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Love Songs and Poetry

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The following week was quite entertaining. No one expected Bakugou and Kirishima to suddenly have new nicknames for each other; let alone ones based on their first names. The first time Bakugou called Kirishima “Ei”; Midoriya choked on his drink, Urakara accidently made her desk float and the rest of the class just stared in shock. Bakugou silently claimed that short lived chaos as a victory.
Kirishima couldn’t decide between what to call Bakugou, as he insisted he should be allowed to also have a new nickname for the blond as well. So the poor boy has been switching between “Kat” and “Suki” attempting to figure out which one Bakugou likes more. Bakugou refuses to admit it, but he does like “Suki” more. It just sounds so adorable coming from Ei’s cute little shark mouth.
Once Friday rolled around, it seems as though the class has had enough of this strangely domestic interaction between the boys. Or at least they got tired of Midoriya muttering into his notes every second he could to figure out how this happened.
Urakara was the one to snap this time.

“Oh for the love of— someone please make Deku-kun stop!” She slammed her head into her desk as Iida took away Midoriya's notebook with a struggle.
Bakugou just shook his head and continued to look through his notes. His browsing was short lived as Mina marched up to his desk, dragging a frightened Kirishima along too. She released Kiri, squinting as she looked between him and Bakugou.

“How, when and why did this name thing happen? Not even I call Kiri by his first name!” She crossed her arms, pouting as she stared down her middle-school friend. Kirishima looked defeated and ashamed as he reached out to comfort his pink friend.

“Aw, don’t be like that Mina. You can call me Eijirou anytime, I’m not stopping you. It’s just...I’d like ‘Ei’ to be something only Kat calls me. It’s kinda something we agreed on.” Kirishima seemed shy about explaining this in front of the whole class, while the blond grumbled to himself about the whole ordeal. Mina didn’t seem to notice or care, in fact her mood did a complete one-eighty and instantly cheered up.

“That’s so cute! Okay okay I get it now. Don’t worry I won’t steal your boyfriends nickname for you Eijirou.” Both boys looked at her in bewilderment, the words slowly sinking into their heads. The rest of the class just snickered as Mina confidently walked back to her seat. She was obviously pleased with her work.
Kirishima was the first to speak.

“Wha— No, it’s not like that. We’re not—” The sounds of crackling interrupted him, as he looked to see Bakugou red face rise as he stood.

“Listen hear you pink freak: you don’t get to decide what our relationship is. That shit’s between us. Even if we were together, which we’re not, it’s not fucking cool to out your friends like that.” The tension in his shoulders dropped as he felt a hand on his shoulder. He glanced over at Ei, who was giving him a small smile.

“Thanks, Kat. Really, it’s okay. No need to kill anyone.” Bakugou huffed, grumbling to himself again as he sat back in his seat.

“And the beast has been tamed.” Neither boy could figure out who had said that before the bell rang and class started.
Later that day Bakugou was bombarded by the class ragtag “band”, excluding Kirishima.

“BAKUGOOOUU!” Kaminari’s voice almost shattered Bakugou’s eardrums as he turned to face the stalking group.

“What the hell do you want?” He was tired, and still embarrassingly upset about what had happened earlier that day.

“You’re coming to our concert again tomorrow night, right?” Mina bounced with excitement as she asked the question. He was about to reply with a cold ‘no’ but Jirou beat him to it.

“Kirishima’s gonna be there again. This time we convinced him to sing a song.” Bakugou’s ears perked up at the thought of Kirishima singing. “He’s practicing right now. I’m sure he’d love to invite you to watch if he was here.” The girl smirked at the blond, knowingly twirling her earphone jack around her finger. Bakugou just sighed, a hand coming to cover his face.

“You’re not going to leave me alone until I fucking agree, are you?” The group simultaneously nodded. If only murder wasn’t illegal. “Fucking fine, I’ll be there. Now go away!”
The group scurried off, high fiving each other in victory as they rounded the corner. Sero poked his head around the corner again, Bakugou glared at him.

“Wear your Sleeping with Sirens shirt.” And with a wink, Sero disappeared around the corner again leaving Bakugou confused.
How the fuck does he know I own a SWS shirt?!


Bakugou zipped up a black hoodie, hiding the fact that he did, in fact, wear his SWS shirt. He’ll figure out how Soy Sauce knew about his shirt, no ones ever been in his room and there’s only one person—
Fucking Deku.
He sighed as that mystery came to a close, and wandered down to the common room. Bakugou really didn’t want to spend his Saturday night watching Kirishima play bass again. That mess Todoroki started still hasn’t left the blond’s mind. If he gets caught again…
With a pout, he left the elevator and walked into a surprisingly empty common room. It seems as though the makeshift stage has been set up early this time, drum set sitting not taped to it as well. At least those idiots figured that much out.
The blond eyed the lone drum set though, it’s been a while but he probably could still play if he wanted too. Drum lessons were a way for Bakugou to ‘release pent up aggression’ according to his mother. He rolled his eyes at that, as the lessons obviously didn’t do their job. Although, he did end up with a love for playing the instrument.
Looking around the room, Bakugou made sure it was empty and that no one was coming. Once he was sure of himself he lifted himself on the top of stage settling in the drummers seat. He picked up the drumsticks admiring the quality of them before putting on the noise canceling headphones. He didn’t have a song to play in mind, but instead just went with whatever felt right. The beat flowed through him, and he smiled. He still knew how to play like a god even after all this time. Bakugou was so lost in his own mind while playing, he didn’t notice the band crew coming into the room. In which, they just stared in awe at him. When Bakugou finally looked up, he fumbled his flow and ended up ending the beat on a ugly rattling noise from the cymbals.

“Holy shit you’re good?!” Kaminari spoke for the whole group, being the only one still not in shock. Bakugou rolled his eyes, getting up from behind the drums and getting off the stage.

“Had years of practice, unlike some people.” He huffed, giving a knowing glare in Sero’s direction.


“There’s no way I’d join your shitty band. Not even if you asked me, Ei.” The redhead’s puppy-dog face turned into a pout at his friends words.

“Ugh, fine. But you could play for us once in a while.” The blond was going to argue, but the rest of the class came crowding in. This was the signal that ‘concert night’ officially started. Bakugou took his obligated front row seat. Not that it mattered where he’s sitting, he’d still be staring at only one person the whole time. Kirishima and the rest of the band hurried with setting up, while the class happily chattered around Bakugou. Once again he closed his eyes, this time being more aware so he won’t be rudely awakened like last time. He was still startled to a jolt as Jirou’s voice filled the room over the speakers.

“Alright class 1-A! Who's ready to rock?!” The class cheered, and Bakugou just sunk into his seat. This time they managed to do a few new covers, and a couple of requests of songs they did last week. It was almost irritating to Bakugou with how much everyone was having fun; as much as he liked watching Ei dance around in the same band outfit as last time, he really just wanted to go to bed. Speaking of which, it didn’t seem like the redhead was ever going to sing like he was led to believe. It was probably a way to trick him into coming, knowing he wouldn’t be able to resist the chance of hearing Kirishima’s voice.
When it was seemingly time for the night to end, Mina excitedly babbled into the mic.

“Okay everyone! Listen up! We have a special surprise for you all! Everyone’s favorite redhead is going to bless us with his voice!” She dramatically gestured to Kirishima, who looked scared out of his mind and was being pushed to the front of the stage by Kaminari. Bakugou’s interest in the band was now piqued, as he watched expectantly at the nervous wreck called Kirishima. The redhead looked across the crowded room and laughed, nervousness seemingly vanishing.

“O-Okay yeah. I wanted to give singing a I guess that’s what’s happening now. I’m sorry if I suck!” He smiled at his classmates, his gaze falling on Bakugou. The boy quickly looked away with tinted cheeks, and he handed over the bass to Jirou who was taking over for him.
The class cheered him on as they quickly got themselves situated to play the next song.
And in an instant, any trace of nerves was erased from Kirishima’s face.
The song started and Bakugou felt his heart stop.
Holy shit.

Can we fly, can we fly away?

Was this really happening?

I'm sitting on the edge
A thousand stars burning in the sky up overhead
How could it get more beautiful than this?
And it made me think of when, when in my life have I ever felt more infinite?
And could I ever get back there again?
It's the way it goes
You fall so short, sometimes you feel so close but
When you find the thing that matters most, may you never let it go
(It's the way it goes, it's the way it goes)

Bakugou’s eyes widened, not only was this one of his favorite songs, but Kirishima had the voice of an angel. Mina and Jiriou filled in as backup singers, and Ei got more into the song, going all out as he sang his heart out.

I wanna fly
I'm ready to burn down all the walls that I've been building up inside (Whoa)
I wanna fly
And put back all the pieces of this broken heart tonight (Whoa, whoa)

Why this song?

Can we fly, can we fly away?
Can we fly, can we fly?
Can we fly, can we fly away?

Bakugou was hit with the memory of Kamino Ward. He’d gladly fly with Kirishima again.

As the sun falls down I can feel the air
As I watch the breeze kissing your skin
Breathe it in
I never want this night to end
Right now I feel complete
The way the light flashes in your eyes when you're with me (You're with me)
I feel I'm who I'm meant to be
And it's the way it goes
I've heard of love but never got that close but
When you find the thing that matters most, may you never let it go
(It's the way it goes, it's the way it goes)

The blond felt the lyrics, even more than he ever has. Why were they so different when Kirishima was saying them?

I wanna fly
I'm ready to burn down all the walls that I've been building up inside (Whoa)
I wanna fly
And put back all the pieces of this broken heart tonight (Whoa, whoa)

He’d hurt anyone that breaks Kirishima’s heart.

It's just the way
It's just the way it goes (Whoa, whoa)
It's just the way
It's just the way it goes (Whoa, whoa)
It's just the way
It's just the way it goes (Whoa, whoa)
It's just the way it goes

I wanna fly
I'm ready to burn down all the walls that I've been building up inside (Whoa)
I wanna fly
And put back all the pieces of this broken heart tonight (Whoa)

Who was this song for, Ei? You don’t sing like that out of raw passion.

I wanna fly
I'm ready to burn down all the walls that I've been building up inside (Whoa)
I wanna fly
And put back all the pieces of this broken heart tonight (Whoa, whoa)

Can we fly, can we fly away? (Can we fly?)
Can we fly, can we fly? (Can we fly?)
Can we fly, can we fly away? (Whoa, whoa)

Can we fly, can we fly away? (Can we fly?)
Can we fly, can we fly? (Can we fly?)
Can we fly, can we fly away? (Whoa, whoa)

The song ended, everything was silent for a moment outside of the panting of Kiri catching his breath. Then the class roared with cheers and whistles.
Bakugou couldn’t even stand let alone form words.
If he wasn’t in love before, he sure as hell was now.
Everything else just kind of happened in a blur as Bakugou collected himself. He had to get Kirishima off on his own. Now.
He stood, blinking as he searched for his friend. He found him crowded by a few students; he grabbed the redhead’s arm as soon as the attention was off of him. Thankfully Kirishima didn’t say a word as he was dragged off to an empty hallway, away from prying eyes and ears.
Once alone, Kirishima looked more nervous than Bakugou seen him. The boy wouldn’t even meet his gaze.

“Eijirou, what was that?” The question came out softer than expected, almost a whisper.

“Um...I just...I knew it was one of your favorite songs so...I thought it would make you happy.” The boy was still staring at the ground, obviously very distraught about this situation. “Sorry, I probably shouldn’t ha—”

“It took me back to that moment, in Kamino.” That got Kirishima to look up, surprise written all over his face. “I’ve always wondered...what would have happened if I missed your hand. Would I have died, or get captured again?” Strong hands grabbed the blonds shoulders, crimson eyes bore into him with confidence.

“No matter what, we would have saved you. Whether you missed my hand or not. I wouldn’t have left you.” Bakugou smiled; he expected that from his best friend. He leaned closer to Kirishima, touching their foreheads together.

“Ya know, I’d gladly fly with you like that again.” Bakugou could hear Ei’s breath hitch, as his friends hands fell from his shoulders. It was obvious that the statement had a double meaning. His own heart was pounding in his ears, but that didn’t stop him from reaching out and taking Kirishima’s hand in his. “I thought it was stupid when Soy Sauce told me to wear this, but I get it now.” He used his free hand to unzip his jacket revealing his SWS band shirt.

“He told you to wear that?” The blond barely caught the words, Kirishima’s voice was so quiet. Bakugou just nodded. He didn’t think he could speak without babbling nonsense. Their eyes finally met fully, wide and full of unspoken emotions.

“Ei, I’ve been thinking. You....” He struggled to find the words he was trying to say. Staring into his best friends, his crush’s, eyes like this took all the words away from him. The urge to kiss the boy in front of him was stronger than anything else. He lifted his free hand to Kirishima’s face, gently brushing his thumb across the boys bottom lip as he held Kiri’s face.
This was really happening and Bakugou’s mind was going fuzzy. He was so close to getting what he wanted, so close to the boy he wanted. He leaned in closer, noses just barely brushing against each other. Eye’s slowly closing, lips just barely touching—

“Hey! There you guys ar—” The two boys jumped, creating as much distance from each other as they could in the suddenly tiny hallway. They looked wide-eyed at Kaminari, who looked just as bewildered as they did. “Uh...did I interrupt something?” Bakugou just brought his hands to his face. Of course it had to be Dunce Face. The moment was gone as Kirishima nervously laughed it off and pushed the lightning boy back out to the common room.
And again, Bakugou was left alone to watch Kirishima walk away from him.