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"Fragile, yet strong.." (uglydolls oneshots)

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1. something that is not properly understood; a mystery.

2. something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others.

Lou had a lot of secrets that he had kept in his lifetime.

Some were minor, he didn't mind sharing them. (Though, you had to earn his trust if you wanted to know).

There were few dolls you could trust in the institute of perfection. If they had the opportunity, they woukd stab you in the back the second you let them know something that coukd get you humiliated.

That was why Lou kept to himself. He trusted very few dolls. 

He did teach them how to go to the big world, but he wasn't seen much after that. 

He was either was with someone for 'business', or he was at his house planning the next lesson and motivational speech to give to the type 12 dolls.

Anything to keep his mind of the shame that haunted him daily.

He walked around the institute, aware of the glares sent his way. 

He had been more strict as of late. He couldn't help it though, he was so fricking pent up, it bothered him a lot.

"Hey Lou" He turns to see the spy girls (Tuesday, Lydia, and Kitty) in front of him.

"Hey girls.." He greets back, smelling their scent. "So are ya'll in heat?"

He received a slap from Tuesday. "Oh my Gosh! Lou, you like, don't ask us that! It's very rude!"

His cheek stung. "Oww.." 

Did she really have go slap him that hard? It was just a question that everyone asked each other!

Though, Lou could except that there were boundaries with certain dolls.

He felt the urge to whimper though, he had been punished by a female alpha. And Tuesday, Lydia, and kitty were real when it came to this.

"Yes, Lou" Kitty answered, back-handing Tuesday. "We just started a couple of days ago. So, that means you started yours as well?"

"Yeah, lou?" Lydia asked, grinning at him. "Who are you planning to dominate this time?"

Tuesday and Lou shared a look with each other, and Tuesday nodded at him, a certain gleam in her eyes.

He grinned. "Don't know, no one's caught my eye. Maybe someone will~..How about you?"

Lydia grinned coyly. "Me and Kitty have been hooking up with each other, and now we're kind of together..."

"Tmi, Lydia" Kitty gagged, but she was blushing. "T.M.I"

"Sorry" She smiled shyly. "I just really like her.."

Tuesday then looked horrified, but only Lou saw. He gave her what he hoped was a reassuring smile. 

It seemed to have worked, as she smiled back at him, and she grabbed his hand.

He squeezed it comfortingly. "We'll get through this..."

He saw her nod slightly.

Thrn, he heard another voice. It was Nolan. "Hey guys!"

Lou sniffed Nolan's scent, and nearly fainted from the scent that came from the alpha. He felt obliged to bow his head, but he stopped himself as to not arouse supsicion.

"Hey Nolan!" Tuesday greeted back, but Lou saw a gleam of hatred in her eyes, as if he had done something against her. "I have a question, is there anyone your spending your heat with?"

Lou felt himself blush, why was Tuesday asking Nolan that?! Was she trying to spill one of his deepest secrets?!

She looker at him for a second, and gave him a small, blank smile. "Trust me, we need to know..."

"Yeah" Nolan didn't look bothered by the question. "I'm hooking up with Michael, I think I like him...

Lou felt his heart shatter. He knew that Nolan had liked Michael, but hearing it out hurt him to the very core.

"T-that's great.." He stuttered, bareky keeping his soul and being together. "Good for you, Nolan!..."

"Thanks, Lou" Nolan replied. "I'm guessing your with Tuesday..."

Why did he feel irritation at that?

Good thing that Nolan could cover his feelings.

"Yeah" Lou replied, though his tone had a hint of solem in it. "We always help each other with our 'needs'..."

He then saw Lydia and Kitty's faces, they looked...jealous?

He smirked, could it be?

"Lou?" He turned to Tuesday, she had that face. The face that clearly said that 'she needed to claim something'.

He nodded, getting the message. "Well, me and Tues have to go, we have to do business.."

When he said the word business, it had a hint of malice in it, as if aimed at someone (or someones).

Tuesday hid a grin, she knew what Lou was doing. She wasn't going to do anything to stop it.

She aighed. "Let's go.."

She squeezed Lou's hand tighter, and she walked away with him. 

Kitty turned to Lydia and Nolan. "Am I the only one who thinks something is off?" 

Lydia shook her head. "No, girl. Your not..somwhting is off.."

Nolan put both his hands on the girls' shoulders. "Don't worry girls, we'll figure it out..." 

They just had to. Nolan's alpha instincts were screaming at him, but he couldn't figure the message. He just had to. For Lou's sake, and his.





1. the easing or alleviation of a person's feelings of grief or distress.

2. a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.

It was a feeling that both Tuesday and Lou craved.

Comfort. It was a simple and short word, but it was a WONDERFUL feeling.

It promised you that your HORRIBLE situation would be better, it offered a feeling of bliss, it made you forget about your current problems.

"Lou?" Tuesday called, voice soft. It was that way because she didn't want to stress him out with their current situation.

"Hmm?" He replied, lazily drawing back from her. He looked absolutely pathetic like this. "I-is there something wrong, Alpha?"

Tuesday chuckled. "No there isn't, my little omega..."

That's right, one of Lou's darkest secrets was that he was an omega.

The others couldn't know though, it woukd ruin his reputation and others would challenge him.

Tuesday was currently holding his neck (he was taller than her), and she had him pinned up to the wall, he had no means of fighting back against her, he wanted this to.

It was ridiculously easy to hide the fact that he even was one.

Lou was an uncommon Omega: he was taller, stronger, more muscular and tougher, and he was also stubborn, independent and proud like an Alpha, a good leader.

Yep, it was that easy.

But Lou had to take surpressors so that his scent wouldn't be smelled. It was a little suspicious, but nobody said anything against it, so he continued doing it.

Only Tuesday and a few others knew.

Remember what Lou said about trusting others?

Yeah, this was one of those times.

"I have no chance with Nolan" He started. "He's with Michael, and I'm not cruel enough to break them up..."

"Same with me" Tuesday agreed. "I'm in love with BOTH Lydia and Kitty, but they love each other...they could never fall for me. That's why I pretend to be not smart. If your dumb, then you don't know certain things. They can't hurt you..."

Lou nodded, and Tuesday kissed him again, pushing their already naked bodies together.

The mentioned omega whimpered, he was filled with need.

"Tuesday" He groaned.

The heat was becoming unbearable for him.

"Please..." Lou begged. "Please, take me..."

She nodded. "Get down on the floor, doggy position."

He eagerly obeyed her, and got into it.

It turned Tuesday on, and she felt the littke thing in between her legs throb with eagerness.

(A/N: Quick technical explanation, Alpha females have a penis. Yeah, they do. It's "hidden" inside their vagina, and it ONLY comes out when the Alpha needs to reproduce~👍)

"Well, Tuesday" Lou wiggled his bottom. "Come and get it~..."

She giggled st his silliness and imagined either Kitty or Lydia in his olace.

You might think that was cruel, but Lou was doing the exact same right now. He was imaguning that it was Nolan approaching him instead of Tuesday.

They knew they were using each other, but they didn't care. They both agreed to this, and they were friends anyway. They helped each other out when times got tough, and this was one of those times.

She approached, and wrapped his legs around her waist, he responded by steadying his arms on the ground, the full heat betwen them both.

Lou let out a small mewl as the Tuesday's reproductive appendage slipped with incredible ease into his bigger and tougher body, that trembled and shivered with great pleasure, welcoming the Alpha.

This felt so very wrong to both of them, but they had no choice. They had to satisfy their lust, so they had agreed to do this very often.

"Tuesday..." Lou groaned, bareky able to speak from the pleasure. "P-please, do it"

She heard his pleas, and she started to move her slim hips quickly against his behind. Tuesday could smell his natural lubricant around her now exposed member and trickling down his thighs, dripping on the hard ground and expanding its delicious scent in the air, inebriating her and forcing her form to go harder and faster.

"Like that..." Lou groaned. "Just like that.."

His reticence and decency completely had gone at this point, his dark blue eyes shut tightly and his quivering legs parting just a little more, making a bit room for Tuesday in a silent gesture of pure trust and encouragement.

The male's hands scratched the floor carpet harshly when the tip of the Tuesday's appendage hit a particular spot inside of him, a sensitive and private place reachable only when the leader of the dolls was in heat.

He felt her whole weight on his back and lifted his pelvis as much as he could, clarifying his urges and he lowered his head, exposing and offering his whole entrance to Tuesday, accepting her in it.

"Tue..." Lou couldn't hold back thr urge anymore, his eyes rolled into the back of his head as he screamed. "NOLAN!..."

"KITTY!..." Tuesday shouted, and then screamed. "LYDIA!..."

Branch and Tuesday let out a scream when they came, Lou was spurting out infertile semen from his own manhood, and Tuesday was putting her semen in him the. Their piercing screams turning into wails and whines of pain as the knot started to form and swell into their unprepared bodies, stretching their narrow flesh without mercy.

Tuesday pulled herself out right away. If she hadn't, too much of her semen would have gone into Lou, forcing the possibility of a baby growing inaide of him. That was a big no-no.

She didn't have much energy, and she collapsed onto him, her member going back into her.

She grabbed his shoukders. "Th-Thank you, my little omega..."

"Y-your welcome.." lou huffed, exhausted. Omegas always were after the first bit of heat. His scent hing freely in the air, and it was delicious to take in.

He felt like lead, but he wasn't tired. "We-we have to get up soom.."

"Yeah.." Tueaday agreed. "But let's wait a bit..we need the energy.."

He coukd agree on that. Lou and Tuesday sat there in silence, thinking of the ones they actually wanted to mate with.





1. (of a person) uncertain or anxious about oneself; not confident.

2. Not sure of what to do or not marked by or given to feelings of confident certainty.

Nolan was sure that he liked Michael.

So, why was he having doubts?

They were in the public area, where you coukd smell everyone's scents.

Michael was an alpha like Nolan but he was more...dominant. He topped when they had sex. And to be honest, Nolan hated it.

He did receive pleasure from when they did it, but he wanted to be the one to give it. But it seemed to be that Michael didn't trust him, he found that very concerning.

He had done absolutely everything for him, so why didn't he trust him?

"Babe?" He heard him call, they were talking to the Lydia, Kitty and Mandy. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah" Nolan answered, an automatic repsonse. "Just wondering where Tuesday is.."

"Oh!" Kitty and Lydia chuckled. "They're doing 'business'.."

Nolan felt a growl come up, the image of Lou mating with Tuesday filled him with rage.

He was his!

Wait, where did that come from?

Since (he presumed that) Lou was an alpha, he woukdn't mate with just anyone. He only mated with the best. At least, that was what Nolan thought.

Mandy cleared her thriat. "So, I'm kind of hooking up with Megan?"

"The lawyer/model, right?" Michael asked.

She nodded. "She is a good omega-..."

"Hey guys!" Tuesday greeted, Lou appearing next to her. "How's it going?"

"Fine" Kitty answered. "But you kind of interrupted Mandy..."

Lou spoke this time. "Did we? Well, sorry Mandy. We didn't mean to..."

"It's fine.." She laughed. "I was just saying of how me and Megan are hooking up..."

She suddenly sniffed the air, and her eyes widened.

"Lou!..." Mandy mouthed. "You forgot to take your supressors!..."

His eyes widened. "Feck, I didn't..."

Without the others noticing, Mandy slipped him a pill.

He silently thanked her, and swallowed it quietly. He fekt a weird sensation, then jt calmed down.

Yep, Mandy knew he was an Omega, and about his feekings for Nolan. She was a very Trustworthy doll.

She moved next to him, as Tuesday had moved to talk with her friends.

"So?" She whispered. "You ever gonna tell him that you like him?"

He nearky gagged. "No, I'm not gonna ruin his relationship"

She shrugged at him. "It's your loss, I can tell that he likes you. He is doubting his relationship with Michael..."

Nolan watched as Moandy and Lou sooke to each other.

Then, he hears that question.

"You ever gonna tell him that you like him?"

It was Mandy's voice, and it was directed at Lou.

He felt a flutter in his heart, he didn't mean to hear that. But still, he kept listening to the conversation.

"I told you, there is nothing i can do.."

"Tell him that you like him! And tell him that your an omega! Nolan deserves to know the truth!..."

Lou was a what?! How was that possible?!

"I'm scared he will mock me..."

Nolan then felt bad, Lou's voice contained fear. It was different compared to his usual hard and commanding tone, it just didn't feel right to have him like that.

But then he started to have images.

Lou on his legs and arms, submitting to him as he took him right there and then.

Screaming his name over and over again. Cumming, and being his and only his!-..


He snapped himself out of it, as Mandy kissed Lou on the cheek, and she started to walk away.

He felt jealously burn in him.

He loked at Michael, but he didn't feel guilty. He technically had the right to do this, he never said that they were official, he just said that he liked him.

Now, he had to talk to Mandy.

"Hey guys?" They all turned to him. "I'm just going for a walk, alone..."

They nodded, and he started to set off.





1. something that makes people want to go to a place or do a particular thing

2. the action or power of evoking interest in or liking for someone or something.

Tuesday had always felt that way towards her two best friends.

They were currently in a private area where dolls couldn't see them.

Tuesday was attracted to them both.

(A/N: Yea, I do ship the spy girls. Don'yt know why, I just do. Anyone who doesn't like polyamory or girlxgirlxgirl, please exit this story. Ta-ta~🙃)

She didn't know why, she just was.

But alas, they had never returned her feelings in anyway. She had left everyday, and they never responded.

That was when her heart had began to grow bitter, she wanted nothing more than their affection.

But they never seemed to notice her.

And then they had gotten together. It was as if the universe had wanted her to suffer from heartbreak.

You could easily tell that Kitty and Lydia loved each other. Both the alphas had affection in their eyes that weren't usually there.

It was as if reality had slapped her.

Her attraction to them could never be resolved, her desire for them could never be a reality. If there was one thing she learned, it was that life wasn't fair.

"Tue?" She heard Lydia say her nickane carefully. "What's wrong, girl?"

"Nothing..." Tuesday whispered, her head bowed. She couldn't look them in the eye. "Just, nothing.."

That was why she had been with Lou, he had understood her problem. Plus, he was suffering from it as well, they had helped each feel just a littke bit better.

"Tuesday..." Kitty growled, her alpha tone turned on. "Tell us what is wrong, now!..."

Yes, the tone worked on other alphas.

"You two are so oblivious!" Tuesday snapped, not seeing their shocked faces. "I've been in love with both of tou for a long time! I give hints every day and you don't see it! Do you know how much that hurts?!"

She had tears running down her eyes, alphas weren't supposed to show emotions, but she couldn't help it. They finally knew the truth.

Now she had to wait for their response.

"We feel the same way.." Lydia told her softly.

She was shocked. "W-what?..."

Kitty gave her an uncharacteristic hug. "We were worried of what you would think. And with you bwing with Lou, we just couldn't bring ourselves to tell you..."

Lydia spoke. "We're really sorry girl..."

Tuesday could bareky hear them. Her heart was bearing rapidly, and she felt adrenaline enter her body from the situation at hand.

Then, she grabbed Kitty's shoulders, and kissed her.

She felt both of them gaso, but she didn't care.

They felt the same way about her, as she did them.

She felt euphoric.

Kitty kissed back, and they heard a growl come Lydia.

They turned to her, and she smirked at them. "I want an invitation next time we kiss..."

Tuesday felt excited, was Lydia sugfesting what she thought she was.

"Though..." Kitty growled possessively, and oulled her closed. "We need to mark her now, we need others to know that she is OURS...."

Lydia's eyes became hoodes with lust. "I agree...."

Tueaday was then unexpectedly pinned to the wall by Kitty, she was a bit scared.

"Don't worry..." Lydia assured. "We won't hurt you..."

Tueaday wasn't a virgin, but this was the first time that she was bottoming. So she was understandably nervous.

Her clothes were removed by Kitty, as she took hers and Lydia's off as well.

(A/N: Quick technical explanation, Alpha females have a penis. Yeah, they do. It's "hidden" inside their vagina, and it ONLY comes out when the Alpha needs to reproduce~👍)

Kitty beat Lydia in claiming Tuesday's lips with her own. She moaned as Kitty forced her tongue inside her mouth and stole her breath. When Tuesday felt herself going weak under the wave of passion ignited by the kiss, she leaned into Kitty to press as close to her as she could.

While Kitty was busy making Tueaday forget her own name, Lydia grabbed her cock and started gently stroking it. Taking up a place behind her, Lydia ran her other hand down her sides to the front of his stomach down to the bottom lip where it met flesh and covered her growing erection.

Tuesday let out a loud moan as she tore her mouth away from Kitty's in order to catch her breath. Undeterred, Kitty moved her mouth down to Tuesday's neck to suckle at her pulse point. The waves of pleasure being brought on by both of her mates were starting to overwhelm Tuesday and her erection dropped down to be caught in Kitty's hand.

Lydia wasn't about to let Kitty have all of the fun and used her hand to start prepping Tuesday's back entrance. The feeling of being stretched only served to push her higher in her pleasure. Not wanting to leave Kitty out of the fun, Tuesday began pawing at the bottom of her entrance until she released her cock into Tuesday's hold.

Moving away from her purple haired mate for a moment, Tuesday dropped to her knees and took Kitty's length into his mouth and began lavishing attention on the sensitive organ. Lydia wasn't about to let Tuesday get away from her that easily and moved so that she was also on her knees behind her.

While Kitty was concentrating on staying on his feet with Don sending spikes of pleasure throughout her body, Lydia busied herself with lining up her erection with Tuesday's opening and sliding in. Now the three of them were connected in one chain of pleasure.

When Lydia thrust into her, Tuesday took more of Kitty into her mouth. This chain of events continued as the the pleasure was adding up on them adding to the warmth that was already being generated from their lovemaking.

This was becoming too much for Kitty and Lydia to take as they began thrusting harder into Tuesday while the olive skinned doll encouraged them. Lydia reached around her and started jerking at her member determined to get her off first.

When Tuesday finally came, it set off a chain reaction with both of her mates and soon all of them were drifting in the throes of their orgasms. As the waves of pleasure began to slow and turn towards their afterglow, both of them bit her neck, creating a mark that would soon state that she belonged to them, and only them.

They all panted, but still felt happy that this had finally happened.

"Tuesday..." Lydia and Kitty told her at the same time. "We love you..."

The other smiled, and said the words she had wanted to say for a long time.

"I love you to..."





1. to have a strong sexual attraction to someone.

2. a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.

Lou had always desired to be Nolan's.

He had always wanted to be owned by him, he wanted to give himself to him. He wanted Nolan to be his.

The omega whimpered as he felt his heat go out of control, if they weren't satisfied, they woukd go out of control, and others would be able to smell him.

But Lou couldn't care less at that moment, he was overcome with lust. He did still have the common sense to realize that he should do something about it.

He felt his hand drift between his legs. He passed the pouch his pants that hid his penis, and pressed down on the area below it.

He moaned ad the bit down there parted to reveal a wet opening then he stuck his finger inside. Pleasure pulsed through his body, as he moved his finger in and out.

Laying in his back, he lifted his hips so he could bury his finger deeper.

The sensation was pleasant. He squirmed as the pleasure increased, then his organsm hit, causing his legs to twicth and his area pulse.

He screamed at the utter sensation that it gave, he was proud of himself. He hadn't masturbated in a long time.

Suddenly, he heard clapping. "Well done, I'm impressed.."

Lou was ahocked, and turned his see...Nolan....

What the hell, was he doing here?!

"N-Nolan.." he gasped, trying to cover up his situation. "I-I..."

He couldn't say a word. He had been caught by an Alpha, and Lou felt shame for being like this. But he also felt pleaure like an Omega should for pleasing an Alpha.

Suddenly, he felt hands around his nedk, and he was kissed by Nolan.

He was shocked, but then kissed him back.

Was this actually happening?

"What about Michael?" He dared to ask.

"He doesn't matter right now..." Nolan's voice was that of a proper Apha, it was deep, and commanding. "I love you, and I need and want you, right now..."

Lou fwlt like he needed to oblige this request.

He nodded, and let Nolan guide him onto the position of his hands and knees.

"Nolan?" They made eye contact, and Lou grinned. "I trust you, and love you to.."

Nolan smiled back, it was a beautiful sight.

He out his hands on Lou's back, and nuzzled his skin. "I love you..."

Sucking his own finger wet, Nolan reached his hand down between them, searching that lovely hole what soon would be his, finally finding it. Painting gentle circle on Lou's anus, Nolan kept taking deep inhales, releasing his hot breaths against Lou's head, having strong shivers dancing all around on his body. Man, this was so much better what they ever had even dared to fantasize.

As slow and gently as he could, Nolan slowly pushed his fingertip inside of his mate who's only response was a grunt and very loud moan. By now, Nolan already had dropped out and he eagerly was reaching his hand from Lou's rear to his leaking member, using his own fluids as lube.

Making sure his finger was covered with his fluid properly, he entered his finger once again in his eager mate, slowly pushing it deeper and deeper. When he had spend time enough with one finger, he inserted his second finger in and it made Lou grunt and moan once more but there was no any other signs of resistance or anything.

Encouraging. Very. And the fact Lou's rear had stood up properly long time ago and the scent turned even more stronger was making Nolan's head dizzy and he just wanted to let go and let his primal side take over and mate properly.

Just when Nolan managed to reclaim some of his self control, Lou pushed his hips up in the air as much as possible, touching Nolan's hard manhood with his rear and it really sent Nolan's mind far away, letting his instincts kick in.

Growling ever so silently, lovingly and gently Nolan pressed himself on new mate, careful not to crush him, allowing him to enter in the heat of him.

Both of them took deep inhales via nostrils as the pleasure started to spread in their bodies and minds as those strong hips moved back and forth with slow and gentle speed. 

Moving so slow, gently and carefully in the heat of Lou's inside, Nolan's moans reached Lou's ear and he too started to moan so loudly, breathing fast and gently against his arms, feeling Nolan's fingers crossing with his, taking loving hold on his hand.

Closing his eyes, Nolan's breathing stayed quiet but it turned faster with his rhythm as he pressed himself more firmly against his mates's body, licking that tasty skin of Lou's neck.

Lifting his hips up as much as he could, Lou encouraged his mate to add more force and speed which Nolan gladly did. His primal side was in bliss as his hormones were screaming with joy as their desire were being fulfilled as he pressed his hard manhood even deeper in his mate, making Lou's moans and panting turn more harder and faster.

"Nolan!" Lou screamed, his eyes rolling into the back of his head from the pleasure that he was being given.

Moving his strong hips with slow pace started to fade away and small fast thrusts took their place in this action of night as they both started to reach their limits.

Lou normally was able to control himself pretty good but this night he allowed himself to let go, fully enjoy this beautiful event between the two of them. His hard member was dripping heavily and he felt the pressure building in his groins and when Raph's good skills of hitting the right spot were added to it, it didn't take much longer for Lou to reach his limit and cum on the sheets with louder and satisfying groan.

Shutting his eyes as tightly as he could, Nolan thrusted himself deep in Lou a few more times, feeling wonderful sensation of release in his groins as his load went flying in his mate, filling his anal tunnel.

Staying still on top of his mate and letting his member turn limp and slide out of his new mate on his own, pulling back inside of Nolan's stomach, Nolan focused only on breathing and regaining his mind back in place.

They both collapsed on Lou's bed.

"So?" Nolan spoke, turning lou over, and nuzzling inti his neck. He always did like to be the little spoon. "How was that?"

"Absolutely amazing!"

"Oh, and Lou?" The other looked him in the eye. "I'm not jusging you for being an omega, I think it's quite imoressive that your a leader..."

"Thank you..." Lou nuzzled Nolan's hair, and closed his eyes. "I love you..."

Nolan chuckled, and out his arms around Lou's waist. "Your welcome, love you to..."

Lou smiled, he had finally gotten what he wanted.

He felt content, he felt...






1. appreciating what you have and where you are in life.

2. in a state of peaceful happiness.

Lou and Tuesday could definitely say that they were.

After wishing and praying, and working for it, they had finally gotten what they DESIRED.

Tuesday had got to be with BOTH Lydia and Kitty, and Lou had gotten to be with Nolan.

He had explained to Michael that he wasn't feeling happy, and the two had ended on peaceful terms.

"Wait, your an omega?" Kitty asked. "Wow.."

Yes, lou had just told Kitty and Lydia that he was one.

"Actually, it makes a lot of sense" Lydia smiled. "I could never smell your scent, and you were shy whenever we mentioned an omega topic. But it honestly doesn't bother us, your still the same doll to us..."

"Thanks.." Lou smiled at her, Nolan holding his hand.

Said doll spoke. "Told you, they'd understand..."


He chuckled. "Softie.."

Lou blushed, he hated when he did that.

Kitty, Lydia, and Tuesday then grinned.

"Hey guys" Tuesday asked. "Do you want a fivesome soon?~.."

Nolan and Lou blushed. "No!"

Lydia could see roght through them. "I sense one in the future"

Lou then grinned. "Okay, maybe we do..."

"Lou!" Nolan hit his shoukder.

"Look me in the eyes" He told him. "And tell me you haven't considred it.."

The other stayed silent.

"Ya dolt.." Lou chuckled softly, and kissed his mates.

Tuesday looked at her mates, and sang.

"I sense this fivesome will happen very soon~"

That drew a chuckle out of the other two, but they didn't object.

They did sense that it would very, very soon..

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1. A state of mind which prevents normal perception, behaviour, or social interaction.

2. Mental illness of such a severe nature that a person cannot distinguish fantasy from reality, cannot conduct her/his affairs due to psychosis, or is subject to uncontrollable impulsive behavior.

Life had always been a strange thing for Nolan.

Well, it wasn't like he was really alive, anyway. He and the others were merely made by a factory. They were just plastics, but they were somehow sentient.

They had feelings and desires.

Feelings such as: Happiness, joy, hope, peace, LOVE.

But, tthen there were the bad ones: anger, greed, hate, and....LUST.

Emotions that they were taught to hate, emotions that the factory didn't like in them.

It seemed to have a mind of its own, hehe, but not really.

They were taught to embrace the positive emotions. They were taught to express happiness, to have a smile pianted on their faces for their future child/owner.

They were taught not to have arguments, to have peace among them. They were taught care for one another.

They were taught to LOVE one another.

But there was a fair thing called EXPERIMENTING.

The meaning of it is quite clear: going to do something to see if it works.

Certain emotions are being called on tonight. They are welcomed for once instead of the postive ones. They are being pushed down, they are being surpressed-...

"Your quiet..." A voice growls, it is Lou. "What are you thinking about?"

They both look at the other in front of them.

Nolan is pinned up against wall, Lou holds onto his waist to make aure he doesn't fall from the feelings that are rising in them both.

Nolan watches as emotions conflict in Lou's eyes.

Anger, sadness, greed, darkness, dominance...LUST.

He knows that there isn't that much love between them right now. They rareky do this at all.

The dominance shows how much he has UNCONSCIOUSLY claimed Nolan as his own.

Nolan is as weet as he is submissive. He lets Lou hold him, he lets the other do what he wants.

In the darkness of night, they let their demons take ahold of them. The oublic them are kedt behind, the old version of the dolls are stored in their minds, they are tucked away until the morning sun is high in its duty to rise.

"Nothing.." he breathes carefully, as if afraid to break the tender moment between them both. "Just, hehe...LIFE.."

His fingers stroking the length of his spine. They are soft when tracing, as if touching a delicate china that was going to breaking to break any second.

The gentle touch is one of butterfly to Lou. The dominant one shivering slightly at just the effect he has over his body at a single TOUCH.

And they scratched at the nape of his neck. Fingers curl at that spot, and they start massaging it, knowing what it does to the other.

He is challenging him, he knows it. He wants to know how long it takes other to stop this happening to him. It happens not even 10 seconds later.

A hand takes his, and they intertwin. The electricity between them is ATTRACTING.

Lou looks ither the other skin. Skin bathed gentle in coloring of Lou's claim blooming across Nolan's soft, smooth skin.

Pretty shades of red and purple that had marbled together, reminding them both of what is happening between them.

It becomes too much, and he seals their lips together.

Nolan submits eight away, he has to. After all, he is a sub.

(Sub: Someone who is inclined or ready to submit or to put oneself under authority of another).

(Dom: Tells someone what to do. They're in control. The extent of control depends on the relationship).

And Lou is a dom.

He will collect what is his, and Nolan is his right now.

He is on the bed in less than a minute, he is pinned under Lou. He is his alone to enjoy, and Nolan is content with that.

If that meant that the leader was paying attention to only him, he would pay up. Besides, this experiment was FUN.

Pressing hooked fingers into him. One, two, three... enough to feel the ache of being filled and stretched. And to be reminder of the addiction he willingly endured, until he once again became DEPENDANT on the burn that Lou sent racing through her veins. Using him, taking him... fucking him until he remembered the wonderfully CHAOTIC nature of their relationship.

Lou wasn't just made of hard hands and heart.

His lips full of twisted affection that Nolan never thought he would hear. And eyes shining with an emotion that he couldn't identify.

Making him cum so quick, it left Nolan often speechless and exhausted.

Ever since his first day here, Lou had always been a greedy doll. Always taking and never giving, demanding more, expecting MORE.

Whenever it would be when they were alone in his room, or Nolan was pinned to the wall, or even bent against the bedroom vanity.

Cumming never an issue, Lou had an impressive stamina, Nolan was nothing compared to him.

The nightfall passing with little notice, then the sun would rise, and Nolan was granted his desired rest.

Curled up on top of Lou, unconsciously nuzzling onto him. Lou's fingers possessively carding through Nolan's hair, and his voice hard, yet soft and tempting. Occassionally saying somwthing audible, and he would be lulled to sleep by Nolan's breaths on his neck.

But Nolan, himself, would take a bit longer to sleep.

Curled around each other, and swaddled in the silk sheets of their bed. Nolan watching Lou's peaceful face, so different frim the harsh and commanding one during the day. The night was a different story. He lets his guard down and it proves the unconscious trust between them growing, and Nolan basking in this moment.

Lou's arms wrapped him, keeping Nolan close. Strong and vigilant, protecting the dolls even in their sleep.

This moment. This room. This body. This DOLL.

It wasn't anybody else's.

It was just HIS.

Nolan's head nuzzled into his neck, giving him a warm feeling.

Thinking about everything that hapoened, and what was his right now. He woukd feel CONTENT.

Letting himself feeling safe and sound, then he would surrender to sleep at last.





1. affection, fondness, or sympathy for someone or something.

2. a feeling that binds one to a person, thing, cause, ideal, or the like; devotion.

3. To have an emotional connection to someone or something.

They could be problems at the very least.

Attachments can be good, they can be...natural.

But they could also be....INTOXICATING..

That's why you had to pick them carefully.

Some can up end tragically.

Lou was once starving for attention, he had been a victim to the....negative emotions.

The factory is connected to him though, he is a prototype made by them personally (other dolls don't know this).

They made themselves known in his presence, they send others to spy on him, they track his progress, they track how perfect he is doing.

The punishments severe of he is failing.

Scars on his back were all the evidence one needed to prove this assumption.

His mind is filled with one word.


Perfection, perfection, perfection, perfection, perfection......

Its one repeat. Its been drilled into his mind. The factory has made aure of that, the consequnces are severe if it isn't.

But they make one mistake.

Aince he is one of the oldest dolls, he can track their patterns and avoid this.

He can think of himself, his thoughts czn finally be his own.

Then he got warned of an imperfection.

A new doll.

He had checked out the problem, and had been surprised.

What had the factory created?

A doll that had been with brown hair, a green streak in it, a mixed suit, freckles, and two gorgeous green and purple eyes.

"Hello!" He greets happily. "My name is Nolan, and I'm a hair dresser/model!"

Was it some kind of error, or was it a miracle of the factory changing its mind?

Turns out it was the latter, he should of known.

As time goes on for ghe doll though, he finds himself getting attached to the sweet doll.

The personality so innocent, yet Lou is breaking all the rules.

He was a dom while the other wqs a sub. He was surprised, they were in the institute.

You were lucky if you got one for yourself.

The attraction turns unto something more dark for the both of them.

The attraction turning into obsession. Lou craves to have the doll at his side at all times.

To know what he desires, to know everything about him.

"You have to be perfect" he tells a doll named Tuesday, she was made a couple of days ago, she seems into uim a bit. "You need to be perfect to go to the big world~"

She looks at him with eyes full of lust...Foolish girl.

Still, he doesn't mind her 'doing things' to him (if you caught his drift), now and then.

He and Nolan were never really anything, the other had made that perfectly clear.

Yet...he didn't feel hurt, just a bit satisfied.

He wasn't a...cruel...doll, he could respect that.

Tuesday leaves, but another doll comes to his aide, and they start talking.

It is the one known as Megan (lawyer/Model doll).

She looks at him, traces a finger down his neck to his chest, and whispers in his ear. "You want to get out of here, I can show you a few things..."

Lou feels his breath hitch.

He can't explain it, but she has a certain hold on him. She has known him for a good while. She is smarter than she kets on, it's her strength, she can MANIPULATE you. And he was quickly falling into it.

"It'll be just like old times.." She continues. "Please Lou, I'm starving for attention"

Something her eyes captivates him, and he is already in too deep.

He is silent.

She smirks at him, knowing what his answer is.

He doesn't resist as she gently grabs his hand, and gently pulls him beside her to go 'somewhere else'.





1. sadness or displeasure caused by the non-fulfilment of one's hopes or expectations.

2. unhappy because someone or something was not as good as you hoped or expected.

Indeed, Nolan is dissapointed.

Even though he had appointed the 'no strings attached' rule, he has been glad that Lou hasn't even flirted with another female doll.

Until now.

Lou decided to have sex with someone other than him. That was a big no-no.

That just would not do.

Nolan giggles to himself, and others don't dare to stare. They do not want to ruij his innocence by tainting him with anything.

Nolan is well saughted out by other dolls, he 8s one of the only subs around.

But he rejects them, they don't capture his attention. It's a shame as well, some of them are actually attractive.

But he gets tired easily by them. They are predictabke, they treat him like his fragile, Nolan hates that. He has always hated gentle.

A soft moan wakes him from his thoughts, and his eyes snap to where they are.

The female is dominating over Lou, and his eyes are glazed with happy bliss.

No, that shouldn't happen.

"See, Lou?" The female (Megan) whispered gently, she was on top of him, kissing his neck. "It feels nice to ket another Dom take control, doesn't it?"

Lou is layed down on his couch, him and Megan are naked.

Nolan can feel his entire being shaking, that was not how it was supposed to be!

Lou is not meant to be with that female, neither is he supposed to be dominated!

It just doesn't look right. Not to him, at least.


He swears that his name is moaned out by Lou.

Nolan's breaths are stopped, Megan seemed to have not heard him.

But he did.

He smiles, Maybe Lou feels the same way about him unconsciously.

He sees Lou switch them, and Megan is pinned underneath him.

"You need to know.." He growls into her ear, and his voice deepens into a commanding tone. "I'm not that easily dominated...."

He kisses her qith so much passion, Nolan is surprised that he doesn't faint from the intensity between them.

Lou's eyes are different, they are mkre orimal, more dangerous.

Nolan silently gasps, his Domme (dominant) side has never emerged in public before.

Lou chuckles, and begins making love to Megan.

He began slamming into her repeatedly, and she moaned with each of his thrusts. Lou had always liked it rough, but Megan began squirming.

Nolan saw Lou's eyes shine disappointment, and frown is disatisfaction.

He heard him growl, and go a bit softer. Megan then cummed, and Lou collapsed on top of her.

He seemed happy, yet he seemed angry.

"Go.." He commanded to her, and he put his clothes on. "Go and forget this ever happened.."

She hidder, she had no choice but to obey his command.

She got into her clothes, and left silently.

Nolan grinned, this was his opportunity.





1. Believing and showing that you are morally  correct, and th at others are wrong.

3. arising from an outraged sense of justice or morality righteous indignation.

Nolan grins to himself.

His actions were going to be right. They just were.

Thry just had to be. After, he wasn't going to do this if it wasn't, right?

Nolan was facing confliction.

Should he make Megan pay for her sin?

Should he make her pay for touching his property?

For touching the one doll who meant SOMETHING to him? The one doll who made his life a little bit BETTER?

The doll who touched him? The doll who claimed Nolan as his own?

The one doll who actually made his life better?

It was a losing battle, and Nolan knew what he was going to do.

He doesn't care if she even was the head doll of the place, Megan still has to pay for her crimes.

"Hey, Megan!" Nolan called, giving his 'innocent' smile.

She turns around, and sees the unclaimable sub.

She smiles at the inferior one, she was a dom. That meant that she was stronger.

"Hey, Nolan" She greets back. "Ia there anything you need?"

She is literally hypnotized by his beauty.

Don't get her wrong, she likeds doms (especially Lou). But subs are rare to find. And Nolan was the most desirable one of them all.

"Yes~.." He grins. He realizes that nobody was in the place that the pair were currently in. "I need you, Megan. Will you help me qith my....problem?..."

He winks, and bows his head to her, a sign of desperate submission.

She licks her pips, she couldn't help herself. Her sex drive hadn't been satiated, she needed this.

She grabs the other, and gentky puts her lips to his.

Nolan grins again in the kiss, and he puts his tongue with hers.

She is distracted by the sudden gesture, and doesn't feel the knife that is lodged into her throat until it's too late.

She gasps, and tries to get away, but Nolan keeps hold of her with unnatural strength.

He growls at her, and lodges the knife even deeper.

When dolls go to the big world, they are reverted to being a real life doll. Thry have stuffing, and they are forced to be still.

Byt here, they are like real sentient being, they actually are alive, they have blood.

And it soills out of Megan's body as she drops to the ground, and gasps for breath.

Nolah chuckles at her suffering, he feels that this is right. He feels like he is getting justice.

He knows that he is no saint.

He'd be a hypocrite if he said that he was.

He gtins again, he can't wait to visit Lou.

"Michael?" He asks sweetly, and the other comes out of the shadows. "Can you clean and get rid of the body, I need to do something?"

"Of course, Nolan" Michael says, and he starts soing the work.

Nooan smiles. "You'll get your reward later..."

Yes, Nolan used his sexual appeal to manipulate others, but he didn't care.

His thoughts drifted to Lou.

He predicted that he would be a little upset, his long time friend was dead now.

But Nolan can make him feel better. He is better than Megan in every single way.


Tense (atmosphere)



1. unable to relax because of nervousness, anxiety, or stimulation.

2. A situation or period of time is one that makes people anxious, because they do not know what is going to happen next.

Nolan slowly opened Lou's door, and then closed it.

He had to admit that he was a bit nervous.

He had no idea what was going to happen between him and the other.

It wasn't his first time getting rid (or killing off) the competition, but it was the first time that the other one seemee close to Lou.

Please don't be mad... He begs in his head. Just please don't be mad....

He turns around from the closed bedroom door, and sees Lou looking at him, arms folded. There is a neutral expression on his face.

"So?" He asks, tone expressionless. He doesn't give anything away. "Megan's been messing for a long time, knkw anything about that?"

It's a question that doesn't need an answer. Lou already kbows the answer.

But he always searched for comfirmation.

And Nolan can neverr lie to him. After all, Lou was the leader.

Nolan doesn't feel regret for what he's done, she had it coming. She shouldn't have been in the way.

"I didn't like her, she was being inappropriate" He replied cooly. "She had to be taken care of. She was a problem that needed to be sorted"

Lou's face and eyes contort on anger, and Nolan is afraid that he is going to be kicked out, that Lou will stop seeing him, that he'll be alone again.

"I'm disappointed" Lou began. "You killed someone close me. She was a dear friend, and we satisfied each other now and then-.."

Nolan cut him off. "She didn't satisfy you, she dissapointed you! She didn't satiate your appetite..."

He grinned as he nudged himself towards the other male, loving the feeling of the other close to him. He loved having all the power at this very moment.

"Before I was interrupted" Lou continued, feeling something as Nolan leaned against him. "But she wasn't that important..She was going to go to the big world.."

Nolan knew that tone, it was one of sadness. He knew what he had to do.

He leaned against the taller male, and kissed him. Lou was surprised by this action.

Their lips crah together, Lou claiming Nolan as his own. The other knowing what to do to make the dominant one forget about today's events.

His tongue twisting with the other's, making sure to hit the right spots. Making sure to have Lou focus only on him.

He didn't need anyone else, but him. Nolan could serve his wants and needs, there was no need for the other to even think about anything else.

He backed Lou to the bed, and when the other sat down, he straddled his lap, keeping him in place.

He pulled back, and looked the other in the eyes, carressing his cheek with his hand. "Nobody else can satisfy your appetite, only I can. You don't need to find anyone else-.."

"What about the no strings attached rule?" Lou interrupted him. "Remember that?"

"Yes, I do.." Nolan continued. "I was scared of not being good enough for you, tou needed proof that I was willing to do anything for you, even go to murder.."

"Your not the only one who's not innocent~" Lou sang. "I've done some things that I don't regret..."

Nolan felt his heart flutter, but it was in a twisted sort of way. To know that Lou was willing to do those things as well, it warmed his entire being.

Suddenly, his hips were grabbed, and he was pinned down.

"You've gotten rather...cocky" Lou nuzzled into Nolan's neck, and inhaling his scent. He pinned the other, keeping him still. "Remember Nolan, you are mine..."

Nolan clenched tightly around the pair of fingers that slipped their way inside of him, pressing as deep as they could reach.

Caressing his inner walls and stretching him slowly, slowly until a third finger managed to squeeze its way inside of him.

The pad of Lou's thumb leaning firmly against Nolan's hooded clit, smushing the sensitive pearl of nerves.

Nolan was so very wet, practically sopping with his own arousal. Hips jerkily humping against the fingers buried knuckle deep inside of him, breath rough and ragged. Breathlessly moaning out Lou's name like it was the only word he had ever known. 

Lou himself, busy with claiming him as his own. Kissing and licking his nedk, leaving marks on it, marking the other so he woukd know his place.

Keening loudly, Nolan's movements became stiff and broken, hips rising and falling in quick, impatient thrusts. Impaling himself over and over again onto Lou's three fingers, working herself into a frenzy. Back arched and breaths heaving, straining against his bodice.

By the way he clenched down around his fingers, Lou knew he was close. His once harsh rubbing of Nolan's clit lessening, forcing the brown/green haired doll to actively thrust himself down harder, rutting against Lou's fingers like a bitch in heat.

Frantically chasing after the possibility of an orgasm at the hands of his beloved doll. Wantonly moaning out Lou's's name in a husky, pleas for more.

More that Lou was happy to deny, one hand releasing Nolan's backside and sliding up to grip at his waist. Applying enough pressure to slow down the frantic humping of her fingers and pull free a feeble, tinkering whimper from Nolan's lips. Voice rising in pitch. Going higher, and higher, and higher... until he outright squealed.

The hem of his underwear slipped from between his fingers and fall to bunch around his thighs, hands reaching blindly forward to grip at Lou's shoulders. Knuckles white and arms quivering, walls pulsing around the three fingers fully sheathed inside of him.

Fingertips stroking at his trembling walls as she came with Lou's name on his lips, back remaining bowed almost painfully back before he collapsed. Going boneless against Lou's body, his face buried in the crook of his neck and breath coming out in loud, watery gasps. The fingers inside him stilling mercifully, letting him ride out the waves of her orgasm.

Lou collapsing on top of Nolan, too weak to move from the pleasure that the sub had given him when he was doing that.

Nolan too weak to protest when Lou's weight came on him, he did love the feeling of having the other to himself.

He views this as 'make up sex'.

With strength, he kifts himself so he is once again on top of the dominant one.

Once again curled up against Lou's side with limbs as heavy as lead and skin slick with sweat, basking in the satisfying ache of her body. 

His bodt atop on Lou's stomach, and his legs wrapped around his waist, as if keeping the other trapped. Both in a comfortable cocoon, letting their pleasure sink in.

Nolan half lying atop his mate, with Lou's arms wrapped around him. 

Knowing thst he has granted pleasure to the other, it gives him happiness that he can satiate the other.

Lou is staisfied that the other knows his place, not knowing the true intentions nehind it. He has the other with him, it lets him know that this is reality.

Years of unhappiness, sadness, praying. It has finally paid off. Someone has answered his prayers, even if that has taken a long time. Neverless, it has been answered and he is grateful.

He brings the other close to him, and he feels Nolan nuzzling his head into his neck.

Lou smiles and he feels Nolan do it to.

Today's incidents are forgetton, and perhaps more dolls needing to be getting rid of.

They were both shattered souls who didn't know between right and wrong.

One suffered from loneliness, and the other from actual suffering.

Their mental states aren't right. They have suffered more than others know.

They only know if something or someone threatens you, you do whatever it takes to fight back.

That's all it has been for them. They're both messed up, but they are all they have.

They both have feelings for each other, and even though thry don't show it, the affection is there.

"...Your the one who killed Michael" Nolan mumbled, tired. "You killed him this afternoon..."

Lou grinned. "So, like you said, 'Nobody can satisfy your appetite, only I can'.. "

"Good reason..."

Lou laughed softly, a sound that was like music to Nolan's ears.

"Thank you..."

That was the final word between them both. There was no need for any 'I love you' or 'goodnight'. There was no need for any words to be spoken.

They are both taisted, but there love for each had no LIMITS.

They woukd do anything for each other, and they would go to ANY lengths to prove that.

Both are content with how today turned out, fate seemed to have finally gave them the happiness they CRAVED FOR.

Lou tightens his grip around Nolan, and he feels comfort in the body next to him.

He closes his eyes to the sensation of lazy kisses on his neck.

Nolan's knows what to do to comfort the other, he has limited space since he js trapped in the other's arms. But he does what he can.

He feels Lou's grip soften a bit, and his breathing slows.

Nolan knows the other is fast asleep.

He stops with his kisses, and looks at the other's peaceful face.

It will always baffel him how Lou has this mask on himself. He is hard and commanding during the day, but he is possessive and affectionate during the night.

Nolan doesn't know if both of them will ever face the consequences for their actions to get to this stage in their life.

But thst is tomorrow's problem.

He enjoys this moment thst is happening right now.

He snuggles up to the other, his arms tightening around him more in sleep.

Nolan lets himself be pulled closer, and tries to slow his brain down. Before he closes his eyes and sleeps completely, he has a few thoughts that HAUNT him.

Thry would probably face consequences for their actions (though he doubted it).

Tonigh had been one of confirmation that has made him happy.

He smiles, and has two more thoughts before he sleeps.

He is Lou's.

And Lou was NOLAN'S.

And NOBODY what going to to take away his or Lou's happiness EVER AGAIN.

Chapter Text

                                                                         Ding Dong
                                                              I know you can hear me
                                                                   Open up the door
                                                             I only want to play a little

Lou was running through the corridor of his home (or huge ass mansion).

Can't stop...

His legs were screaming at him to stop, to give his body a rest. But he couldn't, it was his only option.

But he couldn't.

If he did, God only knows what would happen to him. The halls were filled with nothing but darkness.

The only times he woukd stop was to try the doors which were locked (how convenient).

Suddnely, he

"Oh Lou. I can hear you run, I can hear you breath with fear. I will find you..."

He continued to run.

                                                                      Ding Dong

                                                     You can't keep me waiting
                                                           It's already too late
                                                      For you to try and run away

Lou stopped for one second, one second.

The voice held a hint of feminine in it. It sounded angry, as if he had pissed it off (God knows how many dolls were).

Plus, he needed to regain his breath.

He breathed.

Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale-

He gasped.

                                                   I  see you through the window

                                                   Our eyes are locked together
                                                   I can sense your horror
                                                Though I'd like to see it closer

Their eys were locked.

His light blue ones were locked onto a purple one that were filled with amusement and hatred. They were calm and observing, and were also filled with..admiration?

They loved seeing him suffer, to torture him with his fear.

To chase Lou.

To hunt him.

A giggles sounded through the air.

They knew he was afraid.

But those eyes, they were also....alluring...

                                                                        Ding Dong
                                                           Here I come to find you
                                                                 Hurry up and run
                                               Let's play a little game and have fun

He snapped out of his trance, and began to run again.

He had to get away. No matter what.

He could hear light footsteps behind him. They were taunting him.

Lou knew that this was a game to them.

It was basically hide and seek.

                                                                        Ding Dong
                                                      Where is it you've gone to?
                                                        Do you think you've won?
                                         Our game of hide and seek has just begun

Lou knew that it was far from over.

The footsteps had all but stopped.

He needed to stop though, he needed to breath.

One second, one second.


That was all said doll needed to get his adrenaline back.

His feet began to move, they dragged around the house that became his haunted prison.

                                                          I hear your footsteps
                                         Thumping loudly through the hallways
                                                  I can hear your sharp breaths
                                                 You're not very good at hiding

No doors opens as Lou goes past them.

The darkness in the halls closes in on him. It was as if they bended to their will.

They seemed to be getting smaller.

He can feel his breathing getting louder, but he can't stop it.

Exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale-

He can't inhale, he can't keep quiet.

                                                 Just wait, you can't hide from me
                                                                    (I'm coming)
                                                Just wait, you can't hide from me
                                                                   (I'm coming)
                                               Just wait, you can't hide from me
                                                                   (I'm coming)
                                             Just wait, you can't hide from me

As Lou runs, he can breath again.

He feels their footsteps behind him. But they are far.

His instincts tsll him to keep running, but Lou stops for a brief second.

A door.

He tries it, and it opens.

He closes it, and turns to see a spare room.

It has a desk, bed, and closet.

Lou only has a couple of seconds, but he chooses the third option.

He hides behind a bunch of heavy clothing.

He prays that he'll be safe.

                                                                  Knock Knock
                                                  I'm inside your room, now
                                                     Where is it you've hid?
                                 Our game of hide and seek's about to end

Lou knows the door is opening because of the creaking.

Someone is here.

Their feet are there. 

They shuffle through the room as if looking for something.

Or somedoll.

                                                             I'm coming closer
                                                Looking underneath your bed but
                                                    You're not there, I wonder
                                              Could you be inside the closet?

Lou rocks on his knees. 

He rocks back and forth to try and save his sanity.

He knes that they are looking around.

They have already looked under the bed.

Things are being moved, to tease him with fear. To let him know that they're here.

Suddenly, a hand goes on the handle of the closet, and it flies open.

                                                                   Ding Dong
                                                             I have found you
                                                                 Ding Dong
                                                      You were hiding here
                                                             Now you're it

He doesn't look into their eyes. They are cold and dead.

They smile sweeti gly, mockingly, and bent to ear level with him.

"Looks like I have won..."

                                                                        Ding Dong

                                                           Finally found you, dear
                                                                   Now you're it
                                                                     Ding Dong
                                                         Looks like I have won
                                                                 Now you're it

He felt arms snake around him, and whisper in his ear.

"Your ours now, Lou..."

He had no choice but to accept his fate.

A tear fell down his expressionless face.

Those dark eyes bore into his, and they stroked his face almost lovingky.

"You'll be one of us now..."

                                                                   Ding Dong
                                                        Pay the consequence
                                                                   Ding Dong
                                                      Looks like I have won
                                                              Now you're it

No doll heard Lou's scream that night.

No one would ever know what has happened to him.

                                                               Ding Dong
                                                     Pay the consequence

Chapter Text




1. a cylinder or block of wax or tallow with a central wick which is lit to produce light as it burns.

2. A burning flame that dances about is indicative of a spell that has the power to work.

Candles were for two things:

1. To bring heat to others, so the (spiritual) dolls could relax and 'meditate'.

2. They bring a feeling of peace, and they could help you focus on reality and help your senses more.

Mandy loved the second one.

Tona of candles filled her room candles lit his room, filling it with a warmth that infused his cool skin. Surrounded by fire light, Mandy sat on the floor, and Moxy on their bed that now framed their bodies and drew looks down away from the shadows above him. 

The candle light did not reach the ceiling, leaving it comfortably dark, a smoldering shade of gold that wavered unsteadily in the flickering glow.

In their room, the light like a shield, it protected them from the shadows that were eager to enter them.

A candle guttered. The flame hissed and drowned in its own wax. Her eyes opening to slits, Mandy unerringly spotted the one dark wick. Her breath stopped.

The candle smoked, glowed red...and began to burn again.

Beneath her, Mandy could hear the lights turning off and doors shutting as Nolan began to descend to his room. He qroked ao heard, he drank lot of coffee. Heavily sugared.

"Moxy.." Mandy told her, her voice soothing. "Nolan is here..."

The doll opened her eyes for a split second at the word said, her eyes showing their true nature.

Something that Mandy smiled at.

Then they closed again.

Mandy stroked Moxy's head, and then she rose to her feet.

Her hands making a cut motion, and all candles except one went out as she passed. She reached the closed door, and froze.

She closed her eyes, felt the thin spaces between the door and the wall, the keyhole, the space under the door...

...and opened her eyes on the other side of the space.

The corridor just outside their room, Mandy layed her hand on the rail. 

Her patience was next to non, and she kept her hand on it as she slowly started to walk, step by step.

Her hand only stopping when she bumped into something.

Or somedoll.

Her hand came off the rail, and instead, settled on a shoulder.

Nolan stood in front of her, his green and purple eyes clouded with exhaustion. His barely seeable green streak hair just a bit messy. Her hand stroked his face.

Her eyes barely adjusted to the darkness that wrapped itself around them both.

The silence between them both giving Mandy an oppurtunity, as she strained her ears.

And the more she listened, the more he caught Nolan's heartbeat, faint but growing, as if it slowly came nearer and nearer.

Nolan was so alive, so tortuously alive. His heart on overdrive, even when his body was exhausted.

Her hand got to his cheek-

Then his eyes widened.

"Mandy?" He whispered, as if afraid of her. She didn't like that. "What are you doing? Why-.."

Her other hand came to the beck of his neck, holding him gently in place.

Nolan gasped. Not mistaking that gesture, the intimate nature of it. The sensual lingering of a cool hand just under his eye, a fingertip over his lip.


"Your heart.." She whispered, her voice filled with gentle malice. "It's like a little bird trapped in a cage. It eants to escape, but it cannot..."

She removed her hands, and she smiled. "Come with me, come to bed..."

Mandy was loking into his eyes, and he felt more exhausted than before. He could faintly sense her grabbing his hand, and leading him into a familiar room.

When he came to his senses, he could see that he was sitting between Moxy and Mandy.

"Guys?" He asked, frightened. "W-wha?"

Mandy and Moxy didn't like this fear. They didn't like how it radiated off him.

"Nothing," Moxy replied, her eye open and she cupped her hand by Nolan's face, forcing him to look at them. "Be calm. You're ours. You're safe."

"...yours? But..." He groaned, more exhausted than when he had been when asleep. His head tilted into his brother's hand. "No. What're you?-.."

Calm... Mandy told him. His voice came not from outside but inside Nolan's head, a firm command no less stern for all its gentleness. ..You're ours...You're safe...

"Safe..." Nolan repeated. 

His head was tilted backwards. They were suddenly behind him, holding him in their arms like a snake around a mouse, flush against his body. When had they put him come under the covers? And without moving him? 

Nolan was too tired to think, barely feeling the tiniest point on his throat. A scratch, and then the girls' mouths closed on his skin.

Warmth flooded him, pulling him down so that he was heavier than lead, easily maneuvered in their hands. He had the sensation of something moving out of him, flowing into them, and they made soft, satisfied sounds. Sated lover(s). A cat's purr(s). Barely contained hisses.


"We would never hurt you..."

Nolan couldn't speak, but felt himself nod.

"You're ours..." Mandy whispered. "And we take care of what's ours.."

Feeling as satisfied as they sounded, Nolan found himself placed back properly in the bed. The blankets came to his throat. The light was doused. 

Kisses, coppery and hot, pressed to his mouth and stole entry, forcing a long taste that he could not stop and did not want to stop.

"Sleep..." They spoke. "Stay..."

Nolan gave something of an agreement, and he felt them placing themselves between him. He was lost in dreams that would fade in the morning, a dagger at his throat and a loving hand holding the blade.


(Weeks later..)




1. in a state of mental or nervous strain; high-strung; taut: a tense person.

2. unable to relax because of nervousness, anxiety, or stimulation.

That was how Lou was feeling at this exact moment.

"Dammit..." His hand clenched the table, he needed something to espress his anger on. "Oh, dammit!"

Another killing last night.

Lou sighed, he felt useless.

They had been happening the last few weeks, and he couldn't find anything in common with the victims.

They were just....random.

No motives, no evidence, no anything. And as the leader of the type 12 dolls, he was expected to catch the criminal in tow.

But how could he when they left nothing to trace?

"Hey Lou" He turned to see Ox. "How are you doing?"

"Fine..." He replied. "Just looking at another case..."

He noticed that there was something off about the doll, but he couldn't pinpoint it. 

Lou discreetly scanned Ox from head to toe, but couldn't find anything wrong. But he could not help but feels that something was a miss.

Then, he noticed it.

Ox's eyes had a red tint in it, and his smile was tainted with malicon.

But he just brushed it aside, Lou was tired. He coukd just be seeing things.

"Huh, that mist be stressful. " Another voice. Nolan. "What was it this time?"

"Same as the others" Lou replied. "Clean death, no evidence..."

Nolan could detect the irritation in his voice, and he didn't blame him. The deaths were very annoying.

He is perfect.. He thought. Lou is perfect...

"Ox?" Nolan asked him, and Lou swore that the same red tint in the other's eyes. "Woukd you mind checking up on some files?.."

He smiled. "Of course..."

Lou didn't see him go out, as he was sorting out the files to the case.

He looked at the pictures, and felt very bad.

The dolls were lifeless, they looked like they were sleeping. They were peaceful, as if accepting it.

Lou didn't believe that, all the dolls wanted to live.

He sighed, but then noticed something.

Faint marks on the victim's-..

He suddenly felt arms around him.

Lou froze. "Wha-.."

"Turn around..."

He felt his body Nolan, and Lou was suddenly looking into the other's eyes.

"That's it, Lou. Look into my eyes" Nolan's nose was touching his. He didn't know what he was doing. Nolan couldn't wait for this anymore. "You feel my will gently pushing inside, don't you? You feel it coursing? You want it to come in...."

Lou looked deep into his eyes, he was vulnerable at this moment, and he couldn't stop Nolan.

But he didn't want it to stop.

The other's eyes were deep, hypnotic. Lou couldn't tear his eyes away from them. Yet, he felt something in him fighting.


It was a small part of him that was resisting Nolan's...magic?

The other frowned at this. He could feel Lou reisisting him, why? The hypnosis should have effect by now.

He must of had a strong will to resist like this.

"Give in.." He whispered, putting his hands on the other's shoulders. "I know you want to, your just scared..."

He was right, Lou fekt a warm and tingly sensation in his body. The voice was the cause of this, and those eyes kept him under their power.

Lou nearky had no sense of awareness.

He let out a whimper, he didn't want to lose that.

"It's ok..." Nolan whispered, nuzzling his face. "You can trust me, my desires are yours. Just give in, you want my will in you. You want to be mine, break away. Let go of yourself, give yourself to me..."

Lou felt his will go away, but he didn't fight back. He let it all go.

He gave in.

He suddneky felt lips on his, and he felt his awareness slip away.

Nolan's fingers slipped into his hair, and Lou felt himself being lifted onto the desk.

His hands slipped onto the back of the other's neck, and he let out a little moan into the kiss.

He felt the other freeze, and Nolan broke them apart.

"Lou.." His voice sounded far away, yet it was so close.. "Thank you..."

He kissed the other while he had him under his soft control, just one taste.

Jesus, he was addictive.

He drowned Lou in feelings of sexual desire and lust. He covered up the feeling of loneliness that the other faced on an almost daily basis.

Nolan pulled away again, and tilted Lou's head back a little.

The neck was there, he was nearky there-..

"Uhh, is this a bad time?"

Nolan's eyes widened, and Lou's eyes snapped open.

The control had been broken by interruption.

They both looked, and saw Michael by the door.

"S-sorry, Louis.." Lou growled at that name. "I mean, Lou! You w-wanted to see me about the case from today? "

"Y-yeah.." Lou replied, caredully getting off the desk, and not looking at Nolan. He walked off with Michael. "So, what is it?"

Nolan growled when they left, he let the other take over, and he had been caught. He swore that he would make him lay for interrupting their session. He had needed Lou if he-..they wanted this to work.

But first, he needed to see someone...





1. the state of being bewildered or unclear in one's mind about something.

2. uncertainty about what is happening, intended, or required.

Lou was certainky feeling that way.

He had his eyes closed as he was walking and listening to Michael talk.

What the hell happened?....

He tried to summon his last memory, but it just drew to a blank.

All he remembered was that he was with Nolan, a pair of eyes, a strange feeling, and then...nothing.

Everything was so bloody hard to process, it was driving Lou insane.

"Lou?" Michael snapped him out of his thoughts. "If you didn't hear me, I said, woudl you like to see a new victim?..."

He felt the blood rush out of his face.

Another attack?

How the hell did that happen?!

It usually only happened once a week! (It freaked him out that it was natural to say).

"Alright.." He told Michael. "Where can we find the victim?"

Was it in the sqaure, the library, one of the houses?

What? Those were the usual spots.

"Outisde of your house"

Lou gasped, what?!

He was scared, he was actially damn scared. Why was it there?

Well, he walked off with Michael to find the answer.





1. the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

2. an ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay.

Nolan was not one to have patience.

There was just something about waiting that he couldn't understand.

How did dolls wait to get something they want? How did they wait to get what they craved for? How did they manage to hold back their desires?

How did they become so weak?

'Please don't hurt anyone...'

Sweet Nolan... He answered back. You created me, you willingly took the bite, I am a product of your desires. It is your faukt that I am here. But don't worry, I won't bite...hard~...

Nolan (the other one), swallowed hard. His normal half was annoying, the attempts of getting him to release the other were getting old. It was his fault that he became this way.

He was still the same Nolan, but...changed. Unfortunately, due to the bite gone wrong, they had been split into halfs. The true Nolan was the vampire one, and the normal one was a copycat.

He would never let him out.

He folds his arms from where he is sitting, then he feels another pair snake around his neck.

"Sweetie?" Mandy whispered, nuzzling into his neck. "What's wrong? Did something happen?"

"I got a chance with Lou..." He mumbled. "He's got a strong will, but I managed to get him. But unfortunately, I got interrupted..."

He doesn'

t dare mention a name. Mandy would outright batter him.

Michael deserved far much worse.

He deserves death... He thought bitterly. It's better than torture~...

"Why don't you just go after him again?" Moxy asked curiously, kissing his lip gently. "I can tell that you like him. Perhaps we can have him..."

She had a smirk on her face, she wasn't that bad.

Nolan was jaw-dropped, he coukd actually keep Lou?!

Besides, they needed him.

Moxy and Mandy wouldn't admit, but the idea of him coming into their made them feel complete.

"Thank you..." He whispered. "Thank you so much!"

"We need Ox if we're doing this-.."

Mandy was cut off by her clutching her own head. She started screaming. Moxy and Nolan's souls felt pain from the bond they shared.

They felt pain, anger, and sadness.

They knew what was happening. Mandy's human half was fighting back.

Shoot.. Nolan thought. What do we do?!..

He looked at Moxy, and she had a look in her eyes. He knew that, it was a plan look.

"Pin her down.." Moxy told him, sternly. "I'm going to talk to her.."

He did as she ordered, and he jumped on Mandy, pinning her down gently by the arms.

Moxy leaned on her a bit, and kissed her lips. "Mandy, sweetie, you can't let her win. Take back control! We need you! Not her! We will be incomplete if you lose this battle"

Mandy started to thrive in their grip, and she opened her eyes, they were a mix of red and brown.

(Let me out) A familiar voice cried, her voice crying. (Please!..)

No!.. Mandy refused. You aren't in control anymore!...

"Get out! Get out! Get out!" She repeated, and the two knew it wasn't their Mandy. "Get out! Get out! GET OUT!"

She suddenly pounced up, knocking Nolan over. She was stood straight, her eyes

They smiled, and she hugged them. They fekt relief. They couldn't allow their normal halves to take over. They just couldn't be trapped again.

"Alright.." Moxy pulled away, she didn't like sentimality. "Let's do this. Nolan, alert Ox. Mandy, I need you to check for a certain doll. You know who it is.."

She smirked.

Nolan was confused. "Which doll?"

Mandy smiled wickedly at him, her red eyes showing how twisted she had become. 

"You know~.."

Nolan felt himself smirk back.





1. direct one's mind towards someone or something; use one's mind actively to form connected ideas.

2. the process of considering or reasoning about something.

It was thing that Lou always did.

He was always thinking, he was always observing.

He saw things around him, and calculated a plan or thought into his mind.

It was either to save himself or others out of a situation. To think waa good, it helped you.

He sighed as he looked through the window.

Another victim was found, but Lou had found something else in the pictures.

Two silhouettes showed next to the body, but they seemed invisible. Nobody saw them.

They also had RED eyes. But how was that possible?

Lou didn't know anyone with those coloures eyes. It was infuriating!

He closed his eyes when he heard someone speak. "Lou, we have the pictures you requested...."

He hummed. "Thank you, Michael.."

He could consider the kid o some kind of assistant. He did everything Lou said, and he left him alone when necessary.

He was perfect.

Suddenly, he felt a tingling sensation in his mind, and Lou felt momentarily dizzy. It had been happening all day.

He really needed to see a doctor.

"Lou~.." He heard a voice. "Lou~..."

He was confused, and he looked around. He saw nothing.

Just my imagination..

He rolled his eyes.

He closed them again. He just needed to.

He heard a squeak, and his eyes shot open. "What the heck?..."

He looked around, and saw that Michael was gone.


Then he heard it again. "Lou~...Lou~...Lou~"

Lou growled. "Come out, already!-.."

He was cut off as the room went off, and he saw those red eyes.

Then, it clicked.

The silhouettes, the red eyes, the bite marks on the victims necks.

Vampdolls (doll turned into vampires).

He discreetly grabbed his knife (you get paranoid when murders happen. Don't judge him). He wasn't going to be killed today.

Not today, satan...

The vampire-...

No, Nolan began to approach him, albeit very slowly.

Lou tried to see any sign of the real him in the other's eyes, but he found none.

Either this was an imposter, or Nolan had been changed. Lou sincerely hoped that it was the latter.

The footsteps stopped in front of him. Lou didn't realize that he had bowed his head until he found it lifted up by someone's hand.

He found himself staring into THOSE eyes, and it took all of Lou's will not to submit.

"Go..." Lou whispered. "Whenever your messing with my head or not, I don't want to hurt you..."

He truly didn't want to.

Nolan took a step back, and he chucked. "If you don't think I'm real, why don't you test it?"

Without thinking Lou took a step forward, eyes locked on the mocking sweet grin of Nolan. He stretched an arm out and lightly grazed Lou's cheeks with her fingertips.

"There..." Nolan laughed. "don't I feel real enough for you?"

Lou stood immobile, unable to speak out of terror. He tried to look down at his feet in fear but couldn't tear his eyes away from the deep red glow of Nolans' own.

"That's it, Lou. Just keep your eyes on me. Just stay focused on me.." He caressed Lou's face as she imposed her will over the mortal.

"Now, Lou" He started, "tell me, where were you going?"

"None of..." Lou's resistance quelled as Nolans' eyes glowed brighter. "Out to eat with Michael for a bit..."

He barely felt felt the knife being took off him, and the other looked at him with hurt.

"You were gonna use this?" His voice sounded amused. "On me? Oh, Lou. I am invincible..."

Lou couldn't speak, he just felt his mind going blank again. His eyes going half-lidded.

He had figured it to late.

Nolan smirked, amd snaked his arms around the taller males neck. Then he lightly pushed onto a spinny chair, he did like those.

Nolan trapped him in a space that he couldn't get out off.

"I've wanted you for so long..." Nolan smiled as he heard Moxy taking Michael away. Finally, he was out of the way. He began kissing Lou's neck. "I've waited for too long..."

He looked Lou in the eyes, and saw the emotions that he hid daily.

Happiness, sadness, darkness, anger, rage, and...loneliness.

Nolan felt guilty for not recongizing it in the beggining. He felt horrible.

Now was his chance to make it up to Lou. He could make him feel whole again.

He straddled the other's lap, and kissed him.

Lou groaned, and he kissed back. He couldn't help himself, Nolan stated addictive. It was just something you couldn't get off.

He was incapable of resisting, his own desires overcome by Nolan's manipulation of their growing mental bond to get him into line. 

Nolan crooned against his skin, moving his hands over shoulders, arms, chest, everywhere he could reach without leaving his spot. "You don't need anything else"

"I don't?" Lou asked softly, vacantly.

"Why don't you stay with me?"

Lou blinked, rubbing his hand up and down the other's back, feeling smooth bit of skin on his back. "Why don't I?" He asked himself, feeling the boy shift against him, his lashes brushing against his cheek.

"You could go with me everywhere. All the time" Nolan mouthed against his jaw, nipping along the line. "You wouldn't have to be alone again"


Nooan couldn't do the permanent bite, but he could do more.

He smiled widely, his grin shining eerily in the darkness of the room. "Never" He brushed back blonde bangs from smiling eyes and closed the deal, sealing his mouth gently against Lou's, the darkness wildly enveloping them in its hold.





1. a form of words used as a magical charm or incantation.

2. an ability to control or influence people as though one had magical power over them.

Despite what you all thought, Nolan hated using his hypnosis on anyone.

He just didn't show it.

But sometimes, he had to. Certain prey required much needed measurements, so yeah, he was forced to do it.

The deaths weren't even painful, he would make them feel their desires, and then it would be like outting to sleep when he took the blood. Seriously, he wasn't that cruel.

Mandy would do it to dolls who deserved it, she usually starved herself. So that meant that either Nolan or Moxy woukd have to give her blood to survive. But they didn't mind, they felt good about sharing.

And now, Nolan was in his, Moxy, and Mandy's room. He was currently with a under Lou.

At least he didn't try to fight back, he coukd actually walk, most victims couldn't.

He carefully led up tontheir room, where he was standing in front of Moxy and Mandy.

Mandy purred, stroking Lou's chest. "I managed to handle my normal half.."

"How?!" Nolan was shocked. "I thought she was fighting back like mine!"

"I managed to subdue her" She had a smirk when she emphasised 'subdue'. "I'm sorry, but you know it has to be done..."

Moxy frowned, but she didn't argue. It was mkre like she pouted.

Mandy the suddenly bit into Lou's neck, and he yelped when she dragged him doen onto the bed.

He weakly pushed against her. ""

Nolan coukd see that his eyes were flashing, he was resisting. He was fighting with himself.

He placed himself on top of Lou, and he kissed him.

He stopped struggling, and Nolan tipped his head a bit.

Moxy was stroking his blonde hair. "It's soft..."

She never spoke up, only when she thought was neccessary.

Mandy and Nolan were always surprised when she did, it meant that she was still here.

Nooan nuzzled Lou's neck, licking a spot that he knew the other liked.

He heard yim moan, and he looked at the other. Then, his instincts kicked in.

"It is time..." His vampire side took full control, clouding his senses. "We need to do it now..."

Mandy looked shocked, while Moxy just nodded.

She knew this, and was willing to accept Lou into their group and as Nolan's. He had found him after all. It woukd be unfair if she didn't let him.

But he still had to share, they all did with each other.

"What did you do with Michael?" Nolan asked.

Mandy smirked at him, and pecked his lips. "He's not dead, but he is useful, for now. He will be disposed of later when he doesn't satisfy our appetite~..."

Nolan smiled, and bit Mandy's neck, earning a feeling of pleasure. Her blood was rich. It was addictive.

Removing his mouth, he then turned his attention to Lou. He needed to get this right.

"Moxy?" She knew how to do this. "How do I do this?"

She smiled, it reflected off in the moonlight. "You put your mouth nearest to the most pleasurable soot on the neck, and then you get enough blood to get him unconscious.."


Well, that was easy.

He smiled, and gently bit on Lou's neck, noticing him flinch lightly.

He intertwined their fingers, and he squeezed his hand.

He was sucking the blood out of him, giving Lou a sense of pleasure. Usually for others, it was pain. But, in this case, it was good.

Lou starteded to feel his mind shut down, and his eyes were closing.

He felt the grip on his neck loosen, and he felf himself nearky collapse. He ended up in someone's arms.

"Please surrender, Lou.." Nolan whispered, no, pleaded. "It will be good for both of us..."

That was the last thing Lou heard before he blacked out.

Nolan hummed. "What is going to happen, will he surrender?"

Moxy just looked out the window.

It was Mandy who spoke up, she smiled. "Patience, young one. We will have to wait..~"

They all grinned.


(In his mind/dream...)




1. the element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought.

2. the part of a person that makes it possible for him or her to think, feel emotions, and understand things.

Lou currently understood where he was.

He was inside his own mind. A place where he was supposed to be in control here.

He felt like he wasn't.

It was like he wasn't meant to be here, like he didn't belong in his own body and soul.

As if it belonged to someone else.

"That's alright, kid" An unfamilar replied to him. "I might not bite..."

He turned around, and wasn't shocked.

It was himself. But he had darker hair (still the same colour!), his eyes were red, and his skin was just a tad paler.

He folded his arms, and smiled. "Welcome to your mind, kid! The name's Louis, I tokk your full name, since you hate it!~.."

Lou noticed something in that smile.

It wasn't cold, but it wasn't warm.

It was malicous, as well as mischievous. It held something there, as if he wanted something from him.

"I don't surrender" He automatically told the other.

He just blinked as if he was expecting that. "That's what he thought. Which is why I brought this!"

Lou raised a brow, but then he felt painful sensation in him.

How was that even possible to feel that in his own mind?

He barely surpressed a scream, but then he felt something.

Intense hunger.

He needed to eat something, now.

"Ah, ah, ah..." His copy chuckled softly, then he summoned a mirror. "Look into it.."

Lou couldn't believe it, he looked extacky like him!

"Make me back to normal!" He screamed, finally showing his fear. Nolan's influence couldn't happen here. "Please?!"

The mirror disappeared, and his copy smirked, he whispered. "I will, later. But first, you need with come me..."

The offer was so tempting. His whisper was soft, like he actually cared about him.

Lou felt himself following him. He didn't know why, but his body was moving on its own, and he was inside his own mind!

Suddenly, they stopped at an empty space.

Louis chuckled, and snapped his fingers. A screen appeared, and it turned on.

Looking at his copy, he smirked. "See this?-.."

It showed Lou having Nolan to himself, solving the killings, the dolls actually getting along. Himself, having respect like no other.

"-If you succumb to this, you can have what you want~.." The other chuckled, his breath ghosting over Lou's neck. "You would be unstoppable, you could even be a God. All you have to do, is be one with me~..."

Lou took a step back, he glared. "How do I know that I'd be in control? I know that Nolan is stuck is his own mind..."

'He's smart..' Louis thought. 'I'm impressed..'

"We'd fuse.." He explained. "We'd create something different, something else. We'd create another entity, it would form our personalities together. It would technically mean that both of us would be in control of our body..."

Lou couldn't help but let the other's words sink in.

Would he get what he wanted? Would he have Nolan? The one who apparently belonged to Moxy and Mandy? Would he actually be like a God?

"What's the catch?"

"Smart..." Louis complimented. "1. You'd have to share yourself with Moxy and Mandy, but that shouldn't be a problem, since you like them both as well. 2. We'd have to fuse...properly..."

"What way?"

His copy rolled his eyes. "What do you think, genius? Have sex.."

His eyes widened.

"Trust me..." Louis shivered a bit. "I have no choice, it's in the book.."

Lou suddenly found pinned to an invisible wall, his copy kissing him.

It felt good.

He deepened the kiss, and tugged the other closer.

He smirked. "So, I guess this means you surrender? I would have hated to trap you here~..."

He could hear the mocking in the other's voice, but it sounded thankful at the same time.

He felt his legs being wrapped around the other's waist.

He smiled gently.


Louis grinned, and closed the deal, sealing his mouth gently against Lou's, the shadows wildly enveloping them in their hold.


(In reality...)




1. used to indicate that one is eagerly impatient to do something or for something to happen.

2. the action of staying where one is or delaying action until a particular time or event.

Nolan had to be admit that he was getting nervous.

Lou had been unconscious for nearky an hour.

Did something go wrong? Did he not do it right? Was this not going to work? Was Lou going to die?-

"Don't be dramatic!" Moxy ordered harshly.

Nolan forgot she could read his thoughts, he winced slightly.

Mandy laughed lightly. "Moxy, don't be hard. He's just afraid. And Nolan, time goes faster in the mind than here. It's probably onky been a few minutes for Lou..."

Nolam smiled at her reassurance, when he heard groaning from behind.

Lou was waking up.

He and the others watched as he sat up, but his eyes were closed.

Mandy smiled, as if she knew something. "Welcome back, Lou.."

Nolan saw Lou open his eyes...they were red.

He had surrendered.

"How do you feel?" Moxy asked, but then ordered. "Nolan, sit down on your knees"

The other was confused, but he still obeyed.

As he stood up, Lou grinned. His teeth glistened. His eyes were wild, feral.


Moxy grinned back. "Then feed. Nolan is there for you, he is all yours..."

Nolan shivered at how intense Lou's stare was. His eyes were savage.

Then, he felt a mouth on his. "I promise not to hurt you..."

Then, Lou bit into his neck.

Expecting pain, Nolan closed his eyes. But instead, he received pleasure.

He could feel his blood coming out, but he felt pleasure and desire. 

He smiled, and he nearky whined when Lou pulled out.

He helped him up with a hand.

Moxy chuckled. "Remember to restrain yourself, Nolan. If you lose too much blood, even you can die..."

"So, why did you turn me?" Lou asked. "How did you end up this way? And ehat is your plan?"

"Easy..." Mandy replied. "We were bit by a feral vamp, but we killed it when we turned, and our plan is to help ourselves to Uglyville~..."

So, she realized has her morality?.. Lou thought. But, how are they?-

He cut off his own thought by asking. "How do you expect to take over ugkyville?  1. I still need to learn my abilities. 2. Remember? Ox is one of you and he is the mayor..."

"Oh, please..." Nolan scoffed, lips at the base of Lou's neck. "It'd be easy to get rid of him, but he's lucky we don't kill. We'll just make him surrender, he's weak.."

Lou felt a bit build up.

Don't hurt him...

We won't.. Mandy replied back. We don't hurt anyone unless we deem it neccessary...

Oh, and if your wondering.. Moxy pitched in. We have a bond that lets us communicate and hear each other's thoughts...

So don't think we won't hear you~.. Nolan sang. Because we will...

Lou smiled. "Good"

He did still care about Ox, even if he did abandon him a long time ago.

"Come.." Mandy stood up, and Moxy and Nolan did to to follow her. She smiled maliciously. "It's time for your first meal~..."

Lou was confused, but he still followed them. He felt Michael grab his hand on his way.





1. become aware of (something) by information or from observation.

2. the acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience, or being taught.

Apparently, he was leaning how to feed properly first.

Lou looked around his surroundings, and Mandy flickered the switch with her telepathy.

It was a plain room, except there was someone chained to the wall.

"Lou?" The doll smiled, but he was frightened. "Please, help me?!"

He was confused. "Who are you?"

Nolan and Michael were shocked, how did he not remember?

But, Nolan grinned.

Lou's other half must have erased him.. He thought, happy. I can't believe it...

"He's someone who has hurt you..." Mandy told him.

Moxy yanked Michael by his hair, and hissed at him. "He's someone who deserves death..."

Lou's face fell, and Nolan was quick to kiss him. "He's your first feed, but don't give him pleadura, give him pain..."

"Lou..." Michael begged. "They're lying! I'm innocent! I promise..."

Then why did he feel like he was lying?

Lou felt more trusting from the four dolls in front of him than Michael.

He could hear what the other was saying, but he didn't care.

He was hungry, he needed to feed.

Lou smiledd, he felt sorry for what he was about to do. "I'm sorry, Michael. If I were my other half, he wouldn't do this. But he isn't he here, so?"

He smiled apologetically, and suddenly bit down into Michael's neck. Moxy wisely let go of his hair.

Dear God... Lou thought, feeling bliss. This is delicious...

He kept sucking Michael neck, not realizing he was unconscious.

Suddenly, he was pulled off him, and Lou was about to attack, when something caught his wrist.

"Lou!" Someone was talking. "It's ok, I'm here!"

He blinked his eyes, and snapped out of his trance. He then saw Michael on the floor. "W-what? Oh, I'm sorry..."

Nolan stroked his hair. "It's ok, everyone likes their first time..."

His voice sounded amused, and Lou was glad that he wasn't mad.

"Well, that was a thirst.." Moxy laughed. "Get it?"

They did, and chuckled.

Mandy then spoke. "Lou, I forgot. How is your normal Half? "

He smiled. "Don't worry, he won't be a bother. I don't know why he was bothering to fight this, it's amazing..."

He seemed genuinky happy, and Nolan felt it.

He gentkh moved the blood off Lou's mouth with his tongue, and he kissed him.

Lou spun the other, and he pinned him to the wall. They resumed their passionate show there.

Mandy chuckled at them, and turned around to Moxy. "They're adorable, they are cute together..."

"He still has too share him..." Moxy reminded her. "I can tell that we are going to take over uglyville"

"The plan is going to work" Mondy agreed. "We will succeed. And now that we have Lou, things will go smoothly~..."

They heard a moan from Nolan, and saw Lou biting him roughly

It was a bit disturbing lf hlw he liked pain, but they left it alone.

"Lou will make a good vampdoll" Mandy chuckled softly. "He's already mastered this lesson..."

Mandy looked at the couple kissing in front of her, and she agreed.

Perhaps Lou would be a great addition after all.

Chapter Text




1. a sudden feeling of excitement and pleasure.

2. to affect with a sudden wave of keen emotion or excitement, as to produce a tremor or tingling sensation through the body.

Thry can come from good or bad things. 

But it was mainky bad. Sometimes, a thrill can be caused by those who are bored, or just seek excitement in life.

"Hey doll!" A voice cackled as they chased their victim. "Why don't you just give us the money, then maybe we'll spare you~.."

As the roll ran through pipe, they were frightened for their life. They knew the consequences of borrowing the money, and they forgot to pay back on the due date.

They suddenly banged into a dead end.

No, no!... They thought. No....

Then, they felt a hand grab their head and turned them around.

It was him.

"You thought you could escape from me, dall?" He cackled, albeit humourless. "You've just made this harder than it has to be~..."

His blue eyes held so much insanity, and a knife was pressed against her throat.

Then, something vibrated in his pocket (bluetooth ear piece). He picked it up, ans put it in his ear, but still kept her pinned.


"Lou, where the hell are you?!"

Uh oh, if she said his first name, then he must be in trouble.

"Chill, Mandy. I'm at the pipe in the west near the furnace!"

"Why didn't you wait for me?!"

"Because I didn't want to, I'm not young anymore!"

"I'm coming right how, and you better not kill her yet!"

The line went dead, and he groaned. He loved Mandy (as a sister!), but she was so protective, not like he could blame her though. 

Ever since we woke up...

Then, he regained his composure. "Looks like you get to live just a bit longer, dall. My partner in crime insists on coming..."

 "Your partner in crime..." A voice chimed. "Is already here..." 

He turned around, and saw her. She was wearing a black shirt, it wa short and csme up to her thighs (was she even wearing underwear?). And she was wearing a  purple crop top, it matched her brown eyes.

She was grinning. "Who do we have here?"

"A non-payer" The other responded, and she came up to his side to inspect inspect their latest victim. "She refused to to do it, her names Dally.."

"Stupid name" Mandy gagged, and she frowned at his black top. "Where the heck, is your leather jacket?"

"Get your glasses on, Mand"  He rolled his eyes, and she did. "See, now, what should we do with this one. Kill, or spare?"

She grinned again. "I don't know, what do you think, perfectionist.."

"It isn't my fault that I feel irritated if something isn't just right!"

She just raised a brow.

"I don't-...urgh! Let's just get on with this!" He gestured to the doll in front of them. "What do you think, Mandy?" 

"Kill.." She answered in an innocent voice. "But let me do it..."

The doll saw the male shocked, his blue eyes full of interest. "What?"

"I want to get rid of the liability.." She stood on her tip toes, and her mouth was at the others ear. "Please, Lou. I'll make worth your while.."

He bit his ip, ot was difficult to say no to Mandy. "Fine, but make it quick. Don't want another accident..."

She rolled her eyes, and grumbled. "One time! It was ONE time!"

He just laughed, and gave the doll over to her.  "Suuuureeee~"

She just chuckled, and pointed the knife at the Dally's throat. 

"You had your chance, Dal" She whispered. "But you didn't pay up to him, and now you gotta pay. Your sister will take care of your debt, wish her luck.."

She then slit the other's throat, and dropped her into the recycle, she was never going to be seen again.

Blood got into her top. "Welp, Alley's going to be mad..."

Lou didn't respond, and Mandy turned around, her brow raised in concern.

She knew what it was today.

"Can you believe It's been a year?" Lou asked, and she jumoed at bis sad tone. "We woke up here...."

"Our memory non existent" She chuckled, and held his hand in comfort. "Then, we created new ones. Oh, the irony" 

Then, they spotted a picture. Lou picked it up, it was a green bunny doll and a few others.

But the green looked familiar. "Who's this?"

She looked, and shrugged. "Don't know, but the pink one looks familiar. Maybe we saw them and forgot? By the way, he wants us at the underground.."

Lou looked at her, and frowned. "Let's go.." 





1. the feeling of grief after losing someone or something of value.

2. the fact or process of losing something or someone.

Nolan was feeling it.

Oh, he was feeling the loss hard. A year, it had already been a year.

How had it gone that quick? How? It just flew by.

He looked at the picture of Lou and him in his drawers. They were smiling, and they looked happy.

Until the accident, and him and Mandy had disappeared. He wondered id they were even alive.

Are they?.. He thought. It's been a long time, surely they woukd have turned up by now...

A tear slid down his face, and he ended up crying.

Him and Lou had been together for about 8 months, now it would have been a year and a half.

Why did he have to go?... Nolan thought. Yeah, he did some bad stuff. But no ine deserves that fate...

"Hey, N" It was Moxy, soft, weet Moxy. "That time of the year, huh?"

She attempted to lighten the mood, but it onky served to make it even more sad.

"Your not the onky one suffering with loss." She continued. "I lost Mandy, remember?"

He did, but he was too caught up in his own grief to care. Yes, that sounded selfish. But he had lost his Lou, and Moxy had lost her Mandy.

Yes, they had been together (Lou and Nolan as a couple separately! They weren't a foursome!). Jesus, thry had been asked that more times that they cared to admit.

"Yes, I'm sorry Moxy" He apologized. "I'm just too caught in my current loss. It's been a year...."

She put her hand on his. "It's ok, Nolan. They will turn up. My gut instinct is never wrong.."

She had a point there.

Nolan smiled. "I hope you are right, Moxy.."

"Now, let's go and meet with Ox"





1. the feeling or state of being annoyed; irritation.

2. the feeling that you get when someone makes you feel fairly angry.

Saying that would just be an Understatement.

"Get me a drink, now!" Lou ordered, and the bartender did. "Two beers..."

Mandy sat next to him, and lokked around her surroundings. "It's been a while since we've been here..."

The building was like a exotic dancing club. There were tables that male dolls were at, lights that were shining and waving around, and two large bars at either side of it.

"It has..." Lou replied, his toes curling in discomfort. "Jesus, what do they want this time?..."

"Probably to give us our next assignment. Remember, they did rescue us a year ago when we woke up?" She shrugged, grabbing his hand. "They molded us into who we are today. We nees to be more grateful. We don't have any memories, we need to create new ones"

Lou sipped his drink, and gave Mandy hers. "How are you so wise?"

She winked. "It just comes naturally"

Now.. She thought. To distract you...

She then went on lap, and kissed him.

Lou barely felt himself drop his drink, and out uis hands on erh shoulders to make sure she didn't fall.

Their lips mixed togther, and it felt so good. Not right, but good. It satiated them both for now.

It kept them both from experiencing the grief of their lost memories.

They still had the scars of a accident they didn't even know about.

Their tongues swirled together, and Lou won. Mandy moaned, he smirked. She liked this.

But just as they were getting into it, a speaker called.

"Mandy, Lou! Boss' office.."

"That gets really annoying"

Mandy chuckled, and sighed. "It's ok, let's see what they want..."





1. a situation when two or more people meet, by chance or arrangement.

2. an assembly of people for a particular purpose, especially for formal discussion.

Oh, how Mandy despised these things.

It meant that she wouldn't get freedom, it meant that she would get her thrill, it meant that they wouldn't let Lou and her go.

And I'm sure Lou will agree with me...

As they stood in the room, she observed her surroundings again.

It was a plain room with white walls, and dsek with a chair behind it, a lamp to have some light, and a large window behind as well.

Two large set dolls were there, they had suits on, and the dame ear device that the did. They had shades on to show their intimidacy.

She hated that, and she glared at them.

"I see that you are back..." Her voice gave a chill up Lou's spine, and she spun around like a child would on her spin chair. "How was the killing?! Did you have fun?!"

Her red and purple mixed eyes butned into theirs, and they had to be careful with what they said. After all, they had tortured them both into submission before.

"It went wll, Ivy.." Lou spoke. "By the way, where is Daniel?"

"Humph..." she huffed. "My useless brother had to go on a trip, he left me in charge. That means Scarlet can't be a bitch to me! I hate her! Oh, William (the doll on her left), get somedoll to get rid of her, she is useless to us.."

"Yes, ma'am..."

Even he shivered at how nonchalant her tone was, as if thing was normal thing fo her. It technically was.

She was even more fucked up than she was, and that was frightening.

"Why did you want us here?" Mandy asked. "We usually have our assignments delivered..."

"Ahh" She grinned. "But this is a special one, this is someone from ugkyville. This is too prove your loyalty to the underground. You have to kill two from there"

Two?.. Lou thought, confused. But we usualky just have one...

"Go one" Mandy repkied. "We're up for it!..."

Mandy had changed over the year. She was a shy, timid doll from the start, now she wasn't afraid to voice her opinion. She was more confident and cocky. She also dyes her hair to have red streaks on her left side, and pink on her right. Her purple was till there.

"One, get that top oof when you go out, you know I hate bloody messes" the joke was implied, and they laughed. "2. Fabulous! Your assignment is someone who used to be close to you, but they caused your unfortunate...incident.."

Lou felt his fists clench, and he felt the urge to punch something. Pain surged emotionally through his chest.

He had also changed over the year. He had gone from an afraid doll who wouldn't touch anything, to one who wouldn't hesitate to kill in a matter of seconds. His blonde hair had blue streaks in it, it stretched from the right side to the middle.

"Who do we have to get rid of?" His voice was dark, and Mandy knew that tone, it was the one that covered his feelings that he wanted to keep hidden.

"Oh, that's easy!" Ivy cheered, and she handed them to pictures. "We're getting paid plenty for this! Don't know who called, but there paying us 10,000 bits! Isn't that cool?!"

Lou looked at his picture first.

It was a dark green bunny doll, and he had rabbit ears.

He had a black eyes, while there was a croos where the other one one was suposed to be. He was an uglydoll.

Heh, he could almost be considered cute. Almost.

Mandy looked at her picture.

It was a pink doll, her eys were large were large and...cute?

She was allowed to admire.

She had a little hairstyle on the tope of her head, and bas little things hanging off her back.

She didn't want to kill her...wait, she couldn't think things like that. She couldn't!

"There names are Ox and Moxy~.." Ivy sang. "You think there up to the task?"

Mandy and Lou smirked. "We are..."

They all grinned at each other.





1. defined as a strong desire for something or someone.

2. is a strong craving for sex. It also can mean a hunger for anything.

That was what Mandy and Lou were feeling.

Their lips were caught together, and their hands were tearing off each other clothes. Mandy put her arms around Lou's neck, and pulled him in even closer.

They weren't in love, but they were friends. They were all they had. Thry were willing to do anything to make each other to feel better, even if it meant sleeping together. They enjoyed it anyway.

Then, Mandy felt her hands come together, and something tied them.

It was rope.

She grinned. "Rope play, huh? Make me not breath..."

Lou grinned, and shoved her onto the bed. She complied, and went onto a certain position she knew that he liked.

He pinned her, and kissed her on the mouth before shoving his crotch into her mouth.

Mandy dropped herr jaw for him and he pushed himself into herr mouth, watching as her tongue moved to accommodate his length.

"Good... good..." Lou sighed while snaking his hand behind your head to push her closer.

Mandy concentrated on breathing through herr nose—something to help prevent gagging—as he reached the back of herr throat. She stayed perfectly still, not daring to take initiative. She kept eye contact with him, slowly massaging his cock with her tongue.

Mandy closed her lips around him and sucked, slowly pulling back. She made sure to take him all the way in—lips to pelvic bone—and repeated the motion, gradually going faster. Lou kept his hand on your head but was no longer coaxing her. He liked to pull hair whenever given the chance. 

Mandy wanted to wrap her hands around his coated length, wanted to twist, to pull... to touch. To give him the ultimate pleasure. Surely her mouth couldn't do that? She moaned around his member as your knees quivered beneath your weight.

"Easy, don't get too fucking fervent." Lou warned, gripping her hair tighter.

She pulled back to pay attention to the tip, swirling your hot tongue around it and swallowing the pre-cum. 

Mandy noticed the way his torso flexed when she repeated the motion, and seeing as how he didn't stop her, she continued. She incorporated this head play with a few moments of deep throating and the reaction you received was ample.

Lou breathes in a specific way when he's about to spill. He holds deep breathes and pushes them out quickly to suck in more air. 

He moaned as he came into her mouth, and she swallows his seed. He then pulled out of her.

She held her breath in anticipation as he blew cold air on her aching clitoris. The sensation made Mandy jump, and he gripped her hips to keep her in place.

"I know you're sensitive..." he continued blowing, "... That's what I like so much about you." He touched her clitoris with the tip of his tongue and drew back, her hips attempting to follow his mouth.

He knew this was torture for her. Mandy loved to run her hands through his hair and pull, especially in this position.

He looked at her, piercing blue eyes gazing into her brown ones.

"Do you want to speak?" he asked, hovering over her wet opening.

She nodded eagerly in reply. "Then speak." He suddenly latched his mouth against her lower lips, gliding his tongue over the most sensitive of areas.

He sucked around her bud, obscene slurping sounds echoing through the room. She whimpered, wanting to grind against his mouth; to have control of the situation. But she knew better.

Mandy felt his nails dig imprints into her hip bones as he ravenously ate her out, and she arched her back ever so slightly off the bed. 

He hummed smugly against your clit,seeing her satisfaction, he prodded at her opening with a cold finger. "Oh, please... please, please! Lou... hah!"

Mandy threw her head back in ecstasy and bit her lip as his finger slid in with ease. She heard him chuckle at herr gasp when he pumped in and out at an immediate fast pace which sent her spiraling.

She gripped the sheets under her and curled her toes as he worked your body to the max. 

Mandy subconsciously crossed her legs behind his head and gently pulled him closer to her. It was a bold move, and while his eyes narrowed, he didn't protest. She sighed a broken 'thank you' and allowed herself to be indulged by him.

He wasted no time with adding other fingers in the mix—and accompanied with his tongue?—it made such a delicious combination. He granted her hips the freedom they so desired to reach his free hands to make contact with her pert nipple. He pinched it and rolled it between his fingers, making her body live-wired. 

She began to see white, and her legs tightened around his head as foul language flew from her mouth in the form of whispers. Then she felt the two taps of Lou's fingers against her leg, signaling you to release her hold.

She were sure to to promptly follow his orders this time around.

Lou left her sex with a stream of fluids connecting the two of them, a proud expression on his face.

"Good girl... I'm surprised." he praised, resting his head on his hand. She panted into the bed sheet beside her, trying to take control of whatever was left of her sanity. "You want your hands untied?"

"Yes.." Mandy whined. "Pleaze, yes..."

He flipped Mandy on her stomach and cut the ropes from her wrists. She smiled into the mattress as Lou bit into her shoulders, grinding his ever-present erection against her rear.

Mandy raised her hips to meet his; adding a swivel and a soft moan to make her wants evident. Flipping Mandy over again to face him, she tentatively reached out to wrap her arms around his strong shoulders as he hovered over her. "

Thank you." She whispered into his neck, leaving a trail of open-mouthed kisses in her wake. He pressed he further into the bed, biting her ear and along your jaw.

He took his hand and guided himself to her opening and pushed himself in without warning—not that she expected one. Lou began moving instantly.

Mandy clawed into his shoulders as he pounded into her. He slammed into her once more and stilled, leaning back. With his cock still inside, he took his thumb and massaged her clit. 

" I know how much you want to cum." he spoke lowly. She froze and locked eyes with him, her body beginning to twitch and jump. His thumb worked her bud vigorously, and he smiled as he witness his creation. "Do you want to cum? Answer."

"...Yes, yes—I wanna cum... please." Mandy choked out, neck tensing from concentration. It was so difficult withholding an orgasm that's been in the works for seemingly hours.

"Then cum." he ordered, pulling out and removing his thumb.

Her entire body convulsed as she was, again, denied an orgasm. The invisible chain that held her back caused her body to curl in on itself in order to create some kind of contact.

"Who do you need to cum?" Lou demanded. She didn't answer right away, her body reeling in agony.

Mandy were so angry, but she couldn't show any of it. Lou's hand wrapped around her throat as he leaned forward, pressing the tip against her lower lips.

"Who do you need in order to cum?"

"I need you to cum!" Mandy shouted through strangled words. "I need you to make me cum—!"

The next moments are filled with nothing but pure bliss as he drilled her into the mattress, rendering Mandy speechless as her eyes rolled to the back of her head in pleasure. He gave her permission to climax, and she did.

He collapsed on top of her, and held her close.

"We may not be together.." Lou whispered, and they closed their eyes. "But I will always be your best friend..We set off for uglyville in a few hours, get some sleep.."

And rhey did, they did sleep for those few hours until they had to get up.





1. A feeling of revulsion or strong disapproval aroused by something unpleasant or offensive.

2. Strong negative feeling of aversion or disapproval. You may have a sickening feeling of revulsion, loathing or nausea.

Lou could definitely say that he felt like that.

As he and Mandy walked across the pipe to Ugkyville, he could practically hear the cheering and dacning going on there.

Why the hell were they dancing?

"Disgusting" He heard Mandy hiss. "How the hell are they so oblivious to our presence? We're just up the hill.."

He shrugged from his crouched position. "To be fair, because we're sneaking up on them? We are taking out their leaders after all..."

"Good explanation.."


Lou got out the cloaks, and gave one to Mandy. "Put it on so you don't get spotted"

She nodded, and and put it on. "These things creep me out each time we use them.."

"I know.." He shivered. "But this is the only things that hide our identities. Plus, Ivy woukd probably torture us if we were 'too ungrateful'.."

She shivered. "Agreed.."

Lou noticed that his partner seemed distant from the current situation, and so was he?

A simple question was bothering them both?

Who were the pink and green doll?

That seemed to spark a memory in both of them, but they couldn't quite get it.

"You feel it to, don't you?" Mandy asked, leaning on his shoulder. "You feel that faint spark of memory?.."

"Yep.." Lou confirmed, rubbing his face in thought. "It seems to spark something, but it's as if something is blocking it. Like a traumatic accident..."

Mandy rubbed her chin as she stared at the ground. "C'mon, we need to go..."

"Sure..." Lou agreed. "But remember, we need to act...normal..."

He was eyeing her, and Mandy knew what he was talking about, it was a story for another time.

"Come on.." He grabbed her hand. "Let's get this over with.."





1. the feeling of grief after losing someone or something of value.

2. the fact or process of losing something or someone.

Ox felt it a lot. Oh, he felt the grief alright.

He had lost Lou over a year ago, he had lost his brother a year ago.

He couldn't belive that it had been that long already.

He was outiade with Moxy and the gang. He was stood next to Nolan.

He had been close to him since Lou and Mandy had gone missing. He was the only thing that reminded him of Lou. He was his lover, and they created so many memories.

He had been Nolan's shoukder to cry on when they nad missing, and now they were close.

"You alright?" He asked the other.

"Y-yeah.." Nolan stuttered, and then Moxy came next to them.

"Hey guys..." She was sad. "How are both of you?..."

Ox replied. "Fine.."

They all sighed at the time when they heard the bell, it meant that the two minute silence was about to begin, it was to pay their respects to Mandy and Lou.

They were presumed dead, but Ox and the others belived otherwise. Unkess they saw bodies, they wouldn't believe that they were dead.

They closed their eyes, and held hands (it was just the three of them that did, since they were most affected by the losses).

What they didn't know, was that there was two figures just above them, watching them from the rooftops.

"This is pathetic.." Mandy whispered, giggling. "They're making themselves just easy. It's like their asking to be targeted.."

"I know.." Lou replied, crouching just a little closer on the building that they were on. "We strike in about..5-10 minutes.."

"A quick death, right?" Mandy replied from her position (they were on separate buildings). " 'Cause we were paid for a slow one..."

Lou looked to his right a bit, and showed Mandy a smirk. His blonde and blue streaked hair flipped in his face. "In, and out. We do quick deaths, not torture. Besides, it's not like the client is going to know..."

He heard her chuckle over the ear piece. "Your right, who's going to know? Just the ugkydolls, but they'll be too scared~..."

He laughed himself. "I guess soooooo~.."

"Stop fucking lengthening the words! You know I hate it when you do that!.."


"Fuck you!"

"Already did that last night.." He winked at her, and Mandy blushed.

Stupid.. She though, and then laughed. But unfortunately, he is my best friend...

She tried to call for Lou, but he seemed to be in a trance.

He was looking at the pink and green doll, but another one was with them.

He had brown hair, green streaks in it, green and purple eyes, and doll kind of uniform on him. Lou swore that his cold heart skipped a beat.

He knew that Mandy felt the same way about the pink doll.

But they couldn't do anything but their job.

If they had a choice though, they wouldn't choose to kill that Much, but have an extension on their victims' time to pay up.

But they weren't obligated to have an opinion, so they just followed orders.

Then, it feel silent. No one spoke.

"Lou?" Mandy spoke. "Try to get a look down there, woukd ya? Try to see what's going on, your closer.."

He obeyed, and did what she said. What he saw though, it horrified.

Banners were put out, and it was his and Mandy's names.

"Oh my shit.." he breathed. "Mandy...our names were down there..."


Then they heard a beep in their ear pieces. Mandy knew what this was. The signal.

He lifted her hand to Lou, and signalled him to go down. He nodded in return to answer her.

Ths silence was over. The bell rung again.

As soon as Ox and the others opened their eyes though, dolls started screaming.

Two hooded figures landed in front of them, and Moxy looked at their hoods.

They were short, and covered their heads. The first male had a black jacket, and he had black pants. The female though, she had a short top that almost showed her chest, and she had shorts. They both had peculiar clothing.

She could see through the male clothing that he had blue streaks and blonde hair.

The female had a red and pink streaked hair, it was combined with purple.

She raised a gun, and shouted in a familiar voice. "GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE, NOW!"

They screamed, and ran.

She saw Moxy and the others, and walked over. She crouched and looked at them.

"Hey, L..." The female shouted to her partner. "Found the targeeeetttsss~.."

Nolan noticed the way she sounded out that word.

"Hmph.." He came over and crouched, and Ox felt his chin being lifted. He stared into those cold, dead blue eyes. "They're even more pathetic in person, Ivy is going to be glad that they're gone"

Ox widened his eyes, did the male just say Ivy?!

Mkxy felt something being pressed against her temple. It was a knife, she felt fear.

"Quick or slow" She asked the male.

"Quick one, M.."

Who is M and L?... Nolan thought. Why do they sound so familiar?...

Lou wasn't stupid enough to Mandy's name in public. It would be humiliating if he did. Thank God, she remembered as well.

She looked him in the eyes, and he nodded. It was that look.

He leaned into the green doll, and put the knife to his throat. "Sorry, Mate. No hard feelings, it's just business.."

Mandy chuckled at the pink doll. She might have felt bad for her, but her fear was too funny. "You too, sweetheart.."

They made sure to distance himself emotionally, and Ox saw his expression go cold.

He silently gulped.

I guess this is the end...

Then, Lou felt something in his neck, a syringe.

Shit... He thought. Shit,

He could barely form a thought, and looked at Mandy. She was the same, as she was swaying, and he felt the natural urge to protect her.

"Fuck..." she mouthed at him, and she was correct. They were fucked right now.

Mandy fell unconscious, and Lou leaped in front of her.

Those dolls were not going to hurt her.

Those dolls were hot going to hurt her.

He drew his knofe, and then saw another doll(s).

There were three of them. One had blue hair, one had pink, and another had purple.

He couldn't see their eyes due to the blurriness of his vision.

His body was becoming too heavy for him too stand, and he felt himself unwillingly crouching.

He dropped his knife, and he collapsed on the ground next to his partner in crime.

"Code green.." He heard her mutter. And he knew she was talking to them.

As his eyes were drooping, Lou muttered to them. "If your going to kill us, just do it now..."

With that, his eyes were shut, and he succumbed to the sleeping fluid injected into him.

Ox felt guilty as he watched them fall unconscious.

"Thank you, girls.." He thanked Tuesday, Lydia and Kitty. "You saves our lives"

"Well, we couldn't just let you die?" Kitty laughed. "Could we?.."

"But why were they trying to kill us?" Nolan muttered, clearly bothered by something.

"But who are they?" Moxy asked, and Nolan and Ox went to remove their hoods.

But what they saw next shocked them, it was them...It was Lou and Mandy...

They were finally back.

Chapter Text




1. the administration of the law or authority in maintaining this.

2. the set of agencies and processes established by governments to control crime and impose penalties on those who violate laws.

In Lou's opinion, justice was a joke.

You could only get it if you were in an 'important' person to the universe. You could get it when you were a good person.

You could get it when you haven't done a damn thing in life to deserve it. But no, the people who had actually suffered in life NEVER got it!

All they got was punishment, and an even more mess in life that it expected you to ckean up yourself!

The former leader was curled up on a small bed in Ox's house that was in Uglyville.

He was in one of the spare rooms, and it seemed like he was under house arrest.

What a absolute nightmare.

The nightmare wasn't that he was under house arrest, it wasn't because he had practically been kidnapped from the institute of perfection, it wasn't even the fact that Lou was awaiting 'trial' (whatever the hell that meant).

It was the fact that he was in Ox's house. The (ugly) doll who he despised, the one ugkydoll that he really didn't like.

"How ironic.." He laughed. "I get stuck with the doll who I really don't like..."

He sat up, and stared out the window.

The stars are beautiful... He thought, a smile on his face. I didn't know that there was a day and night here, wonder why the spy girls never told me that...

They were bright, and they sparkled like diamonds in a cave. They were so enchanting, and Lou fekt he was hypnotized by them.

He felt like he could forget his problems...

The door creaked open. "Lou?"

He is snapped out of his thoughts, and turns to see the doll that he doesn't like. The doll that he somehow fears.


Key words: Don't like.

He could never hate him, he just couldn't. After all, they had history together.

"Just wanted to tell you that your interrogation is tomorrow" He told him. "And that your trial is next week"

Oh yay... Lou thought bitterly. REALLY wanted to know that..

He didn't say a word back to Ox, he never did since he had come here. And that was around 3 weeks ago.

Their bond was too shattered to be repaired.

"Just wanted to let you know..."

The other has a shattered face on him, as if Lou's actions are hurting him.

But as they say, 'Karma is a bitch'.

He has to give Ox credit, at least he is making an attempt to talk to him.

Lou almkst didn't want him to give up.


Lou closes his eyes, and exhales. He really doesn't have the patience to deal with this.

Ox has already hurt him in the past, what more does he want from him?!

He glares at the other, awkward sioence reigning the room.

Lou snaps.

"Can you just shut up?..." His voice is filled with rage. "You're already annoying me!"

Ox takes one good look at Lou, and he comes to a realization. Lou's eyes are dead and cold, as if he has nothing to live for. Yet, there is still life in there. Just not a good one.

Lou's eyes widen, he didn't mean to speak. Why did he have to talk? 

Now Ox looked hurt, but he doesn't talk to him.

"Good night.." He says, his voice laced with a hint of happiness.

Lou hears the door close, and lies down back on the bed.

He hears his inner demons speak to him.

Peace of crap...

"Feed him to the dog!"

"Give him back to the baby!..."

The voices tell him he isn't worthy of life, and they replay things from his past to prove.

"Tear the stuffing out of him!.."

You are nothing!...

He finally gives in, and lets the tears fall.

He sobs and sobs, and the water falls down his face.


He SCREAMS out his pain, he shrieks, he screams, and he shouts it out for the world to hear.

Lou knows he is having a mental breakdown, he can't bring himself to care.

The door had to be soundproof if Ox can't hear him right now.

After he manages to calm down, Lou collapses back onto the bed, holding the pillow next to him like a lifeline. It's the closest thing to physical contact that he has (even though he has never really hugged anyone).

He holds it close to him, like a child does wifh their stuffed toy.

He feels the tiredness crawl, and he surrenders to sleep's claim.

It's the closest thing he has to peace.





1. To ask someone many questions in a formal situation. (Often in a forceful way that can be seen as threatening).

2. to ask someone a lot of questions for a long time in order to get information.

So, this was what interrogation was?

Lou had to say that he was disappointed. He was currently sat in a chair, and in a blank white room.

If this was some attempt to intimidate him, he had to say that the dolls were failing at it. And like he would tell the truth.

(A/N: Lou never told the dolls that his big secret in this one (and Ox never told them that him and Lou were friends). So they have no idea why he tried to destroy the portal. Okay?~👍)

He sighed. Would he ever tell them the truth?

Lou, then had the feeling that he was being watched. It had to be a secret camera that he didn't 'know about'.

He scanned the room, but nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary.

The dolls were more clever than they were given credit for.

Suddnely, just like yesterday, he heard a door open. "Lou..."

He lifted his gaze, and saw Mandy, Ox, Nolan, moxy, and the spy girls (Tuesday, Lydia, and Kitty).

"So?" Lou chuckled, the irony of the situation sinking in. He was in a room with all the people that had caught and stopped him at perfection. "What bring you here? What made you get the sense to kidnap me?!..."

They drew hack, cringing at the accusation, but Mandy spoke up. "We decided that we needed to get justice, and find out why you just decided to destroy the portal like that..."

"Oh.." He spat sarcastically. "And you didn't get the sense to just ask me...."

"Would you have even told us?" Moxy retorted.

Lou stayed silent.

"Thought so.." Giggled Kitty, and her girls joined her.

Lou just glared at the, and crossed his arms as he leaned back into the chair.

He smirked. "Like you said, why would I tell you anything?..."

Moxy picked up on the hint of sorrow behind Lou's statement. And she felt a stab of sympathy hit her, but why? What was his reason?

They only had around 4-5 days to find out, and she knew thst Lou wasn't going to crack.

"You might as well just tell us, Lou..." Nolan sighed. "It might save you at the trial next week..."

"Maybe some things are to hard to say..." They heard him murmur. "Maybe a soul is too shattered to even talk about it..."

Ox knew what Lou was on  about, but dared to not speak.

Then, Lou looked at Ox.

They him outright glare at the other. "So, you never told them anything, either?"

Ox looked up, and Lou gasped at the look in his eyes.

It was a challenge look (or one where you see who sings better).

Or it meant that someone wanted to sing with you.

Everyone saw it.

"Are you two?..." Nolan trailed off.

"Lou?" Ox's tone was serious. "If I beat tou, you will tell them the truth..."

"But If i beat you?" Lou snorted, ableit there was no humour behind it. "You have to tell everyone your truth...old friend..."

Everyone gasped. "What?!"

Moxy and Mandy couldn't belive it. Ox somehow knew Lou.

Ox extended his hand. "So, do we have a deal?"

He smirked, and to everyone's relief, he extended his hand and shook it with the other.

They heard him chuckle, then repeat.

"It's a deal...."





1. a call to someone to participate in a competitive situation or fight to decide who is superior in terms of ability or strength.

2. invite (someone) to engage in a contest.

Believe it or not, Lou had always liked a challenge.

It always gave him a fresh start, a new way to take out the competition. It gave him new ways to come up with techniques to help himself, and others.

But this challenge, he did not like.

At all.

He had been stupid for accepting Ox's offer in the first place. But he couldn't help himself, he had wanted to prove the green bastard wrong.

He wanted to win.

He wanted to prove that he wasn't weak.

Lou coukdn't go through the isolation again, he couldn't go through the torment again.

He couldn't let himself be a PRISONER again.

He had already been stuck in perfection once (though, he wondered how he coukd leave. He waa programmed to stay there no matter what).

Why did he agree to this stupid little competition?

Ox had sung before, he was just shy of it. He had never shown his voice in public, what had made him change his mind?

Lou didn't care, but he was a little curious.

"What made you change your mind?" He asked him, arms folded.

Ox smirked confidentky, and Lou had to admit that he was surprised by the act of the usually reserved doll.

"Nothing" Ox replied. "I just wanted to sing~..."

"Yeah, but why with me?"

"Because it will remind me of the old times" Ox sighed. "Before everything that happened between us.."

Dammit, how did Ox have the ability to make Lou feel sympathetic for him?!

"I don't get why you just didn't tell them on your own..." He asked. "You coukd have easily told the story yourself..."

"Yeah, but I don't know the WHOLE story" He admitted, sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck.

Lou froze, then felt fear creep its way through him.

No, no, no, he couldn't tell the whole story!

He couldn't believe what Ox had done!

But if he tried to back out of this, the dolls might just jail him up straight away. And lord knows that he didn't want that.

Unkess, I want to be trapped again... He thought, feeling a shiver go up his spine.

"You bastard..." Lou whispered, barely able to control his urge to hurt Ox. "I can't believe you..."

Ox froze in fear.

Just as he took a step foward, they heard someone call out. "Guys, it's time..."

Ox got lucky.

Lou sighed, and he took a stance. Ox did the same.

Luckily, thry only had the group from earlier as their audience.

Thank God...

That was sarcastic, Lou hated God (no offense).

(A/N: I recommend you play this song. It's 'lovely' by Billie eillish and I will editing the lyrics a bit..)


"Thought we found a way
Thought I found a way out (found)
But you never go away (never go away)
So I guess I gotta stay now.."

(Lou and Ox)

"Oh, I hope someday I'll make it out of here
Even if it takes all night or a hundred years.."


"Need a place to hide, but we can't find one near
Wanna feel alive, outside we can't fight my fear..


Isn't it lovely? All alone

Heart made of glass, your mind of stone.."


"Tear me to pieces, skin to bone
Hello, welcome home.."


"Walking out of time
Looking for a better place (looking for a better place)
Something's on your mind
Always in your head space.."


"But I know someday I'll make it out of here
Even if it takes all night or a hundred years
Need a place to hide, but I can't find one near
Wanna feel alive outside I can't fight my fear.."


"Isn't it lovely? All alone
Heart made of glass, my mind of stone.."


"Tear me to pieces, skin to bone.."


"Hello. Welcome home.."

(Lou and Ox)

"Whoa, yeah
Yeah, ah
Whoa, whoa
Hello, welcome home..."

Moxy and the others were absolutely shocked after that performance.

Ox and Lou had sounded perfect together.

Jesus, Ox was good at singing!

Moxy wondered why he didn't do it more often. He was great!

Then, Ox spoke. "So Lou, will you tell the truth?"

They all looked at the mentioned doll, pleading looks one all of their faces.

Lou looked won at the ground, and Ox swore he saw a tear go down his face.

Am I ready?.. Lou thought. Can I tell my real past? Can I really tell the entire truth? Will they judge me? Will they cast me aside like the others?...

Then, a certain thought kept repeating in his head.

I don't want to be rejected again! I don't want to be rejected again! I don't want to be rejected again! I don't want to be rejected again! I don't want to be rejected again!-..

He didn't realize that he had been saying that out loud until he heard somebody yell. "LOU!"

He then snalled out of his thought-induced trance, and looked at the dolls with a fearful look in his eyes.

"I-I-I'll think about it..." He stuttered, trying to regain his composure. "I need to go."

Lou then ran off, knowing the consquences of doing that.

He didn't care though, and he didn't stop until he got to Ox's house, and in the comfort of the bed in the samll room that he had gotten used to.





1. an event or circumstance that causes one to feel frustrated.

2. the feeling of being upset or annoyed as a result of being unable to change or achieve something.

That was how he felt in that moment. It felt like the world was crashing on him.

Lou could swear that his personality was nearky altered.

He had gone from a cocky and confident doll, to this constantly worried and fearful one.

You could guess that he was an empty sheel of what he once was.

"Lou?" Ox's voice made him sit up on his bed. "Are you alright?"

He just chuckled. "Yes, because I'm going to be forced to tell my past tomorrow. No big deal!"

He knew that he was hurting the other's feelings, but Lou didn't care. What about his feelings?!

Everybody dubbed him the bad guy. But what about them?!

They didn't care what he had to say! They never attempted to figure him out! They just threw him to the curb! They abandoned him!

He didn't realize that he was sobbing until he felt Ox pull him in for a hug.

For some reason, he didn't protest, and he buried his head into the other's shoulder. His tears staining Ox, but he didn't care. His brother needed comfort right bow, and he was going to give it him.

"They..." Lou sobbed, humiliated at his moment of weakness. "They abandoned me..."

Ox felt himself want to gasp, but he held it in. He laid the other down. "It's ok, Lou. You don't have to say 'out. Just go asleep.."

Lou's arms count to Ox, feeling bad at how he treated him last time. "I'm sorry, Ox. Please forgive me..."

"I already have..."

"Can you stay? You don't have to.." Lou sighed. "Like the old times?"

Ox felt surprised, but he felt himself nod all the same. "Of course I will..."

For the first time in a long time, Lou felt happiness well up in him. He huugged the other close to him, closed his eyes, and slowed his breathing.

Before he went to sleep, he whispered. "Thank you.."

"Your welcome, Lou.." Ox replied, hugging the other back. "Your welcome.."





1. a formal examination of evidence by a judge, typically before a jury, in order to decide guilt in a case of criminal or civil proceedings.

2. a formal meeting in a law court, at which a judge and jury listen to evidence and decide whether a person is guilty of a crime.

So, this was a trial?

Lou was puzzled by this.

A load of dolls were sat in chairs, their gazes hard and judging.

Lou was sat by a desk, he was sat in a chair that was uncomfortable, but he didn't care complain. He didn't want to irritate the other dolls any further.

But still, he hated the way that they were looking at him. It got annoying.

"Will all of the dolls rise for judge Judy?" Moxy spoke, and she stood next to the poll.

The dolls obeyed.

The type 12 doll walked in a black cloak, and Lou had to keep himself from laughing.

That looks like a halloween costume!....

But he didn't say that out loud, but he still had his thoughts.

"You may all sit down..."

The dolls started to murmur, and Judy strated to bang her gavel.

"Order, order!" Everything went quiet. "Lou, do you plead guilty or not guilty to the charges against you?(kidnapping, attempted murder, and psychological abuse).."

Lou smirked, he couldn't help himself. "I plead the fifth~.."

Ox felt irritation rise up in him, what was Lou playing at?!

He looker at the other, and he winked at him.

"Lou..." He growled lowly, and the other sighed.

What a party pooper!...

"I plead guilty" Lou replied emotionlessly. "There's no point in trying to deny it. It would just get me more time than I 'deserve'..."

The judge seemed shocked tyst Lou pleaded guilty, but she still spoke. "Thank you, Lou. Would you pkease tell us why you did this?"

His thoughts started to go into panic mode again, but Lou forced himself to be calm. He might as well get it over with.

Ox came up to his side. He out a hand on his shoulder, and whispered. "You can do this..."

He looked up, and saw all the dolls looking at him. Lou sighed.

"Have you ever felt lonely?" He asked, folding his arms. "Have you what it was like to be alone, even though there were other dolls surrounding you? That you were somehow different from then, and they didn't even know?"

Moxy felt a sting in her heart at this.

"Have you ever watched others have something that you can't?" Lou continued. "Did it ever occur to anyone to anyone why I stayed around? Did you ever figure out that I AM FORCED BY THE FACTORY TO BE HERE?! THAT I CAN'T GO TO THE HIG WORLD?!"

He calmed himself, and the last sentence was spoken quietly. "I am forced to remain, becuase I am not a real doll. I am a prototype..."

The entire court room was silent, but the same question was on everybody's mind.

He's not a real doll...

Even judge Judy was shocked, and she banged her gallen. "Lou, I have decided that due to your story and reasons, you are...not guilty. But you will still help out the dolls with 'stuff' for the next three months. Court dismissed..."

Eveybody did what she said, and Lou found himself shocked at his sentence.

Wow... He thought happily. I have no punishment. Well, I do. But It's better than nothing!...

He felt a hand on his shoulder, and saw Ox have a smile on his face.

Lou returned it with his own.


(Weeks later..)




1. firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something.

2. acceptance of the truth of a statement without evidence or investigation.

Trust was something that Lou didn't hand every often.

To him, it was earned. It wasn't something to be easily given.

There were dolls that could have that trust, then there were ones who could just as easily break it.

"Hey Lou!" A cheerful voice called, Mandy. She had proven herself to him. "Aren't you coming to sit down?"

He laughed, and did as she said. "Yeah..."

The dolls there were him, Ox, Nolan, Mandy, and Moxy.

They had formed a sort of little group over the weeks that he had been here.

"How have you been, Lou?" Nolan asked, he sipped his coffee. "Ah, that's the stuff.."

Lou just stared at him, how did he like that stuff?!

"I'm fine..." He replied. "What about you, Ox?"

The other just nodded, his mouth was stuffed with a chocolate cupcake. "Good!"

Lou just laughed, he coukd remember times where Ox had done something similar in the institute.

Then, the loneliness began creeping up on him.

No, he wouldn't let it control him anymore! He wasn't alone!

He had people in his life now. That was enough for him.

Still, Lou put his arms around himself in an attempt at comfort.

"Lou?" He looked at Ox, and the other four pairs of eyes on him.

He felt himself being hugged, and Ox spoke again.

"You are not alone..."

And for the first time in his life, Lou smiled and believed it.

Chapter Text




1. an area of sand or small stones near the sea or another area of water such as a lake

2. a pebbly or sandy shore, especially by the sea between high- and low-water marks.

Lou had been to the beach very few times when he had been in the institute.

The first time was one when he had been forced to go by the factory itself. It as because they wanted him to know the ins and outs of the institute. 

The second was just to get away from the pretty dolls. They may have been peefect, but oh God, they were noisy! The non-stop complaining about arguments, demands, etc. He had come here for peace, just to get away for a while. Was that selfish? He didn't know.

But now, he was here with someone else, and actual (or a servant) doll was with him.

L.P.S (Lou's personal servant). (A/N: The oc is not mine, it belongs to @Az9909009 on wattpad..)

"Master Lou?" She asked. "What? And why are we here?"

He sighed. "As I've said before, just call me Lou. And I thought that it would fun for both of us, this is the first time I've brought another doll here.."

"Yes...Lou.." She got it right, she hoped she did. What was hope? "So...we're going to have fun? Remember, my personality develops as you wish from me.."

"Right.." He clicked his tongue, he had forgotten about that. "Well, my wish for you now is to have fun on this beach.."

This was so awkward for Lou. He had always done things on his own, he had never been with anybody else.

"Oh.." L.P.S smiled, she actually smiled. "So, we're going to be here dor a few hours?.."

He nodded, she was finally getting it. Then, she did something horrifying.

She took her clothes off (she had underwear underneath).

What the heck?! 

Lou quickly closed his eyes, and turned around.

"Lou?" She was confused. "I thought you weren't meant to not be in clothes here?"

Lou rubbed the back of his neck, where did she even get that information from?!

Wait, his memories!

Oh, damn it...

"Master Lou?" She interrupted his thoughts. "Is there something wrong with me? Please look..."

Oh, how L.P.S was oblivious to how inappropriate that was.

"Are you decent?"

"I'm wearing what you dolls refer to as a 'bikini'.."

He guessed that was okay. Lou turned around, and was flabbergasted by her body, it looked cute and small.

She was wearing a red bikini, and it showed off her body.

He realized that he was staring, and coughed away the blush on his face.

Jesus, what was wrong with him?!

Never mind that! This is already awkward enough!.. He thought. Now, how to do this?...

Frick, he was not good at this thing.

"Lou?" He heard L.P.S say. "Isn't this the Part where you change into your trunks?"

He blushed even harder, oh God. How was she so oblivious?

"I-I guess?" He looked around, and then there was a bathroom. (Why it was there though? He had no idea).

Thank God...

He went inside it, and changed.

When he came out, L.P.S was looking at him.

He had been the only doll she had met, and this was the first time she had seen him without a suit or jacket on.

He looked...well, she didn't know how to describe him.

His had...abs? And his muscles was toned. She didn't feel the blush that came onto her face.

Wait, what was a blush?

"Lou?.." She remembered not to use the 'master' part. It was saved into her programming. "Don't we usually build a sand castle first?"

Sure.. He thought, and he stood in front of her. If you were a human kid...

But he didn't dare say that out loud, he didn't want to be rude to his new 'friend'

Still, shouldn't he at least entertain her?

The sand was soft underneath their feet.

Granted, it was wet and irritated the heck out of Lou.

Why do we even have an ocean?.. He thought. Did the factory want to make the place as realistic as possible or something?...

He never questioned it though, he was glad that the factory had done that.

"The...ocean?.." L.P.S had guessed that word. Lou nodded at her, she smiled. "It's pretty..It's good to look at..."

She had a smile on her face, and Lou fekt a warm feeling spreading through him when he saw it. He wanted to see her smile often.

They both looked at the ocean, and the sound of the waves crashing into each other strangely relaxed them. Plus, it was quiet. What more could you ask for?

They had unconsciously grabbed hands with each other, and Lou had only realized that he did when he felt L.P.S squeeze his ever so slightly.

He blinked, and pulled it away. The other noticed.

"I'm sorry, Lou.." She apologized. "It seems that my arm moved without my permission, forgive me?"

How could Lou not? L.P.S technically didn't do anything wrong. And hand holding wasn't a crime, anyway.

"Yes, L.P.S.." He chuckled, seeing her go into the sand, and building something. "I forgive you, may I please join in your activity?"

She nodded, and surprisingly didn't respond for once.

That was both strange and amusing.

He bent down carefully, and picked up the sand to add to what she was building.

It's a castle..

When Lou added a bit of sand to the tower, L.P.S did the same, making sure it was in the correct place. Making sure it was perfect.

Why perfect?

Lou didn't want to be reminded of it. It was what got him to this position in the first place.

He couldn't blame her though, it was probably built into her programming to do it.

Lou could not hold that against her.

He looked at their little sand project, and realized that L.P.S was looking at him.

"Doesn't this thing usually have a moat?" She asked, rubbing her chin in thought. "Is that right, Lou?.."

"Yes.." He doesn't add the 'I think' part. He didn't really know the answer. "It does."

But it seemed like it made L.P.S happy, as she smiled again. The emotion suited her.

Knew it.. She thought happily, and realized what she was feeling. What is this foreign emotion, and why do I like it?...

She discreetly searched it up, and discovered it was happiness. But what was causing it?

The sound of water splashing something made her pay attention to it instead of ehat she was currently doing.

"Uhh..." Lou was faced first in the sand, water covering his head. "I don't have a bucket?.."

She chuckled, and held his hand to help his up. Then, she felt an electric jolt between it.

Lou jumped back from shock, as if he knew what it was. "Let's finish this castle.."

She nodded, and he smiled. She felt that familiar feeling agsin, but decided to ignore it.

She knelt down, and drew a circle around the castle. Lou was the who poured the water in.

She watched it swirl and circle around it. It was strange. She saved it into her system to things she learned.

L.PS.S finished the bit where she built that last tower. "Lou, can you please stand to look with me?"

He obeted her, and they did.

It was an average sized sandcastle, and it looked like a frist time doll built this. But they didn't care, it was their project. Plus, it was the first time either of them had even done that.

So ha, you can't blame them!

Lou chuckled. "We did terrible!"

"I guess we did.." L.P.S spoke. "But we can hardly be blamed, it's our first time!"

"Did you just make a joke?"

"Yes?" She rubbed the back of her neck. "Was it bad, Lou?"

"No.." Lou laughed. "It was funny!"

She felt that funny feelin again. "Thanks, Lou..."

"Welcome, L.P.S.."

Silence had grown between them, and then Lou looked down at his legs. Wet sand was on them.

Damn it.. He thought, getting annoyed. This is going to take about two showers to get off....

"We should get going, L.P.S.." He suggested. "The sand will get into our skin if we stay here to long. Trust me, I have experience.."

She raised a brow out of curiosity. "Ok, Lou? Is that your wish?"

"Yes.." He cleared his throat. "I wish that we would go back to the institute.."

"Your wish is my command.." She mock bowed. "It shall be granted at once~.."

Lou chuckled slightly, looks like she had learned some humour.

They got their clothes back on, and started to go back.

As that started walking, a pleasant conversation started between thrm, and Lou had one last pleasent thought before he lost himself in the conversation.

Perhaps the beach could be fun after all.

Chapter Text

(This is what I think would have happened if the dolls actually LISTENED to Lou. Oh, and The first scene is originally a oneshot made by Orphan_account on ao3. They let me have this oneahot and I am grateful for it..)

"Of course I failed, of course I did! I'm a prototype!" Lou pointed at himself.

Everyone gasped, a quiet whisper in the crowd asked.

"What's a prototype?" Followed by an exhausted sigh.

Lou fell on his knees and was on the ground like a dog with fours on the ground.
He started shaking, and then quiet drops of tears were heard falling on the floor.

Everyone froze.

A whimpering sobbing came out of Lou's mouth, and his hands tightened into a fist he raised it looking as if he was about to punch the ground. However, he slowly lowered his fist, grasping at the cold floor.

"Do you know what it feels like?" Lou said through shaken breaths, "To be here all of these years? To guide every doll into perfection? Kn-Knowing you'll never be loved?" He stuttered looking up at Moxy, with tear glazed eyes.

Moxy with her mouth agape couldn't respond, this was a totally different Lou!

Lou grasped at the air, tears falling.

"I'll never be able to go there, to the big world, to be loved, to be played with, to meet MY human!" He shouted his voice hoarse, like he was pained and dying.

Moxy suddenly understood, they were a bit like Lou, Lou was frustrated that he who was considered to be perfect had to stay in this place and yet they came in and had the chance to go into the big world.

Lou stood up, visible tear marks disappearing as he wiped his face and his hair a little more messy.

He stared directly at Moxy and her friends.

He looked at the ground.


Blunt and clear.


"I said go, go already to the Big World! Isn't that what you wanted?"


"I-I don't want to see any of you anymore, just go to the Big World."

He looked away and started walking, he never looked back.





1. make (previously unknown or secret information) known to others.

2. making interesting or significant information known, especially of a personal nature.

Lou could not believe that he had finally revealed his most buried secret.

It was his "ugly truth".

It was his secret to bear, it was his burden. He had to build his image from the bottom of the food chain to the top of the predator list.

But he couldn't handle it anymore.

The factory is going to be mad at him he knows that.

No one knew ehat it was like to be him, watching, teaching, smiling as somedoll else loves out your dream. You are forced to smile and wear a burden that is was hars to contain.

That was why Lou had snapped, that was why Lou couldn't be around them anymore.

They were going to go to the big world, and he could do nothing but sit and watch as they beat him to his own dream.

He peaned back against a random wall, he couldn't walk anymore. His emotions wouldn't let him.

Tears went down his face, and he looked at the sky. He knew that they were watching.

"WHY ME?!" He screamed, finally letting his sadness take over. It fekt great. "Did I do something was there no way for me to ever go! WHY CAN'T I BE FIXED?! WHY CAN'T I BE LOVED?!"

He slid down the wall, his head on his knees.

Lou's eyes were glazed, the repressed sadness and his anger were finally up.

He cried.

It was a hiccup at first, the it turned into two, the three, then four...

The sobs came. One, two, three...

Then, the screaming.

Lou wasn't even aware that he was doing it.

All he knew was that he was letting out his long time pain.

It felt great, ot felt amazing.

Lies were what comforted dolls when they needed it. It told them that it was going to be alright. Some refuse to accept the truth.

In reality, the sadness was overwhelming. He felt like he was drowning.

The anger made his body burn. It consumed his soul, it made his eyes sting with more tears from it.

He didn't realize that so,enody had hugged him until he blinked. "O-Ox?"

What was he doing here?

"Hey , Lou" He laughed, albeit carefully. "I was just coming to look for you, and found you here.."

He felt his eyes, why was the one whp ruined his life here? Why was the one who was going to abandon him here? Hadn't he done enough damage?

Lou sighed, and the wall thumped as he leant against it. He didn't reject the other's hug. It felt nice. He was cherishing every moment of this.

It felt nice having actual attention, it fe,t nice receiving affection (in a brotherly way!).

"So, you finally told them?" Ox asked softly. "Can't believe it.."

"Yeah.." Lou leant his head on the other's shoukder. "Me neither..."

Ox looked at the other's eyes, and saw the glaze in them, it was the broken one. He felt bad then, but it needed to be done. He didn't want to hurt Lou, but there fould be a chance.

"What if you could still be a leader?"

His eyes widened. "What? Y-you're not going to kick me out?..."

It was the most accepting punishment that Lou could think of.

Ox's eye widened. "K-kick you out? Lou! I woukd never do that, no matter what you have done!"

He smiled a small one.

It was the first time that it was genuine.

Sighing, Ox asked Lou. "Do you trust me?"

The answer was immediate. "Yes..."

Apart from the gauntlet, Ox hadn't given him a reason not to.

Even if he had left him all those years ago....

No, don't think of it.

He couldn't feed the negative thoughts that haunted him daily.

He had the dolls that admired him. Yes, he knew that it was selfish, but if you were as lonely as Lou was, your desperation woukd make you do things to.

"I do"

He fekt Ox's hand lift him up, and Lou couldn't help but look into the other's eyes. They were full of sincerity.

Could the abandoner really forgiven by the abandonee?

Could he?

Lou didn't know.





1. the feeling of apprehension, lack of comfort, or awkwardness especially when a person is around other people.

2. a feeling of fear or discomfort caused by other people, especially in new situations or among strangers.

Usually, Lou wasn't a shy doll.

Hell, he was usually a cocky and confident one.

But the anxiety was still there, what would the other dolls think of him?

Would they accept him? Would they be ok with it? Woukd they still allow him to be leader? Would they try to understand him?

Or would they yell at him? Not accept him? Kick him out? Shout at him for being imperfect? Not be able to understand him?-

Lou shivered at those thoughts.

He couldn't imagine that happening.

Besides, even if he was forgiven, he wouldn't be able to go to the big world. He would still be stuck here.

Another unseen tear made its way down his face.

He would still be stuck here! He would still be stuck here! He would still be stuck here! He would still be stuck here! He would still be stuck here! He would still be stuck here! HE WOULD STILL BE STUCK HERE!-


That jerked him into reality.

Lou snapped out of his thoughts, he hated it when they went on repeat. He couldn't control it when it did that.

Then, he realized that he was back near the gaunlet, the eyes of the dolls on him. They were confused, judging.

He felt anger from this.

"So what of I'm different?!" He snapped, his hand on his chest. "Do you know how it feels to be alone? To watch somedoll else have your dream?! Especially when even you uglies can do something that I never can. Don't you dare judge me for something I Can't control!" He leaned down on his knees. "If your going to punish me, just do it. I don't care anymore.."

At the end of Lou's rant, he had closed his eyes and waited to see what the dolls were going to do with him.

He accepted whatever thry wanted to do.

"Lou?" It was Moxy.

He opened his eyes, and saw her standing in front of him. She was stroking his hair.

It felt strangely soothing.

Darn, his need for contact.

"We aren't going to punish you.." Mandy spoke. "While you were gone, we discussed it, and we came to a conclusion-"

"What if we co-lead?" Ox asked. "We could lead the dolls together, and we aould all have a chance to go to the big world.."

Lou scoffed, and stood up. "You forget, I can't..."

Ox insisted though. "Actually, we can find a way..."

He gasped. "W-what?"

"The bots found another way that you could potentially go to the big world" Ox laughed. "You could have your own kid..."


He had hope. For the first time, Lou had hope.

"It's risky" Mandy warned him. "But apparently there is a chip inside off your neck that blocks you from going to the big world. If we work together, we could remove it. But of it went wrong, it could do some serious damage.."

Lou would try anything though, he really would try anything to get to the big world.

But was he willing to try this?

"Would it really work?" He asked, his voice a whisper. He didn't dare voice his hope. What if it was crushed? "Would I really be able to go there?"

Ox smiled again, and Lou saw the worry and concern on it. But then there was happiness, it was for him. As if he knew what would happen instead of him.

Lou was curious to see if it would would work.

"So, Lou?" Mandy asked him. "Are you really willing to ask this?"

Sighing, Lou smirked. "Yes, Mandy. I am willing. Let's do this.."