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falling down, crashing sideways, & standing back up

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i. i know just, just what (you, me, us, we) are


IN THE BEGINNING....(what?) HM? (what happened after the beginning?)... THAT’S FOR YOU TO DISCOVER.”





  DENKI would be lying if he said he didn’t feel dread. It forms, deep and crawling in his gut and he’s sure that it will take hold of him and gut him out, starting with his important organs and finishing with over five feet of intestines to lump around.


  Aizawa and Recovery Girl locked the door and closed the blinds. Bakugou is beside him, sitting on the same cold chair-table that Recovery Girl has them lay on when giving check-ups, his Blasty and makeshift group leader.



Its comforting to have a friend around.


 Nedzu walks in last minute, huffing as he straightens. His impeccable dress clothes are the only thing that makes Denki feel somewhat calm, believe it or not. After everything they’ve been through their first year - kidnappings, villain attacks, puberty (still going through that by the way) and lots of family drama, on everyone’s end. 


 He looks at the small white bear-rat-mouse-thing and he feels calmer. Way too calm to be normal. The scent released is a Beta’s scent that smells of honeysuckle and cigars, tangy and musky and sweet and subtle, it’s a nice change from the scents that have been bombarding his nose ever since he presented last week during the Secondary Gender-Test. All the students have been eagerly awaiting results… but why did Bakugou and Denki have to be separate from the rest of the class?


 It’s a Thursday night. The dorm curfew isn’t in effect for another couple hours and school’s over. The results are supposed to be given in Class tomorrow, and Denki can’t really think of any other reason they’re there, in Recovery Girl’s Office, besides that.


 “ Did something go wrong with the test?” Denki thinks, “Do we need to retake it? They look nervous.” He glanced at Bakugou and smiled a bit to try to get the blond to smile or at least relax.


 Bakugou wasn’t having it. He raised his lips in a snarl at the smile yet didn’t say a word when Denki leaned his head on his shoulder. “He seems…. docile… weird…” Bakugou isn’t docile, that entire word doesn’t fit with him.


  (It doesn’t fit him, in his entirety of being. Bakugou is reckless but heroic and he’s rash and rude and he stands for what’s right and refuses to sit still and pretty and not charge head first into battle, ready for war.)

 Denki shivers at the feeling of cold air on his skin, goosebumps rising and he can feel the pinprick of each individual blond hair rising from the drop in temperature. He looks to his teachers, immediately feeling dread pool at the bottom of his stomach like a weight.


Aizawa sighs. He looks completely serious, his yellow sleeping bag that makes him look like an oversized caterpillar has been forgoed on the floor, and the dark circles under his eyes remain there but they are overshadowed by the look in his eyes — Denki can’t quite understand that look. It seems important and yet proud or something.

 Denki has never been good at reading people through their eyes. But that glint — It’s got him thinking. Something can’t be wrong with their tests if Aizawa looks as serious as this. Their Alpha teacher looked almost happy but it was overshadowed with grief or something and Denki thought maybe their tests were fine but they were like really, I don’t know, bad betas? Like a weak subtype? Was he using that word correctly? Probably not.

  He could only really think that Bakugou would definitely be an Alpha. Denki was doomed to be a Beta, obviously , so — so far — Denki didn’t know what the actual fuck they were there for.

 “Your results came back this morning.” Nedzu politely said, a little drawl on the last word as he walked toward the taller teenagers sitting down.

 Well, if that wasn’t the most ominous fucking thing that Denki has ever heard in his life, he might as well just throw himself out the window if the entire talk was gonna go like this.

  “Um, y-yeah? Is something wrong with them? Do we have to retake the test?” Denki spits out question after question, every word on his pretty pink lips come out and it takes Bakugou growling and slapping his own calloused hand over Denki’s for him to shut the fuck up.

 “God you talk so much. ” Bakugou finally spoke, his voice was husky and deep and Kaminari had to realize that Bakugou hadn’t spoken in the entire they were there. “Let the man-rat fucker speak.” He says and motions for Nedzu to get on with it.

 “Thank you, Bakugou.” Nedzu gives some semblance of a smile and Denki relaxed against Bakugou and Bakugou doesn’t complain.

 “As I was saying your results came in today.”  Nedzu says, “You don’t need to retake them. You’re fine, You’re Omegas. Although we have brought you in to say that we are going to—” He says, skipping over the most important part of the conversation as he continues t talk leaving the two blinds in front of him in shock.

 “Wait, wait, wait.” Denki says at the same time as Bakugou says “Hold the fuck up.”

 “You mean to say that we’re Omegas? In a No-Omega School?” Denki says on the brink of hysteria. And Bakugou not faring much better. His explosions leak off his palm with tiny booms and he’s pacing, standing up now, and honestly it’s creepy that he’s not yelling.


  The scent of nitroglycerin was strong and something else, sugar and oranges? No, it wasn’t that. Sugared apples? Sour apples! Yeah but caramel? Caramel Apples… That smells really nice and Denki doesn’t exactly have a food or experience to put to the smell.



But fuck he needs to focus for a change — They. Are. Omegas!

 “Holy shit — You’re gonna kick us out?” Bakugou erupts. “For being Omegas!? Fuck you.” He growls, all feral, baring his teeth and doesn’t back down at all when Recovery Girl shakes her head and Aizawa bares his teeth right back.

“Please don’t jump to conclusions, brats.” Aizawa says messaging his temple, hoping that by some God or Deity that he can get two of the most rowdy kids in his class to calm the fuck down .


 Denki can smell his own scent — he likes it for the most part, it smells like… like rain? Like while it’s raining and it’s almost hints of something sweet too, but he doesn’t dwell on that because Bakugou is panicking and They’re trying to kick them out.

 “I’m jumping. I’ve jumped. I’ve landed — You’re kicking us out because we’re Omegas and apparently we can’t be heroes.” Denki babbles as he stands next to the pacing Bakugou

 It was highly recommended and encouraged and taught that Omegas couldn’t be heroes. Most kids that present before fourteen — it’s on their transcript, and most Hero schools in Japan purposely turn them away. If you present during your time at school? They have to know or will find out and you’ll most likely be kicked out. 

   Omegas are seen as weaklings, Denki thinks, They see us as weaklings, because we can make babies! So what? Beta Girls can make babies too, for the most part!

 “You do realize you’d be kicking out one of your top students right? I’m pretty sure Blasty could take y’all on — possibly win!” Denki stammers, incredulous, because they’re kicking us out.

  “No, no… Calm down! We aren’t kicking you out!” Aizawa says, “It’s the opposite actually, we want to keep you here under the guise that you’re both either Beta or Alpha.”

 Denki won’t take chances, if it’s to subdue him or not, so he stands beside Bakugou, hands wrapped his body protectively with yellow sparks of Lightning caging around them.

 Bakugou whispers under his breath, “You don’t need to fucking protect me — I don’t need help, turn off your quirk.” I’m not weak, is the unsaid message.

 Denki huffs and at a normal tone he says, “It’s not you that needs protection.” And Bakugou turns toward him cocking a brow, “I know you can handle yourself but if worse comes to worse, I don’t want you killing people, Blasty.”

 Bakugou smirks, “Damn right.”

 Denki turns back to Aizawa, “Explain.” Aizawa raises a brow at his students bold tone but decidedly doesn’t push as he sees the fierce determination in Denki’s eyes.

 Aizawa takes his chance, “Obviously we look over the secondary gender tests for a reason. Most of the Omegas that present in our school would be in lower classes like General Studies. But we look over the tests for the Hero Class. The future of our generation. We don’t want to kick you out. You are the first male omegas — two of the first Omegas to ever present in the Hero Class since… since me.” Aizawa finished.


  Okay. Okay... There teacher has been posing as an Alpha for years and is apparently an Omega — not to mention (an Underground but still—) a Pro Hero.


 Well, isn’t this day just full of surprises. Denki is half expecting a giant middle finger to just appear etched in the sky from clouds aimed directly at him.

  “I believe that Omegas shouldn’t be kicked out. They should get the same opportunities and are heavily discouraged from doing so. The only people who know of your secondary gender besides me are Chiyo and Nedzu. I don’t want you to go because you’re both Omegas.” Aizawa says and Denki lowers his barrier of lighting strikes, slowly and steadily.

 Bakugou keeps his guard up and Kaminari holds on close to Bakugou uniform jacket sleeve in case they need a getaway.

 “Bakugou, you’re one of the smartest in the school. Your quirk is amazing and you’re one of my best students. Kaminari, you try your hardest every day. Extra studying, extra tests, just to prove you can do it. You’re both exceptional kids and we would like for you to stay.” Nedzu says, “However, you being Omega is taboo, and you are newly presented. Your heats will be on the rise soon, you need to pick another secondary gender as your cover. Many Alphas outside of this school can use your genders against you and Villains can too.” 

 “I don’t… I don’t understand… You want us to pretend to be Beta or Alpha…?” Denki asked, “You don’t want to kick us out?”  Denki still hides half his body behind Bakugou, not taking chances, and Bakugou doesn’t seem to mind. It probably makes him happy that he is still seen as a protective and strong figure to Denki, even if he’s an Omega, now.

 “No. We promise, we don’t want you gone. The Hero Society is flawed with its views on Omegas and Aizawa is one omega who went through the Hero Course and graduated. He’s an Underground hero but he is a Pro Hero, and he still saves lives, even as an Omega.” Recovery Girl says smoothly, releasing some of her scent to show she means no harm, it’s like hospital but fainter, not nauseatingly overpowering and it’s kinda like baby wipes.

 Denki nods and tugs on Bakugou’s shirt, “B-Blasty, I trust them.” Bakugou hesitates. He lowers his stance but doesn’t stop growling, baring his teeth is a show of defiance but Aizawa doesn’t seem to dwell on it or judge.

 “What do you want us to do?” Denki asked, his hand tightly bound to Bakugou’s shirt, scared to let go, scared that if he does, he’ll get thrown out.

 “I want to train you both. You’re the only Omegas presented in your class, and I want to train you. You’ll learn to control parts of your body that can’t be used against you in Battle. Learn to stand up to Alpha commands and how to sense other genders around you with just a whiff of your nose.” Aizawa says and something in Denki is excited, happy. Although still nauseatingly scared and Denki is sure he’ll faint from all these emotions.

 He starts to cry. A little. It’s small stray tears that leak unto Bakugou’s clothed shoulder and little whimpers that leave Denki. 

  “God this is embarrassing. Look at me — crying! Over something as stupid as this. God Blasty will think I’m weak and he won’t want to hang out with me! Ugh, I’m playing into the Omega stereotype, I’m not a weak bitch.” Denki looks up, his anger eyes flashing in the false lighting.

 “You are both powerful.” Aizawa says, “You’re Omegas. So what? I believe you both have an incredible powers at your disposal that you just don’t know how to harness. You’re still learning more about your Quirks, pushing the breaks for them — This is just like that. I can help you.”




 Denki sniffles, “Really?” He can feel his emotions building and flowing, burning and boiling, twisting and turning and he knows that Bakugou feels the same… No, Katsuki feels the same. And Aizawa grins, almost victorious and proud.




 “Omegas shouldn’t be at the bottom. They should be standing side by side with the Alphas that said no. I’m proving that you can make it without anyone knowing. The question is, Can you do the same?” Aizawa asked and Katsuki smirks. Denki feels it burning and boiling like his quirks and it’s absolutely exhilarating how much he wants to use it.




 “When do we start, sensei?” Is all his pretty pink lips say and Katsuki can feel all the rage boiling inside set to a low simmer and he focused on Denki.

  Denki, who looked exhausted from the use of his quirk as a barrier and all the barrage of scents and emotions.

 Denki, who trusted him to defeat his principal, nurse and homeroom teacher with no problem, and wasn’t worried for his safety because Denki believed in him.

 “I’m taking him to his room.” Katsuki says as grabs Denki by his wrist to drag him out of the office.

 Recovery girl says, “Here.” She hands out two pills. One dark blue, one fiery red. “The red means Alpha and Blue means Beta. These pills will disguise your scents to either seem more Alpha or Beta-like. To your classmates, and other teachers — they will only see that. No Omega. I can give you a steady supply and suppressants, you’ll need to experience your first heat though.” She says, her eyes empathetic and she whispers, “But we can discuss that on another day. You both must be exhausted after all this. Go to the dorms, get some rest. Those pills will take a lot out of you after you swallow them.”

 Katsuki nods and takes both, shoving them in his uniform jacket pocket and proceeds to walk out of the room, dragging Denki behind him, without looking back.


 “Take this.” Bakugou hands Denki the blue pill as he lays him on his bed, “It’s the Beta pill. You’re gonna have to act like one, Dunce Face.” He growls and Denki swallows the pill dry.

 “You taken the Alpha pill?” Denki asked, groaning from the taste.

 “Not yet.” Bakugou says, strangely keeping mostly quite.

 “I don’t wanna be Omega.” Denki says, “Don’t wanna be oppressed and hated and all that.” He slurs, “Kinda wanna be normal.”



 It smells like Denki in this room, like rain during a storm and something strangely like vanilla but not quite — not quite the violent storm and not quite the sweet scent of a plant. Something different, almost dangerous in a sense. You fear what you can’t understand — can’t control. 

 Bakugou thinks that’s how many will view him as he changes. His body will stay the same as the others grow in size. His body will grow curves and he’ll grow a bigger chest area. His scent glands will grow larger and his scent will become almost as a beckoning call to any Alpha around but…

 He looks at Denki, who's already asleep. His deep blond hair covering half his face as he lightly snores into his pillow. It’s not even 7, he’ll likely miss dinner, but he’s sleeping so soundly that Bakugou doesn’t exactly want to wake him. The pill must take immediate effect because as quick as Denki’s scent had clouded around Bakugou, it turned into a gentle simmer, like a breeze in the wind. Just light enough to be a Beta scent, a faux-calm that only Beta can achieve.

 … Denki will be with him, he supposed. He was an idiot, a stupid, stupid, idiot who wanted to get stronger and help others and Bakugou knew that Denki was a good friend, a good person. He doesn’t think he minds that this is the other Omega around him. He doesn’t think he minds at all.

 And the pills should disguise any Omegan changes as Alpha changes. It can’t make him taller but it can slow down the unwanted changes toward his body and scent glands. They won’t be a noticeable change and soon, no one will even have a clue.



  Bakugou swallows the red pill immediately, and leaves the room, closing the door behind him softly. Today took a lot out of him and stomping feels like overkill.

 He can hear laughter from the common room, and the faint sounds of video games being played and he can’t help but want to be apart of it…

No. Those kids down there aren’t his friends. It’s dangerous to assume that they could be. All they’ll turn out to do is leave him to rot and the only person he could trust is…

 His mind, against better judgement, thinks of Denki, the only person who knows what he is. The person at the moment, he trusts the most right now. It might not be trust, but a false sense of security and relief that only Denki can offer as the only person in this class who shares his secret.


He turns back around and opens Denki’s door. He’ll sleep there tonight. The pill makes him see spots and he doesn’t really mind much because the door closed behind him, the smell of a Storm That Isn’t fills his nose and he’s lights out before he can blink.


 Waking up, is just a blur of events. It starts with Denki seeing his friend passed out near the foot of his bed, awkwardly as if he was kneeling on the floor and part of his body just fell onto the soft comforter. 

 He looks over at his alarm clock and sees the time and groans. It’s Friday. Shit — “Bakubro. Blasty. Kacchan. Katsuki. Wake up. ” He says as he throws a pillow at the other blond.

  The blond awakes with a dreary blink of his eyes, a yawn, and a “Wha—?” And it’s honestly the cutest fucking thing that Denki has witnessed to date. But his scent is different, it’s more potent and defined than yesterday in a way only Alpha’s could be.

 “Did you take the pill?”

 Bakugou looks sleepy and then alert, “Yeah. Don’t get worked up DunceFace.”

 Denki smiles, “I’m not don’t worry.” He yawns and flops back on his bed, he’s still in his uniform from yesterday, it’s wrinkled but wearable.

 Bakugou is in the same boat, as well. He growled in response and Denki watched in mild fascination as Bakugou had to physically clamp his mouth down to stop the noise.

 Denki smirked, “Trouble in Alpha Paradise?”

“Shut. Up.


  “I can’t wait for the results——”

 “I’m going to be an Alpha, I can feel it!”

 “Ugh, I’ll probably be a boring Beta.”

“Can’t wait for this! I just can’t!”

 The Class was buzzing with excitement and Aizawa stood just outside the entrance to the classroom door awaiting the arrival of the two blonds.

 “Alpha.” Bakugou said, them turned into the classroom, stomping all the way.

 Denki, poor soul, was left to explain that he had taken the Beta pill and Bakugou the Alpha. Aizawa nodded and walked into the classroom, Denki following closely behind. 

 “Alright, brats. I’m going to say the Alphas, then Betas. Okay?” He said and before any murmur of agreement he started, “Alphas are as follows: Midoriya, Iida, Aoyama, Uraraka, Mina, Kirishima, Shoji, Momo, Tokoyami, Todoroki, Ojiro, and Bakugou.” 

He paused to breathe, looking at the rest of the class. 

“Betas are as follows: Sero, Hagakure, Tsuyu, Koda, Jirou, Shinsou, Sato, and Kaminari.” He said and watched as many of his students breathed sighs of relief and cheered.

 “No Omegas.” He says, his eyes not giving anything away, refusing to look at Denki or Katsuki, and instead looking dead ahead at his entire class. “You may all talk amongst yourselves while I nap. Prepare for your classes — I know Midnight has a test today.”

 “Thank god there’s no Omegas, man.” He hears Sero sigh in relief.

 “I know right? No offense, but they’d get seriously hurt.” He hears someone else chime — he thinks it’s Tail Guy — Oji? Ojiro, was it?

“I can’t imagine an Omega in this class. If it was one of us… It’d kill me. I mean — what if they got hurt? Or raped? Or a villain took them? Like they took Bakugou? Oh god, It's absolutely horrifying.” He hears Round Face chime in.

 All Bakugou could hear was, What if an Omega dared to be here? If an Omega was one of us? That’d be an embarrassment. It'd be cruel to give them hope to be here. If they got hurt or raped? No more baby makers for us. If they got kidnapped like that weakling Bakugou, It’s probably the end for Hero society. It’s absolutely horrifying.

 Bakugou clenched his fists underneath his table, leaving red fingernail marks in his palms, and he resisted the urge to scream. He could hear their whispers about Omega kind — His kind. 

  Deku was an Alpha? Shitty Deku? The coward who followed him around as a child? The weakling who begged to stand by Katsuki’s side? To fight with him?

 God no. Oh dear god, please no. He begged as he heard congrats being spoken about newly acquired Alpha statuses and Deku cheerily talking about how glad he is.


 And he almost threw up when Sero and Kirishima walked up to congratulate their friend on becoming an Alpha that he wasn’t. A title he couldn’t claim because it was a lie. (A lie, and he wanted to burn because he hated liars and he hated being a hypocrite).

  Excusing himself to Aizawa as he walked by him and went to the bathroom.

 He stomped on the ground, leaving a trail of anger and hatred and fear and pain as he went to the bathroom, locking the door and proceeding to back against the door to cry.

Knock, Knock.


Not a word.


Don’t make a peep.

“. . . Katsuki?”

 Katsuki stands up to let the blond, Denki, in. 

 (He’s letting someone in, again — someone who understands, someone who doesn’t think he’s weak)

 He quietly cried while Denki wrapped his smaller arms around the male. Because he was the omega. He, was the weakling. He would always be one step behind shitty useless fucking Deku. He would never compare to the idiocy that he held. Deku, was the chosen one. The one who would win it all, the underdog. 

 “It’s not fair. It’s not… It’s not fair.” He repeated, sobbing and hiccuping through his words and Denki nodded his head and shushed Bakugou like he was a baby to cradle and hug, and Bakugou almost pushed Denki away but it felt nice and he melted in his arms almost instantly.

He looks up to hold Bakugou’s face. Each hand on his cheeks, smushed them together. 

 “It’s alright. It’s alright. It’s not fair — but we’ll make them see that we’re going to be heroes! We’re going to be the best damn heroes this schools ever seen.” He says urgently and without question the most confidence, looking Bakugou in the eyes while he says it.

  Bakugou was sick of it.

So sick in fact, that he punched the wall, and the tiles underneath his now bloody fist cracked. He growled, if Deku thought he could be ahead of Katsuki? If he was better than him now? He’d show him.

 Katsuki may be a damned baby making fucking Omega — but he was gonna be the first damned baby making Omega to be Number One. And he was gonna do so, with a smile on his face and kicking Deku into the dirt.

… Maybe he’d bring Denki with him to the top. (He thinks as Denki and him sway in their one-sided hug but reciprocated feelings, both wanting to feel like more, to feel like they can be more than want society wants, to be better than those who think otherwise.)

— However, he would have to settle for Number Two Pro. Or, Three — Kirishima nor Todoroki’s powers are powerful. Deku can’t beat Todoroki, yet. Maybe he could to Kirishima. But Deku would never beat him. Denki could probably take Kirishima, but when he’s able to beat Todoroki? Oh, that’ll be fun to watch.

Bakugou will make sure of that by training harder. He’ll let Aizawa have his fun and try to topple society’s standards and rules and unspoken and unwritten laws — but he’ll make sure he gets his way. He’ll make sure Denki gets his way too.

 The Omegas will rise with the tide and the Alphas will fall like waves, underneath them. And Denki will be with him, the blond is nothing if not loyal to a fault — same as Katsuki. They know each other’s secret now. There’s no turning back.

 They’re gonna do this together, whether they’re aware of it or not, This can only end one way.

 With Omegas at the top, and the Alphas having to watch in silent horror as the people they hate, despite and force to be their baby making slaves and their own personal sex toys — stand right beside them, as Equals.

 Equals. Or as Kings. Either or is fine with Katsuki.


 Bakugou backs up, to see Denki’s eyes flash a dangerous golden amber that looks ready to kill and maim and to take back their rights and their lives. He sees an ocean made of lightning and power full of Omega. And somewhere deep in his cold, dark, evil, shriveled, heart… he feels happy. 

 Denki will be a powerful force to be reckoned with. And so will he. Together they’ll take the Alpha world by storm.

 (Katsuki doesn’t realize yet but Denki is thinking the exact same as him)


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 ii. feel the chemicals kicking in



    HUGGING was kinda nice — weird but nice, even though the pair of blondes had long since stopped and began walking back to the classroom to grab their bags before heading to the next period. They had settled into… hand holding.

 It went like this, Bakugou had calmed down, slowly. Kaminari had gotten him to stop crying and convinced him that they should go and get their bags. Aizawa was right, they had a test today in Midnight’s. Kaminari didn’t study so Bakugou would advise him on key notes he needed as they walked.

 Bakugou didn’t realize how close Kaminari was until he could feel the smaller blond press against his side. Kaminari didn’t seem to really notice the change at all in how close they were — but Kaminari was touchy-feely and kinda oblivious before they presented as Omegas. So, Bakugou couldn’t really voice frustrations on something that had already been there to begin with — it'd be weird for him to have a problem with it now, after all that Kaminari had done for him

  Kaminari leaned his head on Bakugou’s upper arm, near his shoulder, and Bakugou didn’t stop talking, loud and clear about what Midnight’s test was about. He didn’t stop until—

 Kaminari loops his hand with Bakugou’s. Intertwined their fingers, different shades of skin— one paler than the other, and it feels nice. Kaminari’s hands feel soft but Bakugou can feel the energy beneath it. To Kaminari, Bakugou’s hands are calloused on the outside and soft on some parts in the palm — strangely enough, he expected the opposite considering, his explosions develop from his palms.

  Bakugou doesn’t comment on that. Kaminari assumes it’s because he doesn’t mind — but they’ve been friends for over a year now, so he thinks it’s okay to touch his friend a little. But he’ll start slow, no matter how touch starved Bakugou is.

 Bakugou makes a strange noise that sounds like a strangled cat when Kaminari starts rubbing his thumb on the outside of Bakugou’s hands. When Bakugou glared, Kaminari smiles like a madman. 

 Kaminari starts to swing their hands slightly, to lighten up the mood. Bakugou obviously doesn’t know how to work physical touch and voicing his thoughts or feelings. 

 Bakugou doesn’t stop him, not exactly. After a while, right before they make it to the classroom, he slips his hand away. Kaminari assumes it’s because he’s embarrassed of holding hands with another boy like they’re dating — it’s not and Bakugou makes this clear.

 “You shouldn’t touch me for long periods of time. I can get you sick.” He says.

 “What do you mean?”

“Sweat’s nitroglycerin. Hurts people. Poisonous in large doses. If I sweat while touching you or I swear up and then I touch ya’...” Bakugou trails off, “S’better if I don’t touch people. In extreme cases, you go to the hospital, get really sick and miss school for a week or two.” He trails off, “It’s not a big deal, I have this pill I take for it, but I just needed to warn you.”

 “How… How do you know this for a fact?”

Bakugou doesn’t answer for a moment. The bell rings and Bakugou opens the door before saying, “Happened to someone I used to care for once.”

 Kaminari thinks it’s obvious what happened, as he trails his eyes to the green eyed boy talking animatedly to a cheerful brunette. He thinks Bakugou loves too hard and got hurt, needed to keep someone away and it backfired.

 He thinks Bakugou loved so much until he couldn’t and he didn’t understand and kept coming back and Bakugou decided to push until he couldn’t push anymore.

 He thinks it’s obvious. Bakugou bullied him, but in a way, he still loved him. It was clear to anyone, the way in which Bakugou loved him was unclear — it wouldn’t be clear for a long time as long as they didn’t talk to each other.

 He thinks it’s obvious how much Bakugou cares.

He thinks it’s obvious how hard Bakugou can love if he allows himself to.

 It’s obvious what happened… even if Bakugou himself can not see it.


 So the test for Midnight was easy. Okay it was super hard but if Denki tells Bakugou that, it’s game over. It’s lunch now, no longer Ectoplasm’s class (that guy talks for literally ever), and it’s crowded and loud and he thinks Bakugou might be overwhelmed.

 They’re Omegas. With pills that make them seem Beta and Alpha, respectively. Everyone presented a week ago but after a week, the sense of smell increases and you can smell everything and everyone. Katsuki may seem Alpha, but he’s truly an Omega and just like Kaminari the smell may be sensory overload.

 Kaminari sat directly next to him, simultaneously taking the only available seat next to Bakugou, leaving Kirishima out and only allowing them to be next to each other.

 “Hey… You okay? The smells kinda hurt my nose too.” Kaminari whispers. “Not too much, don’t worry, Beta pill kinda makes the smell dull. But it’s a lot of them clashing and mixing.”

“S’Fine. I’m cold.” He whispers back. “Alpha pills are weird, the smell doesn’t bother me too much, but all the Alpha’s — I can smell them. It’s easier for me to navigate around them.”

 Kaminari nods. 

“If you’re cold and that means no sweat… Can I touch you?” It’s like walking on eggshells. Explosive eggshells. It’s having to make sure a friend is comfortable and safe and happy.

 “S’fine — Don’t blame me when you end up in a fucking hospital.” Bakugou says and that’s what Kirishima, Sero, Mina, Shinsou, and Jirou all hear as they watch Kaminari smile.

  “Oh No!”  They think and Kirishima rushes to intercept what might be Kaminari’s death when they see Kaminari cuddle into Bakugou, expecting Bakugou to yell about how he wanted his personal space.

 What they don’t expect is for Bakugou to allow the touch. He doesn’t say no, nor does he immediately retract himself. He lets Kaminari cuddle into his left shoulder and side and Bakugou has to resist the urge to wrap his left arm around Kaminari’s shoulder. 

 Kaminari doesn’t approve — he wants Bakugou to open up just a bit more, “You coward if we’re going to cuddle we’re going to do it right!” He challenged and Bakugou growled.

 “What did you say you fucking punk!?”

 Kaminari takes this opportunity to wrap Bakugou’s left arm around his waist, “There. That’s better.” He mutters as he gets all comfortable and snug. Bakugou is blushing and glaring.

 “Awe don’t make that face! You just look cute, not intimidating anymore.”

“Fuck you.”

“No thanks.” Kaminari giggles as he eats his lunch, Bakugou groaning before leaning on his right side toward the wall, to take a quick nap. 

  The booth they were in, was facing the wall where Deku Squad sits, so Bakugou had a full view of watching bubbly pure teenagers interacting. Gross. No wonder he wanted a little nap.

  He kept noticing that Midoriya and Todoroki gazes kept falling on them. Mostly Todoroki. It was weird, and Denki glared back at them.

 “Denki?” Kirishima asked startling his friend, very terrified and definitely worried for the thing he is witnessing, as he sees his two best friends — who normally never do this — are cuddling in the booth, where they eat.

 Kirishima sat across from the two blonds. Mina sat on his right, with Sero after her. Jirou and Shinsou sat on the side with Kaminari and Bakugou, both being on the smaller side with their bodies, they fit easily.

 The “Deku Squad” consisting of Midoriya, Uraraka, Iida, Tsuyu, Momo, and Todoroki seemed to be looking over curiously, again. And Kaminari can’t help his growl that falls from his lips, it’s weird for sure — he’s oddly possessive of Bakugou. Most of them had left, and all that was left at the table was Todoroki and Deku — who weren’t subtle about the staring. 

 When Kaminari catches them looking he growls, low and feral and a promise of a smack-down before lunch is over. Kirishima watches in jaw dropping shock as Kaminari growls at Midoriya and Todoroki.

“Got something to say?” Kaminari asked, loud enough for the other two across the room to hear and most of them look embarrassed


 Midoriya looks both embarassed and confused and Todoroki doesn’t seem fazed by it. 


“Oh no.” Mina says.


 “We all see this right? I’m not going crazy right? This is happening?” Sero asked Jirou, who mumbled a “This is fucking mental. But I’m cheering Kami on.”


 “Get your shit together, Kami.” Shinsou whispers, and watched a quirk of Kaminari’s lips.


“Yeah.” Mina whispered. “But what are you doing?”

 Kaminari, who doesn’t take his eyes off of the two boys and their group of friends only ten feet away from the table he sits at, smirks before saying to his friends, “Nothing.”


Kaminari in snuggles closer to Bakugou, practically in his lap — well, now he is in his lap. Bakugou groans before maneuvering his arms so they’re around Kaminari’s waist, not waking up for a second, almost as if he’s moving subconsciously.

 “And look at that”, Shinsou amusedly says to his friends as Denki glares, “He’s flipping them off. What a grand day this’ll be.”

 Kaminari had indeed raised his middle fingers while looking at Deku Squad, obviously teasing, “Got something to say over there? Cause you’re staring.” He says loud enough for them to hear.

 “No, um, No, Kaminari-kun, sorry for disrupting your lunch.” Midoriya apologizes as Kaminari raises a brow.

 “Great.” He semi-yelled. “Now fuck off.” He waves with one hand, while he flips them off with the other, his grin is blindingly bright, it’s a little unsettling how… protective? Possessive? Unhinged?

 It was scary, almost to the point where Kirishima was willing to take him to Recovery Girl to see if this was an effect of a quirk. Of course, the Alpha didn’t see it how Kaminari saw it. 

 To Kaminari, Izuku and Shouto were looking st Katsuki in a way that looked too intimate to be a simple curious glance. When they looked over, for Izuku, the curious look was almost dangerous and made all his Omega senses go off — blaring red sirens.

 Todoroki, too. His gaze was just as curious and just as threatening. 

 Omegas don’t like threats. Whether they meant it or not. The Beta pill dulled his Omegan senses a little, only a little, but only the ones that made him want to growl and bite and snap and maim and kill those Alpha bastards who even look at his Katsuki—

Whoa. Denki thinks, This isn’t me. What the hell? He isn’t possessive and Katsuki isn’t an object for him to just claim! This is some really freaky bullshit.

 Denki zones out before hissing to his table, from Bakugou’s lap, “What the hell did I just do? Holy shit, something is so wrong with me — Oh my god.” He rambles, deep breaths and Mina worriedly, holds his hand.

 “Babe. Babe, it’s okay. We are here for you. Do you want to see Recovery Girl?” Mina reassures, Alpha pheromones making her seem comforting. Denki smiles, and mutters a yes.

 “I-I’ll take Blasty with me. We were planning on going anyway.” He says before waking Bakugou up. “Blasty, get up.” 

 Bakugou groans and sits up, yawning, and Denki coos, “C’mon, Walk me to Recovery Girl’s?” He asked and Bakugou cracks his neck to relieve tension, and nods.

 “Um, see you guys later?” Denki smiles, Lunch would be over in 30 anyway. 

 Shinsou and Jirou murmur a goodbye as they watch their blonds leave the lunchroom without looking back, Arms interlocked like they didn’t want to leave the other.

 “That was weird right?” Sero whispers to Kirishima.

 “ So weird.” Kirishima agreed.

 “What’s going on with them?” Shinsou asked as Jirou chomped on her rice.

 “We’ll figure it out!” Mina says but her stomach grumbles and she looks at her unfinished assignment for Present Mic’s class in two periods.

 “... Tomorrow, we’ll figure it out.” She promised and Jirou laughs.


 Ochako and Tsuyu leave — they both needed extra tutoring in Present Mic’s. They had him after lunch since their schedules are different on Monday’s and Friday’s when they have Hero Course training.

 Iida decided to spend the remainder of lunch with Yuuga and his friends, much to the sparkling blonde’s joy.

But Yuuga seems to have gone…? Who knows where — that boy is secretly a cryptid.

And Momo went to Bakugou’s table to flirt with Jirou, after Bakugou and Kaminari had left, mind you.

“What’s wrong with you?” Todoroki demands, “Bloody hell, when I said be discreet, I meant it.” He says, eyes wide and his hand carding through his hair.

 “I’m sorry — it’s just… You mentioned Kacchan and—”

“Yes, yes, I remember someone even mentions Bakugou and you lose all logic or reasoning, we get it.” Todoroki sighs and Izuku looks embarrassed.

“I was just trying to point out that he looked out of place…” Todoroki whispers to his friend, “He looked overwhelmed, and bloody hell his eyes looked reddish in the corners like he had been crying.”

 Izuku sighed, “I noticed it too, Denki seemed overwhelmed almost as well? I suppose after everything, they have the right. Today was exhausting, we find out our secondary genders and are then thrust back into school work and preparation for our Hero class. We have no idea how to work our way around smell, Alpha voices or commands, hearing — we’re barely able to do a Midnight essay on time, let alone handle this! Oh god, what if this is what Kacchan’s feeling!? Oh no, I should apologize to Denki for making them uncomfortable by staring, I probably drew attention to it——”

 “Midoriya. Izuku. Breathe.” Todoroki instructs, “It’s fine. You didn’t mean it, and it’s okay. You can apologize later after we figure out what’s wrong with them and if we can help in anyway.”

 “You’d do that for Kacchan?”

“Of course. Me and Him and Denki may not be good friends, but they are my classmates. Despite us not talking often and Bakugou and me mostly fighting each other, I think of all my classmates as a family.” Todoroki admits, his monotone voice setting back into place. Izuku gives a timid smile.

 “Ah. I’m glad. Don’t worry, I’ll help.” Deku promises.


“Ah! There you are!” Recovery Girl exclaims, her wrinkled face pulling a smile at the edges. “I forgot to explain the side effects of the pills earlier.”

“You don’t say, ya old hag!?” Bakugou growls, “Sparky is freaked out, and I feel weird too!”

“You do?” Recovery Girl asked, “How so? Your pill effects aren’t that’s severe, if anything, it’s the easiest to disguise.”

“I feel more relaxed and fucking tired and I don’t like it.” 

“.... You’re fine.”

“What!? No I’m not — Fix me, ya old hag!”

“Kaminari-kun, Are you feeling well? The Beta pill transfer is the hardest to do, I should know — Me having to use it and create it.”

“Don’t ignore me!” Bakugou growled and Denki smiles before replying.


“Yes, the Betas are unusually calm and are essentially peacemakers y’know? For Omegas to pretend to be them, it takes a lot of time for the pill to work — especially when Omega’s are typically very emotional, Beta’s are more calm and collected. You’re Omegan instincts will warp more to accommodate the pill. In short, you’ll experience mood swings. Bakugou because you chose Alpha, your hormones are warped to make you more... Alpha like, it’s not a huge difference in terms of emotions and your body hasn’t physically started to resemble an Omega’s so you’re fine , you’ll be sleepier and all that, but because of your regular personality I’m not sure it’ll affect you in a huge way.” Recovery Girl explains and Bakugou raised a brow.

“What’s that supposed to mean, hag!?”

“What it means, child, is that you are fine!” She says and Bakugou pouts, similar to that of a child whose getting scolding and turns his head to the side, “Honestly, you are just like Aizawa when he was a student here!” She says, irked.

 Bakugou growls in retaliation before Denki laughs, “I’m glad. These side effects won’t last too long right? I growl at anyone even remotely near Blasty!”

Recovery Girl gives a hoot as if their teenage misery is funny to her (it probably is, that old hag) Bakugou thinks.

 “The effects will wear off the more you take the pills. Those pills are a 48hr type of pill, and I modified them myself. After your heat, I’ll give you suppressants. Even though the test happened, Omegas don’t truly present until after their heat. It’s a painful experience, and these pills won’t help at all. We’ll get you to a safe space for you to have your heat — or if you’re more comfortable at home, you can do that.” Recovery Girl offers.


 The Omega’s smile. They were okay.


“Blasty? Blasty!”

“Oh god…”

“Call Nedzu!”

“Blasty, please! Oh god, Blasty wake up! Wake up!”

“— someone call an ambulance!”

“No, I’ll take him!”

“Don’t Touch him! Blasty, please—”



Chapter Text

iii. training time


— probably Kaminari Denki sometime during this newest chapter.


    “SHIT!” Denki curses, “Shit! Shit! Shitfuck!” He screams as he runs down to the common room like a maniac, pulling his pants up, hopping around on one foot like a madman.

 His school uniform shirt is barely over his head, and he’s fumbling as he hops and he falls on the ground, his shoes in one hand and his notebook and pencil in the other, gym bag strewn over his chest, the strap loose and dangling.

 He flips and falls and flails like mad and the watchers of the scene are genuinely concerned. The viewers are Mina Ashido, Aoyama, Momo, Iida, and Kirishima — the only ones up at this time of day. Mina because she does what she wants; Aoyama has a strict beauty regime for when he gets up and works out; Kirishima trains from 4 to 5:30 before he sits in the living room for an hour or two waiting for breakfast; Momo starts her day off at 5AM and Iida as class rep makes it his mission to start off the day bright and early.

Momo was on the phone, her expression darkening and she even flinched at some of the muffled words through the phone.

 “Um, Denki? You good bro?” Kirishima asked where he saw his friend on the ground of the kitchen, looking defeated and tired and overall? Dead.

 “No.” His muffled voice came from the floor.

“The fuck are you doing on the floor, shitty spark?” Bakugou asked, yanking him up by his collar, “Get the fuck up and get out of my way.”

“Sorry, Blasty.” He huffs

“We don’t have school today stupid.”

“We… we don’t?”

Bakugou slaps a palm to his face and groans. “No you fucking dumbass.” He groans, it masks his pain for the most part, he wraps a toned arm around his stomach, to hold himself up.

The cramps are getting worse, Denki noticed. They were so close to their heats, and it was coming quick and fast and it’d be hard to have excuses to leave school at the same time. 

Most of the viewers excuse themselves from the scene, having other things to do on a Saturday than watch Bakugou and Denki argue, except for Kirishima and Momo, apparently.

 The smell of an angry Alpha floods the room and Denki and Bakugou gag. It’s putrid, and terrifyingly strong. Choking them. It smelled like perfume, but instead of a floral scent, it smelled like tropical fruit — Yaomomo’s scent.

“Oh I’m so sorry!” Ponytail tried to tune it down, but she couldn’t keep the scent down too long, being a newly presented Alpha and all.

“It’s just… I got some offhand comment from my mom saying it wasn’t ladylike of me to be an Alpha, and that I should’ve been something more respectable with my nature —— as if I can control what my secondary gender is?” She said, forgetting to be polite or respectable and looking inches away from her breaking point.

“Um, Momo… Come here, let’s calm you down.” Denki says, smoothly. He grabs her hand and leads her to the kitchen, where Bakugou already has breakfast running.

 He hands her some tea and some pancakes…? They tasted delicious and like matcha, and it reminded her of—

“Oh! Bakugou-kun, are these crepes?” She asked, blushing, “They’re so good!” She smiles and Bakugou stammered and blushed.

“Fuck off, o-of course they’re good, I made them!” He huffs and Denki tuts.

“Excuse him, he’s a brat, but he has a hard time showing that he appreciates that you like his cooking.” Denki smiles, “And don’t be too upset over losing your cool, sometimes it’s just natural.”

Momo gives a grateful smile, “Thanks, Kaminari.”

“Momo, it’s been a year already just call us by our names. Or nicknames like Kirishima does if you want.” Denki offers.

Momo gives another smile before taking her plate and tea before hurrying off upstairs to her room.

“Wow, that was so manly!” Kirishima says, “You guys are amazing!”

Bakugou scoffs, “It’s whatever.”

Denki nudged him in the side and spoke to Kirishima, telling him that anyone could’ve done it if they were around, they were just doing what friends would do.

Kirishima excused himself to go to the bathroom and Bakugou and Denki took that as their chance to get out and meet Aizawa.


“Ah, you finally decided to show.” Aizawa states, blandly.

Denki fidgets in his spot, obviously, not liking standing still for too long, he really just wanted to learn how to kick Alpha ass, not to be caught in a monotonous rant by their teacher.

 Bakugou seems indifferent, “S’not like we expected it to be this early.”

“You should’ve.” 

Denki cowers in shame.

“The reason why being unmated, young, omega’s with as dangerous powers as you have are because in situations where you’re cornered by an older Alpha or Beta, who is threatening you or attempting to mate you in a forceful manner, your quirks increase in power by tenfold — no, twenty. You can cause catastrophic consequences. Remember the Villain, Dark Spark? She was an omega who was stationed in the police station, one of the convicts threatened to rape her and cornered her. No policemen around. Her wail was so loud people claimed that they could hear it three blocks down. Her sparks set a large fire and she killed ten people, harming over thirty. One was in a coma for over a month. She was an omega in secret but without proper training she let her emotions take over and she harmed lots of people.”

 Denki looked down. “Oh.”

“That… sucks.” Bakugou says, probably just as speechless as Denki.

“Well anyway — Lesson one is going to be Endurance. Three stages, Physical, Mental, Emotional. Physical is how long you can withstand against an Alpha’s attack. Mental, is how you deal with mental attacks that Beta and Alpha alike will use to receive sympathy or loyalty. Lastly, emotional… It’s a vague subject but Alpha’s have their own pheromones which can overpower Omega and Beta. It could count as Physical but it can be emotionally traumatic for Omega’s, especially ones who have to be on the end of it.” Aizawa says, blandly.

It leaves a bitter taste in Denki’s mouth. It’s almost enough to make him sick.

Bakugou speaks up, “How much thought did you put in these lessons?”

Aizawa blinks.

“None. I just made them up on the spot.”

Bakugou hums. Denki can’t tell if he’s joking.

He doesn’t know the Alpha that will do these things… teach them or use their commands — considering the only three who know are not Alphas. Denki hopes it’s not a pro-hero, that’s just give him nightmares. If it’s a civilian, that’s also probably bad. He doesn’t really know but he kinda hoped they’d start out small, like stretching or mental preparation or basics.

Denki, stupid as fucking always — goes, and I shit you not — “This sounds super easy . Me and Blasty will have it in less than an hour, tops!”

( The universe, ear caught by the loud mouthed blond saying the word ‘easy’ had thought that sounded like a bit of a challenge. The universe, if you didn’t already know , is a bit of an asshole .)

They got right into the ready-to-fight-Alpha-bullshit combat training real quick.

But Trainer-Aizawa is completely different than Teacher-Aizawa. Teacher-Aizawa is more slow, he takes time to teach the basics and learn the work before throwing you to the gully. But Trainer Aizawa?

Oh boy .

Trainer Aizawa enjoys their pain and suffering and makes it his personal mission to throw them to the gully first, vaguely explain what’s happening, and start actually explaining later.

It was terrifying and Denki had never been more stressed out in his life.

Bakugou however seemed to thrive in the unpredictability of it. His only response was “Villains, Alphas, Betas… They won’t stop and give us a miniature lesson on how they’re going to take advantage of us. It’s better to shut up, experience and learn than to fucking prepare for something that’s not happening in the real world.”

Aizawa Shouta is pretty much a badass, Denki figures. He matches Bakugou’s speed in close combat without the use of his quirk at all. Bakugou is strong and fast too, but not fast enough as Aizawa’s leg sweeps down.

Bakugou jumps out of the way with a smirk but doesn’t see Aizawa’s move that hits him on his back and lands him face down onto the ground.

“Cool.” Denki mutters

“You were too focused on my leg you didn’t see my arms or my upper body position behind you. Focus on other surroundings as well, hyper focus isn’t the best when it’s only on one thing. You have ADHD don’t you?” Aizawa asked.

Bakugou groaned from the ground, “Yeah so fucking what?”

“Hm. What about you Denki?” Aizawa shouts


“Do you take prescription drugs?”

“Addy, I guess.”

“Same here.”

“Stop taking that, it could clash with the pills Recovery Girl is having you take. When you come for training tomorrow, I expect you to be sharp. I’ll discuss with Chiyo what you should do.”

“Yeah, Yeah. Fucking got it.”

“Denki! Come over now, it’s your turn.” Aizawa gives a devilish grin.

“Oh for fucks sake—”

 Denki does well, but doesn’t last as long as Bakugou. He attempts to copy what he witnessed Bakugou do but his proportions were all wrong. His body isn’t as muscled as Bakugou and he was skinnier, his body wasn’t going to be able to take hits as well if he had nothing to block with.

Aizawa then explains the faults with both of their first tries. He isn’t gentle when explaining nor sympathetic. He is upfront and serious, and makes a point to lock his gaze on them both as he says it, he doesn’t give a single shit how they feel.

Aizawa also thinks that he should tell them to go and freshen up and that the training days will only get longer from this point out. His facade of uninterest fading only slightly when he noticed them wincing from cramps. He remembers those terrible cramps and hates them with a passion, so he pats them on their foreheads and tells them to “go and do your homework or something.”


 “Hey guys!” Kirishima greeted when they came back, in the kitchen. The blender was filled with something that looked blue and if the gym bag on the floor, and blue food dye on the counter was anything to go by, Kirishima was making himself a protein shake.

That’s nice. That’s normal. He usually does that when he has time and isn’t feeling like eating a huge dinner.

So… please forgive Denki … but would anyone, fucking anyone, like to explain why in the seven circles of Hell, Kirishima Eijirou thought walking around without a shirt might be a good thing?

Anyone want to give it a go? Just give Denki a little reasoning.




“Kiri… why don’t you have a shirt on?”

 Kirishima was strong, we knew that. But his muscles have been… growing, to say the least. Well — Kirishima was growing. Alpha’s grow more to fill their nature, bigger and stronger and faster, so they look the part. Kirishima’s entire chest seemed to be big enough for Denki and Katsuki to rest their pretty heads on, and the muscles seemed hard and glistening with sweat on his upper shoulder and lower chest, probably just sweat from an early workout routine that hasn’t dried.

Kirishima flexes his muscles, “My quirk kinda ruins shirts and plus it was hot out.” Bakugou looks away, his face red-hot and Denki looking thirty seconds from a complete blackout.

“It’s almost February ?” 

“In the gym room.”

“Again, I reiterate: It's almost February...?”

Kirishima sighed, and turned around leaving Denki and Katsuki to stare at his back muscles and slightly wish  for different things.

Denki, wanted Kirishima to put a shirt on before he jumps his bones.

Katsuki, not aware of feelings at all was just shocked that now of all times he found Kirishima very attractive and those back muscles were kinda killing him.

Kirishima took his blue protein shake and smiled, “Well, I’m heading over to my room, call if I’m needed!”

Katsuki bites his bottom lip, Do the pre-heat symptoms make you horny? Was that just him? Did anyone else see how hot he was? Katsuki thinks he’s going insane.

“We both saw the same thing, right?” Katsuki asked.

“I believe so, yes.”

“Well, we’re going to grab some water and head to my room. If I stay down here any longer I’ll combust.”


 “That was… intense.”

“The training?”



“Seemed too easy.”

“Blasty. Kacchan. Bro. No.

“We need to train outside of his authority so we can show him we’re learning.” Katsuki offers. “Not to mention, if Deku is an Alpha and so is CandyCane and Eiji — I need to show them up! I need to be twice as strong, No! — four times as strong as them! You do too, you aren’t gon’ be a Pro-Hero if you don’t put in the work, especially when we’re Omegas!” Bakugou was getting hyped up, bouncing in his place, his feet couldn’t keep him down.

“I can’t fucking wait! Show these pieces of shits what we got! Watch them have some Alpha-dominance battle over the classroom because Alpha’s are stupid knot-heads and they try to command us and we don’t back down!” Katsuki almost looks giddy, it’s almost kinda scary, if Denki hadn’t have been friends with him for almost two years, he’d probably think nothing was wrong with Bakugou being “giddy”

“No! I refuse! Besides where would we go?” 

“... We could always go to——”


“Fine, how about——”

“Definitely no.”

“We can’t go anywhere else!”

“I think we can possibly train here.”

“...are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“...that depends on your answer.”


Denki smiles in victory, getting the king of stubbornness to agree to training with him on secluded grounds on school property was like finding a nearly invisible pin in a void of darkness.

“God, these cramps are killing me.” Katsuki complains, leaning over on Denki to support himself. Denki stops smiling.

“I think the y’know ... are y’know lining up.” He says, dumbly.

“Obviously, fucking dipshit.”

“Will we spend our heat together? I’ve read articles where Omegas spend their heats with other Omegas and it helps if they don’t want to be knotted or mated, yet. Or they’re an omegan couple.”



Katsuki thinks for a few seconds, “No…” He says cautiously but without hesitation, “I’ve already made plans. My mom’s house is a good place for me for this heat, at least my first one. And I got permission from Nedzu, already.” 

Denki nods, “Okay, I’m staying here. Maybe you can say you’re taking care of your mom and I’ll lie and say it’s for my Hero internship or I’m sick.”

 Katsuki looks away and starts muttering something about “fucking Deku.”

“Y’know if you just admit that Midoriya as a buff Alpha turns you on a little perhaps some of this rage toward him would y’know go away?”

“Shut up !” Katsuki screeched.

“I’m serious! Like you’d be way less aggressive toward him and still competitive but you wouldn’t constantly feel like this! C’mon, indulge a little, ‘magine Deku with strong arms and they kinda like wrap around you. Even if you don’t like Deku that way, the cuddles would be amazing. Oh, we should see if Kiri’s biceps get bigger or his hugs get nicer. Like protective Alpha style. Like Alpha’s are assholes, but Kiri isn’t an asshole so it’s probably okay to be somewhat turned on by him.” Denki says, leaning back on Katsuki’s bed and babbling over how most of their classmates would be able to get taller and look stronger and they would be one day be stuck short and with baby-making curves that Bakugou’s not sure if he’s excited about that.

 Bakugou felt jealous, he knew that he felt it. Painful this in his chest when he realized that he couldn’t be an Alpha, but it was overpowered by the desire to give it all his worth to be one of two of the best Omegas on Earth.

“I don’t like Deku. But Eiji’s hugs might get better from experience not from Alpha genes.” Katsuki comments, dryly.

 Despite everything. First day of training, and just the overwhelming amount of pressure they were under, Katsuki had a feeling that he and Denki were gonna make it on the long road to heroism!

“Oh my god, I’m gonna boy crazy during my heat.” Denki whined, “You just saw me basically eye fucking a mental version of jacked Kiri — I am beyond screwed, oh my god.”

Okay, they probably might have some major roadblocks in the way of that...