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Cooking Classes

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Exactly thirteen minutes later, Bridget received a text from Franky saying that she was standing outside on the porch. She smiled to herself thinking there had definitely been some speed limits broken on the way. She walked out to the door in just her underwear and singlet. Why bother to put on pants if they’d just be coming off in a few minutes anyway?

She opened the door to find Franky standing there in the same outfit that she had been wearing when Bridget left her apartment.

Franky scanned the blonde’s body with her eyes, taking note that she was in just her underwear. “You don’t mess around, do ya Gidge?”

“Nope.” The older woman reached out and pulled Franky into the house, closing and locking the door behind her, and led her down the hall to the bedroom. “That’s Em’s room,” she said as they passed a door on the left, “but she’s a heavy sleeper.”

Franky didn’t miss the implications of the blonde’s comment.

When they reached the end of the hallway, Bridget entered a door on the right and the brunette followed, quietly closing it behind her so as not to risk waking the sleeping child a couple of rooms away.

The blonde’s lips were on Franky’s immediately. She had to stand on the tips of her toes, so the tall brunette reached around and bent over slightly, putting her hands on the back of the older woman’s thighs and lifting her up. Bridget responded by immediately wrapping her legs around the other woman’s hips, and her arms around her neck as Franky began to walk them towards the bed.

When the brunette felt her knees hit the bed, she broke their kiss and gently laid Bridget down, lowering herself so she was hovering just a few inches above the blonde’s face. A couple of times, the older woman tried to reconnect her lips with Franky’s, but each time Franky would move back, just out of reach and smile.

“Baby,” Bridget whined, “please.”

“Relax Gidge, we’ve got all night and I intend to use it.” She ghosted her lips across the blonde’s jawline and began placing small kisses down her neck. She let her hand trail down to where Bridget’s singlet met her underwear and dipped under it, feeling the muscle twitch as the woman squirmed underneath her, silently begging her to hurry up and get to where she desperately needed her.

Bridget tugged at the bottom of Franky’s v-neck and the brunette sat up allowing her to pull it off over her head. After discarding the shirt somewhere over the side of the bed, the blonde removed her own top and tossed it aside, making the woman above her chuckle.

“Getting impatient, hmm?” Franky teased, “Had to take matters into your own hands there?” She let her hand fall to the blonde’s breast, which was now fully exposed and ran her fingertips across a hardened nipple.

“Ahh,” Bridget gasped, “If you don’t hurry up and fuck me, I might have to do more than just take my own shirt off.”

Any intention that Franky had of taking it slow was quickly evaporating. She wanted to take the time to show the blonde just how much she cared about her, but if Bridget wanted something fast and intense right now, then Franky would gladly put her own plans aside for the moment.

She quickly unhooked and discarded her own bra as well as the rest of her clothes and laid back on the blonde, crashing their lips together. Bridget’s hands felt like they were everywhere at once. They were in Franky’s hair, pulling gently; trailing up and down her back, nails lightly scratching and slipping down to cup her ass and pull her closer to the woman underneath her.

The brunette trailed hot kisses down to the blonde’s breasts, stopping to pay particular attention to each nipple, sucking and biting gently.

“Jesus, fuck.” Franky looked up to see Bridget with her head thrown back, showing off the tension in her neck muscles.

The brunette continued her way down the blonde’s stomach. Bridget could feel the cool metal of Franky’s silver necklaces trailing down ahead of the kisses from her hot mouth. When she got to the blonde’s underwear, she took the elastic in her teeth, pulling on it and letting it snap back into place, earning a moan from the woman beneath her. She hooked her fingers in each side and the older woman raised her hips slightly to allow Franky to slide her underwear down and off over her feet.

She trailed kisses from Bridget’s inner thigh to her already slick folds and wasted no time running her tongue up to the blonde’s clit and flicking it gently with the tip. As she settled in, Franky placed Bridget’s left leg over her shoulder to allow herself more access and immediately felt a hand back in her hair, holding her in place right where the older woman wanted her, and tugging gently when she hit a particularly good spot.

“Yes, baby,” Franky latched onto the blonde’s clit and lightly sucked while flicking it with her tongue. She could start to feel small tremors in the leg draped over her shoulder. “I need you inside, baby.”

Franky moved two fingers to Bridget’s opening and, as soon as the blonde felt her there, she pushed her hips forward causing Franky’s fingers to sink deep inside her. Franky moved her fingers, curling them upwards each time as she dragged them out causing the blonde to now utter a string of curse words. The brunette could tell the other woman was close. Bridget’s heel was digging into her back and she was sure she’d have a bruise there tomorrow but she didn’t care. She sped up her fingers and gave one final flick with her tongue on the blonde’s clit and Bridget fell over the edge, chanting Franky’s name like a prayer, and reaching out for anything she could grab onto.

After the initial waves of pleasure had subsided, Franky moved up Bridget’s body and planted a deep kiss on her lips. Bridget moaned, tasting herself on Franky’s tongue.

The blonde reached down between them and ran her finger over Franky’s clit and down her slippery folds. Franky grunted as Bridget slipped two fingers inside of her and started a deep steady rhythm. Instead of easing her fingers out of the blonde, Franky began to pick up the pace to match Bridget’s.

“Fuck, Franky, I can’t.” Bridget protested, thinking that she couldn’t possibly go again after the orgasm she’d just had but, after a few strokes of Franky’s fingers inside her, she felt the tension in her stomach start to build again, and her words died on her lips, replaced by moans.

“Yeah, you can, babe.” Franky smiled against the blonde’s neck, feeling Bridget’s muscles start to tighten around her fingers again. She could feel her own release building in the pit of her stomach faster than she had anticipated. Between Bridget’s fingers, and the moans coming out of the older woman’s mouth, Franky quickly found herself at the edge and a swipe of Bridget’s thumb across her clit was the final thing she needed to release the coil in her stomach and let herself fall. Feeling Franky clamp down on her fingers and hearing her moans as she rode out her orgasm was enough to send Bridget over right after her.

After a few moments, when their breathing had returned to almost normal, Franky picked her head up from the crook of Bridget’s neck, and kissed her gently.

“Fuck.” Was all Bridget managed to say, and Franky gave a small laugh. “That was….” Bridget trailed off, not even able to find the word she wanted.

Franky moved to lay on her side and pulled the blonde close to her, wrapping her in her arms. “You okay, Gidge?” She asked, kissing her temple.

“Yeah, that was just, I don’t know…not like anything I’ve ever had before.”

Franky smiled, pleased that she had that effect on the blonde. “And to think, I haven’t even brought out the kinky stuff yet.”

Bridget turned to look at her, eyes wide. “Like what??”

“You’ll see babe. It’s always better to show than to tell.”

They both laughed, and it wasn’t long before they were asleep in each other’s arms.



Franky woke to Bridget still curled into her, sleeping soundly. She could just see the first rays of sunlight starting to brighten the sky outside. As much as she didn’t want to leave, she didn’t think it would be good to have Emily find her here in the morning. She knew Bridget would tell the girl about them eventually, but she thought bringing it up for the first time in this type of situation might lead to too many questions.

She placed a light kiss on the end of the blonde’s nose, “Gidge?” She whispered.

All she got in return was an incoherent mumble. She tried again, “Gidge, wake up. I need to go, and I want to say goodbye.” She moved her hand up and down Bridget’s back, trying to gently bring her awake.

“Not yet.” The blonde mumbled, snuggling in closer to Franky.

“Gidge, I need to go before Em comes in here looking for you.” With the mention of her niece’s name, Bridget’s eyes came open and she quickly glanced towards the door. Franky gave a small laugh. “Forgot about her, ay?”

“I’m just not used to ...yeah, I guess.” The blonde sat up in the bed and ran her hands through her hair to get it out of her face and laughed. “I will tell her about us.”

“I know, but just not like this.” Bridget nodded, and Franky pulled her down for one last kiss before she got out of bed and started gathering her clothes.

“How did this end up way over here?” She picked up Bridget’s singlet from one of the tall house plants on the other side of the room and tossed it back onto the bed for her. Bridget just shrugged and put it back on.

They were saying goodbye at the front door after Bridget had carefully listened to make sure she heard no sounds from Emily’s room before letting Franky out of the bedroom. They heard a key turn in the lock, and before either of them had time to move, the door opened hitting Franky in the shoulder.

“Ow, what the..?” Franky stepped back and opened the door wide to see who was outside.

She was met with Vera standing on the front porch, her hand still raised as if holding the doorknob and looking rather confused at the tall brunette standing inside.

“I, uh…” Vera began.

Bridget stepped out from behind Franky, and as her friend looked back and forth between the two of them a small, knowing smile crept onto her face.

“Vera, this is Franky. Franky, this is my friend, Vera, who I told you about.”

Franky held her hand out “Ah yeah, nice to meet you, Gov. Gidge talks about you a lot.” Vera shook the brunette’s hand.

“Come inside. What brings you by so early, Vera?” Bridget asked her friend.

“I was just on my way into work and I realized I had left one of my files here last night. I thought I could just sneak in quietly and pick it up on the way.” Vera smiled awkwardly, “Sorry about hitting you with the door by the way.” She said to Franky.

“Ah, it’s no worries. I should be going though before….” She nodded her head in the direction of Emily’s room.

“Yeah.” Bridget was realizing just how much she didn’t want her to leave, but she gave her a quick kiss anyway and Franky headed out the door.

Just then Emily appeared around the corner, looked at Bridget and Vera then proceeded to look into the bathroom, Bridget’s bedroom, and finally, the kitchen and living area. Not finding what she was looking for, she returned to the entryway.

“What are you looking for, sweetheart?” Bridget asked her niece.

“Where’s Franky?” The little girl asked sleepily.

Bridget glanced up at Vera, and Vera assumed the look she was giving her meant that she hadn’t mentioned anything about her and Franky to the girl.

“I don’t know love. It’s very early. She’s probably asleep at her house.” Bridget tried to sound as cool and calm as possible.

“No, she’s here. I heard her just now.” Emily went to check all the rooms again.

“She’s too smart.” Vera gave a small laugh.

“I know,” Bridget sighed, “Is Franky still out there?”

Vera opened the door a crack and peered out. “Yep, she’s standing by her car talking on her phone.”

“Okay, give me a sec.” Bridget moved past her friend and walked out to the street where Franky had parked her car last night. Seeing her approach, Franky hung up her phone and put it in her pocket.

“Something wrong Gidge?”

“No, well…no. It’s just…Emily heard you in the house and now she’s looking all over for you, asking where you are.”

“Aw shit, I’m sorry,” Franky’s eyes went wide, “Wait…she heard me last night? Or this morning?”

Bridget let out a loud laugh, “She heard us all talking in the hall this morning, baby. You’re so cute.” She took Franky’s face in both hands and gave her a kiss. “Anyway, you might as well come back in, she won’t give it up easily, and we have a whole ten second walk to make up an excuse as to why you’re here.”

Bridget took Franky by the hand and led her back to the house. When they entered, they could hear Emily talking excitedly in the kitchen with Vera about the movie they had watched the night before. When Franky rounded the corner the girl’s eyes lit up and she ran to greet her, throwing her arms around the tall brunette’s legs and squeezing tightly.

“Hey bub.” Franky reached down and ruffled the girl’s hair.

“Why are you at Auntie Bridge’s house?” the young girl asked looking up at Franky.

Wow, she didn’t waste any time getting to the point either, Franky thought; it must be a Westfall thing. She crouched down, “Well, your Auntie tells me that you really like my class.” The girl nodded, “And that you want to cook at home but she doesn’t really know how to help you do that.” The child giggled and nodded again. “So, since your Auntie and I are friends, she asked me to come and teach you how to cook some breakfast stuff. How does that sound?” A huge grin broke out on the girl’s face and she ran down the hall to change out of her pyjamas and wash up.

Franky stood to find the two women staring at her. “What?” She asked, thinking she’d missed something.

“You’re really good with her.” Vera said.

“Ah, well, it helps that kids normally like me.” Franky gave a small grin.

“It would, yeah. Anyway, I should be going. I really just came to pick this up.” She held up the file in her hand and started toward the door.

“Hey, Vera, why don’t you stay too? Me and Em will cook for everyone.” Franky washed her hands and started looking through the kitchen, grabbing ingredients while she waited for Emily to return.

“Oh, I couldn’t. I should leave you guys to…”

“Nonsense,” Bridget interrupted her friend. “We’d love to have you. And Franky makes the best, well, everything.” Vera smiled and reluctantly agreed after Franky insisted that it was no problem if she stayed.

The two friends sat out on the patio at the table with their coffees that Franky had made for them while she and the young girl were busy inside making breakfast for everyone.

“So…” Vera began.

“So…?” Bridget waited for her friend to continue her thought.

“So, that’s Franky.”

“That is definitely Franky.” Bridget couldn’t even say her name without smiling.

Her friend laughed, “And I’m guessing she didn’t just show up at your door like I did this morning?”

“No, she showed up at my door last night after you left.” Bridget laughed when she saw Vera’s mouth hanging open, “Not unannounced ...I asked her over.”

Vera raised her eyebrows, “So I guess you weren’t lying when you said it was a really good date.” Vera sipped her coffee and Bridget just smiled and winked. “She’s not what I had pictured in my mind though.”

“What did you have pictured?” Bridget asked.

“I don’t know, she’s just so…” Vera was staring off towards the kitchen and Bridget followed her gaze to see Franky showing Emily how to make the perfect omelette. “So”

Bridget nearly choked on her coffee at the comment she wasn’t at all expecting from her friend.

Vera continued, “I mean, I’m not, you know, gay….at all…but I can appreciate when someone is attractive and yeah….good choice there!”

Bridget gave a laugh at the awkwardness of her friend trying to explain her thoughts. “Um, thanks?”

Just then Franky and Emily came out carrying plates of fresh, hot food.

“Okay, we’ve got omelettes, we’ve got bacon, we’ve got toast.” Franky announced as they sat the plates down one by one on the table.

Vera took a bite of her omelette and moaned in appreciation. “Oh my god…”

“See? I told you she was good.” Bridget said, pointing her fork at her friend.

They all laughed and enjoyed their food in the early morning sun.