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Love Songs and Poetry

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An exasperated sigh, fell from the ash blond lips as he ran his hands down his face.

It was a Friday night, and Bakugou had spent the entire day after class working on homework that was due a week later. Finishing essay assignments the day you get them would be difficult for literally anyone else, even IcyHot would take his time researching throughout the week before finishing.

Bakugou smirked at the thought, victory in the classroom and out in the field felt good. He closed his laptop and glanced at the clock on his nightstand.


Two hours until he goes to sleep.

With a grunt he decided that spending the last couple of hours of consciousness working out in his room.

Going downstairs would be dangerous, the weekends are always filled with his classmates being loud as hell in the common room. And he'd rather not get dragged into whatever annoying activity they're doing.

He unbuttoned his school shirt, throwing it off to the side and replaced his school slacks with sweatpants, and with that he started his nightly workout.

Not even twenty minutes into his routine, he heard loud banging, yells and shrieks of laughter. The elevator dinged on his floor and he swore the Gods must want him to suffer.

There was no way of telling who, or how many people are running and screaming through the halls, but Bakugou would be damned if he said this sounding any less than a stampede.

His eye twitched at the loudness as he stood up, abandoning his sit up reps. Smoke and small crackling came from the palms of his hands, gradually getting louder as he approached his door. The mini explosions must have tipped the students on the other side, as there was a loud thud and a flurry of hushing directly outside his door.

The door flung open, denting the wall for the umpteenth time, and scarlet eyes flared at group huddled on the ground in front of him.

Upon assessing the situation, it seems as though Mina had stolen Kaminari's phone, the thunderbolt phone case gives it away. So that explains why the Thunder Dolt was on top of her, reaching for it. What Bakugou didn't understand was why Kirishima was there, on top both of them also reaching for the phone.

Three sets of eyes stared at the blond, frightened and expecting an explosion to the face.

"Can one of you explain why the fuck you three have to be so damn loud?" The words came out more of a growl, through gritted teeth. Patience was wearing thin and the sweet scent of caramel became more apparent as his hands started smoking again.

A nervous laugh came from the redhead as he removed himself from the pile and sat back on the floor. The other two following his lead.

"Uh...Sorry bro. Mina stole Kami's phone so-"

"I'm not blind. I can SEE that." The ash blond sighed, watching Kirishima flinch at the harshness in his voice. "Why must you all be so damn annoying. It's late, can't you just be quiet for once?"

The pink girl laughed, holding her stomach as she wiped a fake tear from her eye. "Only you would think seven at night is late. Come onnnnnn. We're just having fun, something you should try doing once in a while instead of going to bed early like grumpy old man."

This caused the two boys sitting next to her to snicker, not even flinching at the scowl that made its way to Bakugou's face.

"Mina has a point man. You're all work and no play, you gotta let loose sometimes. Right, Kiri?"

The redhead nodded, a few blocks of his hair falling as he did so. Bakugou rolled his eyes instead of staring at the sight.

The product in his hair must be wearing out now.

"Yeah. I mean it'd be nice if you joined us sometime." The shark tooth smile that followed caught Bakugou's eye again. Blinding, but intriguing. It always makes Bakugou calm a bit; he still hasn't figured out why though.

"What are you talking about Shitty Hair? You're always dragging me around to do stupid shit. How much more time do you want me to spend with you?!"

Kirishima's face flushed a little at the statement, as he nervously stumbled over words and laughter.

"I...uh…That-" A pink hand shoved Kirishima's mouth shut as she dramatically sighed.

" Oh my God… We meant with all of us. Ya know, your classmates? There's more than just Kiri in the class you know!" Kaminari, took the chance to swipe his phone from Mina's hand while she was distracted, earning a disgruntled huff from the girl.

"None of you extras are worth my time. Unless you wanna fight me I don't wanna be around you. Now if you don't mind, I HAVE A WORKOUT TO FINISH NOW LEAVE." Bakugou's hands crackled for the second time that night, anger seething through him as his chest started to rise and fall quicker than his patience.

 Mina shrieked, scrambling to stand grabbing the two boys wrists as she ran back to the elevator. Kirishima looked back with an apologetic smile, catching the blond a bit off guard.

It grounded him a little, and he calmed while he watched his classmates disappear into the elevator. A small smile from the redhead shouldn't have that effect on Bakugou. But it strangely does. He won't lie and say it doesn't help, Kirishima always seems to smile right when he's about to lose his shit.

What the hell am I thinking?

He pinched the bridge of his nose, huffing a little before turning back into his room and kicking the door shut again.

He turned his attention away from Kirishima's smile and back to his workout; ignoring the loudness created by his classmates downstairs radiating through the walls.

It was just going to be another one of those nights.


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Saturday mornings for Kirishima were generally always the same ever since he moved into the dorms. 
Wake up at nine, put on some workout clothes, grab a water from the common room kitchen and then meet Bakugou at the gym entrance.
His face lit up into a smile as he saw his friend leaning against the wall, silently scrolling through something in his phone. It was one of those moments where there wasn’t a scowl on the blond’s face. Instead a relatively relaxed expression covered his face.
Kirishima would be lying if he said he didn’t like this side of Bakugou.

“Hey Bakubro! Are you ready to throw some punches?”
The blond looked up at the redhead, scarlet eyes showing distaste for the nickname as he slid his phone into is gym bag.

“Only if you stop calling me that.”

“Aw come on. You know you love it.” Kirishima laughed at the scowl he got as a reply and pushed through the gym doors. As soon as they set their bags down, he started stretching. Sitting down with his legs straight out in front of him, he reached for his toes easily. He’s always been prideful in how flexile he was; even the girls in his class couldn’t get as close to a split as he did. It wasn’t until he was doing a practically full on straddle with his stomach flat on the ground, did he feel the other set of eyes on him. With one eyebrow quirked he glanced up at his friend from his position on the ground.

“How the fuck do you do that? Did you take fuckin’ gymnastics or somethin’?”  Bakugou’s question was genuine curiosity, and it would have took Kirishima by surprise if he wasn’t used to these moments.
Laughter filled the room as Kirishima finished, standing up to place a hand on Bakugou’s shoulder.

“Nah man. Flexibility just comes naturally to me I guess. Takes a lot of work to keep it up, especially with my Quirk always making me stiff.” He shrugged at that last part as he walked over to some of the gym equipment. “Alright, let's get this morning workout going!” 
He fist pumped the air as Bakugou rolled his eyes, joining him over where the weights were.

After an hour of spotting for each other, Kirishima hitting a new record too, they headed to the treadmills. The stagnant running wasn’t a quiet activity as the redhead talked the blond’s head off the entire time. There was a slight pause, before Kirishima glanced over a Bakugou, who held curiosity in his face at the sudden silence.

“So you know how Mina said you should join us to have some fun last night?” An annoyed sigh and a nod was his answer. “, don’t kill me for this alright, but I may have promised that you’d come hang out with the class tonight.”

“You what?”

“Like I said don’t kill me, okay? Hear me out first. It’s know how Jirou plays like every instrument in the universe?” A nod. “Well, she’s been teaching a few of us, including me, how to play some of them. And uh, we were planning on playing as a “band” tonight. Nothing special really, we’d just do some covers and such. None of us really can write songs.”

“So you’re inviting me to listen to a bunch of you play as some uncoordinated band?” Kiri gave an offended gasp as he got off his treadmill, staring at Bakugou like he just broke his heart. He noted how that seemed to make the blond’s face flush a bit as he also stopped his run.

“We’re not that bad! I promise! Hell, Kami plays the electric guitar and he’s good at it.” Bakugou gave a bewildered look. The thought of the Dolt being good at anything other than short circuiting his own brain was almost laughable. “I know, I know. Hard to believe, but would I ever lie to you?”

“You once tricked me into going to a damn fair by saying there was a new chili pepper curry at a restaurant in town.” Scarlet eyes squinted at the redhead in distrust. Okay so maybe there were a few times where he stretched the truth to get the blond to go places. But those were few and far between. Kiri gave a nervous chuckle as he took a sip from the water he brought.

“Okay….yeah. I admit I did that. But I got an awesome red shark plush from you blowing up the ring toss stand!” The blond just sighed into his hand. “Look, I’m telling you I’m not lying. We’ve been practicing together for a while now. We’re finally going to show our progress to the whole class! You have to come, you’re my best friend and you gotta support my accomplishments.” Crimson eyes bore into the blond’s scarlet ones. Pleading confidence shining through them as he silently begged for Bakugou to join the rowdy class later that night.
Bakugou’s shoulders slumped in defeat, fully knowing that he’d never hear the end of it if he didn’t agree.

“Ugh, fine. But if you guys suck I’m leaving early. No complaints at all.” Kirishima nodded happily, bouncing slightly in excitement.

“YES! I GOTTA TELL EVERYONE NOW! I’ll see you later, bro! We got some stuff to set up for tonight, and choose our songs.” He picked up his gym bag and practically flew out the gym doors, leaving Bakugou behind without much of a second thought. He was too excited for this moment.
He really wanted to show off how good he was at playing bass. Not that Bakugou knew that’s what he played, it was going to be a surprise after all.

Maybe seeing me play will make him fall for me.

His face burned with the thought as excitement flowed through him. He went to find his bandmates so he could tell them the good news.
This was going to be the best night ever.
He just knew it.

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After being left alone in the gym, Bakugou found his way back up to his room. Not without being bombarded with everyone's surprised giddiness that he’s actually taking part in a group activity.
As well as Mina’s yelling that dresscode is, “Dress like you’re actually going to a concert! No exceptions!”
Why did I agree to this?
An image of Kirishima’s determined, and admittedly adorable, face popped back into his mind. The blond flushed and mentally kicked himself. This was not the time to be thinking like that.
He should be mentally preparing for the hell he’d be going through tonight, not thinking about Kiri’s face again.
Bakugou, was already dress for the occasion at least. Ripped black skinny jeans, orange Converse, his favorite black tee with a skull on it. He even had an orange flannel lying on his bed for when he has to go down. The fact that he’s taking this request so seriously even surprised Bakugou himself. There was no need for him to be so dressed up, not that what he was wearing could be found fancy or anything of the sort. But the fact that he even took the time to carefully plan out his outfit was not usually like him.
Why was he so willing to impress his classmates?
It wasn’t his classmates. 
It was just Kirishima.
He was Bakugou’s best friend.
And best friends support each others accomplishments, just as the redhead stated earlier.
He’s just showing that he cares about Kirishima’s progress with whatever instrument he now plays.
With a glance at his clock, he sighed.
In an hour he’d have to go downstairs and deal with this mess. He knows they purposely planned this so called concert at his scheduled bedtime. If they wanted him extra grumpy then so be it; they can have extra grumpy Bakugou at their concert.
He laid down on his bed, sneaking an arm under his pillow to pull out a manga. A romance manga, one of his favorite pastimes.
No one knows that he reads anything other than articles and textbooks, so anyone figuring out that he reads manga in his spare time would be life ending. And it’s worse that its romance. No one could know about this soft side of Bakugou, not even Kirishima.
He’ll just spend the next hour reading, and then mosey his way into the common room.
A soft smile found its way on his lips as he read about the couple going on their first date; not even cursing himself for imagining them as himself and Kiri.
Bakugou didn’t actually get very far in his reading, as he stopped where the couple were watching a sunset. He picked up a pen and sticky note he had on his nightstand, went to work scribbling out words on the fluorescent orange paper.

As the golden light fades
The final rays of sunlight make your skin glow
And as the moon shows its face
Your smile competes with its brightness
The soft moonlight makes your crimson eyes sparkle
And your beauty makes my heart flutter
If only I could tell you
How much that smile means to me

A simple, quick poem is written on the spot, and Bakugou smiles contently at his work as he places the sticky note on the sunset scene in his book. It’s not unusual for him to do this, a lot of his books have random notes and poems relating to what he reads.
Only recently he’s noticed they have become more about Kirishima than the actual scene itself. All the more reason not to let anyone find out about this hobby of his.


Bakugou had spent the last hour reading just as he wanted and now, he’s on the couch surrounded by people he can’t stand as he watches Kririshima, Mina, Kaminari, Jirou, and Sero all clamber together as class 1-A’s “official” band. Somehow they manage to pull together four dining tables to make a stage, and now they’re arguing on how they’re going to get the drum set up there without any stairs.
A sigh left Bakugou as he tuned out the noise and closed his eyes. They’d figure it out sooner or later and by then he’s sure to be notified when the actual concert part is starting. Even though they should have had this figured out hours ago.
He must have dozed off at some point because he was awakened by a loud,

He jolted up in his seat, hands crackling in mini explosions out of instinct.

“Kacchan please, it’s your fault for falling asleep on concert night.” Scarlet eyes glared at the greenette, and Bakugou growled as he sat back on the couch.

“It’s not my fault I got dragged into this. All I wanted to do was sleep.” A wave of snickers ran through the class, they all knew he was up past his bedtime.

“Alright alright. Let’s just get this party started! Leave Mr. GrumpyPants alone!” Kirishima, was up on the stage, which now had Jiou’s drum set taped down to it, and was flinging around the aux cord to the bass he was currently wearing.
Bakugou had to admit, the rocker-like style of his friend had all sorts of things fluttering in his stomach. Fuck just butterflies, he had the whole damn zoo. Kiri actually had his hair up in a ponytail, his bangs messily hiding his forehead. A simple black tank top fell over, tight red skinny jeans and damn those should be illegal. Kirishima could kick him with the black combat boots he was wearing and the blond would thank him.
The redhead caught Bakugou's stare and gave him a bright smile and waved at him excitedly.
Bakugou’s face burned; maybe staring at you hot best friend isn’t such a good idea.

“Look Bakugou! I’m playing the bass!” Kirishima held up the instrument that was strapped over his shoulder, just as Jirou started wacking him in the head and telling him to be careful with her baby. Bakugou couldn’t help but smile at the exchange. Kirishima was such an idiot.
Upon closer look of the band before him, he noticed Sero was the drummer, Kaminari was on the electric guitar just as he was told, Mina and Jirou seemed to be the only two without instruments leading to believe they’re the ones doing the singing tonight.
Hopefully Bakugou's ears won't be bleeding by the end of this.
Once everyone settled down in they seats, Jirou took charge of the event.

"Okay everyone, let's get this party started! We'll only be doing a few covers tonight, since these guys aren't that experienced yet." Kaminari just let out an offended "Hey" before getting cut off again. "So anyways, hope you enjoy the show!"
The lights went out and spotlights highlighted the band. Momo must have made those for the occasion.
To Bakugou's surprise, they weren't terrible. A little off key occasionally, but otherwise they were pretty good.
Maybe with some more practice they'll actually sound professional.
Bakugou shifted his view to the redhead, who was currently dancing slightly in tune with the music. As he got more comfortable with playing, Kirishima really got into it. Somehow he managed to end up dancing and jumping about, without missing too many notes. And somehow, the smile he wore while having so much fun, captured Bakugou's gaze so much so that he never took his eyes off him.
Everything about this boy on stage entranced the blond. The way Kiri slowly got used to a song before continuing his jumpy dance, the way his smile never left his face showing how much fun he's having, and the way his loose hair flowed with every movement he made.
Even now Bakugou knew he needed to write a poem, or thirty, just on the way Kirishima's hair falls against his face.
Bakugou was so focused on Kirishima, that he didn't even notice that the concert had ended. Even when the redhead took off the bass, and accepted a water bottle from Iida. Bakugou still wasn't able to take his eyes off him, not even when his classmates were trying to get his attention. That is until someone clapped loudly next to his ear to get his attention causing him to jump.

"He's so starstruck that he can't even find the words to say how good we were!" Mina's half excited, half teasing voice accompanied her ruffling the blond's hair. He swatted her hand away angrily, completely ignoring her statement.

"Actually...I noticed that he was staring at Kirishima the entire time." Todoroki's words caused Kiri to choke on his water, and Bakugou to jump out of his seat. Everyone else just looked between Todoroki and Bakugou, waiting for some inevitable fight to happen.

"Shut the hell up IcyHot. I was NOT!"

"But I saw-"

"NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU SAW. MAYBE I WAS JUST WATCHING KIRISHIMA THE WHOLE TIME BECAUSE HE WAS THE ONLY INTERESTING ONE." Bakugou was sure Kirishima choked on his water again behind him, but he didn't dare voice his concern. That would only add to his embarrassment. Kaminari snickered beside him, placing a hand on Bakugou's shoulder.

"So, you're not denying that you solely watched Kiri hop around like an idiot for an hour?"

"I was not hopping! I was dancing!" Was the shorthanded defense that Kirishima voiced, but everyone was more focused on Bakugou.

"It was not an hour!" He glanced at the clock on the wall.
Okay so...maybe it was an hour. Bakugou huffed, anger and embarrassment replacing his patience faster every second. Of all the people to catch him staring. The blond let out a yell the was closer to a growl than anything and started his way to the elevator.

"I'm going to bed, you all are annoying as fuck and I'm too tired to even blast your faces off!"
He stepped into the elevator and harshly hit the button for his floor. "Good fucking night you assholes." Was the last thing his classmates heard before the doors closed and he left for bed.




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Kirishima found himself spending most of his Sunday in Mina's dorm room, along with the rest of his usual squad. Although he wished he could be anywhere else so he didn't have to be the target of Mina's pestering.

"He totally likes you Kiri. Its obvious."
He sighed for the hundredth time at that same phrase he's heard all day.

"No, I don't think that's it. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if he just fell asleep with his eyes open and just happened to be looking in my direction."
Kiri leaned back, using Mina's back as a pillow.

"Dude, Todoroki of all people noticed him staring." Sero's statement granted a nod from the rest of the group, and Kirishima just groaned.

"Okay fine, so he was staring. But that means nothing. I practically begged him to come and watch me play. Not really anyone else, so that's probably why he was only watching me."
Mina mused at the statement, giggling at her childhood friends cluelessness. "Can we please stop talking about this now? We promised the class we'd do another concert next Saturday! I wanna learn some new songs!" The redhead fist pumped the air, as the rest of the group agreed to plan for their upcoming concert.
After another couple of hours, the group had settled on their songs and agreed to meet up throughout the week to practice. For now they split up to go do their own things.
Kirishima was lost in his own thoughts as he walked from the girls dorm back to his own.
Bakugou staring was just a coincidence right? He couldn't possibly…
Both of Kiri's hands flew into his hair in frustration. His thoughts are going to get him in trouble one day.

"Of course him staring didn't mean anyth-" His words were cut short as he rounded the corner and ran face first into someone. Kirishima stumbled back a bit and blinked before looking up at heterochromatic eyes.

"Oh, Todoroki. Sorry I wasn't paying attention bro." A nervous chuckle left his lips. Yeah his thoughts are definitely going to get him in trouble one day.

"It's fine. Are you alright? I couldn't help but hear you…" The taller boy shifted awkwardly, obviously ashamed for overhearing Kirishima's out loud thinking. The redhead blushed furiously, embarrassed that he was caught. Thank god it wasn't Bakugou who heard him at least.

" no it's okay. Don't worry about it. Mina and the others were teasing me about it all morning. They have it stuck in my head."
"Oh...I apologize for even saying anything then. I didn't realize that it would cause such a problem." Todoroki bowed in apology, and Kirishima just waved his hands in dismissal.
"Its cool, really. They're just making it a bigger deal than it actually is." The disappointment in his voice couldn't be anymore obvious, and Kirishima mentally kicked himself for showing how much it affected him. Todoroki raised his head, eyeing the other boy in concern. He just gave a short nod before stepping out of the way and placing a hand on Kirishima's shoulder. He looked unsure of himself, but spoke anyways.

"I'm not sure if this will help any, but...the way Bakugou watched you, I can only describe it as his eyes looked like they were sparkling." Kirishima looked at Todoroki in shock, but the taller boy only offered a small smile before continuing on his way leaving Kirishima on his own again.

He's eyes were sparkling?
His face flushed so much it blended into his hair, and his quickly scrambled to get to the kitchen in the common room. He splashed his face with some cold water, taking a deep breath to calm his racing heart.
No Todoroki, that did not help at all.

"You sick or somethin'?" The sudden harsh voice made Kiri jump out of his skin as he turned to meet with the man of his thoughts, Bakugou himself. The blond had just come from his afternoon run, that much was obvious. His cheeks were flushed slightly from the outside heat, and sweat made Bakugou's black shirt cling to his chest in ways that showed how beautifully sculpted he was. Kirishima could stare at that sight forever if he could.

Now he was the one staring. Thankfully the blond didn't notice, or just didn't care and Kirishima thank the gods that he wasn't called out. But Bakugou just quirked an eyebrow expectantly. Kiri almost forgot he was asked a question.

"Huh, no. I was just trying to cool off. Got a little hot." Nervousness dripped from every fiber of his being, watching the blond eye him in confused concern. And Kirishima really wished he wouldn't, those scarlet eyes bore into his very soul.

"Right. Whatever. Anyways, I'm going to take a shower and then I'll meet you in your room." Kirishima's face must have spoke for his confusion because Bakugou just sighed in frustration. "You asked me to help you study for the test we have tomorrow?"

Right. Test. He had almost forgotten about that. Gay panicking the whole weekend can do that to a person.

"Oh! Right! Sorry. It's been a crazy weekend, I forgot." He flashed a shark tooth smile at the blond, who just looked away and mumbled to himself.

"Yeah whatever. Just make sure you're ready for my tutoring." He waved a hand dismissively at the redhead as he walked off to the showers.
Once Bakugou had disappeared from view, Kirishima practically ran to his room to prepare for his death. Ahem, tutor session.

He rushed to get textbooks, notes and pens all ready. Normally Kirishima thought he'd die from the amount of times Bakugou hits him during one of these sessions.
But right now, he wasn't even sure if he could be in the same room as Bakugou without turning into a sputtering mess.
Damn Mina and her teasing. Damn Todoroki for saying Bakugou's eyes sparkled. Damn his own racing heart as the image of Bakugou after a run burned into his mind.
This was going to be the longest tutor session ever. 
And Kirishima didn't think he'd survive it.

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Cool water from the shower head hit Bakugou’s face as he muttered to himself. He wasn’t sure what was up with Kirishima, but he couldn’t deny how pretty the boy looked as water dripped from his face. Even if Kirishima did seem a little sick. Or was he nervous? If so why? Bakugou shook his head, soap suds hitting the walls of the shower as he did so.
There’s no use in over thinking about it.
The only thing he really needs to worry about is cleaning himself up and spending the rest of the day tutoring the redhead. Study sessions were never a quick event for the boys.
Bakugou quickly finished his shower, throwing on fresh clothes and draped his towel over his wet hair before heading up to Kirishima’s room. He knocked on the door, and immediately heard the shuffling of the other boy coming to the door.
A bright smile welcomed him into the room. He shook his head, towel ruffling his hair in the process.

“Your face is gonna get stuck like that, ya know.” Kirishima laughed as he closed his door and went to go sit next to Bakugou on the bed.

“Nah, bro. Doesn’t need to get stuck if I'm always smiling anyways. Besides I can say the same about that scowl you have permanently plastered on yours.” Bakugou swatted the hand that came to poke his face, giving the exact same scowl he was just called out for.

“Whatever. Let's just get started so you can at least get a passing grade.” The redhead scoffed while handing over the textbook and opening his notes. A comfortable silence fell between them as Bakugou made a mock-test for Kirishima, something he’s grown to realize is the best way to help his friend. Once done the mock, he nudged Kirishima, who was nose deep in his notes.

“Here, start with this. I’ll look over it when your done and help you through the ones you get wrong.” The redhead nodded, taking the test in his lap.

Bakugou normally would just sit back and plays with his phone while he waits, but today he decided to lean back and watch his best friend. But like, totally not in a creepy kind of way. More like, did he always chew the end of his pencil while thinking? Or did Kirishima always do that cute little smile once he figured something out? Are those freckles on his face? When did that happen? Why did Bakugou find Kirishima’s hair falling out of its gel prison so attractive? And why did he want to touch it so bad?
His hand moved towards the red hair before he could really process what he was doing. The sudden touch made Kirishima jump, and he looked at Bakugou with a surprised and very red face.
It took a second for Bakugou to process what he did, to which he responded with an equally flushed face.

“S-sorry. Don’t really know what— why I did that.” He nervously played with the hem of his shirt, expecting Kirishima to yell at for...whatever that was.

“’s fine. I don’t mind it actually. Just, didn’t expect it.” A small embarrassed smile crossed Kirishima’s face and he nervously ran his hand through his hair. Which just caused half of his red locks to fall from its hold.

Bakugou couldn’t help but laugh at the sight.

“You look dumb as shit now.” Kiri pouted and tried, and failed, at putting his hair back in place.

“Well whose fault is that?! You can’t just go touching a bro’s hair like that. It makes me nervous.” Bakugou quirked an eyebrow as a silent question. Kirishima sighed, hanging his head down causing his hair to flop all over the place. “Okay, it doesn’t make me nervous like that. Just...more when you do it.”

“Why just me?” Was that the redhead’s way of telling him he didn’t like Bakugou touching him? He’s seen Mina, and even Urakara play with Kiri’s hair before. He guessed it was different when girls are the one’s doing it. It makes sense; Kirishima probably felt differently when a guy tries to do it. Bakugou’s face must have shown some form of disappointment because Kirishima quickly changed his tune.

“Don’t take it the wrong way! It’s just, you’re normally not the affectionate type. So...I don't expect something like that from you.” That last part sounded more like Kirishima trying to convince himself of that, but Bakugou just passed it off. One issue at a time.

“Hah? You think I’m incapable of being affectionate, Shitty Hair?” He emphasized the nickname in a way that it seemed ‘affectionate’. It caused Kirishima to burst out in laughter and fall back onto his bed.

“Dude you can’t even get proper pet names down.” Bakugou just rolled his eyes and threw a pillow at the redhead.

“You think I can’t? What would you rather me call you then? Somethin’ stupid like Deku calls me? Let’s see, Kiri-chan, Ei-chan, or just Ei. I could go on but you look like you’re about to die from laughing at me.” Kirishima just giggled, wiping away a tear that came to his eye. A man like Kirishima should not have such a cute giggle. “Okay, I get it. For fuck sake stop laughing at me.” Bakugou fell back with a groan, hiding his embarrassed face on his hands.

“I’m so-sorry. It’s just you have such creative names for everyone, it’s odd to hear something so normal from you.” Bakugou didn’t even move from his position, his hands still over his face. He was thoroughly embarrassed and ashamed of himself. Of course no one could take him seriously if he used normal names….he has a reputation after all. “You okay, Bakugou?”

The concern made Bakugou remove one hand from his face to look at his friend. He only gave a shrug in reply.

“Are you really upset about that?” Bakugou huffed, shrugging once again.

“I mean, I guess. You are friend so…” Kirishima caught on to what the blond was trying to say, smiling once again.



“Call me Ei.” Bakugou blinked at Kirishima, taking a moment to soak in what the other had said. His face tinged the slightest of red at the suggestion.

“You sure? Not even Raccoon Eyes calls you by your first name. Wouldn’t it be weird if I started calling you that?” Kiri just shook his head, more strands of hair falling down.

“You’re good bro. If there’s anyone I’d like to call me something like that it’d be you.” Bakugou actually smiled at that, happy warmth fluttering through him.

“Alright you fucking sappy dumbass. Ei it is.” He took the pillow he threw earlier and hit Kiri— Ei with it as he sat back up. “Your hair is a goddamn mess though and it’s pissing me off. Where the hell is your brush?” Ei laughed, shuffling to grab his brush from his nightstand. He was about to tame the rest of his hair when the brush disappeared from his hand. Bakugou pulled the confused boy back by his shirt, settling him in between his legs and shoved the paper with the makeshift test into his lap.

“Nope, you gotta finish your studying. I’ll do your hair.”

Kirishima nodded silently, glad his back was to Bakugou because his face was literally on fire. The same could be said about the blond, he was blushing so much his cheeks were starting to smoke a little. 
Stupid heat reactive quirk, now's not the time for this.
After an awkward moment of silence, both boys calmed down enough to continue the tasks before them.
Bakugou smiled to himself as he noticed Ei relax into him as he gently brushed the red locks free. 
If this became a normal study session activity, Bakugou wouldn’t complain.

Chapter Text

The following week was quite entertaining. No one expected Bakugou and Kirishima to suddenly have new nicknames for each other; let alone ones based on their first names. The first time Bakugou called Kirishima “Ei”; Midoriya choked on his drink, Urakara accidently made her desk float and the rest of the class just stared in shock. Bakugou silently claimed that short lived chaos as a victory.
Kirishima couldn’t decide between what to call Bakugou, as he insisted he should be allowed to also have a new nickname for the blond as well. So the poor boy has been switching between “Kat” and “Suki” attempting to figure out which one Bakugou likes more. Bakugou refuses to admit it, but he does like “Suki” more. It just sounds so adorable coming from Ei’s cute little shark mouth.
Once Friday rolled around, it seems as though the class has had enough of this strangely domestic interaction between the boys. Or at least they got tired of Midoriya muttering into his notes every second he could to figure out how this happened.
Urakara was the one to snap this time.

“Oh for the love of— someone please make Deku-kun stop!” She slammed her head into her desk as Iida took away Midoriya's notebook with a struggle.
Bakugou just shook his head and continued to look through his notes. His browsing was short lived as Mina marched up to his desk, dragging a frightened Kirishima along too. She released Kiri, squinting as she looked between him and Bakugou.

“How, when and why did this name thing happen? Not even I call Kiri by his first name!” She crossed her arms, pouting as she stared down her middle-school friend. Kirishima looked defeated and ashamed as he reached out to comfort his pink friend.

“Aw, don’t be like that Mina. You can call me Eijirou anytime, I’m not stopping you. It’s just...I’d like ‘Ei’ to be something only Kat calls me. It’s kinda something we agreed on.” Kirishima seemed shy about explaining this in front of the whole class, while the blond grumbled to himself about the whole ordeal. Mina didn’t seem to notice or care, in fact her mood did a complete one-eighty and instantly cheered up.

“That’s so cute! Okay okay I get it now. Don’t worry I won’t steal your boyfriends nickname for you Eijirou.” Both boys looked at her in bewilderment, the words slowly sinking into their heads. The rest of the class just snickered as Mina confidently walked back to her seat. She was obviously pleased with her work.
Kirishima was the first to speak.

“Wha— No, it’s not like that. We’re not—” The sounds of crackling interrupted him, as he looked to see Bakugou red face rise as he stood.

“Listen hear you pink freak: you don’t get to decide what our relationship is. That shit’s between us. Even if we were together, which we’re not, it’s not fucking cool to out your friends like that.” The tension in his shoulders dropped as he felt a hand on his shoulder. He glanced over at Ei, who was giving him a small smile.

“Thanks, Kat. Really, it’s okay. No need to kill anyone.” Bakugou huffed, grumbling to himself again as he sat back in his seat.

“And the beast has been tamed.” Neither boy could figure out who had said that before the bell rang and class started.
Later that day Bakugou was bombarded by the class ragtag “band”, excluding Kirishima.

“BAKUGOOOUU!” Kaminari’s voice almost shattered Bakugou’s eardrums as he turned to face the stalking group.

“What the hell do you want?” He was tired, and still embarrassingly upset about what had happened earlier that day.

“You’re coming to our concert again tomorrow night, right?” Mina bounced with excitement as she asked the question. He was about to reply with a cold ‘no’ but Jirou beat him to it.

“Kirishima’s gonna be there again. This time we convinced him to sing a song.” Bakugou’s ears perked up at the thought of Kirishima singing. “He’s practicing right now. I’m sure he’d love to invite you to watch if he was here.” The girl smirked at the blond, knowingly twirling her earphone jack around her finger. Bakugou just sighed, a hand coming to cover his face.

“You’re not going to leave me alone until I fucking agree, are you?” The group simultaneously nodded. If only murder wasn’t illegal. “Fucking fine, I’ll be there. Now go away!”
The group scurried off, high fiving each other in victory as they rounded the corner. Sero poked his head around the corner again, Bakugou glared at him.

“Wear your Sleeping with Sirens shirt.” And with a wink, Sero disappeared around the corner again leaving Bakugou confused.
How the fuck does he know I own a SWS shirt?!


Bakugou zipped up a black hoodie, hiding the fact that he did, in fact, wear his SWS shirt. He’ll figure out how Soy Sauce knew about his shirt, no ones ever been in his room and there’s only one person—
Fucking Deku.
He sighed as that mystery came to a close, and wandered down to the common room. Bakugou really didn’t want to spend his Saturday night watching Kirishima play bass again. That mess Todoroki started still hasn’t left the blond’s mind. If he gets caught again…
With a pout, he left the elevator and walked into a surprisingly empty common room. It seems as though the makeshift stage has been set up early this time, drum set sitting not taped to it as well. At least those idiots figured that much out.
The blond eyed the lone drum set though, it’s been a while but he probably could still play if he wanted too. Drum lessons were a way for Bakugou to ‘release pent up aggression’ according to his mother. He rolled his eyes at that, as the lessons obviously didn’t do their job. Although, he did end up with a love for playing the instrument.
Looking around the room, Bakugou made sure it was empty and that no one was coming. Once he was sure of himself he lifted himself on the top of stage settling in the drummers seat. He picked up the drumsticks admiring the quality of them before putting on the noise canceling headphones. He didn’t have a song to play in mind, but instead just went with whatever felt right. The beat flowed through him, and he smiled. He still knew how to play like a god even after all this time. Bakugou was so lost in his own mind while playing, he didn’t notice the band crew coming into the room. In which, they just stared in awe at him. When Bakugou finally looked up, he fumbled his flow and ended up ending the beat on a ugly rattling noise from the cymbals.

“Holy shit you’re good?!” Kaminari spoke for the whole group, being the only one still not in shock. Bakugou rolled his eyes, getting up from behind the drums and getting off the stage.

“Had years of practice, unlike some people.” He huffed, giving a knowing glare in Sero’s direction.


“There’s no way I’d join your shitty band. Not even if you asked me, Ei.” The redhead’s puppy-dog face turned into a pout at his friends words.

“Ugh, fine. But you could play for us once in a while.” The blond was going to argue, but the rest of the class came crowding in. This was the signal that ‘concert night’ officially started. Bakugou took his obligated front row seat. Not that it mattered where he’s sitting, he’d still be staring at only one person the whole time. Kirishima and the rest of the band hurried with setting up, while the class happily chattered around Bakugou. Once again he closed his eyes, this time being more aware so he won’t be rudely awakened like last time. He was still startled to a jolt as Jirou’s voice filled the room over the speakers.

“Alright class 1-A! Who's ready to rock?!” The class cheered, and Bakugou just sunk into his seat. This time they managed to do a few new covers, and a couple of requests of songs they did last week. It was almost irritating to Bakugou with how much everyone was having fun; as much as he liked watching Ei dance around in the same band outfit as last time, he really just wanted to go to bed. Speaking of which, it didn’t seem like the redhead was ever going to sing like he was led to believe. It was probably a way to trick him into coming, knowing he wouldn’t be able to resist the chance of hearing Kirishima’s voice.
When it was seemingly time for the night to end, Mina excitedly babbled into the mic.

“Okay everyone! Listen up! We have a special surprise for you all! Everyone’s favorite redhead is going to bless us with his voice!” She dramatically gestured to Kirishima, who looked scared out of his mind and was being pushed to the front of the stage by Kaminari. Bakugou’s interest in the band was now piqued, as he watched expectantly at the nervous wreck called Kirishima. The redhead looked across the crowded room and laughed, nervousness seemingly vanishing.

“O-Okay yeah. I wanted to give singing a I guess that’s what’s happening now. I’m sorry if I suck!” He smiled at his classmates, his gaze falling on Bakugou. The boy quickly looked away with tinted cheeks, and he handed over the bass to Jirou who was taking over for him.
The class cheered him on as they quickly got themselves situated to play the next song.
And in an instant, any trace of nerves was erased from Kirishima’s face.
The song started and Bakugou felt his heart stop.
Holy shit.

Can we fly, can we fly away?

Was this really happening?

I'm sitting on the edge
A thousand stars burning in the sky up overhead
How could it get more beautiful than this?
And it made me think of when, when in my life have I ever felt more infinite?
And could I ever get back there again?
It's the way it goes
You fall so short, sometimes you feel so close but
When you find the thing that matters most, may you never let it go
(It's the way it goes, it's the way it goes)

Bakugou’s eyes widened, not only was this one of his favorite songs, but Kirishima had the voice of an angel. Mina and Jiriou filled in as backup singers, and Ei got more into the song, going all out as he sang his heart out.

I wanna fly
I'm ready to burn down all the walls that I've been building up inside (Whoa)
I wanna fly
And put back all the pieces of this broken heart tonight (Whoa, whoa)

Why this song?

Can we fly, can we fly away?
Can we fly, can we fly?
Can we fly, can we fly away?

Bakugou was hit with the memory of Kamino Ward. He’d gladly fly with Kirishima again.

As the sun falls down I can feel the air
As I watch the breeze kissing your skin
Breathe it in
I never want this night to end
Right now I feel complete
The way the light flashes in your eyes when you're with me (You're with me)
I feel I'm who I'm meant to be
And it's the way it goes
I've heard of love but never got that close but
When you find the thing that matters most, may you never let it go
(It's the way it goes, it's the way it goes)

The blond felt the lyrics, even more than he ever has. Why were they so different when Kirishima was saying them?

I wanna fly
I'm ready to burn down all the walls that I've been building up inside (Whoa)
I wanna fly
And put back all the pieces of this broken heart tonight (Whoa, whoa)

He’d hurt anyone that breaks Kirishima’s heart.

It's just the way
It's just the way it goes (Whoa, whoa)
It's just the way
It's just the way it goes (Whoa, whoa)
It's just the way
It's just the way it goes (Whoa, whoa)
It's just the way it goes

I wanna fly
I'm ready to burn down all the walls that I've been building up inside (Whoa)
I wanna fly
And put back all the pieces of this broken heart tonight (Whoa)

Who was this song for, Ei? You don’t sing like that out of raw passion.

I wanna fly
I'm ready to burn down all the walls that I've been building up inside (Whoa)
I wanna fly
And put back all the pieces of this broken heart tonight (Whoa, whoa)

Can we fly, can we fly away? (Can we fly?)
Can we fly, can we fly? (Can we fly?)
Can we fly, can we fly away? (Whoa, whoa)

Can we fly, can we fly away? (Can we fly?)
Can we fly, can we fly? (Can we fly?)
Can we fly, can we fly away? (Whoa, whoa)

The song ended, everything was silent for a moment outside of the panting of Kiri catching his breath. Then the class roared with cheers and whistles.
Bakugou couldn’t even stand let alone form words.
If he wasn’t in love before, he sure as hell was now.
Everything else just kind of happened in a blur as Bakugou collected himself. He had to get Kirishima off on his own. Now.
He stood, blinking as he searched for his friend. He found him crowded by a few students; he grabbed the redhead’s arm as soon as the attention was off of him. Thankfully Kirishima didn’t say a word as he was dragged off to an empty hallway, away from prying eyes and ears.
Once alone, Kirishima looked more nervous than Bakugou seen him. The boy wouldn’t even meet his gaze.

“Eijirou, what was that?” The question came out softer than expected, almost a whisper.

“Um...I just...I knew it was one of your favorite songs so...I thought it would make you happy.” The boy was still staring at the ground, obviously very distraught about this situation. “Sorry, I probably shouldn’t ha—”

“It took me back to that moment, in Kamino.” That got Kirishima to look up, surprise written all over his face. “I’ve always wondered...what would have happened if I missed your hand. Would I have died, or get captured again?” Strong hands grabbed the blonds shoulders, crimson eyes bore into him with confidence.

“No matter what, we would have saved you. Whether you missed my hand or not. I wouldn’t have left you.” Bakugou smiled; he expected that from his best friend. He leaned closer to Kirishima, touching their foreheads together.

“Ya know, I’d gladly fly with you like that again.” Bakugou could hear Ei’s breath hitch, as his friends hands fell from his shoulders. It was obvious that the statement had a double meaning. His own heart was pounding in his ears, but that didn’t stop him from reaching out and taking Kirishima’s hand in his. “I thought it was stupid when Soy Sauce told me to wear this, but I get it now.” He used his free hand to unzip his jacket revealing his SWS band shirt.

“He told you to wear that?” The blond barely caught the words, Kirishima’s voice was so quiet. Bakugou just nodded. He didn’t think he could speak without babbling nonsense. Their eyes finally met fully, wide and full of unspoken emotions.

“Ei, I’ve been thinking. You....” He struggled to find the words he was trying to say. Staring into his best friends, his crush’s, eyes like this took all the words away from him. The urge to kiss the boy in front of him was stronger than anything else. He lifted his free hand to Kirishima’s face, gently brushing his thumb across the boys bottom lip as he held Kiri’s face.
This was really happening and Bakugou’s mind was going fuzzy. He was so close to getting what he wanted, so close to the boy he wanted. He leaned in closer, noses just barely brushing against each other. Eye’s slowly closing, lips just barely touching—

“Hey! There you guys ar—” The two boys jumped, creating as much distance from each other as they could in the suddenly tiny hallway. They looked wide-eyed at Kaminari, who looked just as bewildered as they did. “Uh...did I interrupt something?” Bakugou just brought his hands to his face. Of course it had to be Dunce Face. The moment was gone as Kirishima nervously laughed it off and pushed the lightning boy back out to the common room.
And again, Bakugou was left alone to watch Kirishima walk away from him.



Chapter Text

It was now Sunday morning and Kirishima was only capable of staring at his ceiling. Last night’s events seemed almost like a blur. He barely even remembered singing, though he did know he had fun doing so. Maybe if he got the chance to sing again his nerves wouldn’t get the better of his memory.
Speaking of nerves.
What the hell was that moment with Kat?
Kiri’s face flared and he hid under his blanket. They were so, so close. Would they really have kissed if Kaminari didn’t interrupt them? Kirishima smiled at the thought. Maybe he did have a chance after all.
He was about to get up when his door slammed open.

“KIRISHIMA EIJIROU!” The redhead jumped, slamming his head against the wall in the process. He winced, rubbing his head as he glared at the pink girl impatiently tapping her foot.

“Why didn’t you tell me?! I had to hear it from Kami. And oh my god he suuucksss at explaining things.” An offended ‘Hey’ came from the hall as the boy in question stepped into Kirishima’s room, followed by Sero.

“Tell you what? And doors are meant to be knocked on before entering, Mina” He sat up on the edge of his bed, quirking an eyebrow at the uninvited entourage in his room. Sero at least closed his door again. Mina groaned, shaking her head as she sat down next to Kiri.

“The thing with Bakugou.” OH. That thing. Kirishima blushed, looking away from his long-term friend. “Ohmygod. Does that mean you two actually had a moment? Did you kiss him?! Did he kiss you?! What happened Kiri, I need to know.” She was bouncing so much from excitement he was sure she’d break his bed. Kirishima glared at Kaminari, who just looked like he did nothing wrong.

“Nothing happened Mina. Literally nothing.” He kept his glare steadied on the lightening boy, who now took refuge behind Sero.

“Wh..what?” It took her a moment to process the situation, finally getting why Kiri was glaring at Kaminari. “For the love of. KAMINARI, you can’t just interrupt people’s moments.”

“I didn’t know! I was just trying to figure out why those two were the only ones who disappeared—OH. Huh….uh. Ya know saying that outloud, I get it. I’m so sorry. MinA DON’T KILL ME STOP!” Kaminari was now being chased around Kirishima’s room by Mina, who eventually tackled him to the ground was wrestling with him. The only thing Sero had to offer Kiri was a shrug. Neither of them knew how to make this stop. Kirishima was about to say something, but then his door opened again. Does anyone know how to knock?
 This time it was actually Katsuki himself, who just took one glance at the now paused chaos and sighed.

“I’ll just come back later. You have fun with whatever this is.” And with that, the blond was gone as quickly as he came. The group was quiet for a moment as Mina finally released Kaminari from a headlock.

“You should probably go after him you know.” Sero finally spoke, and he had a point. But as soon as Kirishima thought of Katsuki his mind went right back to their shared moment from the night before. His mind went fuzzy and blank after that.

“I— I literally can’t right now. I’m a mess. I don’t know what that was last night. And honestly, what if it was just a heat of the moment thing? What if he just came by to say ‘Sorry didn’t mean to do that; we all good? Yeah? Okay bye’.” Kiri hated to admit how much he was actually doubting his chances. It was late, he had just sang one of Katsuki’s favorite songs, Katsuki was probably tired from being up so late that he had no idea what he was really doing. Besides, after that he didn’t even see the blond the rest of the night. He was probably just trying to avoid Kirishima after that because it was never meant to happen.
Kirishima didn’t even know he was crying until Mina kneeled in front of him and wiped away the stray tears from his cheeks.

“Aw sweetie, don’t think like that. As much as I hate to admit, even I know our Bakugou isn’t like that. He’s super impulsive sure, but he wouldn’t mess with someone's feelings like that.” With a sniffle, Kirishima nodded, wiping his eyes dry. Newfound confidence flowed through him as he sat up straighter.

“You’re right. I just don’t think I can talk to him right now. I mean I know how I feel, but I need some time to collect my thoughts. I don’t think I’d make any sense if I tried to talk to him right now.” He laughed, and Kaminari rested a hand on his shoulder.

“We get dude. You take your time with it, but don’t take too long. I can’t promise I won’t ruin another moment.” Kirishima just rolled his eyes and stood up.
“Thanks Kami. But right now, I need a distraction before I melt my own brain.” His three friends smiled at him, sharing a simultaneous idea.

“SHOPPING!” And with that, the group hurried their way out of the school dorms to the mall.


After a few hours at the mall, Kirishima and his friends arrived back at the dorms, overloaded with shopping bags.

“Oh come on boyssss. It’s not that much to carry.” Mina’s single, small jewelry bag swung around as the girl spun in a circle. Kaminari was just barely able to peek his head around the bags he was carrying.

“This is literally all your stuff. Why do we have to carry your shopping hall back to your room?” With a huff, Mina hit the up button on the elevator.

“Because I obviously can’t carry it all myself. Plus you guys are so super sweet for helping me!” She giggled as she entered the elevator, the three boys shared a defeated sigh as they followed. Once they helped Mina sort her entire new wardrobe, the four friends slumped over each other on the girls bed.

“Remind me never to agree to shopping with you again, Mina.” The girl just laughed at Kirishima’s statement, fully knowing he’d agree to go again no matter what.

“Oh right! Almost forgot~” The pink girl jumped up, fishing through her purse before pulling out a small envelope. The boys just stared at her with shared confusion as she happily opened it up to reveal a freshly printed photo.
Kirishima’s eyes almost popped out of his head.

“What?! Why do you have that? How?!” He reached for the photo, scrambling over the two other boys with no regards to their safety. Mina skillfully kept dodging his attempts.

“You thought I wasn’t going to send this to myself when I stole Kami’s phone.” At the mention of that one night, Kami instinctively hugged his phone protectively to his chest. “Don’t be so shy about it Kiri~. You look so cute cuddling your little shark plushie!” She wasn’t wrong, even Kiri himself had to agree the photo Kaminari secretly took was adorable. He probably wouldn’t have been so worked up about it if it was the same shark plush Katsuki won for him.

“Yeah yeah, Mina I know. But please, give it to me. I can’t have that photo go around the school!” He failed at reaching for it again, questioning when Mina got so damn agile.

“Well, I wasn’t thinking about showing everyone, I was just gonna keep it for myself. But, now that you say that...the rest of the girls just have to see this! I’m telling you they’d love it!” Before Kirishima could react fully, Mina flew out of her room and to the elevators. He looked at Sero and Kaminari, begging silently for help. That was all they needed to do before they all raced to chase Mina down.

“If you never took the damn picture this wouldn’t be how we’d be spending our Sunday evening Kaminari!” Kirishima was frantic, panicking the entire time they chased Mina around the dorms, carefully avoiding her acid trails. Kaminari babbled apologies behind him, but he wasn’t really paying much attention. If that picture was seen by anyone else, he’d die. Or worse, if Katsuki saw, he’d probably combust from embarrassment right there on the spot. Once off the elevator and in the common room, Mina was completely out of sight. Kirishima was literally shaking with anxiety, wondering where in the hell his friend went. The second elevator dinged, and there stood Mina, photo and Kiri’s shark in hand. As soon as she saw the boys she bolted to the kitchen, carefully running circles around the counter as Kiri chased her.
She wasn’t paying attention, just giggling as she ran straight into someone's chest.

“The photo Mina, now.” She looked back at Kirishima still in a daze from running into someone. Kirishima’s face dropped as a hand carefully plucked the photo in question from her hand. Mina looked up at the thief, her face dropping too.

“Oh no.” Katsuki just looked at the pair, mildly agitated and confused by the noise they created.

“Why do you guys have to be so damn annoy—” The blond stopped speaking, finally glancing at the picture he took from Mina. “Oh.” His arm dropped, expression hard to read, and damn was Kirishima trying to figure out what was going through his head. “You sleep with this stupid thing?” He asked, also taking the shark in question from Mina. Kirishima was just frozen in place. It shouldn’t be such a big deal, but it is. His eyes stug from the tears threatening to fall, and he just looked away with a small nod. He was just so damn embarrassed.

“Why? I mean...I get you made a big deal about it at the fair but, I didn’t think this thing meant that much to you.” The words stug Kirishima, he knew Katsuki meant well, still hurt to hear that. If Katsuki didn’t get it, maybe he was wrong to assume he had a chance with him.

“You really don’t get it do you?” The words were strained, Kirishima was struggling to not break down right then and there. Mina was instantly by his side, shushing him the best she could. He finally turned to face the blond, a few tears escaping him. Katsuki looked stunned and confused out of his mind. Kirishima was overreacting, he knew that. But he just couldn’t help it. The blond just seemed so clueless to how he felt.

“What are you talking about, Ei? You can’t just say that without an explanation.” Katsuki took a step forward towards him, and Kiri just stepped back. He couldn’t get close to him right now. The blond looked like his world shattered when Kiri did that. It hurt; it hurt a lot.

“Me! You don’t get me. You don’t get how I feel or anything!” Katsuki’s brows furrowed, staring at Kirishima with an expression he couldn’t read.

“Well I’m not a goddamn mind reader, what do you want from me?” There was no bite in his words, just genuine concern. Why was this so hard?

“You seemed to have read my mind perfectly fine last night! Or were you just messing with me?” Kirishima knew that wasn’t true but his mind was racing, insecurities rising and he couldn’t control what he was saying anymore. He was breaking down. “Were you just stringing me along because I was an easy target?” Kirishima’s voice was so small. Katsuki’s eyes widened at the mention of the moment they shared the night before, he couldn’t help the ting of red on his cheeks.

“What? No...that. It wasn’t like that. Is that what all this is about? I was going to talk to you about that...privately.” Kirishima was suddenly aware that he wasn’t down here alone, their friends were staring at the two of them in shock. They looked like they were afraid to move. “But I really don’t get why you’re yelling at me right now. Is it just because I saw this?” The blond lifted his hand with the photo in it.
“You called it stupid. I just thought you understood. But I guess I was wrong.” The tears were dropping uncontrollably now, and Kirishima couldn’t care less at the moment.

“I don’t know if you noticed, but I’m not the type to cuddle with stuffed toys. So yeah, maybe I do find the act a little dumb. But that’s just me, not you.” The blond sighed in frustration. The argument was getting to him as well, but Katsuki had better control of his emotions. Kirishima knew that. “Look, Ei—”

“Don’t call me that.” Katsuki’s defences seemed to break with those words, his entire wall crumbled as he looked at Kirishima. The hurt in the blond’s eyes drove Kirishima insane. Why did he have to look so defeated now of all times? “Just...leave me alone. I can’t deal with this right now.” Kirishima wiped his face clean of tears as he turned to storm off back to his room. He needed to breathe. A hand caught his wrist right as he reached the elevator. He turned to see Katsuki close to tears himself.

“Please don’t leave Ei. Talk to me.” He tugged Kirishima a bit closer, trying to simultaneously stop him and return the stuffed shark. Kirishima yanked his arm free, his quirk accidentally activating as he shoved Katsuki and the stuffed toy away. No one noticed the small bits of fluffy stuffing fall to the ground.

“Stop! I don’t want it! I don’t want you Bakugou.” The ding of the elevator rang and with fresh tears flowing, Kirishima hurried into it, sliding down the wall as the doors closed.
What the hell just happened?

Chapter Text

Bakugou watched the elevator doors close. He blinked tears he didn’t know he had, falling to the ground. He’s never felt so empty after a fight. His breathing was uneven as he turned around to the three students who were still in the room. Kaminari and Sero rushed over to join Mina, none of them really knowing how to take what just happened.

“What the fuck just happened?!” Bakugou didn’t care how late it was, he didn’t care if he woke the whole of Japan with his yelling. He was falling apart in front of classmates who have never seen him as anything but confident and prideful. It must have been a sight to see as the blond slumped to the ground against the wall. Tears were steadily falling, blurring his vision as he hid his face in the soft fabric of the stuffed shark.
He did know. He did understand. He just didn’t know how to show it. And it was too late.

“Mina.” Hearing her name coming from Bakugou she was jolted out of her shock as she hurried to Bakugou’s side to comfort him. “Did...Did I just lose him?” The words left a bitter taste in his mouth. He didn’t want to think about it, but he had to.

“I...I never seen him fall apart like that. I wish I knew how to answer, but I really don’t.” He could tell even without seeing her, she was very upset about this too. “I really shouldn’t have even developed that picture. I messed up so much. I’m so so s-sorry Bakugou.” The girl broke out in sobs, the other two boys coming over to comfort both of them.
This is all a mess.
An unexpected voice brought them all to attention.

“What’s going on? I heard yelling and Kirishima-kun looked so upset— Kacchan are you crying?” Midoryia’s face filled with concern as he quickly assessed the situation. Two people crying in front of him, two trying to figure out how to comfort them, and one very upset upstairs in his room. He rushed to join the group on the floor, sitting in front of his childhood friend. Bakugou wasn’t going to speak, and Mina was in no state to try. Sero and Kaminari were the ones to give Midoriya a run down of what happened. By the end of the explanation, his green eyes were pouring out his own tears.

“Kacchan, I’m so sorry.” He put a hand on Bakugou’s shoulder, the blond left it there. Normally he’d shove it off; but this is no normal situation. “You care about Kirishima-kun right?” A nod. “You trust him?” Another nod. “Okay...I think you’ll be fine then.” Bakugou lifted his head to glare at Midoriya. His tears finally dried up, now they just stained his cheeks.

“Deku are you dense? Did you not hear what the fuck happened?” Midoryia laughed, wiping away his own tears. It took all of Bakugou’s willpower to not punch the living daylights out of him.

“Yes, I did. Which is why I think you’re okay.” Bakugou squinted at the boy, questioning him silently. “You really don't— He’s insecure about this.” The blond groaned, of course he knew that much.

“Yeah? And what about it?” Bakugou finally straightened himself out, leaning back against the wall.

“It seems as though Kirishima-kun takes everything you say to heart. And not just admirably, he really, genuinely, cares about your opinion. Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m just taking this from experience, but you don’t exactly always...consider how others take what you say. At least not in a way that you care about.” Midoriya smiled as realization hit Bakugou like a ton of bricks.

“Holy shit. He’s afraid of me.” His eyes were wide, filled with sadness. Deku actually said something smart for once.

“Well, not exactly but close enough I guess.” Midoriya shrugged, standing up to signal his work was done here. “Just give him some time to cool off, okay? It may take a while so please try not to press the issue Kacchan.” Bakugou growled in response. “And don’t worry, I won’t say anything to anyone else about this, for all of your sakes.” Bakugou was relieved to hear that. There’d be hell to raise if the rest of the class found out about it. Midoriya walked off with a goodnight, leaving the rest of them behind. Bakugou was the first to stand up, stretching his now stiff muscles.

“I’m going to bed as well. I have a lot to think about.” Mina, Sero and Kaminari stood as well nodding in agreement. “Thanks...for trying to help. I appreciate it.” If it was in any other situation, the three students may have thought Bakugou was an imposter. But tonight was full of unwarranted surprises, so whats another.
Bakugou broke away from the group and headed up to his room. His mind was racing with a million thoughts, a million apologies, and the fact that he was such a complete idiot. When he finally got to his room, he fell into his bed, curled up into himself. He still had the stuffed shark in his arms, and he finally gets why holding something so close to you in your sleep is so addicting. Bakugou noticed a small tear in the sharks fabric, piecing together that must have happened when Kirishima activated his quirk. He’d just have to fix it later.
For now, He brought the shark closer to his chest, the faint scent of Kirishima lingering lulling him to sleep.