fluttered around their apartment in tight pants and low-cut tops. On that particular day, they had plans to go out to dinner with some old classmates. She’s chosen a particularly short dress, despite the fact that it was snowing outside.

As the couple was leaving their apartment complex, Ochaco realized she’d forgotten her wallet and rushed back up the stairs in order to retrieve it from their home. Watching her as she went, Izuku took in the very tantalizing information that Ochaco had neglected to wear any underwear that night.

During the dinner, Ochaco sat directly beside Izuku who took the opportunity to place his hand on her thigh, squeezing gently ever so often to remind her of the contact.

Every time a new course was brought to them, Izuku would gently shift his grip on her thigh – bringing his hand higher up the leg and closer to her core. By the time dessert was brought out, Izuku’s hand was between her thighs and he could feel how hot and wet his girlfriend was, already.

Ever so discreetly, Izuku shifted the angle of his hand to rub at the soft skin between her legs, her wetness quickly getting all over his fingers. It didn’t take long for him to find the little bud, and when he did, he began very slowly rubbing circles around it.

Minutes passed of this, the table full of pro hero’s in a private section of the restaurant still bounding with laughter and talk despite Ochaco growing steadily more and more quiet. Not a minute after Ochaco swallowed her last bite of mochi, her legs began to shake.

Removing his hand, Izuku leaned over to whisper in Ochaco’s ear.

“Meet me in the bathroom in three minutes,” he said before standing up and speaking to the group. “Excuse me, I’ve got to use the restroom.”

Izuku managed to conceal his excitement all the way to the bathroom, but the minute he closed the door of the private family restroom, he let the rush of the situation get to him.

He took a deep breath and looked himself over in the mirror. Izuku was practically a completely different person after finishing puberty; his jawline was chiseled, his features sharpened, and he shot up in height. While Izuku never really cared much about his looks, he could admit that he was attractive.

Ochaco on the other hand was and always had been absolutely gorgeous. She didn’t grow much from how she looked when they first met, but years of hero work had toned her body, and the time allowed her hair to grow to luscious lengths. Her innocent face drove Izuku crazy due to how absolutely devilish she could be. He groaned thinking about her, his erection starting feel restricted within the confines of his pants.

After what felt like an eternity of waiting, there was a quiet knock at the door, and Izuku swung it open to see the slightly flustered face of his beautiful girlfriend staring up at him as she bit her lip. Grabbing her arm, being mindful of his overwhelming strength, Izuku pulled Ochaco into the restroom, closing and locking the door behind her.

Before she could say anything, he had per pinned against the door and was kissing her roughly. A soft moan came from her throat as she kissed back, flexing her muscles against the hands which held her down.

Pulling away from the kiss, Izuku busied himself with reaching around her and unzipping her little black dress.

“This what you wanted for your birthday? To be fucked in a restaurant bathroom?” he said lowly, the words falling a bit oddly on his tongue. He wasn’t usually the one to initiate dirty talk, but he was feeling particularly hot and bothered by Ochaco’s little stunt.

She moaned out a ‘yes’ in response as Izuku groped her now bare breasts as her dress fell to the floor. This response made a heat flush all over Izuku’s body.

He dropped to his knees as his lips their way down her neck and chest to the soft mounds of flesh he loved to tease. He feverishly sucked on the flesh all around her nipples as his hands ran up and down her hips, purposefully avoiding the heat between her clenching thighs.

She moaned out as his touch, her hands finding his perfectly trimmed hair and tugging on it, trying to coax him toward her nipples.

After another two hickies were achieved, Izuku relented, his mouth landing on the perfect point of one of her breasts and sucking down hard on it. This elicited another moan from the woman above him, and it almost drove him crazy.

After pulling away from her, he stood and planted another heated kiss over her now swollen lips. He pushed his tongue between her lips, and it was quickly met with her own as the two wandered one-another as they had so many times before.

He grabbed onto the hair at the base of her neck, pulling her away from their mini make-out session, looking deeply into her dazed eyes.

“You were really naughty today, not wearing any panties,” Ochaco stared up at him, her hands gripping his jacket as her hips ground against his. She bit her lip and moaned a bit, spurring him on. “Anyone could’ve noticed, y’know. Then, you would’ve been all over the papers and magazines. But you’d like that, wouldn’t you? You love the idea of being exposed to the world like that,” if Izuku hadn’t been so damn horny, he might have shocked himself.

His adorable goddess of a girlfriend could only nod in agreement as she ground against the erection still trapped away in his pants, desperate for relief.

“Maybe I should take you back to the dinner and fuck you senseless right in front of all of our friends, huh? Then you’ll know not to test me like that again,” Ochaco moaned at this, her eyes rolling into the back of her head.

“Or, maybe you can just make it up to me,” he said before tugging on the fistful of hair he held. He pulled her down onto her knees, then adjusted his grip to grab the top of her head. She looked up at him, expectantly.

“You know what to do,” he said, tightening his grip on her hair. She winced slightly and he let go. “Sorry-“

“No, I liked it,” she said almost innocently, before reaching up and unzipping and unbuttoning his pants. She pulled his underwear down, releasing his member from the fabric. He sighed a little when the cool air met the heat of his body. Ochaco stared up at him, opening her mouth slightly before sticking her tongue out and licking the underside of the head. It took everything in Izuku not to moan.

“Open,” he said. She obliged, opening her mouth up further. Izuku took the opportunity he had demanded and slowly but surely pushed his way into her mouth, watching it disappear behind her pump lips.

He hissed from pleasure as the wet pressure surrounded him. He experimentally pulled in and out of her mouth, slowly fucking her face. After a minute or so, Ochaco’s jaw seemed to slacken and her eyes shut, and so Izuku took it as dubious consent.

He started thrusting a bit faster into her mouth, using her hair as a handle to guide her face, but careful not to choke her the whole while.

Watching her gentle face as his dick slid in and out of her drooling lips was a beautiful sight – especially with her hair all mussed, and her breasts bouncing with every stroke. The feeling of her tongue and throat around him was tantalizing, and he was quickly being overcome with the pleasure.

He pulled on her hair and ripped her off of him, pulling her up to her feet and turning toward the mirror. He pushed her forward and she braced herself against the counter that held the sink. She looked up into it, seeing herself naked and completely a mess and she blushed hard.

Seeing this, Izuku felt a rush of power. He strutted over to her and wrapped one hand gently around her neck, putting barely any pressure on it, but the sight was enough to make Ochaco whimper. With his other hand, her reached around and began rubbing circles around her clit just as her had at the dinner table. She moaned and squirmed against him, her lidded eyes coming to rest on his face in the mirror.

“You’re such a slut for me, aren’t you, baby doll?” he whispered against the skin of her neck, sending shivers down her voluptuous body. Izuku released her neck and removed his hand from her core, pushing her forward over the counter and grabbing her hip.

She braced herself up with his arms and he grabbed himself, lining up with her pussy. Before he delved in, though, he looked up into her dazed face.

“Do you want me?” Ochaco nodded, giving the tiniest of hums. Izuku raised an eyebrow at her, then landed a hard smack to her ass that had made her cry out softly. “Use your words,”

“Yes! Yes, I want you Deku-“ Izuku gave her another spanking. “Izuku!” Another spanking, “Daddy!” Ochaco moaned out. A heat flushed over his whole body as the word processed to him. Ochaco’s face went totally red, realizing what had come out of her mouth.

He had expected something more like “sir” but what he had received was not at all unwelcomed. Izuku let a smirk fall on his lips before plunging his dick into her, bottoming out rather quickly. She gasped and moaned at the feeling.

“I like it,” Izuku said, leaning forward and planting a kiss at the junction of where her shoulder met her neck. “Say it again,” he demanded, punctuating the order with a hard thrust up into her. She moaned again-her breath now labored.

“Daddy,” she said, this time a lot quieter and somewhat embarrassed. The sound of it rolling off of her tongue warmed something within his chest, and his resolve was softening.

“Good. I love you, Ochaco,” he said, planting another ginger kiss on her hot skin. He could see her smile in the mirror.

“I love you too, Izuku,” she said. At that, Izuku grabbed ahold of her hips and began ramming into her without relent.

Ochaco practically doubled over from the force of it, instantly becoming a moaning mess over the countertop. Izuku wasn’t much better, small moans and deep breaths overtaking him as well. The pleasure was immense after so much teasing and buildup, and Izuku knew he wouldn’t last very long.

He pounded into her as hard as he could, going at a moderate pace so that he could test the angles. After bending his knees and thrusting up into her a bit more, Ochaco took in a deep gasp, and Izuku realized he’d hit the right spot. Maintaining that angle, Izuku kept up his pace – slamming into her over and over again.

Within minutes, Ochaco was undone – shivering in her boyfriend’s grasp. Izuku was also incredibly close, so he pulled out the second Ochaco’s orgasm had subsided. She whined and pouted, but Izuku only laughed.

“Did you want my cum dripping out of you for the rest of the dinner?”

“Well-“ Ochaco started, a mischievous smirk crawling it’s way onto her face.

“No, now get on your knees, my gorgeous little slut,” Ochaco happily obliged, and Izuku grabbed the back of her head when she opened her mouth. He pushed past her lips and thrust in and out a few times, only needing a little bit of coaxing to finish.

Ochaco swallowed down his cum as best she could, only a little bit of it dripping down her chin. She wiped it off with the back of her hand, as Izuku helped her to her feet.

He tucked his semi back into his pants, turning to wash his hands in the sink.

“I’ll go out first, then you can come back when you’ve cleaned up a bit,” he smiled a bit to himself.

“Okay,” Ochaco moaned out, waltzing over to pick her dress up off the floor.

“And don’t worry, you’ll get your real punishment tonight when we get home,”

“Whatever you say… daddy,” Izuku held back a groan as he exited the bathroom.

Chapter Text

Katsuki Bakugo never had an interest in relationships. Love was the last thing on his mind.

He’d spent his whole life avidly working toward being the best hero in the world – to surpass Deku and All Might and anyone else who would stand in his way. It was all he cared about, and frankly, all he had time for.

So, when he Ejirou Kirishima confessed his love for him on the night of their graduation, Katsuki had no idea how to respond to his best friend.

“I know – that’s… I get it, if you don’t… I know you don’t feel the same, but I had to tell you. If you don’t wanna be friends anymore, that’s cool- I just… couldn’t keep it a secret anymore,” he’d said, obviously on the brink of tears.

For what seemed like the first time in his life, Katsuki was completely overwhelmed. His chest felt heavy and he didn’t know why. His throat was closing, and he couldn’t stop it. All he knew was, that he did not want to lose his best friend.

“No- you idiot. This doesn’t change anything,” Katsuki stopped himself from saying more. He didn’t understand the tugging feeling in the back of his brain.

And when Kirishima’s frown curled into a smile and he let out a sigh, Katsuki sighed, too. Kirishima let out a small laugh that made something well up inside Katsuki.

“Good. Great. Thanks, bro,” He’d said. At the time, Katsuki had the overwhelming urge to hug his best friend, but he knew better and resisted it.

And when Ejirou Kirishima later asked if he wanted to move in together, Katsuki had to remind himself that it was the prospect of getting out of his parents’ house that excited him so much.

And when Ejirou Kirishima left the apartment with a tall blonde on his arm one warm August night, Katsuki convinced himself that the gurgling in his stomach was something he’d eaten.

And when Ejirou Kirishima brought home a built brunette for Christmas that year, he was certain that the rage burning in his chest was due to the annoying gift he’d received from Deku.

But when he’d heard that Ejirou Kirishima, his best friend of seven years, his roommate, his reason for getting out of bed on off days, and the only person who brought a smile to his face with the mere thought of him, was in the emergency room in critical condition, Katsuki Bakugo finally came to the realization that Ejirou meant more to him than any other person in the world.

So, Katsuki spent the next month by his unconscious side in the hospital, only leaving when there was an emergency or when visitation hours ended. The time was informative, as it allowed Katsuki to consider what he would say to the man who’d put up with him for so long and stayed by his side despite his love confession never being returned.

Despite all that time, Katsuki discovered the rather infuriating fact that he had no clue what he might say to the dorky redhead when he woke up. If he woke up-

No, he told himself that he’d stop thinking like that, because Katsuki had no idea what he’d do if Ejirou never woke up. He didn’t know if he’d be able to forgive himself if he never got to tell him how he felt.

Katsuki had gotten a call to help detain a particularly nasty villain, and when he came back to the hospital, the nurse at the front desk who’d become particularly chummy with him lit up when he entered.

“Mr. Bakugo! Here’s your pass,” she said, smiling widely. Katsuki wasn’t a total idiot; either she was up to something, or there was good news about Ejirou. He gave her a curt nod and took the pass from her, starting a brisk walk down the halls of the hospital toward the familiar room.

He bust the door open when he got to it and immediately saw Ejirou laying propped up in his hospital bed, eyes open and now staring at him. A giant wave of relief washed over him.

“Bakubro?” Ejirou asked, his voice sounding tired. Katsuki couldn’t help but laugh at the idiotic nickname.

“Yeah, Ejirou, it’s me,” Katsuki said, entering the room and going to sit down in the bedside chair that he’d spent most of his time in for the past few weeks. Ejirou seemed a bit out of it still, but he did seem to notice Katsuki's use of his first name.

“Is… everything ok?” the redhead-with-black-roots asked, looking Katsuki – who was still in parts of his hero costume – up and down.

“It’s fine. Everything’s fine now. Has Dr. Kobayashi talked to you yet?” Seeing Ejirou awake and speaking lifted a weight off of Katsuki’s shoulders that was heavier than he'd thought it had been.

Ejirou nodded, slowly. “Yeah, she did. What are you doing here?” Ejirou asked, looking dazed and confused. Katsuki scoffed a little, passing the hurt off as anger out of habit. He stopped himself before he raised his voice.

“You’re my best friend, dumb shit, why wouldn’t I be here?” As much as Katsuki wanted Ejirou to know the truth, he knew that was not the right time. Katsuki wanted Ejirou to be clear-headed and completely aware when he told him.

So, he waited. Ejirou’s recovery process was longer than they had hoped and a bit strenuous, but the doctors assured him that, thanks to a number of doctors with health-related quirks, he would make a full recovery and would eventually be able to return to hero work.

Katsuki helped in any way he could - even taking countless hours off to tend to Ejirou’s needs. Ejirou often inquired as to why Katsuki was being so doting, but Katsuki would grumpily deflect the discussion away from his reasoning every time.

It took another three months after Ejirou had awoken for him to be deemed completely fit to go back to work – though, he was resigned to blockading danger zones and bystander patrol until he was able to retrain his body back into it’s peak condition.  

Not long after that final doctor’s appointment, Katsuki convinced Ejirou to go on an overnight trip with him. Despite Ejirou’s excitement to get back to work, he agreed to take that Saturday off and go with him to a mountainside they hadn’t yet hiked together.

When the time came, the two men packed overnight bags as they had done many times before and took a bus and a few trains several hours outside of the city in order to get to the base of the mountainside.

The hike was scenic, but nothing too strenuous as Ejirou had lost a lot of his stamina from his four months out of commission.

After several hours of on and off hiking, they reached a relatively large but secluded clearing and the men set to work with their unspoken respective tasks: Ejirou always set up the tent, and Katsuki always built the fire and hung up the supplies out of reach of wildlife.

By the time the two had finished their tasks and started re-heating the skewered dinners Katsuki had prepared before they left, the sun was low in the sky and late summer air was beginning to cool.

“Mmmm, steak, my favorite!” Ejirou was practically drooling over the meat popping and sizzling over the fire. Katsuki watched him in silence. He knew it was his favorite, that’s why he’d picked it.

“So, why’d you wanna come up here so bad, bro?” Ejirou asked a little bit later, messily chewing on some of the meat.

“Just shut up and eat, Ejirou,” Katsuki said before pulling a piece of steak off of his own skewer. Ejirou stared at Katsuki for a second, the use of his first name sounding foreign coming from Katsuki. He’d only ever called him that a handful of times.

The pair ate in a slightly uncomfortable silence for the next few minutes until Ejirou spoke up again.

“I never thanked you for helping me so much through all of this. It means a lot, bro,” Ejirou said, gesturing to himself. Katsuki grunted a little.

“Seriously, bro! You didn’t have to help me so much, but you did. I’d still be all bent out of shape if you hadn’t been here,” Ejirou gave Kastuki one of his beaming smiles, sending nerves running up and down Katsuki’s body. What if he’d moved on? What if he didn’t feel the same anymore?

“I mean, bro, you took off work for me and everything – like, dude, you never take time off work!” Ejirou placed a palm to his forehead, exaggerating his dumbfounded-ness.

Katsuki was quickly becoming agitated with the whole situation. He hated the awkward silence from before, he hated when people acted shocked about his good deeds, and he was really beginning to hate how often Ejirou called him “bro.”

“I was kind of a pain in the-“

“Ejirou,” the redhead stopped dead in his tracks and looked over at Katsuki who was staring intently at him, a frown on his face.

“Yes, bro?”

“Quit calling me that,” Katsuki grumbled.

“Bro, what did you say?”

“Quit fucking calling me bro! Agh!” Katsuki rose to his feet in his anger, having to remind himself that he was the one being unreasonable, not Ejirou.

“What’s wrong with ‘bro?’ I always call you that,”

“Yeah, well it’s starting to piss me off!” Ejirou let out a little laugh, despite the confused look on his face.

“Everything pisses you off,” Katsuki grunted angrily and stepped over to his best friend. Grabbing the food out of his hand, he threw it on a paper plate before he grabbed Ejirou’s arm to pull him to his feet.

“I have something I need to say,” the words came out sounding more gruff than he had hoped and Katsuki winced at his own tone of voice.

“Okay,” Ejirou egged him on, crossing his arms and staring at him with a confused look on his face.

“No – fuck – just shut up,” Katsuki was becoming more and more frustrated with himself for already fucking everything up before he even started.

“Dude I didn’t even say anything,” Ejirou stared at Katsuki, taking on a defensive tone.

Katsuki stared at Ejirou, ready to blow his adorable little face off. Instead, though, he took a deep breath and shut his eyes for a second, trying to start over.

“I know. ‘M sorry,” Katsuki muttered, breaking eye contact to watch the sun set for a bit as Ejirou dropped his defensive stance, now completely taken aback by Katsuki’s actions.

Katsuki sighed again, deciding finally to let down the façade.

“Ejirou, I got no idea how to say this. I never expected it, so I just didn’t plan for it. But, when you were in the hospital… fuck, I didn’t know what to do with myself. Life fucking sucked without you around. And, yeah, I know I’m brash and mean and hot-headed and you’re nice and optimistic and hot as hell, and I don’t fucking deserve you… and, yeah, I’m late. About four years late, but… Kirishima Ejirou. I love you. So fucking much,” Katsuki’s heart was pounding in his chest, and he felt a little like throwing up but he couldn’t tear his eyes away from Ejirou’s.

The slightly taller redhead was staring into his eyes, a look of utter confusion on his face. It took far longer than Katsuki would’ve wanted for the words to sink in. Katsuki could almost see the gears working behind his eyes.

“You – Bakugo Katsuki – love me?” he asked, involuntarily taking a step forward. Katsuki couldn’t read the expression on his face. Was he happy? Angry? An overwhelming sense of dread settled upon Katsuki’s chest. He swallowed the lump in his throat.

“Yes, Ejirou,” he said, finding it more and more difficult to look the younger man in the eye.

Ejirou took another step forward, leaving only a foot or two of space between them. Then, without warning, Ejirou leaned forward and wrapped his arms around the blonde.

At first, Katsuki didn’t know how to respond. He wasn’t really one for physical affection, so he wasn’t hugged that often. Before long though, Katsuki wrapped his arms around Ejirou’s waist, pulling them together until their bodies were pressed together.

“Really?” Ejirou’s voice was small and breathless against the nape of Katsuki’s neck. It sent shivers down his body.

“Really,” Katsuki confirmed, giving him a slight squeeze.

“I love you too,” he choked out before pulling his face out of Katsuki’s neck. “Can I kiss you?”

Katsuki had never noticed just how gorgeous the taller man was. He could feel his face heat up as he leaned forward, tilting his chin ever so slightly upward and shutting his eyes.

After a moment, incredibly soft lips found his and Katsuki relaxed into the touch, feeling like he’d finally done something right.

Chapter Text

Every once and a while, Shouta Aizawa would get in contact with Emi and convince her to meet him somewhere for a night, and she could never find it in herself to refuse.

Emi did want an actual relationship with him, but she knew how against that he was, so she settled for being used as stress-relief. It wasn’t a bad arraignment – Shouta got a little relief now and then without having any strings attached, and Emi got her fill of Shouta.

This time, Shouta had given her a call earlier in the day and so she’d made a point of it to personally bring some paperwork over to U.A. for a transferring student. Emi stopped by his office, a few hours after classes had been let out for the day. He was still there, papers sprawled all over the desk he sat at – hunched over with his forehead in his palm, staring down at the particular paper in front of him.

Emi gave the open door a light knock, trying her best to restrain herself from being as boisterous as ever. If she was too loud and obnoxious before one of their excursions, Shouta sometimes changed his mind and she absolutely did not want that.

“Eraser!” Emi said in her usual jovial tone, albeit slightly quieter than she was used to. Shouta looked up from the paper in front of him and glared at Emi for a short while.

“You’re early,” he said before returning back to the paper.

“Haha! I know, I thought we could get some dinner or something beforehand,” Emi pressed, hoping that for once he’d agree.

“No,” he said curtly, not looking up from his paper this time. Emi laughed again, pink flushing to her cheeks.

“Right, should’ve guessed!” She closed the door behind her and stepped over to the desk, landing with her hands on her hips.

“What do you want?” Shouta asked in his usual deadpan tone. Emi couldn’t help but laugh again.

“You called me!”

“I’m beginning to regret it,” he groaned out, leaning back in his office chair. Emi took the chance to sit down on his lap, facing the paperwork and eyeing it, realizing that it was written tests he was grading. Shouta sighed a little before sitting up again, his chest now pressed against her back. “You are as brazen as ever,”

“You know you love it!” Emi laughed, looking at the answer sheet. “I could help you grade,” she said, picking up the pen he’d been using to write scores, and putting an “X” over an incorrect answer, just as Shouta had been doing.

“Fine,” he relented, knowing better than to argue too much with Emi – especially considering the fact that he’d called her for stress relief, not for more stress. “But get up first,”

“What? Why?” Emi whined, enjoying their closeness. Shouta simply pushed her off of him, then sat further back in his chair and spread his legs apart. He grabbed her hips and pulled her down on the seat between his legs.

“So I can see over your shoulder,” he said, letting his chin rest on her shoulder as he grabbed another red pen from the drawer to his right, wrapping his left hand around Emi’s waist.

They sat like that for a while, making quick work of the tests and breathing together in the comfortable silence. Once there were only a few tests left to grade, Shouta put his pen down. Emi turned to look at him, confused, but she felt soft lips and scratchy facial hair against her jaw and quickly stopped moving.

“Keep grading, Em,” Shouta said, the nickname causing Emi to shiver. She continued to grade the paper she was working on but got distracted when she felt a warm and firm hand glide up her stomach to one of her breasts before starting to massage it.

Emi refrained from letting out the soft moan which threatened to escape her, re-focusing her attention on the paper in front of her. She finished grading that one and grabbed the next test – only two left.

She felt the fabric of her turtleneck being pulled down, revealing the skin on her neck. The lips on her jaw then moved down to her neck and continued to kiss, lick, and softly suck on various bits of warm skin.

“Shouta…” Emi muttered, her free hand coming up to brush through his hair, holding his head against her skin as she stared at the paper, not paying attention to what’s on it.

He grabbed her wrist and pulled it around her back, holding it painfully in place as he kissed. She winced the slightest bit but took the hint and tried to focus on the test in front of her.

Shouta wasn’t making it easy, though, because the hand which wasn’t holding hers behind her back came around to massage at her breasts once again, quickly finding her nipple through the fabric.

Emi bit her lip and finished that test, pushing it to the side and grabbing the last one. A shudder ran through her body as Shouta pinched her nipple. She quickly graded the last test, checking it over one last time to make sure she hadn’t made any mistakes due to all the distractions.

“Done,” Emi said, trying to hold back her excitement. By that time, it was growing dark outside and the hall outside of the office had long-since been deserted.

“Good,” Shouta said, his voice low. He released her arm, instead bringing that hand up to Emi’s mouth, tracing over her lips until she parted them slightly. He took the opportunity and pushed two fingers into her mouth, prodding her tongue. She began sucking on the digits as she brought both of her hands down to Shouta’s thighs, slightly squeezing them as he continued to massage her nipples through her clothes.

Shouta spent several minutes doing this without relent, switching between breasts and nipping at Emi’s neck, pushing his fingers in and out of her mouth. She quickly became a squirming mess in his arms.

Emi slid one of her hands off the man’s thigh, starting to reach between hers. The second Shouta noticed this, however, he pulled his hands away from her and pushed her up and out of the seat. She was confused, turning to him to ask him why he’d stopped, but when she turned, she was met with hard lips crashing into her own.

Shouta grabbed the back of her neck with one hand and squeezed her ass hard with the other, grinding his stiffened member into her most sensitive spot through their clothes. Emi let out a shocked moan into his mouth before putting her hands on the edge of the desk behind her to brace herself.

He shoved his tongue down her throat, mercilessly ravaging her mouth with his and she struggled to keep up.

After a minute or so of practically suffocating Emi, Shouta pulled away enough to speak.

“I’ve got a room in the girls’ dormitory on the second floor. It’s the first one you come to. I’ll head there first, then you meet me there within five minutes. If you’re late, you’re not going to cum, got it?” A shiver ran down Emi’s spine before she nodded, still able to feel his hot breath against her mouth.

Shouta pushed her until she was up against the desk, holding the back of her head and kissing her again. She could hear a drawer being opened and closed but was too focused on the gorgeous man’s tongue in her mouth to think much of it.

He pulled away from the kiss again, this time immediately busying himself with tugging the waistband of Emi’s pants open enough for him to slip his hand in, eliciting a gasp from the woman.

His fingers tentatively swiped over the object of his desire between her legs, causing a smirk to fall upon his lips from the moisture there. Emi let out a soft groan as his hot hand slid over her little bundle of nerves.

Her eyes shot open to look at the taller man when she felt something cold and oddly textured rub against the incredibly sensitive skin.

“Relax,” Shouta whispered, his voice dripping with an incredibly sexy amusement. “I made sure to clean it,” he said before Emi felt something somewhat small and dull, but hard pressing at her entrance. It was relatively easy for Shouta to slip in, considering how aroused she was. Emi bit her lip, confused and shocked and all too turned on. The object wasn’t incredibly big, but it was big enough to feel it when standing, and it was cold to the touch.

“Wha-?” She started, but Shouta interrupted her by pulling his hand out of her pants and slipping away from her, casually holding something else up so she could see it.

“I thought you’d like a taste of your own medicine. I know how much you like teasing,” Shouta clicked a button on the remote, and a low hum of vibrations began within her, shocking her. She shifted, trying to make the vibrations less intense, but nothing really changed. She had to take a deep breath to steady herself.

“Five minutes, Em,” Shouta said before collecting the tests they had graded, placing them in his messenger bag, and stepping out of the room.

Emi sat down on the desk chair the minute the door closed, knowing full well that she’d have to wait at bit after he left so that she wouldn’t be seen too close to him. Shouta was very particular about their little excursions being kept private, and Emi agreed.

The vibrations within her were a low hum that was tantalizing, but not crippling. She would be able to walk normally for the most part – thank god.

After a short while passed, Emi set off toward the dormitories. She’d seen them on her way in – they were kind of hard to miss – and managed to find her way there pretty easily, even with the day growing dark.

The second Emi stepped into the dormitory building, the vibrations seemed to intensify, and she had to pause a moment in the doorway to recuperate.

Her breath was beginning to become labored as the pleasure affected her body. Her legs felt weak and she was becoming frustrated with how little the tiny vibrator was giving her.

She quickly realized, though, that she had to get to the room soon or Shouta would never let her reach her climax.

She broke into a brisk walk – one that caused her thighs to rub together in a rather deliciously satisfying manor – toward the stairs. When she got there, she practically ran up the deserted staircase toward the second level. She made a right and knocked on the first door she saw, hoping desperately that she’d gone the right way.

Thankfully, it swung open after only a moment or two, the tall man who’s hair was now pulled back into a low ponytail grabbing her arm and pulling her into the room behind him. He shut and locked the door as she glanced around.

Chapter Text

The room was pretty barren, a simple desk with Shouta’s messenger bag, a laptop, a desk chair, a closet and bathroom to the side of the room, and a decent sized bed which took up a lot of the room, even tucked into the corner.

“What is this?” Emi asked. She regretted it almost instantly, though, because the vibrations within her intensified once again – the feeling causing her legs to give out as she gasped and crumpled to the floor.

“With my apartment being so far away from U.A. and what with my class being so prone to incident, Nezu offered me a room for me to escape to should I need it. I mostly use it for naps throughout the day, but… anyway,” Shouta’s words were not arousing in any way, but the way he was looking her over and the tone of voice he used had Emi shuddering under his gaze.

“Won’t the student next door hear us?” she muttered as he stepped closer to her sitting frame.

“There are no students occupying this hallway of the dorms,” he stated before Emi felt the vibrations increase again, causing her to bite her lip and whine loudly. They were becoming a bit overwhelming, and Emi wasn’t sure how much longer she would last like that.

“I like you best with your mouth full,” Shouta said darkly, coming to stand directly in front of her. She looked up at his sultry face and despite her desperate need, her own confidence rose.

“And I like you best between my legs,” she said, placing a hand at the obvious bulge in his pants and pressing ever-so-gently into it with her palm.

“I’ll have you begging for me to be between your luscious thighs,” Shouta said, eyes ablaze with a fire Emi didn’t often get to see. She smiled, challenging him before she unbuckled his belt, pulling his pants and boxers down to reveal his hardened member.

“I’ll make it so you can’t resist me,” Emi promised before leaning forward and giving the tip of his dick a little lick, swiping away any precum. She could see his shoulders relax as he stared down at her.

She did her best to ignore the ever-growing knot twisted in her core as she wrapped her lips around his head, the member hot in her mouth. She sucked down on it hard, immediately being rewarded with a hiss of pleasure from the man above her. She pulled off her gloves and grabbed the length of him she knew she wouldn’t fit in her mouth. She was skilled, but no porn star.

She began drinking him down, sucking and licking at the thick shaft in an incredibly slow manor. She kept her eyes trained on his face, sucking on what she could fit while stroking and squeezing the part she couldn’t.

Shouta quickly pulled her handkerchief off, digging his hands into the hair on the top of her head. She kept moving – thrusting him in and out of her mouth slowly, but surely, never losing contact with his skin for more than a few seconds.

After a few minutes, Shouta’s head rolled back and the vibrations went up another notch, demanding Emi’s attention. This caused her to suck down a bit harder on him, trying to focus on the task at hand. However, it quickly became apparent that the new vibrations were too much and Emi was losing herself.

She began thrusting him in and out of her faster, almost choking herself on him. He let her, not pushing or guiding her in any way. The little grunts and sighs he made informed Emi that she was doing things to his liking, at least.

Emi felt herself rapidly reaching her peak, and so she pulled off of him, panting and moaning for a few second before she paced her lips around his head again and sucked.

Just as Emi started to feel the throbbing threat of release, the vibrations stopped altogether and Emi pulled off of Shouta again, panting and glaring up at him.

“Not until I say so. Like I said, a taste of your own medicine. Now, stand up,” Shouta said, reaching down and grabbing Emi’s arm to pull her to her feet. She was weak on her legs but managed to stand despite the throbbing within her core. Shouta then unbuttoned her collar, pulled off her shirt, and tugged down her pants leaving her in her bra and underwear before him.

“Strip off the rest for me,” he said, pulling his scarf and shirt off and throwing them to the floor beside her clothes. Emi smirked and grabbed his arms, turning his back toward the bed and pushing him down onto it. Shouta sat down, looking somewhat confused but mostly unamused.

After kicking off her shoes and socks, Emi turned her back toward Shouta, pushing her thumbs under the sides of her skimpy underwear, tugging the fabric away from her skin before pulling them up, giving herself a slight wedgie to reveal her round butt to the alluring man. She wiggled around a bit, bending down and wiggling her ass in his face before finally pulling the underwear down, and thus unbeknownst to her, revealing the little pull-tab on the vibrator still inside of her.

She felt it getting pulled out of her and involuntarily moaned at the feeling, standing up and turning to face him after realizing what’d happened. She huffed slightly, looking over the amused look on his face before letting a smile fall on her mouth as well.

She then crawled onto his lap facing him, her knees on either side of his hips and her heated core hovering above his hard member. She then reached around herself to undo her bra hooks, very slowly pulling it off of her chest while pressing her breasts together. Once it was off, she tossed it aside and wrapped her arms around the man’s neck, looking up into his glimmering eyes.

The smirk that had settled on his face grew wider as he looked her over, bringing his hands up to run them over her sides.

“As always you are making thing incredibly difficult,” Shouta moaned out as his eyes continued to scrutinize her frame.

“Well if you’d just fuck me, it wouldn’t have to be so hard,” Emi said, grinding down against his dick to reference the pun. It took everything in her not to laugh like a maniac at her own joke.

“If I wasn’t so turned on I’d leave,” Shouta warned, hands coming down to cradle the soft flesh of her ass.

“It was that bad? Would you say it sucked?” Emi pressed on, grinding against him some more to remind him how much he wanted her, despite the terrible puns. He let out a groan and landed a hard smack to her ass. She jumped a bit but moaned into him.

“Keep that up and I’ll never make you cum again,” Emi only laughed, despite knowing full well that he’d meant it. She leaned forward and placed her lips on his neck, kissing and sucking on the hot flesh there. She wasn’t worried about leaving hickies – his neck was always hidden, anyway.

Shouta grabbed her hips, guiding her as she ground herself against his dick. Her wetness was getting all over him, driving him a little bit mad. So, he grabbed the vibrator which had been inside her not too long ago and held it against her clit as she ground against him, quickly finding the remote with his other hand and turning the vibrations up to the third setting.

The intense feeling against her little bundle of nerves caused her to gasp, forcing her to stop sucking at his skin for a moment. The grinding felt good, but all the teasing was causing Emi to become desperate for him to be inside of her.

She continued to suck on bits of his neck, moaning against his skin and pressing her breasts into his chest. She was careful to listen, however, because Shouta’s little sighs and groans always gave away when he was about to cum.

“Do you want me?” Shouta asked, his voice gruff and breathless. The sound of it made Emi’s skin hot.

“Yes…” Emi muttered, pulling a long lick from his collar bone up to his stubbly jaw.

“You want me inside of you?” Shouta asked, turning the vibrations up again. Emi let out a whiny moan.

“Yes, Shouta!” she whined out, feeling her orgasm build once again. One of Shouta’s hands came up and grabbed the side of Emi’s head, turning it so his lips were right next to her ear.

“Then beg,” he said before taking hold of some of her hair and pulling on it, hard. Emi gasped once more but otherwise stayed silent.

She kept grinding against him, desperately trying to jostle the vibrator away from it’s insistent position on her clit as well as trying to distract Shouta with his own arousal. It didn’t seem to work, though, because after a few more seconds of her silence, he just pulled her hair harder.

She winced and panted, drawing closer and closer to her release. She let her eyes roll back in her head, moaning loudly.

“Emi,” Shouta demanded, his tone firm as he pulled the vibrator away from her clit momentarily. She immediately whined and ground harder against him, trying to get the friction she needed to finally reach her climax. He began strategically pressing the vibrator against her clit for a few seconds while her orgasm built and taking it away for a few seconds to deny her of it. After the fourth time if Shouta removing the vibrator, Emi let out an exasperated whine and dug her nails into Shouta’s back.

“Okay, fine! Please, Shouta!”

“Please what?”

“Please, I need you!”

Shouta ground up against Emi, replacing the vibrator again. Emi whined and squeaked.

“Please, please, please Shouta! I want your dick - I need you inside of me! Please, please just fuck me!”

“That’s better,” Shouta said before setting the vibrator aside and grabbing Emi’s arms. He threw her on her back on the bed then crawled onto his knees at the bed, grabbing her legs and slinging them over his shoulders. He wrapped one arm around her thighs and used the other to guide himself into her.

He slammed into her wet pussy, instantly eliciting a breathless “fuck” of approval from the woman beneath him. He didn’t stop there, though, he started at a relentless pace, pushing hard into her and bottoming out with each thrust.

The sudden feeling of being so full and the new friction was heaven to Emi. Her vision clouded as she laid there, unable to focus on anything other than the immense pleasure. She knew she wouldn’t last too much longer at this rate.

When her orgasm started to build, Emi began to pant, moans coming out in short, high-pitched strings. Shouta took note of this and released his hold of her thighs, allowing them to fall on either side of his body as he slowed his pace.

Emi almost cried at the realization that Shouta avoiding her release once again. She whined and gripped tightly to the bedsheets.

Shouta grabbed the vibrator which was still on and pressed it against her clit, causing Emi’s body to shake as an almost pained moan ripped out of her. With his free hand, Shouta reached up and wrapped it around her throat, putting a little bit of pressure on it – enough to slightly hinder her breathing, but not enough to harm her in anyway.

Emi’s eyes rolled back into her head. The feelings of Shouta’s length thrusting in and out of her, the buzzing of the vibrator, and the pressure of his hand combined was an enlightening combo, and Emi felt herself rapidly reaching her peak. She took in as much air as she could and let out little whimpers, as her loud moans were held at bay.

“Can i-“ Emi tried to ask, but the pressure on her throat made it inaudible. Shouta say her lips move and released her throat for a second. “Can I cum? Please, I need to cum so bad, Shouta!” She asked, any ounce of pride now gone.

A devilish smirk stretched across the gorgeous man’s face as he pressed his hand back down on her throat, beginning to thrust in and out of her harder.

“You may cum…” he said darkly, watching Emi as her legs started to shake and her hands gripped onto the bedsheets so hard her knuckles were white.

Her vision went completely white as all of her senses focused in on the tall, mysterious demon of a man inside her. She lost control of herself as he long-overdue orgasm finally washed over her, lasting longer and ultimately more fulfilling than any other orgasm she’d ever had.

When her body finally came down from the high, Shouta thankfully removed the vibrator and shifted his hands to the bed near her head to support himself above her. He slammed into her at the pace which suited him, using her body as his play-toy.

Emi panted under the abuse, overstimulated and loving every second of it.

With a few more thrusts, Shouta pulled out of Emi and finished all over her stomach and breasts.

Then, he laid down beside her, both of them panting heavily and basking in the afterglow of their orgasms.

Shouta soon stood up, finding a rogue towel and using it to wipe his fluids off of Emi. She sat up and looked him over as he tossed the dirty towel in the mostly empty hamper in the corner of the room.

He stepped back over to Emi who stood up, doing her best to ignore the wobbliness of her legs, and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“I respect that you don’t want a serious relationship, but I do love our time together,” she said in perhaps the most genuine tone of voice that he’d ever heard from her. He wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her close.

“I know I’m going to regret saying this, but… I enjoy your company as well, Emi,” Shouta said, his voice rather deadpan once again.

When Emi let go if him, she sat down on the edge of the bed and yawned.

“I’m suuuper thirsty! Could we go get some water, and maybe a snack?” Emi asked, looking around for her clothes. Shouta sighed, but tossed his undershirt at her, grabbing his own boxers as well.

“Fine, but the kitchen area is on the third floor, so we’ll have to be incredibly careful not to be seen,” he said, pulling his boxers on. Emi pulled the oversized shirt on and grabbed her bandana and threw that on over her sex hair.

Then, the two quietly crept up the stairs onto the third floor and toward the common area where the kitchen was. Shouta walked over to the fridge and pulled out a sports drink bottle, handing it to Emi before he moved to a cabinet and pulled out a glass. He filled it with tap water as Emi took a long drink of the cold water.

The two stood around the island in the middle of the kitchen area, drinking their water and muttering praises about the past few hours.

“Where did you even get that?”

“That is for me to know and for you to never find out,” Shouta smirked, taking another drink of the cool water. Emi took another drink and glanced around the room, just then noticing that someone else was in the kitchen with them.

Emi heard a glass clink against the tabletop of the island as the person – a student who’d gotten out of bed to get some water – turned toward her and Shouta. She recognized him as a student from Shouta’s class, class 1A, but couldn’t quite place his name.

“Miss… Joke?” he muttered, looking exhausted.

“Hey… kid!” she said, internally panicking. The student’s brow furrowed as he looked up at her.

“How… Why are you here? It’s night,” he said, sounding dazed and confused. Emi started to word-vomit almost immediately.

“Well, about that! I huh… I’m here for intercour… interclass training talk with your teacher. You know, work stuff!” She blabbed, placing her elbow on the island and resting her chin on it, trying to look casual. It was a terrible lie, but Emi had nothing else, and the kid looked like a zombie anyway. He might buy it?

The kid stared at her for a minute or so, then gave a small smile and a wave, “Oh, ok, good work then,” he said almost incoherently as he walked out of the kitchen and presumably back to his room.

“Good night!” she called after him.

As soon as he was gone, Shouta stood back up and glared daggers at Emi. She let out a nervous laugh.

“Inter class training talk?” he repeated.

“Haha, yeah! Pretty good lie, there, huh!” she laughed.

“Emi, I swear if this gets out-“

“You’ll what? Spank me?” Emi said, dropping her tone to a more sensual one. Shouta glared at her again. “C’mon, that kid was exhausted – he looked like hell, and from what I know of your training, he’s probably been there. He’ll probably just think it was a dream when he wakes up again! C’mon, there’s nothing more we can do about it now, and therefore no sense in worrying about it!” Emi had a point, despite the fact that Kaminari was the last person he’d want to find out about his little excursions with Emi. The kid was an idiot, but a blabbermouth.

“Or, if you want, you could just punish me for the bad lie,” Emi stated, slipping a hand around his neck and pressing her lips to his. He grabbed her wrist and held it there, enjoying the connection. When she pulled away from the kiss, he held onto her wrist for a moment longer as he spoke.

“Get your ass back downstairs right now. I’ve got some more stress which needs relief.”

Chapter Text

It had been a while since Izuku had cried.

Ever since graduating U.A. Izuku hadn’t cried very often. He’d been more focused, and altogether more… happy with himself and his life since mastering One for All, and there just wasn’t that much to cry about.

So, when he sat staring at the grain in the wood, hearing the gentle sound of a familiar male timbre dully vibrating in his ears as his empty chest swelled and fell rhythmically, his eyes were dry.

When his feet fell heavily on the floor as he trod over to his destination, hands hanging loose at his sides, his throat did not threaten to close.

When practiced words fell out of his mouth into the cold metallic weight in his hand as his eyes scanned the crowd of familiar faces, their expressions not quite registering in Izuku’s brain, his breathing was steady, and he felt calm.

When his gaze later fell over skin, pale from the lack of blood and cold to the touch, Izuku did not cry.

It was not until the after party, when Ochaco had left to speak with some old classmates she hadn’t kept up with, that it hit him.

As he stood silent and alone leaning against a wall of a massive banquet hall, an explosive blonde made his way over to Izuku, clad in a black suit jacket - minus the tie as usual.

The blonde took a sip of the beverage he was holding – some sort of whiskey by the looks of it – as he leaned against the same wall which was supporting Izuku. A quiet fell around them, despite the bustling group of people filling the building.

“Feels weird,” Kacchan finally said, taking another sip of his drink. Izuku could only nod.

“He’s been retired for years, so it’s fuckin’ stupid, but…”

“Yeah, I get it,” Izuku said softly, desperate for Kacchan to stop speaking. He must have understood, because the shorter man took another sip from his glass and went back to the silence.

They had all known it was coming. He hadn’t been well, and with his past injuries… nobody lives forever. Izuku knew that, but the thought of never being able to see or speak to him again just wouldn’t process in Izuku’s brain. It didn’t make any sense. There was no way he could be gone. How could he be gone?

“Pisses me off,” Kacchan said.

“What doesn’t?” Izuku let out a breathless laugh with no real heart to it. The joke tasted sour in his mouth.

“I’ll kill you,” he replied, but there was no malice or real intent behind his words. The two of them fell silent for a moment or two.

“What does?” Izuku asked, staring off into the group of people talking, drinking, eating, and laughing in front of them. They felt so far away from him.

“…From pneumonia? Sounds like a lame-ass way for him to go,” He said, giving a weak scoff.

“He was sick… and with his injuries…” Izuku said, trying not to think too hard about it.

“Just seems like he should’ve died more heroically,” the blonde spat out, taking another drink.

“What? What, Kacchan? Did you want him to get beaten to death, or-or-or get mowed down by a machine gun, or be burned alive – or blown up?” Izuku turned to Kacchan, quickly becoming more and more angry. His words became too loud, and he was ready to deck the blonde for always being such an absolute idiot, despite his genius.

“Fuck off, Izuku you know what I mean!” Kacchan said, turning to square up to the slightly taller man.

Something about Kacchan’s face as they glared each other down brought Izuku a sense of reality.

His throat swelled shut, and the dam broke. Kacchan’s face quickly melted into one of shock, watching the new number one hero completely fall apart for the first time in a long time.

Izuku turned away from Kacchan, leaning his back against the wall again and bringing his hands up to cover his face, completely devastated in that moment. Izuku slid down the wall until his butt hit the floor. He heard rustling sounds and realized that Kacchan had sat down beside him.

Their relationship had improved drastically after their first year in U.A.; however, they were never the type of friends to play video games or discuss movies with one another. Instead, they silently remained each other’s greatest driving forces: always looking to outwit, outshine, out-hero one another. In the end, both of them reached the top, being named number one and number two within the first few years after their graduation from U.A. high. While they hardly ever worked together, they managed to stay in touch, despite Kacchan’s constant proclamations of hate toward Izuku.

So, it felt a little weird when Izuku let his shoulder lean against the slightly smaller man, but somehow it was familiar – maybe it was reminiscent of their pre-school days before Kacchan discovered he was quirkless – and that familiarity was calming for Izuku. His sobbing died down, but the emptiness filling his brain and clouding his thoughts remained.

Both in pain, both lost, both grieving the death of their biggest inspiration since childhood, the two men sat side by side – leaning against one another in silence for what felt like an eternity.

“He’s really gone,” Kacchan said after what had to have been an hour of silence.

“Yeah. The Symbol of Peace…”

“Toshinori Yagi…”

“All Might is dead,”

Chapter Text

Shoto was a dense boy. He knew that he wasn’t always very perceptive when it came to relationships due to his messed up childhood, and he was trying to get better about being a good friend and understanding general social ques, but he knew he wasn’t the most gifted when it came to people.

He hadn’t really even given relationships too much thought. It wasn’t that he didn’t want one, he just didn’t think it would really be a possibility. He never assumed he’d be happy enough with his own life to pursue anyone.

But there he was, staring slightly downward at a very red Momo who was looking anywhere but at his face.

“So – um – that is, if you’d like… Could we maybe go out to lunch one afternoon? Or get tea?” she’d asked, stumbling over herself as if she was speaking in a foreign tongue.

Shoto didn’t know what to make of it. He’d never been asked out before – was this even that? Was Momo asking him out on a date, or was it more like a friend thing? Shoto had no idea and didn’t want to make assumptions. He’d always thought being concise and clear were the best ways to get the point across.

“Are you asking me out on a date?” he asked, the thought causing heat to rush to his face for reasons unknown to him. Momo pushed her two index fingers together, looking up at him with somehow even more red covering her soft face.

“Uhm, yes?” she said, her inflection making it sound more like a question than anything else.

“I see,” he said, trying to comprehend the reason his heart had started beating faster. He took a moment to consider: would this lead to anything? Would it negatively affect them in either way? Would it negatively affect anybody else? Did he want to?

The fluttering feeling in his stomach made him wonder if he’d eaten something bad earlier in the day. Momo bit her lip as she waited for a response, looking more and more concerned with each second.

“Yes, I think I’d like that,” Shoto finally said, he, himself hearing how robotic he sounded. Regardless, Momo let out a short sigh and smiled brightly at him, obviously relieved about something.

“Great! Then, uh, how about Saturday? I’ve been wanting to try that new lunch place near the campus?” she asked, the redness in her cheeks fading to a light pink. Shoto gave a nod.


Momo was a sensible woman. So, she’d wanted a sensible wedding. It was not the massive extravaganza that all of her friends had expected her to want. Instead, it was small and intimate.

Of course, both of their close families were there – minus a certain disapproving father – and they invited some of their closest friends, but the guest list remained as small as they could keep it – no reporters or paparazzi allowed.

They agreed upon an outside venue in the spring. They kept it relatively close to home, but in a more scenic part of Japan – there was a small bed and breakfast they’d rented out  near a large field of flowers and a group of trees around the back of the place. The roads leading up to it were dirt, and the closest paved road was at least a mile out, so the place was quiet.

There was a massive drooping Japanese Willow which they’d strung up with soft pink fairy lights and underneath was where the ceremony was held.

Shoto wore a simple navy tuxedo, fitted to him perfectly and Momo’s dress was relatively simple – an off-white lacy gown which was fitted around the bust, but hung loose just underneath it. The fabric was lightweight and flowy and didn’t inhibit her comfort or range of motion. Her hair had been pulled into a half-up half-down look with real flowers tucked into the updo. Shoto’s long hair was pulled into a simple low ponytail. The few bridesmaids wore a baby blue shade in an array of styles, and the groomsman wore fitted black tuxedos.

They were married at dusk surrounded by people who loved and supported their union. They gave personally written vows, each managing to make the other cry – not to mention Shoto’s best man, Izuku.

After the heartfelt ceremony, the group of people usually brought together by tragedy and panic spent hours basking in the tranquility of the night, the love amongst them all too copious to describe with words.

Momo was a sensible woman. So, she had the sense to know when something was wrong with her, and she had the sense to go to the doctor for it.

Sensibility could only take a person so far, however, when they’ve found out they are having an unplanned pregnancy.

“Kiyoko, what am I going to do?” Momo asked frantically as she sat in her car after the doctor’s appointment.


“Shoto and I have barely even talked about having kids! I don’t even think he wants them!” Momo was inconsolable. She was absolutely freaking out – something the pro never did.

“Momo!” Kiyoko called, trying to shout some sense into her best friend.

“This isn’t exactly something I can keep from him for much longer, the doctor said I’m already starting my second trimester. That means I’m already three months along. Three months!”

“Are you even listening-“

“What if Shoto really doesn’t want it? What if he thinks I’m lying when I tell him that my birth control was faulty? Do you think he’ll think I did it on purpose? I mean, he knows I want kids eventually… but do I want them now? I’m going to have to take time off of hero work for this!”

“Yaoyorozu!” Kiyoko shouted, practically screaming into the phone. Momo stopped rambling for a moment, finally realizing that Kiyoko was trying to say something.

“I know you’re upset, but I’m not the person you need to talk to about this. Todoroki loves you; he’s not going to accuse you of doing it on purpose or anything, and he needs to know. Go home, take a bubble bath, do some research, and tell him tonight,” Kiyoko said, calmly. She always knew exactly what Momo needed to hear, and the woman was suddenly so relieved to have such a good friend.

“Thank you, Kiyoko. I appreciate it. Sorry I flipped out,”

“It was warranted. And hey… whatever Todoroki says, it doesn’t matter – you’re going to be a mom, Momo!” Kiyoko sounded genuinely excited for her, and hearing someone close to her say it suddenly made the realization sink in. And yeah, Momo was elated. Devastated, but elated.

She went home and did as Kiyoko had suggested: She took a relaxing bath and after set to work researching. When most of her initial questions were answered, Momo got up, got dressed, and called in an order for Shoto’s favorite take out.

When he’d gotten home from his patrol, he took a quick shower and by the time he got out, the food had gotten there. He was pleasantly surprised with the dinner and quickly sat down to eat, but not before giving Momo a warm hug.

“How was your doctor’s appointment?” Shoto asked, innocently.

“It went – well. I’m perfectly healthy!” Momo said, smiling brightly.

“That’s great,” Shoto gave Momo a smile back before popping a chunk of mean into his mouth.

“We both are,” Momo blurted out. She hadn’t known how to tell him, but that seemed as good as a method as any. Shoto stared at her for a moment.

“… Yes? I’m healthy as well,” he said slowly, trying to rationalize what Momo had said. She shook her head.

“No - that’s not what I meant,” she murmured.

“Who else did you mean? The doctor?” Shoto asked, looking utterly lost. Momo sighed. She realized that she would just have to bite the bullet, because the man was dense when it came to those things.

“Shoto- I’m pregnant,” she said, watching his face like a hawk. She was incredibly nervous. They hadn’t had very many conversations about children, and the ones they had were very short-lived and she tended to dominate them. She really thought he just did not want them.

So, when his mouth gaped open and his eyes grew wide as he searched her face, she prepared herself for the worst.

What she did not prepare herself for was the strong arms which surrounded her before she could even blink. Shoto’s lips were against hers in a flash, and she kissed him back before her brain even processed what had happened.

After a moment or two, Shoto pulled away from the kiss and a warm smile spread across his face as he stared at his wife from his crouching position. He looked like he was trying to formulate a sentence, or to say anything at all but he didn't. He simply beamed at her.

After the moment processed to Momo, she realized that he was happy. He was happy that he was going to be a father and that she would be the mother, and that they were going to have a baby. Joy welled up in her chest and she pulled her arms out of his grip, instead wrapping them around his neck and tackling him to the ground.

Chapter Text

Student: Wakaki Tsuna

Birthday: 4/13 (16 years old)

Height: 159 cm

Likes: Swimming.

Quirk: Immunity. According to the doctors, her skin works as a barrier – her body can create and dissipate scar tissue at will, meaning that when attacked, the afflicted skin forms scar tissue so tough that nothing can penetrate it. In conjunction with this, the topmost layers of her skin cells regenerate so rapidly that any injury she might encounter is healed in seconds. In short, she’s invincible to all physical attacks.

Student: Oyakawa Michiru

Birthday: 12/30 (15 y/o)

Height: 138 cm

Likes: Mango and melon.

Quirk: Bat. She has four extra fingers on each hand which stretch into bat-like wings and allow her to fly short distances. Some of the bone her body is replaced with a more flexible cartilage making her lightweight enough to fly, but also making her somewhat fragile. She can use echolocation, but she has terrible vision!

Student: Ose Akirako

Birthday: 7/19 (15 y/o)

Height: 154 cm

Likes: Sweets.

Quirk: Bee. The delicate wings which can fold flat against her body are, according to all laws of physics, not big enough for her to be able to fly – but she can anyway! She also can produce tiny stingers with bee venom from her fingers and can vomit honey if she’s eaten enough sugar that day!

Student: Muratagi Hoshi

Birthday: 8/25 (16 y/o)

Height: 173 cm

Likes: Violin.

Quirk: Cancel. He can make all living creatures within a 5-yard radius of himself deaf for around an hour. If he overuses his quirk, though, his hearing becomes hyper-sensitive for a short period of time.

Student: Edamitsu Shiki

Birthday: 6/3 (16 y/o)

Height: 166 cm

Likes: Sculpting.

Quirk: Conjure. They can produce can completely realistic hologram of anything they’ve seen before for as long as they want. The catch is, they can only maintain one hologram at a time.

Student: Yoshioka Ema

Birthday: 3/11 (17 y/o)

Height: 174 cm

Likes: Peppermint candy.

Quirk: Weather. She can use nearby water to create a small-scale version of any water-related weather including rain, fog, clouds, snow, hail, and even mini tsunamis – minus the seismic activity.

Student: Kawahara Hainako

Birthday: 5/6 (16 y/o)

Height: 169 cm

Likes: Exotic birds.

Quirk: Bubble Gum. She can transform any part or her entire body into a stretchy, sticky substance which becomes more malleable when hot and is stiff when cold. She even tastes like bubble gum when her quirk is activated!

Student: Tamanaha Sanzo

Birthday: 9/30 (17 y/o)

Height: 179 cm

Likes: Reading.

Quirk: Photosynthesis. He can use sun rays to charge his physical attacks. When the sun is obstructed from view or it is nighttime, his quirk is pretty much useless!

Student: Hano Benkei

Birthday: 5/27 (16 y/o)

Height: 163 cm

Likes: Baseball.

Quirk: SloMo. His quirk allows him to make anyone he touches think they can only move in slow motion. When a person is affected by his quirk, their mind won’t allow their body to move any faster than 1/3 of the speed they normally move. He can use it on up to five people at one time, but only for a short time.

Student: Enomoto Kishi

Birthday: 7/7 (15 y/o)

Height: 168 cm

Likes: Chocolate.

Quirk: Connection. She and her sister have the ability to connect mentally and talk between one another no matter the distance between them. There is no limit or repercussions to it, either!

Student: Enomoto Hanae

Birthday: 7/7 (15 y/o)

Height: 168 cm

Likes: Vanilla.

Quirk: Connection. She and her sister have the ability to connect mentally and talk between one another no matter the distance between them. There is no limit or repercussions to it, either!

Student: Seo Yuji

Birthday: 10/5 (16 y/o)

Height: 180 cm

Likes: Urban Legends.

Quirk: Personify. He can bring any inanimate object to life for a short period of time. The object is not smart, had no sentience, and cannot feel pain, but follows orders and fulfills duties mindlessly according to his request.

Student: Ige Akuro

Birthday: 1/12 (16 y/o)

Height: 155 cm

Likes: Snow.

Quirk: Midas. She can turn living creatures to gold through touch for the length of time that she can hold her breath, and she can turn tiny objects into gold permanently – but only if they weigh less than two grams.

Student: Haga Teruo

Birthday: 4/22 (17 y/o)

Height: 205 cm

Likes: Sci-Fi.

Quirk: SpringLoaded. His calves are springs which allow him to jump to incredible heights, and act as shock-absorbers of he falls from high heights. The more weight on him, however, the lower his jumps become.

Pro Hero: Lull-Good-bye.

Birthday: 2/4 (28)

Height: 176 cm

Likes: Warm Tea

Quirk: Neutralizer. She can dissipate any tension, calm any room into a docile group with no malicious intent within seconds with her humming. The angelic sound of her tune causes anyone who hears to feel contented for several hours afterward.

Pro Hero: 20/20

Birthday: 9/28 (34)

Height: 155 cm

Likes: Lemon drops.

Quirk: Identification. Despite her otherwise very poor vision, she can tell what any person’s quirk is just by looking at them, regardless of what it is. Even without her glasses she can see a person’s quirk.

Pro Hero: No Treble

Birthday: 7/26 (25)

Height: 185 cm

Likes: History.

Quirk: Siren. He can sing notes impossible for other humans to hit, as well as being able to sing multiple notes at once – when he sings a symphony, the music has a hypnotic affect on anyone who hears it. They will follow him wherever he goes for the remainder of time that he sings. He often gets a sore throat, though!

Pro Hero: Eye Am Here

Birthday: 5/29 (39)

Height: 144 cm

Likes: Puzzles.

Quirk: Chameleon. His skin can blend in perfectly with his surroundings: even having the ability to imitate certain textures. He has a second pair of eyes on the side of his head which allow him to see in all directions around him – except for directly behind him. His chameleon eyes also allow him to judge distances with incredible accuracy, and each of his chameleon eyes can be moved independently from the other! He cannot use both his human eyes and his chameleon eyes at the same time, though.

Chapter Text

Ejirou woke up in his room. The last thing he remembered was fighting a battle with a somewhat notorious villain – one who’s quirk was unknown to the public considering that the two heroes who had tried to fight the villain had both died.

Ejirou stared at the ceiling. It was dark inside and Ejirou felt weird.

He’d felt this way before. When he was in middle school, he’d had a difficult time coming to terms with himself. He’d felt empty, lost, unwanted – and tired. So, so tired.

Ejirou took a deep breath, trying to think clearly, to ignore the pain, but it wouldn’t go away. The constant weight on his chest combined with the tightness in his throat would not relent.

He quickly became overwhelmed with how miserably he felt. Memories clouded his thoughts. He hadn’t been contacted by any of his friends in a long time. The last time he even talked to Kaminari, they’d had a fight about some stupid thing. He’d been rejected by Bakugo several months ago and hadn’t heard from him since. Even his parents hadn’t talked to him in a while.

The small apartment began to feel incredibly empty, and Ejirou felt alone. He thought about how pathetic he was. He’d been a sidekick for over a year now and had no plans to branch off or become independent like many of his ‘friends’ had been starting to do. He was always reckless and gullible, injury or destruction of property occurring all too often during his battles. He was really a pathetic excuse for a hero.

He didn’t have any motivation to get out of bed, so he didn’t. Ejirou simply laid in bed, the gentle breeze of a fan the only reminder that he was still alive.

Ejirou laid there like that for a long time. The ache in his chest steadily growing bigger and becoming less tolerable. It was becoming a chore to breath, and Ejirou wished that he didn’t have to anymore.

Was there really a purpose for Ejirou? Was there anything he was going to amount to, anyone he would really help? Based on who he was then, it didn’t seem like it. He wasn’t a very affective hero, not even as a sidekick. He was average at best – if he weren’t doing his job, it would just give someone else the opportunity to become better than he is.

The people around him wouldn’t mind if he was gone. None of his so-called friends seemed to remember that he existed anyway, and they would probably be relieved if he was gone. They wouldn’t feel obligated to talk to him or feel guilty if they forgot about him. His family might miss him, but not for long. They would learn to move on, and the world would continue on, just as it always does when people die.

So, Ejirou made up his mind and got out of bed. He walked over to the bathroom and grabbed the bottle of painkillers he had stashed in there. He opened the bottle which must have had about 100 pills left, given that it was about half empty, and swallowed every last one. Then, for good measure, he washed them down with whatever liquor he had left in his kitchen. It was half a bottle of vodka and a few gulps of whiskey. Ejirou returned to his room and lay down on his bed, beginning to feel the affects of the alcohol.

After too long, everything faded to black.

Katsuki had been working a patrol by himself when he got a call that the notoriously deadly villain was spotted and approached by Fat Gum and his team: he of course knew that Kirishima was among them.

So, Katsuki immediately notified his higher-ups that he would be aiding in the fight, not even pretending to pose it as a request as he was expected to do. He took off toward the area of town the fight was reportedly happening.

It didn’t take too long to find it; Fat Gum was a hard person to miss. What was difficult, however, was seeing who the villain had his arms wrapped around.

Kirishima was hanging limp and unconscious as the villain held on tight to him, something sticking out of Ejirou’s neck.

Katsuki felt a rage boil up inside him. He quickly formulated a plan to sneak-attack the villain while he was distracted with one of Fat Gum’s attacks.

In a flash of loud explosions, the villain was forced down onto the floor, but Ejirou was still with him. Katsuki approached him.

“Let him go,” Katsuki demanded, absolutely livid due to the state of his friend. Ejirou was incredibly pale and looked like he was in pain, the fleshy thing still sticking out of Ejirou’s neck.

“If I did that, I would die! We don’t want that, now do we?” The villain laughed – a disgusting and disturbing sound.

“Maybe I’ll just rip this out of him?” Katsuki said, reaching for the fleshy-looking thing sticking out of Ejirou’s neck.

“Ah-ah-ah, if you want your friend to live, I wouldn’t recommend that at all. You see, my third arm is connected directly to a main artery in his neck right now. If you just rip it out, he’ll bleed to death in minutes!” The villain sounded utterly delighted to be giving Katsuki that news. He had to stop himself from punching a hole straight through the guy’s face.

“If you don’t let him go right now, I’ll-“

“You’ll what? Kill me? If you do that, he’ll still die!” he laughed.

Katsuki couldn’t handle what he was hearing. He didn’t know what was happening, but he knew that he had to save Kirishima, no matter what. Especially after what he’d put him through, just because…

That wasn’t the time to dwell on the past. Katsuki had to think – and fast, considering how ill Kirishima continued to look.

“What do you want, then? What can I offer you that’ll get you to release him?”

“Nothing! Nothing! This boy’s sadness is so delicious! All I want is him,”

Chapter Text

“All I want is him,”

Katsuki punched the man in the face, effectively knocking him unconscious. Given the information the villain had provided (that both Kirishima and apparently the villain would die if the two were detached) Katsuki deduced that delivering both of them to a hospital would be the best course to run. The villain didn’t need to be conscious for it, though.

It didn’t take too much longer for the authorities to show up, as they were always notified at the same time heroes approached rampaging villains. Katsuki waisted no time in describing what the villain had said and demanding that they both be delivered to a hospital immediately.

And so, they were.

After Katsuki finished all of the paperwork he had to fill out for defying his higher-ups and rushing into Fat Gum’s fight blindly, and for the encounter he had with the villain, he immediately returned to the hospital Kirishima had been admitted to.

After yelling at the nurse at the front office about who he was and any he had a right to see Kirishima, a doctor came out and prevented her from calling security on him.

The doctor lead him to the room in the back of the hospital intended for patients with volatile or dangerous and uncontrollable quirks.

“It looks like our villain has a quirk with parasitic properties which requires him to intake a certain amount of blood for his survival. We have no files on him, so we think he might not be a Japanese citizen. We were able to detach his extra appendage from Riot’s neck and have given him a blood fusion already. He seems to be responding well but has yet to wake up…” The doctor seemed like he wanted to say more but stopped himself and grew silent for a second before continuing.

“As for the villain, he is stable. We gave him a blood infusion as well and have put in a special order for some cow’s blood to be delivered for his meals,” The doctor filled him in as they walked.

“Is he conscious?”

“Not yet, but he should be shortly,”

Katsuki didn’t respond. They finally came to a room with a clipboard entitled, “Patient 893: Red Riot,” and the doctor opened the door for him, allowing him to enter.

Kirishima still looked like hell. His skin was pale and there was a bandage wrapped around his neck. His hair was still spiked into tall peaks, but it was dirty – as was his face. The monitors were sounding off quietly at a constant pace.

“When his tests came back, not only did they show a low blood count, but they also showed signs of overdose…” the doctor seemed hesitant, but Katsuki stayed silent, trying to take in the information the doctor was providing. “We pumped his stomach just to be safe. If you have any more questions, there is a call button on the arm beside the bed,” he said before leaving the room, closing the door behind himself.

Katsuki sat down, trying to process what he’d just heard. Kirishima had overdosed?

Ejirou woke up in a hospital room. The weight on his chest was unbearable. He was such a failure that he couldn’t even manage to kill himself.

He glanced around the room vaguely, tilting his head toward the opposite side of the room. What he saw there, however, was something of a shock.

Bakugo sat in a chair, his head tilted back against the wall behind him with his eyes shut and his chest lifted and fell rhythmically. He was sleeping. And, he was in his hero outfit – minus some of the more dangerous accessories.

A wave of guilt washed over Ejirou. Not only had he been selfish and stupid to try what he had, but he’d inconvenienced so many people. Even Bakugo, who hadn’t spoken to him in months was there, with no other reasonable explanation other than Bakugo was worried about him.

Ejirou felt his entire body go stiff as tears started to pool in his eyes. The beeping from his heartrate monitor increased, and that must have been enough because Bakugo shifted the minute the tears started to fall.

Ejirou raised his free arm up to his face, draping it over his eyes as the tears slid down his temples and into his hair due to his horizontal position. Bakugo grunted and Ejirou heard him shift before standing up.

“You’re awake,” he said, sounding all too calm. Ejirou didn’t know how to respond. The lump in his throat threatened to cause his voice to waver if he tried to speak, plus his lip started shaking and he knew there was no way he was hiding anything from Bakugo.

A minute or so passed with tears streaming down Kirishima’s face as his arm covered his eyes. He tried to take deep, steady breaths but were shaky and he often hiccupped. Bakugo stayed silent.

“I’m sorry,” Ejirou finally whispered, his voice cutting in and out – heavy from the tears. “I’m sorry,” he repeated, unable to say anything else.

Bakugo didn’t respond, and a long while passed before either one of them spoke up again. Ejirou’s tears finally began to subside, and he dropped his arm away from his eyes to stare up into the ceiling.

“How do you feel?” Bakugo finally said in a quiet tone. Ejirou considered this.


Katsuki had no idea what was going through Kirishima’s head. He’d woken up to the redhead crying, clueless as to why and as to how to help. He wanted to do or say anything that would make Kirishima feel better, but he hadn’t even the slightest inkling how to. He wasn’t exactly the type to comfort anyone.

He’d fallen asleep waiting for Ejirou to wake up, and he didn’t know how long he’d been asleep or how long Kirishima had been awake, but he did know that something we seriously wrong with him. Kirishima never cried. At least, never in front of Katsuki.

He’d said he was tired, but Katsuki knew there was much more to it than that. Kirishima almost died, and apparently had overdosed on something too? Katsuki was still trying to figure that one out, but he didn’t want to press the issue with Kirishima. Especially as vulnerable as he seemed to be.

He took a deep sigh after a long silence and bit the bullet, deciding then as good a time as any to be genuine with Kirishima. He didn’t know if it would help or make things worse, but he wasn’t the brightest bulb in the bunch when it came to relationships, so he ran with the little courage he’d managed to wrangle up.

“I’m sorry, Kirishima. I’ve been a shit friend. I was selfish and ran away because I got scared. I don’t expect you to accept the apology. I know I don’t deserve a person like you in my life and that’s probably why I… did what I did. Maybe that’s not what you need to hear right now, but… yeah, I’m sorry. So, so fucking sorry,”

It was exactly not what Ejirou needed to hear right then, because Bakugo’s words only proved to make Ejirou feel more guilty about his actions. He could feel the tears pooling up in his eyes again and his heart rate spiked. He bit his lip, looking anywhere except for the explosive blonde.

After a minute or so, a nurse came into the room looking a little frazzled. He immediately walked over to the monitors and started checking Ejirou and his vitals, asking him if he could breathe and all sorts of questions.

Katsuki saw a familiar looking man appear in the doorway and look over the nurse tending to Kirishima before stepping into the room, himself.

“I’ll take it from here, Kitamura, thank you. Would you mind taking Ground Zero to room 144? I believe there’s someone he’d like to see,” the doctor asked the nurse, nodding over to Katsuki. The nurse complied, waving him toward the door.

The shorter man led Katsuki down a floor and several halls until they made it to a hospital room with a guard standing outside of it. Katsuki immediately realized that this must be where the villain was being held.

Katsuki had learned to control his anger – to push it to the side until he could release it upon people who deserved it. This villain definitely deserved it, and Katsuki would do anything to get into that room with him.

As the two approached the room, Katsuki noticed a woman exit the room. She looked to be some sort of legal professional, carrying a brief case and looking utterly pissed. She looked up from her phone when she noticed the two men approach.

“Ground Zero. Nosaka, Kin, great to meet you. I’m an officer working for I.V.I.A.* I was just in speaking with our John Doe villain, but I was unable to obtain any further information about his identity or how his quirk works – it seems he doesn’t want to speak to me…”

“Let me speak to him,” Katsuki said in the calmest of voices he could muster. The woman looked a bit shocked, before bringing her free hand up to her chin and staring up at Katsuki’s face, apparently considering the option.

“As long as we inform him that anything he says can go on the record, there are no laws about who obtains the information… I suppose there would be no harm in it. I was planning on speaking with Red Riot about his experience being subjected to the villain’s quirk, but I could likely make time tomorrow to return for Riot’s statement… alright, but I don’t have long. Ten minutes, tops, before I have to head back to the office,” the woman finally ceased her obnoxious rambling as her eyes focused back on Katsuki’s face once more. He realized her pupils looked odd but didn’t question it – chalking it up to her quirk.

He gave her a curt nod in response as she spun back around to open the door again and step inside, giving a short, boring, rehearsed spiel about how his words are being recorded and anything he says can legally be used against him.

Bakugo walked in to see him laying in bed hooked up to a few machines and chained to the bed by his ankle. Seeing him made Katsuki’s blood boil.

“Well, well, well, it’s you!” the villain said, looking all too happy to see Katsuki. “How’s he? Your friend?” Katsuki noticed that his Japanese wasn’t perfect – that he had a slight accent and his grammar was sometimes off. He glared the villain down, staying silent for the time being.

“Has he said anything about it? I wonder how his was… I don’t know what exactly happens, you know. I can only feel the pain of it,” the villain smiled a bit more. Katsuki had no idea what the freak was going on about.

“What happens when?” He said, trying desperately to reign in his fury. The villain looked over at him for a moment before speaking, looking as if he was deciding something.

“I don’t know. I’ve never understood how it works. I just know the basics,” the villain said, purposefully withholding information. Katsuki was growing impatient.

“What the hell does that mean, you fuckin’ creep?” Katsuki growled out, clenching his fists at his sides. The villain laughed.

“You’d just be no fun. Your friend was great – so sad. He was so sad,” he laughed some more, enjoying whatever memory he was having of Kirishima.

“Sad? What are you talking about?” Katsuki wanted answers.

“You know mosquitos? They find people in a number of ways… breath, heat, scent… I can smell people. I can smell sad people. They’re everywhere, but the saddest ones are my favorite. They just don’t fight at all! They want to! They want to die!” The words were choppy and almost made no sense. Katsuki was unsure if he’d heard him right, but there was no mistaking what he’d said; they want to die.

“What? So, you find suicidal people and feed off their blood?” Katsuki was beginning to feel sick to his stomach. He’d never quite experienced a person who had been so influenced by their quirk. Although, he was beginning to think that this person was just fucked up, regardless of what his quirk was.

“I make them dream. We like it more that way. It’s always more fun if they do it themselves,”

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Katsuki couldn’t stop the words as the fell from his mouth. “You’re fucking disgusting,” he said, feeling a burning hatred bubble up into his throat which was closing as he thought about Kirishima doing ‘it’ himself. He knew what the bastard meant by ‘it.’

Katsuki had the overwhelming urge to both murder that fucker and throw up all over him at the same time. Instead, he glanced at the I.V.-whatever worker before storming out of the room.

He could hear her quickly follow behind him.

“Wait! Ground Zero! I don’t understand!” He stopped dead in his tracked, keeping the little bit of bile from creeping up his throat much more. She ran over to him, staring up at him for answers.

“I’m not certain, but… I think what that fucker was saying was that… he finds people who are depressed. Can smell ‘em. He finds ‘em, hooks ‘em up to his gross fucking arm thing and makes ‘em hallucinate – makes ‘em dream about… about killing themselves. I think… yeah. And drinks their blood,” Katsuki was feeling a little woozy saying it all – and he might not have on a normal day or if anybody else had been the victim, but the fact that it was Kirishima made his thoughts fuzzy. He couldn’t think about telling that identification bitch to fuck off. He was still trying to process it all, and saying it out loud, as upsetting as it was, helped it all make sense.

She slowly nodded, her eyes flickering around for a minute or so before landing back on him. He stared down at her, mildly confused – though, not at all interested at the moment. She glanced at him as the tension broke. She took a deep breath, glancing back over to the villain’s hospital room door.

“My quirk is Memorial Reconstruction. I can imagine words written out on paper as they’re being said, and I have the stories memorized… but anyway, thank you. The information I have gathered on him might be enough to find a positive ID. Once that happens, we will have our options as far as detaining and imprisoning him. We appreciate your help, Ground Zero,” she said before nodded to him again and heading off toward the staircase.

He slowly walked back toward the elevators in order to return to Kirishima’s room.

Ejirou calmed down quickly enough once Bakugo had left. The doctor explained to him what had happened: that he’s been captured and hit by the villain’s quirk. It was unlikely that he would have survived had Bakugo not shown up and helped Fat Gum detain the villain.

The more time that passed, the less suffocated Ejirou felt. His breathing was becoming bearable, but he was utterly confused. Hadn’t he been there because he tried to kill himself? The doctor said that he was suffering from symptoms of overdose as well as severe blood loss, but the contents of his stomach showed no pills or alcohol which he recalled swallowing. Nothing made sense.

Eventually, the doctor left him with a cup of water and the remote to the television, which he absently flicked on not too long after the doctor left.

The monotonous droll of the newscaster’s voice drowned out the sound of footsteps, so Ejirou was startled to hear the door click open as a familiar blonde stepped into the room.

He barely glanced at Ejirou as he quietly stepped through the room and sat down at one of the bedside chairs. A new wave of guilt washed over Ejirou. The two sat quietly for a long time, long enough for three news stories and two commercials to pass.

When the third commercial his, Bakugo spoke up.

“What do you remember?” Ejirou didn’t look at him. He could tell that Bakugo knew something, but he didn’t have any idea what, because Ejirou himself didn’t know what actually happened. He didn’t want to answer the question, nonetheless. He stayed silent with his eyes glued to the television screen.

“I know – what you dreamt about… he told me how his quirk works. You’re-“

“It seemed so real,” he said, looking down at his hands. “I could feel the pills as they slid down my throat. The vodka burned and I chased it with rum,” his voice was small but steady. The only sound in the room was the gentle buzz of the television.

“It wasn’t. You’re still alive… and I’m so fucking glad that you are,” Ejirou glanced up at Bakugo who looked like he was worried sick. He was staring at Ejirou, eyes practically bugging out of his head. His brow was furrowed, and his jaw hung slack as he leaned forward in his chair, his elbows resting on his knees.

“I wish I wasn’t,” Ejirou said honestly, feeling the tears stream down his face before he even realized they were coming. Through his tears, he could see some streaming down Bakguo’s face, too.

“Please – please don’t. Don’t fucking leave me. I love you. I said I didn’t, but I was lying. I love you. Please, don’t leave me,” Katsuki’s voice was horse as he stood up, coming to the side of the bed. Ejirou stared up at him, a look of shock settling on his face.

“You’re just saying that-“

“No! Fuck, Ejirou, I’m not. I promise. I don’t get it, but I know what you’re going through is serious. I wanna help you get better. I want you to be happy. I don’t ever wanna think about you dying again,”

The tears streaming down Ejirou’s face seemed to double and he reached out with his free hand to place it on Bakugo’s face.

“I don’t want to leave you either,”

Chapter Text

Ashido had always been a very sexual person.

So, when she felt incredibly soft, warm, and squishy flesh brush against her arm, her interest was piqued. She heard a soft voice behind her.

“Ah! Mina, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bump into you!” it was Hagakure. She sounded incredibly embarrassed and they were all in their hero gear which confirmed Ashido’s assumption that what she’d run into was a breast. A shudder ran down her spine as she remembered the feeling.

“Run into me all you want!” Ashido said, sending a sly wink toward the direction of the gloved girl. She heard a soft squeak, before taking off to continue the impossible task that Aizawa assigned her.

After that, Mina frequently felt incredibly soft, warm peaks brush against her skin in the locker rooms and out during training – usually followed by a small “oops,” or “sorry,” close to her ear, driving Ashido just a little bit crazy.

After a long weak of training and two accidental run-ins with Hagakure in her “hero costume,” Ashido was changing back into her school uniform after training when she genuinely accidentally stumbled backward into Hagakure as she had been pulling on her skirt. Mina felt the smooth heat against her back, making her far more excited than it probably should have.

Hagakure didn’t pull away, either. She put her hands up against Ashido’s shoulders to prevent her from falling, but didn’t push her off, allowing the contact between her breasts and Ashido’s back to remain.

“You alright?” Hagakure asked, her voice close enough to Ashido for the pink girl to feel the invisible one’s breath. She bit her lip.

“I’m good, thanks,” Ashido said, trying to hide how much she enjoyed their touch. After another second or two, Ashido stepped away from the other girl.

They silently pulled on the rest of their clothes and Hagakure moved to leave.

“Hey, Hagakure?” Ashido asked. She saw the clothes the girl had on turn to face her.

“Yeah?” She asked. Her voice sounded somewhat shy and Ashido’s confidence spiked. She wished she could see the look on the other girls’ face.

“Wanna hang out in my room later? We could watch a movie after dinner or something?” Ashido asked coolly, allowing her eyes to graze over the other girls clothed frame. Ashido could see her shift as she admired her shape.

“Uh – yeah, sure, that sounds like fun!” Her voice was a dead giveaway that she was nervous, but she sounded excited too. Ashido smiled.

“Great. I’ll see you later,” she let out in a smooth tone of voice. She watched as Hagakure hesitated before turning around and leaving the room somewhat quickly. Ashido giggle to herself. She was so getting some tonight.

After dinner finished, Ashido made her way up to her room, took a very quick shower, and picked out a scary movie for them to watch. She, herself was easily scared and so it wouldn’t matter if Hagakure was, because she could just use it as an excuse to cuddle up to her soft body regardless.

She pulled all of her blankets onto her bed and set up her laptop on her vanity so they’d have the bed all to themselves. Soon after getting into her cutest matching pair of underwear and pulling her softest pajamas on over them, she heard a knock at her door.

She walked over to open it and sure enough, it was Hagakure in a rather low cut pajama top. Ashido obviously couldn’t see any cleavage, but it was still kinda hot.

“Hey!” Hagakure said in her usual positive tone.

“Hi,” Ashido answered with a smile, stepping aside to let Hagakure into her vivid room. “Come on in. I already picked the movie, if that’s okay?” Hagakure entered and pretty much immediately went over to the bed, sitting on the edge of it.

“Yeah, that’s fine with me! What’s you choose?”

“Evil Dead,” Ashido said, unable to hold back a smile as she hears the other girl whine.

“Mina! A scary movie??” Ashido laughed.

“C’mon! Don’t make me pick something else!” Hagakure fell onto her back on the bed, groaning.

“Ugh, alright! But if I have nightmares, I’m calling you in the middle of the night!” Ashido laughed again in response as she turned off the lights and turned on the movie before crawling into bed beside Hagakure who had begun making herself comfortable among the pile of blankets.

As the movie commenced, Hagakure let out random squeaks and gasps at the more frightening parts of the movie. Ashido, having seen it already, managed to keep quiet and soak up all the adorable little noises the girl was making. She grabbed her hand at a particular jump scare, and Ashido scooted closer to the invisible girl.

It wasn’t long before Ashido leaned down to hide her face in the other girl’s shirt, knowing that another scare was coming up. Hagakure jumped at the scene and turned her head, her cheek colliding with Ashido’s forehead.

Ashido lifted her head a little - feeling Hagakure’s face against hers gave her courage. She reached up and gently placed her hand where she thought her jaw would be. It landed on what felt like a neck, and Ashido gently slid her hand up the girl’s skin until she felt the angularity of a jaw. Her fingers grazed along the bone as she watched, coming around until she felt something wet and puffy.

“Mina?” the Hagakure asked. Ashido could feel her lips move as she heard the sound of her name.

“Can I kiss you?” Ashido asked, honestly a little bit nervous. She felt pretty certain that Hagakure hadn’t been bumping into her accidentally for the past few months, but she had also never had sex with a girl before. She didn’t want to completely destroy their friendship.

“Yes,” Hagakure finally said. So, Mina shifted her hand until it was placed gently along her jaw and used that placement to guide herself toward the invisible girl’s lips.

Ashido closed her eyes as their lips met. Hers were thick, soft, and a little bit moist. It made Ashido wonder if Hagakure licked her lips often.

She slid her hands along the girl’s jaw until she felt her ear. Her hand slid down along her neck and wrapped around the back, feeling soft hair rest against her hand as she held the back of Hagakure’s head in place.

She was, surprisingly, a really good kisser. Ashido tilted her head until their lips locked into place and opened her mouth a bit to lick at Hagakure’s bottom lip. The other girl took the hint and soon their tongues were diving into one another’s mouths.

Ashido held Hagakure in place, making out with her mercilessly for a long while. Thankfully, the slightly shorter girl did not seem to want to pull away from the pink one.

Ashido’s hand slid down her back over her clothes, then around her stomach and up toward her breasts. Ashido pulled away from the kiss just enough to speak.

“Is this okay?”

“Hmmm,” Hagakure confirmed before Ashido felt her lips back on her own. So, she let her hand gently squeeze at the large, clothed breasts. They were pretty big – bigger than hers – and incredibly soft.

Her fingers brushed over her hardened nipple and Ashido smiled into the kiss, giving it a gentle pinch. The other girl moaned softly, a noise that sounded like heaven to Ashido.

Spurred on and becoming increasingly hot, Ashido quickly rid herself of her own shirt before shifting the blankets around them. Ashido gently pushed on Hagakure’s shoulders, guiding her until she was on her back.

She felt Hagakure’s hands arms wrap around her neck and pull her down, so she shut her eyes and let the girl guide their lips back together.

She held herself up with one hand and pushed the other underneath Hagakure’s shirt, reaching around her back and easily undoing the bra hooks. Then, she reached back around her front and shoved the piece of fabric out of the way.

Ashido’s fingers quickly found her nipple and gave it a light pinch again, hoping to hear the sweet sound of the other girls’s moan. When she didn’t hear it, she pinched a little harder, giving the hardened bud a bit of a twist. Then, she gave a bit of a gasp as well as a loud moan.

It was a good thing the girls rooms were so far apart, because Hagakure sounded like she was going to be loud.

Chapter Text

It was a good thing the girls rooms were so far apart, because Hagakure sounded like she was going to be loud.

Mina pinched and tugged at Hagakure’s nipple, thoroughly enjoying the softness of the peak as well as the adorable little noise that Hagakure was making in response. As the two made out, she felt a familiar burning heat between her legs.

She felt Hagakure remove her arms from their place around Mina’s neck and push lightly on Mina’s shoulder. She pulled away from the kiss, worried she’d gone too far, but instead, she was greeted with the sight of the shorter girl’s shirt and bra being thrown to the floor. Mina now had no reference as to where any part of the girls’ upper body was, so she gently moved her hand down until it connected with hot skin – recognizing the body part as her stomach. She felt Hagakure’s hands on her bra and blushed, the feeling coming out of nowhere without being able to see Hagakure’s movements

She let out a soft moan as the hands groped and squeezed her breasts, her thigh muscles clenching, willing there to be some friction between them.

“Can I take it off?” she heard the girl ask, her voice soft but a little bit out of breath. Mina nodded quickly, sliding her hand up the girl’s stomach until it reached a breast. She felt Hagakure’s arms wrap around her waist as she reached for the clasp.

Mina groped at the other girl's breast as her own bra was unfastened, being quick to pull it off and toss it to the side. Replacing her hand where it had been just a second ago, she easily located the invisible girl’s nipple and leaned down, giving it a bit of a lick. When she heard a gasp, she smiled and wrapped her lips around the cool bud.

She felt hands palm into her hair, gently brushing past her horns in the process. Mina shivered as she started to suck down on the bud, flicking it every once and a while with her tongue. She could feel the girl beneath her arch into the touch and moan some more.

Mina loved being on top of her and having her mouth all over her. She felt powerful and sexy and she knew that she was making Hagakure feel good, which made her feel good. She shifted to where her knees were on either side of Hagakure’s hips, giving her better access to the other girl’s core.

She let her hands run up and down her stomach, getting closer and closer to waistband of her pajama pants. The girl beneath her moaned more and shivered.

She switched to lapping at the other nipple. She could feel Hagakure’s fingers grip tighter on her hair, pulling on it. Mina let out a soft moan, enjoying the tugging.

Mina let her hands tug at the pajama pants, pulling them down around her thighs. Her hands ran over the underwear then, finding a lacy texture. Mina couldn’t help but smirk at the feeling. She’d planned this, too.

Her fingers drifted over the hottest part of Hagakure, falling between her legs which she pulled further apart to accommodate for the hand. The pink girl rubbed her fingers over the fabric slowly but with a moderate amount of pressure, sliding up and down the slit she felt there. This made Hagakure moan louder.

Mina,” She moaned, tugging on her hair even more.

Mina nibbled lightly on her nipple as she pushed down at the top of the slit, eliciting a gasp from the girl beneath her. Mina could feel herself getting more and more wet with every second.

Sitting up, she yanked the pants all the way off of the invisible girl and tugged her underwear to the side, opting to leave them on her so she could see exactly where she needed to go.

She scooted down and shifted between Hagakure’s legs, using her hands on the soft flesh to guide herself and not hurt Hagakure. She grabbed one thigh and pushed it up, causing the girl to open her legs wider. Mina rested her hand on the underside of the raised thigh, pressing Hagakure’s knee into the mattress and keeping it there. She used that hand to support herself as she let her free hand slide up and down the skin she felt just beside the underwear. She gasped when she felt a hot wetness, seeing the moisture coat her fingers.

“You’re soaked!” Mina moaned, allowing her fingers to slide up and down the hot folds of skin, reveling in the soft feeling of hair grazing her skin when her fingers came all the way to the top of the slit.

Mina!” Hagakure whined again, squirming a little under Mina’s touch. Mina giggled.

“Does that feel good?” Mina asked in a teasing tone of voice as her fingers found a soft little bud at the top of the slit, allowing them to brush little circles around the bud. She heard a loud gasp and felt the girl squirm more beneath her.

“Fuck, yes!” Mina felt a blush fall on her cheeks. Hagakure’s voice was so sexy and erotic, she loved making her say dirty things like that. Mina let out a smile before dipping down to the exact spot her fingers were still circling.

She wrapped her lips around the slick little bud, tasting the girl. She was sweet and a little salty, but she tasted kinda good. Mina tested the affect she had on the girl by flicking her tongue out over the bud.

Hagakure moaned, her hips shifting a little bit, chasing the feeling. Mina let out a smile and set to work licking at the bundle of nerves just how she imagined she would like it, giving her a little suck every once and a while, getting wrapped up in all the heavenly sounds dripping from the other girl’s mouth.

She sucked and licked until Hagakure started getting louder and whiny, then she started barely lapping at the bud, leaving her whining a lot and bucking up against her face, her hands having found their way into her hair once again.

Mina licked gently, allowing her fingers to find her slit again just below where her lips were. Mina felt the wetness dripping from Hagakure’s pussy and she shuddered, again feeling just how horny she was. She let two fingers slip inside of her down to the first knuckle and Hagakure stilled, gasping softly.

Mina started sucking on her clit again as she pushed her fingers further in, feeling the wet heat engulfing her fingers. Hagakure was tight, but she was definitely horny as fuck. So, the pink girl started thrusting in and out of her with her two fingers as she sucked and lapped at the little bud at her lips.

Hagakure moaned loudly, whining a little into it as well. She pulled tight on Mina’s hair, pushing her face down harder on her pussy. Mina moaned a little, curling her fingers a little inside of the girl, looking for the spot she can always find within herself.

When she found it, Hagakure gasped loudly and her hands removed themselves from her hair. Mina pulled away for a second, trying to breath. She looked down at Hagakure’s invisible body and saw that she could see her fingers inside of Hagakure. She didn’t really understand the logistics of it, but she knew that it was hot as fuck and it spurred her on to finger-fuck her harder. She pushed and pulled her fingers in and out of the girl hard, curling them and pressing against her g-spot with almost every move. She could hear Hagakure pant and squeak softly.

“Fuck, Mina!” Hagakure shouted, pushing against Mina’s hand. The pink girl absolutely loved the way her name sounded reverberating throughout the room and wanted to hear it again.

“Yes, Toru?” Mina asked in an innocent tone, but loud enough that the girl could hear it over her own moaning.

“Mina! Mina, please!Shivering, Mina greedily swiped her tongue over the skin just above where her fingers were still pumping in and out of Hagakure, quickly finding the hot little bud again.

She sucked hard and lapped at it, adding a third finger as she continued to push in and out of Toru’s perfect little pussy. The girl below her moaned and shook and whined, squirming and rocking against her for more.

“Fuck, I’m gonna-“ Toru took in a huge breath as Mina kept on, going perhaps even faster in order to make sure Toru finished on a high note.

Mina dug her face into the other girl’s pussy, nibbling a little on the bud in her mouth as her fingers curled perfectly against her g-spot.

She could feel her body shake as something hot and wet brushed against her chin. Mina kept sucking and pumping until Toru whimpered and whined beneath her, obviously oversensitive.

She finally pulled away, slipping her fingers out of the other girl. She looked down to see one of her blankets completely soaked.

“Oh my god, you squirted!” Mina said. She felt a blush come over her face. It was actually super hot.

Mina heard Toru giggle a little, still panting from her high.

“Yeah, that happens sometimes…” she sounded the slightest bit embarrassed.

“Fuck,” Mina shivered. She had no way of knowing that Toru was watching with a very keen eye.

Mina placed her hand where Toru’s hip should be according to the underwear she still donned and ran her hand up the girl’s body until she found her shoulder which led her to the girl’s neck. She crawled upward and leaned down, kissing her neck softly before kissing her way up her jaw toward her plump lips.

Toru kissed her back, moaning softly into the touch. After they shared a long, sweet kiss, Mina flopped over on the bed beside Toru, sighing softly.

“That was fun,” she said, allowing her eyes to shut.

Mina felt movement on the bed but assumed that Toru was just making herself comfortable and didn’t bother to open her eyes.

“Mhmm,” Toru agreed. Mina could her that her voice sounded kind of faraway but was too dazed and horny to really think much of it.

That was, until she felt her pants get ripped off of her body.

Her eyes shot open, but she couldn’t see anything – not even a floating pair of panties.

“Toru?” Mina asked, confused. She wanted to get in Toru’s pants, she didn’t expect Toru to want to get into hers.

Regardless, she heard the girl giggle vaguely beside her on the bed.

“I thought it might be fun if you couldn’t see me at all. Kind of like being blindfolded, but not,” her voice was low and confident and sexy. God, she was so sexy.

Something in Mina wanted to protest, to tell the girl that she didn’t need to do anything, but she could feel wetness literally dripping down her ass and she couldn’t bring herself to say anything.

“Lay back,” Toru suggested as Mina felt a gentle push against one of her shoulders. So, she did as she was told. Who was she to refuse?

Chapter Text

Dabi was not a man to be trifled with. Flowers knew that. She really, really did. However, what her brain said and what her body said were two different things.

After her first time seeing him, blue flames ablaze surrounding him, a small infatuation began. She found herself searching for him and following any whispers about where he’d been. She began to train to improve herself and her quirk in order to become more infamous in the hopes that he would be impressed by her skill.

When they finally did have a run in, however, this was not the case.

The first time they’d met, she was escaping from having stolen some cash from the back of a nice restaurant. She was running away from the sidekick chasing her and looking the over her shoulder. She turned her head and looked in front of her as she rounded a corner, running full speed.

Unfortunately, she ran straight into a body. She rammed into it, immediately falling on her ass.

She could hear the sidekick approaching and grabbed her bag full of money to get out of there, but unfortunately, she felt a hard hand grab her arm and rip her to her feet.

She instantly looked up, angry and a tiny bit frightened.

“Watch where you’re going, little shit,” he said, his voice low and angry. His grip was hard on her arm and she was unsure if she’d be able to effectively escape both him and the sidekick who sounded like he was right around the corner.

“I- I was-“ Flowers began, trying to explain that she was being chased, but she didn’t need to explain because the sidekick flew around the corner and stopped, seeing the two of them together.

“You! You’re coming with me,” the sidekick said, sounding exasperated. He elongated his arms out toward her in order to capture her, but she never felt them around her. Instead, she felt hot.

She heard the guy screaming and watched, confused, as his arms started to burn blue flames. Flowers watched the man run off, screaming in pain from being burned alive.

In her shock, Flowers didn’t even feel Dabi release his grip on her arm and start to walk away. When she finally did turn to see him leave, she had no idea what to think. Her dumbass had run into him and he’d been pissed, but the second a hero shows up he protects her? No, he wasn’t protecting her. He was just attacking the pathetic sidekick.

From then on, Flowers couldn’t keep the tall, scarred man out of her mind.

She ran into him the second time again by happenstance while she was half-drunk in the middle of the night in the bad part of town. She was in a popular bar for low-life villains being felt up by a particularly tall, dark-haired guy with the smell of cigarettes on his mouth and going along with it if for no other reason that she was bored.

That was, until half the building went up in blue flames. The weak-ass dude with his hand on her ass freaked and ran out. Flowers sighed, pushing away the burning in her core and got up to leave as well – until she saw electric blue eyes staring directly at her.

He’d just walked into the building, emerging from the flames as he watched her. She stared back at him, intimidated, but mostly hot. In more ways than one.

His face was ragged yet refined. He was tall – he towered over her, which she loved. He wasn’t too built or too spindly. And his hair was the perfect length to pull.

He glared over at her as the flames grew around them. She stared up unto his eyes, finding it difficult to think about anything else but his hands on her body. When she didn’t cower away from his glare, he waltzed directly up to her, leaned his face down inches away from hers and whispered.

“You better get out of here, little girl,” he said before walking out. Flowers shuddered before following him out. She had intended to chase after him, but the second she walked out of the blazing bar, he was out of sight.

Months passed after that. She hadn’t seen him around or heard much of him, but she continued to look out for the tall, dark, handsome villain who she knew was still lurking about.

One night, after getting drunk off her ass, Flowers passed out in an alleyway. When she woke up, her she was hot – like, really hot – and this time it wasn’t her core that was burning, it was her surroundings.

She glanced around and looked up to realize that there was a circle of blue flames surrounding her and a man staring at her from a distance. After her ripping migraine subsided enough for her to think, Flowers came to the realization that it was Dabi staring at her.

“Rude way to wake someone up,” She muttered, not really thinking clearly.

“Who are you?” Dabi asked, sounding irritated. She sat up and pulled her dirty knees into her chest, trying to get away from the heat a bit. She bit back a yawn.

“You can call me Flowers. I’m no one special,” Dabi glared down at her for a minute or so before the flames died down.

“Get out of here,” He said, sounding more agitated than before. Flowers stared at him for a while, unable to really think about much – she was actually still kind of drunk.

So, with liquid courage running through her veins, she got to her knees and walked closer to the tall man.

“What’s got your panties in a bundle, bucko?” She said, pulling confidence out of her ass. Dabi turned directly to face her, a dangerous smirk on his face.

“Don’t fuck with me right now, kid,” he sounded like he was about ready to blow her head off, but that only served to make Flowers shiver.

“I’m nineteen, bro, I ain’t no kid. Unless you’re into that,” Flowers responded, taking another step up toward him. If she had been thinking clearly, she would never have said something so brazen or, frankly, stupid to him – especially with how pissed he seemed to be at the time.

Shockingly, his smirk widened. “Nineteen, huh? She’s all grown up!” Dabi almost laughed at his own joke. Flowers rolled her eyes, crossing her hands over her chest and purposefully pushing up her boobs in the meantime.

She opened her mouth to speak, but Dabi’s hand was around her throat before she could, squeezing to where she couldn’t breathe. She stared up into his dangerous eyes and bit her lip. She would've moaned if she could make any noise. Fuck, he was so hot.

“Get the hell out of here. I don’t feel like killing a hot thing like you, but I will if you don’t leave,” Dabi finished by releasing her throat, allowing some much-needed oxygen to flow into Flower’s foggy brain.

She landed on her knees. She coughed a bit, rubbing the place on her neck he’d gripped. “I’d be much more fun to you alive than dead,” she pressed, wanting him to be inside of her now more than ever.

He gave a dark chuckle. “You’re pretty fucked, for a little girl. You really liked that, didn’t you?” he asked, sounding almost pleased.

“Can’t say I had the best relationship with my dad. So, I like to be choked… and you like to choke me,” Flowers was officially determined. She was going to get Dabi to fuck her stupid that night or she would die trying.

Chapter Text

She was going to get Dabi to fuck her stupid that night or she would die trying.

Dabi looked her up and down, the smirk still settled on his sexy mouth. Flowers smiled back up at him.

“You’re gonna tell me you didn’t enjoy that?” Flowers purred, allowing her hands to fall on her hips. Dabi stayed silent, his dangerous eyes trained down on her. Flowers rolled her eyes.

“Fine, if you wanna lie to yourself, I’ll go get some other dangerous man to wrap his hand around my throat,” she said, glancing over his body before she turned away from him. Internally, she was desperately hoping he’d stop her.

She took a few steps before seeing blue flames shoot up in front of her path, effectively preventing her from leaving. Before she could turn to look at him, she felt a hang gently snake around her throat and pull her back, easily resting against her collar bone and maintaining an invigorating, but not dangerous pressure against her windpipe. She was pulled back against a tall, warm body and immediately wished it wasn’t clothed. Her body shuddered, involuntarily.

“I don’t think so, little girl,” Dabi growled above her, his breath barely loud enough to hear. Flowers bit her lip, already able to feel how wet she was getting. This guy could easily kill her in one of the most gruesome ways possible at any second, which made it all the more fun.

“You didn’t seem interested in what I’m into,” she said, feigning interest despite the fact that she was practically melting under his hot touch. His free hand came up to her stomach, gliding over the fabric of her shirt upward until it stopped just below her breasts.

“I’m much more interested in getting into you,” his hot breath licked over her ear as he spoke. The line was kind of dumb, but with the state Flowers was already in, she could not possibly have cared less. A tiny whine emerged from her as his hand pressed down harder on her throat, making it a bit more difficult to breathe. His other hand came up to brush over her breasts as his head ducked down further.

His fingers quickly found her nipple – which made sense because she wasn’t wearing a bra – and he toyed with it as his lips connected with the skin on the side of her neck. Flowers took in as deep of a breath as she could, considering the weight around her neck and let out a soft moan as his fingers expertly pinched and groped at her breasts. It took everything she had not to rip her pants off of herself right then.

His lips left a damp trail as they traveled along her jaw, using his grip on her throat to turn her head enough that he could kiss where he liked. It was soft and gentle and nothing like she’d expected – but it felt good. His other hand groped one of her breasts particularly hard, causing her to open her mouth – she would’ve gasped if her airways weren’t inhibited. Dabi took the advantage, though, and pressed his lips against hers, immediately shoving his tongue down her throat.

Flowers moaned into it, tilting her head back a bit for a better position as she toyed with his tongue back. His hands continue to ravage her chest through her shirt as they kissed.

Flowers brought one hand up and placed it on the back of his head to run it through his hair, but the minute it touched his hair, he ripped away from the kiss and pushed her away from their contact.

Before she could even process had happened, she felt hands on her shoulders, roughly shoving her down onto her knees.

She landed on the gravel so hard that she could feel bits of rocks digging into her knees. It was painful, but it made her shiver a bit. She looked up to see Dabi walk around to face her front. There was a large and blatant bulge in his pants which Flowers had to restrain herself from pouncing on.

He glared down at her for a moment before grabbing the hair on the crown of her head and pulling on it so tightly that her body immediately straightened, and her eyes rolled back into her head from the burning it caused in her scalp. She squeezed her thighs together, trying and failing to instigate any amount of friction there.

“Heh,” Dabi’s voice was low and admiring. “You really like pain, don’t cha?” She looked up to see that another smirk had curled its way onto her lips. She bit hers in response. He was so fucking hot standing over her like this with her hair in his fist.

“What would you say if I said I didn’t?” She asked, trying her best to sound challenging. She wanted to see how many of his buttons she could push before he rammed her into submission.

He leaned down until they were at eye level, pulling her hair harder in the process. Her eyes fluttered shut for a moment before she opened them again to see a wildly grinning face merely centimeters away from hers.

“I’d say you’re lying,” he whispered. He released her hair, allowing her to slump down again. She heard the sounds of a belt being unbuckled and looked up to see Dabi pulling himself out of his pants, already hard and somehow bigger than she had imagined. She immediately sat back up tall on her knees, excited for what was to come next.

He chuckled as he took a step closer, running a hand along her jaw as she stared up at him, “You’re pretty when you’re on your knees. Now be a good little slut and open your mouth,” In any other situation, being called a slut would have resulted in someone getting their ass kicked – but on her knees with a gorgeous man ready to be pleased in front of her, the word made her body tingle. Flowers wasted no time in opening up her mouth and sticking her tongue out for him, desperate for his touch.

His hand on her jaw came up to grab onto her hair again. He directed himself into his mouth slow at first. She licked at his head, relishing in how wide she had to open her mouth for him to fit in it. She wrapped her lips around the skin and hollowed her cheeks, sucking hard on the sensitive head. He let out a low groan above her and pulled her hair, forcing more of himself into her mouth.

Flowers did what she could to manage – slackening her jaw enough for him to fit but trying her best to keep sucking him. She brought her hands up to wrap around the length that wasn’t inside her mouth as Dabi started to thrust shallowly into her face.

She pressed her tongue up on the underside of his dick as it slid in and out of her mouth, eventually giving up on trying to suck down on something so big. It didn’t take much longer before his thrusts forced their way deeper into her mouth. She tried to slacken her jaw, but she’d never really taken something so big so far into her mouth before, so it wasn’t easy.

She choked and her jaw was starting to hurt, but that just spurred her on more. She stared up into his glaring face as he used her mouth for his pleasure, squeezing and rubbing her thighs together all the while.

When tears pricked at the corner of her eyes, Dabi pulled out. She gasped for air and coughed a little bit, her throat feeling incredibly raw. He didn’t give her long to recover, though.

She felt a hard grip on her arm pulling her to her feet as she continued to gasp in big breaths of air. He pulled her toward a wall and pushed her back up against it, grabbing her arms and pulling them over her head. He used one hand to hold them there while the other hand busied itself with pulling her shirt up to reveal her hard nipples.

He grabbed her thigh and pulled it up, pulling it over his hip until she got the picture and wrapped her legs around his waist. He leaned down and took one nipple into his mouth, sucking hard on it and giving it a bit of a nibble. At the same time, he held onto her hip and ground his member into her sweet spot between her legs.

She let out a moan, unable to do much else. He was ravaging her body and she was loving every second if it. He continued to relentlessly grind into her and nip at her soft peaks, pressing her wrists into the scratchy stone behind her.

It felt like an eternity that they remained like this. Flowers was trapped in a state of both euphoria and hell, loving the way his dick felt pressed hard against her clothed core, but never getting quite enough pleasure from it to push her over the edge. She started whining into it, arching her back to chase his kisses and pushing her wrists against his hand in hope of freeing them so she could pleasure herself.

After a particularly rough bite to the skin of her breast just beside her nipple, the man pulled away to look at her face. She opened her eyes just barely enough to see his smirk.

“You’re real fuckin’ squirmy,” he said as she writhed against him, trying and failing to find more pleasure. “Quit moving or I’ll burn your pretty face off,” Dabi warned, a mischievous glint in his eyes. Flowers took a deep breath but forced herself to be still. He released her wrists and she held them in place above her head, unsure of what he was doing. He used his two hands to rid her of her pants and underwear before having her wrap her legs around his hips again.

One hand then moved down to rest on her lower stomach, his thumb dipping in between them and running over her slit which was already completely soaked. He pushed the digit between her folds, instantly finding her clit as his other hand came to rest at the base of her throat once more. He leaned in to whisper into her ear.

“Don’t move,” his tone was playful, but Flowers knew he’d probably meant the death threat, so she willed herself not to move against him.

As his thumb began slowly grazing up and down over her clit, she let out a squeaky moan, focusing all of her efforts on not moving an inch. She kept her arms raised above her head, ignoring the burning in her muscles. As the tantalizing pleasure washed over her in waves, every second made things more and more difficult for her.

She focused on clenching her stomach muscles to try to distract from the sweet bliss between her legs, but her body started to shake. As she started panting for breath, Dabi tightened his hold on her throat, making it harder to breath. It gave her something to focus on besides the desperate need to cum, but it also heightened her awareness of him against her which did nothing to quell the fire in her core.

“Please,” she whimpered after several minutes of his slow and agonizing torture against her clit, her entire body shaking from exertion and need. “Please, I need to cum!” Flower’s voice was urgent and whiny. She heard him chuckle darkly as his hand pulled away from her core. She wanted to scream, to tackle him and mount him, to use him as her sex toy – but she knew that if she moved an inch, he’d kill her.

“What a good whore you are,” he muttered before planting a soft kiss on her lips. His were chapped and dry, but the moment almost felt sweet.

That was, until he grabbed her hips and spun her around, slamming her front against the stone wall. The stone was rough, scratchy, and gritty against her bare skin – particularly painful against her raw nipples. It drove her crazy, making her feel even closer to her release.

Within seconds, he grabbed her hands, pinned her wrists against her back, and shoved himself into her. She let out a loud moan, finally feeling full. He was definitely bigger than anything she’d had in a long time – if not ever, and the stretch burned, making her body shudder.

He immediately set a relentless pace, slamming into her hard and fast while going as deep as he could in that position. Every thrust pushed and shifted her bare skin against the rough stone, causing a stinging sensation to form all over her front. She whined and moaned and squeaked as he slammed into her with every thrust.

Suddenly, he shifted his footing which in turn shifted his angle inside of her, causing him to hit that particularly sensitive spot within he every other thrust. She gasped as heat flushed over her whole body. The cold pain of the hard stone scratching at her already raw nipples combined with the stinging stretch of his dick inside her hitting her most sensitive parts pushed Flowers over the edge.

Her orgasm hit her hard, causing her to squeak out a loud moan. She could feel the liquid force its way out of her and run down her legs as he continued to ram into her, hitting her spot consistently now.

She whined as he picked up the pace, showing no mercy as he pushed in and out of her. Before too much longer, lucky for Flowers, she heard him groan into her ear before he pulled out. He held her in place against the wall as she felt hot liquid spill all over her ass.

After a minute or so of breathing, Dabi pulled her down and away from the wall. He held her on her feet by her arm, preventing her from falling on her ass.

“What’d you say your name was?” he asked after his breathing returned to normal.

“Flowers,” she said, still trying to come back down from heaven.

“Call me Dabi,” he said. She looked up at him, confused. She knew is his name – but he didn’t know that she knew his name – so why did he want her to know his name? Apparently, he understood the look she was giving him. Or, maybe he’d planned on elaborating the whole time and just took a minute to do so.

“I’m taking you back with me. You’re actually pretty fun. I think Toga would get a kick out of you,” he smirked, a devilish look in his eye. She had no idea what he was talking about, but frankly she didn’t really care. She’d be seeing him a lot more now, and that’s all she cared about.

Chapter Text

The apartment smelled of curry when he stepped in. It was snowing out, so he’d been careful to brush the snow off of his coat before entering, but he’d forgotten to wipe his feet on the outside rug. Ejirou was always kind of forgetful.

Sighing a bit from the long day, he toed off his muddy boots and pushed his coat off of his shoulders. He was desperate for some love and affection. Walking further into the space and rounding the corner to peek into the kitchen, Ejirou’s eyes landed on his husband’s back. The smaller blonde was busying himself with a pot of something that was steaming. He let his eyes wander over the man’s physique, relishing in his broad shoulders yet small waist.

He couldn’t resist as he stepped in quietly, taking advantage of the man’s poor hearing, and wrapped his arms around the man from behind, pressing his lips into the side of the smaller man’s hair for a moment before leaning down further and nuzzling into his neck.

Katsuki’s free hand came down to rest on Ejirou’s as he sighed into the embrace. He’d been a bit tense before, but the warm feeling of Ejirou’s body against his always helped to calm him.

“Hi,” Katsuki croaked out, voice a bit tired. He was still recovering from a nasty flu, which was why he was home. Katsuki hated taking extra days off of work, but there were things that needed tending to at home anyway.

“Hi babe,” Ejirou responded, looking up and resting his chin on his husband’s shoulder as the other man stirred whatever was in the pot. His eyes wandered over the food for a second before recognizing it as one of Katsuki’s favorite dishes: spicy cauliflower curry with chicken and peas. There were a few other pots on the stove, but both of them were covered with lids so Ejirou couldn’t tell what was inside, but he had a guess anyway.

“How was it?” Katsuki asked after a minute or so of comfortable silence. Ejirou kissed Katsuki’s cheek again before pulling away and leaning against the cabinet close by.

“Rough. It was rough,” Ejirou sighed, his eyes resting on the pot of food.

“You don’t look very scratched up,” Katsuki muttered, giving his husband a sideways glance. It might have sounded accusatory or rude to anyone else, but years of conversing with Katsuki taught Ejirou that he had a somewhat different approach to language. Katsuki was terrible at speaking words the way he actually meant them unless he was insulting someone.

“Not like that. It was Hush again. They found six more kids, but no sign of him. The youngest one was 3, Katsuki,” Ejirou brought one hand up to run through his hair – messing up the ponytail atop his head. Katsuki looked over to him as he took a deep breath.

“We’ll catch that fucker. It’s the first thing on my list when I get back in tomorrow,” he said, turning back to the curry in the pot. Ejirou glanced around to look down the hall of the apartment.

“I know, I just… just thinking about it makes me-“ Ejirou stopped himself, feeling his throat close up and his stomach churn.

“Ei,” Katsuki demanded, fully turning to face him this time. He stared up into red eyes, looking glossy and sad. Katsuki took a step forward and wrapped his arms around the taller man’s waist, pulling him into a strong embrace. Ejirou gratefully received the hug, wrapping his arms around Katsuki’s and letting his forehead fall down to the shorter man’s shoulder. Ejirou let out a shaky sigh and tightened his grip on his husband.

“We’ll get him. I promise,” Katsuki’s voice was low and soft, a side of him only Ejirou was privy to. The words were reassuring and his love for his husband bloomed in his chest, temporarily pushing down the anger and hurt that resided there.

“Thanks,” he finally whispered after several minutes of their warm embrace. Ejirou pulled his face out of Katsuki’s strong shoulder and gave his husband a small smile, leaning in to land a soft kiss on his lips as well. It was warm and sweet and everything that Ejirou needed to help melt away the distress of his day.

“Where is she?” Ejirou asked, letting his hands fall from their place around Katsuki. He stepped back to his pot of food and turned off the burner.

“Sleeping,” Katsuki said as he stepped over to a cabinet and got down two plates. He scooped rice on both before topping it with the curry. Ejirou stared down the hall, desperately wanting to go down it, but knowing better. Eventually he sighed.

“Fine I won’t bug her,” He muttered before grabbing some silverware from the drawer beside him and sitting down at the table that Katsuki was also approaching.

The two men sat down, gave thanks for their meal, and started to dig in. The curry was hot, spicy, and full of flavor on Ejirou’s tongue and he was blown away once again with how good of a cook Katsuki was.

“It’s delicious,” he said, his mouth full of food. Katsuki rolled his eyes at his husband before giving a short hum of thanks.

“How are you feeling?” the redhead asked after a few minutes of silent eating.

“Okay. Good enough to go back to work,” Katsuki commented, sounding rather annoyed. Ejirou knew why.

“It’s not my fault you got sick,” he muttered, teasing the explosive blonde. Shockingly enough, the man just glared at him. If Katsuki was too tired to blow up on Ejirou – which seemed like his favorite thing to do – then he probably shouldn’t have been returning to work so soon, but Ejirou knew better than to argue. It was a wonder he even convinced the blonde to take off the two days that he did.

Katsuki returned to his curry and the rest of the meal they spent in a comfortable silence. Ejirou finished eating first, but he sat with Katsuki until he’d finished. When he had, Ejirou grabbed the dishes and brought them back into the kitchen. He grabbed the sponge and set to work.

Soon after he started, he saw Katsuki stumble back into the kitchen as well. He walked over to the pot still on the stove and grabbed a bowl, ladling the hot contents into it and placing it on the counter so Ejirou could clean the pot.

“For Miyako?” Ejirou asked as he rinsed the last dish. He’d gotten pretty good at cleaning dishes - it was always his job when Katsuki cooked. The blonde nodded as he stepped out of the kitchen and down the hall, entering a room and thus moving out of his sight.

Ejirou dried off all of the dishes and put them away, and by the time he’d finished that, Katsuki was entering the dining room with a small, chubby little girl with black hair in his arms, slumped slightly over his shoulder. His heart melted as he saw hear and rushed over to Katsuki’s side.

“Hi, kiddo!” Ejirou said in a soft tone, elated to see his adorable little daughter, but knowing how much she hated being woken up. Her puffy little face tilted toward his and she looked up at him with familiar red eyes, albeit uncharacteristically tired for the energetic little thing. She shifted in Katsuki’s grip, holding her arms out to Ejirou.

Katsuki rolled his eyes and passed their daughter off to the taller man who pulled her close against his chest, wrapping one hand around her bottom to support her and the other around her middle to hug her close as he placed a kiss on her temple. The blonde man stepped into the kitchen as his husband bear-hugged their kid.

“I missed you! Do you feel any better?”

Ejirou felt the little girl shift her head back and forth, giving him a silent “no.” He frowned and gave her another gentle squeeze as Katsuki returned with the bowl of what Ejirou recognized as a simple miso soup with a little bit of tofu and corn – Miyako’s favorite vegetable.

“Katsuki, she doesn’t feel good,” Ejirou pouted as Katsuki placed the bowl on the table and retrieved the girl from his arms to place her in her booster-seat-rigged dining chair. Katsuki sat down beside her and started feeding the lethargic girl the soup.

“I know that, Ei. It was a pretty nasty flu,” Katsuki’s voice was soft and he sounded kind of guilty to Ejirou’s trained ears. The redhead placed his hand on her forehead as she lazily drank up another spoonful of the soup.

“I don’t think she has a temperature,” Ejirou sighed, stepping into the kitchen to grab a sippy cup and two regular cups, filling all three with water before returning to the table.

“Thanks. She had one earlier, but I gave her that nasty syrup shit and I think it helped,” Ejirou sat down across from Katsuki and pouted, staring at his daughter’s sick, yet sweet little face. He sighed.

“Should I ask Mom to come watch her tomorrow?” Katsuki shook his head, using a napkin to wipe some soup off of their daughter’s chin as her eyes drooped shut.

The blonde sighed before running a hand through her dark hair, gently coaxing her awake again. “Already promised the old hag I’d bring her over,” Ejirou hummed a response as he watched her swallow a chunk of the soft tofu his husband had just fed her.

He suddenly got a good idea and sprung to his feet, jostling the table a bit in his hurry.

“What the fuck-“ Katsuki asked, annoyed that he almost spilled the soup.

“Hold on,” Ejirou said excitedly as he walked into the hall, ripping open the linen closet and grabbing all of the blankets that he could hold in one arm full. He then took them into their shared bedroom and threw them on the bed before returning to the closet to grab more.

“What are you doing, Ejirou?” Katsuki asked, still feeding their daughter. The redhead didn’t respond, though, instead, he emerged from their daughter’s room with her favorite blanket and her pillow and took them into his room.

Katsuki sighed before wiping Miyako’s mouth once more, taking the mostly empty soup bowl up to the sink in the kitchen, and returning to pull his daughter up into his arm, resting her on his hip as he headed down the hall.

He peeked into his bedroom where his husband had pushed their bed up into the corner of the room and had begun placing all of the pillows along the two walls the bed was touching.

“What is he doing?” Katsuki asked the little girl who had leaned her head against his shoulder.

“P… playing with the p-pillows,” she muttered as she reached out and pointed at Ejirou, her words mushed together and probably unintelligible to anyone other than her own father who had learned how to decipher her poor pronunciation.

Ejirou looked over his shoulder as he began laying the blankets out on the bed to flash his family a shining smile. Katsuki just raised an eyebrow and placed his free hand on his hip, watching intently.

When Ejirou seemed happy with his work, he stepped out of the room. “Stay right there!” he called as he rushed to the kitchen, grabbing three pop-sickles from the freezer, along with a few napkins, and ran back into the bedroom. He looked between the bed and his family, a smile on his face.

“It’s a sleepover!” he beamed as Katsuki glared at him.

“We always sleep together, dumbass,” he responded. Ejirou laughed as he placed the pop-sickles down on the side table. He grabbed his daughter from Katsuki’s hip and crawled on the bed, sitting against the pillows with Miyako in his lap before tugging the covers over his legs and around his little girl's body. He stared up at Katsuki with a smile on his lips and Miyako in his lap, patting the space beside him.

“C’mon! We can watch a movie and Miyako can sleep with us tonight!” Katsuki stared at his husband, obviously thinking something over as he stood in front of them. Finally, he sighed and stepped over to the bed. “Wait! Grab the pop-sickles and remote first!”

Katsuki growled before doing as his adorable husband asked, kicking the door shut and climbing into bed with his hands full.

The three of them snuggled together under the covers, carefully eating their icy desserts as they watched a silly animated movie that the two adults hadn’t seen since childhood.

Merely minutes after Miyako had finished swallowing down the last of her pop-sickle, she drifted off to sleep in her dad’s lap, unbothered by the noise from the movie.

Katsuki eventually gave in, leaning his tired head against his husband’s shoulder and relishing in the heat coming off of him. His eyes started to drift shut as the movie trudged on.

“Katsuki?” Ejirou asked in a whisper.

“Hm?” the blonde responded, too tired to open his eyes or give an actual response.

“I want another one,” Ejirou muttered, allowing one of his hands to gently brush over the soft black hair on his daughter’s sleeping head. Katsuki didn’t respond right away, so Ejirou assumed he’d fallen asleep.

“… Let’s adopt,” Katsuki muttered, his voice horse from his illness, but completely relaxed and just as genuine as ever. Ejirou’s heart skipped a beat.

“Yeah… let’s adopt,” Ejirou repeated, leaning his head down to rest atop of his husband’s, a soft smile resting on his lips.

Chapter Text

Charger created a group chat.

Charger: OK bois this is the get kiri and blasty together group chat . mina what we got

Cumgirl: plan a) lie to them to get them to the same place at the same time so they go on a date plan b) beat kiri up and tell baku that he needs help so he’ll be his knight and shining armor plan c) get kiri a bf to make baku jealous

Scotch: wtf mina

Allmight2.0 has been added to the group chat.

Allmight2.0: Guys, I think someone added me by accident?

Charger: no we need ur brainz for this operation

Allmight2.0: brains?

Guys what the hell is this

Cumgirl: who added kiri?!!!?!!

Charger: shit that was an accident

You don’t need to do this

Urnotmydad has been added to the group chat.

Urnotmydad: hello

Scotch: wait whos thatz

Allmight2.0: Todoroki wanted to help. He says Kacchan needs a boyfriend so he’ll stop being so grumpy all the time

Charger: lit more smarts

Cumgirl: I didn’t know u had a phone Todoroki

Scotch: wtf mina he uses it all the time

Cumgirl: I thot his dad was like agfainst them er something

Urnotmydad: yeah just bc I never respond to his texts

Charger: LMAO

Charger: ok but we gotta focus

Charger: if we get them 2gether b4 finals maybe baku will help me study

Allmight2.0: why don’t you just ask Yaoyorozu?

Cumgirl: we do kami just wants his bromance with baku

Scotch: my bromance isn’t enough?

Icanthearu has been added to the group chat.

The group chat has been named Mission: make KiriBaku a thing!

Icanthearu: what the fuck.

Charger: JIRO

Charger: did I add u 2?

Charger: f uck

Cumgirl: what about if we make reservations at a fancy resteraunt and convince baku its 4 kiris birthday or soemthing

Scotch: his birthday was 3 weeks ago

Scotch: we celebrated with the whole class

Cumgirl: half-birthday

Scotch: no

Charger: what about the jealuosy plan

Charger: deku does baku get jealous

Allmight2.0: Kinda? He gets really mad.

Urnotmydad: we already knew that Midoriya

Im not pretending to date someone else

Thats dishonest

Charger: if it gets baku to date u who cares

Scotch: r we even sure bakus gay

Allmight2.0: hes gay

Urnotmydad: how do you know

Allmight2.0: he used to cuff his pants in middle school

Allmight2.0: plus 1 time when we were kids I saw him pop a boner while watching a WetDream commercial

Charger: is he that older hero with the aerodynamic quirk

Icanthearu: and the fashion line of speedos

Scotch: I remember his hero costume was just a speedo before they changed that rule about showing too much skin

Cumgirl: yeah he was hot

Scotch: baku thought so 2

Charger: LMAO

Cumgirl: oof

Just because he’s gay doesn’t mean he likes me

Charger: he DOES tho

Scotch: for sure

Allmight2.0: I have to admit he seems to get along with you better than anyone else

Icanthearu: even I can tell he does

Urnotmydad: hes just too much of a pussy to tell you


Cumgirl: holy shit

Charger: I kinda wanna add him to this just so he can see that

PLease don’t

Kaminari I swear to god

Charger: re flna nv weinf

Scotch: did he just have a stroke

Cumgirl: Kami?

Charger: kiri took my phone and deleted bakus number so ic ouldnt add him ):

Icanthearu: lol

Charger: u guys r mean

Cumgirl: WHAT IF we unleash a shitload of spiders in bakus dorm so he has to sleep with kiri

Scotch: where r we gonna get that many spiders

Allmight2.0: wouldn’t they just crawl out and infest the whole building?

Charger: ah hell no

Charger: fuck that

Urnotmydad: I have an idea

Charger: ok

Urnotmydad: I freeze Bakugo in my ice

Cumgirl: …

Cumgirl: and??

Urnotmydad: we leave him there

Scotch: LOL

Icanthearu: I agree w todoroki

Allmight2.0: hes not that bad… is he?

Charger: last week he pushed me out of the kitchen while I was making a snack

Scotch: wth

Cumgirl: what were u making

Charger: hotdog salad

Urnotmydad: hotdog… salad?

Charger: its lettus, 3 hot dogs, cheese, rice, and mayo

Icanthearu: that’s disgusting

Charger: its good!

Scotch: I get why he kicked u out

Charger: bro!

Cumgirl: that’s gross dude

Charger: u just have to try it

Charger: Ill make some 4 u guys next time

Cumgirl: hard pass

Scotch: no thanks

Icanthearu: absolutely not

Allmight2.0: that does sound like something Kacchan would hate

Urnotmydad: is that why the microwave always smells like hotdogs

Scotch: fuck your right

Charger: I have an idea! Kiri can cook something 4 baku and impress him that way

Allmight2.0: actually Kacchan is a pretty good cook… he might not be impressed if Kirishima didn’t cook it the right way

Cumgirl: and kiri burns toast

Not true

Scotch: dude u almost set the toaster on fire

Scotch: twice

It was NOT twice

MAYBE once

Cumgirl: well, what about a gift

Cumgirl: is there anything kiri could give him that would maek him fall madly in love


Scotch: he wouldn’t even let u wear ur crocs into his room

Icanthearu: Bakugo vs kirishima

Charger: he might like u less if u gave him crocs

Charger: lamo I miss vine

But they’re so manly ):

Allmight2.0: Kacchan doesn’t really care that much about material stuff

Allmight2.0: he likes to do things. Hes always busy

Cumgirl: its bc h es a Taurus

Scotch: what does that have to do with it?

Cumgirl: it just does

Cumgirl: u wouldn’t get it u have a scorpio rising

Icanthearu: that makes so much sense

Allmight2.0: zodiac signs? That’s cool! Whats mine?

Cumgirl: whens ur birthday

Allmight2.0: July 15th

Cumgirl: ur a cancer LMAO

Allmight2.0: whys that funny?

Cumgirl: they’re known for being super senative

Allmight2.0: oh haha I get it

Icanthearu: they’re also rlly loyal and determined

Allmight2.0: thats awsome! (:

Urnotmydad: applicable

Wait whats mine?

Cumgirl: ur a libra I already told u

Oh yeah, whats that mean

Icanthearu: libras are social, likable, and thoughtful

Cumgirl: but they’re kinda airheads

Scotch: true

Cumgirl: oh! We should see if kiri and bakus signs are compatible

Icantuhearu: not really. But baku is a cusp Taurus, so he has a lot of aries traits and libras and aries are super compatible

Scotch: u guys are letting the stars tell u whether or not u should date someone

Cumgirl: fuck off its fun

Charger: guys I just heard Bakugo say “kirishima” in his sleep

Scotch: no fuckin way

Charger: seriously he passed out on the couch in the common room and he mumbled It in his sleep

Allmight2.0: seriously? I didn’t think he still talked in his sleep

Urnotmydad: still?

Allmight2.0: when we had sleepovers back in the day he did sometimes. It was super scary. In the middle of th night I’d just hear “die” super quite

Allmight2.0: the*

Cumgirl: oh my god Bakugo

Scotch: even as a baby he was evil

Bullshit he did not

Charger: he so did tho I heard it

You could just be lying to get my hopes up

Charger: why tf would I do that bro

Cumgirl: he so has the hots for you kiri!

Blasty <3 has been added to the group chat.

Charger: ???


Charger: it wasn’t me!

Allmight2.0: Todoroki??!?!

Cumgirl: ...Todoroki?

Allmight2.0: he asked for kacchan’s number, I didn’t know he was going to add him to the chat!

Urnotmydad: I didn’t though


Charger: cant we just delete him??

Cumgirl: no he has to do it himself

Charger: can we just delete the chat then???

Cumgirl: I don’t think it’ll delete the messages tho?

Blasty<3: what the fuck is this

You deleted the groupchat.

Chapter Text

When Hitoshi was a child, his best friend was a small fluffy white and grey cat named Hoshi because it sounded like Hitoshi.

The little cat was protective of him and made Hitoshi feel safe. She was a docile and empathetic creature who always seemed to know what the boy needed. When Hitoshi would cry, she would curl up into his lap and purr until he stopped. When he was happy, she would run up to him with her tail in the air and nuzzle against his legs. The two depended upon one another.

She was always there for him when things got rough. When he developed his quirk and the other kids were scared of him, she was not. When they made fun of him and called him an evil villain, she continued to love him just the same. She, without fail, would manage to sneak her way between his arms as they held his wet face and purr at him until he calmed down.

As he got older, so did she. He came to understand that she would not live forever and had to learn to cope without her. It was difficult, though, with her soft little forehead brushing adamantly against his own. She took the pain out of an otherwise unbearable day and brought a smile on his face when he wasn’t sure he would ever smile again.

One cold November afternoon, Hitoshi came home from school, utterly exhausted and ready to curl up in bed with his little fluff ball and fall asleep. When he couldn’t find her, though, he asked his mother.

“Mom, where’s Hoshi?” His mother stopped what she was doing. She sighed deeply and looked over at her son with a sad expression.

“She… passed away…” she’d said. Hitoshi’s breath was ripped from his body and his gut dropped to the floor. For a moment, he was in utter disbelief.


“She was and old cat, honey. She was sixteen. I know this is hard, but she’s in a better place now. She wouldn’t want you to be so sad about her death,” his mother moved over to him and crouched to be at eye-level. Hitoshi had started balling the second the realization of the statement set in. He stared at his mother, not really processing the words she was saying. All he wanted was to hug his kitty.

It took years for Hitoshi to get over her passing. He struggled a lot after she had gone – he was sad all the time and didn’t know how to deal with it. He was irritable at best around others, but inside he just felt lonely.

At first, he didn’t want another cat, he wanted his cat back. After a while, though, he was unsure if he’d ever get a cat again. He didn’t want to get attached to something just to watch it die after a certain number of years.

It wasn’t until many years after his beloved Hoshi died that Hitoshi even entertained the idea of owning another cat.

He was walking home from the store. He had been a sidekick working for a stealth hero for a few years now and was able to move out into a small apartment of his own where he could be as reckless and messy as he chose.

With a backpack full of food and another heavy shopping bag in one hand, Hitoshi was close to his apartment when he spotted a dirty little ball of fluff run up under a car.

While his interest was almost piqued, he decided not to partake and kept walking. After passing a few houses, he heard a soft mew. He glanced over his shoulder to see the tiny little cat covered in dirt following him and staring intently at the grocery bag in his hand. He absently remembered the fish he’d bought from the market but kept walking.

The kitten kept following him, though, mewing softly on occasion. When he was less than a block away from his apartment, he stopped and turned to look at the cat who did not stop, but instead trotted over to him and stopped at his grocery bag – little nostrils flaring as it smelled the contents.

“Who do you belong to?” Hitoshi muttered aloud, not thinking too much. He looked it over and realized that it was really thin – really, really thin. It was very dirty and had started pawing at the bag, thinking that would get it something. Hitoshi huffed, but stepped over to a nearby bench and plopped the bag down, opening it up and rummaging around in it to see if there was anything safe to feed the cat.

While he knew that it wasn’t the healthiest of choices, Hitoshi decided on a bit of pre-cooked chicken. There was no way he was giving this little cat his whole fresh salmon.

The cat jumped up onto the bench and stuck its nose into the bag, so Hitoshi gently nudged it’s face out of the way before offering it a bit of the chicken he had just pulled out. The cat hastily grabbed it from his fingers, wasting no time in gobbling up the piece of meat. Hitoshi watched it, a bit concerned and a bit enamored.  He fed it another piece of the chicken, which it ate just as fast.

He continued to sit there and feed the cat, alternating between popping bits of it into his mouth and offering it to the cat. Only when the cat sniffed a piece but did not bite that the man quit pulling chunks out of the rapidly emptying container.

“Alright, you’re fed. Now, go home,” Hitoshi whispered to the cat as he stood back up from the seat he’d acquired on the bench. When the little cat stared up at him, getting up from it’s sitting position onto all fours, he bit back the urge to try to pick it up. He didn’t want a cat.

As he took off once more toward his apartment, he noticed that the cat began to follow him once more. It mewed a few times as they walked and he spared it a few glanced, a bit confused  as to what it wanted now. It had been a long time since he’d dealt with a cat.

As he found his way to his apartment, the cat didn’t relent, following him all the way to the door. He spun to look at it.

“You can’t come in here. Why don’t you go home?” he said softly, well aware that he would look utterly insane if anybody saw him speaking to a cat as though it were a human. It mewed at him and he huffed, unlocking the door and stepping in. The cat made no attempts to come into the apartment before he shut the door, which he was thankful for. He wasn’t sure he’d be able to wrangle it out if he tried.

Hitoshi spent the rest of the night thinking about that skinny little kitty. He checked his window a few times and saw it outside, sometimes near his door, and sometimes running in the grass just outside the window, chasing nothing.

While Hitoshi was laying in bed, trying to fall asleep he remembered Hoshi. He remembered how happy she made him – how much love he held for her and how she always managed to calm him down, no matter what. He vaguely decided that if the cat was still there in the morning, he would consider taking it in.

When he woke up for work that morning, the first thing he checked was his windows. It was still becoming light outside, so it was difficult to see clearly. He saw no movement or light patch of fur at that time, so he decided to just get ready for work.

When he finally stepped out of his apartment, he was certain that he did not see the little fluff ball anywhere. He gave a dismissive huff as he got into his car, but he couldn’t deny that he was just a little bit disappointed.

He’d gotten off of work early because it had been an incredibly slow crime day. Deku’s rise to power had really taken it’s toll on the criminal business which was good for society, but boring for Hitoshi.

He sighed as he climbed out of his car, grabbing his phone and pulling open a social media app as he walked over to the door of his apartment. He glanced between his phone screen and the lock as he tried to shove his key in, he heard a loud mew which momentarily made his heart stop.

He spun around to see the tiny kitten from the day before staring up at him with its tail straight up in the air. That he remembered from Hoshi: it was happy to see him. He sighed a bit, releasing himself of the tension which overtook his body when he had been frightened before giving the cat a small smile.

“You wanna come inside?” he muttered. The cat merely walked over to him and rubbed its face up against his leg, looping itself in between them as it moved. Hitoshi couldn’t stop the smile that spread across his face as he felt the soft fur against his skin.

He unlocked the door to his apartment and stepped in, holding it open for a while. The cat stopped, glanced inside, looked up at him, then back inside.

“I know I said you couldn’t come in yesterday, but I changed my mind. C’mon,” he said, really hoping the cat wouldn’t just run away.

After another few seconds passed, the cat hesitantly stepped through the threshold of the house and tentatively started sniffing around, unsure where to look.

Hitoshi watched it look around for several minutes, far more excited to have the little fluff ball nearby than he would ever admit out loud.

“I think I’ll call you… Hino,” Hitoshi muttered, smiling softly to the kitten now peacefully napping on his bed.

Chapter Text

Momo had been walking for several hours and the sun was long gone.

She’d gone on vacation for the winter season. While she had wanted to spend the time with her parents, they apparently had business to tend to and claimed that she would have more fun elsewhere. They suggested somewhere warm, like Hawaii.

Momo hated the idea of going out of the country during winter; she loved the cold. She adored the little nipping feeling at her nose and loved wearing layers of clothes outside. Her favorite part of winter was sitting by the fire while the snow came down outside.

A fire sounded most delightful at that time because she was absolutely freezing. She was wearing at least three layers including two scarves, a hood, two pairs of gloves, plus fuzzy socks under her snow boots, but she was chilled down to the bone. She realized that it was becoming a dangerous level of cold, but she had lost her way and had no idea where she was.

She had decided upon a private cabin up in a more mountainous part of Japan; it was a forested area near a frozen lake with large, beautiful cabins all around. Her parents were wealthy enough to rent one out for her alone, and it had been nice so far. On that particular day, she had decided to walk down the mile-long path toward a restaurant a bit further down the mountain and away from her rather secluded cabin. She had a delicious dinner, and when she finished the sun hadn’t quite set yet, so she figured that she would be able to walk back up before it got too dark out.

Unfortunately, she underestimated the amount of time it would take her to return home because the walk back from the restaurant was uphill rather than downhill like the walk to the place had been. So, she was probably ten minutes into her walk when she realized that the sun was setting rapidly, it was beginning to snow – adding to the already thick layers of it covering the ground – and Momo was nowhere near her cabin.

The snow covered the ground, making it impossible to follow the path and the dark covered up any natural landmarks she might have remembered. After an hour, she was certain she was lost. After two, she couldn’t even hear the sounds of other campers around and truly began to panic.

Eventually, her phone died, and she had no way of even telling how much time had passed. Her feet began to ache through the numbness and despite her better judgment, Momo brushed the snow off of a rock and sat down.

She stared ahead of her, trying to devise a way that she could call for help or find some warmth. The wood all around was frozen and wet so even if she had a way to start a fire, she doubted it would really light. She quickly grew tired, the numbness around her lulling her toward rest.

When she heard a cracking sound, however, her eyes snapped open and her head twisted toward the direction of the sound. It was dark, but her eyes had adjusted to it somewhat and she could see the outlines of trees everywhere. Nothing else.

She sighed softly and stood up, her senses finally coming to her. She was well aware that people die from falling asleep in the cold. She took a few steps forward but stopped when she saw movement in the corner of her eye. She looked around, suddenly feeling like she was being watched.

Which was really completely absurd. If there were other people around, they would be freezing and exhausted too. It would make no sense for them to just be watching her. Animals don’t just stand around watching humans, either.

So, why were goosebumps beginning to form on her skin? Cautiously, she looked to her left, then her right. She slowly spun around to look behind her and her throat dropped down to her chest when she saw a silhouette.

Her body froze as she stared at it. She couldn’t make much out except that it looked like a human. They were tall and their hair shined in the moonlight. Or – half of it? Momo couldn’t tell whether or not she was seeing it right, but only half of it looked bright. The other half basically blended into the night.

When they didn’t move or say anything, Momo tried to calm herself. Was this terrifying? Yes. Was it real? She had no clue.

“Hello?” She asked, meekly. They looked to be maybe twenty feet away from her, so she spoke as loud as her fear would allow so that they would be able to hear.

The person shifted. They didn’t seem to be moving toward her, which she was grateful for, but she was utterly confused, and her entire body was shivering from the cold - and fear.

“Is somebody there?” She asked. The figure took a few slow steps forward before stopping.

“Who are you?” a soft but low voice asked. They sounded confused, but not angry. Momo was right there with them.

“My name is Momo Yaoyorozu… what’s yours?” She asked, for some reason feeling the need to be polite despite the situation she was in.

The figure shifted again, possibly considering something.

“Shoto,” they finally said. The figure started very slowly approaching her. She took a deep breath as she watched them intently.

“Shoto… nice to meet you,” She muttered as they continued to get closer. “Are you lost as well? I can’t seem to find my way back… to my cabin…” She muttered as the figure – a man by the looks of it – came within five or so feet of her. Her words trailed off as she stared up into his face.

He was gorgeous. His jaw was strong, and his nose was straight. His half and half hair hung low over his face and it seemed to be long in the back, much like her own. His skin was milky and perfect except for the angry scar marring the skin around his left eye. They were sharp, his eyes: one blue and one grey. They stared down intently at her as she admired him.

“You shouldn’t be here,” he muttered, watching her watch him. While she agreed, the way he said it struck her as odd.

“What do you mean?” She asked in a hushed tone, feeling as though if she spoke too loudly, he might either run away or strike her down.

“You’re a human,” he said, more to himself than to her. It wasn’t a question, either. It was a fact that he seemed to have just noticed at that moment.

“Of course, what else would I be?” Momo could feel her face beginning to flush which was something of a relief to finally feel any sort of heat. She couldn’t take her eyes off of the man’s face as he stared down at her.

“Are you not cold?” the man’s left hand came up to gently brush against her cheek. His hand felt like it was on fire against her chilled skin.

“Freezing,” was all she could manage to say. A tiny smile seemed to flicker across his face at the response and it send a rush through Momo’s body. His smile was perfect, too.

“Would you like me to warm you?” In the back of her head, Momo absently thought that it was a loaded question. Of course, she wanted this gorgeous, mysterious, hot man from the forest to warm her. Was it safe? Absolutely not. However, she quickly realized that the alternative was to continue freezing there in the forest alone in the middle of the night with no chance of getting back to her cabin.

Slowly, Momo gave a nod. The man gave a soft smile in return and reached out to take Momo’s gloved hand in his. Then, after finally ripping his eyes away from hers, he started walking in a specific direction, slowly coaxing Momo to follow – which she did.

She watched him as they walked. He wasn’t wearing regular clothing. The clothes he wore were old fashion looking, but also foreign. Almost as though they weren’t made from fabric, but something else. His long hair was pulled half up and a circle of fall leaves sat around the crown of his head. It hadn’t been visible when she was facing him, but with him turned away, leading her toward wherever they were going, she could see it. She could see him – she wasn’t so entranced by his delicate face and captivating eyes.

It seemed like it had only been minutes that they were walking, but they soon came upon a soft warm light in the distance. Shoto headed directly to it. As they approached, Momo saw that it looked to be a large tree with a hole in it – which was where the light was emanating from. The tree was definitely wide enough in diameter to hold both of them, but Momo certainly found it curious. Wouldn’t it be an uncomfortable place to spend a snowy night?

Shoto lead them directly into the tree, Momo having to watch her step as she entered so as not to trip and fall and look like a complete idiot in front of him.

When she looked up again, however, she was not inside of a tree. At least – if she was, she severely underestimated the size of the tree.

They were all of the sudden in a small, warm little home that smelled of pine and char. The floor and walls looked to be made of wood, though the floor was smooth while the walls reminded Momo more of bark than anything someone would build with. There were beautifully intricate rugs placed strategically on the floor, depicting plants, animals, and human figures. To her right was a large table with old-looking books and papers strewn everywhere. There was an ink well and quill at the far end of it where a beautifully carved wooden chair sat, pulled away slightly from the table. To her left was a massive bed covered in several quilts and pillows – the designs of which matched that of the rugs adorning the floor.

All along the walls of the round room were sconces which held candles, seemingly the only source of light in the room. There were shelves holding pottery, tools of some sort, and more books. Near the foot of the bed sat a chest covered in shimmering rocks and jewels, and beside that sat an empty fireplace.

As Momo stared at the place, admiring the beauty of every little thing, Shoto gently shut a door behind her and grasped her hand, coaxing her to step further into the place.

It was fantastic – romantic and quaint and warm. Momo looked up at Shoto, thoroughly unable to suppress her awe. “Do you live here?” She asked, probably sounding like a dunce, but she was too far gone to care. Shoto gave her another one of his soft smiles as he glanced around the room.

“Yes, I do. Do you like it?” Shoto’s eyes softened when they came back to look at her. Momo nodded.

“Yes, it’s lovely!” She said, gently releasing his hand and stepping over to the bed, inspecting the chest at the foot. She’d never seen something so gorgeous. Then, the empty fireplace caught her attention. She crouched down to look at it. There were logs inside, but no ash and it looked like there hadn’t been a fire in there in a long time. She shivered as her body ached for heat. “Could you light a fire?” She asked, looking over at Shoto who was watching her intently.

When she asked, his gaze turned to one of mild shock. “A fire?” he asked, quietly. Momo suddenly felt like she’d done something wrong.

“Yes… I’m quite fond of them. It sounds silly, I know, but… sitting by the fire during winter reminds me of my childhood. When I was younger, winter was a time for family. I used to play by the hearth as my parents either read or held conversations. I don’t see them much anymore…” Momo muttered, unsure of why she suddenly felt the need to reveal some of her most private thoughts to this complete stranger. Something about this place made her feel safe.

Momo’s gaze blurred into the logs behind the metal bars. She vaguely heard footsteps behind her before a cold hand on her back brought her out of her trance-like state. She looked over to her right and saw Shoto crouching beside her. His right hand was on her back as he smiled over at her.

“I’m not too fond of fire… It reminds me of my father, but, well… perhaps I could learn to enjoy a fire in the hearth again,” Shoto’s voice was melodic, despite the low and almost gravely quality to it. She stared at him, a bit disbelieving and a bit confused as he turned to look at the logs in the fireplace.

We held his left hand out with his palm toward the fireplace and before Momo could ask what he was doing, she saw flames shoot out from his palm and onto the logs behind the metal. She watched, completely transfixed, as the logs caught fire and began to crackle and pop from the sap within them. Immediately, she began to feel the warmth lick at her numb face, and she was so relieved she almost forgot about how the fire had gotten there.

When she turned again to look at Shoto, he had stood up and was now holding a hand out for her. She took it and he helped her to her feet.

She watched as he gently removed the scarves from around her neck and placed it atop the chest by the bed. He took her hands and removed both pairs of gloves that she had on, then he reached up to unzip her snow jacket. She watched curiously as he calmly pulled it off of her shoulders and set it aside. When that was gone, he looked back up into her eyes.

“Comfortable?” He asked, allowing his hands to fall back to his sides. Momo nodded, transfixed on his face.

“You can remove your shoes, if you’d like,” He muttered. She suddenly felt heat rush to her cheeks. She had been so distracted by the room that she forgot to remove her shoes when she entered. She nodded profusely and stepped back over to the door to remove her shoes and set them near it. She noticed that the shoes he had removed looked almost like they were made out of animal skin rather than rubber or leather, even. Had Momo not been so flustered, overwhelmed, and still so very cold, she might have questioned him about it.

Instead, she turned back to where he was – now sitting on the bed. She gave him a sheepish smile.

“Come,” he said after a moment of silence. It wasn’t a demand, but there was no way Momo would refuse. Her heart skipped a beat as she carefully stepped over to where he sat.

His lips curled into a somewhat mischievous smile as he leaned back on his arms, watching her.

She bit her lip as nerves started to bubble up in her stomach. She suddenly found herself in a complete stranger’s home. An incredibly gorgeous, sexy, and alluring stranger, but a stranger at that! He was now staring up at her with a devilish smirk on his face as he sat on his bed. She had willingly followed him home with the promise of him warming her without a second thought! Now, what??

Chapter Text

Now, what?

Shoto continued to stare at her, but his eyes shifted down. They glazed over her body, sending shivers down her skin for reasons other than her lack of heat. Momo shifted, feeling a bit exposed despite the several layers of clothing she still adorned.

“Sit,” he invited, nodding his head to his left. Momo gave a bit of a smile before shifting over to the side of the bed, sitting beside his red-haired half.

“Thank you,” She muttered. Shoto looked over at her from the corner of his blue eye as she allowed hers to scan the room again.

They were facing the table and she had a good view of the papers all over it. From the angle, she couldn’t see what was on the papers, but she could see the binding of one of the books on the table. There was lettering on the side of one of the books that she didn’t recognize.

“What language is that?” She asked as her eyes glazed over the silver-colored loopy words which almost looked hand painted onto the binding.

“Hm?” Shoto’s attention shifted over to the book which she was referencing. He slowly stood up and grabbed it off of the table before looking it over. “Warlec Polus. It’s a rather ancient language, not many use it anymore,” he said as he handed her the large book. She took it from him, gently allowing her hands to run over the textured binding.

It was beautifully intricate – it looked to be made from molded leather and there was a painted bit in the center depicting a young blonde winged child. She flipped it open to a random page and let her eyes wash over the wording. It was loopy and peculiar, and it all looked the same to her. She wondered how anyone could make out a difference between the characters.

“Can you read it?” she asked, looking up at him. He cocked his head to the side as he looked down at her, eyes slightly squinted. After a moment or so, the corners of his lips quirked up in amusement.

“I can,” he said, sounding as though he was going to add more to that sentence, but he did not. Momo looked down at the book again before flipping it around to where it should, theoretically, be right-side up for the man who was standing opposite her and held it out to him.

“Would you?” She asked. She was very curious about how it would sound, and she quite enjoyed his low voice, dry as it might be. He took the book from her.

“What will you give me if I read to you?” he asked, a hint of mischief in his voice. Momo felt blood rush to her cold cheeks. The heat in her face reminded her of how cold she was, and she vaguely wondered why the room hadn’t really gotten any warmer since Shoto lit the fire.

“Give you? I don’t know, what is it you’d like?” Shoto shifted his weight to one foot at the question. His eyes glittered as they met her eyes.

“How about a game?” Momo gave a bit of a laugh. She hadn’t been expecting that.

“A game? Alright, what game?” Shoto sat back down beside her and leaned his face in close to hers.

“We’ll get to that after I read,” Momo gave a bit of a nod in response, suddenly too nervous to use her words. After a second or so, however, he pulled away from their close proximity and looked down at the book.

As he began reading, Momo became transfixed on the tall, curious man. His voice was smooth and emotive in the most tantalizing way. She didn’t understand a word, obviously, but the sound of the language on his tongue and the phrasing he gave to the sentences made it just as riveting as if she actually knew what he was talking about.

Her eyes dropped to his lips as he spoke. They were not too thin, but not too thick – they fit his face perfectly. They pursed and opened and curled around the words. Her breath caught in her throat when his tongue appeared between his perfect lips for a split second to allow him to pronounce a certain word.

After only a minute or two of the luscious sound of his voice filling her head, his sentence arched to a stop and he did not continue. Instead, he shut the book and looked over at Momo. She stared up at him.

“It sounds beautiful,” she muttered. Shoto gave a soft chuckle and stood up to place the book back on the table before turning to face the girl.

“Now the game,” he said.

“What did you have in mind?”

“A string of riddles. I will ask the riddle and you may ask me any question about said riddle, but I am not required to answer those questions. You will get one guess,”

“Alright. What happens if I get them right?”

“Well… granted you are comfortable with this, for every riddle you answer correctly I will give you whatever you want,” Momo frowned.

“That’s kind of vague… what do you mean ‘give’ it to me?”

Shoto gave a smile, sitting down on the bed beside her.

“I mean I will give it to you. I will gift you whatever you want, be it a book, a tapestry, a kiss…” The word sent a shiver down Momo’s spine.

“Oh,” she muttered. “and if I lose?” a smirk fell on the gorgeous man’s face.

“The same,” he muttered.

“I don’t really have anything to give you, though,” Momo smiled, a bit confused, but amused by his playfulness.

“I’m sure you do,” he smirked, his voice taking on a touch of darkness. She shivered, feeling rather like she was playing with fire, despite the cold breeze blowing against her face.

Shoto shifted on the bed, pulling his legs up into a crossed position before he held his hand out, coaxing Momo to do the same. When she had shifted, he stared into her eyes.

“Ready?” Momo gave a nod. “Let’s begin with an easy one. What walks on four legs in the morning, two in mid-day, and three in the nighttime?” Momo frowned.

She’d never heard that one before. The time of day must have been symbolic for something – nothing changes its means of transportation that fast. What kind of creature walks on three legs?

Her mind spun rapidly as she tried to decipher the riddle. After about a minute or so, something clicked in her brain.

“Man! We crawl as babies, walk on two legs most of our lives, and sometimes use canes when we age,” Momo beamed, certain she was right. Shoto gave a curt nod.

“Correct. You’re quite clever,”

“Thank you. I like to believe so,” She said.

“Now, then. What would you like from me?” Momo flushed. She hadn’t thought about that.

“Ah… well, perhaps you could write me something… In that language you spoke earlier.” She had no idea what she really meant, but it sounded nice – to have something handwritten in that beautiful curly script which would remind her of his smooth voice.

“A letter, then? Alright, I’ll ensure you have one when we part,” Momo smiled, glad he’d agreed.


“Let’s move on, shall we? Next: I can be hot, I can be cold, I can run and I can be still, I can be hard and I can be soft. What am I?” 

Her eyes glanced about the room as she considered this. She brought her hand up to her chin in thought, feeling somewhat under pressure to answer quickly despite the lack of a time limit. This one was harder for her. The possibilities were endless and yet the answer must have been something specific. Hot and cold told her little, so she focused more on the other two. Run and be still were likely more figurative, considering the other two hints. What figuratively runs?

“Is it… water?” Momo asked, less confident about that answer. Shoto gave a smile, but his eyes narrowed a bit.

“It is,” he said, crossing his arms over his chest as he watched her. She bit back her pride, knowing it was a bit childish how much she enjoyed being correct. He eyed her for a moment until she realized that he was waiting for her request.

“Oh, well… could you – if you don’t mind – maybe hold my hands? I’m still quite cold,” Momo felt the blush all over her face. It seemed like a silly request, but it was the only thing she could think of that she really wanted from the man in that moment. He nodded and held his hands out to her.

Momo bit her lip softly as she reached out and took his hands in hers. His left hand was hot against her skin while his right was only slightly warmer than her own. She stared at his hands for a moment before looking up at him. He watched her, a smug sort of look on his face.

“Whatever you desire, Momo,” She could feel her pulse race at those words. Something within her shifted and she felt a familiar burning in her core.

“What can fill a room but takes up no space?” Momo didn’t even think about it before she spoke.

“Air,” a wild smile spread across Shoto’s face and the second after she spoke, she realized her mistake. Air has mass.

“Light,” He corrected. Momo gave a playful pout.

“I spoke too soon,” she muttered. “Okay, what of mine would you like?”

“You’ll give me anything?” he asked. Momo knew that was a dangerous question. However, as she stared into his gorgeous eyes, she found herself nodding regardless.


“In that case, I’ll have you. Just for tonight,” Shoto’s voice dropped to a dark whisper as his right hand released hers and slid up her clothed arm, coming to rest on her jaw. She found herself leaning into the touch as she watched him. Her hearth drummed against her chest, and she knew that she should be telling him no. She should be denying him and running to leave. The problem was that she did not want to. She wanted him as well.

“Me?” she repeated, more disbelieving than disapproving.

“You’re beautiful,” he stated before leaning in. Momo leaned forward as well, allowing her eyes to shut.

Before long, she felt a soft pair of lips land on hers. Immediately, butterflies fluttered in her chest. She squeezed the hand she was still holding onto and he squeezed hers back. Then, he leaned further forward into the kiss, tilting his head to the side slightly for better leverage.

The hand cupping her jaw came around to hold the back of her neck gently, the slight warmth of it much appreciated.

He released her hand from his, instead placing it on her calf. She felt her legs slowly being coaxed out of their crossed position to where they were flat on the bed on either side of her, her heels close to her bottom.

As they continued to share heated kisses, Shoto’s hand made its way to her waist. Momo could feel the heat of his hand through both the shirt and sweater she was still wearing, and the feeling caused a tingling between hear legs.

Her hands came up to rest on his chest, their bodies not quite close enough for her to comfortably wrap her arms around his neck.

After a little bit longer, Momo found herself grinding down against the bed. She pulled away from the kiss just enough to speak. She still could feel his hot breath against her face.

“Shoto…” was all she was able to say before he’d placed his lips back on hers, attacking her mouth with his slow and measured lips.

“Allow me to take care of you,” he muttered huskily when he pulled away once more. Momo’s body reacted far more than she did.

She eventually gave a slight nod, too overwhelmed by him filling up all of her senses to do much else. The hand on her waist began pushing her backward as Shoto leaned forward, easily coming out of his cross-legged sitting position to help Momo lay back. She straightened out her legs as Shoto came to hover over her. He leaned down to plant a sweet, lingering kiss on her lips before his hands found the zipper on the snow pants she had still been wearing.

Momo watched his serene face as he made quick work of her top two layers of pants, leaving her in a thin layer of material covering her legs and two shirts. In a fuzzy haze of shifting and hot kisses fluttering across her lips and cheeks every so often, she was stripped down to just her bra and underwear. She was somewhat shocked when she realized how quickly her clothes had been removed.

Once she was almost bare, she felt herself ever so gently being pulled up into a sitting position. While she vaguely felt like she was being pushed and pulled to and fro like a doll, she was also too aroused and disheveled to really even care.

From her seated position, she felt Shoto wrap his arms around her waist and pull her body close to his. She wrapped her arms around his neck, bringing her lips to his as their bodies collided. She hadn’t realized until then that he had also lost his shirt somewhere in the process.

His body was hot. He felt like fire against her skin and she reveled in the feeling. She’d been cold all night and was finally getting some relief from it. His hands left searing trails up and down her back as his teeth found her bottom lip. She moaned softly into the touch, shifting to wrap her legs around his midsection.

He was a dream. Every touch of his lips or his fingertips – even the blazing skin that occasionally rubbed against her stomach set her on edge. She’d never been so attracted to anyone before, which was evident in how willing she was to lay with him.

Before she even realized, he was slipping her bra off of her shoulders and tossing it aside. He pulled their bodies together until they were flush so they could feel the skin to skin contact. The velvety skin of his chest rubbed against her hardened nipples, pushing her further toward desperation.

His hands landed on her lips, his grip making it more difficult for her hips to gyrate against him as they had been doing. She groaned as his lips abandoned hers, instead opting to run a trail along her jaw, down her neck, and into the side of her neck – slowly but intensely sucking on little bits of skin here or there.

Momo’s hands around his neck pulled and tugged on his long hair as she was unable to do much else. Shoto had full control of the pace, it seemed, as Momo was verging on feeling intoxicated with this amazing man.

“Shoto,” She moaned as he leaned her back, though not all the way down on the bed, just enough to where his mouth could easy reach her chest. His lips ran over the plush, satin skin until they found what he was looking for – the little bud at the peak of her breast. His hot lips wrapped around it and he sucked with a tantalizingly light amount of pressure.

Momo’s body screamed for more as his tongue swiped over the peak. Her hands ran through his hair at the base of his neck, tugging lightly at it when his mouth grew more demanding – and therefore, more fulfilling.

After what felt like an excruciatingly long time of Shoto’s tongue on her breasts, causing the coil in her core to become wound tighter and tighter, Shoto finally pulled away to look back up into her glazed-over eyes.

“Are you alright?” he muttered. She found it somewhat odd. She was far better than ‘alright.’

“Yes… you’re amazing,” she muttered, a bit breathless. He gave a small smile before giving her a heart-fluttering kiss.

“As are you,”

Chapter Text

“As are you,”

Shoto pulled Momo onto his lap and she realized that somehow her underwear had gone – and so had his. She couldn’t see what he looked like, but she could vaguely feel him beneath her. He pressed his lips to hers and ran his hands down her back.

Momo wrapped her arms around his neck once more, allowing her fingers to tangle into his long locks. Their soft skin rubbed together as they kissed, creating a warm state of euphoria as her body finally felt warm again.

One of his hands came up to gently cup the back of her head as he pulled away from the kiss. His eyes melted into hers with their eyes mere inches away.

“Do you want me?” Shoto asked, his words laced with lust. Momo shivered, wanting nothing more than him.

“Yes,” She moaned out, leaning forward to kiss him again. He grabbed onto her hair, preventing her from leaning forward. She pouted and he smirked.

“Tell me,” his voice was husky. Momo’s eyes rolled into the back of her head, literally able to feel herself dripping.

“I want you, Shoto,” she muttered. He tugged a bit harder on her hair.

“Louder,” his breath was hot against her skin as his mouth dropped to suck on her neck.

“I want you!” she breathed out, beginning to grind against him.

“Whatever you desire,” He said for the second time that night. His hands came down to her hips, he adjusted his position beneath her, and then she suddenly felt a dull heat at her entrance.

She heard Shoto moan into her ear as he started to push into her. She could barely process the feeling of his girth inside of her.

It didn’t take long for him to bottom out, but once he had, she realized just how incredibly full she was. She moaned and ground against him as he sat still, loving the way he stretched her insides.

“Momo,” he moaned into her ear as he started slowly thrusting up into her. Her body grew hotter at the feeling and it pulled the breath out of her. She let her forehead fall against his shoulder, panting a bit from the friction once her breath finally came back to her.

With his hands gripping her hips hard, Momo began pushing down against him, trying to liven the pace of their connection. She loved the feeling of him inside of her, but it wasn’t enough. She needed more.

He held her hips in place as he moved against her, trying to halt her shifting. Momo moaned as his heat overwhelmed her, pushing in and out of her without relent.

When Momo wouldn’t stop moving against him, he pulled out, ignoring her whine of disapproval, and pushed her down onto the bed. He shifted over her, sliding his palms over her thighs to coax them open. Momo complied and with his hands on her sides to steady himself, he re-entered her.

Momo loved being able to see his gorgeously toned body above her, but she hated the excruciatingly slow pace that he refused to alter in any way.

Shoto’s hair draped around off of his shoulders around her, obscuring her vision of everything besides him. Her eyes glazed over his body, rolling up from where their bodies were connected, past his clenched abs, over his milky chest, and up into his beautifully mis-matched eyes. With this god above her, all she could think was how desperate she was that this wasn’t a dream.

He finally began to push into her a bit harder and a bit faster, barely enough for her to notice the difference. She whined, feeling the pressure in her core with no way to release it.

“Be patient, love,” Shoto whispered to her. Her eyes found his and his gaze bore into hers. Momo found herself biting her lip as she watched his eyes watch her.

Shoto shifted, removing his hands from her sides and leaning down on his elbows above her so they could be closer. She leaned her head upward, quickly catching his lips between her own. They reveled in the kiss as the shift in angles caused Shoto to hit a rather sensitive spot within her.

Momo gave a moan, wrapping her arms around his neck once more. She held him close to her as their lips moved together, feeling a strong burst of pleasure every time he pushed into her.

No matter how much she wanted to be able to cum, he would not relent. He maintained his slow yet deep thrusting pattern without any sign of changing it, slowly but surely driving Momo toward her orgasm.

After a gloriously long while of Shoto pressing against Momo’s sweetest spot, she suddenly felt the dam break. Her orgasm hit her hard, causing her whole body to flush with pleasure as Shoto continued his torture upon her, speeding up somewhat to help her ride out the waves of pleasure best. She moaned loudly in his ear as her arms clamped down on his neck.

Once her orgasm had finished, he did not let up. He continued pushing in and out of her, despite her enhanced sensitivity. After a short while, Shoto returned to her neck, giving gently kisses and soft nips to the skin there.

Momo panted, feeling overwhelmed by the constant contact, and dug her nails into his back to distract her away from the large member invading her body and making her quake in pleasure. Shoto picked up the speed a bit more, finally reaching a normal pace rather than the extremely slow one from before. He ground into her a tiny bit each time he bottomed out, his lips never letting up from their attack on her neck. After only a little while of this, Momo orgasmed again.

Her body literally shook, her muscles twitching and clenching from the ministrations. Yet again, Shoto didn’t even falter. Not as the scratching on his back increased, not as her moans grew smaller and more high-pitched, and not as her body writhed beneath his touch. In fact, Shoto sped up even more – finally meeting the brutal pace that Momo had originally expected of him. Only, now, it was almost too much for her to handle.

One of his hands slid down the skin of her stomach, stopping just above her abused slit. As he continued to push in and out of her at a punishing pace, his thumb slipped over the little bundle of nerves that he had neglected the entire night.

Momo’s breath completely left her and her body arched up, shaking violently, trying to escape the all-too intense touch of its own accord. Even through Momo’s fuzzy haze of pleasure, she could hear a deep chuckle which forced a whine from her. He really was enjoying torturing her.

As his thumb bounced over her clit with every deep thrust he gave her, the woman was on the verge of tears from the intensity of the pleasure. Her nails dug deep into the skin of his back as his teeth found the nape of her neck, biting down hard enough that she could somehow manage to focus on the pressure there rather than the overwhelming touch further down her body.

After he removed his teeth from her skin, however, there was nothing to think about other than the white-blinding love he was ruthlessly administering to her. She came once again, harder than she had any of the other times before.

At that point, Momo was panting, whining, and wriggling beneath him so much that his hand was pushed away from her clit, and he was forced to slow his thrusts back to the unbearably slow pace of earlier in that night. The change of pace helped, but Momo was still giving tiny squeaks and shifting practically every time he pushed into her, so Shoto finally wrapped one arm around her waist and pulled her too close for her to have any range of motion at all.

After another several minutes – which felt like a blissful, yet simultaneously painful several hours to Momo – the angelic being pushed himself all the way into her, finally spilling his hot cum into her as he did.

She gasped; the feeling completely unfamiliar to her. Despite how nervous it made her, considering she wasn’t on any sort of birth control, Momo kind of liked the feeling of it within her. All she did was give a soft moan in response – she was too exhausted to do much else.

Shoto then showered her face in butterfly-light kisses before pulling out and shifting to lay beside her in the bed. She was thoroughly heated now, and completely exhausted from the long day she’d had. Within minutes, she was asleep.

When Momo woke up, she opened her eyes to see a somewhat familiar ceiling. She sat up and looked around the room to realize that she was back in her cabin, dressed in one of the nightgowns she had brought with her. For a moment, she thought she may have dreamed it all – that was, until she saw the paper on the nightstand beside her bed - not to mention the soreness she felt between her legs and on her sides where he’d held her down.

Regardless, she picked up the paper and looked it over, realizing that it was the loopy-language letter she had requested Shoto write her. She felt a content smile rest on her face as she stared it over, wishing she could read it. That was, until she flipped it over.

On the other side of the letter was a translation written in Japanese for her. Her heart fluttered as she read it over.

“My darling Momo,

While our time together was short, it was one of the most meaningful nights I’ve had in a long while. I do hope to see you again someday… If you feel the same, all you need do is to return to these woods on a snowy night and ask for me by name. I will hear you, and I will be more than happy to warm you again.


Momo smiled to herself as she pressed the letter to her chest. She had no idea what that god of a being was – a demon, a fairy, an elf – but she did know that while he was not human, he was not a dream either.

She returned to that same wood every winter for countless years.

Chapter Text

The room was hot, and the smell was thick. Moans sounded throughout as bodies were strewn everywhere.

The room was crowded with all of the people. There wasn’t much room to maneuver, but nobody seemed to be too bothered about that.

Near the doorway was a lounge chair where Ashido sat, Satou on his knees on the floor with his face buried deep within the floof of pink hair between her legs. Above Ashido, on his knees on the chair with Ashido’s torso between his legs was Sero, his hands on her head and his dick in her mouth. Ashido’s head bobbed on the member as Sero moaned out.

Across from the chair was a large couch where Shouji lay, Aoyama sensually bouncing up and down on his dick with all of the confidence in the world. On his right, one of his dupli-arms had transformed into a dick which was currently inside of Asui. She was on all fours, riding back into the dick with Tokoyami beneath her. He was laying on his back, his hands on her head, guiding her mouth up and down his dick as she sucked him off. Beside Tokoyami lay Koda, face incredibly red as a certain invisible girl moaned in his ear. It wasn’t visible what she was doing with his rather large member, but the creak of the couch and the sound of skin slapping together made it easy to guess.

On Shouji’s left were Kaminari and Ojiro who were both also riding Shouji’s dupli-arm dicks, but they were also making out and jacking one-another off at the same time. They moaned into their mouths loudly.

Standing in the center of the room was Uraraka, being held in between two hot, roughly moving bodies. She was technically floating, but Iida at her back and Midoriya at her front held her down far enough that they could both ram into her as they pleased. She was a moaning mess, unable to do anything besides sloppily kiss the green-haired boy and whine.

Behind Midoriya was Kirishima, his hands pressing harshly into the green-haired boy’s hips as he steadied himself. Bakugo was behind Kirishima, forming a long line of bodies all connected between their legs. There was a chain reaction of thrusting between the four people, Bakugo leading the brutal pace.

In the far corner of the room, Shinso had Yaoyorozu under his mind control. She was laying on her back on a table with Todoroki ruthlessly ramming into her pussy. Above her on her knees was Jiro, who Shinso had ordered the girl to eat out. Shinso, himself was on his knees on the table in front of Jiro who was leaning forward with the head of his dick in her mouth, whining due to the tongue on her clit.

The room buzzed with energy as one person after another let out louder and louder moans, some of them even finding their climax.

Sero climbed off of Ashido and gave her a kiss, using some tape to tie her wrists together before leaving her with Satou who stood up and lined himself up with her before burying himself in her wet cunt. Sero made his way over to Ojiro and Kaminari, grabbing onto the former boy’s tail and giving it a tug, which caused Ojiro to gasp and cum all over Kaminari’s hand. The two blondes moaned as Ojiro slid off of Shouji’s dupli-dick, only for Sero to take his place on it, roughly grabbing Kaminari’s dick in his hand and thrusting hard.

Ojiro moved over to Hagakure and Koda and asked if he could join them. The three moved onto the floor in front of the couch, giving Asui and Tokoyami more room. Hagakure had them sit close together, facing each other. Carefully, she guided both of their dicks into her two holes and squealed when she was full. Ojiro and Koda grabbed her by her waist and began bouncing her up and down on their dicks.

Asui came hard on Shouji’s dupli-dick but kept riding it because she couldn’t pull away. The arms near her had grabbed onto her thighs, holding her firmly in place on the arm which was taking the form of a dick inside her. She groaned and moaned as the thick cock slid in and out of her. She couldn’t focus on Tokoyami anymore.

He didn’t mind, though. Instead, he calmly asked Shoji to make one of his dupli-arms into a mouth, which he gladly did. Tokoyami began pushing in and out of the mouth, leaning his hands on Shouji’s stomach for support.

At that time, Midoriya came hard into Uraraka who gave a loud gasp in response. He pulled out of her and pushed away from Kirishima behind him, freeing himself from the line of bodies. Kirishima happily grabbed onto Uraraka’s hips and pulled her close, pushing himself inside of her. It became easy when Iida pulled out and released the girl, instead going over to the other side of Bakugo. Before the blonde could protest, Iida revved his engines and Uraraka, Kirishima, and Bakugo all let out a loud moan as Iida slammed himself into Bakugo’s ass, effectively pushing the line of people all the way forward until Uraraka’s back hit the wall of the room. Then, Iida was controlling the pace – and though his thrusts weren’t as fast as Bakugo’s, they were hard.

Midoriya walked over to Todoroki, panting and softly asking for some attention. By that time, Yaoyorozu had already cum, but Shinso had yet to release her from his torment. So, Todoroki gave a few last thrusts to Yaoyorozu and then pulled out, when he instead pulled Midoriya over to the side of the table.

The second Todoroki left Yaoyorozu, Shinso shifted away from Jiro and took up the job of sliding in and out of her abused pussy.

Jiro came all over Yaoyorozu’s face, but the girl, under a trance, didn’t stop licking and Shinso was very adamant that Jiro could not move from that spot. A shiver ran down her spine as she obeyed his order, despite not actually being under his spell.

Todoroki pushed Midoriya down on his back to where his head landed just above Yaoyorozu’s on the table, easily pushing himself into Midoriya’s already stretched out hole. So as to distract herself from the overwhelming pleasure between her legs, Jiro bent down and took Midoriya’s lips in her own, the two people moaning loudly into one-another.

Kaminari finally came then, panting and almost electrocuting himself, Shouji, and everyone else touching Shouji too from how hard he came. He quickly pulled himself off of the dupli-dick, instead opting to lean down and start sucking Sero off, who was still riding a dupli-dick.

Ashido and Hagakure both came loudly at the same time from the dicks filling them. Kirishima and Tokoyami were quick to follow, though their orgasms were a lot quieter. Next after them was Aoyama, stuttering and accidentally burning a hole in the carpet with his belly button laser from the pleasure.

Iida picked up his pace with Bakugo who did not even give Kirishima the chance to slip away despite having already came. Instead, he continued to thrust into the redhead at Iida’s pace, who in turn continued to push into Uraraka who was a moaning, writhing mess trapped against the wall.

When Todoroki came, he grabbed onto Midoriya’s dick and started jacking him off as he continued fucking his tight asshole. To distract himself, Midoriya wrapped his hand around Jiro’s throat, firmly holding her lips to his without completely blocking all of her airflow. Yaoyorozu came once more as Shinso toyed with her clit, his dick still inside of her.

Satou then finally came, pulling out of Ashido and opting to cum on her stomach rather than inside of her. When he was done, though, he picked up the girl who was still tied up with Sero’s tape, and took her over to Shouji. Aoyama had slid off of the larger man’s dick, so it was free for Satou to set Ashido onto. The girl whined but started grinding on it, regardless.

Sero came into Kaminari’s mouth just seconds after Ashido had shown up. Kaminari pulled away from Sero, getting on all fours to suck on the dupli-dick he had been riding a while ago. Aoyama then climbed onto the couch and got behind Kaminari, starting to eat his ass out. Satou walked over on the other side of the arm of the couch where Aoyama’s ass was hanging off of it and pushed into the most sparkly member of their class, following a bit of a slower pace than he had with Ashido.

When Koda finally came inside Hagakure, the three of them broke off. Ojiro made his way over to Shinso, asking if he could borrow Jiro. Shinso begrudgingly agreed, instructing Yaoyorozu to stop eating the smaller girl out. When Midoriya let go of her throat, Ojiro quickly grabbed the girl and pushed her over the table directly beside where Todoroki was slamming into Midoriya. The tailed hero pushed into her harshly, setting such a harsh pace that his thrusts were shaking the table.

At that point, Shinso finally came and the force of the orgasm caused him to lose control over Yaoyorozu who, after having cum a third time, was too tired to even object anymore. Shinso then convinced Todoroki to flip Midoriya over to copy Jiro’s positioning: face down on the table. When he did, Shinso pushed Yaoyorozu down the table to where her clit was just beneath Midoriya’s waiting mouth, and Jiro and Yaoyorozu were able to kiss sloppily.

Meanwhile, Hagakure had gone over to the line of fucking people in the center of the room and began tweaking nipples and giving sloppy kisses when they couldn’t see her. It wasn’t long before Uraraka and Bakugo were cumming. After another few minutes, with one of Hagakure’s invisible fingers in his asshole, Iida also came. When they split up, Uraraka released herself and fell to the floor. Hagakure took advantage of this and found her clit, starting to eat out the abused pussy.

Kirishima pushed Bakugo over to the chair which had been abandoned and shoved him up against the back of it, pushing himself inside of Bakugo to reverse their previous roles. After only two loud explosions, Bakugo was turned into a moaning mess again.

Iida made his way over to Shinso who promptly took control over the taller man’s mind. Shinso kindly instructed the speedy hero to go down on his knees and suck Shinso like a lolli-pop, which, of course, he did.

At some point, Sero had pulled Tokoyami away from the dupli-mouth which had helped him find his orgasm and tied his hands behind his back with his tape. Sero then tied up Tokoyami’s feet, starting to convince Koda to take advantage of Tokoyami’s ass which was up in the air with Tokoyami's face in the couch cushion. Sero proceeded to spank Tokoyami until dark shadow came out. He was the one who admitted that Tokoyami actually liked that kind of abuse, and that Koda had full reign. Once Koda was satisfied with that consent, he pushed himself into Tokoyami’s waiting rim.

Next, Sero returned to Shouji, taking one of the dupli-dicks in his mouth as he draped his body over Shouji’s stomach. Shouji’s arms pushed and shifted Asui’s body until her head was between Shouji’s stomach and Sero’s dick, but one of the dupli-dicks was still slowly pumping inside of her. Asui’s mouth quickly went to work on the sticky hero.

Meanwhile, Midoriya came once more. He wriggled away from Yaoyorozu and Todoroki and moved across the room to Bakugo and Kirishima, not quite having had his fill of them. He got onto his knees on the chair, grabbing onto Bakugo’s hair and pulling harshly on it into the blonde opened his mouth, Midoriya happily filling up the hole with his dick. Midoriya and Kirishima continued to push into Bakugo at their own paces, allowing their moans to fill the air along with everyone else.

Todoroki then made his way over to Uraraka who looked to be alone, despite her whines of ecstasy. He dropped onto all fours above her, guiding himself into her eagerly awaiting open mouth. The girl continued to moan around him as he slowly thrust himself in and out of her mouth.

Shinso ordered Iida to crawn on top of the table and eat Yaoyorozu out while stroking himself off, which he had no choice but to do. Once that was set to work, Shinso made his way over to Shouji who had two mouths on two of his dupli-dicks, one of his dupli-dicks pumping in and out of Asui, and Ashido sporadically grinding on the dick between his legs. The mind-controlling hero came up to Shouji, pushed his knees a bit further apart, and pushed himself into his tight hole. Shinso grabbed onto Ashido’s hips and guided her movements on the dick beneath her, forcing another orgasm from her.

With Sero and Kaminari lapping madly at his summoned members, the two girls’ velvety walls around other parts of him, and Shinso inside of him, Shouji couldn’t handle any more. He came violently from all of his dicks at once, his body shaking and his back arching as it happened.

Following him, everyone else began to find their orgasms – Bakugo shot cum all over the back of the chair, along with Kirishima in his ass and Midoriya in his mouth. Kaminari and Aoyama’s hot liquids covered the couch cushion while Satou and Sero came into Aoyama’s ass and Asui’s mouth, respectively. Asui came on Shouji’s dupli-dick for the third time. Tokoyami and Koda found their peaks at the same time, as did Ojiro and Jiro. Yaoyorozu and Iida were close behind. Todoroki came in Uraraka’s mouth, Uraraka came on Hagakure’s mouth, and Hagakure came on her own hand which she had been using to tease herself. With Shinso’s hand wandering to her clit, Ashido found yet another orgasm, and Shinso followed her, releasing himself in Shouji’s ass.

The twenty students laid on the floor, covered in their own juices as their loud moans and whimpers filled the sound of the room. It wasn’t until their lungs were filled with a certain aroma that they were all calmed, falling asleep with the help from Midnight’s quirk.

While the incident would be taken off of the record and never spoken of again so as to protect the reputation of UA, when the students involved in quirk accident woke up, they certainly had not forgotten what they had all felt – dreamland or not, they knew what had transpired between them was real.

And while none of them were quite confident enough to mention it when they were in high school, a certain pink hero did happen to bring it up to the lot of them some years later at a class reunion. After that night, the twenty hero’s began to reunite yearly to enjoy the company of the group.

Chapter Text

Izuku was asleep in his tiny shack of a home when it happened. He woke with a start when he heard a loud crashing sound and only second after he did, two large men grabbed him from his spot on the floor, pulling him to his feet and dragging him out of his little home.

He was exhausted from having worked all day with little to no food to replenish his energy. Izuku didn’t have a quirk which meant he was the lowest of the low in his society. Legally, he was a slave who worked for whoever owned him without any guarantee of food, shelter, or safety from being beaten daily.

His current owner had been nice enough; he’d given him something to wear and shelter to sleep in, but he often forgot to feed Izuku and sometimes hit him if Izuku messed something up. Regardless, it seemed he was being taken away from his old owner; with or without his owner’s knowledge, he did not know. What he did know was that a cloth was being wrapped around his eyes as the two brutes dragged him forward into the night.

He felt himself being lifted and thrown into some sort of small enclosed space. Then, he heard horses trotting and felt the room around him move. He could only assume he was in some sort of carriage; he had no idea, he’d never been in one before.

The ride was a long one, he’d fallen asleep at some point and only woke up when he was being grabbed again. The strong hands pulled him out of the carriage and forced him to start walking. To where he had no idea, the cloth was still covering his eyes.

He listened to what he could, but the guard-type people didn’t speak much and when they did, it was short, vague phrases that Izuku didn’t really understand. He was so tired, thirsty, and hungry that everything was a blur.

They seemed to walk forever – across uneven dirt, cold wood, upstairs, downstairs, and onto another wooden floor – but this one felt dirty and unkempt. He was pushed forward and the cloth around his eyes was removed. When he opened his eyes, the room was dark. He could see some sort of cot, a bucket, and a basic wooden chair.

He heard something slam shut and so he turned around to see the door to the room closed. He heard the jingling of metal and assumed he’d been locked in. So, after checking the door only to find that his assumption was correct, Izuku went over to the cot and laid down. His stomach grumbled and his mouth was dry, but he was finally off of his aching feet. He fell asleep without much thought.

When he woke up again, it was because someone was touching his face. His eyes shot open when he realized this. Above him with her hand on his face sat a beautiful girl with shorter brown hair, a friendly smile, and plump cheeks. He stared up at her as she gave him a calm smile, pulling her hand away from his skin.

“Who are you? Where am I?” He asked before trying to swallow the lump in his dry throat. The girl looked down at something in her lap.

“I’m Ochako, I’m a maid. You’re in the royal palace,” she said, her voice sweet and jolly. Izuku was completely baffled, and for a moment, didn’t believe her. “You’re going to need to sit up for me if you want to eat,” she said.

Izuku blushed a bit and moved to sit up, ignoring how weak his body felt. He pushed himself into a sitting position on the cot. From this position, he could see that she was sitting on the wooden chair which she had pulled over to the side of the bed. In her hands was a tray with a rather large bowl filled with what looked like soup or broth in it. There was also a cup of something beside the bowl on the tray.

“Is that for me?” he asked. He had no idea what was going on. Why would he be in the royal palace? Why would there be a maid waiting on him? Why would she have food just for him? None of it made any sense at all. He was just a worthless, quirkless slave.

Regardless, the girl nodded. “Yup. The Young King, himself requested you be brought back up to health. The doctor said you were quite ill when you came in, and you slept for a full day, so they sent me in to feed you!” Izuku’s head was reeling, but he didn’t get the chance to ask any more questions as she scooped up a spoonful of whatever was in the bowl and moved it over to his face.

Izuku took a deep breath before opening his mouth, allowing her to feed him the soup. When it hit his mouth, it was too hot and too much in his mouth at one time, but it was heaven. It was the most flavorful thing he’d ever eaten, and it glided easily down his dry throat, quickly making him feel more like a human.

He took a deep sigh. He might have no idea what was happening or why he had been brought there, but he would likely figure it out soon enough and he was going to relish this delicious soup being fed to him by this pretty girl.

As the girl continued to feed him, he sat mostly in silence, not really knowing what to say to a girl like that. He’d spent his whole life from the time he found out he wouldn’t have a quirk being a slave and she’d probably spent her whole life as a maid to the royal family. They had nothing in common.

“Where did you come from?” she asked after a while. Izuku swallowed.

“I worked on a field in my hometown. That place is far from the Palace,” he said as she spooned him another bite.

“What was it like?” She asked.

“Well, I didn’t spend much time off of my master’s land, but from what I remember, it was small and pretty. There were lots of flowers and it rained a lot in winter. It snowed sometimes, too, on the colder days. It got pretty hot in summer, but it was bearable. The ground was soft, and the people were mostly nice…” Izuku tried to think back on what his life had been like before they had discovered he was quirkless. All he had left were very vague semblances of a memory.

“Your master? You mean you were a slave?” she asked, eyes wide. Izuku nodded.

“I’m quirkless, so I was sold by my father to a more well-off farm owner in the town,” the girl looked completely shocked.

“I’ve never met someone who was quirkless before. You really can’t do anything?” She asked. Izuku gave her a wry smile.

“Well, I know how to sew seeds into the ground, but no. I don’t have anything special. Not even cat eats,” He muttered before yawning. The girl stared at him for a while before realizing that the bowl she’d brought in was empty, and she needed to be doing something else.

“Oh! Its all gone. I’ve got to go, then. You should rest for now, but I was asked to inform you that you will be taken for a bathing later this afternoon before your dinner is brought to you,” She said as she stood. Izuku watched her, more confused than ever.

“Bathing? ...Why am I here?” he asked, trying to sit up further, but immediately feeling light-headed from the too-fast movement.

“I can’t tell you, but you’ll find out soon enough. It was nice meeting you! Wait, what was your name?”

“Izuku. What was yours, again?”

“Ochako,” She gave with a smile before she moved the chair back over to the corner of the room and quickly left. He could hear the door being locked behind her.

Izuku wanted to figure out why he was there. He tried to think if he had done something that might warrant the involvement of the royals, but he had no idea what kind of mistake would call for something like that. It seemed that him being there was some sort of secret, considering the fact that he had been taken at night when nobody was asleep. It was likely that his master had known about it, considering how loud and reckless the men had seemed to be when intruding upon the land and stealing him away.

Izuku fried his brain trying to think of reasons he might have been brought there. All he could think come up with was that the King wanted a quirkless person for some sort of job or for entertainment in some sort of way? He really had no idea. After a long while of puzzling and puzzling, Izuku finally gave up and turned over to fall back asleep.

He was later woken up once more. The person shook his arm to wake him - not nearly as gentle as the first girl.

“Huh?” he muttered as he looked around, jostled by the method of being woken up. His eyes came to fall on another girl. This one was paler and thinner than the last one, with dark purple hair which hung loosely at her jaw and long, thin earlobes which hung past her hair.

“It is time for your bath,” she said. When the sleep disappeared from Izuku’s eyes, he looked over at her and nodded. He pushed himself over to the edge of the bed and slowly stood up, the girl grabbing his arm to stabilize him.

In silence, they began slowly walking toward the door. It was unlocked and opened for the two of them and they stepped out into a somewhat dark hallway with unlit candles lining the walls. The girl began leading him down the hall toward a nearby door. She opened it as they approached, then helped him in.

It was warmer in that room, and he saw a very large wooden bucket in the far corner. Steam rolled off of the top of the water, and the room smelled of herbs.

“We’ll have to strip you,” she said as she grabbed a wooden chair from the corner of the room. She set it down behind him and pushed him into a seated position before rudely grabbing his shirt. She pulled it up and over his head before he could really respond.

“But-! I’ll catch cold and die if I remove my clothes, and it is very improper for you to see me naked!” Izuku called out frantically, squirming and nudging her hands away from him as she worked to pull the cloth off of his body.

“You won’t catch a cold in the palace, and you can’t bathe in these disgusting old clothes, it’ll ruin the bath water. I see naked people all day long, you’re no different,” the girl muttered, not at all willing to take any of Izuku’s complaints.

As the girl bent down to pull his pants down over his hips despite his sitting position, Izuku’s cheeks burned red and he threw his hands over his exposed privates. He had no idea what she meant when she said she saw naked people all day, but he wasn’t willing to ask her.

When he was fully nude, she grabbed his arm and pulled him to his feet, pulling him over to the bucket. She kicked a wooden step directly in front of him and held him steady as he stepped up on it.

After some working, he was in the bucket of incredibly warm, fresh-smelling water and it was heaven. He’d never taken a luxurious bath like this – in fact, he didn’t even know a person who had. Everyone he knew either used wet cloths, swam in creeks, or didn’t really bathe at all.

The hot water soothed his aching muscles and calmed his soul. That was, until the girl behind him grabbed a smaller bucket, filled it with the warm water, and dumped it over his head.

He coughed and hacked out the little bit of water that had made it into his lungs and started to turn to face her, but her hands were in his hair before he had even finished coughing. Her warm fingers pushed and rubbed against his scalp, working all of the dirt and sweat out of his locks while giving his head a massage. The feeling was so comforting that he couldn’t bring himself to interrupt her. So, instead, he sat in the warm water and let the girl’s fingers work their magic on his head.

Chapter Text

He sat in the warm water and let the girl’s fingers work their magic on his head.

When she was certain she had worked all of the dirt loose from his hair and scalp, she dumped water over his head until all of the dirt ran out of his hair and into the water. After that, she handed him a cloth.

“Scrub yourself down well enough that I don’t have to do it for you,” She said as he took the cloth from her.

“Scrub what?” he asked, feeling a blush creep across his cheeks.

“Everything,” she replied as she turned toward the door. “I have to go get your clothes. I won’t be long, but I expect you to be done when I return,” she said as she grabbed his dirtied rags for clothes off of the floor and left the room, shutting the door behind her.

He was curious as to why she felt it was safe to leave him alone in an unlocked room. He could easily just get out of the bath and leave. He supposed the fact that he was soaking wet and without clothes were reason enough for her to assume he would not escape. She would be correct.

He took the cloth she’d given him and rubbed vigorously all over his shoulders, arms, chest, stomach, legs, and feet. After a second thought, he also scrubbed down armpits, butt, and groin.

As he set the rag over the edge of the bucket, the girl reentered carrying quite a bit of cloth with her. She set the clothes down on the chair and came over to the side of the tub, looking into the water with a slight grimace.

“You were dirty,” she muttered. Blushing, Izuku looked down into the water to see it tinged a slightly brown color. “Okay, you scrubbed everything, right?” she asked, looking at him skeptically. Izuku nodded.

“You scrubbed under your arms and between your legs, too?” she asked, glaring at him. Izuku stared at her for a second.

“Yes, I did,” he said, feeling very embarrassed. The girl seemed satisfied with this, however, and nodded. She held out a hand to him.

“Okay, good. Then it’s time to get out,” Izuku tentatively took her hand and stood up, moving to step out of the tub.

When he was out, she pulled him by the hand over to the chair. She grabbed the plain-looking fabric on top and wrapped it around him. It seemed to be some sort of large sheet.

“Dry off,” she said as she busied herself with organizing the other articles on the chair. Izuku used the fabric to wipe the water droplets off of his skin as he watched her. She pulled out a vibrant maroon shirt, a black pair of pants, and a black pair of boots which Izuku could tell would cover his ankles. It was much more fabric and much higher quality than anything he’d ever worn before.

After she was done organizing the clothes, she walked over to him and took some fabric wrapped around him and pushed it on top of his head, rubbing his hair vigorously.

Izuku flinched away from it a little bit, shocked at her actions. All of this was so foreign to him and he really didn’t know how to act. When she seemed satisfied with how dry his hair was, she took the fabric away from him and handed him the shirt.

“Put this on,” she said. Izuku did as she asked, putting on the garments until he was fully dressed. When he was, she stood back and looked at him with her hands on her hips.

“Not bad, actually. You need a belt, though, you’ve got a really small waist,” she muttered.  Izuku looked himself over. He’d never looked so nice before in his life.

“Why are you doing this? I don’t understand. Why am I here?” he was being fed up with being left in the dark. The girl just looked him over.

“I can’t tell you, but you’re about to find out anyway. Ochako will take you after dinner. C’mon,” she said before she grabbed the fabric which he’d used to dry off with. The girl started leading him out of the room and he followed.

She led him back to his room. “She’ll be around soon. Goodbye and good luck,” she said before leaving. The door locked behind her. He had no idea what the girl meant by “good luck,” but he was starting to think he didn’t want to find out.

Izuku sat uncomfortably on his cot, feeling a little restricted by his new clothing. He laid on his back, staring up at the wood ceiling.

There was something he was going to have to do which required him to be clean and presentable. Apparently, he’d need luck as well based on what that other girl had said. It seemed like they’d done things like this before, so maybe he wasn’t the only one. What he’d been taken there to do, he couldn’t even pretend to guess.

It donned on Izuku that if he was at the royal palace to do something, he might have to meet the King. That concept made Izuku very nervous. He was an absolute nobody – there was no reason a quirkless slave like him needed to even be in the same room as the King of their nation, let alone hold a conversation with him. He genuinely hoped that it was some other high-up nobleman or knight that he'd have to answer to.

After a while of wallowing in his own concern, Ochako entered the room. He sat up to look at her. She was carrying another tray with a bowl and cup on it. When he sat up, she noticed him and smiled.

“Hi! Glad to see you awake,” she said. He smiled back, feeling a slight blush run across his face once again.

“Hi, Ochako,” he said as she stepped over to him, holding the tray out to him.

“You can feed yourself, right?” she asked. He smiled and took the tray from her.

“Yes, I think I can,” he gave a laugh, looking down at the bowl. It looked like some sort of meat stew. It smelled unfamiliar, but at the same time, it smelled better than anything he’d ever had before.

Ochako sat down on the wooden chair in the corner as Izuku took his first bite of the soup. The spices overwhelmed his palate, causing fireworks to go off in his mouth. He audibly moaned at the taste which made Ochako giggle from her spot on the chair. Izuku blushed over at her.

“You like it? Yeah, Katsuki is a pretty great cook. He started cooking for the palace not too long ago when he…” Ochako cut herself off, staring at him. “Arrived,” she finished, but it was abundantly clear that was not what she had originally planned to say. There was something she knew that he could not know about, and apparently the cook had something to do with it. He made a mental note about it.

“It’s delicious,” he gave as a response, taking another bite. Ochako nodded.

“I’ll tell Katsuki you think so. Not that it’ll mean much,” she laughed a little.

“What do you mean?”

“Katsuki’s just kind of… explosive,” she said. Izuku nodded. He’d met people like that before, so he kind of understood what she was saying.

“So where are you taking me after my dinner?” He asked, trying to keep the conversation going. Ochako looked at him, a bit surprised.

“You know already? I guess Kyoka told you…” Ochako bit her lip, looking about the room as Izuku continued to eat the phenomenal meal. He waited patiently for her to continue.

Ochako gave a sigh as her gaze returned to his. “I’m not really supposed to say much, but… After your supper is finished, I’ll be taking you to your private meeting with the King and Queen,” was all she said.

Izuku’s heart began to race a little. He absolutely did not want to go to a meeting with the King – and apparently the Queen as well – and private at that! He gulped down his stew.

“I don’t understand, what is this for? Why me? I’m just a quirkless nobody,” Izuku stated. He wasn’t upset about it anymore; he knew it as fact. Ochako winced at his words before staring at him, looking a bit nervous.

“It’s for… staffing purposes?” she didn’t sound very convinced. Izuku gave a sigh. She was no help at all, really, despite how cute she was.

“Alright, I get it, you can’t tell,” he muttered, taking another bite of his soup which, he watched become less and less in the bowl. He’d do anything for it to fill back up again if it meant more time before his doom. The King would undoubtedly be disappointed by Izuku in every way, and – especially after going through all of the trouble of kidnapping, feeding, bathing, and clothing him – he wasn’t bound to be very forgiving.

Izuku knew little about the King. He’d recently come into the throne after overthrowing his own father – although, much of the country preferred the new King to the old. He’d married rather quickly, to a powerful Princess of a nearby land. He knew that he was a powerful man and well-liked in Izuku's town, but that was about it. Nobody really bothered to educate slaves about anything, much less royalty.

He took the last bite of his soup and sighed deeply, finishing his cup of water as well.

“All done?” Ochako asked, standing up from her chair. He solemnly nodded and stood up as well, handing her the tray when she reached out for it.

“Alright, then follow me,” She said with a small smile.

Izuku gave a nod, steeling himself. He needed to try his best to impress the King, otherwise he was likely subject to being killed – enslaved again, at best. As terrified as he was of failing, he desperately did not want to be a slave anymore. The past few hours he’d spent in the palace had treated him with the most human decency and comfort that he’d ever experienced thus far, and he wasn’t about to throw that away just because he was nervous. He needed to buck up and prepare himself for whatever the King wanted from him.

He followed Ochako out of his room, down a hall, through a door, through another hall, around a few corners, past lots of other servant-looking people, and into the kitchen area. She set the tray down on a table and he saw a familiar flash of blonde hair before she directed him out of the kitchen and down another hall.

After passing countless people, going up a few flights of stairs, and winding their way through what seemed like at least half of the castle, they entered into a larger room which was decorated intricately as far as Izuku could tell. Ochako stopped when they’d crossed the mostly empty space and they had reached another door. This door looked almost the same as every other door, except there was a placard on it with writing. Izuku didn’t know what it said because he couldn’t read, but he knew it was writing.

“Alright, when you go through that door, tell the guard your name, age, and quirk. Then you’ll wait for a little bit before your meeting with their majesties. Smile, don’t speak unless you’re asked to, and be honest. They’re going to love you!” she gave, a wide smile on her face. He had no idea what she meant by that, but her assuredness was refreshing. Even if he didn’t believe in himself, someone else seemed to. He gave her a nod and a smile before turning to the door.

“Oh, wait!” she said. Izuku stopped and turned to look at her. She pulled something out from underneath her skirt and held it out to him. “Kyoka asked me to give this to you. You wrap it around the waist of your pants and latch it like this,” Ochako demonstrated before handing it off.

“Thanks, Ochako,” he gave before wrapping it around his pants and latching it like she’d shown him. He then sent her one last smile before turning and stepping through the door.

When he stepped through, a tall and muscular guard looked at him, holding some sort of scroll.

“Name, age, quirk?” he asked.

“Oh, Izuku, eighteen, quirkless,” the man gave him a look that he’d seen before. Izuku waited patiently, ignoring the look as the man wrote something down and handed it to him.

“Wait over there,” he said before pointing toward another boy about his age on the far side of the room. He was even shorter than Izuku with strawberry blonde hair and a petite build. Izuku couldn’t see his quirk if he had one, but he assumed he did. It was very rare that someone was quirkless, plus quirkless people tended to be killed a lot, so there were even fewer of them in the world than were naturally born. Izuku was honestly lucky to still be alive.

He didn’t look at Izuku when he walked up toward him, he just kept his eyes trained on the door in front of him. The boy was wearing a similar outfit to Izuku, except his shirt was blue and his pants were baggier than Izuku’s, but they fit his waist, despite not having a belt.

It wasn’t long before a guard came out of the door the boy’s gaze was fixated on. The guard gestured for the boy to step through the door, which he did after a bit of a sigh. It seemed that whatever he was there for, others were there for that, too. He vaguely wondered whether or not that boy knew why they were there and if he was the only one kept in the dark about it.

He waited impatiently with his heart thudding rapidly in his chest and his hands sweating from the nerves. He couldn’t hear what was going on behind the door and he almost wish he could – but, then again, he really, really didn’t want to know.

Chapter Text

But, then again, he really, really didn’t want to know.

Another boy was ushered into the room behind him. He spoke to the guard for a bit before stepping in line behind Izuku. He couldn’t think about the other boy, though, because he was about to meet the King.

After what felt like an excruciatingly long period of time, the same guard who'd opened the door for the shorter boy from before him opened the door again and gestured for him to enter.

“Paper?” the guard asked as he stepped in. Izuku handed the guard the paper that the other guard had written on as he looked about the room.

It was massive, with a decorated piece of fabric in the center of the floor which looked like it’d never been walked on. It was brightly lit in the daylight and there were at least three guards around. There were beautifully intricate decorations covering the walls of the room with four pillars on either side of the room, creating a rather grand look. On the other side of the large room, directly across from where Izuku stood were two glorious thrones – and they weren’t empty.

The guard stepped forward into the room and Izuku trailed slowly behind him. When the guard stepped onto the gorgeous rug on the floor, Izuku flinched. He hesitated for a moment before following in the guard’s footsteps, stopping just behind the larger man.

“Izuku, eighteen years of age… quirkless,” the guard announced before turning and walking toward the back of the room. Izuku gave a bit of a bow before looking up at the King and Queen of his nation, giving a bright smile as Ochako had instructed.

The humans in the thrones were just as gorgeous, if not more so than the room, itself. They looked to be barely older than him, but they also looked far more refined than he did. The Queen sat tall in her throne, covered in a glorious peach gown with jewels and embroidery all over the bodice. Her face was soft and kind, but not weak. Her black hair framed her face as it hung loosely past her shoulders. A small smile sat on her lips as she stared down at him.

The King was just as regal as the Queen. He looked tall and lean, but by no means puny. He wore a deep purple vest, showing his wealth. His features were sharp, and his face held a rather unreadable expression. His hair was half white and half red, just as Izuku had heard. He felt like he was being scrutinized under their watch.

Izuku was about to speak – something about how much of an honor it was to be in their presence – when the King leaned forward in his seat.

“Quirkless?” He asked. His voice was fairly deep and resonated throughout Izuku’s body, but it wasn’t as intimidating as he’d assumed. He took a deep breath before giving him a nod.

“Yes, your majesty. I never developed one,”

“What was your occupation?” the Queen asked. Her voice was strong but not demanding.

“I was a slave,” Izuku gave, trying not to sound sad or angry about it. He didn’t want to sound like he was giving sass to the King and Queen of their nation.

The queen frowned when she heard that information. “Were you treated well?” she asked, slowly. It was kind of a silly question to ask; he was a slave, of course he wasn’t treated well. He appreciated the question, nonetheless. It gave him faith in the woman, considering she was one of very few people who seemed to see him as an actual human being. He could not yet tell whether or not the King agreed with his wife.

“Things could have been much worse, majesty,” Izuku gave a reassuring smile. While it might have been a bit of a redirection of the question, it wasn’t a lie. At least he wasn’t dead.

“Were you contented there?” the King asked.

“I’m sorry?”

“Was there something else you ever aspired to do?” Izuku stared at the man.

“As a slave I was never taught much about the world, but I suppose… I’ve always loved the concept of being a knight,”

“A knight?” the Queen asked, an amused smile resting on her lips.

“When I was young, I would hear stories of the great Knight All Might. He inspired me and, before we discovered I was quirkless, that is what I wanted to do. I wanted to protect the crown and help people in need,” Izuku felt a slight blush rise to his cheeks as the couple stared down at him.

“Without a quirk, you cannot serve the crown as a knight,” the King said, sitting back in his chair. Izuku flinched a bit, feeling a few tears prick at his eyes.

After a moment, however, he bit them back and plastered on a smile. “Even so, there must be some way I can be of service to you. I’m much stronger than I look, and I learn quickly. I-“ Izuku would have gone on had the Queen not held up a gentle hand to stop him.

“I’m certain we will find a place for you, Izuku. Thank you for your patience. Ochako will take you to your permanent room and we will see you soon,” She said, giving him a smile. Izuku nodded, giving a massive smile back. He was not going to be a slave anymore.

“Thank you so much, your majesty,” he said as he gave a bow. When he looked up again, there was a darling smile on the Queen's face and a very, very slight one on the King’s as well if he wasn’t mistaken.

Then, a guard came up to him and led him out of a different door and down a hall. Outside of the hall, Ochako was waiting for him, looking rather elated.

“You did it, Izuku! I’m so proud of you!” she said, giving him a massive bear hug. He returned it, despite his face turning into a tomato. “What position did they give you?” she asked.

“Her majesty just said they’d find a place for me,” Izuku responded, feeling a little like he was going to wake up from this dream at any second. That was, until Ochako registered what he’d said and gave him a shocked look.

“Really?” she asked. Izuku nodded.

“Yeah, that’s all she said. And that I’d see them soon,” Ochako started walking, still looking kind of shocked. Izuku followed. “Why? Does that mean something?” he saw her give a slight nod as they walked.

“You’re willing to do anything for the King?” Ochako asked. Izuku gave it no thought.

“After he saved me from the life and death of a slave, fed me, clothed me, and is giving me a place to stay, of course I would do anything for his majesty!” He already liked the King from their first meeting and was suddenly struck with a sense of pride at having him as a ruler.

Ochako turned to look at him with a smile on her face. “Then good. I think you’ll like it here,” she said with a knowing glance. Izuku didn’t quite understand it, but he was too elated from the prospect of living and working in the royal palace to think too hard on it.

Ochako took him to his room – she said it was in the servant’s quarters and not too far from hers and Kyoka’s room. The girls shared a room while Izuku had a smaller, private one.

It was much cleaner than the other room he’d inhabited, and there was an actual bed with feather pillows and sheets and everything. There was a basic wooden chest for him to put any personal items in and there was a writing desk with a chair, paper, ink, and a large candle on it.

He sat down on the chair and relished in his new bedroom. For the next few hours before falling asleep again for the night, Izuku replayed the conversation he’d had with the King and Queen over and over in his head, committing it to memory.

In the morning, he was woken up by the sound of knocking. He quickly got out of his incredibly comfortable bed and answered the door.

It had been Ochako checking on him and informing him that he should come down to the kitchen for breakfast with her. He did go with her, and he met many other servants, some who had been working there for months or years, and some who had just started within the past few weeks. Everyone was nice and all of them had amazing quirks.

He returned to his room, being informed that they still had yet to decide exactly where to place him and that his day would be mostly uneventful. Which, it was.

For the first time in his life, Izuku spent the day doing almost nothing. He peaked around his room and worked out a bit so as to distract himself from how utterly boring his day was. He was eager to start; eager to finally make something of himself. Eager to please his King and Queen.

Later that day, he’d had dinner in the kitchen with all of the other servants he’d met earlier that day, plus the cook – who turned out to be Kacchan, a boy he’d been friends with before his father sold him. He was still just as lovably unpleasant as he used to be.

After dinner instead of returning to the servant’s quarters, Ochako led him up a few flights of stairs.

“Their majesties asked me to bring you up so they could speak with you again,” she said, her voice sounding a bit off.

“About what?” Ochako didn’t respond, she just kept walking.

When they reached a rather high-up and somewhat secluded part of the palace, they approached a door with a guard standing outside the front of it. He nodded to Ochako as she knocked on the door, giving Izuku another glance. Izuku heard a tapping sound and Ochako opened the door for Izuku.

He stepped through the doorway to find himself in a large, grand bedroom with a massive bed in the middle of the room along with several luxurious pieces of furniture holding things he couldn’t even pretend to imagine. There was another massive piece of fabric covering almost the entire floor of the room with lit candles all around and a lit fireplace on the left-hand wall of the room. The Queen was sitting on the right edge of the bed and the King stood on the far right of the room, staring out of a window.

“Thank you Ochako, you are excused,” the Queen said. Ochako gave a slight bow before leaving the room, closing the door behind her. Izuku suddenly felt incredibly out of place, a lone servant in a private room for royalty only. He felt like he was invading their space and it made him incredibly uncomfortable.

“You wanted to speak with me, majesties?” he asked, tentatively. The Queen gave him a smile, beckoning for him to come closer to her. Hesitantly, he stepped closer where she sat on the bed, stopping just a few feet in front of her. From this proximity, he could truly see her beauty.

She had gorgeous milky skin with seemingly no blemishes. Her dark eyes glistened in the candlelight and her light blue dress hugged her perfect curves, causing Izuku’s eyes to almost wander from her face.

“Izuku, have you ever been in love?” she asked. The question was so out of the blue that Izuku had no idea how to respond. He thought back on what Ochako had told him before his first meeting with the royal couple. He gave her a nervous smile, already able to feel the blush rising in his cheeks.

“No, your majesty, I haven’t,”

Her smile softened. “It’s a bit complicated. Love does not satiate desire. Shoto and I love one another, and we desire one another as well, but… we also desire more,” she explained. His brain was working at a thousand miles an hour, trying to decipher exactly what this angel in front of him was saying. He stayed silent.

“You are free to refuse, of course, and we will not fire you, kill you, or treat you any differently, however…” Izuku heard soft footsteps behind him where he knew the King was. “Should you agree, there would be many benefits in it for you,” the Queen finished, her voice heavy as her eyes cascaded over his body. His face was no doubt a deeper shade of red than his shirt as he processed what she was saying.

He felt a body behind him and quickly realized that it must have been the King, seeing as he was the only other person in the room. He was very close behind him, in fact.

“What do you say, Izuku? Would you like to bed with us?” Izuku’s heart raced as he felt cool breath against the back of his neck.

He honestly thought that he must have either been dreaming or dead. None of it made any sense, it was all completely preposterous to think that the two most powerful people in the land would want to spend any more time than is absolutely necessary with a nobody slave like Izuku, let alone bed with him. Certain that this was a dream and not reality, Izuku figured; what the hell? Two gorgeous, powerful people want him. Who in their right mind would say no?

Izuku gave a nod. After a second or so, a sultry smile came to rest on the Queen’s lips.

“You said you’ve never been in love. So, then, is this your first time? Well, just do your best and we’ll take care of you,” as the Queen’s buttery voice flowed into Izuku’s ears, he felt a pair of demanding hands on his hips. Next came the hot pair of lips on his neck and Izuku immediately found it harder to pay attention to what the woman was saying.

When he felt a smaller, much more gently pair of hands come to rest on his lower stomach, the sound of his thundering heartbeat drowned out whatever else she was saying – if she had even said anything else.

Chapter Text

His thundering heartbeat drowned out whatever else she was saying – if she had even said anything else.

Izuku had never so much as hugged a girl, let alone be touched so daringly as this one was touching him now. The Queen’s hands slid down his lower stomach, over the King’s hands where they rested on Izuku’s hips, and onto his upper thighs, giving them a soft squeeze. His eyes glazed over as his stare landed on her face.

The Queen’s plump lips were slightly agape as her dark eyes trained on his. The King’s blazing lips traveled up his neck slightly to a spot of skin just beneath his ear. Izuku shivered and he clenched his fists, thoroughly lost at where he should put his hands.

The Queen’s hands shifted inward, coming to land on his rapidly hardening member. Izuku gave a slight gasp which caused her to giggle. She pushed down slightly on the bulge growing under her palm, eliciting a bit of a moan from Izuku.

The King then pulled Izuku backward against him and Izuku could feel the King’s body against his. He was taller than Izuku and hot. His body was hardened from the muscles underneath his clothing and something large pushed against Izuku’s lower back, causing him to gasp slightly.

The King’s lips finally left that spot under his ear, just to shift over to the other side of his neck. Meanwhile, the Queen continued to rub slowly against Izuku’s erection, sending tiny jolts of pleasure throughout his body.

“Does that feel good, Izuku?” her sultry voice permeated his ears through the pleasure. He needed to respond, but he was concerned that his voice would faulter. He hesitated, trying to collect himself for a moment.

He apparently took too long, however, because he suddenly felt a slightly painful bite to the skin beneath the King’s lips. He winced a bit.

“Your Queen asked you a question, Izuku,” the King’s deep voice resounded in his ear, causing his heart to race even more.

“Yes – yes it feels good, your majesty…” Izuku said. His voice wavered a bit and he sounded more frantic than he would have wanted, but both the King and Queen seemed pleased by his response. The King let out a low sound which made a shiver run down his Izuku’s body.

The Queen’s fingers worked deftly to undo the belt around Izuku’s waistband. Once that was gone, the King’s hands easily pushed Izuku’s pants down his hips, allowing it to fall to the floor around Izuku’s boots. He felt himself blush brightly and his hands moved to cover his privates out of habit.

Izuku heard the Queen click her tongue and his eyes came back into focus on her face. She was staring up at him with a somewhat challenging look.

“Be a good boy now, Izuku. Raise your hands above your head and keep them there,” the Queen instructed with a rather harsh tone. Izuku’s body grew hot and his stomach did flip-flops as he slowly removed his hands from their position hiding himself. He did as the Queen asked, pushing his hands up into the air and holding them there. With his shoulders up like that, it pulled the shirt up, causing him to reveal himself to the Queen in front of him.

Her eyes immediately fell to his length. They glazed over his skin, pulling an unreadable expression across her face. One of the King’s hands came up and wrapped around Izuku’s torso, coming to rest on his throat. Izuku gulped as the King’s other hand came up to float over his chest, easily grazing over his nipples as it moved.

Izuku couldn’t keep his eyes off of the gorgeous woman beneath him. One of her delicate hands came up to barely touch the tip of his dick which was already wet with precum. She looked up into his eyes as she brought her now wet finger to her lips and pushed it into her soft-looking mouth, allowing her eyes to roll back into her head – insinuating that she enjoyed the taste. Izuku’s hips shifted slightly against the King’s and he heard another low groan come from the tall man behind him.

His breath quickened as he watched the Queen wrap a gentle hand around him and bring her lips to his tip just before giving it a lick, sending a massive rush of pleasure all through his hot body. Izuku let out a moan as she wrapped her lips around his head, engulfing him in a hot, wet, soft pressure.

Her mouth fit around him so well that he had the sudden urge to drop his hands down and push them through her long, slowing hair. He remembered her orders, though, and kept them in the air. It was becoming increasingly difficult, so he laced his fingers together and risked letting his hands fall against the top of his head where his arms could rest a bit.

The King pulled on Izuku’s neck, putting a slight pressure on his windpipe and forcing his body back slightly against the King’s. The Queen leaned forward, chasing Izuku’s dick with her mouth and her hand, causing a lot of friction that he was not prepared for. He moaned and squirmed into the touch.

As the Queen started pulling more of Izuku into her sweltering hot mouth, lapping at him and sucking hard on his most sensitive parts. Izuku couldn’t help but pant, allowing his eyes to fall shut since, with the angle the King was holding his head at, he couldn’t see her face anymore anyway.

The hand on his chest moved down and off of his skin, but when he felt the Queen’s mouth push all the way down his dick to where her lips were on his base, he had a guess to where the hand went. He moaned at the new pressure surrounding his dick, and at the hardness pressed firmly into his lower back.

After a moment or two of stillness, the Queen’s head started bobbing up and down on his dick, somewhat quickly in tandem with the rhythm of the King’s body thrusting up against his back. He could feel the hot pressure engulf his dick with every thrust and the friction was rapidly driving him toward his end.

He heard himself giving small moans and groans more and more frequently, with the hand around his throat still inhibiting his breathing slightly. It was heaven.

As Izuku got closer and closer to his peak, he felt the two bodies around him shift and tense a bit before the pleasure altogether disappeared from his member, causing him to whine a bit.

He heard the Queen gasping for air as the King released him from his hold. Izuku stayed in place, his body shivering from the buildup. He looked down at the Queen’s face who had spit dribbling down her chin, and she looked slightly annoyed. He bit his lip, desperately wanting her lips back around his cock.

“Izuku, stay there,” she said as she stood up, stepping around him to move toward the King who was still behind Izuku.

“Yes, love?” he heard the King say. His voice had a twinge of amusement to it.

“You quite enjoyed that, didn’t you?” the Queen asked, a saccharinely sweet quality to her words.

“I did,” was all the King said in response.

“I’m glad,” it sounded to Izuku like there was a low rage boiling inside of the woman and it sent a shiver down his body. It was as if he was no longer in the room. “Go sit, dear. Allow me to please you even more,” she said before Izuku heard the sounds of kissing. He bit his lip, guiltily enjoying the knowledge of two gorgeous and powerful people kissing behind him.

After a minute or so, the King came around Izuku and into the boy’s view. He crawled onto the bed, easily kicking off his shoes before he moved toward the head of the bed, leaning into the pile of pillows.

Izuku could feel the was the King’s eyes seared into his flesh, the knowledge almost causing him to forget about the dangerous woman behind him. That was, until he felt a small pair of hands on his lower back. He took in a deep breath as they glided around his middle to his stomach. She slid her hands up underneath his shirt, quickly finding his nipples and giving both a bit of a pinch. Izuku whimpered softly but did not move from his spot. He felt her place her chin on his shoulder and he saw the King’s eyes lock onto her face, immediately beside his.

“Don’t touch us, Shoto, you’ll ruin the fun,” she said. Her words were so close to his ear that Izuku couldn’t help but shiver at the sound. He heard a soft feminine chuckle before she pulled her chin off of his shoulder and moved her hands down to the hem of his shirt. She easily pulled it up and Izuku released his own hands, lifting them up off of the top of his head to allow her to pull the shirt off of him.

Once that was gone, she came around to face Izuku. Her hands found his chest and they ran all over his skin as she leaned her face in toward hers. Izuku’s eyes naturally fell shut as her face got closer and closer.

Her soft lips found his and he allowed her to lead the kiss, given that he’d never had one before. It was gentle and slow, and he appreciated her patience. It didn’t take long for him to get the hang of it, thought – he meant it when he said he was a quick learner.

“Touch her, Izuku,” he heard the King call. It was a demand and he’d be damned if he wasn’t going to follow that order. His hands fell from their place over his head and they tentatively found her waist. The soft feeling of her covered curves under his grip was a bit foreign, but not at all unwelcome. As the Queen’s hands slid up his chest to wrap her arms around his neck, his hands found their way to her lower back, pulling her a bit closer.

His erection, still sensitive and throbbing, got squished between their stomachs and the friction felt nice. As the Queen’s soft tongue popped out to graze over his lower lip, he let out a soft moan and opened his mouth to greet her tongue with hers.

His hands carefully drifted down, grazing over the soft, plump flesh of her bottom. The Queen let out a soft, breathy moan which went straight to Izuku’s cock.

He felt her pushing at his shoes, and Izuku quickly understood. He nudged his shoes off and stepped out of them, the Queen easily walking backward as she led them both toward the bed.

When she stopped moving, her hands found their way into his hair as she bit down on his bottom lip. She pulled his hair hard enough that his head moved backward away from hers, breaking their kiss. His eyes opened to see a devilish look on her face as her eyes watched his. Izuku shuddered at the way she looked at him.

“Undress me,” the Queen commanded. Izuku’s hands quickly moved around to the front of her body, easily finding the ribbon he’d noticed earlier which was laced tightly to keep her dress form-fitting to her body. He untied the ribbon, loosened the lacing, and brushed his hands against her large breasts as he moved. She watched him as his hands fumbled a bit, an amused smile on her slightly swollen lips.

When he had the ribbon undone, his hands began gathering the fabric of her skirt before he pulled it up and over her head, leaving her completely naked in one deft move.

He couldn’t resist himself as his eyes grazed over her perfect body. Her skin was free of flaws and her small waist complimented her large breasts and shapely hips. It took everything he had not to just tackle her heavenly frame onto the bed that second.

“Lay down, Izuku,” the Queen stated as she shifted over to the side, gesturing to the bed. The King was still sitting at the head of the bed, but it was so large that there was room at the foot of it for Izuku to lay down perpendicular to the direction the King was sitting. So, he did as he was told and moved to the bed, past the Queen, and laid down on his back, propping himself up a bit on his elbows to see her.

With her eyes trained on her husband, she moved toward the edge of the bed, crawling onto it and over Izuku, her movements languid and dripping with seduction. Izuku’s heart raced as she pushed herself up into a sitting position over his lower stomach. Her hands came up to grip her own breasts. Her deft fingers pinch and twisted at her own nipples as her eyes shut and her head tipped back, her soft moan ringing out into the dead silence of the room.

It became obvious that the Queen was putting on a show for her King, essentially using Izuku as her puppet to tease him with. Was it wrong that the thought seemed to turn Izuku on more?

Izuku’s gaze drifted toward the King as the Queen continued to touch her breasts. The King was staring intently at them, his lips parted ever so slightly as he panted, a very obvious bulge stretching his pants into a tent-shape. He shifted ever so slightly in his seat. Izuku felt the Queen’s thighs squeeze his sides slightly as the King brought his hand up to rub at his own erection through his pants. Izuku bit back a moan at the sight. As the King continued to rub himself, he locked eyes with Izuku who’s breath had begun to quicken once again.

“Use your hands,” the King told Izuku, his voice low and a bit rougher than it had been before. As his heart thudded in his chest, Izuku’s gaze went back to the woman above him. Her eyes were still shit as her fingers toyed with her nipples. So, Izuku brought his hands up to her hips, giving them a slight squeeze. She opened her eyes and stared down at him, biting her lip somewhat.

“Move one hand between her legs,” the King instructed. Izuku could feel the blush blooming over his face as he followed his order, grazing his right hand over the skin of her hip as he pulled it down toward the tiny tuft of hair between her legs. He flipped his wrist and allowed his fingers to glide over the skin there, making himself more familiar with it. It was warm, silky smooth, and surprisingly soaking wet.

“Push two fingers inside of her,” the King demanded. Izuku’s eyes grazed over the Queen’s face. She was watching his hand, looking shocked, pleased, and a little bit desperate. So, he pushed his fingers further between the skin and rubbed gently around before he felt a small, wet slit. He locked eyes with the Queen, a bit uncertain. When he saw her nod, he carefully pushed his fingers up and was a bit surprised when they easily slid inside of her. Her insides were just as hot, wet, and silky as her outside – and the muscles felt tight around his digits.

A shudder ran down Izuku as he began pushing his fingers in and out of her by instinct. His eyes shifted between his fingers disappearing and reappearing from her core and her lovely face. With her lips parted and her brows slightly knit, Izuku would have thought he was doing something wrong if she wasn’t releasing soft little mews of pleasure every now and then.

It wasn’t long before the Queen started shifting above him, swiveling her hips on his fingers as he continued to push them in and out of her. He watched her body as it rocked over him, so hard that it was becoming very uncomfortable.

Thankfully, she pushed his hand away and scooted backward, hovering over his dick.

“Ready, Izuku?” she asked, her voice breathy and soft. Izuku took a deep breath.

“Yes, your majesty,” he said. The Queen’s face melted into a small before she lowered herself down on his dick, guiding it just so it would go directly into her. Izuku was immediately overcome with the pleasure of her hot cunt surrounding him. She felt amazing and he knew he would not last long.

As the Queen began rocking forward and back on his dick, pleasuring herself while making a show for her husband. Her head tilted to the side and her eyes shifted over to the King as her hands came back up to her nipples, pinching and pulling at them some more.

Every movement she made brought immense pleasure to Izuku and he was finding it difficult to focus on much of anything as his eyes gazed over her body.

“Izuku,” he heard the King pant out. Izuku ripped his sight away from the woman above him to look over to his King. He was leaning back, his mouth agape with his large dick in his hand. He was working himself over as he watched them. His eyes shifted from his wife to lock eyes with Izuku.

“Don’t finish in my wife. It’d be suspicious if the heir to the throne looked nothing like the king,” Then, the King flashed him a dark smirk which caused a shiver to run through his body. His eyes rolled shut as the goddess above him ground and bounced on his dick, dragging him closer and closer to his finish.

His hands came up to grip her hips, guiding her grinding a bit in the way which feels a little less heavenly, making it possible for him to hold out a little bit longer. He panted underneath her as she moaned out, throwing her head back a bit as her grinding slowed down.

She leaned down, her hair coming down in a perfect sheet around their faces. Her lips met his as she continued to grind onto him. Her soft breasts pressed against his chest as her tongue pushed into his mouth and his head reeled. His hands ran over her soft, smooth back, loving the feel of her skin against his.

After Izuku ran out of breath, the Queen finally pulled away, moving back up into her previous position sitting on his dick. She began grinding down fast and hard against him, chasing her own orgasm.

“Majesty – I’m going to-“ Izuku panted out, feeling his orgasm rapidly approaching.

“Don't! I’m so close Izuku,” the Queen moaned, her hips moving sporadically over him. Izuku did his best to hold back, refusing to disobey his King – especially because he knew how terrible it would be if she actually did become pregnant with his child.

He groaned, panting as he tried desperately to hold himself back from release. He felt her hips grind over him, falling out of a rhythm as she moaned out. She kept riding him, letting her hands fall on his chest and using him to support herself.

Izuku’s body got hot and he felt himself beginning to release, so he grabbed her hips and pulled her off of him, his orgasm hitting only seconds after she had gotten off of him. His cum shot up, all over her stomach as Izuku panted, it being probably the hardest orgasm he’d ever experienced. He couldn’t think for a while after it happened, barely registering the low groan at the top of the bed.

Through her panting, the Queen gave Izuku a smile. “You’re such a good boy, Izuku. You did very well – especially for your first time,” the praise did not go unnoticed. He sighed, loving the feeling of the Queen’s gentle hand stroking his cheek. He felt the bed shift and suddenly the King was completely naked, kissing the Queen who was still over top of him. Izuku watched tiredly as his hands found her breasts, easily pulling another moan from the woman. 

Izuku’s head rolled to the side when the King pulled the Queen off of him, pushing her down onto her back beside Izuku. His hazy eyes glided down to the junction between the Queen and the King where he was already inside of her, pulling her farther thigh up over his shoulder to get better leverage. The leg that was closer to Izuku, the King was pushing open so that Izuku could have a clear view of where the King’s cock was pushing in and out of the Queen.

He watched, mesmerized by the rhythmic thrust of the King in and out of the Queen as she moaned, sounding somewhat whiny from the abuse.

“Izuku,” the King’s rough voice came. He was immediately pulled out of his sleepy state as his eyes darted to the King’s face. He was staring down at Izuku, but when their eyes met, he sat up, coming closer to the King. He grabbed the back of Izuku’s head, pulling his face up toward the King’s.

Their lips met in a harsh and demanding kiss. Izuku tried to keep up with the King, but he ended up slack-jawed, allowing the King to run his tongue over his whole mouth as he so pleased.

After he seemed satisfied ravaging Izuku’s mouth with his own, the King pulled his hair, ripping his head away from his own. Then, the King roughly pushed Izuku’s face down to the junction where the King and Queen’s bodies met. The King pushed Izuku’s face down against the top of the Queen’s core until Izuku felt his own lips covered in her juices and her soft, velvety skin.

“Suck,” the King instructed. Izuku poked his tongue out, realizing that there must have been something there to suck on. He licked around until he felt a very slightly prominent little nub. When his tongue ran over it, he heard the Queen moan out louder and he realized he’d hit it. His lips pursed around it and he sucked slightly down on it, eliciting a loud string of whiny, needy moans from the woman.

He did his best to ignore the slapping of the King into the Queen, directly beside Izuku’s head as he worked his tongue over the little nub, switching between sucking and licking at it. The Queen began to squirm and shift under him, so he laid on arm across her stomach to cease her movements. It didn’t take long for Izuku to hear her pouting and whining pitifully.

“It’s too much!” she whined, squirming more. Izuku thought about stopping, but the King must have noticed his hesitation because he felt the King’s rough hand on the back of his head, pushing his face down harder onto the Queen’s most sensitive parts. He continued to suck avidly at her little nub. She moaned again.

“Your teasing warrants this, Momo,” the King’s voice was breathless but firm, obviously enjoying tormenting her. The thought that he was just a tool for their amusement washed over Izuku once more, sending a tantalizing shudder over his tired body.

Neither he nor the King relented for a while longer until Izuku heard the Queen literally whimpering. Her squirming had died down and it seemed like she was becoming exhausted. Finally, the King removed his hand from the back of Izuku’s head, allowing him to pull it away from the Queen’s body. He immediately looked up at her face as the King continued to pound into her. Tears were running down the sides of her face and her eyebrows were knit tightly together. Izuku bit his lip, bringing his hand up to brush away the tears. Her face leaned into his hand as she whimpered.

Izuku looked back at the King who was panting and staring at him. Izuku leaned forward, gently pressing his lips against the King’s. He kissed back, his thrusts suddenly coming to a stop.

After a few seconds, the King pulled away from the kiss and out of the Queen. Izuku’s eyes drifted down to her perfect little pussy where the King’s cum was now dripping out of her. He bit his lip, enjoying the sight of it a bit too much.

The King then leaned down and gave the Queen a gentle kiss.

“You’re perfect, love,” the King said softly to her before placing another kiss on her forehead. She sniffled a little before giving a soft smile, her eyes still closed. Then, the King sat back up and turned to Izuku.

“You’re perfect as well,” he gave, a soft smile floating across his face. Izuku felt a blush bloom across his face as he looked up at the King. “You may train to become a knight if you wish. It will not be easy without a quirk, and we will still be calling upon you when we please for times like this, but if you so choose you may. While my father was not on good terms with All Might, I am, and I hear he is looking for a successor. Perhaps, with enough training, he would consider you,” he said. Izuku’s heart flew out of his chest.

“Are you serious?” he asked, allowing his excitement to cloud his judgment. He should never have addressed his King like that. He instantly realized it, too, when a look of shock flashed over the King’s face. His mind started running at 100 miles per hour as he thought of what to say to fix what he’d said.

He didn’t have to speak, though, because the King’s shocked expression melted into a smile and then into laughter. The sound of it warmed Izuku’s heart as he bit back a laugh as well. He was so dense.

“It’s been a long time since someone addressed me so informally. I kind of appreciate it,” he said after he sobered up from his burst of laughter.

“Sorry,” Izuku said sheepishly. The King gave him a warm smile.

“Don’t be. From now on, inside the walls of this room, feel free to address me however you like. I’ll let you know if you’ve crossed a line,” the King said. His smile shifted into a dark smirk and Izuku gulped, fully aware of what that look meant.

“You may go get cleaned up now, you must be tired. Oh, and Izuku,” the King stopped him as Izuku started to climb off the bed.


“Next time I’ll take you,” he said. Izuku’s cheeks began to burn so brightly he could almost see the blush himself. He gave a curt nod before slipping off the bed, pulling on his clothes, and sneaking out of the room.

Chapter Text

Sometimes Katsuki loved being an Alpha. Other times, he hated it.

When he was locked up in his room alone for days on end because his brain couldn’t keep his stupid hormones in check, he hated being an alpha. When the scent of any pining omega caused him to pop a boner regardless of whether or not he actually liked the smell, he hated being an alpha. When he woke up in the middle of the night with a knot bigger than his fist stuffed between his bed and the wall, he hated being an alpha.

And when he finally found an omega who he thought he might be happy with, only to find out they were already taken – and by a beta, no less – he really, really hated being an alpha.

He hated it because every time the redhead and his tall, dark beefcake of a beta entered his tiny restaurant and ordered the chef’s special – his special – all he could think about was scenting the plate he served the food on so the omega could smell him. He thought about telling the waitress not to charge his omega, but to still charge the beta. His brain told him to hop over the counter and snatch the omega away from that huge beta, take him home, and teach him exactly why omegas were meant to be with alphas.

None of it was logical. It was unprofessional to scent at work, it would be shitty for business to give out free meals twice a week to a returning customer, and it shouldn’t matter whether an omega was with an alpha, beta, or another omega. It was all instinct telling him to think those stupid fucking thoughts and he couldn’t help it. It pissed him off.

He tried his best to ignore it. The omega seemed happy. No matter how drawn he’d been to the redhead, no matter how little any other omega interested him, no matter how desperate he got for the omega when his rut rolled around mid-winter as it usually did, Bakugo Katsuki did not interfere in the omega’s relationship.

After the first few weeks of the omega and his beta being regular customers, Katsuki learned that the omega’s name was Kirishima. He’d learned the beta’s name, too, but he didn’t care to memorize it. After the first two months, Katsuki couldn’t get Kirishima out of his head. After the first six months, all three of his waiters had become friends with Kirishima – Mina had even been to his house a few times.

After the first nine months, they finally met formally.

Katsuki had just started the dishwasher, tied up the trash bags for Kaminari to take out, flicked off the kitchen lights, grabbed his coat and bag, and stepped out from behind the bar into the small dining room where Mina was standing, talking to someone.

He started to cross the room, opting to ignore whoever Mina hadn’t yet thrown out of his restaurant.

“Bakugo, wait!” the pink woman called after him. He rolled his eyes to himself before turning around, finally looking at Mina and her guest.

He paused when he saw the bright and smiling redhead who had been the object of his affection for seven long months.

“What?” he finally asked.

“Come say hi! This is Kirishima, he’s a regular. He always orders the chef’s special,” Bakugo tentatively stepped over to where the man sat at the table.

“Hey, man! Great to meet you, your food is amazing,” Bakugo had head Kirishima’s gruff and slightly gritty voice before, but never directed toward him. It sent a shiver down the alpha’s back. Bakugo snorted.

“No shit,” Bakugo gave in response, a prideful smile curling onto his lips. Kirishima laughed a little and Mina punched Bakugo.

“Don’t be an ass,” she said. “Don’t mind him, he’s an alpha,” Mina muttered to Kirishima who’s gorgeous laughter had faded.

“Yeah, I got that!” he responded. It didn’t seem like Kirishima was off-put by Katsuki being an alpha as some omegas were, and hearing him say he’d noticed that Katsuki was an alpha sent a rush through the blonde.

“Kami, Kiri, and I are going out for drinks. Wanna come?” Mina asked, suggestively. The pink woman was always butting into Katsuki’s business and had noticed him staring at the redhead more than once. Katsuki shot her a glare.

“No,” he grumbled.

“Aw, c’mon man, it’ll be fun! The place we’re going to has bar trivia and everything!” Kirishima said. Hearing the omega’s request for him to come caused his instinct to want to relent and go with them, but Katsuki pushed the feeling down. He had responsibilities to attend to and going to the bar with Kirishima wouldn’t change the fact that Katsuki still had no chance with the man.

Katsuki couldn’t hold back his sigh. “I gotta work a double tomorrow morning,” he said, hoping Kirishima would understand. A tiny part of him also hoped Kirishima wouldn’t care and would persist so that Katsuki couldn’t refuse.

Kirishima considered this for a minute before frowning.

“Ah, that sucks bro. Yeah, some other time then,” he relented. He sounded disappointed and Katsuki opened his mouth to say he’d close the place down tomorrow for Kirishima if he asked him to, but thankfully Mina spoke up first.

“You’re such a work-acholic!” She whined, throwing her hands up behind her head.

Katsuki left and didn’t speak directly to Kirishima again for a few more weeks.

His birthday made ten months exactly since he’d first seen Kirishima and his beta walk into his restaurant and order the chef’s special for the first time. He had the day off of work and he was lounging alone in his apartment, enjoying being free of scent patches and basking in his own smell of smoldering embers. There was a slight hint of burnt sugar from his quirk along with it, which Kaminari had said made him smell like roasting marshmallows over a campfire the one time he’d been to his apartment.

He hadn’t told anyone it was his birthday, but he had given himself the day off. He was in the middle of re-reading his favorite manga when he got a call from the restaurant.

“We’re swamped, dude!” Kaminari had yelled over the phone. Katsuki could hear the sounds of bustling and loud customers in the background.

“Shinso pulled a no-call, no-show, so we’re understaffed. Sero is helping out in the back, but we need you to come in asap!” the electro-charged omega was whining in his ear, appealing to his alpha to jump in and fix the situation. Ever since he’d started working there, Kaminari had learned of Katsuki’s over-active need to protect any omega who asked for it and often abused that information. He made a mental note to fucking kill the blonde bastard for doing it again.

Katsuki angrily threw on some scent patches, grabbed his bag, jacket, and apron, and rushed out the door.

He threw his apron on as he stepped into the store through the back door, not even looking up before he threw his bag in the tiny alleyway designated for personals.

“Surprise!!” Katsuki heard several voices call in tandem. He jumped ever so slightly as he looked up. In the kitchen of his restaurant was his entire staff, even those who weren’t scheduled for that day, stupid fucking Deku standing right alongside half-n-half, round face, know-it-all girl, and Gotta BlastTM from high school.

But most importantly, standing right beside Mina was Kirishima – smiling brightly, holding up his hands high in the air like an idiot.

At first, Katsuki had no idea how to react. He was kind of livid for being pulled away from the comfort of his home for something as stupid as a surprise party – especially because it was clear the whole thing had been planned by Deku.

On the other hand, he was relieved that he didn’t have to work, and as much as he hated to admit it, he appreciated it. He did get lonely on his birthday (no matter how few people he told about it), and he guessed those were the people he’d want to spend his birthday with if he’d been given a choice.

Suddenly, Katsuki felt rather light-hearted and the situation struck him as funny. Hilarious, actually. Those fucking idiots.

He started laughing hard, long enough for it to make his abs feel sore. He heard some of the others join in the laughter too.

“What – the fuck-“ he wheezed out.

“Happy birthday, Kacchan!” Deku smiled at him.

“Shut the fuck up, Deku,” Katsuki said, but with the laughter still in his voice, the insult really had no bite to it at all.

“We heard it was your birthday today and you didn’t even bother to tell us!” Mina gave a playful pout.

“So, Midoriya helped us plan some stuff. We made your favorite dinner, your favorite cake, and even scrounged up enough tip money to get you a little something,” Kaminari said, letting an arm drape over the green-haired alpha who refused to leave him alone.

Sero stepped out from behind Kirishima and handed Katsuki a wrapped giftbox. Katsuki looked at it before another wild smile slipped across his face.

“None of you shitheads are getting paid for this,” he said.

It had been a great birthday, regardless of whether or not Katsuki would ever admit that out loud. He’d spent most of it talking to Kirishima and getting to know him. It turned out that Katsuki liked his personality just as much if not more than his alpha liked his omega.

After that day, Katsuki and Kirishima became good friends. He loved being in the redhead’s company, no matter what stupidity they surrounded themselves with when they were together.

It was difficult. The more Katsuki got to know Kirishima, the harder it was to suppress his instincts to rip off his scent patches and stick his nose between the redhead’s shoulder and neck to fill his lungs with his scent – which he still had yet to discover. It became increasingly impossible not to touch Kirishima – be it to hold his hand, brush his hair out of his face, or pull him away from the embrace of the beta who just kept showing up to take Kirishima from Katsuki.

About four months after Katsuki’s birthday, on a Tuesday night – one of the nights Kirishima and his beta always came into the restaurant for dinner – he did not show up.

It wasn’t until the last customers had left and Mina was about to lock the door when he showed up.

Mina opened the door for him and Kirishima stepped in. Katsuki could see him from where he was cleaning one of the grill-tops behind the counter. Kirishima looked exhausted and confused, but mostly he looked really sad. The air in the place was instantly filled with a saccharinely sweet scent from which Katsuki couldn’t really discern any specific smell besides the obvious: distress. Even though Kirishima was very obviously wearing his patches, it was coming off of him in waves.

“Are you alright?” he heard Mina ask as she locked the front door. Katsuki stopped working, unable to focus with his alpha going haywire. Kirishima stepped over to one of the tables and plopped down, bringing his hands up to cover his face. Sero popped out from the walk-in fridge, apparently able to smell the distressed omega from in there.

Katsuki heard Kirishima give a shaky sigh before speaking, “He – Orochi, he kicked me out,” Kirishima’s voice was soft, but with the dead silence of the restaurant it was deafening in Katsuki’s ears. Kirishima was sniffling and it was becoming increasingly apparent with every unbearable second that he was crying. Unable to continue ignoring his alpha, Katsuki walked out into the dining area from around the bar, ripping off his scent patches as he went.

“What? What do you mean he kicked you out? Did you guys break up?” Mina asked as Katsuki came over. He sat down beside Kirishima, grabbing on of his wrists and pulling the redhead into his body. He refrained from wrapping his arms around the redhead, instead opting to gently place his hand on the back of his head where it lay on his shoulder.

With his nose right next to Katsuki’s scent gland, Kirishima took a deep breath and his body instantly relaxed. Mina stared at them, but Katsuki ignored it. Alpha scent usually helped to relax omegas, so Katsuki was just being a good friend and helping another friend relax. That’s what Katsuki told himself, at least.

As Sero stepped into the dining room as well, moving over to Mina, the scent of omega distress seemed to dissipate around them, and Katsuki’s char and marshmallow scent settled a bit in the room.

After a few more moments, Katsuki felt Kirishima shift and he moved his hands away from red hair. Kirishima pulled slightly away from Katsuki, looking up at him with red and water eyes.

“Thanks,” he said, sounding a bit defeated. Katsuki grit his teeth, suddenly feeling enraged. He was livid that Kirishima was in pain, and the minute he got more information from the still-sniffling man, he was going to make that beta fucking pay.

Mina sat down on the other side of Kirishima, placing and hand in his hair and gently running her fingers through it in a calming fashion. Mina wasn’t an omega, but Katsuki knew that she had a younger sibling who was, so it didn’t surprise him that she knew how to help an omega who needed it.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Mina asked, gently. Sero sat down in the last chair at the table. Kirishima sniffled.

“I, uh… Yeah. I mean… yeah,” Kirishima uttered, crossing his arms on the table and leaning his chin on it as Mina continued to stroke his hair.

“Don’t worry, man, whatever happened, we’re here for you,” Sero gave with a half-smile. Kirishima gave a weak smile back and Mina nodded in agreement, while Katsuki just gave a slight grunt.

“Thanks, guys,” Kirishima closed his eyes for a moment before taking in a deep breath and releasing it slowly. “I caught Orochi cheating on me with a beta – a female beta. He said he didn’t think it would matter sine we’re so different. When I told him it did matter and that I wanted him to stop, he broke up with me. I tried to talk to him, but he just got mad and… told me I had to leave,”

Suddenly all three of the others turned to look at Katsuki. After a second he realized it was because there was a low growl coming from his throat. He cleared his throat and shifted in his seat, glancing at Mina.

“That sucks, Kiri, I’m so sorry,” Mina finally said after they’d all pried their eyes away from Katsuki. Kirishima nodded a bit.

“Wait, so did he give you any of your stuff?” He shook his head.

“He said I could come back tomorrow while he’s at work and pack… I’m supposed to leave my key on the counter,” Kirishima’s voice cracked and Katsuki had to dig his nails into his palm to prevent from reacting.

“What a prick! I didn’t want to tell you this when you were together, but I always thought you deserved better than that guy,” Mina said, sticking her nose up into the sky. Kirishima gave a weak laugh.

“Yeah… I used to think he was the only guy for me. Now I just hope that’s not true…”

“I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find someone else,” Sero said, sending a smirk toward Katsuki. He glared back. Luckily, Kirishima was staring at the tabletop. Kirishima gave a soft ‘hm,’ in response. The room went silent for a bit after that.

Katsuki was in between wanting to bite someone’s head off and wanting to hold Kirishima in his arms as gently as he possibly could until his omega fell asleep in his grasp. Of course, Kirishima wasn’t his omega – and it probably wouldn’t be the best thing for Kirishima, considering the fact that he was in a very precarious emotional state.

“Do you need somewhere to stay?” Mina asked. Kirishima bit his bottom lip. What with his sharp teeth, Katsuki was worried he would draw blood. After a minute or so of the redhead apparently contemplating something, he looked up from the table at Mina.

“Yeah… If you guys are okay with that, I know your place is already kind of crowded and I don’t want to intrude, but my parents live two hours away, and-“ he sounded nervous, like this was something he desperately didn’t want to have to ask.

“Kiri, it’s okay! We don’t have any spare bedrooms, but you can sleep on the couch for as long as you want!” Mina said brightly, and Sero nodded. Katsuki knew that Kaminari, Sero, and Mina lived together, and he’d been to their apartment once before to drop off their paychecks. It was a tiny little thing which wasn’t in the best part of town and when he’d been there, it reeked of beta. Katsuki frowned.

“Wouldn’t that kind of fucking suck? I know you guys smell different to other betas but to alphas and omegas, betas all kind of just smell like… beta,” Katsuki grumbled. Mina’s brow furrowed as she considered this. After a moment, Sero spoke up.

“He’s got a point. It might make it harder for you to get over him,”

“Maybe, but I don’t really have anywhere else to go, so I’ll be okay-“

“You can stay with me,” Katsuki offered, his voice gruff but not necessarily angry. The three of them looked over at him.

“What?” Kirishima asked, his face growing a bit red.

“I have a guest room in my apartment my parents used to use when they visited before they moved into town. You can stay there,” the blonde tried his hardest not to sound too excited about the prospect. He didn’t intend for it to be something creepy, anyway, he just wanted to help out his friend.

“Yeah, and since you like Bakugo’s scent so much it would probably help you get over Orochi faster than all of our beta scents,” Mina said in an upbeat tone, giving Katsuki a knowing look. He felt his face grow a little hot and he shot her a glare.

Kirishima bit his lip, looking over at Katsuki.

“Are you sure that’d be okay? What about if you get your-“ Katsuki’s face began to burn a little brighter, knowing where Kirishima was going with that. He cut him off before he could say it.

“Won’t. Got it a few weeks back,” He bit his lip again, staring at Katsuki.

“Yeah. Yeah, if that’s okay – that’d be… great. Thanks, Bakubro. I owe you one,” Kirishima gave a relieved laugh.

Chapter Text

“Yeah. Yeah, if that’s okay – that’d be… great. Thanks, Bakubro. I owe you one,” Kirishima gave a relieved laugh.

So, after they had all finished their duties, they locked up the shop and Kirishima climbed into the passenger seat of Katsuki’s car. He’d stopped crying a while ago, but the overly sweet scent still seemed to stick around him.

“So, where do you live Bakugo? I’ve never been there,” he asked, his voice sounding a bit too pleasant for the scent he was giving off. Katsuki frowned.

“Not too far away. Near the Choshoji Temple,” Katsuki mumbled.

“Really? I’ve never been there but I’ve always wanted to go,” Kirishima mumbled on about the place, but Katsuki wasn’t very interested, considering he’d already been twice. He was much more concerned with Kirishima and the way he was acting.

“Kirishima,” Katsuki finally butted in.

“Yeah?” he asked, giving Katsuki a sideways glance. Katsuki sighed. He didn’t really know what to say. He’d never been in a serious relationship and so he had no idea what it must’ve felt like to be dumped – or to find out that you’re significant other of several years was cheating on you, have them dump you, and have them kick you out of your home all in one night. He was at a loss.

“You don’t have to pretend you’re alright for my sake. I can keep myself under control,” Katsuki said. Kirishima was silent for a while.

He sighed, turning to look out of the window again. “Yeah… thanks, bro. You don’t know how much it means…” Kirishima’s small voice trailed off and Katsuki refrained from pushing him to say more. He was never good at receiving compliments or thanks, so it was just as well that Kirishima didn’t go on thanking him.

The rest of the ride was silent. When they got to the apartment, Kirishima seemed rather interested in the complex as they walked up the staircases to his floor. When they got to his room, Katsuki opened the door and stepped aside, allowing Kirishima to enter first.

He stepped in and looked around at the dark room. Katsuki’s apartment was simple, clean, and comforting. It smelled like him and served its purpose. It was probably too big for one person to live in alone, but he found he rather couldn’t stand being cramped into a smaller space. He needed the room to avoid feeling trapped.

“You can take off your patches if you want. Won’t bother me,” Katsuki muttered as he locked the door, took off his shoes, and hung his coat on the hook by the door. He heard no response.

When he turned back around, he saw Kirishima laying on the floor in a heap. Katsuki immediately freaked.

“What the hell - Kirishima, what the fuck happened?!” He leaned down to look over Kirishima’s face. He was very clearly breathing – he was panting, actually – and his eyes were closed. Instead of a real response, Kirishima let out a soft, contented sounding groan. It sent shivers down Katsuki’s body.

He didn’t seem to be hurt, but Katsuki had no idea what happened to him. He gently scooped up the docile omega and carried him with only a small amount of difficulty, considering all the squirming he was doing, through the hall and into the spare room, to lay him down on the bed.

He plopped himself down on the side of the bed and whipped out his phone, wildly searching for the reason Kirishima had passed out like that.

As he was searching, he kept hearing little mewls and moans from Kirishima. The man was still squirming and though Katsuki wasn’t looking at him, he could feel it from the way the mattress moved under him.

The noises Kirishima was making were utterly tantalizing and he could feel a heat rising within him.

Bakugo,” Kirishima groaned. Katsuki struggled to stare at his phone screen, but his eyes continued to glaze over the same sentence, and it continued to be unintelligible to him. He couldn’t focus on anything but the squirming, groaning omega behind him on the bed and the slowly increasing scent of fresh-ground nutmeg. It was sharp but sweet and to Katsuki it smelled like home.

When he felt a tug at the back of his shirt which was punctuated by a groan which almost sounded pleading, Katsuki stood up from the edge of the bed. He turned to look at the omega which was a mistake.

Kirishima had flipped over onto his stomach and his ass was pushed slightly up into the air. His face was half-buried in the pillow but even with that and even in the dark of the room, Katsuki could see the red flush covering Kirishima’s perfect face. His eyes were glassed over and his lips were parted as he breathed heavily through his mouth. He watched Katsuki, his hands gripping the sheets hard – so hard that his hands looked like they’d become jagged. Was that Kirishima’s quirk? Katsuki had been told about it, but he’d never seen the man use it.

Regardless, the scene was far too tempting for Katsuki’s liking. He grimaced and stepped out of the room, shutting the door behind him. He leaned against it as he re-read the sentence on his phone screen once more, choosing to ignore the long whine coming from the other side of the door.

“When omegas are overwhelmed with an alpha scent they enjoy, it may have an aphrodisiac effect and trigger a heat-like state for several hours,” he read. Katsuki bit his lip, realizing that it was because he hadn’t had the sense to open a window before he’d left for work that day. Of course, he had no idea he would be bringing an omega home that night. Nor did he know that something like this could happen.

After another quick search, Katsuki learned that there wasn’t much to be done for Kirishima until the effects wore off. All he could do was potentially shorten the symptoms by either relieving Kirishima of his alpha scent or mating him.

He sighed deeply before mustering up some courage and self-restraint. He opened the door back up again and swiftly walked to the window, refusing to look at Kirishima who was still on the bed. He ripped the window open all the way before turning to leave again. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw that Kirishima – who had flipped again and was now laying on his back, one hand in his pants and one hand in his hair – was still wearing his scent patches.

He stepped over and quickly removed both patches from either side of Kirishima’s neck hoping that if he could surround himself with his own scent, he would regain his ability to think properly again.

Before Katsuki could pull his hand away, however, the hand which had been in Kirishima’s hair grabbed onto Katsuki’s wrist. With much more force and brute strength than Katsuki had expected from the pining omega, Kirishima pulled Katsuki’s hand to his mouth.

Katsuki watched, unmoving as Kirishima slipped his tongue out of his perfect, slightly swollen lips to lick at Katsuki’s palm. The alpha’s body shivered as he felt himself hardening in his pants. He grit his teeth, desperately trying to control himself. It took all of his strength to rip his arm away from Kirishima’s grip.

“I’m not gonna take fucking advantage of you, shitty hair. Go to sleep,” He grumbled as he left the room, shutting the door behind him.

He threw away Kirishima’s used patches and replaced the ones on his own neck. As much as he hated wearing patches in his own apartment, he wanted Kirishima to recover from this little affliction as quickly as possible.

He changed into pj’s, locked his bedroom door for good measure, and went to sleep.

The next morning after taking a long, hot shower, Katsuki went out to make breakfast. As he was cooking up some meat and eggs on the stove, he heard rustling and doors opening and closing.

As he was plating the dish, he saw a rather disgruntled looking Kirishima stumble out of the hall and step toward the table, scratching the back of his head as he yawned.

Without a word, Katsuki set one of the plates down in front of him and sat across from him to eat, himself.

“Wow, thanks Bakugo. This looks great,” Kirishima said, his voice still laced with sleep. Katsuki watched him as he started eating, smiling like an idiot after taking the first bite. They ate in silence for the most part.

“This was a dumb idea. You should probably stay with raccoon eyes and dunce face,” Katsuki finally said, taking extra care to avoid sounding sad or angry. Kirishima looked up, a concerned look settling on his face.

“Wha? Did I screw something up already?” he asked, staring at Katsuki. He wanted to punch himself for making his omega think he was the problem.

“You don’t remember?”

“Remember what?”

“…Last night?” a bright blush appeared on Kirishima’s face at that.

“Well, I uh… I mean, I remember. I remember that you didn’t do anything to me when you easily could have,” Kirishima said, giving Katsuki an appreciative smile that he felt he absolutely did not deserve. Katsuki simply stared, a scowl remaining on his face.

Kirishima gave a slight chuckle. “C’mon, man, you’re gonna kick me out cuz you don’t want to mate me? That’s not cool,” he seemed uncomfortable, and Katsuki’s alpha started acting up.

“That is not what – no. I’m not kicking you out. You can stay here if you really wanna,” Katsuki grumped just before he shoveled the rest of his breakfast into his mouth.

That day, Katsuki’s shift didn’t start until around three in the afternoon, so he was able to drive Kirishima over to his ex’s place where he’d been living since Katsuki had known him. Katsuki never trusted himself to go to the place before, certain it would drive him insane to smell Kirishima mixed with the annoying scent of beta.

As they entered the apartment, a strong scent of beta wafted into Katsuki’s nose. It was two betas, actually, with just a hint of nutmeg. Katsuki saw the frown grow on Kirishima’s face and suddenly had the urge to completely destroy all things of value in the place.

“Sorry about the smell. I guess…” Kirishima began, but trailed off as he stepped into what looked to be the living space. The apartment was smaller than his and messier than his, but it wasn’t really dirty, there was just a lot of stuff everywhere.

“’Sokay. ‘S not like you could’ve done anything about it,” Katsuki muttered as he peeked into the kitchenette. Kirishima gave a sigh.

“Right. Uh, this way,” Kirishima beckoned to Katsuki to follow the redhead down the hall. He’d already grunted out his proclamation to help Kirishima pack on the way there, so he assumed Kirishima was taking him into his old room.

He stepped down the hall and opened a door, glancing around inside of it before stepping aside to allow Katsuki to see inside. The stronger of the two beta scents and the nutmeg were most concentrated here. The bed was big and unmade. There was an open, overflowing closet as well as a dresser, a punching bag in the corner, and another door on the right which Katsuki assumed was a bathroom.

Kirishima was quiet, so Katsuki glanced over at him to see why. His face was twisted with anger and he was glaring at something. He followed his eyes to see an opened condom wrapper on the nightstand. Katsuki stepped over to it.

“’S this your nightstand?” he asked, looking at the lamp and the alarm clock which sat messily next to the wrapper. He looked up to see Kirishima giving him a confused but no less upset look. Kirishima shook his head slightly and that’s all Katsuki needed.

He brought his hand up to hover over the wrapper and ignited the sweat on his palm, creating an explosion big enough to incinerate the wrapper, leave scorch marks on the lamp and alarm clock, and to char the top of the nightstand. He glanced back over to Kirishima with a slight smirk on his lips.

“Got a suitcase?” he asked, nonchalantly toward the utterly shocked omega. After a minute or so of Kirishima simply staring at Katsuki, he was concerned he’d gone too far. That was, until Kirishima’s lips curled into a smile and he started laughing like an idiot. The sound sent butterflies through Katsuki’s chest.

“Yeah,” he finally said as his laughs died down. “Under here,” He said as he stepped toward the other side of the bed. He leaned down and pulled out a rather large suitcase from underneath the bed before flashing Katsuki another smile.

They spent the next several hours putting all of Kirishima’s clothes and belongings into the suitcase, two of his old gym duffel bags, and into a rogue ice chest he had. They also had to pull the punching bag all the way downstairs and find a way to shove it into the back of Katsuki’s car.

Katsuki ended up having to call the restaurant and tell them he wasn’t going to make it in and to close down early for the night. It was then that Kaminari invited himself, Mina, and Sero over to Katsuki’s apartment to have dinner with him and Kirishima. The dunce face cleverly used his most obnoxious omega whine to explain to Katsuki that they were low on food at home and payday wasn’t until Friday – and of course, the alpha couldn’t refuse no matter how much he wanted to.

Finally, they got everything packed up into Katsuki’s car. Kirishima did a final sweep as Katsuki waited downstairs and then they were heading back to his place.

It took another hour just to haul all of Kirishima’s crap up the stairs and down the hall to the apartment, and by the time they were done it, Kaminari, Mina, and Sero were already at Katsuki’s door.

Mina convinced Kirishima to let her help him organize all of his crap into Katsuki’s guest room and Kaminari and Sero were arguing loudly over the sound of the TV in Katsuki’s living room while he skillfully prepared dinner for the five of them in the kitchen.

They were a rowdy, loud, and annoying bunch and – without so much as asking Katsuki – they took off their patches and scented all over his apartment. He would’ve kicked them all out if Kirishima hadn’t been laughing so hard and smiling so brightly the entire time. And, though he’d never admit it, he kind of, sort of, might have, possibly enjoyed the chaos, deep, deep down.

Chapter Text

And, though he’d never admit it, he kind of, sort of, might have, possibly enjoyed the chaos, deep, deep down.

For the next few months, Kirishima settled into Katsuki’s apartment. His stupid coworkers came over frequently since Kirishima moved in, and his apartment was almost always filled with a mildly sweet blend of burnt marshmallows, beta – the more Katsuki smelled it, the more it smelled like ginger and fresh cream – along with pumpkin and nutmeg. They didn’t smell bad together, but there wasn’t enough nutmeg in the mix for Katsuki’s taste.

Kirishima was a pretty good roommate – he was quiet most of the time, respectful of Katsuki’s privacy, and he cleaned up after himself. His only flaw was that he always, always forgot to lock the bathroom door. Arguably, for Katsuki that was actually a plus because he’d gotten a few nice glances at Kirishima’s ass since he’d moved in.

Arguably, it was also a big, big negative because Katsuki was losing his goddamn mind. It took everything in his power to walk straight past that menacing door in the hallway every time he heard the pitter-patter of the running shower and the off-tune rasp of Kirishima’s singing cutting through the quiet of the apartment.

Another thing which kept the explosive alpha teetering on the brink of insanity was Kirishima’s more recent tendency to steal Katsuki’s clothes. He couldn’t count the number of times one of Katsuki’s shirts or sweaters had gone missing, just to see Kirishima wearing it later in the week. Katsuki never had the fortitude to ask for his clothes back, especially considering how much pride and contentment it made the blonde feel when he saw the redhead in them.

Now, Katsuki wasn’t an idiot. He could tell when someone was up to something, and Kirishima wasn’t never very good at lying – even by omission. It was pretty clear to Katsuki that Kirishima didn’t just forget to wear pants around the flat, nor did he accidentally leave his fucking bottle of lube on the bathroom counter several times per week-

But, no matter how crazy Kirishima was driving him, Katsuki couldn’t bring himself to ask about it. He’d never admit it aloud, but he really liked their arrangement. Before, he had never thought that having a partner would be important to him. He always thought he’d be happier on his own with nobody around to bother him. But, despite the fact that Kirishima wasn’t his partner, the more time they spent together, the more Katsuki came to accept the fact that he really liked the companionship.

Kirishima was a vivid ball of sunshine who never failed to brighten his day by simply existing nearby. Even the hoard of dumb-shits who always stank up his apartment were beginning to weasel their way around Katsuki’s millionth wall of crap he’d built up over the years.

So, Katsuki refused to disturb the peace that they had come to by questioning Kirishima’s motives. As long as Katsuki could control himself, he wouldn’t be the one to fuck up what they had. Losing Kirishima was not something Katsuki was willing to do.

Of course, it was easier said than done.

“Hey, Bakugo, are you coming tonight?” Kirishima asked, peeking his head into the alpha’s room as Katsuki was cleaning.

“No,” Katsuki grunted, not wanting to elaborate as he pulled his pillowcase off the sack of fluff.

“What?” Kirishima stepped into the room, hands on his hips in what Katsuki recognized as one of his “frustrated” gestures. “C’mon, dude, you said last week you were coming!”

Unfortunately, Kirishima had quickly picked up on Katsuki’s inability to refuse a begging omega almost anything they requested. Fortunately, Kirishima had a stronger sense of self-preservation than his electric friend and didn’t abuse this… often. Katsuki managed to avoid refusing Kirishima most of the time, but every once and a while his pride made it unavoidable and Kirishima wasn’t completely shameless. This felt like one of those times.

“I told you I might come. I gotta clean this place. It’s a fuckin mess,” he said, disgruntled, as he threw the pillowcase in a laundry basket before stripping his bed as well.

“Bakubro. You did a deep clean like three days ago,” Kirishima sounded somewhat irritated and the omega’s scent, slightly bitter from his annoyance, drifted into Katsuki’s lungs, setting him on edge. It was true that he’d cleaned not long ago, but something in the apartment – something he couldn’t put his finger on – had been pissing Katsuki off all week and cleaning was the only thing that helped him think straight in the space.

“Fuck off, red,” Katsuki said tiredly. The skin on his back prickled as Kirishima’s agitated scent continued to flood the room. He straightened the alarm clock and lamp on his nightstand before stepping over to the window and throwing it open.

Kirishima was silent for a minute before he stepped over to the unmade bed and sat down, crossing his arms and staring at him.

“What are you doing?” Katsuki asked after picking up the laundry basket and balancing it on his hip.

“I’m not leaving here without you,” He said, pulling a pout which nearly had Katsuki kissing it off his face. He restrained himself, though, before walking toward the door in silence. “Wait – where are you going?” Kirishima asked. The blonde heard the omega get off the bed and follow him down the hall.

“I’m doing laundry, shitty hair. Got any whites?” He asked, sarcastically. Kirishima followed him into the back room where the washer and dryer were.

“Bakugooo, please! I really want to go, and I really want you to come with!” the omega whined with an inflection which sent shivers all through Katsuki’s body. He had to take a deep, slow breath to control his alpha.

“Then go, shitty hair. I’m busy,” He said as he started to throw the fabric into the washer. The room went silent and he thought that maybe Kirishima had left, but then he felt a warm hand on his forearm. He looked over to see the redhead blatantly pouting.

“Please, will you come with, Bakugo?” His voice was soft and pleading, but this time it wasn’t the traditionally grating omega whine that pulled at his heartstrings and made it almost unbearable to say no. Instead, it was a pointed question from a close friend who he cared a lot about asking for his company which really did make it impossible for him to say no.

As much as the knowledge that Kirishima could work him over with his omega bothered him, the fact that Kirishima could turn him into putty with just a light touch and a simple question made him want to blow up the entire apartment complex.

As he stared at the taller redhead, he clenched his jaw and gave a huff.

“Fine, but you’re drying and folding my laundry when we get home,” he grumbled, nudging Kirishima’s hand off his arm, dropping the rest of the laundry in the washer, throwing in a detergent pod, and turning it on more violently than necessary.

Kirishima’s smile grew wide and he threw a fist in the air.

“Hell yeah, thanks man!” He shouted before peeling off down the hall toward his own room. Katsuki sighed again, trying to figure out when exactly it was that he got so whipped by a guy he wasn’t even fucking dating.

So far, it had been a fun night. After getting a little tipsy at dinner, Mina and Kaminari dragged Katsuki and Kirishima out to a club. It was hot and dark and smelled like alcohol, weed, and pheromones.

Normally, it was just the type of place that Katsuki would have fucking hated to be in. He would’ve completely ditched the moment raccoon eyes brought it up if it hadn’t been for Kirishima.

Kirishima didn’t get drunk often, but when he did, it never ended well. He was a giggling flirting mess who – if last time was any indication - didn’t seem to be above going home with the closest Alpha for a good kick. Plus, Kirishima’s hands were all over Katsuki’s shoulders, biceps, and chest before they even got to the club. There was no way Katsuki was going to let the omega go home with some extra.

That’s how Katsuki found himself in the middle of a crowded room, music blaring, surrounded by grinding and purring omegas.

His mind was racing. Despite the fact that scent patches were required in all public spaces (especially clubs,) through a bunch of legal loopholes, clubs were allowed to pump smells and hormones into the open air to create a desired atmosphere. They helped deter fights between alphas, as well as to promote attendance by sending people home in pairs regularly. The specific pheromones that most clubs pumped, including the one Katsuki and the others found themselves at, made Katsuki feel simultaneously more docile and more feral than ever, all in one breath.

The number of breasts and asses pushed up against Katsuki’s body, squishing him and restricting his movements could have set him ablaze in any other situation. The fact that Kirishima’s was not the ass rubbing firmly against his crotch might have pissed him right the fuck off any other night. And, the two pairs of lips connecting with his jaw and the corner of his mouth, respectively definitely would have made him explode if he just weren’t so goddamn frustrated.

No, the smooth skin, slightly damp with sweat, on the lower back of the omega practically riding him was not Kirishima’s. And the tongue darting between his somewhat ajar lips wasn’t the redhead’s. And the rock-hard bulge restricted by a tight layer of denim which had somehow come into full contact with Katsuki’s sweaty palm wasn’t his omega’s, either. But the thing was – all of it was being willingly offered to Katsuki. It wasn’t a game of “restrict your alpha,” in those moments. Maybe it was the four shots, or maybe it was the saccharinely sweet aroma which permeated Katsuki’s ever thought, but Katsuki was fucking enjoying himself.

Of course, it was no heart-warming romance which filled the ever-growing void in his chest. Hell, it was practically a fucking orgy, but Katsuki couldn’t deny that being touched – being blatantly wanted was alluring and almost irresistible.

He felt like he couldn’t stop the way his left hand led the grinding ass against his crotch in a rhythm which suited him while his right hand groped at the bulge, causing the omega that it belonged to, to moan in his ear. When the tongue on the corner of his mouth darted out again, he turned to catch it, savoring in the taste of whatever fruity cocktail the female omega had. The pair of lips on his jaw shifted down to the junction between his neck and shoulder and started to suck.

His right hand left the bulge to grab onto the other hip of the omega pressed against his front while he leaned in to continue the sloppy kiss with the omega on his left. He felt a little light-headed and his clothes were becoming unbearably restricting. He pulled away from the kiss, intent on getting one or more of the omegas alone with him when he felt a painful, iron grip wrap itself around his wrist and pull, hard.

He was quickly yanked away from the group surrounding him, but all of the adrenaline and alcohol flowing through his veins made it very hard to find his footing so he couldn’t turn to see who was dragging him. He continued to stumble backward, through the hordes of grinding couples and purring groups.

When he was finally closer to the edge of the mass of dancing people, he managed to find the ground beneath him and use it to turn around.

The person who dragged him off of the dance floor seemed to be a rather livid Mina. When she finally released her iron grip on his wrist, she folded her arms across her chest and sent Katsuki a glare which might have sent shivers down his spine if he was anyone else.

“What?” He asked, incredulously. He was mildly pissed about having been pulled away from the group of preening omegas and his hard on was sitting uncomfortably restricted in his pants.

“Are you stupid? What are you doing-“ Mina kept talking but the music was too loud for Katsuki to understand.

“What?” he asked again, this time with less annoyance and more confusion.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?” Mina shouted, although she was still barely audible over the hum of the bass and the roar of the crowd.

“The fuck d’you mean? Fuck off, raccoon eyes!” Katsuki shouted in return, though he was finding it difficult to really get angry. The pheromones were doing their job, alright. The alpha turned to go back to the middle of the group when a pair of hands grabbed onto his head from behind him.

Mina turned his head all the way to the left where a flash of red caught his eye.

He watched Kirishima’s obviously drunk face distort with discomfort as he was held up against a wall by some alpha fuck who wouldn’t stop rutting up against his omega’s ass. Kirishima wasn’t looking at Katsuki – or anyone, for that matter, because he was too out of it to even push the skinner alpha away, despite looking like he really wanted to.

A layer of uncomfortable disgust coated Katsuki’s throat and he found he really, really disliked the smell of whatever shit the club was pumping in that moment because instead of rage building in his gut, there was desire.

It was kind of fucking hot seeing Kirishima pinned down like that.

Katsuki’s thoughts immediately following reminded him that Kirishima looked upset – like he needed help. And he’d been too busy flirting with a bunch of extras to do the one thing he’d come to the club to do. His legs moved before he realized what he was doing.

He flew across the club to where the redhead was, shoving the alpha away from him easily. Thankfully, the alpha must’ve either known better that to fuck with Katsuki or was too afflicted with the smell to be able to respond, because instead of getting up and fighting, he crawled away like a pathetic little worm.

“You ok?” Katsuki asked, grabbing Kirishima’s arms to hold him upright. It might have been kind of a stupid thing to ask in the moment, but it didn’t matter because Kirishima didn’t seem to hear him, anyway.

Katsuki sighed and looked around for Mina and Kaminari. After a minute or so, he managed to make eye contact with the beta and nodded his head toward the door. She nodded back before giving him a thumbs up which he felt he didn’t really deserve. Still, that wasn’t exactly the time to loath himself.

It was a little bit of an ordeal getting Kirishima back to the house. When Katsuki finally did hail a taxi (since Mina had drove) the driver was annoyingly nosy and refused to drive them anywhere until Katsuki could prove that he hadn’t drugged the omega.

“I didn’t fucking drug him, he’s drunk out of his mind - we’re roommates! I don’t have to fucking explain anything to you, stupid bitch!” Katsuki shouted, the effect of the pheromones having worn off rather quickly after getting outside of the building.

The omega cab driver didn’t seem too bothered by Katsuki’s explosion, instead, she just continued to glare at the blonde.

“I wanna go home, Bakubro,” Kirishima groaned out.

“Oh, I guess you guys are roommates,” the omega muttered.

“Yeah, I fucking told you!” the omega shot him another glare before opening the door for him.

“I’m just looking out for my fellow omegas, ok? Don’t get your panties in a bunch,” she huffed.

Even after coming to the realization that what she did was admirable rather than incredibly bothersome, Katsuki couldn’t bring himself to apologize, so he just gave her a big tip instead.

Then, he practically dragged the groaning omega upstairs to his apartment. Once the door was open, the redhead immediately bolted to the bathroom.

Katsuki spent the next hour cleaning puke off of his bathroom floor and toilet.

Katsuki sighed to himself as he picked up Kirishima up off the bathroom floor where he’d basically passed out in order to put him to bed. Kirishima wasn’t exactly the picturesque dainty little omega – and that was usually something Katsuki loved about him. Still, it made carrying him more difficult than the alpha would ever admit.

When he’d finally made it down the hall and into Kirishima’s room, he dropped him on the bed, and started pulling off the redhead’s shirt, since that had vomit on it too.

“Baku?” Kirishima groaned out in a rasp which sounded like angels singing to Katsuki. He bit back a smile.

“Yeah, shitty hair, it’s just me,” he whispered as he chucked the removed shirt over to Kirishima’s overflowing laundry hamper.

“’M sorry,” Kirishima muttered. It sounded like he wanted to go on, but a pang of guilt hit Katsuki and he didn’t want to hear any more.

“Shut up. You don’t have to be sorry. If I hadn’t ditched you for a bunch of omega whores it wouldn’t have been a problem. I’m saying this because I know you won’t remember it in the morning: I’m sorry, Kirishima. I shouldn’t have left you,” Katsuki said as he pulled the sheets up over Kirishima’s large frame. His red eyes followed Katsuki’s face as he spoke, but he avoided making eye contact. It would just make everything harder.

“Thanks, Bakubro,” he said as a small smile came to his face. Katsuki sighed. Then, he smiled.

“You’re too forgiving, Ejirou,” the name fell off his tongue in a way which shocked even him – still, he liked the way it sounded. Kirishima’s brow furrowed, but he didn’t lose his sloppy smile.

“”M I dreaming?” He asked, a slight laugh in his tone. Katsuki paused. He considered.

Was it a good idea? No. He’d be taking advantage of the fact that Kirishima was impaired and if Kirishima somehow managed to remember it, he’d be fucked.

But, the way Kirishima’s parted lips quirked at the corners, even dry and smelling faintly of puke, made Katsuki’s heart thump rapidly in his chest. Over all other thoughts, one spoke out the loudest: This might be your only chance.

So, Katsuki found himself leaning down. In one slow, calculated motion, he got right above Kirishima’s face, closed his eyes, and leaned down the two extra inches to place a small, feather-light brush of a kiss against Kirishima’s lips.

He pulled away again to see Kirishima’s eyes opened wide, staring at him. Although he was obviously shocked, Katsuki double-checked every aspect of his expression and nothing read as disgust or discomfort.

“Yeah. It’s a dream. Now quit dreaming and go back to sleep,” Katsuki muttered as he left the room.

It took five minutes and forty-two seconds for Katsuki’s heart to return to a normal pace.

Chapter Text

It took five minutes and forty-two seconds for Katsuki’s heart to return to a normal pace.

The next day, Katsuki had to work at two, and Kirishima hadn’t woken up by the time Katsuki needed to leave. It was unlike Kirishima – he was usually a morning person, and rarely slept in. Katsuki decided he was probably just really hung over and that he’d be better off asleep, so he left him be. He fixed some food for Kirishima to reheat, then headed to work.

Mina wasn’t scheduled at the same time as Katsuki that day, but Kaminari was. He was an obnoxious groaning mess, constantly bitching about how tired he was and how much his head hurt.

“Then you shouldn’t have drank so fucking much,” Katsuki finally said, losing every ounce of patience he had left.

“I was just having some fun,” Kaminari said, sounding like a wounded puppy. Katsuki rolled his eyes. When he didn’t respond, the blonde kept talking. “I heard Kiri had fun too,” he teased. Katsuki didn’t know what Mina had told him, but the suggestive look the fucker was giving him made him want to blow up the little bitch.

He didn’t dignify it with a response, though. Needless to say, it was a long shift.

When Katsuki got back to his apartment building, he slouched against the back of the elevator, too tired to use the stairs like he normally would. All he could think about was laying down and going to sleep. He trudged down the hall to his apartment door and stopped in front of it. His heart throbbed as a realization slammed into him like a brick.

He could smell the omega from outside his apartment. It was a familiar smell with an unfamiliar feel. It was the same spicy nutmeg which had been pervading his senses for months – except it was far stronger than he’d ever smelled it before. Plus, it smelled sweeter and more intoxicating. Katsuki didn’t know much about omegas, but he did know what his senses were telling him.

Kirishima was in heat.

That’s what the past week had been. The thing that had been pissing Katsuki off and causing him to feel the need to clean and prepare the house was Kirishima’s heat. His body had known it was coming before he, himself had.

He was completely stunned. He couldn’t even bring himself to unlock the door. Every fiber of his being told him to go inside, find the gorgeous redhead, pin him to a bed, and knot him so hard he couldn’t so much as fucking think-

Katsuki could feel the way his pants started to tent from his need, and it was taking all of his energy to focus on not opening the door. No matter how much he wanted Kirishima, he treasured their friendship more. He was certain that he wouldn’t be able to stop himself if he entered his apartment, and he didn’t think that would go over well with a very hung over Kirishima.

His hand shook as it hovered over the doorknob. He didn’t remember unlocking it, but he must have because his key was already in his pocket.

He bit his lip, the images of the aforementioned omega pushed firmly against the club wall, some shitty alpha extra rutting into him with reckless abandon appearing in his mind. Katsuki’s skin crawled and his alpha screamed. He didn’t want Kirishima to feel uncomfortable like that ever again. He wanted to make Kirishima feel good. He wanted his omega to be safe and sound underneath him-

Each second that passed made it harder and harder for Katsuki not to open the door. The scent swirled around him, engulfing him in a heady aroma which made his heart race. Katsuki could barely breathe, but his mind was running wild.

One question in particular stuck out to him: if Kirishima knew he was going into heat soon, why the fuck would he stay in an apartment with an alpha? He could have easily asked to stay with Mina and the others for the week. There, he could have been surrounded by people who weren’t as affected by the scent who could better take care of him, without the constant threat of them jumping him.

From Katsuki’s perspective, there were only two explanations. Either Kirishima was a much bigger dumbass than he took him for, or the omega actually wanted Katsuki to fuck him senseless. His mind swam at the thought.

Just has his hand landed on the doorknob of its own accord, he felt the cool metal twist under his skin and in what seemed like slow motion, the door was opening.

His eyes shot up to look at the redhead. His eyes were half-lidded, and his lips were slightly parted. He was breathing heavily as he looked Katsuki over. His hair was hanging loosely above his toned shoulders and framing his perfect jaw.

On his cheeks bloomed a slight blush as his chest heaved. This close, Katsuki had to hold his breath not to be completely overwhelmed by the all-encompassing warmth that was Kirishima’s heat scent.

“Bakugo,” Kirishima’s usually raspy voice was soft and breathless and it sent a jolt through Katsuki’s body.

“Why didn’t you call raccoon eyes?” Katsuki asked, voice gruff and low as he avoided taking in a breath that was too deep. A slight frown quirked at Kirishima’s lips. Then, his eyes grew glossy and his bottom lip quivered a bit as he shrank back.

“I’m sorry. I thought, maybe…” he began, but cut himself off. Katsuki felt like throwing himself out of his window for making the omega cry at a time like that. His mind flashed back to a month or two ago when he’d made Kaminari cry after the dumbass had dropped a plate of food. Mina had later explained to him that the blonde was near heat and that omegas tended to get overly sensitive when their heat came around. The memory did nothing to sooth the self-loathing that was building in the alpha. Katsuki felt like the biggest fuck up in the world in that moment. He took a step forward into the apartment, kicking the door shut behind him.

Without thinking too much, he ripped off his scent patch as he stepped right up to the taller man, grabbing him and pulling him into a tight hug, allowing his own scent to mingle with the overwhelming one filling the room. Kirishima’s head tilted down to where it was resting on his shoulder and Katsuki could feel the tears seeping into the cloth of his work shirt.

“Don’t fucking cry, shitty hair, you didn’t do anything wrong. I just… don’t wanna…” Katsuki couldn’t finish the sentence. He’d never been good at expressing how he felt with words.

“I get it,” Kirishima sniffled, “You don’t wanna fuck me. I knew that from the start. God I’m so stupid,” he rasped out, pushing away from Katsuki and turning, hiding his face from him.

“What? Shut the hell up, Ejirou, it’s not that! I never fucking said I didn’t want to fuck you. I just don’t want to fucking hurt you. You’re my best friend, idiot, and I don’t want to fuck that up!” Katsuki took a step toward the redhead who was turned away from him but had stopped in his tracks. His heart was racing, but he couldn’t go back anymore.

“Shit – fuck! How do I get this through to you? Of course I want to fuck you! You’re all I’ve ever fucking wanted, Ejirou. I can’t risk losing you for one good nut. Do you fucking get it? I don’t want anyone else, but I sure as hell don’t want to be alone,” the words rolled off his tongue, leaving bitter notes even amongst the sugary sweetness of their mingled scents. He had no idea what he would do if Kirishima didn’t reciprocate, but it was already said and there was nothing he could do but face whatever the omega had to say. He waited in agony for what felt like hours.

“You’re sure?” Kirishima asked, still facing away from the blonde. “You’re not just saying that because of all the pheromones?”

“Yes, I’m fucking sure! When have I ever said shit that I didn’t mean?” his quirk definitely wasn’t activating, but he still felt like he might blow up at any second, all the same.

“You tell Midoriya all the time that you hate him,” suddenly, frustration was fueling Katsuki’s words.

“Yeah, well, I fucking do,”

“No, you don’t! You-“ Kirishima turned to face him, flushed with a slight pout on his perfect lips and eyes still glassy from need, and Katsuki found he couldn’t hold himself back anymore. He lunged forward and pushed Kirishima backward until he was up against the wall of the apartment, letting his hands land on the cool plaster, effectively trapping the taller redhead between his arms.

“I don’t wanna hear say anyone else’s name but my own. My real name, Ejirou. This is your last chance. If you don’t want me to ram you into the goddamn mattress, you better get the fuck out. Otherwise, call me Katsuki,” the omega’s eyes were wide and Katsuki could feel hot breath brush against his own mouth as Kirishima’s head tilted down to stare at him.

He was silent for a moment. Katsuki shifted in his stance, the weight in his pants starting to become unbearable. He was really struggling not to just shove his tongue down the redhead’s throat already. Instead, he opted to shove a knee between his legs and push it upward, pressing it against the heat between Ejirou’s legs. He could’ve imagined it, but it almost seemed like he could feel the slick, even through all of the layers of fabric between them.

Ejirou’s eyes rolled back into his head and he let out a breathy moan that made Katsuki have to resort to a control technique he’s learned in sex ed - focus on tightening every muscle in his body twice - not to spin him around and bury himself into the omega. “Ejirou,” he groaned. “Spit it out, are you gonna fucking leave or what?”

The pretty little omega moaned again, spreading his legs a little and pushing down against Katsuki’s knee. He still hadn’t opened his eyes, and the already blissed-out face he was pulling had Katsuki unable to breathe. He brought one hand down to touch himself, but Katsuki grabbed the wrist before the fucker could shove his hand under his waistband. Katsuki slammed the wrist hard against the wall behind him, tightening his grip on the hot flesh. He could hear rather than feel the growl ripping its way through his throat.

“Use your words, Ei,”

“Fuck, Katsuki! Please fuck me!” Ejirou gasped, using his free hand to reach up and grab the back of Katsuki’s head, pulling him forward and up into Ejirou.

Their lips crashed together in a searing kiss that was too hard, and a bit of Katsuki’s lip got cut by one of Ejirou’s shark teeth, but it was perfect. It was everything Katsuki had imagined it might be and more.

He dropped his leg away from Ejirou’s crotch and released his wrist, opting instead to wrap one hand around the omega’s waist, pulling him slightly away from the wall. The other hand made its way into Ejirou’s long red hair, holding the man as close as he possibly could.

That perfect kiss with teeth clinking and too much pressure lasted until Katsuki couldn’t breathe anymore. He only pulled away when panting through his nose just wasn’t enough.

Ejirou groaned when he broke the kiss, so to compensate for the lack of contact, Katsuki pulled tighter on his waist to grind into the omega, shoving his face into the crook between Kirishima’s neck and shoulder where his scent gland was. He took a deep breath in, relishing in the overwhelming quality of the spicy nutmeg – heavy with lust. Another growl escaped the back of his throat as he ground up harder.

“Fuck!” Ejirou let out, breathlessly. Katsuki groaned in response, his tongue slipping out to lap at the oils seeping out of the gland before he even really thought about it.

“Katsuki…” his omega moaned, his hands coming up to grip at the back of his shirt tightly.

“Say it again,” he breathed against his neck, still grinding hard into him and sucking on the sensitive skin between each breath.

Ejirou groaned, scratching at Katsuki’s back already, and no clothes had even been removed yet. Katsuki couldn’t resist the smirk that crawled across his lips. The hand that had been on the back of his head dropped down to Ejirou’s ass, running over the smooth, plump mound that he’d been dying to get his hands on for months. One tight grope and his omega let out a perfect whine that had Katsuki’s entire body shivering.

“Katsukiii,” Ejirou whined some more. Katsuki felt like he was losing his mind. He pulled away immediately, grabbed his omega’s arm, and tore off down the hall.

“Your room or mine?” he asked, barely able to even think that far ahead. Usually omegas nested during their heat and preferred to be in the comfort of their own space when mating, but Katsuki also knew how much Ejirou liked his scent.

“Mine,” he muttered just as they came to his door. Katsuki threw the door open, barely glanced at the pile of his blankets, his pillow, and his favorite clothing articles strewn on Ejirou’s bed, before shoving the redhead down on top of it.

He practically ripped his own shirt off and was about to throw it on the floor when he gave it a second thought and threw it on the pile next to Ei instead, as he kicked off his shoes. Ejirou quickly shifted to be able to watch him as he unzipped his pants and pulled them down as well. He left his boxers on for the time being, figuring he could get his perfect little omega to help him with those.

He dived onto the bed on top of the omega, grabbing at his shirt and pulling it quickly over the mess of red hair and tossing it to the side. He leaned down and started attacking the omega’s neck with kisses and nips, allowing his hands to run all over the toned chest beneath him.

Ejirou let out another moan as his hands came up to the back of Katsuki’s neck, gripping and tugging lightly at the hair on his head. The blonde's hands drifted down the broad chest to the toned stomach, allowing his fingers to dip along the curve of his omega's sides, squeezing his hips a bit.

“God, Ei, you’re so fucking hot,” Katsuki breathed against his hot skin, rolling his body down to connect their still-clothed cores, relishing in the feeling of the length of stiffness now firmly pressed against his own.

The man beneath him whined, spurring Katsuki on. His fingers drifted beneath the waistband of Ejirou’s shorts, shoving them down as far as he could at that angle – they didn’t quite get past his knees. One hand returned to his hip and the other found Ejirou’s hard member through the fabric of his boxers and he pushed down on it, eliciting more noise from him.

Every little coo, whine, and groan from beneath him as Katsuki’s hand pressed against his length was music to his ears. He could barely focus on moving his lips against the old-slickened skin just below the scent gland through the lusty rasp sounding in his ear, combined with the thickness against his palm.

Suddenly, the hands running through the hair at the back of his head gripped on tight, pulling him up to where his omega could kiss him roughly. He panted through the sloppy kiss, grinding himself heavily into Ejirou. Soon enough, his hands came down to coax Ejirou’s legs up and open, saddling himself between the other man’s legs to where his dick was pressed perfectly against Ejirou’s soaked boxers – brain not even registering how the omega had gotten his shorts the rest of the way off. He kept his hands on the backs of Ejirou’s knees as he leaned down to maintain the kiss.

The position soon grew a bit tiresome, though, so Katsuki had to pull away. The sight, however, of a blissed-out Ejirou, red-faced, lips swollen, and almost naked was everything Katsuki could’ve imagined and so much more. He felt like he might pop just by looking at him.

Quickly, he released Ejirou’s legs and literally tore the boxers off the omega before returning one of his hands to its corresponding leg. With the other hand, he gently grazed over Ejirou’s dick which was pretty sizable – something that, despite the fact that Katsuki was an alpha, he actually found pretty hot.

But what really begged for his attention, though, was the oozing hole just below his dick. Slick was smeared all over the omega’s ass and if Katsuki didn’t have such good control over himself, he might have gone feral just from the scent now emanating off of him.

His hand dropped downward from the hard length to his ass, his thumb barely grazing over the red rim. He heard a gasp and managed to rip his eyes away from Ejirou’s gorgeous body long enough to look back up at his face.

He was watching Katsuki’s hands, brow furrowed and lips ajar. Suddenly, Katsuki was worried – like he’d done something wrong. He wasn’t exactly an expert on this, and the last thing he wanted to do was to upset an omega in heat.

“You alright, Ei?” he asked, going completely still. Ejirou’s eyes flickered up to Katsuki’s and the worry in his brow melted away as his eyes shut and his head tilted back. A back-of-the-throat groan sounded as the redhead wiggled his hips, searching for friction.

“Don’t stop now!” he complained, perhaps a bit too loudly. Katsuki let out a sigh as a smirk made its way across his lips. His thumb dipped into the hole a bit, testing the waters. When Ejirou’s hips snapped up into the touch, the alpha’s confidence soared once again.

“You like that?” He muttered, pushing his thumb in a bit further. It was hot and wet and tight, and Katsuki had no idea how a knot was supposed to fit in there, but he’d be damned if he wasn’t going to find out.

“God, yes!” his omega responded immediately, voice breathy and yet somehow still too loud. He pulled his thumb out, ignoring the coinciding groan, and quickly brushed over the slick rim with two fingers, covering them in the hot liquid so as not to hurt Ei. He couldn’t tear his eyes away as he easily slipped the two fingers into his waiting hole, slowly but surely pushing them down to the second knuckle.

He could feel the muscles clench and relax around him in a stuttered pattern as Ejirou got used to the new fullness. Of course, Katsuki was aware he’d probably had way more inside him than just two fingers, but as far as Katsuki knew, it’d been a while.

A strained chuckle brought the blonde out of his thoughts. “Just gonna leave me hanging?” he asked as his hips shifted, making Katsuki realize that he’d forgotten what he was doing in the midst of his thoughts.

“Maybe,” he smirked, feeling his pride swell yet again as he watched Ejirou shift, trying to grind down on his fingers. With his free hand, he grabbed one of the redhead’s hips, effectively stopping the squirming.

“C’mon man, you’ve already made me wait like three months!” Katsuki felt a blush rise to his cheeks. That was about how long the omega had been living with him, so he guessed he was talking about the first time Ejirou had come to his apartment and accidentally had a mini-heat from the overwhelming scent. He’d actually wanted Katsuki to fuck him that night?

“Yeah, well I’ve been waiting for like 17, so I think you can wait a bit longer!” Katsuki growled in response before curling his fingers in sort of an instinctual manner. Ejirou gasped and his body arched as his face grew even more red than it already was.

“We didn’t know each other 17 months ago,” the omega whined. It was more of a statement than a challenge, especially with the need lacing his tone. Katsuki carefully started pushing his fingers in and out of him, working his already relaxed hole further and further open.

He leaned down to where his lips weren’t too far away from Ei’s ear before growling, “I’ve wanted you since the first time you walked into my restaurant.” Ejirou let out a high-pitched whine which sounded a bit out of character for him, but it sent a shiver down Katsuki’s spine, nonetheless.

After that, Ejirou felt even more slick. The alpha started placing sloppy kisses and rough nips all over Ejirou’s neck, shoulders, and collarbone as he continued to finger him, occasionally curling his fingers and causing the omega to squirm and moan more.

Katsuki wanted desperately to just become completely lost in his omega, but he knew how badly things could go if he did. From what Katsuki remembered learning about omega heats, they caused the omega to be extra sensitive, extra emotional, and significantly less coherent. Katsuki was honestly shocked he was even still speaking in full sentences.

He did kinda like making Ei try to focus on speaking while he fucked with him.

“How come you’re even able to think right now?” He muttered, scissoring his fingers inside him a bit. Ejirou groaned.

“Birth control. It makes heats easier,” Ei muttered, now fully panting. “Plus, it… just the first… it gets worse,” he grunted out. Katsuki considered that for a moment.

“How many days?”

“Usually three,” Ejirou punctuated the statement with a long groan as Katsuki added a third finger.

Katsuki thought about it for a moment – it was day one and Ejirou was already a squirming mess with a red face, panting, laying in a pool of his own slick and barely able to speak full phrases. His head swam when the image of a whining, shaking, begging Ejirou flashed across his brain. He let out a groan before pulling his fingers out of the omega.

“You ready, Ei?” He asked as he stood up to remove his boxers, too impatient to even ask the redhead to do it for him.

“Well, duh,” he let out, still panting slightly, and watching as Katsuki slipped out of the last piece of fabric between them.

“Keep that shit up and I’ll never fuck you,” Katsuki growled, but he figured it wasn’t very threatening as he was smiling and climbing back onto the bed as he spoke. A lustful smirk came across Ejirou’s face as well.

“That’s a lie,” he called, wrapping his arms around Katsuki’s neck when he bent down, their lips just mere inches apart.

“Wanna bet?” Katsuki challenged.

“Not really,” Ejirou laughed. Then, the alpha closed the space between them and landed another burning kiss against the omega’s lips. This one was a bit more gentle – no clinking teeth this time – but it was still full of passion and need and it had both of the reeling.

Katsuki’s hands came down to Ejirou’s still-parted legs, holding onto the backs of his thighs as he positioned himself a little better between his legs. Ei’s hands rustled through his blonde hair, pulling on it every so often.

Katsuki took a deep breath through his nose and reached down to lead himself into his omega, ever so slowly pressing himself into his rim. All the slick Ei was producing made it easy sailing and Katsuki’s whole head was in before he had even exhaled.

The hot pressure was excruciating and Katsuki had to squeeze onto the muscle of Ejirou’s thigh not to start ramming into him. Through a clouded haze of pleasure, he could hear Ejirou’s moans in the distance and that made restraint even harder.

He continued pushing in, gently sucking on Ei’s bottom lip all the while, until he was fully sheathed inside his omega’s pretty little ass. He had to pull away from the kiss and take a deep breath to steady himself.

“You feel so good,” Ei groaned, one hand dropping down to scratch lightly at Katsuki’s back. He relished in the distracting feeling of it as he tried not to think about how nicely their mingled scents laced filled the room.

“Fuck,” was all Katsuki managed in response, starting to pull out a bit, just to thrust back in again. He was already seeing white. He pulled back and snapped his hips forward, faster this time. Ei gasped, egging Katsuki on more.

He moved one hand to the bed beside Ejirou’s head and kept the other on his thigh, coaxing his legs as far apart as they go, opting for the deepest angle. He attempted to set a moderate pace, but it quickly spiraled into a hard, deep, fast pounding that his little omega seemed to enjoy just as much as he did.

His low groans filled the room – not neccesarrily excessively loud, but incredibly plentiful. Katsuki could feel Ei’s hard dick between their stomachs when he leaned forward to plant a few sloppy kisses against Ejirou’s lips, and the friction elicited another gasp and a slight tensing of the omega’s body.

He released Ei’s thigh to make it easier for him to lean forward and stayed in that position, letting the roughness of his thrusts bounce Ei up and down, even as he lie on his back. Whether it was the angle of Katsuki thrusts, or the fact that each bounce made Ei’s dick rub against Katsuki’s stomach that made the redhead whine like he was, Katsuki didn’t know. He decided he didn’t really care as long as he was able to continue to hear it.

“Fuck, Ei!” he gasped as he felt his knot beginning to form.

“Please, please Katsuki!” Ei mumbled back, still in that raspy, high-pitched whine from the back of his throat. The sound drove him insane. It was something he’d never heard from the redhead before, but he’d be lying if he said it was anything other than tantalizing.

“Please what?” he growled into his mouth, giving a hard nip to his bottom lip. He could feel Ei’s body start to tense beneath him and he wasn’t sure, but if he had to guess he’d say that the redhead was close.

“Cum inside me,” the omega groaned out. Katsuki hadn’t planned on doing anything else, especially after hearing that his omega was on birth control. Still, it was fucking hot to hear him begging.

“You want my knot?” Katsuki teased, willing himself to slow down the pace a little. A frustrated groan came from the man beneath him and he had to resist the urge to laugh.

“Fuck-yes I wan’t your knot!” he practically growled out in response, trying to grind down and meet Katsuki’s thrusts. His nails dug into Katsuki’s skin and he couldn’t prevent the little chuckle from escaping him. Still, he stayed silent.

Ei was very quickly becoming frustrated with the change in pace. His whines became more frequent, his squirming was incessant, and the nails digging into Katsuki’s back suddenly became painful. Katsuki absently wondered if Ei had activated his hardening quirk.

“Fine, my omega gets what he wants,” Katsuki finally responded before picking up the pace once more. His knot was probably half formed by that point, and it wouldn’t take much to push him over the edge. He hoped he could push Ei over first, though.

With one hand, he reached down and grasped Ei’s dick, using the same rhythm to fist him as he was using to pound into him. Ei’s eyes rolled into the back of his head before they closed, his back arched, and his lips remained ajar. Even through how hard Katsuki was focusing on pleasuring the omega, he could feel how very, very close he was to coming.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck-“ Ei let out in a deep sigh before sucking in another sharp breath and pulling hard on Katsuki’s hair. Katsuki kinda loved how rough and demanding Ei was in bed – something he never exactly expected of himself. He’d always assumed he’d prefer the super obedient omegas. Just goes to show how much he knew about himself.

His lips came down to the area where Eijirou’s neck and shoulder met, right where one of his scent glands was. It was instinctual, and Katsuki was nothing if not good at controlling his instincts, but fuck he wanted to bite Ejirou so badly and mark him as his own-

But that wasn’t something they’d discussed, yet. As much as he wanted to claim the omega as his forever, he would never be able to forgive himself if he did it without the redhead’s consent. So, instead of opening his mouth and sinking his teeth in, he tilted his head and rested his forehead against the redhead’s shoulder, panting heavily against his chest.

His arm was becoming tired and it was getting more and more difficult to coordinate the thrusting with the pounding, so they fell out of sync – Katsuki’s hand came down when his hips came up, instead, and this pulled an entirely new reaction out of the omega.

His breathing became ragged and stuttered, completely losing it’s rhythmic quality. His body tensed again, his arms squeezing what they could of Katsuki’s neck, and his legs came up around Katsuki’s waist.

Katsuki was rapidly losing himself, as well. His knot was almost fully formed now and pulling out completely was not really an option – he was finding it a bit difficult to even continue moving inside of the man beneath him. Still, he kept thrusting because Ei hadn’t cum yet.

“Ah-“ Ejirou gasped as his body tensed so much that Katsuki could feel the muscles around him tighten, and without any more warning, he felt hot liquid spirt into his hand and all over his chest. He groaned at the feeling. Eijirou’s body started to relax as the waves of his orgasm died out, but the alpha didn’t stop thrusting.

He was hot, sweaty, covered in cum, and his body was tired, but he’d never felt so amazing before in his life. A blinding sense of pleasure swept over him, even with his knot barely moving inside his omega. He grit down on his teeth, trying his best to quell the demanting instinct which screamed, “Do it! Bite him!” Instead, he groaned again as he thrust as deeply into the omega as he could and finally came.

Ei gasped again at this, letting out a whimper as Katsuki tried to breathe through the high which took far longer to fade than anything he’d experienced before. When he finally felt himself come down, he practically collapsed on top of the cooing and sighing omega.

He glanced up when he heard sniffling. No matter how exhausted and satisfied he was, he couldn’t help the slight instinctual panic that set in when he saw tears at the cornes of Ei’s eyes.

“Are you okay?” He asked, completely seriously. In all honesty, Katsuki couldn’t really do anything about it if Ejirou wasn’t okay because he was pretty much stuck inside him until his knot faded – which usually didn’t happen for a good thirty minutes or more, depending on the day.

“Yeah,” he rasped out. “Overstimulated,” he elaborated. A wave of relief washed over Katsuki as Ei gave him a warm smile.

“Oh,” Katsuki muttered, stupidly. He shifted a bit to a positon that would feel a bit more comfortable for the two of them before planting another kiss on Ei’s lips, this time it was soft and sweet – kind of like the previous night when Katsuki had thought Ejirou was too drunk to remember it.

For a long while, there was a calm silence between them as they relaxed in the afterglow of their orgasms, wrapped in eachother’s arms. There was a lot to discuss between them, but Katsuki figured those things didn’t have to be answered immediately. They’d be basically stuck in the house for the next three days, anyway. There was no way Ejirou was leaving the house in heat and Katsuki doubted if he’d have the energy to go to work even if he wanted to. He was exhausted and this was just the first time.

“So, you really wanted me since the first time you saw me?” Ejirou finally asked.

“Hm?” Katsuki hummed. “Yeah. Instincts or whatever,”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“The fuck do you mean? You think I was gonna walk up to a fuckin stranger and ask to bang with his boyfriend sitting right beside him?” Katsuki shot out. Ejirou laughed softly. Katsuki relished in the way his chest rumbled.

“I guess not. Why didn’t you say anything once we became friends, though? We could’ve been doing this a lot sooner,” He let out another soft laugh and Katsuki sighed.

“I wasn’t gonna fuck it up. You’re all I want, Ei. I don’t give a shit about anybody else,” it was something that Katsuki knew he’d never be able to admit if he hadn’t been literally inside of the omega at that very moment, but it was definitely something he meant. He figured the little bit of vulnerability was worth it, because a low, vibrating hum started in Ejirou’s chest and wouldn’t stop.

He could even hear the purr in Ei’s voice when he spoke. “I love you too, Katsuki,” he said quietly, punctuating it with a quick kiss to the alpha’s cheek.