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Ride til I can't no more

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Shen Yuan’s birthday celebration was grand, filled with the sound of morin khuur and merry songs detailing hunts and great fights. Never before he saw such a genuinely joy-filled celebration before in his life; the once-sickly prince only ever attending stuck-up formal events filled with fake smiles and even faker good wishes. Now he wasn’t the prince of King’s Landing anymore, but the Khatan of the most feared Khan of the Demons, Luo Binghe.  

Life with the Demons have become significantly less complicated and a lot more exciting at the same time. The nomadic lifestyle was a wild change compared to the palace’s daily cold monotone aura but this change was not an unwelcome one. 

Shen Yuan smiled as he looked around at the lively main square of their settlement. The entire tribe was present, no one wanted to miss the airag and food. 

Demons weren’t as disciplined as what Shen Yuan was used to, they didn't have overly complicated court etiquette or tongue daggers coated as a compliment. They only had a fight to the death if one offended a warrior. Simple as that.

Demons were a lot more down-to-earth and practical in that sense. Shen Yuan remembered how shocked he was when he learned they slept with their weapons in their bed. Like what was accidental decapitation by one’s own scythe? Occupational hazard, apparently!

The airag in his cup was strong. Stronger than anything Shen Yuan was used to, but then again - he didn’t care. Not tonight. It was his first birthday with the Demons. His people, his new home, his husband…

Shen Yuan looked around, trying to locate said husband. Luo Binghe wasn’t in sight, but that didn’t bother the Khatan too much. Luo Binghe never went too far, and if he had to then he explicitly ordered his most trusted man, Mobei Jun, to stay by Shen Yuan’s side. And seeing as Mobei Jun wasn’t hovering over his shoulder, then it meant that his Khan was closer than what he might suspect.

Out of his musings, sharp loud laughter broke him out. Sha Hualing sped past him, running from Zhuzhi Lang who was yelling something about the honor of a warrior followed by further screeching. 

Shen Yuan chuckled into his cup. Who would believe those two were the best archers in Luo Binghe’s personal attack squad, looking at them right now? 

He shook his head and walked further out of the heart of the loud drunken yelling, his silk and tulle summer dress fluttering in the air, so soft, feeling as if he weren’t wearing anything. A present sent from his oldest brother, Qingyuan, who didn’t break contact with him upon his marriage to the Demon Lord.

It wasn’t planned but Shen Yuan still decided to wear the King’s Landing style garment for his birthday celebration. Luo Binghe liked to dress him in the softest of furs, sheer robes, and embroidered silk, clamoring him as a highly favored wife. So by donning this light dress Shen Yuan hoped to keep Luo Binghe’s eyes on him throughout the night, but to his disappointment aside from a flash of something in the Khan’s eyes, there were no other reactions.

Red-tinted lips pursed into a pout, Shen Yuan was about to turn around and go find his husband when strong, warm hands snaked around his waist and pulled him into a solid chest. A voice deep and smooth like honey spoke directly into his ears, “Moon of my life, just who were your lovely eyes looking for when your Khan is right here?” 

Shen Yuan tried and failed to not shiver. “Who could this one search for if not for my sun and stars?” 

A pleased rumble left Luo Binghe’s throat at that, face coming down to press into Shen Yuan’s flowy hair and inhaling deeply. Shen Yuan contently settled down in the tightening embrace, sighing as he felt the shape of the defined chest and abdomen muscles against his back. His husband was so capable, it made Shen Yuan feel safe.   

Luo Binghe groaned, his voice turning lower as he sunk his powerful hands deeper into Shen Yuan’s creamy skin shadowed by the fluttery material. “My Khatan is driving me crazy with this dress. Dangling in front of me like you want me to devour you right here and now.”

Shen Yuan almost moaned at that, barely catching the sound in his throat. His voice was shaky when he replied, “A Khan should lead a life worthy of example for all. Such activities would be unfit of said principle." 

“There’s nothing unworthy of example to love one’s wife.” Luo Binghe growled into Shen Yuan’s ear and gently nibbled on the red earlobe. If Luo Binghe weren’t holding him up, Shen Yuan would have had to catch himself from falling. It was unfair how turned on he could get just from some simple touching and a few words whispered into his ears.  

Then Luo Binghe pulled away, though not all the way as a proprietary hand on Shen Yuan’s waist stayed, and called someone over who was leading his magnificent black mane. Effortlessly, Luo Binghe lifted his wife onto the horse then got on behind him, bracketing him with sizeable arms and grabbing onto the reins. 

The tribesmen cheered loudly, more drunken than not, but still approving at the sight of their beloved Khan and Khatan. They indeed were a vision to look at, especially with Shen Yuan dressed in that fluttery dress, looking like an angel sent from heaven.

“This Khan shall share his wife’s beauty with you no more. Wine and dine, and let the songs continue!” Luo Binghe roared over the noise and kicked his horse’s side to leave. Shen Yuan felt his cheeks reddening at the whistles and cheers that followed after them.

It was impossible to not know what they were about to do. Luo Binghe wasn't known for his subtlety, and anyways everyone already knew that the young Khan loved his foreign Khatan more than his own self. 

Shen Yuan leaned back against Luo Binghe, smiling a soft smile under the moonlight, heart full of love. The heat that was ignited in his core spread to his limbs and deliciously pooled at his groin. He was pleased to notice that Luo Binghe wasn’t unaffected either. Even those leather pants couldn’t contain that massive pillar his husband possessed.   

And, oh what a good time that bulge against his backside promised! Shen Yuan couldn’t wait to get back to their shared ger and have that dick split him open nice and deep. But Luo Binghe directed his horse in the opposite direction! Shen Yuan had to hold back a series of whines. 

"Khan, where are we going?" He asked instead, tone a bit more whiny than what he originally meant.

"To watch the stars."  Luo Binghe nudged the horse's side into a soft gallop until they left the tribe ground and entered into the wide, open steppe.

Out here, they had no other companion but the moon and the stars up in the sky. Once far enough, Luo Binghe had his horse slow down into a lazy walking pace. 

Shen Yuan shifted on the back of the horse in slight discomfort trying to reign in his desire, not having the heart to tell off his husband that he didn't want to watch the stars right now. What he wanted was that thick and long dick up his ass! But how could he say such a thing when his husband was trying to have a romantic moment with him? 

"Look up at the sky, my Khatan. What do you see?" Luo Binghe asked. 

"Answering Khan, this one sees uncountable stars." Shen Yuan replied, his voice hitching when he felt Luo Binghe's hand wander away from his waist and downwards, following the curve of his thigh and playing with the material of his dress.

"And what did you see from your room back in that big palace?" Luo Binghe asked again, voice contemplating but hand never ceasing those light and infuriatingly soft touches. 

Shen Yuan trembled in his seat on the horse, wanting to press against the touch and to run away from it at the same time. "That- this one saw the sky, with its many stars." 

Luo Binghe hummed softly at that, not in a hurry to answer. Instead, his fingers found the edge of the skirt and Shen Yuan gasped at the skin-on-skin contact against his outer knee. 

"Tell me, the moon of my life, what would you see if you look up from the Northern wall?" That despicable hand slowly traveled upward again, following the soft skin of Shen Yuan's thigh and racking up the skirt in its wake. 

Shen Yuan made a soft, questioning sound but didn't move to stop his husband. "The sky, my Khan."

Luo Binghe hummed again. His calloused fingers trailed all the way up to the inner junction of Shen Yuan's thigh, leaving a feeling like electricity in their wake. Shen Yuan was painfully hard, feeling both shame and pleasure to be in such a state out in public.

"And what would you see if you look up from the High Lands of the South?" 

"The same sky!" Shen Yuan breathed in sharply when Luo Binghe's fingers came curling around his erection. "You would see the same sky."

The Demon Lord nodded and pulled Shen Yuan flash against him, left hand still palming the weeping cock of his wife. "The way I love you is the same as the sky." 

Shen Yuan moaned softly, trying his hardest at staying quiet. Hands flew to Luo Binghe's wrist as if wanting to push it out of his skirt. "Husband?"

"No matter what happens, what angle or place you look at it from, it stays the same. My love for you is the same, my beautiful Khatan." Luo Binghe answered voice spiced with a growl of desire. He teased Shen Yuan's delicate cock a while longer, delighting in his wife's lovely moans and adorable attempts at keeping his posture. 

Shen Yuan leaned forward, clinging onto the horse's mane til his fingers turned white. Luo Binghe barely touched him yet he was on the verge of coming into his clothes like a virgin. 

But what made him upset was that he was the only one being pleasured. He wanted to feel good, true, but together with his husband!

"Khan is too good to this one," Shen Yuan reached behind with a hand blindly to paw at his husband's trousers. "How could this lowly one enjoy such fierce love towards his person?"

Luo Binghe groaned at the lovely friction of Shen Yuan's small hands against his clothed dick. He wanted to tease his wife a bit more but who was he to say no when Shen Yuan was trying so hard?

With a quick work on his pants, Luo Binghe pulled out his dick and jerked himself one, two, three times. Shen Yuan whined, trying to cant his hips backward to have some connection between them. "Please… "

The horse neighed under them, and Shen Yuan felt bad for making it uncomfortable for the animal, so he ceased his attempts. Although not without a broken hiccup of disappointment and consuming heat.

The Demon Lord retreated his hand from Shen Yuan's skirt then and pressed the same fingers to the man's lips. "Make them nice and wet, my love." 

Shen Yuan realizing what his husband was trying to do, immediately scrambled to lower his lips onto the digits. With eager movements, he coated the fingers with saliva and when Luo Binghe gently guided him to lean forward he went obediently. 

"So beautiful -" Luo Binghe whispered as he pushed two fingers in at once, marveling on the way Shen Yuan's hole accommodated so effortlessly - "my Khatan, my love. It's only you. No one else compares."

Shen Yuan whined, a wet sound, as his hips and thighs trembled in an effort to stay still and on top of the horse. Luo Binghe made quick work in opening his wife up, having loved Shen Yuan intimately many times before. 

"Khan , Binghe please- " It was a broken, tiny plea that went straight to Luo Binghe's dick. 

Spitting into his palm Luo Binghe coated himself as much as possible before grabbing Shen Yuan by the hips and effortlessly pulled him close, guiding himself into that greedy hole until they sat back-to-chest. Until Shen Yuan felt split wide open on that wonderfully huge pillar, his own twitching weakly in appreciation.

And then Luo Binghe ceased moving, buried inside Shen Yuan to the hilt. Their horse continued walking at the same pace, jolting them in tiny movements. With each and every step the animal took, Shen Yuan felt Luo Binghe's dick shift and rub against his insides, sending shivers down his spine. 

"This Khan will give you everything," Luo Binghe murmured into his wife's ear, putting a protective arm over Shen Yuan's lower stomach and feeling the slight distend in it caused by his own dick. "You will never need for anything, the moon of my life."

Shen Yuan moaned low in his throat, his groin shifting minuscule movements, not quite able to stay still. He tried and failed at keeping his hole relaxed and welcoming; periodically he felt himself clench down on the much-wanted intrusion. He was so full, so well-loved from every way, every angle - just like Luo Binghe said. 

It was sweet torture, being joined together so intimately while riding on a horse. They didn't rock together, didn't touch anymore, didn't do anything further other than clinging to one another and bearing the weight of their all-consuming love. 

The thing is, from outside it didn't show. No one could tell just by looking at them that they have engaged in sexual intimacy and that their Khan has his dick up his wife's ass. 

Shen Yuan's dress covered their indecent state from prying eyes, letting them enter the village and stroll through it at a leisurely pace without anyone noticing anything. 

Shen Yuan clung to Luo Binghe's hand as if it were his only lifeline. The last few meters were the hardest, the anticipation eating away his insides and hole fluttering needily. 

His poor dress was already stained with pre-cum and saliva, but that was the farthest of his current concerns. He almost didn't want Luo Binghe to pull out, but then they can't get off the horse so a compromise was made. 

Once both of them on the ground, Shen Yuan all but dragged his husband inside their ger, shoved him down onto the furs and rode him with such energy as if he wanted to suck Luo Binghe dry through his dick.