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Thinking about it now it was rather strange that no one had noticed anything sooner. Not picking up any signs, clues or hints, even though, when remembering the past few weeks, it was all so obvious. 

Also taking into account the fact that they’re all in one class, thus spending time together the majority of the day. 

Somebody should have taken notice and as aspiring heroes they probably should work on their observation skills. Even though they still had two years left. 

However luckily it wasn’t anything serious, nor hero work related and just something personally, if one liked to call it that. 

To no one’s surprise Ochako Uraraka, the bubbly brown haired girl of class 1-A, was the first to point out the blatant change in front of her small group of friends, who were currently standing around her desk, chatting away freely before class was about to start for the day. 

“Guys,” she muttered, brown eyes trained sideways across the classroom. “Have Bakugou’s pants always been this tight, especially around the rear?” 

The sudden question stalled the careless conversation going on between the four others around the table, bringing a waft of silence over the group. Three pairs of blinking eyes took in the words, the seemingly innocent question, while one was merely cocking his head to the side while staring at the addressed person shamelessly. Ochako couldn’t open her mouth once again to elaborate before one boy was beating her to it. 

“Ochako!” Iida Tenya exclaimed horrified, while doing a light version of his usual hand gesture. One clear sign he wasn’t amused by his peer’s behaviour. “That’s highly inappropriate!”

“Definitely tighter around the butt.”


A blush crept across the brown haired girl’s cheeks, but nevertheless she nodded along to the words of the short, black haired girl beside her. “It actually looks like he’s wearing the right size for once, not the usual over sized pair he has been wearing since the beginning of the semester.”

Iida, who was now full on complaining about the, in his eyes, lewd comments about their classmate, was starting to get red in the face himself and just wanting to get back to their appropriate conversation a few seconds ago. To be fair it was nothing in comparison to Mineta, their disgustingly perverted classmate, but nonetheless Iida simply felt overly uncomfortable having to listen to his friends chat about Bakugou’s ‘figure shaping’ pants.

How could something such as be important? 

The girls, however, weren’t listening to the lecture held by their class prep and simply kept on stealing glances at the blond boy with the questionable pair of pants. Even the full on hand gesture right next to them couldn’t stop their curious whispers. 

“Maybe his old pair just shrunk in the dryer,” Tsu wondered out loud. But then again wasn’t Bakugou a rather functional person when it came to housework? At least he was one of the few in their dorm who could prepare actual food in their shared kitchen. “Could be a prank.”

“Hmmm, unlikely. I’m pretty sure none of our classmates would intentionally have the death wish to prank anger issues boy, even Kaminari.” 

Ochako furrowed her brows and squinted her eyes at the blond across the classroom, who was luckily still oblivious to their more than obvious staring going on at the moment. Whatever reason had the explosive boy for changing his style all of sudden?

Bakugou wasn’t one to try out new things just like that. Hell Kirishima had to force the teen to pick out a new brand of conditioner because the store ran out of his usual one. 

The drama that occurred, Bakugou was quite a whiny bitch. 

“He might wants to put himself out there for once,” the brown haired girl guessed helplessly. 

“Ochako, why is this so important for you, please do tell,” Iida sighed next to her, hand having come to a stop at the realization that his protests only reached deaf ears. 

“Class gossip keeps things spicy around here,” she winked with a laugh. 

An awkward and light laugh sounded from the green haired boy at the other side of the table, Izuku, who was watching his friends happily as he took another bite of his sandwich, a delayed breakfast since he was in quite a hurry that morning. 

The boy next to him shifted slightly, gaze still locked on Bakugou in a curious manner while he grasped the warm hand in his fondly. 

“Maybe he’s in love.”

A cough went off at that. Izuku, who was now leaning over with his eyes squeezed shut uncomfortably, while harsh coughs left his lips. The response of the heterochromatic boy by his side was immediate, crouching down slightly Shouto firmly patted the green haired boy’s back as the other hand gently stroked through green knotted strands on his head. His expression was clearly worried, even though he was naturally aware it was merely a coughing fit. 

The bickering across from them has stopped at the commotion and the other three of their small group were now watching the pair surprised. Not because of the coughing boy but because of the statement carelessly tossed into the room by the tall red and white haired boy. 

“In love? You think that’s possible?” Ochako asked, eyebrows pulled up at the sudden notion thrown at her. 

Tsu hummed thoughtfully beside her while Iida only crossed his arms in front of his chest, mouth drawn into a thin line. 

“He doesn’t seem like the type to distract himself from his goal in such a way.”

“The brash and loud attitude must be a turn off for most people,” Tsu trailed off, with another glance in Bakugou’s direction. 

The brown haired girl, who started the whole topic, scratched at her head thoughtfully. In love, huh? Bakugou and the word love sounded so foreign in her head, a combination none of them have ever spared a second thought on, despite relationships being a major part of their everyday classroom gossip. 

Another loud cough caught the attention of the three students just as the green haired boy across from them straightened himself up again, all teary eyed from the harsh coughing fit. A small thanks was directed at the heterochromatic boy beside Izuku, who caressingly stroked his back throughout the whole ordeal. Even if he was the original cause for the boy’s reaction. 

“Kacchan has never been interested in anyone, not back when we were kids nor throughout the whole time spend at our old school,” Izuku started with a pointed look, making the others look at him in interest. “I’m not totally sure, but I suppose he’s not really the type to be dating anyone?” 

Kacchan in love, dating another person? It sounded so strange to the green haired boy, strange and so unlike his oldest friend. He’s always been headstrong, a little too rough around the edges and, if Izuku was completely honest, a total control freak. Dating another person took a lot of compromise and patience, Izuku was boldly aware of the difficulties when starting a relationship, even if those were the most rewarding difficulties the freckled boy could think of. 

Love demanded hard work. Work he wasn’t entirely sure the blond boy across the room was willing to do. 

Ochako glanced at Bakugou once again, opening her mouth to comment on the words but was ultimately beat to it. 

“I’m in love.”

The statement, again, made the four others blink. 

Izuku looked up at his boyfriend, eyes gleaming with affection as he grasped his left hand with a tiny squeeze. The other boy squeezed right back and shrugged at the faces of his other three friends, as if what he said wasn’t obvious at all. 

“Despite not being the type for relationships I’m still in love.” 

The words weighted more heavily than they had any right to and the others immediately began disagreeing with the bi-coloured boy. Izuku’s delightful glint in his wide eyes was gone now, replaced by a mellow sadness as his eyebrows furrowed at the implication. A small ‘Sho we talked about this’ left his lips automatically. 

“Todoroki, I don’t think I can agree with your words.” 

Tsu nodded along. “Yeah, you’re not so secretly a soft boy.”

“Totally dateable, too pure, too innocent,” Ochako exclaimed with a firm glance. 

The boy in question blinked densely at the compliments and cocked his head to the side in confusion, his friends weren’t making any sense at the moment. “But I lost my innocence weeks ago when me and Izuku had-”

“Sho, let’s talk about this later,” Izuku cut in abruptly, embarrassment bubbling inside his stomach, ignoring the smirks that shortly appeared on his knowing friends’ faces.

Leave it to his dense, but cute boyfriend to bring up the exact topic Izuku really wasn’t comfortable to share in public. 

 “Ochako, is Bakugou’s wardrobe change really that important? Maybe you’re just overly reading into this whole thing.”

The girl shook her head in disagreement. “But then again his ass looks especially provoking, as if he wanted to tease someone.”

“Ochako I’m literally begging you to stop,” Iida nearly wailed at the words, hand already moving again. 

Before the brown haired girl could defend her reasoning she was interrupted by the door slamming shut and a tired, grumpy looking figure coming to a stop in front of the classroom, eyes already scolding every student who wasn’t in his seat already. 

“Get to your assigned seats, class is about to start,” the man muttered sleepily, though already glaring at the students who didn’t move fast enough to his liking. 

Ochako sat in her seat, still bothered by the questions clouding her mind as she kept stealing glances at the blond boy over her shoulder. She would get to the bottom of his unusual behavior, that she was sure of.


The next time one of the small group of friends noticed something off was only a few days later, this time not in the classroom but in the common room of their dormitory. It was the weekend and thus most of their classmates were currently back home, spending time with their families. 

Everyone expect a few students who had several different reason to stay at school for the weekend, either studying they needed to catch up on, a long train ride home, family being away or a shitty situation at home. 

At the moment Todoroki, who was gladly staying at school on weekends to avoid his controlling father, was sitting on the couch, controller in his hands while playing Mario Kart, something the others loved for some reason. His face stayed neutral even as the boy beside him began screaming even louder, accompanied by foul swears and death treats. 

Just a normal day to day occurrence in their dormitory really.   

“Brooo,” the boy on Todoroki’s other side whined. “Stop throwing me all the red shells dude! Todoroki is right there!”

“SUCK IT UP DUNCE FACE!” Bakugou just laughed loudly with a dangerous glint in his eyes. 

All of them were competitive, hell of course they were, the mere atmosphere at UA drove them to competition and got them to strive for nothing less but the top. Though, admittedly, a game of Mario Kart always seemed to double their efforts. It was something about seeing the happiness in your friend’s eyes dim as they get hit with a shell close before the finish line, or at least it was for Bakugou that is. 

“Even without the red shells you wouldn’t be further ahead,” a new voice chimed in monotonous, though accompanied with a small smirk on her face. Jirou, who was sitting on the armrest of the couch beside the blond, pouting boy, was currently on first place and perfectly avoiding Bakugou’s attacks from behind. 

“Jirou that’s sooo mean!” Kaminari threw his head back at being hit by yet another shell swiftly delivered by the still evilly laughing boy on the other side of the couch. “I wanted you to help me beat him, not win the race yourself!”

“I can’t help that you suck.” 

“Stop bitching and fucking face your incompetence,” Bakugou sneered over Todoroki’s head, while steadily catching up to the black haired girl. As if he’d let that emo face win this race, he’d fucking show her. “Even canadian flag face manages better than you.”

Todoroki glanced at the grinning boy beside him. “I’m not even trying at the moment but thank you for the compliment Katsuki.”

“Haaah?!” The blond now glared daggers at the TV, pulling up an eyebrow and just so slightly gripping the controller tighter. He could feel his hands warm up in anger at the bullshit that just left daddy issues boy’s mouth. 

“The fuck you say shitface?! Compliment?! As if I’d ever waste any on your two coloured braincell!”

The others in the room grimaced at the explosive reaction, explosive actually being the case since by the looks of it smoke was already lightly coming from the strong grasp Bakugou had on the controller. Not again, Kaminari sighed innerly. 

“Dude, bro, ease up on the controller! We can’t afford to lose another one this month,” he spoke up hesitantly, earning a glare from the blond immediately, though luckily the boy loosened his grasp at the words. Still cursing widely but at least the smoke stopped. 

“Whatever. Why the ever loving fuck are you even here if you’re not even fucking trying?!”

Todoroki shrugged at the question, eyes still perfectly fixed on his character on the decent sized TV screen, trying to avoid hitting the banana peels left by Jirou only a few seconds ago. “Izuku said it would be better for me to socialize on the weekends.”

Bakugou furrowed his brows at the answer, anger quickly rising once again at the unbothered manner of the boy. What the fuck! 

“So you just fucking do anything that little nerd tells you to?! What the hell kind of wimpy bullshit are you trying to feed me here?!”

The boy next to him blinked unresponsively and Bakugou was close to screaming, again. 

“Midoriya probably only cares about-”


With that their conversation came to a stop, as they reached the last round of their race. Kaminari was constantly swearing out of panic, desperately trying to catch up a few places before he would eventually really come in last place. And who ever wanted to prove Bakugou Katsuki right?

Todoroki still moved his fingers half heartedly over the controller, not really desiring to finish this race anymore. At first it seemed kind of enjoyable but quickly got boring, always the same movements and obstacles, which frankly only made him tired. But he promised to try at least.

Jirou on the other hand was still on first place, having taken Bakugou’s outbursts to her advantage and like that she had quite the lead going on. Much to the blond’s amusement really. Bakugou was now constantly screaming at the TV, cursing out every character that came in his way, constantly calling them extras and telling them to die. 

So nothing out of the ordinary really, at least for Class 1-A that was. 

The loud sounds even attracted a few other classmates that stayed at school that weekend, one being Tsuyu, who was trying to catch up on some English studies before their upcoming exam. Though, at the moment studying was out of question since the loud screams of the explosive hero in training was hollering throughout their whole dormitory. The volume picked up steadily the closer she got to the living room, now even making her slightly wince at the foul words carelessly thrown into the room. 

Like that she casually came to a stp at the door frame leading into the big room, watching the others play. 

Lucky for Bakugou that Iida wasn’t present, because a situation like this would surely call for a thirty minute long lecture on proper and polite speech. 

Then again Tsuyu kind of liked seeing Bakugou angrily squirm under Iida’s strict glare. It more entertaining than it sounded like. 

“I’m going to destroy you emo face!”

With that Bakugou finally took the lead while laughing maniacally and quickly throwing up a middle finger at Jirou, who furrowed her brows in concentration at being left on second place so close to the finish line. 

Now it wasn’t far anymore until they reached the finish line for the last time that race, so the tension among the player, minus Todoroki, was high. Again, Mario Kart showed the worst side of their competitiveness and winning a game was something everyone prided themselves on, well, almost everyone. 

“Ahhh man,” Kaminari whined again as another shell hit him. 

Bakugou grinned at the boy’s misery with delight. “Look at me and for once get a small taste of what it feels like to win the game.” 

But before Bakugou could laugh once more at the glum expression on the other blond’s face, his face drained of colour as he suddenly realized what was catching up with him at the speed of light, not leaving enough time to react. 

The next thing he knew, the emo girl was cheering happily and the race was over. 


“Who the fuck threw that pathetic blue shell at me?!!”

Jirou grinned victoriously, Todoroki clapped for her and Kaminari tried to further sink into the couch, just wishing he could vanish at the moment. 

“Face it Bakugou, this round-”

“Shut up uneven bangs! And you,” Bakugou screeched and turned towards the blond boy who was obviously trying to avoid eye contact. “I know where you sleep, remember that before you pull another stunt like that!”

Kaminari grimaced at the underlying threat. Well fuck. 

“It’s just a game,” the voice of Todoroki suddenly spoke up. 

“What’s that daddy issues?!”

Todoroki sighed at the expected outburst and simply leaned back against the couch, not having anymore energy left to participate more that day. One hour of Mario Kart with three of his classmates was fairly enough for him. Like that he closed his eyes, ignoring the outburst happening right next to him. 

“I’m going to fucking destroy you all in the next race, just watch me extras!”

Jirou tilted her head at the scene. “I don’t think Todoroki is up for another race, in that case we’d need another player.” Only then did the girl spot Tsuyu at the doorway, looking around with big eyes. 

“Oh, Tsu! Wanna play with us?” Jirou greeted her with a kind smile and gestured her over. 

The green haired girl walked over to them with a smile of her own. Kaminari, the overly excited boy he always was, even jumped up and greeted her with a warm hug and a beaming expression. 

“YES! Please play with us!” 

Bakugou merely grumbled at the nod the group received from the frog girl and crossed his arms in front of his chest. “I don’t care who the hell plays, either way I’m going to crush you all.”

Tsuyu turned towards the two coloured boy regardless of the others enthusiasm. “You don’t mind me taking your place, Todoroki?”

At that the boy opened his eyes once again and at the sight of his friend, or at least he person he kind of interacted daily with, send a small smile on his face. He wasn’t good at socializing but it has always been pretty easy with the green haired girl and Todoroki really was glad to know her. 

“It’s fine, I rather sit here and watch you guys.” 

However before Jirou could start the next race a loud buzzing could be heard from the couch table in front of them, but without everyone having to check if it was their phone a hand already reached for the device hurriedly. 

“I’m outa here,” Bakugou stated and stood up quickly, throwing up his middle finger on the way out before he entered the corridor leading to their dorm rooms. 

The other four in the room, minus Todoroki, watched with confused eyes, trying to wrap their minds around the event that just happened. 

Bakugou left a challenge. 

Passed up the chance to get back at Jirou’s previous win. 

It was so unlike Bakugou, which baffled the three teens to no end. He just left like that. How strange. 

“Broo what about bros before phones?” Kaminari began whining loudly at the empty space left by Bakugou, lips in a pout.

Before anyone could answer though, a sudden loud smack echoed through the wide room, as a hand made quick process and delivered a slap to his head merciless. 

“Idiot! That doesn’t even remotely rhyme!” 

“Ow, Jirou.”

Tsuyu’s eyes shined curiously as she cocked her head to the side in interest, gears already turning in her head. Who was behind the phone call that made the blond seemingly bolt from the room? It was interesting, strange even, Tsuyu had to admit. If anything it would probably spark her friends interest, at least taking into account what happened a few days ago. 

“I need to text Ochako, see you later.” 

“Bye Tsu!” Jirou waved after the girl who also got up and vanished from the room. 

The other three left as well a few minutes later, Todoroki rather wanting to lay down for a nap before dinner -having had enough of socializing for the day- and the other two, Kaminari and Jirou deciding to go for a walk. 

All like nothing weird has happened that evening, as if Tsuyu was the only one having picked up on Bakugou’s out of place behaviour. 


After that the group of friends got even more suspicious, the situation on the past weekend having sparked their flame of curiosity regarding Bakugou’s personal life. Even though Izuku could only cringe slightly at the realization, everyone at the least was mildly interested in finding out more, something that might explain everything. And while Ochako was hoping for some juicy gossip; perhaps a secret romance, a crush or the embarrassing actions of an overprotective mother, the others were less as expectant. 

Iida was still insisting on them just dropping the issue all together, hoping they would understand not to meddle with their classmate’s personal life like it was their own source of entertainment. As expected though his words fell on deaf ears. 

Too much was happening after all. 

And turns out the next time someone saw Bakugou act weirdly didn’t take long either.

It was a mere three days after the whole phone incident, this time in the kitchen of their dormitory. 

The blond wanted to use the big kitchen for baking, a talent of his and to be honest to no one's surprise since his cooking was especially tasty as well. Somehow the explosive boy enjoyed working in the kitchen and he was already mentally going through the recipe as he entered the room, though his blood began boiling again at the sight of one of his classmates in the middle of the room. 

Bakugou’s eyes glanced over at the hunched figure sitting at the kitchen counter, making that damn annoyed face he really couldn’t stand at all. Fucking sad boy he was. But why the hell couldn’t that idiot do the whole ‘I hate my life’ thing somewhere else? Preferably somewhere that wasn’t the kitchen. 

Fuck that. 

That idiot had no right to ruin his plans. 

“HEY! Two coloured idiot! Be depressed in another room, I got stuff to do.”

Todoroki blinked at the sudden voice behind him, ripping him from his thoughts and making him come face to face with Bakugou, who looked as fed up as ever really. He sighed lightly and looked downwards again, his hands fidgeting with his sleeves, unfazed by the words thrown at his head. 

“I was here first,” he stated unbothered. 

Bakugou’s right eye twitched at the comment and that was enough to break the damm.

“YOU’RE NOT EVEN EATING OR FUCK DO I KNOW, COOKING SOMETHING,” he exclaimed and rushed forward, slamming his hands down on the counter in front of the tight lipped boy. 

The nerve that fucker had. 

“This is a kitchen, go cry inside your room like all the other losers do,” he yelled with balled fist and a death set glare, in his case a usual expression on school grounds and thus, as it seems, not as effective as he would like. 

Todoroki merely shrugged carelessly and crossed his arms on the counter before laying his head on his arms, eyes. “I’m not leaving.”

The other boy’s eyes flashed in anger at the thickheaded statement of the bastard. Due to whatever reason he choose the kitchen to spread his gloomy behaviour and Bakugou really wanted to care less, hell he had better things to do anyway. But apparently the candy cane trash was going to stay there no matter how much Bakugou was complaining. 

Just fucking perfect. 

Groaning in annoyance the blond rolled his eyes at the drama queen at the counter and swiftly turned around towards the stove. “At least stay quiet, I don’t want your stupidity clouding my space.” 

The boy was too damn dense for his own good anyway.

With that the blond got to work, getting out all the ingredients to prepare the cookie dough, all while ignoring the pathetic noises the half and half idiot occasionally made. Why the ever loving fuck that boy was in the kitchen was a mystery for Bakugou, which irked him to no end. Sure, he was fairly used to Todoroki now, ever since having to live with the whole bunch of extras he had no real choice but to get used to their presence. As annoying as it was. 

Though, however, Todoroki was surprisingly okay to be around….well mostly. The blond certainly wasn’t a fan of him, damn even thinking about it like that made his anger rise up. But at the very least the half assed boy was usually quiet, kept to himself and didn’t feel the need to talk to Bakugou. 

Unlike all his other classmates, like dunce face or the pink weirdo. 

Todoroki, in that way, had his perks. He still pissed off Bakugou, but if anything it was pissing him off in a silent way. 

Yet, one thing he just couldn’t get used to was this weird fucking gloomy atmosphere the idiot had around himself. Because, how fucking sad could somebody be, like a depressed lump of misery. It was pathetic and the blond was really damn tired of having to see it every damn day. 

At least when the little shit Deku was around the half and half bastard smiled for once. 

Not that Bakugou fucking cared. 

Which he didn’t, obviously. 

So now looking at the sad figure from time to time while he was kneading the dough with his hands, made him innerly curse. God, did he have to do everything around the dorms?! He felt like a fucking babysitter at the moment. 

Quickly tearing a bit of the cookie dough from the big lump he rolled his in his hands and turned towards the heterochromatic misery at the kitchen counter with a frown on his face.   

“Here,” Bakugou nodded at the dough in his hand. “Take it.” 

Todoroki raised his head at the words, eyes catching onto the material in the teen’s hand as he stared at the offering in wonder. What- what was he supposed to do with that lump?

His face apparently said enough and Bakugou tsked in annoyance. “How stupid are you actually?! Whataya thing this is?!” 


“It’s cookie dough you fucking deprived idiot! Take it, eat it, throw it at the wall!” Bakugou growled with another set glare at a blinking Todoroki. “I don’t give a shit what you do with it, just fucking do something instead of sitting around uselessly. IT ANNOYS ME!”

Carefully the heterochromatic boy took the dough from the blond with wide eyes, fingers twitching at the sticky material on his fingers. He could eat it? It really didn’t look eatable at all. Weird. He looked up but the other teen already turned around again and was rolling out the dough carefully, with occasional swears slipping out of his mouth. 

Todoroki blinked once again in wonder. “Thank you, Katsuki,” he finally decided to say. 

Bakugou’s shoulders tensed at the words, though he didn’t say anything else and rather continued to work in silence. Finally the atmosphere cleared up a little. 

Only ten minutes later  it turned out that Todoroki apparently needed more help than that. 

“So now that you rolled it all out you can cut out any shapes you want, I don’t fucking know or use my cookie cutters. You got it?” 

Todoroki cracked a light smile at the explanation he received as well as the help the blond offered him surprisingly. “Yes, thank you,” he muttered and looked up at Bakugou, who was leaning over his shoulder with a pointed look and flour covering his arms as he finished the last bit of the dough. 

“At least something,” he sneered and turned around towards his own half finished batch of cookies.

Todoroki, still transfixed by the task at hand, having found out the joy of cutting dough into the most creative forms, was spotting a pleased smile on his lips. It was nice. His blond classmate was a really good teacher when it came to things like baking, he never would have thought Bakugou was skilled in such a way. 

Slow and carefully the heterochromatic boy pressed a knife into the dough, cutting smoothly upwards and letting out a breath at the form that took shape. So easy! Who would have thought.

Bakugou occasionally glanced at his classmates, not really trusting him with the task at hand and admittedly kind of curious. Because who the fuck has never made cookies before?! As much as the blond wanted to deny the uprising feeling but he might have felt...kind of bad for the boy. 



Before Todoroki could trace the knife further along the smooth material the knife was forcefully ripped from his hand, at which he blinked confused, mouth turning downwards again. 

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” Bakugou was suddenly screaming at him all over again, eyebrows furrowed, while holding the cookie knife in one hand and the other firmly placed on his hip. 

If it wasn’t for the dough sticking to the sharp utensil it might would have looked threatening to someone, though Todoroki could only shrug at the question while mentally capturing the sight of a fed up Bakugou in an apron, holding a knife and looking like an angry gremlin. 

“Are you stupid?! What the fuck have I told you a few minutes ago?!” 


“I told you to use my cookie cutters or draw shapes yourself!!” he growled annoyed. 

Todoroki blinked again, he really couldn’t see the mistake he made. “But I did draw the shapes-” 

At that Bakugou stomped his foot angrily and pointed at the displace in front of the two coloured boy provoking, the knife being the object he pointed with as well in a true Bakugou fashion. “YOU DREW SHIT!” 

The other teen stared at the cut up dough in wonder. For some reason he undoubtedly felt like a child being scolded at the very moment and if that were to be the case then Bakugou was playing the role of the parent, which was rather disturbing when thinking about it. 

“This is a fucking landscape, you fucking carved a landscape into the cookie dough like the damn idiot you are!”


“But you said I could cut out any shapes I want and I really like the view of the mountains close by.” 

Next thing that could be heard was a light slap as the blond’s hand connected with his own forehead at the blatant answer of Todoroki. He couldn’t be fucking serious. At that moment the blond honestly considered quitting the whole idea of making cookies and showing up empty handed next time, what a fucking deprived idiot. 

“You know what?” Bakugou asked lowly, setting down the knife and coming to a stop in front of Todoroki. The only thing standing out now and confusing the heterochromatic boy to a certain degree was the smile on the boy’s face. Weird. 

“Yes?” Todoroki answered with a glance upwards. 

“Forget about creativity and free will, you’ll be cutting squares from now on.” 

With that Bakugou got to work, after Todoroki cast his landscape another sad glance, and rolled out the dough anew. This time though he made sure to show the idiot what he meant by squares and without anyone noticing time passed quickly and it was already starting to get close to dinner time. 

At that Izuku slowly strolled into the kitchen, originally looking for his boyfriend who disappeared two hours ago after he told him kindly that he needed some time to finish his homework and couldn’t hang out at the moment. However, the green haired boy suddenly came to stop in his tracks at the sight that greeted him and he couldn’t do anything but openly gasp at the two figures at the counter. 

Shouto, was smiling freely, looking at a batch of freshly baked cookies, which for the record was freaking cute. Though that wasn’t the thing that made the boy recoil, no but it was rather the second person standing on the other side of the kitchen counter, wearing an apron and holding another batch of steaming cookies in his mitten covered hands. 


Kacchan and Shouto baking together. 

What the-

“Fucking Deku what the shit are you doing here,” the blond exclaimed at the sight of the boy, eyes glaring at the dumb expression the green haired teen made. Which wasn’t anything new but still. What the fuck was he doing here. 

Todoroki also turned around at the name, eyes catching onto his boyfriend’s as a soft grin spread on his face. “Izuku look.”

The boy in fact, still at a loss for words merely stepped forward, coming to a stop beside his boyfriend, who immediately took his hand and pointed at the weirdly square shaped cookies in front of him. The glare of Kacchan could be felt the whole time regardless. 

“Katsuki showed me how to make cookies.”

“I didn’t show you shit half and half idiot,” the blond barked out with his arms crossed in front of his chest. “You just happened to be here all depressed, which left me no choice but to babysit your annoying ass.” 

“I demand a fucking repayment for looking after your dense boytoy, stupid Deku,” he finished with a sneer at the wide eyed teen standing next to Todoroki. 

Izuku, who was still taking some time getting used to the current scene, merely nodded weakly at the angry look directed at him. “S-sure thing Kacchan and uhm- thank you... I guess?” 


That being said the blond went over to an already finished batch of cookies, preparing to wrap them up carefully, as not to break them until tomorrow. And to make the gift look presentable after all, he wouldn’t want his work go to waste, not after having endured the whole afternoon with the two coloured idiot across the kitchen. 

Speaking of Todoroki was no proudly presenting his boyfriend one of his carefully cut cookies, one of the squares that had already cooled off a while ago. 

“Here, try it Izuku,” he offered and promptly shoved the piece of baked dough into the mouth of a startled Izuku. 

The boy lightly shivered at the sudden contact of Shouto’s warm fingers against his lips, a tingle making its way down his spine as he carefully chewed the cookie with concentration. wasn’t bad at all surprisingly and Izuku was glad, since his boyfriend looked so pleased for once, so unlikely his usual demander. 

Maybe he should leave him alone with Kacchan more often. 

“Wow..Sho- that’s- that’s really good!” he exclaimed truthfully and full of excitement, which extended even further at the smile he received from the heterochromatic boy. 

“Katsuki said they just need icing now for the finishing touch.”

“OI!” Bakugou interrupted their sweet moment at the mention of his name. “I’m not your damn mother, do it yourself for all I care. I’m outa here.”

With that the blond picked up the finished present on the counter with careful hands and made its way towards the door with another low grumble. The other’s blinked at the explosive boy, though eyes quickly focusing on the mint coloured bag in his right hand. 

What was-

“Oh Kacchan that looks really nice, who’s it for?” Izuku asked curiously, though already recoiling at the fed up look thrown at him. 

Bakugou clicked his tongue irritated at the question. “None of your fucking business, stupid nerd.”


Before Izuku could say anything else the blond boy disappeared from the room, a trail of curses following him out and leaving the green haired boy with a bewildered expression. 

“Sho, do you know for whom he made the cookies in the first place?” 

It was again so damn weird seeing Bakugou act so unlike himself. Sure, it was no secret -at least for class 1A- that Bakugou was skilled in the kitchen, but him randomly baking a batch of cookies was still strange. His oldest friend usually kept an eye on his diet, at least since attending UA. So Izuku was understandably surprised by the scene, precisely by the pretty bag in Kacchan’s hands. 

There was no other option but for it to be a present for someone else. And after the things that have happened recently; the new way he dressed, the reaction he had last weekend during the game of Mario Kart and his general growing weirdness; it was irking Izuku. 

What was Kacchan hiding?

“I don’t know, even though he was more talkative than usual, he never mentioned anything,” Todoroki pointed out beside his boyfriend as he reached for another square to munch on. 


Kacchan has never been the type to talk about his personal life, or anything regarding emotions really. So him doing this, well, this sweet gesture would have to mean something serious and Izuku was starting to wonder who might have caught the blond’s attention like that. 

Now just one question remained, who was said person? 


Surprisingly only two days later Ochako overheard something rather interesting and immediately jumped into action, naturally forcing all of her friends to join her. 

“Why are we doing this again, Ochako?” Izuku asked carefully, as the group of five walked down the sidewalk, on the way downtown. 

“Because I found us another lead!” she trailed of with a smile, basking in the sunlight the late spring brought. Summer was on its way and according to the mild breeze and the warm touches of the sun it wouldn’t take long until sweat would be dripping down everyone’s faces due to the heat permanently settling in their part of Japan. In that case Ochako’s grin only grew, being outside this close to their exams was refreshing. 

And combining such with an exciting adventure stalking one of their classmates was very pleasing.  

“Yesterday I heard Kaminari and Mina talk about Bakugou having an important day tomorrow, which can ONLY mean one thing!”

“A date?”

“Doctor’s appointment?”

Both Tsuyu and Todoroki wondered out loud as the group came to a stop at a stoplight. 

Ochako sighed at the second answer. “A date of course! And we are going to find out who Bakugou has been head over heels for for him to act so strangely!” She pointed out with a firm glance as she stood in front of her friends, who were patiently standing behind her with transfixed eyes. The girl was still bent on solving the whole Bakugou mission, as she dubbed it passionately. 

“Ochako, shouldn’t you be concentrating on the upcoming exams instead of Bakugou’s personal life?” Iida sighed exasperated, really having had enough of the topic that seemed to stuck with his friends. “If you’re using your investment as a form to procrastinate I can always help you with-”

“I’m not procrastinating!”

Izuku laughed at her small outburst. “Well, we’re here now, so let’s make the best of the situation and find out about Kacchan’s special person.”

The grin he threw the group made them smile themselves, the natural positive energy the green haired boy always seemed to have around himself affecting his friends right away. Even Iida who was still crossing his arms defensively spotted a small upturn of his lips. 

Izuku simply affected others like that.

“For the record, I’m just here to stop you all from crossing some serious boundaries,” Iida stated with a raised hand. 

Todoroki tilted his head to the side. “I’m here because Izuku’s here,” he admitted truthfully, making his boyfriend look up at him with a loving gaze. 

All the others gave the two coloured boy a look as if to say ‘way to be obvious’, though the group could never hold it against Todoroki. They knew he was rather antisocial, which was still mild if one thought of the way the boy was kept from having a normal childhood and never learned how to connect with others. So in that case the UA students were simply happy the boy tagged along, no matter the ulterior motive. 

“Where are we going anyway?” Tsuyu wondered aloud as the group crossed the busy street, more people coming into view the further they got downtown. 

The brown haired girl in front of her threw her a grin over her shoulder, eyes sparkling with glee and a certain hint of mischievousness. “Glad you asked!”

As they rounded another corner a small park came into view, a green spot in the middle of the busy urban city around them. A scape of green grass accompanied by several trees, which casted shadows along the place and many flowers in bloom scattered around the park, giving it a sense of wilderness. The few benches along the small paths around the grass were all occupied by people, families with their children or even couples. A green getaway in the middle of the busy city. It was nice and in a way expressing a calming sense of tranquility. 

“Look,” Ochako pointed out a cafe across from the small park. “That’s where the show will take place.”

“How do you know this’ll be the place for the date? To be honest it doesn’t really seem like Bakugou’s kind of scene,” Tsuyu questioned aloud. It was true, the place really did not scream Bakugou vibes, though then again maybe none of such places would fit for a romantic date. 

Again it was all strange for the five. 

Bakugou having a date.

Talking to another person instead of screaming at them. 

“I might have blackmailed Kaminari to-”

“Oh there he is,” Todoroki interrupted the girl and nodded over to the cafe just as an all familiar figure entered the door. 

Ochako excitedly clapped her hands together, beaming at the realization that yes, they will find out about Bakugou’s secret today. She should really remember to thank Kaminari later on and perhaps excuse herself for might having scared him. But that obviously had to wait!

“That’s really him,” Izuku said baffled. A hand suddenly pulled him forward right as Bakugou vanished from their view. 

“Let’s go then,” the heterochromatic boy beside him said matter of factly and strolled towards the entry, pulling his boyfriend with him. 

At that the other students sprang into action, loudly disagreeing and trying to take hold of the tall boy. ‘Shouto nooo!’, ‘We can’t just walz in there!, ‘Yeah he’ll definitely see us and I don’t want to die just yet!’. 

Todoroki came to a stop and tilted his head to the side at the shouts directed towards him, three faces looking at him like he lost his mind all while Izuku cracked an awkward smile and tried to calm the other down. “But- wasn’t that the plan all along?” he asked confusedly. 

“Nooo,” Ochako whined helplessly. “We wanted to spy on him, as in not getting noticed by the angry explosion boy, to survive this mission!”

“Walking in there will do the exact opposite,” Tsuyu concluded with a comforting pat on the half and half quirk user’s back. 

The brown haired girl then pulled her backpack from her shoulders, opening it to pull out some props she packed specifically for their plan. If anything what would a spying mission be without any costumes? “Here,” she offered and promptly placed a pair of fake glasses and a magazine into each hand of the others. 

Izuku grimaced at the ‘disguises’ and put on the glasses willingly, earning a pleased smile from the girl in front of him. “Well, it’s something, I guess,” he shrugged and insteadly let out a quiet ‘wow’ at the image of his boyfriend with the thick rimmed glasses. 

Not bad, not bad at all. 

Maybe he should thank Ochako at the end of the day. 

Iida sighed at the four speckled teens that now looked at him expectantly, it’s like they say ‘choose your friends wisely’. Feeling like there was nothing else he could do now, he placed the glasses on his face, covering the ones he was already wearing and raised an eyebrow at the amused looks he received. “I still can’t believe we’re doing this.” 

Ochako grinned at him innocently. “Well, it’s too late to turn back now.”

The tall boy, who was desperately trying to arrange his two pairs of glasses on his face, could only look at the peppy girl exasperated. “It is not too late though, we haven’t even entered the-”

“TOO LATE! I spend enough money on the glasses and magazines for us too retreat now,” Ochako insisted with both her hands on her hips. “Let’s go get in there!”

A few minutes later the group finally entered the cozy cafe, all wearing glasses and magazines clasped tightly in each hand, as well as Izuku and Todoroki who now had their hoods up, hair hidden beneath. 

Carefully looking around Ochako spotted their target right away. Bakugou was sitting at the back of the cafe, next to a window and alone at the moment, probably waiting on the mysterious person. 

The group quickly sat down at a table close to the front, though still in eyesight of their classmate. The strange looks they received from the staff was to be expected, a group of teenagers randomly coming in, all dressed weirdly and peeking behind several magazines.

Surely it was a sight to behold. 

But that was alright, as long as Bakugou wouldn’t notice them they could deal and they were so close now! Ochako could only watch in anticipation. 

Beside that, now looking at their classmate Izuku could perfectly spot the beautifully wrapped mint coloured bag, which contained the cookies from the other day, placed in the middle of the table. But that wasn’t everything, the blond was unmistakably spotting the infamous pair of pants that caught Ochako’s attention in the first place. 

“Ochako,” the green haired boy said with a light shove of his elbow against her side. “The pants, he’s wearing the-”

“The butt shaping pants!” she smiled wickedly. 

Tsuyu nodded beside her, casting a glance behind her magazine towards the explosive boy on the other side of the room. “Pretty sure this really is a date.”

It just had to be, there was no chance Ochako was wrong. The way Bakugou was dressed - the shaping pants and a freaking dress shirt-, the present in front of him containing the sweet treat he personally made, his nervous tapping of his fingers against the wooden table and not to forget the impatient looks he cast towards the door every few seconds. 

He was definitely waiting for someone and the group of friends could only wait with anticipation and wide eyes. 

Bakugou really was interested in someone. 

Seeing it now, live in action, instead of crafting their imagination around such a ridiculous notion was mind blowing. 

Just as Todoroki received the tea he ordered for himself the door beside them opened with a small ring, announcing the arrival of a new customer. 

At once four heads turned towards the door and what they saw made all of them sputter in surprise. 

They knew that person! 

Of course they did, it was no other but Kirishima Eijirou, one of their classmates and Bakugou’s closest friend. 

Why the hell was he here?!

Wordlessly four pairs of eyes followed the boy, luckily not being noticed thanks to their awful disguises, or it might have been the fact that Kirishima was solely concentrated on the blond in the back as he swiftly went over to their other classmate in the back. The big smile on the red head’s face -he wore most of the time to be honest- only grew as he got closer to Bakugou. 

The boy in fact, to everyone’s surprise, even went so far to throw his best friend a small smile. A smile! Bakugou smiling right out in the open was rare, so damn rare that the group still had trouble believing Todoroki once witnessed such a reaction.  

“What the hell is Kirishima doing here?!” Ochako whispered aloud, mouth nearly hitting the table at the scene unfolding.  

“Maybe he’s just here to give Bakugou some support, wait on his date with him or something,” Izuku tried confused to explain the red haired boy’s sudden appearance. What else could it be? Everyone was aware of their close friendship, the only strong bond Bakugou really formed since starting at UA, so it was only logical that Kirishima would support him with his love life. 

Kirishima was simply such a good friend, always wanting to help. 

Though, however, as Kirishima reached the table and without waiting a second leaned down to plant a kiss on Bakugou’s mouth, all of their joined confusion was blown out of the window. 



Not a friend but...a date?

“WHAT?!” Ochako exclaimed loudly, magazine falling from her hands. All this time she has been wondering who Bakugou’s special someone could be it was one of her classmates? It was Kirishima?! Who would have ever thought of that? Certainly not her, or any of her friends at the table.  

“SHhhh do you want them to spot us?!”

“Ochako, tune it down, this is a public space!”

A few other guests were giving them annoyed looks at their outburst, though none of them, except Iida that was, cared, way too wound up with what just happened. Kirishima and Bakugou kissed, on the mouth, in such a casual way it looked like it couldn’t have been the first time. 

“Bakugou and Kirishima...are going out?” Tsuyu carefully said, leaving enough doubt sounding through for it to seem more than a little uncertain. 

Izuku, just as much as the others, was baffled at the image, the sheer idea of those two dating. Which, well thinking about it and their close friendship, shouldn’t come as such a big surprise. 

But this was Bakugou and anything regarding him and intimacy was odd. 

Kirishima and Bakugou kissing was odd. 

“Okay but this makes sooo much sense, guys!” Ochako said with a new form of excitement in her eyes. 

Izuku scratched his head as he cast another glance towards the pair across the room, now both sitting down and holding hands. “It kind of does, I suppose? After all Shouto and I were close friends before dating as well.” 

The boy next to him nodded shortly, sipping his tea in silence and not really reacting towards the whole issue at all. Rather Todoroki was on the fifth page of the gardening magazine Ochako gave him like ten minutes ago, only ever looking up when Izuku called his name. 

Iida sighed at the situation once more, having had enough of a day imposing on their classmates’ privacy. “You’ve got your answer, can we please go back now? I think you’ve disturbed them enough already,” he stated, taking of his fake glasses in the process which immediately pulled a shriek from the girl right next to him. 


“Well it wasn’t a good cover in the first place!”

“Uh guys-”

Ochako crossed her arms with a glare at the speckled boy. “Our mission isn’t over yet! I want to make sure it’s him!”

“Make sure?! What do they have to do until you’re certain?!”

“Uh guys I think-,” Izuku tried once more to calm their arguing, though it fell on deaf ears as both students continued bickering. 

Tsuyu threw a worried glance towards the back of the cafe. “I have a feeling this isn’t going to end well.”

Soon after the words left her mouth a loud screech echoed through the room as a pair of loud footsteps could be heard. However the other three, Iida and Ochako who were still arguing lightly and Izuku who was desperately trying to intervene were oblivious to the advancing figure. 

Todoroki, who was still casually sipping his tea in silence, looked up as another person stopped at their table. The boy had his brows furrowed, fists clenched tightly and mouth in a scowl at the scene in front of him. Huh, oh well. 

“Hello Katsuki,” the heterochromatic boy greeted his angry looking classmate with a small wave. It was only polite and after the whole cookie situation.


The shout rang through the whole group and promptly made the three students stop in their tracks, heads turning at the familiar voice. A voice they planned to avoid a confrontation with from the beginning. Well, fuck.

“Oh Kacchan, sorry for disturbing-”

“Why the ever loving fuck are you all wearing those hideous glasses while fucking spying on me like the boring nerd gang you are?!” The blond screeched not giving Izuku enough time to explain and strongly ignoring the disapproving glances other customers around them gave him.  


At that all of them shook their heads, all expect Todoroki who was only starring confusedly at the raging blond in front of them. 

A sigh broke through the tension as another person reached their table. “Hey guys, nice to see you!” 

The smile that greeted them let the group exhale again, the blinding grin giving them a sense of calm. Kirishima, who was now side by side with the fuming blond simply took his hand and pressed a kiss to his cheek with another warm grin and eyes filled with pure joy. 

“Nice to see you?! They’re fucking disturbing our date, nice my fucking ass!!”

“They probably had their reasons,” Kirishima shrugged and squeezed Bakugou’s hand lightly. The blond only cursed inaudible but calmed slightly at the presence of the red head beside him. 

“Since when have you two been going on dates together?” Ochako asked curiously, not faltering at the glare she received from Bakugou and rather propping her head on her hands in anticipation. 

“Probably since we started dating half a year ago!”

“HALF A YEAR AGO?” The four spoke in union. Six months of those dating and they’ve only noticed something different so recently. Now what the hell, was the only thing they could think as they stared at the couple - a fucking couple- in disbelief. 

“Uh yeah,” Kirishima chuckled right as Bakugou let out another string of curses. 

“How fucking dense could all of you be only to notice it now?! And I though half and half face over there was obtuse but turns out your whole gang of weirdos is plain stupid,” he sneered at Izuku who was still busy with suppressing the information. 

Bakugou crossed his arms at a missing reply and merely clicked his tongue in annoyance. “How the fuck did you even come to suspect anything then?”

“The figure shaping pants,” Ochako admitted bashfully, red rising on her face. 

“You looked at my ass?!”

His boyfriend quirked an eyebrow at the reply, though more amused than anything and couldn’t help but let out a laugh. After all it was him who bought Katsuki the pants, having had the same kind of thoughts as the blushing girl in front of them. 

“It is a great ass.”


The group slowly recovered from the shock and were now able to relax a bit again, seeing the couple, Bakugou and Kirishima bicker with such a sense of love between them. Thinking about it now it really was a miracle that they’ve never picked anything up beforehand. 

“But wait,” Kirishima stopped all of sudden. “How did you not know if Todoroki caught us making out in the changing room like two months ago?”

And what-

At once four heads snapped towards the quiet boy, who was casually enjoying his tea, while flipping through the cheesy magazine on the table. 

“What?” Todoroki asked with a confused head tilt, not at all understanding the wild looks his friends were giving him. 

“Why didn’t you tell us?!”

“Todoroki that could have spared us today’s act.”

“All this time!!”

“Sho, why didn’t you say anything?” Izuku asked with worried eyes, grasping his boyfriend’s hand, who was still holding the cute and confused expression on his face. 

The half and half boy shrugged lightly and scratched his cheek with his pinky, already looking down again under the intense stares of the others. “I didn’t really think it was that important..”

Ochako threw her head back at the words and groaned tiredly. “Not that important?! Todoroki we’ve been trying to find out why Bakugou was acting so weirdly for weeks! WEEKS!”

“Fucking stalker,” the blond muttered bitterly, though honestly a tad amused by their unfortunate situation they had going on with the dense idiot. Should have called it. 

“But I did tell you he was in love at the beginning and you didn’t take me seriously,” Todoroki tried once more, blinking at their mixed expressions. He told them from the start, so it wasn’t like he said nothing. His friends merely chose not to believe him and frankly the teen wasn’t interested in Bakugou’s love life in the first place. 

Except if Bakugou decided to make cookies again. 

In which case Todoroki was game. 

“Yeah you did, but you never covered who the person he was in love with was supposed to be,” Izuku explained carefully, focusing on his boyfriend and his confused expression. Oh well, who would have thought Shouto knew from the start?

Todoroki glanced at the couple standing in front of their table, Bakugou having now thrown his arm around a grinning Kirishima’s waist and shaking his head at the pathetic situation.

“But isn’t it obvious?”  

“Well it’s not-,” Ochako started to explain but stopped quickly. Shouldn’t it have been obvious? The only person Bakugou liked being around was Kirishima, ever since they started at UA, it being anyone else wouldn’t make any sense. 

“...okay it kind of is if I think about it now.” 

“Oh well we really could have found out sooner,” Izuku trailed off as he let out an awkward laugh. 

The others at the table cracked a small smile as well at the ridiculous turn their mission took. 

“Just don’t fucking pull a stunt like this ever again!” Bakugou grumbled out grumpily. 

Kirishima threw the group of friends another grin. “Well, we’ll see each other later for dinner, bye guys!”

Kirishima gave them a wave before walking back to their table. As Bakugou began to follow he threw one last glance at the half and half bastard, the most delusional fucker there was apparently. “By the way peppermint face, I’ll be making another batch of cookies tomorrow. Show up or whatever, not like I give a damn.”

The other three at the table, except Izuku who only smiled at the kind gesture, blinked in astonishment at the ‘offer’ made by no other but their explosive classmate who normally hated Todoroki with a burning passion.

Todoroki only nodded slightly, though a small faint smile graced his lips.  

“One thing did come out of this whole clusterfuck, Bakugou finally managed to make another friend and it being Todoroki at that!” Ochako grinned. 

“Oi shut it round face! I’m not friends with air head over there. Now piss off and let us have our date in peace!” The blond screamed across the room. 

Perhaps Kirishima was rubbing off onto Bakugou more than the blond would like to admit. In any case the group of friends was glad it turned out like this in the end.  

“Bakugou really is in love,” Todoroki mumbled out. “Good for him.”  

Izuku leaned against his side and smiled up at the heterochromatic boy, yeah he was pretty glad Kacchan found someone as well.