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It was the end of the shift, and when he stepped out of the back of the building, he was hit with cold night air that hit him harder after the hours he spent in the hot air of the club he was working in. With a sigh, he buried his hands in the pockets of his coat and started to make his way down the street, considering to hail a taxi instead of walking, but he needed to clear his head and nothing did that better than a nightly walk through the cold and he needed to save the money. His lawyer had called him in the morning and told him that his chances were bad, and that he should prepare himself for another setback. Those were news that he did not want to hear, and did not want to believe in, even though he had expected nothing else. All the money he had put into this war, and in the end he would end up the loser and up to his ears in debt.

Fuck his life.

Fuck his shitty life.

He looked up and saw the handsome stranger that had been a guest in the club earlier, standing there and waiting for a taxi. He had noticed him before when he got twice drinks at the bar that he had tended, for himself and his company of a few people. Fancy cocktails for the ladies, one of the guys had taken an imported beer, the other just water, and tall and handsome had a nice smooth whiskey on the rocks. A good and expensive choice of drink that he very much appreciated, liking the taste of that brand himself and having it recommended. Already when those large eyes had looked at him, dark in the light of the club, he had imagined what it would taste like to lick a drop of whiskey off those lips, and now, seeing him standing there in his whole height stirred again an unwelcome desire in him that he had not allowed himself to feel for quite some time.

Intending to pass the stranger, he walked on, but then the man said: “Hey,” and smiled at him, a smile that made him look younger and almost boyish.

“Hey yourself,” he replied, smiling up at him and putting a strand of his hair behind an ear.

He was not a small man himself, of average height, but the other one was almost a head taller than him, and he had to tilt his head up, and standing so close now, he could only admire that masculine jawline and the eyes that now seemed to be of a dark blue, still warm and kind but with a glint of temper.

“You’re leaving early. Didn’t you enjoy your stay?” He asked, wind in his outgrown hair.

“Oh,” the other man said, smiling a bit abashed. “Oh, yes, it’s a real cool place. But I don’t like crowds all that much, and it’s really busy tonight. I didn’t expect that on a weekday.”

He smirked up at him.

“Yeah, no idea where all these people come from tonight. I’m sorry you didn’t like it.”

“Oh, no,” tall and handsome started to apologize, blushing a little which he found beyond adorable. “I liked it. It’s cool. I mean, the drinks were amazing, and the staff is, well, it’s nice to look at.”

Was he trying to flirt clumsily with him?

He smiled with a raised brow, wiping another lose strand of his hair out of his face, knowing very well that that gesture counted as flirting.

“I’m babbling, I’m sorry. I’m making a fool out of myself.”

He chuckled.

“No, it’s fine. That’s kinda a nice thing to say, I guess? I assume you talk about my colleague Anne? The hot redhead?”

Tall and handsome raised his brows, his blush growing now.

“Uhm…no. I was actually talking about you.”

His smile beamed now and he got closer to the taller man, having to lean his head now all the way back to be able to look into those pretty eyes.

“Why, thank you,” he said, the voice a little husky – what the fuck was he doing? – and licked his lips. Hell if that man was not hot and cute - what a combination.

Tall and handsome smirked and, damn, he was so close now, standing there with him in the middle of the sidewalk, not paying attention to the people passing them by. Somehow, it felt like time stopped.

“What’s your name?”

He hesitated a second.

“Jamie,” he replied, and tall and handsome nodded with a grin.

“I’m Will,” he said, his thumb touching Jamie’s stubbly chin. “What do you say? Get away from here? Somewhere where we”

“Yeah, I’d really, really like that. I'm not sure we will talk much though.”

The fuck.

What was he doing?

A taxi stopped in front of them, and tall and handsome – no, Will – got inside, reaching out for Jamie to follow him and he did not hesitate a moment this time and got into the car next to him, having taken the hand like it was the most natural thing to do.



The door to the motel room crashed behind them into its frame, being kicked shut by Will’s foot, while his lips were firmly locked to those of the smaller man. Jamie was ready to climb him like a tree and was already tearing at his shirt and trying to get out of his own jacket at the same time. He wanted him, needed him, craved feeling alive and forgetting the world around him, and he was very sure that it would not take long to forget all reason that was left in his mind that was already clouded by lust and desire. He didn’t even know if the other man was gay, or bi like he was, or whatever, but it did not really matter. All that mattered was that he was clinging to this mountain of muscle – holy shit, that man was ripped – and had a hot tongue shoved down his throat that was tasting like the expensive whiskey that he had poured himself just a little while ago.

The kisses they shared were sloppy, not refined at all, did not speak of gentleness or tenderness or, God forbid, love, but only sheer passion. So heated they made his knees tremble, both of them moaning into each other’s mouths, no doubt of what the night would bring.

Finally, Jamie had dropped his black jacket and Will’s hands were ripping at his white shirt, uncaring that a few buttons were torn off while he was stripping Jamie of the cloth. Jamie moaned when his skin was touched the first time and tried to get even closer to Will, who was shrugging out of his own leather jacket and pulled his t-shirt over his head, only leaving Jamie’s lips for a second before he returned to kiss him with the same intensity as before. Jamie’s nipples were stiff little pebbles and when they touched the insanely muscled chest of the other man, he moaned and arched his back at the contact, eyes closed in growing arousal. His cock in his pants stirred already and he could not wait to get naked and onto the bed or whatever flat surface they would come across.

With quick fingers, while continuing the kiss they shared, Will unbuckled Jamie’s belt and tore open button and zipper. Immediately, both his hands found their way into Jamie’s underwear and grabbed his butt cheeks, kneading the soft and still firm flesh and making Jamie whimper into his mouth. A finger pushed between the cheeks and circled his hole, promising what was to come and Jamie trembled, felt the flutter of excitement in his stomach, the anticipation of ecstasy. Jamie’s hands trembled when he unbuttoned Will’s black jeans and slipped a hand into it, grinning into the kiss when he noticed that Will did not bother with underwear and found his half-hard cock, wrapping his fingers around the already thick shaft that gave a promise of pleasure.

He put his free hand against Will’s chest and pushed, so that Will had to make a step back and feel into the armchair they had been conveniently standing in front of. Will looked up at him, lips reddened and wet with spit, and then watched how Jamie got down on his knees between his legs and pulled his pants off him, stroking the insides of this strong thighs, pushing them apart to give him space to get to that gorgeous cock, thick and throbbing, almost completely hard and that he wanted to pay all the attention to it deserved. Looking up to Will, he licked the whole length and then circled the tip with his tongue, before he started to suck with determination and the desire of a starving man. He moaned around the growing shaft in his mouth, and Will put his right hand into his hair, leaning back without being able to take the eyes off the gorgeous man that was giving his erection a thorough tongue bath, making him moan and pant more with every passing moment, shiver at the moans that vibrated around his cock. When he tried to swallow the hard length further, he made little choking sounds that turned Will on even more, not pushing or forcing anything but enjoying the intensity and at the same time carefulness with which Jamie was getting him harder and harder until he could hardly bear it anymore, already at the brink of coming.

He pulled Jamie off his cock, making the man with the shoulder long sandy hair sputter a little and look at him in wonder, fear of rejection in his brilliant blue eyes, but Will reached for his shoulders and pulled Jamie into his lap, kissing him with passion, the taste of spit and pre-cum mixing, before he got him to stand up and turned him around, got down himself while getting Jamie out of his pants and the man to kneel on the armchair. One hand on Jamie’s stiff cock, that filled out his palm nicely, he gave his buttcheeks a kiss and then dove his tongue into the crevice between them, finding quickly the quivering hole and started to rim Jamie, licking him out until he had the opening wet and fluttering, and made the man he did this to a whimpering mess that grabbed the armchair so hard that his knuckles went white.

“Shit,” Jamie moaned, leaning forward so that his head touched the backrest of the chair, panting and sweating already, his whole body on fire when Will circled his hole with one finger and then pushed in. “Fuck.”

Will bit his ass and started to slowly fingerfuck him.

“God, I want you. I want you so fucking much. I wanted you the moment I saw you there behind the bar flirting with anyone,” he whispered against Jamie’s skin, and Jamie could only nod, not able to articulate any word anymore. He put his flat hand on Jamie’s back and let it slid up his spine up to his shoulderblades and got into position behind him, after having gotten a condom that he carried in his wallet.

Jamie bit his lower lip and held his breath when the large cock of the man that just this moment became his lover, entered him in one slow thrust until he bottomed out inside him and his balls rested against his skin, only lubed by the spit that was left behind. His legs trembled, the sharp sting of the stretch robbing his breath, and still he wanted more, wished he could get even farther into him while he already had the impression he could feel him in his chest.

Will pulled almost all the way out, stopped the movement for a moment and pushed back in, again all the way, which he repeated a couple of times until he was secure enough to not hurt Jamie with his size and started to increase the speed. Jamie grabbed his own cock and started to pull, surprised that he had not lost his erection while being penetrated like he often experienced sex, and moaned even more.

He got his right leg up the chair to open himself up more, making it possible for Will to get in half an inch deeper. One of Will’s arms embraced his mid and pulled him upright and back until he was flush against his chest and kissed his neck and shoulder. Jamie turned his neck and they started to kiss again. Each stroke hit his prostate and Jamie was a mess with already sweaty hair and still he wanted more, wanted it all.

He gasped in disappointment when Will left him and turned to see what was happening, but a smirk went over his face when he watched Will get onto the bed, leaning back and giving him a wink. Getting the hint, Jamie followed him on weak legs and crawled into his lap, sharing another heated kiss with him and then sitting up and guiding Will’s cock back into his body. He reached behind himself and spread himself open with both hands, taking him as deep as it would go and started to ride him slowly, savoring the feeling of being filled so completely, not remembering that it had ever been like this before. Will pushed upwards, meeting his movements to perfection, almost like they had done this numerous times before, had gotten to know each other, and were not two strangers who succumbed to the lust they felt for each other without having exchanged more than a few words. They looked into each other’s eyes, a little smile on the flushed faces, and Jamie leaned back when they started to move faster together.

Will pulled him down and kissed him again, humming in content, and rolled them then over with the strength of his tall body, covering Jamie with himself and sitting up to kneel between Jamie’s legs, starting to fuck him in earnest, the bottoming man bend in half and stroking his cock that was red and craved the attention it was getting now. Each thrust was deeper than the last one and will took up speed again, pulling again all the way out, watching the pulsing and red opening to Jamie’s warm body and pushing back in.

He was making Jamie see stars, his breathing being erratic now and the feeling of the nearing climax robbing all his senses, being able to focus only on the man that was doing this to him, making him feel wanted and desired, filling his stomach with a long forgotten warmth.

“Will…,” he whispered, surprised how rough his voice sounded, and reached for him and pulled his lover down to kiss him again. "I'm...Oh my God."

Will’s thrusts became more irregular, indicating that he was reaching the edge, both of them so close to tipping over that edge, and then Will came with a deep scream and filled the condom that separated them with his seed. His hips snapped one last time, before he slumped down on top of Jamie, but then lifted his head, kissed him again, and then slipped out of the tight sheath his body had provided and then let his lips and tongue move downwards, licking over his nipples, nibbling at his hipbone and then swallowing his still hard cock down the whole length. Jamie’s eyes flew open when he let go of his cock and his lips closed around his asshole and started sucking and licking, fingering him with two fingers at the same time and jerked his cock in time with the thrusts of his fingers. The moment Jamie started to pulsate in his hand, he returned to sucking him and allowed the surprised Jamie to come in his mouth, swallowing his release down.

Jamie was panting, not quite sure if what happened between them had been real. This must have been a dream come true, a stranger fulfilling his sexual needs like this, it could not be real. Only slowly he caught his breath, while Will moved up to kiss his face again and then closed his lips over his and shared with him the taste of his own cum, deeply erotic and causing him to moan once more.

“That was…,” Will whispered against his ear, his own voice as rough as Jamie’s.

Jamie nodded.

“Yeah. It was,” he said, leaning against Will’s shoulder who pulled him with him when he moved off his body.

They laid silent next to each other, still close, until Jamie noticed that Will had fallen asleep, his snoring soft and comforting. Jamie, still too exhilarated from what happened, lifted his head to look at the sleeping man, smiling. His strong jaw was covered in light brown stubble. There was a little mole on his right cheek, and a larger one close to his jaw. He had a cute nose and almost elegant brows. Everything about this man was astoundingly handsome, and the smile that he still held on his lips even while sleeping made Jamie feel butterflies in his stomach.

He kissed Will’s shoulder and started to nestle into his arm, when his phone went off, causing him to frown.

With unsteady legs he got up and fished the phone out of the backpocket of his pants and looked at the screen.

“Shit,” he whispered, and pressed the answer button. “Yeah?...No, I’m not home yet….What?...No…Listen…No, no. It’s ok…I’ll be there in half an hour…Yes…Yes, I’m coming now…See you in a bit.”

He closed his eyes and ended the call. Shit. Fuck. Why now?

Silently, not wanting to wake Will, he got dressed.

Before he left, he pressed one last kiss of regret on the sleeping man’s lips, sighing sadly.

“Goodbye, Will,” he whispered, feeling sorry for not being able to look into those pretty eyes again or see him smile at him.


Fuck his life.

Fuck his shitty life.