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Love Songs and Poetry

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Saturday mornings for Kirishima were generally always the same ever since he moved into the dorms. 
Wake up at nine, put on some workout clothes, grab a water from the common room kitchen and then meet Bakugou at the gym entrance.
His face lit up into a smile as he saw his friend leaning against the wall, silently scrolling through something in his phone. It was one of those moments where there wasn’t a scowl on the blond’s face. Instead a relatively relaxed expression covered his face.
Kirishima would be lying if he said he didn’t like this side of Bakugou.

“Hey Bakubro! Are you ready to throw some punches?”
The blond looked up at the redhead, scarlet eyes showing distaste for the nickname as he slid his phone into is gym bag.

“Only if you stop calling me that.”

“Aw come on. You know you love it.” Kirishima laughed at the scowl he got as a reply and pushed through the gym doors. As soon as they set their bags down, he started stretching. Sitting down with his legs straight out in front of him, he reached for his toes easily. He’s always been prideful in how flexile he was; even the girls in his class couldn’t get as close to a split as he did. It wasn’t until he was doing a practically full on straddle with his stomach flat on the ground, did he feel the other set of eyes on him. With one eyebrow quirked he glanced up at his friend from his position on the ground.

“How the fuck do you do that? Did you take fuckin’ gymnastics or somethin’?”  Bakugou’s question was genuine curiosity, and it would have took Kirishima by surprise if he wasn’t used to these moments.
Laughter filled the room as Kirishima finished, standing up to place a hand on Bakugou’s shoulder.

“Nah man. Flexibility just comes naturally to me I guess. Takes a lot of work to keep it up, especially with my Quirk always making me stiff.” He shrugged at that last part as he walked over to some of the gym equipment. “Alright, let's get this morning workout going!” 
He fist pumped the air as Bakugou rolled his eyes, joining him over where the weights were.

After an hour of spotting for each other, Kirishima hitting a new record too, they headed to the treadmills. The stagnant running wasn’t a quiet activity as the redhead talked the blond’s head off the entire time. There was a slight pause, before Kirishima glanced over a Bakugou, who held curiosity in his face at the sudden silence.

“So you know how Mina said you should join us to have some fun last night?” An annoyed sigh and a nod was his answer. “, don’t kill me for this alright, but I may have promised that you’d come hang out with the class tonight.”

“You what?”

“Like I said don’t kill me, okay? Hear me out first. It’s know how Jirou plays like every instrument in the universe?” A nod. “Well, she’s been teaching a few of us, including me, how to play some of them. And uh, we were planning on playing as a “band” tonight. Nothing special really, we’d just do some covers and such. None of us really can write songs.”

“So you’re inviting me to listen to a bunch of you play as some uncoordinated band?” Kiri gave an offended gasp as he got off his treadmill, staring at Bakugou like he just broke his heart. He noted how that seemed to make the blond’s face flush a bit as he also stopped his run.

“We’re not that bad! I promise! Hell, Kami plays the electric guitar and he’s good at it.” Bakugou gave a bewildered look. The thought of the Dolt being good at anything other than short circuiting his own brain was almost laughable. “I know, I know. Hard to believe, but would I ever lie to you?”

“You once tricked me into going to a damn fair by saying there was a new chili pepper curry at a restaurant in town.” Scarlet eyes squinted at the redhead in distrust. Okay so maybe there were a few times where he stretched the truth to get the blond to go places. But those were few and far between. Kiri gave a nervous chuckle as he took a sip from the water he brought.

“Okay….yeah. I admit I did that. But I got an awesome red shark plush from you blowing up the ring toss stand!” The blond just sighed into his hand. “Look, I’m telling you I’m not lying. We’ve been practicing together for a while now. We’re finally going to show our progress to the whole class! You have to come, you’re my best friend and you gotta support my accomplishments.” Crimson eyes bore into the blond’s scarlet ones. Pleading confidence shining through them as he silently begged for Bakugou to join the rowdy class later that night.
Bakugou’s shoulders slumped in defeat, fully knowing that he’d never hear the end of it if he didn’t agree.

“Ugh, fine. But if you guys suck I’m leaving early. No complaints at all.” Kirishima nodded happily, bouncing slightly in excitement.

“YES! I GOTTA TELL EVERYONE NOW! I’ll see you later, bro! We got some stuff to set up for tonight, and choose our songs.” He picked up his gym bag and practically flew out the gym doors, leaving Bakugou behind without much of a second thought. He was too excited for this moment.
He really wanted to show off how good he was at playing bass. Not that Bakugou knew that’s what he played, it was going to be a surprise after all.

Maybe seeing me play will make him fall for me.

His face burned with the thought as excitement flowed through him. He went to find his bandmates so he could tell them the good news.
This was going to be the best night ever.
He just knew it.