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The sun is slowly starting to peek out from behind the hills when Namjoon wakes up. It's getting colder but the sunshine feels warm on his naked body. When he looks outside he can see the green tea fields being illuminated by the golden shine. It's eerily quiet this early in the morning but Namjoon had long gotten used to the quiet life of the little temple.


He doesn't hurry to bind the protection charms his decreased parents have gifted him around his body. Every morning he's fascinated by how beautiful the golden charms, chains, and rings look pressed against his tanned skin. He loves this part of the morning the most. Getting ready for his day, remembering the heritage of his ancestors and showing respect to his family's traditions. Their bodies are buried near the temple and when Namjoon's time has come to part his way from the living he will be buried beside them.


The traditional clothes they wear in the temple grounds hideaway the protection charms and most of the bare skin. Namjoon enjoys the way the pretty silk feels against his body and marvels every time he sees the black fabric wrapped around his body. It makes him feel beautiful and cherished by his gods to wear their clothing with pride. Namjoon had grown up here in the hills, had watched wonders happening and had always seen the spirits wandering around in the woods surrounding the temple. This was his home, his safe haven and he loved it here. Could never imagine living in the big cities, living the fast life and abandoning his religion.


Every morning he comes down to the small river, that flows along the tea fields next to the temple. He had always loved this place. He used to play by the river with other kids and was given his first charm here. His grandmother handing him the heavy chain with fear in her eyes that Namjoon didn't quite understand. She had been cryptic about the usage but she had always been a bit confused. Had seen so many visions that sometimes she didn't know what was reality, dream or vision.


It's a peaceful place. At least it used to be. Most days he would just sit there in the morning and wonder. Sometimes he would say his morning prayers next to the river, knees pressed against the fresh grass and eyes directed towards the wandering spirits in the woods. If he could bring them a bit of peace by praying for them he would do so. Some of them repaid them with growing beautiful flowers, giving them a great harvest or letting it rain when the humans living in the temple needed it.


On other days he had gone to the graves that lay further down the stream and talked to his ancestors. They couldn't respond but Namjoon often felt their answers in nature. Felt the wind spike up and settle around his body. Felt the heat of the sun and the coldness of the rain dripping against his skin. He came to them with his worries, his dreams and talked about the development of the little temple. Fewer and fewer people came to join their community and Namjoon was the only head of their little temple and often felt like he couldn't live up to his parent's expectations. When he leaves his little room he sees all the other doors still closed. All of his brothers still sleeping and he feels a warmness spread around his chest. All of them save at home and sleeping. He loves them all so much.


Today he wants to go to the river as well. The reason, however, is a bit different. He wants to listen to the heart-wrenching song, that halls eerily in the morning hours. The one that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere and had stuck in Namjoon's mind since then. Even more, he wants to see the creature that sits by the river and sings it. The boy that smells like lust and sin. Or rather who he had thought was a boy. The creature breathed, spoke and giggled like a human being. He wasn't human though. Namjoon had found out pretty fast that he might look like a human from afar but that he was not.


In fact, he had felt the air getting static when their eyes had met for the first time. His eyes... They were the prettiest he had ever seen. Prettier than the one from the girls that visited their little temple and even prettier than any drawing in any book he had ever read. They were the darkest and largest eyes he had ever seen. They reminded him of doe eyes, beautiful black and Namjoon felt like he could get lost in them. Only one thing was special about them. There was no white in them. They looked like two black holes that could swallow him whole if he just looked into his eyes long enough. Namjoon had never been this fascinated by something. Never been this obsessed to study something before.


He spends weeks after seeing him for the first time researching about black eyes. They looked like the ones he had seen in the ancient drawings that were smeared against the temple walls but that could surely not be it. After all, they told the story of a demon haunting God's favorite soul until they gave themselves over to him. Until they couldn't endure the grief, horror, and lust the demon brought with it anymore. A story his grandmother told him every night until she died. A story so upsetting he had woken up from nightmares and having wet his bed more often than he can count.


It could surely not be that kind of demon. After all the thing was different. His skin looked like it glittered prettily in the sunlight and his lips were stretched into the most beautiful smile Namjoon had ever seen. The demon was always portrayed as a horrifying creature, hands with long crawls and a black tongue wrapped around the woman's naked body. How could a creature as beautiful as the singing boy be such an unspeakable cruel creature? There was no way it could be that demon.


When he had seen it for the first time he had been singing just like right now. His voice filtering through the cold morning wind towards him. His lips wrapped around words so sinful it made Namjoon want to hide away in his room forever. Cheeks blushing and fingers trembling but this was nothing new. Some spirits, especially the mean ones really liked making the temple community shy and blushing messes. The found enjoyment in telling them about what sinful ways humans could elope and create another life.


On the first day, when their eyes had met he had clutched his protection charm closer to his chest and mumbled a prayer. It was what he usually did when he came across a spirit that he was not familiar with. It gave him the strength to pray for them and reinforced his belief in his religion. The boy had only giggled and had started to sing another song. Namjoon wasn't able to understand the words this time but it had sounded even more beautiful. The foreign words lulling him into a trance and the thing laughing at his faraway look on his face. He had carried on with his day, the song stuck in his mind like a reminder of the creature. When he had returned at night the creature was away.


On the second morning, he had thought that the spirit looked sad, almost lonely. sitting on the grass near the little river all alone. Still singing so beautifully Namjoon had felt breathless and his back pointing towards Namjoon. Some spirits were able to converse with humans. Namjoon foolishly had hoped it would be the case. However, when he had carefully made his way towards the spirit he had realized that he was not simply faced with a spirit. The creature had to be much darker. It had been holding a dead deer in his arms, feeding on it and grinning up to Namjoon with his blood-smeared mouth. It had kept on singing, a tale of a human lover killing himself for his one true love and it had once again stuck in Namjoon's mind after he had run inside the temple to pray.


It was a tale told in the city near Namjoon's little temple. A tale so old only a few knew it, even fewer people could sing about it and Namjoon had felt himself shudder when he had realized it. It was never a good omen when Namjoon encountered a spirit he didn't know and this one seems to be old. It was able to harm the living and kill nature. The next few days the creature came and sang and Namjoon read more and more about the demon that haunted their temple grounds thousands of years ago. The one with black eyes and teeth so sharp it could rip open flesh. It almost seemed to be as if it was really the demon.


But that couldn't be. The demon had not just suddenly vanished; it had been killed. Had faded away after they had successfully banished it. There were multiple chapters on their win. He had opened up to Yoongi, one of his brothers about his encounters with the creature but when the man joined him on his morning duties the creature wasn't there. Every morning when Namjoon comes down to the river alone he sits there and sings. Sometimes he laughs at something Namjoon can't comprehend and his eyes try to swallow Namjoon whole but whenever someone else joins him he doesn't appear.

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Today, when the demon's eyes fall upon Namjoon he doesn't laugh, doesn't stop singing and just lazily blinks back at him. With his long hair fluttering in the wind and the ancient ruins running all over his naked upper body, the creature is so breathtakingly beautiful. He could stare at him forever. Watch the way the little silver charms hanging from his lobes swing from side to side. Could count and study the rings decorating his thin fingers for hours. If he was a better artist he would draw him. Sketch the way his finger curled around the fabric that covered his lower body, the way his eyes reflect the sunshine and how his tiny waist looks pressed in the green grass.


There's a pressing urge in Namjoon's chest. It tells him to get closer, to stretch his fingers out, run them over the demon's bare chest and to do the things a priest shouldn't. The things Yoongi had told him about in a hushed voice late at night when Namjoon had just been a bit too curious. Had asked the questions no one else would answer him and had been haunting him for years. Back then he knew his parents or teachers would never answer his questions about sex truthfully. Always too scared that he would lose his faith, seek out the sinful thing in life but Namjoon just wanted to know. Remembers how Yoongi had openly talked about pleasuring men and women. About how beautiful they looked, how good it felt to receive and give the pain and pleasure. He remembers the hungry look in Yoongi's eyes.


Namjoon had never craved it more than now when he makes his way towards the demon. Had never thought more about leaving it all behind just for a taste. Like a drunkard he stumbles towards the sweet voice, the song has changed rhythm and octave. Having become sweeter, almost like honey running down a spoon and like fingers wrapping delicately around your neck. It's overwhelming and the air smells so much sweeter now. Namjoon is craving it. Every single time he had tried to resist it. Had walked away or just sat down in the slightly wet grass and watched the creature sing. Today he can't seem to stop himself, finding himself walking towards the creature before he can even think a coherent thought.


The urge just too overbearing. Need to see, need to touch and need to surrender. Like a mantra, it repeats over and over in his mind. Need to see; he needs to see the red lips wrap around the sinful words. Need to touch; Wants to run his hands up and down the exposed skin. Feel the warmness of another body and experience all the sinful things Yoongi had explained to him. Needs to surrender; Wants to give it all away. No more rules, no more strictness and no more holding himself back from what he has been craving for years. Even though it had mostly been Yoongi he had thought about for years, he knows deep down he has been craving it. Craving for so much more than he had ever experienced. Was ever allowed to experience.


The creature seems to be surprised as well. Big innocent-looking eyes blinking up at him with millions of questions swimming in them. He doesn't mutter a word though and neither does Namjoon. He just sits down next to him, listens to every word like he's in trance and stares as the demon would disappear as soon as his eyes leave the creature. He could look at the creature forever. Always seeing something new to be fascinated by. The little moles he has or the tiny scar on his cheeks. They make him look even more human...


His eyes and teeth are the only thing that makes it obvious he isn't human. His teeth so sharp they could easily tear through flesh. There's no blood on his lips today, neither had he brought a dead animal with him. Something Namjoon was thankful for. While he had learned to butcher animals at a young age he had still felt bile rise up his throat when he had witnessed the creature eating from it. Singing while chewing on the raw flesh and the blood dripping into the grass. Today, however, he doesn't feel the uneasiness in his stomach. It almost seems to leak away when he hears the creature sing and their eyes meet. In fact, he feels warm and comfortable. Like when Yoongi tugs himself next to Namjoon at night and they share his blankets. The rare occurrences when he kisses Namjoon's cheeks and tells him how thankful he is for Namjoon. How thankful he is for Namjoon saving him and showing him the path to their religion.


The creature sings and Namjoon stares. Stares at his lips that look unnatural red in the sunshine. He doesn't notice how much time goes by, can't seem to think straight and every time he tries to look away his eyes always start wandering back to the lips of the creature right in front of him. They look soft and Namjoon can't stop wondering what they would feel like. What it would feel like to kiss someone. Just the thought makes him blush. It doesn't take long for his mind to wander, to imagine what the hands of the demons could do and how strong he must be. How different it would feel from how Yoongi kisses his cheeks.


Almost like he's hypnotized he leans forwards. Hands trying to reach for the creature and the demon starts giggling. This must be so amusing to him, seeing this poor human so easily seduced by his voice and knowing he's so easily desired by him. It breaks Namjoon out of his trance, suddenly able to think clear once again but body still in shock. The demon grins at his hand still stretched out towards his cheeks and Namjoon doesn't know what he had been thinking. How this could have happened. How his body could have reacted to simple songs just like that. "Namjoon, namjoon..." The demon says, almost as if he's scolding him but his eyes show the mirth behind every word. "Shouldn't you know better than to desire me...?"


Slowly he lets his arms sink, thoughts going so quick but still not grasping where all these things had come from. All the desire, all the hidden feelings Namjoon had successfully hidden away for years. He can't believe he thought about Yoongi that way again. It had been so long since he had thought about his friend in that manner. In that forbidden manner that his parents had beat out of him at an early age and made disappear with hours of holy script readings. He feels himself chocking up and his eyes watering. He's so disappointed in himself. How could he have been so weak?


"Don't cry." The demon says, razor-sharp teeth exposed and lips pulled in a nasty grin. He makes no move and just keeps on talking. If Namjoon wasn't this distracted he would shudder at how beautiful his voice sounded. How it halls through the air just like the sinful songs he sings. But he can't concentrate, feels his hands shaking in horror and tears running down his warm cheeks. "We both know this isn't your first time thinking about it." It is true, when he had been younger he had thought about it when Yoongi had first come to the temple with all his bruises and cuts he had thought about it but that wasn't him anymore. He wasn't like that anymore.


The tears feel cold against his cheeks and Namjoon can't stop sobbing. Still, in shock and while he wants to run away he can't seem to move. Horror locking his body in the same position he had sat in. The demon licks his lips, tongue black and split in the front. It looks long enough to wrap around a naked body like it was shown in the paintings. "It's neither the first time you think about Yoongi in that way, am I right?" The demon is giggling again, such a beautiful sound coming from such a beautiful creature but leaving Namjoon feeling like he's rotting from the inside.


It makes him stumble back towards the temple. Past the living quarters where Yoongi and the others are still sleeping. Leaving behind the creature, it's the haunting song and all the forbidden thoughts he had ever had about his best friend. This had never happened before. He had never been this easily influenced, had never lost control like this and had never been manipulated like this before. No spirit, however, mean had ever been able to possess him. It was one of the reasons he was head of the temple. His faith was so strong that the community had faith in him. Faith in him leading them through life in a safe way. How would he be able to lead them if he wasn't able to stop himself from desiring? He can't believe he had tried to touch the creature.


His skin felt still like it was burning when he made his way into the temple and the feeling stayed with him during his hours of praying the holy scripts. It felt like every prayer he let outburned away a new layer of sin he had created on his body just by thinking about it. He stayed there on the cold stone floor for hours. Praying to the gods that he would be able to resist. Last time he had thought about it he had stayed in the temple for a week. The others had brought him water and Yoongi had cooked him food but he had kept on praying. The head of the temple community was not allowed to have sin upon themselves. Thoughts counted as sin.


He couldn't shake off the feeling that he had been weak. That somehow he had given in to the seduction and that made him pray even longer than usual. He hoped the gods would hear his pleads and send him an answer to his most urgent questions. Why him? What was this creature? Why couldn't he be perfect? Other priests came and went, pressed against his side to pray with him, repeating the familiar sentences with him and holding his shaking hand in theirs when they ended their own prayers. He was thankful for the small community, felt thankful for how they all wished each other well and no one was there to harm anyone.


He's exhausted after finishing the third script, he doesn't know how late it is but he must have been in the temple for the whole morning and noon. Having prayed so much his knees are red from kneeling in the same positions for hours and his stomach hurting from the lack of food. He could return to the living quarters now and eat some of the meal Yoongi must have prepared for the orphans that liked to visit. But it doesn't feel right, he doesn't feel clean yet, sin still dripping from his being like slime.


He returns to the same position he was in before; right in front of the sacrificial offering, they came to bear this week. Namjoon can still feel the cut along his arm where they drained out his blood to sprinkle it over the offerings. Yoongi had cut the healing rune into his flesh right after and it hurt like every single week but he liked it. It's a reminder of his religion and whenever he presses against it he can feel the love of his community. He falls asleep pressed against the altar, muttering incoherent prayers and his own fingers pressing against the rune that had started to bleed again.


He doesn't hear the whispers that hall through the abandoned temple. The footsteps of the temple spirits walking along the halls to keep the darkness out and some of them start circling him. Protecting him in the way he usually protects them with his soft prayers. "Such a poor boy." One of them whispers and if Namjoon was awake he would feel their cold hands positioning him in a more comfortable position, their loving kisses on his freezing skin and their tears for a boy that had gone through so much horror and will only receive more from now on onwards. Now that the demon had arrived. The ones they had all feared coming back.


They had been horrified when the first creature came and wormed their way into the community but now with the arrival of the demon, they knew the apocalypse was near. A chorus of little sobs halls from the entrance door down to the altar. It must have already begun. The spirits were no longer strong enough to hold the darkness away for much longer. Not with so much darkness already having wormed their way into the community. Not with the community abandoning the right path even before Namjoon was born.


"I wish we could take all his suffering away." A voice says, so soft and tired it can not belong to one of the spirits. They step aside to let the creature pass. They do not like the creature because it is evil but they have accepted that evil must exist to balance out the good. After all, there would be no good with no evil. It lays next to him, eyes blazing red and claw-like fingers wrapping around the poor boy. It holds him close through the whole night and only vanishes when Namjoon awakes in the morning.


Against his better judgment, Namjoon returns to the river and sees that the demon had already waited for him. This time he doesn't sit next to the demon, too afraid something similar to yesterday would happen. He can still feel the exhaustion in his body from praying the whole day and he would like to take a bath right now. Change out of his clothes and lay down his protection charms. The demon sings and sings and sing and Namjoon can't take his eyes from his frame. The way his thighs spillover, muscular chest flexes, and strands of his silk-like hair flutters in the wind.


Nothing happens. Song after song he listens to and the demon smiles and sings. Today he doesn't seem to want to play games. He only stands up after some while and twirls around in the grass. Flowers blooming under his feet and dying as soon as he steps to the side. It's beautiful and horrifying and Namjoon had never felt so overwhelmed just looking at someone. The clothes covering the lower half of his flutters and flutters and Namjoon stares and stares. He could spend every morning like this; appreciating the beauty in evil. In the middle of the song, he had sung the first day the demon sends him a sad smile and softly fades away. Not even a second later one of his brothers comes hurrying out of the living quarters. Asking him if he could join Namjoon on his morning prayers. He had never felt more guilty. What would they say if they knew he was watching a demon sing instead of praying for their well being and protection.


When Namjoon returns to the little river after his temple he finds Jin sitting on one of the rocks by the river and looking into the forest. The Spirit had been by his side since he had been small, had watched over him when his parents had temple duties and while he now lived in the forest he still liked to visit from time to time. He greeted him with a: "It smells like death, Namjoon." and his eyes held so much sadness in them. The way he often looked at Namjoon when he thought the human wasn't looking at him.


"Good forenoon." He greets back with a soft smile and a prayer sent to the gods for Seokjin. The forenoon was such a weird word but he liked it. Liked using words others didn't, like looking up words in the old library and teaching them to the kids. Seokjin leaned further into Namjoon's space and sniffed once more. His face scrunched up like disgust. "You smell like death. It's not a pleasant thing." He says with such a dull voice Namjoon can feel himself heating up. It must be because he slept in the temple again and hadn't been able to shower at night.


Seokjin does look like a common spirit. His antlers twisting into a whirlwind of shapes on top of his head and his three brown eyes never leaving a target he had set. He had only seen Seokjin hunt once and it was enough to haunt him forever. "What can I do for you today, dear friend." He says instead of commenting on Seokjin's statement. Seokjin had seen him do much worse things, had smelled him in worse situations and taken care of him after much more horrible scenarios. "I am here to say goodbye. The forest is burning and it no longer can give me the protection I desire." It must be a metaphor, after all the woods look healthy, no smoke forming in the sky and no smell hinting that a fire was on its way.


He would miss Seokjin and told him this much but the spirit only laughed at him, saying that that was such a human thing to do. Miss someone that was never fully present anyway. Seokjin was not really in the way humans were, he was not able to touch Namjoon or hold him. I will always be near, he had said and Namjoon knew he meant it. His last words had been cryptic but Namjoon had never known him in any way. Cryptic but loving. Puns thrown his way whenever he had to do something important where he was not allowed to laugh. He was sweet and Namjoon would miss him. Would miss seeing his green skin peak out between the trees, checking up on Namjoon even though he declared that he wouldn't worry about the human.


"Namjoon, It's not my place to say but be warned not everyone you know is what they pretend to be. Not everyone is your friend, not everyone is your enemy and not everything you know to be the truth is the universal truth." He pokes his finger through Namjoon's chest. Fingers feeling cold where they go through his skin. "Believe what your heart says." It so cliché to say that but he will follow the advice. He will for sure follow it. Seokjin vanishes just like the demon always vanishes. Like it was never there. Never even existed.


Every morning he spend by the river. Every morning he heard the songs, could feel himself getting obsessed with the clear voice and pretty lips. The demon had started to sing songs again that made Namjoon light headed, made him wander down towards him but his desire to touch had not been as bad anymore. Maybe it was because he prayed more, maybe it had given up or maybe he could see the sadness Namjoon was feeling and left him alone. Namjoon couldn't look Yoongi in the eyes anymore. So humiliated by what he had thought about and furthermore his heart had been broken by Seokjin leaving.


When he stumbles his way towards the demon this time the demon laughs. Probably because he must look addicted. Not able to control himself around the pretty demon. "You can call me Jungkook." The demon says, his lips pulled into a cute smile and his razor sharp teeth only slightly visible. Maybe Namjoon can forget for a while what he is when he looks this harmless. "Maybe that will be more comfortable than calling me the demon the whole time, huh?" And then he sings again, makes Namjoon's thoughts sticky like honey and it's so hard to concentrate on anything else beside pleasure when he gets like that. Can't think about how horrifying it is that the demon just knows his thoughts. That every deep dark desire is just spilled out to him.


Jungkook only vanishes with the arrival of Yoongi. The young men melting back into the clear water of the river and vanishing. He watches his best friend scrunch up his nose cutely after sniffing the air. "Was he here again? It smells like a brothel." Namjoon doesn't know what a brothel smells like. Had never seen one from the in- or outside. It was no secret that Yoongi had been a lost soul before he had joined their community. That he had been on the wrong side of the law often enough and had visited these establishments quite often. He had been such a horrible person, had done so many things Namjoon could never even think about but now years after joining them Namjoon can't stop looking at the man with fondness in his eyes.


He felt softer around the edges whenever he saw Yoongi play with the kids. How he held them so delicately and played with them like he didn't care about the judging looks from some of the other community members. He probably didn't care and Namjoon did neither. He knew his friend was a better person than before, tried his best and took care of the poor and sick. "Yes he was here." He tells Yoongi and tells him about the songs he had been singing, some of the song texts so vile he couldn't even begin to explain what they were about and Yoongi listened with interest. Eyes never leaving Namjoon's frame. He was such a good person, Yoongi could not imagine him falling into the demons trap and wouldn't be able to bear seeing his friend dying because of it.


They do their temple duties today, Yoongi leaving much sooner than Namjoon of course. Faking a headache when the younger priests play around with the holy smock and sprinkle holy water into the air. When he returns home Yoongi had made him food. Today is a day where he crawls in Yoongi's bed. Just to feel close to his best friend. Craving his protection. He takes of all his protection charms, steps into Yoongi's bed naked and vulnerable and ravels in the way Yoongi looks at his body. Yoongi would never touch him like that but Namjoon likes doing this for him. Allowing him to see him vulnerable and open like that.


A sweet voice fills his ears when he wakes up the next morning. It is late. Later than usually and the sun is already up. With panic he stares at the bedside table that should have his alarm clock. There is an alarm clock. Why hadn't it rung? Had he slept past it? Then he feels a warm arm press against his side and he remembers. He had slept in Yoongi's bed and he had forgotten to go to the demon. He had forgotten to return. In horror he grasps his traditional clothing, throws it on and binds it. He's late. He wonders if the demon will still sing when he is downstairs. He slips on his shoes and runs to where he can hear the river flowing. A sweet song lulling him along his way.


He's late but the demon, no Jungkook is still sitting there. This time surrounded by little red flowers that must have bloomed while he sang and would die as soon as he wanted them to. Giggling softly he curls his fingers towards Namjoon and tells him to come closer. Sings a song that makes it almost impossible for Namjoon to resist falling next to his body. "I almost thought you wouldn't come today, little one." He says his fingers pressing against the grass and making another red flower bloom under his hand. Plucking it out from the ground and letting it fall into Namjoon's outstretched hands. "I was almost sad."


He sings then once more. He doesn't dance today, just stares Namjoon in the eyes and sings about the mermaid that took a human lover. It's a story the drunk shipper man tell when they had one drink to many. So vulgar it would sound disgusting coming from anyone else but Jungkook sings the story with a voice so sweet he want's to experience it as well. Be held underwater and pleasured by her. Jungkook's marked skin feels soft under his wandering fingers and he can hear the demon stop singing. Just letting his curious hand wander over his exposed chest and up to his neck. His skin is burning hot. Like fire set free and Namjoon remembers the time his parents had dropped wax on his hands for lying. It had hurt but this feels like finally getting what he had always wanted.


A hand sneaks his way under Namjoon's gown and Jungkook's fingers feel just as burning hot against his skin down there. It feels so good. His mind feels like it's a jar of honey again and his body feels like he's burning alive. "You should really wear your little protection charms around me. We don't want me to just take what I want, right?" He draws a circle against Namjoon's leg, where the rune is located and the human can't stop himself from gasping. It feels so good to be touched, to have someone hold him like this. To just be close in general. "Or maybe you want me to just take what I want? " And this is what has him panting heavily against the demons bare shoulder. Knowing that the demon knows what he desires.


He doesn't hear the footsteps, doesn't hear Yoongi calling for him while running down the stairs. Doesn't see when Yoongi's eyes fall on them and recognition flames up in Jungkook's eyes. They stare at each other silently while Namjoon is totally out of it. A few simple touches having him feeling this out of it already. Yoongi slowly comes closer, pushes his arms around Namjoon and takes him from the demons grip. They stare at each other still. Eyes never leaving each other. Jungkook watches the two return to the living quarters, his eyes not knowing who to focus on more. Namjoon, the human that had so beautifully tried to give his whole being away to the demon or Yoongi, who's red eyes had challenged him to take his prey away.

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He watched them walk away. Black orbs following the creatures every step, watching how Namjoon buried his face against their neck and whined at the loss of contact. He watched the golden hue of forenoon hold them in its arms, while once again his human was taken away from him. Usually, it was his temple duties that took Namjoon away from Jungkook's awaiting arms but this time it had been another creature. A creature that had red bleeding eyes. Every step he had taken was so calculated and so much power had been seeping from his whole being that Jungkook had allowed him to take Namjoon. Had allowed him to hold what belongs to Jungkook, care for what is his and he would allow him to play with the poor human for a while longer.


His human had been stolen from his arms already so often since he had arrived on earth. Since he had arrived to claim what is rightfully his and waiting a while longer would not change the end result. Namjoon was his and while the temple community seemingly had forgotten about it, Jungkook still remembers clearly. Remembers how they had begged and cried and promised so unforgivable much. The temple community must have forgotten that their ancestors promised the demon a perfect soul. That he had only vanished with their promise and the lousy soul of a tarnished girl for the duration he had to wait.


But now it had appeared. The perfect soul. It was no wonder that other creatures wanted to have it. Lusted after it, wanted to break it and own it. But they wouldn't be able to and not even a creature like Yoongi could stop Jungkook from doing what they all wished they could. Yoongi playing with Namjoon was unfavorable but...It would soon stop. They both knew that and Jungkook had seen the desperation in the creature's eyes. How he held the human so dearly to his chest and how his little broken wings fluttered harshly in the wind. Namjoon belonged to Jungkook; everyone knew that. It was burned on his body like a seal that he belonged to their King. It was only a matter of time until he could no longer resist it either.


He sits and sings, doesn't know if it's to calm down Namjoon, who is still crying in his room. The screams and crying go on way past when the sun goes down. He also knows that every song will haunt Yoongi, who keeps staring out of his own window. The fallen angel must be reminded of how he himself had been tempted. How a demon had led him away from God's path. He keeps eye contact with the fallen angel. His broken wings are shaking and he must feel how unimpressed Jungkook is with him through hells link. Usually, he would have been punished, maybe had his pathetic little wings ripped out or his tongue cut out.


Hell does not go on easy on those who do not obey and especially when they challenge someone as high ranking as Jungkook in such an open way. Jungkook, however, doesn't mind. Kind of likes the way the fallen angel smells like fear and arousal and helplessness. Jungkook doesn't need to assess his dominance because the little broken angel just knows how much less powerful he is. Horror after horror story being told about Jungkook in hell and heaven and every other realm had made sure that no one thinks lightly of him.


He wonders why the broken angel had found his way to earth, why he wasn't in hell as most of his brothers and why he had even been banished from heaven. It seems clear that there must have been something horrible in his past. It seems clear that he had suffered enough for his eyes to bleed and his heart to split. What a poor little creature and now it will all happen over again. Maybe it had tried to protect Namjoon as a guardian angel would have. Maybe he had found familiarity in the human soul. Being so prude and beautifully innocent. Maybe he liked playing games with Namjoon out of rage and revenge. Trying to seduce a soul on his own as well as it had happened to him. Jungkook was not sure. Had not read his mind because he had been too concerned with Namjoon. He would need to look into that further.


Jungkook comes back to the river the next day, thinking that the chances of Namjoon returning would have decreased after what happened yesterday but he can't stop himself from stepping out of the river and into the human realm. Finding himself rooted in the same spot on the wet grass for hours until the human appears. Jungkook likes to look at the spirits that live around the temple grounds. Most of them are scared of him but there had been a few curious ones that had come closer to him. He had talked to some, would call a few of them his friends and he had even played with some but most of them had just tried to not come in his way at all.


Jungkook knew he was different than them. Not made from nature and gods. He was hells creation, wound together by lust and evil and all the rotten parts of his home realm. His eyes had always been gruesome. They portrayed the deep night sky in his home realm. Pitch black and so deep you could get lost in them so easily. Other demons found them horrible to look at, humans feared them and spirits could feel the evil in them. They were so disgusting looking compared to the rest of his outer appearance. He wasn't able to change them and even if he changed appearance he would still keep them. Neither could he change his tongue but he had started to like it. Liked how it felt pressed against skin and flesh and pulsing souls.


The river spirits seem to like him the least, feeling offended that he uses their home as a gate to hell but it had simply appeared to Jungkook and he could not change it. Didn't even want to change it if he was honest. He liked the way the water felt against his burning skin and how his usually flaming hair felt drenched in water. There was only one river spirit that talked to him. His name was Taehyung. He held himself tall and proud and didn't fear him. Foolish thing but he regarded Jungkook like another creature that just existed. Asked him curious questions, eyes shining like cool water as well and the little pearls decorating his hair glittering in the moonshine. Sometimes he sang for him shipper men songs about water spirits that he seemed to love. Always laughing when Jungkook sang about their pretty bodies and deep blue eyes that made human ships crash.


The forest spirits are cowards: They hide and peek out between the trees and scurry away as soon as they are seen. Jungkook liked their pale green skin, it looked beautiful decorated with the little flowers, mushrooms, and vines. Sometimes little animals were seated on their body and especially the little butterflies that swarmed around their heads had Jungkook fascinated. He had never seen such beautiful creatures. Especially their antlers, that ranked majestically into the air made him speechless. There had been rumors that Jungkook had once broken off a forest spirits antlers and since then the story had haunted him. Every forest spirit knew about those rumors and they avoided Jungkook like the pest.


The temple spirits were too proud for Jungkook's liking. They dressed in golden jewelry like the temple community and their traditional clothing looked similar as well. Most of them were old and liked to be dramatic. They acted as if they were pure even though Jungkook could feel all their hidden desires. No creature, human or spirit was completely innocent. It made it so much more fun playing with them. Uncovering what they desired and showing them he could give it to them. He had not yet been able to get into the temple, spirits still too strong to let him in completely but he would soon be able to torture the spirits that made it so hard for him to claim what was official his.


When Namjoon comes out of the living quarters, following Jungkook's voice like he is being led, he looks just as flushed and heated as he had felt under Jungkook's touch yesterday. Jungkook can't stop himself from singing about all the things he would do to the human if he was allowed to. If he was allowed to touch and own. If Namjoon had given him permission to finally eat his pulsating soul. It's beautiful seeing how Namjoon's thoughts get more and more incoherent with every step he takes towards Jungkook.


He had wonders what had happened to the damned soul the demon had taken as a human lover. Had taken with him and shown her the horror of the damned world. Just a touch had been enough to make Namjoon feel weak in the knees. He could not imagine the pleasure he could receive by giving himself over and then his thoughts had spiraled. What it would feel like being owned, what wonders he could be shown and lastly if it would hurt getting eaten whole. Would it hurt more than how Namjoon was feeling now? On fire with only a few coherent thoughts?


The traditional clothing is bound beautifully today, almost as if he had tried to look extra proper and with each step, Namjoon takes towards Jungkook he can hear the little charms swing around. They sound like bells ringing in his ears. Yesterday he hadn't worn them, had presented himself so beautifully for Jungkook and had been so delirious with lust it must have been overwhelming for the poor human. When he falls down next to Jungkook their legs brush, sitting so close Jungkook can feel the humans breath. He had thought that maybe he would try to get the distance between them, would hesitate or feel guilt but Namjoon doesn't seem to care.


He had looked so delicate yesterday compared to today. Pressed up against Jungkook's whole being, letting himself get touched and tainted. Seeing how slowly but surely another layer of innocence had vanished. But the fallen angel, Yoongi as Namjoon called him in his thoughts had taken him away. He had handled his prey with so much care and gentleness and Jungkook could not fathom why. A creature of the night just like Jungkook should not act like that. Yoongi was not supposed to care what happened to a bare human. Not after having left heaven. Today he can feel the fallen angels presence in the living quarters when he looks to the window he can see the broken little thing already staring down at them. Mhm. This would be interesting.


"Would you like to touch again?" Jungkook craves to hold the human tighter, to own him and to destroy every layer of innocence. Wants to lay him out beneath him and devour him whole. To lay his delicious soul bare that was not as pure as Namjoon liked to pretend. Namjoon had horrible thoughts, thoughts that made Jungkook so unbelievable hungry. After all, he was the perfect soul for the demon. So delicious smelling and so many forbidden desires hidden under the years of desperation. If Jungkook played with him right he could uncover it all. Show the world how deliciously evil Namjoon could be. He needed to eat his soul. As soon as possible.


He smells better than the girl they had given him as compensation. It was sad how easily the temple community had given her up. Had let her go with the demon and it had not been hard to torture her, to seduce her or to simply tell her what she wanted to hear. It had taken the perfect soul hundreds of years to appear and Jungkook had fasted. Had hungered and had waited patiently for a baby to be born, had watched it grow up with so much pain and hurt and so many useless rules. Had felt bad for the punishment the young child had to endure, how every cut and hit had made his soul more delicious and how the world tainted his perfect soul only for the soul itself to fix itself. Namjoon was the child called and Jungkook had hungered more and more until it was finally time to harvest.


"Yes," He whispers and Jungkook can smell it on him. Can smell his prayers on them and how he had tried to fix his soul. Had tried to regain his innocence that he had lost just by touching Jungkook and thinking about what he would love to see. Faintly he can even smell Yoongi on him. The angel having pressed against his body during the night. Scared for Namjoon and so so afraid that Jungkook would take him. It was clinging to him like a second layer. Namjoon likes it when Yoongi holds him tight.


It hurts slightly when Namjoon touches him. So many years of starving have made him so desperate and hungry and he feels how sticky Namjoon thoughts are. Warm honey mixed in hot milk, warm sheets snuck around your cold body and warm socks on cold winter nights. He loves feeling what Namjoon sees in him. Loves knowing he is the reason Namjoon feels like writing songs and prayers about his warmth. A warmth so many people were disgusted or scared by. He lets Namjoon touch but doesn't sing. He doesn't want to cloud his mind even more. Instead, he leans forward, hears Namjoon's heartbeat race and pants against his ear. "It feels good doesn't it?" He can hear the human whimper and it feels almost like holding a wild animal in your grasp. Not knowing what it will do next.


"So good. Never felt better before." They sit together, Namjoon's curious hands wandering and wandering over Jungkook's heated skin and he feels the burning red eyes on his body. He knows he has everything in his palms that Yoongi had ever dreamt about. Namjoon wants him to touch him. Wants to be pressed on the grass and kissed but Jungkook won't do it. You can't give everything at once. Need to twist and hold and give just as much as you can to make it unbearable to wait for more.


And then you have to make them wait. So he does what he needs to. After all, he wants to make Namjoon hungry. He wants his soul to be ripe and easy to harvest. He leans back, Namjoon's hand follow and try to hold him back from leaving. But he sings and Namjoon's frantic touches grow soft. He chooses one of the Songs Taehyung had taught him. It's not erotic, it has no further meaning and no power over Namjoon. It's simply because he enjoys singing. Especially when he has the human curled against his side, soft and eyes shiny.


It doesn't take long for the water spirit to emerge from the little river. Eyes in little half moons and lips curled into a pleased smile. Namjoon only sees him after Jungkook lifts his chin gently and their eyes meet. Prior he had been too dazed to hear the water splashing from Taehyung's tail. There's shock in his eyes, having never been able to see the water spirits before and even now he can't seem to fathom what exactly he is seeing. It's beautiful how Taehyung's body swings in the cold water, how his whole being seemed to flow with the waves and his hair creates shapes on its own. Traditional water spirit dancing is something only legends speak about and ever book Namjoon had studied had said how rare these moments would be. Jungkook sings and smiles. Knowing he can show Jungkook beauty as well.


When the song ends, Taehyung sinks back into the water and only his eyes peek out. It's unbelievable cute and he can't stop smiling. It looks almost like the spirit is shy and when Jungkook reaches out a hand he ducks under the surface. The water rippling from the sudden action. It stays like that for a few minutes and Namjoon feels his mind clear. Feels like he can breathe easier with not all of Jungkook's attention on him. Jungkook doesn't mind that he doesn't have as much control over the human now. Really doesn't mind it when he can feel Namjoon press even further against him and knowing that it's happening because he wants to be closer to Jungkook.


Taehyung only resurfaces when Jungkook's hand keeps hanging outstretched over the water. He twists his fist open slowly and lays the black pearl open in front of Taehyung that is staring at him with shock in his eyes as well. The black pearl is just as pitch black as Jungkook's eyes. Taehyung reaches his hand out, just like Namjoon is often lead by Jungkook's voice Taehyung seems to follow the sight of the pearl. When it seems clear that Jungkook will not hurt him he snatches it from his hand. Namjoon's thoughts are so overwhelming, he wonders why Taehyung's eyes are blown open in shock and why there are suddenly little pearl-like tears falling from his eyes. Namjoon had not studied water spirits enough to know their customs and their rituals but this feels especially intimidate to him.


When Taehyung vanishes underwater Namjoon looks back at Jungkook again. There is something unreadable in his eyes but Jungkook can feel it clearly through their link, can feel it in the way Namjoon climbs into his lap and presses his head in his neck. It's appreciation and while Jungkook had felt a thousand mixtures of human emotions this feels new. This feels like someone is spilling ice-cold water over his burning, rotten flesh. He holds Namjoon closer, presses his fingers against the charms to remind himself that he is not yet allowed to think he is his. It will take longer for Namjoon to finally break but he will wait. He will wait forever if he had to.


It hurts letting Namjoon go just as much as it always does. This is probably what Yoongi feels like constantly. Every morning after they sleep together and Yoongi pretends to keep on sleeping but he lets him go and awaits patiently what will happen when he stays rooted in the grass. It feels too easy for him to just go now. It doesn't feel like the right thing. He stays in the grass until the flowers under his fingers have rotten and Namjoon had cleansed his soul with prayer after prayer. He stays because he can feel the red eyes on him. Feels their desperation and unravels in their fear.


Yoongi comes to him the day after. After Namjoon has gone to pray once more. He had thought about how their meeting would go, what Yoongi would say but just like last time he is surprised by how it really happens. He had not realized how huge the broken wings were, how the little horns on his head had once been a full majestic halo. He must have been very powerful once but that does not surprise Jungkook. "Let us walk, demon." He says and his voice sounds curt as if he is the one in power. So they walk.


Yoongi doesn't talk, doesn't hum and Jungkook can't feel his thoughts like he can with Namjoon. It's confusing and Jungkook had never met such a weird fallen angel. They walk among the graves of Namjoon's ancestors and Jungkook spits at them. Fuckers. Yoongi leads them further away from the temple and deeper into the forest. Deeper and deeper until he says: "You must know everything about this body." He points at his self. Jungkook does not understand. This body looks foreign, it's not a normal human and neither a fully fallen angel. No black wings attached to his back and rather white broken wings circling around him.


"I do not." He answers truthfully and watches the fear behind Yoongis eyes vanish. Maybe that hadn't been the right answer but it doesn't matter either way. "Let's walk." The fallen angel says again and Jungkook wishes he could read him as easily as he can Namjoon. They make their way further and further. They wander the whole day, no words exchanged and the little faes and forest spirits shrieking in horror when they cross their way. Jungkook feels like actually breaking some of these creatures' antlers by the end of their hike.


"We have arrived." Right in front of his eyes lays the ruins of another temple. Almost as majestic as the one Namjoon lives in and suddenly Jungkook understands. The horror and desperation in Yoongi's eyes and why he had looked like he suffered already so much. This made everything so much clearer. Jungkook understands why Yoongi, a fallen guardian angel had attached himself to Namjoon and why he cared so much for the innocent human Jungkook was promised. The only question remains is why; why is Yoongi showing him this. "You could not kill him?" He asks slowly, Walking further into the ruins. It smells horrible, like death and horror and Jungkook feels almost at home.


"How many did he kill?" Every thought seems to fall into a circle, seems to return to one question; why is Yoongi showing him this. "All of them." It makes Jungkook smile. So much horror concentrated in one place. So much evil coiled together and it feels almost beautiful in his own way to smell the tragedy Yoongi had lived through. He knows the smell of the demon that must have possessed the poor rotten human Yoongi had watched growing up, had watched kill animal after animal and must have watched committing sins so horrifying his body was the beautiful nest for a demon. "You must have been piss poor at your job." He says and doesn't regret it when Yoongi looks at him with so much venom in his eyes.


"Couldn't even kill a demon after they possessed your filthy little human." It must have hurt to see him slaughter his whole tribe and maybe that was why the angel had become so rotten as well. Why they broke his wings, his halo and why he had done all the horrible things Namjoon had thought about. Yoongi stares at him, something knowing in his eyes that Jungkook can't interpret. Actually doesn't want to interpret and doesn't follow Jungkook when he makes his way further into the forgotten ruins. He lets his hands run around the forgotten walls, absorbs all the power left behind and let's his eyes run over the memories that were left behind.


He can picture it so well. See how the human had grown up, how loving Yoongi must have been and how beautiful he had taken care of him. He must have been a powerful angel to be assigned to such an evil dripping soul. Must have been strong enough to fight off the demon that possessed the young teenager but then couldn't in the end because he loved the child too dearly. He could picture him stumble down the hill, into the city and into the waiting arms of sin. And then he had found Namjoon.... or Namjoon had found him. Jungkook was not quite sure yet.


When he comes out of the temple, having bathed in the familiar darkness of evil Yoongi is no longer around and Jungkook decides that it's time for him to return as well. He sings, soft voice haling through the lively forest and feels brown eyes on him. Multiple, thousands and if they weren't such cowards they would come closer and walk along with him. They could be rewarded with one of his tears as well. It would grant Taehyung the exclusion of hell. Having shown Namjoon and Jungkook something so intimidate only this felt right to gift.


It's again not Namjoon that greets him but Yoongi, who stands on the rocks next to the river. He looks tiny with his broken wings tugged around him. "I see you are back." He looks almost disappointed. Jungkook doesn't understand why he wouldn't be. After all the gates to heaven are here. He will not be able to go without being here. "Of course I am." Yoongi shakes his head, red eyes puffy and wings shaking. He looks breakable. Jungkook wonders what it would feel like to break him fully. To own him as well. To own both Namjoon and Yoongi. To eat his so obvious pain away. He sinks into the water with Yoongi's red eyes on his naked torso.


Namjoon isn't wearing his charms when he arrives the next day but Jungkook is distracted, can't fully concentrate on Namjoon's heated skin and pretty eyes that beg him to do so much more to him than he could ever openly say. They're pressed together once more but Jungkook doesn't feel like singing or dancing, only wants to hold his promised soul closer. It had left him ripped open seeing Yoongi cry and hearing his sobs even when he arrived today. Right now they were curling around Namjoon and him like they wanted to smother him. "You look different today," Namjoon says, his mind had been less honey today and he misses it. He feels the guilt harder in his chest, knows he's playing games with a devil and knows that he had already fallen into a trap when he had curled up on his lap again.


"I am sorry little one," Jungkook says. His eyes never leaving the creature hidden behind the window, red eyes full with tears watching their every interaction and his whole frame shaking. "It seems like I have some things to think about." His hand curls around Namjoon's throat and moves him around that he has to stare directly into the eyes of Yoongi. The moment their eyes meet he can feel Namjoon's whole body lock in shock. He must have forgotten that Yoongi already knew, that he had been the one to take him away the last time.


He tries to move away but Jungkook only has to squeeze a little harder for him to fall still again. He moves forward whispering into his ear; "So much to think about. About what you want, about what he wants and what I want." Namjoon doesn't struggle and only seem to fall stiller in his embrace. Jungkook does not know what Yoongi had wanted him to see in the ruins of that temple but he knew what he had felt at the river yesterday. He knew what he had felt when he had felt all of Namjoon's emotion towards the fallen angel.


"He knows." Namjoon gasps and he feels like he is going to cry. "He knows what I have done." Namjoon had not done anything. He had touched a demon at best and Jungkook thinks it so fucking pathetic how they ruined his perfect soul to think this could mean anything. No one cares what he has done, no fucking god looks down on him and Jungkook doesn't want him to think about that. "When you look at him." Jungkook says, the words feeling delicious against his tongue and lips. "Do you see his broken wings and halo?" He had had a suspicion for a while. Even before he had heard Seokjin talk to him and seen how Namjoon's emotion had not mirrored his outer horror. When he had seen Namjoon see Jungkook so clearly as a demon.


He knows the answer before he hears it. Anticipating the delicious horror and angst clouding the air. So much hurt and screaming and so much horror. "I have always seen it." He says, barely above a whisper and fingers twisting against the fabric wrapped around Jungkook's legs. There it is. The truth. What Yoongi had never known and Jungkook had always suspected. He can feel the horror rippling from Yoongi in waves and just as delicious pain coming from Namjoon. It's a feast. "And you still invited him into the temple." It's not a question but Namjoon nods, Jungkook's hand still wrapped around his neck and tears spilling from his eyes. He loosens his grab and smiles knowingly at his human. This had suddenly gotten so much more fun.

Chapter Text

He laughs loudly and feels Namjoon move away in shock. As if he had just realized what he had actually said. So much disgust blazing in his puffy eyes. As if he wants to pretend that Jungkook made him say it. He hadn't though. Hadn't sung and hadn't even let him stare into his eyes, that made creatures spill the truth. No, Namjoon had been ready to finally confess his biggest sin all on his own. Had been ready to show Yoongi how selfish he had always been. How evil he had already been on his own, without Jungkook leading him towards hell. His perfect soul had always had a bit of evil in it on its own. After all, no soul was clear and it was a perfect soul because of the horror it had gone through.


"He knows now," Jungkook says. It had been Namjoon that had found the fallen angel and taken him into holy grounds. Letting him sleep in his bed, knowing full well that he was desired by the horrible creature. He had risked everyone's life by inviting the evil back into the temple community. Had risked the spirits, the innocent children and believers. It had made Jungkook's own arrival so much easier. Already a dark present everywhere on the property. The air smells so pungent now that it makes Jungkook's head swim. It tastes so good on his lips and it's almost as if he could lick it off Namjoon's whole being. There's so much regret and hurt and even love bombarding him all at once...


He hears a gasp and it takes him a second too long to realize it comes from Namjoon, who seems to have grabbed at his own hair, pulling it and whimpering each time. He can't seem to stop. Can't stop hurting himself. He can hear it so clearly, the thoughts pushing out from Namjoon's whole being and he feels so overwhelmed. Dumb. He had been so fucking dumb. Why did Jungkook make him say it? Hadn't it been enough that Jungkook had known? Wasn't he satisfied with only hurting Namjoon? Had he also needed to hurt Yoongi like this? When Yoongi had already been so broken before. There are memories suddenly smeared in his mind. Namjoon holding a crying Yoongi, him holding him tighter and kissing his cheeks. The man in his arms falling deeper and deeper into his own thoughts. Can't stop tugging at his hair and when Jungkook softly closes his own hands around them to pull them away from his bleeding scalp he sobs even louder. Why had he always been such a disappointment?


It's hard to concentrate through the haze of deprecating thoughts. Even harder when originally Jungkook feeds of this kind of emotion and would like nothing more than to eat him wholly at this exact moment. He smells just too good. But Jungkook knows he needs to hold Namjoon closer, feels like kissing his cheeks, holding his hands and trying to dry his tears. It doesn't seem to work through. He had never been good at comforting humans. After all, it wasn't really his area of expertise. You really can't blame him. He feels Yoongi fade away and somehow thinks he knows where he will go. Could imagine the fallen angel standing in front of the ruins his past had left behind. Could imagine him walking along the temple walls, fingers delicately stretched out to barely touch the evil in the walls. He has a lot to think about and Jungkook feels like he can understand him for once. Would probably do the same if he had been tricked like this.


Now that he knows Namjoon has already evil in him he won't feel bad for letting Jungkook ruin him fully. He had brought it upon himself already. It is just that Yoongi hadn't been the one to ruin him fully because he had never been able to see how damn evil Namjoon was on his own. He will have a lot to think about. About Namjoon, about himself and about Jungkook. About what he will do now. If he will go, if he will stay if he will come with them once Jungkook takes his soul. "I'm sorry little one, it seems as if our guest has left us." There's a whole new wave of sadness emitting from his whole being. This time it won't be Yoongi that saves him from the demon. Won't bring him back to his room, pressed into his arms and cuddled in his side. No today it's his decision to go.


So it takes time for the poor human to calm down. It's probably the lack of his charms that make him feel so much more and be easier manipulated by Jungkook's every breath. His sobs getting softer until they are nothing more than violent little shudders. He sacks against Jungkook, who is still affectionately playing with his hair and rubbing his other hand against his cold limbs. They stay pressed together and Jungkook can't stop himself from smiling when he hears Namjoon think, that he at least still has Jungkook. That he wouldn't abandon him even with all the darkness he possesses. That even when Yoongi doesn't comeback Jungkook will still be here and that he will have someone else to be close to. He must have exhausted himself a lot to be this vulnerable in front of Jungkook. Humans are so weak. It's almost laughable.


When Yoongi had vanished, he had left with hurt in his eyes and so much regret. Jungkook wouldn't be able to understand exactly what he was feeling but that didn't matter. After all, he had just been a hindrance. Had been in Jungkook's way. When Namjoon leaves Jungkook behind he does so with hesitant steps and uncertainty in his eyes. As if he fears Jungkook will just fade away the same way Yoongi did. Silently and without any trace left. Once again he feels the presence of Namjoon's body leave his side, felt his promised soul slip between his fingers and drift away once again. That mattered, that feeling he got when Namjoon left. It meant he felt the pain. Even just the slightest bit but it was clear that it made him weaker.


When Namjoon goes into the temple Jungkook decides to wander through the temple grounds as well. It's getting easier and easier to walk along the supposedly holy buildings and ruins and even the spirits seem to open themselves up for him. Their powers are getting weaker and weaker and with every step, Namjoon takes towards him he will become stronger. He lets his hands run across every grave, feels Namjoon's ancestor's anger towards him and slowly but surely a smile graces his face. He likes the way the little grave spirits around him gasps and curl into themselves in pleasure when he touches the graves they protect. He likes the way there is so much demonic power already in the air so that the temple spirits cower in fear and he likes knowing their last few days in the temple have begun. He will ruin them all. Like they had ruined him.


"There has been something on your mind. Hasn't it?" A high pitched voice asks. It sounds small, breathy and almost like it came out of nowhere. Mhm. When he looks down at the grave he had just touched he sees the owner of the voice. A tiny fae. It is so tiny, it could probably fit snuggly in Jungkook's hand and his clothes are made out of colorful flowers. "That is true..." Jungkook answers. Voice flat even though he feels curious. Faes just like water spirits are not known for engaging with demons and seeing the pink-haired fae openly addressing him feels almost scandal like. He wonders why the fae would try to talk to an inherently evil creature like him.


"Should I take your mind off things? I could dance for you." The little fae grins cheekily and twirls around prettily. Under further inspections, the fae turns out to be male. His tiny wings fluttering in the wind and his pink hair slowly bouncing around. He looks cute, if not even pretty. "You seem to have liked Tae dancing for you. He's such a pretty thing isn't he?" Ah, so a friend of the water spirit. He wonders if they talked about him if this fae knew that he had gifted Tae a black pearl. His tone sounds almost like he is mocking Jungkook but Jungkook is still so fascinated by the tiny thing that he only grins in reply. "Maybe you wouldn't like it though." The little fae sits down on the grave, tiny body looking like it could easily be swallowed whole by a bird or a cat. Jungkook wonders how a creature so weak has the guts to mock him. Still, he simply hums and makes a questioning gesture. Asking why the fae believes he wouldn't like it. "Your pretty human isn't with you."


Yeah, Namjoon would have liked to see that. Always so fascinated by the otherworldly and the mysterious. Thinks fondly about how he sometimes sees Namjoon studying old books about spirits and their likes. It's how he had found out about Jungkook, after all. Jungkook doesn't doubt that he found out about Yoongi the same way. "He would surely like it but so do I." Jungkook answers, hands crossed between his back and smile on his face, "You look pretty, little fae. How should I address you?" Faes are proud little things, always react so positive to praise and always like to gossip. "My name is Jimin." It says and a pretty pout making its way on his face. "I think I would like to dance for the human, he always builds little things for us and takes care of our flower garden...." He looks at Jungkook again and wow... he's really cute. Such a small thing.


"But if you don't dance for me now, how will I be able to get distracted from the matter I have been thinking about?" It's like playing a game. All creatures play games. After all, it can get so boring on earth without a few games. "Mhmm... we can't have that now." The fae stands up and walks from one side of the gravestone to the other side, turns around and does it again. Fingers pressed against its little chin as if it was thinking. "Aha!" It calls out and put's his hand in the air like he just got a great idea. The whole thing is really cute. "You could always talk about it! Communication is great!"


"And who should I talk to?" Playing dumb. Jungkook knows the fae would do a lot to get new gossip. Gossip it could trade for honey or other goods. "Of course that would be me!" Jimin presses his chest forwards a bit, eyes in little half moons and lips stretched in a cheeky smile. "I'm the best listener!" Such proud and stupid things but maybe Jungkook could try. He doesn't particular care. "So I will tell you what has been on my mind and you will dance for the human another time?" He asks palm stretched open for Jimin to sit down on and he promptly does so. Little butt pressed exactly in the center of his palm. "Yes!"


"I've been thinking about Yoongi for a while now. Him and Namjoon to be honest.2 Jimin's delicate features twisted into a mask of disgust."The thing... Yoongi... It has always been interested in Namjoon." He hums softly and gestures towards the woods. "Namjoon came out of the woods with the creature looming over him." He shakes his head as if he's trying to forget the memories. Push them out of his mind. "Poor thing didn't seem to see that the boy he brought with him was dripping in sin, was smeared full with blood from head to toe and that his eyes were as red as fire." They had all thought Namjoon couldn't see it. That he had been the innocent one in the situation. "But..." The little fae points towards the temple. "I heard him one night praying in the temple." His eyes squeeze shut. "He has started to like the creature too much. Seemingly knowing that it was bad to desire it every night. To desire the creature coming to his side and sleeping next to him."


The little fae jumps up and walks around Jungkook's hand. "I know you dislike the creature but-" The fae stills in its steps, his expression almost deadpanned and eyes clearly not amused. "Namjoon doesn't. In fact, I believe quite the opposite is happening." It's not as if Jungkook hadn't known this but hearing it from someone else had just been another eye-opener. "What about the creature? What does he feel you think?" The fae doesn't seem to like how impassive Jungkook is about the gossip he had just told him. "He seems to feel the same."


"Of course he does," Another voice says. Just as small and soft as Jimin's. "After all Namjoon saved him." He hears the little fluttering of wings before he sees another fae land on his hand. "That is only gossip and not facts." Argues Jimin back. The new fae looks similar to Jimin but doesn't offer Jungkook a name. "The eldest say Namjoon took him in before his soul was totally ruined and he was even allowed to keep the rest of his pathetic wings just because he tried to protect Namjoon here." Jimin pushes at the other faes wings. "Stop talking nonsense. Namjoon didn't save him, he doesn't know what he is. Poor human." Jungkook looks at the little fae, that so desperately wants Namjoon to be a better person than he actually is. He seems to know the truth just doesn't want to realize it. This had given him no new information whatsoever. He sets the bickering faes down and walks away. Mhm.


He likes being close to Namjoon during the day without the human realizing it. Filling his mind with honey and making it harder for him to concentrate. Having him think about the demon during his prayers just to mess with him for a bit. Having him think about it when Yoongi lays next to him and making him think about what Yoongi could have done to him. More often however than not Jungkook finds Namjoon when he is already thinking about him or Yoongi. Just like now, when he listens in on his prayers. Pretty demon, his lust-filled eyes and warm body pressed against his own human one. Praying to the gods that he would not be taken over by the lust, that he would be able to resist but knowing deep down that Jungkook would be his downfall. That he was already craving it too much and that it was increasing every single day.


Jungkook goes hunting with these thoughts in his mind the next day. Shows Nmajoon his in blood dripping lips when he stumbles towards him at the river. Sees Namjoon's thoughts. His pretty lips wrapped around his tongue, licking up blood from his fingers and his eyes boring holes into Namjoon. The creature knows what Namjoon craves, knows what Namjoon wants but he didn't seem to mind the waiting and teasing he made Namjoon endure. Oh, how right Namjoon was, Jungkook doesn't mind returning. Doesn't mind seeing Namjoon stumble towards him with haste steps and so much honey in his mind.


He would torture him forever like this until he was dumb with lust if he had to. Would show him how pretty he could look for him, how much he was desired and would only give it to him if he was ready to say it out loud. To show it to everyone. When he was finally ready to be Jungkook's.


Namjoon returns to the river, returns and returns and slowly goes less to the temple to pray. The walls are losing their holiness with every passing day and Jungkook can walk into the temple halls which used to be so holy not even minor bad spirits could enter. These days they seem to live here. Crowd against the humans that have been praying for weeks without an end. Yoongi doesn't return to his human. He had made sure that Namjoon would keep the community afloat and kept away from temptation but now he doesn't even try. He keeps hidden in the shadows, not showing Namjoon that he is still watching. Jungkook wonders if he had been like this the first time as well. Just watched the horror happening, tears streaking down his face and his pathetic wings shaking with each tremor going through his body.


Jungkook feels almost sad that he had given up this easily. That they love each other so much but had let Jungkook come and destroy it so easily. Namjoon cries on some days when he's sitting in his lap and the heat becomes too much. Then he tries to grind on him but realizes what exactly he is doing just seconds later. Then he cries for hours but really it's Yoongi standing in the shadows that suffers the most. What have I become? Namjoon asks himself that day. "Mine," Jungkook says. "You have become mine." and it's the truth and everyone knows it. The water spirits raise from the river to dance for them, hoping they will get a pearl from him as well now that the apocalypse is near.


They won't it's too late now.


Jimin dances for them as well but his eyes never leave Namjoon's. As if to makes sure he is fully there. He isn't. Most of the time his mind feels like honey. Feels sticky and like nothing really matters. He misses Yoongi and he would love feeling like this for Yoongi. Would love feeling like this for the two of them. For Jungkook and Yoongi. For the two evil creatures that stole his heart. On most days Jungkook gets drunk on their feelings. It's more subtle coming from Yoongi. It feels like almost too much. Jungkook doesn't know if he loves it or hates it.

Chapter Text

When they broke his wings they took their sweet time locating each bone. They pressed their hands against the pulsating feathers and laughed when they saw the fear in his eyes. It was not just them that laughed at the angel getting humiliated. No. Everyone could have stumbled across the scene hidden in the woods. Forrest spirits were peaking out between the trees and even some faes were fluttering in the air. He screamed, he begged and cried but they kept on ripping his feathers out and breaking each bone with skilled fingers. It must have satisfied them seeing someone as powerful as Yoongi turning into a fallen angel. It must have made them smile seeing him pay for his arrogance. Thinking he could protect the damned soul that was predestinated to get possessed. After all, it had been his mentor that broke his halo with a smirk on his lips.


The night air feels cold against his wet cheeks. He used to wear his halo and wings proudly. Used to run around thinking he was better than everyone else. Thinking he could defeat the darkness and rewrite the dooming future. Now they feel like an extra weight attached to his already frail body, that he can't seem to shoulder. He tugs his wings closer around his shivering body and hurries along the well-known path. He had seen so much horror, he had experienced so much pain in his life and he had always tried to do the right thing but deep down he knew it was not enough. It will probably never be enough. The trees around him dance in the harsh wind, rain clouds seem to fill up the dark night sky and he feels himself shudder.


He came back to the ruins, came back to where he lost everything, where he lost him. He lets the darkness lick against his frail body but doesn't let himself get consumed by it fully. The darkness has never become a home to him, had never taken over his whole body like it had Jungkook. If he was honest he didn't feel particular save standing in the tainted ruins and feeling it eat away the last innocence his soul owned. He was here for a reason though. He was here to remember and to think over what his next few moves will be. He had not expected Namjoon to see him as the creature he was. He had not expected Namjoon to know that he was a fallen angel and he had expected Jungkook to be different. To act differently.


He hears the telltale sound of footsteps appear behind him and small wood sticks breaking under their feet. "It smells like death and fire, doesn't it?" Jin is right: It does. It smells rotten inside the forest and the darkness seems to be making its way further into the woods and further away from the ruins it has originated from. "It does. I thought this was the reason you wanted to run away?" Just like Jungkook he had heard the conversation Namjoon had with Jungkook. The green-skinned spirit makes his way closer to the temple, not stepping inside like Yoongi. "We both know I would not have been able to abandon this hell hole. Even if I wanted." It's the truth they are both damned to stay here, seem to be bound to these hills and haunted temples all around the forest. Made to suffer through every darkness, every step that leads further to the apocalypse that will soon take place.


"What will we do now? Yoongi?" He asks, taking a step back when the darkness reaches for him. It looks almost like hands grabbing him. Yoongi actually doesn't know how to answer. He knows that he has to think about it but deep down it hurts too much. He had watched the demon for days now. Watched him cage Namjoon in his arms and hold him tight. Hold him in a way he himself was never able to. He watched the human leave every morning to sink down in his embrace. For once he looked safe and happy. He has also watched Jungkook. The demon sank into the waterbed of the river with such ease. His naked upper-body submerging into the darkness as if it had belonged there since the beginning of time and Yoongi knows that maybe now he actually belongs there.


His glossy hair and eyes reflecting the moonshine. He's beautiful under the moonlight but he had always been that. Beautiful and deadly. Even when he had killed his whole community. Even when he had become the demon, that had tried to overpower him. He had always been beautiful for Yoongi. Always been a temptation. Tiny waist, long hair fluttering in the wind and pink lips wrapping around words so sinful angel Yoongi wanted to stop. He can still not grasp the fact that Jungkook doesn't seem to remember him, their story and his real past. Doesn't remember Yoongi watching over him, taking care of him as a child and holding him softly until it was too late. Until the demon took him fully over. Yoongi remembers the broken sobs clearly. Whenever his parents had disciplined him and whenever he himself had done a horrible, horrible thing.


"In the end..." Yoongi whispers, feels himself protesting against saying the words but knowing it's the truth. "It's Namjoon, who has to decide." It reminds him of the talk they had a few weeks ago. Bundled up together under Namjoon's blankets, ready for an early night and Namjoon's warm, naked body pressed up against his own. Namjoon had asked him, with uncertainty in his voice: "What should I do?" After all the Demon had no finally claimed that he was here for Namjoon. He had only stared at Namjoon's face with an imploring look. "It's not my place to decide what you chose Namjoon." The silent "Who you chose" hanging unsaid in the air but Namjoon must have known what Yoongi meant. Especially knowing who he is, what he really is.


"He will choose him, Yoongi," Jin says, looking up at in the sky, where the smoke clouds are hanging heavy in the air. His skin feels like it's burning and his eyes are watering. "Everyone will always choose him." It's a jab at their own past, at his own horrors. Yoongi had chosen Jungkook over them. Over every single creature that lived in the temple, in the forest, and on earth. "And then we will all die." He says it with such a calm voice. Such a finality, that Yoongi can't protest. The prophecy had said it after all. The human will be taken, the perfect soul will leave the world and then the apocalypse will happen. He had seen the outcome already way earlier. Had seen how Namjoon had slowly become obsessed with him. In the early nights he had found Namjoon drawing the creature over and over again, eyes empty and non-responsive to Yoongi's soft words.


Seokjin had been there. In the woods when it all had happened. He had watched him get broken, get humiliated and had bandaged his broken wings after everything was over. He could have stayed with Jin in the woods. He was so grateful that Jin had taken care of him but wasn't able to live with the guilt that lay heavy in his stomach. And then he had found Namjoon. Perfect soul and knew Jungkook would return. Even if he was no longer fully himself. Memories blended with the demon but body and mind still the same. Yoongi didn't want to stop this if he was honest. They were matching souls. Namjoon looked happy for once. Namjoon was finally with someone that matched his own brokenness. Had gone through the same horror and hatred. Jungkook was bad but so was Namjoon.


"Do you remember back then? When you were here and they took everything from you?" Yoongi can feel the hatred in his eyes. Forest spirits are loyal creatures. They feel so fully their loved one's pain. "And I took you in, took care of your bleeding bodies and fed you for days?" Yoongi remembers. Remembers the pain. Remembers the tears streaming down his eyes. He remembers the numbness that came a few hours later. When it settled in what he had done. What the human possessed by the demon had done. How many innocent humans had died. Still remembers the blood on the young adults face. Remembers flesh between teeth and eyes pitch black. "I do." He says lowly, trying to suppress the memories that are fighting their way into his mind. It was horrible. His whole body had smelled like sin.


"You promised me I had a wish." And of course, Jin would use it now. Of course, he would use it to save someone else. Of course, Yoongi would not be able to deny him. Not after all the things they went through. "What is your wish Seokjin?" He should have never granted him the wish. He should have just fought Jin of, when he had tried to help him. He thought he would have known the answer before hearing it but his words are very surprising. "Protect Hoseok." Hoseok. Hoseok. Hoseok. He hadn't expected that wish. Hadn't expected Jin to favor Hoseok. He had thought he would definitely choose Namjoon. "Will you do it?" "Of course I will." They part ways. Yoongi stays in the darkness of the temple and Seokjin retreats into the forest. He has to think. He stays in the temple for a few days, formulates a plan and then slowly walks towards the temple community again. He can feel the desperation in the air.


Heavy like the smog in the air.


Hoseok, just like Namjoon had grown up in the temple community. He wears colorful clothes and his family's protection charms daily. Just like Namjoon he is a believer, knows the scripts by heart and goes to his daily prayers. However, he is not magical like Namjoon. Therefore one of his biggest wishes was to see the spirits, to come in contact with them and to understand them. It must have been hard only seeing their holy work. Watching flowers bloom almost instantly after a few prayers but never being able to see the tiny creatures that had their hands stretched out towards the sky. He hadn't even been able to see the evil radiating from Yoongi. Hadn't been able to feel Jungkook arriving and Yoongi is sure he still thinks their home is safe.


When Yoongi had met him for the first time he had thought the boy was just like Namjoon. Just as magical mostly because he was almost always surrounded by magical creatures. In fact, he wasn't even able to see the little faes, that flew around him most of the time. Sometimes they pulled on his hair just to let him know they were present. On other times they sat down on his shoulders and watched him bake. Jimin, the feisty little fae liked to sit down on his head, giggle whenever he moved around too much and watch the human bake. Yoongi thought it looked more like ratatouille than anything else but kept it to himself. Nothing was worse than making fun of a fae because they would definitely get revenge. Little beasts, that are way too proud for Yoongi's liking.


He finds Hoseok in the kitchen, where they often prepare meals together for the orphans that visit them. With a tiny shriek, he turns around when he hears Yoongi step inside the kitchen. "Oh!" He probably didn't expect Yoongi to come here or search for him. There is a tiny bit of flour on his nose. Yoongi finds himself wishing the human survives. Just because he is so damn adorable. Namjoon used to call him sunshine and Yoongi can't stop himself from smiling shyly at the human.


"Yoonie! I haven't seen you in a while." Of course, he hadn't. Yoongi had spent his last few days moping in a temple and rotting with pure evilness. Just to get away from the person he has a crush on and the person who he has had a crush on for years. And somehow they now also seem to be crushing on each other. "Where have you been?" He asks just as cheerful as always but maybe he didn't expect Yoongi to come back. It's hidden behind his eyes, in his voice and the way he reaches towards Yoongi. Never wanting to let him run away again. Hoseok knows about his drunken nights in town, knows about the horrors he has seen while there and had been the person Yoongi confessed his sins to.


"I was in the woods Hoseok." He says calmly, letting the younger human cage him in a hug and squeeze him tight. He missed this. Missed the warmness and homey feeling he always got around Hoseok. Missed the temple grounds that weren't drenched in pure evilness. "What did you do there, Hyungie?" He asks hesitating a bit. Of course, he could lie. Hoseok wouldn't know. Of course, he could tell him it was not something he had to worry about but it didn't feel right. So he smiles softly and told him the truth. "I went to think. It's been a rough few weeks."


"Do you feel better now, that you thought about it?" It's such an innocent question with a simple answer that would hurt Hoseok more than Yoongi. "No." His hold on Yoongi tightens. There's no more said. They just stand in the kitchen, arm in arm and maybe Hoseok is sniffling a bit. Yoongi thinks this is the closest he has felt to home, heaven yet. "It's okay. It will get better." And Yoongi wants to believe him. Wants to tell him he will feel better soon but maybe he won't and he doesn't like lying to him.


He helps Hoseok bake and after that, they cook together. He bathes in the familiarity of being with the human. Pretends to be just another human, living their daily lives while knowing that this will be one of the last peaceful days Hoseok will have. He tries to make him laugh and succeeds on most hours. Jimin comes over after some time. Fluttering on top of Hoseok's head and sitting down on his head with a finality that tells Yoongi he has overstayed his welcome. He's thankful Jimin takes care of Hobi. Just the way he is thankful Jin had always taken care of Namjoon. "I will get going Hoseok." He says softly, making his way out of the kitchen.


He stumbles almost directly into Jungkook, who is standing in front of the living quarters. Higher beings shouldn't feel awkward but this feels so unbelievably awkward. Their last encounter had been pretty stressful for Yoongi and if he had been more clear-minded he would have tried to run into him later. Further down the way when he had started at least with his plan. It's just that he has been in thoughts. Thinking about the fire reaching the little river, drying out the river. Killing Taehyung almost directly. He thought about Jimin, who's wings were so tiny they wouldn't be able to get him to fly high enough. All the people that would die.


"I see you've come back," Jungkook says. He's taller now. Even taller than he was when the demon possessed him and they became one. He's also stronger now. Magical. "Yes." He agrees softly. Looking into the woods, where he can feel Jin watch over him. "Just like you, I have some duties to fulfill." He musters the demon with a challenging look. "Unless you decided to stop the apocalypse." It seems like a ticking time bomb. Every second they are standing here he won't be able to use. He won't be able to start his plan in time if he keeps here. This time around he needs to succeed. If not for himself than for Hoseok and Jimin and Taehyung and Jin.

"Ah, I thought I had tortured you enough, Yoongi. I thought you would understand that there is no other way for this to end." Jungkook grins. It's evil and broken and Yoongi remembers the little boy that cried in his arms every night. What had gone wrong. Why was he not able to save him the first time? "He has to come with me, Yoongi." I gave my whole being away for you, Yoongi thinks bitterly. Remembers the sound his wings made when they were broken. I suffered for you and now, you can't even do the same for me. You don't even remember me. Yoongi had never experienced his tender touches. Never experienced his love. At least not as openly as Namjoon had. He had always only ever been a guardian.


"I guess we will both be on our way then." He tries to step past him. One step to step.... and then there's a hand around his wrist. Holding him back. It feels like a little blizzard is racking up his skin. The touch almost burning him alive. Yoongi get's why there is honey in Namjoon's mind whenever Jungkook is near. Feels it filling him up until his knees buckle. "You should talk to Namjoon." It's pathetic. Namjoon. Of course, he should talk to Namjoon but how can he? "Why should I, Jungkook?" His eyes are watery. Red, red, red. I am red in love he thinks bitterly. "He's yours now. Isn't he? Your perfect soul. Your fucking responsibility, golden boy." He goes, leaves the demon behind and feels the anger burning up his cheeks.